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The Arrangement

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Dean had long since lost the ability to scream. The torture never stopped. That’s not necessarily true.

Alistair had a sick habit of making sure that once Dean was in enough pain to stay there for multiple minutes without deviating from the pain level, then he’ll start talking. He’ll tell Dean that one day soon, he’ll have a choice to make. That the pain will stop if he says yes. That all he has to do is say yes.

Dean never knows what the question will be, but he knows that he’ll say no for as long as he possibly can. He doesn’t know when that will be. He doesn’t even know whether at this point he’ll have enough will left to say no the first time at the rate they’re going with this torture. He can’t speak, he can’t scream. All he can do is suffer.

That’s why when the pain stops, Dean sits there gasping expecting the question to come. But Alistair doesn’t walk around him. There’s someone else, someone new. He’s never seen this person, and he’s not sure he wants to know who this person is.

“Dean Winchester, the righteous man.” A pause, but Dean can’t speak, his throat is far too raw to even try to make sounds. “I am Lucifer, the devil and God’s most hated.”

“See we’re going down a path to a future I’ve seen, but I hate that future. Alistair will ask you to torture souls for him in return from a break. You’ll resist for weeks, then you’ll say yes. My brother will come save you from hell, your brother will break the final seal, and hell will be unleashed on earth. But it never ends there. No, we’ll all go around in circles trying to save the people we love and starting apocalypse after apocalypse. There will even be a point where I try to be the good guy. Then I’ll be dead, you’ll be broken, my brother will have suffered more than any angel before him, and your brother will hate everything including himself. I don’t like this future, and I don’t think you like it very much either.”

Dean wants to scream no, and he wants to ask what any of this meant. He doesn’t understand the rules of the devil. He barely understands the rules of demons. But he can’t bring the syllables to pass his lips. Eventually, tears start streaming down his face as he realizes that he won’t be able to speak. He can’t answer. Maybe this is the new form of torture. Offer him reprieve if he can just force his body to speak.

“Oh, you can’t talk.” Footsteps echo as the man calling himself Lucifer walks away.

Dean wants to sob. He wants to beg the man to stay. While he was here, Alistair stayed far away. There was no additional pain when he was here, and that’s all that Dean wants at this point, then he feels a cup edge at his lips.

The man stands above him with a soft gleam in his eyes. “Drink. You could distrust me if you want, I might in your situation. I have no way to prove to you this will help. By now you’ve learned that demons don’t get affected by the poisons they inflict on those they torture, so the choice is yours.”

Dean knows the man is right. This could be a trap, another mental game to make him lose a bit more of his sanity. But at this point, he can’t bring himself to care. All he wants is something to soothe his throat enough that he can ask his questions. Maybe this is too dangerous of a game to be playing, but he’s never been the smartest at risk assessment. He drinks the liquid in small sips, not wanting to give up any of the gain by up-heaving his entire stomach.

The liquid isn’t water, but Dean can’t place the taste. The burning in his throat subsides immediately, which he knows isn’t normal. He wonders whether this was a type of medicine offered before they gave him a choice. “I don’t like the future you described, but is there one that does anything else. I don’t know how visions of the future work. Aren’t they set in stone?”

Lucifer laughs as he stares at Dean. “I forget that this version of you was still so naïve in the ways of the world. I am still an archangel. Regardless of how low God may have thrown me to the ground, he cannot undo what he’s already done. All of us have the ability to see the future. That is the one that exists with the most certainty so it’s the only one I can watch play out in its entirety.”

“And you don’t really want to end up dead.” That is a sentiment Dean can understand. That’s something that Dean can piece together. It might be small, but to him understanding even an aspect of what the devil is telling him is an accomplishment.

Lucifer nods. “And I don’t want to destroy either your or your brother’s soul. That would fix my dilemma, but I’d never get out of hell. And I’d never be able to be the good guy. In the future I saw, I only managed it for a couple days, but I know once in heaven I did it constantly. I’d like to be a better person than what my father sees in me.”

Dean never really believed much about religion, but here he was talking to the devil like they were old friends and maybe they were. He certainly understands wanting to be a better man than your father thought you were. “Don’t most children? What is the main problem with letting me go?”

Lucifer nods emphatically. “That is an extremely smart question. Full credit to you for thinking of it. Michael wants your soul as the other me in the other universe wants Sam’s. If I let you go, he’s still going to force the actions of the other universe. He’s good at forcing things to go his way. He never looks at the future. Otherwise, he’d know that if he goes through with this, he dies in less than a year. You kill him rather than giving him what he wants.”

“How can he have my soul without my consent?”

“He’d need your consent, but because of the bond between your souls, it’s much more likely that you’ll eventually just give in because his arguments sound like your arguments, and he’ll know your every fear, and he’ll give you what you want.”

Dean blinks a couple of times. He wonders that if this is the devil just how far he can push his good will right now. He can barely stand the idea of going back to torture, but he doesn’t understand the things being told to him at this moment, and how is he supposed to make an informed decision. “I’m sorry, but I don’t understand. Why is there a bond between me and Michael?”

Lucifer pauses and looks over at Dean. His head cocks to one side as he regards the man still laying on the rack. He could leave and lets the fates have their way just like his father always planned. The nature of his curse thrums under his skin to do just that, but he doesn’t want to. He wants to be a better man, and he wants to learn from the righteous man, who even here and now, without the knowledge of the lives he takes later in another universe, will sit and listen.

Dean flinches when Lucifer stands up, but he grabs another cup and lifts it to Dean’s lips.

“You may as well gain strength as I explain this to you. I have no idea how good of a teacher I am, so interrupt with your questions, and I’ll try to adapt my story to fit you. Okay?”

Dean nods immediately. If asking questions is the only requirement to get more of the liquid that soothes the ache in his bones, then he’ll pay it gladly. Just as though he knows that even knowing the tortures of hell, he’d make the same bargain to save his brother. Every single time.

“So dear, old dad, you humans call him God, created the universe. Only he wasn’t alone. I had an aunt Amara. A wonderful, batshit crazy woman who tends to want to destroy what dad breaks. They have this attention seeking tendency to gather attention to the other. Anyway, dad got angry when Auntie Amara wanted to blow up his humans. I know you’re shocked. This is before I fell. The humans got my story all messed up. I didn’t particularly want to love them more than my father, but he didn’t require me to.”

“Hold on, you didn’t fall because of crimes against the human race?”


Dean nods once or twice or maybe once his head started bobbing it didn’t stop. He’s not really sure. Hell mucks with his senses something fierce. “All I know of the Christian doctrine is vague, but that’s one of the only facts I thought I knew.”

“Most humans think they know that one. Anyway, dad gathered us, the archangels, and we fought Amara back into the darkness. But dad had to have a way to keep her there. He created the mark of Cain. Someone had to bear the burden of the urge to kill every living thing they ever came across. That’s me, dad’s favorite gets to be the little murder monster.”
“Seems like a dick move,” Dean offers. He can’t quite tell if he’s hallucinating it, but that statement seemed like it was doused in self-pity and resentment. He doesn’t know whether he’s supposed to be on the devil’s side, but at this moment, he’s pretty confident that he is.

Lucifer offers Dean a smile as he contains laughter. Only the righteous man would stand in front of the devil and call God a dick. “Agreed. Anyway, that’s when I went on a rampage against the angels, because surprise wanting to kill everything hurts. Dad panicked, built a cage, also known as hell, and threw me in. The humans called me evil. None of my siblings would talk to me. Dad ignored me, so I was going a bit crazy. Then some human, crazy bastard, decided to kill his brother. Dad put the mark on him, or maybe Cain chose to the mark. I was a bit insane at the moment, having gone a good couple thousand years alone.”

“Wait you helped save the human race, lock up God’s alter ego murderous sister, and they ignored you for a few thousand years?”

“Why does that confuse you?”

Dean pauses to run back through his tone, he didn’t think he was confused. No, he hears the anger in his voice and running through his bones. “It doesn’t confuse me, it pisses me off. See if God were here in front of us, I’d be punching him in the face.”

That pulls another smile to Lucifer’s face. “Perhaps, if you wish to stay among the land of the living, you shouldn’t punch my father.”

Dean looks around confused for a moment. “I was pretty sure, I was dead.”

“Oh, that’s a solid place to be confused by for humans. This is the life after death. Your soul still exists so you are still living.”

Dean takes in that information for a moment before nodding. He’s still alive according to the angel. He might be broken, and his brain might be losing all sanity, but he’s alive. “So the human, who I seem to recall is named Cain killed his brother.”

“Right. So, he gets the mark, and God sends him down here. This is the first contact I’ve had in years, but Cain made me look like a saint with the mark. He didn’t just want to kill, he wanted to burn the world down. He reminded me of Aunt Amara. I convinced him that rather than doing it himself, because the one with the mark is immortal. No living thing can kill them. Not an archangel, not God, not even Aunt Amara. That we should create demons and send them out to do the dirty work because once souls were here, we could hurt them for eternity. He loved this plan.”

“Hell was created so that humans could live?”

Lucifer nods.

Dean laughs then it gets louder and louder. “Do you understand how ironic that is? Humans think this is the place created to make them suffer for having the audacity to live, and it turns out hell is the consequence of being able to live.”

“That is quite ironic. But back to my portion of the story. When demons were created, God made a few choice decisions to influence the fates. Primarily that there would be a war between heaven and hell that would wipe out the human race on Earth. The first step is the righteous man spilling blood in hell. That’s what Alistair is hoping to force you into, and what I’m hoping to avoid. Blah, blah, blah other various steps that you don’t need to know. Then Michael and Lucifer must convince the brothers to take on the angel that supports them. You were to be Michael’s as the righteous man. Sam was to be mine as the rebellious little brother.”

“Fuck your father. Sorry, man, I’m sure you loved him at one point, but creating a fate where your children must fight is terrible parenting.”
“Yes, I wish to avoid that fight as well.”

“But I’m bonded to your brother, and you can’t help but wonder if one day, he’ll figure out how to convince me to say yes. And then you’d have to go after Sam because if only one of you has the vessel, then that angel is guaranteed to win the fight, and your demons and Cain would be too angry to fight for you.”

“Precisely. Now you understand, so you can answer my proposal.”

Dean nods immediately. Whatever solution that Lucifer has come up with, must be one that will avoid the future he’s seen, and Dean doesn’t want to find out the ending to that path. He suspects it will end with him dead, his brother dead, and the world exactly as broken as it was before them. “Lay it on me. What’s the plan?”

“You misunderstand, I meant a proper proposal from what humans use. We get married, because that will make my claim on you and your soul greater than any Michael has.”

“Married?” Dean feels his head get lighter. He knows better than to be with a man. His father was angry enough at the idea that he dared to be a person over a hunter, but he lost it when he thought Dean had been with a man.

“Yes. Of course, I understand that marrying the devil wasn’t a plan of yours, so I’ll try to give you as much power as I can. I would like you to be a monarch of hell and rule with me to try and fix things, but other than that, I have no requests. We will have to consummate the marriage once to ensure that the bond is cemented, but I won’t require that from you either.”

Dean’s breathing starts coming out more and more shallow. “Please don’t take this the wrong way, but I’m about to pass out.” Then the darkness overcomes him.

Lucifer tilts his head at the unconscious body. He waves a hand and the ropes fall off Dean’s body. He picks him up to carry him to his chambers. The time he let the others rule hell in his stead were over, and he hopes it’s not too late to change the way the world will happen.

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Dean blinks his eyes open. He expects to be on the rack with Alistair grinning above him, telling him how unfortunate it was that Dean cut some of their time short, which is why he gasps when he feels silk underneath them. That’s when he remembers that according to his memories, he spent most of the time before waking up with Lucifer.

Oh shit, he needs to respond to that proposal immediately. He doesn’t really want to be married to the devil, he doesn’t really do long-term commitment, but he does not want the future Lucifer described. Plus, it would prove his father wrong about all of the bullshit about gay people.

“I should probably make sure the possible relationship doesn’t end before it begins. I am sorry that I caused you to pass out. I gave you my blood to accelerate your healing, I should have known it would have other effects on a human.”

Dean focuses towards the seat next to him to stare at the strange man again. He can’t pinpoint what the man looks like, probably he realizes because this person is actually not a person but an archangel. “Could have also been the memories of my father having a full on panic at the idea I might be attracted to guys, or the overload of information followed by a proposal. Not normal occurrences for us little guys.”

Lucifer raises an eyebrow. “I wouldn’t call you one of the little guys. Sure, you’re human, but even before all of the alternate universe comes into play, you’ve saved the world from regular monsters that should have been able to kill you. You’ve taken on a prince of hell. By the way that was a hell of a decision.”

Dean sighs. “No, I’m pretty confident we’re tiny compared to the fates of the world. Before I tell you yes or no, will you answer some of my questions?”

“Yes. If we’re going to be in this together, than we need to start working together now.”

Dean pauses to organize his thoughts so that he can ask proper questions in an order that makes sense with the lab. “What will happen with my brother?”

“Two choices, both are completely up to you, which one you would prefer. Option one, we tell him that you’ve made a deal with the devil, will no longer be tortured, but you’ll be staying in hell. He’ll probably move on with his life. I can make sure he can get back into law school, so he can follow the dreams he had before he got dragged back into the hunter world. Option two, we tell him the truth. Albeit, that will require time and effort, and I can’t be on Earth at all.”

“Hold on, why can’t you be on Earth? I don’t think we covered that in the angel 101 course from yesterday.”

Lucifer chuckles. He leans over flicks the wall behind Dean to ensure that no demons were attempting to eavesdrop on their conversation. “The vessel I am currently in has already been used up in the world up there. Archangel’s cannot be contained within a vessel without god directly intervening to make the humans more open to us, like he did with you and your brother, but we don’t want your brother to be stuck without a body, so that’s out of the question. Also, that would make the wedding night awkward for you.”

“Damn straight that would be awkward. I’ll have to deal with enough of my issues with the fact I’m attracted to men, don’t need to add dealing with it being my brother’s body even if it isn’t necessarily my brother.”
Lucifer pauses to consider him for a moment. “Do these questions work both ways?”

“Of course,” Dean says without pause. He hopes he hasn’t given the devil the opinion that he’s trying to force any of the issues. He’s really trying to understand how this will work and what will happen if he says yes. He doesn’t want the poor guy to think that this is him trying to find a way out of this.

“What issues do you have with me being in a male vessel? As an angel, I am not restricted to the gender code of a human, and if it would make you feel better, I could potentially find a woman near death in the mortal world to wear instead.”

“Okay, I’m going to do you a favor and answer you first then ask my question about that response. My father, whom you probably heard of since he’s the one who was trying to kill yellow eyes, had a real problem with the idea of me being gay. He wouldn’t quite punish me for it, but he’d make his displeasure known, and he’d let me take more hits on the hunts. I learned to ignore that portion of myself for a long time, and by the time he was dead, and maybe I could have started to learn how to accept myself, I made a deal for my soul in return for my brother.”

Lucifer reaches out then thinks better of it and tucks his hand back into his lap almost as fast as he manages to get it out there. Physical comfort had been denied to him for long enough that he craves it, and he desperately wants to return the favor to others, but now is not the time to unlock that portion of his own issues. “My offer still stands, if you do not wish to deal with your inner demons yet. I understand having those in abundance better than most.”

“From what I recall from yesterday those demons are what we’re trying to fight with this marriage. No, I’ll deal with my inner demons right alongside you. Perhaps, we’ll help each other overcome the evils that we’ve been battling within ourselves. Lucifer, you’ve told me you want to reform hell, will be working on that together?”

“I’d prefer for us to work together, but if you want nothing to do with this, I won’t blame you. I’d ask that you support me, but you would be free to work on whatever issues you wish instead.”

Dean shakes his head. He can’t bring himself to be surprised that Lucifer didn’t understand his meaning the first time. He really should work on calling him Lucifer at least in his own head, since the devil has way too many connotations that Dean wishes to avoid. “You misunderstood, that was me trying to figure out my place, not me asking not to be a part of it. If we’re battling to reform hell, can we try to save the mortal world from some of their evils as well?”

Lucifer freezes then nods. “Yes, of course you’d want to continue your battles anyway. I will help you, Dean Winchester in whatever fights you choose to start. Regardless of whether you take my hand in marriage, even if that means, I won’t be around for long. Regardless of how many eyes that will draw to us and how many wars we will have to win, I will stand by your side. That’s what the other universe taught me. You deserve the loyalty of every single person, every single angel, and all the demons. And even if I stand alone behind you, that is where I shall be.”

Dean glances over. “That sounded binding. Are you capable of breaking what you just swore?” At Lucifer’s shake of his head, Dean laughs. “Right, maybe let’s keep the unbreakable bonds to a minimum. I don’t need your fate on my hands too. If we’re starting wars, I want Sammy to know everything. Will that bother you?”

“No. Your brother is a worthy hunter, and he’s still a good man. I killed the demon that was going to corrupt him. I didn’t want him to suffer. If you want him on our team, then he shall be there.”

“Can I ask to tell Bobby?”

“You can ask for anything or about anything. I won’t deny you that. You deserve that much in a relationship. If you can swear to me that Bobby won’t try to kill you when you tell him, then I’ve got no problem with him,” Lucifer clarifies.

Dean lets out all of his breaths as he runs through everything they’ve said. “Then, I’ll marry you. We’ll piss off the fates and angels and God, and we'll try to win with all the odds stacked against us. If I could ask for a favor though, can you give me another ten to twelve hours of sleep before we start any plans? I find that I’m extremely tired after all that torture.”

Lucifer leans over him and pulls up the blanket over him. He tucks Dean into the safety of his bed, in his room, within his realm. “Of course. You’ll be safe here.” Then, he walks out of the room.

Dean should be worried about that statement, he should be worried that without Lucifer next to him, the torture will start again. But Lucifer said he’d be safe, and despite the evidence against it, he’s chosen to trust Lucifer. Both with his safety and now with his heart and future. Let’s hope he can talk Sammy down from trying to kill the angel the second he hears the word Lucifer. He wants to fight the fates that hurt people based off the words of one, and he hopes that Lucifer will be next to him as he does. With that final thought, his mind drifts off into sleep.

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Lucifer leaves his bedroom with one last glance at the human curled up in his bed. He didn’t expect to remember the man he was before he fell in the future, but his father had needed him. That’s the one thing that never managed to leave, his love for his father. He doesn’t like God, but he’ll always love God.

As he walks down the corridors, Alistair steps into pace next to him. “Have you decided to try a different plan to break the man? I know pain will always force humans to do as we wish, but the other methods are occasionally more fun.”

Lucifer turns to regard the demon standing next to him. He’ll ask Crowley later whether he thinks the demon’s head will make a decent engagement present. Normally, he’d go for more traditional methods, but he can’t easily leave hell right now, and all the demons he sends out are being interrogated by the younger Winchester for his brother’s whereabouts. He’ll make do regardless.

His silence covers the room for a long period of time to the point even Alistair doesn’t look as happy to be present in the room, but he doesn’t flinch or fall behind. That’s impressive for a demon, most of them know better than to possibly incur his anger. “I’ve decided not to try to free myself.”

“What, my lord?”

“I know the paths these things take better than any of you do, and I don’t like the ending that happens should we make the ones we were planning. So, I am changing things up. This is not up for debate. Do me a favor and tell the others.”

Alistair flattens his mouth. “Is this why you stopped Ruby from continuing to corrupt the little Winchester to the dark side where it would be easier for you to corrupt him to your side?”

Lucifer snaps his fingers, and the demon falls to the ground gasping in pain. “You don’t get to ask me questions. Not unless I decide they are worthy of my attention. Now, you’re going to do two things. You’re going to tell me where Crowley is, and you’re going to go spread my new memo.”

Alistair nods. “Yes, my lord. Whatever you wish, it is mine to do. Crowley, the coward, happens to be in the throne room waiting for you.”

Lucifer turns on his heel to get to the throne room faster. Unsurprisingly, no other demons dare to stop him as he marches past them. He’s almost grateful for that, because he can’t possibly handle dealing with any more pointless souls trying to understand why the most pain isn’t the best plan. That’s why he needs Crowley. The demon may be a pain and quite honestly a little bit good, but he understands that the war isn’t just about heaven and hell.

The doors fall apart for him as he steps into his throne room. He glances around the room to see a couple other demons than Crowley in the space. That won’t do for the plans that he has, and what he needs to tell the demon. “Anyone who is not called Crowley, get out of my sight before I decide to blow you up instead of dealing with you.”

As demons filter out of the room, Crowley stays in his bowed state. He doesn’t wish to anger the devil, when he’s going to be the only person in the room for an extended period of time. That promises to possibly end with his death.

“Stand up. Or rather sit down. I have a story to tell you, and I need you to not interrupt me or ask questions until I’m done. Can you manage that?”

Crowley drags his body off its bended state and sits down on one of the other chairs in the room, much lower than Lucifer’s but that’s just the way hell works in its politics. He nods once to tell his master that he understands that for the day his only job is to listen to the story that Lucifer chooses to tell him.

Lucifer starts telling him all of the future. He doesn’t pause like he did for Dean, and he doesn’t skip all of the gory details. He lays all of it down in front of the crossroads demon. He makes sure to mention in particular all of the pain that each one of them goes through at different portions of this dark and twisted future. By the time he’s finished, he’s out of breath and about seconds from breaking down in front of this demon who can’t be trusted.

Crowley lets out a breath after he realizes that his lord is done speaking. He contains the shivers running down his spine. Letting Lucifer know a fear, is akin to letting God know your sins. You don’t do it unless you particularly want to suffer for long periods of time. “So, we need a different future.”

“That might be an understatement, Crowley.”

“I meant it as a starting point, my lord.”

Lucifer considers this response for a moment and decides that yes this is a good enough place to start the discussions. “I can’t allow Dean to have the option of saying yes to Michael.”

Crowley bites down on his lip, drawing blood to the surface as he debates the many different options that he could assist with for that purpose. “I can think of three solutions to that problem. One, we bond his soul to someone else, equally strong as Michael to stop that from ever occurring. Of course, you’re the only one we have that could bind someone to something that strong. Two, we could kill him here and call in a favor from a reaper to drop his soul out into the nothingness. Death might come after us though if we go that route, and I don’t relish fighting him, but that is your decision to make as all things are. Three, we could make him a demon. Michael will never sully himself to be associated with a demon even if it would give him the world.”

Lucifer claps impressed. He’d had the first two in his head and had run the same pros and cons that Crowley did. Even he didn’t really want to make an enemy out of death. He’d prefer an easier mechanism to get this problem solved. The third one hadn’t even dawned on him, although the demon is right on his brother’s motives. “Good job. I’ve already chosen and started one, but good job immediately attempting to help me solve these issues. Your enthusiasm amuses me greatly, since it rivals my own.”

“I don’t particularly want to join a future where I attempt to overthrow you and promptly get my ass handed to me. I almost want to know what dumb ideas went into my head to make me think that this would ever work. I may never know, and I am honestly happier for it.”

“I don’t really want to end up dead. So, we’re going to marry Dean Winchester to me.”

“Marriage. I was not expecting that particular bonding situation. I was thinking maybe eternal slavery. Maybe, even fealty if you didn’t want to return to slavery in any sense.”

Lucifer pauses trying to understand why Crowley’s surprise wasn’t expected. Then he realized he had forgotten to explain one of the key aspects of his plan. The fact that he doesn’t plan on allowing the world to continue on any portions of the path of that universe. “I forgot to tell you one other important portion of these plans.”

“I am ready, my lord.”

“We’re not going to be the bad guys like my father keeps pushing us to be. We’re going to break the curse, one step at a time.”

Crowley nods. This wasn’t expected, but he could make himself useful in this situation as well. He could be valuable with his knowledge of the humans, he could be handy with his contacts in heaven, and he would stay alive. That’s his only goal. That’s his only goal most of the time. “Hence, marrying the righteous man. He will pretty much force you to be good for small amounts of time. Might I suggest waiting to try to reform aspects of hell until after the wedding?”

“You may suggest it, but I would advice you to give a reason to avoid peeving me.”

“If you push changes, before you’re married to the Winchester, and they see him as the corruption that’s causing you to change, he’ll be a large target. He’ll be target afterwards too, but he’ll be able to call upon some power to help him out.”

Lucifer grins over at Crowley. “Then we won’t push anything until the wedding has finished, which alas will be after the man tells his brother and someone named Bobby. Out of curiosity, do you think he’d like Alistair’s head as an engagement present?”

“Not as much as he’d love yellow eyes. Alistair scares him because of all the torture, but yellow eyes inspires a level of hatred in him that I didn’t think I’d ever see. It’s almost as if he’s willing to let an apocalypse begin if it means that demon’s head is on a wall, mounted and unable to cause anymore harm.”

Lucifer nods. “Thank you for your service. Please continue doing any actions that you think could come in handy for any of our new objectives without telling anyone with unreputable alliances. When you leave, send in any of the demons brave enough to wait outside after I dismissed them. Their dedication pleases me enough to hold court.”

Crowley bows as he leaves the throne room, making sure to tell the few demons that the lord of darkness would see them now. He wonders whether Dean will have a problem with that name or whether that will be one of the few things that stays constant through out the transition in hell.

Chapter Text

Dean wakes up in a bed and almost believes that all of this is a pretty lie that he’s been dreaming for a while. That his deal with hell hasn’t been called yet. Then his memories of hell filter back in, and he sighs.

He should probably get up and try to stretch the muscles that he hasn’t used in ages. If he’s going to be marrying the devil, he should probably be in better shape. Especially since Lucifer had told him of the plans to save both earth and hell. That’ll be an interesting set of battles that he deals with.

He’ll try to explain things to Sammy first, because Sammy can help him convince Bobby that this isn’t quite as insane of a plan as it really is. Of all the things that could have happened to him in hell, this was not in his wildest dreams.

Part of him wants to go explore the world around him now that he’s not being tortured, but he doesn’t know whether Lucifer would want him to leave. He doesn’t really want to start that relationship off on the wrong foot, nor does he want to end up in a situation where a demon doesn’t know he’s engaged to their leader and decides to torture him.

Loud voices come from the hall, and Dean’s positive an argument is brewing, but he doesn’t hear Lucifer’s voice, so he stays quiet on his place in the bed. His eyes glance around the room, looking for anything he could use as a weapon in case one of them decides to attempt to break in but finds nothing. He supposes that he wouldn’t keep weapons near someone who recently got saved from immense torture. They might try something drastic, and that would not help Lucifer’s plan.

Finally, the door bursts inwards. Both yellow eyes and Alistair walk inside. Neither of them seem to be pleased with Dean’s appearance.

Dean gathers the last of his wits and fights down the urge to cower. If anything could make him cower after being tortured by demons, it would be his torturer and his mother’s killer to be standing in front of him at the same time with that piercing gaze.

“Pretty boy, what are you doing so far from the racks? Even having the nerve to soil our lord’s sheets with your human skin. Tsk, tsk, tsk. I wonder what Lucifer will let us do to you for that one,” Alistair coos.

Dean breaks through the momentary panic that passes through his mind when he remembers Lucifer’s hands tucking him more gently into the bed. Lucifer wanted him there, so what these demons’ thought was of no consideration. “I am exactly where Lucifer wants me.”

The slap comes out of nowhere, forcing Dean to the ground with yellow eyes staring over him. “You do not get to use his angelic name. No one does. He goes by the Dark Lord, Satan, or the Devil. You will learn some respect.”

Dean gulps down more of his fear as he races through his conversation with Lucifer, desperately trying to remember if Lucifer had allowed him to be called Lucifer. He never actually addressed Lucifer with any title. What if the demons were right? What if they told Lucifer and he got angry? Why did he ever agree to come here?

Yellow eyes smiles down at Dean. “Now you understand that you don’t know anything don’t you. All you are is something Lucifer wants to break in a new and interesting way. I wonder have you already said yes.”
Dean spits into t
he demon’s face. He has no idea whether the demon in front of him thinks that he’s answered yes to the real question or to the one that Lucifer described to him from the other universe. Honestly, he doesn’t care either. He said yes to a question and that bought him protection. He probably should have remembered that Lucifer isn’t anywhere nearby at the moment and these demons weren’t the sort to wait around.

Yellow eyes has him pushed to the ground with crushing weight on top of him in seconds. The pain grows through Dean’s whole system as the old wounds are inflamed by the pressure on top of him. “It’s okay, little human. I will teach you respect for your betters that way our Lord can spend more time doing as he wishes.”

Steps echo in the hallway before a new figure appears in the edge of Dean’s vision. He can barely make out the shape, but he’s relatively positive it isn’t Lucifer, which makes him even more scared at this point.

“Alistair, Azazel what are you doing in Lucifer’s private rooms?”

“Crowley, this is none of your business. Just go back to making deals with stupid humans and let us handle the torture of the pretty human,” Alistair snaps.

The demon, they call Crowley clucks his tongue. “You are aware, I am sure that Satan asked to speak to me.”

“Yes, of course. I was the one who told them that you were waiting for him.”

“Oh, so you do have some intelligence. How delightful. The lord gave me instructions, part of which involves giving the human, you’re giving pain to, a tour to hell.”

Yellow eyes snaps his fingers, and Crowley soars through the open door and out into the hall. “Impertinent demon, I don’t know why he likes you, Winchester, but he can’t save you. Satan can deal with him later.”

Dean breathes through the pain. The screams haven’t started yet, so he still has access to his voice, which is a small mercy. He is to be the ruler of hell’s husband, and one of these days he will have enough power over them to scare them with a glance. But that will not be this day. “Or maybe Lucifer will deal with you when he finds out you’ve interfered what he wants.”

Dean can’t claim surprise when the tip of the knife presses down his spine, drawing blood and pants from him. He might be antagonizing them more than a little, but their pain doesn’t mean much when he believes that Lucifer will come save him as soon as he can. His mind wanders for a moment, the pain not bad enough that he’ll have to scream yet.

Why does he trust that Lucifer will come? The initial fear after the demons told him about the name Lucifer had faded too, perhaps he had a death wish, or perhaps he had realized that if everything the angel had told him was true, then he was trying to be a better person. The only way he’s going to be a better person is if he actually makes that future never happen.

The first lash of the whip brings the scream to his lips, but his mind has already drifted out of his body. Alistair hated when that happened on the rack, so he’ll realize soon. Dean can’t remember what punishment Alistair uses to force him back to the present, but he knows that he hates it and that’s enough.

Rather than another strike of the whip, or blank memories coming to the front of his mind as Alistair taunts him, he feels a hand caress his cheek. His eyes blink as he tries to place the touch, but he can’t force his eyes open. Not yet. He’s still too far gone, but he registers touch again and sound judging by the muffled screams coming from behind him.

“Crowley, do me a favor and go take both of these to the cells until I have time to deal with them.”

“Of course, my lord.”

Dean smiles as he places the voices. Crowley mist have gone to get Lucifer as soon as the demons had thrown him out of the room. That endears the demon to him. He’s still a demon, so trust won’t be as easy, but if the demon asks for a hand, Dean will be inclined to help him. He turns his head into the hand holding him searching for comfort.

Lucifer shakes as the head he’s been holding presses into him. No one has asked for his touch since long before God had sent him down to hell. On rare occasions, he’d have enough backbone to demand a night with one of his random demons in the hope that he could slip come comfort into the night without absolute judgement. He takes his other arm and drapes it around Dean, hoping that he won’t overstep the boundaries that don’t appear to be present. “Dean, darling, I need you to come back to this realm for me.”

He notices to late that the endearment slips from his lips without any question. He shouldn’t let these things come out of his mouth. He shouldn’t be pretending to be the bad guy when he knows full well that he’s not at this moment, but he’s spent so long making sure that he keeps that mask on that the very idea of letting down his shields terrifies him.

Dean hears the plea to come back to the rational world with more clarity than normal. That’s when he realizes that he’s back in the proper headset, but even still he wants the comfort of Lucifer and safety for a while, and he’s not sure what Lucifer meant by having time to deal with them. So he opens his eyes completely, and forces his body to crawl forward enough that his body can drape across Lucifer’s before shuddering.

He’s not lying. He opened his eyes to prove to Lucifer that he came back up from the place his mind escapes to when the pain starts. Now, he’s taking just a little bit of the comfort that he wants. If Lucifer needs him to move, he can move Dean. For now, he’ll take the comfort.

Lucifer’s arms surround Dean almost immediately once he sees the eyes open. By the time Dean’s forcing his body to move towards him, Lucifer has his arms helping Dean up so he’s not in such an awkward position. He drags the man into a half-seated position, where he can lean on Lucifer’s chest. “That’s it. You’re safe. You’re safe. I won’t let them come anywhere near you again.”

Dean knows he should pull back and ask questions about whether what they’re doing is okay or whether any of this is allowed in their relationship, but he can’t bring himself to care. He can’t bring himself to give up the comfort. His back still aches, but with only one cut and one lash of the whip, he’ll heal on his own in no time. He shouldn’t need this comfort. When he feels vibrations, he turns his eyes down to realize that his whole body is shaking.

Lucifer starts rubbing one arm up and down in soothing motions. He’s never tried to save one of the souls on the racks, he’s never tried to comfort one of the ones that has completed their sentence. Now he will, now he has a reason to fight. The future was a good reason to willing turn away from the path he was on. The man holding on to him for dear life is the perfect reason to change it all. He’d kill the demons who dared to touch someone under his protection, who dared to enter his rooms. Maybe he’d bring Dean to the throne room and announce the engagement.


Dean’s voice is still far to wobbly for him to even consider trying to do anything further for a little while. “You don’t have to speak Dean. You can take what you need for the next while. I won’t leave while you sleep.”

Dean’s brows furrow as he hears the underlying guilt in those words. Lucifer had no reason to feel guilty, he’d come to save Dean. He’d come to Dean’s rescue. And he didn’t get angry at the title that Dean chose to call him. “Not your fault.”

Lucifer snorts. Of course, someone like the righteous man would manage to worry about his guilt while being in pain from his decisions. “This time your pain is definitely on me. I left you here, believing that my potential anger would be enough to scare off any of the demons from even trying to get to you. I should have stayed nearby or sent someone to watch the door.”

Dean tests the mobility of his arms and wraps them around Lucifer’s waist as he tilts himself further into the embrace. Once upon a time he’d have worried about the repercussions of taking comfort from a man, but as Lucifer had pointed out he’s not really male, more of a different species. He’s an angel to be precise. “You came. When that stuffy looking demon found out what they were doing and went to get you, you came for me. That’s enough.”

Lucifer pauses then raises one of his hands to cradle Dean’s head and moves the other hand down around his waist, then he picks them both up. He carries them to the bed and lays Dean down first. Then, he curls up next to Dean with one of his hands stroking Dean’s hair. “This is why you’re a good person.”

“Proof you’re one too. You’re not leaving me. You’re letting me leech comfort from you.”

Lucifer chuckles into Dean’s neck while shaking his head. “Would you allow me to do the same?”

“Of course.”

“Then of course, I’m going to give you as much comfort as you want or as you need. Because I know there will be times when I’m curled up on the floor sobbing because the nightmares of being alone again come crashing in or because the pain from the fall spikes up again. And for the first time since I was cast out of heaven, I will have someone that could choose to hold me.”

Dean shakes his head and turns his body to face Lucifer. “You don’t need to comfort me to deserve my comfort later. If this makes you uncomfortable, then you can just ask for the other. I won’t judge. I understand.”

Lucifer tugs Dean closer and tucks him into his neck. “If I didn’t want to do this, I wouldn’t be doing it. I was attempting to try to hide my weakness.”

Dean’s eyes droop as the warmth from the angel sinks into him. “Well don’t. I won’t immediately understand and get concerned for you.” He swears he hears another chuckle above him as he falls asleep.

Chapter Text

Lucifer wakes up first, which he counts as a small miracle given that he didn’t plan to fall asleep. The warmth of another body pressed up against his, both giving and receiving comfort, was enough to lull him the comfort of sleep.

Dean blinks up once Lucifer moves slightly. “Morning.”

“Hell doesn’t really have mornings.”

“Semantics. We just woke up, so I’m going to say good morning.”

Lucifer laughs. He swears he hasn’t laughed this much since the beginning of time when they were still in heaven. When Amara was still present to pull dad back from going to far, every time he tried. He misses his aunt. She didn’t like humans, but neither did he. He wonders now whether his father was even right about the danger she possessed or whether that was just another one of his paranoid episodes.

Dean stretches as he stands up from the bed for the first time on his own. He turns to glance at his fiancé. God, that wasn’t going to stop being weird for a long time, but still he should work on it. He has a wedding to plan, a family to tell, and a plan to make. “Do you have to go to court today?”

“I should. Alistair and Azazel need to be punished in front of the court, which brings me to a question I meant to ask you a question last night, but neither of us were really in the right headspace for that.”

“Ask away.”

Lucifer swallows down the immediate lurch of anger, the following guilt, and all the insecurities surrounding this plan. “Will you come to court with me? Both to show the people that you are with me, and I value your opinions, but also to tell them about the engagement.”

Dean furrows his brow. He has no qualms about standing before people, but he also knows that the demons surrounding them will be far more powerful than him. If he’s challenged, he’ll have to rely on Lucifer’s strength, and he doesn’t relish being reliant on his husband for eternity. Then again, that is probably a later problem to worry about. “Sure.”

Lucifer offers Dean a smile. He’s not sure what thoughts passed through the human’s head, but he had agreed to be married to him and to show up in court today. Both of those things would be enough for the day.

“Is there a way for us to get another throne into the court room? I don’t want any of the demons to start to get the opinion that I’m still lesser than you and can fall out of favor.”

Lucifer’s eyes widen. He hadn’t even thought about that possibility, but now that Dean’s said it, that’s an important piece. That brings up another question of his. He wonders whether him and Dean would ever get to the point that they’ll understand each other without needing to ask for clarification or question the other’s motives. “Are you planning on ruling hell by my side?”

“Yes. You asked me to be present in your attempts to fix hell, the easiest way to do that is to be the proper husband and be a member of your court. I’ll be by your side. Our first step should be fixing the place we stay most of the time, since that’ll become our base. Then, we can worry about the rest of the world. I’m still working on figuring out a way for you to be able to come with me to Earth.”

Lucifer shakes his head in disbelief. “We should wait for those changes though. We’ll want to be married first where they cannot question our loyalty to each other as easily. And we should probably get you more power before we try to revamp the demonic systems of power.”

Dean can’t stop the growing laughter from pouring out of his lips. Who’d of thought he’d have so much in common with the devil himself that his worries would be echoed in his fiancé’s. “Sorry, not laughing at you. Laughing at the fact both of us appear to have the same set of worries for the future.”

Lucifer wraps an arm around Dean’s waist. Partially to balance the man in his laughter, and part to see whether the man would push him away when he’s not in so much pain he can barely think. His head tilts to regard the human with a soft look compared to anything he ever gives towards anyone else. “I suppose that is amusing. As for your throne, just call Crowley’s name and summon him here. Tell him to take care of it, then lead you to the throne room. I have to go down to the cells to make sure that the demons guarding Alistair and Azazel know that their trial is today and to bring them up when I call.”

Dean doesn’t lean into the touch like he did last night, but he doesn’t stiffen like he once would either. The arm around him doesn’t feel out of place. It feels natural. That’s what scares him the most now. The way that his brain just automatically tells him he can trust the man in front of him. At the beginning, he could blame this on the after effect of the torture. Now, he doesn’t have that. It’s not magic, it’s not fate, it’s simple chemistry, and Dean avoids emotions surrounding this as much as he can, and now he can’t avoid them as he’s barreling towards marriage.

Lucifer pulls back after a moment. “Just so you know, I told Crowley about the future I saw and my reasons for marrying you, just as you plan to do for Sam and Bobby. So if he seems more compassionate than you expect.”

Dean nods. Normally, he’d argue that should have been a group discussion but given what happened yesterday, he’s glad that Lucifer has someone that knows the whole truth, even if that person won’t choose to save him all the time.

Lucifer walks out of the room with a wave of a hand. His footsteps echoing in the hallway.

Dean should feel nervous about being alone in this room, last time his tormentors found him, but instead he feels confident. No one will try to attack him before finding out just how angry Lucifer is at the two who entered his room to torture him the other day. They need to have the word of their lord first, and he knows what that word will be. “Crowley,” he calls.
He doesn’t know how this summoning works. To be honest, he’s not even sure the demon will want to help him. If he calls on Lucifer’s name, his orders will be followed, but he’d rather not rely on that with the one demon who currently knows the whole story.

“Winchester. Please tell me you have permission to summon me into Lucifer’s chambers. I don’t want to end up dead.”

“You call him Lucifer.”

Crowley raises an eyebrow. “Most of the non-fanatic call him that. He doesn’t mind too much as long as we’re still respectful and bow. Why does that surprise you? I know you call him that.”

“Azazel told me.”

Crowley cut him off with a wave of a hand. “That giant fanatic believes that Lucifer is the start of all evil, will bring the destruction of the human race, and quite possibly the end of heaven. Ridiculous. The lord barely even wants to deal with humans at the best of times and this fool thinks he’s going to kill them all. Craziness, the first demons have way too much of it.”

Dean cracks a smile. “I think we’re going to get along.”

“Supposedly in that other future of Lucifer’s, I call you best friend, and you refrain from killing me.”

Dean wiggles his eyebrows. “Want to start that tradition again.”

“Why not, bestie? What am I here for?”

Dean freezes from his amusement as he remembers what’s he’s going to try to do today. He has no powers, and yet he’s going to demand respect from the realm of demons. Someone should have stopped him from making that deal, someone could have been God, but no he let this whole plan come about. “I’m going to stand by Lucifer in court today as his fiancé, and I need a throne in the court room, I need clothes that aren’t currently ripped to shreds as I’ve been tortured for the past, however long. And then supposedly, you’re supposed to show me the way.”

Crowley blinks at that list. Apparently, the oldest Winchester takes after their lord in the sense that they never start small. They start with being thirty seconds away from starting a war. Nonetheless, the list were full of things that he could accomplish in a quick and efficient manner. “You got it, bestie. Give me like ten minutes for the clothes. I’ll leave you here to get dressed, while I take care of the throne, and then I’ll escort you to the throne room.”

Dean grins. “Knew I could count on you, friend.”

“Didn’t somebody teach you not to be friends with a demon.”

“You think I listened to them. I made a deal for my brother’s life, got myself engaged to the devil, and am actively planning on reforming the structures of the world including the one I’m about to introduce myself to. What makes you think I listen to common sense?”

Crowley shakes his head. “You’re crazier than I took you for. I approve.” Then he disappears from the room.

Dean walks over to edge of the room and leans against the wall. Maybe he never saw his life as ending up here, but he’s not too upset by the turn of events. That conversation had more substance with someone outside of his family than he’s ever had. Maybe, Crowley was right in the other universe and the real reason that demon wasn’t dead was because that Dean knows that Crowley will be a demon until the day he dies, but that doesn’t make him evil. No more than being human makes him evil.

Chapter Text

The clothes appear on the bed without a trace of Crowley. Could be that he’s busy trying to get the throne situated, or it could be the fact that none of the demons seem to keen on entering Lucifer’s room. Dean understands the hesitation because ticking off a fallen angel that has more power in his grasp than most can even imagine let alone hold is just a terrible plan.

He starts pulling on the outfit. He appreciates the nice suit despite knowing that he’s never worn anything this fancy before in his life, and he isn’t likely to start wearing them for everyday occasions, but his first day in the demonic court deserves a bit of flair.

He realizes once the clothes were on, and he’s combing through his hair to make sure he look presentable, that he didn’t even consider not trusting the demon’s choice. One universe did not mean anything for this one given how much they were planning on changing, so why did he trust Crowley.

The things he knows about Crowley are rather limited. He knows that Crowley is a demon, but that doesn’t mean all that much to him anymore. Once he said yes to marrying the devil most little things like that flew out of the window. He can’t care about things like that at a time like this. He knows that Crowley is loyal to Lucifer. He’s not actually sure how far that loyalty goes though. If it’s just fear like a good portion of the demons in hell, then that’s not a good reason to trust Crowley.

Then again, Crowley had saved him. Sure, Lucifer is the one that forced them off, and Lucifer is the one that held him as he broke down from all of the torture that he’d been put through. But if Crowley hadn’t gone to get Lucifer when Dean was down, then Dean would have probably ended up back on the rack before Lucifer even figured out that he had left the room.

A knock on the door pulls him out of his own head, and he goes to answer the door. Standing outside is Crowley in a similar fashion of suit. Dean puts a smile on his face. “Dressing me up to look like you?”

“Other way around, little prince. You are soon to be the something of the king. Are we going to call you Queen or another King? Or will we go for a more traditional Consort? I’m going to go with little prince until someone corrects me.”

“Oh god. I’m going to have a title. People are going to bow and curtesy and nonsense to me.”

Crowley chuckles. “Welcome to hell, Winchester. Even when you’re winning things never seem to be as dandy as we want them.”

Dean nods and steps out of the room. He has to swallow his fear to not turn tail and head straight back into the bedroom where he knows safety. He wonders whether Alistair was right, and he would have broken at one point. Already the fear has him paralyzed in place.

“Hey, bestie, I’m going to need you to breathe. Yes, this is where you got tortured, but this is also where you’re going to end torture. It will take time, and it will take a shit load of power, but one day you’ll reform hell, you’ll save earth, and more than likely take down an archangel. None of that has to happen today, but you getting to the court room does, so can you manage that for me, or do I need to do something drastic?”

Dean sucks in a breath and straightens his back. He is a Winchester. He will always be a Winchester. When the world gets tough, they get tough right back. He can walk through hell knowing that he should still be being tortured to break to say yes to spilling blood in hell. He can do it. He nods to Crowley.

Crowley stares at him for a long moment. “I don’t know what you just told yourself but hold onto that for eternity. It will come in handy each and every time someone tries to break you. Don’t let people break you.”

“Even demons?” Dean manages to tease back, falling into the comfortable pattern of joking around with the demon as they walk around hell.

“Especially demons. We’re the dicks of the world. The angels are a close second because I mean we’re the dicks of the world because that’s what they decreed we should be. God. Yeah, don’t let him break you either. He’s a little bitch who got us all into the mess we’re trying to pick up. Humans, they might try to break you, but honestly they’re the easiest to ignore because what are they going to do to you that demons haven’t already done.”

Dean’s laughing by time Crowley has finished his rant on things that might break him. “Don’t forget the monsters. Or God’s crazy sister. Either of them might try to break me too.”
Crowley joins in on the laughter. “Indeed, well don’t let them. Moral of the story. Don’t let stupid creatures break you because they think they can. They can’t.” With that he pushes open the double doors and leads Dean into the throne room.

The silence creates a tension in Dean that he didn’t know nothing could. A part of him wants to fall to his knees and beg forgiveness of anything that might be listening. Instead, he lets go of Crowley and walks to the front of the room. Eyes stare at him as he moves forward, but he ignores them.

He stops in front of Lucifer and inclines his head. “My lord,” he offers before edging himself down onto the throne right next to Lucifer. The throne is at the same height as Lucifer’s, so they look like equals. They look like royalty.

The demons start making a series of gasps, groans, and fearful squeaks as Dean stares at them from the throne. Dean wonders if those filled with fear are directed for him, or whether they’re trying to make sure that they don’t end up as Lucifer’s next target after he’s finished destroying Dean.

Lucifer glances over at Dean with a gleam in his eyes. “Silence,” he yells.

Dean watches as every single demon in the room automatically falls silent with a couple of them lowering to their knees. A smile crosses his face as he realizes that one day if Lucifer and him actually manage to pull off some of the more insane aspects of their plan, that he’ll inspire the same reaction.

“First order of business for the day. The man sitting next to me is Dean Winchester. He is my fiancé and will be your king.”

Chaos spreads in the demons as they all claw each other trying to get to the front of the line to ask questions of the king and his new king. The blood hits the floor almost constantly with both monarchs just staring upwards at the poor demons silently.

Dean takes pity on one of the demons that just edges forward on the sides without getting involved in a blood bath and points to him. “You. What’s your question since you’re smart enough to try and claw others apart to try and get your question asked?”

The demon glances left and right as many of the eyes turn to him. Then, he turns his gaze to Lucifer as if asking for permission to respond to other king’s order. When he gets no surprise, he gulps before speaking. “If you are to be our king, will you become a demon?”

Lucifer taps Dean’s shoulder. A quiet demand to let him handle this question. “We haven’t decided. We know that he cannot remain human, but there are many options that would allow for him to be more than human, and we wish to explore them all before we make a final decision.”

Another demon with longer hair steps forward. “And what of our plans, my lord? To free you from hell and begin the apocalypse as has been prophesized?”

Dean huffs out a laugh, drawing the attention from all the demons. He puts on his best patronizing smile as he leans into Lucifer. “For a lot of demons, I’m surprised they care about the plan put in place by God. Isn’t it their job to stop God from getting his way?”

Lucifer throws an arm around Dean showing more favor in that moment than he had done in the centuries of being King of hell. “They get a little confused. See they think that if we win the battles in the apocalypse, then we’ll break God’s plan. What they don’t realize is that he has backups for anyone winning the end of times. A pity really since I would love a battle against heaven.”
“We can send them invitations to the wedding. That will get some reaction, maybe even a battle or two,” Dean offers.

Lucifer sends a smile to the demon standing there with a flash of his true eyes. “See, this is why I’m marrying him. He’s always thinking of ways to make me happy while destroying God’s plan. Ruby, sit down and try not to hurt your brain thinking.”

Crowley steps forward, which causes both Dean and Lucifer to raise their eyebrows. The demon knows full well that his words have power in this situation because of the information he has, but he’d prefer to keep his head attached so no spilling of secrets was going to occur. “I am curious, my lords, on what the plans for the family of Dean? Since some demons still think it would please you, Lord Lucifer, to kill the Winchesters or their allies.”

“Clarification. Perfect timing. Those who dare to hurt my fiancé, or his family will face my wrath, which is why we have prisoners. Bring them out,” Lucifer orders. His eyes flare with anger, but at the same time his body posture is normal.

“Surely, you will not punish them for harming the boy before they knew that he was yours,” Ruby calls.

Lucifer tilts his head to regard the demon. He doesn’t like her on most days. She tries too hard to please without having a brain in her head to think her actions through. She tried to corrupt Sam Winchester which was his job if he so chose. And like a fool, she told a human that she was a demon. “Fun story, demons aren’t always fair. So, I could punish them for that, although I wasn’t. No, they’re in trouble for entering my private quarters to harm something that I laid claim to by putting there. The fact that person happens to be their future king only makes things worse.”

When Lucifer finishes his speech, the doors crash open as eight demons force Alistair and Azazel into the room. They put up quite a fight before they see Lucifer. Azazel stops fighting automatically and sinks to the ground.

After a few moments Alistair goes down with him. Although the hatred in his eyes doesn’t dim as he finds Dean in the room on the throne. A snarl reveals his teeth as he looks seconds from lunging.

“Do you understand what crimes have brought you before the court as prisoners instead of members of the court?”

Alistair takes a deep breath. “We chose to punish one of your chosen ones ourselves, rather than allowing his punishment to be dictated by you.” The words are spoken without regret, but they have a certain compassion to them that wasn’t there any other time Dean had heard the demon talk.

“That’s partially correct. The action you are describing is what landed you here, but you’re still not grasping the bigger picture.” Lucifer shakes his head at them. “I expected better from you both, but you, Alistair, I even gave you enough information not to make this silly mistake. Dean is no longer a prisoner here. He is going to become my husband and king of hell. He will rule by my side. You harmed a future king, inside my room where I offered him protection.”

Azazel turns his head to regard Dean with new eyes. “My apologies, King Dean or Winchester, whichever you prefer. I had no idea that Alistair was privy to knowledge that you were no longer a prisoner. If I had, I would have avoided harming you.”

Dean stares down at the demon who killed his mother, killed his father, and who once would have killed him, and he freezes. A part of him wants to ask Lucifer for his head, but revenge won’t bring his parents back to life, and it won’t win him any friends down here. The demon clearly thought he was doing the right thing. “May I ask you a question before responding?”

“I am yours to command, however you wish. Even if you wish to kill me, that is my purpose.”

Dean manages to contain the flinch those words cause. He doesn’t need the weight of another’s life on him again, but somehow, he always manages to find another one to heap onto his load. “Why did you kill my mother?”

Azazel lets out a stream of air and turns his eyes to Lucifer. “You trust him with the whole truth? Because once he knows what started all of this, he may hate us all.”

Lucifer raises an eyebrow before nodding. Dean knowing even more of the truth that governs the world both terrifies and excites him. He knew the moment he proposed to Dean that the world was going to be different. Plus, this wasn’t one of the truths that were on him to tell Dean.

“I killed your mother, because she made a deal with me long before you were born. She was a hunter; your father was not. Your father died one night when a monster killed him while aiming for her. She was pregnant with you, and she couldn’t stand the idea of the father of her child dying before meeting the kid. I agreed to bring him back, and in return her second son would be mine. Yet when the time came, she still stood in front of me, knowing that I’d kill her. Your mother died for Sam Winchester, she died for John Winchester. The only person she didn’t die for was you. You were the only safe thing from the demons before you made a deal with us.”

Dean closes his eyes as he lets that information settle. Part of him wishes to scream liar and refuse to listen. But he knows that Lucifer would have interrupted if any part of that speech had been a lie. By this point, he’s agreed to marry Lucifer, so they can spit in the face of God and his destiny. Killing Azrael wouldn’t bring his parents back, and it wouldn’t make him feel better. Especially knowing that the demon had only done the job that he was given by the old rules of God.

Lucifer leans over to whisper in Dean’s ear. “You may not wish to do this, but the decision on his fate is dependent on you. You took that responsibility when you wanted an answer.”

Dean turns to Lucifer with a blank stare. Of course, he knew this was on him. He just needed to align his thoughts before he gave judgement, or rather forgiveness. His life had become so weird. “Rise, Azazel. You have been forgiven for the crimes committed against me yesterday. I had no role in hell when you attacked my mother and my brother, so I have no right to judge you on it.”

Azazel picks himself up from the ground and bows to Dean. When he pulls himself up, he turns on his heel to stand next to Dean’s throne lower than him. A not so subtle declaration that he supports Lucifer’s choice to marry the human.

Lucifer turns his gaze on Alistair. “You, however, do not have the same ignorance that Azazel had. Do you have any words?”

Alistair lunges as far as the chains would allow with a snarl on his lips. “The human dares to use his wiles on the lord of darkness. Allow me to put him back on the rack, and I will teach him proper manners. I will show him how to be a decent husband, should you desire someone to warm your bed at night. No human has any claim on a throne in hell.”

Lucifer laughs. He turns to Dean. “The fool still thinks you are merely playing me.”

Dean shrugs. “Fools will always be fools, regardless of whether or not they have all the evidence against them.”

Lucifer cranes his neck to the side to meet Alistair’s eyes. “I am perfectly happy with where Dean is right now. I offered to put him there, you do not get the right to hurt him or belittle them. In fact I’m not going to allow you the chance. Azazel would you cut off his head?”

Azazel stalks forward with his blade falling into his hands. He makes a quick slash and the head of the demon rolls onto the ground only stopping at Dean’s feet. “Would you like me to dispose of the body, King Dean?”

Dean regards the head in front of him with a slight tilt. “Yes.”

Lucifer grins as Azazel collects the body and begins to clean up everything from court that day. He stares out across the other demons with bright eyes. “Any other problems that we need to deal with in today’s court?”

“Dean was Michael’s chosen vessel. We might have a fight from inviting them to a wedding, but what do we do if an archangel comes after us?”

Dean takes that one by staring the demon who asked that down with a stare. “If something is living, then it can be killed. I am a hunter by blood, and a hunter by trade. If anything attacks my people, I will fight them. I will kill them. I will win. That’s what Winchester’s do.”

After that declaration, demons start leaving the throne room.

Dean leans further onto Lucifer once the other demons are gone. His eyes droop closed. “Nothing else to do today, right?”

Lucifer chuckles, allowing the human to use him as a pillow. “Indeed. However, tomorrow you should go talk to your brother and Bobby. They’ll be in same area tomorrow. I’ll send Crowley with you, to get you there and back again.”

Dean nods. “They’re going to throw holy water on me.”

Lucifer continues his steady steam of laughter. When Dean needs sleep, he says the craziest things. “If that’s the worst they do, we’re going to be extremely happy. Sleep, Dean, I’ll keep you safe.” He waits moments before Dean drops into his deep sleep. Time doesn’t run normally down in hell, and torture doesn’t heal overnight. His human could fall asleep every two hours and he’d be fine. For now, he’ll just keep him safe.

Chapter Text

Dean wakes up under fluffy blankets that he’s beginning to get used to. He doesn’t see Lucifer, but the fear that had been retained within him yesterday doesn’t appear. One demon died for entering their room, no one was going to try anything anytime soon. That would be ridiculous. As he rolls over on the bed, he feels a crinkle and picks up a piece of paper.

He reads over the note a couple times to make sure he understands the message given to him completely.


I hope that you slept well. Demons don’t need nearly as much sleep as humans, and archangels need even less. I’ve been working on some of the random situations that rise up in hell. You know, making sure deals don’t violate any of the rules I’ve put forth. Offer some of the humans the option to become demons. So, on and so forth. I figured you’d want some time to gather your thoughts before you head to talk to your brother.

Best of luck, L.

Dean chuckles when he finishes the note for the fourth time. If he was going to talk to Lucifer’s family, he’d include best of luck too, but with his family, he should be able to win them over with a couple well placed smiles. Sammy will be confused for a while, but he’ll figure it out after a while. Bobby might understand or he might freak out. He never knows what things Bobby will accept when it comes to messes like this.

He pulls himself up from the comfort of the bed and throws on some clothes within Lucifer’s room that make him seem somewhat normal for the meeting. He does in fact want to get everything straight but doing it alone doesn’t seem like an appealing option. “Crowley, if you’re not busy, could you come help me figure out how to explain my engagement to my family?”

“Always busy, bestie. The question should be do you want out of whatever tedious meeting you’re currently going through? The answer is almost always yes. Are we really telling your family what we’re doing?”

Dean drags a hand over his face before turning to stare at Crowley. “Yes. We’re telling them what I’m doing. What I’m debating is whether I should tell them how this came to be?”

Crowley drops down to sit on the floor, considering Dean’s dilemma. On one hand, without the context of the future, some of the story won’t make sense. On the other hand, once they know about the future, they could try to convince Dean that’s a better future to live in. “I suppose that depends more on you, than on them.”

“What do you mean?”

“No matter which path we choose, they’re going to try to convince you not to do this. No one really wants their son that isn’t a son, or brother, marrying the king of hell and ruling by his side. So will it be easier to fight them if they know the future that you’re trying to avoid, or if they don’t know the whole picture.”

Dean nods immediately. Crowley isn’t wrong, his family is going to try to convince him to leave the devil. Curiously, he wonders for a moment whether he’s good enough at lying to convince them that this was a love match, but that involves a series of lies that he’s not willing to commit to this early in the situation. That means he needs to tell them about the future. “Think they’ll hear me out about a future where chaos reigns.”

Crowley shrugs. “I wouldn’t have thought you’d give Lucifer the benefit of the doubt when it comes to this, but you did. I wouldn’t have expected Azazel to handle you as a second king, but he does. Perhaps, you have the effect of making things be different than what my gut tells me would happen.”

“Do I confuse you, Crowley?”


Dean nods. “It’d be easier to get this over with rather than waiting.”

Crowley shrugs. Dean’s not wrong with that statement, but it is far from his place to even suggest such things out loud. He likes his head where it is. He likes a lot of things about the older Winchester, especially the way after yesterday in the throne room, he’s grown back his spine.

“Will you stay?”

“Will holy water get poured on me?”

Dean nods. Almost sheepish in his actions. He shouldn’t ask a demon he barely knows to undergo something akin to torture.

A sigh escapes Crowley’s lips. “No, I won’t stay with you while you tell them the first bit, because they deserve to know the whole story from your lips and your lips alone. But, I’ll stop by once you’re finished with the first part to hopefully make them see that the demons aren’t currently trying to kill you or maim you.”

Dean’s eyes widen after a second as he stares at Crowley. “Perhaps we don’t mention Azazel to them, ever.”

Crowley grabs hold of Dean’s arm and pulls him up. So much for only doing actions that are likely to keep his head on straight. He’s never been the wisest demon in the room, although certainly the most cunning. He flashes them out of hell in a blink of the eyes, and they arrive outside Bobby’s gate. “No panicking.”

“Jesus, fine. I won’t panic in front of you. God, where’s a pill for courage when you need one,” Dean gasps as he realizes where they are. He squeezes his eyes shut to regain control over his stomach, and by the time he opens his eyes Crowley is gone.

With another deep breath, he enters Bobby’s driveway and walks up to the door. He raps on the door twice, then leans back to wait. He doesn’t know what the first choice of testing will be, but he doubts he’ll have much choice.

The holy water splashes all over him from upstairs, and he cocks his head up to give Sammy a smile. “Not a demon.”

The door opens just a crack for a silver knife to slip through. Dean didn’t expect to be asked about shapeshifter, but he supposes it’s probably smart that they did. You never know when someone is going to do something absolutely crazy. He slices a thin line on his arm with the blade with an eye roll. “Not a shapeshifter either.”

“Not Dean Winchester, since he’s in hell,” Bobby’s ruff voice calls out from behind the door.

“Dean Winchester, through and through with some stuff to tell you about that hell thing once you open this door. And tell me you have a room where nothing can see us.”

A long suffering sigh comes from behind the door. “What did you do that you need that much protection?”

“Let me in, and I’ll tell you. You’ve checked the things that could have taken my body, Bobby. I’m me. Well, probably a bit broken after all that torture, but me. And, I’m pretty confident things are after me, so if you could get me inside before one of them figures out my location. That’d be nice.”

The door swings open, and Sammy’s arms are around him immediately. “I’ve missed you.”

“Missed you too, Sammy. But let’s get to a safer place.”

Bobby leads the way through the house with some skeptical looks tossed back at Dean. “Tell me something only Dean would know.”

A grumble of protest comes from Sam, but Dean understands the precaution. He’d the same thing, only probably not on himself. A secret that could be proven to Bobby. Most of those would also shock Sam, but that doesn’t bother him anymore. “I loved Cassie back, just not enough to stay when there were monsters that needed killing.”

Bobby froze for a moment before opening a door and dragging them all inside. “Never thought I’d hear you admit that out loud again.”

“Figured something so out of character would help convince you that I was serious.”

Bobby inclines his head. “So, who’s after you boy?”

“Probably God, all of his angels, most of heaven, and for good luck probably also any other monsters that side with God.”

Blinks follow that announcement, which leads to Dean sinking into a chair in the room. “It’s a long story. And I kind of need to promise not to freak out before I’m done. Ask questions all you want but try not to kick me out.”

Sammy shakes his head. “I’d never kick you out, Dean. Just start at the beginning.”

Dean snorts. The beginning is long and tedious. He’s not doing that. “The beginning can be summed up into I was tortured for a good couple months. We ain’t gonna talk about it. Ever.”

Bobby shoves Sam over to the side. “Of course. How about what stopped the torture?”

“That’d be the devil. I call him Lucifer. Right, he needed to talk to me. Because, archangels can see the future.”

“You’ve met the devil, and he’s seen our future. That’s where we’re starting,” Sam exclaims.

“Honestly, it gets worse. So, the future, not good. I’m a little alcoholic and quite a bit ready to die. You’re actually just suicidal. And Bobby is dead, so is Lucifer. Clearly, he doesn’t like that future.”

Bobby runs his hand over his face and holds up his hand. “We need alcohol for this. Lots of it. Hold on, I’ll go get it.” He stands up and leaves the safe room for a moment.

Sam turns to Dean with questions in his eyes. A simple one comes to mind first and foremost because everything else can wait until Bobby comes back, and they hear the rest of the story. “Can you stay?”

Dean lets out a sigh. He wishes things could be as simple as they once were where he could give his brother a blanket answer. “Too complicated to answer before you hear the story.”

“You’re serious.”

“Our lives are going to get a lot crazier before they get any amount of normal, and that normal probably won’t be the kinds of things that humans want. I wish that I could give you a yes or no answer, but nothing is that simple for me anymore.”

Sam closes his eyes. “You made another deal.”

“Not in the way you’re thinking.”

Bobby comes back in and passes the beers around. “So the devil doesn’t like the future?”

“Yep, which means that the goal is to change the future. But there’s a catch. His brother Michael doesn’t care about the future. He doesn’t care that he dies. He doesn’t care that humans are suffering. He doesn’t care that God fucked off to leave us here with the problems he created.”

Bobby raises an eyebrow. “Didn’t take you for religious, so I’m a bit surprised at the anger towards God there, kiddo.”

Dean levels a glare towards Bobby. He sure as hell ain’t religious, nor is planning on being religious. “I’m not. Thing is that now that I know there was a God, I’m mighty pissed that he’s been letting us suffer this whole time, when I know damn well that he could save us.”

Sam leans over to shove Dean. “Stay on track. I want to know why you say things are more complicated, and so far, you still haven’t explained what any of this has to do with you getting out of torture for all of eternity.”

“To be honest, I still don’t understand this next part, I’m just taking the devil’s word for it because nothing else makes any sense. Mom made a deal with a demon.”

“She did what,” Sam screeches. The anger in his tone at someone defaming their mother plain to see.

Bobby’s face shuts down, which tells Dean all he needed to know. Bobby had known Mary before John, even if he never told John. Bobby knew about the deal if not the specifics, and he kept it from him and Sam. “Ask Bobby, Sammy. He knows.”

Sam turns to face Bobby.

Bobby gives a deep sigh before leaning back against the wall. “Your mother was a hunter. I’m guessing you already know that Dean given the amount of glares I’m receiving right now. Your daddy died while she was pregnant with Dean, she traded her second born for her husband. That’s all I know.”

Dean nods. “Yeah. I know more than you do for better or for worse now. The deal was so that the brothers could be created on the mortal plain. The righteous man, raised to fight the monsters that go bump in the night. The corruptible man, raised to fight the system at every turn. Michael and Lucifer. Dean and Sam. We were made to be the perfect vessels for the archangels to bring about the apocalypse.”

Sam drops his head to his hands and moans. “Are you telling me that I’m the human supposed to imitate the devil?”

Dean flinches at that question. “I’m telling you; you already have. If it makes you feel better, Lucifer isn’t as evil as humans make him out to be.”

“So, the main problem, getting back to non-existential questions, is that Michael will still be gunning for you even if Lucifer doesn’t go through with his part and that will end up with the same future?” Bobby intervenes.

“Yes. My soul has an opening for Michael given to me by God, himself, the dick. The only way to stop the shit future from happening is to bond my soul to someone else equally powerful as Michael to force him to not be able to snatch me.”

“Tell me you didn’t sell your soul, Dean. Dean, promise me,” Sammy pleads. His eyes have gone wide as if this is a fear of his that he’s been ignoring for multiple months.

“Of course not. I’m only slightly insane. We’re getting married.”

Bobby blinks for a minute. “You mean we as in you and the devil.”

“Lucifer, but yes. I know this is difficult to understand, but he’s sick of playing by the roles that God set us all up on, and I don’t want to end up broken and cynical. I don’t want Sammy to want death more than he wants life. I don’t want you to be dead. This works. We can save each other.”

“You’re willing to try to save the devil?” Sam asks his voice monotone.

“I’m willing to try. There’s more though. If I’m going to be his husband, then I’m going to be a king of hell. I’m going to work on that system. I’m going to try to save hell from the darkness that God forced them on, and I’m going to save Earth from angels. But, I could use some friends and family.”

Bobby stands up and clasps Dean on the shoulder. “You’ve got me. I have no idea what kind of messes we’re going to end up dragged into, but I’ll stand by you. Try, and I mean this in the most kind way, try not to start a different apocalypse trying to avoid all of the ones we’re dealing with in the other universe. At least, we’ve won all the ones in that universe.”

Dean quirks a smile. “Winning ain’t everything, but I hear you Bobby. I’m going to try not to destroy the world.”

Sam shakes his head. “You want me to accept that you’re marrying the devil with no hesitation, and you’re planning on standing up to God and his favorite angel to change the fate of the world.”

Dean tilts his head back and forth. That’s a simplistic run down of everything, but it does the situation as much justice as it can. “Yeah, pretty much.”

Sammy releases a sigh. “Fine. I’m with you, but I’ll still try to kick the devil’s ass if he hurts you.”

Dean thinks back to the way Lucifer’s arms tightened around him after Alistair and Azazel ended up hurting him. The way he blamed himself and seemed so upset that he allowed that to happen. “I think perhaps he’d let you.”

Chapter Text

Right before Bobby opens the door, Dean remembers part of the reason that he led them to the safe room. The angels would try to hurt him if they knew of the wedding when he wasn’t safely in hell where Lucifer’s demand was much stronger than any of theirs. “We don’t talk about this outside of a safe room, if the angels know, then we’re in over our heads.”

Bobby nods once, followed quickly by Sam’s so Dean walks with them out of the room, only to see Crowley pacing the floor.

Bobby reaches for a weapon, but Dean catches his arm just in time. “He’s one of mine, Bobby.”

Crowley looks up then shakes his head. “We have a problem.”

“And I’m involved because?”

“Because you’re one of my kings, and I don’t know what to do. Lucifer is still in hell, so the only way I can ask him is to abandon you, which is a shitty thing to do to someone I call bestie or really to anyone, but I am a demon.”

Dean relaxes his grip and lets Bobby pull away. If either Bobby or Sam tries to hurt the demon right now, he’ll have bigger problems then trying to stop them. “Crowley, you’re ranting.”

“Lucifer didn’t tell you about every detail about the future because that would have taken months if not years given how many years we were spanning in the conversation.”

Dean nods. “Not surprised. Has something come up?”

“You have another brother.”

Sam lunges forward. “You’re a liar.”

Dean surges forward at the same moment, grabbing onto Sam’s shirt collar and holding him back. He gives Crowley a slight nod. “Sam, let him speak.”

“Your dad was on a hunt. It would have been years after Mary died. I have no idea whether or not your dad knew about him.”

“Then why does it matter?” Bobby asks.

Crowley just stares at his king. He can’t bring himself to say the words in front of Dean’s family, not when he doesn’t know how much Dean told them. Sure, the plan was to tell them everything, but plans change.

Dean starts replaying what he knows of everything in his head, then he slumps down to the wall bringing Sam with him. “Michael can use him.”

Sam turns to Dean. “We can’t do anything about it though. We can’t, Dean. He’s our brother.”

Dean’s eyes meet Sam’s with a glaze of tears over his eyes. “There are always options. I’ll figure them out and choose the best one.”

“You won’t kill him,” Bobby states.

“No, he won’t. Even if that is the choice that must be made, one of the demons will do it for our king. That is our duty. That is our purpose. Are you two staying on the mortal realm or would you like to join us in hell?” Crowley’s voice betrays none of his thoughts. Because inside his head he’s screaming for Dean to give him an actual order right now. He hates being in charge when things go off the designated plan, because he constantly worries about the consequences of failing.

Dean shakes his head. “Both of you should stay here for now. We’ll need people on the mortal realm for some of our plans. Sammy, I promise you, I’ll try to make sure the brother we never knew doesn’t end up dead, but I won’t let him set us on the path we’ve already been on. I refuse to let that future happen.”

Sam releases the tears when he realizes that the promise is meant as a goodbye. “You can’t leave. I just got you back.”

Dean wraps an arm around Sammy without pausing. “Not leaving for long. Plus, I’m pretty sure I can send Crowley to come get you.”

“Your orders are mine to follow with as much enthusiasm as I can muster. For so many reasons, but primarily because if you like me, Lucifer won’t even dream of killing me,” Crowley answers the unspoken question. He doesn’t admit the real reason is because he likes the way Dean treats him as if he can still be human. He doesn’t admit that Lucifer’s goal of being a good person extends to him. He doesn’t need to. Dean will see right through to the truth.

Dean pulls away and nods to both Sam and Bobby. “Try to research anything and everything about angels. We’re going to need any advantage we can get.”

Then, he walks over to Crowley. Within seconds, Crowley has them back in hell.

Dean glances over his shoulder at Crowley. “That went better than expected.”

“You now have to deal with a half-brother you’ve never met, your real brother being a sad puppy man, and your fiancé will probably suggest killing one of them to make you happy.”

Dean puts on his best fake smile as he pushes open the door to his, their, bedroom. “But you didn’t get splashed with holy water, and they didn’t try to kill me. Better than expected.”

“Were those your expectations?” Lucifer’s voice comes from behind him in a dry tone.

“I figured at least one of those would happen. The idea of them trying to kill me seemed a little paranoid, but I didn’t think they’d believe me until they’d proven I was still human, which probably meant taking me to the brink of death.”

Lucifer shakes his head as he leans on the doorway. “You may be more paranoid than me.”

“I’ll take that as a compliment. Although, you and me have to talk. We have some issues we need to plan, along with a wedding. The sooner we have solid plans for the first part of this, the sooner we can start working on the bigger issues.”

Lucifer nods. “I wasn’t going to tell you about your brother.”

Crowley flinches backwards. The harsh tone means that he’s in trouble. He would have thought telling his second king such important information was the correct action to take, but clearly his boss though otherwise.


Lucifer shrugs. “Because Adam doesn’t matter as much as you do. If I bind our souls together, that means I can’t take Sam the way the prophecy needs. Michael can use him still, but there is no danger of the future. I was going to let that play out as the archangel chooses to play.”

Dean runs a hand over his face. “The three of us, in a conference room and not our bedroom in like five minutes. I want to change out of the clothes doused in holy water, so that I can actually touch you or Crowley without burning myself.”

“You couldn’t burn me, but very well. I’ll make sure we have a room in private to plan stuff. Crowley will come with me. Ask Azazel to show you the way. He’s currently obsessing over pleasing the new king of hell,” Lucifer drawls before leaving Dean alone with his thoughts.

Chapter Text

The first thing Dean does once he enters the bedroom and makes sure no one is around, is scream as loud as he possibly can. Why can’t he have a single thing that happens be normal? He’s not asking for some miracle. He’s not asking for God to call back the insane plans that he’s made revolving around him. He’s just asking for a break.

Once the anger drains from him, he drags the shirt off himself and searches for a different one. All the clothes in the room our Lucifer’s or the fancy ones that Crowley had grabbed for him the other day. Eventually, he was going to need to get some of his own stuff for times like this, but that is not a today problem. That’s more of a secondary problem for when some of the massive issues have been taken care of.

He doesn’t think that Lucifer will have an issue with him wearing his clothes. Well, once upon a time, he would have assumed that he would. But given the fact that Lucifer has currently given him just about everything that he’s ever asked for, he doubts that the man will have a problem with him using a shirt.

He ruffles around the room until he finds a simple button up that doesn’t look like it was made for courtroom appearances, but nor does it look uncustomary for a member of the royal family. Then, he walks into the bathroom and splashes some water on his face.

He nods and hopes that he hasn’t taken too much time away from Lucifer or Crowley, although recently it seems as though Crowley’s main job today is to help him deal with all of the consequences of planning a wedding with the devil. He steps into the hallway, not particularly wanting Azazel to be in their room. Crowley is a different story because he hasn’t actively done anything to hurt Dean before. “Azazel.”

“My prince,” Azazel’s voice rings clear as he gets closer to where Dean stands. Then, he pauses seeing the confusion on Dean’s face. “My Lord and my prince seems the easiest way to refer to you both, unless I am calling you by name in which case it would be King Satan and King Dean, or unless you would prefer something else.”

Dean shakes his head. “No, the title is fine, I just hadn’t heard that one before. Can you lead me to where Crowley and my fiancé are waiting for me?”

Azazel turns on his heel. “Of course. I overheard what Crowley told you back at your family’s house. He is not wrong, if you need someone else to take care of the problem without ever telling you what ends up happening, any of us will.”

Dean follows Azazel through the corridors of hell wondering whether the offer was meant to be as backhanded as it was. He doesn’t think so, just because of how honest Azazel is in all his interactions. It’s almost funny that he can trust a demon to be more honest than some of the humans he knows. “Thank you for the offer, but if I need to take care of a problem such as this, I will be handling it myself.”

Azazel laughs, young and pure. “That’s what our lord told us at first, then he learned that some actions are too difficult for a king to bear, so he lets us hold the burden for just a moment.”

Dean thinks back to a quote that might help Azazel understand his positioning and perhaps, even help convince the demon that this is the correct choice. “There’s a tv show for humans, that has a whole bunch of crazy, power-hungry people vying for the throne. None of the ones who want the throne think of their people or of their responsibilities. The one person on the show that made a good man, and a good ruler once said this. ‘The man who passes the sentence should wield the sword.’ I had no plans on becoming a king of hell. I had no desire to rule over demons, but now I will. Thus, I need to decide what kind of king I will be, and I’ve decided to be a righteous one. Not because God named me the righteous man, but because God probably never believed the man so hurt by your kind would be able to show them compassion.”

“Is that why you’ve forgiven me?”

Dean sighs. “I haven’t forgiven you. The things you did hurt me deeply, caused my father to destroy whatever little amount of happiness I had left, and destroyed my little brother. Those things can’t be taken away. I haven’t forgiven you because none of these things were on you. They are on my mother and her choices. They are on my father and his shitty coping mechanisms. They are on my brother for never trying to deal with the way things were rather than the way things could have been. You were just an instrument. You were just a tool that God wielded to hurt me, to break me, so I’d yes to Michael.”

Azazel froze then he claps softly. “They’ll follow you like they follow Satan. You don’t need to be a good man down here, yet you try. You won’t judge us for being what we were created to be. Thank you.”

Dean gives the demon a nod. He no longer sees his mother’s killer looking back at him. He sees a broken soul who had never been given a chance to be a better creature than a demon. One day he’ll ask God how he can sleep at night with all the pain he’s caused, but that won’t be a today problem. That’s a future Dean problem. “Don’t thank me, not for this. This is the bare minimum of what all creatures deserve.”

“Even monsters?”

“As long as they ain’t killing folk. And since I never caught a trail for anything less than them killing folk, I’d say yeah. I’ll deal with monsters too.” Dean knows those words aren’t what he’d have answered in the past. He would have told anyone who listened that all monsters needed to die, but the Dean who would have said those things died in hell.

Azazel tilts his head in the direction of the door. “That’s where the Lord and his lackey are.”

Dean raises an eyebrow. “You probably shouldn’t be calling Crowley a lackey. He’s the one here who I trust most after our King.”

“As you wish,” he replies. Before walking away. There was no job for either Dean or Satan to give him at the moment. Perhaps, they’d have one after their meeting, but they’d be angry if he eavesdropped. He cannot wrap his mind around the fact that Dean chose Crowley over him, but then he did do quite a few crimes to the man.

Dean pushes open the door and takes a seat right next to Lucifer. He’s not sure if that was the brightest move, but that’s what he chose. If they’re going to try to make a marriage work, they should get used to sitting near each other even when they’re in differing opinions. “Where do we want to start?”

“Let’s start with the biggest issue for us to make the plan work. What the hell are we doing with the half-brother?” Crowley offers.

Lucifer casts his eyes down to stare at Dean. This time he’d let his human set some limits and try to figure out a way to fix the problem without breaking Dean’s requirements. This impacted Dean more than him, more than Crowley, more than all the demons in hell, so Dean gets to go first.

Dean realizes after a moment that Lucifer is going to let him speak first. That’s a show of both trust and respect. Both of those things are extremely important to Dean in relationships. “I don’t want him dead. I can’t handle his death being on my hands when he’s family.”

“No killing the boy then. Got it. There anything else that you’d prefer the kid didn’t have to go through.”

Dean shakes his head. “Anything else, assuming you can convince me that’s the best option, I’m going to be okay with.”

Crowley lets out a startled laugh. “What if we made the kid a demon?”

“Pardon?” Lucifer asks.

“You haven’t made a new demon in centuries, I know, but you still have the power. Just make the kid a demon. He can’t hold an angel’s essence anymore, and Dean gets to see how demons are created. Win, win, win.”

Dean glances over at Lucifer before turning back to Crowley. “Will it work?”

“In the simplest sense, yes. Michael can’t try to use your younger brother as a vessel if his soul has become that of a demon, because the body can no longer give permission. In a more complicated answer, no. This will definitely draw the attention of the angels,” Lucifer answers in place of Crowley. He’s running theories in his head. If they do this, then the angels will try an offensive attack before he can wed Dean.

Dean nods. “So the main problem is that the angels will see this as an act of defiance from the plans that God made for all of us.”

Lucifer offers a nod. Unfortunately, that’s one of the only plans that won’t result in them having to kill the brother anyway. Things would be much easier to try to save the kid and just let him die later, but Dean will see through the lie. Caring about others requires way more consideration than Lucifer saw coming.

“What if we distracted the angels?”

“What?” Crowley questions.

“Crowley, can you pick up my brother that I’ve never once met and drag him down to hell where he’s in our domain?”


Dean gives Crowley the best stink eye he can summon. Seriously weren’t demons supposed to the be the smart ones of the situation. “No, after the rest of the plan, dumbass.”

“No need to get so defensive, squirrel. I can pick up your brother without a tail for a little bit because they won’t see the action coming.”

“Lucifer, can any demons get to the doorsteps of heaven then fall back?”

Lucifer’s brow furrows. He can’t come up with what plan Dean could possibly have up his sleeve right now, but he’ll humor the human for the moment. Who knows what genius plan his fiancé is hiding up his sleeves. “The princes of hell can do that.”
“So, Azazel?”
Another nod comes from Lucifer. He still can’t connect the dots, and he’s starting to lose his mind. He is one of the archangels. He was one of God’s favorites once. A long time ago, but still a favorite.

“Good, then we’re going to formally invite them to a wedding with all the protections of a guest assuming they swear the same for the hosts.”

“The angels?” Lucifer can’t believe what he’s hearing. Dean Winchester has lost his mind. He’s not sure where Dean’s sanity went, but he’s confident it’s no longer anywhere near Dean.

“All of them. Every single angel, all your siblings, all of your angel buddies, even the ones not currently in heaven. I’ll get Sammy to stop by the place Gabriel is hiding according to your visions of the future to deliver that letter. We should send one to God too. They expect us to try hide what we’re doing. They currently think that if we do this it’s because we’ve decided to buck the system, which is true. But we’re going to make them think that what we really want is to be in love and happy.”

Lucifer can’t help letting his head drop to the stone table while laughter fills the room. Distantly, he knows that those laughs are coming from him. This plan is just crazy enough that it will buy them enough time to get Dean some strength before they start some fights. “This plan might just work, but you’ll have to be able to make it look like we’re in love.”

Dean clicks his tongue inside his head. This is perhaps one of his stupidest plans, but he’s wanted to kiss the fallen angel for quite some time now. Not because they were in love. No, this whole situation is far too insane for love to already be a factor, but because the man is his fiancé and hot. Screw it, if this is what kills him for good, he’s lived a decent life.

He picks himself out of the chair and drags Lucifer’s chair back just enough that he can slip himself into Lucifer’s lap. He makes himself comfortable, his lap landing on Lucifer’s legs before Lucifer moves them ever so slightly so that he can still balance his own weight. Then, he leans up and presses their lips together before pulling back. “I think I can make them believe that. Especially when on days like this where I am in your clothes and on your lap, and you aren’t pushing me off.”

Lucifer wraps an arm around Dean’s waist and presses a kiss to Dean’s cheek. Part of him wants to drag Dean in for a deeper kiss, but they don’t need to be trying to deal with any attempts at romance, while they’re still trying to plan a future. This is as close as he’ll get right now. This is still more than he’s ever allowed himself to do before. “Yes, we can pull this off. Crowley, thoughts?”

“My lord, Dean. I once would have called you insane inside my own head when I was far enough away to be reasonably sure that you couldn’t hear me. After this plan, I can guarantee that you’re both the right kinds of crazy to compliment each other. I’m your loyal subject, I’d follow this plan even if I didn’t think it was the most ingenious plan possible.”

“Wonderful, then Dean and I will craft letters, but you won’t go grab the brother until the same time Azazel goes to deliver invitations to the wedding of the century.”

Crowley nods immediately following the order without question, except he has a relatively important question. “Dean, when I go grab your brother should I tell him what’s happening?”

Dean shakes his head. “No. He deserves to believe that the world is as nice and simple as he was raised. He doesn’t need to know that his brother is the new king of hell. Just find something to hold over his head in case he says no.”

“Do I have permission to use it?”

Dean wants to say no. He wants to remain someone who’s willing to put all people’s needs before anything of his, but that wouldn’t just hurt him, it would hurt all of his people too and a lot of humans. Sometimes the right choice isn’t perfect. “Yes. Do what you need to do, just don’t ask me to like it.”

Lucifer’s hand tightens around him. “If you liked it, you wouldn’t be Dean Winchester. Crowley, leave us and go get some supplies for some very fancy invitations and send them in with Azazel.”

Chapter Text

Dean reaches out to pull himself out of Lucifer’s lap, when he realizes that Lucifer’s hand is still wrapped around his waist. He could break out of the grip rather easily, but he doesn’t really want to. They already end up sleeping in the same bed most nights, and he hasn’t asked about that. This isn’t really all that different.

“Does your family know any demons that we could send to ask them to see whether Gabriel will come despite me being a giant back of dicks?”

“That what your brother called you in the other universe? They met Crowley.”

“This would be so much easier if I could leave hell,” Lucifer complains.

“Why can’t you?” He knows that Lucifer tried to explain it earlier, but he didn’t follow it very well. It had to do with the human body that he’s showing Dean right now because that’s not what he normally looks like.

“The vessel is dried up.”

Dean raises an eyebrow. That was the most half-assed explanation he’s ever heard in his life. Maybe Lucifer doesn’t want to tell him, but if that was true than he was going to have to grow another pair of balls and tell him to his face.

“Right. I forget that you don’t know anything in this universe. I dragged you into a whole mess of things.” He almost feels guilty about the amount of chaos he’s slowly dragged Dean into. They may not know the end result, but barely anything, if anything at all, would stay the same.

“You definitely dragged me into a mess, but if you didn’t, I’d be jump-starting the apocalypse, and I don’t relish the idea of going through a fight where all my enemies are about thirty times more powerful. Tell me what’s happening right now, we can worry about everything else later.”

“Even the good things that I’ve drug you away from?”

A sigh escapes Dean’s lips. He figured that his other life wasn’t completely terrible. He figured he had a couple of happy memories that he won’t have in this one, but from what Lucifer said he didn’t ever get to keep any of his happiness for long. “The good things, did I ever get to keep them?”

“Most of them weren’t yours to keep,” Lucifer admits.

“Then if you don’t mind keeping them to yourself, I’d appreciate it. I don’t need to hold doubts when we’re trying to possibly overthrow God. Now, will you stop avoiding my question?”

“They die, or at least their bodies do. They can’t hold an archangel for long. So, they slowly decay. This body has no form on Earth,” Lucifer says. He doesn’t want to deal with Dean asking how he could care so little about making people suffer, about making them live without bodies, or rather live without bodies on Earth.”

Dean blinks as he regards this information. He isn’t necessarily surprised that there were some restrictions on the archangels’ powers, because otherwise he assumes that Michael would be smiting people on a general daily basis. He’s not confident on why Lucifer seems to think he’ll have a problem with this limitation. Sure, it sucks that the humans no longer have a body on Earth, but by the time that they’re in heaven or hell that ship has practically already sailed. “If you grabbed a new vessel on Earth, could you put this one on back in hell?”

“Yes, but that’s your only question right now? How it affects me?”

“Lucifer, I have no idea why you think I should have an issue with the things happening right now. I’m trying to fix this problem, so while Crowley delivers letters to Sam, you can go pick up Adam and convince him to sign up for demonic powers for eternity. Now, a even better question, if my body can hold Michael, can it hold you?”

Lucifer stares at Dean for a second, then shakes his head. “I have no idea what thoughts are going on in your head right now, but you’ve lost all sanity.”

Dean rubs his forehead. This plan won’t work when they both need to be on Earth at the same time, but that’s a problem for a day when they need to get them both on Earth’s surface. He doesn’t need to be in his body in hell, if him and Lucifer switch when Lucifer needs to leave hell, then nothing bad will happen. “Will you hear me out?”

Those words send Lucifer’s rant to a grinding halt. He wishes that his family had given him a chance to speak before declaring him evil. He wishes his father hadn’t decided that fighting the forces that were his Aunt had been more important than his sanity. He’s already agreed to make Dean his new family and he doesn’t want this new family to end up in the same situation as what he had been in. He nods to Dean to show that he’s willing to listen.

“If my body can hold you, then we can use it when you need to go to Earth while I don’t. We just switch vessels, or I suppose I don’t have a vessel, just a soul, but the process should be similar. That way for simple missions like this, we don’t have to worry about you burning through all the willing humans that are down here, or any of the demons we could convince to give up a body for a while for you. Obviously, we’ll need a better plan later on, but this could be a temporary solution.”

Lucifer despises the idea of wearing his fiancé’s skin, but he has to admit that this plan has quite a few perks, including not having to tempt one of the humans down on the racks to allow him access to their bodies. “Alright. We’ll do it your way, but we’re finding a better solution as soon as we’re married and we have you at a higher power than human.”


A knock draws both of their heads towards the door to the conference room. Lucifer sends out a wave of power to identify which demon was bold enough to knock on his door at this time. When he finds Azazel, he remembers that they had called him. “Enter, Azazel.”

Azazel walks inside and offers a bow to both him and Dean without any hesitation. “The demon Crowley implied that you had a need for me, my lords.”

Dean snorts under his breath as he thinks of how much of an understatement that makes it seem.

Lucifer pinches Dean’s side. They don’t need Azazel to be too worried about the situation that dragged them into this mess. He’d lose his mind if he knew that his King had plans to destroy the future of the world as it was to create a better one. “We have a job that really can’t be done by anyone but a prince of hell.”

“It would be my pleasure to complete any such job. What is it that you require of me?”

“We need you to walk up to heaven’s front door and drop off a lot of letters, like one labeled to each angel. Then, we need you to wait until an angel actually comes to grab them, because we need them to have these letters, before you flee,” Lucifer explains.

Dean glances up at that part to register whether any fear crosses Azazel’s face. His first order as king will not be to hurt someone. Yet, he finds no fear on Azazel’s face.

“You’re really going to invite the angels to the wedding?” The excitement in his voice can’t even be contained. This could mean an epic battle, or screwing over God so badly that God actually has to switch plans. He thought this was a joke that Dean was telling that Lucifer allowed him to continue, not a possibility.

“We are. We’re planning on tricking them into believing this is a love match, instead of a power grab of epic proportions,” Dean answers.

Azazel bares his teeth in a grin as he stares at his new king. Only a true demon king would dare to do something this bold without any hesitation, which means that Lucifer did know what he was doing when he said yes to Dean or perhaps when he asked Dean to say yes. He’s not sure when the whole relationship thing happened, but that’s not his place to question.

“Thought of a problem with our plan,” Lucifer says, burying his face in Dean’s shoulder. For once he’d like to be able to come up with a plan that will work without having to go back to the brainstorming table.

“What’s the problem?”

“God, dad, whatever. If I was marrying you, because I loved you, because I couldn’t stand to continue to exist in a world where we weren’t together, I’d invite my father. Even after all he’s done, I’d want him to know the person that I fell in love with. Perhaps, he’d even find it within himself to forgive me.” He hates how true all of those words were. He really would have immediately wanted his dad at his wedding if this was real.

“Then, we invite him. You said you knew where he is from that future universe thing you looked at. I assume it’s on the human realm, and he’s pretending to be human. We send in Bobby. We tell him nothing other than to deliver this letter to the place, just in case something goes wrong, while we know it’s so God can’t tell that Bobby knows that he’s God,” Dean answers. That was a simple solution, honestly. Most of the time, he’s the least capable of problem solving between Bobby and Sammy being the actual nerds of the group.

Azazel glances between the two of them. “Do you want me to leave?” He knew that the love thing was a play, but he had no idea what Dean meant about Lucifer knowing where God was. None of this made any sense.

“Yes. Leave the card stuff here. Dean and I still have to design these things before we can even debate being able to call it a day. Maybe, we wait until tomorrow to do the rest of everything,” Lucifer snaps.

Azazel drops the rest of the supplies that Crowley sent him with onto the table and dashes out of the room. He does not want to be caught in the middle of an argument between Lucifer and someone he’s decided that he’s not willing to hurt. That seems like a really good way to get his insides pulled out and examined for the fun of it.

Lucifer turns to stare at Dean. “That’s risky. If he shows up, I can hide him from being able to see my own true purposes, but I can’t fake yours. That might be too large of a risk, the angels attacking could be the better of the two scenarios.”

“Darling, I hate the fact that I have to point this out to you, because I could hear the truth as you said why we need to invite God, but he will never come. He will never see your love as true. He will never forgive you for actions you took because of actions he made. He will never wish you well. There is no risk, Lucifer. It’ll give him a head start to try to change the rules of the game, but He won’t come, and He won’t see through the lie,” Dean murmurs. He doesn’t want to be the bearer of bad news. He wishes he could tell Lucifer that he’s right, and that they need a better plan, but that would be a lie. He will not be the first person to utter a lie in this relationship.

Lucifer doesn’t try to stop the tears from rolling down his cheeks. After everything, he can’t even deny that he wants his father to come home, to rescue him from himself, to say I’m sorry. Dean’s right, he’ll never get that. He’ll never get his family back.

Dean reaches up and brushes the tears off of Lucifer’s face. He doesn’t think the angel realizes that he’s speaking out loud, so he just lays a soft kiss on Lucifer’s cheek. “I can’t give you the family that you lost, but I can give you a new one. One with me, my crazy brother, that weird uncle who never seems to meet a monster he doesn’t know, and maybe even a couple angels who are willing to come to hell to watch you get married.”

Lucifer looks up into Dean’s eyes, and he wants to believe this. But why would the human try? This marriage is a sham, a means to an end. Sure, it’s forever bonding, but that doesn’t mean Dean should have to try this. “You don’t have to.” Even when what he wants to say is promise me.

Dean leans into Lucifer’s chest, fitting their bodies together. Maybe the touch that grounds him after a nightmare will help calm Lucifer down from whatever this is. It’s not a panic attack, but it isn’t normal either. “No, I don’t, but I will. Everyone deserves a family. Your father left you to suffer alone, which led to this marriage being a thing. I don’t care if we don’t marry for love, I’m going to attempt to love you anyway. I can’t promise it will ever be romantic, but I can promise you it will be love.”

Lucifer leans into the touch. His eyes fall closed and he lets himself feel the warmth of another person for a while. This comfort is nice, and that promise may be broken one day, but for right now, he can believe it.

Dean shifts so that rather than their chests touching, his back is pressed into Lucifer’s so he can stare at the supplies on the table. He never really thought about his wedding and what he’d want to do with his invitations. He wonders whether he’ll even be able to get the one thing he did always want, which was a family ring to give to the person he’d marry. With dad dead, he didn’t think he’d even be able to find the ring. So, he might as well try to put some thought into this card.

Another glance back at Lucifer has him realizing that perhaps the cards were going to be more on him than on Lucifer. “What if we used a flaming heart?”


“For the card design. A black heart with flames surrounding it, the devil and the righteous man. Twisted soul and a never-ending fight.”

Lucifer flicks his wrist and the cardstock aligns for the thousands of cards to show that black heart with the flames all around it. He shifts his head back and forth, trying to think of one other thing. Something that shows them connected as well. Then, he grins and a gold line of glitter lines the heart. “And the halo that binds us.”

Dean stares down at the blank canvas of paper that now has stacks of his card idea on top of it. He loves the card. That’s when the laughter begins, and he can’t stop it. Only he would end up married in such a bizarre way that he doesn’t have to debate the cost of different designs or the time to put into making them. All he has to do is ask.

“What’s amusing you so much, Dean?”

“I don’t have to think about the money. I don’t need to think about the time commitments before a plan emerges. I can just do whatever I want for this wedding.”

Lucifer lets out a short chuckle. “Yes, you can I suppose. For the generic statement, I was thinking something along the lines of, you are hereby formally invited to the wedding of Lucifer Morningstar, the devil, the Lord of darkness, and King of hell with Dean Winchester, the righteous man, denier of death, and King of hell.”

Dean pauses for a moment. All of that sounded good, but something was missing, then he realized. “All may come should they swear that they will honor the rules of hospitality. No harm will come to any who enter, nor any who host the event. Guests are encouraged, and gifts are optional,” he adds.

Lucifer gives another flick of his wrist and in silver lettering the words appear on the giant stack of cards. He leans up so he can see them better for a moment. “Most of the angels can be just names, but I think personalized messages should go to Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, and God.”

“I would like to write personalized messages to Bobby, Sam, Jo, and Ellen. Jo and Ellen don’t need to know about our plans, but I’d like for them to come if they are willing.”

“Let’s write yours first, because honestly, you’re on good speaking terms with most of the people you’re writing too, I haven’t spoken to any of mine in years.”

Dean grabs one from the top, picks up a pen that seems to write silver despite looking like a regular ballpoint pen, and sprawls Bobby’s name up at the top. “What do you think of? For the man who was always the better father, I want nothing more than for you to come be with me on my wedding day.”

Lucifer nods immediately. “Add in, that you’d appreciate him assisting in the ceremony.”

“Am I walking down the aisle,” Dean teases.

Lucifer pokes Dean in the side. “No, but he could stand beside you as the father of the groom often does while they are being married.”

Dean quickly sprawls out the message in the silver ink, slowly and carefully. He doesn’t want any of these cards to be messed up. For once in his life, he’d like this part to go easier. The words don’t come out quite the way he spoke them, but he figures that Bobby will be happy to get such a sappy letter from a man who’s made a lifetime of running away from his emotions.

Lucifer sets his chin down as he regards the one Dean titled Sammy. “You should ask him to be your best man. Humans always seem to cherish the idea of recognizing one person above all on this special day, and Sam is the one person that you’d do anything for.”

Dean already planned on doing that, but he can’t resist such a clear opening for some teasing. “I’d even go to hell and end up in an engagement with a devil.”

Lucifer has started to get used to Dean’s constant teasing. He shakes his head automatically when the words come. “More like he’d end up in hell for his brother and get offered a deal so spectacular how could he ever say no.”

Dean writes his message pretty quickly after that. Sam’s has the invitation of best man, plus enough sappy shit that his brother might slug him after seeing him for the first time after he wrote that much sap in one day. Jo’s invitation was short and sweet. He had hit on her when they were both alive, but this was about his new life, with a different person. Ellen’s invitation was longer. That woman gave him a place to stay when he was tired and made sure that John always had a place to fall back to if he ever gave up chasing the demon that killed mom. He hopes Ellen at least will come, but given her possible prejudice against his fiancé, he wouldn’t blame her if she didn’t come.

Lucifer pauses as he stares at the invitations for Jo and Ellen. “Do we need to send someone to hand deliver these?”

Dean freezes as he realizes the biggest thing that they’ve forgotten to do for any of these. “That would depend on the date for the ceremony. We don’t actually have a date, Lucifer. When are we getting married? Who’s allowed to officiate us? How do we have a wedding?”

“Breathe, Dean. Breathe for me. Don’t work yourself up for no reason.” Lucifer runs his hand along Dean’s back until he gets Dean to start breathing at normal rates again. “There you go. No reason to panic. We can claim the wedding will happen on the first day of spring, March 21nd.”

Dean lets out a shaky breath then nods. That gives them a month to plan the rest of the wedding and here back from some people if they were going to come or attack. An attack might be more pleasant, he’s more adept at dealing with things trying to kill him than he is at dealing with emotions. “If anyone asks, we can tell them because we want our love to grow as the flowers do.”

“Smart. I like it.” Another wave of his hand adds the date to all the many cards sitting in front of them. He knows that at this point he needs to start writing his invitations. “Dean?”

A question that he might not like then. He’s getting used to reading when Lucifer asks him things that he’s not sure will have a positive reaction. “Tell me what you’re thinking.”

“I want my brother’s as groomsmen. All of them, even if they don’t come, I want to offer. I want to ask dad to officiate even though I know he won’t come. I want to offer Gabriel the position of best man, because I taught him how to trick people, and now he’s out there doing just that. I want to try for my family. They might spit on my face, but I want to try,” Lucifer rambles. This isn’t a smart look, but now that he’s actually agreed to start down the path of being a better person even when all of the forces of the universe are trying to force him into a different position.

“Of course. Write whatever you want, other than the truth about our love, and I’ll be okay with what you ask them for. Who knows, maybe they’ll surprise us and show up?”

Lucifer cracks a small smile. “Yeah, who would you put your money on?” The question is meant to be a distraction while he writes God’s invitation with all of the dramatic flairs that a man in love who wants his father’s approval would say.

“I’m pretty confident Gabriel will show up, after all he’s the one you were the one he was closest too.”

“Did I ever tell you what else he said when he called me a giant bag of dicks?”

“No, what did he say?” Dean leans into Lucifer’s side giving him silent support. Family shouldn’t be this hard, but for them it always seems to be. He wishes it could be different, but he knows that it never will be. Not if God was still messing with the internal structures of their futures, trying to force them into an apocalypse.

“Lucifer, you are my brother, and I love you. But you are giant big bag of dicks.”

Dean falls over laughing. The most important thing in that sentence, and Lucifer focuses on the insult. “I think, perhaps in his note, you should ask him to look into the future that would have been.”

“You think I should tell him more?”

Dean blinks before shrugging. “In a universe where you were literally trying to kill every human that ever existed, he still loved you. He loves you in this one too. You deserve your little brother by your side, just as much as I do.”

Lucifer flicks the pen in a quick cursive message for Gabriel just as Dean suggests. He doesn’t quite believe Dean, but at the same time, Dean is far better with emotions than he is, which might doom them both. He adds in the question about being the best man in there too, even if he doubts Gabriel will even show up.

Rafael’s letter seems simple. His brother often wants logic and simple arguments, so he doesn’t place nearly as much attention to emotions in this one. He mentions that he found love after everything, and that he’d appreciate some family there when he takes the next step in his life, along with a question to officiate if their father chooses not to show up. His choice of most likely to show up was Rafael, because the logical thing to do was show up to make sure that even if this was a trick that an archangel would be there to try to stop him.

Michael’s letter was difficult. This was his older brother, the angel that he wanted love from almost as much as he wanted love from dad. He couldn’t hide the truth from that in this invitation, if he wanted it to read true at all. The words flow after a minute, by the time that he’s done, tears are rolling down his cheeks again. It’s been far too long since he even tried to reach out to family, because God had sworn that all he’d do is destroy them.

Dean brushes those tears away once more, before leading him out of the room. There was nothing more to be done today, and he’d fight anyone who even suggested that something needed to be done. He may still be human, but he’s a Winchester, he could take a few demons with enough determination.

Chapter Text

By the time, Dean pulls himself into a state that resembles being awake, Crowley is sitting on the edge of the bed. “Lucifer didn’t want you waking up alone, but he needed to go make sure that all the stuff for this plan have been managed,” Crowley explains.

Dean nods. He’s not sure why Lucifer cared whether he woke up alone, since he wasn’t the one that went to sleep while still crying, but that’s not a question he’ll be asking while he still wants to keep his head. He needs coffee before he deals with anything, and he doesn’t even know if hell has coffee. “We got coffee?”

A mug appears in his hands a moment later. Crowley shrugs. “That was probably Lucifer. He can hear just about everything that happens in hell while he’s down here.”

Dean downs the hot liquid in one go and blinks his eyes until the sleepiness fades into the background. He rolls his shoulders to stretch a few of the muscles out before he starts the day. “So, today is the day. We’re going to attempt to bluff God, all the angels, and a couple humans.”

Crowley claps his shoulder. “Now you’re getting it. We’re doing the impossible to prove that it is in fact not impossible just unpractical.”

Dean shakes his head. “I figure since I’ll be here in hell doing nothing while you’re all out doing random things for the wedding, I’ll try to plan some of the wedding.”

“Decent plan, but you’ll have to be planning our wedding while you’re leading court,” Lucifer drawls as he sweeps into the room without even glancing at the other demon sitting on his bed.

“Of course, I will.”

“Are you still wanting to switch our bodies? I can probably try to find a different vessel for this first visit to Earth in a solid multiple millennium.”

Dean glares at him as he stands up from the bed. “Just switch us, already. I’d rather get this show on the road than continuously stress about the different reactions that people are going to have once they have the invitations.”

Lucifer turns and plops himself down on top of the bed. He does not need Dean dropping this vessel onto the floor the second he’s in a body different than his own. It’s an extremely strange feeling that’s for sure. “I need you to say the specific words that you are allowing me to take your body to use for my own purposes.”

“I, Dean Winchester, the righteous man and future king of hell, do allow Lucifer Morningstar, the devil and king of hell, to take my body to use as he please for his actions on earth.” Then, he feels horizontal, which is weird given that he was standing before he said those words.

“Dean, bestie, are you alright?”

That was Crowley. He could sit up to face Crowley. He convinces the body to sit up and ends up staring at himself. He promptly falls backwards back onto the bed. “Lucifer, you were right. We need a better plan, because this is way too trippy.”

Crowley nods. “I’ll try to brainstorm one as I convince both your brother who probably still wants me dead for beseeching your father’s love to your mother and Bobby to do stuff that is almost completely insane.”

Dean grins as he considers that. “Don’t die. You’re a creative and wily bastard. We’re going to need like 8 of those in order to take down God.”

Lucifer laughs. “Between you and me, we have three. We just need five more by your count.”

Dean pushes himself off the bed while avoiding eye contact with Lucifer, who’s in his own body. “Alright, you guys get a move on. I’ll take care of Hell while you’re gone, try to keep it from complete destruction and what not.”

“Do me a favor,” Lucifer asks.

“What’s that?”

“Don’t tell them you aren’t me until you have to.”

Dean puts on a grin that rivals some of Lucifer’s more crazy ones when he’s in front of the members of court. “That’s not a favor. That’s just good fun.”

Lucifer squeezes his eyes closed. Dean doesn’t realize how precariously his situation depends on Lucifer even now. He’d prefer he could keep at least one of the demons that have already come to believe Dean is their leader with him, but that’s not an option this time. Too many things to do, not a lot of time to get this stuff done. “Humor me? Promise me?”

Dean catches the way Lucifer flinches when he said that it would be good fun. He refuses to let the terror back in. If he’s made it this far, he’ll make it through this. “Promise.”

Crowley lets out a deep sigh. “With that, I’m gone. Dean, I’ll be back the second I give the message to your brother and Bobby. Try really hard, not to get yourself into trouble before then.”

“Trouble is my middle name, but I’ll try. I promise.”

Crowley leaves with a single snap of his fingers.

Lucifer pauses for an extra moment but takes a step back and disappears.

Dean is alone in his room in Lucifer’s skin, and he has to move. He needs to move and hold court. He needs to do a hundred different things, but instead he grabs a drink of water first.
Then, he marches straight out of the room. He allows none of the doubt in his head to be shown in his body. He walks a straight path to the throne room. He’ll have to be careful to sit in Lucifer’s throne not his own once he gets there. He’s sure that he’ll give himself away at some point. He’s not nearly as powerful as Lucifer, but perhaps he’ll be able to hold on until Crowley gets back.
Demons scurry out of his way as he walks down the hall. He gives them no mind. He refuses to allow the confidence that brings show, because the second any of them see this coming, he’s dead or at least tortured. He’s good at provoking anger. He’ll be able to convince them to torture him first. Not sure what’s that worth.

Quite a few demons are waiting in the throne room, but Dean lets nothing faze him as he takes his seat. He tries to remember how Lucifer started the other meeting but decides that Lucifer is just chaotic enough to never have a schedule. “Start talking.”

Ruby, the demon that seemed to hate him and all he stood for, steps forward. “I notice the lack of your future husband.”

“That means you have eyes. Do you have a point or are you wasting time?” He’s not sure whether he’s ever made his voice sound that bored when he’s that terrified before.

“I was wondering whether his absence could perhaps symbolize that you’ve decided to continue the war with heaven.”

Dean fixes her with his best empty stare. “Perhaps one of the smarter demons in the room can explain to you just how idiotic that question is?”

“Is it because you never change your mind?” one demon shouts.

A half smile travels up Dean’s face as if he’s willing to take on Lucifer’s position for a time. “That’s certainly one of the reasons. Anyone else got any guesses that they’d like to throw out?”

“You hate God, but the war is something that he wants, or at the very least he wrote. You plan on making God even more angry by not following the plan on top of already being the rebellious son.”
Dean chooses not to spread his eyes out to try to see who said that, nor does he ask for a name. Whoever spoke most likely was a demon that Lucifer knows, thus if he shows a reaction that doesn’t seem as though he knows precisely what’s happening. He turns to Ruby with a pitying expression. “Do you understand now, or do you need more of a lesson?”

Ruby’s eyes flicker closed, and she falls to her knees. “I understand. I don’t need a lesson. I am just trying to be a loyal subject.”

Dean tears his eyes away from the demon kneeling. In his opinion, letting her suffer kneeling on the stone floor, not sure whether or not she’ll be punished further after he’s done. “Talk to me about the problems.”

“My lord, we have a demon tracking your fiancé’s family. She was already under orders not to harm them, but none of us know whether you wish her to continue her mission or not.”

Dean almost furrows his lips and demands her removal, but that would not only give him away but cause the demons to be extremely angry that he dared to give them an order. Some people might claim that he has no brain when it comes to family, but he thinks he has just enough. “What information has she gathered since Crowley took Dean to speak to the family? That will determine how we use her.”

“She claims that they seem to be under the illusion that you, my lord, are planning on turning to the good side. She believes that this is one of the only reasons they aren’t attacking us.”

Dean lets out a deep laugh that covers the room. “The first fallen angel reforming, Dean must be a better liar than I thought. He was upset by the idea that his brother and uncle might not show up to the wedding if they knew that he fell in love with a devil, so I gave him permission to say whatever lies, he thinks would convince them to come.”

“Of course, my lord. Of course. You would never turn coats. That being said, what shall we tell Meg?”

“Tell Meg that she should continue reporting what they seem to think of the entire situation and report the second any angelic movement starts picking up.”

The court bows to him as he makes that statement, then the demons start leaving.

Dean almost sighs in relief but reins it in at the last moment. Honestly, he’s never been happier that the demons were managing to torture folks without too much issue right now. He’s not sure whether he would have succeeded in bluffing had they asked him what to do with a particular soul that was on the racks and not breaking.

His eyes spin towards Ruby, who remains kneeling on the floor. A small amount of cruelty seems like a decent plan at this time. “If I told you to kneel here until the next time, we hold court in order to earn my mercy, what would you do? Would you continue to be an idiot and try to outsmart me? Would you stay here? Would you beg? I think we should find out.”

Ruby’s breath comes out in ragged increments. She doesn’t’ start begging, but even as a human, Dean can tell that she wants to beg. She wants someone to come and save her from this fate.

“Do you want to know something that makes me want to laugh? That human that you hate so much, the one that I will marry. He would still stand in front of you to take your punishment, if you looked with this much pity at him. He’d stand in front of me even against God for the same reason. That’s how I know he’s worthy.”

“He has to know of my hatred.”

The smile spreads across Dean’s face as he taps her face and points her head back down to the ground. “He knows. He just doesn’t care. You will stay here until I retrieve you or until we hold court again. I suppose if Dean comes to relieve you as your king, you are allowed to follow his commands because I won’t take pity on you.”

He walks out of the room without pausing. He’s not sure whether he’ll be able to pull this off for long now that court has ended. Dean can get away without prowling hell, Lucifer does not have that luxury, and right now he’s not Dean Winchester. He’s Lucifer Morningstar.

Chapter Text

Crowley has one of the easiest jobs for the day to start with followed by one of the more difficult things he’s ever been asked to do. Does anyone else realize that trying to keep a human alive in hell without actually having the power of an archangel was nearly impossible? Why is this his life? Right, because he doesn’t want to end up dead today which is his other option.

As he arrives near the entrance to Bobby’s house, he wonders whether he’ll die in this first portion of the day and not worry about the rest of the situation. They know he’s working with Dean, maybe that will be enough to stay their hands. Regardless of his worries, he reaches up and knocks on the door.

The door swings open with Bobby pointing a shotgun straight at the demon. Bold enough that the demon entered the house when Dean was here, but to show up without any sight of Dean was just stupid. “What in the living hell are you doing here?”

“Dean needs your help, but he needs to actually rule hell at the moment, since Lucifer needs to leave to take care of even more of the insanity that we’re currently planning.”

Bobby’s glare didn’t lessen, but he did lower the gun and back away from the door. As a rule of thumb, he doesn’t trust demons, but for some reason Dean seems to trust the demon. He can’t figure out whether hell actually the man he’d learned to call son, or whether Dean was in his right mind and choosing to go down this path anyway. He may never know the answer to that question. Something tells him even if he ever becomes confident on one or other option, the devil could be behind it.

Crowley takes the offer and steps inside. He takes the invitations out his pocket. He hands Sammy’s over, then Bobby’s, followed by the two of Jo and Ellen. “Dean said you could get this to them.”

“Aye. I can get the letters to the girls,” Bobby says with a moderate grunt. Invitations were not what he expected from a time like this. Sure, the wedding was a thing, but out of everything he figured invitations would fall pretty low on the list.

“There are a couple extra invitations that demons, nor Dean can deliver, and we were hoping you might be willing to help out. It’s all in the plan to try and ensure Dean doesn’t end up dead before the wedding.”

Sam pauses where he’s been fingering the opening to the letter to stare at Crowley. “That almost sounds like compassion.”

“You don’t know me, Sam Winchester. In a universe, we’re trying to make sure never happens, we were something akin to friends. Your brother and I were friends, for me the person I was closest to in the entire world. So, yes, I care. For more reasons than the life I don’t have. You don’t trust me. That’s good, that’ll keep you alive. He trusts me. That’s wonderful, that’ll keep him happy and alive.”

Bobby huffs out a laugh. “He stopped Sam from killing you once. That’s one of the highest praises from the man that you’re likely to ever get.”

Crowley digs out two more letters from the inside of his suit pocket. He hands one of them to Bobby. “An author. Might seem ridiculous, honestly it might just be ridiculous. But in the other universe he matters, so we’re inviting him. For better or for worse.”

“Dean agree?”

“If one of my kings disagreed with any of these invitations, I would be running and hiding instead of handing things to you. I like my skin on my body with my head attached. I’d slip the letter under the door and leave. The guy is paranoid, and I don’t relish telling Dean that you died.”

Bobby snorts. “Sammy, before you leave, be sure to kick the fancy talking demon out of my house. Other than that, I’m off to deliver a letter.”

Crowley turns to Sam with no hesitation. He drops the remaining letter into Sam’s hands. When he hears the car start up, he knows that he needs to tell Sam more than he told Bobby. Not the full truth, like he’s driving to an archangel. “He goes by the trickster, and he’s barely not a god. Don’t piss him off and give him the invitation. If he starts giving you orders, follow them.”

“Sending me into the more dangerous situation, then.”

Crowley can’t contain his laughter as he bends over. In fairness, it certainly seems like he’s sending the youngest Winchester on the harder battle, little did he know that the truth is so much crazier. “Oh, kiddo, you don’t the half of it.”

“You going to tell me more?”

Crowley shakes his head. “Not without permission, not if it endangers Dean or Lucifer, not if it will undoubtably lead to my untimely demise.”

“How many of those would this break?”

“All of them. For various different reasons.”

Sam snatches the envelope from Crowley, then stares at the demon. “If the man I’m giving this too is that powerful, couldn’t he answer these questions?”

Crowley grins over at Sam. For once he appears to be getting smarter when it comes to figuring out the ways of the world. “Now you’re using that brain of yours. Try to keep using it. You might piece together some of the truth.” Then, he snaps his fingers and disappears, falling back into hell. He needs to make sure that Dean hasn’t gotten himself killed in like a single day.

Crowley arrives to see Barthamus standing outside of Lucifer’s door. He arches an eyebrow unwillingly to speak just in case that gives him away as something particularly unhelpful in the situation. Knowing his luck he would have to buy Dean enough time for Lucifer to get back from his job, or perhaps he’d only have to wait for Azazel.

“Figured out that he wasn’t Lucifer in the court. He did everything almost perfectly, the only problem was that he didn’t know any names. Lucifer always makes sure to call at least one person by name every meeting. No one else thought anything odd, because honestly, it’s a stretch.”

Crowley shrugs before taking up a similar position by the door. “Good call. They switched bodies so that Lucifer could go wreak some havoc on Earth.”

“Dean Winchester was okay with that?”

“Dean Winchester isn’t a normal person. We’re always choosing between different types of evil. The new king of hell decided he prefers Lucifer’s version of evil than God’s.”

A single nod comes from Barthamus. “I don’t actually know if he’s in there, I just know that’s where I’d go if I wasn’t actually Lucifer.”

“Well shit. That means Dean definitely isn’t here.”

Chapter Text

Azazel left almost as soon as the morning struck, and the invitations were in his hands. He doesn’t really want to go knocking on heaven’s door, but if he’s going to end up stuck with the job, he sure as hell ain’t going to wait around for it.

As he slips around Earth, looking for one of the doorways heaven leaves for angels to travel back and forth, he realizes that he didn’t even think to question Dean’s orders. He’s used to never questioning Satan’s. He knows that would result in death, but he doesn’t think Dean would kill him for not following an order, so why does he care. That doesn’t seem normal for him.

It could be a feeling of gratitude. He’s never felt those emotions before, but it wouldn’t be out of the question for that to happen. He should be dead. He touched something that belonged to the one true king of hell, and he did it without pause, but Dean’s words saved him. He doesn’t understand why those words were spoken, but they saved him all the same.

He arrives at the sand box that the angels have been using for a couple of centuries and stands next to it. He has no idea what words he could possibly utter that would convince a whole bunch of angels that this was not a trap. “Angels of heaven, this is Azazel, prince of hell. Angels and demons don’t always attempt to communicate, for good reasons, but still Satan believes that this is one of the rare times that breaking that norm is a good cause. Would you send someone down to talk to me?”

To be honest, he won’t even be surprised if that gets him smited. That would make sense of the angels. Get rid of one enemy even if that enemy is telling the truth.

A beam of light strikes down on the sand box, and an angel steps out. “Introductions are in order I suppose. “I am called Castiel. The upper level angels don’t believe that I have use to them, so they’ve agreed that I can comes speak to you, because even if you are lying the only cost is me.”

Azazel snorts. “Under the previous rules of engagement I probably would have killed you the second you stepped out of the sand box, but as I stated things are changing. The Lord of hell has chosen to take a husband.”

“I’m sorry. Lucifer, God’s old favorite, now turned devil, is getting married.”

“Yes. I’m a little gladdened that you find it odd as well. Then again, most of the actions my lord takes seem a bit far fetched to normal demons or angels. Anyway, I was told to give you invitations. I think there are some for literally everyone.”

“Are we allowed to come?”

Azazel furls his brow in confusion. Why would someone invite people to a wedding, then not let them come? That seems ridiculous even for demons. “Well of course. According to Satan, we’re swearing the guest rights as are you. I suppose someone could try to break it, but I am confident that if that happens either of my kings will quite literally kill them on the spot.”

“A love match then, who want to have a nice wedding with the whole family,” Castiel concludes.

“Close enough to the truth, that’ll it’ll probably count anyway. I have no clue how they fell in love, or why they seem to care either way on who participates in the wedding, but it seems to matter to them.”

Castiel pauses considering the demons. “I have no clue whether any of the other angels will believe me or him when I give them the invitations, but I will come. I don’t know whether that’s dumb or smart, but I don’t like the idea of anyone getting married without a single member of their family.”

Azazel summons Castiel’s letter out of the stack and holds it out to him. “Here, read this first.”

Castiel flips it open. He’s not surprised that his has no personalized note. He’s not a very important angel, and he doubts that he’ll even be welcomed when he shows up, but he’s going to anyway. Dean Winchester sounds like a familiar name, but he can’t place where he’s heard it before. “I’ll be there. Please tell either of your kings that I will come. That seems like the polite thing to do in a situation like this.”

“You don’t have to be polite to demons. We won’t return the favor, and you’ll be wasting some time.”

“Nevertheless, I will ask to pass along the information.”

Azazel rolls his eyes. Bloody angels, even when they’re breaking the rules, they attempt to remain polite. Only fools would consider showing up at the wedding, which proves so many of his assumptions correct. “If I swear to tell them that you’re coming to the wedding, will you swear to actually make sure the angels get their invitations?”


“Because that’s my job, but unless someone actually lets me into heaven to hand deliver hundreds if not thousands of invitations, I need to trust someone to deliver them, so I don’t get my ass handed to me for not getting these letters to the correct people.”

Castiel blinks up at the demon for a long moment. He didn’t expect the demon to trust him necessarily but surely, he didn’t think that he would deliberately not deliver the invitations. Even if the other angels chose to burn them, that kind of thing is best done by at least giving each person the chance to choose any way they wish too. “Azazel, I will give these letters to each angel that has one, regardless of whether you do me the favor of telling the lucky couple that I am coming.”

Azazel cracks a smile at the angel’s honesty. He’s forgotten that a lot of the younger and lesser angels do not remember the war. They believe in good things and hope and God. He wishes he didn’t have to live with knowing that they’re lying to themselves. He turns to leave because he’s accomplished his mission and surely that was enough.

“Wait. Will you be there? I don’t relish having to sit alone at a wedding that I may get in massive trouble for attending.”

Azazel laughs. Only the angel would think that was ever in question. “I am hosting the wedding along with most demons in hell.”

“Do you not get invitations?”

“Why would we?”

Castiel gives him a stare that suggests that Azazel would be better off trying those tricks on someone else. “Everyone deserves an invitation. Especially if they’re willing to face the wrath of angels for the people getting married.” Then, he steps back into the portal to heaven.

Azazel stares at the ground where the angel was. He admits to himself that he’d appreciate an invitation, but it’s not like he’d expect one from his kings. He is their subject. He will always attend. That is in the definition of being a loyal subject.

As he fades back to hell, these thoughts still plague him. He doesn’t know what he expects when he gets back. He’s not sure what he wants. When he sees Crowley standing guard at the door to Satan’s and Dean’s room, he knows he needs to speak to his kings. Tell them about the angel, perhaps ask about the invitations.

He steps forward, and Crowley stands up straighter. “Azazel, I don’t know whether you are welcome in the room.”

Dean overhears the words as he walks nearby and almost laughs. Either Crowley thought he was in the room still, or he was trying to give the pretense he was in that room while knowing full well that he’s not. “Azazel walk with me,” he calls while continuing to walk the hallways.

“King Dean,” he replies, falling into step.

Dean glances over his shoulder. He wasn’t expecting Azazel to piece it together before he’s spoken more than five words. “Am I that bad at pretending to be the Lord of Darkness?” He catches himself at the last second from calling Lucifer, Lucifer. He doesn’t need to upset the demon if it serves no purpose.

“Not at all, you’re doing quite well. Any of the princes of hell could tell. We can feel our lord’s magic when we are in his presence, and you can’t give off the same energy.”

Dean nods. “I held court. Ruby is currently kneeling in a throne room until the real me allows her to stand up, or the next time court is held.”

“Good. That demon vexes me. She constantly questions the lord while trying to please him. It’s like she’s a broken toy.”

Dean chuckles as they step through a door and take seats. He glances up at Azazel and sees the pain behind his eyes. He never thought he’d have sympathy for his mother’s killer or care if there was pain in his movements, but he does. The demon wasn’t breaking the rules by attacking his mother, in fact he was following the rules. His mother will always have a soft place in his heart, but she made a deal with the demon, same as he did. He doesn’t hate Crowley for dragging him to hell, so he can’t blame Azazel for taking what was owed. Still this isn’t a conversation that he’ll start.

“I spoke to the angel Castiel. He agreed to give the rest of the invitations out to the angels, along with trying to extract a promise from me, that I’d tell you that he will be in attendance himself regardless of anyone else’s opinion.”

Dean is careful not to give anything about the name away. He’s not supposed to know the future with Azazel. He’s not supposed to know that one of his closest friends in the world, who he’s never met, will be at his wedding anyway. He doesn’t really have an emotional connection to the angel, but he still feels a little lighter knowing that even this version of Castiel that does not yet have the reasons to rebel still does. “Good. I am glad. That means my fiancé will have at least one person from his family in attendance.”

Azazel swallows the lump in his throat. This shouldn’t bother him. He shouldn’t care. Why does he care? “My king,” he starts. The words catch on his tongue before anything can go any further.

Dean takes pity on the demon. He’s trying to tell him what’s wrong, but he seems afraid. “You can trust me with secrets Azazel. I won’t tell my fiancé if you ask me not to. That is my promise to you.”

“Why don’t I get one?” he blurts out. The words tumbling out of his mouth. Uncharacteristic for him, but he feels hurt that someone he loves as much as his lord would care about angels more than him.

Dean sighs. Of course, one of the demons would get the most emotional out of everyone. This type of insanity is quickly becoming his normal, and he needs it to stop. “Humans have a tradition of giving the people they don’t live with these invitations to the event where they’re going to start a new life. But the people they live with, don’t get fancy cards to symbolize the love. They got to watch it grow. They were there when the ring was slid on the finger. You don’t have an invitation, because you were here when we told everybody. You were one of the people we loved enough to share the moment in person. A much closer bond than any silly letter with fancy print on it.”

Azazel focuses on the words and his body relaxes. That makes so much sense. They were doing all of this the way humans do. They would do the invitations the same way. “Thank you, my king. Would you allow me another personal question?”

“You can ask me as many questions as you would like, but I make no promises to answer them all.”

“You mention the ring. But you have none and neither does Satan. Is that something you want?”

Dean almost falls over in shock. Of all the people who could possibly figure out that he wasn’t okay with the lack of a ring, it’s Azazel. “I always wanted to give the person I married mom’s ring. The one dad kept locked up, but I don’t know where it is or how to get it.”

Azazel claps Dean on the shoulder. “Once our king is home, I’ll go get it. I was in his head. I know where it is.”

“Thank you,” Dean murmurs as Azazel leaves the room. Time to put on his game face and go back to cruising around hell. This has become normal way too quickly, but that’s the way the world works sometimes.

Chapter Text

Lucifer slips in and out of the street. No one pays him any attention, which could be a blessing or a curse. He’s hoping that none of the cameras catch onto him, because he’s pretty sure that Dean is wanted in a couple states, and he’d rather not add getting arrested onto the chaos of all that he needs to accomplish today.

He could have made himself closer to Adam’s house, but he didn’t want to take the risk that the neighborhood would have kids see him appear out of nowhere. He doesn’t like killing kids. He could have had Azazel kill Sam Winchester instead of giving him demon’s blood. That would have been easier in the long run of the plan, but he would have had to let a demon take a child’s life for the actions of their parents. The very idea makes his skin crawl.

He can’t even imagine the torture of being judged for all of God’s actions. His aunt would probably kill him on sight. Honestly, he wouldn’t blame her if she did. He followed God’s orders. He attacked her. Every time he thinks about that night, he realizes that she didn’t fight back, or she didn’t use her full powers while she was fighting back. She was too busy trying to make sure none of the archangels died trying to do the impossible.

Not for the first time he wishes he knew where she was hidden, so he could break her out. He would move heaven and hell to save her. God wasn’t the good guy, neither was she, but she counter-balanced the mad man that was his father.

Finally, he reaches the door of Adam’s house, which pulls him out of his own head. He knocks gently on the door. He’ll try threats if simple reassurances aren’t enough to convince the boy to come.

Adam answers the door and deafly walks backwards. Not a single word slips from his mouth. The grief radiating off of him like a stench.

Lucifer takes the first step into the house and pieces the puzzle together. The poor boy had just lost his mother, and though he didn’t know it, he lost his father not long ago. “Adam.”

“You’re one of them, aren’t you? One of the brothers, dad told me about.”

Lucifer pauses to consider. If he keeps in character, then his answer should be yes. But he doesn’t want to lie to the poor child today. His soul is so young. He wasn’t made to deal with demons and angels. The battle between destruction and creation. None of this should have ever been made to place on his shoulders. “I am, but I am not.”

Adam slumps onto the couch. “I don’t know what you mean, and I don’t care. Say whatever it is you came to say and then leave. Surely, I have the right to grieve alone.”

“I could promise you a lifetime with her. I could promise you a million different things. That’s what the devil is supposed to do, but they’d all be lies. She’s in heaven, and I can’t let you go there.”

“Can you stop me?”

Lucifer shrugs, taking a seat next to him. “Probably. It wouldn’t be hard to bring you enough misery to force you into saying yes to me rather than them, but while my fiancé, your actual brother, who’s skin I’m wearing, claims he won’t care. He will. I’d prefer for you to come because you agree with why we’re doing all of this.”

Adam scoffs. “My brother engaged to the devil. Father would actually have a heart attack.”

“He’s dead too.”

“The other brother?”

“Alive and healthy. Well, he should be, if he doesn’t piss off the archangel that he’s giving an invitation too.”

Adam glances up at the devil before turning away into the cushions. “If you’re here to kill me, give me a quick death. Drag my soul where you need it.”

“Nope. That’d upset the man, I’m in love with.” He’s surprised with how easy that lie slips out of his mouth. He still sees it as a lie, but not a hardship to admit that he loves the man.

A pause fills the room while Lucifer waits for a response, then he realizes that the poor boy is too far gone to understand anything that’s happening anymore. Someone broke him, and Lucifer doesn’t even think it was meant to break him. “I can’t give you your mother. But I can give you a family. Allow me to take you alive into hell, become a demon, a vessel of mine. Join the family of demons, meet your actual brothers, and don’t let the fates win by breaking you this early.”

“You don’t want me there; you need me there.”

Lucifer lets out a tiny chuckle. Definitely, a Winchester, only those boys would look him straight in the face while insulting him without an ounce of fear in their faces. “Perhaps, I need you there, and that means that I don’t want you there. Or perhaps it means I have manipulated the fates themselves to get you and Dean Winchester on my side. Make no mistake, little Winchester, in another world, I let you say yes to my big brother. You suffer more than you ever thought possible until your fragile soul combusted.”

“Why would I believe you?” Adam turns to face him, the hidden traces of fear finally actually on his face.

“What reason do I have to lie?”

Adam stands up and paces around the room. The silence drives him up the wall, but he admits that Lucifer has nothing more to say until he’s made a decision. He could try to weather the storm on his own, but there is nothing left that he could get from doing this. Maybe the angels could reconnect him to his mother, but he’d be dead. “What would happen if I say yes?”

“I’d grab your arm and drag us both down to hell. I’d leave you in a semi-comfy room, and I’d leave for probably about an hour. I’d get my own skin back, while you sleep. Then we’d begin making you a demon, I’d bring your soul out in front of both of us. I’d ask you a series of questions, slipping darkness into your soul with each answer until you no longer had enough light to be considered human. Then, I’d imbue you with some power to make you into a demon,” he explains. He hasn’t done the process in a while. Not because he didn’t have the motivation, but because he didn’t want to deal with the sadness that seems to follow the newly turned. They always question themselves.

Adam shakes where he stands, but he doesn’t start moving away from Lucifer. “Can you promise me that becoming a demon won’t change me?”

“That depends on what you mean by change. Of course, turning you into an immortal creature is going to have change. If you mean your morals, not really. They’ll still bet there; it will just be easier to ignore them. If you mean your personality, not at all.”

Adam takes a deep breath. If he chooses to trust the devil and gets screwed over in the process, he’ll never forgive himself. This will be an issue that will haunt him until his dying days, but if he says no and something worse happens that will be on him too. “I’ll come with you. I’ll trust you.”

Lucifer tilts his head to consider the younger Winchester boy. In another life, he’d rip this little boy apart. Tear him down at the edges and make him wonder whether mercy was ever an option. In this one, he feels something akin to sympathy for the child. He stands to walk over straight in front of Adam. “If you ever feel like I betrayed you, go to your brother. He’ll probably help you kill me for betraying the trust you place in me.”

“Which one?”

“My husband will be closer to you, but if you are scared, I may have corrupted him, you can run to Sam.”

Adam lets the tension fade from his body. Nothing matters in the grand scheme of things for him for the day. He takes the final step to place himself into Lucifer’s arms.

Lucifer squeezes the young man’s arms. He leans over so his breath will be right above Adam’s ear. “Close your eyes.” He waits until his orders are followed before teleporting them both back home to hell. The first stop is a rather comfy room near his own chambers. “Open,” he commands.

Adam’s eyes blink open, and he sees the stone walls all around him. The lack of fire anywhere near him, and he comes to the conclusion that church lied to him. He steps inside the room to stare at the bed. He wonders whether he’ll finally get some sleep now that he isn’t alone.

“Sleep, little Winchester. I’ll need a better name for you at some point, but that can happen when we convert you to your inner darkness.”

Adam follows the hidden order without question. His body leaning him into the bed and his eyes slipping back closed.

Lucifer waits until he’s pretty sure the human is asleep before closing the door. “Crowley,” he barks into the air.

The demon appears seconds later in a half bow. “You called, my king.”

“Watch the boy. I need my body back, and I’m sure Dean would prefer his own as well.”

Crowley inclines his head. He’ll stand guard dog for yet another Winchester. At this point, it was becoming a habit in this universe along with the old one, but he will not complain. The path that they appear to be trying to walk on is much better for him overall then the future that Lucifer had told him. He is not a sacrificial lamb, he will not be a sacrificial lamb, this time they will fight God himself before they let the world try to convince them differently.

When Lucifer stalks off, Crowley realizes that he probably should have told the demon king that his husband was currently learning the tricks of the trade from the Prince of hell that killed his mother. Actually, he should have mentioned Ruby too. He should have just given a report. Too late now.

Chapter Text

Bobby’s truck pitters down the road at the fastest pace he can manage. He doesn’t know why Dean wants to invite some abnormal author who appears to write about him and Sam to the wedding. Sure, maybe the dude was important. That seems like a distinctive option since apparently Dean’s new fiancé is capable of seeing the future.

He pulls the truck to the side of the road. He doesn’t know whether he should ignore the demon and stick around after he delivers the letter or follow the demon’s advice to get as far away as possible. That cautionary piece of advice makes him think that the man he’s delivering a letter to isn’t just a human.

The question was, did he want to risk getting killed in order to find out what secret the demon was hiding? That depends more on his trust in Dean, then it does on anything else. Dean seemed sincere enough when he was at their house, and they checked for anything non-human that could have been in his body. Trust was always a funny concept in the hunter world. Trusting folks tends to make sure that you end up dead.

In this case though, he’s not going to stick around to find out whether he shouldn’t trust Dean. Today, he’ll place his faith in the boy that he helped raise. If that turns out to have been the wrong call, he’ll try to fix his mistakes in the future.

He walks up to the door keeping his eyes on the lookout for anything out of the ordinary. Nothing seems to be amiss from the situation, so he kneels down and slips the letter under the door. He waits for like three seconds to be sure that the letter doesn’t come pushing back out. Then, he hightails back to the truck and starts driving. He doesn’t look backwards, and he certainly doesn’t turn the car around. The walk up to that house had put every nerve in his body on fire.

Chuck laughs as the man slides the wedding invitation under the door for the crazy author. Must be a relative of a fan who wanted to see if their favorite author would actually show up to the wedding. He couldn’t go without potentially revealing himself, but he could give them a blessing or something to give them credit for recognizing greatness.

He picks up the letter and peels back the cover to reveal the card. Then, he sees the name. A guttural scream fills the house. How dare Lucifer decide to fuck with his beautiful plan? The universe path they were on was the best path. He got his sister’s love back, his troublesome sons took themselves out, and the Winchester’s bore all of his responsibility. That ungrateful little brat.

Still, it would not do to be the kind of god that did not at least continue reading the invitation, if only to gather more information. The lettering on the sheet brings his attention into full focus. ‘Dad, I know we don’t always get along. I know that we’ve had fights, and that choices on both sides have led to us not meeting in thousands of years, but I’m hoping this changes things. I found a man to love. I found a man who was willing to see the potential for goodness in me, and I want to try for him. We’re getting married. I was hoping that you’d come to the wedding, officiate it for us, and maybe afterwards we can try to mend the bridges that both of us lit on fire all those years ago. For immortals, nothing is closed forever. Love, Lucifer.’

Chuck wants to light the damn invitation on fire. The stupid angel doesn’t even realize how much he’s destroying of the plan. All Lucifer ever cared about is himself, this proves it. The angel didn’t even bother to check to see whether the future would be impacted by his hasty choices. Unfortunately, he couldn’t stop the wedding if Dean Winchester was in hell. He could get there just fine; his powers are not limited there. But he’d have to fight all of his son’s little demons and getting rid of all the worker bees doesn’t fix the problem either. At this point, he needs to figure out a way to correct the path once Dean and Lucifer are married. He won’t go to the wedding though. Maybe that will teach his son to pay attention to others for once in his life.

While Chuck has a mental breakdown trying to figure out new ways to set off the chain of events that might lead to the future that he wants, both Michael and Rafael stare at the letters in their hands. They both know what they are, but neither wants to open the invitation first.

Michael sighs. “Why would he invite us? Why would he torment the younger angels who have always wanted the heavens reunited?”

Rafael regards Michael for a long moment. “Only one way to find out,” he says. Before he rips open the letter and pulls out the flaming heart. A good symbol for Lucifer and the righteous man. He flips his letter over and pauses. He hasn’t seen his brother’s handwriting in years. He hasn’t heard the characteristic drawl of his voice in almost as long. A tear falls from his eyes before he can even bring himself to make out the words.

‘Hi, little brother. I know we haven’t tried to mend the bridge our father broke a long time ago. For almost an equally long time, I blamed all of you for not coming to see me, to save me. I don’t blame you anymore. I need you to know that just in case you’re willing to come. I’m terrible at feelings, Raf. I never did figure out how to express myself. I’m in love with a human, Dean Winchester, in fact. The fates really do hate my guts. I’m marrying him anyway. I invited dad, and I’m inviting you. I’m inviting all of my family. If there was ever time to mend bridges, it’s now. So, this is my olive branch. Come to my wedding, see me be happy, please. Love, Lucifer. P.S. If dad doesn’t show, could you officiate the wedding? It’d mean more to have it be an angel not a demon, even if both can.’

Rafael holds a hand up to his mouth to hold back the sobs threatening to fall out of him. His big brother had been waiting for them at the beginning. Back when Amara was just thrown in a cell, and they were all trying to figure out how to deal with the fact that their brother went on mass murdering sprees, and Lucifer waited for them. His head turns to the side to regard Michael with the unopened letter still in his hand.

“What do you think?”

“I think that our brother is not the angel our father made him out to be. I think that he’s in love with Dean Winchester, and I think he’s trying to rebuild this family. I’m going to the wedding. And if he wants me to officiate the damn thing, I will bind them together with every oath that I know.”

Michael shakes his head in disbelief. “He’s a playing a game, Raf. He’s always playing a game. Even before we fought Amara, he was insane. He isn’t normal. But if you want to try, I won’t stop you.”

Rafael offers Michael a weak smile. He should have known that God’s hold on Michael is too tight to be pulled off by a simple attempt from Lucifer. “At least read it, his invitation to you. Just promise me that much.”

“Tell you what, little brother, I’ll promise to read the invitation, if you promise to keep your eyes peeled for a motive when you’re down there.”

Rafael nods, before leaving the room. He has stuff to pack and stuff to double check if he’s going to be going to hell soon. This could be the start of something better for all of them. This could be the moment that he convinces Lucifer to come home. Maybe, Dean Winchester could save the family they thought broken. He’ll thank the man for that when he meets him.

Michael stands in an empty room with a letter that he can’t burn. As much as he wants to light the thing on fire and let the ashes scatter, he promised his brother he’d read it. That doesn’t mean he has to read it now, but he can’t seem to let the letter go. This stupid letter means nothing to the grand scheme of the world.

Father told him that Lucifer could not be trusted. That Lucifer was the start of all evil. That the reason humans fought wars, built bombs, and refused to save each other were because Lucifer put those thoughts in their head. He can’t possibly go celebrate his brother’s wedding.

He slips the letter into his breast pocket. He’ll read it at some point, after all he has eternity. But, he won’t read it today. Today, he’ll go try to convince most of the angels that they shouldn’t go to the wedding just in case the devil breaks his word. An oath said by an angel known for breaking promises means nothing.

Heaven might be in chaos, and the timeline certainly hasn’t been solved by God, but baby stays on the road as Sammy guides her down the highways. Sam might not know why he’d going to give an invitation to the trickster god, but he’ll do his job. When he gets home, he’ll read Dean’s abysmal letter to him, and he’ll pack a bag for the wedding.

There is no question of whether he will go to the wedding or not. He’ll always go where his brother asks him to go. Bobby might have concerns about whether Dean is in his right mind or not, but Sam knows the truth. Dean made a choice that might just be insane, but he’s happy with the choice that he’s made.

He parks the car in the nearest parking lot to the location that this god is supposed to be in. Lord knows that if he gets a dent on baby now that Dean is back to the land of the possibly living, he’ll be in a whole world of hurt. The door slams shut behind him as he gets himself out of the car. He walks up the stairs of the apartment towards the room number that Crowley gave him.

He raps his knuckles on the door before leaning against the hallway wall to wait. This week has been exhausting, and he’s confident that today isn’t going to be any less tiring.

The door opens to reveal the trickster that had been torturing him earlier, and Sam’s breathes started coming out a little faster. This was not in his plans for the day. In all fairness, neither had been any of the possible options.

“Heya, Sammy, right? Did you want me to start messing with your brain again? Because I will. I’m extremely good at it, and I’d never deny someone something they ask for.”

Sam gulps down his immediate response, which was to remind him that they came close to killing him once. They could figure it out this time. “My brother wants to invite you to his wedding for some unknown reason.”

“Who’s he marrying?”

“Why does that matter?”

Gabriel turns to give Sam an incredulous look with his eyes rolling. Seriously, the boy could be so smart sometimes, then turn around and say the dumbest things. “Because I agree that your brother inviting me would in fact be ridiculous, which means my natural assumption would be that whoever Dean is marrying is the one that wants me at the wedding.”

Sam shrugs. “I mean that seems even odder to me, since he’s marrying the bloody devil.”

Gabriel sputters dropping the act of not caring. “Lucifer’s getting married. Get inside, quickly. I’m going to catch you up on at least one thing before I demand whatever invitation you have for me. You’ve opened yours, right?” He pushes the door farther open as he backs up into the safety of his apartment. Today was either going to be one of the greatest days in his existence or one of the saddest. He can’t tell yet.

“No. My letter is back home. I didn’t want to risk being emotional before dealing with whoever he sent me after to invite. I’m still too cautious for my own good,” Sam replies, stepping into the apartment with the door swinging closed behind him.

Gabriel snaps his fingers, and Sam’s letter floats into his hand. He shoves it over quickly not even asking for his letter. “Are you ready to handle a small story before we read the letters? Because if you aren’t, that’ll be alright. I can wait to explain some stuff to you.”

“Go ahead. Can’t be any more difficult than when my supposedly dead brother walked into my house to declare that he’s decided to marry the devil,” Sam points out. The fact that his level has shifted to where that is a semi-normal thing, he can say promises that he’ll never be able to go back to a simple life as a lawyer.

“I lied to you. I am not a trickster demon or god or whatever other thing you want to put behind trickster. I am an archangel of the lord. When God cast my brother down to hell, I wanted nothing to do with heaven, so I came here and hid. Lucifer is my big brother. I’m invited to this wedding for the same reason that you are. We’re the siblings of the people getting married.”

Sam blinks a couple times before slipping down onto the couch. “Why? Why can’t I have a normal life?”

“Do you want an honest answer?” The kid deserves that much. If he wants the answer to why everything constantly seems to be against him, that’s the least he could give the boy.

Sam nods. Maybe for once he’ll get an answer that doesn’t lead to a hundred different questions. Maybe he’ll be satisfied for a moment. That’d be nice. That’d be a miracle.

“Your mother made a deal with a demon so that you even had a chance to be born. Then, once you were born the deal came true, they fed you demon’s blood to ensure that your soul would have enough darkness that you could potentially say yes to the devil. Not to mention that in every universe that has ever existed on the plane where God left, you and Dean are what keeps the humans alive,” he explains.

Sammy chokes out a gasp as he realizes that three separate people have now told him that his mother is the one that did this to him. He idealized her. He loved the stories that Dean and dad had told him, but this woman, she had sent him down this path.

“The truth hurts, kid. The truth hurts like a bitch, most of the time. That being said, we always seem to go hunting for it anyway.”

“Couldn’t we just have a simple family? Can’t we all just love each other?” Sam almost wants to beg the man, angel, to lie if the answer was no.

“Seems to me that Lucifer and Dean are taking the first step to try to end up with a family situation that’s based on love. I have no idea whether it will work, but that’s more than anyone else,” Gabriel offers.

Sam chokes out a laugh as he stares at the letter sitting in his lap. He digs out the matching envelope over to the trickster. Then, he glances up. “If you aren’t a trickster god, your name isn’t Loki. It’s either Rafael, Michael, or Gabriel.”

“I’ll give you a hint, I’m not a stick in the mud or logical.”

“Gabriel,” he guesses. He might get smited for getting this wrong, but he can’t really control whether or not he’ll get smoked before the end of the day. That’s up to those that he deals with. He’s in over his head, and it looks like he’s not going to get out of that situation.

Gabriel nods to the kid. He can tell the surface thoughts of Sam Winchester, and almost wants to reach over to tell him that he won’t let anyone hurt him more than he deserves. But he can’t because some of the pain that he feels is directly due to choices that Gabriel made a long time ago. Instead, he rips open his letter to pull out the invitation.

The flaming heart causes him to burst out laughing. He doesn’t care if Sam sees his different reactions to what his brother wrote. If he doesn’t tell Sam why, he’ll never figure it out. The situation too complicated for even him to figure out all of the different layers of emotions that went into the family at this point.

Sam slowly opens his too. He’s expecting it to be a white piece of printer paper honestly. Dean wouldn’t want to waste supplies, but there in his hands is the same flaming heart. He wouldn’t have thought he’d rank the same as the archangels, but he supposes that if Gabriel was right, then he was on the same level of connection to the betrothed.

The handwriting on the back could only be labeled as Dean’s with a messy scrawl. The ink was far to fancy to have been his though, which tells Sam that they were writing these together. Maybe they were trying to be a couple after all. ‘Hey, Sammy. I’ve already told you about everything. About how I’m marrying the devil, so that I can save us from a world where we’re constantly in pain. So, that maybe God doesn’t get to torture his own children with fates that are worse than death. But at the end of the day, I’m still getting married. I can’t have dad there to tell me that he’s proud of me. I can’t have mom there to tell me that she loves me. But I can have you. I’d be honored if you’d be my best man, and if you could pretend for at least the day that I’m getting married for love.’

Sam puts the letter down to stare at Gabriel who hasn’t flipped his over yet. “Why wait for me?” he asks.

“I wanted to see your reaction. I wanted to know that you wouldn’t judge me if I end up breaking down because of what my brother wrote me after years of silence on both sides.”

“I won’t judge. Although, if you do decide to respond to the letter can you include a message from me that says yes to Dean. I don’t know how to get a message to hell.”

Gabriel laughs. Of course, the little Winchester wouldn’t know how to get a response to his brother. He’s sure that Dean will remedy that situation the second he’s made aware of it. That’s the glory of being one of the kings of hell. You get to make the rules.

He flips over his letter and starts reading the words in his brother’s flowing stylized writing. ‘Gabriel, my little brother, it has been way too long since we tried to converse. I thought I’d blame you for not coming for me. You always were the one who tried to see things my way. The only one who still said they loved me. I don’t blame you, though. The world is dark, and father is cruel. What’s new? I could tell you the same lie, I’m telling our brother. The same lie, I’m telling our father. But, then nothing between us would ever change. You would find out. You will always find out when I’m telling lies. I looked into the future. The two of us may be the only angels left that actually bother making sure that the future isn’t horrible after we take action. The world where I follow dad’s plan and try to start an apocalypse. That isn’t a world where I want to live, and I don’t want that much suffering to come to any of our family. Especially not you, little brother. I’m marrying Dean Winchester to change the way the world works. You can try to stop me if you like, but I’d prefer if you came to the wedding to show that you support me. You’ll always be my best man, regardless of whether you’re here or not. Love, Lucifer’

Gabriel pauses crumbling the paper up in his fist. Of all the words that Lucifer could have chosen, those were the worst. This whole thing was a sham. Everything that damn angel did was a scam. He’d even sent a human to make sure he didn’t try to burn through to hell immediately.

“You seem extremely angry, Gabriel.”

“They’re lying,” he grits out of his teeth. Damn his brother for knowing that he wouldn’t drag the boy down with him into hell to start a fight.

“I suppose. I mean they are getting married, and while they’re exaggerating the love, it isn’t a complete lie. I read my brother’s words. He’s hoping he can delude himself into thinking this is a normal wedding, but we know the truth. That this wasn’t a match born of love but out of necessity. Yet, he told you the truth. That’s an act of trust.”

“What? This is manipulation,” Gabriel snaps. How dare the child try to tell him this was something similar to trust? This was the opposite of trust.

“Is it? I mean on the rest of your family sure, but no offense, but telling God the truth seems like a splendid way for us all to end up dead before we even have a chance to try to fix it. They told you the truth. If you think he’s lying, can’t you do the whole future thing too?”

Gabriel pauses. That’s a valid statement. He could just look, not for a long period of time, but just far enough to see what happens if they played out the roles that their father wanted. So, he looks. Seconds later he has tears rolling down his face clutching at the wall to hold him upright.

“That bad?” Sam asks. Dean told him that it was bad, but he didn’t think bad meant driving an archangel to tears. That would need to be one hell of a situation before it got that far in the world.
“Worse. So much worse than whatever you’re thinking. You think the family is dysfunctional now? Mine and yours. In that future, it got worse. It got so much worse. I’m going to help them. I’m going to hell right now. Maybe that will get a reaction of some sort from one of them,” he announces.

Sam grabs his arm at the last second. He never thought that he’d even try something this crazy, but he wants to give his brother the support he deserves. “Will you carry my message?”

Gabriel tugs his arm out of Sam’s grasp. What is with the Winchesters and not having a single strand of self-preservation instinct? He gives the boy a nod before popping out the realm. That much he can swear without much hassle.

Chapter Text

Dean hears Lucifer’s footsteps long before he nears the room. After touring hell with Azazel, he did come back to the room. With Azazel’s assurances that it wouldn’t be too odd. Not out of place with the rest of most everything that he had tried to do. To be honest, he made a rotten Lucifer. He’s not cut out to be the most intimidating man in the realm. He’ll settle with second best.

“Will you be alright if I enter in your body? I know that it was quite odd for you earlier to have to deal with such things,” he calls from outside the door.

“Come in, Lucifer.” Dean appreciates the care that the question echoes, but he’s no damsel in distress. He doesn’t need protection from the things that drive him a little closer to insanity. Before the end of all of this, he’s confident that he’s going to end up a blubbering mess along with all the rest of them, but he’s rather positive that he’ll do that in both timelines.

Lucifer enters the room. He doesn’t bother reading the expressions on Dean’s face to try to see whether he’s getting more used to the fact that his fiancé is currently wearing his body. “Your bother is currently resting in a room. I’ll work on the turning him into a demon portion after we switch bodies, and you catch me up on anything pertinent.”

Dean pats next to him on the bed and waits until Lucifer is next to him. “Switch us first, please.”

Lucifer leans over and places a hand over Dean’s eyes. No need to require that he close them this time, when he’s this close. He lets the souls push and pull at each other for their own body back until he can only see darkness. The hand covering his eyes moves quickly.

Dean grins the moment he realizes that he’s back in his own skin. The balance no longer feels alien to him. Then, he realizes that his hand is covering Lucifer’s eyes and he withdraws immediately. He shouldn’t have waited.

“Don’t worry about it Dean. I’m the one who covered them in the first place. I knew that this would be the end result.” Honestly, his human might be a dumbass at times. Why would that anger him or perhaps he was just sill nervous about pissing anyone off? Maybe he should goad Dean into an argument to prove that even if they disagree, he won’t harm him.

“I may have made a decree under your name today,” Dean blurts out. Not precisely his planned way to start the conversation, but his brain doesn’t always follow what he tells it to do.
Lucifer raises his eyes to the ceiling. He could pretend to be angry, but that won’t actually help matters at all. He can’t even figure out where the root of this problem is, so how is he supposed to fix this. “Good. You were in charge, and you have the power to make decrees even when you aren’t pretending to be me.”

“It was a punishment. Ruby is kneeling in the court room until one of us goes to get her or until court is held next. Whichever comes first.”

Lucifer pauses to consider Dean. If the confession was born of guilt where he’s practically begging Lucifer to be angry and punish him, that needed to be a different type of conversation. A drastically different type of conversation. However, it could be born out of a lack of confidence. That he could try to assuage without breaking the few moral guidelines that he does follow. “Good job, she needed to be punished. Honestly, she needs to be punished every other time she opens her mouth. She’s loyal, but she’s an idiot.”

That response startles a laugh out of Dean. Lucifer won’t hate him for making decisions, and he gets just an inkling of praise that he really needs at times like this, because he has no clue what he’s doing. “Thank you.”

Lucifer rolls his eyes and decides to push his luck just a little bit. He wraps his arm around Dean’s shoulders and tugs him close. “What on Earth are you thanking me for?”

Dean leans his head on the shoulder that he’s been tugged to. Comfort seems to be nice for both of them. Maybe by the end of this they’ll be closer to a couple than they’re currently pretending to be. “Saying I did a good job.”

“If I could add a year of torture to what we gave your father for every time I find out one of the insecurities he left, he’d never leave hell,” he comments. He notices the body stiffen in his arm, and he knows that Dean still hasn’t admitted to himself where these issues stem from.

“Why do you think that my father has anything to do with this?” His haunches are drawn and he’s ready to bolt from the room if he needs to. His father was a good man.

“Being a good man doesn’t mean that he was a good parent. And his parenting is what hurt you and Sam. Dean, please be honest with me here. Can you tell me to my face that the reason that you don’t think you’re good enough isn’t because of him? Can you tell me that your father isn’t the reason that you have issues with being with men?”

Dean wants to lie or flee or do anything but look at Lucifer dead in the eyes and tell him the truth. But he hates the idea of starting off this relationship with lies. He turns to look into the red eyes above him. “You know the answer, but if you need me to say it. No. No to both.”

Lucifer softens his eyes to try to show that he cares. “I know, but you need to too. You can change too, you can grow beyond what he wanted you to be.”

“Pretty sure that I strayed from his path the second I said yes to you.” His eyes still don’t leave Lucifer’s. Normally, after his emotions run high, he’ll find a girl to go home with. He doesn’t need a girl if he has a fiancé. As he leans in, a large bang draws both of their heads to stare.

Dean blinks as the face that he’s learned was Gabriel from Lucifer’s conversations. Even if he wanted to come to the wedding, he probably wouldn’t immediately jump all the way into hell to tell them both. That seems like a rather large over reaction to the situation.

“Gabriel?” Lucifer’s voice seems calm to the outsider, but those that know him could hear the slight tremor in his normal tone.

Gabriel partially wants to hit the angel and partially wants to hug him. The hug won out in the end because he hasn’t seen his brother in years. Surely, he deserves to just ignore half of the requirements that others have given him. He takes another step and wraps his arms around his brother burying his head in his brother’s chest.

Lucifer’s arms respond on a natural level. He runs his hands up and down. “This mean I’m forgiven.”

“If you forgive me, I’ll forgive you. We’ll bury the history under the new life we’ll live.”

Lucifer nods, before realizing that Gabriel can’t see him because he’s buried his head in his chest and doesn’t appear to be willing to move anytime in the near future. “As I said in my letter, I forgave you a long time ago, when I realized that if any of you had chosen to investigate what really happened, dad would have hurt you too,” he replies.

Dean stares at the brothers with a smile on his face. He had been slightly worried that his family was going to be the only ones on their side, but here was Gabe. “God’s a dick. Can we kill him?”
Gabriel lets out a laugh. Seriously, Winchester’s and their damned self-righteousness, that is so deserved. “Not without destroying the universe.”

“Not without Aunt Amara,” Lucifer says at the same time.

Gabriel pauses turning to stare at Lucifer. “Alright. I didn’t pay much attention to individual portions of the future, but why would you ever still call her aunt?”

“Because she’s family. Both her and dad are still family, so I’ll still give her the title that she deserves. Also, because I’m pretty sure that she’s not what dad made her out to be. I’m confident that dad used me as a weapon against someone who loved me enough, not to fight me.”

Gabriel raises his eyebrow as he pulls back so he can see both Dean and Lucifer. “At the risk of being an idiot, what part of that fight makes you think she wasn’t fighting back against us? I seem to recall quite a few broken bones, and you going on a murder spree.”

Dean raises his head. “I know the second portion of that. The murder spree was because of the mark that God gave Lucifer to keep Amara locked up. The price was paid because of God’s choices, not Amara’s.”

Lucifer reaches over to grab Dean’s hand and start playing with his fingers. He can’t believe that his fiancé is willing to defend him even when he doesn’t know how to start defending myself. “We’re alive. That’s more than we should be if she was actually fighting us.”

“That means we need to make amends. I know you don’t like the idea of admitting faults, but if she’s imprisoned because she loved us enough not to kill us, then we have to beg for forgiveness.”

Dean snorts. He knows full well that’s been in Lucifer’s plan since the beginning. He doesn’t know where in the timeline that will factor in, but he knows that at some point he’s going to stand in between his husband and the sister of God, and he’s going to beg her to forgive him for actions he can’t even begin to explain.

Distantly, he wonders what makes this different than love. Sure, they’re not doing this in the traditional path. In fact, they’ve thrown out just about every shred of normalcy that they could have even come close to having. If he’s willing to fight God for him, if he’s willing to fight Amara for him, he’s in love with the angel. Shit, he’s in love with the angel.

Gabriel’s eyes snap over to Dean’s. He can feel the rising panic and has no idea what just triggered the poor man, but he doesn’t need to deal with the basics of a plan and a panicked Winchester. That’s too many things to balance all at once. “Dean, I was told to give you a message.”

“What message?”

“From your brother. I told him to open his invitation at the same time I opened mine, because in a wedding like this we’re on equal footing when it comes to why we’re being invited. He read your letter and told me to tell you yes.”

Dean squeezes his eyes shut as he rocks himself back and forward. His brother said yes to being his best man. That’s all he needs. Well, that and someone to go talk to about these emotions. He should probably go find Crowley.

Lucifer glances over at Dean. He tries really hard not to look into the man’s head because that’s a betrayal of trust that Dean doesn’t deserve. Not with how he’s trying to make this marriage work. No lies, few to no secrets. They’re really trying to be able to build love from this crazy show. That’s good, that gives him a chance to win over the man.

Dean smiles at the brother’s as he opens his eyes. “That’s great news. Looks like both of us will have our best men, unless Gabriel showed up to reject you.”

“I’m not that rude, Dean. I’ll kill you hundreds of time to mess with your brother, but I won’t lie to my own brother.”

“Don’t remind me of the time you killed me more times than my brain can process. I can’t handle trying to remember that day. We’re going to be family now too, so you don’t have an excuse to be this rude.”

Lucifer laughs. “No killing my fiancé, Gabriel.”

“I guess I’ll refrain if you’re asking so nicely,” he teases.

Dean shakes his head. The angel wouldn't be able to kill him here in hell, Azazel would buy him enough time to run. Still, he needs to understand what's going to happen with the angels presence. “Are you staying?”

“Until the wedding at least. Now that I’m in on the plan, we can actually do some planning. Because between you and my brother, I’m sure that absolutely zero plans were actually made at any point.”

Dean pushes himself up off the bed. “Then, I’ll leave you two to catch up, and I’ll take care of the arrangements of having a second angel in hell.” He walks out of the door before Lucifer can call after him. He doesn’t need to try to hide his inner thoughts for that long without even admitting them to himself.

Chapter Text

Lucifer glances at the door that Dean left in confusion. He seemed happy for them for a long time, so why did he leave the room like he would catch on fire if he stayed for more than a second more?

“Don’t worry about, brother. Dean Winchester will tell you in his own time what set him off today, but he probably doesn’t want me to know whatever it was.”

Lucifer blinks. “You don’t think he trusts you.”

Gabriel gives his oldest brother the most exasperated expression that he could manage. Even Lucifer couldn’t be this stupid. “Lucifer, I’ve killed the man on many occasions. I wouldn’t trust me. You trust me, and I trust you. I’ll figure out how to apologize to both Winchester’s in a way that will get them to be willing to trust me, but it will take more time than a single conversation. Especially a conversation, where both of us were extremely emotional as we finally meet each other after multiple centuries.”

Lucifer nods. He had forgotten about his brother’s little torture section of the storyline. It wasn’t really torture, not on the scale that people like Lucifer are used to, but even still this wasn’t the greatest beginning.

Gabriel stares at his brother for a moment. “Mind if I ask you a more personal question?”

“Ask what you will. We’ve been apart for long enough that I won’t mind you asking stupid questions about anything today. That might change, but out of all of our family, you were the one that never really made me angry at any point.”

“Why Dean Winchester? If you wanted to change the path to the future, you could have just gone to release Amara on your own whilst pretending to try to convert Sam. If you wanted someone who could love you, you could have chosen someone who didn’t have bad blood with most of your kingdom.” This thought had been weighing on Gabriel ever since he learned the truth behind the wedding. None of this makes sense.

“While I was looking at the future, Dean gained my respect. The world broke him, truly broke him, like dad broke me, but instead of becoming bitter like I did, he just stood back up and went back to work. When he found out the whole truth from Amara, he the hate he had for me, just lifted. Sure, he might not have liked me, and when I crossed a line, he did stop me, but there was no hatred. It was just a job. This was just another task that he needed to get done. I wanted to protect him from being that kind of cold. I wanted to be able to release myself by saving him.”

Gabriel blinks. Out of all the answers that he expected Lucifer to give him, that wasn’t one of them. That wasn’t the answer someone gave about a human they’re marrying for the sake of convenience. That’s the answer someone gives when they’re in love with someone. He wonders if his brother even knows that’s what this is.

Lucifer tosses a look over his shoulder at Gabe and sees the calculating look on his face. “You’re thinking something that you don’t know if I’ll want to know. Just tell me. Secrets destroyed this family the first time, let’s not make the same mistakes twice.”

“That sounded like love. The reason you gave for Dean was love,” Gabriel admits.

“I can’t love somebody who doesn’t exist. I may have fallen for the man Dean became, but not the Dean that exists. I’m certainly getting there though. This Dean Winchester is something else. He offered me his family in case none of you came.”

Gabriel scoffs. “The only one who might not come is Michael, and even he’s likely to make a different choice if given the opportunity. We loved you, Lucifer. We still love you, because immortality does not make the love, we shared any less real. In fact, I would argue that it made us happier to love you even when we were told to hate you.”

“That mean you’re in for the long haul. Help me get married, reform hell, stage a jail break for Aunt Amara, and end dad’s endless reign of no counterbalance?” Lucifer asks. Once upon a time he wouldn’t have asked. He’s have assumed that Gabriel still sitting next to him meant that he was willing to follow his big brother right to the end of the world, but time had split that assumption in half.

“Let’s start with a basic plan for the last three because the first one we have a solid plan for. The rest I don’t think you’ve even started thinking about.”

“Technically I have agreed with the one demon who knows everything that before we start pushing reforms onto hell, we need to have Dean be not quite as human.”

“Small mercies that you’ve had that much common sense, but how are we going to make Dean less human and more supernatural? I doubt he’ll let us convert him into a demon. We can’t make him an angel without Amara or dad, both of whom will not be pleased with that situation at the start. Most monsters are out for the same reasons.” Gabriel wonders whether his brother has even paused to consider that Dean might not want to be more than human. The Dean from the future would have thrown an entire fit at simply the idea of being something above human. What changes with this one?

“I was thinking we could ask him to take the mark of Cain. I know now how to battle the effects of the curse. I didn’t when I first got the mark, as noted by my lovely mass murdering stages, but I learned down here alone, what stuff would silence the urges. I can teach him, and he’d be more powerful than almost everything that exists. He’d be stronger than the princes of hell, he’d be on the same par with you and me.” His brother might even be able to piece together which part of the story comes next.

“And when we need to destroy the mark in order to free Auntie, we’ll know exactly where it is, and how he’ll react when we ask him to allow us to destroy it. Two birds, one stone, and a good helping of pissing of the god that created us all.”

Lucifer grins over at his brother. “He shouldn’t have left me here to consider all the things he’s ever done. He should have known that eventually one of us was going to figure out he’s lying about Amara.”

Gabriel pats Lucifer on the shoulder. “God’s greatest weakness is believing that the angels do not have the same gut reaction to family that humans do. We are family, which means that we love each other. Despite all the evil things we do, despite the sides of a war we were thrown on, despite each and every time Michael gets on that huge high horse of his, we love each other.”

“And of the two immortal ancient beings who made the archangels, only one of them loves us, and it is not our father.”

Gabriel leans over and kisses Lucifer’s cheek. “You should tell him that you could love him before you get married. He deserves to know that there is a chance he could get both protection and love from you.”

Lucifer shakes his head. “I won’t make that choice for him. If he wants more than he needs to be the one to initiate it, because otherwise I’ll never know whether I pressured him or not. I’m no good with understanding how that portion of a relationship works.”

Gabriel just stands up. “I’m going to steal a room. Just think about what I said. Please.”

“I’ll consider it,” Lucifer says, waving his hand to convince his brother to leave him alone. Secrets don’t need to be kept, but he doesn’t consider this a secret. He needs to admit to himself that he loves Dean Winchester before he can try to tell others that he’s in love with the fiancé, he’s already supposed to be in love with.

Chapter Text

Dean moves through the hallways with a familiarity that he should not have. He did not think he would get to the stage where he’d know hell better than he remembers the house he was born in. He was four when they left that house, and while he’s spent less time here than there, he also has more memories here than he may ever have in that house. He follows the trail of Crowley’s magic to a doorway.

“King Dean to what do I owe the pleasure?” Crowley asks. The door is practically soundproof. Unless, the human was leaning on the door to catch a glimpse of a conversation, Adam would not hear them speak.

“I need someone who knows what the hell we’re doing, but who isn’t my fiancé to talk to, and my brother and Bobby are not yet in hell yet. That leaves you, and perhaps Lucifer’s angel brother who showed up, but I don’t trust the angel.”

Crowley blinks. The hidden meaning behind that statement implies that Dean trusts him. That seems like dangerous thing to admit, let alone act on. That won’t stop him from allowing the man to talk to him. Maybe, he’d prove that he’s worthy of trust. Maybe, he’ll turn on Dean to win favor with Lucifer. These things are fluid to him. He needs no human compassion. Survival is all that he cares about.

“Are you willing to listen, or do I need to go back to my bedroom and beg my fiancé to take me to my brother for a moment?”

“You seem almost panicked, Dean. Are you sure that you actually want to tell me whatever secret is currently weighing on you?”

Dean growls low in his throat at the demon. If he didn’t want to tell the secret, he’d just bury it. He’s done that for years about little and big things. “Who are you guarding?”

“Your little brother. No idea what Lucifer told him, but he seems pretty calm for being dragged into hell.”

“Neither do I. We didn’t get that far in our conversation before Gabriel crashed the party. Granted, I have to thank the angel for providing me a distraction before I panicked in front of Lucifer,” Dean says.

Silence follows that declaration. Dean knows that Crowley is waiting for him to tell him what’s wrong. But Dean doesn’t know how to make the words come out of his mouth. He doesn’t know why these thoughts have been plaguing him. His life could be much easier if he just let the tension fade away.

Crowley steps away from his post and lays a hand on Dean’s shoulder. Just the weight of the hand seems to calm him. He wonders which one of Dean’s fears could have come into play to cause him to hide in his own skin again.

“I’m in love.”

“Oh, well shit. I mean Lucifer probably won’t mind if you’re in love with someone else, but he’s possessive, so he probably won’t let you see them. That could cause a fight if you push for it. This isn’t great, but it isn’t the end of the world,” Crowley rambles. He has no idea how he’s going to avoid the anger that will build up after this comes out, but he’s always been good at hiding from things that bother him. This will be no different. He’ll jut have to fight a little bit harder to keep himself on neutral ground.

“I’m in love with Lucifer. Not someone else. I could claim I once loved someone else, and it wouldn’t be a lie, but I destroyed that back before dad died.”

Crowley closes his eyes to fight back the instinct to slap the man senseless. What on Earth could be the problem with actually loving the person that you’re going to be married? Except for the fact that most myths suggest that Lucifer can’t love. How can he test that theory?

“I know that’s not the same as the problem you thought I was going through, but still. Lucifer made it clear that this was a marriage made for power and to change the future. We’ll build a family, and we’ll fight together, but we aren’t going to be the couple that loves each other.”

Crowley opens his eyes to take in the distress in Dean’s eyes. A part of him wants to leave his post to go find Lucifer and demand that he fix this immediately, the larger part of him wants to go run and hide. He should have seen these problems coming if he was going to actually try to be friends with both the devil and his future husband.

“I should just hide this from him, right?”

“Not if you value your life. You promised him no secrets. You can keep this to yourself for a small period of time and be able to claim that you needed to gather your courage first. He’ll accept that if you tell him before the wedding. If you wait, then you broke your word, and he’ll never trust you again,” Crowley snaps. He doesn’t mean to hurt the man, but Dean has to know that this is a terrible plan. This will end with them getting extremely hurt because Lucifer will take his anger out on the other demon who knew.

“You’re right, but how do I try to breach this conversation? I’ve never told a girl I loved her, let alone an archangel that I’m getting married to.”

Hidden behind a column down the hall, Gabriel fights back the sigh that wants to escape him. His theory was correct. Both his brother and the oldest Winchester were in love with the other. That should have been clear to them by now. He would interfere, but he values the family they’re going to build enough to stay out. He just needs to know.

“Go to him. Go to Lucifer, tell him that you need to tell him something important. Tell him that you love him. Tell him that you don’t want just a political power filled marriage.”

“You could also try flirting,” Adam pipes up as he opens the door.

Dean turns his head to stare at the little brother that he never knew he had with shock. “How much did you hear?”

“All of it. You weren’t quiet, and the door wasn’t closed. Lucifer wanted Crowley to be able to get in, in the case of an emergency.”

Dean bangs his head against the nearest wall. “You will not utter a single word of this to Lucifer.”

“Nope, but you don’t seem like the kind of person to sit down and have a heart to heart with anyone especially Lucifer. He seems too intense for a conversation of this magnitude. So, use a different love language. You express yourself by actions.”

Dean tilts his head to the side. “You think if I treat him like I would if I was marrying a proper girl back on earth, that will get the message across.”

Crowley almost rips his hair out. Of course, the two humans would think this was the perfect solution to save them. He knows better. Lucifer won’t believe someone loves him without hearing the words and even, then he’ll need to hear them multiple times. This is not going to end well.

Adam nods. “Precisely. You can start leaving those lingering touches, giving him more attention, pressing kisses against his skin. He’ll catch on quickly.”

Crowley relaxes after a second though. Yes, Dean won’t succeed with the current plan, but he’ll succeed because of Adam none the less. The little Winchester needs to be made into a demon. Lucifer will see the truth in his mind and demand answers from Dean, then the rest of them can finally find some peace.

Dean nods. This is a plan he can follow easily. Plus, based on the fact that he cannot feel Azazel anywhere in the area, he suspects that at some point, he’ll be able to propose to the angel. Even if Lucifer doesn’t understand why it matters to Dean, he’ll wear the ring. The angel tries really hard to make sure that he’s comfortable at every given moment.

The new plan on his part is simple. Convince the devil to love him. Of all of the plans that he’s had to come up with since being dragged into hell, this is by far the easiest. He could manage to get the devil to love him back. He’s already admitted that he cares enough for Dean not to kill either of his brothers despite the fact doing so would make his life harder.

Dean turns his head to the side, ignoring both the demon and brother in front of him, to try to analyze that as anything other than deep emotional connection. He didn’t kill the brother, in fact that brother is standing in front of him at this very moment where Lucifer brought him. He didn’t even hurt his brother based on the current information that he has. He offered to let Sammy go back to being a lawyer. He didn’t even hesitate with that one.

“Crowley, you’ve known Lucifer for a long time.”

Crowley nods. “Aye, most demons here have known him for an extremely long period of time. Time down here passes more quickly than it does up there, so for us it feels like years instead of months. Why?”

“Have you ever seen him willing go against the easiest course of action for anyone?”

That at the very least was an intelligent question. It might even allow Dean a bit of leeway when he pieces together the rest of the puzzle. Crowley doesn’t know how long that will take and how long he’ll have to suffer watching Dean try to convince Lucifer with actions that he loves them, when no amount of actions will solve the problem of Lucifer not believing that any creature can love him. “Not since the fall. I’ve heard stories of the things he used to do for his brothers, though. The ones that he still loves enough to send specialized invitations to a wedding with a human.”
“You think that means something,” Dean questions. A smile spreading across his face as he considers the possibility that Crowley has seen the same compassion.

Gabriel wants to scream at the idiot from his hiding place. Of course, it means something. It means that his older brother is head over heels in love with him, and currently denying the fact to himself, let alone everyone else. Lucifer didn’t just help people. He didn’t just make sure that the actions wouldn’t bring him any harm. That’s not how his brain was wired. That’s not how he works. If he hadn’t been looking for signs in Lucifer that this wasn’t just another way to piss of God, he wouldn’t know. Good thing that he knew his brother well enough to know that Dean Winchester was the love that he’d been waiting for since birth.

Crowley meets Dean’s eyes, trying to decide just how much to tell him. At the end of the day he can’t be the one to convince Dean that Lucifer loved him already. “Yes, it means something.”

Dean claps Crowley on the shoulder and turns to grin at his brother. “Bet you never thought you’d see the day?”

“See the day that one of my big brother’s, who I never thought I’d meet, has fallen in love with the devil, who is somehow actually real. Yeah, I definitely didn’t see this one coming.”

Gabriel debates just making his presence known and announcing for the good of both parties that they loved each other, but neither of them would thank him for it. Both might attack him for it. No, he’ll bide his time and just give input when it is asked. Lucifer would come to him more often, but he’s confident that eventually Dean will come to him for information as well. With that he turns to go find a room to place his stuff down.

Dean turns and starts walking down the hallway. “I’m going to go back to Lucifer and figure out what the next step for us is,” he calls as he continues walking through the pathways. Maybe in the future that him and Lucifer were creating he could finally bring himself to express feelings without also immediately wanting to scream ‘no chick flick moments.’

Chapter Text

Lucifer lays down on the bed and stares at the ceiling. He has at least one person from his family on his side. That would be enough, although he’d prefer if Dean wasn’t terrified of the man. He’s not sure how he could accomplish stopping him from disliking the angel who killed him a good hundred times. He could ask about it though. Not sure when since Dean seems to have run away for the moment.

Dean pushes open the door and smiles at the monarch laying in their bed. “I didn’t know if you’d still be here, when I got back.”

Lucifer glances up at Dean. He can’t tell if that was a guarded way of saying he’d prefer to be alone or not. The other option was even more absurd because surely the human didn’t want him there. He might have gotten used to sleeping with the human, but that was completely unreasonable. He doesn’t even need sleep, the act is just pleasurable in its own way. “I can leave,” he offers.

Dean furrows his brow but jumps up next to Lucifer anyway. He tucks his head into the juncture between Lucifer’s neck and shoulder. “Why would you do that?”

Lucifer manages to hide the initial flinch at the contact before rolling his eyes. The human is probably touch starved after being tortured for so long. He’d go to people other than Lucifer, if he had the chance. This was just the easiest option for him at the moment. Plus, Lucifer wouldn’t mind keeping the human close by any means.

Dean jerks his head back to stare at Lucifer. “I want you here. This is our bedroom, this is our place. This should be a safe haven for both of us, even with the other inside. Actually, especially with the other inside because we should be on each other’s side.”

“You’re going to be on my side no matter what happens, then Dean Winchester?” Lucifer can’t believe the human would make such a blanket statement. That seems to defy all kinds of logic.

“As long as you aren’t actively trying to start a genocide or hurting the people I love, yes. I will be on your side no matter what.” Dean drops his head back into the nice space on Lucifer and ignores the weight of his statement.

Lucifer’s eyes widen as his breaths come in shorter waves. What on Earth is the damned human doing? He’s not to be trusted. He’s relatively positive not even Gabriel truly trusts him. He’s willing to try to mend fences, but trust has to be rebuilt. Why does this human not care?

Dean notices the increased breath on his neck, and he debates dragging the emotions out into the open. Then, he comes to the realization that he’d hate being forced to admit anything of the sort. He’ll let Lucifer tell him emotions on his own time. Omission isn’t the same as a lie. Not in his eyes anyway.

“Even if I asked you to forgive Gabriel, since he’s willing to try to patch things up with me. I don’t want there to be tension in a family that we’re just barely starting up. I don’t know if I could handle it, Dean. I just don’t.”

Dean pauses as he tries to figure out why Lucifer thinks he has a problem with Gabriel, then he recalls the way he kind of ran out of the room in a flash of speed. “I don’t need to forgive Gabriel. I’m not all that angry at him. He wasn’t really messing with me, but Sammy. You might have to convince Sammy to forgive the angel, but that’s a different problem. I ran from the room because I was still emotional about what you had asked me, and I came to another realization, and I needed space. I’m sorry if I worried you.”

Lucifer’s hand immediately comes up to stroke Dean’s hair. He knows better than most what the emotional effect of the realization that things were not as perfect as you thought, or that someone you loved doesn’t love you back. He can’t even try to bring any anger into this situation. “Forgiven, Dean. I shouldn’t have pushed you, but I didn’t want you to try to believe that you ever deserved the fact he told you that you weren’t good enough.”

Dean pauses given the fact he had just told himself that he wouldn’t push for that exact reason, the whole situation seems amusing. Then, he leans into the touch and decides to admit at least some things. “You weren’t really pushing. The only options I had right then were to lie to us both, or to admit that my father hurt me rather often. Neither one was good in my eyes. You reminded me, which path I should take.”

“I would have killed him for you, if he had been alive when everything went down.”

“I think perhaps I would have let you. I don’t know. There’s a part of me that wars with that idea because I should be a good son, but there’s the part that knows Sammy left because dad was never going to let us live normal lives, the part that knows I hid a portion of myself for most of my life because he wouldn’t like, and the part that knows that even if he had known the truth, he still would have claimed mom was innocent,” Dean whispers.

Lucifer regards those last words. In the other universe, it had seemed as though Dean almost always chose Mary’s side. That doesn’t seem to be the case here. In fact, there almost seems to be a hidden anger in the way he mentioned that. “Dean, do you blame your mother for what has happened?”

“Is there any universe where any of this started without her? Could you have made me and Sam into the perfect vessels without her interference, offering us up like candies? Would dad have been violent and dragging us behind him, if mother had just let Azazel complete the bargain without intervening? For that matter, would I have had my mother if she had just kept her word?” Dean rants. He knows this anger doesn’t make sense. His mother loved them even if she did do things that hurt them. That’s what the world does.

“There are so many universes that the very question is ridiculous. There is a universe where you and Sammy never lived. That one your mother made a different choice, she let John die. You don’t want to see that world. I never had a reason to break free, and Michael never remembered to question what father said. I died. Michael lived. Michael became even worse than me in any universe I’ve seen. Playing what ifs, doesn’t help. If you need to be angry at her, be angry at her. Be pissed, but don’t ask yourself what would have happened if she didn’t because neither of us will ever know.”

Dean shakes his head. The what ifs weren’t the real purpose of that, the purpose was to find out whether Lucifer would have a problem with him ranting about family problems. That was not going to happen today. He should still try to figure out what happens next though. With one angel already there, this could get chaotic if he didn’t know the full plan. “What are we doing next?”

Lucifer sighs. He’d prefer not to think about the next steps again. First Gabriel, now Dean. He might never have peace again at this rate. At least until he frees his aunt and convinces her to forgive him for the crimes, he committed against her before realizing that God was not to be trusted. “You’re human,” he says, thinking that was as good of a starting point as anything else he could come up with.

Dean glances down at himself in question. That seems like one of the oddest starting points to his question that he’s ever heard. Of course, he’s human. What else would he be? “I’m aware.”

“When we try to reform hell and take down God, we really need you to be more than human. That being said we can’t get rid of your humanity. Not just for moral reasons, but for personal ones. I know you’ll never want to give up your humanity.”

Dean pulls away from Lucifer to stare at him. That seems dangerously close to ultimatum territory, and he’s not sure how he feels about the idea of his fiancé trying to guilt trip into becoming more than human. This was one of his greatest strengths. He couldn’t handle being one of the monsters that he’s hunted. He couldn’t bear the idea of hurting innocents when he’s not in control of himself.

Lucifer reaches out without pausing to grab hold of Dean’s shoulder, to ground him to the situation. Panics were not a fun thing, but they were common after being tortured in hell. He’s seen this too many times to bother hesitating before reaching to help. “Dean breathe for me. I promise that whatever you fear is not going to happen. I don’t know what’s going on in your head, but I can promise you without any hardship that I will not let whatever you are fearing happen.”

“Even if I told you that I couldn’t be something more than human. Not without sending myself into a panic larger than this one. Not without injuring others. Not without being a hypocrite.”

“Even then, though I’d prefer for you to hear me out first.” Lucifer gently pulls the human closer to him until Dean is back to pressing his whole body into his. He no longer knows which one of them this constant contact is for, and he can’t bring himself to figure it out. Love could easily grow here, when he would make promises that break what his plans were with so little hesitation.

Dean chokes back a half sob as he remembers the times that Sam tried to convince him that not all monsters were evil. He remembers cutting their heads off anyway. He can’t bring himself to be one of them. His self-hatred already peaks its ugly head anytime he cares for someone, he doesn’t need to bring it to new heights by actually becoming the things that he used to kill on a general basis.

Lucifer tightens his grip as he hears Dean try to bite down on his emotions. He won’t let the man spiral any further. He’ll just start talking, and he won’t stop until Dean makes him. “I told you when we first met that I used to hold the mark of Cain. I want you to take the mark from Cain. Don’t worry, he’ll give it to you. He hates me plenty for giving it to him, so he’ll be overjoyed that someone is willing to take it. He might try to convince you to try to kill me. I’d prefer if you didn’t listen to that part of his rant. The side of me that he knows is the one that I am not proud of, yet that I had no control over. No one knew how to control the mark when I had it.”

“You told me it made you kill people. Lucifer, I can’t kill people. I mean I can kill people trying to hurt us or our plans or monsters that hurt others, but I can’t bring myself to kill those who are not guilty. I just wouldn’t survive that,” Dean explains almost pleading Lucifer to understand, to tell him that he’s valid, that this isn’t a deal breaker.

“Hush, love, hush. I promise I wouldn’t let you kill innocents. I know now how to handle the mark. It wants you to hurt people, but more than that it wants you to hurt those you care about. It won’t make you kill anyone if you constantly bring pain to someone you have compassion for,” Lucifer whispers. He bets that Dean will pull himself up to the surface to figure out what Lucifer’s plan is for who to bring pain too.

Dean pushes himself upwards to be able to see Lucifer’s eyes. “If you think I’m hurting Sammy or Bobby or even my mother who I’m clearly angry at, you do not know me nearly as well as I thought you did.”

“Never. Dean, I would never believe you capable of hurting any of them. You’ve loved them and protected them. Is there a world where I can have a token of your affection, Dean?” The question touches on some of his next points, but he’d rather just hear the words right now rather than trying to explain everything right then.

Dean freezes. He didn’t think Lucifer would ask him that point blank, because he knows that the truth is yes. And that it’s this world. His breaths come slightly quicker until he realizes that Lucifer wouldn’t ask him just to make fun of him. He’d make sure that everything was going to be alright first. “Yes, you already have portions of my affection.”

Lucifer’s body releases some of its tension. He doesn’t need to worry about what kind of affection is there, that’s something that Dean can tell him when he’s ready, or if need be, just never tell him. He won’t judge for something like that. “Then, you can hurt me or you can try. I’ve lived through enough pain that it makes no difference to me whether I take on a bit more or not.”

Dean manages to twist himself so that he’s on top of Lucifer and glaring down at him. “You will not suffer for me. I will not allow it.”

Lucifer stares up at the rage he sees in Dean’s eyes. He wonders whether he was always going to be this lost or not. “Yes, you will. You will let me take the pain so that you can avoid killing people, because I am asking you to, and I am telling you with every ounce of honesty that I have, that it will not hurt me.”

Dean’s brow furrows in confusion. Sure, he’s not an angel, but with the mark of Cain, he’ll be strong enough to do damage to the archangel. Just because they were infallible doesn’t mean that pain can’t touch them. That’s not how pain works.

Lucifer barely contains his sigh. The stubborn human is not getting his point. He’ll feel the pain that’s the point, but he enjoys some bits of pain with his arousal at times, and when it will keep the world from imploding, he likes it even better. So, instead of answering Dean with words, he jerks his hips up into Dean’s to hopefully get the message across.

Chapter Text

Dean’s eyes widen when he feels Lucifer’s arousal as he jerks underneath him. The only things that could be turning him on right now are their discussions of pain and the fact that Dean is quite literally on top of him right now and could easily take control. He leans down so that more of his weight presses down on the archangel with a quirk in his brow. “Really?”

Lucifer barely bites down on his lip in time to avoid releasing the moan into the air. He can’t believe that this is happening to him right now with Dean leaning even more of his weight over him. This is not the greatest way to have this discussion, but honestly, with Dean still being completely human all it would take is a flick of his wrist and the human would be off of him. He nods, not bringing himself to speaking any more than necessary.

Dean despite his brother’s beliefs does not know all there is to know about sex. This one isn’t something that he’s dealt with before just because he never considered pain to be a possible option in the field of sex. Logically, he knew that he should pull back and make Lucifer explain before being willing to do anything more, but since the archangel appears willing, he’s not going to force himself to stop and be the responsible one. He pushes forward to grab Lucifer’s lips in a bruising kiss.

Lucifer doesn’t hide the moan when Dean lunges the rest of the way forward to force their lips together. He leans into the touches and lets Dean take what he wants. He’s forgotten just how much he loves when his partner takes control, and he doesn’t have to deal with choices of any sort.

Dean grins as he hears the noise come from Lucifer. Dragging these sounds out of the angel might become his new favorite thing to do. Instead of pulling back like a portion of his brain tells him to do, he lowers his lips to Lucifer’s neck and places a kiss right over the pulse point.

Lucifer doesn’t use his strength to buck against Dean, but he pushes back slightly any way. He has no idea what Dean’s response to the teasing manner was going to be. He wants the man to use more force. He supposes he could ask for it, but that would be far less fun than convincing the man to do it on his own.

Dean quirks his lips against Lucifer’s neck as he realizes that Lucifer clearly wants more from him than what he’s currently getting from Dean. So, he nudges Lucifer’s legs to the side so that his body can be in between them as he nips at the skin on Lucifer’s neck. At this point, Lucifer could probably grind up on his leg if he wanted, and Dean wouldn’t stop him.

Lucifer groans as he has slight freedom to push his body up to grind up against the legs between them, but that’s not what he wants. He wants Dean to take what he wants and have to beg. Only the divine could hazard a guess on how long its been since he’s even tried to let someone else have this much control over him. “Dean,” he chokes out.

Dean’s a bit impressed with himself. He expected that this was going to last a lot longer before Lucifer would actually speak to try to get what he wants. At this point, Dean’s pretty confident that Lucifer wants him to make the decisions about what they do here, and how far they’ll go. He rewards the effort by reaching for Lucifer’s arms and pinning them up above Lucifer’s head with his own as he pushes away from Lucifer’s body, so that he can stare down at the angel. “Yes, dear, something you want?”

Lucifer pants as his arms are twisted. Not enough to truly give him any pain. He probably won’t convince the human to give him much in the way of pain before Dean takes the mark, but he could probably get him to take control. “Please, just give me more. Whatever you want.”

Dean smirks at the angel below. That was a dangerous statement, whatever you want. If he was a cruel person, those words could mean finding his own pleasure and never touching the other man, but he was not cruel. Not in general life practices anyway. He leans back down to kiss Lucifer, long and deep, while holding him down.

The fact that Lucifer bucks when he pulls away tugs on his own little kink, because they both know that if Lucifer wants to break free from his control, all he has to do is use his own force, or for that matter he could just ask Dean to back off, but he’s not doing either. He’s letting Dean tease him with tiny nips on the neck and long kisses without moving anything else. That kind of control sends all kinds of blood south for Dean.

Dean waits only a couple seconds to see whether or not the angel will actually try to force him back into giving some of the touches. A pleasant surprise to see that the angel is willing to wait on him even if he breathes deeply in between moments just keeping his eyes on Dean. If Lucifer wants a little bit of pain, Dean will give it to him. As a human, he might not be able to truly bring him to the edge of whatever it was that Lucifer’s limits actually were, but he could do something before he tried something different.

Lucifer actually screams when Dean bites down on his neck with full strength. Not because of the pain, but because he was not expecting the human to actually be willing to give him something that real for the night. The pleasure shoots through his body, and his hips jerk up on their own accord to rub off against Dean’s leg.

Dean pulls back at Lucifer’s scream. One look at the angel’s face tells him that this was not a reaction because it was too much but quite the opposite. The fact that Lucifer was currently rubbing off on his leg was definitely a sign of that, not to mention that by this point, he was quite hard himself and ready to get some more friction, but teasing the angel happens to be a better plan than just jerking them both off.

Dean places his hands down on either side of Lucifer’s hips and pushes down to keep him in place. That means that Lucifer’s hands are free again, but Lucifer doesn’t make any move to remove them from where Dean put them.

Lucifer reigns in his strength to keep himself from bucking the human off and flipping the two of them over so that Dean was on the bottom. He catches his breath to stare up at Dean. “This mean you accept my proposal for the mark?”

Dean quirks an eyebrow up at Lucifer. “If you’re able to still think about the damn mark of Cain while I’m trying really hard to make sure you don’t have brains anymore, I am not succeeding in my goals.”

Lucifer comes up with a snarky reply but doesn’t have the air to respond when Dean slips one of his hands into his pants and rests right over the bulge. He doesn’t really want Dean to stop and trying to snark at him right now seems extremely unlikely to get him what he wants.

Dean barely contains his glee at the fact that his fiancé doesn’t immediately try to snark back this time. This time he won’t let Lucifer’s mind wander away from what he’s doing to him. There will be no chance for the man to switch back to thinking about the future. He doesn’t need to focus on what will happen later. Right now, what he wants is for his fiancé to focus only on him. He strokes down once while keeping his eyes straight on Lucifer’s.

Lucifer has no idea what Dean’s plan was, but he certainly wasn’t going to stop the man, but if his plans only involved Lucifer’s pleasure, he is going to end up flipping the positions extremely quickly. Nevertheless, he keeps his eyes on Dean’s as he strokes down. His hands stay where Dean placed them through sheer force of will.

Dean pauses as he stares at Lucifer. He had been more than willing to take control at the start of this because he knows how to make out with people, he knows how to turn them on, but this is now out of his realm of comfort. Yet, he doesn’t want to stop. “Tell me if I screw up?”

The hint of insecurity draws Lucifer’s attention. Normally, if he heard a voice like that somewhere in hell, he’d laugh. The person would have just given him the leverage that he needs to break them. But this time, it comes from a man that he could easily end up loving, a man that he will marry, and he has none of the normal desire to try and break them. “You won’t, but I promise I will stop you if I am even remotely uncomfortable,” he swears. The promise dropping from his lips without any hesitation.

Dean grins up at Lucifer. The fact that even when the man has every reason to stop him from continuing what he’s currently doing, he trusts him. The devil trusts Dean Winchester. That makes him happier than most facts of this world, especially now that he knows how his life started down this crazy path. He leans down and he pulls off Lucifer’s pants and underwear.

He doesn’t allow himself the time to doubt himself, because if he stops to think, he’s going to chicken himself out of taking the path that he’s already chosen to go down. He leans down and wraps his lips around the head of Lucifer’s cock, with his eyes still staring up at Lucifer.

Lucifer lets out a short breath of amusement as his hands grasp at the sheets. He can tell that Dean hasn’t actually done this before, but the fact that he’s trying is truly endearing. He’s pretty sure Dean was hoping to make his mind focus only on him, and that seems to be accomplished.

Dean furrows his brow as he tries to remember what makes him feel good when a girl has done this to him. He kind of wishes for once that Lucifer would take the control back by now. He can’t think of a way to ask for that without having to remove himself, but he doesn’t want to do that either. Finally he decides to try to just bob his head to take more and more of Lucifer into his mouth.

Lucifer pauses as Dean’s thoughts filter in. Most of the time he ignores the small thoughts that pass through his mind when someone thinks of him before a thought, but this time he focuses on it. Because Dean apparently wants to give up control for a moment again. He might like giving up control just fine, but that doesn’t mean that’s the smartest thing to do with a partner that has never been with a man before. He’s more than happy to take control this time or anytime that Dean asks.

He pushes himself forward careful not to move himself further into Dean so that Dean can clearly see his face. Then he moves his hands over to Dean’s hair and leaves them there for a moment. “Do you want me to take control?”

Dean still doesn’t move away from the dick his mouth is around and jerks his head in a small nod before sucking. He has no idea what he’s doing, but Lucifer does and that’s enough for him.

Lucifer barely pauses before gripping Dean’s hair a little harder. He guides Dean to take just enough of to not trigger the gag reflex before pulling him off. He’s careful to make sure that Dean can still breathe at any given moment.

Dean breathes through his nose but keeps up the sucking motion that he has started earlier. He relaxes against the hands in his hair and relies on Lucifer to guide him. He’s still painfully turned on, but he’ll deal with that after his partner is satisfied. He doesn’t like pursuing his own pleasure before his partner.

Lucifer knows that he’s close to coming, because Dean had been teasing him for quite some time before they started this. He’s still not sure how they went from talking about Dean potentially harming him in order to ensure that the Mark would make him beyond human. He pulls out at the last moment to cum over to the side.

Dean pauses once the dick is out of his mouth and watches Lucifer’s face as he comes all over the side of the bed. He finds the expression of freedom on Lucifer’s face to be addictive. He wants nothing more than to drag himself up to kiss him senseless. It takes him more than a moment before remembering that he can.

Lucifer responds immediately when the human is back on his lap with a hard on, kissing him with as much passion as he can fill into a single kiss again. Their lips move against one another with Dean just taking the dominance again, Lucifer decides to try something new. He moves his tongue to actually fight Dean for the right to lead the kiss.

Dean moans when Lucifer starts responding by trying to win dominance in the fight. He lets Lucifer win, because all he wants right now is something to grind down on to get off, and he doesn’t really care how he gets to that point.

Lucifer reaches down with one hand to shove Dean’s pants and underwear down so that he can actually touch the human properly. Their first time probably should have been more talked about than quick actions where neither of them were even planning on getting undressed. Honestly, he wasn’t expecting Dean to come near him until the wedding night when he had to.

Dean kicks off the pants once they’re down so that he can’t get trapped in them later on. His eyes stay glued on Lucifer’s as he lets the angel take the lead.

Lucifer wraps his hand around Dean’s cock and starts a simple rhythm that has Dean humping forward with each tug. His other hand comes up to cup Dean’s face and leaning in to kiss him. By the time that Dean comes all over them both, Lucifer has a peaceful smile on his face. He snaps his fingers and the mess vanishes.

He leads them both back into a laying position on the bed without hesitating. His arms wrap around Dean. They still need sleep because as much as he would like to lock the door and ignore all the various things they need to accomplish, he can’t. They might have a plan, but they still need to get hell ready for a wedding, and he still needs to convert Adam into a demon.

Dean curls further into Lucifer’s warmth with his eyes drooping shut. “What if I’m not able to hurt you?”

“Then, we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it. Right now, we’ve got so many different things that could go horribly wrong that the best bet is going to be plan for the best case and the worst case and let everything else fall into place,” Lucifer offers. He wishes his heart didn’t soar at the fact that Dean was practically telling him that he cared.

“What’s worse case scenario?”

“Worse case is that I have to lock you up to prevent you from killing someone you care about or anyone really.”

Dean lets his eyes flutter shut. Lucifer had already thought of all the problems that he’d have with the plan and created a solution so that he wouldn’t have to suffer thinking about the possible consequences of his actions.

As sleep slowly claims Dean, Lucifer smiles down at the human just laying on him for comfort. This marriage might be sham for most people’s definition, but they’d make it work anyway. He barely caught the soft murmur from Dean.

“This is why I’m falling in love with you.”

Lucifer’s eyes go wide when he realizes that human doesn’t realize that he’s spoken those words out loud. He won’t force Dean to say them while he’s awake but the very thought gives him hopes about things being better than he thought. Still falling in love with him, doesn't mean that Dean's in love. It just means that its possible.

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Dean wakes up in the morning to Lucifer’s arms wrapped comfortably around him, but the angel fully awake and looking like he’s been working for hours. “Were you not able to fall asleep?”

“Angels don’t actually sleep, but I figured that if it made you more comfortable for me to be near you, that it wouldn’t bother me any to just lie here and work from bed for a while.”

Dean blinks. Every single time he thinks he has this whole I’m going to marry an archangel thing down, something new just gets thrown on him that proves that most of the time he’s barely keeping his head above the water.

Lucifer notices the hesitation flickering on Dean’s face and shakes his head. “Whatever thoughts just made you think you’re not able to do this, I will remind you that last night happened. Did it feel like too much then?”

“Not for a moment,” Dean answers realizing that the truth was easy to admit with Lucifer. Once upon a time, he would have struggled to even tell himself the truth, but here they are. He’s finding that each and every time the Dean that died on Earth would have had a massive panic about even remotely considering telling the truth, that he just tells Lucifer the truth and it all works out after that.

“Then don’t worry about whatever thoughts just went through your head. We might be different, but we’re not so different that we can’t make each other happy.”

Dean shrugs. That’s a pretty sentiment, but he’s pretty sure as the one already in love that this is not the way the story will end. The story will end just as almost every love story does with death and despair and one person being left behind.

Lucifer stares at Dean for a moment. His thoughts are still close enough to the surface that a part of him wants to dive in and find out what the human could possibly be thinking at this moment, but Dean had asked for his trust. Invading someone’s thoughts does not count as trusting them, so he’ll wait. “We need to hold court and get demons working on the various stuff we’ll need for the wedding.”

“That’s all we need today,” Dean says a bit shocked. Honestly, his normal day life is almost never as simple as the day that Lucifer just suggested.

“After that, I’ll send you off to help with stuff with the guidance of both Azazel and Crowley, and I’ll go make your brother a demon, but we should do court first.” Lucifer doesn’t relish leaving hell under Dean’s control for how ever long turning the boy into a demon will take, but he admits that he does need to make sure that the human is demon before the wedding, so he’ll do it.

Dean nods and pushes himself off the bed. He looks down and notices that there aren’t any of the natural stains and issues that are typically involved with going to bed without cleaning after having sex. He blinks for a long moment, before deciding that this must be one of the many perks of dating an angel. They can just wave their hand and make things happen when humans would have to go through a whole load of other actions to make sure that they were clean.

Lucifer walks over to his closet and pulls out a suit that has his sigil on the breast pocket. “Will you wear my suit today?”

Dean nods and takes the fancy garment. He starts pulling it on before realizing that Lucifer is already walking out the door. “Are you not waiting?”

Lucifer pauses. The need to be there first when he hadn’t announced that Dean was to be his consort still echoes in the back of his head, but the actual need is gone. He could just wait for the human to be done and walk with him. “Would you mind if I went ahead? I don’t have a reason, just a feeling.”

Dean immediately turns to face Lucifer. Half-dressed isn’t the greatest look for serious conversations, but he’ll make do. His hand reaches up to cup Lucifer’s face to ensure that Lucifer was paying close attention to his next words. He has no plans to be repeating them anytime soon. “You don’t have to have a reason. You just have to tell me what you’re doing because I don’t like to be confused. If you’re leaving to get there early that’s more than alight. If you’re leaving because you have some egging emotion in the back of your head telling you that entering at the same time as me is bad plan, that’s fine by me. I won’t make you change, Lucifer, I just need to know what the next action is so that I’m not completely blind sighted by whatever happens next.”

Lucifer smiles down at Dean. Barely even having clothes on from where he was putting on the suit the human way, but still trying to make sure that Lucifer was the one that felt comfortable in this position. Maybe his brother was right, and that there is a chance that the two of them will be able to care for each other. “I’ll be at court waiting for you. I won’t start court before you get there because that will both torment Ruby more and give me a chance to prove to the demons that you are mine.”

“I’ll join you as soon as I get dressed.” Dean drops his hands and goes back to trying to put on a suit. He’s worn them briefly for short periods of time, but he’s never actually had a position where he’d claim that the fancy attire was necessary by any means. He was a hunter, most of the time they were wearing whatever outfit would get them what they needed in the shortest amount of time, which is why he’s worn suits before. Sometimes pretending to be fancy agents was the most simple way of getting other people to believe the story that was being give.

Dean hears the footsteps fade away as Lucifer walks out of the room. There’s a part of him that wanted to see whether if he asked Lucifer to stay and not leave him whether he’d actually follow through, but that wouldn’t be fair to either of them. He didn’t need Lucifer in this instance, and Lucifer has trust issues on a large scale because of everything that has happened throughout his lifetime and this wouldn’t be a lie to Dean but it would be to Lucifer.

A knock on the door leads to Dean jerking up as he tugs on the suit jacket. He wasn’t expecting anyone to be coming near here this early. Especially since Crowley had already been excused to watch Adam. He opens the door to find Azazel leaning against the wall.

“I got what you wanted.”

Dean grins. “You were able to find the ring?”

Azazel hands over the ring in a cloth so that no one could see the ring for what it was right away. That was Dean’s choice to make, not his. “I’m a prince of hell that once literally used the body of your father as a vessel. Finding the ring was pretty easy, the matter of figuring out a way to get it to you without Lucifer realizing that I was doing something was much harder.”

“You could have told him. I still have to ask him to wear it, but if you told him you were finding something for me that would make me feel better at the wedding, he wouldn’t have asked any further questions.”

Azazel shakes his head. “Yes, for some reason my king seems to trust you even though the actions you’ve taken in the past would make it seem counter productive to trusting you. I still don’t really understand why he’s chosen you.”

“You’re not the only one that’s been confused by that turn of events. Not that I’d trade them for anything. I fell in love with him,” Dean mutters. He still can barely believe that saying those words is no longer a lie that both parties are using for political gain, but the utter truth that he can give at any given moment.

Azazel quirks his lips up before walking away from the door’s edge. “If you hurt him, I’ll kill you.”

“Sounds fair enough,” Dean replies. He starts walking down the hallway to make his way to court. He notices that Azazel walks far enough behind that he’s clearly giving his king the respect that the position offers, but he’s also close enough that if anything comes anywhere near Dean, he can be on them in under thirty seconds. It is a little cute if he’s being honest.

Dean pushes his way through the crowd of demons to the doors of court and walks straight in. When the demons gape behind him, he simply walks up to sit next to Lucifer. He offers no bow or other sign of respect. They’ve agreed to be equals, so that’s what Dean will be.

Lucifer gestures at the doors and they billow wide open with Lucifer lounging in the middle of the throne. As the demons start piling into the room, his eyes turn to Ruby. Dean had told him of her punishment, so when she started pushing herself up, he releases enough magic to keep her pinned down.

“My lord,” she whimpers.

“I believe I told you that you could stand either when Dean chose to forgive you or until I called the next court to order. I’ve let demons enter this room, but I do not recall telling anyone that this was a formal court hearing. In fact, this isn’t a formal court hearing at all. This is me giving orders to be completed, because unfortunately I have places to be and things to do today that will keep me from being able to hear complaints today.”

Ruby’s eyes burn with anger as she turns the piercing gaze straight to Dean. “You did this. This is all your fault. You’ve corrupted him with your human ways.”

Dean blinks down at her. He thought that he’d be slightly merciful after everything that happened, but after that all he wants to do was strangle her senseless. “It would appear, darling, that the demon wants to remain there for longer.”

“I never claimed she was smart enough to understand that antagonizing the man that could actually save her today wasn’t the right move.”

Ruby recovers from her initial anger to look up at Lucifer with full tears in her eyes. “Can’t you see, my kind, that this human wants you to destroy everything that we’ve ever been working on building. Can’t you see that he will destroy all that we worked for. He won’t let you kill humanity.”

Lucifer rolls his eyes as more demons filter in. “Killing all of humanity was never the plan. If all the humans are dead, we don’t have vessels or fun things to mess with. You assume that your plans were my plans. Let me be clear, they are not the same thing. They will never be the same thing.”

Azazel walks in and slaps a hand down on Ruby’s shoulder forcing her knees to buckle so she was slightly bowed. “I believe what you meant to say was. I beg for your mercy, King Dean.”

Ruby spits on the ground but defiantly doesn’t speak.

Dean comes close to letting her up anyway because he doesn’t want to deal with her hatred today, but that would defeat the purpose. Instead, he lounges back towards his throne and turns his gaze to Lucifer. Silently urging him to start this meeting before anyone else decided to bring up the last time he was in charge because that would not go well for them.

“As I’m sure you all remember, there will be a wedding. Since the venue is hell, we need to make the place fancy, fit for angelic guests, and possibly a guest appearance of God.”

“Sorry sir, could you please repeat that last part?” A demon in the back calls out looking paler than he had moments before. He’s lived through an angry devil albeit barely, but an angry God. He does not want any of that.

“There is a slight chance that God will show up to the wedding. And by slight chance I mean hell might freeze if he does, but that’s not really important. What is important is that I need a new room carved out to be a proper ballroom and aisle area. Most of you will start work on that immediately, the rest of you are in charge of decorations, which of course can be run by Dean. You might ask where I’ll be. I will be creating a new demon to celebrate the joyous occasion.”

Dean pauses at the looks of shock on the faces of literally everyone in the room. Of course, Crowley isn’t here to make them all look like fools. That’d be too much to ask for at a time like this. “There is one more thing we’ll need that ties into decorations but is a bit different. Both of us will need new clothing to wear to a wedding, but as a demonic wedding has never taken place before, I doubt any of us will have a clue what to do.”

The demons start edging away from the throne as if knowing that Dean will actually hand assign that task. Dean manages to only smirk on the inside of his head, because this might make him a few allies and piss Ruby off even further than she already is. “Ruby, was it?”

Ruby’s head snaps up and she looks ready to rip his head off the next time he spoke regardless on whether or not it was helpful to her situation. The nice flames in her eyes make it seem like even messing with her would be akin to stepping into a fire, too bad Dean has never once stopped when something looks dangerous for his safety.

“I think that I will forgive you. Get up, dear.”

Ruby struggles to stand, but after days of kneeling her legs hold no power to get her up. She feels a tight grip on her arm, and she soars upwards and lands right on her feet, swaying in place.

Dean smiles at her. “In fact, you can make it all up to me by making sure that the outfits for the wedding are amazing. I’ll even do you a favor and give you a partner. Gabriel is one of Lucifer’s brothers, and he’ll be delighted in having something to do with the wedding.”

The rage on her face was worth it as Lucifer swings an arm around him, rolling his eyes. “Good, my love, that will definitely occupy them both for the wedding. Does anyone have any questions?”

Neither of the kings of hell are surprised when silence meets their question as demons scurry from the room. Lucifer turns to Dean once the last of them has gone. “Are you still extracting revenge on my brother?”

“Maybe a tiny bit, but also if she ends up dead, that’s a huge weight off my shoulders, and I don’t think she’ll last more than a day.” Dean fiddles with the ring sitting in his pocket. “Lucifer, can I ask something of you before you head off to help Adam?”

“Of course, you can ask me anything you like.” He must admit that he wouldn’t know what to expect after everything that had happened today, but humans are weird.

“In human culture it is custom to exchange rings with each other, and I know there is no proposal here, but I’d still like to be a little normal on human standards. I found my mom’s old ring, and I was hoping you’d be willing to wear it,” Dean mumbles. He can’t believe that he found enough courage to ask that question.

Lucifer stops hearing the words after the first sentence because Dean drops his voice too low to hear, but he can see his thoughts just fine. The words filter through, and Lucifer knows just how big of a deal this is to his human. “I would be honored.”

Dean beams at Lucifer as he digs out the ring, which Lucifer carefully fits around his finger.

Lucifer lifts a hand and runs it across Dean’s cheek before kissing him. “I will see you as soon as I can,” he whispers before leaving out the way he came.

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Lucifer wants to ask Dean to be careful when he’s busy making sure that Adam gets turned into a demon. Time passes differently when you’re in each other’s head. This could take one hour but feel like 8 years, or it could take eight months while feeling like half an hour. There is no in between with things like this.

Crowley stands in front of the youngest Winchester’s door as his king walks up to him. He offers a low bow before meeting Lucifer’s eyes. “You do not convert many of the demons, my king. Nor, do you do it in the common way. What are my orders for in case this lasts longer than the anticipated time?”

“Find a way to grovel when the angels show up for a wedding that is no longer happening on schedule and pray that they agree to let you live despite the transgression. But seriously, maybe like a week out from the wedding search for a way to contact me to tell me to hurry. We don’t want to give anyone any reasons to expect foul play.”

Crowley nods. “As you wish, my king,” he swears before leaving. His steps would seem calm to the normal observer, but he’s making sure that he’ll be out of the hallway long before Lucifer has even a chance to enter the mind of Adam.

Lucifer walks into Adam’s room to stare at the human lounging on the bed. Something akin to compassion crosses his mind as he sits down on the armchair across from the bed. “Are you prepared to be a demon?”

Adam shrugs. “What I’m prepared for doesn’t really matter anymore. I agreed to pay this price, so this is the price I must pay. The world doesn’t change from being shades of grey just because humans would prefer to see things in black or white.”

“Wise words for a human.”

A huff of laughter falls from Adam’s mouth as he turns so he’s laying to face Lucifer across from him. “Lucifer, the king of demons, I’m a Winchester, and no one can claim we’re completely human by the common definition of the word human.”

Lucifer nods. Then, he blows out a string of air to set the room to a toastier temperature. Most demons are turned by bombarding them with torture until whatever was left of their souls withers, but the demons that he makes choose to corrupt themselves in their own heads. “I need permission to enter your head. Once you say yes, we’ll begin. There will be no turning back at that point.”

Adam sighs but meets Lucifer’s eyes dead on. He figures most people would be cowering at this point, but no one can claim that he’s got the best survival skills in this world. “I give you permission to enter my mind and dig up every single dirty secret I have and whatever else needs to happen.”

Lucifer bares his teeth with a sharp grin. “Oh child, you’re smarter than you know. The first part is to lay your soul bare before me. The second part is where I make sure you know the darkest portions of yourself.”

Lucifer slips into Adam’s head with ease. After this he’s been given permission, not to mention the fact that entering human’s minds has always been a strength of his. The warmth that comes from a mind that still believes in the inherent goodness of the world amuses him. Corruption can happen in the most delightful ways sometimes.

“Tell me something simple first, what’s your favorite color and why?”

Adam’s brain freezes as if it thought that the start would be something completely different. Thoughts whirl around Lucifer as it tries to find a color that speaks to them. The normal answer appears first, a nice orange from the sunset, because as long as he’s seen that color once a day, he knows that he’s made it through a day.

That answer makes Lucifer feel better about the situation. At least this time he didn’t get someone trying to tell him they chose the color because it looked pretty. He can’t stand shallow people. The boy didn’t know why his favorites mattered to Lucifer at a time like this, but Lucifer can’t figure out a soul if he doesn’t have background, and he’s found that favorites make a decent background.

Lucifer continues with animals, apparently Adam likes moths because they have the same strengths as butterflies, only they’re harder to see yet that makes humans dislike them. The next was food, which gave the answer of chocolate because of the comfort it gives. This continues for quite some time until Lucifer is content that he knows how the boy chooses things.

Adam looks for the best in every single situation. He can’t stand the idea of something happening for no reason at all. That might be endearing had he found a human like this at the beginning of the world’s creation. People like this remind him that some people aren’t rude and uncaring like the majority. Some break out of the little boxes that humans construct to keep themselves imprisoned.

“Tell me a secret, Adam. I don’t care if it is yours or someone else’s but give me a secret.”

“I don’t have secrets of my own. I didn’t see any reason to keep them. Who cares if everyone knows which girl I like? Who cares if I don’t necessarily believe in the government that currently exists? I have a secret though, if you’re willing to hear it.”

Lucifer chuckles at the way the little human’s mind works. The thoughts come unhindered on the plane that they’re existing on. He doesn’t pause to consider his words here, they just come straight from the heart. “This should be fun. Whose secret is it?”


Lucifer blinks in surprise. Both of them had promised trust, and neither had been keeping secrets. He knows that they told each other things that had the other one questioning their sanity. This secret would probably be something that Dean didn’t know how to tell him, or something so large that even Dean wasn’t able to trust him with this truth. “Tell me,” he demands. The order burning through his veins.

“Dean Winchester loves you, He’s willing to take down God himself because you ask him to, he’s willing to try to deal with God’s sister who is known to hate humans for you, and he’s willing to turn his brother into a demon. He figured out that this means he’s in love with you a couple nights ago, but he has no clue how to tell you.”

Lucifer almost rips himself out of Adam’s mind, knowing full well that the human wouldn’t survive it. He catches himself at the last moment. The only thing that stops him from continuing the chaos, is the fact that Dean would be upset at him for killing his brother even if he has a decent reason to want to see Dean immediately.

“Your brother loves me.”

Adam’s amusement almost leads to Lucifer deciding that pain would be the easier way to force the human into a demon. “I’m surprised that you’re surprised. He’s been hanging off of you, making sure to give you more contact. Dean’s no good with words, so he was going to try to show you what he felt through actions and touch.”

Lucifer thinks back to the last few interactions with Dean, and he has to admit that the human had initiated more touches than he had previously. That made Lucifer think that the trust was growing between them, but perhaps Adam was right and it was a very weak attempt at telling Lucifer the truth.

“If you want something even funnier, Crowley was panicked about the idea of keeping this a secret from you for more than a couple days, but then he realized that I knew the secret too and that you’d be doing this as quickly as you could manage it.”

“I stopped for sex before I started even considering coming towards you.”

Adam’s metaphorical body leans against a block just staring at Lucifer. “What’s next?”

“What pisses you off most in the world?”

“Child abandonment.” The answer comes automatically, almost as if the answer had been waiting on the tip of his tongue and was refusing to back down from its location. Honestly, that seems interesting given he doubts that anyone knows the precise process to convert a demon using nothing but words and questions and hypotheticals.

That answer leads Lucifer into the beginning of the corruption without him even having to ask another question for another thing that makes him angry. That makes Lucifer want to leap with joy. He doesn’t know what time is doing in the outside world, but they’re moving at a decent pace here in the mental world. “Tell me, Adam, what you think of the fact that your father left your mother to raise you alone, at the fact your father was willing to abandon one child because he dared to want a life outside of hunting, and the other child still has lasting self-degradation placed by your father?”

“My father is not a good man, and he’s definitely a terrible father. I think of all of his sons, I’m the one who had the best shot of turning out all right. Too late for that though. I’m going to be a demon. Dean will be the king of hell.”

Lucifer hums. This was a good first step. He’s pissed off enough that he’ll be easier to bend him to the will of demons. “Tell me, little one, what would be a fitting punishment for someone like that?”

“What if I don’t know all of the situation?”

“What don’t you know about your father’s choices because I’m confident that between the two of us, we know them all?”

Adam’s annoyance washes over Lucifer as he regards the boy still sitting there. “I don’t mean whether I know all of the crimes he’s done, I mean what about the reasons he has for them.”

“Does that matter?” Lucifer asks with his head in a tilt. The boy had mentioned the colorless metaphor humans use with black and whites, but surely he realized that some actions do not have excuses for the crimes they commit.

Adam pauses then shakes his head. “Most of the time.”

“But not this time.”

Adam continues shaking his head before dropping down to his knees. “You want to know what my punishment would be for someone like that. Make them live through it all again, only instead of being the attacker, he’d be the child. Over and over again.”

Lucifer scoffs. “Do you know what most of my demons would say?”


“That your way doesn’t invoke pain. I would argue that your way would inflict more pain. The majority of people here just end up on the racks, being whipped, carved, and various other physical tortures. But some, mostly the ones that I convert personally like this, they make sure that the punishment fits the crime.”

“Why choose to make me?”

“Because I need you to be a demon, and Dean wouldn’t like it if I actually tortured you for most of this time to make you into a demon, so we’re going back to the traditional means.”

Adam shakes his head. “That’s not true, or at least not the whole truth. You could have tortured me without Dean ever knowing. After I became a demon, I would have been loyal only to you. I would have lied to him had you asked.”

“I won’t,” Lucifer began. His eyes fall closed unable to look the brother of the man he cares for in the eye as he tells the truth this time. “I won’t lie to him. I made him that promise, and for once since the first time that I’ve fallen from God’s grace, someone is choosing to trust my word. I won’t betray that, I can’t betray that. I truly believe doing so would destroy me.”

Adam gives Lucifer a smile that doesn’t quite reach his eyes. “You seemed surprised that Dean loved you. Why be surprised when you love him as well?”

“You’re the one who’s supposed to be quizzed over until your soul is corrupted.”

“Look at my soul, Lucifer. Tell me whether the dark strand has grown since we started talking. I’m sure it has given the fact I just admitted to you without any hesitation that I would torture my father if put in a position of power over him after what he did. Now, I’m asking you why you don’t allow just an ounce of goodness into your soul, because one of us is going to be a demon at the end of this, and it won’t be you.”

Lucifer grins. The boy is smarter than he gives himself credit for. His soul has darkened considerably after he admitted that he’d love to punish his father. Still a bit more work to go, just giving him scenarios and choose how to punish people. Throw a curveball where some people might argue a case, but the victim’s pain wins out over the justification of the one being punished. First, though the boy deserves an answer. “I don’t love anymore.”

“Bullshit. That’s absolute bullshit. You love Dean. I’m proof of that if nothing else. You probably love the angel that arrived the other night, otherwise he wouldn’t be in hell before the wedding. You care Lucifer. You just wish you didn’t because you know that the only thing that love ends in is pain.”

Lucifer stares at Adam for a long moment. He could still kill the man and bury him so deeply into the depths of hell that Dean wouldn’t be able to find him even as the new king of hell, but that won’t solve anything. That would only make things worse.

“You don’t have to worry. I won’t tell anyone. If you wish to keep this a secret from Dean for whatever reasons you may have, that’s up to you. I won’t get involved,” Adam swears.

“Why would I believe that when you’ve already told me Dean’s secret?”

“You’re in my head. I didn’t say anything, I merely thought of secrets that I knew. If you’re telling me that Dean is going to be able to read minds too, then yeah your secret isn’t as safe with me.”

Lucifer shakes his head. Another smart comment that he wasn’t expecting. Maybe, he should just get used to the Winchesters deciding not to follow the normal set of rules that every other human follows more or less perfectly. That might make his life a little easier. “Are you ready to continue?”


“Good. What would you do to someone who was hitting the partner that they swore to honor, to protect, to defend?”

Adam blinks for a long moment. “Are we talking specifically about spouses or about anyone who has made this vow?”

“Why?” Lucifer can’t see much of a difference between the two statements. They all seem to blur together in his opinion. He’s confident that people would be better off if they just admitted to themselves that when they hurt those, they swore to save that they were no better than the dirt they walked on.

“Because if it was a marriage, I’d say the racks are a perfectly respectable punishment. They should spend their days waiting for the next punch, the next bout of pain, knowing that they’ll never have a chance to get away like the people they hurt. If you did the same to a child, I’d say you don’t deserve to face just a demon on a system determined to give you the pain that you gave to the child. You deserve to rot in a dungeon wasting away each day, and at random times someone that looks like a grown-up child, walks in to beat you bloody, then leave you there. The unpredict ableness that the child had to feel when they were too young to even know what the concept of abuse was.”

“You’re worse than I thought you’d be at the beginning. I thought I’d have to start making up specifics.”

Adam chuckles as amusement swarms him. “I’ve always thought that the world needs to be fair. The world won’t be fair unless we make it.”

Lucifer decides to push, not enough that Adam would break, although if he fails it might set them back depending on his judgement, but this would be the best time to try something like this regardless. “What about someone who killed another person by lighting them on fire?”

“They lit someone on fire, so they should burn. The flames shouldn’t consume them though. They’d die and be brought back, sure, but that would give them a few seconds of release. No, have the flames only touch their feet, have a burning iron rod pressed into the torso at random points, and smother them with burning water over the head until they were close to choking. Eternity on flames,” Adam declares a wild glare to his eyes that wasn’t there when they started talking about any of this.

“Even if I told you that the killer thought the victim had hurt their child.”

“Were they right? Did they have evidence?”

Lucifer shrugs. “They weren’t right, but they had a sketch that could have led to the conclusion that it was the victim.”

“They were still wrong and tortured a poor person to death based on a faulty decision. That seems worthy of punishment to me. They shouldn’t have just made assumptions.”

Lucifer leans back as the soul in front of him stops fighting the darkness. The sheath of darkness surrounds the soul, but the shining light underneath still shines. Similar to Azazel’s, and his other direct children. He pulls back slowly until he can blink his physical eyes again. “Open your eyes, Adam.”

Black eyes blink up to stare at him, and Lucifer grins. “Welcome to the realm of hell, as a demon.”

“Good to be here, my king,” Adam replies. A darkness to his tone that wouldn’t have been present earlier no matter how angry he was.