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The sight in front of him was almost enough to get Rohan all the way hard again, despite having already reached orgasm twice in the past few hours.

How could one man be so ridiculously attractive?

Josuke lay back in bed with his eyes closed and lips parted, hands still gripping the sheets as small droplets of cum shot from his cock. There were bite marks all over his shoulder, his neck and his nipples, as well as lipstick stains covering his chest. There was a slight blush dusting his cheeks as he came down from his post orgasm high. Drool dripped out of his mouth, down his chin and there were dried tears all around his eyes.

God, Josuke looked so blissful, yet so fucked out at the same time. The fact that he had cum completely untouched not only once, but three times made it all the more hot to Rohan. Rohan hadn’t so much as grazed his cock, opting instead to play with each and every part of his body. He’d played with his nipples and ass the most, all while whispering dirty words to his ear.

Once Josuke came from just that, Rohan decided to fuck him against the sheets until he was cumming all over again. He didn’t give him a chance to recover from his first orgasm, but Josuke didn’t complain. Instead, he had asked… no, he had begged for Rohan to fuck him faster, to fuck him harder.

After they had both gotten off, Rohan decided that he hadn’t fucked Josuke enough, not yet, the boy was still far too coherent. So he’d kept teasing the other man until they were both hard again, and then he slid his cock back inside, relishing the feeling of fucking Josuke while he was still filled with his load. It was hotter than he would have thought it would be.

Josuke was unable to speak at all by the end of it, opting instead to moan and cry and drool all over himself while Rohan fucked him. The little sounds slipping past his lips were too much for Rohan, and he found himself moaning along with Josuke.

Rohan bit his lip, spreading Josuke’s legs open again, letting his eyes trail from the younger man’s spent cock to his ass. His breath hitched at the sight of his own cum leaking out of Josuke. There was more than he thought there would have been. He resisted the urge to lean down and taste himself on Josuke, to keep this going for even longer. That was enough for tonight.

Or, was it?

He glanced back up at Josuke, whose chest was still heavily rising and falling with each breath, and smiled. Rohan laid down in between Josuke’s legs, using his hands to pull them apart just a bit more. Josuke let out a tired groan and tried shifting away, making some more of Rohan’s cum slip out of him.

Unable to hold himself back any longer, Rohan placed his hands on each one of Josuke’s cheeks, gently trying to pull him up slightly. He was pleasantly surprised when Josuke actually turned around for him, as well as lifted his hips without being ordered to.

It seemed that despite how tired and worn out he was, Josuke really did want this. That thought made his own cock twitch uncomfortably. If possible, the view from this angle was even hotter as the cum that had been falling straight toward the bedsheets now dripped down Josuke’s thigh. Rohan shook his head, leaning his head closer and licking up the small trail of cum on his upper thigh all the way to Josuke’s hole.

A small whimper came out of Josuke as Rohan’s tongue circled his hole. Rohan licked at all the cum gathered around him and swallowed, pulling Josuke’s buttocks further apart before squeezing at them. He leaned in, carefully sliding his tongue inside of Josuke, lapping up all of his cum.

The taste of his own cum wasn’t anything new, but there had always been something intoxicating about getting to taste it this way. He loved the feeling of retrieving it with his tongue, with Josuke panting underneath him. Rohan swirled his tongue around, letting out a low hum deep in his throat.

Josuke pushed himself back, closer to Rohan, just a little bit, no doubt wanting to feel more of him. Instead of giving him what he wanted, Rohan pulled his tongue back entirely. That was enough for now. He didn’t have the energy to go for a third round, not tonight, despite what his cock clearly wanted. Josuke plopped on his side as soon as Rohan pulled away, curling in on himself just a bit.

With a sigh, Rohan moved his face over to kiss at Josuke’s thighs. He bit down on it before glancing up at Josuke, who was staring back at him with half lidded eyes. The blush was still on his face, but he looked dazed, almost as if he were in between being awake and falling asleep. It was a cute look on him.

Rohan smiled up at him, and Josuke smiled back. If he had looked fucked before, now Josuke looked absolutely destroyed (in the best possible way). His smile was sweet, though, and Rohan felt something inside of him melt at the sight of it.

He moved up on the bed so that they were laying next to each other, wrapping an arm over Josuke’s body. Rohan wasn’t one for cuddling together after sex, especially not when they were as sweaty as they were, but he knew he owed it to Josuke. The younger man had been good for him today. “You feeling alright?”

Josuke leaned into his embrace and nodded, throwing his arm around Rohan.

Rohan knew they needed to get themselves cleaned up, as he felt all gross and sticky. But he knew that this was what Josuke needed the most right now. Getting cleaned up could wait for now.