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"Detective! As law enforcement, you understand rules, yes? And the fact that you're carrying my
patient's child has NO BEARING on the reality: immediate family ONLY-not to include
baby mommas."

Villa's brows furrow, and she she's about to give this asshole Dr 'the news' when Ira and Ryan
step VERY CLOSE to the arrogant prick. "Cap!", she warns, and both men turn to her, then
to one another, and finally back to the focus of their ire.

(Daisie, Pippy, TMI, JuJu (YES, JUJU!) are too shocked to speak.

'WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU JUST SAY?! REPEAT IT!!," Hornstock and Slade say, in
unison. "Say that again, we didn't catch it."

Donna decides to intervene, "IRA and RYAN...calm yourselves, Captains...Dr. Margolis is my Son's
attending physician-he hold's my baby's life in his hands. So-calmly, and reasonably, I'm going to
explain to the Doctor that his slur against my Daughter in Law will be addressed with the Chief
Surgeon-Beaumont Sr? (Rosie's Father starts dialing a number on his iPhone)-now, the matter of
who may or may not be allowed to visit my Son." She hands the Doctor a list. "That is the list of
ALL of the persons who will be allowed to visit at ANY TIME-Sr?-(Beaumont Sr advises that he
has the Hospitals Chief of Surgery on line.)

With a look of pure dread, Dr. Margolis accepts the instrument with a sick mile, placing it to his era.

"Yes, Dr. Sha...Yes...Yes, there was an unfortunate exchange a few moments ago, for which I will of
course apologize for...yes, I have the list...I'll notify the staff right away...of course Dr. Surely-I'll escort
them there myself. Thank you."

"My Husband once saved Dr. Sha's life many years ago-isn't it life a funny old dog? You can never be
certain who knows whom."

"Quite right. Detective, please accept my sincere apology for my behavior earlier. Of course you-all of you,
and those on the list, my see Dr. Rosewood Jr at your pleasure."

As they start down the hallway, Donna lectures the group. "Do you see, Children? No need for F bombs and the
like or TESTOSTERONE OVER-LOADS (Hornstock and Slade are properly chastened), or insults...we get
everything WE want, and you keep your lofty position as Lead Surgeon, am I correct, Dr. Margolis?"

"Indeed you are, Madam," the humbled Lead Surgeon agrees, in a strained voice.