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Fuckin' Gold Digger

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Izuku has always followed Katsuki’s career, ever since the boy moved away at 7 years old to play several roles in the big city. He is a fan: he buys merch and he supports Katsuki in whatever small ways he can. He never tried to reach out to Katsuki because “Kacchan is too amazing”. Surprisingly, he runs into Bakugo Mitsuki during a grocery store run. The woman must have an elephant’s memory because she remembers him instantly.

“Izu-kun! Look at how big you’ve gotten! How is your mother?!”

The blonde is as beautiful as ever. Her face and body don’t seem to have aged at all. They start talking and Izuku discovers that Katsuki is taking a small break from acting and will be in town for several months.

“Here is my phone number! Text or call me. I’d like to meet up with Inko again, it’s been a while. Oh and here is Katsuki’s number. That brat needs a friend or two around here.”

Which is how 20 years old Izuku who still lives with his mother ended up with The Katsuki Bakugo’s number.

He rushes home, grocery shopping be damned and holes up in his room, staring at the contact. His heart is racing as he considers actually communicating with Katsuki again after all these years! He is hesitant: Mitsuki said he should though, so really, he’s doing her a favor. He’s helping her! So, he flexes his fingers and types out a text.

“Hi, my name is Izuku Midoriya. I ran into your mom and she said I should say hi! So hi!”

He stares at it. Too desperate. He deletes.

“Hello, this is Izuku Midoriya speaking. We used to be childhood friends. How are you?”

No, he can’t send that! It feels too stiff and creepy.

“Hey baby *kissy face*, heard you’re in town for a while *tongue out, wink* . how about we go somewhere, just you and me *smirk*”

Izuku snorts with laughter at this stupid one. Ah he can be quite funny! He goes to delete but he gets a text from Ochako. As he goes to read it, he accidentally presses the send button and feels all the blood drain from his face. What does he do?! He tries to put his phone on airplane mode but curse the speedy internet and service from his room: the message already reads delivered.

Clearly, he has to change his name and move to a different continent because he did not just send that to The Katsuki Bakugo, who’s posters are on his wall alongside the All Might posters.

To his shock, he notices the message now reads “Read.” Meaning, The Katsuki Bakugo has read his drivel, and now, he definitely has to die of utter shame.

The typing sign appears and Izuku watches with bated breath. He wants to hurry up and spam the man with apologies, but his fingers are frozen in his panic and he’s not sure he’s taken a breath of fresh air in a while.

And then, right in front of his imaginary salad, the typing sign disappears and no message is received.

Okay, great. He just got ignored by The Katsuki Bakugo. Izuku is not crying at all: his shame just got stuck in his eyes and it’s somehow raining indoors.

He is utterly mortified by his own actions, ready to bang his head against the nearest hard surface but another text from Ochako sends him out of his pity party. She is gushing about a new pair of boots she spotted, but Izuku doesn’t have time for that because he just embarrassed his ancestors with his stupidity.

“Ochako!!! I am literally the most stupid human to walk the earth!”

“What happened?”


He sends her a screenshot of the one-sided conversation.

“... who’s ‘Kacchan (≧∇≦)’”

Izuku blushes and fumbles with his phone before replying.

“Katsuki Bakugo.”

“THE Katsuki Bakugo?! Izuku, how? When? And most importantly WHY WOULD YOU SEND THAT?!”

Izuku almost shed those shameful tears, groaning into his pillow.

“My hand slipped! I was just joking around!!! Now, how do I fix it? Help meeeee.”

“This is bad, Izuku. Katsuki is /famous/! Famous ppl don’t give second chances *skull*”

“Stoppp I know!! But we used to be really good friends as kids! Kacchan was so nice then *pout* maybe he’ll forgive me?”

Izuku knows he’s grasping at straws. He’s watched enough interviews Katsuki has given to know about the blond’s no-nonsense personality. Has he already ruined his chances?!

“Katsuki isn’t really known for being a nice guy though...”

Izuku reads the text with a tired look on his face. Why does she have to call him out on his bullshit so fast?!

“Ugh, Okay, new plan. I change my phone number. And try again?”

“Really?? Your first thought is to change your number? Try apologizing and sounding like a real human this time!”

Izuku groans, already embarrassed before shooting off a quick agreement and opening back to Kacchan’s number.

Deep breaths.

“Sorry about that, It was for someone else.”

Good job Izuku, deny, deny, deny!

“I don’t know if you remember me, I’m Izuku Midoriya, we used to hang out as kids.”

The messages get read. Izuku’s heartbeat rising as the typing icon shows up.

“How did you get this number?”

Izuku screams into the silence of his room because he just got a text back from The Katsuki Bakugo and he is going to screenshot, print and frame this conversation if it’s the last thing he does.

”I ran into your mom and she told me to say hi!”

“I don’t give a fuck. I don’t know you so leave me alone.”

Ouch. OUCH! That definitely feels like Katsuki just used one of those skinny naked branches to whip him: it stings badly. Maybe if he tries to remind him, it would help?

”Sorry to bother you! She just told me you would want to hang out ig... we used to play in the forest a lot? I called you Kacchan, you called me Deku?”

“Oh wow that suddenly jogs my fucking memory. Look here you fuckin stalker, leave me and my family alone.”

Izuku feels it in his chest. The words are like explosions: he can feel his whole system shutting down as he processes them. Oh god, he should definitely apologize, he should definitely stop tearing up and get to apologizing.

“Im so sorry I’m not a stalker I just wanted to see if we could hang out but if we can’t it’s cool.”

“Yh shut the fuck up.”

When Izuku tries to send another apology (because his brain has been fried by the level of outright hostility), he discovers that he has now been blocked by The Katsuki Bakugo and isn’t that absolutely wonderful.

Izuku lies back on his bed. He is still reeling and it seems like the perfect time to contemplate his poor life choices. What possessed him to attempt this in the first place? With shaky hands, he sends screenshots of the conversation to Ochako. Unsurprisingly, she calls him instantly, voice concerned.

“Yikes Izuku, what country passport do you need? You gotta move.”

“I’m gonna need a Dutch passport. I heard the people are nice there.”

His voice may have wobbled a bit to let Ochako know that some measly tears of frustration are present on his face.

“On god, I have never seen someone be so rude! That was totally uncalled for Izuku, you didn’t deserve that!”

“I know right?!”

They proceed to bitch about it until Izuku feels better and can get up from his bed without dying from shame. And really, who needs Katsuki anyways?! He was trying to do what his mom said, nothing more, nothing less.

If the man is too pigheaded to talk to Izuku, that’s his loss.

Whoever suggested he go into acting should go fuck themself and toss their body into a furnace. Katsuki has just about had it with the business and the things that come with it.
He’s been acting since he was 8, and somehow ppl aren’t tired of him yet: it’s a fucking miracle. It’s been contract after contract, movie after movie, a few cameos here and there, countless ads. Not to mention the fans. Most of them are sane, but damn it, a surprising amount are just plain creepy.

One super fan had stalked him for months without his knowledge, until she sent him fan mail with HD pictures of him going about his busy life with the caption “One day I’ll be brave enough to talk to you.”

No, Katsuki thinks the fuck not.

His break is long overdue anyways. He’s taking a year off acting just to do the shit he actually likes. He’s going to spend a few quiet months in his hometown, then spend the rest of his break traveling to the best spots for mountain climbing in the country. He’s got a plan, goddamn it.

Which is why the messages from the stupid shit who calls himself “Deku” of all things annoy the fuck out of him.

First of all, if his mom of all people gave “Deku” his number, Katsuki definitely wants nothing to do with him. His old hag is crazy and always trying to act like Katsuki is some antisocial lonely man, when he just likes his peace, thank you very much.

Second of all, who the fuck does “Deku” think he’s fooling with the whole “I didn’t mean to send you that totally inappropriate message” act? Katsuki wasn’t born yesterday. Bitch, he knows the game, has seen his dumber friends like Kaminari fall victim timelessly. Whoever “Deku” is, he wants Katsuki’s dick and/or money and Katsuki is a stingy fucker, so no.

To be fair though, the nickname does sound familiar... it reminds him of scraped knees and endless greenery for some reason. It’s also sort of clever, the kind of stuff he would come up with to play off someone’s real name as a kid.

It doesn’t matter though: Katsuki has next to zero interest in making friends in this little town. He’s gonna do his own shit and fucking relax.

His mother clearly has other plans.

“It’s been almost a month since you got back and you just lie in your room all day. Are you depressed?!”

What. How did she even jump so fucking far to this conclusion?!

“No, I’m fucking resting.”

“You haven’t even brought back any friends! Don’t you ever meet people when you go exercise?”

Katsuki casts his eyes to the heavens, asking the gods to fucking strike him where he stands because he cannot take this. He will explode, just watch him.

“Most people go to the gym to workout. Plus, you know I go super early so no one else is there.”

His mother glares at him like he has committed blasphemy.

“No child of mine shall behave like this and call it “normal”. You’re 22. Go out and have fun!”

So of course, Katsuki looks her dead in the eyes and says super calmly, “No.”

It is an awesome power move actually. The look of realization on her face is priceless. Then her eyes narrow and she calls for his father. It was at this moment that Katsuki knew he fucked up.

“Since you want to be like this, I guess I’ll have to throw a small dinner party and see how that goes.”

She grins devilishly as his dad, the fucking traitor, starts to make arrangements.



“I swear to god, I’ll just not come home for the whole thing.”

She gives him another smile.

“I’m going to order spicy food from that chef you like in Mexico~.”

Oh shit. That’s super expensive and a waste of money. Katsuki doesn’t like to waste money but damn that food is incredible...

“I can order my own shit!”

She laughs, knowing she has won already.

“I’ll give a few days notice, you brat. We’re gonna socialize and liven up this little town!”

Wow, when Katsuki fucks up, he fucks up hard. This is only going to ruin his vacation and he knows it.

Izuku stares at the digital poster, scrutinizing it with Ochako peeping over his shoulder. Apparently, there is some sort of party happening at one of the event halls in town.

“Oh wow, I can’t believe it. Free food. Free drinks. Dance floor! We should go Izuku!”

Ochako’s bubbly voice in his ear is not the best for making important decisions so he gives some space between them.

“Yeah it sounds like a human trafficking ring cover up. What’s the party even for?! The poster doesn’t say! And why is it 18+? Seems like shady shit to me.”

Ochako bops the back of his head.

“You need to stop watching all those crime drama shows, yikes!”

Izuku frowns, re-examining the stylish poster. Mitsuki Bakugo sent this to him though, with the cheeky caption: “This sounds like fun! You should go and bring your friends!”

Which means means Mrs. Bakugo either knows the organizers or really thinks the shady party is legit. Either way, he couldn’t really say “No” in good conscience so he told her he’d try to attend. Ochako is all for it and Tenya will go wherever Ochako goes so it’s already basically settled.

He sighs. “If you get sloppy drunk, I’m not carrying your dumb ass back home.”

She beams at him. Oh, she’s definitely getting sloppy drunk. Izuku is suddenly dreading this a bit more.

Katsuki has a new plan.

It is more of a side quest on his journey to become a home hermit for several months, but it sounds pretty solid to him.

Go to the stupid party. Eat the spicy food till his tongue wants to run from his body. Wash it down with a drink or two. Then leave before anyone recognizes him.

Awesome, perfect plan, cool.

He arrives a couple of hours late when he knows the party would be in full swing because he knows his mom wouldn’t bring out the good shit until then. Also, hopefully more people equals less chances of him standing out.

His signature explosive hair is hidden by a grey beanie so that reduces the chances of accidental recognition. All he has to do is not draw attention to himself.

Simple, easy, cool.

He has to admit though... his mom really knows how to throw a party. The room looks like a high end club with a DJ, flashing lights, a food and drinks bar.

It’s completely unnecessary: the music is too loud, there are too many people dancing and having fun. Ugh, pathetic.

Still, there’s something almost soothing about being here. It makes him miss his friends back in the big city. Kaminari would be pumping him full of drinks. Mina would be up on the little stage, dancing like an idiot. Kirishima would be…

Okay fuck, he didn’t come here to think about his friends. He came for spicy food and he will get it.

It takes a while but he is finally able to get the good shit he came for. It’s a platter of stuffed peppers with spicy shrimp on the side, made exactly the way he likes it. He finds a place to sit down: a couch that has the dance floor in perfect view and the exit just a few steps away. Okay, sue him, so he likes to watch people dance. It’s a hobby that makes him spend ages watching Olympic ice skating, floor gymnastics and stupid cosplay dance videos.

It’s a bit boring at first... until a curvy brunette hops onto the little dancing stage that’s above the dance floor. She looks a bit out of it, moving her arms a bit without coordination. She also seems to be trying to pull a reluctant friend up there with her.

It brings a tiny smile to Katsuki’s face, thinking back to all the times Mina would drag Kirishima on top of bars to wild out with her. The friend finally gives in and - holy fucking shit, he’s hot.

Like stupid hot. Thick thighs in fishnet tights, lean upper body, dark curly hair...

Then the guy starts to dance and Katsuki nearly chokes on the sip of whiskey he took to quench his sudden thirst.

Okay, so the hot guy has moves, big fucking deal. The flashing lights make the room bright enough for Katsuki to view parts of the guy’s face and FUCK he’s cutely hot?! Is that even a thing? This is not part of the plan at all: suddenly, Katsuki wants to stay a little longer, linger around, maybe ask the cutie for his number and see where it goes.

It must be fate because the cutie is actually looking in his general direction. Why does he feel blessed suddenly?! The beat rises to a peak then drops...

And the cutie drops into one of the most arousing twerks he has ever had the pleasure of experiencing from afar. Why does he have such flexible hip movements and jiggly butt? It’s unsightly! Actually a hazard to anyone with eyes.

Granted, the brunette with him is also twerking and Katsuki may be bisexual, but he has always had a preference for guys anyways so that fishnet clad, booty shorts wearing ass has his whole attention.

What was his plan again?!

Yes: eat, drink and get the fuck out. He will not be influenced by a cute face, hot body and flexibility. No, he is stronger than this.

He stuffs the last of the peppers into his mouth, wincing at the fierce heat but loving it all the same.

The cutie does a clean split and lots of things happen at once. The dance floor goes wild, people cheering and screaming. The cutie continues his twerk splitting like he does this shit every day. And Katsuki chokes on his peppers.

Let’s get one thing clear: Katsuki is no stranger to choking.

He is a loud guy with a ravenous appetite. Of course, something has gone down the wrong pipe a few times, leaving him breathless and teary eyed. But choking on this especially spicy stuffed pepper... it’s different.

He feels like he just died and placed his whole upper body in the flames of hell. He can’t breathe, his sinuses are clogged with Mexican peppers and he can’t even see thanks to the thick stream of tears leaving his eyes.

Honestly, Katsuki doesn’t expect to die in the corner of a stupid party just because some twunk knows how to wriggle his ass tantalizingly. But what can he do? He’s flailing around basically blind, the music is too loud to hear over and most of the people are drunk as fuck.

Maybe if he makes it to the exit, one of the security guards would spot him?

He tries to move in the vague map of the place he has in his head, but he trips over something and almost face plants.

Fuck, fuck, fuck!

He’s thumping his chest now, trying to cough up his murder weapon. Oh god, he’s getting dizzy. He can’t breathe, he can’t see, he’s surrounded by ppl who either don’t know he’s in trouble or are too drunk to care and he’s gonna die all because some-

He instinctively struggles when arms wrap around him before his brain reminds him he needs someone to help him if he plans on surviving. After a few solid pumps, the stupid peppers fly out of his throat and Katsuki can finally fucking breathe.

“You okay, sir?”

Katsuki can barely hear the deep voice over the music and the heaving sounds he’s making. Fuck, he needs some wa-

A bottle of water is shoved into his hands.

Tears under control, Katsuki looks up to find a security guard watching him, with Fishnets Cutie who can Twerk and two others hovering around with concerned looks.

Fuck. Fuck. He is not supposed to meet Fishnets Cutie like this with his face all red and tears and snot everywhere. Frankly, he’s not supposed to meet Fishnets Cutie ever.

They all escort him out of the main room, where it’s much quieter before Fishnets Cutie starts to babble.

“Are you okay?! I noticed you choking and I ran to get help but it took forever to move through the crowd and-“

“I’m fine.” Granted, his voice is hoarse and he assumes he looks like soggy shit but he’s fine dammit. He didn’t need the twerk master to stop having fun just to come help him!

“You’re The Katsuki Bakugo, riiiii?” The brunette slurs slightly, leaning on her taller friend for support.

“You fuck’n ash hole!” She frowns, “Ash hole. Oh that’s funny!”

She giggles to herself before a tall guy with glasses apologizes on her behalf and walks her away, firmly scolding her with security guard trailing them.

What the fuck? Now, he’s suddenly alone with the guy who can apparently twerk while doing the splits and he definitely did not plan for this.

“I’m glad you’re okay! I was really worried.”

Bright smile, emerald eyes outlined with silver eyeliner, green curls, freckles, freckles, freck-

Okay, who gave this guy the right to be so attractive?! It’s disgusting! Katsuki wants to go home. Preferably with this guy and find out what else that ass do. He sniffs a little, wincing at the pain.

“Yeah, thanks or whatever... you dance like an idiot.”

What. The. Fuck.


Cutie looks a bit put off, a frown forming on his face. Oof, yes, he definitely did that.

Okay, new plan. Fix this shit and get that ass. Simple, 2 steps, execute!

“So,” Katsuki gives his panty dropping smile, ignoring how blotchy he must look thanks to choking and almost dying. “Wanna get outta here?”

Pink glossy lips drop open as Cutie points at himself.



“W-What? Are you sure?!” Cutie is blushing now and he is somehow even more attractive than before. Oh, he’s never been so sure of something in his life.

“I’m sure. Unless you don’t want to, that’s fine too I guess.”

That’s not fine at all: Katsuki would spend the rest of his time in town hunting him down till he gets a slice of that bountiful ass, but let him pretend to not be invested already.

“I do! I want to! Lemme just abandon my friends and pick up my jacket real quick.”

Okay so the guy is cute, sexy, can perform amazing feats of flexibility and has a sense of humor? Impossible. There is no perfect man. The fuckening must be waiting to happen. Katsuki is a proactive guy. He isn’t going to wait for the fuckening to hit him unawares. Nope, he’s gonna root it out as soon a fucking possible.

He waits impatiently for them to step out into the late night/early morning air before dropping the questions.

“Do you have HIV?”

Green Cutie sputters on air, staring at him incredulously.

“Or actually any STD’s really.” He adds, leading the way back to his home.

He’s going to walk home because he wants to give Cutie a chance to sober up a bit before they get down to their obviously less than pure intentions.

“You could act like a decent person and just ask if I’m clean... I am by the way. You?”

Ah, Cutie is pouting. Katsuki wants to bite those puckered lips.

“Yes. Age?” No one will trap Katsuki with an underaged sex claim.

“20. And don’t worry, I know you’re 22. You’re... pretty famous.”

Katsuki smirks. “I know. That’s why you’re so happy to get into my pants.”

Cutie has the nerve to look offended.

“You’re making yourself very difficult to like.”

“Yet, here you are, following me home.”

“I’m not doing this because you’re famous, idiot, I’m doing this because you’re hot and you’re number 2 on my list.”

Number 2?! Who the fuck is ahead of him?! When he asks, the cutie just smiles coyly, “You can’t always be number 1.”

Okay so he’s sassy too?! Who the fuck is this guy?! He wants to ask. He really does. But this has to be a one night stand for the sake of Katsuki’s holiday. He’s not looking for a relationship, barely even wants friendship so it would be easier to forget some nameless hot guy he found at a party.

Perhaps it’s stupid of him to bring this random stranger home but he’s got security anyways. He doesn’t want to take his chances at a hotel where gossip would spread like cutie’s lovely legs doing a split.

He has to just check one more thing before he can accept that there will be no unpleasant surprises tonight.

“Oi.” He tugs the smaller man into a slightly darker alley way. In a predatory manner, Katsuki cages him in, forcing him to tilt his head back.

“What are y-“

Finally, Katsuki gets a feel of the pink lips, sliding against his softly. A warm tongue traces the seam of his mouth and Katsuki opens up, drawn in by the taste and sensation.

Cutie tastes like fruity cocktails and feels amazing pressed up against him. Holy shit.
They break for air, stare into each other’s darkened eyes for a second before kissing again, this time with fire. Their tongues mingle and glide sensually.

Cutie tugs his lower lip gently with his teeth, and Katsuki nearly loses his balance because fuck that felt hot.

Now, they’re grinding against each other and Katsuki finally has his hands filled with ass, like Cutie’s butt cheeks were made to be squeezed by his hands. He wants to reach down and do some more touching but this was supposed to be a simple taste test, ensuring there is a bit of physical chemistry between them.

And fuck yeah, there is, if little Katsuki has anything to say about this. Reluctantly, he pulls himself away and grabs Cutie’s arm.

“My place. Now.”

His growl sounds exactly like he wanted it to. Hot. Horny. Deep. Cutie nods, looking utterly ravished.

Time seems to speed up conveniently and soon, they are kicking off their shoes just past the front door, making out intensely in the darkened hallway.

Katsuki honestly must have been hornier than he thought because he feels like if he stops kissing this man, a vital part of him would disappear. It’s a heady feeling, one that pushes him to take more and more of what the smaller man has to offer and give some back in turn.

The lights suddenly come on. Who the fuck is interrupting his-

“Ah look who said they’re there for the food only~ found something you like brat?”

Fuck, fuck, she’s never gonna let him live this down. He disentangles himself from Cutie.

“Mom. What the fuck. I’m. Occupied.”

Truly, Katsuki isn’t sure why his life must be full of so many embarrassing moments. He is a fucking movie star. He should never have to face this coy look on his mother’s face.

“I knew you would be. That is why I waited up to be able to say ‘I told you so’. You’re having fun! I did good.” She is smiling, so pleased with herself.

Katsuki can feel his libido vanishing with every word she utters and that is unacceptable because he is railing this cutie’s ass till sunrise today or someone is gonna pay.

“... Let’s go.” He pulls Cutie forward to lead him away. The guy is suddenly super pale which is odd.

“Who’s the luck- Izuku?! Oh my god Izuku, you look amazing! You two are getting along so well.”

Izuku. Deku. DEKU?!

He knew it was too good to be true: here’s the fuckening. Katsuki releases his grip on the man, whirling around to face him.

“You. You’re Deku?! When were you gonna fucking tell me?!”

Deku looks at the ground, frowning. “I don’t know! Probably never.”


“I didn’t think it mattered! And it didn’t to you up until now!”

“Are you fucking kidding me? You’re the gold-digging stalker?!”

Why? Why does it always have to be the cute ones? Why can’t Katsuki just catch a break?

“Hey, I’m not a gold digger or a stalker!”

“Hah? Then why were you watching me at the party?”

Now Deku’s cheeks flush and he looks away.

“I was just looking in your direction; it wasn’t anything personal.”

This Deku guy is a useless liar. Perhaps his kid self had some sense naming him this way.

“Are you fucking -“ He tugs his hair a bit, trying to think beyond his annoyance.

Because really, who gives a fuck if Deku comes across as a creep via text? It’s not like he plans on speaking to the man beyond today. He already has him blocked, and sure, now he knows his name. However, in the scale of things, Cutie being Deku doesn’t change how much he wants to fuck him.

He breathes through his nose, counts to two before grabbing Deku’s arm.

“You, me, bed, now!”

“Kacchan!” Deku is blushing hard now but doesn’t struggle.

“Uhhh I feel like I’m missing an important part of this story.”

Ah, his nosy mother is still there, tapping her chin.

“I guess that means it’s none of your fucking business, right?” Katsuki walls past her, Deku apologizing behind him.

“Haha, you’re gonna regret that Katsuki.”

Why the fuck must his own mother give him vague threats from time to time?! It puts him on edge because she never fails to deliver those promises and now he’s really beginning to move to the less fun side of horny. Luckily, all it takes is Deku’s lips on his to drown out everything else and soon, his mother is far from his mind.

They go at it like ravenous men, with Deku not being shy about leaving hickeys and Katsuki allowing them because fuck, he stays at home all day anyways. What’s one more embarrassment by his mom?

Katsuki almost rips Deku’s fishnets before stopping because he doesn’t want to be held responsible for anything nor does he want to give the man a reason to pester him afterwards. Deku rides him, lean muscular arm pressing on his chest and hips rotating in luscious circles.


It’s torturously slow, just the way Katsuki likes it, with the pleasure building in aching increments. Katsuki wants to ask him where the fuck he learned to move like this, what else can he do and holy fuck, can they do it again? But he doesn’t. This is for one night only. No baggage, no relationships, just one night of sex to get it out of his system.

As intended, he does rail that ass till sunrise.

By the time they’re done, he’s too wiped out to ask Deku to leave and the cute green great-at-sex idiot is pressing his freckled face against his bare chest, sleeping soundly. Somehow, Deku’s makeup is still flawless. Only the lipgloss is gone (Katsuki ate that shit up).

Deku must be using some industrial strength shit on his face because why the fuck does he look so good with dewy skin and a smooshed face? It’s stupid and Katsuki hates it. It feels nice being held and holding someone though. He doses off holding the cutie tight to his chest.

By late morning, he watches Deku pick up his things from around Katsuki’s room. Fuck, in the morning light, he can see every inch of freckled skin and he suddenly feels like he hasn’t tasted enough of this idiot. It’s a strong feeling too, rising up in his chest and making him want so much more: of course, he panics.

“Yo, hurry the fuck up and get out of my house.”

Deku stiffens, the slight smile that had been on his face all this while disappearing.

“I’m going as fast as I can.” He replies in a hard voice, pulling his fishnets over supple thighs and a silver thong. His but is perfectly perky and freckled, round and soft as sin. Shit, he’s too hot.

“Well go faster. I don’t want my dad seeing some slut running around.”

‘Okay, perhaps that was too far’, the sane, non-tsundere part of him begs. Katsuki ignores it, despite the discomfort blooming within.

“I’m not a slut for sleeping with you and neither are you one for sleeping with me. You’re such an asshole though, I don’t even-“

Deku cuts himself off, green eyes sparkling with tears and anger. The booty shorts come on as well as the tight shirt. Katsuki is once more staring at the sexy man that took his breath away earlier.

“Look, Deku, I just wanted to remind you that this meant absolutely nothing. So don’t go yapping to your little friends that we’re dating or some shit.”

“And who the FUCK in their right minds would want to date you!?”

“Lots of guys and girls.” He smirks, although that stung... a lot.

“Stop sucking your own dick, Katsuki. It’s unsightly.”

With that, Deku grabs his jacket and leaves, slamming his room door behind him

Katsuki is not hurt at all. Why would he be?! This is exactly what he wanted! Now the idiot would never try to reach out to him again and he can rest easy knowing his plan was successful. But the way Deku spat his name out was... it was like his name was an expletive. It feels... not nice. He prefers the childish name that Deku used for him all night when they’d been doing the dirty.

Anyways he’s fine: he doesn’t need some green idiot hanging around. As he views the stupid hickeys Deku left, a tiny part of him wishes they’d meet again.

Izuku has never been so offended in his life. Gold digger?! Slut?! Stalker?! It’s unfair to label him just from their limited interactions! They always say you should never meet your idols and Izuku wishes he’d listened. After bringing that security guard, he should have left! But nooo, he had to flirt with his childhood crush and see where it went.

And Kacchan liked him! Which came as a surprise because Kacchan is amazing and Izuku is... just himself.

Kacchan liked him only briefly, and they’d had mind blowing sex, and now Kacchan hates him again, and he doesn’t know how to feel beyond offense and a deep sense of sadness.

So of course, he brings Ochako and Tenya to cry about it. After a few drinks, the story is bubbling from lips in an unstoppable stream, punctuated by Ochako’s gasps of disapproval and Tenya’s gestures of rage.

“I have never seen such a dick! ” Ochako says, a fierce look on her face.

“Izuku, let’s go throw eggs at his gate!” Tenya suggests, probably already looking up where to get cheap eggs at this time of the night.

“We can’t!! He’s got like security and shit!! Did I tell you he’s hot? He’s so hot, guys, I want to sleep with him again but maybe tape his mouth shut so he can’t insult me anymore...”

“Yes!” Ochako shouts.

“YES! Oh ...what, no that sounds like assault!” Tenya interrupts.

“I can’t believe you told him to stop sucking his dick!!! Izuku, I’m sooo proud.” She wipes a fake tear from her face while Izuku grins back, alcohol buzzing through him.

“I learned from the best! I’m just sad that I’m gonna have to either get over this funk or tear down all these posters in my room. It’s distracting...”

There is a big Ground Zero poster featuring Kacchan in a ripped hero uniform, snarling at the camera. It’s for Izuku’s favorite movie, UA: Heroes rising. He cannot imagine tearing this down. No matter how irrational Kacchan is, he’s still an amazing actor with an impressive resume and roles that Izuku loves.

“Izuku, some of these were expensive to purchase. Are you really going to tear them down because of this?” Tenya questions, sipping his can of wine.

Izuku groans, pressing his face into the pillow. It’s not news to him that Kacchan is a jerk. He knows and he admires him anyways. The only new dynamic here is that Izuku now knows exactly how it feels to kiss and be kissed by him, to be filled with him, to flirt with him…

Is he crazy for wanting to know more? For wanting to be friends with Kacchan?

Kacchan has friends! Kirishima, Ashido and the self proclaimed Baku-squad. It’s not impossible to befriend the blond, so why is it so hard for Izuku to make a dent?! He already flopped over text, and now he’s a slut in real life as well. What does a guy have to do to have a decent conversation with his childhood crush?

He waves his hand at Tenya. “I’m not gonna tear them down. Kacchan is a stupid head but I’ve known that since forever. I’m just sad he hates me now.”

Izuku is a durable guy. He can take whatever anyone throws at him and keep pushing ahead. When his contemporary dancing dream was waylaid by his parents divorce and his car accident, he didn’t stop. Sure, he’s taking things slow. Sure, he lives with his mom and sure, the doctor told him he’s never going to dance the same, but what do they know?

He doesn’t have to dance the same. He just has to dance.

So even if Kacchan throws his verbal barbs at him, and they hurt upon contact, he’s not going to stop supporting the man. Izuku is stubborn about the things he idolizes and that won’t change in this lifetime.

Katsuki doesn’t miss the stupid cutie and he will deck anyone who says otherwise. He is just slightly lonely. Staying at home doesn’t offer the same level of comfort that it had prior to meeting Deku. It’s like meeting him unlocked a well of horniness (aka desire for intimacy) that Katsuki refuses to acknowledge and tries to push down with his lazy routine.

It doesn’t work well. He finds himself dreaming of the green man, some dreams leaving him more confused than horny. Horny dreams he can understand. Deku is hot. He’s exactly Katsuki’s type and that is irritating but understandable.

It’s the soft dreams that eat at him. The ones where he just sits and watches Deku dance, then he compliments the man like he should have. The bright smile Deku flashes at him in his dreams leaves him feeling a bit lost. His absolute worst one is where he just lies in bed with Deku, the idiot’s cute face pressed on his chest. He runs his hand through green curls and Deku wakes up to smile sleepily at him.

Oh god. That one makes him want to punch someone. It’s not fair. He just met the guy once! He must be incredibly lonely to be latching on to the first bit of attention he finds.

So, of course the solution is to not be lonely. He calls up the Bakusquad, asking them to come spend the weekend with him if they can. Kaminari and Sero are busy with modeling and filming gigs but Mina and Kirishima are happy to step away from the glitz and glam for the weekend.

“Bakubro!” Kirishima steps out of the Jeep with Mina hot on his heels. The pink haired girl launches herself at Katsuki in a hug that he grudgingly accepts.

“Aww you really missed us! How’s your mom? Is she home?”

“Mina, stop thirsting after my mom.”

“Haha, nope!”

She pulls away to rush into his home like she has even been there before, searching for his mom. Kirishima slings an arm around his shoulders in a friendly manner.

“Bro! How’s vacation treating you?”

Katsuki grunts, “it’s fine. Let’s get you settled in.”

They go out to have lunch in a little cafe, their distinct hairstyles hidden by incognito beanies. It’s nice actually. Katsuki pats himself on the back mentally for the idea. Having his friends around does something to quell the loneliness he was experiencing.
The quick paced conversation helps him reorient himself and reaffirm that he doesn’t fucking need Deku.

At least until Mina wants to go clubbing.

“It’ll be fun! When last did you even go out with us?!”

Kirishima supports her and before Katsuki knows it, he’s getting ready for a night out. How the fuck does he still cave to their ridiculous peer pressure?

They go to a club in a nearby city and damn, it’s actually pretty fun. Katsuki doesn’t really dance (unless the role demands it) so he contents himself with drinking and watching his friends tear up the floor.

Drinks plus pining Katsuki is not a good combination because before he knows it, he’s recalling fishnets, strong thighs and a ridiculously good ass.

How would Deku look out there, dancing with Mina? Mina is a professional dancer/actress. Her moves are clean and always so smooth. Katsuki has watched her and her shit enough times to know that Deku’s dancing goes far beyond the average Joe’s. Does the idiot dance professionally? Does he have videos online that Katsuki can go thirst over shamelessly?

What he does know for sure is, he wants to watch Deku dance again, this time not in his dreams. He wants him in front of him, preferably giving him a lap dance...

Shit. He’s thinking about Deku in the middle of a crowded club with his friends literally a few feet away. He can’t use loneliness as his excuse now. He needs to stop thinking so he drinks a lot more.

Mina and Kirishima find him pounding down the drinks and it’s not long before they’re all stupidly drunk and oversharing.

“He’s fucking gorgeous. Oh god, you shoulda seen him move Mina.”

Mina leans in, pulling Kirishima beside her.

“What’s stopping you Bakubabe?! Go for him!”

“Right. Confessing is manly.”

After some more encouragement, he has his phone out dialing Deku. It goes to voicemail because it’s fucking 3am in the morning but Drunk Katsuki takes this very badly.

“He’s ignoring meee! How dare he?!”

“I mean you did insult him a lot!” Kirishima offers, trying to calm him down.

“I KNOW! You should make it up to him! What does he like?” Mina shakes Katsuki’s shoulders, eyes bright and wild.

“How the fuck am I supposed to know?! It was a one night stand, fuck, and I don’t remember shit about our childhood.”

Perhaps that’s a lie. He does remember running around the forest, exchanging stupid anime cards, acting out stupid plays... but that’s useless information at this time.

“Maybe your parents would?” Kirishima suggests.

Fuck, he’s right. His mom has an insane memory. But oh, how she would hold this over him if she finds out how stupidly he messed up.

“Bakubabe’s mom!” Mina almost drools. Katsuki smacks her head to knock her out of it.

They toss around stupid ideas for a while but only one can truly hold water. Katsuki doesn’t know the first thing about Deku and that needs to change if he wants to stand a chance at wooing the man. So, they decide Mr. and Mrs. Bakugou are the way to go.

The rest of the night is spent in a beautiful drunken bliss. It’s been a while since he let loose like this and having his friends with him makes him feel like less of a lonely asshole. Oh, yes, he’s going to fucking win the nerd over.

Izuku wakes up to several missed calls and voicemails from The Katsuki Bakugo. It’s been weeks. What does Kacchan want?!

The first voice mail is impossible to discern, just the sounds of deep pumping base and someone yelling.

The next is more interesting

“Fucking Deku, ignoring my calls! That’s fucking rude you know.”

Eh? Kacchan’s voice is slower and distinctly slurred. It’s ... cute in a way. The man’s voice trails away and the voicemail ends.

Izuku’s eyes widen as he realizes what these are. They’re drunk messages from Kacchan. Kacchan was thinking about him. HIM!!!! He forgoes his typical morning routine to listen to his crush’s mumbled words.

“I can’t suck my own dick, dipshit! That’s what you’re for...”

... Rude. But cute? Sort of endearing even?? Oh god, Izuku is an idiot.

“Oi...” There’s a pause, filled with the thumping bass of a club. “You dance nicely... for a Deku I mean! But you should dance on me -hahahahaha!”

Okay, so Kacchan was drunk and horny. Izuku wonders if he should acknowledge these messages somehow. It’s nice to know that Kacchan actually thinks about him, and thinks he dances nicely... but the blond is yet to apologize for being so unnecessarily rude to him.

Izuku is sort of big on apologies. He apologizes a lot (even for things he has no control over) and he has grown to expect people to apologize when they’re in the wrong. It’s a peculiarity of his.

He already shoved aside Katsuki’s crass blocking of him (since he did sort of invite it with the stupid intro) but he’s not sure he can just ignore the rest. He doesn’t hate him. Not at all. But he would like a nice sincere apology to soothe his ruffled feathers and allow him to move on from the hurt. He isn’t going to drag one from Katsuki though. In the end, there’s really nothing he can say to the man without sounding stupid.

“Hey, you sent me a bunch of thirsty voicemails, are you okay?!”

Nope, that’s not happening. He’s not sending that at all. He’ll figure it out later. For now, he has to do his morning stretches before his busy day at work starts. There’s only so much time he can devote to Kacchan.

“Mom. I fucked up and I need your help.”

The woman pauses, taking a cucumber off her face to peer at him. Her face is smeared with a beauty mask. She is wearing a fluffy robe and looks to be in her element. Beside her, his father is similarly being pampered by home beauticians.

“And you chose to come ask for it during my regularly scheduled beauty treatments, why?”

Katsuki smirks. “You can’t yell at me when your face is all caked up.”

Her red eye narrows but she replaces the cucumber, waving her hand in a ‘proceed’ manner.

“You know De-Izuku right? What kind of shit would he find cute?”

“Oh~ I thought you guys were getting along a little too well” Mitsuki giggles stiffly, reaching out to tap Masaru beside her.

“Mitsuki, they were eating each other’s faces.” He responds.

Katsuki doesn’t blush, goddamn it. “You told him?! Stop gossiping about me!”

“Honey, it’s been ages since we got to watch over you, you can fucking bet I’ll gossip. Inko already knows all about it.”

Katsuki grits his teeth. Should he rent an apartment or something? His mom is toeing the fine line between tolerable and absolutely fucking unacceptable. Having his own place again would be nice but he doesn’t want to deal with the stress of arguing with them over it.

He shakes his head, remembering his mission.

“Do you know or not?!”

“Why don’t you just ask him? I could ask Inko but that seems like unnecessary steps.”

Fuck. No, he’s not gonna tell her he fought with Deku and chased him away. She would go batshit.

“It’s supposed to be a surprise.”

“Ahhh, Masaru did you hear that? Our boy has finally grown up! He’s taking Izu-kun so seriously.”

“The young shall grow.” Masaru intones.

The two of them start chuckling and it’s fucking creepy since they’re trying to keep their faces as still as possible. Fuck this. Mina already helped him find Deku on social media. The man has a page where he posts dance videos and just acts like a ball of fucking sunshine. If he goes super deep in there, maybe he’ll find something to use. His parents together are unbearable.

“Okay. I’m moving out.” He turns to stomp away but Mitsuki calls out to him.

“He likes to dance!”

“I fucking know that.”

“But do you know where he works?” She manages to sound sly even with a stiff face. How?!


“Aha!” She does the stiff giggle and Katsuki is this close to sabotaging her lounge chair.

“Just fucking tell me.”

It would give him a chance to see Deku in his natural element. Plus, maybe if he sees the man in person secretly, it’ll soothe the stupid desire for him.

“I’ll tell you on one condition.”


“Remember when I told you you’d regret it?”

Katsuki scowls even though he knows she cannot see it.

“Dad,” He inserts a slight pleading tone to his voice, “Where does Izuku work?”

“Ha, that won’t work, Masaru is no longer affected by-“

“He’s an assistant at Ultra Dance Studio... Sorry Mitsuki, he sounded so sad.”

His mom sighs while Katsuki exits with a smirk and a new plan to execute.

Okay, he doesn’t really have a plan yet. All his regular plans seem to fall to pieces around Deku so it seems time saving to just wing it this time around. Plus, before Mina and Kiri left, they’d tried to pump him full of ideas to woo Deku.

“You should buy him something!”

“Go to the gym with him. You get to do manly activities with him!”

“Oi, how the fuck is working out together gonna impress him?!” Katsuki wanted to smack Kirishima‘s head but held back.

“Idk man, if you lift more than him, that’s impressive!”

Mina hip-checked him away,

“Dancers like gifts! It’s a fact! Buy him something useful AND expensive, he’ll be putty in your hands!”

“I’m not trying to buy his affections!” But he stored the idea away for later anyways.

All in all, his friends proved useless in helping him with this new goal, so he’s going to have to wing this shit. It’s laughably easy to get into Ultra Dance studios. The receptionist barely glances at him before pointing in the vague direction of hallways. Apparently, they’re putting on a little show so lots of people have been coming and going.

Katsuki tugs his beanie over his hair and fiddles with his mask as he walks down the halls. He peeks in a few doors and it’s usually either empty or there’s a class going on. It’s actually kind of nice.

“Mister!!” A little girl dressed prettily in a ballet outfit rushes up to him. She looks completely adorable and happy, bouncing along in her flats, pale blue hair swinging down her back.

“Mister, can you pleaseeeeee help me tie my hair up?! I can’t find Zu-Sensei anywhere!”

Bright red eyes regard him as she dangles the hair ties in the air. Why the fuck would a little girl approach a grown man dressed vaguely like a criminal so easily?

Katsuki knows he’s not approachable nor good with kids. Does this girl have no instincts?

“Uh, isn’t there anyone else?”

She pouts, shoving the hair ties closer to him.

“I’m asking nicely! Please!”

Well, now how is he supposed to refuse?! Damn, this girl is wasting his hunting time. He just wants to spy on Izuku for a little bit, make sure he’s okay and all that. It’s not like he wants to see the man since he misses him. Not at all. It’s just prudent to make sure Deku is okay before springing impressive feats on him. Yes.

He sighs and bends down, accepting the new task. The girl trustingly turns her back on him, giving him the hair ties. He needs to have a word with her parents. No child should be so trusting; it’s going to get her killed, wtf? He could have grabbed her right this second and walked out of there without breaking a sweat.

As he battles with her mane of hair, he asks, “Hey kid, whatever happened to stranger danger?!”

The girl turns her head to the side, a bright smile on her face. “But you aren’t a stranger! You’re Mister Ground Zero right? You’re a hero, so there’s no danger.”

Heart squeeze. Fuck that strokes his ego to an exponential level. It pulls a smile to his lips and he tugs the medical mask down.

“How’d you tell?”

“Mister Ground Zero has eyes like me!”

“You only saw my eyes after you came near me though...” Katsuki narrows his eyes.

The girl shrugs, “I have good instincts. Zu-Sensei says it’s scary! Have you tied my hair yet?! Hurry Mister Ground Zero!”

Ugh, so the girl does have no sense. He could have been a child trafficker for all she knew, but he obliges, tying her hair into a simple bun.

“Don’t go approaching total strangers based on hunches, kid, it’ll get you killed.”

Why is he scolding this random kid?! She nods.

“And tell your parents to stop le-“

“Eri-chan, where on earth have you been?!”

Izuku appears in all his bootylicious glory. He’s wearing a tank top, green curls pulled back by a hair band and leggings. The leggings hide absolutely nothing. Thick muscular legs, an ass that Katsuki still dreams about... oh god, This has to be considered public indecency, right?! Does Izuku actually dance in these clothes? Can Katsuki come watch?

Izuku spots him of course and narrows his eyes.

“Eri-chan, come on, we’ll be late.”

“Zu-Sensei, look it’s Mr. Ground Zero! Isn’t it amazing!?”

Izuku looks between the two of them, probably trying to figure out when this happened.

“Wow, I wonder what Mr. Ground Zero is doing here?”

Fuck, what that passive aggression?! Deku was really shading him now?

“Zu-Sensei, aren’t you excited? You said you love Ground Zero!”

A smirk appears on Katsuki’s lip. This Eri kid is good for something apparently. Izuku seems to be fighting the blush on his cheeks as he stalks towards them. Katsuki gets distracted by the flex of the man’s legs but his attention snaps back when Eri grabs his hand.

“I want Mr. Ground Zero to watch my part!” Eri turns pleading eyes on him. “Please, Mr. Zero, it’d make me so happy!”

Who gives a fuck if this kid is happy? Not Katsuki. He is not affected at all by cute pouty faces. Her pout has absolutely no influence on how he nods and somehow agrees to watch the entire little kids show and sign autographs after.

Izuku watches the exchange with a surprised look on his face, but it’s not long before he’s leading them down the hallway, talking a mile a minute with Eri.

The man isn’t ignoring him, Katsuki thinks. He’s just busy at work... hopefully. It’s only after watching more than 20 kids flounder around the stage for a few hours, and then an hour more to sign autographs, that Izuku speaks to him directly.

“So what brings you here, Katsuki.”

Izuku’s head is tilted to the side, arms folded over his chest in a way that makes the muscles there stand out. Hotttt.

Also, Katsuki has no idea what to say. He doesn’t want to sound as desperate as he feels, and he really has no idea why he thought it would be a good idea to find Izuku at his work-place.

“I lied... the last time we met, I mean. You- you don’t dance like an idiot.”

Oof, well that’s a good start.

Izuku just raises both eyebrows, completely unimpressed. “I didn’t need you to tell me that. I’m aware.”

Wow, alright Mr. I-can-be-fucking-sassy. Fuck, give him a break he just had to survive a whole bunch of kid-fans without losing his damn mind. A smile would make him really happy right around now. From Izuku’s expression though, he can tell he’s not going to get one.

He should just spit it out. He likes Deku. He would like to spend more time getting to know about the owner of the ass of his dreams. He can’t afford to mess this up. So, he takes the plunge.

With a panty dropping smile, he says. “How about I take you out on a date?”

A pause, then: “Yeahhh, no.”




“No! Are you being purposefully dense Katsuki?”

“... But, why not?!”

Deku raises a perfectly groomed eyebrow and scoffs. “Why not? You are unbelievable.”

Maybe if he asks again, Deku will remove whatever is clouding his brain and accept his offer. After all, he’s fucking Katsuki Bakugo. He doesn’t get rejected, especially not by some dance assistant in the middle of fucking nowhere.

“Deku. I’m asking you to go on a date. With me.”

“And I’m telling you no. You’re an incredible guy Katsuki. But you hurt me. And contrary to what my friends think, I don’t like getting hurt.”

Did Deku just imply he has a pain kink? Hot. More importantly, did Deku just tell him “No” twice? He wants to find a nice corner to go lick up his wounds.

“What, so you want some sort of apology?!”

Deku nods simply. “Yes, actually that would be great!”

Katsuki sputters a little, not exactly sure how to apologize. Somehow, he feels like Deku won’t accept a simple sorry.

“Oh. Okay... how about I apologize with a date?”


“Ah, fuck, fine, I’ll apologize. Just you wait, you’re going to get the best apology of your life.”

His mind is already running far ahead, planning out grand, explosive scenarios to make Deku swoon.

“That’s not-“

“I’m serious. You’re going to fucking die. Of happiness or forgiveness or some shit.”

He starts to back away, enjoying the confused look on Deku’s cute face.

“Oh, and fucking talk to that girl’s parents, she’s gonna get kidnapped if she doesn’t stop.”

“Really? That’s what you’re thinking?” Deku has an actual smile on his face now. It’s soft, sort of gentle, reminding Katsuki of the stupid sleepy smile he can’t get out of his head.

Huh, Deku must really like kids.

“Just watch me Deku. I’ll give you a real apology.”

Wow, it’s fucking easy to make big statements. Katsuki is right back at square 1. He still knows next to nothing about Deku. He also needs to figure out how to apologize whilst wooing him. How did his relaxing break at home turn into this mess of a situation?

He wants to go back in time before he insulted Deku (for being too good looking and making him flustered) and tape his tongue to the roof of his mouth. Perhaps if he had let the morning end organically, he wouldn’t be having these issues now.

At least he has made progress. Seeing Deku in person reaffirmed his feelings. He won’t be able to continue the relaxing break at home, not without trying to make it work with the green cutie. Plus, he knows that all he needs to do is apologize and Deku would consider dating him.

Does it hurt his pride? A bit. He’s used to people fawning over him, attitude be damned. Deku isn’t taking his shit and that’s both annoying and exciting.

Deeper searches through his social media (and that of his friends) provide Katsuki with just enough information to have the inklings of a plan in his head.

A few quick calls and the plan is looking quite lovely in his head. It will be an apology date. Or an apology, then a date (hopefully). His plans always fall to pieces around Deku though, so he’s got back up plans too.

He can do this. He’s a boss. He’s The Man. Katsuki doesn’t need a hype team, his ego does it for him. Ready, set, fucking go.

The last thing Izuku expects on a slow Monday afternoon is a delivery guy dropping off a the most beautiful white tulips at the reception. His boss, Nemuri aka Midnight rushes to his class, interrupting his post-class stretches with a bunch of teens.

“Izuku! You have flowers at the reception! When did this happen?!”

Izuku turns to face her, startled. “Flowers? For me?!”

He dismisses the class and joins Nemuri in her hurry back to the reception.

“Is there a card?! Who would send such beautiful flowers!?” Nemuri encroaches his personal space, oohing and aahing over the impressive bouquet. Still startled, Izuku takes out the little card that came with the flowers.

“Forgive me. -K.” In simple block letters.

Why does it make Izuku swoon?! He can’t stop the smile from forming on his face as he pulls out his phone.

“I got the flowers. They’re nice *sparkles*”

“Good. What time do you get out of work?”

“ ... 4:30pm. Why?”

“Wait for me outside. I wanna show you something.”

And Izuku is quite excited. He hasn’t had this much excitement in a while. There is something about the whole attempt for him that has him already head over heels. It’s thrilling.

The rest of his work day is spent in high energy. Teaching kids different dance styles requires a lot of patience. Since Izuku didn’t get the chance to go to college, his only knowledge is from dance courses picked up here and there, as well as Nemuri’s excellent tutelage. Even as he guides a set of 10 year olds through a street dance routine (which is frustrating anyday), his mind is miles away, thinking about the possibilities Katsuki has in store for him.

Funny how a written apology, a little gift and the thrill of a surprise can get Izuku so worked up.

After a quick post work shower, he finds the blond man waiting for him, just outside of the building. Katsuki is... Katsuki is handsome. He has always been handsome to Izuku, starting off with a silly childhood crush, blooming into teenaged obsession and finally into adult horniness. He doesn’t think there is a time in his life where he hasn’t been crushing on Katsuki. The blond is famous, successful... he’s everything Izuku isn’t and somehow that makes him want to do better, want to try harder, want dance fiercer.

He’s a blinding light. And somehow he’s interested in HIM?!

Izuku isn’t going to kid himself that this will last or something. He doesn’t expect anything more than a few rounds of sex, before Katsuki inevitably moves on and Izuku can go back to supporting the man from afar.

He can’t be sad about that: it’s how life works. He’s just here for a good time, and he’s going to get one, goddamn it.


The man winces slightly, adjusting the mask around his face. “You don’t have to make it sound like a curse every time, y’know?”

A curse? What?

“It’s literally your name?”

“Well, I don’t like it. Call me something else.”

Wow, he’s already so bossy, even while apologizing. Izuku should leave his ass, but he can’t bring himself to not admire the abrasive blond.

“Fine, Kacchan, where are we going?”

“Follow me. It’s a surprise.”

“... That’s how people get murdered on TV, Kacchan.”

“What?! I’m not a murderer, Deku!”

Izuku giggles a little. “That’s exactly what a murderer would say~”

Katsuki grunts. “Alright, share your location with one of your friends or something, geez. And walk faster, they’re waiting.”

They? Who? Who’s waiting?!

He hurried after the blond who is taking large strides.

“Geez, wait! Some of us have been dancing all day and are worn out, you know?”

To his credit, Katsuki slows down, almost even stops. “Shit, are you okay? Should I get a car?”

Hmm, the blond sounds like he cares. It warms Izuku’s toes. “No, it’s fine... just slow down a bit. Walk beside me.”

Katsuki’s red eyes are piercing, almost as if he recalls their trips to the forest where Izuku couldn’t catch up and he would always come back for him.

“Okay... are you hungry?”

Starving. “A bit.”


The rest of the walk isn’t silent at all. Katsuki asks him stuff about himself, makes conversation, acts like an actual gentleman. It’s a bit freaky, but nice. He’s learning stuff about the blond that he can hold onto and savor for ages!

They stop at Katsuki’s front gate. Izuku raises his eyebrow at him.

“Taking me home is the big surprise?”

The blond gives him a look that makes Izuku want to laugh because what world does he live in where The Katsuki Bakugo can give him a weary look?!

The dining room set up is incredible. It’s even candle lit with roses, lilies, and a waiter standing by with champagne. All in Katsuki’s house. What.

“I thought I said no apology dates?”

“It’s not an apology date... it’s a date, after an apology.”

Izuku raises an eyebrow.

“I’m really sorry Deku. I shouldn’t have called you those things. I was panicking a bit because I decided I liked you and that was scary for me. It’s fucking stupid, I know, but even awesome guys can be stupid. So I’m sorry. Also for blocking you so fast, that was me being defensive… So will you please let me take you on this date that’s totally not an apology date?”

It’s cheesy. Oh god knows it’s cheesy. But it screams of effort and sincerity, something that Izuku admires immensely. It makes him feel like Katsuki is taking him, this, whatever it is they have between them seriously. Katsuki likes him. Holy shit. Ochako must hear of this.

“Shit, did I break you? Oi?”

His eyes might be sweating a little but he throws himself into Katsuki’s arms, pressing his red face against the blond’s chest. “No, it’s perfect. I didn’t know you could be so romantic Kacchan!”

“Hah, of course I am!”

Izuku pulls away to press a sweet kiss to Katsuki’s lips.

“You’re a jerk sometimes, but that’s okay. Deku is fine but... Just... don’t insult me outside of the bedroom, ok? ”

Katsuki’s eyes widen, filling with a sort of intensity. “Oh. Pain and degradation kink? Alright Deku, you’ve got it.”

They kiss again, harder this time and somehow, Izuku just knows that he’s definitely going to have an amazing time with Katsuki at his side.

“Oi Deku, hurry the fuck up!” Katsuki turns to watch Deku reluctantly poke his head up the top of the ladder.

“There is no way this is safe, Kacchan.” Deku mumbles as he lithely pulls himself over top rung and into the small attic.

“Shut up, I used to come up here all the time.”

“Yeah, as a kid. Now there’s two grown men in this tiny space that probably hasn’t been cleaned for seve-” Deku pauses as Katsuki turns up the lights.

Katsuki smirks as the cutie’s mouth drops. He spent a stupid amount of time setting up the place so it really makes him happy that Deku is appropriately stunned.

The room is strung up with fairy lights, a pile of pillows, rugs and blankets set in front of a large screen TV. At the side, there’s popcorn already waiting and drinks chilling in the cooler.

“Kacchan, what’s all this?” Deku’s pupils might as well be hearts.

“I thought after our date, we could Netflix and chill.” He bites his lip as the smaller man walks ahead of him, ass following every step. Even if he has changed out of the sinful leggings, Katsuki doesn’t think there is a force on earth that can keep Deku’s booty at bay.

The urge to slap his hand onto it and grab it is strong, but Katsuki prides himself on his ability to hold back his horny. He just has to wait for a few minutes and he’s sure Deku would be all over him.

“Can we watch UA: Heroes Rising?!” Deku turns to him, gorgeous eyes pleading with him. Oh, Katsuki wants to make him beg, make him whine and sob with need. Yet, he is aware of the potency of Deku’s pout so he saves himself by agreeing to it.

Soon, they are splayed on the softness, the opening music playing from speakers strategically placed around. Katsuki has his arm firmly around Deku, keeping a small smile on his face as the man watches enraptured. As an actor, he’s used to people tripping over his scenes but having the praise coming from someone who’s approval he craves is delicious.

He didn’t realize Izuku was that big of a nerd. He knows every line and mutters them under his breath sometimes, grabbing onto Katsuki with shining eyes whenever Ground Zero or All Might appears on the screen.

“Kacchan is so amazing!!!” He mutters, over and over.

During a particularly intense fight scene that left Ground Zero shirtless on screen, Deku squeaked, blushing hard and pressing his face into Katsuki’s chest. Watching Deku watch him on screen is a fucking ego trip. Katsuki knows he won’t be able to resist doing it again. Maybe he’ll make them have an all-out Katsuki Bakugo movie night.

“Ah! All Might!!” Deku has tears in his eyes when the hero reveals is shrunken form to the world, handing the baton over to the rising heroes. “I love him so much! Why did he have to go?”

Deku babbles, pressing himself into Katsuki more. Katsuki lets him, already knowing that he is going to pound Deku into the pillows soon, no questions asked. He is already half hard from watching the nerd in his natural habitat.

To his shock, as the final scene of the movie hits, Deku lunges up, kissing Katsuki with fervor and passion. He doesn’t even have time to fucking breathe before Deku is straddling him, grinding their hips together.

“Kacchan, you’re so hot. Oh god, you’re the perfect Ground Zero!” Deku breathes as he grinds against him, the heroic theme playing in the background.

Katsuki doesn’t hesitate to grab onto the bubble butt, grasping the globes of flesh in his hands and squeezing tight. Izuku arches against him, licking into his mouth with fierce fervor.

“Fuck, fuck.” Katsuki swears as his shirt goes off and Deku splays fingers on his bare chest. The smaller man pushes him onto his back, green eyes dark with lust. His hair is backlit by the rolling end credits and he looks like sin in human form.

“I’ve always wanted to be fucked by Ground Zero.” Deku says, low voice sending tingles straight to Katsuki’s dick.

“Yeah? I have my costume somewhere around my apartment in the city. Maybe if you give me a lap dance, I’ll let him fuck you.”

Deku’s eyes widen before getting heavy lidded. He leans over Katsuki, warm breath tickling his ear. “Oh. Kacchan wants a lap dance? Do you want a strip tease too?”

Katsuki is about to wreck someone’s child with his dick. If Deku isn’t careful, he’s going to have to take responsibility for how painfully hard he’s getting. The tease of a man does a slow gyrate over him, pressing him onto the pillows with heated kisses. Katsuki grabs his waist, wanting to feel the muscles flex and undulate under his fingertips.

“I’m going to need some music. To put me in the mood.”

Katsuki has never connected his speakers to his phone so fast. The TV goes off and all that illuminates them is the fairy lights, casting ripples of light and shadow over Deku’s form.


Katsuki knows his holiday plans were put on hold, but now he knows he’s screwed. Who the hell in their right mind would let someone like this go?

Deku grinds against him with his soft butt, teasing Katsuki through the soft pants he’s wearing. As the sexy notes ripple through the air, Deku shimmies away before taking the bottom of his shirt into his mouth, revealing a taut waist and gyrating hips.

On his knees like this, Deku looks like one of the Magic Mike dancers, pretending to hump against the floor while maintaining heated eye contact with Katsuki. The shirt goes off and his sweatpants slide down a few inches to reveal the roundness of his butt and a green thong.

Oh the things Katsuki would do for Deku’s booty. He’d sell his mom, no questions asked. Give up drinking, even hand over his credit card if Deku told him to. He is an ass man through and through, and Deku’s ass is the cream of the crop, freckled, bouncy, soft and moldable!

By the time Deku has his sweatpants down to his thighs, Katsuki loses patience and drags him over to kiss him. Their tongues slip and slide between them, as Katsuki shucks off the rest of their clothes.

Sex with Deku makes him feel so high. Deku constantly showers him with praises, moans and cries when Katsuki edges him mercilessly, gives as much as he gets with no filter at all. It is intoxicating, and Katsuki doubts he’s ever going to get enough of it.

Deku is also ridiculously flexible. Katsuki is definitely going to show him the sex card game Kaminari bought for him and suggest they try out some of the postions in them. For the first time in his life, Katsuki is grateful for Kaminari’s chaotic presence.

In post-coital bliss, wrapped around each other like human silly string, Deku places his freckled cheek on Katsuki’s pecs and gives him the sleepy blissful smile he has been dreaming about. It makes Katsuki’s heart squeeze.

“So tell me… Doesn’t this move me to number 1 on your list?” He asks with a smirk, playing with Deku’s green curls.

“Hmmm, you’re going to have to try harder. Number 1 is pretty incredible. I’d drop you for him if he glanced at me.” Deku says, mischievously.

Katsuki growls and pulls him into a kiss, actually curious about this guy now.

“Come on Deku. Tell me. Maybe I could pull some ‘I’m a fucking superstar’ strings and get you to see him.”

Deku gasps, looking at Katsuki with the awe he likes to see. “You can do that?!”

“Tch, just spit it out!” He nuzzles Deku’s soft cheek, other hand straying to grope his ass possessively.

“Okay… it’s Yagi Toshinori.”

“WHAT?! You’d pick that bag of bones over me?” Katsuki teases, a laugh bubbling up within him.

“Yes! He’s All Might!”

“You know it was body double right? You can’t possibly think he managed to bulk up so fast.”

Deku pinches his nipple, making him yelp and laugh out loud. “Oh god, Deku. You’re impossible.”

“Shut up.” The cute man pouts, before pressing his face into Katsuki’s chest.

They are silent for a few moments before Deku peeks at his again, voice alluring.

“Oh, by the way Kacchan, how soon can you get your Ground Zero costume over? I wanna play the helpless civilian who agrees to let you fuck him in gratitude.”

Katsuki’s heart rate triples. Fuck. Deku is going to be the death of him. It’s going to take a while to fly out to the city and grab his shit, unless he has one of his friends root around in his apartment and send it to him. He doesn’t like them sticking their grubby hands in his shit though.

Yet, all it takes is a flutter of Deku’s long lashes and the decision is made.

“I’ll have it by the end of tomorrow.”