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how the strings intertwine

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The first time the name MDC was ever brought up was when Jagged Stone walked down the red carpet of the VMAs in a plain shirt covered by a blazer that was decorated in little intricate designs in bright colors. The embroidery was so meticulously done and anyone could see the amount of time and effort it must have took.

“Cool right?” Jagged Stone had said, “MDC hand-stitched all the little things!”



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Marinette hadn’t meant to become some sort of overnight sensation, hadn’t expected the press and the public to be so taken by her design. When she initially started on the blazer, what she had were twitching fingers and a need to calm herself.

She couldn’t understand how life suddenly became too much for her. Her piles upon piles of schoolwork, fighting and purifying the akumas of Paris, trying to defend herself from Lila’s lies. The mountain of responsibilities and obligations was really wearing her down, her shoulders have never felt so stiff and her head kept pounding with every breath she took. 

Embroidering the blazer started off as a distraction. Tikki had told her to take a break, to step away from her homework and take a breather. It was nonsensical patterns at first, strings of color with no particular start or destination. Marinette just wanted to keep her hands busy.

Soon, her colorful adventures took shape into ocean waves crashing on top of another, swirling rays of sunlight, the flowing night chill. Her mindless handiwork going from a singular blue string to a midsummer scene.



[Image: Clara Nightingale caught mid-spin, her movement highlighted by the glow of the setting sun. She’s wearing a white sun dress, decorated by an intricate ivy pattern that seems to be engulfing her by the side of her left thigh and climbing up towards her right shoulder.]


claranightingale Behind the scenes of the AWAY music video. This beautiful dress was made by the ever so lovely MDC #MDCOriginal #AWAY

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The blazer was never meant for Jagged Stone. It was a coincidence that Marinette’s capable hands ended up with such a work, and it was an accident that Jagged even saw it.

He had caught her off guard. Maybe she was too focused on the blazer to take note of her parents calling her name or Jagged himself announcing his presence, maybe Jagged had intended on surprising her. But then he saw what she was holding on to, the way the blues of the ocean and the silver of the wind seem to share the most innocent of kisses as the golden sun and the green of the trees smiled upon them. He had to have it. 



An excerpt from an interview with actress Marie Gray


JUNE: Yes! I’m sure we all saw your beautiful wedding pictures. Really, both you and Raine looked absolutely beautiful in your wedding dresses!

MARIE: Thank you! Honestly, we have MDC to thank for that. It was their first time doing wedding dresses and honestly? They absolutely killed it. I’m so honored to wear their first wedding design and they were so sweet and accommodating, the dresses are beyond perfect, really.

JUNE: Oh wow! The MDC had your wedding dresses made? Not to sound like a broken record but it was so beautiful! I’ve never seen anything like it!

MARIE: Right?! Let me tell you, I’m convinced MDC is magical. They have sketches all over their workspace and there is not a single bad design! Not even like, a mediocre or anything that feels like oh that's kinda cute. They’re all perfection. I don’t get it. 

JUNE: You’re making me a little jealous here Marie! God, I would love to meet them one day.




Marinette had to admit, seeing the Jagged Stone in the blazer made her feel a vivid burst of pride in her chest. It fit him surprisingly well. Personally, she would have preferred if she could have the blazer itself custom made to Jagged’s measurements but the rather loose fit of it pulled the look together.

Jagged was so excited for the piece too. He couldn’t stop raving about the imagery and story that the threads carried. If Marinette hadn’t allowed him to have it, he wasn’t above going on his knees and begging the girl for it.

How could Marinette say no? Not when it looked like Jagged was born for it. Not when it was both so Jagged in the way it’s unapologetically loud in its colors yet a completely new look.

“It’s a gift.” Marinette insisted when the singer called on his assistant to write her a check. They argued on it for a while, Jagged and Penny telling her that they would at the very least compensate for the material, and it’s so well done, of course you need to get paid. But Marinette was having none of it. It wasn’t a commissioned work; it wasn’t something she spent weeks on to put together. Putting a price on it seemed wrong.

The two adults relented eventually, with the promise to pay her for any other future designs.



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After Jagged Stone’s appearance on the red carpet, name dropping an unknown designer that he had discovered, MDC became the buzz of the fashion world. Magazines, news outlets, critics have all reached out to Jagged in hopes of getting more information on this mysterious MDC. Fan pages, steadily filling up with conspiracy theories started popping up here and there. All of them wanting to know more, wanting to know everything about the designer.

The speculation and whispers only skyrocketed when soon after the VMAs, Clara Nightingale posted a picture on Instagram while crediting MDC in the caption.



The Secret Weapon of Your Favorite Stars and Celebs

Ever since Jagged Stone first caught the attention of the entire world with his awe-inspiring VMAs appearance, his designer, the mysterious MDC, has been the name on everyone’s lips. The designer’s way of reinventing classic silhouettes and use contrasting yet complimentary colors has taken the fashion world by storm. 

But who is MDC? The designer has worked with many notable stars, such as the aforementioned Jagged Stone, Clara Nightingale, and Charlotte Lambert yet little is known regarding the designer themself.

Click for more



Clara had always been a big fan of Jagged Stone. Even after her debut as a singer and meeting the rock star himself, she continues to support him in any way she can and listen to his music. They’re friends now. That fact still makes Clara’s head spin sometimes. To be able to have a close, trusting, and supportive relationship with someone she had consistently looked up to feels like a dream come true.

Jagged, she realized, is much more than an icon. He is kind, fiercely loyal, and watches over his own.

When Jagged introduced her to Marinette, a young aspiring designer, Clara instantly knew that this teenager was special. At the time, she couldn’t quite find out why but looking back, it’s always been obvious. 

Marinette is a lot like Jagged Stone himself. Burning with a passion, fearless in the face of new challenges and change.

When Jagged Stone showed up in the VMAs with a stunning blazer and a new name on his lips, he confided in her about Marinette. They were having a quiet moment backstage. “You remember Marinette, right?”



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Marinette was feeling a little dead on her feet. She had gone through another all-nighter going over her commission requests and sewing on the finishing details of her current project. It was rewarding work and it was something she loved but if she had to stich on white lace, she might just lose it.

She yawned, a sleepy kind of tired seeping into her bones.

“Marinette!” Tikki exclaimed, bumping her head against her holder’s cheek when she noticed Marinette’s eyes starting to droop. “Ah, right.” Marinette rubbed her eyes, getting the sleep off of the corners of it before making her way down to the bakery.

The young girl stopped by the counter to give her parents a quick good morning kiss and a wave goodbye. “Mon ange, take care of yourself.” Sabine took note of her daughter’s drowsy state and frowned. Though Marinette has never been much of a morning person, Sabine knows that her daughter has been swamped with work. “Don’t spread yourself too thin.”

“I’m okay Maman, promise.” Sabine wasn’t too convinced but it’ll have to do for now. “Alright Mari, stay safe!”

By some sort of miracle, Marinette wasn’t late today. Meaning, she could take her time walking the distance from bakery and happily meeting up with Max half way through her commute.

Max greeted her with a smile, noting her early morning and congratulating her for it. “Wish I wasn’t awake though.” She made a show of stretching her arms up and rubbing her eyes, emphasizing how much she wished she was back in the comfort of her warm bed. Max laughed at that, expecting nothing less from the girl.



[Image: a close up shot of idol Amaya Hanazuki wearing a thin strip of black lace over her eyes. There are strands of silvery white hair falling in front of one side of the lace and. One bare shoulder was tilted upwards and just peaking in the picture.]


flowersofamaya 14YOU X @OFFICIALMDC 

So excited to reveal that for our latest project ‘phantom’, MDC themself (yes!!! MDC!!!) had been so kind to design our lacy fantasy!!

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officialmdc stream phantom  
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She didn’t know this before, but there was this quiet sense of power when you sit at the back of the class. For one, she could see the top of everyone’s heads. Could see what they were all doing, could see the way Lila latched herself to Adrien’s side, how Alix seemed would twirl her pencil between her fingers during lessons. And she could see all of them trip over themselves to answer Lila’s every whim.

It hurt more at the beginning. Marinette is a caretaker by nature, not the type of person who could sit idly by and watch her loved ones get stepped on and lied to. But she was only human, there was only so many times she can see her friends turn against her before she broke.

The pain was still there, dulled down around the edges but there nonetheless.

Marinette’s not lonely though. Her salvation and comfort came in the most unexpected of places. It came in the way Chloe would huff down next to her and ensure her (in her own little Chloe way) ‘as if I could ever fall for that little rat’.

“Mari, my Maman wants to know if you could come style the next shoot.” Chloe said in lieu of a greeting, one hand propped up so she could daintily rest her chin on, the other waving around in the air. “Just to style?” Marinette asked, settling into her seat next to the blonde. “Yeah, you get to go through the whole wardrobe collection and go wild or whatever.”

In all her life, she never thought that she would find herself a friend in the form of Chloe Bourgeois. And if she took a moment to ponder that thought for a few seconds longer, it still leaves her with a feeling of whiplash. But Chloe had changed her ways, said her piece, and stayed by Marinette’s side when no one else did. That counts for something.

“Chloe, I’d love to.” 

“I’ll tell Maman to e-mail you with the details.”

Chloe was the only one in class who knows about her work as MDC (which, again, weird to think about for too long). Marinette never realized how nice it is to have someone she can talk about fashion with. Though Alya had always been supportive, she’s never been particularly interested in the finer details of it.

Chloe on the other hand, lived fashion her whole life. Wasn’t afraid to point out a mistake in Marinette’s design or help her find a coherent color scheme. Chloe was fun to bounce ideas on. She would voice her own ideas in response, carrying on the conversation and developing the design from something good to something perfect.

Marinette had a design saved for Chloe in her sketchbook. The one that’s safely stored away with her diary.



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From the back of the class, Marinette bore witness to many things. Particularly, Lila’s lies.

I wonder what’s it gonna be today, she thought bitterly. She gifted plushies to kids in a refugee camp? No wait, helped raised funds to stop world hunger? Maybe she helped Beyoncé write her new song.

Alya was leaning closer to the front, practically hovering over her seat to devour every word that came out of Lila’s mouth. Marinette couldn’t see her face from where she sat but she knew that Alya had that determined twinkle in her eye, a crooked grin, and a billion questions ready on her tongue. She remembered when once she was the one who got the receiving end of that look daily.

“Yeah, I was the one who introduced Charlotte to MDC!” 

“Wow Lila! That’s so cool of you!”

“Dude, that’s awesome! Charlotte looked really good last night!”

“It’s nothing! I just wanted to be a good friend, you know! And also! Get this, they're dating now!” Lila squealed, putting her hands together excitedly. “Isn’t that great? It was like love at first sight or something, it was so sweet!”

Marinette raised her brow at that but chose to say nothing. She knew it would be futile. Lila would just end up pinning it on her at the end.

Next to her, Marinette swore Chloe was seeing the inside of her head with how far she was rolling her eyes. Marinette catches the blonde’s look from the corner of her eye, the two share soft giggles at their little moment. Chloe gently bumps the other’s foot with her own, something Marinette would never in a million years ever consider happening yet here they are. It’s amazing what a magical girl transformation and a shared enemy can do.



michiru @roadtoshirosaki

Working with MDC was a blessing and a dream come true and I’m still not sure if I’m hallucinating. Our new song, ‘phantom’, is both a visual and auditory experience so please make sure to watch the music video!

[Image: close up shot of idol Michiro Shirosaki. A strip of black lace seemingly falling artfully from her eyes, exposing her right eye and keeping her left one just barely covered. Her black hair is pulled back tightly, keeping all stray hairs away from her face. One hand is curled delicately by her left temple.]


@roadtoshirosaki phantom is a masterpiece and im so honored to play a part in it



This was not the first time there was a whole filming crew in the Duapain-Cheng residence, but this time it had Marinette’s heart jackhammering as if she was facing her first Akuma all over again. Sabine and Tom were still downstairs, manning the bakery, which left Marinette to entertain their guests by herself. 

At least Jagged and Penny were there. They had come to the house multiple times, enough to know which cupboard they keep their mugs and helped Marinette get some tea ready for the crew.

“You know Marinette, you don’t have to do this.” Penny assured, voice soft as she mixes pours hot water into the mugs. The three of them have been having the same conversation for the past month or so. Jagged was going to do a documentary of his life—his childhood, falling in love with music, getting doubted, climbing the charts, the whole shebang. And Marinette, according to Jagged, was an important part of his life. 

Marinette was his honorary niece, the sweet little girl that made Jagged reconsider his stance on having his own kids. The way she takes risks in her creations yet stays true to her aesthetics, is just the right brand Jagged Stone’s of rocknroll ideals. She was a kindred spirit. 

Meanwhile, MDC was his designer first and foremost. Before all the e-mails and requests came flooding in, it was her Uncle Jagged who came to her for commissions. At first they were a few minor things, a shirt to wear on tour, a matching one for Fang. And then she boomed, became the world’s most sought after designer. But she's always going to be Jagged Stone's designer. 

Doing a Jagged Stone documentary without Marinette in it felt wrong. But on the other hand, he knew better than anyone how much her anonymity meant to her. How the separation of Marinette Dupain-Cheng and the designer MDC helped keep her life more organized and away from whoever would want to take advantage of her.

“I’m really okay with it Aunt Penny, I know what I’m getting into and I know everything is gonna change after that.” Penny doesn’t look entirely convinced, however she understood that this was not her choice to make. Marinette’s future is on the line and she should have the final say in it. “We just want to make sure you’re safe, kiddie.”

“I know Aunt Penny but I’m okay. Promise.”

Once all the tea and snacks are served and everyone has settled down, they go over what and how they’re going to shoot. It was going to start with a callback to the last time Jagged brought a camera crew to the bakery, they would have a quick walkthrough of the bakery with Tom and Sabine—sharing some of their best sellers and having the couple then introduce their daughter. Marinette would take over from there, answering questions and bantering with Jagged before she had to take them to the spare room she called her studio space.

Sometime after the first dozen or so commissions as MDC, Marinette had recruited the help of her parents and Chloe to clear out the spare room in the Dupain-Cheng residence. After relocating old photo albums, Halloween costumes, and Christmas decorations, Marinette had her very own design room.

That room was her pride and joy. Not many have had the privilege of entering her workspace. Even her parents only ever go in to pull her out of her own little bubble so she could rest. The only other people who would sit there to watch her create were Tikki and Chloe. Tikki was meant to always be by her side anyway. Meanwhile Chloe, surprisingly, had been a welcomed help and support for Marinette whenever she started second guessing herself or getting stuck on a particular look.

Her studio was precious. It was her safe space, where she knew she would be able to express herself freely without needing to throw a glance over her shoulder every now and there. And here she was, about to reveal her very own Shangri-La to the world.



Jagged Stone @JStoneOfficial
Behind the scenes of ‘The Life of Jagged Stone’ 

[Image: taken from behind the camera crew, showing a few people crowding over one camera. They appear to be in a workshop, there are tables with fabric thrown over it and a board with dozens of designs pinned on it. A naked mannequin is seen next to one of the tables.]


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Jagged entered the bakery with a dramatic swoop of his arm, holding the door wide open to let the camera crew take in the sights of Tom and Sabine’s Boulangerie Patisserie. “And of course, the best bakery in all of Paris and home of my honorary family!” He cheered, making his way to the counter to greet the woman waiting for him.

Sabine could only laugh at his grand gestures, already used to Jagged’s flair for the dramatic and his fiery passion. “Welcome back Jagged, dear.” “Sabine! My favorite not-sister, be like the angel you are and say hello to the world.”

Still laughing, Sabine waved warmly at the camera aimed at her. “Welcome to the bakery, would you like to try anything?” Her gaze moved from directly looking into the camera lens so she could address the crew behind it. “Our croissants are particularly loved, but my daughter personally prefers the macarons.” She turned around briefly to retrieve a tray of goodies before placing them on the counter.

The camera took a moment to shoot a very appetizing video of the freshly baked treats. Focusing on the pastel pinks and blues of the macarons then moving on to the beautifully golden croissant.

Jagged and Sabine fell into an easy back and forth, only halting their conversation to include Tom, who was previously in the kitchen. The crew captured their interactions with ease, catching the way Tom playfully smacked Jagged’s hand away when he tried to steal into a delicious-looking fruit tart.

The whole atmosphere felt comfortable and warm, showing an easy-going side of Jagged Stone that most people were not aware of.

“Alright-y then Jagged, I think it’s time you let us do our jobs now.” Sabine scolded, though not without a smile. “Mari’s waiting upstairs and we have bread to make!” “Yes ma’am!” Jagged saluted, leaving the married couple giggling as he made his way to the back of the bakery.

“Marinette, their daughter, is a little angel.” He started, going up the stairs that led to their private dwelling. “She’s great, you’ll love her! And she also has a special card up her sleeve.” Jagged smirked conspiratorially at the camera and just to add an extra effect, he winked. He opened the door dramatically once more, this time showing off the homey and lived-in look and feel of the Dupain-Cheng residence.

“Uncle Jagged!”



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Marinette had spent a full three days prior freaking out about finally outing herself as MDC, and the entire morning of D-Day consisted of her trying to regulate her breathing and heartrate. Jagged and Penny had assured her time and time again, that though they would love to include MDC in this documentary, Marinette could always decline. They had promised her that no matter what decision she makes, her input was valid and heard.

She had nothing to worry about. Realistically, she knew this.

“I’m a little nervous,” She confessed, hand on the handle of her studio as she faced the camera. “Not a lot of people have been inside, not even most of my clients, really.” Marinette laughed nervously, opening the door to show the organized mess that was her private studio.

On the far end of the room was a loveseat, covered mostly by mostly-finished clothes and fabric haphazardly draped on top of it. There were boards filled with both new and old designs. Upon closer inspection, sketches of iconic celebrity outfits can be identified. There were two table, a larger one with a sewing machine and all of Marinette’s current projects, and a smaller one for her laptop and space for her to sketch.

“This is where all the magic happens I guess,” Marinette laughed nervously, rubbing her arm in an act of self-comfort. “At the start, it was all in my room but then with all the commissions I was getting and the recommendations, I didn’t really have space.”

Jagged wrapped an arm around Marinette’s shoulders, grinning widely at the camera. “Honestly? MDC makes up like half of the Jagged Stone brand. Without this little angel’s brain, I’d be missing the whole rocknroll thing, ya feel?”



Subject: Post-documentary Mishaps



After the documentary comes out you’re going to get a lot of people’s attention. I know we already talked about it but I don’t think you fully understand the sort of things people will do to get your attention.

I attached is some options for bodyguards. The Jagged Stone team has done the necessary background check and they’re all people that we’ve worked with. I’d say any of them are trust-worthy and capable but you get the final choice. I also sent the file to your parents so you guys can talk it out.

About the interview, I know you said that you wanted to do it with an independent journalist but I know for a fact that I can get you connected with Vogue or Harper’s Bazaar if you want. No problem if you want to stick to the original plan, though. I also attached some independent fashion journalists who would love to interview you.

Take your time and don’t stress about it.

Penny R.  



Marinette couldn't help but let out a huge sigh of relief once they’ve wrapped up the shooting in her studio. Of course, she consented to it and was given time to prepare but the whole ordeal still left her feeling jittery. 

Marinette thanked the crew with a smile as they made their way out of the house, leaving Jagged behind so they could have a moment of privacy to talk. “Mari, I know this is a big deal for you and I want you to know that I’m proud of you, kiddo.” Jagged grinned, one hand on the girl’s shoulder to keep her grounded. Marinette breathed deeply before meeting the singer’s steady gaze. “Thank you, Uncle Jagged.”

“Anytime, Mari.” Jagged let go of Marinette’s shoulder to ruffle her hair affectionately. “Gotta go now, see ya!”

“Bye Uncle Jagged!” Marinette waved, watching the singer’s back disappear down the stairs before closing the door. She was feeling good. There was this hum of excess energy under her skin but she didn’t find it unpleasant.

She knew she was in safe hands. She knew that even though the world of fashion will be thrown into a buzz with the news of her identity, the people she loved would keep her safe. Penny and Jagged had already provided her with whatever form of protection she would need, and her parents have always been a steady yet caring presence by her side.

No matter what came her way, she could handle it.

With her head held high and her chest out, she took the mix of anxiousness and excitement, and returned to her studio.



[Image: an artful video compilation of all the people who participated in the latest MDC lookbook. Short clips of celebrities posing in MDC originals are shown. The end of the video is a black screen with the writing ‘TROUVAILLE by MDC’.]


officialmdc TROUVAILLE by MDC is now available for the public in form of a free downloadable lookbook

This project meant so much to me, especially since I specifically wanted it to be easily accessible for as many people as possible. Trouvaille means something lovely discovered by chance, and for me, designing is exactly that. With this, I want to share that lovely feeling and passion with all of you.

Special thank you to all the amazing people who have come together to help me with this project.


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