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Want to Believe.

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23 th of November 1990 - FBI - Hoover’s Building - 07:56 am - Dana Scully


The sound of my heels echoed down the hall of the main building. This day was to start differently, but the morning phone call from the director's office dispelled all my doubts.

I bit my lower lip, frowning. In this hour I should be at lectures at Quantico. Director Skinner's tone of voice inviting me to a meeting about the new assignment and partner with whom I’ll start to work. I sighed. Until now, I was lecturing at the academy and doing a lot of sections for the FBI, and now they wanted to assign me to someone.

I did not like this idea at all, but I did not like it at all - I thought, knocking on the door of the director's office at 08:00 am.




I entered the room, looking around.

- Good morning, director. You called for me ... - I started, but I stopped in the middle of the sentence. I noticed Skinner wasn't alone. He was accompanied by an older man who looked at me. He is doing nothing to the ban of smoking in the building and took a cigarette to his mouth.

I frowned, sitting down on the chair indicated by the director. Skinner got straight to the point, talking about my achievements. The smoker only nodded, smiling at the corner of his mouth.

- What do you know about Agent Mulder? - he asked, looking straight into my eyes.

- He graduated with honors in psychology at Oxford. The psychological portraits of the perpetrators he wrote helped solve several cases. His analyzes are insightful and very detailed. - I began cautiously, trying to investigate their reactions.

- Is there anything else? - asked the smoker, putting out his cigarette.

- Ummm …- I started feeling confused. - In the academy he was called “spooky” Mulder, mainly because of his interest in paranormal phenomena.

- We decided with Director Skinner that you would be appropriate from all the candidates presented so far. You are a doctor. Your look can add a lot to investigation, bringing Agent Mulder to the ground. We ask for reliable reports. You join him from today, and in the meantime you can continue lecturing at Quantico.

They thanked me pretty quickly. I closed the door with a quiet click, resting my forehead against the cool wall. That was what I needed. - I thought, trying not to think about what my future "spooky" partner might look like. At the academy, there was a lot of rumors about him. There may be a shadow of truth in every of those rumors, but most of them are certainly complete nonsense. I read some of his papers on forensics and psychology. I have to admit that several times I found myself thinking about his theses ...

I went down to the basement of the building, to the room where the archives of the x was located. Unsolved, heavy and certainly unusual.

I swallowed hard and knocked.

To be or not to be.




I opened the door, seeing a dark-haired man leaning over the photos from the projector. He was wearing a light shirt. It's not an alien. I thought sarcastically, seeing him raise his head, looking at me from above the glasses.

- You must have lost agent, this is the place for the outcasts. - he started.

- Agent Mulder? I am Dana Scully. I have been assigned to work with you. I started answering his handshake. I saw his bright gaze.

- Oh, where did such honor come from? - he asked quickly.

- Actually, I'm looking forward to working together. I've heard a lot about you. - I answered.

- Really? I have the impression that they sent you to spy on me. - he said, ashamed me. I think he sensed my confusion because he smiled after a moment. I didn't give up.

- If you doubt my qualifications then …- I stopped.

I saw his hazelnut eyes looking at me. I couldn't get rid of the impression that what they were saying at the academy was one big fake. Agent Mulder is so handsome. He had a low, pleasant voice.

- You're a doctor. You teach at the academy. You also did a diploma from physics. - he interrupted me. - “Einstein's twin paradox. New interpretation. Dana Scully.” Now this is a certification for rewriting Einstein.

- Ummm ... You didn't have to bother reading this.

- I have read and liked it.

I watched as he removed the slide efficiently and inserted it into the projector.

- In most of my work, the laws of physics are very rare. - he said, walking past me to turn off the light. I couldn't look away from his silhouette. - Maybe you can make a medical opinion on this case.

I shifted my gaze to the projector screen, seeing the victim's face close up.

- Oregon. Woman. 21 years. Cause of death unexplained. The autopsy showed nothing.

Another slide. Close up of the marks on the back.

- Two, independent marks on her loins. Dr. Scully, could you identify them? - he asked with a hint of flirtation.

I frowned, stepping closer to the screen.

- These may be needle pricks. Animal bites. Electric shock. I replied quickly.

Next slide. Molecular Diagram.

- How about your chemistry? They found this substance on a handkerchief next to the victim.

I tilted my head.

- Organic substance. I don't know, maybe it's a synthetic protein?

- Bite me, but I have never seen anything like that.

Another slide. This time, the boy turned his face to the tracks. T-shirt raised, showing marks on the back.

- Another, South Dakota.

The projector screen cast a bright light on his figure leaning against a wooden desk. In this light, it looks even more enigmatic. - I thought. We looked at each other at the same time. Next picture.

- Another victim, Texas. he replied turning off the screen. It was dark in the room. I felt my throat dry up.

- Do you have any theories? I asked.

- I have few. he replied with a smile as he approached me. - Maybe you can explain why the office policy considers such matters to be unexplained, ignoring them. Do you believe in extraterrestrial life?

I smiled.

- Logically, I'd say no.

He nodded, as if expecting such an answer.

- Classic sacrifice. You know that Oregon woman. She is the fourth person in the same class to die in mysterious circumstances. When science doesn't give us the answer, maybe we should go somewhere else?

- Surely this girl died because of something. If the reason was natural, they probably missed something in the post-mortem phase. If she was murdered, maybe a sluggish investigation. What I find fantastic is that sometimes science gives us answers. The answers are there you just need to know where to look for them.

Mulder smiled.

- Then see you tomorrow morning, Scully. We leave to Oregon at pleasant - 8am.

- What about the tickets? - I asked shyly.

- I bought flight tickets this morning and booked hotel rooms for us.

Seeing the nascent surprise on my face, he added.

- I'll pick you up tomorrow. I think 6am in the morning will be appropriate.

I felt a firm handshake and left the room after a while.

I breathed out loudly. I was pretty sure that this day changed my life already. Time will show if it will be a good or bad change and I can said that I’m pretty excited about tomorrow.



The alarm clock woke me from a deep sleep. I swore ugly, half-consciously trying to turn off the ear-drumming sound.

I could not sleep. The case brought by Mulder did not leave me alone. I knew that my newly met partner did not trust me, and our first meeting was a form of test.

I spent most of my evening in medical books. I tried to match the marks found on the victims' bodies and the structure of the protein found nearby one of them. It was not an easy task. I made notes with several theories in my head. I just need proof.

I bit my lower lip, thinking about my newly partner. Damn, why anyone at the academy said that Mulder is ummm kinda intriguing. It did not make things easier.

I sighed heavily, glancing at the clock. I cursed loud run from bed. I had fifteen minutes to leave.




Washington - 24.11.1993 - 06:00 am


When I left the building, Mulder was leaning against the car. He was wearing a light blue shirt and a black coat. He looked amazingly fresh for this rather shitty zombie hour.

- Hey, Scully. - he said with a smile, watching me attentively. - Had a hard night? - he asked before he could bite his tongue.

- Yes. You will probably be disappointed because I also have several theories. - I said, shoving a briefcase of notes in his hand. The man's look was intense. I saw how he licks his full lips.

- I'd love to read them. - he replied with a smile. I saw that he wanted to add something else. He hesitated. After a moment, however, he coughed and sighed loudly.

- Your hair. - he said without thinking, watching me intently.

- Mulder, I got up less than 20 minutes ago.

- You have beautiful curls. They suit you. Hmm ... I guess I'll never understand women. - he replied quickly, taking my luggage from me. After a moment he threw my suitcase into the trunk. I sat on the passenger side, glancing out of the corner of my eye at the side mirror. My natural hair was fairly unruly and thick. They were spinning hard, reminiscent of 80s hairstyles. At work, I wanted to look professional, so I straightened them, putting them on a brush. That was probably Mulder's remark.

My new partner sat next to me and after a while we are going to the airport.

- I took take-out coffee for us. - he said breaking the silence. I glanced at the cardboard cups. - Classic strong black with a bit of cream. I thought it might be useful.

- Thank you, Mulder. - I answered, taking the cup in my hand. I saw him glance at me. He smiled. As if yesterday's forced reserve disappeared somewhere.

- I hope not just for coffee. - he replied slyly. I shook my head in amazement.

- No. Not only. - I answered quickly, looking out the window. I should stay professional and not flirt with him. I chided my thoughts.

Mulder quickly changed the subject.

- I'm curious about your theories, Scully. I suspect you worked all evening, right?

I nodded my head. I saw planes taking off from afar. I took a sip of coffee - it was hot as lava, it burned my tongue.

- Interesting case. - I added more quietly. - I don't remember when I had to look in the medical books.

Mulder glanced at me, replied with a smile.

- Welcome, in the x-files.



Oregon 24.11.1993 - 14:00 pm


Mulder went through my notes all the time, asking me for clarifications. For a long moment I forgot that I hated to fly, but the migraine drilling into my head couldn't go unnoticed. I reached for my backpack for painkillers.

- Do you think this organic protein could be the cause of death?

I sighed.

- Without a thorough autopsy, it's hard for me to say. Theories, as you can see, we have, but we lack evidence. In addition, it's hard to say how well the doctor checked the body.

Mulder nodded.

I got up from the seat, wanting to hide my backpack when the plane shook hardly. I squealed. It was a moment, one damn moment when I felt a firm hands on my back. I fell straight into Mulder’s arms. I looked up shyly, meeting his gaze. We were separated by millimeters, his hot breath brushing my lips.

I blushed, apologizing from my tightened larynx.

- Is everything ok, Scully? - he asked, and I just nodded. - Hey, are you okay? - he added, and I lost myself in his hazel eyes.

- Yes. I just got scared. I ... Ummm ... I'm sorry. - I said, moved quickly from his body and sitting on my sit, fastening my seat belt.

A message came from the speakers.

- We apologize for the inconvenience, but we have fallen into a strong torrential wave. We're getting closer to Oregon. Landing in about 15 minutes.

Flight attendants passed through the corridor watching over passengers. I closed my eyes, feeling a severe headache, and my heart almost leaped out of my chest.

- Hey, Scully? - I heard a questioning tone.

- I hate to fly. - I answered truthfully, digging my hands into my sit. - Sorry ...

- It could have ended worse, Scully, if I didn’t catch you. - he said smiling. He was right.

I remembered his firm grip. I glanced at his hands, which were holding the case file. He was focused on the text. He had nice, wide hands.

- Are you staring at me? - Mulder replied with amusement.

- Ummm I just …- I rebuked my thoughts. - I wanted to thank you, Mulder.

I replied quickly, staring at the window.

We finally landed and I breathed a sigh of relief. I hope Oregon will welcome us easily.



After checking in into the hotel, we immediately headed to the place where the last victim was found.

- FBI. - said Mulder, passing under the tape separating the crime scene.

Deep forest. The earth smelled of rain and damp needles from trees.

- Sheriff Ohara. - said the man, meeting my gaze.

- Dana Scully, FBI. This is my partner Fox Mulder. - I answered in a hard voice.

- It's not a woman's case. - he replied and I frowned. His comment can’t hurt me so much. It’ a male world and I’m one woman probably here.

- Sheriff, I've seen worse. - I answered coldly. I felt Mulder's eyes on me. - The fact that I am a woman adds nothing to my view of the whole case. Teenagers are mysteriously killed. The perpetrator is still free, and I am a doctor, a believer in science. I would like to solve this case, same as You, Sir. so please do not downgrade my qualifications just because of my gender. - I added looking straight into his eyes. - I'd like to look at the bodies again.

- Any problem? - asked Mulder, looking from my face to the sheriff.

- I think Sheriff Ohara understood my request to see the victims' bodies again.

- We only need to make a request to the families of the victims regarding the exhumation of the bodies. We still have our last victim in our place.

- Please do it. - I said coldly, stepping aside. I glanced at Mulder, who was looking at me with a smile.

- I wanted to move to the rescue, but I see ...

I interrupted him.

- Mulder, believe me, I can take care of myself. And even more so deal with such ... - I stopped trying to find the right word. Mulder moved closer to me. I felt his breath brush across my cheek.

- Assholes. - he replied straight into my ear, after a while checking my gaze.

- Yes. That's exactly the right world what I’ve miss to end my sentence. - I replied slyly, suppressing laughter. Mulder winked at me and walked to where the body was found.

I sighed, still feeling the radiation warmth from his body. I saw Mulder checking nearby soil and taking a sample for further analysis.

- Agent Scully. - Sheriff Ohara replied. - We have prepared a room for you for the body section. As for the rest of the victims, we are still waiting for family decisions.

We looked at each other. Mulder threw me the car keys.

- We'll be in touch. - he said and smile.

I nodded and headed in the direction where Mulder parked our rent car.

I knew that this day would not end soon.



I finished the section when the sound of my cell phone pierced the silence.

- Scully? - I asked immediately.

- Scully, it's me. - Mulder replied. - How you doing?

- I have just finished.

- I'll be there in a moment. - he replied and hung up. I frowned. If he will be soon why he is calling. I shook my head in disbelief. I glanced at the monitor and rubbed my tired eyes. I took samples for research. The results should come tonight. During the session, I did not detect anything disturbing. This restrictive organic substance would not leave me alone. The girl was young, healthy. Internal organs were fine. It made absolutely no sense.

I sighed with resignation, when I heard someone's footsteps.

- Mulder? - I asked hopefully, turning around.

- N ... No. Agent Scully. Another body was found. - the young policeman replied.

After a while, my partner burst into the room.

- I know, Mulder. Give me a moment. I'll need to change. - I answered, looking for his eyes.

I liked it all less and less.




All I wanted was to try to eat something and go to bed. The pain in the shoulder didn't go away. I was finishing printing documents from two sections for later comparison.

- Hey, Scully? - I heard behind me. I turned around to see Mulder's shy smile. - I don't know if you'd like to accompany me, but ... What would you say for a proper and really late dinner and something stronger to drink? It was a hard day. Don't let me to beg you. - he replied with a note of hope in his voice.

I smiled.

- I think you read my mind. - I answered quickly.

Mulder studied me for a moment. I saw him licking his lips as if weighing his next words.

- You deserve for the best restaurant, Scully. - he began, and I blushed. - But here it could be so hard and in this small town ...

I interrupted him.

- Mulder, thank you, believe me, it's enough if we eat in the room. - I replied smiling.

- Be my guest. - he threw. - Will be ok if we could meet in half hour?

I nodded my head.

- Perfect. See you soon.

When I heard a quiet click I smiled to myself. He asked me in a really sweet way and I definitely stop to think like that.

He was right with one thing it was a damn hard day, but I’m started to be excited about meeting with him.