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Lifted Spirits

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Billy will never get used to the wonder of flying. Even though it was something that felt natural to him. Just as mundane for his Captain Marvel form as walking. When he was younger he’d feel jealous of the birds, they could go wherever they wanted, no social services, gruel uncles or  anyone  stopping them. When he was granted his powers for the first time, he felt like a bird free from a cage. Even though he still marveled at how a 200-pound body could stay afloat 7 miles in the sky. Flying never ceases to amaze him. How he could soar through the clouds with no effort whatsoever. Make himself fall and feel the chilly wind around him before catching himself. 


He was just about done with his patrol. Fawcett City had been strangely quiet, only a few low-key muggings and an almost-car-crash, but it was the holiday season so most criminals laid off for a bit. Though he knew from experience that it was a lot harder to survive on the streets in the colder months. It would often feel like you were walled off from the rest of the world who welcomed the time of the year that brought them joy but meant just a touch more of misery for you. Billy had to fight off a shudder at the memory of starring at bright Christmas lights and watching happy people walk past the alleyway he was sitting in, legs close to his chest, loneliness and cold eating away at him. 


It only took a shake of his head to clear any negative thoughts and the smile that had been stuck to him all day returned. Billy didn’t have to worry about spending the holidays alone. This would be the second one he spent with his new family and he wasn’t going to let the past bring his mood down. This was bound to be the best one, he’d make sure of it. Last year had taken him by surprise because he hadn’t anticipated how big the Christmas spirit was around the Vasquez household. They went all out, a tree, gingerbread, decorations and presents. He hadn’t expected any presents because he didn’t remember receiving any at other foster home but he wouldn’t make the same mistake this year. He had already planned a perfect gift for each one of them. 


But before he could go home to Victor and Rosa, get a knock on the head for being late to dinner and flop in front of the TV with his feet on Freddy’s lap, he had to go to the Watchtower. Just a simple report needed to be written up. That mission had taken up most of the day before, leaving no one the time to do it then. Everything had gone according to plan so he didn’t have anything to stress about. Plus, he was one of the four people involved so he wouldn’t be subjected to Batman’s questioning alone. With that thought, he set his course to Fawcett City’s Zeta tube.                       


The zeta beam materialized him onto the deck where a monologue voice announced his arrival. A grin edged into his face when the buzz of heroes coming and going hit his ears. Watchtower was rarely not busy. He dashed through the corridors, waving and greeting everyone that he moved passed. Most of the time he got a polite hello back but also a few good-natural eyerolls at his hyper excitement when, in their eyes, there was nothing to be excited about. Either way, he couldn’t stop grinning, his moral was even more boosted when he got a high-five from Flash when he passed him.  


Before he stepped inside the meeting room, Billy stopped in front of one of the ceiling-to-floor windows that showed the space outside. Everyone usually got used to the view after a few times but he couldn’t contain the wonder that surged out of him every time he saw it. He wasn’t sure if the stars could beat Christmas lights in a beauty competition but they were close. 


Billy didn’t stall too long because home was still calling his name. He loved being there, Watchtower had been the closest thing to home before he’d been taken in by the Vasquez’s. Sure, he couldn’t reveal any details about his personal life to anyone there but they were still his friends, they fought the same battles and took the same sighs of relief after they were over. There was no way you wouldn’t be fond each other after doing this line of work together for a few years. But still, now he had a real home to go to where there was a bile of spaghetti waiting with his name on it. Plus, Rosa and Victor had said that they had a surprise for them which had kept him worked up all day. With that thought, he started almost skipping into the meeting room, prepared to rush through paperwork.