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【 Hackergirl (ハッカーガール) 】 [ LEGO Ninjago x Legend of Zelda x Super Mario x Reader ]

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Hey there, guys!

My name is Jacinta, but you can call me Clazey. As many of you know, this is one of my many attempts to make a fanfiction about the video games and cartoons I really love. For the most part, all who read this won't be super familiar with the characters who appear, whether they be from the bustling streets of New Ninjago City, the vibrant atmosphere of Gerudo Town or the unforgiving twists and turns of the Underwhere, so I've decided to compile a list of the characters who will feature prominently in this fanfiction, along with pictures of the appearances I intend to write for all of them. This story will have a shit-ton of headcanons too, so uhhhhh bruh moment #2. I'd like to take the opportunity to tell you all that this is not the first version of Hackergirl (the original can be found at this site. There are some differences between the AO3 version of Hackergirl and its Wattpad counterpart; the biggest is that the chapters are broken into far smaller chunks of text. Without further ado, I'll introduce all of the main characters for you guys!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Lloyd Garmadon as the Green Ninja (does NOT deserve the shit he's about to go through)

Lloyd Garmadon as the Green Ninja (does NOT deserve the shit he's about to go through)

Mario as the Hero of the Mushroom Kingdom (you BET this homie gonna do the odyssey)


Misako Garmadon as the Archaeologist of Ninjago Museum (badass, will kick your ass, knows spinjitzu and can beat you in a rap battle to the death)

Misako Garmadon as the Archaeologist of Ninjago Museum (badass, will kick your ass, knows spinjitzu and can beat you in a rap battle to the death)

Princess Peach as the Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom (she kinda deserves it for not upping her security 😤)

Princess Peach as the Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom (she kinda deserves it for not upping her security 😤)

Princess Zelda as the Princess of Hyrule (another innocent Hylian who's 'bout to be ruined by this fanfic)

Princess Zelda as the Princess of Hyrule (another innocent Hylian who's 'bout to be ruined by this fanfic)

Montgomery Garmadon as the Emperor of Ninjago (we only feed him condensed evil)

Bowser Koopa as the King of the Koopas (Verbalase Low Tetris Beatbox Remix plays for ten hours)

Bowser Koopa as the King of the Koopas (Verbalase Low Tetris Beatbox Remix plays for ten hours)




P.I.X.A.L Borg as Samurai X (you BET this won't be the end of your tour~)



Lady Urbosa as the Gerudo Chieftess (resurrected from the dead by the power of fanfiction, will probably kill kyle catpiss for all comparisons between her and the real queen of our universe)

Lady Urbosa as the Gerudo Chieftess (resurrected from the dead by the power of fanfiction, will probably kill kyle catpiss for all comparisons between her and the real queen of our universe)

Lady Urbosa as the Gerudo Chieftess (resurrected from the dead by the power of fanfiction, will probably kill kyle catpiss for all comparisons between her and the real queen of our universe)

Cole Bucket as the Master of Earth (he deserves a higher role than he gets in canon Ninjago, so 01110011 01110101 01100011 01101011 it, beyatches.)

Bowser Koopa Jnr as the Prince of the Koopas (most likely to perform the orange justice while being reprimanded by lloyd and zelda for leaving the fridge open again)

Bowser Koopa Jnr as the Prince of the Koopas (most likely to perform the orange justice while being reprimanded by lloyd and zelda for leaving the fridge open again)

Bowser Koopa Jnr as the Prince of the Koopas (most likely to perform the orange justice while being reprimanded by lloyd and zelda for leaving the fridge open again)

Midna as the Twilight Princess (she was the beyoncé in a school full of michelles)

Midna as the Twilight Princess (she was the beyoncé in a school full of michelles)

Wu "Butts Are For Sitting On" Garmadon as the Master of Spinjitzu

Wu "Butts Are For Sitting On" Garmadon as the Master of Spinjitzu

Nya Smith as the Master of Water (avidly quotes rick o'connell from the mummy trilogy, loves to kick snakes out of the way and takes no shit)

Nabooru as the Sage of Spirit (cole's anime waifu)

Cappy as the Prince of Bonneton (this child doesn't deserve such a curse)

Bowser Jnr as the Shadow (bless this lil cinnamon roll)

Princess Harumi as The Quiet One (we'll yeet her soon, i promise)

Ultraviolet (she's really just in here for the memes haha)


The Overlord as your extremely estranged father (haha it's garmadon and lloyd with extra steps)


Kylee Carta as the Electromancer (otherwise known as my obligatory and shameless Immortal Humans promotion  and  a major advocate of all beyoncé-related jokes, puns and references in this fanfic)

Kylee Carta as the Electromancer (otherwise known as my obligatory and shameless Immortal Humans promotion and a major advocate of all beyoncé-related jokes, puns and references in this fanfic)       

Corky as the Bonneton Explorer (who happens to be my shiddy Australian-accented persona from my super mario odyssey x reader fanfic)

Corky as the Bonneton Explorer (who happens to be my shiddy Australian-accented persona from my super mario odyssey x reader fanfic)

Birdena Cavaliere as the Mushroom Kingdomer Sage of Light (your best friend who's always gotta go fast. some say she encompasses the spirit of a sapphire-quilled hedgehog. others demand to know why the author spent thirty minutes recolouring a generic pianta woman)

 others demand to know why the author spent thirty minutes recolouring a generic pianta woman)

Hackergirl, the titular character of this story and an anon bitch (she'll probably spam memes into your dms if you're friends with her)

The Hackergirl

And! Yes, you! The reader! Yup,  you're  a character, too! Now, let's get on to the 
important   stuffies .

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

basic stuffies that i think will be useful

1) Here are all the abbreviations I will use to describe you, the reader!
[Y/N] - Your Name
[L/N] - Last Name
[F/C] - Favourite Colour
[E/C] - Eye Colour
[H/C] - Hair Colour
[S/C] - Skin Colour

2) I'll try to update as fast as I can. As of writing this, five chapters are completed on Wattpad, but I'm sitting my ATAR and WACE exams (I'd rather watch paint dry), so you'll get around twenty or more here straight up, but further updates may be delayed for now.

3) Yes, there will be a scene where Pauline, Ganondorf and Lloyd all belt out in song. This is a Clazey  fanfiction, beyatch.

4) Yes, there will be ships. Lots of them. So many of my favourite ships. The Destiny's Bounty, the Odyssey, Bowser's entire fleet of airships, that ship in the Lanayru Desert that was destroyed by the grotesque love child of the Kraken from Pirates of the Caribbean and Mike Wasowski from Monsters Inc., you name it! Wahoo!

5) Each chapter will start with a link to a YouTube video. It'll pretty much be what I was listening to on repeat while I wrote the chapter. As of writing this author's note on the 6th of July, 2019 at 11:50 PM, I have been listening to "Jump Up Super Star" for little over three hours now.

6) You can pretty much request one dungeon, level or episode from the following games and seasons, and I'll focus the next chapter on it.
~ Super Mario 64 (yayayayayayayayayayay-)
~ Super Mario Sunshine (my favourite game in the entire series and my favourite game of all time, came out the year I was born!)
~ Super Paper Mario (mimi is the mario equivalent of my sleep paralysis demon)
~ Mario and Luigi: Dream Team (you take ONE look at Antasma and tell me he doesn't look like the Overlord)
~ Super Mario Galaxy 2 (hecking junior)
~ Super Mario Odyssey (i'd die for a sequel)
~ Super Mario World (still stuck on the end of the final boss fight fricking bowser frick him so much)
~ Luigi's Mansion (spoopy time)
~ Luigi's Mansion 2 (spoopier time)
~ Luigi's Mansion 3 (when it comes out!)
~ Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (Nabooru and Ruto are hecking hoes)
~ Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask (that is if i complete it hue hue)
~ Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker (complete with that swole af Gerudo hottie in a badass black robe 🥵🥵🥵)
~ Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (best final boss fight imo)
~ Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (alternate title: I Can't Believe It's Not Ganondorf!)
~ Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (my favourite and first Zelda game!)
~ Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 (atm we're just talking rehydrated Ganondorf (🥵🥵🥵) and bisexual haircut Zelda (mega 🥵🥵🥵))
~ Ninjago: Rise of the Snakes (home of the best quotes in the series)
~ Ninjago: Legacy of the Green Ninja (the overlord is a hecking hoe)
~ Ninjago: Rebooted (my favourite season in the entire series, came out the year I graduated primary school!)
~ Ninjago: Tournament (man FRICK chen)
~ Ninjago: Possession (morro is a hecking hoe)
~ Ninjago: Skybound (nadakhan needs to find a new girlfriend)
~ Ninjago: Hands of Time (acronix and krux need new hobbies)
~ Ninjago: Sons of Garmadon (home of kpop lady gaga, rehab reject and the big boi killow)
~ Ninjago: Hunted (home of rehab reject and the big boi killow)
~ Ninjago: March of the Oni (it deserved a whole season)
~ Ninjago: Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu (an upcoming season and ONLY if the episodes EVER come to DVD in AUSTRALIA COUGH COUGH)
I want this fanfic to be a homage to my childhood and adolescence, and to yours, too! After all, it's the first quarter of our lives!

7) This fanfic will be stuffed with references to all sorts of other movies, video games, TV shows, books, real-life events and even fanfictions! There'll even be a few chapters dedicated to other fandoms I've been in and out of over the past few years!

8) In this fanfiction, you ([Y/N]) are female.

9) I have a Spotify playlist of all the songs I link in the fanfic! It's down below~

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I'm gonna close this off with my interpretation of what the main characters would say upon the realisation that they are in a Clazey J fanfiction, and the adequate response they would get from me. If you are interested in a serious fanfic, then I suggest you ignore the rest of this part and proceed to the next chapter.

"Well, at least this isn't a Chima and Nexo Knights crossover - WAIT FRICK." -  Lloyd
"Well, at least this isn't a CD-I fanfiction - WAIT FRICK." - Mario
"Who in the name of Demise wrote this vile book?" - Ganondorf
"At least you ain't in the Immortal Humans, sis." - Kylee
"I wonder if I've forgotten to tell my ninjas something..." - Wu
"I can't believe I got kidnapped again." - Peach
"I dunno, I'm only twelve." - Cappy
"Stop following me!" - Zelda
"I shall allow you to keep your life out of respect to the Princess!"  - Urbosa
"Hmm yes condensed evil mmm yes." - Garmadon
"*anguished hyah*" - Link
"SLOW COACH-" - Birdie
"Garmadon come pick me up I'm scared" - Misako
"Crikey. I'm on persona duty again, aren't I?" - Corky
"How DARE you disturb my family VACATION?!" - Bowser
"AaaaAaAAAaaaAaaaaAAAAAAAAaaAAAaaAaaaaAAAAAAaaaAAaaAAa~!" - Cole
"What is this Wattpad you speak of and why are you laughing?" - Midna
"This will be the end of your tour." - P.I.X.A.L
"I can't believe I've been promoted!" - Pauline
"01101000 01110100 01110100 01110000 01110011 00111010 00101111 00101111 01110111 01110111 01110111 00101110 01111001 01101111 01110101 01110100 01110101 01100010 01100101 00101110 01100011 01101111 01101101 00101111 01110111 01100001 01110100 01100011 01101000 00111111 01110110 00111101 00110110 01101110 00110011 01110000 01000110 01000110 01010000 01010011 01101100 01010111 00110100" - me

Now, if you are still reading, please realise that I am an idiot and this book will most likely be garbage. Love ya guys a bunch!

Pugs and kisses,
Clazey J.










































meme. take your meme. fresh and hot. while the internet still lets me upload it. before it gets flagged for a not very cash money word.

 before it gets flagged for a not very cash money word

(thicc thighs save hecking lives, xoxo clazey)


Chapter Text

Time: 11:22 PM, Eastern Ninjago Time
Location: The National Museum of Ninjago, New Ninjago City
Subject/s: Harumi Jade and Violet Urutora of Ninjago
Motives: Unknown

"You missed a shelf, y'know."
"I'm trying, you idiot!"
The two women continue scouring the underground archive for the file that had been entrusted with the National Museum of Ninjago. Piles upon piles of old, leather-bound books holding together by a thread, maps beginning to turn yellow with the spoils of age, and ancient, withered texts are buried amongst the two of them.
"Do ya' think he'll really grant our wishes, Rumi?"
"I...I hope so, Vi."
The woman called 'Rumi' brushes her hand across the cover of an old Serpentine commander's journal, a man who has possibly been dead for thousands of years. She sees the various scars and marks that taint her pale, clammy skin; the bruises that still hide beneath her nails are deep and purple. They've never healed. It was a wonder she survived at all, for she'd been left in the rooftop of a forty-storey residential apartment building that had collapsed and cost her everything. Her beauty. Her relations.
Her life.
"This is it!" 'Vi' exclaims. "This is what we've been looking for!" She thrusts a leather-bound book with a cover as jet black as the night up in the air. Rumi stares at it. To say the thing's old is the understatement of the year. But she supposes it would be...considering its very owner died ten thousand years ago. That's longer than Ninjago's even been around.
"This must be as old as the Oni Warlords..." she murmurs. "They...didn't the Overlord say that the traitor to the Oni was the mother"
"You mean that little old tea shop lady who hung around Lloyd Garmadon?" Vi sneers back. "Harumi...don't make me laugh."
She stops before grabbing her friend's wrist. Vi winces at her touch.
"No. I know what I mean."
"Enlighten me."
"We need to go, Violet."
"But...why?" Harumi's eyes begin to water.
"I...I can see it," she decides. "A castle." Violet raises an eyebrow.
"A castle?"
"That's where he is."
"You got that all from a book?"
"I'm telling you, Violet. We need to go there."
"And how on Earth are we gonna get all the way from Ninjago City to this supposed castle?"
"We need to find a Hyrulean and follow them back to Hyrule. Anyone will do, as long as they're from Hyrule."
Violet smirks.
"Well...there's a bunch of girls from the Gerudo tribe that are visiting the Sea of Sand. Some sort of...pilgrimage, if you may. Seven journeys to seven kingdoms for their supposed seven heroines, blah, blah, blah-"
"And?" she demands.
"I heard that they'll be headed to the City of Ouroboros to leave a tribute. Y'know, ever since that stupid Nindroid dropped in on Cyrus Borg's behalf and introduced the Gerudo tribe to the Internet, their chieftess has been posting non-stop like she's Kai Smith or something."
"Ugh," Harumi scoffs before checking in her pocket.
It's still there.
"They may have scimitars..." Violet smirks, "but we have stun guns!" She begins to cackle, something that Harumi loathes. The sound makes her cringe.

Violet waits for Harumi to get into the black van. She can't believe that after all this time, her accomplice had survived. She spites Harumi with a burning, seething hatred, but she's also thrilled by the idea of a fast life. It had been a wonder she was able to bust out of prison in the first place. Prison. The ghost-white woman sneers something to herself, out of Harumi's earshot. It's become somewhat of a family tradition for the women in Violet's family to end up in prison, one way or another. Her mother had been incarcerated for murder. And her grandmother had done time for arson and thievery. Violet herself had ended up in there for gang-related crimes. But she wonders if Harumi, or anyone for that matter, knows where she's truly from. Violet eyes a lone strand of brightly-coloured hair amongst the jet black ponytail she wears. She pinches it with her nails and plucks it from her scalp. She stares at it for a while. She wonders if Harumi knows. Or if Killow had a feeling of it. Perhaps Mr E was suspecting of it...maybe Garmadon was guessing.
She shakes her head.
"Violet!" Harumi roars from the passenger seat. "Get in here now!"
she hollers back. She grudgingly hops into the seat of the van she'd stolen from the prison. She knows it was for minor prisoner transfers; she'd seen Killow being escorted away from Kryptarium. She pats her pocket again in order to make sure it's there.
It is.
She lifts out the tiny pendant. It depicts the face of a dragonfly. She knows that they may not listen to Harumi, but they'll have to listen to her.

Chapter Text

Time: 7:22AM, Isle Delfino Time
Location: Delfino Castle, Bianco Hills
Subject/s: Princess [Y/N] [L/N] of Isle Delfino
Motives: Good

You're standing in the unusually empty streets of Delfino Plaza. Not one building remains occupied. All of the windows are boarded up. Not a single soul roams this place...not a single soul but you. There is no Sun in the sky, nor is there a Moon. The peak of a towering mountain behind the cluster of buildings is covered with a deep purple glow. Dark clouds cloak the sky, and as thunder rumbles in the background, you can see several of these clouds light up.
And then you see him running down the street.
The same silhouette of the man that's been in every single one of your dreams since the day your mother had passed away. He's always sprinting towards you, the clang of his boots smacking against the pavement. His crimson cape, complete with golden stitching to form the Gerudo insignia, flares out behind him as it struggles to keep up with his speed. He points behind you.
Before you can comprehend what's going on, a shard of jet black glass spears the ground before you. You can hear several voices yelling behind him. More and more figures accompany him.
"It's too late! He's regained his full strength!"
"We have to get you out of here!"
"He's already taken them! We can't lose you, too!"
But this time, your dream takes an unexpected turn.
"[Y/N]..." another voice advises you. "Throughout history, many stories of heroes and heroines smiting evil in the name of light have unfolded."
"Now it is your turn. The time has come for your story to be written."
"Please be careful, [Y/N]."
You open your eyes.
It's just a dream, [Y/N], you assure yourself.

You lean against the balcony of your bedroom, taking in the wonderful sights of the scene before you. Azure blue skies dotted with crisp clouds create a backdrop for a picturesque scene of gentle waves rolling in from the southern seas. Several boats dot the canvas of the sea, each in wait for a multitude of succulent seafood. The Sun is beating overhead, providing your kingdom with a bright glow that other nations would kill for. Today's another ordinary day in Isle Delfino, but you love the ordinary here, for it is simply beautiful and breath-taking. It's security against the strange dreams you've been having each night. It's the same dream every time. Not one dream is different. You've been having this same dream ever since your mother had died in a fire. It starts the same, and ends the same. You're trapped in your own body, paralysed with fear as a man who's face you can't even see tells you to run for your life.
The chime of a notification from your phone cuts your train of thought short.

You pull the phone from the pocket of your fluffy, [F/C] dressing gown and turn on the screen. You'd bought the latest BorgPhone as soon as it came out. You'd had some leftover money from your birthday, and you'd decided that it'd be best spent on a phone so that you could contact all your friends on the island. But it seems as of late, a particular Pianta girl has been abusing that privilege. Your eyes scan over the message from Birdie, the outgoing and sporty Pianta that you'd chosen to be your personal guard.
Hey, slow-coach, you read. Tell Dad that Mom said not to leave his dirty laundry on the floor.
You giggle, considering that the head Shine Sprite Scholar had come rushing in this morning, shouting that he was sorry for being late and his kids were being rowdy and unruly again.
"Okay..." You type out the word you speak before hitting send. You turn back into your room. You've already tossed your outfit for today onto the bed. It's a simple tank-top in your favourite colour, a pair of black denim shorts, some funky socks with your favourite fruit printed on them, and a pair of comfy sneakers. You'd wear flip flops, but the other day, a lady had been bitten by a vile serpent on the foot. While it wasn't deadly, she'd claimed it was painful and agonising. You'd hate for that same fate to befoul you. As you go to pick up the top, another ding from your phone alerts you that Birdie's found an adequate reply to gift you. "Are you still on for hanging out at Gelato Beach?" you read aloud. The idea's tempting, and besides, you have nothing better to do.

- - -

As the only human resident of Isle Delfino, it's hard to stay hidden from the Piantas. More often than not, you have to sneak out to ensure you're not accompanied by half of the Isle Delfino Guard. And then the police will most likely find you roaming around the island and drag you back to Bianco Castle, where you're reprimanded by Mayor Sindaco and Birdie's father for leaving without permission. And then Birdie begs them to let you back out, to which they reluctantly agree, with the condition that the two of you are guarded by at least forty soldiers. Honestly, it's overkill. Not one person in Isle Delfino could hurt a fly. And on the one occasion someone did bring harm to the people of the island, you were six, and it was graffiti. Graffiti, of all things! And Sindaco and Cavaliere think someone's out to kill you every time you head one foot outside of the castle! Honestly, some people make your blood boil...

Birdie, the yellow Pianta that's been your best friend ever since you could remember, is sitting on the sandy islet with the single palm tree and the swing. She's dressed in her favourite orange sundress, complete with a hibiscus pattern in white, and she's also wearing a straw hat, in which the leaves of the plant that grows from the top of her head stick out from. Her eyes are wide and take in everything. She's brought her BorgPhone and her speaker from home, and is busy sprinting in the shallow waters as the jazzy-pop song that had swept across the world recently plays. There's something about her love for running that you don't get. She's passionate about it, passionate to the point where you think she'd run off the face of the Earth if someone didn't stop her.
"Hey, [Y/N]!"
Birdie skids to a stop, sending a flurry of water slushing away. She holds out a shiny metal circle, that upon further observation, appears to be a golden medallion. The anterior half of a Shine Sprite appears to be on the front of the medallion. You turn it over, and it's mainly flat, save for a geometric symbol consisting of three triangles that form one big triangle. You've never seen it before.
"Look what I found in the nest of the Sand Bird today!"
"Ooh!" you beam as she hands it to you. The metal feels warm in your hands, suggesting that she's been carrying it in her hands all day. "What is it?" You hand it back to her, and she pockets it in your dress.
"I was gonna ask Dad, but he was already at work by the time I found it." You take a seat in the sand, your fingers shifting through the grains in search of a small twig you can snap.
"I wonder if there's other ones like it around..." you consider. You let out a yawn, which your friend most clearly notices.
"It's, like, seven in the morning," she snorts. "It's a wonder Sindaco hasn't scolded you for the night life yet!" You chuckle to yourself before taking your bag off your back and throwing it into the sand in front of your feet.
"Did you see the Discord server last night?" you ask. She giggles as she takes a seat next to you and looks over at your phone. You unlock your phone and open the app before heading over to the memes channel that Birdie's older brother Michael, and Sindaco's son Vincent, had been spamming up until the nice and early hours of 3 AM. It had been back and forth since you'd planned on going to sleep, and they continued to tag you and thirty others in a bunch of memes so edgy and offensive that if any of the adults saw them, there'd be hell to pay. Still, you'd watched the battle of the century unfold. Over all, there were three hundred messages sent, with half of Isle Delfino's teenage population up and watching the whole thing unfold. A lot of them were roasts towards people in the group chat, as well as the adults of the island. To be honest, you feel offended there weren't any directed towards you...but you know why it didn't happen.
"Yeah," she agrees with a giggle. "Like, I didn't know Vinny had that sort of arsenal on hand."
"Should we go on the swing for a bit?" you ponder. She nods her head.
"I was thinking the same thing!" she beams.

You take off your shoes and socks before stepping into the shallow waters near the wooden swing. It's been there for as long as you can remember. You remember Birdie's father saying that your grandfather and Birdie's grandfather had built it for your mother and Mrs Cavaliere when they were kids, and that despite being made of wood and rope, it still stands strong today. You like to think that it reminds you of the close friendships with the Royal Family of Isle Delfino and the Shine Sprite Scholars. While Birdie isn't likely to become a Shine Sprite Scholar herself, she's still part of the family who leads the group. Birdie lifts you up into the air with ease; a Pianta's strength is beyond imagination. You scoot onto the seat before holding out your hand so that she can pull you up. The two of you wiggle around for a bit before you're comfortable, and then you begin to rock the swing back and forth. The two of you are quiet, watching out for any police on the shore who might be looking for you. You hope they don't...but you know they will.
"You okay?" Birdie asks. "You seem a"
"I...sometimes I wish I wasn't the Princess of Isle Delfino," you whisper. "I's nice having a big home, but I feel like people are either scared of me or defensive of me."
"Maybe we should run away," she suggests out of the blue. "We could do it, you know. All we need is a boat or a plane, and then we're off." You frown.
"Where would we even go? Isle Delfino's surrounded by nothing but water."
"We could go anywhere, [Y/N]. We could go to Ninjago...or Hyrule...or the Mushroom Kingdom...we could go anywhere." She stops for a moment. She just stays still, and the swing slows with her. "[Y/N] you think there's bad people outside of Isle Delfino?"
"No," you answer. "Not at all."
"I mean..." she admits, "ever since I found this medallion...I've been hearing things. Hearing names. I keep hearing stuff about Sages or something like that."
"Sages?" you ponder. "Hmm..."
"I...I keep seeing the faces of people," she confesses as she takes out the medallion once more. "And...I can't help but wonder...if there's more to this world than Dad and Mayor Sindaco let on."
You're both quiet, just watching the gentle waves as they lap at your legs.
She lets out a scoff.
"Sindaco can shove it," she murmurs.
And with that, she hops off the swing. You know why.
Her reasoning for leaving lies with the two big and burly police officers that stand behind you.

- - -

"[Y/N]!" Sindaco exclaims as you're escorted to the throne. You stare down at the carpeted floor in shame. You don't know why, but every time this happens, you just feel guilty. Like you've been caught red-handed with a murder weapon.
"Birdena..." Cavaliere frowns at his daughter, who's got her arms crossed over her chest and a frown upon her face. Sindaco tuts.
"You girls know better than this." Your guardian lets out a hefty sigh. "If you want to go out, then you're to be escorted by some guards! No ifs or buts!"
"Some guards doesn't equal half of Isle Delfino!" you snap back. He glowers at you.
"You are a princess, and I will not let you roam around without protection!"
"Tell me," you sneer. "What's the worst crime that's happened here during my time on the throne?"
They both fall silent.
"Your mother's murder," Sindaco whispers.
Murder? This is the first you're hearing of it in Isle Delfino.
All sorts of things are running through your mind now.
"You said she died in a fire," you hiss. "Don't lie-"
"That house was the place of her death," Cavaliere explains with a hefty sigh, "but it was not how she died. No, Princess. She was impaled by the blade of a sacred sword, and her body was left to disintegrate by her murderer." Your vision begins to wobble a bit.
"Why?" you whisper back. "Why didn't you tell me?"
"Because it was your father," Sindaco tells you. Your heart drops. You'd never known your father, either. You'd been told he'd died before you were even born. You're sick and tired of hearing the lies from everyone. First, you're finding out your mother's death was premeditated murder, and now you're being told that it was your father who'd done it. "It was never a good relationship between them. They always was expected of two people from vastly different backgrounds like they were."
"Why'd he do it?" you ask. Birdie remains silent throughout all of this.
"Because your mother fell in love with someone who was of both the light and the dark," Cavaliere tells you. "After you were born, she was convinced that darkness in its pure form was an evil thing...but then she met a man just like you. A child of the gods, both with divine and chaotic powers."
"But she was killed. And your father went as far as going against everything he believed in to ensure that he followed suit."
"But...this one still lives today. And it is he that shall help you defeat the likes of your father."
"What on Earth are you two on about?" you murmur. Cavaliere takes a steady breath of air.
"There comes a time where one must say goodbye to the life they have known," he informs you. "As much as we hate to say are no longer a child."
"It's about time," Birdie remarks, and you smile a bit at her words.
"Isle Delfino is the birthplace of light," he continues. "Your father is a man who controls the darkness at its purest, most unadulterated level. He is the source of all evil that plagues the Sixteen Realms. He's been defeated time and time again...but he is resurfacing with an even greater ambition. [Y/N]...he wishes to kill you, for you are the only person who has the power to oppose him."
"You didn't think to tell me any of this before?" you frown. "I would've been nice to know." Cavaliere blinks.
"[Y/N]..." he informs you. "You must meet the heroes and heroines who will aid you in your quest to defeat the Overlord." He takes a step down from his place next to the throne. "Tonight, you shall meet the Seven Sages of the three sacred lands, and you meet the lands' Champions, too. Your training will be straightforward while the Overlord remains dormant...however, he will not be so for long. [Y/N]...the Shine Sprites sense something grave will happen today. They have never been this agitated since the night of your mother's death. I suggest that today, of all days...please stay in the castle."
"But-" Birdie starts.
"Let's go to my room," you usher her as you grab her wrist and drag her away.

- - -

"I don't believe it..." Birdie declares. She watches you shove your belongings into a bag. You're planning on heading out again. You don't know where, but anywhere that'll annoy Sindaco and Cavaliere is peachy for your plans.
"Neither." You stop for a moment and hover your hand between two hair brushes. "Bet they made it up to scare me into staying inside. Who even believes that sort of shit?"
"Not us," she grins. "We aren't nuts. I mean, like...wasn't the Overlord a Ninjagian deity?"
"I don't believe them," you repeat. "They're making up silly prophecies because they're running out of rope. I'm turning eighteen tomorrow...and I'll be the monarch. What say will go."
"The others are planning on sneaking into the castle at midnight," she whispers as you zip your bag up. "They're gonna play, like, loud and obnoxious music when the clock strikes twelve." You snicker.
"All those other people that Sindaco and Cavaliere invited over will get a rude shock," you smirk. She giggles back at you.
"So...when will I be meeting you?" she ponders.
"Whenever," you respond. "But just make sure to text me before you leave."
"Okay," she promises. "I'd better head over to the smoothie shack for my shift." She gets up from your armchair and gives you a high five before leaving your room. You shove the bag underneath your bed in an attempt to hide it from any maids or guards who could potentially stumble across it.
It'd be a disaster if they found it.
You decide to ensure that they won't come knocking around your room any time soon.

You remain lying in your bed and clutching your stomach while feigning a fever. You've made sure to cocoon yourself with as many blankets as humanely possible.
"Ugh..." you groan out loud as one of the maids places the steel end of a digital thermometer underneath your tongue. She frowns at the numbers.
"Your temperature is perfectly fine, Princess [Y/N]," she protests. You hitch your breath and puff your cheeks, as if to pretend you've vomited in your mouth. She raises an eyebrow. "You're not fooling me. Now...tell me, why do you want to go outside?" You don't speak. She chuckles and glances around. "Look...if I get caught doing this...can you rehire me tomorrow?"
"Doing what?" you ask.
"Sneaking you out," she smiles. You grin.
"Yes, please," you beam.
"I have to prepare your bed, then," she tells you. "Go off and tell the Mayor that you're going to have a rest, and that you wish to be undisturbed, alright?"

You're in the throne room once more, where Sindaco and Cavaliere stand and discuss what they'd already told you before. You decide to put on the saddest tone you can muster.
"Hi..." you murmur as you stare at the ground and shuffle your feet around a bit.
"Whatever is the matter, Princess?" Cavaliere inquires.
"Not...not much," you whisper. "Just...I might go to sleep for the night."
"'s eleven in the morning," Sindaco protests.
"I'm...sorry I don't have a proper sleep cycle," you mutter. "Just...uh...please don't wake me up. I'm really tired...and I...uh...need sleep."
"If you insist, Your Majesty," he sighs. "But you'll have to be ready to meet the Sages and Champions in ten hours, and that includes dressing yourself."
"Oh...okay," you whisper.
I've got until nine? you think with an internal grin. Yippee! You remain composed throughout this, and you slump out of the throne room. When you close the door behind you, you can't help but smile at how easy it was to pull the rugs over their eyes.

You decide that you definitely do have some time to kill before you go out and see Birdie again, for her shift goes for a good six hours. As you enter your room, you spot the maid making your bed in such a way to make it appear that someone's sleeping in your bed.
"How'd it go?" she inquires as she pinches the blanket in a few places to make it look more natural.
"I've got until eight at night," you explain. "But...I don't know how I'm gonna stay outside without anyone spotting me..."
"I'd suggest going to Delfino Plaza," she tells you. "Many human tourists will be there at this time of day, and dare I say...the stalls have the best fruits money can buy!"
"Okay!" you grin. "Thank you for the help!"
"No problem!" she responds as you sling your bag over your shoulders and head out of your bedroom once more.

Chapter Text

When you reach the bustling streets of Delfino Plaza, you can't help but look at all the beautiful buildings. They're all in nice, summery colours, and there's several stores, cafés, restaurants and stalls, as well as the island's radio station and a motel. You come to the realisation that your maid's right.
I've never seen so many people around Isle Delfino before! you think in an excited tone.! Are those other humans?!
You can't help but stare at them all.
You've never seen this number of people belonging to your own species here in one spot. They take photos in front of the Grand Pianta Statue (which depicts your ancestor, the First King of Isle Delfino), and they hover out the front of the gelato shop as their friends order different flavours. They chat away about how they're excited to spend the next two weeks here...or about how they're going to miss the island as they head back to their homes and their boring desk jobs.
You can't help but walk around and take in the town.

You decide to heed your maid's advice and head to the stalls, where several street vendors are selling fruits. You notice that out of all the fruits that are advertised, one remains sold out.
"Hey, you!" a pink Pianta man hollers. "You look like you're starving there, miss! How about I give you a special deal?" He thrusts a woven basket in your direction. The thing's overflowing with a great deal of fruits, ranging from coconuts and melons to pineapples and durians. "A whole basket filled to the brim with the freshest fruits from the Coconut Farm...get this...for only thirty coins!"
"No, no!" a green Pianta snaps. He holds out a basket of fruit that looks slightly less fresh. "I can do twenty coins!"
"I can do ten!"
You ignore all the other people who are shouting their prices for their much less appealing products and head over to the pink Pianta man. You take out forty gold coins from the pocket of your bag and hand them over to him. "Aw, shucks," he beams. "Thank you for the tip, miss!"
"No problem," you respond. He squints at your face, and then his eyes widen. He lets out a gasp so loud that you're certain the undead could awaken by its volume.
"Shush," you hush at him as you toss him another coin. "I'm a tourist." He gives you a wink.
"Thank you for the money, Princess," he barely whispers. You grin and head off to find somewhere to sit and eat some of the fruits, but then you hear the voices.

"So she's not a Pianta?" comes a gruff voice from nearby. You spot a rather large group of people all clustered together near the police station. All sorts of people are standing there, all sorts from different kingdoms. You suppose that as they're all dressed official-looking, they're the Sages and Champions that your advisors have been pestering you about today. You know that they'll most likely be from Hyrule, Ninjago or the Mushroom Kingdom, your own sister kingdom and the residence of Princess Peach, the current world record holder for the most abductions survived. Ironically, it appears that King Bowser, who shares the subsequent title for the most abductions committed, is standing near her. They, and all the others in this enormous group, are casually speaking with the Chief of the Isle Delfino Police, a blue Pianta man who wears a blazer and a hat with a Shine Sprite emblem on it. He also wears the traditional grass skirt around his waist. You can't help but notice the giant, red-haired man near the back of the group...and his red cape with what appears to be a golden dragonfly's face on the bottom...
"Princess [Y/N] is a human...or that's what Mayor Sindaco and Lord Cavaliere tell us, anyway," he responds. "I mean, she's part of the Royal Family, so she's bound to have a bit of Pianta in her blood."
"I wonder what she looks like," another person decides. An idea forms in your head.
A very stupid idea, at that.
"Yes," you speak aloud before your mind has time to process what you're doing. "I do wonder what she looks like. I've been told I'm a perfect lookalike of her!" You slam your palm into your face as the entire group of people glances up at you.
Idiot, you tell yourself, [Y/N]. You are an idiot.
"Princess [Y/N]!" the Police Chief roars. "What are you doing out again?!"
"Uh, this is my kingdom," you protest. "I'd like to see how my people are going!" A chorus of laughter ensues amongst the group. Smiles spread across the group like the plague.
"Catch her!" he shouts as you throw the basket of fruits at his head. You pause for a moment, watching as he tumbles backwards, and then you spin around and bolt for it. You throw your bag to the ground and begin to run over to the edge of the plaza, which is right next to the island's prison, which, at this point, is more akin to a single holding cell. You know the water ahead is deep, but you don't mind. This is your last day of being a kid. You bend your knees and throw your body weight forwards, narrowly escaping the Police Chief's hands as you cannonball over the edge. For a moment, the loud noises of the plaza's ambient environment are simmered right down to the point of silence. You just let the adrenaline rush through your veins as you let your limbs unfurl from your chest. There's something about all of this that makes you want to do it all again.
And then you surface.
The Chief tuts and shakes his head. "Oh, you're in for it now, Princess..." he warns you. "You'd better get out now." You wade around for a bit before looking at him with a smile on your face.
"Nah," you assure him. "I'll be okay in here."
He turns his head back near his shoulder and presses a button on his walkie-talkie. "Mayor Sindaco! Lord Cavaliere! I found her!"
"Shit," you cuss.

As you're led back to Delfino Castle with a towel around your shoulders, a large crowd of Piantas gathers to see what the problem is this time. The group that had been around the police station also tags along, much to your disdain. You don't want to be just want to hang out with Birdie! You stop and spin around on your heel just as you reach the path leading to Bianco Hills.
"Please," you tell the group with a sigh. "Enjoy what our island has to offer. Mayor Sindaco and Lord Cavaliere said that they're expecting you at nine."
"If you wouldn't mind..." a Hylian at the front begins in a quiet voice, "we were going to meet you and the Mushroom Kingdom's Sage of Light...and get to the important stuff later on." She tucks a few locks of her yellowish-blonde hair behind her pointy ear before glancing at you with a smile on her face. It's not a wide grin, but rather nice and soft. Her big, forest green eyes seem to smile too, and both of her relatively thick eyebrows lift up. From the intricately-designed, golden circlet on her head, and the navy blue, floor-length dress with bell sleeves, you determine that she too is a princess.
"Hmm..." you decide as you spin on your heel to face Delfino Plaza once more. "I think a perfect place would be Gelato Beach-"
"Don't even think about it," the police chief warns you. Your eyes drift to the apex of the skies and you shake your head. You reach into your bag and pull out your phone before turning on the screen and calling Birdie. She promptly answers.
"I'm working, slow coach!" she snaps.
"I'm not asking for you to come over as my friend," you tell her in the calmest voice you can manage. "I'm asking for you to come over as my subject."
"Oof..." You picture her wincing as she says it. "Sindaco and Dad catch you sneaking out again?"
"Yeah." You barely whisper it.
"Okay," she sighs. "I'm gonna be in big trouble...I'll get there as fast as I can, m'kay?"
"Yup!" you smile. "See you in a second!" And with that, you hang up the call.
Hopefully, you don't have to worry about these strangers with Birdie around.

The guards keep the group of people outside as you're ushered in by the maid. She thanks the police before shutting the doors behind him.
"Didn't work?" she asks.
You shake your head. "Birdie's coming over to help me for the day," you respond. "Oh...I can't wait for tomorrow..."
"It won't be long!" she assures you, squeezing your hand. She then tilts her head to the side. "Why are you wet? Princess, you'll catch a cold! C'mon, I'll get a bath running for you..." You let out a sigh and follow her up the staircase ahead.
You're tired of having everyone control what you do.
It's boring.
You want to do things for yourself for once in your life.
"How about you invite them inside?" you offer. "I'm sure they'd rather be inside than out there..."
"That sounds like a wonderful idea," she smiles. "If you need anything, call me, okay?"
"Alright," you murmur.

- - -

Once you enter your room after your shower, you find a soft, golden gown lying out on your bed. The dress is sleeveless, and the panelled skirt is floor-length. The underskirt makes the dress look fuller. Tiny, glittering diamonds in your favourite colour have been sewed around the hemline in order to form a gradient effect. There's also a clean set of undergarments, which you throw on first. After you've slipped into the gown, you notice that there's a box lying near your fluffy pillow. You hadn't noticed it before, so you decide to take a look inside. There's a pair of ballet flats that match your gown, as well as golden pendant with a Shine Sprite on it. The pendant feels rather weighty, and the eyes appear to be made of obsidian. It's a beautiful necklace, and you're quick to put it on. There's a knock on your door, and you spin around.
"Hello?" you call out.
The door swings open, revealing Cavaliere.
And the look on his face suggests panic.

You're sitting on your red, velvet throne as Cavaliere paces back and forth, mumbling words under his breath. The curtains are closed and barely letting any light in. The wooden tiles on the floor are in the usual criss-cross pattern, although you sometimes catch one or two switched around in your mind. Your throne is elevated up two steps from the ground of the throne room, which remains on the third floor of Delfino Castle. You lean your chin on your palm, watching the yellow Pianta in silence. "I can't believe I lost it..." he murmurs. He rolls up the sleeves of his royal blue robe before letting them go again.
"What have you lost?" He looks up at you with shame.
"Your Majesty...the goddess Rosalina had entrusted my ancestor with a special gift long ago." His eyes dull at the very thought. "It is the token of the Mushroom Kingdom's Sage of Light. Whoever has possession of it will most likely be the Sage of Light...and it is not a fate I would want bestowed on anyone else." He holds his head in his hands and lets out another sigh.
"I see," you respond. You give him a pat on the back. "If there's anything I can do-"
"Do not worry," he assures you, looking up again. "I have asked my wife and children to look for it. I believe Birdena is coming as we speak..."
"Yeah," you confirm. "I invited her over."
"[Y/N]," he reminds you. "This is a private gathering, not some party."
"She's still my friend," you protest as you cross your arms over your chest. "And besides, what say goes." He only shakes his head and stands back, watching as Sindaco pops his head into the door.
"Princess [Y/N]!" he shouts. "There you are!"

The orange Pianta bolts into the room, with his short-sleeved, black shirt buttoned up, a strange occurrence as the man who wears it never seems to ever button it up. He puffs as he clambers up the stairs and stops next to you. He has something in his hands; it's a shiny circlet encrusted to the brim with diamonds and a tiny, golden Shine Sprite in the middle. You let out a sigh of relief, not even remembering that it wasn't in your room to begin with.
"Thank you, Sindaco," you declare. He puts the circlet on your head, and you notice that the metal is awfully cold. Perhaps even colder than the air is. "Where was it?"
"The refrigerator, Your Majesty," he responds. You let out a snort.
"Okay," you say. You glance down at the screen of your phone.
Birdie said she'd be think worriedly. Where is she?!
"As it is so early on in the day," Cavaliere informs you, "we have decided that meetings with each of your tutors are in order...along with each kingdom's rulers, and their defenders."
Your jaw drops.
"The meetings will be vital to the co-operation of the nations," he continues. "First impressions please don't mess this up."
"I don't think so," you finally protest. "I was gonna spend the rest of the day with Birdie!"
"Too late," Sindaco responds as he makes a beeline for the door and pokes his head out. "Alright, who's first?!" 

Chapter Text

A Ninjagian woman who appears to be your age takes a step into the room. She's wearing a crimson gi and matching trousers, with sky blue ribbons wrapped around her wrists and ankles. She's quite short, and her hair reflects her height. The locks upon her head form a shiny, black bob with bangs that are neatly straightened. Resting in a scabbard she's wearing is a wooden spear with a steel tip and an iron tassel. She crouches down on one knee before you, bowing her head as she does so. Her deep brown eyes sparkle in the light as she stands up again.
"It's an honour to meet you, Your Majesty," she beams. The smile upon her face is dimpled.
"Would you care to introduce yourself to Her Majesty?" Cavaliere requests. Her eyes dart towards him, and she turns five shades paler at the name.
"O-o...of course!" she stammers before giggling. "I am Nya Smith of Ninjago."
"It's a pleasure to meet you, Nya," you respond. You pause for a moment. "You're not the Princess?" Her eyes dull at the title.
"Oh, Yin no," she murmurs. "The Princess of Ninjago was killed a couple of months ago."
"Oh." The room remains silent for a while. You can't believe you never knew. You glance over to the Mayor for help.
"How about you show her your abilities as the Ninjagian Sage of Water?" Sindaco suggests. Nya nods her head and cups her hands together. A ball of water begins to grow into existence, its jelly-like surface wobbling as she furrows her brow to concentrate. It grows to the size of a pot before water begins to drizzle through her cupped hands and onto the floor. You watch, mesmerised by the bluish hue that's beginning to show.
"Wow!" you gasp. "How'd you do that?!"
"I was born with the power," she explains as the water evaporates into a cloud of steam. She shoves her hands into the pockets of her trousers and grinds one of her black boots onto the floor out of nervousness. It's now that you spot a rather concealed mole on her cheekbone. "I only discovered my powers when I was fifteen, though."
"How old are you?" Cavaliere inquires.
"I'm nineteen, now," she responds before nodding her head and curtseying towards you. "It was nice meeting you, Princess [Y/N]." You smile and wave to her, watching her wave back before she runs out the door. Nya seems really nice, but also a little bit shy.
Strange, you think to yourself.

The next person who enters upon Nya's departure appears to be a man from Hyrule. He appears to resemble a boulder with arms and legs, and a rather big beard at that. You tilt your head to the side and turn to Cavaliere, who responds the lone word, "Goron". You nod your head and then turn back to the Goron. He, like most members of his tribe, is mustard yellow. His eyes are beady, much like the Piantas, yet are the shade of the ocean. In his arms, he carries a rather heavy-looking hammer with a steel head, and one of them is tattooed with the Goron insignia, which resembles a few crystals. He chuckles at your wide eyes and then bows down on one knee.
"Glad to meet 'cha, little sister!" he roars out loud. He's awfully loud. Like, really loud. "I'm Darunia, the Sage of Fire!" You have to let out a laugh. In comparison to the timid Nya, this Goron's damn confident.
"I'm [Y/N]," you respond. "Princess of Isle Delfino." He puts his hammer down on the ground before taking a step closer to you.
"I love the volcano you have 'ere, Princess!" he beams. "Do 'ya reckon the rocks taste any good? I've never eaten any rocks that ain't from Dodongo's Cavern..."
"Rocks?" you ponder. He nods his head and beams, quite proudly at that.
"I only eat the most prime rock roasts there are to offer," he declares.
"May you demonstrate your gift to our princess?" Sindaco requests. He's still quite shocked at how loud Darunia is.
"Right!" he hollers. "It's not much...but I can roll around...and get this...I can stand fire!"
"Do it!" you shout.
"Let's not..." Cavaliere protests. "I wouldn't want Delfino Castle to burn down..."
"Sure thing, little brother!" Darunia assures Cavaliere. "I guess this is my time to head off! I'll catch 'ya soon, little sister!" And with that, he turns around, crouches down and begins to roll out through the closed doors and into the hallway that faces the rest of Bianco Hills, sending one of them flying out into the window. It shatters into a million pieces. Darunia follows the door and lets out a cry as he tumbles out of the window. A violent fit of laughter courses through your body, sending you wheezing and slamming your fist on the arm rest as you try to stop laughing. Cavaliere and Sindaco stare at the damage in horror, their mouths visible behind their noses as their jaws drop.
"It's fine," you assure them both, your sides aching from laughing. "I'm sure it's not irreplaceable!"

A tiny head emerges from the doorframe, and it appears that he's shaking in his boots.
"Come in," you assure the child, who's trembling. As he steps forwards, you recognise him as a member of the Royal Family of the Koopa Kingdom. His head is a light shade of green, and his snout is tanned. He has a fang sticking out from the right side of his mouth, and the hair on his head is a fiery shade of red. His eyes are jet black, and as he's so young, only the pupils show. He's got a white bandana tied around his neck, and this bandana appears to have the design of a red-lipped mouth with fangs and sharp teeth.
"That Goron nearly killed me!" he shouts as he plops onto the floor and crosses his arms. He lets out a huff before screwing up his nose. "I don't wanna be the Sage of Shadow!" You stand up and begin to walk over to him. At first, he ignores you and continues to pout. You crouch down next to him.
"What's your name?" you ask him. "I'm [Y/N]."
"I'm Bowser...Bowser Jnr," he responds. "My papa, he's the king!"
"I see," you tell him, taking a seat on the floor next to him. He gazes up at you for a minute before letting out a yelp and hiding into his spiked shell. The shell shakes, and you turn around to see the boy's father hovering over your head, fuming at the nose. Bowser Jnr resembles his father greatly, with the only notable difference being their age. Bowser has to easily be the tallest man you've ever seen in your entire life. And his son...he's so tiny!
"Junior!" he snaps. "Get outta there and be nice to Princess [Y/N]!"
"But Dad!" he whines from the safety of his shell. "I don't like that Goron! He's scaring me!" Bowser furrows his massive eyebrows and scratches at his own fiery red locks before turning towards you.
"Uh..." Bowser pauses for a moment. "I'm not one of those Sages or Champions that Princess Peach was rambling on about," he promises you. "I'm just here because two of my kids are." He looks out the doorframe and cups his hands together. "Wendy! Come and say hello to Princess [Y/N]!"
"Ugh," comes a rather snappy girl's voice. "Daddy, why do you have to be so embarrassing?!" You watch as a Koopa girl around Junior's age slumps into the room, carrying a pink BorgPhone in her left hand and a matching purse in her right. Her eyes are as blue as the sky, and she, like her brother and father, has fiery red hair. However, the girl appears to have a bright yellow head, and on top of it rests a pink polka-dot bow. She's got golden bangles on her wrists and pink pumps on her feet.
"Aw, c'mon, sweetie!" Bowser pleads. "Please be nice!" He hangs his head down in shame as the girl rolls her eyes and stomps over to you. She stuffs her phone in her bag and then grabs your hand and shakes it violently.
"You'll never replace Mom," she sneers at you with a glare upon her face before turning her nose up and striding back outside. You see that her shell is bright pink. Bowser shakes his head and sighs.
"Geez...sorry about my kids..." he murmurs. "They've been terribly upset ever since my...their mother left me." He lets out a sigh. "If there's any crazy waves around here, you let me know and I'll put Wendy in her place."
"Crazy waves?" you question.
"N...never mind," he mutters.
"Okay," you promise, not wanting to press Bowser with more questions. Junior pokes his head out of his shell as Bowser scoops him up and carries him out of the room.
"Bye, Princess [Y/N]!"
You wave goodbye to him, a smile still on your face.

Upon the exits of Bowser, Wendy and Bowser Jnr, you notice that another Ninjagian has entered the room amidst all the chaos. This man's hair, dark brown in colour, spikes up like the intense flames of a blazing inferno. His eyes are the same deep colour as Nya's, and many of his facial features suggest that the two are related in one way or another. He wears a red gi and trousers, with black wraps around his wrists and ankles. There's a faint scar going up from the middle of his right eyebrow to his cheekbone. He's considerably taller than Nya, though. He sheathes a sword made of gold. You're curious as to who he is as the man crouches down on one knee.
"Your Majesty," he acknowledges.
"Are you Nya's brother?" you ponder. He chuckles and gets up again.
"The one and only," he beams. "Kai Smith. I'm the Red Ninja...and the Master of Fire, although Wu's started to call us the Sages lately."
"Wu?" you frown.
"Our sensei," he explains. "Anyway, how about you?"
"[Y/N] [L/N]," you respond. "As you can see...I'm the Princess of Isle Delfino." He grins at your guardian and friend's father.
"Are they always grumpy?" You hide a giggle.
"How about you demonstrate your powers?" Sindaco suggests through gritted teeth. Kai holds out a hand, and a pillar of flames begins to flicker and dance. The bright fire is warm and colourful. He then shakes his hand for a bit before the flame extinguishes.
"Still working on fine-tuning it," he admits before leaning on one of the arm rests. "So, Princess [Y/N] free for dinner tonight?"
"Leave that vai at once!" the voice of a rather assertive woman calls out from behind him. Kai gives you a nervous grin.
"I was leaving, lady!" he jokes. He then leans into your seat and slips you a piece of paper, all while lowering his voice. "I'm trying to get my friend laid. He's never had a real girlfriend before." You hide a giggle and then pocket the paper.

As Kai leaves, he dodges the elbow of a rather tall woman who's glaring at him. She brings her head outside of the door.
"And if I catch you doing that again," she warns in a loud and clear tone, "then I'll have you drinking from the Delfino Sea!" Sindaco gulps as she turns around to face you. An apologetic look leaves her emerald eyes to greet you. Her lips, painted a light shade of pink, are pursed slightly. The woman appears to be in her early-to-mid thirties. She lets out a sigh. "I'm sorry that you had to be harassed by that voe."
"It's okay," you respond. She gives you a soft smile before crouching down on one knee and bowing.
"It's a pleasure to finally meet you, Princess [Y/N]," she declares. "I am Urbosa, the Gerudo Champion of Hyrule." She stands up again and brushes her asymmetric, blue and white skirt. You catch a glimpse of her belt, and the emblem on the buckle which reflects the symbol you'd seen on that man's cape in your dreams. Deciding to look elsewhere, you quickly try to divert your attention elsewhere...
"I've never seen such a pointy nose in my life," you blurt out. You then cover your mouth upon realisation that you've just said such a thing. Your entire face turns bright red. Sindaco's nostrils flare. Cavaliere shakes his head. Urbosa bursts into laughter.
"Yes," she agrees with a smirk upon her face. "Most people who come across members of my tribe rather notice our figures..." She pauses to gesture to her abdomen, which is considerably muscular for a woman, "...or our hair and complexion." You take note of her bright pink hair, and her dark, reddish tone of skin. You do regret making the comment before.
After all, you remind yourself. Appearance is not of importance...and besides, she's far more beautiful than I could ever dream of being.
"You're very pretty," you assure her. You're being honest.
"I've been told that too, little dolphin." She turns towards the window and peers out. "Hmm...looks like our little friend is trying to leave. How about I show you my gift?" She holds her palm out and then clicks her fingers. The sky darkens as a pale yellow bolt of lightning strikes the ground outside. You hear a chorus of screams.
"Kai!" a large majority of those screaming yells.
"I call it Urbosa's Fury." She turns back around to face you. "I'd better let the others meet you. If you have any more voe problems...don't hesitate to speak with me about it."
"Thank you, Urbosa!" you call back. She smiles and waves at you before leaving the room. You notice that she's got a circular shield filled with ornate gems and a sheathed scimitar attached to the belt holding up her skirt. Sindaco begins to laugh.
"I can't be mad at you..." he admits. "You probably only expect to see us Piantas with large noses."
"Yes...the members of the Gerudo tribe share a similar genetic feature," Cavaliere responds. He seems quite distant...possibly because of what he's lost.
You can't help but wonder who could've stolen his special token.

The next person to enter the room is a woman in a red business suit. Her dark hair cascades down her back, and her cerulean eyes sparkle. She's humming a little tune to herself as she takes off the floppy hat on her head and curtseys.
"Your Majesty," she introduces herself, "my name's Pauline Bucket, and I'm the Mayor of New Donk City."
"It's a pleasure to meet you," you respond. You can't help but notice her voice is a dead ringer for Urbosa's, and it's strange to see a voice so similar in two vastly different women. After all, the chances are relatively low.
"You have a beautiful home," she decides. "I'd love to visit Isle Delfino more often!" She gives you a smile. "I hear it's your eighteenth birthday, tomorrow."
"Yes." You tilt your head to the side for a moment. " seem familiar." She smiles again before taking in a deep breath and beginning to recite the lyrics to a fairly famous song that's been taking the world by storm since the last month or so.
"Here we go," she sings,"off the rails, don't you know it's time to raise our sails? It's freedom like you never knew..."
You let out a gasp.
"Holy crap!" you exclaim as you jump up from your seat. "You sung that song?"
"Yep!" she beams. "I also wrote Jump Up, Super Star."
"Wow..." you whisper. She closes her eyes for a moment, and upon opening them, she looks considerably more humble.
"I've been asked by Princess Peach to be the Sage of Spirit...but I wouldn't know the first thing about it!" She stares at the ground. "My brother Cole. He's the Ninjagian Sage of Spirit...and he's as confused as I am. We're yet to meet the Hyrulean Sage of Spirit...this island is easy to get lost in."
"Yeah..." you murmur. She returns her gaze to you, the smile reappearing upon her face.
"But I have faith I'll figure this out," she decides. "Well, Princess [Y/N]. It's nice to meet you! I hope you'll visit New Donk City soon!"
You give Sindaco and Cavaliere a smug grin as Pauline heads out of the room.
"I'd love to!" you shout after her.
"Can you please remain composed until you've met all of them?!" Sindaco snaps. You shrug your shoulders and lean back on your throne.
"I guess so..." you sigh.

The next person to enter the room is a Ninjagian man. From the similar facial features to Pauline he has, it looks like he's the aforementioned Cole Bucket. His eyebrows are rather bushy, and his hair's tied back in a bun, which he's secured with a brown scrunchie. He appears to be the only ninja you've seen so far who's not wearing a vivid fact, he's dressed in black. His blue eyes watch you. He bows down. "You must be Pauline's brother," you're guessing. He nods his head.
"Yes," he responds. "I am."
"And the Sage of Spirit?" you add. He nods again.
"I prefer the Master of Earth," he admits. " the real questions. It's your birthday tomorrow, right?"
"Yes," you answer. "Why?" He's slow to answer.
"There...there wouldn't happen to be...cake...would there?"
You giggle.
"Yes," you respond. "There will be cake." He pumps his fist into the air.
The ground begins to rumble.
You grab your arm rests, and the Mayor rushes to your side. "Looks like there's another earthquake..." Cavaliere admits, "although the geologists near Corona Mountain said there wouldn't be another one for weeks!"
"I...uh...sorry," Cole apologises. "It was me."
"No need to apologise," you assure him. "Accidents happen."
"No...I should really control my powers," he sighs. "It's...they've been messing up ever since she insulted them."
"Who, now?" you ask. He shakes his head.
"It's okay," he decides as he consults a watch on his wrist. "I'd better be heading back out. Wouldn't want to keep the others waiting..." And with that, he leaves.
"Hmm...I wonder who's said that..." you sigh. "Cole seems so nice!"
"Hopefully nobody from Isle Delfino," Sindaco murmurs.

The next to enter is a girl who appears to have the upper head of a shark. Yet...she appears so petite and beautiful at the same time. Her face is pearly white, and her tiny lips are bright red, much like a good portion of her body. She holds a silver trident in her hands, and she wears a blue sash around her chest. The tail on the back of her head is bright red. She wears a series of intricate metal decorations on her head. She gives you a weak smile. "Hello, Princess [Y/N]..." she begins in a small voice. "I am Princess Mipha of the Zora, and the Zora Champion of Hyrule."
"It's nice to meet you, Mipha," you respond in an equally quiet voice as to not startle her. She appears terribly fragile, almost as if she's about to burst into tears and cry. You go to stand up, but you trip over your dress and slide off the top step, consequently flying in the air and falling flat on your face. Several gasps cut through the dead silence. Your forehead begins to ache, and as you sit up straight, you let out a groan to express the pain you're in. Mipha brings a hand to her mouth.
"Oh, dear..." she murmurs. "You've got quite the bruise there. Allow me..." She crouches down to your height and hovers the palm of her hand in front of your face. You watch as a soft, green energy flows from her palm in tiny wisps of smoke. The headache that had come on as a result of your fall appears to be less and less evident...the pain grows fainter and don't really notice it anymore.
She removes her hand and stands up.
Your eyes are wide yet again. "'d you do that?" you ask her.
"It is a gift that I was born with," she admits. "I have been able to utilise this power to heal many injuries...even death." She helps you to your feet, and it's now that you realise how small she is. She appears to be a full head shorter than you.
"I see..." you nod. You give her a smile. "Thanks, Mipha. I appreciate you doing that for me."
She turns bright red before bowing her head down.
"I'd better find Urbosa," she murmurs, spinning around and rushing out of the room in an attempt to hide her face from you.
"Huh..." you murmur. "How strange..." Sindaco glances down at the silver watch on his wrist before returning his attention to you.
"It's getting close to lunch time," he informs you.
"I'll keep going," you sigh. "And then I want to have lunch with Birdie."
He and Cavaliere exchange nervous glances.
"As you wish," they respond.

As soon as Mipha leaves, another girl enters the room. Her head resembles that of a rabbit's, however, her eyes and body, much like Mipha's, appear to be human. She's showing off a sleeveless purple dress and a black pair of heeled boots. Her bleach-blonde hair is tied back into two thick braids, and her red eyes are accented with violet eyeshadow. Her hands are gloved by what appears to be soft, purple fabric. To finish off the look, strapped to her head with a pale pink ribbon underneath her chin is an enormous, spiked hat that appears to be made of iron. She giggles and jumps on the spot before taking off her hat and bowing before you. Her rabbit-like ears poke up, the same snow-white colour as the rest of the fur on her body. "I've heard of you before, Princess [Y/N]," she decides. "Your kingdom is a very popular place for those wanting to get married...especially since Ninjago signed that deal with Hyrule to build that airstrip near Gerudo Town."
"Okay." This is the first you're hearing of any airstrip.
"I am Hariet Broodal," she declares, fixing her hat back onto her head. "I'm part of the Broodals' Wedding Planners business...although, ever since that Jumpman decided to ruin the wedding we planned for Lord Koopa...I'm afraid that nobody's requested our services. I mean, we had to disband! Can you believe that? We were happy, living in our luxurious mansion on the Moon, and now we've had to resort to whatever jobs we can get." She grumbles and shoves her hands into her pockets.
"Hariet is the Broodal Champion of the Mushroom Kingdom," Cavaliere explains. "Much like Lady Urbosa, Princess Mipha and Princess Wendy, she has access to what the Hyruleans call Divine Beasts."
"I see," you respond. Hariet's about to head out, but a question crosses your mind. "Do you have any powers, Hariet?" She scoffs.
"I doubt your castle would survive if I showed them off," she decides.
And with that, Hariet is gone.
"How many people are left?" you whisper to Cavaliere.
"Twenty-seven, I believe," he replies. "I am the Mushroom Kingdom's Sage of Light, and you have already met me." You glance up at the clock over the doorframe and let out a sigh.

Yet another Ninjagian clad in the robes of a ninja enters the room. He's dressed in a white gi and trousers, with a steel bow and a quiver of arrows slung behind his back. You tilt your head to the side at the fact that this man does not appear to be human at second glance. In fact, his entire body appears to be made of titanium, from the tall crew-cut hairstyle he sports, all the way down to his arms and legs. His eyes lack pupils, and instead glow an icy shade of blue. He kneels down on one knee and bows his head down. "Your Majesty," he begins in a quiet tone. "I am Zane Julien, the Master of Ice and Ninjago's Sage of Forest."
"'re a..."
"I am a Nindroid," he acknowledges. "I was built by my creator in order to protect those who could not protect themselves." He stands up and gives you a smile. "I sense that you are uneasy with my appearance, Princess [Y/N]. Perhaps you would like me to change?" He presses a button on his arm, and the surface of his skin changes appearance. It warbles and becomes a pale pink, and his hair, platinum blonde. You can only see very faint lines where metal would be welded together on his body. His wide eyebrows are straight, and a darker shade of blonde.
"Wow..." you whisper. "How'd you do that?"
"It is a cloaking device that my friends have created for me," he explains without a second thought, almost as if he's been asked the question a million times. "I utilise it in order to prevent recognition from crowds in Ninjago." He holds out his hand and holds it in front of you. "May I demonstrate my elemental abilities, Your Majesty?"
"Of course," you agree. He nods his head, and then a flurry of snowflakes bursts from the palm of his hand. You watch as a cluster of icicles begins to grow in size in front of his face. It forms a perfect, clear sphere of ice, which he then presents to you. You take it in your hand, noticing that the left side of the ball is beginning to glow, while the right side is growing darker. You frown, and the entire thing crumbles into snow. "Oh...I'm sorry."
"That is quite alright," he assures you. "Perhaps I am doing something wrong." He bows again. "It has been a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Princess [Y/N]." And with that, Zane leaves in order to allow the next person to enter.

A Hyrulean woman is the next to enter. Her deep, crimson eyes watch you closely as she bows. You notice that this woman appears to be albino, as her hair, tied back into a bun on the top of her head, is a pure white. She's dressed in a dark blue tank top with a golden symbol resembling an eye with a tear drop falling down from the centre of the lower eyelid. She's also wearing matching trousers, as well as an orange belt. The same symbol on her shirt appears to be inked on her forehead in the same red colour as her eyes. She nods her head before crouching down to one knee and bowing towards you. She gazes back up at you.
"Princess [Y/N]..." she begins, "I am Impa of the Sheikah."
"It's nice to meet you, Impa," you respond politely. Compared to most of the others you've seen, it appears that Impa is rather formal and serious in her conduct. You're compelled to mirror her for some strange reason.
"Impa's the Sage of Shadow in Hyrule," Cavaliere explains to you. She smiles.
"Ah, yes," she responds. "And I am also Princess Zelda's handmaid...I have been so for a good one hundred and fifty years."
You raise an eyebrow.
" old are you?"
She smiles again.
"I would be a hundred and seventy-three," she responds. "However, I am told that I appear to be thirty...I believe that would be as a result of my younger sister's ground-breaking technology."
"Technology, eh?" Sindaco frowns.
"She has discovered a way to alter one's age through the use of concentrated energy," she explains. "I was...unfortunately her first test subject upon her perfection of it." She bows her head down. "I only wish to fulfil my duties as the Sage of Shadow, and to protect the Sacred Realm, along with the rest of my colleagues." She closes her eyes for a moment, almost as if reconsidering her words. She then opens them again and offers you another smile. "It has been a pleasure meeting you, Princess [Y/N]." She then takes a couple of steps back before taking a small seed out of her pocket and dropping it onto the floor. The next thing you know, a blinding flash of light temporarily halts your vision, and your eyes hurt. You clench them shut...and when the light disappears...
...she's gone.
Sindaco stares at the spot Impa was once standing with wide eyes. Cavaliere, on the other hand, gives a single nod in the same direction.

In contrast to some of the taller people you've seen in your throne room today, the elderly Toad that enters the room is rather small and portly. The cap on his head is ivory, with the characteristic spots on said cap resembling the colour of forest wood. His eyes, like Bowser Jnr's and the Piantas', are tiny and completely black. His face is tanned, and he wears a round, silver pair of glasses on his head. He's also sporting a mauve vest with golden trimmings, as well as a slightly lighter undershirt with golden buttons, as well as a red bow-tie. In his hands, he carries a cane with a miniature topper resembling his cap. He waddles into the room like a penguin, and Sindaco has to nudge you with his elbow in order to stop you from laughing. He nods his head.
"Why, hello, dearie!" he begins in a cheery tone. "My name is Toadsworth, and I'm the advisor of Princess Peach. You must be Princess [Y/N], I presume?"
"Yes," you confirm.
"Well, I am what my daughter claims is the Toad Champion." He pauses for a moment in order to stroke his snow-white moustache. " have an audience, I see." You look behind him to see a little, green-haired girl peeking at you from behind the doorframe. Bowser Jnr accompanies her. They both catch your curious gaze, and before you know it, they're hiding again. You return your attention to Toadsworth, who's frowning at the doorframe.
"I'm sure they mean no harm," you assure him. He raises an eyebrow before returning to face you.
"I'd be careful, Princess [Y/N]," he warns you in a tone of genuine concern. "I saw that son of Koopa's engaging in rather...dishonest behaviour with that Kokiri girl and a Gerudo woman. Anyhoo, pip pip!" He waves and then waddles out again.
"How strange..." you murmur.
"I wonder if he's talking about the same woman that the Ninjagian and Mushroom Kingdomer Sages of Spirit mentioned," Sindaco decides.
"I have a feeling that you're right," Cavaliere admits.

A woman with ghostly-white skin finds her way into the room. Her hair, jet black in colour, is swept back into a bun, and she has pin-up curls at the front. One of her eyes is missing, and also appears to be larger than the other. The glass eye that's replaced her left eye is scarlet red, while the smaller, human eye is dark, like her hair. She bears several large scars on her face, most noticeably, two just above her glass eye. You'd better stop tell yourself. Didn't you learn anything from your interactions with Urbosa?
The woman smiles.
"I get that a lot," she decides in an accent reminiscent of a foreign land. "I assure you...they will not bite you."
You turn bright red with embarrassment.
"I'm sorry," you murmur.
"Thank you for your apology, Princess [Y/N]," she declares as she curtseys. "My name is Faith, and I am the leader of the Dragon Hunters. Wu has also asked me to be the Dragon Champion of Ninjago."
"I see," you respond. "It's good to meet you, Faith." She smiles.
"I'm certainly looking forward to training you." She's still smiling for a bit, but then it fades. "I...just wish that the circumstances were not so dire."
"How so?" you whisper. She shakes her head.
"We'll worry about that when we get to it," she promises. She bows her head and goes to leave.
"What's that weapon you carry, Faith?" Sindaco inquires. She glances to the wooden scabbard on her back before drawing a blade that appears to be made of sturdy bone.
"Oh, this?" She waves the blade around in front of her face. "It's the Dragonbone Blade. The Firstbourne gave this to me...along with a special gift that allows her to join me when I am in dire need."
"Firstbourne?" you ponder.
"The mother of all dragons," Cavaliere explains. "She, like Faith, is of the First Realm."
And with that, Faith ventures out in order to allow the next person to meet you.

"Hmm...another Princess of Light?" The masculine voice that finds its way in the room is rather condescending and rude. "Well, I'd be honoured to meet you!"
"Is he being sarcastic?" you whisper to Cavaliere. He shrugs his shoulders.
"He'd better not be," Sindaco grumbles. You watch as a Hyrulean man who greatly resembles a bird strides into the room. The feathers covering his body are navy blue, save for several sky blue streaks. His beak is quite large and orange, and his eyes, which are red-rimmed, appear to be a very close shade to Urbosa's. He's wearing a blue scarf across his shoulder, and he's also in a warm-looking tunic with winged shoulders, which is just a terrible choice of clothing for the hot, sunny weather of Isle Delfino. He wears tanned shorts, and the feathers on the end of his wings appear to move like fingers.
"Ah, Princess [Y/N]!" he says in a loud voice. "Allow me to introduce myself. I am Revali, and I am the Rito Champion of Hyrule." He bows down, and you see that the bow he carries on his back resembles him.
You don't like this Revali character.
He seems rather self-centred, in your opinion.
He stands up and brushes off his shorts. "So...I was doing a little research with my friend, Daruk."
You doubt that the person Revali's mentioned is actually friends with him. How anyone could stand him is beyond you.
"And?" you ask.
"It appears that you're related to quite a few interesting figures!" he beams. "I mean...a human girl who's half-demon and the daughter of the monster we're all trying to stop? It's...asinine."
enough, asshole," you mutter as you point at the door.
"I don't see how that little fact's flown over Princess Zelda's head, but here we are!" he shouts out behind himself as he leaves. Sindaco glares at him, while Cavaliere tries not to yell back. You can't believe the nerve of Revali!
What did I even do?! you demand in thought.
"The next person to come in here better be nice," you mumble under your breath.

Almost as if the Light Deities were just listening to your plea, a tiny Bonneter girl appears in Revali's wake. The Bonneter doesn't appear to be ordinary, no. In fact, you'd be mistaken if you weren't looking at Bonneton's princess, Tiara. Her wide eyes are a nice shade of violet, and she resembles a bride's tiara. Her body is pearly white, much like the rest of her people. On where you'd consider her forehead to be, there's a bright red gemstone, and in the place where her hair would normally be if she was a human, the silk veil of the crown she takes the form of. She appears to be quite nervous in her actions, as she's frantically looking from side to side. "Hello," you say in a quiet voice. She jumps a mile at your voice.
"Oh!" she gasps. "Hello, Princess [Y/N]!"
"It's nice to meet you, Princess Tiara," you respond with a smile on your face so you can show her that you mean no harm. She tilts her head to the side and blinks a few times.
"Phew!" she sighs with relief. "I thought you were going to have a go at me like that nasty Ganondorf!"
"I'm sorry...Ganondorf?" you frown. You've never heard the name in your life. You turn to Sindaco and Cavaliere, and their furrowed expressions is enough to tell you that they certainly know whoever's just been mentioned.
"Don't worry, [Y/N]," Cavaliere mutters. "Princess Tiara...if you may, what is your role in this?"
"Oh!" Tiara spins in the air before stopping. "I'm the Bonneter Champion for Princess Peach! She's a good friend of mine, you know..." She stops for a moment.
"What are your abilities?" Sindaco quizzes her.
"The same as any other Bonneter," she responds. "I can capture people!"
"Hmm?" you ask.
"I have the power to allow those with human blood to take control of other things..." she explains. "My brother had to use his power to help Mr Jumpman stop Bowser's wedding!"
"I see," you decide. She giggles, but then she appears to become aware of something, perhaps the time.
"I'd better go..." she sighs. She begins to head out, but she pauses to turn your way again. "I can't wait to see you again, Princess!"
"You too!" you beam. You wave goodbye to her, and she flies out of the room. You can't help but wonder who the person she'd mentioned is. You glance up to where Cavaliere is sitting. "Who was she talking about?"
"Don't you worry about it," he assures you. You nod and take out your phone. You unlock it and immediately hit the text box. You decide to consult Birdie, as a direct Google search in front of your advisors would probably get you into trouble.
Okay, you text her, I need your help. Can you run a Google search for me?
You hit the enter key.
Almost immediately, you're met with a response. read, it's called 'you have data, [Y/N]'.
you respond to Birdie. Sindaco and Cavaliere are watching me. Can you please just Google the name 'Ganondorf' and send me the results?
Who the fuck is that?
You shake your head at her poorly-worded message, but as you're about to respond, you get another one.
you read from Birdie's green speech bubble, but you'd better let me in to meet all these weirdos.
If you insist, 
you compromise.
Just as Sindaco looks over your shoulder to see what you're messaging, you turn off the screen off your phone and give him a smile.

The man that enters the room upon Tiara's departure is clearly from Ninjago, but this time, he doesn't appear to be wearing a ninja gi. In fact, the man wears a long-sleeved, orange shirt, with teal armour over the top. He's got on a pair of grey jeans. He's also got a crimson bandana and a matching belt on, respectively tied around his neck and waist. He's sporting a five o'clock shadow, as well as strawberry blonde hair that reaches down to his chin. On his head, he wears a red straw hat, and masking his right eye is a strange-looking eyepatch with a sniper scope where the eye would be. His left eye is a greyish shade of blue. At first, he gives off a Revali vibe, but as he bows down before you, you're assured otherwise.
"Your Majesty," he begins. "My name is Ronin, and I'm the...uh...Human Champion for Ninjago."
You smile.
"It's a pleasure to meet you," you reply with a smile. He stands up and scratches at the back of his head.
"That Rito was telling everyone you were a witch," he decides, "but it doesn't seem like you're that bad."
"I don't think Revali and I are going to get on very well," you respond. He nods his head.
"Yeah..." Ronin glances up at Sindaco for a moment. "He was being a bit of a dick to everyone, 'specially that Gerudo guy. Dunno what his problem is, to be honest. He could see the man was nervous to meet 'cha, yet he kept going on and on like he was hot shit!"
"Yeah..." you agree. " you have any powers?" He chuckles.
"Ha, I wish!" He grins and then taps his temple, near where his eye patch is. "Well, I made this to help me find anything I want. Modelled it after this Hyrulean artefact an old friend of mine always had around."
"I see," you answer. He glances down at his wrist.
"Well, Princess." Ronin heads up to the steps and bows his head again. "If that Revali decides to be an annoying jerk-off again..." He looks up at you. "Don't hesitate to let me know. We're all here to help you."
"Thank you, Ronin!" you thank him. You wave to him as he leaves the room. You can't help but notice that lots of the Hyruleans are hostile towards the Ninjagians for some reason...and you wish you knew why...

Another woman whose upper head resembles a shark stands before you. This time, she appears to be a relatively light shade of cyan all over, as opposed to Mipha, who you know is red and white. Her head also appears to shaped like that of a hammerhead shark. However, her facial features are positioned in a human-like way, also like Mipha, and unlike the first Zora you'd met, this one has a nose. Her eyes are aubergine, and her feminine features are much more defined, suggesting that she's older than Mipha, although you may never know. However, the most obvious thing about this woman is that she's completely nude. You try your best to ignore it, but you know that it's making Sindaco and Cavaliere uncomfortable, too. So, you decide to distract yourself by talking to her. "Hello there," you say. "I'm Princess [Y/N]. And you?"
"I am...was Princess Ruto of the Zora," she responds, curtseying before you. "However, I am no longer the leader. That position goes to my descendant, Sidon."
"I see," you answer. She giggles and holds out her arms.
"As you can see, we Zora do not wear any clothing."
"Yes," Sindaco murmurs to himself, "we can see." She giggles again before crossing her arms and trying to avoid poking herself in the eyes with her arm fins.
"You're the fifth man who's said that," she tells him. "I'm already uncomfortable in this place with high temperatures and little freshwater...I doubt that itchy clothing would make it any better for me."
"It's okay," you assure her. "So...are you a Sage or a Champion?"
"I'm the Sage of Water," she explains. "I've grown to be friends with my fellow Sages...especially Darunia."
"Hmm..." you nod. "And uh...we've asked everyone so you have any powers?" She shrugs.
"Only what the rest of my race possesses," she admits. "I can swim up waterfalls, I can breathe underwater and...we know how to make great sushi." You find yourself snorting at the idea of Ruto making sushi.
She smiles again.
"I'd better find out what my darling Link's up to!" she beams. "I mean, we are engaged, after all!" And with that, Ruto practically skips out of the room.
"Hmm..." you decide. "I wonder who's next."

For a few moments, the room, aside from the presence of Sindaco and Cavaliere, is empty. At first, you glance around, wondering if the next person is going to enter...or if Ruto was the last-
"Ow!" comes the yell of a Ninjagian man.
"She's waiting for you, Jay!" Nya shouts back.
"Hmm..." Cavaliere murmurs as he brings a hand to his chin. "It appears that Ninjago's Elemental Champion will be approaching next."
"I see," you respond. You feel like you've been saying that a lot, lately. Finally, Nya re-emerges before you, shoving another brunette with curly hair into the room. He's quite freckly, and wears a royal blue gi and matching trousers. Much like the other Ninja you've seen, he has black wraps around his wrists and ankles, as well as black combat boots. Attached to his belt is a pair of intricate, golden nunchucks. Each end appears to resemble a dragon's head, and you swear you see a zap of blue energy every so often. Nya pushes him forwards again before high-tailing it out of the room, leaving the man lying on the floor. He rubs at his head.
"Oh..." he groans. You stand up and head over to him, holding out a hand. He takes it and stands up. A nasty zap stings your hand; you whip it back, and he gasps. His bright blue eyes are wide with fear. "Oh my gosh! Are you alright, Princess [Y/N]?!" You give him a smile.
"Don't worry about it," you assure him, massaging your hand for a while.
"I'm so sorry..." he sighs. "My powers have been stuffing up ever since I've been here."
"Hmm..." you murmur. "Is there anything I can do?" He shakes his head.
"I mean..." He scratches his head. "The other day, I fried my Switch controller. And I was just about to complete the second Immortal Humans game on a no-save run!" He shakes his head again and lets out a sigh. His eyebrows upturn and he pouts. "I lost all my progress..."
"I'm sorry to hear that, Jay," you respond. "Is there anything I can do to help?"
"Well..." he admits, "my friend and I are gonna do another speedrun of it next week on a livestream. It's really cool how there's multiplayer! I mean, it just makes the game so much better when there's two completely different storylines you have to complete with a friend at the same time..."
And now Jay's lost you.
You, Sindaco and Cavaliere give each other nervous looks as Jay proceeds to ramble on about this video game as if you're a fellow fanatic.
"Uh..." you start.
"Oh!" Jay yelps. "I're a princess...I don't think you'd have the time to play..."
"Yeah...I don't," you respond. He spins around and rushes out of the room.
I wish I had the time to play video games, you add in a bitter thought to yourself as you return to your throne and take a seat.

The next person to enter is an old Hylian man in an orange robe decorated with red and white fabric. His belt depicts the same symbol you'd seen on the back of Birdie's medallion, and the sleeves of his robe cover his hands. He appears to be bald, save for a tuft of hair at the back of his head, a white moustache like Toadsworth's and flared eyebrows that resemble Urbosa's in shape. His eyes are deep and understanding, filled with the knowledge of a thousand books. He bows forth before returning to his former posture and giving you a smile.
"Ah, Princess [Y/N]..." he begins. "The Oni Princess of Light." He takes a step forth. "It is indeed an honour to meet such a sacred child."
You can't help but to respond with a nervous chuckle.
"I, uh..." you start. "I"
"This must be quite confusing for you," he decides. "However, there are people just like you in your inner circle of guardians who shall be able to help you in your quest to develop your powers."
You nod your head. "What's your name?"
"Ah, yes." He bows his head. "I, Princess [Y/N], am Rauru...Hyrule's Sage of Light."
"Sage of Light..." you repeat.
"Yes," he agrees. "I, along with the other Sages of Light, will assist you in the light aspect of your training...Lord Cavaliere in particular-"
"About that..." Cavaliere mumbles. "I...I appear to have misplaced my Sage Medallion."
Rauru's eyes widen to the size of dinner plates.
"Oh, dear..." he murmurs back. "You would be wise to find it, for there's no telling when evil may strike."
"So, Rauru," you begin. "Who are the others?"
"You know...the people just like me?"
His eyes seem to wink at you. "You shall formally meet them all in time, Princess [Y/N]. And...I believe you have already met two human-Oni hybrids."
"Really?!" you exclaim. "Who?!"
Rauru chuckles to himself and walks off.

You aren't sure why, but you can hear the soft and subtle tinkling of piano keys. The air gets a little bit colder...the sky seems to darken a bit. You aren't sure why...but you don't feel as safe as you once did. Sindaco wraps his arms around his chest and shivers.
The voice of the woman takes you aback.
You can only observe in complete shock and awe as the owner of the voice floats forth. She has pale skin that resembles the colour of the sky and a sea of silvery-blonde hair behind her. The dress that she wears is as dark as blood, with long sleeves that are frilled with white fabric at the end protecting her arms from this terrible change of weather. Her eyes lack pupils and irises, and the sclera is a glowing yellow shade. She wears a black, leather belt around her waist and has a matching bow underneath the collar of her dress. You believed Ronin to give off Revali vibes before, but this lady certainly shadows Ronin in that department. She appears to be translucent; you can see the window that Darunia had smashed through her chest. She lands on the ground and raises an eyebrow.
"You've probably never seen a piano in your life," she sneers. You raise an eyebrow.
"Your name?" you ask the ghost.
"You may call me Melody Pianissima," she declares. "I am the spectral beauty of the keys...and there is nobody who can outplay me!"
"Melody is the Mushroom Kingdom's Sage of Fire," Cavaliere explains to you. "And she is an inhabitant of Evershade Valley, a sanctuary for all ghosts. It was there where we were able to retrieve her and many others from the Underwhere-"
You stare at her, dumbfounded by this new information.
"Now if you'll excuse me," Melody snaps, "I have some piano practise to do! I wish to truly outdo those who also enjoy video games and music in my endeavours, and if I'm too busy chatting with ragamuffins like you, then I shan't be the best!"
And with that, she storms out of the room.
"Wow..." you murmur. "What's got her in a mood?"
Your advisors both shrug their shoulders.

The titanium face of another Nindroid like Zane greets you upon her arrival in the throne room. There are purple lines and dots on her cheeks, and her eyes, which like Zane and Melody's, lack most human characteristics, are glowing acid green. Her hair appears to be quite tousled at the front, however, she has a ponytail much like Urbosa's near the top of her hair, with the exception of it being quite short. You notice that she's dressed in the outfit of a Ninjagian samurai, with a long-sleeved, navy-blue shirt, silver body armour around her chest and abdomen, intricate golden shoulder armour and pants that match the colour of her shirt. She, like the rest of the Ninjagians, wears jet black, lace-up combat boots on her feet. She offers you a pleasant and warm smile while crouching down on one knee and staring at you with her wide eyes.
"I am P.I.X.A.L," she declares in a voice reminiscent of her robotic appearance, "the fifteenth-generation Primary Interactive X-Ternal Assistant Lifeform unit of Cyrus Borg." Your eyes immediately dart to your BorgPhone at the mention of the last two words.
"Wait," you begin as you take your phone in your hand. "So the guy that invented this..." You hold out your phone in front of her. "...created you?"
"Affirmative, Your Majesty," she responds. "I would like to inform you that I am the Nindroid Champion of Ninjago."
"Okay," you murmur, although you're still fixated on the way she's acting.
Zane seemed much more relaxed than this robot here tell yourself.
P.I.X.A.L tilts her head to the side slightly. "It appears that you have a text message from your friend Birdie in relation to a Google search you inquired her to perform in relation to a Gerudo man named-"
"Right, right!" you say in a loud voice in order to cut her off so that Sindaco and Cavaliere can't hear the rest of it. You don't have to look their way to feel their glares of disapproval beating down your neck. "We have more important things to discuss!"
"You are correct," she admits. She lowers her head. "I apologise for any inconveniences I may have caused, Princess [Y/N]. I do believe that I have overstayed my welcome." She blinks at you. "I shall leave at once."
But almost as soon as P.I.X.A.L has arrived, she has disappeared.
"[Y/N]...what was that girl talking about?" Cavaliere asks you.
"Nothing," you mumble, shoving your phone into your pocket.

The next to enter the room is another Goron. He resembles Darunia a lot, with the exception of an additional moustache. He looks rather friendly, with the smile that you see on his face. He wears a blue sash across one shoulder. Like many of the others have done, the Goron crouches down on one knee. You notice that on his back is a rather heavy-looking club of sorts that you do not want to be on the receiving end of. He looks back up at you and grins again. "Hey-a, Princess [Y/N]!" he beams. "The name's Daruk, and I'm the Goron Champion!"
"It's nice to meet you, Daruk," you respond with a smile of your own. He chuckles.
"Ah, thank you, little princess!" He stands back up, and then you hear a dog's bark.
He begins to tremble and shake as a glowing sphere of red energy surrounds him.
"Argh!" he exclaims. "What was that?!" You shrug your shoulders, only then noticing that Bowser Jnr and the little Hyrulean girl from before are darting away with a BorgPhone and laughing their heads off. You raise an eyebrow.
"Just some kids being kids," you answer him. The sphere dissipates, and he stands up straight again.
" that all?"
You nod. "What was that glowing force field around you, Daruk?"
"Aw, I call it Daruk's Protection," he answers. "I was born with it...and so was my son, and his son." He stretches his arms out before turning around and looking through the window that his friend had shattered into pieces. "Is that Corona Mountain place open for business, Princess?"
"What do you mean?" you frown.
"Not mining, y'know," he assures you. "Eating!"
"I'm afraid not, Lord Daruk," Cavaliere responds, standing forwards with a look of solemnity upon his face. "Corona Mountain is a sacred site where we lay to rest our kings and queens, and the place where Shine Sprites are born." He nods his head.
"Fair enough," he responds. He then looks back up at you. "So, would you recommend that sedimentary rock around Noki Bay?"
You giggle.
" don't think the Noki will be very happy with that," you admit. "I'm terribly sorry, Daruk."
"Hey!" he assures you. "It's okay, Princess! It's your home!" He gives you a wide, toothy grin, and you can't help but smile.
"I'm sure we can find some rocks somewhere for you and Darunia," you tell him. His eyes light up like a child who's just told another child a 'ligma' joke and been met with a reply of 'what's ligma?'.
"Really?!" Daruk pumps his fist into the air. "Thank you, Princess [Y/N]! I've gotta tell Darunia!" And with that, Daruk curls up into a ball and rolls out of the room before jumping through the same window that his friend had smashed before. You can't help but snort at the idea of him smashing through another window.
"Ah..." you chuckle, "who's next?"

You hear the tapping of shoes as a blur of green dashes into the room. You watch as a Yoshi skids to a stop in front of you, holding out her hands in order to protect herself. You mirror her actions and brace for the impact by shutting your eyes, but it never comes.
The Yoshi is now lying on the floor.
You watch as she rubs at her snout for a bit. Her black eyes are clenched shut. She lets out a mumble before standing up. "Gee...I'm sorry about that!" she apologises.
"It's alright," you assure her. She giggles.
"You understand her?" Cavaliere inquires. You nod your head. "Hmm..."
"You can't?" you ask. Both he and Sindaco shake their heads. "I wonder why..."
"That's strange!" she exclaims. "Most people can't understand me or anyone else in my tribe. Only a select few can understand us...I'm glad that Mario, Peach and Luigi can!"
"So..." you begin. "What are you the Sage or Champion of?"
"I'm T. Yoshisaur Munchakoopas, and I'm the Sage of Forest in the Mushroom Kingdom," she explains. "but you can call me Yoshi!"
"Okay," you smile. Yoshi takes a seat on the ground and crosses her legs while picking at her brown boots with her green hands.
"Princess Peach came to my island with Princess Zelda one day, and they both told me about my destiny to help Mario seal away a great evil!"
"Do you have any powers?" you inquire.
"Hmm...well, I can eat anything," she answers. You nod your head.
"I see. Wait...I've said that an awful lot..."
"'I see'. That phrase. It's...a habit of mine."
"Oh, see!" Yoshi covers her mouth at the realisation of what she's just said.
The two of you giggle, and Yoshi stands back up. "It's nice to meet you, Yoshi!"
"It's good to meet you too, Princess [Y/N]!" Yoshi gives you a big wave before rushing out of the room.
"What a nice person..." you smile.

You find that like Melody, the next person who enters is a ghost, too. However, he appears to be Ninjagian, and he's glowing a sickly shade of green. His shoulder-length hair is jet black, save for a green strip in it. He crosses his arms and stares at you with a grin upon his face. His eyes, matching the shade of his hair, have darker green patches around them. He's dressed in a green ninja gi (which lacks any arm or leg wraps, leaving the sleeves of his shirt and trousers loose), and on top of this, he carries two katanas in his hands. He sheathes both swords before crouching down and bowing before you.
"Your Majesty."
"What's your name?" you query. The Ninjagian stands up.
"Morro. I'm the Master of Wind." He holds out a hand, and a gust of air hits your face, sending your hair flying behind you. You shield your face with your own hands, and he laughs, although it's not very light-hearted.
"Morro here is the Ghost Champion of Ninjago," Cavaliere explains to you. "He's another pilot of a Divine Beast."
"Yeah...what was with that?" Morro frowns. "Wu just waltzed into the Departed Realm one day and demanded that I took control of this robot for him. Didn't really explain why...but it was a free ticket back home."
"Sounds nice," you respond. He squints at your face for a few moments.
"I swear I've seen you in a painting before..." he admits. He pauses for a moment before continuing to speak. "I don't know where though, I died forty years ago and you don't look a day over sixteen!"
"I'm turning eighteen tomorrow," you explain to him. His face returns to normal.
"I see," he answers before leaning against the wall. Morro seems to be keeping his distance, although why is beyond you. He spins around and is about to leave.
"Oh..." he starts in an angry tone, "and if you see that Revali guy?"
"Yeah?" you ask.
He's probably annoyed Morro, you determine in your head.
Morro smiles.
"Tell him I'll be willing to take him up on that launch bet," he declares.
Morro leaves the room, leaving you, Sindaco and Cavaliere alone once more.

Sindaco glances at his watch.
"Who else is coming?" you ask him with a sigh as your eyes drift towards your phone.
"There should be a few more from abroad," Cavaliere explains.
"Who are they?" you ask. Sindaco hides a smile as another Gerudo woman barges into the room.
The woman that enters appears to be younger, much younger than Urbosa. She could easily be your age. Her eyes, golden in colour, are wide, and her hair, which is in a half-up, half-down style, is a fiery shade of red. She gives you a smile and puts her hands on her hips. She's not very tall, another rarity for someone of her race. However, she still possesses the characteristic nose and hair-do. Although dressed slightly immodestly, her outfit isn't much worse than the casual wear you were in when you'd ventured out to Delfino Plaza by yourself. She wears a white bandeau with a square wave pattern in orange and teal. She also wears a very baggy pair of matching white pants, which are held up with a belt that contains the same insignia that Urbosa had on her own belt. She smirks at you.
"I like your style, Princess," she decides. "Jumping into that ocean? I mean...I would've done the same thing if I'd been pestered about it."
"Who are you?" you ponder.
"Oh!" She giggles and nods her head, which you're guessing is her way of bowing towards you. "I'm Nabooru, the Sage of Spirit..." She pauses for a moment, maintaining her smile.
"And?" Sindaco demands.
"I'm also related to that dork on the Gerudo throne," she adds. "I'm his...sister." She takes a moment before she adds something else in. Cavaliere goes to speak.
"I thought Lady Urbosa was-"
"Oh," she adds in a casual manner, "she's my niece. I know I look to be around her age..." She points at you. "...but she aged further before Ganondorf killed her." Your eyes widen. It seems that whoever this Ganondorf is, he has enough of a reputation to be notorious.
"I'm sorry," you whisper. "Did you say she was your niece?"
"Yup," she confirms. "She's rather...strange. Ever since she came into power about a hundred years or so ago, it seems that my people had forgotten the Gerudo way." She stops for a second. " stupid and blind as my older brother is, he's turning our tribe back around for the better."
"I'm certain thieving is looked down upon amongst the people of Hyrule," Cavaliere responds. You clutch your pendant a little closer.
"Don't worry, Princess [Y/N]," she assures you. "I have no intention of thieving from women or children...or killing people. I only steal from those who deserve that wrenched Ninjagian man who nearly killed me with his stupid rock powers!" She clenches her fist and narrows her eyebrows before taking in a deep breath.
I wonder if she's talking about think.
"I'm sure it was an accident," you tell her. She nods her head, her eyes still shut. "Why don't you two talk it out?"
"Mother would have his head..." she mutters as she turns around and storms towards the doorway.
"Huh." Sindaco shoots a glare at you.

You watch as another woman steps into the room. She appears to be a little old lady with a beige knitted jacket that has a red and white criss-cross pattern on it. Her grey hair is swept back into a low, tight bun. She has a wide smile upon her wrinkled face, and she has the vitality of a child. Strangely, her eye colour flickers between blue and a vivid shade of purple.
"Why, hello there, dearie!" she coos at you as she pinches your cheek. She somehow seems...familiar.
"Do I know you?" you inquire.
"I'd hope so!" she smiles. "I used to visit from Ninjago. Don't you remember?"
You shake your head. You can't remember.
"Hmm..." she frowns. "I suppose I would have appeared differently then." She looks into your eyes for a while before disappearing into a cloud of thick, black smoke. Sindaco coughs and Cavaliere covers his mouth and nose while the smoke clears.
A carbon copy of you has replaced the woman.
You stand up, shocked and in awe of her new appearance. Her [H/C] hair is styled just like yours, and her eyes are the same shade of [E/C] you see in the mirror every day. Her complexion is on par with yours, and she's even dressed in an outfit that matches yours perfectly.
"I'm only one of the many who are gifted with the ability to shapeshift, Princess [Y/N]," she responds in your voice. You squeak.
It sounds just like me! you can only think. The woman disappears into a cloud of black smoke again.
"But..." she begins, "it's quite uncommon to see our true face, nowadays!" The smoke clears, and her new appearance is frightening. She appears to take on a much younger appearance, but now she's completely bald and her entire body is jet black, save for white tattoos all over it. Her eyes glow a vivid shade of violet, and she's got a blue rope tied around her waist. Two sharp and jagged-looking horns protrude from her head, and she has two fangs on her bottom row of teeth. Her fingernails have turned into claws, and her feet resemble that of a Koopa's. Her long and pointed ears remind you of Rauru's and that girl you'd seen playing with Bowser Jnr. She also has a tail, and the tip of this tail glows with a purple flame.
"Wha...what are you?" you murmur. She chuckles.
"My dear," she answers, "I am the Ninjagian Sage of Shadow, Mistaké."
"But...what are you?"
"Oh?" Mistaké gives you a light-hearted grin, still flaunting her true, demonic appearance. "I'm an Oni, my dearie!"
You nearly faint.
"I...uh...Cavaliere said I was-"
"Half-Oni?" she begins. She climbs the steps to your throne and takes a lock of your hair. "Hmm...he's not wrong." She stares at your eyes for a moment. "You aren't just any old Oni hybrid, no. You, my dear, are the child of our god...the Overlord."
"I've been told," you murmur.
"But...I also see the warm blood of a Light Deity pumping through your veins," she adds. She frowns a bit. "It...I've only seen this in two men and one woman before...and I've only met them all today." She gazes back up at you. "Princess [Y/N], I do not believe in causing the Sunshine Realm harm. I wish to assist you in learning to train the Oni muscle that you possess, the ability to control the dark...and to take on the form of any being you choose..."
Mistaké disappears into another cloud of smoke.
And when it clears, she's gone.
"Even a rat!" her voice yells.
You glance down to see a little brown rat crawling about your staircase. A scream escapes your lips.
"Oh, shit!" you screech. "A rat!"
Mistaké cackles like a witch as she heads off. "Ah, I love you light-dwellers!"
And with that, Mistaké is gone, too.
You begin to frown at the Oni woman's antics, but a scream, this time from a child, cuts your train of thought short.

The Hyrulean girl who was with Bowser Jnr before is lying on the floor in front of the window. She's got her arms wrapped around her head, and she can't stop sobbing. You get up and go to see what the problem is, but Sindaco stops you and heads out there himself. You can only watch as he helps the girl sit upright. She turns to look at you, and her blue eyes fill with tears.
"I'm so sorry..." she whispers as she stands up and wipes her bright green shorts free of any dust. "I...I got pushed over by a bad man..."
"Are you alright?!" you gasp. This time, nobody can stop you from standing up and seeing if the poor girl's okay. You take a few steps down from your throne and quickly step over to Sindaco and the girl. Her dark green hair is a little ruffled up, but apart from that, she looks alright. You really like her outfit, which consists of colours that match her hair. She wears a dark green turtleneck sweater, a loose tank top that matches the colour of her shorts, a pair of gumboots that matches her sweater and a forest green headband. Her shorts are held up with a belt that has a golden buckle. Her hair-do resembles Nya's, and her nose is rather tiny. A quick glance around tells you that everyone else has left the hall and is sitting elsewhere. She stares at you for a while before nodding her head.
"I hope Link puts that nasty man in his place," she mumbles as she brushes the sand and dust from her hands. You hold out your own hand, and she takes it, using your arm to pull herself up. "Thank you, Your Majesty."
"What's your name?" you ask her softly. You crouch down to her height.
"I'm...I'm Saria," she responds. "I'm a Kokiri...but I've been out of the Lost Woods for so long. I...I don't want to die!" Her bottom lip trembles, and in the corner of your eye, you spot Bowser Jnr, who's holding a strange, beige instrument.
"That nasty Ganondorf stole your ocarina when he pushed you over," he tells her. Saria lets out a gasp.
"Thank you, Junior!" she exclaims. He hands it over to her, and she hugs it to her chest. Already, she looks much happier than before. You frown at the name of the person Junior had identified as the culprit of the theft.
"I've been hearing a lot of things about this Ganondorf," you tell Sindaco as you stand up, letting Saria and Junior chatter away, "and none of them are good. Who...who is he?"
"You shall meet him in time, Princess," he sighs.
"I...don't think I want to meet a man everyone's complaining about," you admit.
"I'm sure it's all in good spirits," he assures you. You raise an eyebrow.
"Good spirits," you respond. Cavaliere appears beside you.
"Ah, the Hyrulean Sage of Forest!" he beams. "I daresay only the Ninjagian Sage of Light and the Mushroom Kingdomer Sage of Water are left for you to meet, and then you shall meet with the warriors who shall fight alongside you!"
"And who would they be?" you mutter.
"Never you mind right now," Sindaco assures you.
But from the confused look on his face at the approach of Bowser, along with a small group of others, changes his smug attitude right away.

Chapter Text

"Go on now, Junior," Bowser ushers his son. "Go play outside with Saria or something."
"Wanna?" Junior asks Saria. She nods, and then taps him on the shoulder.
"Tag," Saria giggles, "you're it!" They both begin to chuckle as they dart off down the hall to the left.
They're so adorable.
Bowser lets the five people accompanying him inside your throne room. Aside from Bowser, the only familiar face you're met with is that of the Hylian princess who'd spoken to you before this whole meet and greet thing. The first new person you recognise is an elderly man in a straw hat and a white robe who has a long beard that reaches down to his hips. He carries a bamboo staff by his side, and he appears to be wise and knowing. Standing next to him is a towering Oni man with a lined face and glowing red sclera for eyes. He appears to have a more humanoid form than Mistaké, save for the extra pair of arms he possesses. There's also a man who appears to be in his mid-twenties. He's dressed in dark denim overalls and a green sweater, much like Saria's. His chestnut-brown hair appears to be fringed at the front. His bright blue eyes are wide, and his nose is rather round. He has a black moustache that resembles that of Toadsworth's. He's short compared to the Oni man standing next to him. And finally, another yellow-haired princess stands next to the younger human. However, she is human, too, and not Hylian like the other princess in the group. She's dressed in a pink gown with puffy sleeves, and her eyes, like many of the other eyes you've seen around today, are blue. Her lips are admittedly rather puffy, yet small at the same time. A crown of gold sits upon her head, adorned with an array of beautiful gemstones, and finally, to finish off the look, you notice that she has a pendant around her neck. It's elliptical, and the inner oval is a turquoise colour, while the outer appears to be a ring of gold.
It occurs to you that this woman must be the Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom.
They all look rather nervous, with the exception of the Oni man, who's grinning like he's just won the lottery.

"Where are they?" the Hylian princess murmurs.
"I think my son went to give that Lord Dragmire a piece of his mind," the Oni man responds, shaking his head and still smiling. The elderly man bows before you.
"I apologise for my brother's ignorance of you," he admits, gesturing to the Oni. "Princess [Y/N], I am Wu Garmadon, and I, along with my elder brother Montgomery, rule over Ninjago Island." You're about to respond, but Wu's brother cuts you off.
"It's Garmadon," the Oni warns the old man.
"Ha!" he scoffs.
"I never got to tell you my name," the Hylian princess tells you with a nervous smile as Wu and Garmadon begin to bicker and fight. "My name is Princess Zelda, and as you may guess, I am the leader of the Kingdom of Hyrule."
"It's nice to meet you," you smile.
"You too, Princess [Y/N]," she agrees.
"I'm Peach," the Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom introduces herself. She gives the younger man a pat on the shoulder. "And this is my friend, Luigi!"
"H...hi," he says in a quiet voice.
"It's good to meet you," you tell him. He gives you a weak smile.
"It wouldn't surprise me if Lloyd and Ganondorf were at each other's throats by now..." Garmadon continues. "I mean, the boy's tapped in the head!"
"If you mean your son is willing to stand up for those who cannot do so for themselves..." Wu warns him sternly.
"Where are they?" Cavaliere demands. "The Ninjagian Sage of Light and the Mushroom Kingdomer Sage of Water? Where are they?" Wu stops arguing with Garmadon at the question. In fact, his face falls. A guilty look is in his eyes.
"We...have not found our Sage of Light yet," he admits.
"I don't know where Professor Gadd is," Peach adds on. "He's our kingdom's Sage of Water...but ever since he set off for Isle Delfino on his own, he's gone missing..."
"And what of the Light Deities' chosen heroes?" Sindaco inquires. They all look nervous.
"My brother said he was going to find his friend," Luigi admits.
"My son's probably causing trouble," Garmadon snaps.
"My partner is most likely searching for Lord Dragmire," Zelda concludes. Cavaliere frowns before leaning in towards Sindaco. He whispers something for a bit, and then the Mayor of Isle Delfino nods. They both begin to walk off, leaving you standing there in silence.
"Excuse me?" you snap. "Do you two plan on telling me what's going on any time soon?!"
"It's best if you just go back to your room," Sindaco decides. "Without everyone here, your life is in immense danger..."
"No!" you snap. "I'm going to find Birdie, and you can't stop me!"
"[Y/N] [L/N]-"
"Let her," Cavaliere assures him. "She will soon learn..."
And with that, they leave you standing there with all these strangers.
"I would strongly advise for you to stay here," Zelda begins to tell you. You shake your head.
"No," you protest. "I promised to hang out with my friend today. And besides, I have plans for my birthday tomorrow."
And with that, you storm off, fed up with Sindaco and Cavaliere's constant pestering and nagging at you.
You're done with it all.

- - -

You're dashing across the drawstring bridge connecting Delfino Castle to the rest of Bianco Hills as fast as you can, but it's still not fast enough.
I wish I was as fast as think in disdain. And then I could probably find her! Still, you're running so fast that you don't realise that someone's in your way.
You let out a yelp as you trip over Urbosa's leg.
"Argh!" you screech.
"Princess!" she cries. She throws her arms around you in an attempt to catch you. You're mere centimetres from smacking your face against the floor. Her eyes are wide and filled with shock. "What's the hurry?!"
"I'm looking for my friend," you explain.
"A friend, you say?" Urbosa gazes up towards the hill leading to Delfino Plaza. "I believe a young Pianta woman claiming to be your friend was searching for you. She was in a bit of a hurry..."
"What?" you frown. "Why'd she leave?!" She raises an eyebrow at you.
"I don't know!" she snaps. You throw your hands up defensively; she shakes her head and lets out a sigh. "I'm trying to find my aunt. She's content on trying to attack an innocent man, and I do not wish for her and my father to bring a bad reputation upon the Gerudo once more."
"Stop it!" Cole exclaims in the distance. "It's not right to steal, you know!"
"Go and bother someone else!" Nabooru hisses back.
"Huh?" Urbosa leans closer towards the sound; you mirror her actions.
"Put that money back before I call the police!" you hear Cole shouting again.
"What are you going to do," she sneers, "move a few grains of sand around?"
"I think Cole's found her," you murmur as you follow Urbosa, who appears to be rather embarrassed at the words coming out of her aunt's mouth.

You arrive at the backyard of a villa. The house belongs to the Avido family, a group of rather greedy Tanookis who like to collect Shine Sprites and charge large amounts of money to give them back. You have no idea why there isn't a law prohibiting it, considering how important Shine Sprites are to Isle Delfino. Given, they probably still don't deserve to be the target of a burglary. You stand on your tip-toes and peer at the scene unfolding on the other side of the fence. Sure enough, Cole's standing on one end of the Avidos' brand new swimming pool with his arms crossed over his chest, while Nabooru is on the other side, taunting him with a large sack seized in her left hand. "How old was she when she...uh...passed?" you whisper.
"Nineteen," Urbosa tells you. "She hasn't aged a day since."
"Look, lady!" Cole yells at Nabooru, oblivious to the audience he's gathered. "Just because this house is filled with money, doesn't mean it's okay for you to take it!"
"Well," she snaps back, "just because you have mastery over an element, doesn't mean it's okay for you to use it against me!"
"It was an accident!" he shouts.
"Maybe I should shove you onto the ground, eh?" she jeers at him. "Will that be an accident?" He lunges for the bag and attempts to tug it away from her. "That's mine!"
"No, it's not!" he argues.
"What're those idiots doing?!" someone demands. You turn your head to find Revali staring at Nabooru and Cole's shouting match, with Morro tagging along like a lost puppy. "Are they asking to get into trouble?"
"Can't you do something?" Urbosa frowns.
"She's not my aunt," Revali smirks, turning around. Morro has a devious grin on his face.
You don't know what he's planning, but you're guessing it isn't very nice.

Morro creeps around to Urbosa's left and turns to the rest of you.
"Duck down behind the fence," he orders the three of you. "You can look through the holes of the fence if you want." You obey and take a seat on the grass, curious as to what Morro's going to do. You peek through one of the relatively big holes in the fence. "Hope they know how to swim!" Morro disappears into thin air, and a gale appears out of seemingly nowhere.
"Wha...what?!" Nabooru shouts. "Why'd it get so cold all of a sudden?!"
"Who's doing that?!" Cole demands. "Isle Delfino isn't forecast to have wind for three days!"
They both tumble backwards.
You can hear both of them screaming as they fly through the air. They land in the pool with a large splash. Water goes everywhere, including the various designer deck chairs that are probably worth more than your entire castleYou watch for a few moments as they then emerge above the surface once more, drenched in every place one can think of. They gasp for air and splash about the pool. They're both still holding the bag. Nabooru glowers at Cole before drawing her hand back and whacking him across the cheek with her open palm.
"You idiot!" she screams. "You pushed me in!"
"It wasn't me!" he yells back. Morro reappears, teetering over the edge of the fence. He holds out his hands again, and another gust of wind hits their faces. In all the excitement, they drop the bag, and Urbosa takes the opportunity to dive in there and seize it from the both of them. She jumps the fence and snatches the bag away.
"Thieving is a crime, Nabooru!" she warns, holding it away from her head.
buts." She glares at the younger Gerudo. "I don't care what Ganondorf has told you. This island is not yours to take from! What if the Princess of Isle Delfino saw you stealing from a house?" Nabooru turns her nose up at her.
"And what are the chances of those advisors letting her set foot out of that silly old castle?"
Urbosa takes you by the arm and lifts you up. Not sure what else to do, you just end up giving Nabooru a timid wave. "Hmph."
"I'll be telling Princess Zelda about this," Urbosa warns.
"Oh, Urbosa," she sneers, "always tattling on your father and I."
She points towards the town.
"Leave," she warns. Nabooru shakes her head before crossing her arms and stomping out of the backyard.

Cole shivers a bit as Morro waves his arms in front of him, creating a gust of wind that dries him off right away. The Ninjagian ghost is still grinning like an idiot, and you can tell there's something devious on his mind. Revali has left the scene of the crime; Urbosa remains standing by your side. You can only watch in silence.
"She's a feisty one, isn't she?" Morro sustains his smug grin.
"Ugh..." Cole rolls his eyes. "She's the rudest person I've met in my entire life!" Urbosa buries her face into a palm; you hear her sighing now.
"C'mon, Cole," he smirks, "you enjoyed that little swim with her."
"What?!" Cole's cheeks tinge a light pink. "I don't..." Cole's voice trails off when he catches Morro's wide, beaming smile. "Shut up!" Morro's face scrunches up when he bursts into laughter.
"Just kiss her already," he ushers to nobody in particular during his departure from this particular setting. "Ah...I'm headed off for a nap..."
Cole's bright red in the face now.

You make the decision to walk down to the special swing. You love it so don't know what you'd do about it. You're met with many a strange glance from the Piantas of the island as you pass; you assure them there's nothing to worry about and go on your way. From the fact that the police are turning a blind eye to your excursion, you know that Sindaco or Cavaliere's said something to them, and for that, you're grateful. Your hand slips into the pocket of your dress and grips onto your phone, which you take. Four large, thin and white numbers on the screen inform you that it's 12:03 PM.
"Where'd the time go?" you murmur to yourself. You notice that the notification for Birdie's message is still there. You'd never answered it. You stop in your tracks to see what she's sent you. You unlock your phone with your passcode before opening the 'Messages' app. You click on Birdie's name before taking a look at the message that she's sent. "Ha, [Y/N], just check Wikipedia. It's spilling with tea."
You love her to bits...but sometimes...just sometimes...she can go over the top with the Stan Chirp lingo.
Thankfully, Birdie's also sent you a link to what you were looking for. It's her last message to you: a Wikipedia link.
"" you say aloud as you type your response out and send it to her. "Meet the swing?"
You hit the send key and proceed onwards.

You proceed to take off your shoes and hold them in your hands. You lift the bottom of your skirt up so the hemline doesn't come into contact with the water. You dip a toe into the water, which is still the right temperature. It's not scalding hot or freezing cold. It isn't even mildly warm or slightly cool. You wouldn't even call it lukewarm, although that's the proper term for it. It just feels...perfect.
One step at a time, [Y/N].
In this trance-like state of stepping into the softer sands underwater, you're brought back to the earlier and simpler days of your life. The days where the ankle-deep waters cutting off the tiny islet your mother had given birth to you on from the rest of Isle Delfino was up to your waist. The times where you would scoop fistfuls of sand from the waters and then attempt to skim it like a rock, watching in dismay as the sand dissolved back into individual fragments upon its re-entry into the water.
The water's very shiny today, isn't it?
You remember the moments where Sindaco wasn't your parental figure, but rather just an onlooker on Gelato Beach as your mother introduced you to tiny crabs and miniature starfish and other small critters of the sea, critters who were only as old as you were. And you recall the countless times you'd spend on the swing, the sea air tickling your face and the faint odour of saltwater disappearing as your mother pushed you forth, higher and higher every time until you were terrified.
"[M/N] would be proud of you, [Y/N]."

Birdie's mother, or Mrs Cavaliere (as you call her), is the owner of the smoothie bar on the westernmost point of Gelato Beach. She makes all sorts of delicious drinks, from her daughter's favourite grapefruit and pomegranate juice to her husband's usual choice of a banana, honey and mango smoothie. She's an orange Pianta woman who wears a blue dress. The leaves atop her head are browning slightly: a sign of wisdom and growing older.
"Hello!" you beam as you give her a wave. She waves back, but there's a look in her eyes that's telling you she's not a hundred percent happy at the moment. They're dull and sunken, almost as if she's been told some terrible news. You hope it's nothing bad. "What...what's wrong, Mrs Cavaliere?"
"Have you seen Birdena around, dear?" she frowns. "She said that she was going to Delfino Plaza to pick up your birthday gift, and that she'd be back in time to finish her shift,'s been over for thirty minutes now."
"No." You shake your head. "She said she was coming to the castle."
"Cavaliere made it clear to her that she wasn't allowed to go there today under any circumstances." She gazes out to the sea. "Although she would have gone anyway. If you haven't seen her, then...I..." A sigh escapes her lips. "I've called the shop keeper at the store she was heading to, but he said that she'd never stopped by. [Y/N]...I'm worried she's missing."
Huh? you think. Where is she, then?
"I'm sure she's running late," you assure her. Mrs Cavaliere shakes her head and clasps her hands together.
"She always calls if she's running late," she protests. "Oh...I wish there was some way we could find her..."
"How about we look together?" you suggest. She shakes her head.
"No, dear," she assures you. "Birdie isn't your burden to carry. I'll search one more time at home."
"I'll wait here in case she comes," you add.
And with that, Mrs Cavaliere walks off.

You prop yourself up onto the swing so that you're facing Gelato Beach. You can see quite a few people partaking in a game of volleyball on the beach, including Ruto and Kai. The Zora dives arm-first into the ball so that she can save it, and then as the ball flies into the air again, her Ninjagian teammate spikes the ball to the other side. You're glad that some people are getting along around here...
You glance behind you at the familiar voice of your best friend. However, you're met with nothing but a completely flat sea and a horizon with a blue sky above it. Nothing, nothing but the endless expanse of the Delfino Sea.
"You must be Princess [Y/N], I presume?"
The low and accented voice shocks you to your core.

Chapter Text

Your head spins back at the masculine voice that addresses you. You're met with a narrowed pair of eyes with lemon yellow irises so close to your own face that you can barely see anything else. The man's thick and unkempt eyebrows, fiery red in colour, seem to extend all the way to his ears, and give off the illusion of a permanent frown. You let out a yelp.
"Why are you here?" you demand. The man laughs, although his eyes don't change whatsoever.
"I was just enjoying a leisurely stroll around Gelato Beach," he responds. "Tell me...why are you here?" You don't answer at first.
"A friend of mine," you manage to tell him. "She's missing." He takes a step back so that you can see his entire face now. He's got a dark, yellowish complexion, and his thin lips are curled up into a smirk. Several wrinkles line his face, and his neatly-trimmed beard seems to connect to his eyebrows and the rest of his hair through a rather thick pair of sideburns. Aside from all of this, there's one giveaway feature that you can see that gives you an idea of who he is. Just like Urbosa and Nabooru, his nose appears to resemble that of a Gerudo's. "You must be this Ganondorf I've been hearing so much about."
The man chuckles again, tilting his head to the side a bit.
"You must've met my daughter and my sister, I assume?" You nod your head. "Tell me, what has been said of me from them?" You stop for a moment and think back to your meetings.
"Well, I've been told you aren't very nice."
He grimaces.
"And was that my younger sister?" he snaps. You nod your head; you don't wish to throw Urbosa or the shy and timid Tiara under the bus. "I knew Nabooru would say something like that."
"She's no saint herself," you add on. "She stole money from the villa literally next door to my castle." He lets out a scoff.
"Nabooru doesn't steal from women or children," he decides. "I presume her target was a man who had it coming for him, yes?" You consider the residents of the house, a greedy bunch of Tanooki scammers, and the head of the household.
"He is a bit of an asshole."
"She's a bit funny in the head, my sister." He raises a hand to his chin and begins to stroke his beard. "I'm not sure why she was made the Sage of Spirit by that wrenched goddess. Do you, Princess?"
"I'm certain that there's many self-righteous bastards up there..." he begins, raising a hand to the sky, which is speckled with light clouds.
Ha, you think. Has he even looked in a mirror?
"Those astronauts are just doing their job," you assure him. He takes a deep breath in.
"Astronauts? Is that what you call the goddess Hylia and her foolish companions?" Before you have the chance to explain the basic concept of science, Ganondorf continues to speak. "It's funny how every time a Pianta and an Oni become friends in this very place, one grows to be inattentive and the other ends up..." He pauses for a moment to study your face. You don't know why, but something's making you feel uneasy about his words.
What's this man trying to say? you ask yourself. Does he know where Birdie is?
"What?" you repeat, this time aloud. "What ends up happening to the other?" He begins to chuckle and shake his head. It's apparent that he's ignoring your question. "Excuse me! I am asking you a question!" Again, he shakes his head and spins around on his heel, and with a swish of his wine red cloak, he begins to proceed in the other direction. It's at this moment that you see it.
The golden shimmer of the Gerudo insignia from your dream, down to the last thread.
"Hey!" you yell. "Stop there at once!" 
Ganondorf vanishes, and you're met with the peaceful and serene landscape of Gelato Beach once more.

- - -

"Hey, Princess!" Ronin beams as he steps barefoot through the soft sands in order to approach you. He's followed by Mipha and Tiara. "Why the glum face? This weather's beautiful!" You take a step onto land, your shoes still in hand. You don't know how to relay what Ganondorf had told you without sounding insane about it. You let out a sigh, watching Ruto and Kai pause their game of volleyball for a moment to observe what you're doing.
"I'm worried that Birdie's in danger," you admit.
"That Pianta girl?" Tiara asks. "Well...I did see her around, but-"
"Where?!" You practically jump, frightening the Zora and the Bonneter.
"I...uh..." Mipha glances around. "I believe that your friend may have been making her way to Corona Mountain."
"We asked her what she was doing," Ronin adds on, "y'know, considering your advisors told Daruk and Darunia that Corona Mountain was some sort of sacred site."
"She said she was looking for you," Tiara adds.
"Why would she be looking for me at Corona Mountain?" you frown. "I've been in Bianco Hills for most of the day." They all shrug their shoulders.
"We're headed off to try one of those watermelon and mint smoothies," Ronin offers. "Wanna join us?" You shake your head. Ruto and Kai finally decide to join the four of you in the conversation.
"Hey," Kai says almost nonchalantly. "What's up?"
"Her Pianta friend's gone missing," Ronin explains. Ruto frowns.
"I did see her earlier on in the day," she divulges to the group. "She was arguing with my darling Link and those other hero boys about something...but I don't know what."
"So Lloyd and Mario must be with Link, then..." Mipha murmurs.
"Yeah!" Kai shouts a little too loudly. "I remember now! They were all telling her that stealing was wrong."
"Are you sure you're not thinking of Cole and Morro?" Ronin frowns. Kai shakes his head.
"I remember it clear as day." He rubs at the back of his head. "She was carrying one of those Sage Medallion things and saying that Princess [Y/N] was being held hostage in Corona Mountain."
"But I'm right here!" you yell. "Who told her that?"
"There's only one man rotten enough to lie like that..." Ruto mutters.
"Ganondorf!" comes the cry of Urbosa.

Nabooru is on the floor, clinging to her niece's leg in an attempt to weigh her down. "Stop it, Urbosa!" she pleads.
"Where is he?!" she snaps at the group. "That idiot cast a spell on Nabooru!"
"He was just here," you tell them. Her eyes widen, fear projecting from them. She shakes her head.
"No, no, no..." she murmurs. She cups her hands to her mouth. Tears well in her eyes, causing her to clench them in fear.
"Hey..." Kai starts in a quiet voice. He gives her a somewhat awkward pat on the back that only makes her tense. "Are you okay there, Lady Urbosa?" She stares at him for a while with the utmost look of defeat upon her face.
"Urbosa?" Mipha barely whispers. "Whatever is wrong?" She wipes one eye and shakes her head again, opting to cover her face with her hands.
"My father is going to do something terrible to that poor girl..." she declares, "and it's all my fault." She's trying so hard not to burst into tears that you're certain she's trembling.
"What happened?" you ask. She clears her throat, but her voice is still broken and rather high.
"He told me that Princess [Y/N] was being taken by her advisors to Corona Mountain for some sort of sacrifice ritual," she admits. "And that she was being taken against her own will. I...I believed him! And I told her friend about it! And she was mad, so she ran away to stop it, and-"
She's no longer audible.
"Ganondorf is a filthy liar," Nabooru tells the rest of you. "That girl had a Sage Medallion, and he wants to kill her." She tuts. "I'm not surprised. Ever since us Hyrulean Sages executed him four thousand years ago, he's had a vendetta against anyone who carries a Sage Medallion."
"She's in trouble," you decide. "I'm going to go find her. Can someone go back to the castle and tell Cavaliere and Sindaco what's happening?"
"I can go!" Tiara offers.
"I'll go with her," Ruto adds. And with that, the two dart off back towards Bianco Castle.
"I'll stay here with Lady Urbosa," Ronin adds. "She's not in the right mindset at the moment."
"Alright," Kai decides. "Lead the way, Princess."

The sprint to Delfino Plaza is a blur. You rush ahead, followed by Kai, Mipha and Nabooru. This time, you don't even bother looking at the faces of your people as you yell at them to get out of the way. You can only think about the last time something this chaotic had happened...
"Move!" you scream as you push past the Piantas. "Move!"
Your [F/C] dress catches on several low-lying branches, and you have to hold onto your boater hat in order to keep it on your head. No matter how hard you try, you can't push past them all. You instead opt for crawling underneath the crowd. There was a really warm light ahead and they were all screaming. Crying. Saying that it isn't fair.
What isn't fair? You don't know, you're only seven.
You stop in front of the dying embers and squint. Where is she?
You can see her new friend standing out in front of the pile of smoking ashes.
He's carrying her in his arms.
She isn't moving.
And there's tears in his yellow eyes. It's making your own eyes feel watery.
"Get her out of here," Sindaco orders from the side.
You're picked up by someone, and all you can hear are your own screams as you lament for the poor woman.
"[Y/N]?" Kai asks. "Are you okay?"
You realise where you are. You're in the streets of Delfino Plaza now. Life is as normal, with vendors camped underneath stalls and pestering tourists to buy their fruit. You glance up to Corona Mountain, the rocky volcano made of rich, brown earth. It hasn't erupted in decades, yet, you can feel the gut-wrenching anxiety tearing through your stomach as if it's going to lay waste to the entire island.
Birdie's in there, and she's in trouble.
"I'm alright," you assure him. "We have to find Birdie." And with that, you start heading over to the hills leading to the entrance of the cavern. You have an awful feeling in your chest. The taste of failure hovers over your tongue, already dancing viciously.
No, you promise yourself. Birdie isn't dead.
Just as you reach the top, you spot several police officers hovering around the entrance. A few of them are watching the cave that lies ahead in anticipation. You know they're looking for her.
"Out of the way," you snap at them, shoving past the police chief and storming inside.
"Princess [Y/N]!" he shouts. "It's too dangerous for you-"
"Go find that Ganondorf and hold him in the prison," you order, not even offering them a single glance ahead.
If she dies, you decide in your innermost thoughts, I'm going to kick her ass.

- - -

Kai and Nabooru still follow you as vigilantly as ever, however, Mipha appears to be waiting alongside the Isle Delfino Police, who are just standing there and doing nothing. You can't help but scowl to yourself; sometimes you wonder how any of them were hired. Your hand brushes against the rough walls of the claustrophobic tunnel that separates Isle Delfino from the blazing, inferno-like environment of Corona Mountain's magma chamber. It already feels incredibly warm in here, but your two allies don't seem bothered by the heat. In fact, Kai seems somewhat relaxed, but you can still see the unease in Nabooru's eyes. The knowledge that her brother may have just murdered someone.
Your best friend.
"I wish Lloyd was here..." Kai mutters to himself. "Or at least Nya."
"There's still the matter of finding her," Nabooru tells him. "I know that wherever that Pianta is...he'll be." Kai seems to want to ask her a question, but refrains from doing so. Still, he's jumpy and jittery, on edge like a grasshopper spilling with a thousand inquiries. She takes note of this, as characterised by the slight frown on her face. "What is it?!"
"Did you really try to drown Cole in that pool?"
Nabooru mutters something about Ninjagian men being stupid and walks ahead.
"Morro pushed them in," you offer. He nods his head.
"Cool," he responds. He comes to a stop for a moment and watches the woman progress through the tunnel. Kai leans towards your ear. "Is it just me...or do those Gerudo have a grudge against Ninjagians like me?"
"I don't know," you sigh. "I just want to find Birdie."
"Right." He nods his head and is about to walk ahead, but still, he's hesitant. He turns to face you. "Princess [Y/N], are you sure you'll be safe in here?" You blink.
"We'd better get going."

After what seems like forever, you, Kai and Nabooru finally reach the exit of the tunnel. You're now standing outside on a ledge leading to a river of lava. Small metal platforms sit in wait in amongst the river. The cavern walls appear to be made of burning orange rock with flecks of glowing yellow and white spots. The heat is sweltering in here; you wish you were just in your simple tank top and shorts combo. You aren't sure how you're going to go ahead. Kai raises a hand over his brow and glances ahead at one of the platforms. An all-too familiar sunhat lies there, its straw surface adorned with small speckles of charred blood. Your stomach feels awful just thinking of how Birdie's hat wound up like that.
"I can use Airjitzu to get across," Kai explains. "How about you?"
"Can you carry us?" Nabooru demands.
"I'd only be able to hop from platform to platform with just one of you...and there's no telling how hot those things are-"
"Kai?!" someone yells from behind you all. "What's going on?!"

You spin around to see Cole and Urbosa standing there. Looming behind the two are Bowser and Garmadon. The former two appear to be scared beyond words, although the latter two remain calm and collected. The Oni man speaks.
"Wu had a feeling this would happen..." he decides. "Lloyd's ran in here to save her, hasn't he?"
"Can any of you get us all across?" you ask. Cole's eyes light up.
"Of course I can!" he promises with a beam on his face. He steps past Nabooru, being met with a dirty glare as he stands by Kai's side. "I'll need Kai's help, though. You don't mind absorbing the heat, do you?"
"Not a problem," he promises. Bowser glances from side to side before leaping off the platform and landing in the lava. He merely winces at the radiating heat of the magma, leaving the rest of you wondering why the hell he isn't dead yet. He holds out his hands and places them down on the ledge.
"I can get four of you across, two on my shoulders and two in my palms." He turns his head back to the back of the chamber. "If you two little men can get across by yourselves, then I'll take the other four."
"Sure thing, muchacho," Kai promises him. And with that, Cole pounds his closed fist into the ground. A platform of hot magma rises, and Kai holds out his hands. The colour drains from the platform, leaving it as a solid, rocky mass. The two jump on it and proceed to navigate the river. Bowser scoops the rest of you into his hands, and before you know it, you're clinging to his left horn as Nabooru lets out a string of cuss words from his right hand. You point down at the hat.
"Somebody grab it!" you plead.
Nobody hears you.

As Bowser continues to trudge through the lava, you can't help but feel terribly cold. Perhaps the heat has gotten to you now. But there's no use going back. Not when Birdie could still be alive.
Not now.
You can only watch. Watch and wait. Birdie.
What's he done to her? you think.
"Hey...Princess?" Bowser starts. "Ya' feel like an icicle."
"Huh?" You look up at the Koopa King. "I...uh...sorry about that."
"Perhaps it is natural resistance of sorts to this lava," Garmadon informs him.
"Like a human would be able to resist lava, dude-"
"Shut your mouth." And with that brief interaction, a moment silence greets your ears once more. Urbosa gives you a sympathetic look as Bowser makes it to another ledge. He furrows his eyebrows; something isn't right.
"Can you all hear that?" He pauses for a moment. "It sounds like...yelling." You strain your hearing. Yes, you can hear it too.
It's Birdie.
"Put the others down," you order. He nods his head before placing Nabooru and Urbosa safely on the ledge. There's protest from the former and a look of worry from the latter.
"I'll stay," Garmadon declares. "There's no doubt that fool is using shadow magic against the girl." And with that, Bowser begins to trudge through the lava once more. The two of you sit on his shoulders and watch as the central platform comes into view. You can see them both standing there. Birdie, standing with a sword in her hands. And Ganondorf, who's holding what appears to be a glowing, yellow-green orb that sparks and crackles with electricity every so often. Three men all lie unconscious beneath him, one with a sword in his outstretched hand. You're about to scream for Birdie's attention, but Garmadon beats you to it.

Ganondorf pauses his attempt at striking your friend with a bolt of lightning in favour of finding out what all the ruckus is. He sees the three of you. A sinister smirk spreads across his lips; he chuckles at you. You spite it with every single bone in your body.
"So..." he begins. "You've all come to face me, too?"
"Stop it," you warn him. Again, he laughs at you.
"Or what?"
"Oh, save your breath, sweetheart..." He shakes his head. "You couldn't hurt me if you tried."
"Why are you doing this?!" Birdie demands. He pauses for a moment and glances towards you. It makes you feel uncomfortable, his gaze hitting your face.
"Ten years ago, I lost a very dear concubine of mine..." He stares at the glowing orb in his hand. "She was the perfect woman for me...I was willing to defy the laws of my own people to finally make her my wife. But the day before I was going to run away with her, she had succumbed to a fire that her traitorous and bitchy excuse of a friend had started under the influence of the Overlord's wishes!" You feel sick just hearing the way that he's been speaking about the woman in question. After all, it's your mother he's talking about. And you can only guess the friend he's referring to is Birdie's mother.
Ganondorf jabs his free hand in your direction.
"You. You."
"Yes," you mutter back, "I'm here."
Bowser stifles a nervous laugh.
"It was your friendship with the Cavaliere girl that cost your mother her life."
And with that, Ganondorf turns back to face Birdie.
You have to save her.
"Many people believe me to be a merciless bastard who's only out to bring misery and hatred to the Sixteen Realms..." He stares at his left palm, which contains the glowing orb. "But I only seek to bring vengeance to those who truly deserve it." He looks back up at your friend.
She smirks and charges forth.

In an astounding split second, you watch as Birdie dodges every bolt of lightning hurled in her direction with ease. She's quick on her feet, quick to the degree that Ganondorf is missing her by a mile each time. You can hear the other four from the other ledge.
"Ha!" Nabooru cackles. "You missed, Ganondorf!"
"Even could do better than that, you idiot!" Urbosa adds. The two burst into laughter. Birdie grins and ducks beneath yet another furious attack.
"Miss!" Cole and Kai jeer. The Ninjagians begin to chant that word over and over again, much to the amusement of Birdie.
"If you're supposed to be the King of Evil..." she decides, "then I damn well know Princess [Y/N] is gonna kick your ass into next week." Ganondorf frantically looks around the magma chamber, almost as if looking for a route of escape. Bowser's quick to snatch him up in the palm of his hand.
"I don't think so, basket case!" he roars.
"Are you okay?" you ask your friend. She laughs.
"Yep!" she responds. "Like...that was insane!"
"We'd better get you back to the castle," you chuckle.

- - -

Still in the grip of Bowser's hand, Ganondorf struggles to free himself. You watch as he kicks his legs about. Birdie stands next to you with a wide grin on her face, flipping the medallion and shaking her head. All of the others are gathered in the throne room.
"Unhand me at once!" he demands of Bowser. The Koopa King begins to laugh at him.
"Like that's gonna happen, pipsqueak!" he sneers back.
"I'm terribly sorry for all of this, Princess..." Urbosa tells you with a sigh. "Ganondorf is an embarrassment to our people."
"All that matters is that my friend is safe now," you assure her. "But...what about those other guys? Are they alright?"
"Ah, they'll pull through," Bowser assures you with a grin. "That Mario's a strong one, I tell ya. The guy's cheated death longer than I can keep count!"
"Lloyd is recovering well," Zane continues. "He is merely tired as a result of fatigue due to exerting his own body."
"Link's doing pretty well too," Daruk agrees with a grin on his face. "The little guy's just resting now!" You nod your head.
"Where's my dad?" Birdie inquires. You scan the crowd for a moment.
Cavaliere isn't there.
"I...don't know." You squint in an attempt to take a closer look around. "Must be back at your place." Kai reaches into his pocket and pulls out a phone.
"Ha..." he snickers to himself. "Lloyd's just texted me asking where we are."
"Send him that meme you made the other day!" Jay pesters him in a really loud voice. The Ninjagian jumps up and down. Kai grins and hits the send button, thrusting his phone into his pocket right after.
"Well...we'd better get this one into a jail cell." Garmadon jabs a finger in Ganondorf's direction. " you have that Chronosteel collar?" The old sensei pulls a collar from his pocket and begins to walk over to Bowser.
"What do you accomplish from decorating me with a convict's jewellery?" Ganondorf sneers. You hear a loud snort from Jay and Kai.
"It's not for fashion, dude," Kai assures him with a smug grin. "We don't want to be electrocuted, and I'm sure the rest of Isle Delfino doesn't either."
And with that, Wu clamps the collar around the neck of Birdie's assailant.
"Come," Wu instructs Bowser. "We must hand in this man to the authorities."
"Ooh!" Jay beams. "I'm coming!"
"Count me in!" Kai adds. Cole shakes his head in disbelief.
"We'll all go." Urbosa gazes up from a black feather in her hands. "

You keep an eye out as Bowser and Garmadon escort Ganondorf out of your castle. 
"I'm glad that you're back safe, Birdie," you whisper to your friend.
"Me too!" she beams. "Imagine if I was a slow-coach like the rest of my family. Yikes..." She reaches into her pocket for a moment. "Oh! I almost forgot something."
"What?" you ask. She furrows her eyebrows in thought for a while, digging around her pockets and then widening her eyes in surprise. She pulls out a tiny aquamarine necklace made from a sturdy-looking brown string and then unfurls it, placing the treasure around your neck. You stare at it for a while.
"Wow..." you whisper as you admire the soft glow. You lift it up and smile. "Thank you, Birdie."
"I...don't think I'm going to be here tomorrow for your eighteenth," she admits.
"Why not?"
"I..." Birdie's voice trails off, almost in a hesitant manner.
She shakes her head.
"Goodbye, [Y/N]. I'll see you soon, I guess."

Chapter Text

Time: ???
Location: ???
Subject/s: ???
Motives: ???

"Do you copy?!"
The young woman lifts up her left arm, crafted with a titanium alloy in order to see if she can get a signal. But the same message that has been displayed many times before pops up on the tempered glass screen on her synthetic forearm once again.
Communication Error: Void Location.
"Dad, do you copy?!"
The same message displays.
But it's all for nothing.
The woman can feel hot tears welling in her eyes. As she looks in the reflection of the shattered glass of her beloved fighter jet, she can see the lemon yellow of her irises flicker to the deep brown she'd almost forgotten about. " can't be..." She bites her lip and covers her face. She has no idea where she is...or how she's gotten here. Usually, her friends say she's the optimistic one. The one who brings everyone's spirits up. The one who resolves conflicts, even if it's at the expense of her own cheery mood.
But her friends aren't here.
She has only one bag of possessions to her name in this new and dark world. A bag which contains her medication and her favourite photo of all her friends. She hugs the picture to her chest.
"I'll find you all. I promise."

The woman is quick to stand up. She doesn't recognise this place as any she's seen before. She points out her arm. "Lola? You still there?"
"I am present, Miss Carta," comes the reply of the A.I. that lives in her bionic arm. The woman frowns.
"Just call me Kylee," she orders. "Where in the name of Ashberry are we?"
"We appear to be within the Empire of Ninjago," she responds.
"Ninjago?" she frowns. "As in...that fictional place from Tessa's show that she never shuts up about?"
"Ninjago...I don't watch it. Hey...can you give me a plot synopsis or something?"
"Sure. The children's television show, LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu, is a 2011 action-comedy that follows the adventures of the main protagonist, Lloyd Garmadon, and his friends. The latest season, Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu, is currently airing in the United States."
"I see."
"I am detecting strong electrical energy to the north. Please proceed with caution."
"You know I don't proceed with caution, Lola."

- - -

Time: ???
Location: The Cosmic Observatory
Subject/s: Rosalina, Goddess of the Cosmos
Motives: Good

"Look at that galaxy, Mama!"
Rosalina watches on in awe as her son gazes through the tiny brass telescope. She's elated that Luma is growing up to be an explorer.
"Yes, little one," she beams as she gives the tiny star a gentle pet on the head. "That's the Starshine Beach Galaxy. Can you see any people in there?" He frowns for a bit as he lifts the telescope back up to his left eye. He adjusts the lens slightly.
"Ooh! There's mountain-shaped people with long noses and plants growing out the top of their head!"
"They must be Piantas."
"They're the guardians of light in the Sunshine Realm. They are the ones who worship the Sun." Rosalina points over to a blue and green planet. "See that ancient world over there, Luma?"
"What's that?!"
"Do you remember a man named Mario?"
"That planet is where he comes from. It's called Earth."
"Earth..." Luma repeats. "Hey! There's Princess Peach!"
"How is she faring?"
"She's kicking and screaming. I think that nasty Bowser's kidnapped her. But I don't remember him being so...human-"
"Give that to me," she orders. She holds out the palm of her hand. He hands her the telescope. She extends the artefact and peers through the scope; only seconds later, her eyes widen. The last time she'd heard of the subject's antics were ten thousand years ago - a long time for the denizens of Earth. Rosalina had watched Hylia's reincarnation seal the bastard from the skies above. It was also at that time that Yin had sealed away his friend. The third one...she couldn't find him, unfortunately. But regardless of the past, for a man who should have been long dead to be roaming about and snatching princesses...
Rosalina lowers the telescope.
"Oh, dear...I thought Hylia said he was sealed away..."
"Who is it?!"
"It's your bedtime, little one. I'll be here in the morning."

Rosalina waits in the gardens for them to show, standing in amongst the white roses. She'd sent the message immediately to Hylia and Yin, yet they still hadn't shown up. She wasn't going to wait and see how the situation unfolded. She wasn't going to stand back and be a bystander as she had been during the last few years. She wasn't going to take any chances...not when all three reincarnations of the Oni Warlords were roaming around on one tiny island. "How can this happen?" she finds herself repeating over and over again.
"What is it, ma'am?"
The princess gazes up to find the star man, Lubba. He's portly and a deep violet colour. He also wears strange blue pants.
"Vengeance, Deception and Hatred are all in Isle Delfino as we speak," she informs him. "They have been reincarnated as a human, a Koopa and a Gerudo." She hands him the telescope, and he peeks through.
"Huh. King Bowser again?"
"I fear that he is deceiving the others into believing that he is on their side."
Lubba nods his head. "Who are those other guys, Rosie?"
"That four-armed man is known to the citizens of Ninjago as Lord Montgomery Garmadon. It seems he is seeking vengeance upon those he accompanies."
"That man who has Princess Peach goes by many names, but the one he appears to have adopted for this particular time is Ganondorf Dragmire. The hatred for those around him seeps into the soil of the land he stands in, poisoning it from the core-"
"Rosalina!" The two turn towards another Luma who approaches them with a clipboard.
"What is it, Quark?"
"The sealed tomb of Ganondorf is being opened by the Princess of Ninjago!"
"That's impossible," Rosalina frowns at him. "He's on Isle Delfino as we speak!"
"Nuh-uh, he's been sealed away beneath Hyrule Castle for ten thousand years!"
"Then who's the guy over there?" Lubba asks as he hands the star the telescope.
"Our data suggests that he is in Hyrule!"
"Explain his presence in Isle Delfino, then!"
Rosalina understands where Hylia and Yin are now.
"It is my time to awaken the hidden powers of Princess Peach," she murmurs. "I am afraid that an entity much worse than the Oni is at play here."

Chapter Text

Time: 6:59 PM, Isle Delfino Time
Location: Delfino Castle
Subject/s: Princess [Y/N] [L/N] of Isle Delfino
Motives: Good

A few of the Champions and Sages had returned to visit you, which you're somewhat grateful for. After Birdie had left, you'd felt a little uneasy.
And you still are.
It had been Cole and Pauline's idea to watch a movie in the living room. Urbosa and Nabooru are on the sofa as Cole and Kai haul in a ton of junk food from Coconut Mall. It includes but isn't limited to pizza, large cups of soda and a big dish of nachos. Pauline's ushering Ruto, Ronin, Mipha and Morro into the room, who had all agreed to join in on the fun. Ruto sits on the armchair near the aquarium filled with blue tangs and clownfish, while Mipha chooses to take her seat next to Urbosa. Ronin plops himself on the other armchair. There's three seats left, one on the corner next to you, one on the other corner next to Mipha, and one in-between you and Nabooru.
"I call dibs!" Morro chuckles as he dives for the seat next to you. Kai's quick to scoot over to where Mipha is, leaving a grumbling Cole sitting next to a mumbling Nabooru. You reach for the remote as the others begin to devour an array of dishes and turn on the television. It's on one of the two television channels Isle Delfino has. You frown upon realisation that it's the world news and not the local channel. The logo for the 7 PM news flashes, and you're about to swap the source to the HDMI when Kai lets out a yell.
"Don't change it! It's Ninjago in the news!"

The reporter that does the world news is sitting behind a red and blue desk. "We start off tonight's news with a tragedy in Ninjago's south-east region," the reporter informs the millions of viewers around the world. "Dozens of ambulances and police cars were called to the Sea of Sand in response to an emergency call, where three Gerudo women were found dead and many more injured." You glance over to Urbosa and Nabooru, who stare at the screen with equal expressions of shock on their face. "It was junkyard co-owner Edna Walker who had found a group of survivors stumbling through her gates."
"Isn't that Jay's mom?" Cole frowns. As if to answer his question, a middle-aged woman with mousey brown hair and wrinkles appears on the screen. She looks rather friendly.
"I saw the poor ladies running into the shop like they'd seen a ghost! After my husband and I helped them calm down, they told us that they'd been attacked."
"Witnesses claim that two Ninjagian women had allegedly targeted a bodyguard, mistaking her for the current chieftess of the tribe. After they had abducted her, they took the opportunity to fire upon all of them with pistols designed to discharge pulses of electricity. Cardiac arrest has been determined as the cause of death for two of the three deceased, while the other had suffered a fatal strike to the back of the neck with a bladed weapon." The footage of a sandy, yellow desert cuts to a scene depicting a press conference in a relatively official-looking room, where a woman in a business suit is addressing the camera.
"On behalf of the people of Ninjago," she declares, "I would like to apologise to the Gerudo for what has happened. Our officers at the Ninjago City Police Department and our doctors at Ninjago City District Hospital are working closely with those affected by this cruel hate act."
"By the name of Din..." Urbosa mutters.
"I can't believe people would do such a thing," Mipha whispers. "Are you two okay?"
"We will have to break this news to him," she sighs.
"It wouldn't surprise me if Ganondorf had anything to do with it," Nabooru snaps back.
" guys are all the way out here on Isle Delfino." Cole frowns at the two.
"Yeah..." Kai leans over towards the coffee table and scoops up a nacho chip with his fingers. "Lloyd's mom said Ganondorf was powerful." He pops the chip in his mouth, and with a muffled voice, finishes off with, "but I'm sure he isn't that powerful-"
The Hyruleans all give him dirty looks.
"My brother's friend is right," Pauline sighs. "Why would he want to cause trouble in Ninjago when everyone who has the power to stop him is right here?"
You don't feel too well. It's not a physical thing, but more of a hunch. Like something terrible is going to happen.
"I'm going to find out what he wants with us," you mutter. "He's tried to kill Birdie, and he creeps me the hell out."

- - -

The night brings a chill to your bone as you hurry over to the prison cell. You've decided to cloak yourself out of fear that a Pianta will recognise you and usher you back to your room.
No, you assure yourself. I need to do this for my people.
You spot the guard, a green Pianta man with a police uniform on. He tightens his hand around the pistol in his pocket as he sees you.
"Ma'am," he begins, "visiting hours are at 2:00 PM and 2:00 PM only-" Your fingers clutch around the brim of your hood as you slide it off your head. He raises his eyebrows. "Forgive me, Your Majesty. Which prisoner do you wish to see?"
"Which?" you frown. "How many are there?"
"We have three in custody," he explains. "One who will be on trial tomorrow and two who are serving a night for disrupting the peace. I'll tell Bobby to let 'ya in."
"Thank you...Mr..."
"Thank you, Mr Asp."

The cells reek of mould and certain bodily fluids you'd rather not think about. You can hear the sound of vomiting coming from the back. In the same general direction, you can hear the sound of chains rattling. You squint; it's hard to see in the dark. You can only just make out a pair of golden eyes that seem to sneer and glare at you.
"Hey," you order as you stomp forwards. "Ganondorf, am I correct?"
"To what do I owe you my pleasure?" the man sneers. You take your phone and turn on the torch, flashing it in his direction. He edges away from the light for a moment, squinting at you for a bit. His cell door is wide open, but he isn't attempting escape. Chains are bound to his arms and legs, keeping him against the wall, although it's not in a restrictive manner that makes you feel safe around him. He's hunched over on the floor as he clutches his stomach. His cheeks puff up and you close your eyes, the sound of more vomiting echoing throughout the room.
"Did you have anything to do with that attack in Ninjago?" you ask him. A sneer spreads across his face; his nose wrinkles and he grits his teeth.
"I've been in this wrenched cell all night," he hisses at you. "Tell me, Princess [Y/N]...did you?"
"I've never left this island in my entire life." You crouch down in front of him and lift up his chin so he can see your face. "And I don't plan on doing so any time soon."
He begins to chuckle.
"You're pretty when you do that..." he murmurs. You can feel your body cringing at the thought of someone like Ganondorf calling you 'pretty'. "What are you gawking at?"
"You've done nothing but cause trouble the entire time you've been on my island," you warn him. You stare at his chains and notice how tightly they're bound to his wrists and ankles, which look rather swollen. "You're hurt, aren't you?"
A smirk spreads across his lips.
"Quite the observant one, aren't we?"
"Oh, shut up."
You go to stand up, but you notice that his hand is clutched around your wrist. His eyes remain almost calm as they stare into your soul. It's creeping you out.
"How about you loosen these for me, Princess?"
"Don't have the key." He places a hand on your hip and slips his hand into your pocket. Sure enough, a key emerges. And it matches the lock. He chuckles to himself as he proceeds to undo his bounds. You're frozen in fear at the realisation that the collar that's supposed to be around his neck is missing.
"You make it so easy for me, Princess." He places a hand underneath your chin. It feels like icicles are stinging your face as he uses his other hand to brush your cheek. "I was beginning to think I'd have to dig my way out like some second-rate, crackpot old fool." He leans right in next to your ear and lowers his voice. Each word he speaks is soft and quiet. "But here you come, with the very thing I need to launch my attack on those wrenched heroes." And with that, he stands up and chuckles. You go to follow him, but you can't move. You try to move your arms, but something is holding them back. The rattling of metal rings through your ears.
The chains are bound around your wrists and ankles.
"Ganondorf!" you scream. "Let me go, you piece of shit!"
"And why would I want to do that, [Y/N]?" And with that, he closes the cell door shut on you and proceeds to walk out like nothing's even happened. He makes sure to stomp on your phone as he nears the exit.
"Help!" you scream. "Help me!"
"Ain't nobody coming here for us," a female's voice calmly and coolly says from the next cell across.
You grit your teeth and try your hardest not to cry.

The air is even colder now; goose bumps riddle your skin. You can only stare at your beloved phone, obliterated and crushed beyond repair. You have no idea what Ganondorf is planning on doing. You feel awful. Something bad is going to happen, and you have no clue how to stop it.
"I'm gonna deck his bloody face in..." another female's voice mutters from the shadows.
"Like a Bonneter can stand off against a Gerudo and win," the first female scoffs.
"But the men of that tribe are supposed to be smaller!"
"C'mon, Corky. I'm tryna' get some shut-eye."
"Yeah right, Kylee."
"I am!"
"Who are you two?" you ask before the two can break out into a full-blown fight.
"Ya' heard our names, mate," the one called Corky advises you. "Anything else I didn't tell ya'? Like my address and postcode? Or my phone number? Huh? Huh? Huh?!"
"Oh, shut up..." the one called Kylee groans. She pauses for a moment. "So...what're you in for? You that idiot's girlfriend or something?"
"Ew, no!" you shriek. "I'm the Princess of Isle Delfino!" Kylee pauses again.
"Hey...can you royally let us go?" she inquires.
"We can help you deck him!" Corky adds. You take in a deep breath.
Letting two petty criminals free isn't going to change anything now.
"If you can get me out of these chains," you negotiate.
"Deal," Kylee agrees. You hear the sound of a beep, and a blast knocks over the cell door mere inches away from your feet. You watch as a blue-haired woman with lemon yellow eyes and a dark complexion crouches down in front of you. She's in some sort of pale blue astronaut jumpsuit. The badge on it reads 'Carta', and a strange red, blue and white flag with stars and stripes all over it is embroidered into the sleeve of her right arm (near her shoulder). She crouches down and holds one of her hands over the chains. You notice that it's all metallic and shiny... it's not real.
You hear a snap, and the chains crumble into pieces.
"Thank you," you tell her.
"No problem-o," she responds. "Hey, Corky! You'd better stick with her. Lola reckons she ain't got any powers of use."
"Eh?" you frown. "What?!"
"On it!" A Bonneter that appears to resemble a green cork-string hat with wide, olive-green eyes and a yellow tuft of hair on her head materialises before you. She gives you a wink before flying into your head. You duck, but a weight settles in your crown. It's subtle, yet still there. " your name's [Y/N] [L/N], and you're the Princess of Isle Delfino. And you're an orphan?"
"Yeah," you mumble. "That's me, alright."
"C'mon!" Kylee frowns. "Let's get out of here!"

Chapter Text

Upon stepping out of the prison, you become aware of two things. First, the prison guard is missing. And two, the ground is glistening underneath the moonlight as heavy rain pours down upon the three of you. Kylee turns to you.
"That jerk-off said he was headed to find some guys in need of an ass-whooping," she explains. "Think one of their names was...uh, what was it again?" She lowers her voice for a moment. "I'm going to butcher this so badly..." She looks back up at you. "Lloyd...Garmadon?"
"Yep." Corky confirms. "Another was called Link. And the other was...Mario, I think."
"I know them," you assure them. "They're supposed to be helping train me or something." Kylee lowers her gaze to the ground.
"Right. All you fictional people from video games and television shows are all fighting or some shit." Kylee looks up at Corky. "What sort of drug did those idiots back at Hellhound's slip into my tequila sunset?"
"All of them," Corky jokes back.
"Ha, ha." she sneers. "Very funny-"
The sound of screaming cuts their conversation short.

The rain is beginning to cause shallow waves across the paths. Every step you take sends a quake of water in your wake. Kylee glances up at the roof.
"10 o'clock, Princess!" she yells. You look up and see none other than Nabooru and Cole standing up there, cowering in fear as a horde of Boos floats around them, cackling and bearing their wide, toothy grins at them. Their tongues loll out their mouths.
"Get away from us!" Nabooru shouts.
"I...I thought ghosts hated water!" Cole shudders.
"Lola, what do I need to do?" Kylee instructs her hand. You give her a very strange look as the robotic voice of a female responds.
"Boos, most popular in the 2001 video game Luigi's Mansion, are rendered weak by a sudden flash of light, Miss Carta."
"Video game? What the hell is going on, Kylee?!"
"I'll explain later, Princess!" And with that, Kylee crouches onto the ground. "You might wanna take cover!"
A shockwave smacks into your chest and pushes you onto the floor. You watch in shock as a bright flash of lightning streaks into the sky and smacks down on one of the Boos. The rest of the dastardly ghosts shriek and dissipate into thin air. By now, Cole and Nabooru are shaking in their shoes as Kylee lands on the roof.
"Yo, are you two alright?!" she shouts at them.
"Who are you?" Nabooru murmurs.
"You can call me Kylee!" she says with a wink as she jumps back down onto the ground next to you. The two spot you and let out gasps.
"Princess!" Cole exclaims. "Are you okay?!"
"Yeah, I'm okay!" you assure them as you stand up. By now, all your clothes are saturated. "But Ganondorf escaped!"
"Shit," Nabooru hisses. "I'm going to kill that son of a bitch!"
"Did you just call your mom a bitch, Nabooru?" Cole frowns.
"Oh, she killed me years ago!"
"Sheesh, I was just asking!"
"Where'd they go?!" you ask them. Cole jumps off the roof and lands on the ground next to you.
"I dunno," he admits. "I was up here trying to stop Nabooru from robbing the bank and then it started bucketing down with rain. I did hear a gunshot, but by the time the rain cleared up enough for me to see what was going on, the prison guard was gone." You raise an eyebrow at the Gerudo woman, who glowers at Cole.
"What? I gotta make a living somehow!"
She loses her footing and slips on the roof. She falls back on her behind and slides down the tin roof, letting out a shriek of surprise as she flies off the gutter. Cole's quick to dive beneath her and catch her in his arms.
"No you don't, Nabooru!" he shouts back.
"Let go of me!" she screeches in his ear. Cole grumbles under his breath and gets back up, leaving his companion on the floor.
"He wants your friends," you explain. "He's after the heroes."
"Oh, shit," they both mutter.
"They went to see you at your home!"

The rain has cleared up enough for you to be able to see most of Bianco Hills in a comfortable manner. You can see smoke billowing from your castle; the onslaught of rain does little to tame the rising flames that lap at your beloved home.
You stand there in shock as the rain stops abruptly. Thunder takes its place, rolling and rumbling in the distance. You watch as a group of people tumble out of the castle and onto the bridge leading to the rest of Bianco Hills.
"Run for it!" Urbosa hollers at the top of her lungs. You notice that Wu and Peach are helping a Hylian knight walk out behind Urbosa and a group consisting of Zelda, Bowser Jnr, Saria, Pauline and Nya. A green-clad ninja is limping out as fast as he can.
"Shit." Kylee holds her hands out in front of her face. "I really am fucked up tonight..."
"Cole!" Nya cries. Her eyes are puffy and red. "Kai's fighting Garmadon all by himself! He thinks he can prove himself by defeating him!"
"Oh, not this shit again!" he mutters as he shoves past them and bolts into the castle. "I thought we left that back in 2012!" Almost as soon as he disappears behind the doors, Saria trips over and lets out a cry of pain.
"I scraped my knee!"
"C'mon!" Junior ushers her. "I'll help you up!" He holds out a hand and she takes it. He lifts her up, and the two stand next to the rest of you.
"I've gotta go and help them," you decide.
"Princess, no!" Urbosa cries.
"It's far too dangerous," Nabooru warns.
"I don't want Ganondorf hurting my people," you protest. You begin to rush off towards your castle.
The others scream at you to get out of Bowser's way.
You duck beneath him while he jumps. "Princess!" he shouts. "What are you doing?!"
"Saving my island," you decide.

Smoke bellows through many rooms. Your legs burn as you bolt down the halls.
You can hear screaming from a woman you've only ever identified as Birdie as the cruel, bitter laughter of Ganondorf echoes through the walls.
"Oh...I'll get you..." you hiss as you take a hard left towards the stairwell. You clamber up the stairs and run as fast as you can to the source of all the commotion.
The throne room.
You smack open the door and notice that a large majority of the Champions and Sages are knocked out on the floor as they're surrounded by a deep, glowing energy that seems off to you. It's purple and black, yet the stuff flickers like smoke.
You've never seen it before.
"Oi," Corky whispers. "Ganondorf's up in front of your throne."
You glance up to see the man taking an offensive stance as he lifts Birdie up by the neck with ease. She thrashes about as he draws back the same sword that she'd been wielding in Corona Mountain. His eyebrows are furrowed at her.
"It was good of you to think of your friend, Birdena," he sneers. "But it's too late. I've killed her."
"Fuck off!" you scoff.
He ignores you. Birdie, on the other hand, begins to laugh at him.
"What an idiot you are," she cackles. She stops laughing when he thrusts the blade at her stomach.
His breathing is heavy. His eyes are bloodshot with the fury of a thousand beasts.
She looks down at where the blade is embedded in her body.
"Oh..." she murmurs as the grip around her neck loosens. "So that's what being stabbed feels like."
And with that, he drops her onto the ground, where vivid red blood pools beneath her.
A wheeze escapes her lips.
You're frozen in fear.
"You..." you mutter. "You..."
Ganondorf turns towards you, wiping the blood from his gloves.
"I what?" he sneers.
You can't move.
"I will do everything in my power to defy those wrenched Light Deities," he tells you with a scowl upon his face. "I am not some puppet that is to be orchestrated in an attack against my own brethren. I am Ganondorf Dragmire, the King of the Demons!" Corky floats out from your crown as you drop to your knees. You can only see Birdie, lying there.
Not breathing.
"This isn't you, Ganondorf," Corky whispers.
"I don't even know you, wench," he sneers back. She's about to say something, but she shakes her head.
"I suppose I don't know you either," she murmurs. The same weight from before settles in your crown, and you start to shake.
"They're here, Dragmire," Garmadon decides from behind you. "We need to leave for Hyrule at once."
"Did you take care of them?" he demands.
Garmadon looks hesitant to confirm that he's taken care of whoever he's been asked to take care of.
"Yes. Mario didn't resist at all."
And with that, Ganondorf begins to walk over to you. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out the collar. He clamps it around your neck as tightly as he can before raising his fist. He's about to hit you in the stomach when a glittering light from above stops him.

"You are unworthy of the Triforce, Ganondorf."
"You are not my son, Montgomery."
Garmadon shudders at the latter's voice.
You watch them stop cold in their tracks, almost as if some otherworldly force has a hold of them. A glowing light materialises before you.
"You have one more chance to prove yourself," this light orders the two. "You have severely fractured the binds that keep the Overlord bound to a dormant state. His resurrection will be inevitable...unless you repair what has been damaged."
"Neither of you are worthy of the powers destiny has granted you. You must find the resting places of the spirits of your assistors and earn them back."
And with that, the light begins to glow brightly to the point it blinds you and sends a sharp ache rushing through your head.

- - -

"Hey, sport..." Cole assures you as he helps you sit up. "Take it easy."
"Help's on the way," Nabooru adds on. You open your eyes and notice that you're lying outside, still in Bianco Hills. Your castle, burnt to a crisp, smothers in the distance.
"I can't believe they're all dead!" Zelda wails.
"Hey, hey..." the soft and rather high-pitched voice of a man whispers back. "It isn't your fault, Princess Zelda."
"But...your friends, Lloyd."
"We've all lost people dear to our hearts tonight," Wu's old and wizened voice advises from behind you. "What is important is that we are still alive, and that we may still be able to defeat the Overlord."
"Wu...this isn't about the Overlord," Nya sobs. "This is about Garmadon killing my brother!"
You feel awful.
"Why'd those two idiots get to get out alive and not my daughter?" Bowser mutters.
 "Ganondorf is still the man the Light Deities have chosen to assist the Oni Princess in defeating the Overlord," Wu responds in the calmest voice he can manage. "I am afraid we do not have the choice to choose our sides in their plan to rid the Sixteen Realms of that vile monster..."
"I thought I was gonna..." you murmur.
"Rest up, Princess," Kylee assures you as she gives you a pat on the shoulder. "There's an ambulance on the way." You notice that she has two, glowing red horns protruding from her head.
"Were those always there?" you ask her as you point up at her head. She nods.
"Yup. Had to hide them from those civilians in that town."
"Where's my brother?" a strongly accented voice ponders.
"Ganondorf mistook Luigi for you, Mario," 'Lloyd' whispers. "And Garmadon-"
"We'd better get out of here before police crawl all over the place looking for [Y/N]," Pauline advises. The group remains quiet for a bit. You can't see everyone. You aren't sure if there's others around.
"Where'd Bowser and Garmadon go?!" Cole shouts.
That's the last thing you hear before you black out.

Chapter Text

The low and dull whirr of a fan in the distance brings you back to your state of consciousness. Your body aches with terrible pains all over. You can't help but let out a soft groan at the particular ache in the side of your neck.
"Hey..." Nya whispers. You open your eyes and find her sitting there on the end of your bed. "You're awake."
"Where am I?" you ask.
"You're on our ship, the Destiny's Bounty," she explains. She glances out the window. "We're on the way to New Ninjago City."
"Like, as in...Ninjago?"
"Yes." Her voice remains low and calm as she gives you a soft smile. "Several people have been badly hurt, and all the hospital beds in Isle Delfino are occupied by Piantas. We told Sindaco where we were taking you."
"And...he's okay?"
"He only wants you to get well."
"Did anyone tell Cavaliere?"
"Tell him what?"
"That Birdie's dead?"
Nya stops cold.
"Birdie died?"
"Ganondorf killed her."
Her face falls.
"I think my sensei has finally gone off his rocker," she mutters. "He thinks Ganondorf's going to save the world or something like that."
"I hope Ganondorf burns in hell with the rest of his friends." Nya gives you a genuine smile, however subtle she tries to make it.
"I do, too." You go to sit up, but she stops you.
"You're too weak to move. Do you want me to get you anything?"
"Do you have any water?"
"Yup," she agrees. "I'll be right back."
Once Nya's out of the cabin, you slide off your bed.

You don't feel that weak at all as you walk through the cabin and over to the door. You push it open and poke your head out. You can just see the back of Nya's head disappearing around a corner on the right-hand side of the ship.
You decide to go the other way.
You begin to step through the hall. To your surprise, the entire thing is made of wood. It looks rather combustible in your opinion. You hear footsteps approaching from behind.
You turn around and stare at her for quite a long time. She holds her arms out, and you can't help but to burst into tears as you rush over to her and collapse into her arms. She catches you and lowers you gently onto the ground, letting you lie there and cry as she holds you close. She's got a few tears herself.
"I'm sorry my father did that to your friend," she manages to choke out. "I...I didn't stop him!"
Nya's think to yourself. I am too weak to move.
"It's okay," you assure her. "It's not your...your fault." She buries her face into your shoulder. Her wails break your heart.
Everything's overwhelming.
Birdie's dead, and this poor woman thinks it's all her fault.
You cling closer to her.
She stands up, lifting you up with her.
"I don't want to be cramped up in that tiny room," you tell her.
"I'll find you somewhere nicer," she offers, still sniffling a bit.

Urbosa carries you down the hall and over to a stairwell. You hear the sound of lighter footsteps trailing up behind her. "What are you doing with her?!" Nabooru demands.
"Ganondorf doesn't deserve any luxury," she hisses. "Come with me." Without hesitation, she obliges and follows the two of you up the stairs. The creaking of the wood throws you on edge.
Will it snap?
"Are you alright, Princess?" she asks. You nod your head tentatively. "Don't lie. I know you've been crying-"
"Don't be so insensitive!" she yells back.
That shuts her up.
You find yourself in another hall. Urbosa helps you stand back on the ground.
"Help her walk," she orders her aunt. This time, with hesitation, Nabooru throws her arm over your shoulder and helps you stay standing. You have no idea how much damage your body has taken.
You don't want to know.
Urbosa kicks down the door. "Out!" she yells.
"Oh, go and find yourself a life," Ganondorf mumbles from inside.
"It's not fair that the Princess of Isle Delfino has to suffer because of your actions!" she roars at him. "Now go and take her room while she has this one!"
"Make me move, child," he sneers.
The 'child' who is in fact nearly a head taller than him throws him out of the room and onto the floor. The two of you watch in horror as he lands in a slump on the floor. He groans, and with that, Nabooru helps you into the room. You have to admit, this room is much nicer than the other one. For starters, it isn't just a bed, but also has some drawers, a bookcase and a television. There's also a desk and a small electronic keyboard set up in this room.
"Are you sure it's okay?" you ask her.
"We'll sort it out, [Y/N]," Nabooru assures you as she helps you into the bed. She takes the blankets away. "I'll get you clean ones."
"Thank you," you whisper back. You lie down, and you have to admit, this mattress is on par with the one you have at home.
The one I had at home, you correct yourself.
You let your head relax into your pillows, and your eyes drift shut again.

- - -

By the time you wake up again, you find yourself cocooned in a warm nest of blankets that shield you from the outside world. Fatigue still curtains your eyes, and you feel like going back to sleep. However, there's something off-putting that's keeping you wide awake. You notice that the door is slightly ajar, and that a certain yellow eye belonging to a certain asshole is glaring in at you.
"Go away, Ganondorf..." you mumble as you turn over and cover your head with blankets.
"No," he hisses. "You can wake up right now or Din help you!"
"Please let me sleep," you respond, not even trying to put in any effort into sounding desperate. The door swings wide open, and before you know it, he's looming over you with the nastiest glare he can muster.
"Why those bloody Light Deities chose you...I'll never know."
"Get out!"  you scream at him. He doesn't wince at your tone. Instead, a smirk begins to form. You grab the collar of his shirt and throw your closed fist at his cheek with your other hand. He raises a hand to his cheek and presses his fingers against the bruise that's already forming. He looks back at you and begins to chuckle.
"You're cute when you think you can hurt me," he decides. He holds both your cheeks with his hands and tilts his head slightly, starting to lean in. At first, it doesn't strike you as to what he's trying to do, but when you realise that he's moving towards your lips, your eyes widen.
Oh, no you don't! you think in disdain. You clench your eyes shut and bang your head forwards, smacking him right in the forehead. He stumbles backwards and onto the floor with a loud thud. He mumbles something underneath his breath before standing up and finally heading out of the room. He then slams the door shut and begins to swear and cuss at the top of his lungs.
"Good riddance," you tell yourself. Your eyes are beginning to droop shut.
You don't resist.

- - -

You're standing in a forest clearing that seems to be filled with golden-green plants. The star piece of this dream is a natural lake filled to the brim with all sorts of lilies. You look down at your hands and notice that they're all lacerated and scarred. Most of them are dark red in colour. You touch a hand against the surface of the water, noticing that the warm water seems to glow with a bluish energy that trails up your arm, across your chest and back down your other arm. The scars slowly begin to fade into nothing, leaving your skin clear. You hear someone calling your name from beneath the water. You decide to dunk your head underneath the water to see who's calling you. As you submerge your head beneath the water, you're surprised to find that your vision isn't blurred by the water. Everything is clear, down to the last tiny blade of underwater grass. You brush a hand over the grass, and you begin to swim down further. You can see that someone's lying at the bottom of the lake, still and silent.
You see that thin, red ribbons of blood are lacing up from her stomach. The world's hue is being tinged red ever so slowly. You try to grab her arm, but she just crumbles into dirt.

You emerge from the water to find yourself in a blood-soaked world filled with the shrill cries of crows. All the surrounding trees are dead and bare. The grass is itchy beneath your feet. Your hands are beginning to sting and heat up. You watch as dark green patches begin to taint your skin. Your stomach feels like it's being ripped out from your body. You stare down.
The same sword that was used to kill Birdie is sheathed within your abdomen.
And as you look up, you see Birdie holding the hilt.
Except her eyes are missing and she's blood red.
"Birdie?" you whisper.
"You did this to me, [Y/N]."

- - -

"Argh!" you yelp. You sit upright and look down at your body to make sure everything's still intact. You pat your stomach and your legs and your arms.
No bleeding.
You're fine.
You press your hand against your chest, noticing how fast your heart is racing. You gasp for the sweet sensation of air.
Everything still hurts.
"Are you alright, [Y/N]?" Zelda's voice comes from the other end of the door.
"Yep!" you respond in a high voice. "Never felt better!"
The door swings open, and you find the Hylian princess standing there with a look of concern upon her face. She frowns at you.
"You look as if you've just seen a ghost," she retorts. "Now tell me what's wrong." And so you do. You explain everything that happened within the confines of your nightmare to the Princess of Hyrule, not sparing a single detail from her eager ears. She nods and listens on.
"...and then she said that I'd done it to her," you mutter as you wrap your arms around your knees and sigh. "I...I failed her, Zelda. She's dead because let Ganondorf escape from the prison. And many others are dead, too."
"This isn't your fault," she assures you as she takes your hands in hers. "He's a vile piece of work that never should have left the Twilight Realm in the first place." You feel awful.
You could have kept your distance when you spoke to him.
You could have.
You didn't.
"I want to know why he did it," you murmur. "Why he thinks that murdering people is okay."
"He didn't have the greatest childhood," Nabooru admits from behind the princess.  She steps into the room. "He was raised by our mentally inept mother...and he had the soul of a demon king...the Oni Warlord of Hatred." She shakes her head. "Demise has ruined everything. It is him who is seeking out to murder and taint our world...not my brother." Zelda pats a free spot on the bed for her friend to sit down on. Nabooru takes up the offer.
"I've been speaking to Master Wu for quite some time now," Zelda explains. "I've been told that Garmadon is the grandson of the Oni Warlord of Vengeance, and that Bowser is the descendant of the Oni Warlord of Deception. That Garmadon was out to seek revenge, and Bowser's attempts at friendship were a mere façade."
"Did those three have it planned all along?" you mutter.
"We believe so."
Nabooru stretches her arms out. "I've been told that Cole is cooking for us tonight. And that his food is toxic enough to kill ten grown men."
"I'm sure it's just a nasty joke," Zelda assures her.
"I'm telling you," she mutters while crossing her arms. "I trust that man about as far as I could throw him."
You're intrigued as to what Cole's idea of a dinner is.
"When's dinner?"
"In five minutes," Zelda responds.
"They told us that five minutes ago!"

Chapter Text

Before you know it, you're sitting on a table in a dining room as everyone else crams inside. There's a bowl of grey sludge in front of each person, accompanied by a glass of very cloudy orange juice. Nya has to gulp down each mouthful of her sludge in order to bear eating it.
"Why do we still let Cole cook?" she mutters. Nabooru pokes at the contents with her plate with a spoon.
"What is this?" she asks. Wu shuts his eyes.
"Cole's...specialty duck chowder," he responds. She scoops up some and eats the tiniest bit. Everyone watches her.
She nods her head.
"It's not bad. I don't know what all the fuss is."
She continues to eat her duck chowder while the others push their bowls towards her.
You go to take a spoonful, but Kylee puts a hand out in front of you.
"If you don't want your mouth glued shut, I'd suggest steering away from it."
You heed Kylee's advice and instead opt for the drink. You take a sip and wrinkle your face.
This has to be the most bitter orange juice on the planet, you think.
"Yeah," Nya sighs. "That's Cole's favourite mocktail. Orange juice and toothpaste."
Bowser Jnr spits out his drink.
"Yuck!" he winces.
"We're stopping at VFC," Wu declares.
"Mmm...Volboro Fried Chicken..." Junior beams.
"Fried chicken?" Urbosa questions with a raised eyebrow. "But this food is fine."
"You two must have iron tastebuds to be able to stand Cole's garbage," the green-clad ninja tells him. "Either that or you're too polite."
"Polite isn't a word in my vocabulary, boy," Nabooru protests before letting out a loud burp. Junior and Saria burst into a fit of giggles at her immodesty. She leans back in her seat, still holding a bowl of the duck chowder in her hands when the chair gives way and she lands flat on her back. Everyone begins to snicker as Cole rushes into the room, holding a dish with burnt broccoli and caramel in it with hands covered in bright pink oven mitts.

"Nabooru!" he exclaims as he quickly sets down the concoction on the table. He crouches down next to her and helps her stand up. "Are you alright?!" She stands up, and you find that most of the meal has gone down her front. She looks down at it and then back up at him.
"Well..." she begins, " see, I fell over."
"It's okay if you were having a food fight with it," he assures her. "I heard you all!" His raised voice appears to be directed at his fellow Ninjagians.
"No, no!" she protests. "Not at all! I really enjoyed it, Cole." His eyes widen.
"Wait, really?!"
"I'm being serious." He beams at her words.
"Thank you!" She appears to be quite bashful at his words. She looks back down at her chest.
" I made a mess everywhere."
"Hey, it's no biggie." He picks up a napkin from the table. "Uh...lemme help you there...if that's okay. Is it okay?"
"S-s-sure!" By now, Nabooru has turned a deep shade of red as he awkwardly attempts to wipe the duck chowder off her. Everyone's stopped to watch the two.
"Hey!" Cole snaps at everyone. "Give her some privacy!"
Pauline wolf-whistles, making him blush bright red.
"I'll find a bathroom," Nabooru stammers. "Thank...thanks, I guess."
And with that, she bolts off as fast as she can. Urbosa, with a smirk across her face, stands up and follows her aunt out of the room.
Everyone else is laughing, but you can't help but wonder where he is.

As you leave the others to tease Cole about what his green-loving friend claims was his first proper interaction with a woman, you notice the awful racket of slurred, drunken singing in combination with a random vomit of keyboard notes that don't sound quite harmonic together coming from your room.
You already know who it is.
Along the way to get there, you can hear snippets of Urbosa and Nabooru's conversation.
"I think you have feelings for that Cole," Urbosa teases.
"Oh, stop it," Nabooru protests.
"You're blushing..." she taunts.
You take the opportunity to leave while they still won't catch you spying on them. You wrap a hand around the door handle before turning it. You push it open, and sure enough, there he is.
Asleep on your bed.
You poke your head back out.
"Hey!" you shout. "Ganondorf's in my room again!" Before you know it, Urbosa is standing there.
"I'll deal with him for you," she assures you before stepping past and into your room. She quietly steps forth towards his bed and presses her thumb and middle finger together. She clicks her fingers, and almost as immediately as she's done it, a clap of thunder rings through the air. Ganondorf jolts upright and hits his head on the ceiling.
"Urbosa!" he roars at her, rubbing a hand over his head. She points out the door.
"You continue to embarrass our name with no shame," she sneers at him. "I suggest you leave at once before I have Zelda and Link deal with you themselves!"
"Go on!" he shouts back. "Be my guest!" It's clear that he isn't willing to move, so you step in.
"Please?" you ask him in a calm voice, although you want to be anything but calm in front of your best friend's murderer. "I just want to go to sleep."
"You can," he decides. "Back in your room!"
"This is my room!" you holler.
"Go back to your cabin, you wench!" he shouts in your face. You knee him in the shin, and he screws his face up in pain.
"Enough!" Wu exclaims from behind Urbosa. "There will be no conflicts on-board my ship!"
"Wonderful..." Ganondorf hisses in your direction. "The cavalry has arrived for you, Princess."
"Both of you," he orders. "Come with me." You don't want to argue with someone like Wu, so you oblige.
You aren't sure why, but it seems that not even Ganondorf wants to argue with him, either.

Wu walks behind you as you head to the stairwell. Ganondorf tries to step away, but he's met with a swift whack to the head from Wu's bamboo staff. He mumbles something nasty underneath his breath.
"Hey," you hiss at him. "Shut up." You find yourself standing in front of the door to the cabin you'd woken up in. Wu opens the door.
"Seeing as neither of you can come to an agreement," he decides, "you two can share." Your eyes widen to the size of saucers and your jaw drops. "Go on, now."
"Excuse me?!" you demand. "This man just killed my best friend! Are you insane?!"
"Just get in the bloody room before you give me a headache," Ganondorf hisses, pushing you into the room.
"No!" you yell, trying to push past him as he walks into the room. "Wu! Please don't do this!"
The door closes behind you, and the room is plunged into darkness as the awful sound of a key locking the door reverbs through the air.
This is the second time today, you think to yourself in a bitter tone. You glance up at the clock. The ambient light from outside is just enough to illuminate the face.
11:58 PM.
"I'm turning eighteen in two minutes," you whisper to yourself.
"That's nice," he mumbles, sarcasm seeping from his voice like acid.
It's certainly going to be a long time.

You take a seat on the bed and stare at the wall. The bed takes up pretty much all of the space in this room, and to add on top of this room's 'cosiness', the ceiling is quite low. You mumble a few bad words under your breath.
"Didn't know you were so eager," Ganondorf blurts out. You roll your eyes.
"I have never met someone as rude and arrogant as you in my entire life," you respond. He shoves you to the side and proceeds to take up most of the space on the bed. He's squishing you against the wall. "Hey! Quit it, you jack-ass!"
"I'm sorry, Princess. Am I not being accommodating enough for you?!"
You begin to whack your fist against his face.
"You killed her!" you scream. "You killed my best friend!" You continue to throw as many punches as you can fit in, each with a sickening crack. He catches your fist upon your eighth attempt.
"That wasn't your friend," he argues. "That was an Oni! Your friend left to go find seek some archaeologist in Ninjago!"
"Prove it!" He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a piece of paper. You snatch it and bring it to the dull glow of the moon that's floating around your window. You smooth it out, and sure enough, the messy penmanship belongs to Birdie.
You scan the letter.
"Dear [Y/N]," you read aloud. "If this letter reaches your hands, then you probably think I'm dead. I promise you that I'm alright and that I'll be waiting in Ninjago with my family for you. Ganondorf and I were warned by someone that people were out to get you, and we agreed to stage a few fights in order to divert their attention. It's hard to explain in written know how much I suck at essays, sis...but long story short, you were and still are the target of an assassination attempt." You stare at him. "What?"
"Keep reading," he mutters.
You return your eyes to the page. "All of us were just trying to get you out of Isle Delfino safe and sound. As I don't have much more space to write this letter, I'll explain everything to you once you arrive. Love from Birdena. And P.S...happy birthday."
You glance up at the clock, which has just struck twelve.
"I'm so confused..." you murmur. "I...don't believe it."
"I only want to make sure history doesn't repeat itself," he assures you. "At the moment, I'm afraid only Wu knows what's going on. If everyone on-board were to know, those younger ones would go blabbering on about it to everyone they could. [Y/N]...the people who killed your mother are back for you. And...and eleven years ago...I promised your mother that I'd take care of you."
"'re my...?"
"No," he assures you. "I am not your father. You're far too beautiful to be."
You scoff.
"Yeah, right," you murmur. "You're just saying that because you want me to believe you."
"Do you not believe my words?" he asks quietly. A weight rests on your non-dominant hand; you notice that his hand is resting on top of yours. He gazes into your eyes for a while, and for once, his eyebrows aren't furrowed and he isn't squinting at you. You notice that his eyes are beginning to trail elsewhere on your body.
"Fine," you sigh as you take your hand away. "You can have the room upstairs. Just leave me alone."
"I don't want that room," he decides. The room is dark to the point where you can only just make out his facial features. He begins to lean in and hold your face, but then the door unlocks. He's quick to put enough distance between the two of you before the door is swung open by Wu, who has a triumphant smile on his face. Ganondorf picks you up with ease and shoves you outside. "I'll have this one."
"I insist," he assures you with a smirk back on his face, "sweetheart."
"You jerk-off..." you mutter as you walk away.

By the time you reach your room, you notice that there's laughter near the kitchen. You decide to head over there and poke your head through the door. There, you see Cole and Nabooru chuckling as they pelt each other with grapes. Cole's trying to catch them with his mouth. She tosses one a couple of feet away from him, and he still manages to catch the thing.
"Two points!" he grins. She begins to laugh even harder now.
Am I interrupting something? you ask them in your thoughts.
"Oh, Cole..." she says. "Thank you for tonight. I...enjoyed myself."
"Hey, it's no biggie," he assures her. "I mean, if your cakes are as good as Saria and Zelda say they are, then we're cool." You watch as the two nervously look away from one another.
"I...uh...did you really have to defend me against Revali and Morro today? I didn't have to. I'm not...y'know...exactly memorable..." Her voice trails off.
"If I'm being real here," he whispers, "those bone-heads are talking shit. You're not just're breathtaking." And with that, the two lock lips for what has to be the longest minute of your life. At first, they seem quite frigid, but they eventually warm up to one another, with hands running through each other's hair and their bodies closer than they were before. She lifts her head away and stares into his eyes for a while.
"No," she responds. "You're breathtaking." She gives him another peck on the lips as the sound of a kitchen timer goes off. "I think the cake's ready!"
"I'll beat 'ya first!" he grins. The two chuckle as they dive over to the oven.
"Well, I'll say," Urbosa whispers from behind you.

You straighten up as she puts her hands on her hips. "I didn't know you were into watching other peoples' romances unfold," she says a little too loudly for comfort. Thankfully, Cole and Nabooru are being too loud and shouty to hear what's going on where you are.
"I'm not," you protest. "I was just-"
"Watching?" she smirks. She gives your cheek a gentle pinch in a similar way to what Birdie's mother often does to her children. "Oh, I can see it, alright. You're interested. Tell me...have you thought about getting married?"
"I'm eighteen," you protest. "Why would I think about getting married?" She smiles again.
"Good choice," she decides. "Marriage is the worst thing a person can put themselves through. Oh, I've had more than my fair share of marriages..." She points back at the kitchen. "But Nabooru over there...why, she's never been with a man in her life!"
"Looks like she's found one," you decide.
"We can hear you two!" Cole shouts.
"We can hear who?!" Nabooru yells back.
"Happy birthday, Princess [Y/N]," Urbosa tells you with a smile. "Eighteen, eh? I remember my eighteenth birthday. I was crowned chieftess of the Gerudo..."
"You were the chieftess?"
"I'm Ganondorf's daughter," she assures you. "It didn't take long for everyone to dethrone him, and by the time it happened, my aunt was dead, so..."
"So why does he still call himself the king of your tribe?"
"He's an asshole."
"Yeah. Definitely."

Chapter Text

The next morning, you find that nobody's inside the Destiny's Bounty. Rather, they're on its deck. As you step out of your room and over to the stairwell, you walk up to the fourth level of the ship, which leads to the outside. You slide open the door and spot everyone sitting on the deck. The ship appears to be sailing across a gently rippling ocean at the moment. The Sun is just starting to rise, sending a beautiful golden glow across the cobalt blue waters. Small clouds dot the skies, as well as a few seagulls. The heavenly smell of crepes fills the air. At the moment, everyone is gathered around a frosted glass and metal table. Several have plates in front of them.
"Nobody ever told us Link was a good cook!" Cole exclaims. "I say he should be the ship's cook!"
"Yeah!" Bowser Jnr cheers in agreement. You scan the seats.
"Hey...where's Ganondorf?"
"Think he's having a smoke around the back," the green-clad ninja explains.
"He'll do anything to get away from other people," Urbosa decides. "He's not one to enjoy the company of foreigners."
"What is he, some sort of racist?"
"Oh, Lloyd..." Nya mutters. "Put a sock in it." And with that, you take a seat.
"How'd you sleep last night, Princess [Y/N]?" he inquires.
"On a bed," you joke. A chorus of laughter rises around you. With a smile, you add, "alright, I guess." You can't help but look around the deck for Ganondorf. You aren't sure why you even care about him. After all, he killed your best friend.
Or did he?
The Hylian knight brushes his shoulder length, ashy-blonde hair back before setting out a plate in front of you. Two crepes, filled with strawberries, honey and whipped cream, rest on the teal plate. "Here you go, Princess," he murmurs. You can barely hear his voice.
"What's your name?" He's hesitant to respond.
"Link," Saria and Nabooru say at the same time. The two begin to giggle as his eyes trail towards the floor.
"Thank you, Link." You give him a smile, and he heads back into the kitchen.
"I think he's just tired," Zelda admits. "He had nightmares last night. He couldn't get to sleep."
"Speaking of sleep," Cole adds on, "Kylee has to be one of the heaviest sleepers on the planet! Geez, I tried waking her up for Sensei Wu, and she just rolled over and told me to eff off!"
"I wonder where she's from," Urbosa decides. "She's not a Gerudo or a Hylian."
"I've never seen her in my life," Lloyd adds on. "And she's in some sort of astronaut garb, so you think she would have been on the news at some point!"
"What if she's an alien from another planet?!" Bowser Jnr exclaims at the top of his lungs. Zelda and Peach drop their forks in shock.
Unbeknownst to the Koopa child, the blue-haired woman is standing behind him with a wide grin on her face.

"Look...I dunno how I got here." She takes the seat in-between you and Lloyd. "But I just want to go home to my family."
"Hmm..." Wu murmurs. "You mentioned that we all were fictional characters last night. How so?"
"Well." Kylee takes in a deep breath. "You guys have TV shows and video games and books and stuff like that, right?"
"Yeah?" Cole prompts.
"Well...I had a talk with my A.I. last night, and she knows where you're all from media-wise...that is, everyone except [Y/N]." You tilt your head.
"How so?" you ask.
"Isle Delfino is the setting of a game called Super Mario Sunshine." Kylee rubs at her wrist for a bit. "That game was the debut of Bowser Jnr and Toadsworth as characters. It came out the year my sister and I were born. But there was no Delfino Castle. There was no Princess [Y/N]. In fact, the only humans ever saw in that game were Mario and Peach!"
"What about us?" Lloyd queries.
"You're apparently from a show called Ninjago. But...I've never seen you look like real people. Only little Roblox-ass looking toys."
"We have Roblox here!" Nya beams.
"And Minecraft, too!" Cole adds on.
"Well...the thing is, Kylee..." Lloyd takes out a handheld game console and turns it on.
"Hey, that looks like a Switch!" Kylee grins.
"It is," he explains. He loads the list of games and points at the first one. "This is Jay's favourite video game."
"The Immortal Humans..." Kylee murmurs as she brushes a hand against the screen. "All my You saying I'm a video game character in your world?"
"Technically, you were a book character first," Nya tells her. "You're a long way from home, aren't you?"
"I don't remember how I got here," she admits, "but I do know that my team's still out there." She reaches into her pocket and takes out a photo. There's a bunch of girls with their arms around each other. There's eight in total. "Lola and I wound up in some Ninjagian desert, but I have no idea where the others are...or if they're still alive."
"We'll help you find them," Lloyd promises her. "No matter what it takes." A large shadow looms over the two.
"You've taken my seat, girl," Ganondorf hisses at her.
"Hang on," she smirks. She gets up and picks up the chair in her arms before starting to walk away with it.
"What are you doing?!" he yells.
"Now I've taken your seat," she beams with a wide, toothy smile. Bowser Jnr and Saria are laughing so hard that they fall out of their seats.
"Kylee, if I may have a word," Wu decides in a calm tone. She nods and drops the seat before darting off after him.
"Hey!" Junior cries. "Let's play truth or dare!"

- - -

With the exception of Wu, Kylee and Ganondorf (who is sitting all by himself at the table as he eats his breakfast), everyone is now sitting in a circle on the deck. "Who wants to go first?" Cole asks. Junior raises his hand.
"Ooh!" he beams. "Pick me!"
"Okay!" he decides, giving his hair a ruffle. "You're up, squirt!" Junior looks around for a bit, narrowing his eyes at a couple of people.
"Hey, Ganondorf!" he yells. "Truth or dare?!"
"I'm not interested," he retorts.
"Oh, come on!" Nabooru snaps. "He's just a kid!"
He ignores her.
Junior pouts and pokes his tongue out at him. Saria begins to giggle again.
"Uh...Mr Lloyd! Truth or dare?"
"Hmm..." the Green Ninja considers as he runs a hand through his blonde hair. "I'll go with a truth."
"What do you think of Miss Urbosa's hair colour?"
"I like it. It's cute on her."
Urbosa beams.
"Aw, thank you," she responds.
"Alright," Lloyd decides. "Cole. Truth or dare?"
"Gimme a dare," he tells him.
"I dare you to take a swim," he smirks. Cole shrugs his shoulders, stands up and begins to run over to the side of the boat. He leaps off the side, and moments later, you can hear a loud splash. Nabooru rushes over to the side and peers over.
"You mad man!"
Nya holds out her hands and clenches her fists. Almost immediately after, Cole comes flying in the air and ends up knocking Nabooru over.
"Oof!" they both wheeze.
"Okay..." Cole mutters as he stands up and helps Nabooru up too. "Truth or dare?"
"Hmm...I pick truth," she decides.
"If you were a cake," he proposes, "then what sort of cake would you be?"
"A fruitcake?"
"Is that because you're sweet?"
"Aw, you're sweeter!"
"No, you're sweeter!"
"Weren't they having a rumble yesterday?" Lloyd whispers to Zelda.
"It's strange..." she admits. "Nabooru isn't usually this...convivial around men."
"Well," Urbosa assures the two, "I for one am glad that she's happy for once in her life."
"I'm so telling my dad that Cole has a girlfriend," Pauline grins as she takes a phone from her pocket. She snaps a photo of the two, who are currently in the middle of a kiss.
"They went from 0 to 100 in less than 24 hours," Lloyd murmurs. You stare at the two. Lloyd's right; it is quite strange.
"Princess...I want a word," a low voice murmurs from behind you. You spin around to find Ganondorf standing there.
"Go on-"
"In privacy." You look down at the ground.
"I was going to-"
"Hey," Lloyd warns him. "You leave Princess [Y/N] the hell alone."
"What did you just say, boy?" Ganondorf sneers back.
"Oh, Din..." Urbosa murmurs.
"Fine!" you yell. "We can talk, Ganondorf! But you'd better make it quick!"
And with that, you storm off inside.

You sit on your bed in your room, your arms crossed over your chest as you throw a glare in Ganondorf's direction. He returns it, not speaking at all. "Go on!" you usher. "Just tell me!"
"Why are you distracting yourself?" he demands. "The Overlord is still going to come and destroy this world!"
"Why do you care?" you frown. "I thought you were supposed to be the 'King of Evil' or some shit like that."
"Because I don't want to be!" he argues. He grits his teeth and clenches his fists. "I want to have control over Hyrule and be done with these silly games!"
"And I want to go home," you snap back. "But we're headed on a ship nearly halfway across the world, y'know!" He begins to scowl at you. "Stop it."
"Those wrenched Light Deities stripped away my powers and have me babysitting some child who they let run around this bloody world with the powers of a god!"
"What powers?" you snap. "I can't even throw lightning like you!" He grabs your wrists and pulls your hands out so that you can see them.
"Do you see it?!" he yells. He points at the backs of your hands. You're about to scoff in disdain, but then you see it. Tattoos that are a few shades darker than your skin tone on them. There's a Shine Sprite on your dominant hand, and a Power Moon on your non-dominant. You look back up at him.
"I've never seen these in my life," you murmur.
"You have been chosen by the Light Deities to fight the Overlord on account of who you are." He lifts up your dominant hand. "Your mother was one of them. And the Dark Deities are being led by your father. [Y/N] you know why we were chosen?"
"Because I am the reincarnation of Demise...and you are the child of light and dark."
"Well..." you mutter. "Nice chat. I'm gonna head off now."
"[Y/N]!" he yells. "Don't leave!"
"Go and find someone else to spew your garbage to," you retort as you storm out of the room and slam the door shut behind him. It doesn't shut all the way, and you realise that you've accidentally slammed the door on his head.

- - -

The two of you are in the bathroom. He's sitting on a stool as you run a white hand towel beneath the water and dab at the cuts on the side of his head. He winces with every press. "Be gentle," he hisses.
"Go and jump in a lake," you retort. He no longer winces, instead, opting for a glare on his face. You continue to wipe away the cuts. "I'm sorry I did that, Ganondorf."
"Did what?"
"Slammed your head in the door," you mutter. As you continue to tend to the cuts, he begins to hum something quietly. You have to admit, it's quite the nice tune.
A knock on the door cuts you off.
"I need to pee!" Junior exclaims from the other side.
"We'll be out in a second!" you shout back. The child gasps and runs off; it's only a few moments later when you realise your mistake. "Shit...I didn't mean to say 'we'. Now everyone's going to think we were-"
"Well," he smirks, "I wouldn't mind a little favour from you in exchange for your insolent attitude towards me." You roll your eyes and toss the cloth at him.
"I think I heard Wu calling me," you lie as you stand up and open the door. You're quick to walk out, and as you close the door behind you, you can spot the faintest sign of a red tinge across his cheeks.
I'll figure you out, you think.

You head back to your room and close the door. You don't know what to make of him.
Was that man really in love with my mother? you ask yourself.
You stare at the bed. You don't like how many blankets are on there. Back home, you'd never used this many. You can't even imagine why anyone would have so many blankets in their room. You take the blankets off your bed, tossing them into piles based on whether they're convenient or for aesthetic purposes. The piles eventually grow to be waist-high. You know that the tiny cabin only has one single thin sheet that has the nerve to be called a blanket by Wu and Nya. You take one of the fluffy ones and begin to head back out of your room. You make the quick travel downstairs and open the door. The room looks so bare and just...sad.
I'm gonna make it nicer for him, 
you decide. Not even assholes deserve to be in rooms that small.
You throw the blanket onto the bed and quickly head back to your room. As you arrive back on the second floor, you can hear the sound of the shower running. Must be Cole or something, you assure yourself.
You know who it is, [Y/N], a voice in your head protests.
It belongs to Corky.
"Hey!" you shout. "Get out of my head!" The Bonneter laughs and floats out of your crown. She hovers in front of your face. "How much have you heard of our conversations?"
"All of it," she beams. You frown. "Aw, don't be so sad! You two are cute together!"
"Corky!" you groan. "I'm not interested in Ganondorf that way!" She begins to rock from side to side, holding her tiny arms out as she sings out loud.
"[Y/N] and Ganondorf, sitting in a tree-"
"If you finish that sentence, then Din help you once I'm through with you."
Standing behind Corky is Urbosa with her hands on her hips.
"Do you know who's in the bathroom?" you ask as Corky disappears back into your circlet.
"I think it's my father," she responds. She gives you a pat on the shoulder. "Don't let anyone tease you for wanting to show compassion and empathy to others, [Y/N]. It's a good trait to have."
"I won't," you promise. She smiles.
"I'd better be heading off to find Zelda. We've nearly arrived at this New Ninjago City that the Ninjagians are so keen on getting back to."
"" Corky grins.
"Oh, Corky..." you murmur.
"Attention all passengers," Cole's voice declares in a rather cocky tone through the speakers around the ship. "We will be descending into New Ninjago City in approximately ten minutes. I'd like to take this opportunity to tell everyone that-"
You hear the speaker wail as a thud hits the microphone.
"Cole!" Lloyd shouts in the distance. "We don't need another Ronin on board!"
And with that, the speakers turn off.
Urbosa begins to giggle. "I wonder who he was talking about," she decides.
"If I see your aunty kiss him one more time, I'm gonna chuck up in my bloody mouth." Corky continues to mumble something under her breath.

Chapter Text

Shadows streak across the windows as another announcement from Cole comes over the P.A. system. As you peek out, you find that the entire horizon is lined with the glossy windows of skyscrapers that tower all around. You're about to see if you can find anything to bring, but aside from the clothes and accessories on your back, and the pendant in your pocket, there's nothing on you. You step back out onto the deck to find that music is blasting through the speakers. Kylee has a grin as she uses what appears to be a bootleg BorgPhone with a strange apple symbol on the back to take selfies with Peach and Zelda, the latter looking confused as to what a selfie is. "Ah, I'm glad that the music of this world and mine is universal..." she says with a sigh of relief. "Funky Town by Lipps Inc. is reminding me of a cult classic..."
"As in a movie?" Peach asks.
"If I can find one of my friends," she explains, "she has all the Shrek movies on her tablet. She never lets go of it."
"I see," Zelda murmurs. Link is also taking photos on a strange tablet-looking device while Urbosa and Nabooru look over the edge of the railing and point down at Ninjagians walking along footpaths. Bowser Jnr is attempting a rather exquisite dance move only known to the most loyal of twelvies as the 'Orange Justice' while Saria copies him. Pauline is chatting away with Nya. You don't know why, but you want to dance so bad. Almost as if Corky can read your mind, you hear her responding with a piece of advice.
"If you head back inside the ship, nobody will see you dance."
"Sounds like a plan," you agree.

You head back inside and travel far enough so that you can dive into your room if you hear anyone coming. The music still appears to be playing through the speakers here as well. And with that, you begin to sway from side to side. Your arms swing in the air, and you whip your hair around like a helicopter rotor to the beat of the song.
"Yeah!" Corky yells. "You go, mate!"
"Mama Mia!" someone cries from behind. You're so taken aback that you immediately go to put down the foot you've just raised, but you end up tripping over the skirt of your dress and falling on your face. You're sure you have a splinter in your nose now. "Are you alright, Princess?!"
"She'll be 'right," Corky assures the speaker. You're lifted up by a rather short man who can't be any taller than Nya. "Ah, you must be the Mario everyone and their dog's been telling me about! Nice to meet 'ya, mate!"
"I'm okay," you add on as you turn around. "You were one of the guys who came to save Birdie."
"It was no problem," he responds with a beam.
"Hey...where's Ganondorf fucked off to?" Corky asks.
"Language!" you warn her.
"Mate, I've only sworn once in front of 'ya," she decides. "Where I'm from, it's not enough."
"I don't know," Mario admits. "Do you want me to look for him?"
You look up at the ceiling.
"Don't worry about it," you decide. "I've gotta do something about this dress. I don't want to trip everywhere I go-"
"Hey, guys!" Nya begins. "Do you need anything?"
"Do you have a pair of scissors?" you inquire.
"Scissors?" she frowns. "We have a couple of spare uniforms in the back if you need something to change into."
"Yes, please," you tell her gratefully. She's about to leave when Wu, who's appeared out of nowhere, holds up a hand in front of her.
"Zelda, Peach and I have a more appropriate outfit for her," he decides. "We hand-crafted it last night. They will both help her into it."

You're in the living room as Zelda and Peach help you into your outfit. You've been given a pair of comfortable trousers that are deep purple in colour. They aren't too loose at all. You'd also been provided with a clean set of undergarments and a light, white top to cover your chest. You watch as Peach finishes ironing out a crease in the top. It's the same colour as the trousers, but the collar is golden, as well as the strange insignia of a Power Moon on top of a Shine Sprite on the breast pocket. The shirt is long-sleeved, and on the back is the Triforce symbol, in the same gold colour as everything else. The two princesses help you into the jacket, and as they tie the golden belt around your waist, you can't help but to be reminded of a kimono when you look at your reflection in the mirror. The top goes down to your hips, and aside from the belt holding it in place in the middle, the whole thing is fairly loose and breathable.
"Do you have the gloves?" Zelda asks Peach.
"I thought you had them.
"Never mind that. Let's find the shoes." Zelda crouches down on the floor and picks up a pair of golden combat boots. You have to admit that all this gold is over the top. You tuck your necklaces beneath your shirt and straighten up as the Hylian princess forces you into the shoes. You have to admit that they're much more comfy in comparison to the ballet flats you'd been wearing all day yesterday. Nya pokes her head in through the door.
"Looking good, Princess [Y/N]!" she beams.
"Yeah!" Corky adds from behind her. "Are any of you looking for a pair of fingerless leather gloves by any chance?"
"Yes!" Zelda almost yelps out loud. "Can someone find Urbosa? Her hair is a complete mess!"
"On it!" Corky disappears into thin air, leaving the rest of you staring in wonder.

Before you know it, Urbosa is sitting behind you and brushing out your hair with a brush. "Her hair smells like smoke," she murmurs to Nya.
"I have some dry shampoo if that'd help," the Water Ninja responds. You can see Urbosa frowning in the mirror as she clutches at a few locks of your hair.
"I have no idea what that is." She proceeds to brush it out again. "But if it can mask the stench, then I'd appreciate it."
"I'll be back in a sec!" And with that, Nya disappears. You're left staring down at your gloved hands as Urbosa continues to attempt to tame your bed hair.
"I...why does Ganondorf have to be the one who's going to help me defeat the Overlord?" you mutter.
"I'm not sure," Zelda responds. "I would have presumed that Link was to be the one by your side."
"I thought it might have been Lloyd," Peach decides. "After all, he has fought the Overlord before."
Zelda responds in a sure tone. "There has to be a reason. There's a reason for everything that happens."
"Maybe Hylia's having him repay his debt by killing off one of his own friends," Urbosa decides. "It wouldn't surprise me...all that he's done over the years has been awful. The man's like a cockroach. You kill him, and three seconds later, he's up and running around again."
"That's a good analogy, Urbosa," she agrees. The door slides open.
"I'm back, guys!" Nya beams as she holds up a light pink aerosol can and shakes it around. "It's scented like honeysuckles!"
"Oh, I love the smell of honeysuckles!" Zelda smiles. "It's simply divine!"
Urbosa rolls her eyes and smiles as she beckons Nya over.

Once the quartet has finished helping you get dressed, you look at your reflection in the mirror one last time. Your hair has been styled just the way you like it, and your circlet sits as grandly as ever on your head.
"I called my parents," Nya tells you as she finishes adjusting the wrist and ankle wraps. "They're going to make you some shoulder pauldrons while you train in Ignacia."
"Shouldn't we be stopping whoever's trying to open this tomb in Hyrule?" you frown.
"'s hard to explain," she sighs. "Wu said that Lloyd's mother can explain everything once you get to the Ninjago Museum of History."
"So this is going to be a history lesson," you mutter.
"It's good to know what you're up against," Urbosa reprimands you. "It may save not only your life, but the lives of innocent civilians."
You hear and feel a thud beneath your feet.
"We're here," Nya whispers. The speaker shrieks, and Cole begins to speak over the speaker system.
"We have arrived at our destination!" he grins. "Before you depart from the Destiny's Bounty, I'd like to hand over the mic to the MC...the mighty Cole!"
Nya groans and drives her palm into her forehead.
"Cole is the worst," she mutters to herself.
"I'm going to change into something a bit more suitable," Zelda decides.
"I'll change too," Peach agrees.
"You'd better hurry up," Urbosa warns the two as they rush out.
"Thank you for the outfit!" you cry out behind them.
"Let's get you outside," she tells you.

You're walking up the steps, Urbosa in front of you. "What if they laugh at it?" you ask.
"At what?" she inquires.
"My outfit," you respond.
"The robes you wear are sacred," she assures you. "The reincarnations of three Light Deities crafted them for you. The others would be foolish to speak out against their work." She gives you a pat on the shoulder and leans in towards your ear, lowering her voice to a whisper. "And for what it's worth? I'd love to have an outfit like that."
"Thank you, Urbosa." The two of you are silent for the rest of the trip up to the deck. You aren't sure why, but your heart is racing like a stallion.
"I just need to take a few breathers," you whisper to her as you clutch the railing and your chest. She helps you stand.
"You resemble a goddess in your own right, [Y/N]." She opens the door and pokes her head out. "Princess Zelda and Princess Peach are getting changed!"
"Hey, is that Princess [Y/N]?" Pauline asks as she looks over to where you're poking your head out from behind her.
"Don't be shy," Urbosa ushers. You take in a deep breath, letting the cool, fresh air fill your lungs and cool your flushed face. You exhale before nodding your head and stepping out in front of her.
They're going to laugh, you think as they all gasp. Not one person on-board doesn't stare, well, with the exception of Ganondorf, Lloyd and Mario, all of whom have their backs to you.
"Mother of Dinraal!" Nabooru exclaims. "Princess, you look stunning!"
"They've outdone themselves this time!" Cole adds with a genuine grin.
"You look great, Princess!" Saria adds.
"You're pretty!" Bowser Jnr beams.
"Okay, want a gi now!" Pauline chuckles.
"Thank you," you whisper. Tears threaten to blur your vision. You cover your face with your hands. "Thank you, guys..."
"Yo, numb-skulls!" Kylee yelps from the forecastle deck at the three who aren't looking. "Don't turn your back to a princess!" Lloyd and Mario are quick to oblige. Ganondorf is too, but he's slower than the Ninjagian and New Donker.
All three stare at you, their eyes as wide as saucers and their mouths gaping open.
"" Mario's cut off by Lloyd.
"You make purple and gold look good together," he murmurs.
Ganondorf remains silent.
Hey, Corky's voice echoes in your head. You should walk up to them and I'll give them a scare!
Okay, you agree. You begin to step forwards, holding your hands together.
"I...I like this outfit," you decide. "It's not as restricting as a ball gown." Lloyd's face turns bright red and Mario starts to blush. You can see the same scarlet tinge across Ganondorf's face, but his darker complexion is enough to mask it from everyone else. You take a few more steps forward until you're only a metre away from them.
Corky pops out from inside your crown, and they all let out shrieks of shock.
The two of you chuckle, and so does Kylee as she jumps off the upper deck and down next to you. You notice that she's in a simple pair of light blue jeans and a pale yellow spaghetti strap top. There's goose bumps over her skin; it's winter here in Ninjago.
"We should get going now," Zelda says behind you. You notice that she's in the same top that she was wearing with her ball gown, except her sleeves are fitted and now she's wearing a pair of black leggings, a leather belt and some shin-high boots. Peach, however, is still wearing her ball gown.
You don't understand why anyone would want to put themselves through such a gruelling hell.

- - -

You watch as everyone climbs down the ladder leading to the grassy ground of the park that the Destiny's Bounty has landed in. Kylee and Corky are yelling out numbers at each person.
"Sensei Wu, I'm gonna have to give you a three!" Corky announces.
"You get a seven, Mario!" Kylee beams.
"Ooh, Pauline! That's easily an eight!"
"Nah...I'm gonna have to give you a six, Peach."
"I like your style, Mario. Nine!"
"Damn, Zelda! I haven't seen a thick white girl since Iggy Azalea! Ten out of ten!"
"Are they rating everyone's asses?" Cole frowns from the line. Nabooru snickers next to him and points to the ladder.
"Ganondorf's next," she whispers. You watch from the end of the line as Kylee cups her hands around her mouth.
"Holy shit!"  she yells. "You're thicker than a Snicker. Eleven out of ten for that ass, Ganondorf!"
"Everyone else can go home!" Corky adds on. "He's got the arse of the year!"
"Bloody wenches..." Ganondorf mumbles to himself as he lets go and falls the rest of the way onto the ground. Kylee's about to give another score to Urbosa, but he's quick to cover her mouth with his hand. While her words are no longer audible, she isn't phased; she continues to speak as if she isn't being silenced by force.

Once you've climbed down, you join the rest of the group. Lloyd points over to an ancient-looking building with marble pillars to the north of the ship.
"That's where my mom works," he explains. "There's a new exhibition opening to the public tomorrow, but we were all supposed to see it today."
"Why are we looking at a bunch of worthless artefacts?" Ganondorf snaps.
"Because one of them is a tapestry woven by the Deities." Wu steps forward, using his staff to help him walk. "The tapestry is what they have left behind to help guide us."
"You're starting to sound an awful lot like that Sheikah handmaid of Zelda's," he mutters. "I am the King of the Demons! I do not read stupid tapestries!"
"And you're starting to sound like a child!" Wu scoffs. Ganondorf lets out a yell before lunging forwards towards Wu's back. The old sensei jumps in the air just before Ganondorf can catch him, lands on his head and pushes off his shoulders. The Gerudo falls to the ground, and everyone else watches Wu flip through the air before maneuvring his body so that he lands in front of Ganondorf. "You aren't even ready to face my pinkie toe!"
"You're all bastards," he hisses at him. The others laugh and follow Wu across the park. You hold out your hand in order to help him up as Corky flies into your crown.
"C'mon, King of the Demons," you tell him with a smile. "We'd better not keep Lloyd's mother waiting." He gets up and clutches at his shoulder. "And you need to stop getting into fights with people." You see his eyes flickering green. Corky sees, too.
"Uh...what's up with your eyes, mate?" Before Corky can get an answer, Ganondorf lurches forwards and clutches at his chest. A sickly greenish-yellow smoke bellows from his mouth before materialising into an orb.
"She's...opened it..." he whispers. Before he can fall, you catch him in your arms. He's out for a few moments. Corky flies out from your cap and pokes his face with her hand.
"Wakey wakey, eggs and bakey..." He takes a gasp of air and glances around frantically. His eyes remain green.
"The...power has left me..." he mutters. He holds out his hand. "It's...gone."
"C'mon," you whisper to him. "We'd better tell them what's happened."
"No," he protests. "It's the Light Deities. They stopped me before I could kill the bastard." He clenches his fist for a while before lowering his hand. "It seems that they have kept their promise to inhibit my power." He pushes you away before storming off after the others, who have no idea what's just happened in broad daylight.
"Wakey wakey, eggs and bakey..." you murmur. "My mother used to say that."

The Ninjago Museum of History is warmer than the bitter temperatures outside. The lobby is quite large, and at the moment, this size is augmented by the lack of people inside. The others are gathered around a middle-aged woman with grey hair and round, black spectacles. She's in khaki jeans and a beige trench coat, the latter which is accented with a brown belt around her waist and an emerald bandana around her neck. She wears black sneakers. She's speaking to everyone with a smile on her face.
"So you're holding out well, Misako?" Wu asks her.
"It's so good to see you all," she tells him and the other Ninjagians. "But...where are the others?"
"Something happened back in Isle Delfino," Cole admits.
"They aren't coming back, Mrs Garmadon," Nya whispers. "Kai...and Jay..."
"And Zane," he murmurs. Misako adjusts her glasses.
"I heard about the incident in the home of Princess [Y/N]. Is she alright?"
"I'm okay," you answer. "My friend...I don't even know if she's-"
"I'm right here, slow-coach!"
The others part away to reveal Birdie standing in amongst everyone.

"Birdena Cavaliere!" you exclaim. " Ganondorf-"
"As I said to you last night," the Gerudo tells you, stepping forth, "I merely killed one of the Oni that had come to assassinate you."
"Mom and my brother are still on the island," Birdie admits. She looks down at her hands. "Bowser and Garmadon could only take two of us."
"And what of the other Champions and Sages?" Urbosa inquires. "Are they well?"
"The Overlord has taken them and dispersed them throughout space and time," Wu explains. "It is our task to find and rescue them before they are killed."
"Like," Birdie starts, "if it wasn't for that girl warning us, then people really would have died last night."
"What girl?"
"She calls herself Hackergirl," Wu tells you. "All we know is that she is a Gerudo."
"Why would someone from our tribe be playing spy against the Overlord?" Urbosa frowns.
"She's right," Nabooru adds on. "We don't go around asking for trouble."
The other Hyruleans give her a dirty look.
"It'd be best that we take a look at the tapestry before the curator comes in," Misako decides. "He'll have me fired if he finds me letting in people after what happened yesterday."
"What happened, Mom?" Lloyd asks her.
"Harumi happened," she mutters. "She broke into our archives with her friend and stole an old Hyrulean journal in our archives that depicted the location of Hatred's grave. We got the journal back...but I'm afraid that it may be too late. They already know where it is now." She holds out the black leather journal, which Ganondorf frowns at.
"That's mine!" he shouts.
"Who on Earth do you think you are?!" Misako demands.
"Here we go again..." Urbosa mumbles as her aunt shakes her head.
"I am that journal's author!" he snaps.
"Lord Dragmire has been dead for ten thousand years!" Misako argues.
"That stupid Ninjagian girl resurrected me from the dead with those stupid Oni Masks!" Ganondorf holds out a purple mask depicting the face of a demon that he's pulled out of nowhere. It emanates a strange glow. "You didn't think Garmadon was the only onedid you?!" Lloyd raises an eyebrow.
"I just wanna know how she got a hold of the three hairs. Y'know, the spouse, the sibling and the child."
"Or the three masks!" Cole exclaims. "Oh, we're royally screwed..."
when we think Ninjago's safe, some idiot has to ruin it!" Nya screeches. "The next idiot who tries to take over the city is going to swim with the fishes!"
Everyone else glances around nervously.
"Just keep the damn journal," Misako mutters as she shoves the book in Ganondorf's direction. She lowers her voice as she and Wu walk off. Everyone follows them. "If he's the man Yin, Rosalina and Hylia have chosen to help Princess [Y/N] defeat the Overlord, then our world is doomed."
"[Y/N]?" Birdie asks. "Can I speak to you and Mario for a moment?"
"Okay," you agree.

The three of you sit on the benches. Birdie has her Sage Medallion in her fingers. She holds it out to Mario. "This belongs to you."
"Me?" the New Donker frowns. "But I-"
"The people who possess courage should carry these, they said." She flips it over to reveal the Triforce symbol. "Rosalina chose you as Princess Peach's hero. This medallion is useless until it's handed over to you."
"What are the Sages supposed to do, anyway?" you inquire. "It seems like a big deal."
"We're supposed to protect the Sage Temples scattered across the world. The temple have to protect is in Isle Delfino. It's in Corona Mountain. It's said that the only way to get in is to strike the central magma chamber with an arrow that pierces through intense light. To be honest, I've never seen it myself, but Dad said I'd already awoken as a Sage and that I should give the medallion away. I don't believe him."
"So keep it, Miss Cavaliere," Mario ushers her.
"I still have to protect Corona Mountain," she sighs. "It's the birthplace of light in our world. And if it were to suffer destruction...then I'd be sister snatched."
"You enjoy your Stan Chirp," you smile.
"Promise me this, [Y/N]," she decides. "Please take this sword and fuse it with its twin." She reaches behind her back and holds out the same blade from before. The sword that she'd attempted to use against Ganondorf. The sword that Ganondorf had used to stab who you thought was her. "This is the Sword of the Shine Sprites. We've carried it in our family ever since this world came to be." She hands you a sheath that matches the pale blade with the golden hilt. Sure enough, a tiny Shine Sprite is on the cross-guard."
"It's beautiful," you whisper.
"It sure is," she agrees. "You'll be able to find the other one with the Princess of Twilight. She's on the tapestry, too. She has the Triforce of Power."
"Do you think Isle Delfino will be alright without me?" you ask her.
"The country may be," she begins, "but the Discord chat won't." She takes her phone out of her pocket and holds it out in front of you. You can see the ongoing floods of the letter 'F' in the chat, with some messages accompanied by "[Y/N] the Human Princess".
"[Y/N]!" you hear Ganondorf shouting from the distance. "We're waiting for you!"
"It's Princess [Y/N], you dork!" Kylee screeches from behind him. Birdie takes a deep breath in.
"I have to go now," she tells you. "Dad's going to take me to the Temple of Light, and we're going to protect it from the Overlord and his forces." And with that, she wraps her arms around you. You hug her back. Tears fill your vision. This time, you let them loose.
You don't want to lose her again.
"You'll live," you whisper. "I promise."
"Once this is all over," she tells you, "I'm going to steal from my brother's secret stash of tequila and throw you an eighteenth birthday party on Gelato Beach."
"I'd like that, Birdie."


Chapter Text

Time: ???
Location: ???
Subject/s: Princess Wendy, Lady Mistaké and Princess Ruto
Motives: Good

"I doubt we're in the current day any more!" the old Ninjagian Oni croons as she shields her vision from the beating Sun with her hand. She's taken on her simple persona of the tea shop lady.
"Were we not in Delfino Castle only moments before?" Ruto frowns at Mistaké. As the two proceed to bicker like there's no tomorrow, Wendy crosses her arms and reaches into the pocket of her polka-dot dress to find her phone. She pulls it out and proceeds to dial her father's number. However, it beeps twice and hangs up.
No service.
"Oh my gosh," she murmurs. She proceeds to look around. She scratches the top of her head and squints at the horizon. She's on some sort of island, she can tell. But what island she's on is beyond her. "We need to, like, find a phone or something." Wendy glances around the few beaches and squints behind the Zora and the Oni, who, by now, are using rather vile language in their stinging words against each other. There's a wooden shack, and sitting in front of it is an old lady wearing a shawl and a girl that can't be any older than Wendy's younger brother. She has a telescope in her hands, and she's in a blue dress with a red hibiscus print. Quite a few seagulls fly around this girl. "Hey! Twerps! Do you think they have a phone?!"
"We must be in Hyrule's distant past," Mistaké negotiates with Ruto. She points at the open sea, where a boy dressed in green is sailing back to the shore on a grand red and gold boat with a lion's face for a mast. He waves at the old lady and the girl. " the Hero of Winds."
"Uh, I don't speak old lady," Wendy sneers. "Let's find a phone and get Daddy to pick us up!"
"You're right," Ruto whispers to Mistaké out of Wendy's earshot. "This isn't the current day...although I feel that it is after my time."

The three begin to trudge through the soft, pale sands. Wendy begins to jump in the air and wave her arms around at the girl and her grandmother, which, of course, startles them. "Hey!" she screeches. "Do you guys, like, have a phone?!" Their eyes widen.
"Grandma, what's that?!" the girl gulps as she points at Wendy.
"Get inside, Aryll," the old lady warns. "Link will deal with them." They're quick to stand up and rush inside their shack. The girl slams the door shut, and only moments later, they can hear a click that signals the door's been locked.
"Link?" Ruto exclaims, glancing around the place in a frantic manner. "Where?!"
"Oh, get a hold of yourself, dearies..." Mistaké mutters under her breath. She then raises her voice to address the other two. "We'd better find a map of the world. I'd say that boy has one."
"Oh!" she beams upon seeing the teenager sailing back to a nearby dock. "Link! I'm over here, my love!"
"Yuck," Wendy hisses in a tone low enough to remain shielded from Ruto's ears. "Love is, like, disgusting." Mistaké pats the young Koopa princess on the shoulder.
"Ah, one day..." she assures her. "One day, you'll find someone. But for now, your destiny is to assist Mario, Peach and Bowser in defeating the Overlord."
"I don't do destiny," she sneers, stomping off in the sand.
Mistaké can't help but think of her old friend when she sees Wendy. An old friend from years ago.
An old friend that she'd loved dearly.

- - -

Time: ???
Location: The Silent Realm
Subject/s: Jay Walker and Lady Impa
Motives: Good

"Is it just me or is Isle Delfino different now?" the Blue Ninja inquires. As much as Impa hates to admit it, he's right.
The island is different now.
The skies are a permanent conglomerate of dark teal. Soft wisps of light appear to be scattered throughout Bianco Hills, but Impa does not choose to leave, for they are being guarded by the knights of this otherworldly realm. She stares at the Delfino Sea. The waters are tinged red. At the moment, the duo is standing out in front of Delfino Castle. Jay's about to step out of the strange glowing circle he and Impa are standing in, but she holds out an arm in front of him.
"Do not leave the protective circle beneath our feet," the Sheikah warns him. "There are Guardians and Watchers about. I fear they may seek us if we leave."
He nods his head and does as she says.
Jay's terrified. He wants to be at home, just watching movies with Nya. He considers what it would have been like if he'd refused to go.

By the time Jay manages to compose himself before he has a mental breakdown in front of this woman, he decides to ask a question. "What's your name again?" Jay casually asks her.
"I am Impa, the elder of Kakariko Village," she informs him in a strict tone. He gulps. "And you are?"
"Jay from Ninjago," he responds. He doesn't know why he's so quiet. Normally, he would've said it with confidence. Maybe it's an effect of this weird place he's in.
He doesn't feel too good.
Impa notices the Ninjagian's terribly pale face. "What's the matter?" She stares at him, awaiting a response.
"Do you think that they're okay?"
Impa's taken aback.
She doesn't know what to think. The last thing she remembered was a shadow lunging at her with a staff of petrified wood. And then the pain. The unbearable, searing pain through her head. It was like a headache that just wouldn't go away...a headache that made her feel as if her head was on fire.
"I pray to the goddesses that they are," she murmurs as the soft tinkling of bells begins to echo through the wind. "I doubt our ability to protect the Triforce is useful in a realm secluded away from it."

- - -

Time: ???
Location: ???
Subject/s: Princess Harumi of Ninjago
Motives: ???

Harumi doesn't know where she is. Ever since the woman she'd abducted had escaped while they were asleep and Violet had left her for dead amongst a pack of Lynels, she hasn't remembered much at all. All she knows is that one of her master's followers had taken her to Isle Delfino, where she'd cast a spell of some sort using magic borrowed from a mask in the Overlord's possession. All she could remember is seeing the Moon crashing down over her head.
Now here she stands in the Sacred Realm.
It isn't so sacred to her. Not a single blade of fresh, green grass sprouts from the grey ground. The skies are blood red, with looming clouds of black over their heads. All the columns of rock that were supposedly floating before are reduced to rubble on the ground.
All she can smell is the all-too-familiar stench of death...a stink that she's had lingering over her head for her entire life. All she can see in front of her is her master. In his current form, he's but a mere shadow. He's seated on the throne with the mask he'd lent her in his hands. Majora's Mask, she'd heard the man who lent it to her call it. Some kid tried to destroy an entire realm with it back in the days of the Sages. And that foolish kid is no more

"So..." her master murmurs. "I have scattered them throughout the Sixteen Realms. Have you cleansed Isle Delfino of all its disgusting life and land?"
"I have, my lord," Harumi responds. "But I'm afraid that I still cannot open Hatred's tomb..."
"The journal specified that a Gerudo should enter alongside one who wanted to open the tomb, but it never said anything about an Oni, too!" She throws her silver dagger to the ground and scowls. "I spent months in the Twilight Realm attempting to woo them all for the answer...but what did I get?! Kicked out!"
"Harumi...your efforts are not unnoticed." He stands up from the throne he's sitting on. "There is one place I can send you where you can find the perfect candidate to open the tomb for you."
"Who?" she mutters.
"There is a Gerudo woman who accompanies Lloyd Garmadon as we speak," he responds. "That woman is half-Oni. And furthermore...she is the younger sister of the corpse resting beneath Hyrule Castle."
"Half-Oni?" she asks. "But...that's impossible! Ninjagians and Hyruleans have been cut off from one another since the dawn of time!"
"Nothing is impossible," the Overlord decides. "The pathetic fools who call themselves the Light Deities said I'd never gain control of this pitiful realm...yet here I am!" He begins to shriek with cackling laughter, and Harumi rolls her eyes.
She wants out.
The Overlord looks up from his seat, his violent, violet eyes glowing with a burning passion. His hands are gripped on the armrests as he leans forwards.
"I have found rivals," he decides. "I have found men and women who will stand in their way."
"Is that so?" Harumi asks him, taking a moment to glance at her nails. They're all dirty and caked in blood. She didn't want to go down without a fight against those Lynels that her 'friend' left her to fight. "And where are these rivals?"
"For now, they remain scattered," he admits. "But in time, there will be divisions amongst the Light Deities' foolish soldiers. And those divisions, my dear Harumi...will be deepened by you."

Chapter Text

Time: 11:30 AM, Eastern Ninjago Standard Time
Location: The Ninjago Museum of History, New Ninjago City
Subject/s: Princess [Y/N] [L/N]
Motives: Good

You've returned to the group as fast as you can. Birdie hasn't followed you. You wish that she could be here by your side...
"[Y/N]!" Ganondorf shouts. "Get your head out of the clouds!"
You snap back into reality to be met with a thousand stares. You realise that you're holding the Sword of the Shine Sprites against his neck.
How did I get here? you ask yourself. You don't even remember climbing up and holding the sword against his neck. You jump down from his back, mumble an apology to him and try to find somewhere to put the sword.
You wish you had a sheath for it or something.
"Now, you mustn't touch anything in the next room," Misako warns the others. "We've been working hard to preserve some of these artefacts for years, and a single touch from the bare skin of a hand may render some of these unfixable." She carefully opens the door and ushers the rest of you inside.

You find that you're in a room with red walls. The ceiling is high and there are multiple vents running around the room. There's a series of artefacts lined up on marble benches, ranging from pots to paintings. There's a few people dressed in white lab coats and neat dress pants sitting up on stools, carefully piecing together old maps, ancient scrolls and whatnot. Link eyes the pots rather greedily, and Zelda slaps his outstretched hand. He winces; she glares at him.
"Professor Garmadon!" one of the people exclaims. "When's our test on preservation?" Misako presses her thin-rimmed glasses to the bridge of her nose.
"It's next week," she responds. "I'd have it this week, but none of you are close to finishing."
"Cool," another student mumbles. Misako walks to the other end of the room, where a door with at least fifteen locks, lies. She takes a series of keys from her pocket and proceeds to unlock them in a particular order. As she does so, Cole leans in towards you.
"We promise she isn't mean," he whispers in your ear. "She's just strict about her work."
"Yeah," Lloyd adds. "She's the nicest person on the planet outside the museum."
The final lock is removed and the door swings open.

There's only one item in this dark room. A cool light shines upon it while a series of wooden poles and frames hold it up for display. It's a tapestry, and upon it are many figures. It appears to be yellowish in colour, with several dyes creating the figures.
"Huh," Urbosa decides, "it looks like the one Impa had up in her house."
"Yes," Zelda agrees. "Perhaps the Sheikah made it."
"I have reason to believe it was the Gerudo who made it," Misako protests. "Their script is all over this ancient work." She carefully points to the text around the figures. Nabooru leans in to read it.
"Something, something, Ganondorf drowns cats in his sleep, blah, blah."
Quite a few awkward and shocked laughs fill the cold and empty space.
"You foolish vehvi..." you hear Urbosa mutter under her breath. She pushes past her and studies the text before her. " says something about the children of dark and light blood."
"Kinda like a hybrid?" Kylee inquires.
"Perhaps," Misako decides. She points to the ensemble of figures in the centre. Nine are across the three pieces of the Triforce, and three are in the centre. "This, as you can see, are the nine who will be tasked with sending the fight between the chosen heroes and the Dark Lord into a realm secluded from the other fifteen." She points to the left hand corner of the Triforce, where three figures in white stand, holding up their hands to the centre. A golden light seems to be flowing from their palms. "In the left hand corner are the Keepers of Knowledge: Princess Zelda of Hyrule Castle Town, Princess Peach of Toad Town, and Master Wu of Jamanakai Village. Each possess the wisdom of a thousand centuries, and the minds of a true scholar." Peach tilts her head.
"But I'm not-"
"In the right hand corner," Misako continues, "are the Jurors of Courage." She points to the bottom right triangle, where four figures, dressed in a series of outfits, stand. There's a ninja in green who is holding a gold and teal katana in his hands, a knight who wields a silver blade with a royal blue hilt, and two brothers in overalls who are jumping in the air with hammers in their hands. "Master Link of Hateno Village, Master Mario and Master Luigi of New Donk City, and Master Lloyd of Jamanakai Village. They are the ones who will step up and face the evils of this realm and those beyond in the name of the greater good." Mario shakes his head.
"But Luigi's-"
"And finally," she concludes, pointing to the top triangle, where Bowser and Garmadon stand, accompanied by a strange orange-haired woman with pale blue skin and a black cloak. The woman and Garmadon appear to be holding their hands down as lightning and a substance orange and black in colour rains down upon the centre. Bowser, of course, is breathing out his famous fire from his mouth. "The Forgers of Strength. Lord Garmadon of the Underworld, King Bowser of Koopa City, and Princess Midna of the Twilight Realm."
"Why am I not there?" Ganondorf sneers. "Why is that pathetic Twili there?" Misako's eyes widen, but Lloyd holds out a hand between the two of them.
"Don't worry, Mom," he assures her. "Kai's not here so Ganondorf has taken over as the resident jack-ass." Even Urbosa has to hide a giggle as everyone laughs. Ganondorf gives Lloyd a dirty look as if to suggest that he's treading over the line.
"What of the central area, Misako?" Wu asks in a calm tone. "Who are the figures there?" You stare at the centre. There's two figures and an ink blot with gold and purple eyes. You have a feeling you know who the other figure is already. You swear you can see a fourth figure...or maybe it's a trick of the eyes.
"This depicts the battle between the Ancient Kingdoms of the Deities," she explains. "It appears that Rosalina, Hylia and Yin have agreed on their champions. Princess [Y/N] of Isle Delfino. Lord Dragmire of the Gerudo Province. And finally...the Overlord, the God of Destruction."
"What do you make of all this, Mrs Garmadon?" Zelda whispers.
"For that..." she decides, "I will have to tell you a story. A story of the blinding light, and the unforgiving darkness."

- - -

"Long before time had a name, the Sixteen Realms were born from the destruction of a single old realm called the Universe. There was one realm in particular where the majority of life scattered to...the Sunshine Realm. The dying Universe had created a series of people who would recreate order and justice in this new realm, and so the Earth was born to a group of divine entities called the Light Deities, who had escaped from the First Realm. In the north-east, the goddesses Farore, Lanayru and Dinraal created the land that would come to be Hyrule. Their child, Hylia, would be the one to found the kingdom. In the north-west, the First Spinjitzu Master, Yin, created the island continent of Ninjago. It was eventually split in two following a great battle against him and a malevolent entity. In the south-east, the Mushroom Kingdom was created by the goddess Rosalina. It was once a single, unified land, however, a great series of battles split the kingdom up into fourteen separate kingdoms, while a fifteenth would depart from the world and a sixteenth would depart from the realm altogether. And finally, in the south-west, Isle Delfino would be forged from the remnants of the final Light Deity who had sacrificed herself in order to give her denizens the power to produce the other kingdoms. So they chose to create the protectors here in the place of Earth's origin: Corona Mountain. It was decreed that the final power of the Universe would be split into two pieces. One on Isle Delfino, and one on the opposite point on the Hyrule somewhere."

"Soon, the Light Deities were met with an opposition: the Oni. The Oni were shapeshifting demons with the power to create corruption, destruction and fraudulence wherever they stood. They were led by four Dark Deities...three Oni Warlords and their king. The king went by many names, but was most commonly known by the name the Ninjagians had given him...the Overlord. The Oni he had chosen to be the Oni Warlords were traditionally called Vengeance, Deception and Hatred, although when they later split to conquer each of the kingdoms, Hatred adopted the name of Demise. These three warlords were to conquer each kingdom while the Overlord took Isle Delfino for himself. And so, darkness swept across the world. For a long time, Isle Delfino had laid forgotten...until the Light Deities had found Hatred travelling to the island in order to tell the Overlord of his defeat against Hylia. It was then that they were able to transform the four Dark Deities into masks. However, it was too late. The Oni Warlords had passed on their power to three unsuspecting tribes. The Oni...the Koopas...and the Gerudo. Rosalina, Yin and Hylia decided to use the last of their own power to ensure that there would be heroes who could defeat the reincarnations of these Dark Deities...should they ever arise to cause discord and chaos once more."

"While Hylia, Yin, Rosalina, Vengeance, Deception and Hatred's children went on to become immortalized in legend, the same could not be said for the fourth Light Deity and the Overlord. This Light Deity no longer existed. As for the Overlord, nobody knew of his whereabouts. Some believed he was trapped on Ninjago's sister island where Yin had imprisoned him. Others believed he had perished. The former was true, and he remained dormant for some time. However, one day, a human woman carrying the blood of the fourth Light Deity sailed to the Island of Darkness. She was the Princess of Isle Delfino, the descendant of the fourth Light Deity. It was her who sought to grant the Overlord's efforts empathy. And so the two became friends. Often, on days where the Princess felt bored in her own kingdom, she would visit him. Eventually, they fell in love and married. The new Queen offered to bring him back to Isle Delfino with her. Unfortunately, the curse that Yin had placed on the Overlord prevented him from ever leaving the island. So instead, he decided to give her a child. That child would grow up to become the new Princess of Isle Delfino...Princess [Y/N]. But soon, the Queen would depart this world and the Overlord would grow mad beyond disbelief...creating a new wave of destruction and death to sweep the land. Rosalina was able to shield Isle Delfino and the Mushroom Kingdom using her magic, and Yin's descendant was there to personally fight the Overlord himself, but Hylia's descendant was unfortunately ill-prepared to face the Overlord's wrath. As a final stand against the ill wishes that the Overlord had cast upon the Earth, his wife, [M/N], decided to reincarnate into a spirit of her that would be able to guide the Light Deities' heroes into victory."

- - -

"How long have you been studying that tapestry, Mom?" Lloyd frowns.
"Yeah, you know an awful lot about something you said you found a couple of months ago," Cole adds. Misako stares at the three figures in the centre.
"I've only scratched the surface of the meanings behind this old thing," she admits. "There are stories surrounding the Sages and the Champions, as well as other groups who are allegedly supposed to lead armies to the fight. It is said that the Overlord has his own ensemble of villains who will oppose you during the many battles you will surely undertake."
"Do you think we can take it with us?" Zelda asks. "I'd love to be able to study it." Misako shakes her head.
"I'm afraid that it's impossible to take it without raising alarm. There are a multitude of sensors around that will alert the police if it was to leave, and-"
"Uh...why's it been replaced with a white bedsheet?!" Lloyd exclaims as he points at it. Everyone gathers around it to find that it's indeed gone.
And so is Ganondorf.
"They don't call him the King of Thieves for nothing," Nabooru declares as she jerks a thumb towards the other room, where Ganondorf, carrying the tapestry in one arm, shoves past all of Misako's students and makes a beeline for the door.
Not one alarm is sounded.

Misako walks over to her students, who look confused as to why they've just been knocked over by a man who's at least three times their size. "Don't mind him," she assures them. "He's with me. Now, I'm going to have to arrange a substitute for the rest of your final semester. Are you eight alright with Professor Powers?"
"What?!" one exclaims.
"Why?!" another yells.
"I may be the Professor of Archaeology at the Ninjago City University..." she begins, "but I'm also obligated to assist the Ninja when they need it." The first scratches his head.
"Ninja? Where's Kai, Jay and Zane?" All of the Ninjagians look terribly irked by that question.
"They're not here at the moment," Lloyd murmurs.
"We've got to look for them," Nya adds on.
"Let's go!" Misako instructs as she ushers everyone out to the door leading back to the rest of the museum. "Wu, can you explain to me where they've all gone, and why Bowser and Garmadon have been pestering me to look at the news all day?" As everyone leaves, you hear a few murmurs amongst the students. One of them stops Kylee.
"Hey, that cosplay's from the second Immortal Humans game, right? Y'know, in the space level where you have to-"
"Uh...yeah," she lies. "I sure do love my cosplay."
She's quick to run out before he can take his phone out and take a photo of her.

By the time everyone's out of the museum, Misako's glancing around nervously, almost as if she's the one who'd just committed the crime. Lloyd runs over to the Destiny's Bounty and begins to climb the ladder.
"Do you think we should start finding out where everyone is?" he asks.
"We must train [Y/N] to fight," Wu declares. "Our efforts will be futile if she is not at least competent in the way of the sword."
"I called Mom and Dad last night," Nya tells them. "They agreed to make some stuff for us."
"That's good of Maya and Ray to do that," Misako agrees. You begin to climb up the ladder. You don't know what to make of anything at the moment. You have a plethora of questions you'd prefer to be answered in the next few minutes. Why is Birdie always running away? Who's the Overlord? And why does everyone seem to want to do something different?
This all has to be a dream, you assure yourself. I'm going to wake up and it's going to be my birthday.
"I'm surprised nobody's wished you a happy birthday yet," Urbosa decides as she pulls you up onto the deck.
"Wait, it's your birthday?!" Lloyd gasps. "Holy crap, why didn't you say so?!"
"Her advisors told us," Nabooru snaps at him. "Many times."
"Hey," he offers you. "We'll go and get you something. Is there anything that you need?"
"Well, my phone got crushed last night..."
"I can finish transferring Cole's data to his new phone and I'll give you that one. How does that sound?"
You smile.
"Thank you, Lloyd."

Chapter Text

By the time everyone's boarded, the Destiny's Bounty takes off. You watch as Ninjago City with all of its towering skyscrapers grows smaller and further away. "Okay," Nya proposes. "I say we go to Volboro Fried Chicken for lunch."
"Should we get a couple of family meals?" Misako inquires.
"A couple?" Cole frowns. "We'd need a dozen!"
"Okay," Nya decides. "Counting Ray and Maya...there's six Hyruleans, eight Ninjagians, six Mushroom Kingdomers, an Isle Delfinian and wherever it is that Kylee's from. That's twenty-four of us. We'll probably need six. Eight if everyone's hungry."
"Eight's gonna cost us a fortune..." Lloyd sighs.
"I doubt Bowser's gonna eat just one portion, Lloyd," Nya hisses under her breath.
"Eight sounds great," he corrects himself as she proceeds to glare at him.
"We'll get settled in Ignacia," she tells the others, "and then Mom can drive a few of us over to Jamanakai to get it."
"Sounds like a plan," Misako smiles.

- - -

By now, everyone else is inside, with the exception of Lloyd, who's leaning over the railing as he watches the desert landscape slowly turn into a series of canyons. You're next to him, noting how vastly different this place is to your home.
"You're a long way from home..." Lloyd murmurs. You nod your head.
"Everyone's gone nuts over this whole destiny thing," you decide. He laughs.
"Yeah." He squints a little bit before shaking his head. "Wu's like that." The two of you remain in silence for a while. A lone falcon glides in the near distance. Lloyd waves to it, and it flaps its wing in a particular way as if to suggest that it's waving back. You giggle.
"I didn't know birds could do that."
"That's Zane's pet falcon. He watches over Ninjago for us when we're away. He was the one who found Kylee."
"Wait...she was in Ninjago before?" He nods his head.
"Yeah. Apparently, she was on some mission in her world when her fighter jet got struck by lightning and it stopped working. She crash-landed in Ninjago, and then she said that she found a couple of Serpentine who were headed to the City of Ouroboros. Tried to hitch a ride with them, they screamed at the sight of her and her powers glitched out or something like that, and she ended up in Isle Delfino where she found Corky." He pauses for a moment. "Or so she tells me."
"She must be so confused," you agree. Lloyd turns to face you, giving you a look of concern.
"Hey...I noticed the way Ganondorf was acting around you last night." Lloyd's eyes drift away, and the two of you watch as the falcon disappears behind a series of cliffs. "It's not really okay to him to be treating anyone like that." He returns his attention to you. "Princess [Y/N]...if he ever makes you feel uncomfortable again, you let me or Nya know, okay?"
You nod your head. "Okay."
And the conversation ends with Lloyd turning around and heading back inside the Bounty.

The air grows cooler as the canyon-esque landscape transforms into a series of snow-capped mountains that appear to be quite tall and proud. Tall fir trees cover quite a lot of the ground. A few log cabins and homes are dotted on them here and there, but apart from that, they remain untouched by the influence of humans. You can hear laughter every so often from the bridge, and about once every fifteen minutes, someone comes out to check in on you. After Lloyd had left, it had been Cole. And then it was Nya. Now, it's Bowser Jnr who's standing there.
"Hiya, Princess!" he beams. You give the child a friendly wave.
"Hello," you reply with an equal smile. "Do you like it here in Ninjago?" He nods his head.
"Yep!" Bowser Jnr attempts to climb up the railing.
"I'm not sure you should be doing that..." you warn him.
"But I wanna see what's happening!" he protests. He puts one foot on top of the railing. Thankfully, the railing is rectangular in shape, so you don't have to worry as much. But still, you can't help but wonder-
"Bowser Jnr!" comes the cry of Mario. "What on Earth are you doing?"
The child loses his balance, making your heart stop.
As he begins to topple over, you grab his ankle. However, you didn't realise how heavy he was, and you too fall over the edge. You begin to scream, and just as you're about to fall-
"Gotcha!" Mario shouts.
He's holding onto Junior's wrist, while you hold on to his ankle.
"Oh my goodness!" someone else exclaims.
"Don't look down!"
Mario begins to haul up Junior, and subsequently, you. You stare down at the land below you. A fall from the height you're at would spell your end. You gulp. Finally, you're back on board. Still, each step feels like jelly as you stumble into someone's arms. You don't even know who: you just want to get away from the railing as fast as you can.
"Let's get you inside..." Urbosa decides as she and Zelda help you stand back up. You keep your eyes closed.
"What were you thinking?!" Wu snaps at you.
"I was trying to save him from falling!" you argue.
"You are the one who has been chosen to defeat your father," he warns. "If you die, then the rest of the Sunshine Realm will die."
"That doesn't mean I shouldn't help out those who need it!"
"You don't get it-"
"Leave her, Wu," comes the voice of Garmadon. "She'll learn her lesson."
How did he even get on board?

You're sitting in the living room as Bowser Jnr cries. He wraps his arms around one of Peach's legs. "I'm sorry, Mama Peach! I won't do it again!"
"You need to be more careful," she assures him in a calm voice. He nods his head and wipes a few tears away.
"I will."
You're still shaking just thinking of what might have happened just then.
"Are you alright, sweetheart?"
You look up from your seat on an armchair to find Ganondorf leaning against the doorframe. He doesn't take his eyes off you, not even for a second.
"Don't call me that," you mutter. You bury your head beneath the soft teal blanket Nya had provided you with.
"I was merely asking if you were alright," he scowls.
"I'm fine," you mutter. The blanket is ripped off from your head, and you cross your arms. "What's your problem?!"
"You're being quite insolent as of late," he hisses.
"Leave me alone!" you scream. You jump up and run for the door.
He doesn't follow you.

You're in your room once more. You have no clue why he won't stop pestering you. It's getting on your nerves, and you know that others have picked up on it. Lloyd and Nya have. You can only imagine that the others are no different. You close the door behind you and jump into your bed. You wrap yourself in as many blankets as you can find; Ninjago's winters are nothing to joke about, and you then attempt to shut your eyes.
The voice is foreign to you. You've never heard it in your life. It doesn't belong to anyone on board the Bounty, unless someone knows how to change their voice around here. You glance around in an attempt to figure out who it is that's spoken.
"It's no use," she mutters. "You've all been trapped."
"How?" you frown.
And just like that, the voice is gone.
But how?
And who is it that's been speaking to you?

- - -

You're standing on an endless stretch of sand. To your left is a tropical-looking forest that reminds you strongly of Isle Delfino, with lush, green leaves and rich, brown trunks. To the right is a glittering ocean, beneath a heavily moonlit sky.
Standing in front of you is a man with his back to you.
His choppy red hair trails down to his waist. This man appears to be quite young, as characterised by his smooth, dark complexion and rather towering height. A turquoise cloth is wrapped around his waist, which covers the top half of his legs. But apart from that, he wears nothing.
"The one who is creating disharmony around you has waited for ten thousand years, Princess [Y/N]," he murmurs in an all-too familiar voice.
You know who it is.
"Ganondorf?" you frown. "Is that you?"
He turns his head around ever so slightly, revealing a purple mask with a sinister grin on it upon his face. You blink at the man.
When you open your eyes, you find a hundred just like him. They surround you.
And they all stare at you.
"Free us, [Y/N]. Free us from the prison your father has banished us into."

Chapter Text

"We're here!" Zelda almost shrieks in your ear with the excitement of a puppy being taken into a room filled with old slippers and being told it can chew any one it wants. You jolt upright and glance around frantically.
"Where is he?!" you shout.
Her eyes widen.
"[Y/N]...are you alright?"
You can only look at her for a moment before you shake your head.
"It was just a stupid dream," you murmur, going to stand up. She places a gentle hand on your shoulder.
"Do you want to talk about it?" she asks in a soft voice. And so you do, explaining every single detail of your strange dream. How you'd been standing in a place that looked suspiciously like Isle Delfino, and how you'd been in the company of a man who was clearly Ganondorf yet wasn't. " sounds rather strange. Perhaps it's a warning?"
"It's a dream, Zelda," you mutter. "It's not real..." You find yourself glancing down at the ground. "It shouldn't be." She places a hand on your shoulder.
"Well," she decides, "if you need someone to talk to, then I'll be happy to."
And with that, she's gone.

You decide to head outside. You're no longer flying around a series of mountains, but rather, the Bounty is sitting idle near the top of a hill. You discover that there are indeed more hills about, each topped with forests of chartreuse green grass. Small yellow buttercups are scattered here and there; each petal is as jacinthe as the dying Sun's sky. Long strips of mellow cloud lines the area. From the time, you suppose that it should be dinner time right now, as opposed to lunch.
You mustn't forget, you assure yourself. Ninjago is in the middle of winter...just like Isle Delfino is in the middle of summer.
"She's up!" Zelda calls from down below. You take a peek over the railing to find her, Misako, Urbosa and a raven-haired woman in a navy blue kimono who greatly resembles Nya. She gazes up at you and offers a smile.
"Well," the woman decides, "this girl is as fine as her mother was." You begin to descend the ladder, to which you're met with the sound of chattering between this woman and Misako.
"Really?" she asks. "You knew Queen [M/N], Maya?"
"Yes," she confirms. "She often visited this island in-between her trips to her home and-"
"Princess!" Urbosa prompts you as you jump down and land on your feet. "Do you have your sword?" You shake your head.
"I dunno where it is," you respond. Her eyes narrow.
"Then you've just died." The group goes silent. Urbosa maintains her strict eye contact with you before continuing. "Or so you would have if we were under enemy fire right now." She tilts her head slightly. "[Y/N]. Do you not have a sheath for that sword you were given?"
"Birdie never gave me one."
"I would advise that you find a sheath or a scabbard," she instructs you. "A weapon is a warrior's best friend. I would hate to think what would have happened if we were all Bokoblins and you didn't have your sword with you."
"Who has it?" you inquire. You know someone's taken the thing. You just want to know who.
"Nya has taken it to my husband in order for a scabbard to be made," Maya explains to you. "It was at the advice of Ganondorf that this happened." You frown and turn to the other three.
"And you allowed him to come into my room and steal from me?" you demand.
"If you two can't learn to tolerate one another," Misako warns, "then the Overlord can and will use it against you. Perhaps you should spend more time with him."
"I'll pass, thanks," you mutter. "Where's the others?"
"The Sages and Champions are at Volboro Fried Chicken up north, the others are training."
"Training," you repeat.
"I doubt you know how to look after a sword, much less use one." Urbosa points to another hill, where a two-storey house is situated. Mario, Lloyd and Link all surround Garmadon and Ganondorf, who are easily overpowering their opponents. All five men are wielding bare branches in their hands.
"Why don't you try and disarm them?" Zelda suggests.
"And get a concussion?" you frown. "Have you seen the size of Ganondorf, Zelda?!"
"I'll join you," Urbosa offers. "Follow my lead."

You do as the Gerudo says, following her every step as best as you can. The two of you bound down the hill. It doesn't take long to reach the bottom, and then you're ascending the next hill. You can hear the grunts and taunts that are being exchanged by the men.
"You call yourself the Green Ninja? Even a sloth could do better than that!"
"Geez, did you go to the school of uncoordination? Because think you graduated with honours!"
"Ha ha, you missed me!"
Urbosa puts a hand in front of you and ushers you to duck down. You follow through with the command and turn back towards her. "Now, Princess. What are you going to do? Will you take on them one at a time? Or all at once? And who are you going to take?"
"Lloyd looks like he'd be easy to overpower," you decide. "And then Mario. You can deal with the other three."
"Nuh-uh," she protests. "I'd like to see you take on all five."
"But I'm a girl!"
"That never stopped me from taking on the role of the Gerudo champion." Urbosa leans in closer. "Link is stronger than he looks, so it'd be best to take him out early. Ganondorf is easily distracted. Do what you will with that advice."
You have no clue what you're going to do.
"Okay, Urbosa." You stand back up and notice that Garmadon has two branches. Mario appears to be rather fatigued and less enthusiastic about this fight than the others, although he's still actively engaged. "Maybe I'll take one of them."

You carefully creep towards the group. Garmadon has made his way outside of the group, and is currently being met with an onslaught of lashes from the other four, who are all laughing at his demise. Link is using his arms in order to spin around in the air as he whacks the branch around. Lloyd has resorted to countering Garmadon's frenzied defenses with strategically-placed blocks. Ganondorf is attempting to whack Garmadon over the head with his branch. Mario stands behind them, appearing as if he wishes to join but can't. You walk up behind him and tap him on the shoulder. He turns his head around at you.
"Can I take the branch?" you ask. "Urbosa asked me to take out you five." He nods his head and hands it over to you. "Do you mind falling over so it looks convincing?" He shakes his head before throwing himself backwards onto the ground.
I could go for Link or Lloyd, you consider, but Ganondorf's in the way. But he's much bigger than me-
"Ganondorf is easily distracted..." you hear Urbosa's voice ringing in your head.
An idea forms in your head.

You launch the branch at Ganondorf's legs before diving behind a tall patch of grass and watching on from behind the blades. He spins around and squints in the direction it was thrown. "You're asking for trouble, Mario..." he warns. He stops right in his tracks. "Where'd the bastard go?" He begins to scan the area for signs of the New Donk plumber, but to all avail, is met with nothing but hills in his vision.
His eyes hone in on where you're lying.
"Shit," you mutter as you begin to crawl backwards. "Shit!"
"I see you, Princess..." he starts in a rather low hiss. "You'd better explain yourself!"
"Huh?" The other three stop what they're doing to watch what's going on. He thrusts his hand down into the ground and lifts you up by the front of your gi.
"You have a lot of explaining to do, sweetheart..." He begins to raise the branch, to which you panic.
"It was a dare!" you exclaim as you hold up your arms. "She made me do it!" He lowers the branch before leaning in and yelling into your face.
"Who?!" he demands.
"I'm not telling you! You'll hurt her!"
"Tell me or she won't be the only one getting hurt."
"No!" you plead. "It's not her fault! Urbosa just wanted me to-"
You realise your mistake one second too late.
He turns his head at a speed so fast that it's a wonder his head didn't snap at an unhealthy angle.
He throws you onto the ground.

You get up as quickly as you can and immediately lunge for his cape. You grab it tightly in both hands and pull it back as much as you can, digging your heels into the ground. "Run, Urbosa!" you scream. She stands up and frowns at him.
"Don't you give me that look," he sneers. "You had her trying to kill me!"
"I was only getting her to train, you idiot!" she argues. "Seeing as none of you are capable of doing it yourselves!"
"What sort of princess doesn't know how to arm herself?" he demands.
"A princess that grew up in a place of peace!" You can see the glisten in her eyes as she shakes her head. "A girl that didn't have to protect herself against a monster like you!"
"How dare you speak that way to me!"
"Then how should I talk to a man who's killed millions of people?!" she screams. "How should I talk to someone whose idea of leadership is enslavement and betrayal of his own tribe?!" She takes a step back. "I...I wish you weren't my father!"
And with that, she turns around and runs back towards the Bounty.
"Is she okay, Link?" you hear Lloyd ask the Hylian knight behind you.
"I don't know..." he responds in his usual quiet voice. "I've never seen Urbosa upset like that before." You tug on the cape as hard as you can.
"What?!" Ganondorf roars at you. You're about to say something, but a weight lifts from your crown, and soon, the familiar sight of your Bonneter friend fills your vision.
"You need to get your bloody head out of your arse and stop treating everyone around ya' like dirt," Corky hisses at him. "The world does not revolve around you!"
"This does not concern you, wench," he snarls back.
"When you're makin' everyone around ya' feel like shit," she assures him, "I think it does. Now, why don't 'cha go off and cry yourself to sleep like the fuckin' pussy you are, mate?" He grits his teeth together and whacks her away with a backhand to the face. She flails through the air and lands a good distance away. You can only stand there in horror as the others begin to run towards her.
"I can't believe they want you to save the Sunshine Realm..." Lloyd mutters. "There has to have been a mistake."
"Then I shall leave," Ganondorf decides. "I do not wish to help a place that has been nothing but harsh and cruel to me."
With that, he yanks his cape forwards, sending you flying forwards.
You topple over, face-first into the ground.
In all the shock, you don't realise that you've let go of the cape, and he's gone.

"You can bring a horse to water," the old, wizened voice of Wu begins from behind you, "but you cannot make him drink." Garmadon steps in front of you and holds out a hand. You take it, and he lifts you up. You brush the dirt off your knees and chest.
"Don't mind that old fool," he decides. "Only way he's somewhat tolerable around people is if he's had too much to drink."
"We can't just stand here and let him act like that!" you protest. "There has to be something we can do!" Wu brings a hand to his chin.
"Hmm..." he considers. "You are quite right. Come with me. Garmadon, go and see if you can gain his attention." The Oni lets out a considerable sigh.
"There are some things that even cannot do," he murmurs. Wu grinds his staff into the ground while frowning at his older brother.
"You know what power the Overlord is capable of using," he warns him. "He has destroyed countless civilizations, torn apart many kingdoms..." He lifts his head up to where Urbosa is. You can see that a few cars have pulled up next to the Bounty. Nabooru promptly gets out of one of them and rushes over to her niece, throwing her arms around her. "I would hate for the Dragmires to suffer in the same way as we Garmadons have. Now, please get Ganondorf's attention."
"It's your loss, Wu," he sneers.

Chapter Text

You arrive at the edge of a pond. Colourful koi with a variety of shimmering scales in orange, black and silver swim. The pond is lined with dark grey pebbles and soft blades of pond grass. Wu takes a seat on the bank of the pond. He ushers you to do the same, and so you sit down. He crosses his legs, places his staff on the ground and turns to face you.
"For a long time, the Sixteen Realms have been a place of peace," he explains. "My father always believed in balance. Unfortunately, balance does not always equate to an absence of evil in a man's heart. For every pure soul in this world, an equal and opposite soul of corruption lies in another place."
"I see," you respond in a polite voice. He closes his eyes.
"Your powers cancel one another out due to their opposite and balanced nature." You listen to every word he says with the utmost attention. "It will take many months of training, many battles fought and dedication like no other to unlock your true potential and unearth these powers. It will also take the help of others in order to guide you on your journey. No hero should ever have to walk alone to achieve peace in the world."
"How does that piece of work fit in to all of this?" you frown.
"Although they historically have a reputation of thievery and dishonesty," he divulges, "the Gerudo are a tribe whose roots can be traced back to the sky, just like the Piantas can be traced back to the mountains and the Oni can be traced back to the vacuums of outer space. When combined with the Oni blood that runs through his veins, Ganondorf is what I would call balanced...although his mind certainly isn't."
"I doubt he wants to help us," you mutter.

With Wu now silent, you're left to sit and stare at the pond. The koi lazily swimming about are peaceful to look at. Their scales shimmer under the dying Sun. You could watch them all day if you wanted to.
"May we join you, Sensei?" a high-pitched voice asks from behind you.
"Yes, Nya and Cole."
You have no idea how Wu even knew the latter was there. But as you turn your head, he's standing there.
"The past few days have been filled with tragedy and loss," Wu continues. "I commend you for coming here to clear your head."
"I'm worried about Lloyd," Cole admits. Nya sits down on your right. "I mean...he's lost his best friend. And we all know how he is when someone close to him goes missing."
"Then come and meditate with me," he instructs. Cole obliges and takes a seat to Wu's left. "Close your eyes, my students, and feel the gentle breeze of the Ignacian wind on the back of your neck." You decide to follow through with his request, and you shut your eyes. You can't really feel a breeze on the back of your neck. "Feel the warmth of the ground beneath you, and the cool of the pond before you."
My butt is frozen, you assure him in thought, thank you very much!
"Feel the life force of the land fill your lungs...and let your built-up energy release in an exhale." You take a deep breath in before slowly breathing out.
It is quite calming, you have to admit. After this, Wu is silent once more. You decide to take in another breath of the crisp, cool air. In...out. In...out.

- - -

You find yourself sitting in a new world. The pond is no longer here. The grass is greener and more lush. The buttercups look much happier. Large columns of stone float proud in the air. You can see three figures standing in a triangle formation. You notice that their arms are outstretched towards three golden triangles that float around in the air.
"Welcome, child of [M/N]."
They continue their otherworldly chant as these triangles float around in the air.
"Who are you?" you ask.
"We are the Deities of Light," the man explains to you. "And you are the Sun."
"The Sun?" you frown.
"Yes," one of the two women confirms. "You are the chosen hero of the Sixteen Realms. You are the one the Realms have chosen that will blind the Overlord with the light that runs through your veins."
"And with the power within, you shall also be the one that will crush him into the Ethereal Divide." The other voice takes you aback. You watch as they all turn around. All of them are splitting images of Peach, Zelda and Wu...except for some subtle differences. The one resembling Peach has pale blonde hair, with a large side fringe covering one eye. She's dressed in a turquoise, cloak-like dress with a star on the bodice. Her left hand grips tightly around a tiny wand-like instrument with another star attached to the end. The Zelda lookalike has calmer eyes and her hair is shorter, although it still reaches halfway down her back. A blindfold covers her eyes. She's dressed in pure white. In her right hand, she carries a golden lute. As for the man who has a striking resemblance to Wu, the only way you can't really confirm is by the fact that his face is glowing so brightly that you can't make out any of its features. He carries a bamboo staff made of gold in both of his hands.
"The Light Deities..." you murmur. "You must be Rosalina...and Hylia...and Yin!"
"You would be correct," the man confirms.

The three do not lose their concentration over the ritual they appear to be undertaking. Yin speaks, however.
"It will take a while before your control is strong enough to physically enter this place of peace and rest." He glances over to you for a moment before continuing his part of the spell. "You must conquer the perils that lie ahead and reawaken the Sages, as well as escorting the Champions to their Divine Beasts." Hylia turns over to you and begins to speak for a moment.
"You must not face these trials alone, [Y/N]. You must allow yourself to forgive the man who has caused setback and torment."
"As he is the one who has the power to re-contain the three Oni Warlords within those who possess great power," Yin adds.
"And you shall contain us within the souls of those who are wise beyond their years," Rosalina pipes in.
"We shall cast a protective spell over those of you the Sixteen Realms have chosen," Hylia informs you. "This spell will cast over even the farthest reaches. No matter where you lie in the Sixteen Realms, as long as you are not in close proximity of the Overlord's black magic, you shall all be safe. However, it may not last forever. Nothing lasts forever."
"You must remind those around you of who they are," Yin tells you. "Remind my sons...and my grandson...that Ninjago's future depends on them. Now. Let us use the Triforce for its intended purpose!"
The three disappear into lights. These lights circle around the golden triangles. You watch as each light slams into a triangle. The three triangles align to form a much larger triangle. Within the centre, a fourth piece begins to form. It cracks into two. The other pieces split into three.
The world goes black.

- - -

By the time you open your eyes again, the other three are gone. You clutch at your chest.
It's just a dream, [Y/N], you tell yourself. Just a dream.
You notice that the Shine Sprite symbol on your hand is glowing brightly. You hold it up and frown. "What?" you murmur. "But I-" You stand up and notice that everyone's camped out the front of the house as they eat some takeaway and chat.
Maybe you're hungry, you decide.
You head over to the front of the Eastern-style house. Groups of four are crowded around crates. Almost everyone is silent while they dig into their food. Cole, out of all people, certainly appears to be enjoying his meal. The back of your hand is still pulsing with light like a beacon. You shove it into the pocket of your trouser and take a seat at the crate where Lloyd, Garmadon and Wu are all sitting.
"Is it okay if I join?" you inquire. Wu begins to speak.
"Misako's coming-"
"Let the girl sit here," Garmadon glowers at him. You take the seat opposite Wu, who's now glaring at you.
Great, you mutter in thought. First Ganondorf, and now Sensei Wu? Mother of Rosalina!
"Thank you, Garmadon." You give the Oni a smile. "I think I had a dream. A vision, if you will."
"Ooh!" Lloyd leans in closer. "Sounds interesting. What was it about?"
"I saw the Light Deities," you explain. "And the Triforce. They were talking to me about what I have to do...y'know, to save the Sixteen Realms. And he said that Ninjago's future relies on you three."
"Who, [Y/N]?" Wu asks, still rather annoyed.
"Yin," you answer. Garmadon raises his silver eyebrows.
"Our father!" he exclaims. "Did he say anything else?"
"Well...most of it was mumbo jumbo about how have to work together with that asshole to stop the Overlord from whatever it is he wants to do. And that we should start by rescuing the other Sages and Champions."
"Have you any idea where they are?" Wu inquires.
"They didn't say," you admit. "I...woke up."
"Hey," Lloyd assures you. "We'll find 'em all."
"It doesn't help that Birdie's run away," you mumble. "If only there was something that could help us find them!"
"Six o'clock." Garmadon takes a rather fierce bite out of his chicken drumstick and points behind you. You turn your head around.

The Hylian princess takes a seat next to you with her plate. "Hello, [Y/N]," she smiles. "I overheard your conversation, and I couldn't help but think...we have something that can track them down!"
"Really?" you ask.
"Well...not exactly, I'm afraid. But we can search for Sage Medallions."
"That doesn't find the Sages," Garmadon frowns.
"I have a feeling that they are not on their own," she assures him. "Before I left Hyrule, I decided to scan all of the Hyrulean Sage Medallions with a special device of mine. It's called the Sheikah Slate." She holds out a stone-looking tablet with a glowing case. It forms an eye shape...the same symbol you've seen on Impa's clothing. "The thing is, not all of the Sage Medallions are do I put this realm or time."
"You mean we'll have to travel to the past and the future?" Lloyd frowns.
"That would require the Time Blades," Wu decides. "My team can procure them, Zelda. Is there anything else we need?"
"Something that can bring us across the realms," she explains. "There is one way we can travel to the place where your Kai is, but it requires one to commit suicide-"
"Nobody will be killing themselves to enter my realm," Garmadon snaps. He turns to a rather high hill in the distance. "Do you not know Ninjago's stories about dragons?"
"Hate to burst your bubble," Lloyd adds, "but they can cross between realms."
"And where would we find a dragon around here?" Zelda demands, crossing her arms. Lloyd narrows his eyes at her before turning towards Garmadon.
"Dad...are you up for another banishment to the Underworld?"
"I'm disappointed in you, son-"
"Are there any in today's current time and realm that we're missing?" you ask her.
"Yes. One."

Zelda holds out her Sheikah Slate. You find a topographical map of what you can only presume is Ninjago. The two islands, that take on the shape of dragons, resemble the yin and yang symbol. You can only presume the one you aren't on to be the Island of Darkness. You notice that at the eastern coast lies a series of icons. "In fact, Ninjago's Sage of Light is in the centre of New Ninjago City, along with your friend."
"Two Sages of Light at a nightclub?" Lloyd frowns. "Why would they be hanging around that new club that Skylor and Turner are running?"
"A nightclub, you say?" you ask. You've only ever seen them in movies starring Pauline, but you doubt that Birdie wouldn't want to party in that way. "Birdie definitely would."
"I've been dying to meet him...or her," he admits. "Our Sage of Light, I mean." He turns around to where Cole is arm-wrestling with Bowser, who you hadn't really seen around.
"How'd he get here?" you frown.
"I dunno," he whispers, "but it's starting to creep me out. He always knows where we are!"
"I'll give Skylor a call," Garmadon offers. "Lloyd, go and find some people who want to go with you."
"With me?" he scoffs. "Who said was going?" Garmadon screws up his face and puts on a mocking imitation of Lloyd's high-pitched voice.
"I'm dying to meet him or her!" he mimics. Lloyd grumbles something underneath his breath before turning to Zelda.
"You know a lot about this," he mutters.
"I'll be happy to help you," she assures him.
"I can go too-"
"No, [Y/N]," Wu argues. "In Ninjago, the legal age to enter a nightclub or a bar is twenty-one. You are too young."
"But Zelda looks like she's seventeen!" you protest.
"A hundred and seventeen, thank you very much." Lloyd hides a snicker at Zelda's remark.
You cross your arms over your chest. "Who's going to stay here with me, then?"
"We'll draw straws," Lloyd decides. "Shortest straw has to babysit Princess [Y/N], Saria and Bowser Jnr!"
"I'm not a child!" you snap. "And besides, my friend's the same age!"
"Ninjagian law decrees you are," Garmadon smirks. "And the law doesn't apply to people who aren't visually human."
"Visually human..." you scoff.
"Hey!" his son hollers at everyone else. "We're headed to find the Ninjagian Sage of Light at that new nightclub in the city! Loser has to stay behind and look after Miss Chosen One here. Get your straws, guys!"
"I will stay behind," Misako offers from behind you all. "And so will you. You're underage, Lloyd Garmadon."
"Mom!" Lloyd groans. Misako pinches his ear and pulls his head up to her. "Ow!"
"Cole and Nya deserve a night off," she mutters into his ear. "And besides, you need to train her, seeing as your father and uncle are incapable of doing so!" You can already see the others running towards the Destiny's Bounty.
"I shall stay behind," Wu agrees, remaining in his seat. "Zelda, you have the Sheikah Slate. You should guide them."
"I'll make sure they don't drink," she promises. He hands her a brooch that looks like a hawk. She pins it to her blouse in a discreet place.
"I can see them...even when they don't think I can." And with that, Zelda turns and strides over to the Destiny's Bounty. There's chattering and laughter and all sorts of jokes being shared on-board.
"We'd better clean this mess up before Ray and Maya faint from the thought of extra work," Misako admits. You watch in disdain as the Destiny's Bounty begins to fly up in the air.
"They'd better not drink and fly," Wu murmurs.
"Why don't you go and see how Ray and Maya are going along with your armour and scabbard?" she suggests. "We'll make sure that Bowser Jnr and Saria are in bed."
"Is it just us here?" you inquire. Lloyd shakes his head.
"Dunno why Ganondorf didn't go," he decides. You frown.
"I wonder."

Chapter Text

As you enter the warm house, you notice that Maya and a man who strongly resembles Kai are at work shaping shoulder pauldrons. A blast furnace is melting what appears to be titanium. Maya looks up at you and gives you a smile.
"Hello, Your Majesty." Maya bows her head down. "How may I help you?"
"Can I watch the two of you?" you ponder.
"They wouldn't let you go off and party, eh?" the man asks with a grin. "They're too strict on kids nowadays. Back in the day, we were able to slip in and out of places as we pleased..."
"As long as we tipped the bouncer," his wife adds on. She uses a pair of blacksmithing tongs to take out one of the shoulder pauldrons from a barrel of water. It's gold in colour, and it looks beautiful, with a pattern printed on it that resembles the symbol on the flag of Isle Delfino. It's a swirl surrounded by eight rays of sunlight. She carefully sets it down on the smithing bench behind her. "Do you like it?"
"I love it," you whisper.
"You'll have to wait for the other one," she decides, "and then we'll make sure they'll fit."
"Thank you, Mrs Smith." She chuckles at your use of the name.
" me Maya."
"And call me [Y/N]."
"Incoming!" Ray exclaims as he takes the other shoulder pauldron with another pair of blacksmithing tongs. It's glowing with heat. He dunks it into the barrel, causing a cloud of steam to billow from the belly of the barrel. You watch the water for a while as it begins to bubble. "Ah...they look great. Did Kai or Nya ever tell you we were blacksmiths?"
"Nya did mention," you explain. They smile to each other.
"That's our daughter," Maya beams.
Ray carefully lifts the now golden shoulder pauldron from the water with his tongs. "Now...let's see about fitting you, Princess [Y/N]."
"We can add on any finishes you'd like," she adds on.

You stand as still as you can while Ray and Maya attach the two shoulder pauldrons to your shoulders. They're a surprisingly good fit. They're heavy, but not too heavy to the point where you feel like you're carrying a child on your shoulders. You hear a knock on the door from Lloyd. He sees what you're wearing and grins.
"Hey...they're looking great!" he beams.
"Your own pauldrons are looking a little beaten," Maya admits. "Would you like us to repair them?"
"If you wouldn't mind," he agrees, taking them off his shoulders. He sets them on the bench and takes a seat on a nearby stool. "Hey...we've been looking all over for Kai. I promise we'll find him."
"Tell him our shop's always open if he needs us," Ray tells him.
"I will." Lloyd turns his attention to you, his expression looking less than pleased. "I dunno what's gone through Uncle Wu's head, but now he's meditating with the freaking King of the Gerudo."
"Oh, I hope they're lying..." you decide. "The Light Deities choosing one of their mortal enemies' reincarnations to protect the Realms? It's a joke, if you ask me."
"Last time saw that man's face was in a history textbook at school," Ray whispers. "And I haven't been to school for forty-three years!" Maya turns to another desk and sheathes the Sword of the Shine Sprites in a purple and golden scabbard. Misako begins to walk downstairs from the second floor.
"They're playing on Nya's old GameCube, if that's alright," she whispers. They nod their head, with Maya heading over to you and placing the scabbard over your shoulders.
"She hasn't touched the thing in years," she assures her. "I'm sure it'll be fine with her."
"Did you wanna go for a walk or something?" Lloyd asks you. You give him a smile. An idea's brewing in your idea that could get you into a lot of trouble.
What if we snuck into that nightclub? you think.
"I have a better idea," you whisper to him. "But I need to know if there's a way we can get to New Ninjago City quickly."
"Well...there is a subway line about ten minutes from here on foot," he explains. As you begin to follow Lloyd down a footpath at the back of Ray and Maya's property, you can't help but get the feeling that you're being watched from behind.

- - -

The empty cabin of the train that you're sitting on is cold and dimly lit. It's absolutely filthy. The floor is coated with dirt and various scraps of food, including a mouldy loaf of bread tucked away beneath a seat, a half-eaten bagel and popcorn kernels strewn all over the floor. White dust covers quite a few of the seats. A few windows are crowded with graffiti. Some of the tags are territorial, such as 'Job'z Seat: Watch Out!' and 'Crooker Wuz 'Ere: March 2016', while others are rather derogatory words and phrases that Lloyd's smirking at in disbelief (one example being a rather elegantly worded phrase about women). There's a few doodles of male private parts, syringes and what appears to be a swirl with steam coming off the top and little flies buzzing around that you can only imagine to be bodily excrements.
"Ninjagian graffiti is stupid," he admits. He stares at your circlet for a bit before tilting his head.
"What?" you ask.
"Nothing." Lloyd turns to the broken LED sign that's supposed to display the next stop. "The trains always get vandalised from the kids from the south-western state."
"Why doesn't the government do something about it?"
"All the funds have to go to repairs to the city," he admits. "It's always getting destroyed by some supernatural force. Last time, it was the Oni. Nobody could go into the city for days."
"Ninjago sounds like it gets a lot of problems," you tell him. He nods his head.
"Yeah." He leans into his seat. "My grandfather was its founder. He's one of the Light Deities."
"I see."
"I...don't blame him for leaving."
You hear a creaking noise on the roof.
"Huh?" you frown. "What was that?"
"Probably just some kid throwing a brick or something," he decides. "It's common around Jamanakai...although I don't remember there being a tunnel around here."
The train crawls to a stop, and Lloyd holds a hand in front of your chest.
"Stay close."

You can't see a thing anymore. With every step you take, you're met with a squelching sound from the floor. You don't want to think about what you're stepping in.
Something grips around your wrist.
Your ear-piercing screams fill the air, and you can't help but to try and kick whatever's grabbed you.
"Princess!" a gruff yet rather loud voice exclaims. "Lloyd! It's me!"
"Daruk?" Lloyd starts.
"And me," another voice, this time belonging to who sounds like Mipha, adds on in a whisper.
"Don't forget me, sport," Ronin adds on. You watch as Lloyd's phone screen illuminates. He presses the torch icon and flashes it at the trio. Sure enough, the Goron, Zora and human are all standing there. They look about as uncertain as you feel.
"How'd you guys escape?" Lloyd inquires.
"It's a long story," he explains. "The last thing I saw before I got knocked out in Isle Delfino was an Oni sending Kai and that Bonneter princess through a portal with the Realm Crystal. I have no idea where any of the others are. I was lucky enough to land at the Spirit Coves with these two. Heard others got sent back in time or to other realms, though."
"Do you know where they are?" you ask.
"I'm sorry," Mipha apologises. "I didn't hear anything...or anyone." Lloyd stretches his arms.
"Zelda said there were a few Light Sages in the city." He turns his head towards you for a moment. There's a look of concern on his face. "[Y/N] and I were going to head over to make sure the others were finding them. But now the train's diverted off the path it was supposed to be on. Do you know where we're headed, Ronin?" The man brings up a phone of his own and takes a look at it for a moment. He mutters something under his breath. "What?"
"No GPS signal," he mutters. "I can't find out where we are."
"I'd say we could leave," Lloyd begins, "but the tunnel looks way too close to the train. If it started up again, we'd be crushed."
"What do you propose we do, then?" he frowns.
"We should have a look around the cabins," he decides. "See if there's anyone else on board. How much charge do you have on your phone?"
"Twenty-eight percent."
"I have nineteen. Do either of you have a phone or a torch?"
"I'm afraid we don't," Mipha sighs.
"You two follow me," Ronin orders the two. "Lloyd and [Y/N] will head north to the driver's panel. We'll go and see if there's any people at the back of the train."
"Sounds like a plan," Lloyd agrees. "Stay close, [Y/N]."

Walking through the cabins, you don't find any people. There's a few bits and pieces here and there, such as cigarette butts, empty bottles and a few nail clippings on one seat. A strong, coppery stench hits you like a truck. You cup your hands over your mouth and nose.
"What's that smell?!" you frown. Lloyd flashes his torch towards the door leading to the driver's room and directs the light towards the floor.
You can see blood pooling out from the crack at the bottom.
Lloyd moves his ear near the door and listens for a moment.
"I can't hear anything," he whispers to you. He places his hand on the handle and begins to turn it slowly. You stand back and watch as the door swings open.
The bodies of a man and a woman in light blue uniforms slump out from against the door.
Lloyd gags at the sight of the large knives protruding from their chests. There's no doubt that the two are dead. They're awfully pale.
"I don't know what's happened," he murmurs, "but there might be someone else on board who's done this."
"Lloyd!" Ronin shouts from behind you. Two pairs of footsteps thundering down the cabin break the awful silence. "We couldn't find anybody!" Your bottom lip begins to tremble as you point at the bodies on the floor. His eyes widen.
"Are they...dead?" Daruk asks as he stops behind you. Ronin walks past and crouches down besides the bodies. He listens closely before looking up at the two and nodding his head.
"Who did it?" you murmur.
"Whoever did had immaculate aim," Ronin decides, standing back up. "Straight in the heart. Both of them."
"Where'd Mipha go?" Lloyd asks. She isn't behind them. Daruk goes to turn around.
"She's right here-"
He stops when he realises she isn't there.

You follow the three as they thunder down the cabins. "Mipha!" Daruk shouts. "Where are you?!"
"Hey, there she is!" Lloyd exclaims. He points to a seat. Mipha is sitting on it with her arms wrapped around her knees. She's rocking back and forth on the seat, shuddering in fright.
"I...I didn't mean to," she whispers as a tear rolls down her eye.
"Mean to what?" you ask as you place a hand on her shoulder. She feels icy-cold to the touch. Your hand stings, and you quickly draw it back. Thin, black lines begin to creep across her face, and her head jolts around.
"I...I did it because he wanted me to..." she whispers. The red scales on her body are becoming darker in colour. "He promised that I could family again..." She blinks, and when she opens her eyes again, they aren't golden. They don't have pupils or irises.
They're a solid shade of lilac.
Mipha begins to shriek like a banshee. She throws her arm at Ronin, who goes flying across the cabin. He hits his head on a pole and slumps to the floor. "Hey!" Daruk scolds her. "Snap outta it!" She screams again before vanishing into smoke.
"Mipha?!" Lloyd yells.
A pair of hands begin to clench around your throat.
You want to cry for help, but you can only wheeze in pain. Lloyd runs behind you and tries to pull Mipha away. "Let her go!" he hisses.
"What's gotten into you?!" Daruk demands.
Her grip loosens, and she slumps to the floor. You watch as the leathery face of an Oni greets your own.
"" it snarls. You watch as a foot flies into the Oni's face, and then it shrieks. Thin, black tendrils begin to protrude from its hands, and a bunch of them begin to wrap around your throat and lift you into the air. You watch as the same happens to the other four. "The Earth shall be the Overlord's!"
You hear a yell behind you, and then you can breathe again. You drop down to the ground and begin to breathe in the musty air like it's the only stuff left on Earth. The Oni begins to writhe and shriek again as a large, elegant sword that looks like it was made with the heavens in mind is struck into the thing's chest. It explodes into a pool of thick, black liquid. The other four glance around to see what all the commotion is about. Lloyd's eyes widen as he finds someone behind you.
"So, sweetheart..." Ganondorf's voice begins. "Why'd you run away?"

- - -

Mipha holds her hands over the two dead bodies and clenches her eyes shut. The two knives lay underneath the seats on the floor. "It was that demon talking," she decides. "I did not kill these two innocent people." You watch as the greenish-blue energy begins to flow from her hands and drives its way into their wounds. Their bodies begin to glow, and then they both sit up straight. You jump.
What?! you can only think. You're speechless.
"Why'd the train stop?" the woman murmurs. She gazes up at Mipha. "A Zora? Am I dreaming?"
"You two were dead," Lloyd explains. "Mipha here resurrected you." The man glances around.
"We'd better get this train up and running again," he decides. He takes a look at the control panel. "Huh...why were we headed to that old gang base?" Lloyd takes a peek at it.
"I don't really remember what happened," the woman admits, "but we'll get you to the next stop."
"Thank you," Lloyd responds before turning towards you. "I think that we should head back to Ignacia, [Y/N]. I...I think that you're being targeted."
"She is," Ganondorf decides as if he knows everything around here. "She's the Overlord's daughter, for Din's sake! The Dark Deities have a bounty over her head!"
"I don't care if I'm being targeted," you snap back. "Let them kill me if all anybody's gonna do around here is tell me what to do!" You stop for a moment before turning to face him. "And if that's the case, and you're so concerned about my safety, then why the hell are you, Bowser and Garmadon following me around?! Aren't you supposed to be the reincarnations?!"
"Oh, boy..." Ronin murmurs. "Let's just go and find the others, shall we?"

- - -

The rest of the train ride is filled with a tense atmosphere. Mipha and Daruk give each other nervous glances every few minutes. Ronin has his feet kicked up over three of the seats, and he's scrolling through a social media feed on his phone while laughing at a couple of the posts. Lloyd's watching the lights of the tunnel go past. You're watching the four in silence, looking down to your sword every so often. Thick, black ink coats the blade. You look around to make sure there's no security cameras around before wiping the blade on the seat next to you. Ganondorf scowls at you.
"You're a person, not an animal," Ronin retorts without even looking up. "Use words, you idiot."
"How dare you speak down to a king!" he roars.
"King, idiot..." Ronin shrugs his shoulders. "Eh, same thing." Lloyd accidentally lets out a laugh, and you roll your eyes as Ganondorf stands up straight. He's bigger than everybody else on board, with the exception of Daruk.
"Are you going to stand there and argue against the truth?" you ask in a sweet tone. He narrows his eyes and reaches for the hilt of his sword.
"Dude," Lloyd snorts. "She's literally the Chosen One. I'd like to see you face the Overlord. You wouldn't even last a second."
Ganondorf doesn't move.
"Uh...what's wrong with him?" Ronin asks as he waves a hand in front of his face.
Still no movement.
"Hey," Lloyd grins. He shoves his phone at Ronin. Lloyd's quick to stand up on one of the seats. He manipulates Ganondorf's hands to form a rather suggestive gesture in front of his face. Lloyd then jumps down in front of him, bends over and arches his back before making the 'OK' hand sign. "Take a photo of this!"
"What does that hand sign Ganondorf's making mean, [Y/N]?" Mipha asks you quietly.
"Ahem...intercourse," Ronin responds. The shuttering sound of the camera on Lloyd's phone confirms that he's taken a few photos.
The next thing you know, Lloyd's lying on the floor and struggling to push Ganondorf off of him.

"Stupid boy..." Ganondorf hisses.
"I was just making sure you were alive!" Lloyd wheezes. You watch as his hands close around Lloyd's throat. There's a strange look in his eyes, and it makes you feel uneasy.
"Oi!" comes the all-too familiar voice of Corky. "You stop that!" You jump in your seat and start to scream. You're forgetting that Corky's around you 24/7. Either that, or she's really good at being invisible. To Lloyd's relief, it seems that Ganondorf is rather shocked at her presence, too. He stares at the top of your head in another trance-like state. "Now get off the poor boy, you jack-ass!"
"So you were spying on [Y/N] too?" he demands.
"Don't give me that, mate..." she warns him. She flies right up to his face. "You know I have my reasons for watching her."
"I promised Queen [M/N] that I'd be watching the stupid girl, too," he retorts. "Don't you remember? You were there, Corky." She frowns at him before shaking her head.
"Then don't command me like a bitch." She nods her head slowly before returning to your circlet. You can feel the weight settle on your head, and you stand up straight before sheathing your sword. "What? Don't you believe that I'd keep my word?"
"No," you mutter. "You're supposed to be part of this whole 'Kill The Overlord' thing, yet you try to kill someone who's here to help you."
And with that, you go to walk off towards another cabin.
"Please don't leave him, my child..."
The voice is coming from your head, but it doesn't belong to you.
"Alright," you mutter. "Who is it this time?"
"You seem tense, kid," Ronin admits. "Maybe you need to take a break." He pauses and considers something for a while. "You guys go on ahead. We'll head back to Ignacia and deal with them for you. Just get back safe, okay?"

Chapter Text

Upon arriving in New Ninjago City, you bid Ronin, Mipha and Daruk farewell. You watch the three boarding the train that heads in the opposite direction as Lloyd walks through the turnstile. You follow him and begin to walk ahead before the sound of metal ripping cuts you off. You spin around and spot Ganondorf with the turnstile in his hands. He glances around for a few moments before throwing it behind him.
It smashes into the window of the idle train you've just left, leaving a coat of shattered glass all over the station.
"You idiot!" you shout. "Let's go!" And with that, he runs after you.
"I haven't been in a city this large..." he mutters in your ear. "Don't test my patience."
"Okay," Lloyd tells the two of you. "The Spilt Tea's the hottest on this day of the week."
"You sound like Birdie," you smile. He laughs.
" friend wanted a catchy name for the club," he decides.
"I presume you two aren't allowed in there," Ganondorf interrupts.
"Well...I look old enough," Lloyd protests.
"You don't look a day over sixteen!"
"I'm seventeen!"
"Seventeen months?"
"Hey!" Corky yells. "Stop fighting, you two! Lloyd, just take us to the bloody place!"

As you walk down the path, you can hear the thundering of music playing from a building at the end of the street. Lloyd shoves his hands into his pockets and trudges onwards.
"What song's that?" you ask the others.
"I think it's something by Cupcakke," Lloyd answers. It doesn't take long for you to reach the building. Dark grey bricks the size of cars are concreted together with a pale, off-white cement to form the walls of the building. There's a red carpet lined along the street, and in a futuristic font on a sign on the wall in front of the door of the three-storey building is the name of the nightclub, which reads 'The Spilt Tea'. Standing on the red carpet are a whole bunch of people waiting to get inside, all dressed up in showy outfits and whatnot. A man with stern eyes, a black beard and metal armour leans against the wall with a clipboard.
"Hey, Karlof!" Lloyd shouts. "Can we come in?" He glances around for a while.
"Dunno," he responds. "I'll get into trouble if those police come around."
"We're looking for someone important," you explain before Ganondorf can say anything rude to the man. He stares at you for a while.
"Princess of Isle Delfino, eh?" he starts. "I remember when the Doot Doot Sisters performed at a concert in Metalonia. I really liked their song. I decided to buy their albums and posters for my apartment in the east of the city-"
Lloyd and Ganondorf are both gone.
Those think to yourself. Corky flies out of your circlet.
"There's quite a few underage patrons at the moment," she declares. "I'm sure one more wouldn't hurt." He glances around before ushering the two of you inside.
"Next time, it won't be on the house," he warns you.

Upon entering, a stench of sweat, alcohol and vomit hits you like a train. Pink and blue lights are flashing from the centre of the building. You take a moment to see who's inside. Kylee, Nabooru and Peach are sitting up at the bar to the right. Peach is practically knocked out, with her head resting in-between her arms. You walk behind the three to see what they're doing.
"Yo, bartender!" Kylee shouts. "I'll grab a Seven Seas!"
"Never heard of it," the bartender, a man in a white tracksuit and red-tinted shades, retorts.
"It's seven standard drinks out of the first seven bottles of alcohol you see," she explains. "And get one for my friend here." You watch as he nods and begins to take two whiskey glasses. Nabooru turns around.
"How'd you get here?"
"On the train," you answer. "Why aren't you looking for the Sage of Light?" She stares at you for a while.
"I forgot my home address, girl," she responds as if you've asked a completely different question. "Don't question it."
"She's pissed..." Corky murmurs.
"Yeah," Kylee adds. "You should've been here ten minutes ago. Zelda and Link got absolutely shit-faced and threw up everywhere." The bartender slides the two their drinks.
"An ounce each of Ninjagian rum, Tostarenan tequila, Shiverian vodka, Bonneton brandy, Lake Lamodian gin, Bubblainian champagne and New Donk whiskey," he declares. "That'll be thirty dollars." Kylee shoves a handful of bills in his direction, and he takes them. Nabooru stares at her glass before handing it over to you.
"You'll need this," she decides.
"No, she won't need that!" a voice hisses behind you. You turn around to find Ganondorf standing there. He snatches the glass from your hands. "Drinking this is a death wish!"
"If you want it," you jeer at him, "then drink it."
"Crikey..." Corky mutters to herself as he downs the drink in one go. He slams the cup on the table in front of his sister.
"You're welcome, Princess," he hisses before storming off towards the stairs. Kylee stares at Ganondorf with a dumbfounded look on her face. She rubs her eyes to ensure that she isn't dreaming.
"Holy shit," she mutters. "What's gotten him in a mood?"
"I don't know."
"If I've seen anything from Nabooru," she decides, "those Gerudo get fucking drunk quick."
"We should find them," you tell Corky.
"Do you know where the others are?" Corky asks Kylee. She shrugs her shoulders.
"Dunno," she admits. "Why don't you guys come and have a drink?"
"I'll be okay," you assure her.

Upon leaving the bar, you look around for any sign of the others. There's a big group of them all on the dancefloor, jumping around like wild beasts in an offbeat stupor to the music. They're flying into each other, and save for a few sober-ish looking individuals near the DJ turntable, you doubt anyone on the floor is fit to be driving home tonight. Urbosa can barely stand where she is. She's stumbling around like she's been stabbed. Thankfully, Cole and Pauline don't look too bad in comparison, and neither does Mario.
"Okay..." Corky tells you, "I'm only counting your friend, Garmadon, Lloyd, Zelda, Link, Bowser and Ganondorf not on this floor."
"I hope one of them is with the Sage of Light," you sigh. You head over to the stairwell and begin to walk up. You can see smoke bellowing from a few of the tables on the next floor.
"Yeah..." she whispers as the smoke hits your face. "Underage attendees are the least of this joint's worries. Stay away from the smoke, [Y/N]." You glance around the second floor for a few moments. A series of tables take up half of the floor, while the other half is occupied by another dancefloor. You find another stairwell heading up at the back. "Okay...I see Link over there." She points at the corner of the room. Link is sitting on the ground, his head in his arms as he mumbles to himself. You crouch down in front of him and gently shake his shoulder. He lifts up his head and starts to laugh at you. It's unlike him, from what you've seen. He's usually been quiet around you.
"What's so funny?" you frown.
"Looks like he's had a choof," she responds. "See? His eyes are bloodshot." You help Link stand up, using your shoulders to sling his arm over. He's heavier than you thought he'd be.
"Lovely..." you sigh. "Let's just find the others."

By the time you reach the top of the staircase, you have to admit defeat. There's a series of couches and coffee tables around, but none of the people you're looking for are sitting there. "Maybe I should find my way back to Isle Delfino," you sigh. "This is madness!" Corky flies out of your circlet.
"I...agree. You're gonna get hurt if ya' stay here any longer. Let's find that Birdie and find an airport, eh?"
"I'm never leaving my castle ever again," you mutter.
The bloodcurdling sound of a scream fills the air.
Something's wrong, and you know it.
"What's going on?" you frown as you peek over the balcony to the ground floor, where the others are. A large group of people have fallen over on the floor. You glance over to the bar, where Nabooru is trying to shake Peach and Kylee awake.
"I'll go ask," Corky offers. She zooms out of your circlet and makes a beeline for the bar. You watch on as she and the bartender chat. He's panicking, and it seems that by the time one second's passed, he's on a completely opposite end of the bar. Corky nods and heads back up to you. "Apparently, someone's spiked one of the bottles he's served people. Whatever it was, it's knocked out half of the club!"
"What was it?" you ask.
"I think it was the whiskey," she explains. "He was panicking quite a lot...I think he's worried about his job."
"That's what was in the Seven Seas drink Kylee ordered!" you whisper. "If Kylee ordered two and Ganondorf drank one of them-"
"Go find anyone in our group who's awake and get them out the front," you order.
You've never felt so much stress and pressure in your life.
You don't even know why you're so worried about him.
It's not like he gives a crap about you...does he?
The music's too loud.
It's getting over the top.
You walk Link over to one of the couches and sit down, burying your face in your hands.
You want this all to be a bad dream.
You need it to be.

Chapter Text

The rest of the night was a haze. Paramedics had all lined up outside in order to take blood tests and determine who'd been affected by the spiked drink. Thankfully, Corky had relayed the wrong message, and it was a bottle that nobody had ordered in the group. You remember Garmadon finding you crying on the couch, but that's about it. You're back in your room on the Destiny's Bounty. The first rays of a new day's sunlight stream in through your window. Corky's busy flying around and making sure that everyone's okay. There's moaning and groaning outside your room from everyone who had more than their fair share of drinks.
"Last night was shit," Bowser mutters to Nya. "Glad we didn't get into that stuff. Where's Pauline?"
"She's getting everyone coffee," she responds. "Helps with the hangovers." She pauses for a moment. "We're in so much trouble for letting Lloyd and [Y/N] slip in."
"Where is Lloyd?"
"I don't know, Bowser. I was about to ask you the same thing."
Their footsteps get quieter as they walk away from your door.
You can't help but think about how awful last night was. First, the two murders. And then that Oni. And then the whole nightclub fiasco. You've never wanted to go home more than ever.
You want to cry again.

- - -

"[Y/N]?" Zelda wheedles. "Please come out."
Knock, knock, knock.
"It's quite nice outside!" Peach offers.
"No," you mumble.
Knock, knock, knock.
"We're gonna be in Ignacia at any time now," Nya decides. "Sensei Wu wants to make sure that you're alright."
"I'm fine," you tell her. "I'm just tired." You can hear a couple of footsteps.
"What happened to her last night, Lloyd?" Zelda frowns.
"Something happened on the way up to the city," he sighs. "The train stopped, an Oni possessed Mipha and made her stab the two train operators to death...said Oni tried to strangle [Y/N] to death-" Several gasps from the three cut Lloyd short.
"That sounds awful!" Peach frowns.
"I think the other three would've told Uncle Wu by now," he decides.
"What about inside The Spilt Tea?" Nya queries.
"I overheard the conversation." Peach pauses for a moment to yawn. "Kylee...she ordered herself and Nabooru a rather inappropriately-sized drink...and then Nabooru gave it to [Y/N]...but then Ganondorf stole it off her because he thought it was too dangerous for her..."
"Sounds like a rough night," Nya decides. "Lloyd...why didn't you stay with her?"
"I saw Skylor," he protests. "And the Sage of Light."
"Really?!" Zelda gasps.
"Yeah. I don't quite know her identity yet, but I do know that it's gonna be hard to get her to cooperate. She nearly stabbed my dad when he tried to take off her mask."
"What's going on, you four?" Urbosa asks.
"We're trying to get [Y/N] out of her room," Zelda responds. "She didn't have a great night from what Lloyd and Peach have told me." You hear another knock on your door.
"I'll have a talk with her," she offers. "You go off and make sure to tell Wu everything you know. I don't want the poor girl in any more trouble." The door opens, and Urbosa pokes her head into the room.

"Do you want to talk about it?"
You don't answer.
She heads into the room and closes the door behind her so that she doesn't startle you. She then takes a seat on the end of your bed. You sit upright and try to look away. You're ashamed you even thought of going.
Stupid! you hiss at yourself in your head. Stupid, stupid, stupid!
"I...I'm sorry," you murmur.
"It's not your fault," she assures you. "From what I've been told, you were only looking out for everyone."
"Is he alright?"
You remain quiet.
She seems to understand who you're talking about. "He's sleeping. I can only imagine a drink that stupid would give someone a migraine." You giggle at her words a bit. You're already feeling a bit better with Urbosa around. You look out the window and find yourself staring out at the cliff-like plateaus and hills of Ignacia. "I aunt did something very shameful last night, and she didn't have nearly as much to drink as he did."
"Can you tell him I said thanks?" you ask. Her face falls.
"We aren't exactly on the best terms with each other at the moment, Princess," she sighs. "I can take you to his room if you want." You wordlessly stand up and slide out of your bed.
"I know where his room is," you assure him. "Thank you, Urbosa."
"Any time, Princess."

It doesn't take long before you're standing at his door. You take a peek through a tiny crack in the middle of the door. Ganondorf's no longer asleep (as Urbosa had suggested), but rather awake. He's lying flat on his back and mumbling a few incoherent sentences to himself. You curl your hand into a fist and give the door a gentle knock.
"What?" he blurts out.
"Can I come in?" you ask.
"Can you?" You roll your eyes at his nasty remark before wrapping your fingers around the doorknob and twisting it open. As you push it open, you're met with the same stench from the nightclub. You can see him there, all curled up on his tiny bed with his arms wrapped around his stomach. Beads of sweat dot his forehead, and he's shivering every once in a while.
"You don't look too good," you tell him.
"Don't ever let me drink something that stupid bitch orders again," he mutters. You clasp your hands together and look down at the floor.
"Thank you for last night," you respond. His eyes widen.
"I didn't sleep with you, did I?!" he exclaims.
"No, no..." you assure him. "You killed that Oni that was trying to kill me, remember?" He lets out a sigh of relief.
"Thank Din," he murmurs before pulling his blankets closer to his body. "You had me worried there for a second. Is that all you're here for, sweetheart?"
"I'll ask Nya if there's anything for your headache."
"How'd you know?"
"The others won't shut up about it." And with that, you spin around and head off to find Nya.

You make your way to the bridge, where Nya's piloting the Destiny's Bounty. Pauline's handing out cups of coffee and rather greasy-looking burgers to everyone, while Cole's passing everyone painkillers.
"Oh!" Pauline gasps. "I didn't know you came!"
"She and Lloyd snuck away from Mom and Dad," Nya explains. "And Wu sent Ganondorf to keep an eye on them."
"Well...I ordered enough for everyone," she assures her before handing you a coffee and a burger. "Corky ordered a flat white with sugar, but she's gone off to help Garmadon and Bowser with something. Do you think you could find her?"
"Actually...I don't think Ganondorf is doing too well." The others look up from what they're doing. "Is there anything I can take down to him?"
"Well," Nya decides as she takes a swig from her cup of coffee, "take down a coffee and a burger for him. And some ibuprofen. It should help with the headache." You can feel a light thud on your feet. "We're here. I'm gonna go and take a nap."

- - -

Wu and Misako look rather disappointed at everyone as you all gather around the blacksmithing shop. Ray and Maya are working on a few swords. Bowser Jnr and Saria are sitting underneath a tree as they chat to Ronin, Mipha and Daruk. You know that Ganondorf is still on board, and from Lloyd, Corky and Birdie's absences, you can determine that they're on board as well.
"Show-offs," Bowser mumbles underneath his breath.
"Last night was supposed to be a mission to seek Ninjago's Sage of Light," Wu snaps, "not a party!"
"Y'know what?" Nabooru frowns as she crosses her arms across her chest. "You watch all your friends die and then try to keep a straight face!" Wu sighs and shakes his head.
"You have not gone without being noticed by the public eye," he decides. "Ninjago's impression of you lot is not one that any of you should be proud of. Perhaps you have all forgotten what is at stake here, hmm? Do any of you know what tried to kill Princess [Y/N] last night? Were any of you there to prevent it?"
"Lloyd was, Sensei-" Wu throws a dirty look at Cole.
"You all play a part in training and guiding Princess [Y/N] to her true potential." He points back to the Bounty. "We will be travelling north to Jamanakai, where my monastery lies. It's about time you all learnt some discipline. Now thank Ray and Maya for their hospitality, and board the ship. We leave in ten." Most people mumble their thanks and head straight back for the ship. You walk over to Ray and Maya, who are still working on the swords.
"Thank you for making my shoulder armour," you respond.
"If you need anything else," Ray tells you, "then get Nya to give us a call. We're happy to help out any time."
"I will," you smile.
And with that, you take one final moment to bid farewell to the peaceful village of Ignacia.

- - -

You're heading to the floor your bedroom is on when you spot the bathroom door swinging open. "[Y/N]!" you hear Ganondorf hiss. You watch as his head pokes out from behind the wall. His hair is visibly darker. A lot of it hangs down loosely, weighed down by the water. Small droplets of water run down his face.
"My clothes have gone missing!" You hide a snort. "This isn't a joke!"
"Are there any towels in there?" you ask him.
"Only a hand towel," he mutters as he holds up a regular-sized towel. You can't help but laugh at how silly he's being.
"I finished washing and drying your clothes!" Corky's chirpy voice trills from behind you. You watch as the Bonneter flies in front of you. His clothes are clean and neatly folded on top of her head. "Urbosa said that you were allergic to sunflowers, so I had to skip the fabric softener, but-"
"Allergic to sunflowers," you repeat. "That's...oddly specific." He frowns at the two of you before snatching his clothes and slamming the door shut. "What's gotten him in a mood?" Corky shrugs her shoulders.
"I caught him writing in a journal, and now he's convinced that I'm going to tell everyone." She begins to smirk. "Guess he's right!" The speaker hisses with feedback before Wu's voice graces everyone's ears.
"Everyone, please report to the deck for a briefing."
"We'd better do what the old coot says," Corky decides.

The Sun is beginning to rise as everyone walks out onto the deck. Wu has Mario's red cap in his hands. Bowser Jnr and Saria are busy writing down names on tiny slips of paper and putting them into the cap. "And that's twenty-two names, Sensei!" Junior squeaks with a big smile on his face.
"Well done, Junior," he praises.
"What's this?" Lloyd asks.
"We have decided to split into two groups for today's activities," Wu explains as Misako moves through the crowd and stands next to him. "For the first half of the day, you will either be helping Misako with errands or training with me. And for the second half of the day, you will be swapping over. I'd like for my group to stand to the left, and for Misako's group to stand to the right. Saria, would you mind holding onto the hat?"
"Of course not, Sensei!" she assures him. She holds it in her hands, and Wu draws a name.
"Bowser, it looks like you will be training with me for the first half of the day." Without a word, the Koopa heads next to Wu. Misako reaches into the hat and pulls out a name.
"Daruk?" she calls out. "Who's that?" From the back, the Goron gives her a wave.
"Here!" he shouts. While he walks over to her, Wu takes two names.
"Link and Urbosa." The two walk next to Bowser, who gives Urbosa a big grin.
"H-hey, it's cool we're working together!" he grins. Urbosa smiles to herself and shakes her head. Misako picks out two more names.
"Peach and Bowser Jnr."
"Aw!" the little Koopa wails. "But I wanted to train with Dad!" He slumps over to Daruk. "At least I'm with another cool guy!"
"Ha ha!" he chuckles as he ruffles Junior's hair. "I'll take care of 'ya, little brother!" Wu unfolds two more names.
"Kylee and [Y/N]."
"Cool!" Kylee beams. "At least I'm with someone I know." You can't help but notice Birdie's jealous expression as you go to stand with Urbosa.
Hopefully she's with me, too, you tell yourself. Misako looks up from the two more pieces of paper she has.
"Birdena and Nabooru."
Shit, you add on. Birdie stomps over to where the others are standing. Wu notices it, too.
"Do you have a problem with our activities, Birdena?" he asks.
"I'm supposed to be Princess [Y/N]'s knight," she mutters. He unfolds the two pieces of paper in his hands.
"Lloyd and Corky."
"Cool!" you accidentally blurt out loud. Birdie gives you a glare that's quite uncharacteristic of her. Nabooru looks around before whispering something into her ear. Birdie shakes her head and turns away.
"Don't mind her," Urbosa assures you. "I think she's feeling a bit jealous."
"Hey, where's Ganondorf?" Lloyd asks as he stands next to you and Link.
"Dunno," Kylee responds.
"Getting dressed, I think," Corky explains.
"I see." She and the rest of you watch as Misako takes another two names.
"Pauline and Nya."
"Hey!" Nya beams as she stands with Peach.
"Zelda and Mario," Wu reads. "Misako, take four more names this time."
"Okay," she agrees. She pulls out four names from the hat. "Saria, Ronin, Mipha and..."
"Please be me..." Cole says with his fingers crossed. "Please be me..."
"Cole." Misako smiles as Cole pumps his fists in the air.
"Yeah!" he grins. "I'm with you, angel cake!" He runs over to Nabooru and wraps his arms around her. Lloyd points his finger in his mouth and makes a gagging noise. Urbosa hides a laugh.
"I suppose that leaves Ganondorf and I with you, brother," Garmadon tells Wu.
"Where is Ganondorf?" Wu frowns. The door slams open, and you watch as Ganondorf stumbles out.
"What in the name of Din is in your kitchen?!" he roars. You watch as the head of a brown-feathered chicken pops its head out.
"Oh, it's a Cucco!" Zelda giggles. "Ganondorf, are you scared of them?"
"N-no!" he lies. The chicken clucks, and he shoots it a glare.
"It electrocuted me!" he hisses.
"Ah, yes." Wu nods his head. "This particular breed of Cucco are indigenous to Jamanakai. They're quite the shock for someone who hasn't seen them before."
"Literally!" Cole adds. Everyone begins to laugh, and you can't help but join in.
"His name is Fridge," Nya decides as she scoops the chicken up in her arms. He pecks at her hair. "We called him that because he likes the refrigerator at the monastery-"
"Look!" Zelda exclaims. "Is that the monastery?!"

Everyone heads towards the left edge of the Destiny's Bounty to take a look at the building at the top of a grand-looking mountain. The building itself has a hexagonal shape to it. The back three walls appear to house several rooms, verandas and patios, while the front three walls look like they're there for protection purposes. All of these walls have an off-white colour. In the centre of the building is a large bricked courtyard with a golden dragon statue in the centre. The black rooves look pristine, while the heavy wooden door at the front of the building has black, red and gold paint on it. It's amazing to look at.
"So that's the Monastery of Spinjitzu..." Peach whispers.
"Why are we going to fight in a place of supposed peace?" Ganondorf snaps.
"Not fight," Wu assures him. "Train." He turns to the rest of the group. "Come, my pupils. We have much to do before one o'clock this afternoon."
"Did you have to wake us up at six?" Lloyd mutters as the Bounty hovers over the courtyard.
"It's your own fault for staying up until twelve!" Wu snaps back. "Now, do you remember Airjitzu? Show me!" Lloyd mumbles something under his breath before stepping onto the railing and doing a somersault off. Several people scream as he falls through the air. Just before he hits the ground, though, he's engulfed by a green tinted bubble. You watch as he begins to fly upwards in the air. A tornado is beneath his feet. Everyone's watching on in horror, awe and confusion.
"Can we learn that?" Zelda inquires.
"Not everyone has the ability to perform these sacred martial arts," Wu admits. "I will be seeing which of you can at least use Spinjitzu. It's quite the useful skill."
"Yeah!" Nya adds. "It's super cool!"
"Jay learnt it first," Cole explains.
"Have fun learning!" she tells Wu's group. "It's not easy!"

Chapter Text

The Destiny's Bounty is lowered down to the point that you can jump off the bottom of the ladder and land safely on the ground. The others wave to you as the ship begins to fly off. Sun fills the land, and you find that one of the walls has a giant mural painted onto it. They consist of smaller pictures. You walk over to them, intrigued by each of the scenes they depict. Garmadon is in quite a few of them. Lloyd's in a lot of them. There's two that are particularly interesting to you. The third picture depicts the face of a black-scaled dragon with dagger-like teeth and violet eyes facing a boy in gold who sits on top of a smaller golden dragon. Garmadon's standing to the right with a golden staff in one hand. The fourth picture shows Zane facing off against a man with jet-black skin and the same violet eyes as the dragon. He's wearing golden armour that's shaped like a rib cage. The bottom half of his body appears to take on the form of a ghost. He has a scowl on his face. It's like an Oni...but much less humane. P.I.X.A.L is in the bottom right-hand corner of this one.
"Who are those two?" you ask Garmadon, who stands next to you. He shakes his head at the dragon.
"That is the Overlord in his true form," he explains. "He is a dragon-Oni is my father."
"How about that man fighting Zane?" you inquire.
"Same man."
"My mother did the do with him?!"
"So he's the commander of the Oni Warlords..." Urbosa murmurs.
"As the descendants of the three Oni Warlords," Wu begins, going to stand next to the three of you, "Bowser, Garmadon and Ganondorf are eternally bound to serve the descendant of the Oni King. Also, as the descendants of the three Light Deities, Peach, Zelda and I are eternally bound to serve the descendant of the Shine Queen. These two descendants are one and the same...Princess [Y/N]."
"How'd something like that even happen?" you mutter.
"You see," Kylee begins with a smile on her face, "when a man and woman love each other very much-"
"I know how it happens," you interrupt. You stare at the pictures and shake your head. "I just can't believe it." Garmadon gives you a pat on the back.
"Welcome to Ninjago, Princess."

The twelve of you move over to the patio at the back of the courtyard. Wu remains standing on the courtyard, facing the rest of you.
"Spinjitzu can sap a great amount of energy from you," he declares. "Even those of us who are at peak physical condition can only perform it for a mere fifteen seconds. But when combined with any gifts that one may have, it can be an extremely dangerous force." You watch as Wu disappears into a vortex of gold. The Hyruleans and Mushroom Kingdomers watch on in awe.
"Uh..." Kylee starts as she glances around. "Can people from other universes learn it?" The vortex dissipates into thin air, leaving Wu stopping his spinning body with his staff.
"I don't see why not," he responds. "If the First Spinjitzu Master deems you worthy, than you shall be allowed to learn it. Garmadon knows it fairly well, so I shall divide you all into two groups. Mario, Corky, Urbosa, Zelda and Kylee, you shall learn from Garmadon. Bowser, Link, [Y/N] and Ganondorf, you shall learn from me. Lloyd, your Spinjitzu is rusty, so I would like for you to join me also."
"I'll take them inside to learn," Garmadon offers.
"I shall use the training course, then," Wu agrees. "We shall stop at ten in order to have a break and then we shall move onto other forms of combat."

You watch as the others all head inside, leaving you with the other five. Wu begins to walk over to the dragon statue.
"Where's the training course?" Bowser demands.
"You'd better not be wasting our time..." Ganondorf sneers.
"I train ninjas," Wu decides. "Things are hidden in plain sight. Let me demonstrate." You watch as four carousel-looking contraptions with various weapons attached to them rise up from the ground. The statue also rises to reveal a punching bag and a mace attached to two chains that look like they're supposed to swing around. There's planks that appear to swing side to side, and logs that move up and down. You can hear Link gulp behind you. "Was that a volunteer?" You turn around to find Link glancing around with the utmost look of terror on his face. "How about you attempt to conquer the training course, Link?"
"He'd love to," Ganondorf smirks at Wu. You watch as poor Link walks over to the first carousel and watches the contraption for a few moments as it starts to whir into motion. He immediately flips and dives around each part with the accuracy of a machine, landing in all the right places and ducking when the mace or the punching bag swing past. It's amazing to see him do such a thing.
"Wow...he's killing it!" Lloyd gasps. "None of us learnt that fast!"
"Hmm..." Wu decides. "But how about if we introduced a new hazard into the mix?" He turns to where a chair is and pulls out the same chicken from the Destiny's Bounty out. You frown at the sight of it.
"Wouldn't that kill him?" you ponder.
"Fridge is smart," he retorts before patting him on the head. You watch as Fridge flaps out of Wu's hands. His feathers turn blue as electricity sparks everywhere. He furiously flaps towards Link while clucking like there's no tomorrow. With the punching bag hurling towards an unsuspecting Link, you can already see how it ends.
Link flies into one of the walls and lands on the floor. Fridge, who's now back to his usual brown colour, pecks his head before scurrying back to Wu.
"I think you're starting to grow on me, old man," Ganondorf decides with a stupid grin on his face. You drive your elbow into his ribcage in order to shut him up.
"Was that a volunteer?" he asks him before pointing to the start of the course. "Go on, now."

After two rather hilarious failed attempts from Ganondorf and Bowser, it's your turn to try and conquer the training course. You honestly don't know how you're going to go. You haven't as much as somersaulted once in your life, yet all three had to perform various flips and tricks to get through the carousels. You frown at the course.
"Isn't there a safer way?" you sigh.
"Spinjitzu was never learnt by sitting down," Wu reprimands you. "Perhaps you will best the others, [Y/N]. First, you must dodge the swords." You take a deep breath and step onto the first carousel. You duck underneath the various blades, and while you do so, Wu continues. "Good. Next, you must leap over the planks. Stay concentrated." You leap off the carousel and throw your body over the swinging planks before landing on the next carousel. "Here comes the dummy!"
"What dummy?"
Before you know it, Fridge is flapping towards you and shrieking like a banshee.
You hold out your arms and go to whack the chicken out of the way, but alas, you're smacked in the face by a wooden dummy.
Before you know it, you're lying on the ground and staring at the others, who crowd around you.
"I didn't know you had a twin, Lloyd!" you manage to get out.
"She must have hit her head pretty hard," Ganondorf sighs. The world is still spinning around you as Link helps you stand up.
You hear a scream of excitement from inside.
"I did it!" Zelda beams. The door's thrown open, and she rushes out to where the rest of you are. "Watch me, Sensei!" She begins to run forwards and spins around. She disappears into a vortex of gold that resembles Wu's Spinjitzu tornado.
"Good job, Princess!" Bowser applauds her with a grin. "How'd you do it?"
"Well," she explains, "I had help from Garmadon and Corky. It was a very strange sensation, but-"
"Bonneters can act as a medium to possess people, it seems," Urbosa explains.
"It was creepy!" Kylee adds. "Zelda's eyes were red, and she was even paler than usual, and then the next second, Garmadon was standing next to her and she was dizzy on the floor-"
"I suppose that Cappy could help us, too," Mario decides.
"Wait..." Bowser frowns. "You brought Crappy along?!" You watch as a red pair of Bonneter eyes appear on Mario's cap and immediately frown at Bowser.
"Hey!" the Bonneter yells. "You're crappy!" You watch on as a white top-hat with a blue ribbon and a matching blue tuft of hair flies out from Mario's cap. He curls his hand up into a fist and shakes it at Bowser as Corky holds him back.
"Your...Majesty!" she grunts. "Don't!" He sighs.
"You're right, Corky. I mustn't lose my temper."
"Uncle Wu, wouldn't Dad's method of teaching be much quicker?" Wu stares at Lloyd for a while.
"Fine," he decides. "I suppose your father's laziness is efficient for now...but not a word of this to your fellow students, Lloyd!" Wu presses a button on the wall, and the training course is sent back into the ground, leaving the beautiful brick ground, which appears to be tiled in such a way that it resembles a dragon curling around the golden statue.

You sit down with Lloyd, Link, Urbosa and Kylee as you watch Mario and Bowser. They stand in silence in the courtyard. Wu holds his straw hat in his hands, while Garmadon carries his samurai helmet. Corky and Cappy's eyes appear on their hats for a brief moment before the two brothers throw the hats at Mario and Bowser's heads. Mario and Bowser look around for a moment before becoming completely still. Garmadon and Wu start to levitate in the air, and a ribbon of light begins to form between them and the other two. The brothers disappear into a flurry of pixels, and these pixels then fly up the ribbons and into their hats.
Bowser starts moving first.
His eyes are still red. He appears to have grown an extra pair of arms, though. He stares at his hands for a moment. Mario's eyes open. His eyes are green in comparison to the usual blue, and he appears to have grown a full, white beard. Zelda shrieks with laughter at the unusual sight. Kylee takes her phone out of her pocket and snaps a photo.
"That's going on Snapchat," she decides with a grin on her face.
"What a bizarre sensation..." Mario murmurs in Wu's accent. He turns to Lloyd. "In all my years...I've never-"
"Ganondorf," Bowser smirks. "You're next!" You turn behind you and watch as the Gerudo backs into the wall, his hands up and his eyes visibly wider than before. His golden crown tumbles off from the top of his head and lands in Urbosa's lap.
"Don't mind if I do," she smirks as she places it on her own head to try on. She turns to Link, who's still tending to the various cuts and scratches inflicted upon him by Fridge. "How do I look?"
"With your eyes, Urbosa," he mumbles back with a smile. She stares at him for a moment, not noticing that her father's snatched his crown back.
"You learn that one from Cole?" Lloyd asks. You watch on as Mario and Bowser disappear in respective tornadoes of gold and jet black (with the faintest tinge of purple). Before you know it, the hats fly out from the tornadoes, leaving Mario and Bowser spinning on the spot as Wu and Garmadon land on the ground. Bowser's stumbling around a bit.
"Ugh..." Mario groans as he clutches his stomach. "So that's what it's like on the receiving end..."
"It's a strange sensation," Zelda agrees. "Ganondorf has offered to go next!" Ganondorf frowns at her as he's about to put his crown on. He stops for a moment to offer a few of his lovely and thoughtful words.
"No I haven't, you sly little bit-"
The crown slips out of his hands as Garmadon's helmet lands on his head. Corky begins to giggle. "You are a fuck-head, mate..." she decides. You watch as Garmadon disappears in a flurry of pixels and flies into the helmet. Ganondorf's eyes change from their golden hue to a blood red without any pupils or irises.
"Eugh!" Lloyd gags. "As if he's creepy enough, Dad!"
"I'll say..." Ganondorf responds with Garmadon's accent. "He's stronger than Bowser and Zelda were. He's fighting it." He begins to walk over to the courtyard, but then he stops. "Blast it, you idiot! I'm trying to help you!" His eyes turn back to their ordinary colour. "I...don't...need...your help!"
"Stop fighting it, you dumb shit!" Corky hisses.
The next thing you know, Corky and Garmadon are flailing their arms about as Ganondorf launches the two into the wall.
"Oof!" she wheezes. Ganondorf glares at the two and clenches his fist.
"Hmm..." Wu decides. "It appears that he is incapable of learning Spinjitzu either way-"
"I can learn it myself!" he hisses.
"Not everybody can do it," he assures him. He turns to the other two.
"Go on," he snarls. "Possess me again. I won't resist." Corky helps Garmadon stand up, and the two nod their heads.
"If I had a Rupee for every time that man embarrassed my people..." Urbosa murmurs to herself. Once again, Corky and Garmadon capture Ganondorf. This time, as he's promised, he doesn't resist either of them. He begins to spin around in the same tornado Bowser had disappeared into, and then he stops.
Once the two are out of there, they're quick to move away from one another.
"Lloyd," Garmadon orders. "Capture [Y/N]."
"What?" you frown. "No!" Lloyd nods his head and takes off his hood. Corky flies into it.
"I'm sorry, [Y/N]."
A burning sensation hits your head and surges through your chest, stretching through your arms and legs.
You black out.

- - -

"Dodge the swords."
You watch as an army of Oni warriors begin to charge towards you, their staves raised above their head as they shout. One swings at you, and you duck underneath them.
"Over the planks."
You leap up in the air and narrowly miss their blows.
"Here comes the dummy."
You watch as your body turns green. The colour begins to drain from your body, and you're returned to normal. The colour begins to transform into a vortex of green energy.

- - -

"[Y/N]!" Corky exclaims. "Wake up!"
You open your eyes to everyone crowded around you. You feel awfully tired. There's a churning sensation in your you want to throw up.
"What...happened?" you murmur as you use your hands to support your head.
"Garmadon captured you," Mario explains. He helps you sit up straight. "It doesn't feel nice, does it?"
"I feel like shit," you mutter.
"That's no way to speak, sweetheart," Ganondorf warns you. You attempt your best to put on his thick accent.
"You sly little bitch," you recite in a hilariously poor rendition of his gritty voice that reminds you of someone who's been chain-smoking and inhaling gravel every day for twenty years.
"Get up."
"She's just been captured!" Corky protests. "Give her some time to get her head straight, mate!" Kylee leans over to Lloyd and begins to cup her hands to his ear.
"He sounds like that octopus pirate dude from Pirates of the Caribbean," she whispers. "I have no idea how the rest of his family has a different accent to him."
"What's Pirates of the Caribbean?" he whispers back. "Are they bad guys in your world?"
"Never mind, Lloyd."
Mario and Urbosa help you get up. You glance around to find where Ganondorf's standing. He's watching Bowser and Zelda on the courtyard as the two disappear into their Spinjitzu tornadoes.

By the time all the others have been captured, you find the Destiny's Bounty overhead. "I've completely lost track of time, it seems," Wu decides. You watch as the others, all decked in the most casual clothing you've ever seen in your life, all lean over the railing.
"Did you have fun, boys?!" Peach shouts down at Mario and Bowser.
"We learnt Spinjitzu!" Bowser yells back. "It was a lot of work, but it's all worth it!" He winks at Wu before the others all climb down. A lot of them are carrying shopping bags filled with all sorts of different stuff in them. Misako stays on top of the ship.
"Hiya, Princess [Y/N]!" Saria waves at you as she and Junior rush over to where you're standing. "We had lots of fun with Mrs Garmadon! She even bought us all lunch!"
"That's nice of her," you smile. "Did you say thank you?"
"Yup!" Junior grins. "And Princess Mipha helped fix my knee when I tripped over and scraped it on the escalator at the mall!" The Zora princess gives Bowser a weak smile as he mouths a word of thanks to her.
"I've got lunch on board for you all!" Misako exclaims as Cole and Nya, the last two, climb down onto the ground. "Bowser, do you mind helping the others up?" He nods his head and lifts the rest of you up in his hands with ease. You're squished together with Kylee, Zelda, Urbosa and Link, the latter of whom appears to be blushing profusely. Corky stays in your circlet.
"Get your foot off me!" Lloyd shouts from Bowser's left hand. You wave goodbye to the others. Wu nods his head and opens his mouth to say something, but before you have the chance to hear him, Bowser lifts you up to the ladder.
"Thank you," you whisper.

Chapter Text

You watch the Monastery of Spinjitzu as it becomes smaller and smaller. Eventually, it's but a mere dot. Misako ushers everyone to the centre of the deck. There's a box in her hands. In it, you can see several wallets that look rather fat.
"Thanks to Ronin's businesses raking in lots of money," she explains, "we have the funds to financially support our efforts." Misako places down the box on the ground. "I took the last group shopping for the know, clothes, toiletries and any medications they needed. I then went home for a bit in order to find a few scrolls, and they all packed their new items away. I know Wu's asked me to make you do his chores, but I'd much rather see you guys relax after what I can only imagine was a harsh training regime."
"Yeah..." Lloyd decides. "It sure was harsh!"
"I've got a few catalogues in the bridge if you all wanted to look at it," she explains. "You've got a budget of two thousand dollars."
"To share?" Bowser inquires.
Mario's eyes widen.
"All that money...just for one person?" he murmurs.
You can only guess that he didn't grow up as rich as the rest of you.
"It's a lot," Lloyd agrees. "Are you sure you want to, Mom?"
"Yeah," Link adds. "Thank you, Mrs Garmadon."
"Thank Ronin when we head back there to pick them up," she assures the three. They nod their heads. "I'm going to put you into groups of four so that I can say that I made you do something when Wu confronts me about it, alright? can choose." Everyone looks around nervously for a bit.
"Can I come with you, Zelda?" Kylee inquires.
"Of course!" she beams. "[Y/N], do you want to join us?"
"I won't say no," you agree. "But who's going to be our fourth?"
"I'm not going to leave you in incapable hands," Ganondorf warns you.
"Um, she can fend for herself, mate!" Corky snaps back. "And besides, I think she'd rather not have 'ya breathing down her neck for the next six hours."
"Are you defying me?!" he exclaims.
"How about you go with Lloyd, Garmadon and Urbosa?" Misako asks Ganondorf in the calmest of tones. "I'm sure that it'd be an enlightening experience for you and your daughter!"
"Enlightening experience my arse..." he mumbles under his breath as he crosses his arms over his chest. Corky pops up a rather rude hand sign at him when Misako isn't watching.
"As for you, Corky..." she begins. "How about you go with me, Mario and Bowser?"
"What?!" she snaps. "But I...[Y/N]-" Misako frowns at her, and Corky shuts up. She hangs her head down and begins to float rather slowly towards the two.
"Hey!" you hear Cappy whisper to her. "At least my knight isn't off with some weirdo now!" You hide a smile, but it disappears when you see the awful hand sign that Ganondorf is directing at Corky's back.
"Yeah...fuck you too, mate," she mumbles without even looking at him.
"Now," Misako explains, "as long as you don't head off to The Spilt Tea and you're all back on board by 6:30 PM, then I don't mind what you go and do or buy." The sound of a dull thud tells you that the Destiny's Bounty is on the ground. Ganondorf shoves all the money that he was given towards Link before picking him up by the shoulders and dumping him over where Lloyd, Garmadon and Urbosa are standing. Zelda shakes her head and points back at them. Link holds out the money, and he snatches it.
"Stay over there, boy," Ganondorf warns Link.
"Go away," Zelda orders.
"I will not break my promise to the Queen of Isle Delfino!" he shouts. Corky rolls her eyes.
"You're an absolute cock-head, mate," she mutters.

- - -

The mall that you've arrived at is filled with all sorts of different stores. It's a rather new-looking place situated in the desert sands of Ninjago's central land. You'd rather be on your own or with Birdie. It's just not the same without her...
You feel bad that you didn't get to hang out with her today.
"Looks like the others have headed off," Kylee decides as she takes a bite out of one of the burritos Misako bought everyone. "Where should we go first?"
"I'm not sure," Zelda admits.
"I need a new phone," you explain. "Someone broke my old one!" And with that, you throw a nasty glare at Ganondorf. "Seriously! Now I can't call anyone at home!"
"How about clothing?" he protests. "You aren't seriously going to wear that for the rest of this quest to slay your father, are you?"
"'re creating a scene," Kylee whispers at the two of you. True to her word, onlooking shoppers are all watching you like hawks.
"It won't hurt to do what someone else wants to do for once in your life," Zelda warns him.
He lets out a sigh and shakes his head.
"We'll do what she wants then, eh?" he hisses. He turns away to mumble something that isn't very nice.
"Uh...where'd she go?" Kylee asks.
Unbeknownst to the three, you've gone back to the Destiny's Bounty.

You curl up in your bed and stare at the wall. "I just want to go home..." you murmur. "I just want to go home..." Tears begin to well in your eyes when you think of how horrible Ganondorf has been treating you. "Why does he hate me so much?"
The door bursts open, and you throw your blanket over your head.
"Please don't hurt me!" you cry as you hold your hands over your head. You can't even see anymore, that's how blurry your vision has become from the flood of tears.
"I'm not here to hurt you..." Lloyd assures you. "Dad saw what happened. He told me to stay with you." He wraps his arms around you, and you hug him back.
"I want to go home, Lloyd," you whisper. "But I can't. My phone's been destroyed and Birdie keeps disappearing."
"I know. I'm nearly done with clearing Cole's phone. I can give it to you tonight." You nod your head.
"Why is Wu making us run around and do meaningless things?"
"It's getting beyond a joke. Do you want me to take you to the airport? It's not far from here."
"I just need some time to think about it."
"I'll tell Mom you're alright."
And with that, Lloyd leaves the room.

"Are you going to sit there and cry your pretty little face off?" comes the all-too familiar voice of the man you're growing to hate. You don't say anything.
I won't let him win, you assure yourself.
There's something in the way that his eyes are narrowed at you...yet smirking at the same time. It's creepy, to say the least.
"Or are you going to accuse me of something I haven't done?"
"Leave," you order him. "Now."
"I don't think I should have to follow a woman's commands, don't you think?"
"I said to leave."
"I don't feel like leaving."
You don't know what comes over you as you lunge at Ganondorf.
And you don't care.
As he falls backwards onto the floor, you raise your fists and throw them as hard as you can into his face. "I hate you!" you scream at him. You land a blow square on his jaw, and another on his nose. A sickening crack fills the air. "You don't belong here!" He tries to get up, but you smack his head back into the ground. He clenches his eyes in pain. You're glad you're hurting him. It's only fair, seeing that he's hurt so many others. "You've tormented my people, destroyed my home and killed my guests!" You take your sword out of its scabbard and press the blade against his throat. Small drops of blood begin to bead where the blade is. "Give me one reason I shouldn't kill you now!" He's no longer smirking or glaring. A thin line of blood runs down his nose and onto his lip. Several bruises dot his face like splotches of paint. He's panting as he struggles to hold the blade away from his neck. His eyes are as wide as saucers.
You never thought you'd see someone like Ganondorf succumb to fear.
"I don't want to see you suffering the same fate as your mother," he murmurs. "She didn't deserve to face the Overlord's wrath...and neither do you." You stop trying to push the blade against his neck and sheath it. He brings a hand to your face and cups it around your cheek. The look in his eyes is somewhat dazed. "Go on." His voice is barely a whisper at this point. "Why don't you go ahead and kill me, sweetheart? I'm sure you'd love to bring that blade against my neck again..." You know he's lying. He doesn't want to die.
It's like he's died before. And he doesn't want to die again.
"Okay," you agree as you reach for the hilt of your sword. But before you have the chance to do anything, he puts his hands on your waist and slams you into the wall. You fall over and curl up in a ball on the floor. He stands up and walks over to where you're lying before booting you in the stomach. The pain is dull yet strong as it radiates from where he landed a hit. You can only let out a feeble wheeze.
"You're no child of [M/N]'s..." he mutters. "You're weak. And pathetic."
And with a flick of his wine-red cape, he strides off.

You clutch your stomach in pain as you get up. It feels like a car's run over it. You poke your ribs to make sure none of them are broken.
It doesn't seem that way, so you breathe a sigh of relief.
You gingerly lift up your gi and your undershirt before peering to see if there's any bruises. Your gi seems to have taken most of the blow for you, but there's still a gigantic red mark across your stomach.
I'm going to kill him, you think in disdain as you put your shirt back down. I'd better get a phone and call Sindaco or Cavaliere. I'm getting out of this mess before I get killed. Prophecy my arse.
"You did what to Princess [Y/N]?!" you hear Urbosa roar from the floor above you.
Shit, you curse in your head. Now I've drawn attention to myself.
Urbosa hops down the steps of the stairwell with the vitality of a rabbit. She begins to walk over to you.
"Are you hurt?" she asks. You lift up your gi and undershirt again.
"He kicked me in the stomach." She crouches down and brushes the back of her hand against it.
"That's certainly going to leave a bruise." She stands up and shakes her head. "Were you two fighting?"
"He...he asked me if I was going to sit in my room and cry my 'pretty little face' off," you murmur. "And then I lashed out at him. I started it. I really did."
"Oh...Princess..." she sighs. "He's a bitter old man." She crouches down so that she's at your height before wrapping her arms around you. You find yourself warming up to her embrace. You feel safe and protected. Something that you could only feel back home in Isle Delfino. "I'm so sorry..."
"It's okay," you assure her. You stop to think for a moment. "Does he hate me, Urbosa? Is that why he's done everything he's done to me?"
"I don't know, [Y/N]." She tightens the hug a bit. "I don't know." She then lets go of you and stands back up. "How about the two of us go to that marketplace together?" You nod your head.
"Sounds like a plan," you agree with a smile.

Chapter Text

You and Urbosa chatter like old friends as she pushes along a cart filled with all sorts of different clothes that the two of you have decided to buy. You'd chosen to buy a two-for-one deal on ripped jeans from the denim store, as well as a comfy pair of shorts and a couple of skirts. From the graphic tee store, you'd opted for a few T-shirts with fun patterns and punny slogans. You'd also decided to purchase a few warm hoodies, a leather jacket, a few pairs of pyjamas for the different types of weathers you knew you'd be encountering, some funky-looking socks, a few pairs of underwear and a couple of bras, as well as a nice dress in case you were met with an occasion where you needed to be nicely dressed, but not too dressed up. For shoes, you'd bought a pair of sneakers, some warm ugg boots for any nights you'd be experiencing winter, some sandals and some ballet flats, as well as an impulse buy for the really cool shoes that converted into skate shoes when you pressed a button on the side. All in all, it had set you back about six hundred dollars.
"So," Urbosa starts. "What else are you thinking of buying?"
"I'm not sure," you admit. "I do need a few phone cases. Lloyd said that he was giving me Cole's old phone."
"I see," she decides. You notice a Borg Store located a few shops down from where you are. "Is that the place you need to go?"
"Yup!" you grin. "They should have phone cases there." You can feel the weight of your broken phone in your pocket. "Maybe they'd be able to repair my old one instead. It does have important stuff on it..."

You walk inside and look around. A few people are browsing different phones. You spot Mario, Lloyd and Link huddled around a headphone display. Link's eyes are wide as he listens to music.
"And you can't hear the music?!" he yells at the other two.
"Yeah!" Lloyd shouts back. Mario waves at the two of you.
"Hello!" he beams. There's something about Mario that brings a smile to your face. He's always happy and cheery. And he has to be the shortest man you know. In your eyes, he's literally Ganondorf's polar opposite.
"Hi!" You return Mario's wave with one of your own. "I was going to see if they could repair my phone." He nods his head before turning back to his friends. You make your way to the counter, where a small, thin woman is standing. She looks rather strange, you have to admit. Her skin is a light shade of grey, with a series of darker tattoos around the edge of her face. Her head is completely shaven, save for a long and thick ponytail of black hair that reaches all the way from the top of her head to all the way down her back. Her ears are slightly pointed in a very similar way to Urbosa's, and are pierced with silver hoops. Her violet eyes watch you closely. There's a golden pendant around her neck, and Urbosa makes a note about it.
"Huh...that symbol is my tribe's emblem..." she murmurs as she takes a closer look at it. "Where'd you get it from?"
"I'm here to sell phones," she sneers, "not waste time talking about jewellery!" Lloyd looks up from a pair of headphones he's inspecting.
"Violet?" he asks. "Is!"
"Who do 'ya think, Lloyd?!" she snaps.
"[Y/N]," he starts. "This is...Violet. She was one of my dad's generals." She rolls her eyes before turning to you.
"What do you want? BorgPhone X? BorgBook Air?"
"Actually," you begin as you take out your totalled phone from your pocket and set it on the counter. "I was wondering if you'd mind repairing this." Her eyes widen at the screen.
"Did a car run over it?" she frowns. "What the fuck did this?!"
"My father stepped on it," Urbosa admits. She looks around before leaning in towards you.
"Tell you what," she declares. "That phone's outdated. I'll take the data from this old thing and transfer it to any phone you choose. Free of charge."
"Free of charge?" you repeat. "It's okay, I can pay for it-"
"No," she decides. "I'm on this stupid community service thing that was mandated by the court. I'd rather be back in Kryptarium Prison than deal with another customer asking me what the difference between the colours on the BorgPhone 5C is."
"I have a 5C," Lloyd grins. "You can't find phone cases for it anywhere!"
"I'll get an X," you decide. Violet smirks.
"May as well go all out, eh?" she decides. "Do you want a new phone too, Miss?"
"I...uh..." Urbosa looks around. "Sure."
"I'll get you all phones!" she cackles before turning around the screen in front of her so it's facing the three of you. "Get your friends over there, m'kay?"
"Hey!" Lloyd shouts. "Mario!"
"Get Link and come here! Violet's giving us free phones!"

The five of you crowd around the screen. There's a whole bunch of different phones displayed on the screen, all with different colours. You have to admit, all of them look pretty cool.
"What colour do you all want?"
"I'll have a red phone, please," Mario responds.
"Hmm...that pink one looks nice," Urbosa decides.
"Green!" Lloyd can barely stop jumping.
"I like the blue one," Link whispers.
"How about a gold for you?" Violet asks you.
"Sure," you respond. She takes your phone in her hands.
"I'll have them all out here in five," she offers. She walks through the back door. Mario turns to Lloyd.
"Is this legal?" he asks him.
"I know the CEO of Borg Industries," he assures the plumber. "I'll shoot him the money once I get the phone."
"Are these phones as glorious as you Ninjagians make them out to be?" Urbosa inquires.
"I'd be lying if I said Ninjago could live without their phones." Lloyd turns to the hallway of the mall, where people are roaming around. Lots of people are chatting on their phones, scrolling through apps and whatnot. "It's amazing what you can do with them. You can talk to anyone in the world with the press of a button. And you can browse Chirp for cat memes. Cat memes..." He sighs and gives the rest of you a smile.
The door whacks open again, and Violet comes out with five bags with the Borg Industries logo, a rather techno-looking 'C' in blue, printed on them. She hands each bag to you.
"I've thrown in everything I can think of," she smirks. "I say stick 'em to the big bad corporations! We need more money towards the things that matter in Ninjago."
"Thank you for your generosity," Urbosa smiles back. "I'm sure these will be put to good use." Violet frantically looks around again before leaning in and grabbing the collar of your gi. There's fear in her eyes.
"He's watching me, Princess," she whispers. "He knows that I've betrayed him."
"How'd you know I was a-"
"Who's watching you?" Lloyd asks her with a frown. She lets go of you and then runs into the back counter, slamming the door shut behind her and running off.
"What was that all about?" Mario shrugs his shoulders at Urbosa's question.
"I'm gonna buy some snacks," he decides.
"Sounds like a plan," Lloyd agrees. "You coming, Link?" The Hylian is watching the door in disbelief.
"Link?" Urbosa whispers to him. He nods his head and follows the other two wordlessly out of the store.
"Let's go," you tell her.

After heading out of the phone store, you find a stationary shop filled with all sorts of new notebooks, pens, pencils, markers and novelty items. You're considering walking past it, but you ultimately decide against it once you find Urbosa staring inside in awe.
"May I?" she inquires. You nod your head, and she walks into the store. She brushes her hand over a few eccentric covers and stops at one with a dolphin on the cover. It's almost as if she's never seen a dolphin in her entire life! She picks it up and almost immediately heads over to the counter.
"Do you need a pen?" you inquire. She nods her head before picking up a rather fancy-looking pen that has rhinestones embedded into it.
"I think this will do," she assures you. She then proceeds towards the counter. You decide to pick up a few things of your own, including a few notebooks, a sketchbook, some pencils, a handful of pens, two packs of coloured pencils, a sharpener and a pencil case. "Why do you need two packets of those?"
"I was going to give them to Bowser Jnr and Saria," you explain.
"I see," she agrees. "That's quite the thoughtful idea!"
"Yeah," you smile. "They're children...and I don't think they should have to deal with a bunch of adults fighting and arguing all the time."
"I'll tell you...I hate when people fight," she murmurs. "It's an awful feeling to be sitting in the same room as someone who's fighting tooth and bone to try and prove some petty point."
"I wish people didn't really fight either," you sigh.

Your next stop is a supermarket. As you walk in, you're met with a display of fruits and vegetables, as well as breads and other bakery goods. You take another trolley and point to the aisles.
"There should be soap and shampoo and stuff over there," you explain. She nods her head, and the two of you begin to walk over to the tenth aisle, where all of the toiletries are. You take a bottle of shampoo and its respective bottle of conditioner before putting it at the bottom of your trolley. You grab some soap, a toothbrush, some toothpaste and a hairbrush before putting them all in. You also opt for a pack of hair ties. Urbosa copies you with the things she puts into the trolley. Kylee and Corky wave at you from near the hair dye section. "Should we go say hello?"
"I don't see why not," she agrees. And with that, the two of you head over to where they're standing.
"Hey!" Kylee beams. "Having fun?"
"Yeah," you smile. "We got new phones on the house."
"Holy shit," she mutters.
"Does this match your hair?" Corky holds up a vivid blue hair dye in Kylee's direction.
"Why do you need to dye it the same colour?" Urbosa asks her.
"I've gotta touch up my roots," Kylee explains. She runs her hands through her hair and parts the hair in a way so that you can see a natural dark brown colour underneath. "I've also gotta get some bleach so the colour comes out nicely. And enough conditioner to grease up a factory! This shit ain't nice on your hair..."
"What else have you got?" you ask her.
"Zelda's taking the rest of our stuff back to the ship," she explains. "I'm just getting a few little bits and pieces." You lean into Kylee's ear.
"Do you think they have...stuff for periods?" you whisper to her. She shrugs her shoulders.
"You won't believe this," she whispers back, "but none of the Hyruleans have even heard of...ahem...certain products for that time of the month." Your eyes widen.
"We need to buy them some," you declare. "I can't believe they don't know!"
"Well..." she admits, "to be fair, where I'm from, they're from a medieval-themed game. I doubt they had that sort of stuff back in the day."

After the trolley is packed with enough pads to last a lifetime, you and Kylee walk to the checkout with red faces. Urbosa and Corky are behind you, the former who's confused as to why you're quick to usher the packets onto the conveyor belt.
"Why are you embarrassed about them?" she asks.
"It's for something we call Shark Week back home," Kylee responds. She raises an eyebrow as Garmadon and Bowser appear within your line of sight. They're outside the supermarket. Bowser spots you and nudges Garmadon's arm. The two of them stare at you with stupid smirks on their faces.
"We ain't ever gonna live this down..." Kylee mutters as she buries her face into her hands. She turns to the cashier. "I'll give you ten bucks as a tip if you can speed things up, okay?"
"Y-yes, ma'am," he stutters. You shake your head at Garmadon as he stops Lloyd, Link and Mario, who are now standing there as well. You can see what Lloyd's shouting.
"Dude!" he yells. "Are those snacks or something?"
"Oh my lord..." Kylee mutters as you throw your open palm at your face. "I think I'm going to have to teach them all what periods are." She pays for everything in the trolley before you have the chance to pull out your purse. "Fuckin' boys..."
"Oh!" Urbosa exclaims in an awfully loud voice. "So that's what they're for!"
Everyone in the store turns towards you.
You want to curl up in a ball and die.

After what seems like the longest walk in history, you all finally make it outside of the mall. The others are waiting on the deck of the Destiny's Bounty. Well, most of them are. You can't see Ganondorf.
Good, you tell yourself. I don't need any more chaos.
"How'd you all go?" Misako inquires. Her eyes widen at Kylee's purchase. She recomposes herself and nods her head. "Alright. I'm going to send down a large basket so we can get all of that on-board. One trolley's worth at a time!" You watch as she presses a button near the deck. A large, metal basket that's the size of one trolley, and which is attached to metal chains, is lowered onto the ground. It hits the ground with a clink noise, and Kylee immediately starts unpacking the trolley of toiletries into the basket. The sun is beginning to set over the horizon.
"It's only five," Corky decides. "Winter, am I right?" She nervously laughs. Once the basket is full and the trolley is empty, Misako presses the button again. The basket is lifted up into the air. Kylee proceeds to climb up the ladder.
"We all finished our shopping early," you tell her.
"Yeah," she agrees. "Where do you think we're going next?"
"I don't know," you admit. Lloyd points over to the distant desert, where a lump of sand is shifting.
"What's that?" he frowns. Urbosa squints at it.
As a rather ugly-looking creature bursts out from the sands and roars, her eyes widen.
"Molduga!" Zelda shrieks from the deck.
"We'd better kill it before it brings harm to this marketplace," Urbosa decides. She reaches for her sheathed scimitar and her rather intricate shield. She begins to charge into the desert.
"What on Earth is that thing?!" you frown. The shark-like creature dives into the sand and begins to swim towards her.
"I dunno," Bowser admits, "but it's getting close-"
You watch in horror as Urbosa is flung through the air by its wide jaw.
"Argh!" she screams.
"Urbosa!" Bowser shouts. He begins to bolt as fast as he can towards the vile creature. Its teeth are like daggers. You shudder at it.
"Pack faster!" Misako exclaims as the basket is lowered back onto the ground.

Chapter Text

You've never moved bags and boxes this quickly in your entire life.
But finally, the last trolley has been packed into the basket.
Misako raises it up, and the others begin to climb up the ladder. By now, Bowser and Urbosa have had a fairly good whack at the Molduga, as Corky describes their battle. But they're growing tired, and the Molduga isn't giving up.
"They're going to get themselves killed," Zelda murmurs in anticipation. "Link, can't you help them?" He nods his head and unsheathes his sword before leaping over the side of the Destiny's Bounty and landing in the sand. Lloyd shrugs his shoulders and follows him, with Mario not too far behind.
"[Y/N]," Misako tells you, "go inside."
"Why?" you frown. "I want to watch!"
"It's too dangerous for you," she warns. You huff and stomp past the door, making a beeline for your room. As you walk down the hall, you bump into someone's chest.
"Hey, watch it!" you scream.
Ganondorf shoves you out of the way before running out with his own weapon in hand.

You decide to watch on from your window. Mario is clinging onto one of the bone-like fins, his white gloves glowing bright red, while Lloyd's blasting the vile creature with green waves of energy. Link's clinging to the chin of the beast and thrashing his sword at the beast's tongue. Blood's splattering everywhere, staining the golden sands of the Ninjagian desert. You can hear it roaring as it shakes around in the sand. Urbosa runs up to it again and raises her weapon. Green lightning sparks from the tip, and it strikes it right in the eye.
It flings her away with a swipe of its tail.
She begins to fly up into the air...right towards your window.
You curl up into a ball and cover your ears.
The glass shatters.
You can't help but scream as bits of glass rain down on you. You aren't actually getting hurt, but it's certainly frightening to think about.
"Princess!" Urbosa wheezes. "!" You uncover your ears and nod your head as best you can, walking over to the window and grabbing onto her hand. Cuts and scrapes cover every inch of her skin. She's got a rather bloody gash in her left arm that she's trying to cover with her other hand. You carefully pull her onto your bed, and she groans.
"Misako?!" you cry. "Zelda?!"
"What's going on?" Garmadon rushes into the room, carrying quite a few bags belonging to Lloyd. His eyes widen at the sight of Urbosa's various injuries. "What on Earth were you thinking?!"
"Those things kill people," she hisses as she glances out the window. "One devoured my mother like a savage, mindless monster." Garmadon frowns at her before scooping her up in his arms. Blood is beginning to run down from the numerous wounds on her arms and legs. "We'd better take you to a hospital. [Y/N], you'd better find a new room until that window's fixed." You nod your head and pick up all your belongings, shaking them to free them of glass and putting them into a couple of the bags by your door. You stand up and begin to inspect the doors. You recall Cole and Nya putting up signs with the names of people staying in each room a while ago...
"Geez, Princess [Y/N] sure is lucky to have her own room!" Cole decides. "I mean, Lloyd and I don't mind sharing our rooms with Mario and Link, but sheesh, Mario snores louder than Kai!"
"I'm sure it'll only be for a few weeks," Nya assures him with a pat on the back. She hammers the wooden sign into the door of the room that she once had to herself. Now, she's sharing it with Peach, Zelda and Urbosa. "And besides, we can't just let royalty live on the streets! I know we had a bad experience with Harumi, but I doubt the others are going to be like her."
"Hey." Cole lowers his voice to a bare whisper and glances around in all directions in order to make sure nobody's looking. "Is it just me, or does that Ganondorf kinda give off...
serial killer vibes?"
shit!" she hisses back. "He killed my fiancé and now he's sleeping in my brother's room and stealing all of my blankets out of Misako's old room! Oh, there's some people on this planet I'd kill if murder was legal..."
"Murder's legal in outer space," Lloyd blurts out from behind them. The two ninjas look at their friend with concern.
"How'd you know that?" Cole asks.
"Dad's search history," he casually responds as he turns around. "And you heard Uncle Wu. Treat our guests with respect, no matter how loud they snore or how many people they've killed."
"Okay," Nya sneers, 
"you try and justify a murderer and a thief living in our home!"
You know that all of the rooms are far too small to fit you inside.
You don't know where you're going to go now.

"Hey," Corky starts as you hear a loud roar from outside. "How 'ya going?"
"I don't have a room to sleep in."
"I'm sure that someone will be willing to share with 'ya!" Corky flies out in front of you and places her hands in yours. "Everyone on-board's been real good and kind to each other. Good and kind."
"The only person who isn't sharing is in a room that has to be the size of a single-sized bed," you admit. "And we all know he wants to kill me."
"Aw...[Y/N]!" She wraps her arms around you and squeezes you close. "Don't say that! He doesn't wanna kill 'ya, love!" She gives you a pat on the head. "On the contrary, he-"
"Man down!" Misako yells as she carries Mario in. There's a deep gash in his stomach that's torn his overalls. He's barely moving or saying anything. The two pass you.
"Wow," Corky decides. "For an old lady, she sure has muscles!"
You hear a final roar, and then a chorus of elated cheers. You look outside.
The Molduga is dead.
Lloyd and Link stand over its corpse, victorious at their win.
"And stay out of Ninjago!" Lloyd screams at the top of his lungs. He jumps off and lands on the ground next to Ganondorf. You watch in shock as he proceeds to give Lloyd a pat on the back. The ninja gives him a thumbs up in return.
"What the actual fuck?" Corky mutters.
"You took the words right outta my mouth," you agree.
"I hope that wasn't a swear word I heard!" Wu barks from behind you. "Learn some manners, Corky."
"What's tomorrow?"
"Tuesday. Why?" In response to Wu's question, Corky gives him a wave.
"See you next Tuesday!"
She races off at the speed of light, cackling like a mad man.
"Sugar honey iced tea-"
"Don't you dare push it," he warns you.

- - -

You stare at the jagged shards sticking out from the frame that once held a window in it. You sigh as the cold air breezes in through this wide gap, smacking you in the face. It's an avalanche of icy wind. You sigh.
"Are you alright, sweetheart?"
"Piss off," you hiss at Ganondorf. He frowns at you.
"Excuse me?!"
"You kicked me!"
"You attacked first!"
"Hey!" Misako shouts. The two of you look up at her. Her arms are crossed over her chest. "I'm sorry, but everyone's had it up to here with your constant bickering and fighting!" She raises one of her hands as high as she can. "The two of you are going to have to work something out, because I'd like to wake up to another day like the rest of the living."
"Koko?" you hear Garmadon calling from the end of the hall. "Are you alright?" She chokes back tears.
"I'm fine, Garmadon," she calls back. She wipes her eyes with the back of her hand. "Don't worry about me."
"I want to go home," you decide.

Garmadon pokes his head into sight again.
"You heard me." You shove Ganondorf away from you and begin to walk towards him. "Take me home."
"You are a child," Garmadon hisses at you. "You do not speak to me like that."
"I'm not speaking as a child," you protest. "I'm speaking as the princess of an entire country! This is abduction! You're holding me here against my will!"
"You agreed to board the Destiny's Bounty," he argues. "We've taken you all into our care because we had no choice! It isn't our choice that we have to look after the most ungrateful, self-absorbed bitch in the Sixteen Realms! This is madness!" You clench your hands into fists and go to back away. "Get out of my sight, [L/N]!" You jolt.
"Leave her alone," Ganondorf warns him. He places an arm in front of you.
"You have no right to be making the calls here," Garmadon sneers at him, "you bastard." His eyes land on you once more, and he begins to shout again; this time, attempting to shove you away. He narrowly misses you. "Go before I give you something to cry about!" Your right leg is beginning to shake as you step back. You try to stop it, but the shaking sensation moves up to your right arm. And then the shaking seizes your left limbs.
You can't move freely anymore.
Your chest aches with every breath you take, deep breaths that threaten to tear your lungs open. Your hands are cold. They're tingling. You can't move. All you can see is the floor as it shakes. The light in the hall is flashing, plunging the place into darkness and then bringing it back into a blinding light. The only thing you can hear are your jagged, desperate gasps for air.
And then it stops.
You stare at your hands for the longest time.
What just happened? you think to yourself. You look up at the three with tears welling in your eyes. Misako and Ganondorf can only stare at you with their jaws dropped and their eyes wide.
"What just happened?!" you cry. Garmadon shakes his head before turning around and storming off.
"The...the lights..." Misako whispers. "Did...did you do that?"
"Mom? What's going on?"

Lloyd and Zelda are now standing where Garmadon once was. Link, Corky and Kylee are all behind the duo. They're carrying tubs of ice-cream in their arms.
"She..." Misako turns to you. "The lights...they-"
"It was like she was being possessed," Ganondorf tells them in a whisper.
"Come with us," Zelda whispers to you as she holds out her hands. You're reluctant to step forwards, but you do so.
"What's going on?" Wu snaps from behind them all.
"We're taking Princess [Y/N] home," Misako responds in a quiet tone. He raises an eyebrow.
"And we're going to compromise life as we know it in favour of her wishes?"
"Wu!" she yells. "She was shaking because your brother was threatening her!"
"And how did that start, hmm?"
"Stop it!" Zelda screams at the two. "You're scaring her!"
You become aware of the fact that you're clinging to her arm.

Chapter Text

Lloyd opens the door to a room that's quite large in size. A rather unkempt and messy bed with green sheets and blankets thrown on carelessly is by the window. There's a bedside table next to this bed, and then a two-person couch with a few more blankets strewn over it. Bags from the shopping trip are all piled on the end of the bed. He begins to take the bags off the bed, setting them all on the ground.
"What are you doing?" you ask them quietly.
"You can lie down if you want," Lloyd offers as he gestures to the bed. He takes note of all the blankets and quickly attempts to smooth them out.
"It's awful what they've done," Zelda tells you. "It's not right to force someone to leave their home and then...what's that word you used before, Lloyd?"
"Micromanage," he responds.
"And then micromanage their life," she answers. She wraps her arms around you and holds you close. "I'm sorry you have to go through all of this."
"Hey..." he starts. "Do you have a headache or anything, [Y/N]?" You shake your head. "Jay has panic attacks sometimes, and he gets headaches afterwards." He pauses for a moment. "How about you give your advisor a call? He's probably worried sick about you." You nod your head and take your new phone out of your pocket. True to her word, Violet had transferred all the data to the new device, and as an added bonus, your phone number remains the same as it was before. You head to the contacts app and press on Cavaliere's number.
"I hope they're all okay," you whisper as you wait for the beeps.
"Hello?" Birdie's father starts. "Princess? Are you alright?"
You can't help but to cry into the phone in response to his familiar voice.

"...and it's just been a crazy couple of days," you conclude to your trusty advisor.
"I can only imagine it would be," Cavaliere decides. You set down the spoon in your tub of ice-cream that you've been eating during the hour-long talk with your advisor. Lloyd had dug down into the depths of the kitchen's freezer in order to find your favourite flavour. During the time you'd spent chatting to him, you'd learned that he was travelling all over the globe in an attempt to find any of the Sages or Champions. "Birdena's said that an old man named Wu has been training her in Spinjitzu just now."
"That's impossible," you assure him. "He's on-board the Destiny's Bounty right now-"
You notice that it's rather quiet outside Lloyd's room.
"Oh no..." you murmur. "You're right." You stop before adding on something else. "Wu said he was training people at his monastery today."
"Then who's the man on this ship?" You gulp at Cavaliere's question.
"I don't know. But nobody's talking. I'm gonna go and see what's happening."
"Be careful," he warns you. "I'll call Birdena and tell her to tell this Wu what's happening."
"Okay," you agree. "I will." You're about to hang up, but you think of something else to add on. "Cavaliere?"
"Yes, Princess?"
"When I was little...did lights use to flicker when I was scared or angry?"
"Lights flickering when you were scared or angry?" he ponders. "Hmm...I don't remember very well. I'll call my wife and ask her. She did take lots of photos of you and your mother. We have copies of each one at our house."
"Wait, really?!"
"I'm afraid Isle Delfino is far too dangerous to for you to return home to at this point, Princess [Y/N]," he apologises. "Sindaco has gone mad with power...and he has a control over all of the Piantas and Nokis on the island. I don't know what's gotten into him, but he wants to kill us. But I promise that I'll find them one way or another. Goodbye, Princess."
"See you later, Cavaliere," you respond, hanging up the call after those words. "I hope you can get them if you can."
You hear the sound of glass shattering on the floor below.

You begin to creep down the stairs as slowly as you can. A new voice begins to yell from the source of the shattered glass.
"Who are all you people?!" the voice, high and feminine in nature demands. The voice sounds rather cutesy and somewhat alien-like, you have to admit.
"We could ask you the same question, Oni," Urbosa sneers back at the owner of the voice. You notice that the door of the room it's coming from is slightly ajar. You sneak over to it with the lightest of footsteps.
"I'm not an Oni, for crying out loud!" she argues. "Didn't your stupid friend tell you what I was?"
"H-hey, miss," Lloyd tells her in a calm voice. You peek inside the room, and there everyone is, sitting down with their hands over their heads. Ganondorf is the only exception to this rule; he's out cold on the floor. "It's okay. We aren't going to hurt you. We just want to know who you are and why you were pretending to be my uncle."
"Yeah," Corky adds with equally wide eyes.
"I woke up here, okay?" the voice snaps at them. "One moment, I was in my home world. And then the next, I wake up in some giant ice-block. And then I finally escape the thing, and then I'm in the middle of the Sunshine Realm with that bloody Gerudo yelling down my neck saying that he thought he killed me!"
"Who...him?" Kylee asks the owner of the voice as she points at the unconscious man lying face-first on the floor.
"Yes!" she shrieks. "Who do you think?"
"Looks like Lil' Miss Gremlin here's from the same time period as Ganondork," she concludes. There's silence for a while, but then she speaks up again. "What? I'm trying to lighten the mood around here!"
"Hey..." Lloyd starts again. "Why don't you put that thing down and come with me?"
"No..." she mutters. "I want to know what year it is!"
"It's 2020."
"Who are you?" Zelda murmurs.
"I believe that she may be a Twili," Misako explains.
"A what now?" Mario asks.
"So you know what I am," the voice sneers. "That doesn't send me home!" You carefully swing the door open and bring a finger up to your lips in order to tell the others to be quiet. They don't move; their eyes do all the talking for you. You walk towards the part of the room you can't see and then pounce right in front of the voice's supposed location.
You're met with a blank wall.
"Nice ventriloquism," you mutter. You go to turn around again.
The biggest pair of yellow and orange eyes you've ever seen in your life stare right back at you.
You scream.

You begin to back away into the door, but it's closed. You grab the handle behind your back and jiggle it around in a frenzied attempt to escape.
It's locked.
The thing in front of you appears to be female. Her body is a pale blue colour, with black patches that appear to resemble an outfit. Upon her head is a stone helmet that appears to have been carved with great care. She has bright orange hair in a ponytail with yellow ends. At most, she's the size of a child. She narrows her eyes at you. There's glowing blue markings on her arms and legs. She points at you with her teeth gritted. She has a single fang sticking out of the right side of her mouth.
"So you're the Princess of Daybreak," she murmurs. "Princess [Y/N], eh?"
"How do you know who I am?" you calmly ask her as you draw your sword out and point it at her.
"So the prophecy is true, then." She turns towards the others, who still have their hands over their heads as if she's aiming a gun at them. She then glances at you. "It explains why those Oni conquered my home and turned me into this...thing again!" She curls her hands up into fists. "I saw a mechanical man walking within the boundaries of my home, unaffected by the twilight. How do you explain that?!"
"I don't know what you're talking about!" you plead.
"I think she's talking about Zane, Princess," Misako suggests.
"Or P.I.X.A.L," Lloyd adds on.
"She specified a man." Garmadon, like all the others, are glaring at the imp.
"Who are you?" Zelda demands. "And what do you want with [Y/N]?"
"Oh, I could use any old Oni," the imp assures her, taking a moment to inspect her nails. "But if I hold the Oni most dear to the Overlord, than perhaps I can free my people again!" She scowls before turning to Ganondorf. " that fool escaped is beyond me. His spirit is here, lively and person. Yet...his body remains buried beneath your Earth."
"Didn't you Twili ever learn us Oni were immortal?" Garmadon sneers at her.
"We learnt, alright. They've turned my people to stone! And the mechanical man froze me with the hand of snow!"
"The hand of snow?" Peach ponders. "What's the hand of snow?" The imp begins to growl at the rest of you under her breath, and with each passing second, her eyes narrow and her teeth become more bared.
"Don't you dare touch them!" you shout as you step in front of them. She presses her hands together before separating them, revealing a black orb of smoke that projects red-hot electricity. This energy blasts out of her hands, hurling straight for your head. You cross your arms over your face and brace for impact.
It never comes.
Slowly, you begin to open your eyes.
Standing in front of you are Lloyd and Ganondorf.

"You stay away from her," Lloyd warns as he grabs her hand and pulls her forward. Around her neck, he clamps the collar you'd seen the Ninjagians give Ganondorf when he was imprisoned on your island. She almost immediately attempts to create another orb to smack Lloyd in the face with, but it's no use. She screams and opts to kick him in a place that shall not be named so early on in this story. Lloyd curls over and winces.
"That hurt..." he whispers, his face scrunched up in pain.
"That's gonna leave a mark," Kylee decides. As the others make sure that Lloyd's alright, Ganondorf crouches down by the imp's side and picks her up by the wrist. She stares at the ground in despair.
"My people..." she whimpers. "My people..."
"I will not have you attacking her like some untamed beast, Midna," he warns her. She tries to wriggle her wrist free from his grip. "She is the one who will be defeating the Overlord. Do you understand what I'm saying?"
"Oi!" Corky barks at him. "Put her down, 'ya dick-head!" Ganondorf is quick to turn towards the tiny Bonneter, letting go of Midna as he does so.
"Leave her alone," Lloyd sighs.
"You need to stop fighting everyone," Zelda warns Ganondorf. He continues to glare at Corky.
"I wonder if they'd defend you as swiftly if they knew."
And in his typical cape-swishing fashion, he leaves.

"What's his problem?" Midna mutters as she stands up and wipes the dust off her arms and legs. The others glare at her with their eyebrows raised. "What?"
"I don't know who you are," Lloyd decides, "but you're creeping everyone out." And with that, he picks her up and begins to walk out of the room.
"Let go of me, you stupid boy!" she yells.
"What was that all about?" Misako asks. You shake your head and stand up.
"Let's go back to the monastery," you mutter.
"Can't argue with you there," Corky agrees. Mario helps the others up, and you walk out. Kylee follows you out.
"Is...Ganondorf okay?" she inquires in a low voice to you.
"I'm going to ask him," you explain.
"Yeah...that might be the way to go." She gives you a pat on the back and offers you a smile. "Good luck!"

Chapter Text

You stand at the front of his door and raise your hand. You want to knock on the door, but there's something telling you not to.
Maybe he wants to be left alone, a voice in your head assures you.
Knock, knock.
You quickly draw your hand away. "Why did I do it?" you mutter to yourself.
"What do you want, Princess?" Ganondorf mumbles from the other side of the door.
What am I supposed to tell him? You frown at the thought of speaking again.
"If you don't have anything to do," he warns you with a hiss, "then go bother someone else."
"No!" you assure him. "I wanted to make sure you're alright." The door opens the slightest bit. He peers at you from inside.
"You aren't here to do that strange light thing at me...are you?" he frowns.
"What light thing?" you ask.
"When Garmadon-"
Your face falls.
"Oh. That light thing. No...I'm not." He opens the door so that you can see his face. He appears to be rather tired. "Was" You find yourself looking down at the ground. "Was I interrupting your sleep?"
"Can't sleep," he mumbles. "Haven't slept since I woke up from that horrendous little party." He swings the door right open. "The others are scaring you, aren't they?"

You sit at the edge of his bed as he stretches his arms and takes a seat next to you. It's still absolutely terrifying how large he is for a person.
Well, you assure yourself, this room's tiny size probably isn't good, either.
"To what do I owe the pleasure of your company?" he asks as he leans back against the wall.
"Why did you stop me from drinking that thing Kylee ordered last night?"
"I bet you've never drank in your life, sweetheart." He turns to face you. "You would've had a shit night."
"You didn't have to drink it, you know." You watch on as Ganondorf begins to laugh at you.
"I didn't. But that doesn't mean I shouldn't have." You roll your eyes.
"Was my mother like you?"
"Fortunately not." He closes his eyes. A smile begins to creep across his face at the thought. "Ah...she was a beautiful young lass. Had the smile of the goddesses. And she was pure hearted whenever I saw her face. There aren't as many mothers in the world who were as kind or understanding as she was..." His smile begins to fade. "It was quite the shame that she chose to be with a man who didn't deserve her."
"What was he like?"
"There's a reason few speak of him, Princess [Y/N]." By now, he's frowning. He lowers his voice to a murmur. "There's few in this world who are truly insane enough to toy with him."
"But you've met him, right?" you inquire. He shakes his head.
"And when was that?"
"The day your mother died."

He stares at the closed door before the two of you. He's awfully quiet now, as if there's more than he's letting on.
"It was the day of your seventh birthday, and your mother had presumed the Overlord to be dead. And she wished for you to meet me...and had arranged for my spirit to be allowed outside of the Twilight Realm until the sun set over Isle Delfino." He stares at the palms of his hands and smiles. "I...I was elated to be there. There was something about being in a place where the Sun's rays brushed across your face...the simple sea breeze in the air instead of the cruel, harsh winds of the Twilight Realm. And I never wanted to leave."
"What led up to it?" you ask him. You're unaware of just how quiet your voice has become.
"You'd gone missing for a while," he explains. You chuckle a bit at the memory. You do remember how good your day had been before it had all happened.
"I think Birdie and I were Blooper Surfing at Ricco Harbour," you tell him. "It's pretty dangerous, now that I look back at it."
"In hindsight, I'm glad that you weren't there to hear the screaming from that house," he murmurs. "While I have committed equally horrendous crimes myself...I wouldn't wish that upon any child." He goes to speak further, but he can't.
There's something about the way he's frozen that haunts you.
His hands are reaching out for a woman who hasn't been here for eleven years. His mouth is slightly parted as he murmurs her name.
"I know she died in a fire," you whisper, "but I...I never knew she died in pain." He raises a hand to one of your temples and gently holds it there.
And you can see it.

The normally clear, fresh air of Pianta Village, covered in a thick haze of black smoke. The Piantas standing at the house, watching on in terror as they desperately attempt to dowse the flames of the burning fire in water. Standing there in horror as the flames only heighten in intensity and size. The ribbons of red, yellow and orange, tearing through the skies.
And the two Piantas you inevitably recognise as Birdie's mother and Mayor Sindaco walking away from the back of the house, keys in hand.
"She was helplessly trapped inside the old mayor's house as its walls were burned to a crisp." His eyes are wide, desperate to avoid staring at you. "She'd gone inside to get something she'd kept in there for you. But those traitorous friends of hers had told the Overlord of my presence. He could not leave his he made a deal to never bring harm to their children if they executed [M/N] on his behalf. The guards told me that the place had burned down after an oil fire started in the kitchen. Those...those traitors locked the doors so she couldn't escape."
"But...why?" you whisper. "Birdie's mother was my mother's best friend."
"Fear, [Y/N]." Ganondorf looks up at you with a completely stoic and serious expression. "Fear. They were terrified that he would kill them for not telling them of our forbidden love." You watch as his gaze drifts to the ground. "I'd ran inside to save her. I was...I still am immortal. So it wasn't a problem if I got burnt. I found her on the floor with a knife in her stomach. I could hear her...breathing. It sounded like the breaths you hear when you know the person taking them is going to die. And in her injured haze, she looked up to me. Raised her hand to my face and gave me a smile. She still looked beautiful...even when her face was tarnished with ash and soot. With her dying breath...she told me that she knew she wasn't going to make it." He reaches into the pocket of his trousers. "She wanted me to deliver her gift to you. I refused. I told her that I'd find her-you, and that she'd be alright...and that she wasn't going to die that day. She...she died there in my arms." He takes his hand out of his pocket and returns his stare at you. "[Y/N] ran away that day when I carried her out of the building. And I searched all over to find you. I did find you, but the sun was setting over your kingdom and I was forced to make a hasty return to the Twilight Realm. Hold out your hand." You oblige, and he places something in your open palms. You look down at what he's left you.
It's a little dolphin hair-clip, made of the finest silver and aquamarine.
You stare at it for a while.
"Sindaco and Cavaliere told me that she'd left toys and books at the castle for me," you murmur. "But...this was her present?" You're about to ask him if he's lying, but you can see his eyes, filled to the brim with tears. Just seeing him there...possibly one of the most violent and aggressive men you've ever met in your tears?
You're speechless as he composes himself faster than Birdie during an all-you-can-eat buffet. Once more, he's calm and collected, not showing any sign of weakness. He takes the clip from your hands and takes a front lock of your hair in his hands. You stare at the [H/C] strands as he clips this lock of hair down with the hair-clip. He backs away for a moment to look at you.
"I'm sorry it took eleven years to deliver her gift to you," he apologises. He stares at you for a while before throwing his arms around you. For a while, he doesn't really move, and the motions of his chest when he breathes assures you that he's still alive.
"It's okay," you assure him. "I...just...I'm not sure how to...y'know, when you punched me-"
"I did it because you had the aggression of your father when you attacked me," he murmurs. "I regretted it...because I realised that I had just laid a hand upon the daughter of my-"
"Yo!" Kylee shouts from outside. "We're back at the monastery, and oh boy."
"You're in deep water with Uncle Wu for beating the shit out of [Y/N]," Lloyd advises. "Just a heads up, G."
"No," you protest as you open the door and stare at the two. "I started the fight. Don't get him in trouble because of what I did." Kylee raises an eyebrow.
"It's...a bit late for that," he admits. "I'll see what I can do, [Y/N]." The two walk away, and you turn back to Ganondorf.
The complete and utter look of gratitude on his face is one you never thought you'd see in your life.

Chapter Text

With dinner on the books, everyone's been given chores to complete as Urbosa and Mipha try their hand at cooking tonight's dinner. Kylee is with Bowser Jnr and Saria in the courtyard. The three of them are sweeping it down with wooden brooms. Zelda and Misako are taking a close look at the tapestry and discussing its contents like old friends. Corky and Cappy are busy helping Daruk and Birdie move stuff around by telling them where to put the heavy stuff Wu's gotten them to carry onto the Destiny's Bounty.
"Uh...I think you need to go left," Cappy explains.
"No, your other left!"
"You guys are just confusin' me here!" Daruk sighs.
"Which way?!" Birdie snaps at them.
The two Bonneters are quiet as they point right.
Inside the Monastery of Spinjitzu, Lloyd and Garmadon are having a "friendly" talk to Midna. Peach and Pauline are chattering like old friends as they set the dining room table. Ronin, Mario, Bowser, Cole and Nabooru are pretending to sort through scrolls and books for Misako, but Ronin and Mario are really teaching the others how to play blackjack as they wager things like money and odd bits and pieces they've found around the Destiny's Bounty. Wu's off somewhere having a talk with Link. And you? Well, you're helping Ganondorf wrangle Fridge into his cage.

You hold the wooden cage in your hands and stare at Fridge with narrowed eyes. His beady eyes wait for you to flinch in order to find a path to escape. Behind the chicken, Ganondorf is creeping forwards with his arms stretched out. He doesn't dare make a sound. His eyebrows are lowered in concentration. It's amazing how quiet he's trying to be.
And it's terrifying at the same time.
"Wu said that you need to get into your cage," you tell Fridge.
Fridge clucks and backs away.
Ha! you think. Idiot!
You begin to close in towards Fridge. "I don't think anyone needs to make that old man angry, Fridge," you warn the chicken. "Get inside the cage, please." Ganondorf takes another careful, thought-out step towards him.
The floorboards creak.
Fridge's body glows blue as his feathers erupt into a fury of crackling lightning. He charges towards you, and you hold up your hands. The nasty sting you're met with feels like someone's electrocuted you with one of those prank gifts where it looks like a packet of gum. You shriek in pain as you're zapped again and again. With each sting, you begin to feel woozier. You glance at the mirror in the living room and frown at your hair, which is sticking up on its ends. You glance back at Ganondorf with a defeated sigh, expecting him to not have much more luck.
He's carrying Fridge in his hands, seemingly unaffected as the creature attempts to zap the heck out of him.
"What the..." you murmur. "How are you doing that?"
"My people are numb to the harsh sting of lightning," he explains to you with a smile on his face. "Or it could be the crown I wear that grants me complete resistance to any shock." He picks up the cage and stuffs Fridge inside. He glares at Ganondorf and hisses, which you can't help but frown at.
"Are you sure that thing's a chicken?" you mutter.
"He'll be tomorrow's lunch if he isn't careful," Ganondorf threatens, more to Fridge than you.
"Speaking of dinner," a voice says behind you, "everybody's been waiting for you." You glance up to see Link and Wu standing there. Wu takes the cage from Ganondorf's hands. "I hope Fridge wasn't too much of a problem for you two."
You raise an eyebrow at the old Ninjagian.

Everyone's gathered at the table, and most people are chattering away in threes or fours as they eat the quite delectable radish soup that Mipha's made. You'd talk with Birdie, but she's ignoring you. Corky's busy listening to Daruk's account of being chased around as a kid by dogs. And it seems that Kylee's too shy at the moment to speak with anyone.
"Where's Urbosa, dear?" Misako asks Mipha. The Zora looks up from her plate.
"Uh...she's still preparing food in the kitchen," she whispers. "She isn't finished with dessert."
"Dessert?!" Bowser Jnr exclaims. "Yeah!"
"Calm down, son," Bowser warns him as the child proceeds to jump around in his seat. You stare at your hands for a while.
Did I really make the lights change when Garmadon yelled at me? you ask yourself.
"So..." Ronin starts as he cracks open a can of beer. "Heard you all got intoxicated at Skylor and Turner's new club."
"It was Dad's idea," Lloyd explains.
"How'd you get in, anyway?" Misako frowns at him.
"Eh, Karlof was the bouncer." She shakes her head at his response.
"Seriously," Ronin adds on as he takes out his old and clunky BorgPhone 4s so that you can all see the screen. "You guys are all over Chirp now." You take the phone out of his hands and take a look at the news section.
"Are our political leaders irresponsible?" you read in disbelief. Zelda spits out her water in shock.
"What?!" she demands. "How can anyone say that about us?!"
"It's called the Internet, sweetheart," Ronin assures her as he snatches his phone back from you and pockets it. "Trust me, there's always one person complainin' on there like their opinion matters."
"Uh...Link?" Lloyd asks as he holds out his own phone. "You're a meme, dude." The Hylian stares at the screen before letting out a shout of surprise.
Sure enough, the same blue-tinted photo of him sitting against a wall and sadly staring off into the distance is all over Chirp.

"When you're invited to a party but there's no dogs to pet..." Nya bursts into an uncontrollable fit of laughter at the caption.
"I always save Zelda," Nabooru recites, "but when will Zelda save me?" Cole cracks up laughing at that one, and she can't help but smile.
"Is this what Ninjago finds funny?" Ganondorf whispers to Wu.
"Unfortunately, yes."
"Oh my goodness!" Nya gasps. "Don't say that next one out loud, Lloyd..." He reads it out loud anyway, presumably because he hasn't read it beforehand.
"When your friends drag you out to a party and you just sit there in the corner of the living room while they all have-" Lloyd raises an eyebrow, clears his throat and corrects the intended word to something else. "A rap battle."
"What's so bad about a rap battle?" Junior ponders. Nya shakes her head and wraps her arms around him, being sure to cover his ears.
"Don't you worry, Junior!" she squeaks.
"A rap battle..." Bowser murmurs.
"Don't be silly," Cole decides, "wrap your-"
"Not around the children!" Peach pleads. You stretch your arms and neatly put your cutlery in a vertical position as to tell the chef that you've enjoyed the meal. An idea sprouts in your head.
"I've just got to go to the restroom," you lie. Wu nods his head, and you begin to walk out of the room. They're all chattering so loudly that they don't notice that you've closed the door behind them and are sitting right out the front of it.

"That was a great dinner, Mipha!" Bowser compliments.
"Th-thank you!" she stammers. You can picture her face being bright red. Everyone thanks her, and this goes on for a while before the chatter dims down a bit.
It seems they're now having a group discussion.
"So..." Ronin tells someone in a sly and cunning tone. "What are everyone's thoughts on Princess [Y/N]?"
"Hmm..." Everyone's quiet for a while as they consider how to answer his question.
"She's alright, I guess," Junior answers bluntly.
"That's mean!" Saria protests. There's a bit of laughter, and then some of the adults start to answer Ronin's question.
"She's the most dramatic person I've ever laid eyes upon," Garmadon proudly tells the others. There's a few scoffs and the sound of someone's chair dragging across the ground.
"She wasn't being dramatic," Ganondorf hisses. "And you know it." You aren't sure why, but the mere fact that he's just backed you up is enough to bring a triumphant smile to your face.
"Ooh!" Nabooru teases him. "Are you defending woman?!"
everyone calls out in a taunting way.
"You'd all better stop before I force you all six feet under!"
"I so ship you two, though!" Nya assures him. "You two are cute together!"
"That's what was thinking, though!" Cole agrees.
"That's gross..." Corky mutters. "She just turned eighteen, didn't she? And he looks like he's about forty-something!" There's even more laughter. "I mean, love who you wanna, it's 2020. But three days ago, this conversation would have been illegal, you know." This time, the laughter's through the roof. You can't believe what they're talking about.
"Do you like her, mister?" Junior ponders.
"Well, I-" But Ganondorf is cut off.
"Of course he does!" Daruk practically yells at the others. "Don't think I've seen him take his eyes off her once!"
"Not gonna lie," Lloyd declares. "I could see you two becoming a thing."
"Why would someone as beautiful as her think that someone as unattractive of me is worthy of her attention?" Ganondorf demands in a frantic panic.
"Dude," Cole tells him. "You literally have a kid. You've done the do with a woman before, I presume?" Junior and Saria snicker at Cole's question.
"And?! She's-"
"Aw!" Zelda beams. "Just look at him! Ganondorf's blushing!"
all the girls and women coo at him. This is of course with the exception of your friend.
"Mother of Dinraal," Ganondorf hisses at them. "I can't be with the daughter of a woman I've had romantic relations with!"
"You slept with her mom?!" Lloyd practically shouts.
"No! She didn't want to! Not out of wedlock, she didn't!"
"So you were going to marry her?" Nabooru inquires.
"I never got to," he murmurs. "She...she died before I had the chance to ask her to be my wife."
"I'm sorry to hear that, man," Cole apologises to him.
"The past is in the past," Wu tells everyone.
"But there's always the future," Misako adds on.
"Why don't you just ask her out?" Bowser suggests. "Y'know, like take her on a date and maybe take her back to your place and...have a rap battle?"
"No," Ganondorf snaps at them all. "I'm flattered you all think that she desires me in that way, but I'm sure her father would have a choice few words to say at the matter. Look at me!" You stand away from the door and pretend to walk back, stepping on the ground lightly and then making the steps louder in progression to feign your return from the bathroom. You swing the door open and notice them all jerk up in their seats. Ganondorf is standing up, his face as red as a tomato. You can tell he wants to run away.
"What'd I miss?" you ask as you take a seat.
"Nobody talked while you were away," Birdie lies to you. You nod your head.
You still can't believe what's just been said at the table.

Urbosa walks in with a look of utter defeat on her face. "I'm sorry." She slings a tea towel over her shoulder. "But I'm afraid that the fruitcake is ruined."
"It's okay!" Nya assures her. "There's always tomorrow!"
"Thank you," she says with a smile.
"Come," Wu advises her. "Sit. I need to have a discussion with all of you." She obliges, and you all turn your attention towards Wu.
"What is it, Sensei?"
"It's Midna, I'm afraid," he sighs. "There is truth to her story, and that is what I want to discuss with you." Everyone leans in closely to hear what he has to say. "There have been invasions in all Sixteen Realms by the Oni. It has ranged from petty crimes and mild inconveniences to brutality and mass homicide."
"Mass homicide," Lloyd repeats in disbelief. It's unbelievable to think about.
And you can't help but recall what one Oni did in the train up to New Ninjago City last night.
"As the ruler of the Realm of the Departed," he continues, "Midna had been dealing with an onslaught of new arrivals in mass numbers prior to what Misako discovered was the initiation of her cryogenic slumber."
"He's right," a voice sneers from the door. You all look up to see Midna floating in the air, one of her fists clenched. "I've been frozen for ten thousand years in this stupid imp form, and it's all that mechanical man's fault!"
"It seems that in this realm," Wu continues, "one's age at death is the marker of their final physical age. That is how quite a few of you remain the age you are yet maintain youthful appearances."
"But most of them have started aging again," Zelda protests.
"Ah," he assures her, "but that is because their bodies are whole once more."
"The long story short," Misako explains, "we now know that Zane is trapped in the Realm of the Departed."
"It's the Twilight Realm," Midna hisses.
"There may be others trapped there, too," she adds on, choosing to ignore the imp's snapping and arguing with people. "As Midna is from the capital of this realm, it is safe to assume Zane was or still is there, too. It is vital that we find the Sunshine Realm's equivalent location, and enter it utilising Traveller's Tea."
"So...would it be easier to find everyone who's in the Twilight Realm without any time travel?" Lloyd inquires. "You know, seeing as they don't age while they're in there?"
"Correct," she confirms. "I've determined that the place we need to travel to is in the south-west region of Hyrule."
"Isn't it a coincidence that this final Oni Warlord we've been hearing so much about is buried there?" Cole asks. "Wasn't his name Hatred or something?" You can see Ganondorf's glare in the corner of your eye.
"Yeah...why did the mask look like a girl?" Lloyd adds on. "Is there something we're missing here?"
"Not many people know of his resting place," Misako admits, "and it is not in the Gerudo Desert. I doubt that even Ganondorf knows where he is buried. That information lies with only one person."
"That's just stellar," Kylee mutters. "I bet they're dead."
"Why are you complaining?" Nabooru demands. "The last time checked, you aren't even a part of this prophecy."
"I still want to go home," she protests.
"I have been looking to intercept those trying to unearth Ganondorf's body from beneath-"
Misako stops dead in her tracks.
There's a dart in her neck.

Chapter Text

Misako falls face-first into her plate. Everyone jumps and clutches at their necks. Zelda frowns and picks up her tablet, which is beeping furiously.
"It says that the Ninjagian Sage of Light is right here," she tells everyone.
"Huh...that's funny," Wu admits as Lloyd proceeds to start dialling for an ambulance. "I don't see anyone else here."
You look up to see someone standing in the rafters.
It's a masked assailant in a white, hooded cloak with sleeves. You can tell she's a woman from her figure. She's wearing a matching bodysuit that appears to be futuristic, thin and metallic in appearance. She's got a garter on her upper thigh that appears to hold several throwing knives in place. The mask on her face is a Venetian mask with pale, blue lips, a white face and silver jester triangles all around it. You can only just see a pair of emerald irises beneath the mask. She's dressed in high-heeled boots, and honestly, you have to commend her for being able to creep around up there without making a peep.
"Oh!" you shout. "Up there!"
Everyone looks up, and she drops down onto the table.
She stomps on Bowser's hand before holding out her arm. There's a vambrace that appears to be technological in nature, complete with a screen. A silver crossbow materialises in her hand, and she loads it with an arrow before pointing it at Lloyd's head. She fires it, but instead of hitting its intended target, it strikes Midna's calf.
"Ow!" she shrieks.
There's a flurry of hands and one end of Wu's staff trying to trip up this mysterious woman, but no matter what anybody does, she remains standing on the table. Dishes fly everywhere she kicks her feet. She points the crossbow at you.
"You," the woman says with a text-to-speech voice coming from the vambrace. "My master wants you."
But before she has the chance to hit you with an arrow, she disappears into a flurry of pixels.
"Where'd she go?!" Mario shouts as Peach cowers next to him in complete and utter fear.
"What in Hyrule was that?!" Urbosa demands.
"Mom's waking up," Lloyd whispers to Wu. The old sensei lifts up her hand and lets go of it, watching it flop back onto the table with no resistance whatsoever.
"Hmm...the person appears to have drugged her with a heavy sedative." He glances around. "I am unsure how long the effects will last for."
"We need to get out of here," Kylee whispers.
"I second that," Zelda agrees.
Everyone stands up in a prompt manner and pushes in their chairs.
"Where do you think you're all going?" Wu frowns.
"Away from here, man," Bowser murmurs. Lloyd carries Midna in his arms as he passes his uncle.
"We've gotta go and find Zane," Lloyd tells Wu. "He might know where at least one other person is."
"Why...why is the back of my leg hurting?" Midna murmurs to him.
"Hold on, kid," he assures her.
"I'm...over ten thousand years old..."

- - -

You're sitting in the living room of the Destiny's Bounty as Lloyd inspects the arrow that Midna was struck with. Peach and Mario are in another room as they tend to the arrow wound she sustained. Kylee's pacing up and down the room; Bowser Jnr watches her in curiosity from the rug as he plays with a couple of toy cars. Bowser and Zelda are sitting on the sofa and watching the television. You're sitting in the armchair and chatting with Lloyd.
"I...don't know how someone got a hold of it..." Kylee murmurs.
"Got a hold of what?" Lloyd asks him.
"The TeleCuff on her arm," she responds. "It's my friend's technology." She holds up her robotic arm. "My one's built into my arm, so people can't steal it without ripping the whole arm out of its socket. But nobody else on my team has any artificial limbs, so theirs could be stolen easily."
"So it's someone from your world?"
"I've never seen that outfit on anyone from my team," she admits. "It's kinda Tron-esque, if you ask me."
"Huh?" Junior asks. "What's that?"
"It's a movie," she explains. "If I can find my friend, she has it on her phone. Maybe you could watch it one time!"
"That'd be cool!" he beams. Lloyd hands Kylee the arrow. She turns it in her hands.
"Where's this from?"
"It's from my sister's crossbow," she admits. "But that wasn't her there. We're identical twins, and that woman there was taller than me." Her fingers brush across the side of the arrow. "I'm worried something's happened to my sister...and the others, too. I just wish there was a way to know where they all were..."
"Destiny's Bounty taking off in five minutes," Nya's voice addresses the crew from the bridge.
"I'm sure they can't be far," Zelda decides. "Didn't you say you landed in the Sea of Sand and then snuck onto a flight to Isle Delfino?"
"It was a mission involving me and my seven teammates," she tells him. "They're not without their powers...but not all of them work well by themselves."
"We just have to keep an eye out on the news," he assures her. She smiles.
"While she was on the table, I scanned her," she explains. "She's not my sister, but there was something blocking me from getting her genetic signature. Normally, we have it there for identification purposes, but she's clearly bypassed it somehow, which is strange considering my friend didn't include a string of code to toggle it on and off."
"What in Morton's name is she talking about?" Bowser whispers to Zelda.
"None of our satellites are in this world," she continues like everyone's clinging on to her every word. "It's frustrating, because it means that I can't track down the others, and I bet someone's gonna die, and-"
"Hey," Lloyd tells her as he places a hand on her shoulder. "We'll find them. Nothing's impossible."
"Yeah, right," she mumbles.
"I'm talking to a video game character," he assures her.
"And I'm talking to the live action version of some toy," she protests. "I guys would freak if you saw yourselves in my world!"
"She talks a lot," Bowser Jnr declares in an embarrassingly loud voice. Thankfully, she doesn't hear this.
"I might go and see if anyone needs help," you tell everyone as you stand up. You're about to walk out of the room when you see Link and Saria running into the room, laughing their heads off as they carry an uncaged Fridge into the room. The chicken hisses at you, and you jump back in shock.
"Aw, fuck that!" Kylee shouts. Everyone scatters like Creepers in Minecraft when they see a cat.
"You two come back here with Fridge!" Wu shouts from the hall. Saria's giggles fill the air with a warm atmosphere.

- - -

You've never really been on the bottom floor of the Destiny's Bounty, and you're curious to explore. It's much darker in the lower floors of the Bounty. In fact, the entire bottom floor is dedicated to a storage unit filled with extra supplies, such as spare fuel, cleaning supplies, non-perishables and other stuff of the sort. You can hear giggling from behind a giant stack of canned soda. There's a burp and then more laughter.
"Hello?!" you call out.
"Shit!" Cole swears. He pokes his head up from behind the stack of cans. You can see his gi slung over an unused boxing bag nearby. He spots you and rubs at the nape of his neck. "Hey, sport! What brings you here?"
"What are you doing back there?" you ask him.
"Nothing!" he assures you in a panicked voice as he snatches his gi and throws it on. He ducks back down and whispers something.
"What?!" As you shout, you discover that Lloyd is standing next to you.
"Hey, [Y/N]," he grins. "Is Cole stealing food again?" You watch as Nabooru's head pokes out from behind the large stack of soda. Her hair appears to be rather dishevelled, with her red locks all over the place. She covers her chest with her arms, and you cover your mouth with your hand.
"I was just coming here to find my brother," she lies.
"But Ganondorf's in the bridge with Nya, Pauline and Urbosa," he argues. "Are you two-"
"No!" Cole shouts, still hidden behind the stack of cans. "We're...uh...having a rap battle!" Lloyd's jaw drops as he wheezes with laughter. "No, we're genuinely having a rap battle! We're roasting each other and making fun of our bars and-"
"You naughty man," she scolds him with a smirk on his face as she pinches his ear and pulls him up. "Why are you lying to them?" You turn to Lloyd and stare at him for a while.
"I think we should go," he whispers to you. You nod your head and go back to the staircase. You quickly turn around and run up.

You're heading back towards the living room when you hear Birdie talking to someone on the phone from Nya's room. You're about to walk in, but the words you hear from her are enough to stop you.
"...I know, Dad," she sighs. "I know she's part of something bigger than Isle Delfino. But don't you think this charade has been going on long enough? People are dying, Dad!"
"Charade?" you murmur to yourself. You lean your ear against the door.
"It's not a charade, Birdena!" you can hear Cavaliere protest. "Sindaco has taken over [Y/N]'s position, and he's going to kill your mother if any of you return!"
"You know, that Gerudo man's been spewing nothing but shit to her while nobody's around," she snaps. "He's trying to get in her pants by pretending he actually cares about her. He's saying that Mom and Sindaco killed [Y/N]'s mom because some spirit told them to, and I don't believe it one bit."
"How do you know that?" he snaps.
"Because...because did it!"
Your heart stops.
"Birdie..." you whisper. You reach into your pocket and take out the necklace she'd gotten you for your birthday. "No..."
Your stomach begins to sink.
"What do you mean?" he hisses. "Birdena, those sorts of allegations can lead to your imprisonment...or even worse, your execution!"
"I'm sorry, Dad," she whispers. "They made me do it."
Tears well in your eyes.
You can't believe what she's saying.
Or why she, for the most part, is completely calm while saying it.
"[Y/N]? There you are!"

Urbosa pulls you away from the door with a smile on her face. Most of her cuts and scrapes are bandaged up in gauze wraps. Over the top of the new set of pyjamas you'd helped her pick out, she's wearing a fluffy dressing gown. The colour reminds you of fairy floss.
"Nya's found you a room to share with-" She pauses when she sees the tears in your eyes. "Whatever's the matter, Princess?" You bring your hands to your mouth and try to hide the trembling bottom lip from her sight. "[Y/N]?"
"She...she killed her," you whisper. Her lips close and form a downward curl. Her eyebrows are turned up in concern, and she holds her arms out. You don't really move yourself, you just find yourself walking into her open arms. Your head rests against her torso, and she furls her arms around you in a protective manner. "Mayor Sindaco wants to kill me."
"I'm sorry you have to deal with that," she murmurs. And so the two of you just stand there in silence, frozen in time.
You look at your tears on the palms of your hands. They're normal, human tears. No glowing, no staining, nothing. Perhaps it's the result of such a combination. A Light Deity and her dark counterpart. Your parents.
"It's been a long day," she decides. "I have no doubt that rest would be a good idea for you." She goes to brush your hair out of your face when she sees something. "Huh. Dolphins are rather intelligent creatures, you know?" You nod your head. "Being from the desert myself, I've never seen one in person. But who knows? Tomorrow is another day."
"Yeah," Lloyd adds on from behind you. The two of you turn around to see the green-clad ninja standing there. "We'll be sailing on the Gerudo Sea for the next couple of days. Mom wanted you all to know that there's gonna be some rough seas tonight because of a hurricane way up north from our position."
"There's a sea named after your tribe?" you ask as you look up at Urbosa. She frowns.
"This is the first I'm hearing of it," she admits. "Well, I suppose that I should take you to your room now."

Chapter Text

You follow Urbosa into a rather large room near the top deck. There's a plush, fluffy rug on the floor. There's a set of six bed bunks all attached to the walls, enough for twelve people to sleep comfortably. You can also see four closets built into the walls, drawers that appear to be built underneath each bed, a large television mounted to the wall and beautiful curtains that dim the dying sunlight ever so slightly. The window behind said curtains allows one to oversee the entire deck. Mipha and Peach are both sitting on the floor and braiding pieces of very colourful wool together in order to make what appear to be friendship bracelets.
"This is where most of the women and girls have been staying," she explains to you. "I do believe that Nya was sharing her room with Zelda until...what happened?"
"A water pipe burst," Peach answers her. "Mario's fixing it as best as he can."
"Who else is in here?" you inquire.
"Well, Nya and Zelda will be in here now," she explains, "and I do believe that Saria and your Bonneter friend are in here as well."
"Ooh!" Peach adds on. "And Nabooru, Pauline and Kylee, as well!"
"...Nabooru, Pauline and Kylee," you murmur as you count up everyone that's been mentioned or implied on your hands. "That's eleven. Who else?"
"I believe it's that Twili girl," Mipha tells you. You're kind of glad that Birdie isn't in here. After all, if what she's said is true, then-
"Girls?" You watch as Misako pops her head in through the open door. "If there's anything you need, be sure to pop into the bridge. Ronin, Birdie and Daruk are taking tonight's night shift."
"Night shift?" Urbosa asks. "Is it that dangerous out?"
"In an environmental and geological sense, yes." Misako quickly slips into the room. "Ronin's going to try his best to sail us away from the storm, but there's no guarantees that we won't run into bad weather. Oh, and if you see Garmadon sleeping outside on the deck, don't mind him."
"Why would he be sleeping outside on the deck?" Peach frowns.
"He likes to...'sunbathe'," she responds with heavy quotations around the latter word. Urbosa shakes her head.
"What's happening with the men?" Mipha asks Misako.
"They're settling in to their new room on the second bottom floor," she answers. "And I've heard nothing but crude jokes coming out of my husband and sons' mouths every time I've went past. I pray to Yin that Bowser Jnr doesn't learn them."
"Can we see 'em?" Nya asks from behind her.
"It's like the forbidden territory, though!" Kylee protests. "It's the most sacred of dormitory rules! No mingling between the sexes, or you'll get into trouble!"
"And how quickly is that rule gonna get broken around here?" she argues.
"I guess you could call this room the no man's land, eh?" Everyone looks up at Corky with equal expressions of disbelief and discontent. She clears her throat and narrows her eyes. "Eh?!"
"Why don't you go to bed, Mrs Garmadon?!" Nya says in a rather exaggerated voice. "Gotta get up early for Wu's morning regime tomorrow, huh?"
"I know you're getting rid of me," she assures her before leaning in to her ear. "I am not ready for Wu's shit tomorrow morning." Nya smirks, and with that, Misako looks back up at the rest of you with a smile on her face. "Good night, girls." She leaves.
"Who wants to go and spy on 'em?" Nya asks. Everyone's quiet for a bit.
"Yeah, I'm up for it," you agree.
"Why not?"
"I'm afraid I'll have to go to sleep," Urbosa apologises. "I'm not feeling the greatest."
"That's fair," Nya assures her.

You all follow Nya downstairs to the second lowest floor. You can hear laughter coming from the room that's been assigned to all the guys. It sounds like someone's told a rather dirty joke from all the rumours you've just heard.
"It feels like I'm on an episode of Gossip Cruise," Nya whispers to the rest of you.
"Is that a reality TV show here?" Kylee ponders. After nodding her head briefly, Nya swings open the door to the neighbouring closet and ushers the five of you inside. She shuts the door and locks it shut before moving a poster out of the way. You can see quite a few peepholes scattered about.
"This is the cleaning closet," she explains. "That room next door used to be our interrogation room, but Zane insisted that interrogation was ineffective or something." You peek through the hole. Cole's lounging on a bean bag as he chows down on a piece of cake and chats with someone you can't see.
"It's getting harder to find some alone time around here, man," he admits. "If it isn't [Y/N] and Lloyd walking in on me and Nabooru, it's that fucking chicken!" You hide a snort.
"Nice catch, though," Bowser responds. "She's a nice lady. And she's able to stomach your literal junk food. Got a bit of sass to her, though."
"I don't mind it," he admits to him. "Say, have you got your eye on anyone whose name isn't Princess Peach?" Bowser takes a while to answer that question.
"Been thinking about Urbosa a bit," he explains. "But I don't think she swings that way."
"But doesn't she have a daughter or something? You can't exactly have a baby with someone if you're-"
"I dunno, okay?! Sheesh!"
"Don't get snappy at me!"
"Says the one piping Ganondorf's sister and pretending to everyone else he isn't!"
leave Nabooru out of it!"
"What's piping?" Mipha whispers as Nya shakes with silent laughter.
"Never you mind, Miph," Kylee assures her.
"I can't believe that's what they're interested in talking about," Peach tells the rest of you.
"Shush!" Corky ushers. "I think someone else is coming into the room!" You watch as Garmadon comes into the room, with Ganondorf following close behind.
"What are you two bitching about?" Garmadon snaps at Bowser and Cole. He then starts to laugh as Bowser responds in the most blatant tone ever.
"He's been lyin' about doing the do with Nabooru," he answers.
"I'm literally dying," Kylee wheezes.
"It rhymed!" Nya squeaks.
"You've done what?!" Ganondorf snaps at Cole.
"Yeah?" Cole jeers back. "Well, Bowser's got the hots for Urbosa!" Ganondorf stares at the two in complete and utter disgust as they proceed to push each other under the bus.
"He's slept with your sister!"
"He jacks off to your daughter!"
"I'm gonna pee myself if they keep arguing like that!" Kylee waves her hand over her face in an attempt to hide her laughter.
"I swear I'm gonna cry!" Nya sobs, although it's a happy, amused sob.
"You guys hear that?" Bowser asks the others.
"Maybe it was your imaginary girlfriend," Lloyd jokes as he, Mario and Link walk into the room. "Do any of you wanna grab a drink once the girls are in bed?"
"Like...tea?" Bowser frowns.
"Yeah. Wu said we were allowed, as long as we made some coffee for Ronin too." He turns to Ganondorf. "Hey, wanna play Fifty-Four Pick-Up?"
"What's Fifty-Four Pick-Up?" he demands. Lloyd reaches into his pocket and pulls out a packet of playing cards.
"It involves a full deck of cards," he coyly explains to the Gerudo. "You know what a full deck of cards is?"
"Uh-huh. And what does one do with this full deck of cards?"
"You have to agree to play if you want to find out what one does with this full deck of cards."
A wide grin spreads across Lloyd's face, and he quickly slides the packet of cards free from its box before flicking each and every one onto the floor of their room.
"You have to pick up fifty-four cards!" he snickers.
"I think I'll pass, boy," he sneers at him.
"Nup, you gotta do it!"
"Don't test me!"
"Ouch," Nya winces. "Should we get going?"
"But I wanna see Ganondorf pick up fifty-four fucking cards!" Kylee whines. You watch as they all look towards the wall where her voice has come from. She's next to you, so it feels like they're all looking at you, too.
"Oh my Yin, run!" Nya shrieks.
"You perverts!" Bowser roars.

You can hear someone storming out of the room as all the others tumble out of the closet and onto the floor of the hall. You decide to hide yourself underneath a pile of blankets, and Peach does, too. The two of you hold your breaths.
"Didn't your mothers ever teach you that spying was wrong?" Ganondorf hisses at the others.
"I know you, dude," Kylee retorts. "You're literally the main antagonist from the Zelda games. And besides, your moms spy on Nabooru in Ocarina of Time!"
"You're a video game nerd?" Lloyd asks her.
"My friend never shuts up about it!" she exclaims. "It's always Ninjago this, Mario that! And there's always a heaping load of, and I quote this in full, how freaking much she thinks that..." During Kylee's rather angry, nerd-fuelled rant, the others are able to sneak away.
"Wow..." Nya whispers. You decide that you too are going to sneak away. And so there you are, crawling on the ground.
"What are you doing?" Peach whispers in a panic.
"I'm getting outta here," you assure her. "Kylee's the distraction." With every distance you scoot forth, your heart begins to race even faster and faster. A pair of hands pick you up by the waist, and you cuss under your breath as the blanket comes off your head. You're met with Garmadon's glowing red eyes.
"Get your sword and go out onto the deck," he orders in a low, cruel tone. "I think it's time for you to be useful for once around here."
"I'm not fighting you," you argue.
"I don't want to fight you, girl," he sneers. "Now go before I throw you over the side."
"Dad..." Lloyd groans. "Leave her alone-"
"Fine," you mutter. "I'm sure Garmadon thinks I'd be better at the bottom of the ocean, anyway." Several eyes widen, a few jaws drop and someone gasps.
You storm over to the staircase.

You're standing out on the deck as you carry your sword in your dominant hand. The air is bitter and cold against your skin, just like the mood that Garmadon's in. Speaking of the devil, he's standing on the other end with a gunmetal staff in his hands. He looks so much like a skeleton, it isn't funny. Crowded around all the windows, everyone's watching in anticipation at the two of you. Most people are in pyjamas, while a few are still in their day outfits. You grip your sword a little tighter.
"Go on," Garmadon orders. "Hit me." You begin to walk forwards, and he doesn't as much as flinch at your movements. "Predictable, you are."
"Shut up!" Your footsteps become heavy and you lunge forth, slicing down with your sword. You think that you're going to hit him.
But he moves at the last second.
The blade of your sword strikes the ground and becomes encased in the wood. You try to yank it free from its binds.
"Go on, Princess. Hit me again."
You let go of the sword and pull your sleeves up. You curl your hand into a fist and go to smack it in his face.
You miss again.
With every punch you throw, it seems like you're going to land a hit. With every kick you direct at him, it's like he's asking to be your target. But with every attempt comes a miserable miss. Garmadon always seems to be a step ahead of's like he can foresee your every move.
" this?!" you scream between kicks and punches.
"[Y/N]?" he begins.
"What?" you demand. A smirk spreads across his face.
"Your aim is awful."
You begin to lunge for him with outstretched arms. A cry leaves your lips and you leap off the ground with the intent to tackle him down to the ground.
He yawns and steps to the side, which is enough time for you to realise your mistake.
You land face-first on the ground. You know that there's definitely going to be a scrape along your forearm. You look up to see his legs in front of you. You lift your head up and try to mutter something smart at him, but all you can manage is a groan. He holds out his hand.
"If I was an Oni," he decides, "you'd be dead now."
You go to grab his hand in order to pull yourself up, but once you're standing, you realise something's wrong.
He's still smirking as he throws you up in the air with the sheer strength of one arm and slams you on the ground.
"Did you not hear me, Princess? Heed my words."
"What the fuck was that supposed to be?" you hiss. "Isn't verbal abuse enough for you."
"The first part was the Art of the Silent Fist," he decides.
"And the second?"
"I just felt like it."
He begins to cackle like a mad man as he walks back inside the Bounty.

By the time you slump back to your room with your sword in hand, you find the others standing around in complete and utter shock.
"[Y/N]," Nya starts, "I'm so sorry that Garmadon did that to you-"
"It's fine," you mumble as you crawl into the bottom bunk. Zelda is fast asleep on the top bunk, having slept through everything.
"No, it isn't," Peach protests. "You've hurt yourself."
"Seriously. Don't worry about it." You throw your sheathed sword into your drawer and turn around so you're facing the wall.
"At least allow me to heal your wounds," Mipha wheedles.
"They're tiny scrapes. I'm fine. Urbosa needs the healing more than I do." You curl up and pull the rug over your back. Honestly, you just want this day to be over and done with.
"If you need anything," Corky assures you, "let us know." You don't answer them. You take your phone out of your pocket to check the time.
8:54, you tell yourself. I have no idea what they're going to do to me tomorrow. I'd better get sleep now before I regret it. Soon, the only thing you can see are the backs of your eyelids and the only thing you can hear is gentle snoring from the corner bunk, which houses Nya and Mipha.

Chapter Text

Ganondorf begins to run towards you, his arm stretched out. You look around. You're no longer on-board the Bounty. Now, you're standing in the streets of Delfino Plaza once again.
He collapses into the ground, his left hand twitching. He doesn't move any more.
"[Y/N]!" you hear your mother cry.
You look up at the peak of Corona Mountain, where a group of Oni warriors are holding her over the crater. She reaches out for you in the same way that Ganondorf had before he fell.
"Watch out!"
Lloyd jumps in front of you as a flash of red light strikes your chest.

You're no longer in Isle Delfino. You're in a dimly-lit cavern the size of a grand castle, holding a torch in your hand. You notice an old skeleton lying back on a raised platform in the centre. A green, hand-like claw is looming over this skeleton's chest. You begin to step up towards it.
"Who are you?" you murmur. You can see one symbol that's popping up rather frequently.
The Gerudo insignia.
You begin to back away, but a strange force draws you to the skeleton. He's wearing quite a lot of jewellery. It doesn't appear to solely be bone, but there's definitely something about the lack of body that's haunting you.
"...and I believe this was some sort of burial outfit that they gave him," Misako's voice rings through the air.
She isn't standing anywhere when you look.
You reach out to touch the skull.
It jerks, and the skeleton sits upright. You jerk your hand back, almost as if you've been electrocuted. It begins to look around.
It stops when it finds you.
Two red pinpricks of light flash where you suppose its eyes would have been in life.
"Sweetheart," it croaks. "I've found you."

- - -

You scream.
And of course, this wakes everyone else up.
"Great Din, Princess!" Nabooru shouts. "The Sun isn't even up yet!"
"Can we just get five more minutes?" Nya asks. You clutch at your chest and glance around.
"Is Ganondorf dead?" you demand. A few beds creak as everyone looks at you. "Sorry...I had a bad dream."
"It does no good to dwell on dreams, Princess," Urbosa informs you. She stands up and makes her way over to you. "But you asked if my father was dead...I'm certainly curious."
"Well," you admit, "for most of my life, I've had the same dream. It was when I left Isle Delfino that they started changing. And the one I just was a variation of the usual one. Like...what happened after." Zelda begins to climb down the ladder of the top bunk and drops down to the floor.
"Why don't you tell us about this dream?"
"Well..." you sigh, "it's always set in Delfino Plaza. And Ganondorf's always running from something. But this time, Lloyd was in it too, and they both got shot." You hear a knock on the door.
"Guys?" Lloyd asks from the other side of the door. "Who took down the Ninjagian flag and put my dad's underwear up there?"
Everyone bursts into laughter, and Kylee opens the door.
"Wait, really?!"  You spot Cole and Ganondorf walking past with smirks on their faces.
Ganondorf winks at you.
"Crikey..." Corky mutters.
"Anyway," Lloyd adds on, "the worst of the storm hit last night. It's just smooth sailing from here."
"What's for breakfast?" Zelda inquires.
"Uncle Wu said that everyone had to make themselves a bowl of cereal and eat on the deck today," he responds. "Said something about the kitchen being reserved to make lunch and dinner or something. I think Mom and Dad are making everyone sandwiches for lunch. And Mario offered to make pizza for dinner."
"Mmm, pizza!" Peach beams.
"Yeah. Uncle Wu's said that he's made all sorts of preparations for tomorrow. He wants to have a meeting with me, Link, Mario, Zelda, Peach and I think maybe Bowser, Dad and...Midna? I don't know what for, though."
"What else is happening today?" Pauline inquires.
"We'll be back in the air by midday," he continues. "We're going to be passing the Arbiter's Grounds first, but Link suggested that we stop in Gerudo Town for supplies, and maybe to meet this chick that runs it at the moment."
"Bad idea," Urbosa protests.
"Why?" he asks.
"Only women are permitted to enter the grounds of our city," Nabooru explains to him. "We made the law after a certain voe decided that it was okay to tarnish our reputation!"
"Ouch..." he winces. "Anyway, tomorrow we head in there and save our friend."

After a rather delicious breakfast of puffed wheat cereal with honey and milk, alongside a refreshing glass of apple juice, all of the people previously mentioned by Lloyd as needing to attend some meeting are in the room where Midna held everyone else hostage yesterday. Bowser Jnr and Saria are dancing to music in the bridge while Nya and Nabooru chat at the steering wheel. Mipha, Urbosa and Daruk have disappeared somewhere to do something, while Corky and Kylee are playing checkers. You have no idea where Birdie is. Misako's in the kitchen with Pauline as they finish off the sandwiches that Garmadon had started making. Ronin's sitting on the deck and drinking from a bottle of beer, sitting there and soaking up the Sun's rays. You're reading a fanfiction on your phone in your room, all curled up on your bed and lying there with a smile on your face. It's your favourite one of all time, which you'd saved just prior to eating your food.
"Princess?" you hear Ganondorf call from the other side of the door.
"Hello?" You look up from your phone and see him standing there with a book in his hands.
"Do you mind if I come in here and read?" he asks.
"Everywhere else too loud?" you respond. He nods his head. "I'll get you a bean bag to sit on." And so you drag out one of the large bean bags from underneath the television.
"What in Din's name is this?" he demands.
"It's a bean bag!" you explain. "You sit on it."
"Oh." He obliges with your suggestion and leans back into it before crossing one leg over the other and opening his book to the page where his finger's resting. He reaches into his pocket and takes out a pair of horn-rimmed glasses, which he unfolds and pushes onto the bridge of his nose before proceeding to read.
"You look nice with them on," you compliment him. "What do you need them for?"
"Everything," he answers without looking up.
"'re blind?" you ask.
"No," he assures you, turning a page and then glancing up at you. "I can see...just not very well." He falls silent again in order to read, and you decide that you want to, as well.
But there's something on your mind.

"You know...I've had dreams about you ever since I was seven," you admit.
"Dreams, eh? What kind?"
"Am I the monster?" He chuckles at his own statement. You shake your head.
"You're either protecting me, dying or both."
"I see. What are you doing now?"
"Reading," you answer.
"Misako told me that those strange miniature tablets were filled with magic. It's amazing what someone can do with the right tools and the right time..." He stretches his back. "Speaking of tools, Garmadon hasn't shown his face today." You giggle.
"I don't blame him," you agree as you slide off the side of your bed. You scoot over next to him. "He's been a little shit lately." You rest your head on his forearm and look at the book. "So, what 'cha reading?"
"Lloyd recommended this intriguing work on the history of the cardboard box," he explains.
"The cardboard box," you repeat in disbelief. "What?"
"It seems rather ludacris, if you ask me," he admits. "This is a waste of my time. I could be doing other things with my time."
"Why don't you write?" you suggest.
"Write, eh?" he asks. "Like what?"
"A journal?" you suggest. "Or a story?"
"I wouldn't mind keeping a journal," he admits. "My daughter wrote one." He turns towards you and takes his glasses off his face before tilting his head to the side for a little bit.
"Are you okay?"
"Hmm..." he murmurs. His eyes drift towards your lips. "Hmm..."
"What's wrong?" You watch on as he shuts the book and sets it to the side, all while maintaining his gaze towards you. "Ganondorf?" Still, he remains quiet. Just sitting there. Watching your face. Almost like he's studying it carefully. "Is there something on my face?" You frown. "What is it?"
"Something's missing from it," he responds.
"A smile." You raise an eyebrow at his response.
"I'm sorry...but I just haven't been that happy lately." He raises a hand up to your cheek and gazes into your eyes. You can see a red tinge creeping across his cheeks.
"I've been thinking about this for a long time," he murmurs. "You've become a very beautiful young woman, sweetheart." You aren't sure why, but your heart is beating against your chest like a drum at a heavy metal concert. He starts to lean in closer to your face, and he's about to make a move when the door slams open.
"[Y/N]! I think that Mipha was just looking for-" Zelda stops in her tracks and tilts her head to the side. "Ganondorf? What are you doing?" He begins to smirk as he presses his lips against your own. This time, you're the one to start blushing. Your eyes widen at the sight of how close his face is to yours. Almost as soon as it started, he lets go of you and stands back up.
"I was just leaving, Princess Zelda," he answers with the slyest of grins on his face.
He's quick to rush out of there faster than the speed of light.
"What was that all about?" she asks. You slowly raise a hand to your lips. It still feels warm where his lips touched you. Your other hand is pressed against your chest.
You can't get him out of your head.
You look back up to ask Zelda the same thing.
But she's gone.

It feels like everyone's stares are on you. You'd love for nothing more than to vanish.
It's like they all know.
You'd tried to follow Zelda. Tell her to not say a word.
But she told Link.
And while Link was the recipient of the message, it was Bowser Jnr who'd overheard.
And now, everyone knows.
"What do you want me for?" you try to ask Wu. But he's sitting there in disbelief. You frown. "I didn't make the move. He did!"
Ganondorf looks up at you before crumbling into dust.
You blink, and all the others are gone.
You're left all by yourself on the Destiny's Bounty.
The clock on the wall begins to tick backwards.
A bolt of lightning rains down upon the deck.
A crow caws.
You have no idea what's going on.
It feels like a dream to you.
Nothing but a bad dream.
You want to wake up from the bad dream.
"She's still asleep, Lloyd!"
"I didn't ask for your 
advice, Midna!"
"Shut up, you two! We're lost in the middle of the desert!"
"Don't you 
live here, Ganondorf?!"
Mia! Stop fighting!"
"She's waking up, you shit-heads..."

Chapter Text

You open your eyes at the sound of Corky's crude voice. The first thing you notice is the bright blue sky above your head. Not a cloud lies in the hot, bothersome sky. The Sun is burning your face, and it feels like you've been sweating up a storm in your gi. You're tempted to tear it off and cover your face with it in order to save said face. You're no longer on-board the Destiny's Bounty, but rather now in the sweltering hot sands of a place that reminds you of the middle of one of Isle Delfino's midsummer days. Ganondorf is hovering over you like a vulture would its prey. And it seems that aside from him, everyone else looks miserable around here. Lloyd's draped over a rock as he fans his face with his hand. Mario and Link are trying to sleep in the shade underneath a formation of pillars nearby. Cappy and Corky are floating around and appear to be scouting the area for any sign of other life. Kylee and Midna are just lounging about.
It's so hot, you can't help but think to yourself.

"She's been delusional since we found her," Ganondorf mutters to Corky. He turns to the others, maintaining his bitter composition. "Take her into the shade, you morons!" You're about to speak in order to tell him that calling people morons isn't a nice pastime, but someone drags you back underneath the stone pillar. You can't help but feel grateful for the shade. The sweet, cool shade. The icy shade that's already cooling the beaded sweat on your forehead. It's beautiful, and it takes the edge off the ugly heat.
"What on Earth's going on?" Kylee frowns. "Where are we? And why did we all fall off that fucking boat?"
"We're lost," Link answers in a quiet voice. She narrows her eyes at him.
"Great help you are!"
"Hey," Lloyd warns her. "Stop fighting. It's hot and we're already screwed as it is." Everyone's quiet again before someone cuts the cheese. The stench is awful. "Alright, which one of you bright sparks let one loose?" Cappy frowns at him.
"Maybe the same person who thought adding a whole container of cayenne pepper to his radish soup last night was a good idea!"
"It isn't me!" And nobody confesses, leaving you all sitting there and grumbling. It feels like you've been lying in Corona Mountain for days.
"It's so hot..." you groan.
"I know..." Ganondorf murmurs as he brushes the hair out of your face and stares into your eyes.

"Didn't you say this was it, Midna?" Cappy inquires from Mario's side. You glance around again in order to try and figure out where you are. Apart from a couple of sandstone pillars, this place is exclusively desert. You aren't even sure whether you should be impressed that you're in such a strange and beautiful place, or disappointed that there probably isn't any water for miles.
Probably the latter, you tell yourself.
"It's supposed to be," Midna argues. "I don't know what happened to it!" You groan again at how loud she's being. It's hurting your head and even making you feel sick.
"I know, sweetheart." Ganondorf holds a damp cloth on your forehead while he keeps you lying down by holding his other hand around your upper arm. "This place is just miserable, isn't it?" You don't even know what it is, but it's nice and cool against your skin. You don't complain.
"Thank you..." you whisper as you go to sit upright.
"Don't move," he tells you.

Lloyd scoots over to you with a plastic bottle of water in his hands. It's about a quarter of the way full.
"We were lucky it fell off with us," he admits. "You must be thirsty, [Y/N]."
"But there's so many of us here..." you try to argue. He shakes his head.
"You're the chosen one," he assures you. "We'll drink when you can't any more." You go to refuse, but Ganondorf props you up so you can sit and drink the water.
"Do what the boy says," he warns you. You sigh and take the drink from Lloyd's hands. You unscrew the lid and take the tiniest sip before closing it again. Lloyd was right; you're thirsty, but there's other people here who might need it more than you.
"We've all had a bit," Lloyd promises, although you get the feeling he's lying. "You need to drink the rest."
"Okay..." you murmur. You unscrew the lid again and begin to drink it properly this time. It does wonders for your parched throat. All in all, the water's definitely helping you feel quite a lot better than you'd felt before.
"See?" he asks. "Don't you feel better?"
"What if someone else needed it?" you protest.
"Lie back down, sweetheart." Ganondorf begins to loom over your body, his gigantic torso blocking the Sun from your view. "It's not good for you to be outside, let alone moving in this heat." You wordlessly fall back into the sand and take off your gi. You're feeling even better now. As there's no point in having it over your head (the shade is certainly helping you), you decide to scrunch it up and use it as a pillow for beneath your head.
"I know I've lived in a hot place for my entire life..." you sigh, "but this place takes the cake."

"Oi!" Corky yells from the distance. You can only see the bottom of your acquaintance's bright red bears as he looks up, and you can only assume that the others are mirroring his exact same movements. "There's some Spinjitzu symbol here that Misako taught me about!" Lloyd stands up and brushes some sand off his gi.
"Allow me," he assures her. He walks over to where Corky is, and you go to sit up in order to see who else is there.
"What happened?" you mutter as Ganondorf lies you back down again. "Why are we here? Where's the Destiny's Bounty-"
"I'm afraid you were sleepwalking last night," he admits. "You'd had some sort of night terror, and Wu gave you a strange little tea. It didn't fatigue made you hallucinate. Everyone here went to stop you from jumping over the side, but then we were all thrown overboard. Din knows why they let that boy steer the ship..."
"Who steered?"
"Bowser Jnr," Mario responds.
Thank goodness it was all a dream, you assure yourself.
"I'm so sorry," you murmur. "If you need any help, then let me know-"
"You need to rest," Ganondorf orders you. "That's how you can help us."
"Hopefully they realise we're here," Kylee decides, taking off the bright orange jacket of her space jumpsuit and tying it around her waist. "I ain't sitting in the middle of a fuckin' desert  again."
"I'm sorry," you apologise. "Did you just say...a desert?!"
"Yup," Corky says as she returns to you with Lloyd, who appears to seem defeated. "And not just any desert. We're in the Gerudo Desert. The biggest one in the Sixteen Realms!"
"Holy..." you murmur. You begin to fan your bare chest beneath your singlet in favour of a chance to cool down faster in this awful heat. The same thought is running over and over in your head. You aren't even sure if it's heat stroke making you delusional or dehydration. Probably both.
Thank goodness that kiss was just a stupid dream!
"On the positive side," Lloyd responds, "we're at the entrance of the Arbiter's Grounds. Home to the one thing that can find us Zane." Midna begins to laugh. She laughs loudly. In fact, she laughs so loudly that it stings your ears.
"What's so funny, imp?" Ganondorf sneers at her. She wipes a tear from her eye and begins to float back in the air.
"Oh, Ganon," she assures him in a sinister, snaky tone. "I destroyed it after the Hero of Twilight killed you millennia ago!" She giggles at his enraged expression. "Why are you so sad? Weren't you looking to stay out of there?" He lunges at her, and Lloyd attempts to hold her back while Mario and Link try to keep Ganondorf away. But he throws them both into the sand. Her eyes widen as he stands up and turns to face her next.
"Shit," she curses.

Chapter Text

Time: 3:54 AM, Eastern Ninjago Standard Time
Location: The Spilt Tea, New Ninjago City
Subject/s: ???
Motives: ???

Skylor Chen had never expected to find her nightclub facing three court cases, five Ninjago City health code violations and an eviction warning. But here she is, watching in shock as her sign is torn down by a demolition crew. There's all fences and police tape over the place.
"I'm sorry, Miss Chen," the officer apologises to her, "but an anonymous tip was sent in, and that tip was right." The Ninjagian tilts her pink sunglasses down so that the officer can see her bright blue eyes staring back at him.
"This doesn't have anything to do with those Hyruleans that were in my club a couple of nights ago, does it?"
"You have to leave," another officer warns her angrily. She mumbles something under her breath. "I'll have you know that refusing to comply with an officer's orders can and will result in your arrest!" Skylor sighs and turns around.
She never should have sold her father's business.

The orange-clad ninja slumps down the street, kicking a stone in front of her as she walks. She's been losing a lot lately. Her boyfriend. Her friends. Her money. And now her businesses.
"What's the point?" she murmurs. "I've done nothing but lose this year." She shoves her hands into her pockets.
"Hey!" a rather screechy voice yells from behind her. "Are you Kai's girlfriend?" She glances up and spots her.
"UV?" Skylor frowns at the woman. "But I thought you were in..." She watches as the Ninjagian rushes towards her. She's dressed in a pair of skinny leather jeans with a studded belt, a purple halter crop top and a pair of heels. "How are you wearing that top in this weather? It's literally twenty-two degrees out!"
"I don't really care," she snaps back at her. "What are you doing out this early in the morning?"
"My club's just been shut down," she mutters. "And you?"
"I'm coming home from Ouroboros." Violet proceeds to pick at the skin around her nails. "I got fired for selling phones for free."
"For free?" Skylor scoffs. "Why?" Violet glances around before spotting the warm, open light of a diner a couple of blocks down. Her stomach rumbles at the idea of a hot meal and some good coffee.
"Well...I suppose I could go and tell you everything over breakfast."
"My shout."

- - -

Time: 4:00 AM, Eastern Ninjago Standard Time
Location: The West Street Diner, New Ninjago City
Subject/s: Skylor Smith and Violet Urutora
Motives: Neutral

Soft jazz music plays through the air as the two women find their seats at a booth as far away from the group of lumberjacks and the nagging old couple as they can.
"You'd think it wouldn't even be open," Violet mutters. Skylor takes her gloves off and tucks them neatly into her pocket before taking a bottle of water from her bag. She begins to unscrew the lid.
"You were going to tell me about the free phones before?" she inquires. A smirk spreads across both of their faces.
"Well," she begins, throwing her backpack to her feet, "I served my prison sentence but the court decided to put me on parole because I'm apparently a threat to the community." Skylor tries her hardest to stop herself from snorting out her water. "What? Is this funny to you?!"
"I'm sorry," she apologises. "I've had two hours of sleep."
"Fair enough," she mutters. "It's a wonder I haven't been committed..."
"Yeah," she agrees. "I mean...Ninjago's psychiatric hospitals are garbage. They won't admit people unless their families have the money to."
"It's the same with any hospital in this stupid place," she responds. "Once, Killow broke his wrist and it cost him about three thousand dollars to get a fucking cast." Skylor brings her drink up to her lips again.
"I'm worried about what I'm going to do when I have my baby," she mutters.
"You're pregnant?!"
"Yeah. Three months."
"You don't look pregnant!"
"I am. does all this relate to phones?"
"As part of my stupid community service, I have to work a job for half of the wage. It was either a Borg Store in Ouroboros or rice farming in Ignacia, and I do not do manual labour." Violet cracks her knuckles before continuing. "So I'm working there, and guess who walks through the fucking doors? Lloyd fucking Garmadon."
"What was he doing there?"
"Oh," she mutters. "He was with a couple of people from overseas. And get this. Princess [Y/N] was there!"
"Isn't that the Princess of Isle Delfino?" she asks. "You know...the one who was all over Chirp the other day?"
"I did some digging on the Internet," she continues, "and I found out this about her." She opens her bag and pulls out a pale manila folder stuffed with all sorts of different papers. Skylor's eyes widen at the size of it.
"How easy was it to get?!"
"Like stealing candy from a baby." Violet opens the folder and flicks through a bunch of papers that she's stapled together. "I found her birth certificate, her school reports, health records, phone conversations, social media handles, blah, blah. I even found some juicy deets on the murder of her mother!"
"Violet...this is someone's private life!" she argues. "How was it there in the first place?"
"Apparently some woman whose husband works for the Isle Delfinian royal family had access to everything. And it was all uploaded to the dark web. Honestly, it's a wonder that there were only, like nine views on it. And because of the civil war that's happening in Isle Delfino at the moment, well, nobody's gone to take any of it down. So...I had the courtesy to delete it remotely after I saved it."
"I'm sorry...did you say a civil war?!"
"It started because the Princess and her head advisor left after some attack at the castle. So, the mayor of the island took over. Have you seen some of the stuff that's been posted on Chirp about it?" Skylor shuts the folder.
"You seem awfully invested in all of this."
"Look. I need your help."
"Go on."
"I've done something very bad. And it's kinda related to this. I stole something from the Ninjago Museum of History and swapped it around with something else. But that something else was stolen by Lloyd's mother in order to help out with some prophecy bullshit. And now...well, I've fucked up badly."
"Why?" she asks softly.
"Because...because I'm part of it." Violet reaches into her pocket and pulls out a shiny golden medallion. Skylor looks at the dragon's face in awe. "I'm the Ninjagian Sage of Light...or so I've been told. And Harumi's...she's the..."
"She's the what?"
"She's...been...possessed by the Overlord's spirit. My best friend is planning on killing that princess...and she doesn't even know why she wants to do it."
Skylor never thought she'd see the eccentric biker cry, but here she is.

- - -

Time: ???
Location: ???
Subject/s: Princess Harumi of Ninjago
Motives: Bad

"You found one?" the shadowy being on the throne demands. He leans forwards towards Harumi, who's holding a rope in her hands. The rope is tightly coiled around a woman's body to the point of escape being impossible. He narrows his purple and gold eyes at the woman. "Who is she?"
"She fell out of the Destiny's Bounty," she responds. "But she won't talk."
"Speak," he orders her.
"I will never!" Urbosa roars back at him. He stands up and begins to step closer to her, using a cane to help him walk down the steps. Ever since he'd been resurrected from his digital form during Ninjago's short-lived age of technological advancement, he'd lost the feeling in his left leg. The Golden Power had since dispersed from his body when his old friend's followers tore the power from him like a heart from his chest...
"You'd better start talking...or I'll have you kill Princess [Y/N] yourself." Harumi smirks at Urbosa's face of shock and terror. "Care to tell my lord who you are?"
"I am Urbosa, the Champion of the Gerudo."
"So you're his daughter?"
"Yes. Yes, I am."
The Overlord takes another step forth.
"Such a beautiful woman you grew up to be..." He brings a hand to her face and holds her cheek. She begins to shiver at his touch. Harumi smirks at the fear in her eyes.
"Who are you?!" she demands.
"So nobody on that wrenched ship has spoken of me to you?" he murmurs. "I am the Overlord...the God of Destruction. And you, Urbosa, you will make the perfect servant for me. Harumi, do not let go of the rope. I wish to expose her to the Dark Matter."
"Dark...Matter?" she mutters.
"I wouldn't worry your pretty little face," Harumi sneers at her. "It's a little something the Hyruleans call Malice."
Urbosa's heart nearly stops.

The Overlord watches her squirming to free herself from the ropes. It truly brings satisfaction to him, to watch such fresh blood wasting away. Still...there's something about her demeanour. He knows she has Oni blood running through her veins.
"She won't fail to comply, my lord," Harumi assures him, stepping forth. "Surely we can do this without intervention of that nature-"
"What are you suggesting?" he sneers. Harumi gulps, knowing she only has one chance to convince him with her idea of superiority, an idea that will produce a willing soldier instead of just recklessly killing the Gerudo they have amongst them.
"Perhaps we should use the technology that Cyrus Borg has kindly provided us with," she responds in a soft voice. She reaches into her pocket and pulls out a tiny little pin that's dark grey in colour, save for a LED light that's not on at the moment. The Overlord smirks and nods his head.
"You're a genius, my dear Harumi..." he assures her. "Will you do the honours?" She nods before using one hand to shove Urbosa to the ground. She sits down on top of her back and leans into her right ear.
"This is going to hurt you," she murmurs with a smirk spread across her lips. "This is going to hurt you a lot. And if you move, then you'll die. Understand me?"
"You won't get away with this," Urbosa hisses through gritted teeth.
"Oh..." she coos. "We already have, hon." With one hand pressing Urbosa's head against the ground, Harumi uses the other to push the pin's tip a tad into the place a tad bit under the nape of her victim's neck. The screams that follow are enough to wake the dead.
"It sounds like someone's being murdered around here!" the Overlord shouts. "Shut her up, Harumi!" She watches as the LED light illuminates to a red colour.
It worked.

Harumi stands by the Overlord's side as Urbosa breaks free of her binds with little effort. She stands up and bows before the two. The Overlord can't help but notice the purple glow in her eyes.
"My lord," she murmurs. "I am obliged to follow through with every command you seek of me." He uses his black cane to step forwards. Every step feels wrong. But once he extracts the Golden Power...he'll have it all again.
The power...all the power...
An iron fist over this world, and all others...
Even the Universe beyond his own. The twin. And all of the anomalies who escaped from it.
"Who else have you...convinced?" he demands of Harumi. She smirks.
"I'm glad you asked, my lord." She claps her hands twice, and he hears the sound of marching towards his throne. She couldn't believe how easy it was to get to the so-called Sages and Champions. And how some didn't resist...truly amuses Harumi. What amuses her even more is that she'd gotten to quite a few of Lloyd's friends. She hates Lloyd. "All of these idiots were just lying around the Sixteen Realms." The Overlord watches all of their faces. Their expressions remain unchanged. Stoic. Cold.
Their eyes. Violet.
"But there are some I was unable get to...some that are beyond the Realm Crystal's power. There are others who have escaped into the Realm of the Departed...some who lie in dead realms such as the Cursed Realm and the Djinn Realm. And some who were able to best me..."
"That doesn't matter," he assures her. "The entire Triforce is in the Sunshine Realm. It is now only a matter of seeking it out and extracting it from them."
"That's what I was going to tell you," she sighs. "They're going to seek Lloyd's robot friend in the Realm of the Departed."
"What?! Who?!"
"Hmm...let's see. Lloyd Garmadon, Princess Zelda and Princess Peach's knights, Princess Midna and your very own daughter. All of them. Which is about...hmm, let's see...about half of the people who have the power to seal you away."
"That's right. And get this, my lord." She begins to walk up towards him. "You know that bastard who tried to sleep with your wife?" She watches as his eyes narrow at the thought. "Do you?"
"Yes. I know Ganondorf."
"He's falling in love with your daughter now."
The Overlord blinks. "I want you to ambush them before they can escape. And kill him."
Harumi bows her head down before looking back up at him. "I have a much better plan...and it's one I know you'll be pleased with." She stretches out her fingers. "But...what will you pay me for it?"
"You will be allowed to keep your life when I cleanse the Sixteen Realms of all the filth."
"That's fine by me."

Chapter Text

Time: ???
Location: The Arbiter's Grounds, Gerudo Province
Subject/s: Princess [Y/N] of Isle Delfino
Motives: Good

It's still terribly hot. What little water you drank before has evaporated from your sweat. You hold your tongue as the others make small talk in order to pass the time. Lloyd and Link are marching back through the sand with something dark and green in their arms. This something appears to be quite scaly, and dead at that. You squint at it as they drop it in front of your feet. It appears to be a gigantic lizard. And boy, it sure does reek.
"What is it?" Kylee asks them from her spot under the scarce shade of the pillars. She's fanning her face with her hand.
"A Dodongo," Link answers. "But I'm not sure what they're doing outside of the Eldin Province."
"What are you gonna do with it?" Corky floats over to the creature and pokes it in the face.
"The stomach's useful to store Goron crop," Midna guesses. "Isn't that what the Hero's Shade told me?"
"We're gonna cook the rest of it for food," Lloyd adds on. "[Y/N] needs more. She's getting sick."
"What?" you murmur. "I'm fine, Lloyd."
"We're all fucked," Corky mutters. She lands next to you. "We're lost, and they aren't gonna find us, and we're going to die out here-"
"Calm down." Ganondorf stands up and proceeds to stare out at the open sands of the desert. "As long as you all stay in the shade and keep still and quiet, then you won't be targeted by a Molduga." Kylee's eyes widen to the size of saucers.
"You're only telling us now that there's some big-ass sand fish in the ground?!" she shrieks at him.
"They're native to these lands, Kylee," Lloyd assures her. He then turns to face Midna, offering her a glance of sympathy. "Are you sure there's no way to get inside?" She shakes her head and lets out a sigh.
"I'm sorry," she murmurs. "But with this stupid necklace on, I can't open the gateway to the past. I...I doubt I could even do it without these restrictions."
"Come here," Ganondorf orders her. She narrows her yellow eyes at him.

"You're doing an awful lot of commanding for someone who has no authority," she sneers back. Midna proceeds to fold her arms over her chest. "I mean...why would I want to listen to the stupid man who turned me into this...this...freak?!" Her hands clench into fists, and it takes both Lloyd and Link to restrain her. "Let me at him!"
"Fighting's the last thing we need, Midna," Lloyd assures her, tugging at her left arm. "Please! What's it going to take for you to help us out?!" She brings a hand to her chin and glances up in contemplation.
"What are you willing to offer me?" she demands.
"I dunno," he decides in an almost half-assed manner, "my first-born or something? I really don't have anything to offer you-"
"But you do, Lloyd." Midna levitates in front of his face and reaches out for his cheek. "You do have something you can offer me." Lloyd raises an eyebrow at her, his lips slightly pursed at her words.
"I honestly don't."
"You said it yourself. Your first-born."
"I don't even have kids-"
"Not yet." She leans in closer to his face, close to the point where Lloyd has to lean back in order to keep a safe distance to her. "But you will if you help me..."
"Okay," he decides at an alarmingly fast enthusiasm. "Deal. But if you don't take us to the Twilight Realm, then you might have to stay that way forever-"
And with that, Lloyd unclamps the collar around her neck before pocketing it.

Midna rubs at the nape of her neck and murmurs something under her breath that none of you can hear. Her fingers spark with crimson electricity, lightning that conjures heavy imagery of blood and violence and war in your mind. She holds her hands out in front of the pillar you're all sitting under.
"I'd move out of the way if I were you."
You all scurry away out of the shade and back into the blistering heat of the desert. You watch on at Midna's strange ritual. A black, shadowy smoke erupts from her palms, and she raises her hands skyward. This smoke billows out into the sky. The Sun's light is being blotted out by the smoke, and with every second she's left to cause this sudden shift in irradiance, the world becomes darker and darker. She closes her eyes, and her limbs fling out as the smoke begins to snake and twist like a tornado. You all watch in awe as the sands begin to lift up off the ground and travel into a void above the clouds. Midna grunts and groans from all the pressure. With each layer of sand that shifts up into the skies beyond, more and more stone-like structures reveal themselves to the world from the grounds below. You shield your eyes from the heavy sands that threaten to fling their way into your eyes and mouth, burying your face into your gi.
"Where are you guys?!" you holler over the deafening roar of the tornado.
"...think...over there!" You cup your hands around your mouth at who you presume is Lloyd talking.
Something grabs your wrist and pulls you to the side, where everyone else is scattered on different steps leading up to a grand-looking entrance to an ancient building. The crest of the Hyrulean royal family is proudly displayed in a large, brass sign attached to the wall. The entire building looks like it's made out of sandstone.
"Thank Din you're alright," Ganondorf murmurs to himself. You look up at him. His hair is absolutely caked with sand. You giggle at the sight of him. "What's so amusing, Princess?"
"It looks like you've buried yourself in sand at the beach and then dug yourself out," you respond, covering your hand with your mouth to hide your smile.

Midna finally lands on the ground and crouches down, puffing as she tries to catch her breath. Her eyes are closed. She turns to the rest of you.
"I...I didn't think I could do that..."
Lloyd helps her stand up. "We're in this together," he promises. "You heard Uncle Wu."
She glowers at Ganondorf before resuming her levitation in the air.
"So...this is where my ancestors were all banished," she explains, gesturing to the entrance. "My father was the last man to be banished to this place...and my mother was the Queen of the Twilight Realm."
"That's whack," Kylee grins.
"Can you clarify on that?" Lloyd inquires. Midna turns towards the entrance, a long and dark hall that leads into the unknown. She turns her head back to face the rest of you. There's a rather sinister glare on her face.
"I'm sure my father is certainly capable of that!" she snaps before going to fly inside. "If you want to traverse this prison, then keep up!" And with that, Midna's quick to zoom inside the entrance to the Arbiter's Grounds. It's awfully quiet, save for the howl of the sandstorm she's left brewing above your heads.
"Wonder if her dad's a dick-hole," Kylee decides to tell the rest of you before following her inside.
"Probably," Lloyd agrees. He puts his gi back on and trails close behind her. Mario and Link give each other nervous glances before joining them.
"How big is this place again?" Cappy inquires.
"Dunno, mate," Corky responds. They both turn towards Ganondorf. "Hey, didn't you tell us a couple of days ago that you were banished to the Twilight Realm for stealing and killing people?"
"I was," he answers in a swift tone. He turns around to make sure the others aren't around. "I hope you don't believe what that stupid imp said-"
"Oh, I believe her, alright," she snaps back. "Ya' think I'm fucking stupid, mate?" She flies right up to his face, her eyes narrowed at him. "Us Bonneters are in the same boat as the Twili, y'know."
"What do you mean?" he sneers. "Isn't your home in the Sunshine Realm?" Before she can argue, he continues. "I can divulge your secrets just as easily if you don't keep quiet."
And with a swish of his cape, he storms inside.
"What's his problem?" she asks the two of you. Cappy frowns at her.
" do you know Ganondorf? And why are you making those sorts of accusations?"
She mumbles something to herself before flying off to follow him inside. Now, it's just the two of you.

Cappy turns to face you. He bows to you.
"Princess [Y/N]," he tells you. "I am Cappy, Prince of the Cap Kingdom."
"It's good to meet you," you respond. He glances towards the entrance.
"Corky's a strange story..." he sighs.
"You know her?"
"She's one of the newer citizens of my kingdom," he admits. "She's only been around for ten years or so. She can be quite eccentric at times." He turns back towards the sandstorm. "Citizens of our kingdom are born when men and women from the Mushroom Kingdom and its sister kingdoms die earlier than their destinies decreed they should. Those sister kingdoms include New Donk and Isle Delfino."
"Isle Delfino..." You bring a hand to your chin. "Ganondorf said that Corky was on the island the day she died. I don't know who else would have died on the day-"
"Did he say whether or not she was a Bonneter?"
"Then there's a chance your mother passed away and ascended to the heavens."
"I hope so. She doesn't deserve a life of suffering...especially if my father is as terrible as everyone's been making him out to be." He leans in even closer so that he can lower his voice.
"I don't believe that Ganondorf is telling the truth, either," he mutters. "There's something about him that's making Mario and I feel uneasy about this whole outing with the lot of you."
"You're not wrong," you agree. "I...I've had the same feeling. And did you notice how Midna kind of avoided mentioning her father's name directly?"
"How do you know that it's Ganondorf?"
"Well," you admit, "now that you mention it, I do remember one of my history classes..."

"Now, class," your history teacher declares to a classroom full of teenagers who are doing anything but listening to her. The guys at the back of the room are throwing screwed up balls of paper at the bins, while a few girls are gossiping near the window. "Who has heard of the second Serpentine War?"
"Wasn't that where Lloyd Garmadon threatened to release them into Ninjago and then it lead to Ninjago City being completely and utterly destroyed?" one of the guys asks in a rather cocky tone. The class bursts into laughter.
"We are speaking of 1960's Ninjago," she warns him, "
not 2010's Ninjago." There's even more laughter before she ushers the class to silence. "Back in 1968, the Anacondrai tribe was banished to the Cursed Realm by the Elemental Masters of Ninjago as a result of false rumours spread by a Ninjagian warlord named Chen. Now...what if I was to tell you that their unjust banishment was inspired by the execution of a Hyrulean?"
"A Hyrulean?" the same guy asks her in the same cocky tone. "What is this, a crossover episode?" Birdie begins to shriek with laughter next to you.
"Was his execution unjustified?" you ask your teacher. She begins to sigh.
"Hyrulean wars aren't supposed to be part of the curriculum because of how violent they were," she admits. "But I do suppose that it would help you all to understand why the Elemental Masters were inspired by this execution." She stands up from her desk and turns to the rest of you. "So...who has been to Hyrule before?"
"None of us have, miss," a girl explains. "Isn't there some war going on there right now?"
"Yes...the Calamity, they call it. It's been raging on for one hundred years, now. If any of your parents had taken you there, then it would be a cause for concern. Now...back to the execution. This execution happened nearly ten thousand years ago. It 
will be ten thousand years in 2020." 
"Who was executed?" Birdie asks.
"Do any of you know who the Sheikah or the Gerudo are?"
"Aren't they tribes?" one of the really smart girls queries. "And the latter is an almost woman-exclusive tribe?"
"Yes," the teacher explains. "Almost. Every one hundred years, I believe a male is born into their tribe. And it was one of these men that was executed." The class is quiet.
"Do you know what his name was?"
"Of course I do," she decides. "This man is so notorious for thievery and murder in the Kingdom of Hyrule that his name is famous across the lands."
"Is his name Dixie Normous?" another guy pipes in. "Because if 
had that name, then I'd definitely be killing people."
"Anton, please don't talk like that in my class."
"Yes, Mrs Storico."
"What was his name?" you ask her.
course the one human in our class asks what the teacher's about to say," one of the nastier girls sneers at you. You roll your eyes at her.
"Chiara, you are speaking with the Princess of Isle Delfino," she warns. "Go outside. I'll have a word with you in a bit." With that, she huffs and scoops up her belongings before storming out of there. "To answer your question, Princess, his name was Ganondorf Dragmire."
"What did he look like?" Birdie inquires. Mrs Storico shrugs her shoulders.
"Like a Gerudo, I suppose."
"But what does a Gerudo look like?"
"I've never met one." She turns to the rest of you. "Did you know that he was the final person to be executed using the Hyruleans' method of banishment in Hyrule?"
"Why did the Ninjagians copy him, then?"
"That's an awful lot of questions, Birdena. I'll get back to that..."

"My old history teacher said he was the last man to ever be executed the way he was in Hyrule," you tell Cappy. He considers what you've said.
"Well...the red hair makes sense now that you say it. And so does Midna's rude demeanour."
"Yes," you agree. "It does." You turn to the entrance. "Do you think we should go inside?"
"It beats this heat," he decides. You nod your head and step inside, where you're met with much cooler air almost immediately.
"Hmm...I wonder how big this place is."
And with that, the two of you make your way towards the entrance of the Arbiter's Grounds.

Chapter Text

Time: ???
Location: The Arbiter's Grounds, Gerudo Province
Subject/s: Princess [Y/N] of Isle Delfino
Motives: Good

You follow Cappy inside the entrance. You can hear all sorts of things echoing through the halls. Giggling. Squealing. Shouting. Swearing. Whistling.
"What on Earth is going on in there?" you mutter.
"They could be killing one another for all I know," he responds. You sigh.
"Let's go and stop them," you decide. You walk inside and follow the light until you're met with a room that contains around three miniature Moldugas the size of durians. They're swimming around a sea of quicksand that appears to be sinking at a never-ending pace, and it seems they aren't the only ones. Lloyd's hands are gripped around who you can only presume to be Link's forearm. The Hyrulean is struggling to keep his head above the sand.
"Something's got my foot!" Link shrieks.
"Someone help!" Lloyd roars at the top of his lungs. You're quick to head to their side. You carefully step over onto the solid stone ledge, where Lloyd's crouched down and frantically reassuring Link that everything's going to be alright. "[Y/N]!"
"How can I help?" you ask him.
"Help me pull him out!" he pleads. You nod your head and carefully reach for Link's other arm. Link grabs your hand and holds onto it as tightly as he can. It's rather warm. You begin to pull up when Lloyd does. But no matter how hard you pull...Link's still struggling to stay afloat. "C'mon!"
Before you know it, you're lying on the ground as Link lands next to you. The three of you are panting.

"Holy shit..." Lloyd murmurs. "We need to be more careful around here..." Link brushes the sand off his legs. Cappy floats over to the three of you.
"Where are the others?" you ask Link.
"Ganondorf pushed me in," he mutters.
"He was trying to follow Mario, Corky and Kylee-" Lloyd pauses to stretch his arms, "-and they were all following Midna."
"I don't know this place," Link sighs, wincing at the bite he's sustained in his foot. "I've only known the Arbiter's Grounds as ruins. I'm...sorry..."
"Hey," you assure him, placing a hand on his shoulder. "It's okay. Why don't we go and find the others?"
"Sounds like a plan to me," Lloyd agrees. He stands up and holds out his arm towards Link. The Hylian gratefully takes the Ninjagian's hand, and stands up.
"Thank you both," he tells the two of you with a smile on his face.
"Anything for a friend," you smile. Link's cheeks tinge a slight shade of pink at that statement, and Lloyd points to the other end of the room.
"That's where we're going." You glance at the quicksand.
"How are we going to get across?"
"Spinjitzu." And with that, Lloyd is replaced with a vortex of lime sparks that gracefully sweeps across the surface of the sand. Link copies him, disappearing into an emerald tornado of his own. Cappy simply flies to the other end of the room. You take a deep breath and prep yourself before running forwards.
You spin, and you can see it.
Purple and gold ribbons of light filling your field of view.
You jump as far as you can over the quicksand, landing right where you want to be.
Next to the others, who are safe and sound near the next door.

You follow Link and Lloyd towards the next room, with Cappy close behind you. This next room is terribly dark, but light enough for you to be able to see what's around. The room thankfully has solid, stone ground. The sandstone walls have all sorts of black symbols on them in some sort of pattern.
"Huh?" you ask. "What do they say?"
"It's the Gerudo language," Link explains. "I'm not very good, but I can translate if you like." You nod your head. "Ahem." He squints to read the script and then widens his eyes. "Do you mind me...cussing?"
"Go on."
"It says...oh, I'm going to hell for this...fuck the goddesses."
"Ha!" Lloyd chuckles. "So Hyrule's prisons aren't all that different from Ninjago's train cabins!" You point to the next door, which is slightly ajar.
"I don't think anyone else is in here," you tell them. They both nod and proceed to walk ahead. You're about to follow them, but then you spot something on the floor.
Ganondorf's cape.
As you pick it up in your hands, you notice that it's made of satin. The golden embroidery in it is beautiful. "We'd better hold onto it," you tell them.
"Why don't you wear it?" Cappy suggests. You smile and carefully clip it around your neck. The cape trails down to the ground and drags behind you as you step.
"Hmm...I don't want to wreck it," you admit as you pick up the cape off the floor. Lloyd reaches into his pocket and then freezes to the spot. "Lloyd? What's wrong?"
"[Y/N]?" he whispers. He looks up at you with the utmost look of defeat, slowly taking his hand out of his pocket. His fingers are tightly wrapped around a small, slate-like device.
His mobile phone.
You can't help but giggle. How Lloyd had forgotten he had it is beyond you...
"Hey!" Cappy shouts. "We've gotta find the others, remember?!"
"Whoops!" you laugh. "Sorry!" You stare at the cape in your own hands. "What am I supposed to do with this?"
"Just wear it," Lloyd assures you. "You look good in it." You find yourself smiling.
"Th...thank you," you manage to reply. You decide to wear it like a hood around your head. You find that this way, it doesn't snag across the rough ground. "We should go and find them."
"Sounds like a plan to me," he agrees. And so the four of you proceed towards the door leading to the next room.

- - -

Upon entering this next room, you're met with what appears to be the main chamber of the entrance. Above your head, there's a fiery chandelier that blazes with a strange, blue flame. A staircase leads to a gigantic glass door with a beautiful frosted design in the parts it isn't clear. You can hear banging from the other side. You rush up the two staircases, past Link, Lloyd and Cappy, and make your way down the short path to the door.
"Help me!" comes a feminine cry from the other side. You squint to see inside the tinted window. On the other side of the glass is a girl who can't look any older than Zelda and Peach. She's dressed in a green pair of overalls and a matching hoodie. She wears a white T-shirt underneath with a red floral print. Her long, icy blonde hair is tied back in a rather messy bun, with a fringe flowing down the left side of her face. Her green eyes are filled with an unmistakable that suggests hopelessness yet desperation at the same time. She's pale to the point of a ghost, almost as if she's seen one herself. You've never seen her in your life. You only remember going into the Arbiter's Grounds with Cappy, and you'd only seen Lloyd, Link, Ganondorf, Midna, Corky and Kylee running in.
The question remains...who is this girl?
"Please!" she cries. Fat tears roll down her thin cheeks and run underneath her chin. "I don't wan...wanna die!"
"Guys?!" you shout back at the other two. "There's a girl here!" Lloyd and Link rush up the stairs, accompanied by Cappy.
Lloyd stops dead in his tracks at the sight of her.
"Harumi," he murmurs.

Lloyd pulls you, Link and Cappy aside for a moment. He looks rather serious with what he's about to say.
"Who is she?" Cappy asks him.
"She's the Princess of Ninjago," he mutters. "I thought she was dead..."
"We have to free her somehow," you decide.
"I wouldn't do that if I were you," he warns. Lloyd glances towards the girl. "She's the reason New Ninjago City was destroyed a year back."
"How so?"
"It's a long story."
"What's she doing here?" Cappy inquires. "This place was buried beneath the sands of the Gerudo Desert, was it not?"
"I don't know," he responds. "When we resurrected the Sages and Champions who were deceased, I never thought that she'd escape..."
"Why don't you call Wu and ask him?" you suggest.
"I don't have reception." Lloyd glances back at Harumi. "I'll go and talk to her. See if she's lying."

Lloyd steps over to the glass, where Harumi is sitting. She's shaking like a leaf. It's hard to believe that fear this strongly expressed could be a mere façade...but you never know. He takes a seat on the ground in front of her.
"Lloyd!" she gasps, pressing her hands against the window. "I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm glad to see you-"
"Save it," he mutters. "What are you doing all the way out here in the Gerudo Desert?"
"I...I don't know..." she admits. "I...I woke up to a..." She pauses and strains to think for a bit. "A ghost. But he didn't look human." She glances at you. "He was a glowing orangey-gold orb...surrounded by a purple mist. And he wanted me Oni...named Demise..."
"The Overlord..." Lloyd murmurs. He shakes his head. "He's...alive?"
"I...I was in Ninjago," she tells him. She pauses and wraps her arms around her knees. "That's where I woke up. I found...I found my friend Violet...and then we were attacked by a bunch of Hyrulean women who were bigger and stronger than us. And...and then Violet...she...she ditched me!" With a shaky hand, she lifts up her shirt to reveal an ugly bruise. "I...I was given this by one of them...called Buliara..." Lloyd turns around to face the three of you.
"Who's that?" he asks Link.
"That's the personal bodyguard of the Gerudo Chieftess," he responds. "Buliara would never attack someone without being provoked."
"Did you start a fight with her?" Lloyd asks Harumi in a warning tone. She shakes her head. More tears are rolling down her face.
"I promise I didn't," she whispers. She stands up and holds her arm around her stomach. "I...I saw a little...gremlin lady flying past here, and then the door closed before I could escape..."
"That's one of our friends," Cappy assures her. "Were there four people with her?"
"I...I saw four people going through the three doors on the sides of this room," she explains. She points to the side walls of the room. On the right side is a door and a staircase leading down to another door. And on the left is another door. "A man dressed in overalls and a red cap went through that door. I think I saw a woman with bright blue hair and an orange jumpsuit, and a hat with eyes both heading towards that staircase...and then a really tall man who looked sort of like that woman who beat me went through that door to the left over there." Lloyd sighs and stands up.
"Stand back," he mutters. She gets up and takes a couple of steps back. A green light begins to glow in-between the empty space in his hands. His eyes light up with a blazing emerald hue. He hunches his shoulders and pushes his hands together before aiming his palms towards the glass. A stream of green flames erupt from the palms of his hands. The mirror-like door begins to glow from the burning heat...
A blast of hot air sends you backwards, hurling into the floor.
But before your head smacks into the ground, a hand catches your head.
"I've got you, Princess [Y/N]," Link assures you.
He helps you sit upright.

"Okay," Lloyd decides. "I think that we should split up and search for the others." He helps Cappy up off the ground. "You and I are going to go and look for Corky and Kylee down those stairs. Link, you find Mario. [Y/N]..."
"I'm finding Ganondorf?" you ask.
"Stay here with Harumi," he orders. "We'll go look for him after we've found the others."
"It's too dangerous for you," he protests. "And besides...I'm sure your boyfriend wouldn't want you getting hurt now, would he?"
"Who, Ganondorf?!" you hiss. "No way!" Lloyd grins to himself as Cappy and Link burst into laughter. "Why don't you say that to his face?!"
"We're okay, Princess," Cappy chuckles. You clench your fist as the three, still laughing to themselves, depart for three of the four doors. Harumi, who's standing by all the broken glass, tilts her head at you.

Chapter Text

You find yourself sighing as you sit down next to Harumi. You take off your gloves and crack your knuckles. They ache in this cold air. It's a drastic change from the sweltering heat of the desert outside.
"You're a..." she murmurs. "A...princess?" She raises her hand slightly towards your crown.
"Yeah," you sigh. "This is my first time being away from home."
"Where...may I ask...are you from?"
"It's an island called Isle Delfino." She looks down at her hands for a moment before returning her gaze to you.
"I've heard things about that place. My parents...adoptive parents...were once trading partners with Mayor Sindaco."
"He wants to kill me and my advisor," you murmur. "I...I don't know why." Harumi places a hand on your shoulder.
"I'm sure you'll figure out how to stop him," she assures you. "But for now...I think we should go and find this...Ganondorf that Lloyd speaks of."
"You know Lloyd?"
"Know him? I was...once a friend of his."
"Once?" Harumi bows her head down at your question. There's a look of shame on her face.
"I have made a great deal of mistakes," she murmurs. "I...I thought that resurrecting Lord Garmadon would fill the void in my heart from when I lost my parents during...the third Serpentine war. He...he even took me in as a daughter." She glances back up at you. "But I was wrong. He only cared to conquer Ninjago...not to show" She then buries her face into her hands and begins to sob.
"Well," you start, "if it makes you feel any better...Garmadon's a trash-talking asshole. And Urbosa and Ganondorf will look out for you if he causes you any problems."
"Ur...Urbosa? Who's she?"
"She's the Gerudo Champion," you tell her. "She's also a good friend of mine. She's helped me through a lot in the past few days I've been on the run. A lot of people have been helping me."
"I've...had a few run-ins with the Gerudo," she sighs. "They attacked me, and then made out to the police that was the one causing problems."
"Well," you decide, "their king's awaiting rescuing. I'm sure we can talk to him about it."
"I...I'd like that, Princess," she agrees. You hold out your hand, and she takes it. She spots the markings on your hands.
"Oh," you decide, "I'll tell Misako to explain them to you."
"Misako...I see."

You and Harumi heave the door open, where you're met with a large room filled with a golden light. There's a giant sinkhole over near another floor filled with quicksand. It appears that a solid bridge is lying horizontal in the centre of the room, and on the other end is an ancient-looking chest. There's also a door to the west, but there isn't a direct way to get there that you can see. To your immediate right lies a hallway. You turn to her.
"I don't suppose we should go through there, should we?" she asks you. You nod your head and draw out your sword.
"I hope nothing comes to eat us," you respond. She gives you a nervous laugh, and the two of you turn towards the small stone hall.
"This place is quite big," she admits.
"Yeah," you agree. "I think Ganondorf was executed here." Harumi's eyes widen.
"I'm sorry...executed?!" She turns towards the door. "Why in Yin's name would he be executed?!"
"I think this is an old prison," you explain to her, "or so I've been told. When we got here, it was buried beneath a heaping pile of sand."
"What could have warranted an execution?"
"He's a murderer and a thief," you respond nonchalantly. Harumi gulps at those words.
"I don't trust him entirely...but we're supposed to be defeating the Overlord together." You sigh to yourself. "The Overlord's supposed to be my father, but I've never met him in my life. I've been told he was a jackass, though, so there's that..." You look up at her. "Didn't Lloyd say you'd woken up to his presence?"
"I...I believe so..." She shakes her head. "It was awful. He was talking about how much he...missed his daughter. And how he'd destroy the Sixteen Realms to get her back."
"Well...I think I like this realm," you assure her. She nods her head.
"I do, too." She gives you a smile. "I like this realm a lot-"
"Watch out!" An arrow flies past your head and pins something to the wall ahead.
A skull.
"Princess [Y/N]..." a familiar voice apologises to you. "I am sorry for startling you." You turn to the source of the voice behind you. You're met with the familiar, icy-blue eyes of Zane, Lloyd's robot friend and teammate. In his hands is a mechanical-looking bow, and slung around his back is a quiver of arrows.
"Zane!" you cry. "You're okay!"

You throw your arms around the Nindroid. Although you don't know him very well, you're relieved to see a familiar face around here. He laughs and gives you a hug back.
"Yes, Princess [Y/N]," he assures you. "I am here. And you' purple robes?"
"Yeah...Wu, Peach and Zelda made them for me," you tell him. You spin around a bit in order to show him.
"That is most impressive!" he beams. "Is anybody else here?"
"We're looking for Ganondorf," you explain. Zane's eyes narrow at the name.
"I shall apprehend him at your command," he murmurs. He turns around and is about to draw an arrow, but Harumi clears her throat.
"Princess [Y/N] said that he is trying to help look for you," she assures him. He tilts his head to the side.
"Harumi?" He stares at her for a while. "From my database's records, you should not have survived the fall from that forty-storey residential building."
"I've been targeted by the Overlord," she admits. She takes a few steps forth. "Zane...I would never hurt any of you again...not after Garmadon betrayed me. I...I'm sorry for what I've done."
"I believe you," he murmurs, although it seems Zane may be lying about it. "Please lead the way."

The two of you follow Harumi, your weapons at the ready. You both chatter about your adventures so far.
"I must admit, the Realm of the Departed is rather mysterious," he admits. "I have spent the past ten thousand years inside. After Ganondorf cast the spell that sent me and the other Sages into alternate realms, I found myself in the presence of another princess. It is unlikely that she still agrees with me after I accidentally froze her in an attempt to escape the clutches of another Twili." The three of you begin to ascend the staircase. "It has been quite the time. I have learned the ways of the Twili...I have watched generations upon generations be born and then is quite the experience to see evolution first-hand."
"How didn't Midna thaw out until yesterday?" you ask him. Zane sighs.
"The average temperature in the Realm of the Departed is approximately negative 43 degrees Fahrenheit," he explains to you. "Because of this, and many other factors, it would have been irresponsible of me to break the ice or attempt to melt it without bringing harm to her." You nod your head and walk ahead towards another staircase leading up to the bridge. You notice that a lowered, steel chandelier is blocking your path.
"Great," you mutter. "Why the hell would Ganondorf do that?"
"Who said it was he who did this?" Harumi asks you. You shrug your shoulders and climb onto the bridge.
"We'd better find him before he gets himself hurt," you sigh. You climb onto the chandelier and scout around the room. From here, you can see everything, including a ledge that appears to be a staircase leading to another door back near the main room. "Over there!"
"Maybe there's something over in that chest," Harumi suggests.
"She is right," Zane agrees. "I will see what is over there." He climbs down onto the other side of the bridge before walking towards the chest. The two of you watch him open the lid and reach inside. "Hmm...these appear to be sheets of paper. The Hylian language is printed on these sheets. Would you like me to tell you what these are?"
"Go on," you usher him.
"They...appear to be execution orders, signed by the prison warden of the Arbiter's Grounds." Zane shifts the papers in his hands. "These depict the orders to transfer members of the Gerudo and Sheikah tribes to the...Twilight Realm?"
"That's what the Hyruleans call the Realm of the Departed," you explain to him. "Is there anything else there?"
"It appears to detail specific names," he continues. He glances up at the two of you. "Ganondorf is the most notable name on this list."
"Do you think he's seen it?" Harumi asks.
"Misako will most likely want these for research purposes." Zane presses a button on his chest, and a metal plate on top of his chest opens. He carefully stores the papers inside the empty cavity before shutting it. You stare at him for a while. "Do not be alarmed. I am not hurt, Princess." You turn to the door to the west.
"Hopefully he's back there," you decide. You carefully jump over the gap between the chandelier and the door. Your footsteps echo against the sandstone ground as you land by the door. You pry it open, and Zane and Harumi jump onto the ledge. "Ladies first."
"Yeah," Harumi giggles. "Ladies first."
"Is that a joke?" Zane inquires. "Please explain this to me..."
"Oh, Zane..." she sighs with a smile. "Telling jokes around you never gets old..."

Upon entering the next room, you find nothing but a circular room with a staircase leading to yet another room. There's even more Gerudo script graffittied everywhere, and it appears to be the same as the stuff you'd found before.
"What's it say?" Harumi asks you.
"Nothing too nice," you respond. You sheath your sword and point to the stairs. "I think he's gone up here."
"I believe so too, Princess." Zane begins to ascend the stairs, and so the two of you follow him. With every step you take up, you can hear heavy breathing.
"What's that?!" Harumi whispers in a rather hasty tone.
"I don't know," you admit. The further you climb up, the louder it gets. You reach the top and peer around the corner.
There, standing in the middle of the next room in complete shock, is Ganondorf.
"Hey!" you shout as you run over to him. "There you are! Everyone else has run away, and-" You stop, noticing that he isn't moving. You stop in front of him. "Is everything okay?"
"This statue..." he murmurs as he raises his hand towards a golden sculpture of a woman sitting cross-legged. A snake is loosely coiled around her neck like a scarf, with its tail hanging down her torso. Her hands are held out, each glowing with a bright orange flame. He turns back towards you. "This is a sacred one...that was once found in our holiest of sites...the Desert Colossus."
"The Desert Colossus?" you ask.
"My database suggests that the Desert Colossus was once the home of the exalted Sage of Spirit. It also suggests that the Arbiter's Grounds was built atop of this Desert Colossus by the Hyruleans in retaliation to several wars initiated by the Gerudo."
"The metal man speaks the truth," Ganondorf hisses. "This place...was once a peaceful place of prayer to my people. This is where I was crowned as the King...this was my family home."
"You lived here?!" you gasp. "Why didn't you say anything?!"
"I didn't want to interrupt Midna's pity party," he mumbles before clenching his left fist and turning away from the statue. He turns to you and then raises an eyebrow. "And who is this Ninjagian? Another naïve human, ready to speak down to me?" Harumi, who's behind you, steps forwards.
"I'm sorry...Your Highness..." she apologises. "You've certainly been through a lot, haven't you?" She stops right in front of him. "I am Harumi, the Jade Princess of Ninjago." She bows her head down. "And you must be Lord Dragmire, I presume?"
"Such respect you have..." he murmurs. "Everyone else has called me by nothing but my first name. It feels...naked."
"Fuck off," you retort. "You don't even call me by my name! It's always sweetheart this, sweetheart that!"
"Don't test my patience..." he hisses back, "Princess [Y/N]." When he turns back around to face Harumi, you pop a rude hand sign at him that he can't see. Zane hides a smile. "I am sorry about my friend."
"No need to be," Harumi smiles. "You may call me Harumi if it is easier."
"And you may call me Ganondorf."
You roll your eyes at his blatant double standards.
"Come on," you mutter. "Let's go and find the others."

Chapter Text

After backtracking through the other rooms, you're standing back in the main room, where you spot Link and Mario walking back out of the opposite room. There's no sign of the others from the staircase near this opposite room. You aren't sure why, but you feel terribly grumpy and snappy.
"Hello, Princess!" Mario beams at you. He takes notice of Zane. "Oh! You're okay!"
"Yes, my friend," Zane smiles. "I have been living in the Realm of the Departed for ten thousand years. And I must say...the Twili are quite interesting people!"
"I hope Lloyd doesn't yell at you for finding Ganondorf, Princess..." he sighs. "He did sound angry."
"Lloyd can shut his face," you mutter. You turn back towards the room you just came out of. "He, Wu and Garmadon are the bossiest people I've ever met in my entire life! Wu's always telling us to train or behave ourselves, and Garmadon always harasses me. And don't get started on Lloyd telling me to stay put while everyone else gets to run around and do whatever the hell they want."
"It's not whatever the hell we want, [Y/N]," Lloyd says in a rather loud voice behind you. You spin around, and there the other four are. "We're busy trying to stop the Overlord so that innocent people don't die. We're doing this because Ganondorf couldn't stop himself from trying to kill everyone in Isle Delfino!"
"I did it to buy you all time," Ganondorf sneers at him. "The Overlord wishes to have our heads on stakes, and when I did something to protect the lot of you, the Light Deities banished my powers."
"You killed them all because you could!" he argues. "My best friends died because you felt like killing them! They were good people, you jerk!"
"Lloyd!" Zane calls out from behind Harumi. He stops in his tracks and turns towards the Nindroid.
"Zane?" he whispers. "You'"
"Yes," he assures him. "I am here."
Lloyd runs over to his friend and throws his arms around him.
"Zane!" he cries. "You're alive!"
"Why wouldn't I be?"
"I thought you were a goner!"
"There, there..." Zane pats Lloyd on the back. "It is impossible to kill the bonds between brothers."
"You're right," he agrees. He pauses for a moment. " are you here?"
"I left the Realm of the Departed," he explains to him. "The portal was wide open."
"That means Midna's there now," he tells the rest of you. "We should go and find her."

The ten of you ascend the stairs where Harumi was lying before. There's quite a few conversations amongst smaller groups. Kylee and Corky are talking with you.
"Is it just me?" Kylee whispers to you. "Or are Ganondorf and Lloyd being assholes to you?"
"It's not just you," you mutter. "Ever since that other princess showed up, they...they just-"
"Is someone jealous?" Corky chuckles to herself.
"They're both dick-heads," you assure her. "And they hate me. I know it!"
"Nobody hates you," Lloyd protests.
"We just spite the way you've been demanding and irresponsible lately," Ganondorf pipes in.
"Irresponsible?! Who are you calling irresponsible?! Do you know how drunk you got the other day at that nightclub?! I'm sure Garmadon had to drag you out!"
"Fighting won't get us anywhere," Lloyd sighs. "Look, [Y/N]. We'll lay off you...but you need to stop giving everyone a hard time. We're trying to help you."
You clench your fists and scowl under your breath as they walk ahead with Harumi.
All you can see is red.
"Fine!" you shout. "I'll stay put, because that's what everyone expects of me!" And with that, you sit down on your bottom and cross your arms.
"There are many vile creatures in this temple that can and will kill you," Ganondorf warns you. "Get up and keep walking before you anger me."
"Oh, because you're so important, right?" You scoff loud enough so he can hear. "Yeah. I'll just do what the man who casually destroyed my island says."
"I am a god!" he roars at the top of his lungs. He spins around on his heel and pushes Mario and Link apart. "You will obey my every command!"
"Lol...okay, Kayne..." Kylee mutters under her breath.
"Ever heard of anger management classes?" Corky mumbles in addition. "You need 'em, mate."
"Don't talk to her like that," Link warns Ganondorf. You notice that he has his sword drawn out against him. Ganondorf shoves him against the wall before standing right in front of you. He crouches down to your height.
"Give me my cloak back, you vile witch," he hisses at your face.
You slap him as hard as you can before turning around and storming back down the stairs.
"You can pry it from my cold, dead hands," you sneer.

Once you reach the bottom of the stairs, you find another figure standing there.
You notice that instead of her usual blue and pink attire, she's dressed completely in red and black. Her hair is no longer up, but rather down and hanging over her shoulders.
"Urbosa?" you call out. "How'd you get here?"
She remains as still as a statue.
"Is the Destiny's Bounty outside? Because we found Zane-"
You notice that she has her scimitar pointed at you.
"The Overlord will take the Sixteen Realms and cleanse them of the filth that plagues each and every one," she hisses as she readies her shield. "And you shall be there to witness it firsthand!"
She lunges forth.
You draw out your sword and block her attack. "Urbosa!" you shout. "It's me! [Y/N]!"
"What's going on down here?!" Lloyd shouts behind you.
"Urbosa!" Link cries.
She glances up and narrows her eyebrows.
"He has no need for you," she sneers. "I shall exterminate you all."
She shoves you to the ground, kicks you in the shin and charges towards the Hylian with her weapons raised.
"What's gotten into her?!" Cappy demands.
"I don't know!" Link argues. "It's like she's been possessed!"
"Her eyes!" Lloyd exclaims. "They're purple!" His hands light up with green energy, which he directs at her in short blasts.
"Pin her down!" Corky shouts. The two oblige with her request and tackle her to the ground. Urbosa begins to scream and yell.
"You bastards!"
"Hey...there's something on the back of her neck!" Mario tells them. Lloyd parts her hair and squints.
"It's a pin of some sort," Link explains to the rest of you.
"The Borg Industries logo?" Lloyd frowns. "" He carefully pinches it with his fingers and pulls it out of her neck. The screams that fill the air make you sick to the stomach. It's clear that Urbosa's in a lot of pain. She clutches the back of her head.
It's awful listening to her anguished screams.
You stare at her, unsure of what to do. You want to help.
But how do you help someone like this?
"Who...who are you?" she demands. "And where am I?"
"Don't be stupid, girl," Ganondorf hisses at her. "Why were you attacking us?"
"Attacking you? I don't remember thing!" She purses her lips and takes in a deep breath. "Who in Din's name are you?!"
Ganondorf glances over to Link with a look of fear in his eyes.

"She's...forgotten me..." he murmurs. "But how?"
"I don't know," Lloyd decides as he stares at the pin in his hand. "This isn't the kind of technology Borg would create...not willingly, anyway."
"Do you think that the Overlord is behind this, perhaps?" Zane suggests.
"You could be onto something," Lloyd agrees. He turns to Ganondorf and Link. "We'd better take her with us."
"This wrenched place is a death trap, boy," Ganondorf sneers. "You're just asking to die."
"If it saves my friends," he protests, "then I'll die a thousand times. C'mon, Zane. We need to find Midna and tell her that there's no need to go to this Twilight Realm. Can you scan to find her proximity?" Zane's eyes light up, and a grid-like projection coats the walls for a few seconds.
" unable to locate her," he admits. "I sense that something is not right, Lloyd."
"Oh my goodness..." Harumi murmurs. "When I woke up here...I found a...a skeleton."
"A skeleton?" Link asks.
"Yeah!" She tries to think, and adds on, "it was...strange. Its eye sockets were...glowing, and...I saw a sword stabbed into its skull. And had...giant claws. I had to run from it...and I nearly got..."
"Try not to think about it," Lloyd assures her in a somewhat reluctant tone. "We'll get rid of it."
"Ah, so you've come across the Stallord," Ganondorf decides. He stares over at the staircase. "It used to be a scaly bastard that would burn the hell out of those who weren't slaving away in the prison's workshops. It could never kill me...but I sustained several scars from the burns I got."
"Where?" Zane inquires. Ganondorf laughs at him, although it's not a laugh that seems light-hearted.
"I'd rather not show it off, thank you very much!" he snaps. "Let's get a move on and kill that bloody thing before someone else gets hurt."

- - -

By now, anyone who has a weapon has it drawn out in front of them. Cappy remains tucked away inside Mario's cap, while Corky's hidden out of sight in your circlet. Lloyd's wielding a sword he's salvaged from the room he was in. Zane has an arrow loaded into his bow, which is pointed at the ground. Every step you take is cautious and careful. You'd rather not come across what Harumi and Ganondorf just described to everyone else, but there's no saying what's ahead. You clutch the hilt of your sword as tight as you can. Link's next to you, his own sword pointed in a defensive stance. Ganondorf is wielding the same pearly-white blade that you'd seen him with before. Mario and Kylee stand beside Urbosa and Harumi.
"Okay," Lloyd murmurs. "We need a plan."
"What do you mean by a plan?" you ask him.
"We need to be able to use everything we've got against whatever's ahead. Do you guys still know Spinjitzu?"
"It's a little rusty," Kylee admits.
"I'm not the best," Mario sighs.
"We can't even do Spinjitzu," Cappy and Corky recite in unison. Lloyd sighs.
"Okay," he tells the rest of you. "Those of you who can, defend those who can't."
"Hey..." Corky whispers to you. "You wanna stay behind for a bit and have a chat, mate?"
"What about?" you ponder. She pauses to think about her answer.
"Stuff," she tells you in an innocent tone. You glance to the front, where the others are edging towards the top of this staircase.
"Follow my lead," you murmur. You lean over and then drop your sword on the floor.
"[Y/N]?" Lloyd starts. "Are you alright?!"
"I don't feel so good..." you groan in a rather exaggerating tone. You cover your mouth with a closed fist and mimic a retching movement.
"Uh-oh..." he sighs. "Sit down on the steps."
"You guys...go on without me," you assure him. "Corky's going to stay here and keep an eye on me..."
"Yes!" she exclaims. "I am!"
Nice acting, Corky, you hiss at her in your mind. Lloyd nods his head.
"Okay," he agrees. He's about to walk up further when he stops. "And Ganondorf is going to stay with you as well."
Corky cusses under her breath, and you do too as the others walk on ahead.

You remain sitting on the steps, Corky safely nestled away into your tiara. You don't say a word as Ganondorf takes a seat next to you. You can hear the cracking of his joints, the gruff sigh that escapes his lips...
"Are you going to confess?" he demands.
"Confess what?"
"That you're acting like a complete hooligan at the moment." He continues to stare down at the stairs beneath the two of you. "Is our fighting not behind us?"
"Yeah," you mutter as you throw your arms around your knees. "Because I'm the only one at fault here, aren't I?" He sighs again.
"It is not your is mine. I have been acting before thinking...and it's caused you nothing but harm." You remain quiet. "Princess...are you jealous of my treatment of Harumi?"
"Do not lie to me."
"No. I'm really not."
What the hell do you think? you find yourself thinking. Of course I am, you conceited piece of-
His hand rests on top of yours.
You find your gaze drifting towards his hand. Each of his nails are painted a rich shade of black. A tattoo of the Triforce is inked into the back of his hand in a darker shade compared to his dark olive skin. He, like you, wears fingerless leather gloves on his hands. You can feel your face growing warm with every moment you spend like this.
And he notices, too.
He presses the palm of his other hand against your cheek in a soft, calming manner. Still, he stares into your eyes. Watching you. Waiting for you to say something. Your heart is a stallion, racing as you try your hardest to keep a straight face. No. You don't want him to see you like this...
"What's with the face, sweetheart?" he asks, a smirk plastered onto his face. He glances back up the stairs, almost as if to make sure nobody's watching the two of you. He begins to lean in towards you. His head tilts to the side a slight bit. He leans in even closer. You can almost feel his lips hovering on top of yours when you hear the sound of Corky clearing her throat.
"Ahem," she coughs. "Still here, mate." He's quick to let go of you and stand up. You can see the red tinge dusted across his cheeks. Corky flies out of your crown and floats in front of your face. She gives you a little wink before zooming off in the direction of the others.
"We'd better go back and find them," you assure him. He nods his head, and hands you your sword.
"Right you are," he murmurs. You watch as he begins to walk back up the stairs where the others are. You can't help but wonder why he'd tried to kiss you.
And why Corky had intervened.

Chapter Text

Time: 7:30 PM, Eastern Hyrulean Standard Time
Location: Impa's House, Kakariko Village
Subject/s: Lady Misako Garmadon of the Underworld
Motives: Good

Misako can't help but to toss and turn in the bed. She can still see today's events playing over and over in her head. [Y/N] sleepwalking outside and over the balcony.
Lloyd falling over the side in order to try and catch her.
And so many others following suit...
She'd hit her head and had been knocked out before she could go and warn the others that they'd fallen over.
After that had happened, she'd been met with an ambush on her ship. There must've been at least a hundred Oni swarming across the place. Breaking things. Shattering possessions. Stealing anything that was of any use.
After that? Then came the fighting.
Bowser was angry. And so were many others. They were furious. And so several people had been kicked off the ship. First, it was Wu, Mipha and Pauline, who'd tried to calm everyone down. And then it was Daruk and Cole after they'd tried to protest. Misako watched on as Bowser had taken over the ship and threw more and more people off at various stops around Hyrule. Eventually, it had been her, Zelda, Peach and Bowser Jnr that remained. They'd all made the unanimous decision to grab what they could salvage and leave Bowser to his own devices. 
Four people. Out of countless numbers of people. Four.
All the others were gone.

Misako remembers when she'd arrived at the village of the Sheikah. She'd been met with a great many stares, but not to the degree that Bowser Jnr had. She could see the child's discomfort as he hid behind his friend's pink skirt. Zelda had spoken with Impa's granddaughter, and she had arranged for the four to stay in her grandmother's house for the night. She can't remember how many times she'd thanked Paya for her hospitality and kindness. She'd managed to get the tapestry and some other research from the ship, but countless other documents had been lost to the Oni.
Just like all those others that had been abducted-
"Misako..." Peach whispers as she opens the door to Zelda's old handmaid's room. Misako sits upright at her voice.
"Princess Peach?" she frowns. "Why are you up so late?"
"It's only 7:31," she responds. "And Zelda's made dinner."
"Oh," she murmurs. She slides out of her bed and stretches her arms. She still feels on edge. Waiting for one of those cruel, mindless demons to jump out at her.
She despises her husband, but she needs his presence more than ever.

She walks downstairs, where Paya's pulled out a table for everyone to sit around. Junior's busy digging into a bowl of stew while Zelda and the Sheikah girl patiently wait for Peach and Misako. The Ninjagian takes a seat on the chair in-between Junior and Zelda.
"Thank you, girls," she sighs. "I appreciate this a lot."
"It's nothing," Zelda assures her. She gives her a pat on the back, and Misako smiles. "We may have lost the Destiny's Bounty, but we shan't lose our spirits!"
"Hear, hear!" Peach adds with a smile. The five all proceed to eat their bowls of stew. Paya passes around a few cups of tea to the others. "So...where should we start?"
"With what, Mama?" Junior asks. Peach grimaces at the name. Bowser's son had the wrong idea in his head, that she was his mother. But she wasn't. She was only seventeen. She hadn't even thought about it in her life.
"With finding the others," she suggests.
A wide smile forms on Zelda's face.

"I've pinpointed where everyone's fallen off the ship," Zelda explains to the others. "Paya, may I have a map of Hyrule?"
"Okay," the Sheikah agrees, to which she stands up and leaves the table in order to head upstairs.
"Misako, you saw them fall off in the Gerudo Desert," she continues. "Correct?"
"I did," she agrees. "I remember that we were flying over sandstone columns." Her eyes widen.
"Ah! So they landed in the Arbiter's Grounds!"
"They made it?" Peach asks.
"I have reason to believe so. Although, I am unsure how they will be faring without water or food..."
"Or if they're alive!" Junior shouts. Misako sighs. The child's far too innocent.
Too loud.
"I just hope that Lloyd can get along with Ganondorf," Misako tells Zelda.
"I'm sure that they're getting along just finely," she assures her with a smile. "Ganondorf does seem like he's getting on a lot better nowadays..."
"Yeah, Mrs G!" Junior beams. "I wouldn't worry about it!" Misako smiles and ruffles the child's hair.
"You're right, Bowser Jnr," she agrees. "I shouldn't. I'm sure that Lloyd's doing his best to lead everyone to find Zane."

Chapter Text

Time: ???
Location: The Arbiter's Grounds, Gerudo Province
Subject/s: Princess [Y/N] of Isle Delfino
Motives: Good

"You're a real freaking genius, aren't you?!" Lloyd snaps. His fists are clenched as they glow with emerald tongues of fire.
"Don't give me that attitude, boy," Ganondorf sneers back at him.
"C'mon, guys!" Kylee sighs as Harumi hides behind her. "Give it a rest!"
"I can't believe you two are fighting again..." Cappy mutters.
"Cappy's right," Corky tells you. "We'd better get them to stop fighting before they kill each other." You walk over to them and tap on Lloyd's shoulder.
"Hey," you start. "We need to work together to find Midna."
"She's probably ditched us," he protests. "I mean, for all we know, we could be trapped here for good."
"Well, we'd better get used to each others' company," you tell him in a calm tone. You go to walk ahead, when you realise that there's no floor ahead of you.
Only air.
Your heart skips a beat as you begin to topple over the edge of a large pit.
"Got you!" Mario shouts as he grabs your wrist. You scream at just how high it is.
A fall certainly would have killed you.
"Shit!" Lloyd cries. "Are you alright?!" Ganondorf can only watch in horror.
"No thanks to you," Corky snaps. "Now, I can see some stairs going down around this room. I say we go down and have a proper look around, mates."
"Affirmative," Zane confirms. "The rest of the Arbiter's Grounds is ahead in the route you have specified."
"I'm glad you're back, buddy," Lloyd sighs with relief as he pats Zane on the back. "We'd better get going." And so you all begin to descend the stairs leading down.

Zane, Cappy and Ganondorf all walk ahead of the group, with Link, Lloyd, Mario and Urbosa not too far behind. You, Corky, Kylee and Harumi are all at the back.
"So," Kylee whispers to you. "Did 'ya spend some quality time with Ganondorf?"
"No!" you lie. Corky chuckles.
"They nearly kissed each other," she retorts. Kylee and Harumi both giggle.
"You two seem like you're made for each other," Harumi agrees with a smile.
"He used to be my mother's..." you begin. You pause, trying to think of the right word. "What's the male equivalent of a mistress?"
"Nah, fam," Kylee protests. "That makes it sound like he's the one in charge!"
"Can we please stop talking about it?" you sigh.
"Okay," she giggles. She stretches her arms. "Oh...I'm dying to do a mission in my uniform!" Harumi watches her for a second.
"Who are you, again?"
"Oh, I'm Kylee Carta," she responds. "I've been told that I'm from a video game around these parts. And you?"
"Harumi Jade," she replies, "Princess of Ninjago."
"There's a lot of princesses around here," she decides. "There's of course Princess Peach and Princess Zelda, and then Mipha and Midna are princesses, too, and so's [Y/N]...I mean, if Ganondorf is the King of the Gerudo, then does that make Urbosa a princess?"
"Hey!" Corky hollers. "Ganon! Is Urbosa a princess?!"
"What kind of question is that?!" he shouts back, not even bothering to look in her direction.
"You're a king, aren't you?" Lloyd prompts.
"Of course I am!"
"By that fact, that would make your daughter a princess," Zane confirms.
"She's not a princess!"
"Sounds like a princess to me!" Cappy protests. Ganondorf shoots a glare at all three of them.
"You'd all better shut your puny mouths..."
The four of you giggle again.

The air seems much colder as you follow them all down several halls. You aren't sure what's there to meet you. A monster? Two? Even more?
Is the Overlord here?
Or something worse?
It's getting awfully dark, and save for Zane's illuminated eyes and the pale glow of Cappy and Corky's ghostly bodies, there's no light source. The hall you're currently in is claustrophobic. You can all only just fit inside. Ganondorf and Urbosa have to crawl to fit through. Lloyd, Zane and Harumi all have to hunch over. You, Link, Mario and Kylee can all stand comfortably without any troubles, and of course, Cappy and Corky are small enough to squeeze past everyone. You'd been pushed in front of everyone else because you were apparently giving off light of some sort. You don't believe them. And if they're speaking the truth, it's probably your outfit with all of its reflective materials.
"I remember this tunnel," Ganondorf decides. "Anyone who'd been misbehaving would be dragged through here and had their heads cleaved from the rest of their bodies."
"That's nasty," Kylee whispers to you from behind.
"I am detecting a strong spectral presence ahead," Zane declares. "Please proceed with caution, Princess [Y/N]."
"Will do," you respond. As you take another step forth, your shoe crunches against something. You look down.
There's a skull there.
You yelp and begin to walk a bit faster.
You have no idea what used to happen here.
"Can you hear that?" Lloyd asks everyone else.
"I didn't hear anything," Mario responds.
"It sounded like...a clock ticking," he answers. "[Y/N], please don't run ahead."
"I'm not going to," you snap. You squint at the end of the hall, which is a tiny dot at this point. You can see an ominous-looking glow in the distance. It's purplish in hue.
You stay quiet about it.
"I'm scared," Harumi whimpers.
"Hi, 'scared'," Corky mumbles back, "I'm Corky."
"Now's not the time for jokes," Lloyd warns all of you.
By now, you're too intrigued by the light to stay with the others.

For the rest of the hall's length, you sprint. You eventually find yourself walking out into a large, open room. It's got to be the largest room you've seen in the Arbiter's Grounds so far. There's a ledge up at the back, and several chests are tucked away by a series of spikes that reach from the floor to the ceiling. A giant sword is sheathed into the ground. Its blade is oblong and black in appearance. A series of ropes with little bits of paper are all tied to the ground.
Cut me free, the sword seems to say.
So you draw out your sword and swing it at the ropes.
The ground begins to rumble.
"I'm just imagining things," you assure yourself. You proceed to cut down more and more of them.
You can hear the sound of heavy footsteps and shouting. Hollering. Screaming. You can't make it out. Ganondorf's yelling, and then Lloyd's joining in. The others are, too. With your blade against the final rope holding down the sword, you turn back towards the hall.
It's blocked off by more of the spikes.
"[Y/N]!" Ganondorf shouts. "Don't cut the rope!" You hear the sound of a slice fill the air, and you can see his face turn about five shades paler at the sound. "Mother of Dinraal..." You turn back towards the sword.
All of the ropes are gone without a trace.
And the sword is upright, levitating in the air.
"Uh-oh," you gulp.

Chapter Text

With your sword in hand, you try and keep your distance from the sword that's following you. It swings and slashes at your head, narrowly missing you every time. All you can hear are the panicked voices of your acquaintances, all trapped behind you.
"Oh my God!" Kylee exclaims. "Duck!"
"I'm coming!" 
Corky screams. "Don't get hit!" You roll underneath the sword as it swings at the air once again. It's getting a little too close for comfort, and you're only getting more and more fatigued from trying to dodge the thing. You wait for the sword's next move. It teeters in the air, almost as if it's waiting for you. The blade swings for your side, and you jump onto it. As the swing follows through, you can see the creature that's holding the blade in all its glory.
A giant, skeletal beast in a black cloak.
Its hands are thin and bony. At the end of each finger is a black claw, dripping with crimson blood. It has to be towering over you. It's so tall. It easily reaches halfway up to the ceiling. And it reeks. It reeks of death and decay in here now.
It shrieks, the purple pinpricks in its eye sockets flaring up.
You lunge for the skeleton and raise your sword. With every swing, you crack one of its bones. It roars in your ear.
For something without vocal chords, it's certainly loud.
"What is that thing?!" Harumi shouts.
"The prison warden's pet," Ganondorf responds with a smirk. "Kill him, sweetheart!"
"Don't you dare call me that!" you yell as you stab your sword forwards. The beast throws you against the wall, and you land on the ground. Your sword's lying far away.
"Get up!" Cappy and Mario exclaim.
"Ugh..." you groan. You stand. Your knees are shaking, and your hands are dotted with tiny scrapes. Blood is beginning to bead. It's hurting to even hold your sword.
"Spinjitzu!" Lloyd screams. "Use Spinjitzu!" You turn to face the monster, your sword still in hand. It rattles its bones and picks up its own sword.
"Ah!" Corky sighs with relief. "I'm free!" She turns around, now floating in the room. She spots you and zooms over to you like a race car. "[Y/N]! Take off your crown!"
"Why?!" you argue. She disappears into your circlet. You take it off your head and stare at it. Her eyes are now on top of the Shine Sprite emblem.
"Throw it at that thing!" she screams. Scared at her sudden angry tone, you ditch it at the skeleton's head.
It freezes in its place.
And you do, too.
"What's happening to me?!" you shout.
Your body launches into the air.

The sensation is completely and utterly strange. You're now floating towards the skeleton's head. As you near the skull, you go to clench your eyes.
But you land in water.
You open your eyes, only to be met with memories. Memories that aren't your own. A man pointing at Gerudo prisoners and shouting at you. Telling you to kill those who aren't obeying him. A little Sheikah boy, holding out a paper crane in your direction and giggling. A series of official-looking guards with their spears pointed at you.
And then everything goes white.
As you open your eyes again, you become aware of a strange fact. The room is now much smaller. Your feet aren't touching the ground.
And you're holding the giant, black sword in your now thin and bony hands.
You scream.

Corky flies out from your circlet and floats in front of you, waving her arms about. "Hey!" she yells. "It's okay, [Y/N]!"
"What am I?!" you try to yell, although it comes out as an inaudible roar.
"You've captured the skeleton!" she assures you. "You're the skeleton now!"
"Swing at those spikes to free the others!" She then flies as fast as she can down towards the others. "Stand back!" They wordlessly oblige, and you stab your sword forwards at the now tiny hall. The spikes break and land on the ground in front of Lloyd's feet. They all begin to run out towards you. "Now break those spikes up there!" You follow through with her request and swing away. The metal clangs, and before you know it, they're gone. "Okay! I'm going to free it, and then we're all going to kill it! Are you ready?"
You find your body launching in the air again.
Mario and Link catch you in their arms. Your breathing is heavy and your heart is racing. The skeleton is now engaged in a fight against Lloyd, Ganondorf and Zane. Kylee's standing where the chests are, and Cappy's hovering right next to her. Urbosa and Harumi are still standing in the hall, watching in complete horror.
Lloyd blasts another ball of green energy at the creature.
Ganondorf slashes his sword at the beast's face.
It's now engulfed in a block of ice.
The ice begins to crack across the surface. Zane steps back, his hands dimming down from the icy-white glow. With each passing moment, the ice fractures even more, until-
Now the skeleton is gone. It's shattered into pieces on the ground.
And its sword is broken in half.
"Hey!" Kylee shouts. "Check these chests out, you guys!"
"We can't get up there!" Lloyd argues.
"Allow me," Zane offers. He crouches down and presses his hands against the ground. You watch as a stream of blue light begins to illuminate a path between the platform in the wall and the ground. As the light dissipates, you're met with a grand-looking ice staircase.
"Can't we, Lloyd?" Ganondorf smirks at him as he begins to walk up the staircase.

Once everyone else has climbed up the staircase, you can see everyone is staring down at the fragmented skeleton in awe.
"Did you see [Y/N]?!" Lloyd beams with excitement. "She and Corky kicked that thing's ass!"
"Yeah!" Mario grins. "You did a great job fighting it, Princess!"
"That was my first fight against something that wasn't human," you huff.
"You did good," Corky congratulates you. She turns to where Kylee and Cappy are. "Do you know what's inside?" Ganondorf kicks one of them open and peers inside.
"Spinners?" A smirk spreads across his lips. "How the tables have turned..." He lifts out a contraption that resembles a spinning top. The top appears to take the shape of a cog. There's two straps for one's feet to be held in place. "I remember when the guards would ride around the Arbiter's Grounds on these. They used to hit our shins with them when they rode past." He shoves a red-tinted one in Mario's direction. The plumber takes it and holds it in his arms.
"How many are there?" Lloyd queries.
"There's six of 'em," he responds. "It should make getting around this place a whole lot easier. Did you see those rails?"
"Nope," you answer. Kylee copies your answer, as do Lloyd, Cappy and Corky.
"Well, you're all stupid." Ganondorf hands over a pink one to Urbosa. "Those rails are how one can get across the lakes of quicksand in this building."
"What's in these other chests?" Mario ponders. Cappy opens one of them.
"I found twenty Rupees in this one!" he shouts. "Finders' keepers!"
"What's this blue hourglass-looking thing?" Kylee inquires from another chest. Ganondorf hands Lloyd a green spinner before glancing over to the blue hourglass in her hands.
"I believe that is made of timestone," he answers her.
"Do you mean limestone?"
 mean timestone!" Ganondorf shoves a blue spinner at Link before reaching to grab the next one, which is purple in colour. He hands it over to you. You have to admit, it's surprisingly light in your hands. "Don't you ever listen, girl?"
"Nope," she admits. "I don't ever listen." He takes the final golden one in his own hands.
"Those of you who have a spinner," he orders, "pair up with someone who doesn't." Corky immediately floats by your side, while Cappy flies next to Mario. Harumi stands in front of Lloyd. Zane makes his way over to Link. Kylee scratches her head as she glances to and from Urbosa and Ganondorf.
"Uh," she starts. "Who wants to go with me?"
Ganondorf pushes her in Urbosa's direction.
"Now," he warns. "Are we done here?"
"I think so," Lloyd agrees. "But I want to know what that hourglass does." Kylee tilts it upside down, and you watch as the room turns bright blue. You all become transparent in opacity, as do your spinners and other equipment.
And on the ground is a giant lizard-like man holding the same sword as before.
The door at the hall, which wasn't there before, swings open.

You all watch in horror as three Gerudo women are dragged in by several Hylian guards. They're kicking and screaming to be let go. Their clothing doesn't appear to match Urbosa's or Nabooru's, but rather appear to be shirts patched together with scraps of fabric and trousers that appear to be holding together by a thread. They're thrown to the ground. You can see the chains bound to their wrists and ankles. Kylee's jaw is dropped. Harumi's shaking her head in disbelief.
"Hey!" the blue-haired woman shrieks at the guards. "Stop it!"
Your heart breaks as one of the guards smacks the backs of their heads.
"They cannot hear or see us," Ganondorf mutters to Kylee. "We appear to be mere audience members in the past."
"Ten thousand years?" Cappy asks. You watch on as the lizard man crouches down and stares at them. He watches the women carefully.
"Please!" one of the women cries. "We're sorry!"
"We'll do anything!" another pleads. "Anything!"
"The Death Sword's wielder requires his meal," a guard hisses at them.
"Take our leader!" the third snaps. "He's the one who killed all those people!"
"Ah...the Sages wish to give Dragmire a special welcome back to the grounds," another sneers. "After all, this is the third time he's managed to weasel his way out."
"It appears that those chains are made of vengestone," Zane explains to the rest of you.
"What's it do?" Cappy ponders.
"It takes away your elemental powers," Lloyd tells him.
"What do you mean he escaped?" the three women shout at the guards.
"Don't play coy with me," the lizard man hisses. "You all played a part in helping Ganondorf escape!" He scoops the three women all up into his free hand before throwing them into his mouth. You cover your eyes and ears as their screams fill the air. You can hear someone throwing up next to you at the sight.
"What the fuck?" Kylee mutters.
"Dad wasn't kidding when he said Hyrule's history was bloody and grim," Lloyd whispers. You can hear Harumi beginning to cry at the sight.
"What the hell?!" she screams.
"Turn it back around!" Ganondorf shouts at Kylee. She obliges with his request and turns the hourglass back.
When you open your eyes, you can see the room as it was supposed to be. Empty. And your bodies. Solid once more.
You feel sick knowing what's happened in this room.
And you feel glad that thing is no longer alive.
"Come on," you murmur. "Let's go."

As you walk back through the hall, the others follow you. Kylee's carrying the hourglass in her hands. Nobody dares say a word to Ganondorf. Not one word.
"Are you sure you didn't come from that way?" Lloyd whispers to Harumi and Zane.
"Affirmative," Zane responds. "I appear to have miscalculated a turn. My navigational sensors have been damaged."
"So we're lost now?" Cappy asks him.
"I've spent more time in here than I can remember," Ganondorf argues. "Shut up and follow me." He shoves past the rest of you and storms off ahead. Lloyd's about to shout at him, but Harumi places a hand on his forearm.
"He's just seen the murder of three of his people," she whispers to him. "Let him cool off for a bit."
"Who puked back there?" you ask.
"It...was me," Lloyd admits with a sigh. "I've seen a monster eat my uncle before...but it didn't...chew on him-"
"That's enough!" Ganondorf roars at the top of his lungs. "One more word about that disgusting beast, and I'll behead the lot of you!"
Nobody dares to speak at all.
"Ganondorf..." you begin. You walk past Mario and Link, who are just ahead of you. He begins to walk faster. "Ganondorf!"
"You stupid humans think your lives are bad..." he hisses under his breath.
"Stop!" you plead. You grab his arm and try to pull him back, but he shoves you against the wall. His eyes are narrowed at you. His teeth are gritted together. "Ganondorf! Please!"
"You..." Ganondorf stops and lets out a sigh before storming off and out to the next room.
"Just leave him, [Y/N]," Lloyd sighs. "He's in a bad mood."

Chapter Text

The others are standing by the wall, where a rail starts, by the time you all get out. You can see a glimmer of red hair poking out from the around the corner of the wall. You hand your Spinner to Zane, who carries it in both hands.
"Wait here, you guys," you order the others. They nod and remain standing while you carefully step towards the corner of the wall. You lower your voice and lighten it a bit. "Ganondorf? Are you there?"
"Hmph." His scoff is rather loud. You peek around the corner and spot him sitting on the ground with his arms crossed over his chest. He's staring at the rail on the opposite wall. You take a seat next to him, out of sight of the others. "What do you want?"
"I want to know if you're alright," you whisper back. "That was awful...wasn't it?"
"That was...only the first execution of that sort," he murmurs. He glances around to make sure nobody else he can see is listening (a grand total of zero people) and continues. "I heard of seventy women who died that way. And a hundred men. All to satisfy that beast's hunger." You take his hand in yours and give it a squeeze.
"I'm so sorry that happened," you apologise to him.
"Those were just the people that died that way," he mutters. "I can't tell you how many of my people many women died amongst all of us prisoners."
"How?" you whisper. He shakes his head.
"The women had it much worse than the men. The Hylians would lie to them and promise them that they would be allowed to live in exchange for their childbearing abilities. But they did die. All of them. And if they didn't die giving birth...they were executed. Because they were thought to be weak and...useless." Your hand feels like it's being crushed. He's squeezing it to the point it feels cold.
"Hey..." you assure him. "It isn't your fault."
"It is my fault, [Y/N]," he hisses. "Why do you think the Gerudo were targeted?" You don't answer. "Because was leading them!" His face falls as he realises that he's raised his voice yet again. You stare at his hand for a while before leaning over to his cheek and pressing your lips against it. It only happens for a split second, but when you stand up, you notice that he's staring ahead into the distance.
"You're cold," you decide as you unclip his cape from around your neck. You stand in front of him and clip it around his neck. You then throw your arms around his head and pull his face into your shoulder. He doesn't even try to move.
"Don't you go sharing my sob story to Garmadon now," he warns you.
"I won't tell that old bastard a thing," you assure him. "Now...why don't we go and find Midna...and get the hell out of here?" He nods his head, and you help him stand up.

The two of you begin to walk back towards the others, where you're met with a few snickers and giggles. "Seriously, guys! You're all the biggest arseholes I've ever met in my life!"
"It's not that, I promise!" Harumi wheezes. "Lloyd had a booger hanging out of his nose!"
"Harumi!" the Green Ninja snaps. "Don't tell her that!"
"It's fine," Ganondorf murmurs. He grabs your arm and pulls you close to him before leaning into your ear. "I think after this, I'm going home and having a bloody drink."
"So..." Kylee begins. "Care to explain the rails to us?" Ganondorf lets go of you and picks up his spinner.
"Good question," he decides. "It's been a long time since I've seen one in person..." He steps onto the spinner and clips it around his boots so that it stays in place. "I do believe you have to build up momentum. Somebody push me into that rail." Lloyd stares at him before stepping over to him and pushing him forwards. Ganondorf crouches down and jumps. The spinner locks into place onto the rail, and he begins to ride along. Kylee's eyes widen.
"Holy crap, wanna go!"
"Same here!"
"Me too!"
Lloyd straps himself into his spinner. "Rumi!" he orders. "Push me and I'll carry you across!" The princess nods her head and follows through with his request. He holds onto her tightly as he goes along the rail. Mario and Cappy follow them. Kylee and Link aren't too far behind. Zane approaches you with your own spinner.
"Would you like for me to utilise this device?" he inquires. "Or will you be carrying Corky across?"
"It doesn't fuss me," you assure him.
"I...don't know how to use this," Urbosa admits as she holds out her spinner.
"I shall teach you," he promises her with a smile. And with that, he hands you your spinner.
"Okay..." Corky decides. You put the spinner on the ground and strap your feet in. She remains out of your crown. You glance at the rail. "Here goes nothing."
She shoves you at the rail, and you find yourself gliding across the ground before your spinner locks on. Your body begins to spin around.
"Wahoo!" Corky shouts.
"This is fun!" you exclaim. As you continue to glide ahead, you can just see Link ahead of you, with Kylee in his arms.
"Holy shit!" she screams. "Why doesn't this thing have any seatbelts?! A-hahaha!!!" You duck as the doorframe approaches...
...and then you find yourself out in a room that's so big that it makes the room the skeleton was in...tiny.

You can see the others on rails everywhere. Ganondorf is nowhere to be seen, but Lloyd and Harumi, who'd both followed him, are still in sight for a few seconds above your heads. Mario's making particular movements that Link copies. Cappy's screaming at the top of his lungs. You notice that Link's spinner jumps from one rail to another.
"How do you do that?!" you shout.
"You've gotta swing your body weight in that direction!" Kylee exclaims. You bump your hips to the left, and you find your spinner jumping in the air. It lands on the next rail, and you then notice why they'd both jumped.
That rail led into a bottomless pit.
"We'd better follow what they do..." Corky advises you. You nod your head and watch ahead to see what Mario's doing.
"That was so much fun!" Harumi cheers from a very far distance.
"And dangerous!" Lloyd adds on. "Mario! Watch out for those spikes ahead!" You watch as Mario makes a series of timed jumps.
"Spikes?" Corky frowns. "Those guards weren't mucking around..."
Link jumps onto the right rail, and then the left, and then the right again before making one final jump onto the left rail. He lands in a small circle area of solid ground. Mario's already leaving this area and making his way up a spiralling rail. You copy Link's movements. Right. Left. Right. Left.
You land in the area and latch onto the wall with your hands.
"Did you want a go?" you ask Kylee as you puff.
"Sure!" she beams. "I can carry you if you want!"
"I'll go with Link then," Corky agrees. She flies out of your circlet and over to Link. She places a hand on his shoulder and beams at you. Link then approaches the wall on his spinner and locks onto the rail.
"Wow..." Kylee murmurs as she watches the others fly ahead. "This is crazy."
"Do you have anything like this at home?" you ask her. She shakes her head.
"This sort of thing would be shut down by the government's department of health and safety before that happened," she replies. You unstrap your feet from the spinner and get off it. She steps on, and you help her strap in. You push her forwards and then watch as she begins to approach the wall.
You realise your mistake.
You sprint towards her, and she holds her hand out. "[Y/N]!" she cries. Your hands smack together, and she lifts you up as quickly as she can. The two of you stand on the spinner, with Kylee clinging to you like you're about to fall off at any moment. You watch ahead for Link's movements.
You can see a drop coming up.
"I can't watch!" you squeal. You bury your face into her shoulder, and then your stomach lurches forwards.
The clicking noise signals that Kylee has landed in the right place.
"This is so much fun!" she shrieks. "I'll take one of these to go!" But still, you can't watch. So you listen instead. And before you know it, Kylee's poking your shoulder. "Hey," she whispers in your ear. "We made it!" You open your eyes and look up to see the others all grinning and beaming at each other.
"Dude," Lloyd tells Mario, "did you see those spikes? They looked huge!"
"I know!" he agrees. "Cappy thought we were going to die..."
"I'm fairly certain they moved back in the day," Ganondorf assures them.
The three gulp.
Before you know it, Zane and Urbosa land next to you. And with that, all of you begin to head towards the next set of rails ahead. You're all still buzzing with excitement.
That is, all of you except for Ganondorf.

It takes a while to reach the door, but finally, all of you stand in front of it. Harumi gulps at the closed door.
"It's behind there," she tells Lloyd.
"What's behind there?"
"The Stallord, I suppose?" Ganondorf asks her. She shrugs her shoulders.
"I dunno what it's called," she admits. "But it tried to burn me!" She goes to reach for the door, but he stops her.
"You," he tells Zane. "What did you see there?"
" unaware," he admits. "I did not see anything in there." Ganondorf glances around at the rest of you.
"Alright," he orders. "Pair up again. I have a feeling the girl's right..."
"You want to argue with a Nindroid?" Lloyd asks with a raised eyebrow.
"I don't care for your mechanical friend's opinion," he hisses before kicking down the floor.
"You mean fact," he mumbles under his breath as he and Harumi follow him through. Mario and Cappy follow without a word.
"Wanna regroup?" Kylee suggests.
"We are happy to work together," Zane assures her. He and Urbosa walk past her.
"I think I'll go with [Y/N] if that's okay," Corky tells Kylee. She nods her head and hands you the spinner before going to swap places with the Bonneter. Kylee and Link proceed to tag along behind Zane and Urbosa. You're about to walk ahead, but Corky holds a hand in front of you.
"I have a feeling that Harumi's right," she sighs. "There's something that to me."
"I'm sure it's nothing," you assure her.
"Just don't go cutting any ropes now." Corky ushers you forwards and into the room ahead.
All the others are frozen in fear at the strange purple and orange light hovering above the gigantic skeleton half-buried in the pit of sand.
And Corky hides behind your back as soon as she sees it.

The light pulses with what you presume to be the ghostly version of a heartbeat as it begins to float towards you. The orange appears to make its core, while the purple encases it like a cloud of smoke. This light begins to float towards you.
"[Y/N]..." it hisses in a raspy and hoarse tone that makes Ganondorf's voice sound as smooth as butter. "My...child..."
You draw your sword out and point it at the light.
"Who are you?" you demand to it.
"I am...the one that you seek..." it answers.
"Funny," you retort, "because you don't look like Midna to me-"
"I go by many names..." 
it tells you. You watch as the orb begins to float around your head. "The Dark Lord...the God of Destruction...but there's one you know me by, child..."
"The Overlord..." Lloyd manages to whisper.
"Look at you...all frozen in fear," he snarls at all of you.
"I can still move, dumbass," you scoff. Corky leans into your ear.
"Do you really want to be arguing with the Ninjagian deity of destruction?!" she panics.
The orb of light seems to watch her, although it lacks eyes or any other facial features.
"You stay away from Princess [Y/N]," Ganondorf warns him as he stands in front of the two of you.
"So you still live, Ganondorf." The Overlord wheezes. While he's busy proceeding to monologue, all of the others begin to sneak away with their spinners to the door on the other side of the room. "It has been eleven years since I saw you last. And what were you doing?"
"Carrying your dead wife from Sindaco's house," he sneers.
"She deserved it for what she did..." he retorts. "It's a shame that you didn't burn along with her...but such is the life of an immortal..." Kylee quietly opens the door, and Mario, Zane and Link begin to crawl through it.
"[M/N] was a better parent than you'll ever be," Ganondorf warns him. "Where were you when your daughter was raised by two idiots incapable of showing her what real power was?!"
"You know I had my own business in fool!" The Overlord appears to grow in size.
Cappy, Harumi and Urbosa creep past the door. Kylee quickly slides around it and then closes it behind her.
"If you've done anything with Midna," you tell the poltergeist, "then undo it and let us be on our way. We don't want any trouble."
"Trouble, eh?" he decides. "Do you truly wish for trouble?!"
"I defeated you once," Lloyd announces. "I'll defeat you again."
"You only possess a ninth of the Golden Power you once had..." he jeers at him. "Good luck, young Lloyd...good luck trying to weasel your way out of this one!" And with that, the Overlord disappears into a puff of smoke.
"What was that all about?" you frown.
"That's the first time you've met him...wasn't it?" Lloyd asks. You nod your head.
"He's even more of a douche than your dad," you declare.
"You aren't wrong there," he agrees.
You hear the sand in front of you shifting.
"Aw...fuck," Corky mutters under her breath.
You watch on as the skeleton begins to sit upright in the sands.
"Are you kidding me?!" Lloyd demands. "Again?!"
"Ah...the Stallord," Ganondorf mutters. "I remember you." Corky tries to drag you back through the other door as its eyes flash a bright and vivid shade of red.
"That's nice," Corky puffs. "I think it's time we found ourselves another hobby!"
"No," Lloyd argues. He pulls his hood down over his face. "We fight!"

Chapter Text

The three of you begin to spin around the rail around the Stallord. As it lifts its body up, you take note of what you're looking at. Its giant head and arms are supported by a single spine.
"Any ideas on how we defeat it?!" Lloyd shouts from the other side of the rail.
"Launch your spinner into it!" Ganondorf hollers back. "There's nothing worse in the world than being hit by a spinner!"
"Ever heard of childbirth, mate?" Corky jokes as Lloyd launches off the rail and straight towards the spine. You watch as the lowest vertebrae shatters into tiny pieces upon contact with Lloyd's spinner.
"Ha!" Lloyd yells. "Got 'em!" You squint as you see a spike pop up on the other end of the rail.
"Looks like it's my turn!" you exclaim. You swing your hip to the right. Your spinner begins to veer all over the place as you attempt to steer it using your body weight. You reattach to the rail just before Ganondorf passes by. He grabs onto your arm.
"Lean to where you want to go," he tells you before letting go of you and throwing his spinner off the rail. His spinner smacks into the next vertebrae, and the snapping sound fills the air.
"Okay," you tell yourself. "Lean to where you want to go. Second time lucky, [Y/N]-"
You hear the sound of metal grinding, and before you know it, you're tumbling face-first into the sand.
"Shit!" you shout.
"Now that's what I call a sandwich!" Lloyd jokes as you spit out all the sand from your mouth.
"Lloyd Garmadon!" you shriek back at him. He laughs as you try to stand back up. The spinner's weight isn't helping at all. Ganondorf stops by your side and helps you steady yourself.
"Are you alright?" he asks you in a gentle tone.
"I think I'll be okay," you assure him. He brushes the sand off your shoulders.
"Remember to jump before those spikes get you." And with that, he pushes you back onto the rail. You watch to make sure that you aren't approaching another spike. You spot one up ahead.
You jump off the rail and crouch down, leaning your body weight towards the final spine.
You extend your knees, which makes the spinner jump.
And the spinner jumping makes the cog spin fast enough to snap the final vertebrae.
The Stallord shrieks in agony before its head falls to the ground.
Sand flies everywhere, including into Lloyd's open mouth.
You can't help but to burst into laughter at his demise.

The three of you are standing in the sand, with Corky floating over your heads.
"That has to have been the easiest fight I've ever fought," Lloyd decides. "That thing didn't stand a chance against us!"
The ground begins to rumble.
"Well," Corky whispers as she points at the skull of the Stallord, "it's trying." The skull begins to tremble and shake, and the sand begins to sink down, carrying the three of you with it. The strange thing is that you're all still on the surface. You notice that there's a cylindrical column in the centre with rails on it, as well as a larger one on the outside with rails inside it. You're all standing in-between the two sets of rails.
"Is this a prison or is this a skate park?" Lloyd asks the rest of you.
"Watch your back," Ganondorf warns him. "And whatever you do...don't let it burn you!"
"What? The Stallord?"
It roars behind Lloyd in response.

You're all quick to run your spinners over to the rails. Lloyd opts to take the inner set, while you ride on the outer set with Ganondorf. Corky's flying in front of its face and pulling faces at it.
"What part of 'don't let it burn you' don't you understand?!" Ganondorf shouts at her.
"Nah, mate!" she argues. "I gotta keep it busy so it doesn't burn [Y/N] to death!"
"To death?!" you yell. "What do you mean to death?!"
"Fire's hot, you know-"
"Eat metal!" Lloyd screeches as his spinner collides with the Stallord's head. You can see a crack forming in the top of its skull. It crashes on the ground, where Lloyd pelts it with bursts of energy from his palms. You watch on as Ganondorf jumps across to the other set of rails. The Stallord begins to fly in the air again, where it takes in a deep breath. A jet of red-hot flames follows Ganondorf's path, but still, the Stallord is too slow to catch him. The spinner scrapes it, and it falls out of the air once more. Ganondorf is quick to draw his sword and shank the skull with it. It roars even louder than before and butts its head forwards, sending Lloyd and Ganondorf flying into the wall...
...where they're knocked over upon contact.
Lloyd can only groan. Ganondorf doesn't even make a sound.
And that's what worries you.
"Shit," you mutter.
"No pressure," Corky adds on as she flies into your circlet. You push yourself towards the inner set of rails and watch the Stallord circling the inner column. It takes in a deep breath and threatens to burn you with fire, but you jump in the air and smack into it with your spinner.
It shrieks, and the two of you land on the ground. It rolls around in the sand for a bit, with a deafening roar filling the air.
You draw your sword and smack it at the skull. "!" you scream in-between smacks.
The last one makes its eye sockets widen in shock.
It shatters into pieces onto the ground.
You see the other two beginning to wake up, so you divert your spinner towards them.
"What...happened?" Lloyd groans as Ganondorf sits upright. You stretch your arms and stop in front of the two.
"It's time to get out of here," you decide. You help them both stand up. There's a grin on Lloyd's face.
"I didn't mind that fight with you guys," he admits. "Ganondorf, remind me not to piss you off ever again."
"Heh..." Ganondorf chuckles, more to himself than to Lloyd. The green-clad ninja reverts his line of sight in your direction.
"Princess [Y/N]," he begins, "the technique's a little rusty."
"A little?" you giggle.
"But Sensei Wu would be proud of how far you've come in the past few days," he adds on. Corky flies out of your circlet and over to Ganondorf, who's trying to look at his elbow with hilarious results.
"'ve scraped your elbow, mate..." She carefully lifts up his elbow and squints at it. "And your shirt's damaged, too."
"I'll be quite alright," he assures her.
"We could use Mipha's expertise right now," Lloyd sighs as he glances back up towards the ceiling, which, by now, is about as far up in the air as a skyscraper. "Oh, well...I suppose Zane's our next best bet."

One fun ride back up to the top of the inner column later, the four of you all find yourselves standing before a bridge. You can see something wedged into the ground...
It looks like a little gemstone.
You crouch down and stare at the topaz. Thin gold wire is coiled around it in such a way that it resembles the symbol of the Gerudo.
"Hey!" you tell the others. "Come look at this!" Lloyd crouches down besides you and watches as you carefully pick it out of the ground. You had no idea it was there.
"Any idea what it is?" Lloyd asks Ganondorf as you hand the stone over to the Gerudo.
"I...I thought there were only three..." he murmurs.
"Three what?"
"Three Spiritual Stones."
The three of you stare at him, each as confused and oblivious as ever.
Ganondorf sighs before turning the stone over in his hand. "The Spiritual Stones were keys to open a chamber back in the Era of Time. That chamber housed many things...the Master Sword...and the Triforce."
"And that's what the Overlord's after, right?" Corky ponders.
"Sounds like it," Lloyd agrees before looking up at Ganondorf. "Why are there only supposed to be three?"
"It's a sacred number within Hyrulean culture, I suppose." Ganondorf gazes up at the ceiling. "Just like the number five is sacred to you Ninjagians."
"There's been a lot of weird stuff going on," Lloyd admits. "I game characters appearing in our world...a princess that's supposed to be dead just hanging out in the middle of the Gerudo Desert...and let's not forget what happened at the monastery the other day."
"You mean that girl?" Corky asks.
"Yes." Lloyd brings a hand to his chin. "I don't know what's going on...but I have a feeling it's something greater than the Overlord. Like...somehow...he's not the one behind all of this."
"I wouldn't think too hard," Ganondorf assures the two of you. He holds up the topaz. "Perhaps this is just Hylia's way of telling us that we're on the right track."
"Yeah..." Lloyd sighs. "You're right. I'm putting too much thought into it." You point at the door.
"We should go and make sure the others are alive," you decide.

- - -

Upon exiting through the door, you find yourself outside in rather chilly weather. Lloyd shivers next to you. The others are nowhere to be seen.
"Aw, shit," Lloyd swears. "Where have they gone now?!"
"They can't have gone far..." Ganondorf assures him. "Not unless they have a death wish." He points over the edge of the balcony. The drop down looks rather unnerving. Corky rests a hand on your shoulder.
"I feel like there's a Shine Sprite nearby," she whispers to you.
"What?" you ask. Her eyes widen, and she throws her hands behind her back.
she responds in a sing-song voice before going to hide in Lloyd's hood.
Well, that was strange, you tell yourself. You turn to your left and begin to walk up the steps after the Green Ninja. There's a few gaps here and there that you have to jump over. But still...
Everything about today has been much stranger than before.
Shine Sprites? you ask yourself. How are there Shine Sprites on the other side of the Earth?
"Hey!" Lloyd shouts as he peeks around the corner. "Mario! Zane! Link! Are you three alright?!" He pauses for a moment before shouting her name. "Midna!" He sprints behind the corner, and so you and Ganondorf follow.
"We found her like this," Mario admits as he holds the imp in her arms. She's awfully pale...and all the colour has disappeared from her body. She's glancing around in a state of stupor. Her mouth is hanging open...her eyelids are lowered...
What happened?

You take a seat next to Mario and peer at Midna. She feels terribly cold to the touch, like someone's plunged her into an icy bath for three hours on end. She gazes up at you.
"I forgot..." she admits, "your light makes me sick..." Midna reaches behind her and takes out something in her hands. It's gold and shaped like an eight-point star...
It's a Shine Sprite.
"Oh my goodness!" you exclaim. You take it in your hands and stare at it over and over. "Where'd you find this?!"
"It was in the Mirror Chamber..." Midna begins to yawn. Already, you can see the colour returning to her body. "I hope you aren't mad."
"I...I don't know how this little guy managed to get all the way from Isle Delfino to the Gerudo Desert," you admit. You stand up and hold the Shine Sprite as if it was a child.
"What is it?" Lloyd asks.
"They're...the spirits of the past kings and queens on the island," you explain to him. "That butthole Sindaco lied to my people and said they were a good power source for the island. And...well, he's not wrong. But he's not right, either. My family shouldn't be made to slave away after they die." The Shine Sprite begins to hover in front of you. It spins around in the air, giving off a trail of golden glitter that scatters everywhere. Midna gets a whiff of it and begins to sneeze. You watch as the Shine Sprite slams into your chest and disappears inside.
Already, you feel a bit stronger.
"Maybe it feels safer with you," Corky offers. You nod your head.
"Where are the others?" Lloyd ponders.
"They're in the Mirror Chamber," Midna responds. "They're trying to get into the Twilight Realm...but they can't. Not without a Twili."
"Why don't you want to let them in?" Ganondorf demands. She rolls her eyes at him.
"Well, Ganondorf," she mutters. She floats up and away from Mario's arms before hovering in front of him with her fists clenched into balls. The size difference between the two is absolutely amusing. "I'd rather not be seen like this in the presence of my people!"
"She is right to protest this," Zane agrees. "The form in which Midna currently takes is not her true form. She believes that her people care deeply about her physical appearance, although it is unwise to think that such a thing is important in today's day and age."
"Well, if looked like her, then I would care." At this point, you're convinced that Ganondorf says nasty things out of habit now.
"Based," Kylee murmurs from behind him. All the others are standing there with varied looks of defeat on their faces.
"Hey..." Lloyd assures Midna with a smile. He places a hand on her shoulder. "We'll find a way to get you back to normal." She gives him a weak smile and brushes her hand across his cheek.
"Th...thanks, Lloyd."
Kylee glances around before tugging at your sleeve and leaning into your ear.
"[Y/N]?" she whispers.
"I need to talk to you for a second."

You follow the blue-haired woman down the hall in which she'd arrived from. The others are staying behind for whatever reason. It's unimportant to you at the moment.
"I know you have a lot on your plate at the moment," Kylee starts to tell you, "but I have reason to believe that my sister is in this Twilight Realm."
"Sister?" you ask her.
"Yeah." Kylee scratches at the top of her head. "She and I have a team of my own...kinda like Lloyd's ninja thing."
"How do you know your sister's inside this realm?"
"Well," she admits before reaching into her pocket and pulling out a crimson eyepatch made of leather. "This belongs to her. And Zane found it."
"How do you know it's hers?" you query. Kylee raises an eyebrow.
"Geez, Princess, you sure do ask a lotta questions!" She pockets it again. "Well...I know because she's worn it since we were six." You nod your head, and she grabs your arm. "Please, [Y/N]! My sister means the world to me! And I know Midna doesn't want to let anybody in, but I don't want to lose her again. Please...if there's anything I can do to convince you all to let even just me inside-"
"No," a voice behind you warns. You both turn around to see Midna floating in the air behind you. She crosses her arms over her chest. "I'm not going into there...not without my old body back!"
"But my sister-"
"Will be safe in there," Midna snaps. "It's the only place the Overlord can't reach. It's a sanctuary for the deceased...and besides, the Oni hate it in there."
"Deceased?! Are you telling me she's dead?!"

"Alright, girls..." Ganondorf warns the two as he pushes them apart. "Link's Sheikah Slate is working again. He's going to set up a special portal that will let us travel back here, and then we're all leaving for my home."
"Your home?" Lloyd asks from behind him. "The last heard, Gerudo Town doesn't let men inside!"
"Yeah," Link adds. All of the others are walking over to the rest of you. In his hands is the Sheikah Slate. "If you plan on getting into Gerudo Town, Ganondorf, you're going to have to dress like a woman."
Urbosa's eyes widen at the thought, and she stumbles into the wall.
"Woah!" Mario gasps. He helps Zane catch her.
"I...I remember."
Your vision goes white.

Chapter Text

You find yourself standing in a grand-looking throne room, adorned with four golden statues of women wielding tridents. On the throne, with one leg propped over the other, sits a much younger Ganondorf. You're surprised at just how different he looks. His eyes are much wider, and his hair is rather short. He doesn't even have his beard. He watches the tiny girl standing in front of him with intrigue. She can't be any older than six. It's been a while since he was last allowed to leave the Twilight Realm to see his other daughter.
"Hey!" she giggles. Her vivid pink hair trails down her back as she prances around the room with a plush seal toy in her hands. Her steps are like drops of rain against the floor. She spins around in her new dress. Light blue, like the sky. It's her favourite colour. "Look at me!"
"Yes, Urbosa..." He nods his head. "That's quite the little dance you've got there." She skips over to him and throws the toy at his lap before clambering onto the free spot next to him on his throne. He smiles to himself as he places an arm over his daughter's shoulder. She giggles again and wraps her arms around his waist.
"I love you," she tells him, looking up at him with wide, green eyes. He grins and ruffles her hair.
"And I love you little lightning bug."
"Lightning bug?! 
You're a lightning bug!" She shrieks with laughter as he lifts her up in the air and spins her around. And then he sees his old acquaintance in the corner of his eye. A Twili going by the name of Zant.
"It's your bedtime, Urbosa," Ganondorf tells his daughter. She pouts.
"But we haven't even gone to practise our archery!" She throws her arms around his leg, and he sighs.
She's being particularly stubborn tonight.
He turns to the Twili and sighs.
"Do you mind if we cast it tonight?" he asks.
"Of course long as we are back by midnight. Princess Midna's orders."
"She's just jealous of her little sister..." he says with a smirk on his face. He glances up at Zant and notices the indifferent expression on his face. "Do you think she doesn't plan on forgiveness any time soon?"
"We're in deep waters with Midna, sire." Zant stares at his friend's younger sister. She's just an ordinary Gerudo girl. There isn't anything special about her...
Or so he believes, anyway.
"She can go and jump in a lake," Ganondorf mutters to himself.

It's late at night and the two men carry the now sleeping girl back down to the throne. They carefully rest her atop the seat. They have to be quick about this, or someone will see. And then they will alert the Queen of Hyrule.
"The ice of the Mechanical Man...enchanted with the magic of the Twilight Princess." Zant pulls out an orb from his robe. " you wish to leave anything to your child?"
"My throne...and my power." Ganondorf crouches down besides the throne and takes off the crown on his head. He carefully rests it on Urbosa's head. He then holds out his hand. A glowing ball of greenish-yellow lightning crackles and sparks. It floats away from him and lands in her chest, where it sinks in. He nods his head and then stands up. "And it will work?"
"It will send these women into a deep sleep for little under ten thousand years...and they will awaken with altered memories." Zant tucks the orb in-between Urbosa's arms. "The Mechanical Man calls it the Era of the Wild. And he promises that they will be safe. That your people will prosper." Ganondorf begins to sigh.
"There will come a time where both Midna and Urbosa will be all grown up," he murmurs. "I am not quite sure that I will be ready for that time."
"I would not worry about such things as of now. Let us go back to the Mirror Chamber."

Before you have the chance to see what happens to any of the three, you're met with a new scene before you. It's daytime, and you're standing next to a fully-grown up Urbosa, who's busy clipping a golden hoop into a rather flat-chested Hylian girl's ear lobe.
"Princess Zelda has been quite rude to you lately," she tuts. "It's not your fault. You know that, right?"
"She's pretty smart for running in before I could catch her," the girl responds.
In Link's voice.
"They don't call it the Triforce of Wisdom for nothing," she decides. Link begins to chuckle at her joke. "You know...she thinks her father is harsh and unruly..."
"I don't believe her," Link admits. "He's just doing his job." He pauses for a moment in order to think to himself. "She was studying books on the Era of Twilight the other day. Did you know that Ganon has a human form?"
know, alright..." she murmurs. She reaches for the other earring.
"Yeah...I never knew his full name was Ganondorf Dragmire." Link fiddles with his gloves for a moment. "It sounds...foreign."
"Yes. It does." Urbosa's quiet, feeding the thin metal strip through the pierced hole in Link's right ear lobe.
"Zelda found out that he was a Gerudo, just like you."
"Link...have I ever told you why I accepted the position as the pilot of Naboris?" He glances up at her in curiosity.
"Not really."
"As you've guessed, Ganon is heavily associated with my people." Urbosa gazes over at the sunset of oranges, blues and yellows. "He was a very bad man, Link. And he did some terrible things that I wouldn't wish upon my worst enemy." She blinks. "The Gerudo have been given a bad name because of him. I...have been given a bad name because of him."
"Why you?" he ponders. "You're the nicest Gerudo around here! Heck, you're the nicest 
Hyrulean around here!" She takes a comb from her little set-up on the rocks and begins to run it through the knight's hair.
"I don't think I told any of you my maiden name at the inauguration ceremony, did I?"
"You're married?" She smiles.
"And I'm expecting a daughter, too."
"Wow...are you sure you should be helping me fight this Ganon?" Link pauses for a second. "What's your maiden name again?"
Urbosa doesn't move.
She just stares at the dying Sun.
"He was my father, Link. And he left me all lead our people...all by myself."

- - -

"Urbosa?" Kylee waves a hand in front of her face. "Holy...she's zoned out of it, man..."
You feel awful for both of them.
"C'mon," you tell Urbosa with your arms out as wide as you can. Her eyes glisten and sparkle in the moonlight. "I know it hurts..." She wraps her arms around you and holds you in a rather protective fashion. " too."
"[Y/N], what in Din's name are you on about?"
"Just go with it, you dork!" Corky pushes him over to the two of you.
Urbosa lets go of you and throws her arms around Ganondorf.
As she begins to sob, the rest of you can only watch in awe at this moving scene.
"Why did you leave me behind?!" she cries.
"I did it to protect little lightning bug..." he murmurs. Lloyd mimics wrapping his arms around something as he and Ganondorf stare at each other for a moment. "Oh." He awkwardly wraps his arms around her neck, and she sniffles a bit. Link steps over to the two and gives her a pat on the back.
"I'm glad you're alright," he tells her. She looks up, tears still in her eyes.
"And I'm glad you're finally talking again, Link," she adds. She crouches down to his height and places her hands on his shoulders in a reassuring way. "I don't remember how I wound up in this place...but I remember everything else now."
"Do you remember what you were doing last?" Zane inquires. Urbosa brings a hand to her chin.
"Hmm...I believe I was on the deck of the Destiny's Bounty when something struck the back of my head."
"That sounds...awful," Harumi whispers.
"Whoever's attacked Urbosa is a Ninjagian," Lloyd declares as he holds up the pin he'd found in the back of Urbosa's neck. "Zane, can you forensically analyse it for any signs of DNA that doesn't belong to Urbosa or me?"
"Why not you?" Cappy frowns.
"Because I've been handling it with my bare hands," he assures him. "I wouldn't dare to pull shit like this, Cappy. Not even my dad would-"
"Garmadon would most certainly commit a vile act such as this," Zane corrects him.
"Just check it!" At Lloyd's raised tone, he proceeds to scan it with his eyes.
"I cannot determine a third genetic signature," he explains. "Perhaps the Overlord was behind this."
"Yeah...sounds about right," Lloyd mutters. He turns to the others and shakes his head. "I think it's best if we all head off to Gerudo Town. Link, power up that Sheikah Slate!" The Hylian nods his head and turns on the screen of the tablet.
"Make sure you're holding onto me," he tells the rest of you in a nervous voice. Everyone places a hand on Link or the Sheikah Slate. "Is everyone holding on?"
"Affirmative," comes Zane's slight monotonous tone. Link presses a box on the screen, and before you know it, you feel your body becoming lighter and lighter. The world shifts to a bright blue colour...
...and then you find yourself staring at a wall of sandstone.

Everyone glances around in an attempt to take in their new surroundings. The air is terribly cold, but not as cold as it was in the Arbiter's Grounds. You glance around in order to try and find it. You're met with six pole-like structures in the far distance, each with a winged emblem on the top. You stare at it for a while.
It's deceitfully small from here.
Link peers around the general area, as if he's looking for somebody. Without directing his gaze at the rest of you, he starts to address you all. "We're going to need disguises," he decides. "And I think it'd help if the girls were dressed more appropriately."
"I...think I'm gonna chill outside," Harumi protests. "I've had a bad run-in with them."
"I don't exactly trust you alone yet," Lloyd declares. "We'll find you a disguise too."
"There's a smaller trading hub that's a ten minute walk east," Urbosa tells the rest of you. "I'm not sure if it's still open-"
"Kara Kara Bazaar?" Link queries. She nods her head. "How'd you think I got the outfit to sneak in this time?" A devious smirk graces her face.
" men are allowed inside whatsoever," she decides. "And that includes you, Ganondorf. Especially you. If you want to come'll all have to dress the part."
"Y'know...I need some new threads," Kylee admits as she holds her jacket in her hands. "All my shit was on the Destiny's Bounty, and God knows where that's gone..."
"Hmm...I would've thought they would've found us by now," Cappy admits.
"Perhaps somebody inside the town observed the Bounty passing by," Zane suggests. He presses a button on his arm, and then his entire body glows a brilliant white. You all look away in order to protect yourself from the sudden blinding light.
When it's safe to look again, you find yourself staring at P.I.X.A.L.
"'re a genius!" Lloyd exclaims.
"Maybe we can help Lloyd and Mario capture two of the women," Corky suggests to Cappy. He nods his head. Harumi lets out a sigh.
"I'm going to be one of them...aren't I?"
"Right you are," Lloyd decides before throwing Corky at her head. He bursts into a flurry of pixels that shoot their way into Corky's tuft of mustard-yellow hair. Harumi spins around on the spot before stopping and holding her hands in front of her face. She frowns before shoving her hands into her pockets. It's hard to think that the woman in front of you is being possessed by Lloyd and Corky. And the two seem to catch onto this.
"I know it's weird that I'm inside a girl's body, but-"
She's cut off by snickers and giggles from everyone else.
"Oh my goodness..." Ganondorf mutters to himself. "Shut up, girl."
"Why don't you?" 'Harumi' sneers back. He storms right up in front of her and shoves her against the wall. He narrows his eyes.
"You're testing me, girl..." he mutters.
"Dude, it's me!" she protests. "L-"
But she's cut off as he pins her wrists to the wall and smashes his lips against hers.
Corky and Lloyd jump out of Harumi's head and land on the sand by Harumi and Ganondorf's side. "What the fuck, dude?!" Lloyd hollers. By now, Kylee and Mario are both doubled over with laughter. Harumi's eyes open, and moments later, her pale cheeks begin to glow as red as Ganondorf's cape.
"C'mon," you mutter at the others. "It's cold as hell out here."
"Amen, sister," Kylee agrees. Urbosa glances up at the sky.
"It's getting awfully late..." she sighs. "I'm sure I could find a way to sneak you all inside without the need to change, but all of you men must stay quiet! Girls, crowd around them and follow my lead."

Chapter Text

Mario, Lloyd, Link and Ganondorf are all standing in the middle of the group as the rest of you crowd around them. Harumi covers her face with her hand and sustains her gaze at the ground. You have no idea how this is going to work. Unless the Gerudo are as blind as bats, then they're going to see Ganondorf right away. And if they don't notice him, they'll notice the huge moustache plastered across Mario's face.
This is an awful think to yourself.
Two Gerudo women, each dressed in colourful, baggy pants, golden breastplates, high heels and green mouth veils, stand out the front gate. Both of them wield golden spears that look an awful lot like tridents. They point them at Ganondorf almost immediately.
"No voe are allowed," they both sneer at him. Urbosa steps forward.
"He is our king," she protests. "Do you not see his face?"
"We see his face, alright," one of the guards mutters. "And unless he can prove that he is our king, Kara Kara Bazaar is only a ten minute walk if you require a place to stay for the night." Kylee brings a hand to her chin as if she's in thought for a moment. She then turns towards the arid desert and lets out a scream loud enough to shatter glass.
"Mother of Din!" she cries in a poor imitation of Ganondorf's accent. "A Molduga!"
"Where?!" the other guard exclaims. They both begin to walk off to see if Kylee's claim speaks truths.
You watch as Lloyd drops his hood over his face and sneaks past them.
"Voe!" someone shrieks from inside. "There's a voe inside!" Lloyd is promptly tackled to the ground by another guard, who pins his face against the ground in a rather painful way.
"This is madness!" Ganondorf roars. He turns towards the guards and shoves one to the ground. "You two dare disobey me?!"
"You bastard!" the one he's pushed over shrieks. She plunges her spear in his direction. It pierces into his side, and he screams in pain. He falls to his knees and clutches the wound in pain. Already, blood is seeping through the fabric of his shirt and into his hands.
"How dare you hurt him!" Urbosa yells at them. She raises her hand in front of her face and snaps her fingers.
A white-hot bolt of lightning strikes the distant ground behind her, sending a shockwave of thunder through the air.
Their eyes widen, and they both run back inside their town.

Harumi crouches down by Ganondorf's side and looks down at the side of his stomach.
"'s not deep, so that's a plus..." She takes off her jacket and throws it to the ground before undoing her overalls. She then takes off her T-shirt and bundles it together into a ball. "Someone take off his shirt."
"What are you doing?!" Midna exclaims.
"Basic first aid," she responds in a cool tone. She holds her T-shirt out to her. "Hold onto this until I need it." Midna snatches it from her hands. Harumi turns back to Ganondorf before carefully lifting off all of his armour from his chest.
"What...are you doing?" he murmurs to her, his eyes barely open.
"Your shirt's going to be ruined if I use it to keep the wound in place," she tells him. "Try to sit up, okay?" He nods before sitting up straight. He's got his back to you now, so it's hard to tell that he's been afflicted with an injury, let alone a full-on stab wound. With quick and nimble fingers, she unbuttons his burgundy shirt and helps him out of it before throwing it behind her. You notice the large and detailed tattoo covering his entire back, all in black ink that goes nicely with his dark-toned skin. By now, you're too intrigued by it to find yourself mad or worried. You walk forwards and crouch down behind him. "Where'd you get it?" you ask him in a quiet tone.
"What?" he hisses through gritted teeth.
"The tattoo." You then watch on as Harumi presses her shirt against his wound. He holds his hands over hers and grunts in pain.
"My friend...did it..." Sweat begins to bead across his forehead. "He'd seen a pictograph of me...from the Era of Winds...and he adored the design on the back of my he did this to my sleep..."
"Such is life in the Twilight Realm," Midna smirks. "I hate the man, but Zant really outdid himself with it. It doesn't look half-bad, y'know." The sound of footsteps cuts everyone's train of thought off.

You watch as a Gerudo girl of about fourteen or so runs out through the gate. She, like Nabooru, has much wider eyes than Urbosa, Ganondorf or the two guards. She's dressed in a black skirt and a matching crop top. Upon her head is a crown much like Ganondorf's.
"Mother of Dinraal!" she shrieks back at the guards from the front gates who are bolting behind her. She skids across the sand and smacks into your shoulder. "This is none other than King Ganondorf!"
"Whoops," one whispers to the other.
"We're in for it now," the other murmurs back. The girl looks up at Urbosa.
"Mother...why didn't you stop them?!"
"Makeela, dear..." Urbosa crouches down by her side as she crosses her arms over her chest. "You know that they're still getting used to Ganondorf being around again..." The girl shakes her head. Her eyes land on Harumi.
"And are you the one who attacked my friend?!" she demands.
"It wasn't me, I swear!" Harumi shrieks. The girl shakes her head before turning towards Ganondorf.
"What do you want to do with these men?" she asks him.
"Let them inside, for Din's sake..." he mutters. Her eyes widen.
"But that's against the law-"
"They are my guests. will decide who comes in and who doesn't. Now, guards. Help me to the throne before you convince me that I should follow through with your punishments."

- - -

You don't really notice the buildings and infrastructure of the town at first. Rather, you notice the people. Women and girls are standing by doorways and in front of stalls as they all stare at Lloyd, Mario and Link. The jaws of the women are dropped, however, the girls are all curious by the sight of the three men. They're all gathered in groups as they point at Mario and whisper excitedly to one another.
"I've never seen a vai with hair growing on her lip!" a little girl squeaks. Kylee chuckles and nudges Mario on the arm.
"I like that one," she tells him. "She's funny."
"Riju?" an old lady calls. She points a wrinkled hand at the three. "What are they doing inside?" The girl lowers her voice and murmurs something in a foreign language to her. The elderly woman's eyebrows raise. "Good grief! The rules haven't been bent since the Era of Time!"
"I beg to differ," Urbosa mumbles to herself. You all begin to approach the steps to a nice-looking building, where multiple guards are crowded.
"What's happened?!" one demands as Ganondorf stumbles into her arms. She helps him stand upright, ushering several of the guards over. They're quick to begin carrying him upstairs and inside the building.
"Your guards are rather trigger happy," Corky frowns at them.
"Take him to get treated for that wound," Urbosa's daughter orders the guards. "I will have a talk with these foreigners in the throne room."

Before you know it, you're standing in the room in which you'd witnessed Urbosa's dream-like memory taking place, although this time, the girl sits upon the throne. She's sitting on a booster seat in order to appear taller, which you have to admit makes you cackle with laughter internally. She watches all of you with seriousness.
"I am Makeela Riju," she declares. "I am the Gerudo Chieftess and the King's granddaughter." She rests an arm against the armrest before parting her lips slightly. "What brings you to the middle of the Gerudo Desert this late at night?"
"How do we address you?" Lloyd carefully asks her.
"Just call me Riju," she assures him. "Everyone does around here."
"Well, Riju...I'm Lloyd Garmadon, and I'm from-"
"Ninjago?" she butts in. "Yes...I have heard of you. You were praised by the people of Ninjago that we came across during our short-lived pilgrimage to the Sea of Sand. Anyway, please proceed."
"I was coming here with quite a few people, actually," he tells her. "One of them was Princess Zelda."
"Right," she murmurs, although you doubt she actually believes him.
"And then we all fell overboard. We landed in the Arbiter's Grounds." Riju raises an eyebrow at the idea. She brushes back a few locks of her vivid pink hair before continuing to speak with Lloyd.
"And you trekked all the way here?" Riju appears to be quite concerned at Lloyd's claims.
"We used the Sheikah Slate," Link tells her. She offers a smile to the Hylian.
"I didn't see you there, Link." Riju gets up. "How have you been? Have you heard from Sidon lately?" Link nervously chuckles and raises a hand to the nape of his neck.
"Well," he admits, "the last time I heard, he wanted to know how you were doing."
"Anyway, Riju," Lloyd continues at the now smiling girl. "We were going to ask if you saw a flying ship going past. Ninjagian dragon's head...wooden body...white and red sails..."
"I didn't, but I believe that the children did during their outing with the town's teacher." She points down to the left side hall. "There is a room you can all stay in tonight. If you don't mind, there is quite a lot of junk that needs sorting."
"No problem," Lloyd assures her.
"Our king is in good hands," she continues. "If we require any help, we will let you all know." Zane, who's still under the guise of P.I.X.A.L, steps forward.
"I have determined that your king requires urgent medical treatment beyond traditional medicines," he informs her. "I will be able to successfully treat his wound if I am allowed to be the one to perform a simple series of procedures."
"She's a Nindroid," Harumi declares. "They know everything."
"I'm reluctant to take your word on it," Riju snaps at her.
"Trust me, Makeela," Urbosa assures her with a gentle smile. She rests her hand on her shoulder. "Those mechanical men and women are certainly lifesavers..." Riju lets out a heavy sigh.
"If she insists," she agrees. Zane smiles. "Mother, may you take her to him?"
"Of course, dear." Urbosa leads Zane away, and Harumi's quick to dart after the two, leaving the rest of you standing there. Riju ushers over a guard to her side. She's fair-skinned, unlike the majority of her fellow people.
"Teake here will take you to the room," she declares. "If you have any problems, please take it to the guards. I will be upstairs with Mother and the King...and I wish for privacy."
"But-" you try to start. "Harumi-"
"[Y/N], you heard her," Lloyd sighs. "Let's go down to the room, okay?"
But you decide to leave the building instead.

The streets are terribly empty at this time of night. It strongly reminds you of Delfino Plaza during winter. Only a few women brave enough to face the perils of an inky black sky ridden with scarce splatters of stars, almost sub-zero temperatures and a couple of people indecisively shifting from stall to stall are by their stalls. Many more are shivering themselves to sleep beneath blankets on the ground. You feel awful...knowing that all these women don't even have beds of their own.
You can't help but wonder if there's any way you can help them out a bit.
One old woman is seated behind a stall with all sorts of various trinkets and toys by a jewellery store. You're intrigued by how much there is that sparkles and glistens. You decide to step over and see her wares.
"Hello, dearie!" she coos. "Looking for anything?"
"I'm just browsing, thanks." You crouch down and stare at all the different items there are for sale. There's a strange pink and purple hand lens with a label that reads '20 Rupees'. You pick it up and peer into it. The world appears stranger...but you aren't sure how. "What's this here?"
"Oh, it's a little something I found out on my travels when I was younger," she responds. "It's called the Lens of Truth."
"The Lens of Truth?" you repeat. You peer into it again. "What does it do?"
"You tell me," she chuckles. You gaze into it once more.
"Do you take Ninjagian currency?" you inquire. She nods her head.
"It's worth a lot at the moment," she admits. "Twenty Ninjagian dollars would probably feed me and the rest of my family for a week!" You reach into your pocket and fish around for whatever you can find. You pull out a note.
It's a fifty.
You hand it to her, and her eyes light up like it's Christmas. "Really? Do you want any change?!"
"I hope it helps you," you smile to her. She's quick to pocket it before turning back to you.
"Tell you what," she decides. "You can pick anything else you want. It's on me." You look around at all the strange little items. They're all certainly mystical in appearance.
"Hmm..." you consider. Your hand hovers over the items. She watches you with an intrigued look upon her wrinkled face. You find a rather interesting ear wrap that looks as if it was intended for human ears such as yours. It's golden in colour, and it appears to take the shape of several dragonflies.
"Ah," she grins. "This little trinket will allow you to understand any language spoken to or around you." She picks it up and carefully clips it onto your ear. There's something about it that makes you smile. It feels so nice to wear.
"Thank you," you tell her with a smile on your face. "I'm glad to have helped you out."
"And I am glad to have done business with you...Princess [Y/N]."
You blink, and the woman and her wares are gone. Vanished. Without a trace.
All that remains of her is the Lens of Truth and the grand-looking ear wrap that's snugly attached to your ear.

You find yourself back inside, where a gathering of guards all stand by the throne as they chatter like old friends. One spots you.
"A Ninjagian?" she ponders.
"Isle Delfinian," you correct.
"I see," she responds. "You're certainly a long way from home, aren't you?"
"Yeah..." you sigh. You cup your hands together. "Do you know where Ganondorf is?"
"Our king?" another guard inquires. "He's being treated for that silly stab wound Merina inflicted upon him."
"Can I see him?" They all give each other nervous glances at your question. "I was going to give him-"
"He would like to remain in privacy-" You cross your arms.
"Privacy?" You scoff at the guard's words. "Ganondorf doesn't know the meaning of privacy!"
"She's just as bad as the other Isle Delfinian..." one guard mutters.
"Other?!" you demand.
You hear her voice behind you.
"Hey, slow-coach."

Chapter Text

Before you know it, you're sitting on the steps to the building with Birdie, who's wrapped her arms around her knees. The two of you are quiet, not saying much to one another.
You wonder if everything she told her father over the phone the other day is true.
"I used to wonder if Ganondorf was the only asshole in his tribe," Birdie mutters as she whittles away at a twig with her nails. "And then I met his guards."
"How'd you get here?" you ask. "Where are the others?"
"I was kicked off the Destiny's Bounty after an uprising," she admits.
"Excuse uprising?!" You snort at the very idea. An uprising! "Let me guess...Garmadon threw a tantrum about not getting his own way?"
"Nup." Birdie shovels her hands into the pockets of her dress. "Bowser. He was getting sick of being he kinda snapped."
"Bowser?" you whisper. "Oh, dear..."
"He's, like, went from a meh-kinda asshole to levels that even Ganondorf wouldn't dare cross." Birdie stretches her shoulders back.
"Is it true?" you blurt out.
"My mother? Did you kill her?" Birdie shakes her head at the statement.
"I didn't know what I was doing back then," she mutters. "Mom said that lighting that pot on fire was a fun game that everyone would think was funny. Fun game my ass." A sigh escapes her lips. "Ganondorf was right about one thing, y'know. She's a traitorous bitch." It's hard to think about Mrs Cavaliere in that way. She was supposed to be your mother's best friend.
And now you're getting confirmation from her daughter that she's done terrible things.
"I'm sorry, [Y/N]." Tears begin to well in her eyes. "I never meant to. If...if I'd known what an oil fire was...I would've told my mom to jump in a lake." She throws her arms around you and holds you close. She's sobbing way more than you are. But still, the two of you sit there and cry into each other's arms.
"Birdie...we have to stick together," you declare. "No matter what happens." She wipes some of the tears from her eyes and nods her head.
"You're right. We do." She helps you stand up. " your best friend, I'd tell you not to do what I'm about to tell you to do. But, as your royally appointed's about time you were treated with a little respect around here. You wanted to see Ganondorf, right?"
You smile, knowing that no matter what, Birdie's got your back.

The Pianta marches back into the throne room. You trail along behind her as she clutches her fist and shakes them at the guards. The brown leaves on Birdie's head stick up and her nose wiggles as her eyes narrow at them.
"Hey!" she yells. "Where the hell is your leader?!"
"Oh, Din..." a guard mutters. "Not you two again!" Another steps forward, clutching her spear tightly in her hands.
"You two are mere commoners," she warns. "Get out before we throw you into the dungeon!"
"You are speaking to the Princess of Isle Delfino!" she roars at them. She steps to the side and points to you. "How dare you treat her with such disrespect?!" They all raise an eyebrow each at her rather aggressive behaviour.
"Did you say princess?" a third guard demands. "You lie!"
"Oh, you wait until we tell Princess Zelda about this!" she grunts. She stomps her foot on the ground.
"The Princess of Hyrule does not have jurisdiction over our land," a fourth warns her. "I don't care who you two think you are. You're acting like dogs, and we won't stand here and take your petty abuse."
"Please!" you plead to them. "Why can't I see him?! It's important!"
"You're really that desperate to see our king, huh?" the fifth retorts. "The way you're sounds like the two of you are obsessing over him!" They all burst into laughter. Birdie nudges your elbow and smirks before jerking a thumb over towards a staircase that leads upstairs. She screeches before beginning to bolt towards the staircase. Unfortunately, the guards are too busy slapping their knees and laughing their arses off at her erratic behaviour to realise that the two of you have run away.

The two of you start to walk down the halls. You can see the backs of Harumi, Zane, Urbosa and Riju as they all leave the middle room. Birdie sneaks over to the door and holds it open just a tiny bit so it won't lock. She ushers you over.
"I'm guessing you want a little privacy with your boyfriend?" she snickers at you. She nudges your arm and grins. "I'm pulling your leg. It's just a running joke on the ship. You know, like how Cole and Nabooru think they're slick telling everyone all the time they spend alone is spitting bars?" You giggle at the very thought. "I'll meet you back downstairs, okay?"
"Alright," you agree.

You quietly walk into the room. It's dimly lit by a candle at a bedside table. Lying on a canopy bed with about a hundred pillows underneath his head is Ganondorf, who appears to be asleep at the moment. You take a seat on the side of his bed and watch him. Despite all the pillows in the world to give him support, he still looks rather uncomfortable. You take his crown off and set it near the candle before you go to reach underneath his head and take out the hair ties. You know how uncomfortable it can be sometimes to go to sleep with your hair tied up. A smile creeps across his face.
"You got past all of them?" he smirks at you.
"I can leave if you want-"
"Don't. I'd rather your company than that of that pesky Ninjagian princess, anyway." He opens one eye. "So...why are you here?"
"I just wanted to see if you were alright," you respond. You place a hand on his upper arm and lean in a tad closer to him. "You've had a pretty rough day today, haven't you?"
"Ah...I would be lying if I said it was tolerable," he assures you. "Why don't you come a little...closer to me, sweetheart?" You oblige with his request and scoot over the tiniest bit. The smile on his face widens. "That's more like it..." You become aware that his hand is resting on your hip beneath your gi and undershirt. It's warm against the gruelling cold. Your face grows warm at the very thought of it. "Why don't you lie here with me for a bit?" You shy away even harder at that request. He stares into your eyes as he brings his other hand underneath your gi. "Aw...aren't you a blushing mess right now?"
"What are you doing?" you whisper to him. Another smirk spreads across his lips.
"I wish it was you," he responds. Your eyes widen.
"Excuse me!" you shout. He glances away and smiles again. You can tell he's loving every bit of attention he's getting from you. He tries to sit up, but his face screws up in pain.
"Argh!" he grunts.
"That'll teach you for being a pervert," you smirk at him.
"I believe we've been interrupted enough times," he decides. He takes his hands away from your hips and opts to rest them on the sides of your neck before leaning into your face. You can feel your head and neck burning up as he presses his lips against yours. They're warm and inviting, strange from a man who seems to be the opposite of that. He moves one hand up at the back of your head and rests the other against your lower back as he pulls you against his bare chest. Every second that passes, it feels like he's holding you even tighter than before.
The two of you part away for a moment, your foreheads resting against one another, your eyes gazing upon the others'.
And neither of you speak as you return to the kiss.
The heavy thud of his heartbeat bangs against his chest. You can't help but wonder if he's feeling as nervous as you're sure you look. The look of complete and utter awe that's replaced the usual smirk/scowl on his face makes you smile. You look up from him for a moment before pressing your forehead against his. Your eyes sting with fatigue, and your muscles ache from the day's events. You had no idea you're this tired...
"I need some sleep," you sigh as you stand up and swing your legs back over the side of the bed. You go to walk out of the room. He shakes his head and pulls back the blanket. Your eyes widen; he seems to note this.
"I don't wish to sleep with you in that way," he automatically says before you have the chance to mention it. "I just want to"
"Safe?" you whisper. "How?"
"When you are around..." he murmurs, "I cannot hear their voices." You look down at your shoes and kick them off your feet before lying down next to his good side.
"Their voices?"
"The voices of the Oni."
He tucks his arm underneath you, and the last thing you hear before you drift off to sleep is the sound of Birdie giggling to herself from the other side of the door.

- - -

"You're in big trouble, miss!" someone shouts in your face.
You jolt upright to see enough guards to fill a football stadium surrounding you.
Their spears are all pointed at your body. Your heart jumps a beat as you raise your hands above your head in defense. There's still sleep in your eyes. You didn't dream last night, a rarity. You almost always dream.
"Hmm?" Next to you, Ganondorf sits up straight. He glances around at the guards for a bit. "Morning, ladies. What brings you barging into my room like a bunch of uncivilised hooligans?" One of the guards narrows her eyes at you. She jerks her spear in your direction.
"This fanatic child was causing problems last night," she decides. "Running around claiming she was the princess of some island...demanding that she had the right to see you-"
"Princess [Y/N] is a very dear acquaintance of mine," he warns them all. Their eyes all widen at his declaration. "I don't care what Riju has told you, she is allowed to be concerned for my health."
"Yes, sire," they all murmur under their breaths.
"What was that?"
"Yes, sire!" Their chants chorus throughout the room.
"Now, see to it that my other guests are also adequately treated from here on out. I cannot believe you made them sort through all of Riju's crap." You have to hold it in as they all file out of the room and mumble things under their breaths. Once the final guard leaves the room and shuts the door behind her, you burst into a fit of giggles that causes him to raise an eyebrow at you.
You can't believe he said that last word so casually.
"I'm so sorry..." you tell him in-between laughs. A soft smile begins to take shape on his face. He wraps his arms around your shoulders and pulls you in, giving you a kiss on the top of your head.

Chapter Text

A rather chirpy young woman bursts into the room with a tray in her hands. There's a wide grin on her face, and her eyes are crinkled as she continues to beam at Ganondorf.
"Good morning, Your Highness!" she chirps. "Are you doing well this morning?" He sits upright and scratches at the back of his head. He's still half-asleep. He glances towards you and then back to her.
"You tell me," he murmurs before throwing his arm around you. "Did you find out who's been stealing from the kitchen stores?"
"It was the children," she admits. She sets aside the plate. "My lord...they're just girls. They don't know what's right!"
"Well...I feel well enough to move," he decides. "Fetch me something bearable in this dreadful heat."
"Yes." She bows her head down and goes to close the door, but he holds up a hand.
"And get something a little more weather-appropriate for Princess [Y/N] here." Her eyes widen.
"Oh, hello!" She stands next to you and offers you a smile. "You must be the Princess of Isle Delfino that our king was talking so much about!"
"Yeah," you say with a weak smile. "That's me..."
"Why don't you go off with Pritana, sweetheart?" he suggests. You nod your head.

Pritana shifts through the shelves upon shelves of clothes. "Hmm..." she starts. "You're not as big as a Gerudo...but you're probably a bit bigger than a Hylian. You humans sure are strangely sized!" She giggles before taking a few folded textiles from one particularly unruly shelf. "I'll have to make you something myself then!" She sets aside the fabrics before taking a rather jewel-heavy bra from another shelf. You raise your eyebrows.
"I'll so be dead for wearing that!" you gasp.
"Aw, c'mon!" she assures you. "It's not the true Gerudo experience unless you've worn one of these! I'll find you one that matches that pretty Ninjagian gi you've got on if you want to wear that over the top." Your skin feels like it's boiling beneath your gi. You take it off, followed by your undershirt. You hold out your hand. Compared to the rather bedazzled article of clothing in her hands, the bra you're wearing feels plain and somewhat boring. She hands it over before turning around. You slip into it, unsure of how the others are going to react to your outfit. It's golden and it has all of your favourite coloured gemstones embedded within the fabric. You have to admit, it feels much more comfortable than the one you had on before.
"Okay," you tell her. "Is it alright on me?" She spins around, takes one look at you and squeals with joy.
"You look amazing!" she beams. She hands you a [F/C] asymmetrical skirt, with one end sitting on your hip and the other down at your ankle. This skirt has a golden belt attached to it. You slip out of your trousers and shoes before putting it on. She beams at your appearance. " you need some shoes, and then you'll be done!" She takes a pair of gold and [F/C] high heels from the shelf before setting them on the ground. The toes of the shoes are pointed up in a strange elven way. They also have straps around the ankles. You step into these shoes. You can already feel the slight pain in your heels. How some women run around in them is beyond you...
"Do I have to wear these shoes all day?" you sigh. She nods her head and gives you a wink.
"If they're a pain in the backside, I have flats here. But the King has requested that I give you heels to start off with. You raise an eyebrow.
"Is that so?" you smirk.
"Why don't you go and visit your friends downstairs for breakfast?" she inquires. "I'm sure they'll be delighted!"
"Sounds like a plan," you agree. You scoop up the rest of your clothing. "Thank you, Pritana!"
"It's no problem, Princess!" she assures you.

Upon arriving at the western courtyard of the building, you're met with a rather fun sight. Crowded around the table are the others. The table is stacked up with all sorts of treats and snacks. Zane, who's donning a frilly pink apron over his pristine white gi, carries out another dish to the table.
"I'm glad we found you, buddy!" Lloyd grins. He gobbles down another pastry.
"I am glad that you are all enjoying," Zane replies. Next to the Green Ninja, Urbosa is cleaning off her plate with an equally positive beam on her face.
"I've never met a man who was so good at cooking in my life!" she exclaims. "You make good food, Zane."
"There's nothing that can cure bad times like good food," Kylee agrees. She raises a cup filled with what appears to be chamomile tea. "Hear, hear!" Everyone applauds the now bashful Nindroid.
" is no problem," he assures them with a smile. Midna looks up to where you're standing. Her eyes widen at the sight of you.
"Oh!" she gasps. "Look!" Everyone does as she suggests, and you're met with a series of 'Ooh's and 'Ah's. You hide your smile behind your hands and do a little twirl.
"You suit [F/C] very nicely, Princess," Urbosa tells you with a grin. You can hear an all-too familiar voice replying to that statement from behind you.
"She does, doesn't she?"
You spin around on your heel to attempt to face Ganondorf, but you fall backwards and land on your behind.
"Aw, fuck!" you shout. Everyone laughs in a light-hearted and whimsical fashion. It's hard to believe that you were so alone twenty-four hours ago. He helps you stand up and offers you a smile. You can't help but notice the rather concerned expression on Urbosa's face.

"Yeah..." Kylee sighs to Birdie and Corky. "The only file I was able to salvage from my phone was a twenty second video of my sister running around our cousin in circles while Roman Holiday played from the speakers in my friend's backyard."
"Lemme see." Birdie looks over Kylee's shoulder at an older model of a BorgPhone.
Lloyd and Cole must've given it to her, you tell yourself.
"This right here is gonna make a bitch die!" the rather loud and fierce voice of a woman screams from the speaker of her phone. "And this right here is gonna make a bitch cry!"
About seven seconds later, the three shriek with laughter.
"Goodness..." Urbosa murmurs as she takes a sip from her cup of tea.
"Hey!" Birdie practically screeches as she points at the Gerudo. "We should get her to sign up for a talent show and scream the lyrics to a Nicki Minaj song!"
"Oh my God, yes!"  Kylee beams. "We stan!"
"Who is this...Nicki Minaj you speak of?" Ganondorf asks with a raised eyebrow. Kylee looks up in thought.
"Hmm...well, she's a...bard who can talk"
"She's a rapper," Lloyd assures him. "But how do you guys know her in your world?"
"I guess music is universal," Kylee decides. Next to her, Mario finishes his food.
"Ah, that was good, Zane!"
"I am glad you liked the meal," the Nindroid responds with a smile. Everyone's quiet for a moment.
"Hmm..." Lloyd sighs. "What are we going to do? We're kinda...stuck here."
"I don't see the problem." There's a rather cocky grin plastered across Ganondorf's face. Urbosa's eyes are narrowed to the size of slits as she folds her arms over her chest. Midna glances around in a rather awkward manner.
"Family reunion, eh?" Kylee whispers to Link. He shrugs his shoulders. Birdie taps you on the arm.
"You know what I think we should do?" she suggests. "We need to make a Discord server for everyone."
"That'd be a good idea," you agree. "Do we have a laptop?"
She shakes her head.
Lloyd places down his cup of iced tea. "We've just gotta hope a tourist from Ninjago or New Donk is planning to embark on a trip to Gerudo Town in the next few days," he suggests to the rest of you. Zane thinks for a while.
"The Destiny's Bounty is in the Bonneton Sea," he declares. Cappy's eyes widen as far as they can.
"What?! But Bonneton is on the Southern Hemisphere!"
"The Gerudo Desert is still in the Southern, you dumb-"
A scream drowns out Corky's final four-lettered word that is most commonly known as the infamous acronym to the phrase, 'see you next Tuesday'.
"So they didn't stop to find us?" Mario frowns.
"Goodness...I hope they're okay," Midna murmurs. She glances up at the now overhead Sun. "You two slept in until midday, you know."
"Did you two have a rap battle last night?" Lloyd asks with a grin on his face. You burst into laughter.
"No way," you assure him. "I'll never have a rap battle until I'm married."
"Rap battle?" Riju asks from behind you.

You all turn around to find her sporting a chrysantheum-patterned kimono in a black and pink hue. She's still wearing a crown just like Urbosa and Ganondorf are.
"It's got a double meaning around here," Kylee assures her from her seat. Ganondorf frowns at the teenager in her outfit.
"What in Din's name are you wearing?!" he demands.
"What?" Riju spins around in her Ninjagian dress. It strongly reminds you of Nya in a way. "Isn't it nice?"
"Where are you going?" Urbosa demands. All of the others glance up at her.
"I was headed off to Ninjago again, actually," she admits before stretching her arms out.
"Ninjago?" Lloyd sets down his cup. "We were just there."
"It'd take you weeks to get there," Urbosa protests. "And besides, when did you get back?"
"A couple of days ago," her daughter responds in a quick tone. She stares at the ground and lets out a sigh. "Our people come first..."
"Aren't you the King?" Harumi asks Ganondorf. "Shouldn't it be you leading the Gerudo?" Corky hides a giggle that's still audible enough for Ganondorf to hear. He scowls at the Bonneter.
"That's besides the point," he mutters through gritted teeth. "Riju, why are you leaving?"
"I shouldn't have to divulge my business to you," she frowns. She spins on her heel and begins to walk up the stairs.
"Makeela Riju!" Urbosa screams. "You get back here this instant, young lady!"
"I can't just cancel my flight!" she snaps back. "I paid good money for that seat!" Ganondorf points at the stairs leading to the throne room.
"Inside," he orders her. "Now."
Riju lowers her head and slumps off to the room with a few nasty words to mumble under her breath.
"Aw, don't be like that!" Lloyd frowns at the two older Gerudo. He stands up from his seat and begins to run inside after her.
"He looking to do a rap battle with her, too?" Kylee whispers to you. You hide a snort.
"He's probably just making sure that she's okay," you assure her as you straighten your skirt. She nods her head.
"We've got problems of our own," Cappy declares to the rest of you. "We need to find the others. Why don't we start by looking around for any humans with cellphones?"
"Lloyd has one, but I think it's flat," Mario admits.
"If communication is what you need," Zane tells the rest of you, "then I shall be able to utilise a friend of mine in order to travel anywhere in the world with a message." He reaches behind his back and pulls out a smaller robot that greatly resembles a real-life falcon. This falcon has black feathers with a few teal speckles here and there.
"Woah!" Harumi gasps. "Is that your falcon, Zane?"
"Yes," he confirms. "Using a combination of technological expertise and Twili magic, I have utilised the most efficient way to upgrade this little one to communicate from anywhere, including through the furthest corners of the deepest realms, with me."
"Wow..." you whisper as the falcon whirrs into motion. It caws before jumping in the air and flapping its wings. It lands on the head of a statue, its eyes glowing bright blue.
"Please, my friend," Zane instructs the bird, "override the manual controls of the Destiny's Bounty and send it on a direct course to approximately fifty metres away from Gerudo Town's southern entrance."
It caws again before landing on Zane's shoulder.
"Now," the Nindroid says with a grin before turning towards one of the tall sandstone walls, "we watch."

Zane's eyes project a video onto the wall he's facing. The Hyruleans watch with intrigue as a security camera depicting Bowser lounging around the bridge with another Gerudo woman, who's tied up against one of the support beams inside the bridge.
"By Din's fire..." Urbosa murmurs. "Buliara!"
"My people will find you," the woman sneers at the Koopa. "And they will surely execute you for kidnapping me!"
"Yeah, yeah," Bowser assures her. "I've heard it all before. Now, do you think you could be a little bit cheerier? You're gonna be a queen, you know! My queen!"
"Mama Mia..." Mario murmurs. He shakes his head at the screen before turning to Ganondorf. "I'm so sorry know..." Ganondorf can only watch the screen in curiosity.
"Diverting the course from the Koopa Kingdom to Gerudo Town," comes P.I.X.A.L's voice from inside the ship. Bowser lets out a yelp before running over to the computers.
"Fuck!" he shouts. "No! Go back! Go back!"
"Unable to redirect the course. You must have administrator privledges in order to redirect the course." The woman, who's still tied up, smiles at the voice.
"How do I give myself administrator privledges?!" he demands.
"You must be accompanied by one who has administrator privledges in order to redirect the course."
"For fuck's sake!"
You all burst into laughter where you're sitting.
You turn around just in time to spot a little girl with a fringe and pigtails running away with a plate of Zane's apple pie.
She spots you and giggles before disappearing behind the hall.

Chapter Text

You run after the girl as fast as you can manage. There's a big grin on her face. She's shouting insults at you.
"You're slower than a snail!" she shrieks. "And you stink!"
"That's not very nice!" you yell back.
Her eyes widen, but she still runs.
You barge past two guards and continue to run down the stairs by the entrance of the chieftess' home. The main town is bustling with women, not just Gerudo, but also Hylian and Rito. There's a couple of Gorons about.
You spot her darting in-between two Rito women, one with pink feathers and the other with purple.
You continue to chase the girl. "C'mere, you!" you shout. "That's ours!"
"Na, na, na na, na!" she taunts back at you. She darts over to the northen streets.
You follow her.
She finally reaches a dead end and holds out the pie. You're too stunned by the magnificent garden of berries that grows inside the soils. It's a wonder that any berries are growing in this heat. Isle Delfino usually has to import all of its berries.
"Dalia! I found one for you! It's an apple pie!"
"Ooh!" You spot another girl poke her head out from behind the wall. "Lemme see!"
"I stole it from Lady Riju's house," the first girl proudly declares.
"You'll get into big trouble," she frowns at her.
"But we're hungry!" a third girl whines.
"I want lunch!" a fourth pleads. "Pretty please?"
"We want food! We want food!" a fifth and a sixth chant.
You glance back towards to make sure that nobody else you know is watching.
"Why didn't you just ask?" you ask the girls in a calm tone.
They all yelp and jump back.
And the pie splatters all over the ground in front of them.
The two younger girls begin to wail and bawl their eyes out at the now ruined pie. The older girls are busy chewing the little bandit's ear off for dropping it. The poor girl hangs her head down in shame.
"Now we're gonna have to go back and find another one!" one snaps. "Thanks, Mara!"
"But-" the thief you'd chased pleads.
"Thanks, Mara!" they all chant, with one of the little ones sniffing after she says it.
"You can't do anything right," one girl hisses. "You know what happens now..."
"No!" she pleads. "I don't have any friends! Please!"
"Go away!" they all shout. "We don't wanna play with you."
The poor girl bursts into tears and shoves past you as she runs away.
"Oh..." you whisper.
You decide to follow this girl.

She continues to wail all down the street before turning towards a gate and bolting outside. The guard stationed by stares at her with confusion. You run after her.
"Come back!" you plead.
I just want to make sure she's okay, you add in thought. Her tiny footprints are light in the sand. You continue to follow her.
"They all hate me!" she wails. You don't know why, but you already feel so much sympathy for this girl who's stolen from you and your friends.
She trips over a rock and falls face-first into the sand.
She screams even louder as you stop by her side.
"Are you alright?" you ask her. She covers her arms over her head. She's shaking in fear.
"Please don't hit me!" she pleads.
"Hit you?" you ask. "Why would I hit you?"
"Because you're an adult!" she sobs. You shake your head and place a gentle hand on her shoulder.
"Hey..." you whisper. "It's okay." She looks up from the sand with red and puffy eyes. There's a scrape filled with grains of sand underneath her chin. A fat tear rolls down her sand-dusted cheek and wells right on the spot. You wince, knowing how bad it must be stinging. You open your arms, and she gets up. There's grazes all over her knees and hands. She falls into your arms and rests her head against your chest. You barely know this girl...but you can't help but care for her.
From what she's said and done, you know that she's been through a lot.
You carefully pick her up. Her arms wrap loosely around your neck.
"I'm sorry..." she whispers to you. "I...I didn't mean to!"
Of course she meant to, you think to yourself. You can see her bony ribs beneath her dry skin. I doubt she's eaten for ages.
"I know you don't want to," you begin, "but we need to go back so that we can clean up your chin."
"They'll hit me!" she wails. You frown.
"Who?" you ask.
She lets out a scream.
"Behind you!" she yelps.
You step to the side and spin around just in time to stop yourself from being the target of an Oni's blows.

You carefully set the girl down to the ground and draw out your sword. She ducks beneath a small hill of sand and peeks over the top at the Oni.
"What is that thing?!" she screams in your ear.
"Not something from around here," you respond, "that's for sure!" The Oni lunges for you with its claws stretched out. You belt its side with the edge of your blade. It lets out a hiss of pain. "What are you doing here?!"
"Your father seeks you..." it sneers. "He only wishes to be reunited with his dearest daughter..."
"Tell him he can burn in hell!" you roar. You thrust the tip of the sword forth and strike the vile creature in its chest. It falls backwards and bursts into an eruption of purple flames.
"We will be back for you...Princess [Y/N]!" it promises.
It poofs into black smoke.
Mara, the girl, is shaking violently as you sheath your sword once more and stand next to her. You crouch down and give her a pat on the back.
"Hey..." you assure her. "It's okay. The Oni won't hurt you any more. He's gone."
"The...Oni?" she starts very slowly. You nod your head.
"Yes. The Oni."
"Why were they attacking us?"
"I don't know. I don't know."

- - -

The guard, who has seen everything, gives you a smile as you walk back towards Gerudo Town with Mara holding onto your hand. She stamps the bottom of her spear on the ground in a rather triumphant way.
"Well done, Princess," she applauds you. "I was told you were rather demanding and self-centred from the palace guards, but your actions were selfless in saving this little vehvi."
"The palace guards, eh?" you consider.
"They are rather rude," she promises. She crouches down to the girl's height. "Lord Dragmire wishes to speak with you, little one." Mara gulps.
"Uh-oh," she whispers.
"Be on your best behaviour. You're already in enough trouble." She nods her head, and you walk along with the little girl inside the town's gates. You're rather intrigued by the lack of people about. In fact...there's no-one here.
"What's happened?" Mara whispers to you. "Where have they gone? Is this because I stole the pie?'s because I stole the pie, isn't it?" She buries her face into her hands and begins to cry again. "I don't want the big meanie to yell at me! I was only making sure my friends had food to eat!"
"I'll make sure the big meanie doesn't yell at you," you promise her. "If he does, then he'll get a smack in the back of the head." Her eyes widen at the very thought. She gulps again.
"But he's so big and tall!"
"You don't need to be big or tall to make a difference," you assure her.
A smile creeps across her face, and she nods her head.

Upon making your way into the town square, where all of the crowd is gathered by the two rows of palm trees, you spot Ganondorf standing on the steps to Riju's home. You give little Mara's hand a squeeze.
"I wish my big sister was here..." she whispers.
"I'll be your big sister for now," you promise her. She nods her head, and you walk through the crowds and up to the bottom of the steps. "I found her, Ganondorf." He narrows her eyes at the young girl and beckons her over with one finger. She glances up at you. You crouch down. "I'll go and buy you five pies after, okay?"
"Okay," she whispers back. She turns back towards the stairs and gulps. There's beads of sweat on her forehead. She takes a shaky breath with every single step she takes closer to him.
You can't bear to watch, knowing what he's capable of.
Finally, there's only one empty step between the both of them.
With the speed of a tortoise, he crouches down to her height, maintaining his mean facial expression.
Please don't yell at her, you plead. Please don't yell at her.
He takes in a deep breath.

"Stealing is not tolerated in our town," he hisses at her. She gulps. Not once does he look away from her eyes. You're more terrified of him than you've ever been before. "Do you understand?"
"Y...yes," she stammers.
"Yes, what?!"
"Y-y-yes, my lord."
"Tell me," he begins, "what's the punishment for thieves around here?" Tears begin to well in her big green eyes. She clasps her hands together.
"P-p-please don't hit me!" she pleads. "I'll do anything!"
"That is what you said last time...and the time before...and the time before that." He leans in closer to her face. She's shaking like a leaf at this point. "Clearly, the message hasn't gone through well enough!"
"No!" she wails. "No!!!"
"Ganondorf!" you shout. "Don't!" He raises an eyebrow and tilts his head in order to see you.
"What is it, Princess?!"
"She's a child! If you hit her, I'll hit you twice as hard!"
"She deserves to be punished!"
"Punished for trying to help her friends?!" You begin to walk up the steps and crouch down next to the little girl. You point to her ribs. "Look at her! She probably hasn't eaten for days, you greedy bastard!"
The crowd is engulfed with gasps.
Not one woman speaks.
Even Mara stares at you in shock.
"Greedy bastard, am I?" he mutters. He grabs your arm tightly and pulls you so that your ear is practically against his mouth. "You're asking for it, sweetheart-"
You slap him across the face.
"You're a real fucking asshole," you hiss at him, "you know that? An Oni nearly killed us! She's been through enough!"
"An Oni, you say?" he murmurs. You nod your head.
"I killed the thing," you promise him. He doesn't say another word. You scoop up Mara in your arms. "Now, I'm going to take her to the table, and she can eat, for Rosalina's sake. If you act like a dick again, I'll chop yours off and feed it to a Molduga."
The crowd erupts with laughter as you walk inside with Mara, leaving Ganondorf to face his people who've just heard you insult him.

The others are sitting around the table and watching the wall, where Zane's live-streaming Bowser banging his head against a desk repeatedly. Lloyd and Riju are also there. The former looks up.
"Hey, Princess," Lloyd starts with a casual wave. "You missed the part where Bowser threatened to sue Riju's guard for being a prude." You hide a giggle.
"Is there any more food?" you ask him. He nods his head and points to one end, where all of the leftovers are.
"Plenty. We gave a lot to some girls who asked for it."
"This little one needs some. Is that okay?"
"Sure, sure..." You carefully help Mara past Mario and Midna, who are cackling like banshees at Bowser, and lead her over to the table.
"Have as much as you like," you tell her. Her eyes widen.
"Sure, little one," Zane tells her with a smile. "I created more than was necessary." And with that, Mara digs into a slice of fruitcake. You've never seen someone gobble down food as fast as little Mara has. Your heart breaks, just knowing that she probably hasn't seen food until today.
You haven't eaten a thing today, but you'd rather see to it that this poor girl has eaten first.

Riju and Urbosa both walk over to you. "Is this the girl who stole that pie from the table?" Urbosa whispers. You nod your head.
"I recognise her..." Riju tells you. "This young girl is Mara. She only had one relative when she was born. Her mother died during childbirth. And her older sister died protecting her from a Yiga Clan raid."
"How awful..." you whisper. "She's an orphan?"
"I'm afraid so," she admits.
"Just...just like me." You glance over to Riju. "How old is she?"
"She's six years old."
"That's how old Bowser Jnr is, right?" Urbosa asks.
"I think so," you reply.
A thought strikes your mind.
"Hey," you begin. "What are the policies on adoption here in Hyrule?"
"Formally, we are a separate nation from the Kingdom of Hyrule," Riju tells you. "But Mother and I have still adopted many of their laws. Why do you ask?"
"This girl doesn't have a family," you decide. "I'd be happy to help her out."
"Wouldn't that make her next in line to the throne of Isle Delfino?" Birdie asks.
"Unless I have a son or daughter myself," you explain to her, "then yes." She leans in and whispers something that only you can hear.
"I'm not sure how they'll feel about a Gerudo on the throne after you know what-"
"Ganondorf is a dick-head. The Gerudo as a whole aren't dick-heads, Birdie." You turn back towards Urbosa and Riju. "I can't stand seeing this poor girl having to steal to live. And besides, Cavaliere and Sindaco said that I need to take on more responsibility."
"Hmm..." Urbosa considers. "You'd need to go through my father if you want permission." You nod your head.
"I'll kick him in his privates if he says no," you tell them with a smile. They both burst into laughter, and Mara, who's devoured the entire fruitcake by now, looks up at you with a big, cheesy grin. Crumbs are littered all over her face.
"I'm full, miss!" she tells you. You smile.
She's so sweet.

- - -

Upon making it into the throne room, you straighten out the creases in your skirt and fix your crown to your head. You step over to the throne, where Ganondorf is lounged on it like a slob with his legs out and a dull look on his face. You stand in front of him with a wide grin on your face.
"I'm going to adopt Mara," you declare.
His eyes widen.
"Have you gone mad, [Y/N]?!" he demands. "That girl is a thieving rat!"
"Okay, King of Thieves," you scoff. You cross your arms over your chest. "I'm still adopting her."
"I will not have that girl running around!" he yells at you.
"Do it! Do it! Do it!" Lloyd chants from the top of the stairs. Behind him, Mara shrieks with laughter.
"Or what?" he sneers at the Ninjagian.
An idea sparks in your head.
You walk over to Ganondorf and place your arms around his neck. "Oh, sweetie..." you coo. You brush back the stray bits of hair from his forehead and hold one hand against his cheek. "You want to know what?"
"What, sweetheart?" he asks you with a stupid grin plastered across his face. "I'm not letting you adopt that girl!"
You knee him right where the Sun doesn't shine.
He doubles over in pain and screws his face up. He glances up at you. "Why?!"
You're a fucking idiot, you're thinking. That's what you get for being a wank-stain on the bedsheet of humanity. You pinch his ear and pull his head right up to your face.
"I'm going to adopt her," you decide. "I don't want her out on the streets. Understood?"
"Okay...but please don't kick me there again..." he groans. You give him a quick peck on the forehead and smile at him. He stares at you as if you've just said something silly.
"Thank you!" you tell him. You beckon Mara over, and she darts over to you. You crouch down and face her. "Hello, Mara. Would you like for me to look after you?"
She nods her head.
"You can call me [Y/N]," you tell her.
"[Y/N]...that's a really pretty name!" she beams. She throws her arms around you, and you hug her back.
You've never really looked after a child in your life, but you're willing to learn.

Chapter Text

You spend the rest of the day playing in the town square with Mara. She'd taken you and a few others to a little playground area by the left of the palace's staircase, where she's currently playing hopscotch with Mario.
"One, two, three, four, five!" the plumber beams. "Six, seven, eight, nine, ten!" He turns around and hops back on the squares towards her. On two, he leaps up into the air and does a somersault onto one. She gasps.
"Wow!" she gasps. "Can you teach me how to do that?!"
"One day," he promises her. "Princess, it's your turn!" You get up from your seat on the ground nearby Lloyd, Kylee and Link before walking over to the hopscotch court. You hop onto the first, second and third. You're about to land on the fourth when you trip over your skirt and fall flat on your face.
"Whoops!" you yelp right before you smack against the ground. Mara runs next to you.
"Are you okay, [Y/N]?!" she gasps.
"Yep!" you assure her. You sit upright and give her a thumbs-up.
"Zane," Lloyd asks the Nindroid, who stands by the stairs. "How long's it gonna be until the falcon returns?"
"The falcon?" you ponder. "Where is he?"
"My friend is searching across Hyrule in order to seek those who are missing from the Destiny's Bounty," Zane explains to you. "We have discovered Princess Peach, Princess Zelda and Bowser Jnr to all be located within an eastern Hyrulean settlement named Kakariko Village. I believe that Lloyd's mother is also there."
"Anyone else?" you ask.
"What even happened to warrant others falling off?" Lloyd frowns.
"Someone said an uprising on-board," Mario responds. "I dunno, though."
"To answer your question, Princess," Zane declares, "I believe that Sensei Wu, Lady Mipha and Mayor Pauline are all somewhere in the Gerudo Desert. As for Cole and Daruk, they are within the Taobab Grasslands. I am able to contact Cole." Lloyd's eyes widen to the size of plates. "Do you wish for me to contact Cole?"
"Yes!" he yells. "And put it on loudspeaker!"

Everyone sits around Zane as a holographic image of Cole appears on the ground before him.
"Cole? Is that you?"
"Zane?!" comes Cole's voice on the other end. "It's good to hear 'ya voice, bud! Where are you?"
"We are in Gerudo Town," he explains.
" But Nabooru and Urbosa said-"
"Ganondorf has made exceptions for those among our group who are male. Now, do you require us to locate and join you?"
"Oh, man..." he sighs. "It's a long story. Daruk knows where to go from here, but I really wanna tame this horse I found!" A smile creeps onto Link's face.
"A horse?!" Mara shrieks. "Where?!"
"Woah!" Cole shouts. "Who's that?"
"Princess [Y/N] adopted a kid," Lloyd says casually.
"What?! Is she crazy?!"
"No, I'm not," you assure the Master of Earth. "We can bring you here in an instant if you need to. Do you need to?" Cole's voice becomes more distant.
"Daruk? Do we want to go to Gerudo Town?"
"Ha!" you faintly hear the Goron shout. "Are they there?!"
"Then why not?" Cole returns to the hologram.
"We'll be there in a sec!" Lloyd promises them. Zane terminates the call, and the two Ninjagians turn towards Link.
"I...uh...I'm not sure there's a shrine near the Taobab Grasslands," he admits. "But I can take you to the Keh Namut Shrine. We should be able to get to the Grasslands fairly quickly that way."
"Can I come?" Kylee asks. "I've only really seen Hyrule when my niece forced me to watch her play Breath of the Wild. Damn fucking Revali...always screaming 'Revali's Gale is now ready!' like someone's about to die...damn."
Link stares at her as if she's just drowned a cat.
"Sure," Lloyd agrees. "Zane, you stay here with the others. Kylee, Mario and Link, let's go." Link pulls out the Sheikah Slate, and you watch them disappear into glowing wisps of blue smoke.
Not a trace of them remains.
"Where'd they go?!" Mara squeaks.
"They'll be back soon," you promise her.

"Would you like to help me prepare dinner?" Zane inquires to the child. She beams and nods her head.
"Yes, please!" she responds. Zane begins to walk up the stairs, and she takes light and airy steps behind him. She chatters away a mile a minute at the Nindroid, who smiles and speaks back calmly to her.
"Hmm..." Midna murmurs. "That Zane's a funny man..."
"Yeah..." you admit in a quiet voice. "I've never really met a robot as advanced as him before." You glance over to the entrance of the building.
"Have you noticed how mad Ganondorf is?"
"Yeah...I really made him angry, didn't I?"
"Ah, he deserves it." Midna gives you a pat on the back. "I'd pay all the Rupees in the world to see you do that again." She bursts into a fit of giggles.
"Wah!" Corky screams from inside. She flies out of the palace with the speed of a cheetah.
"Huh?" Midna glances up. "What was all that about?"
"I'm not sure," you admit. "I'll go and ask her." You cup your hands to your mouth. "Corky! What happened?!"
"I just saw his bare fucking arse!" she cringes. "I never wanna see it again!"
"What's wrong with it?" you ask. Midna shrieks with laughter at your question.
"Why don't 'ya ask him?"
"Who do 'ya think, 'ya bright spark?!"
"Where is he?" you ask her.
"Right in the throne room. Be careful. I saw the crown jewels as well-"
This time, you join Midna in her fits of giggles.
"What?!" you ask as you try to fight back tears. "How?! Did Mara see?!"
"Nah, she left before she could see," she assures you. "But I'm tellin' 'ya, [Y/N], that image of Ganondorf flashing me, Cappy and Harumi's burned into the back of my fuckin' mind!" And with that, Corky flies right into your circlet.
"I'll have a word with him," you promise the Bonneter. Midna stretches her arms.
"Well, I'd better be making myself useful around here..." she yawns. "I'll go and find Urbosa." And with that, the Twili zooms off towards the palace.
"Do you think Nabooru's around?" Corky asks you. You shrug your shoulders.
"Hey!" you hear Daruk holler from the front of the town. "Princess!"
"Ooh!" Corky beams at the group walking into town. "Looks like they found Zelda and Peach and Misako, too!"
"That's good," you smile. "We just need to find the others, now."
"Don't you wanna ask what happened to them?" she suggests.
It doesn't seem like a bad idea when you hear it.

Bowser Jnr is behind Misako as they stride over to you. There's tears of relief in Misako's eyes that she wipes away with the back of her hand.
"You're alive!" she beams. She throws her arms around you and engulfs you in a rib-cracking hug.
"Why...wouldn't I be?"
"You fell from a pretty big height," Cole explains.
"Don't you remember anything?" Daruk frowns.
"All I remember was a dream I had before I woke up near the Arbiter's Grounds," you sigh. They all nod their heads.
"Well," Zelda decides, "we've found out something rather annoying."
"Go on," you prompt her.
"The tapestry Ganondorf stole from the museum? It's false."
"What?!" you demand. Misako pulls out a folded piece of cloth from a bag she's carrying.
"Impa's granddaughter was the one who made the tapestry," she explains to you. "She made two, because she foresaw a faulty being forged in Ninjago."
"Ninjago again?" you frown. "Do you think it's the same person who sedated you?"
"Do I think?" she demands. "I know!" She pulls out her phone from the pocket of her jeans and hands it over to you. "Before they fired me, I got sent this video from one of my students." She plays it, and you can see another tapestry being displayed in the room.
And there you see her, the girl in the Venetian mask. Walking into the room. Replacing the tapestry with another that looks different.
"We have the false and the true with us," Zelda tells you. "We were considering studying them...if you don't mind, that is."
"Of course," you agree. "This is important."
"Lloyd said that you adopted a girl," Peach says with a smile.
"Oh, yeah," you grin. "Mara. She's super cute!"
"Where is she?" she ponders.
"She's in the kitchen with Zane," Corky declares.
"I...don't know where that is."
"I'll show 'ya." And with that, Corky flies out of your circlet before heading off to lead Peach inside the palace.
"So, Misako," you begin. "When are we going to see the tapestries?"
Everyone glances at each other nervously.
"Well...I think we need to have a word with Midna and Ganondorf." The Ninjagian unfolds the tapestry, and there you see it.
In the middle of the Triforce, besides you, is a woman holding out a circular mirror.
And Ganondorf remains at the top of the Triforce, in-between Bowser and Garmadon.
"Wow..." you whisper. "So he isn't?"
"If we tell him," Zelda murmurs, "he's going to do you Ninjagians put it?"
"Apeshit," Lloyd responds.
"I love Beyoncé," Kylee blurts out.
Everyone stares at her in complete and utter silence for quite some time.
"I'd like to gather everyone," Misako decides. "It's important that everyone knows of the true prophecy...and how it isn't written that [Y/N] and Midna will defeat the Overlord...rather...they might defeat him."
Your heart nearly stops.

- - -

Everyone is gathered in the throne room and waiting on two people.
Midna and Ganondorf.
Zelda is pacing around with her head down in turmoil. "Oh...this doesn't just affect them..." she murmurs. "This affects Wu...and it affects all of the Ninjagian Sages, too..."
"It's better for everyone to know the truth," Peach assures her.
"Yeah!" Bowser Jnr pipes in. "Mama's right, Miss Zelda!" Mara tugs at your hand and points over to Junior.
"What is that?" she whispers to you.
"His name is Bowser Jnr," you murmur back. She nods her head.
"Don't yell at me!" you can hear Midna shouting at someone. "It's not my fault they want to talk!"
"You'd better keep your bloody mouth shut, girl," Ganondorf hisses at her.
"If the others weren't here, I'd kick your head in!"
"Go on, Twilight Princess. Do it!"
"And why not?"
"Because...because...ARGH!"  Midna shrieks, and you can hear the sound of someone smacking the other.
Midna floats into view with her arms crossed over her chest.
Stomping behind her with his hand on his cheek and his eyebrows narrowed right down to his nose is Ganondorf.
"Spit it out!" he roars at Misako.

Misako takes a deep breath and unravels the tapestry onto the floor. She's awfully quiet.
"I'm afraid that the prophecy was wrong," she murmurs. " are not the one who is to aid Princess [Y/N] in the fight against the Overlord. is your daughter."
"Which one?" he demands while folding his arms over his chest. "I have three."
"Three?!" Lloyd frowns. "Where's the third?"
"In Bowser's clutches," he mutters. "Now, which one is it?"
"Midna." Misako points down at the central triangle, where you and the woman stand against a purple and orange blot. She looks so beautiful in this form...
You wonder if that's what Midna's supposed to look like.
"What?!" the imp shouts. "Me?!"
"Yes, Princess." Misako stands up. She turns to Zelda and Peach, and the three nod their heads. "The sacred powers of Yin, Hylia and Rosalina shall be able to lift the shadow magic placed upon you by your father."
She stares at her hands.
"'re the Ninjagian Keeper of Knowledge?" Lloyd frowns at Misako. She smiles and nods her head.
"I found out when I saw the true tapestry," she smiles. "I...I must say, I'm honoured."
" can do that?" Midna asks Misako. Zelda smiles and walks over to her. She places a hand on her shoulder.
"Midna...I know how it feels to be under the influence of that sort of magic. It's awful, isn't it?"
She nods her head. You can see a tear rolling down her face.
"I don't like this form..." she whispers. Another tear wells in her other eye. "But Zant...and...and Ganondorf...they keep changing me back!"
"If they change you into this form once more," Misako promises her, "we will change you back."
"And if they change you yet again," Peach adds on, "we can call upon the power of the Sages to lock him away for a very long time."
"It would be bad of them to attempt such a treacherous crime," Zelda assures her.
Midna smiles.
"Then please. Change me back. And let them all see me for what I truly am!"
Peach, Misako and Zelda stand around Midna with their dominant hands held out. A glowing, golden light begins to shine through their palms.
Midna covers her head with her arms.
The room is engulfed in a tremendously bright light that sends the rest of you stumbling back and tripping over.

Zelda, Peach and Misako stand up first. They stretch their arms and glance around at the rest of you.
"We did that?" Peach asks.
"We did," Misako beams.
"Did it work?"
"It did..." Zelda whispers. You help Mara stand up off the ground and walk over to the three, who are crowded by Midna's body.
It's much bigger and slender than you initially knew it to be.
"I...I..." Midna murmurs. She picks herself up off the ground and stands up straight. Midna wears a black, hooded cloak with beautiful teal markings on it that trails down to the ground. Her back is to you, but you can tell that she's taller than Ganondorf, although she isn't quite as tall as Urbosa.
"Mother of Din..." Urbosa whispers.
"She's pretty," Junior adds on. Everyone else is speechless.
Midna slowly turns around, and a series of gasps cut through the bitter silence like a one thousand degree knife through a bar of soap.

Her eyes, still orange and yellow in colour, are now softer. Her skin is one uniform colour of pale blue. Her nose is soft but still has a perk to it like the Gerudo. Lilac eyeshadow is lightly dusted across her upper eyelids. Her lips are a slightly darker shade of purple. She gives you a soft smile.
"Wow..." you whisper. "You're...very tall."
Midna giggles and turns to the others.
"What? Am I so beautiful that you have no words left?" She spins around. Her outfit underneath her cloak greatly resembles Urbosa's, with the exception of a Twili design scheme.
"Go Midna, go Midna, go, go, go Midna!" Kylee claps her hands and sways her hips to the beat. Corky and Birdie join her and start to copy her movements.
"Go Midna, go Midna, go, go, go Midna!"
"Now," Misako decides, "I think we should study the tapestry so that we can be made aware to all of the changes."
"Can't argue with you there," Lloyd agrees.

Chapter Text

Time: 4:00 AM, Isle Delfino Standard Time
Location: Gelato Beach, Isle Delfino
Subject/s: Cecelia Cavaliere and ???
Motives: ???

Cecelia is beginning to regret letting any of this happen more and more. Her best friend, dead. Her daughter, dead. Her husband, missing. And the Princess?
Missing and presumed dead.
Still, the Pianta woman stretches her arms and legs out, ready for the day's work.
Ever since Sindaco took over, she can't deny that the island's turned into a shithole.
Every single day, there's a little less sunshine. And every single night, it gets darker and darker.
She can sometimes hear the cries of one of the Ninjagian tourists that she'd seen cast into another realm by him.
She slumps out of her bed and shuffles into her shoes. They're lucky to be keeping their little shack. They keep all of their supplies on her daughter's bed. Her older son's still asleep; he's just come back from the night shift. Her two younger boys are sitting by the heater and reading a story book that some Hyrulean had left unattended the other day. In the day, the women, children and Noki are farming and constructing for Sindaco. And in the night, the men are all patrolling and building their strength up. An army, of sorts.
She had no say in any of this.

She was known as Mrs Cavaliere, the owner of the smoothie shack on Isle Delfino's sunniest beach. Or perhaps the Food Tech teacher, to those who are older and remember when Isle Delfino had two high schools.
She couldn't help burning that down, too.
Pyromania, she's heard Sindaco call it. She's a pyromaniac, according to him. Someone who enjoys fire and has a constant obsession to burn matter the cost.
No matter what, the ruins of Delfino Castle just won't burn. There's been heavy rain for the past couple of days. Little sunlight is reaching the island, if any at all. All of the tourists are slaving away without any sign of enthusiasm. Every single Hyrulean, Ninjagian and Mushroom Kingdomer who'd been on the island when Princess [Y/N] had ran away with those fools are now under Sindaco's rule.
Isle Delfino is small, but that doesn't mean that it's defenseless.
A tap on the window cuts Cecelia's thoughts short.

The Pianta walks outside into the gloomy morning weather. The sands are muddy from the drizzles of rain, and she can't even tell where the horizon is. She remains standing underneath the patio and turns her head right, where she's met with her business partner. Hackergirl. That's the name she goes by, anyway. Not once has Cecelia seen her without her mask on. She doesn't mind, to be honest. She brings supplies from the outside world into Isle Delfino, and Cecelia sells them off to other Piantas and the odd tourist in exchange for silence about this black market. It doesn't matter who she is at this point.
She's keeping the island's spirits afloat.
The woman has a bag of supplies with her. "Mrs Cavaliere, I bring news with me." Hackergirl holds out a tablet in front of Cecelia's face. "The Princess of Isle Delfino is alive and within the borders of the Gerudo Desert. They have all learned of the true prophecy."
"Gerudo Desert?" she murmurs. "But that's where the Ninjagians-"
"Sealed the Overlord? He is escaping, and it is Sindaco's magic that is letting him escape. I advise intervention."
"But he'll kill us!"
"I advise intervention." Hackergirl sets down the bag before pocketing the tablet. "Do you have the funds?"
"Yes." Cecelia pulls out a tiny drawstring bag and hands it over to Hackergirl. The masked woman tips the contents out into her hand.
An engagement ring, three coins and a locket.
"This shall suffice for now. Tomorrow, I wish for you to intervene in Sindaco's plans."
"Do you think you could bring a lighter tomorrow?"
"A lighter? What for?"
"To intervene in Sindaco's plans."
"Very well. I shall see you tomorrow with more news of the outside."

Chapter Text

Time: 5:23 PM, Western Hyrulean Standard Time
Location: Gerudo Town, Gerudo Province
Subject/s: Princess [Y/N] of Isle Delfino
Motives: Good

Misako's got the tapestry carefully spread out over the table outside the palace. Bowser Jnr's building sandcastles in the sand with Mara. The rest of you are crowded around the tapestry. Misako points to the centre, where the Triforce is.
"We have determined four differences," she explains to you. "The first difference is that two depicted in the Triforce have changed positions...those two being Midna and Ganondorf." She shifts her hand to where you are. "The second is that [Y/N] holds a blade different to the one she wields...we aren't sure why, though."
"We also discovered that as well as these two differences," Zelda continues, "there are more figures surrounding the entire group...sixteen, to be precise."
"We found that when this tapestry is hit by ultraviolet light," Peach adds on, "there's a map on the back."
"I've taken a photo of it," Misako explains. "I'm still trying to decipher the text, though. It appears to be very ancient Sheikah text. Not even Impa's granddaughter could read it."
"Ancient Sheikah?" Midna ponders. "Maybe I could read it for you."
"It predates the Twili," she admits. "The cloth the tapestry is on, anyway. Paya only transferred the prophecy onto the cloth."
"Paya?" Link ponders. He grins. "I remember her..."
"Yes," Zelda adds with a beam on her face. "She's Link's not-so-secret admirer!"
"Zelda!" He nudges her with his elbow. The Hylian princess bursts into laughter.
"Do you know what the map shows?" Lloyd asks his mother.
"Well, there's sixteen of them. And there's different dots on all of them."
"Sixteen? Like the Sixteen Realms?"
"Yes," she confirms. "Do you know the names of each realm?"
"So there's the Sunshine and Twilight Realms, and then there's the Underworld and the Realm of Madness. There's also the Cursed Realm and Djinnjago. We can't forget the Cloud Kingdom and the Never-Realm."
"Eugh," Cole shudders. "Never again."
"There is also the First Realm and Chima," Zane finishes. "But I am not familiar with the other six, I am afraid."
"Termina is a parallel realm to Hyrule," Zelda explains to him. "There's also the Illusionary Realm and the Silent Realm."
"We've been to another called the Flipside," Peach adds on.
"That leaves two more...and the Ethereal Divide," Misako decides. Cole and Zane stare at her for a while.
"The Ethereal Divide?"
"The last two realms are the Sacred Realm and the Digiverse," she tells the rest of you. "And the Ethereal Divide is the void between realms. I believe you two have seen it with your eyes, Cole and Zane."
"Yeah...that was the day I died," Cole mutters.
"Died?" Zelda frowns. "What does she mean?"
"It's a long story," he admits. "Maybe another time."
"Dinner should be ready now," Zane declares. "I will ensure that the food has not been overcooked or undercooked." And with that, the Nindroid leaves.

You continue to stare at the tapestry in silence as the others talk amongst themselves. You brush your hand over the central triangle.
"Hmm..." you murmur. You can see all the details. You're standing there with a strange gold and black blade. And Midna's there, holding up a mirror.
You can see a pair of green eyes popping out from your circlet.
"Corky?" you whisper. "She's in here too?"
"So, Princess," a voice says behind you. "It looks like I won't be fighting alongside you after all..." You glance behind you, where Ganondorf is standing. You give him a smile.
"Well, you still have a big part in this." He takes a seat next to you.
"Can you name all who are on there?" he queries. You nod and point to the top piece of the Triforce.
"There's you, Bowser and Garmadon." Your hand moves over to the bottom left triangle. "And here's Zelda, Peach and Misako." You gesture to the bottom right triangle. "These three are Mario, Lloyd and Link." You point to the lower left hand corner. "Here's Urbosa, Jay and Toadsworth...and up here is Revali. Tiara and Morro are beside him." Your hand is by the upper right hand corner. "Over here is Daruk, Ronin and Hariet, and then down here is Mipha, P.I.X.A.L and Wendy."
"Right. And would you care to tell me who the eighteen surrounding the Triforce are?"
"Well, here's Nabooru, Cole and Pauline. Over there is Saria, Zane and Yoshi. This third group depicts...Ruto, Nya and an old man. Up here is Darunia, Kai and...was her name Melody? The ghost girl?"
"Yes," he murmurs. "I've seen her face before..."
"I believe these three are Impa, Mistaké and Bowser Jnr. And in this section here is Rauru, Birdie and-"
"And who?"
"And...that woman who drugged Misako the other night."
"Huh..." he murmurs. He stares at the tapestry before pointing at the central triangle.
"And there you are with my eldest...fighting your father." He squints at your depiction on the tapestry. "And is that little Corky in your crown?"
"Yes," you smile. "It is."
"Why...that makes four inside the Triforce. I thought it was always supposed to be three." You hold out your hands. On your dominant is the Shine Sprite and Power Moon, both combined into one. And on the other is the Triforce.
"Well," you tell him, "I guess the Light Deities want it to be four this time around."
"Hmm...who are these sixteen on the border?" he inquires. He points at different figures. "Hmm...I recognise that as Zant, an old friend of mine. And that there is Faith, the Ninjagian from the First Realm."
"There's Sensei Wu," you add on. You spot and point out a white and purple snake-like man, an orange man with four arms and a ghostly tail, a red and black robot, an elderly wizard in blue robes, a child wearing a rather frightening mask, a young monk in brown robes, a short-haired Ninjagian-looking girl with three whisker-like scars on each cheek, a bird woman who greatly resembles a white-feathered Rito, a ghostly-looking figure, a young Sheikah woman, a Toad and who you can only presume to be Cavaliere.
"And this appears to be...Buliara? My...other child?"
"How many kids do you even have?"
"Three." A smirk spreads on his face as he pats your shoulder. "But I wouldn't mind another one, you know."
You elbow him in the gut.
"No, thank you," you retort. You take a closer look at Mario, Lloyd and Link. Mario appears to have Cappy in his hat, while Link has a blue woman floating next to him and Lloyd is accompanied by a blue ball of light. "Hmm...looks like they all get companions."
"And so do those three," he continues, directing your attention to Misako, Zelda and Peach. There's a rainbow-hued butterfly on Peach's shoulder, a red boat-like figure in Zelda's hands and, most amusingly of all, Fridge at Misako's heels. Ganondorf squints at his own figure on the tapestry. "Bloody hell...Ghirahim?"
"Who's that?"
"I suppose you'll figure out soon enough," he decides. There's two more balls of light floating by Garmadon and Bowser's sides, with Garmadon's appearing to be purple with a red glow and Bowser's being a golden one.
"So...we all get friends?" you grin. He bursts into chuckles and gives you a pat on the back.
"Ah, never fail to make me laugh..."
"But what's so funny?" At your words, he cups his hands on your cheeks.
"You've been trapped on that island for so long...and now you're finally out." He presses his lips against your forehead.
"Ew!" you hear Bowser Jnr and Mara both shrieking. They giggle and dart over to the two of you. You can see pots that are filled to the brim with water.
"Shit!" you squeak as they fling the water at the two of you, drop the pots and make a beeline back inside. You stare down at your chest. "Aw, I'm soaked!"
"Hmm..." he murmurs. "I'm going to have to get changed...and so are you." You watch as Midna, Lloyd and Zelda all come stumbling down the stairs. All of them are puffing.
"Those kids...are so damn fast..." Lloyd wheezes.
"What'd they do?" you ask.
"They splashed Link and Mario with water, and then Urbosa slipped and hit her head," Zelda explains.
"I've gotta go and get changed," you tell them. You get up and spin around so you're facing Ganondorf again. "Where's my other set of clothes?"
"They should be in that dressing room," he responds. You nod your head.
"It is getting a bit cooler," Midna agrees.
"Hey...maybe we could make a bonfire outside," Lloyd suggests.
"That's not a bad idea," Zelda smiles before turning in Ganondorf's direction. "Perhaps you would consider inviting the entire town?" He tilts his head before nodding it.
"If you insist, Princess," he responds with a smile on his face. "Would you care to join me on the rooftop for a moment?"
"I...uh...if you insist."
"We shall take [Y/N] to the dressing room-"
"Do you think we could all get an outfit like Urbosa's?" comes Peach's voice from the top of the stairs leading back from the eastern courtyard. Standing there is the Mushroom Kingdom's princess and Harumi. "Even Zelda?"
"I wouldn't mind something for this weather," Midna tells him with a smile. He sighs.
"As you wish," he murmurs.

Chapter Text

Ganondorf barges into the dressing room. You hear a yelp. "Pritana!" he shouts. "I need you to fetch Princess [Y/N]'s robes, as well as providing these four women with outfits of their own. And wash Princess [Y/N]'s clothes that she's wearing!"
"Y-yes, sire!" she squeaks. With an infamous flick of his cape, he strides off down the hall.
"I'll change out in the hall," you tell the seamstress. She nods her head and pulls your Ninjagian outfit down from a box.
"I repaired all of the tears and frays," she explains while holding them out to you. She then ushers the other four inside, leaving you in the empty hall. You strip down to your underwear that were spared from the water before flinging your skirt at the floor. It lands with a slop by your bra top, your shoes and your belt. You pull on your trousers and then fix your socks and shoes to your feet. You pick up your normal bra and clip it on.
"Uh...should I go?" you hear Link ask from behind you.
You let out a yelp and spin around to face him.
"Sorry!" you wheedle. "I thought nobody was around!"
"It's okay," he assures you while turning around. "I can wait." You're quick to stuff yourself into your white camisole before throwing your gi on over. You fumble around with the belt before finally shoving your gloves on. You scoop up your other clothes and bundle them into the skirt.
"Okay, I'm changed," you promise him. He slowly turns around. His face and neck are a deep shade of red.
"I'm so sorry, Your Majesty," he murmurs. He bows his head down in shame.
"No, no...I'm sorry," you assure him. "I didn't...there wasn't a place to...I couldn't find anywhere to get-"
He nods his head.
"Lloyd wanted me to practise some swordfighting with you," he explains. You nod your head.
"Sounds like a plan," you agree, resting one hand on the doorknob. "I just have to get Pritana to wash these-"
A chorus of shrieks from the five cut you off.
You both sprint away as fast as you can.

Sparks fly through the air as the Sword of the Shine Sprites clashes with the Master Sword, Link's preferred blade of choice. He swipes the sword to your left, and you parry it with a block. Kylee and Lloyd are overlooking the Gerudo Desert from one of the guardtowers above your heads. You dive in order to dodge a swing to the right.
"I spy...with my little eye...not the Destiny's Bounty," Lloyd declares as he sweeps the east with a set of binoculars.
"I hope that it returns to us in one piece," Kylee sighs. You duck down in order to avoid a swing to your neck. You stand back up and thrust your blade forth. Link jumps back, does a sidewards tumble in the sand and rolls around you before gently tapping the end of his sword against your back.
"I win again," he grins.
You spin around and give him a smile of your own.
"Do you think that the others are out there?" Kylee inquires.
"You know what Cole and Mom said, Kylee..." Lloyd sighs. "There was an attack on the Bounty, and then Bowser staged a coup d'etat." She lets out a sigh and shakes her head.
"I'll never find them at this rate..."
"Why don't you leave us and go looking for them, then?"
"Because I don't even know this universe that well. At least if I could find my friend, I'd have a basic idea about the culture around here..." Kylee snatches the binoculars from him and turns around. "I spy with my little eye, something beginning with...'d'."
"Desert?" Lloyd ponders.
"Nup. Keep guessing."
You sheath your sword and turn up towards them in order to see what they're doing. Link copies your movements.
"Uh...more desert?"
"Don't be silly." Lloyd takes the binoculars back off Kylee and glances up to where she's looking.
"Damn, is that Zelda up there?!" he exclaims. "What the heck is she doing?!"
"That does not look consensual," Kylee murmurs. "Take my hand. We'll both go up there and stop him."
"What's going-"
A clap of thunder cuts you off as Kylee and Lloyd disappear from the guardtower.
"On?" you finish.
Link darts over to the entrance.

You make your way inside. You walk over to the ladder leading to the guardtower. It's terribly rickety. Each piece of wood wobbles under your weight. Still, you continue to climb up. Finally, you reach the top and haul yourself up onto the tower. You direct your attention to where Kylee and Lloyd were looking beforehand.
You can see Ganondorf staring back down at you.
You duck down almost immediately afterwards before taking a peek at where he is.
He's gone.

You sigh and take a seat with your legs hanging over the edge of the tower. You watch on as the townswomen of Gerudo Town go about their evening businesses. There's a lot of chatter in the streets.
"Did you miss me, sweetheart?" you hear Ganondorf asking in a rather coy tone behind you.
It's too late for you to realise that you're falling face-first.
Before you have time to smack into the ground, he grabs your hand. The ladder falls onto the ground and shatters upon impact. He pulls you up in a swift manner.
"How'd you..." you murmur. "I didn't see you..." He places a hand underneath your chin and smiles.
"You didn't answer my question."
"What were you doing up there with Zelda?"
You've never seen his facial expression change so fast.
Now it's bitter and cold. His eyebrows are back to their usual furrowed stance. His eyes are narrowed right down to slits. His nose is crinkled, and he's gritting his teeth together.
"Ganondorf? What were you doing?"
"That's none of your business," he hisses at you. You fold your arms over your chest.
"It's none of my business?" you demand. You go to smack him across the face, but he grabs onto your wrist.
"You're asking for it, girl..." he murmurs into your ear. He's practically hovering over your body. So, with the swiftness of a hare, you push him onto the ground of the tower and pin him to the ground, with one leg on either side of his chest. He chuckles. "Are you trying to apprehend me, [Y/N]?" You lean over so you're right against his face. You can feel the heavy thudding of his heartbeat against your own chest. His face feels like it's on fire.
"You're a liar, you know that," you tell him. Again, he laughs. His hands find their way onto your hips, so you smack them away. "And you're a pervert."
"Says the woman casually straddling me," he responds with a smirk on his face. This time, you're the one to burn up with embarrassment. You tuck your arms beneath his head and continue to stare at him for a while. "I know you want me..."
"Go and jump into a lake..." you murmur back. He holds one of his hands between your heads before beckoning you to come closer to his face.
No, you think. I'm not going to give you the satisfaction. I'm not going to give you the-
But you still find yourself pressing your lips against his.
"We can't..." you whisper. "We could get into so much trouble over this."
"Shh..." he hushes before giving you another kiss on the lips. "You're a tease, sweetheart."
You stand up and promptly open the trapdoor before sliding down the ladder and running off down the street.

- - -

Dinner is awfully quiet. Only Mario and Peach are speaking. Everyone else? The silence is so great that if someone were to drop a pin, you'd probably hear it.
"So," Lloyd starts as he pokes at the stew in his bowl with a fork. "Anyone have any stories about their day?"
"Lloyd..." Misako sighs.
"No, Mom," he snaps. "I wanna hear." He stabs his fork into a chunk of meat before lifting it from his bowl with considerable force. "Ganondorf, why don't you share with us?"
He glares at the Green Ninja from the other end of the table.
"I'm gonna go and get some more stew," Harumi murmurs. She stands up with her bowl and begins to walk towards the staircase leading to the kitchen. Before she has the chance to pass Ganondorf, he grabs her wrist and pulls her down to her height before whispering something into her ear. She giggles and places a hand on his shoulder.
"Of course I will," she agrees. She picks up his bowl and proceeds to walk towards the kitchen.
"You alright, [Y/N]?" Corky asks quietly. "You haven't eaten anything."
"Maybe it's because she's intrigued to hear about what Ganondorf did to Zelda-" You stand up and throw your wooden chair into the wall behind you. You then proceed to pick up your bowl and smash it onto the ground. It shatters everywhere, sending bits of ceramic and stew flying everywhere. Everyone stares at you in complete and utter horror.
You turn around and storm off as quickly as you can.

Chapter Text

You run.
You run, and you run.
Run, as far as you can.
They can't catch you.
You don't want them to.
"[Y/N]!" someone shouts behind you.
"Go and tell it to someone who cares!" you snap back.
"[Y/N], please! The desert is dangerous at night!"
You sigh and stop before spinning around.
There stands Urbosa, strong and tall in the sands.
"I don't want you to hurt yourself!"
You let out another sigh and trudge back through the sand and over to where she's standing.
You can't help but to burst into tears.
"He's a jerk!" you sob. "He keeps kissing me and then messing around with other girls!"
"Oh..." she murmurs as she pulls you into one of her warm hugs. She carefully lowers you onto the ground and sits with you in her arms. "Don't ever feel like he's worth any more than you..." She brushes a few locks of your hair back over your head and looks into your eyes. "You can lie here. I will make sure that he does not come and make you feel any less precious than you are." And so you sit there and cry into her arms.
She just stares off into the distance and continues to brush your hair away from your face.

By the time you've managed to calm down, the Sun has completely set over the land of Hyrule. You can see a few travellers wandering to and from the town's gates, but apart from that, the desert is silent, save from the heavy howl of the nightly winds over the sun-kissed sands. Urbosa's singing in a quiet voice as she rocks you back and forth, a lullaby of sorts.
"Desert flower, in the sands. Earthed with care and loving hands. Island princess, from the seas. Sleeping gently, mind at ease..."
Although the intent is sweet, you can't help but think that your mind is most certainly not at ease.
Still, you lie there and listen on to Urbosa's song. It's beautiful...
You never knew she knew how to sing like that.
"Is she alright?" someone whispers behind her. You look up at her as she looks back at the gates. Peach is standing there with two bowls of stew in her hands. "I brought you both some more."
"Thank you, Princess," Urbosa tells her with a smile. "Do you want to sit with us?"
"I've got to go back to Bowser Jnr. The boy thinks I'm his mother..." She shakes her head before passing the two of you the bowls of stew. "Mario wanted to know if you were alright, [Y/N]."
"Yeah..." you whisper. "I'm okay."
"If you need a hand, just let us know," she tells you. And with that, Peach walks off.
She's got to be the kindest and most humble person you know.

The two of you sit in silence and eat your food. You stare out at the open sands. They shift in the winds.
"Zelda's father used to have a dog," she says, having already finished her meal.
"Did he?"
"His name was Olive. I'm not sure why, but Daruk was frightened of him." A smile creeps across Urbosa's face. "He was the littlest thing in the world! He was only a puppy, and Daruk thought it was going to chase him! Ha ha ha!"
"My sister used to have a Pomeranian," someone decides behind you. You look behind to see Cole. "It's getting pretty late. Riju's organised rooms for everyone."
"That's good of her," she decides. She stands up. "[Y/N], I will find you a room as far away from him as I can. I promise."

You're finally resting inside the room everyone else stayed in last night. You're sharing the room with Birdie, Peach, Corky, Kylee and Mara, all who are sitting on their beds and chatting away. You stretch your arms and throw yourself onto your bed. The mattress isn't as comfortable as you're used to, but you don't mind. You tuck yourself beneath the blankets.
"Not going out to the night market?" Kylee asks you. You shake your head.
"I'm just going to get some sleep," you tell her.
"We'll bring you back some steam buns," Birdie tells you with a wink. Corky flies over to you and pats the top of your head.
"If you have any trouble," she tells you, "we're just in the town square."
"Okay," you respond. And with that, they all leave.
You're left to fall asleep to the ambient noises of the wind brushing the sand across the lands.

- - -

"Wake up."
"What?" you murmur.
"Wake up, [Y/N]." You lift your head out from underneath the blanket and look up.
He's staring at you.
You consider hiding away beneath your blankets, but there's a certain look in Ganondorf's eyes that stops you.
"What is it?" you mutter. "I'm tired."
"Is it true?" he asks. "Do you truly believe that I care for other women?" You roll your eyes.
"So why the hell was Lloyd going nuts over what you did to Zelda back at dinner?"
"I was picking a Cucco feather out of her hair," he snaps. "Is that what you deem romantic, hmm?"
"And what about you ogling at Harumi, eh?"
"Are you jealous of them?" he smirks. He sits down on the end of your bed, and your face grows warm.
"Stop it," you warn him. "If you're just here to have a go at me, then I don't want to hear it."
His gaze drifts down at your chest. He's got a stupid grin on his face. "My eyes are up here."
they, now?" You watch as he stands up. "I was going to ask if you wanted to spend a little time with me, but seeing as you're being rather cold towards me...I might have to ask someone else-"
He still doesn't wipe that silly grin off his face.
You cross your arms over your chest as he continues to speak.
"Perhaps we could make it'd be our little secret."
I'd rather be crushed by a Molduga, you think to yourself.
"Hmm..." you decide. "Do you think we could explore the night markets instead?"
His eyes widen.
"As in...just the two of us?" he mutters. He glances around for a few moments.
"Mara's coming too!" you usher him, tugging at his arm. "Let's go!"
"Why?" You give him a strange look.
"I wanna spend the right kind of time with you."
"Was that horseplay with that silly knight boy not enough for you?"
"Horseplay?" you scoff. "It was training!"
"Alright, Princess. It was training." You stand up and reach over for your scabbard. He gets up and wraps his arms around you from behind. "I shall strike a deal with you. If I join you in your little quest to 'explore' the night markets, then I wish for a little something in return."
"What?" you ask him as you turn around. He presses his lips against yours.
"That." He rests a hand on your shoulder. "I wish for you to no longer keep it a secret."
"What a secret?"
"That you have developed rather intimate feelings for me."
"Uh...everyone knows, jack-ass." He chuckles at your words. "Can we go and find Mara now?"
"Of course we can, sweetheart."
"If you call me sweetheart one more time, I'll-" Another kiss against your lips cuts you off.
"You're adorable when you act like that." He ruffles your hair, and you nudge your elbow into his stomach.
"Watch it, Dragmire."
"Using last names now, are we...[L/N]?"

Before you know it, Mara is skipping by your side as the three of you head down into the night markets. The gentle glow of the moonlight illuminates the tiled ground, with the twinkling of the starry night sky bringing a warmth to this bitter weather. There's all sorts of stalls that have been set up. All of your newfound friends are scattered about the town square as they take a look at all the different wares and buy some treats. Fruitcake seems like a very popular food here in Gerudo wonder why.
"Would you like to head into my favourite store in the entire town?" Ganondorf asks you. You tilt your head.
"Why's it your favourite?" He leans into your ear.
"Well...why don't you find out, sweetheart?" And with that, he leads the way.
Mara tags along behind you in silence.

Eventually, you find yourself in a heavily-bedazzled store. It seems that the entire place is lined from floor to roof with gold and jewels. There's beautiful crystals, gems and other jewellery on display. You stare at all of the pieces.
They're beautiful.
A woman absolutely decked to the brim with accessories clasps her hands together and curtseys.
"Lord Dragmire, you're back!" She runs a hand through her hair and smooths out her already immaculate skirt. "I'm afraid I haven't quite finished refurbishing it yet, but I can stay late tonight and finish it right off for you. I open late tomorrow, anyway."
"Refurbishing what?" you ask him.
He gives you a wink before pointing over to the display cases.
"Why don't you pick out something for Mara?" You hold out your arms and pick up the child before carrying her over.
"Ooh!" she beams as she points to a hairclip with the Gerudo insignia on it. It's adorned with all sorts of gems and jewels. "I like that one!"
"That's around eight hundred Rupees," the woman explains.
"Make it three hundred and I'll extend your deadline for another month."
"Deal." He reaches into his pocket and pulls out two tiny little diamonds, one silver and one gold. He drops them into the jeweller's hands, and she heads over to the cabinet. She takes out the hairclip and proceeds to fix it to Mara's hair. You giggle at the big beam on her face.
"Thank you!" you tell the jeweller.
"No problem," she responds.

After leaving the jeweller's store, you all decide to take a look at the different services on offer. Peach and Harumi are both sitting behind a stall with a large array of friendship bracelets on display, with Zane furiously weaving bracelets behind them. They're selling like hot cakes, with a steadily-growing crowd of children queuing up to get a five for four offer.
"Wow," you grin. "What are they doing?"
"Harumi asked me for permission to sell those silly pieces of string for tonight," Ganondorf responds. "I said that I'd be putting a ten-percent tax on's less than what I charge my town, anyway."
A question crosses your mind.
"Is it strange being the only male Gerudo around?" you inquire.
He shakes his head...and then nods it.
"On one hand, the women are certainly more than capable of looking after themselves...unlike the Hylians. But...on the other hand, I'm afraid I've suffered more than my fair share of...what's it called...? You know, when every single woman becomes moody before her time of the month?"
You raise an eyebrow.
"PMS? Yeah. I know."
"It's even worse when they're pregnant." At this claim, you spot a couple of women standing near the entrance of an inn with babies cradled in their arms. They're rocking the bundles back and forth. "Would you care for some advice?"
"Go on."
"Don't even try to argue with a woman who is pregnant. It's impossible."

Chapter Text

Eventually, Ganondorf decides to retreat inside the palace for the night, and Mara grows awfully tired, opting to head for the room inside the palace where you're staying. Just before they'd left, Ganondorf had given you a bag filled to the brim with Rupees, the currency of all Hyruleans. You spot Kylee and Birdie bursting out from behind a set of curtains near a pen filled with furry seals.
"Holy smokes, that was terrifying!" Birdie squeaks. "She knew my name and everything!"
"I know...and that prediction was so detailed!" Kylee stares at her hands for a while before turning to you. "Hey! [Y/N]! You've got to check out this clairvoyant! I dunno if she's bogus or not, but she guessed our full freaking names! And she knew I was a twin!"
"How much is it?" you query.
"It's around fifty Rupees for a basic reading, but we paid a hundred for detailed readings," Birdie explains to you. You nod your head.
"She can be a bit weird," Kylee advises, "just a warning."
And with that, the two dart off towards the palace, still giggling and bubbling.

You walk up the steps and over to the curtain. Nobody else is really around this part of town. You don't know why.
And then you hear it.
A very mystical-sounding voice coming from behind the rich purple curtains.
"Come in...Princess [Y/N] [L/N]..."
The voice is rather hissy and reminds you of a snake. You follow through with the request, and you part the curtains apart before slowly walking inside. The room, which is about as big as your bedroom at home, is very warm. Velvet lines the floor and the walls. A couple of pillows are stacked before a table; you presume these pillows to act as a seat. There's all sorts of crystals lying about in particular positions.
And there you see her.
The clairvoyant.
The woman appears to take on the form of a humanoid snake. Her glimmering scales are the colour of your gi. Instead of legs, she appears to have a tail that trails all the way onto the ground. Her eyes are wide and a vivid shade of pink. She's wearing a headpiece made of many different jewels. She blinks and offers you a smile.
"Yes...the stars said you'd wander in here tonight."
"Who are you?"
"I am Kesshō," she reveals. "I am what the Ninjagians call a Serpentine. But do not be fooled...I have lived here in Hyrule for most of my life."
"A Serpentine?"
"Yes. I am of the Anacondrai and Hypnobrai tribes...a hybrid of sorts. But do not be fooled, I do not possess either tribe's gifts. I carry something much greater...the gift of clairvoyance." Kesshō lifts up her head. "But we aren't here to talk about me, no. We are here to talk about you." She glances to the bag of Rupees. "For you, I will make an offer. Seventy-five Rupees for a premium reading that details the foreseeable future. It will cover all aspects of your life. Life. Travel. And romance."
Your hand hovers over your purse.
"Ah...interested in a little romance, are we?"
"Well," you admit. "I'm a little skeptical about-"
"The man who's crossed your path once before? Yes...I guess you're having your doubts about his legitimacy."
You hand her a silver Rupee, and she hands you back a red and a blue.
"Come...sit. And I will give you an insight into your future..."

Kesshō pulls out a deck of cards and sets it onto the table. They have rather beautiful designs on them. "Do you mind giving me your birthday, dearie?" You tell her your date of birth. "Ah...that was the day that the First Spinjitzu Master departed for Ninjago...the day the Cosmic Deity awakened in her true form...and the day that the Goddess Hylia sealed away the Demon King. And that birth year appears to be an anniversary of sorts...the first meeting of your parents, perhaps?"
"I didn't really know my father," you admit.
"An estranged father...a departed mother...yes, it's all there in your charts. I also see...incredible conflict. Conflict with a close friend...and conflict with a maternal figure. Perhaps even conflict with an authoritative figure." Kesshō spreads out the cards face down on the table. "Choose the five cards that call out to you the greatest." You follow through with her request and hover your hand over the deck. You tap one near the centre, and she takes it in her hand. You tap another by the right, a third to the left, and a fourth from the centre...but none of the other cards seem to be doing it for you. "Shall I pick a fifth for you?"
"If you wouldn't mind."
She takes the fifth from the very end and swipes the other cards to the side.

"Dear me...your past is the Tower." Kesshō places down the first card on the table before you. It shows a picture of a large circular tower crumbling to pieces. "I can see there was once an abrupt change brought about in your event that has shaped you into the woman you are today. A terrible fate...but ultimately for the greater good."
"When do you define the past?" you ponder.
"Around a decade ago."
" mother there's that, I guess."
"The Fool appears to be your present." You watch as the Serpentine turns over a card depicting a green-scaled snake man in a jester costume. "Abandonment of your old life was inevitable. I can see that you are discovering new things about yourself every day. You are most certainly growing from your experiences." She takes the third card from her hand and sets it down face up. You can see a Serpentine woman that's standing in a field. She wears a beautiful crown upon her head. "The Empress is your future." Kesshō turns over a card depicting a two-headed snake within a circle that resembles a snake eating its own tail. "I see a strong bond fuelled by passion and desire...and I also see a potential marriage. Your maternal influences will grow rather strong over time."
You nod your head.
"The card you chose to represent your travel prospects is the World. I can see lengthy and travels ahead for you. Your journey will transcend the physical will find that the true journey lies within the experiences you partake in and the people you share these experiences with. Now...for the life have selected the Justice." She places down a card with a blindfolded Serpentine woman holding a set of scales. "I believe that you are being watched and judged as we speak. The Deities themselves have a fascination with your story...and your destiny. Continue down the path of righteousness...and you will surely impress them with your feats of courage."
"And what's the romance one?"
" have chosen the Hanged Man." She turns over the final card, which has an illustration of a snake-like man hanging down from a boulder with his leg chained to the top. "You will be met with a crossroad in the future. Every path has its constraints...but every path has its benefits. I see five potential suitors in particular...a man in his late twenties who is hot-headed and passionate...a slightly younger man in his late teens with courage beyond that of a thousand men...a young man in his very late teens who holds a mentor position in your life...and a man who is forbidden...yet tempting." You can't pin a name to the first one, but you're sure as hell that the latter three she's rattling on about are Link, Lloyd and Ganondorf.
Link because he's the literal embodiment of courage.
Lloyd because he fits the description.
And Ganondorf because he's involved with everything else, so why he wouldn't be is beyond you.
"And who's the last one?"
" appears to be a young lady. In her mid-teens. This one has a gentle that can heal even the dearest of wounds-"
You leave without another word.

Over and over, their names run through your head.
And Lloyd.
And Ganondorf.
And Mipha.
The Hylian.
The Ninjagian.
The Gerudo.
And the Zora.
"I still don't know who the other man is," you mutter.
It's probably not real, a voice in your head assures you.
But what if it is? you ask it.
"Hey!" comes a voice from behind you. You spin around.
It's Lloyd.
He's carrying a basket in his left hand. It's filled to the brim with pears. He's also holding an envelope in his right hand. "Oh, hey!" you call out to him. He waves you over, and so you walk down the street and over to him.
"You'll never guess who just walked into town," he tells you with a grin.
"And not only did he find Uncle Wu, Cole's sister and Princess Mipha, but..." Lloyd points over to the night air above the entrance. You strain to see it, but the characteristic red and white sails of the Destiny's Bounty are there for you to see.
"Holy shit."
"...he also found Bowser and Nabooru holding some poor lady hostage!"
"And Nabooru?!" you scoff. "How?!"
"I don't know," he admits. "But that's not even the craziest thing, [Y/N]. The guards at the gates said that someone dropped off a letter to them just before they all arrived."
"Who's it addressed to?"
"You, [Y/N]. It's addressed to you."

- - -

Your fingers stretch to the seal of the crumpled envelope Lloyd's given you. You take out the piece of paper and attempt to smooth it out on your trouser leg. In rather large and clumsy handwriting are six words on a piece of paper.
I'm sorry for stealing the Bounty.
The word 'stealing' is spelt incorrectly, and is depicted as 'steeling' on this note. The 'I'm' also lacks an apostrophe in the centre, and there's a couple of scorch marks on the edges.
"I think I know who wrote this," you decide, pocketing the note and turning back towards the Green Ninja. "Where's Bowser?"
"I dunno," he admits. "Ganondorf said he didn't want him coming into town."
"Don't really blame him, to be honest," comes Corky's voice from behind you. You both divert your attention her way. She's holding a letter of her own in her hand.
"What's that?" you ask her.
"Oh, this?" She holds it out so you can see it. It's a very funny-looking crayon drawing of a princess with [H/C]-coloured hair, [E/C]-hued eyes in a rather exaggerated shape and [S/C]-toned skin. "It's from my son. He's three." Your heart melts at the picture.
"Aw!" you coo. "It's so adorable!"
"Yes," she smiles. "It reminds me of when..."
She stops.
"When...?" Lloyd ponders.
Corky shakes her head.
"Never mind, mate. I've gotta go and find Ganon, anyway." And with that, she floats off towards the palace. Lloyd frowns and grabs your arm.
"Hey...[Y/N]," he murmurs. He tilts his head to the side a slight bit. "Corky's always acting weird when she mentions her past...or when anyone does, for that matter. And I'm not sure if you've noticed...but she's always running to Ganondorf. I have a feeling they've known each other for a lot longer than they're letting on."
"But he said she was on the island the day my mother died." The two of you spot Kylee hopping down the steps and over to the two of you.
"Yo...anyone know why Corky told me to eff off?"
"I'm going to listen in on her," Lloyd decides.
"That's spying!" you hiss.
"What do you think the word 'ninja' is Ninjagian for?" he asks with a grin. A devious smirk forms across her lips.
You know she's thinking what Lloyd's thinking, and that Lloyd's thinking what you're thinking.

You, Kylee and Lloyd creep up the stairs leading to the third floor of the palace. You usher them over to the door of Ganondorf's room, and the three of you crouch down in front of a crack in the door. You go to peek inside, but Lloyd shakes his head and takes out his phone. He positions the lens of its camera in such a way that you can see the Bonneter and the Gerudo in greater size and detail. She's floating in the air. Her hands are clasped together, and her eyes stare down at the ground in shame.
"Wu knows too, Ganondorf," she promises him. "He was there on the day."
"You're the only other one who knows?" Ganondorf demands.
"Yes," Wu responds from a hidden part of the room. "I witnessed Queen [M/N]'s murder a few years after Morro's death. It was a tragedy...a preventable tragedy." He pauses for a moment. "Corky...can you do it again?"
"I don't know if I can do it again without knocking myself out," she admits. "Last time I tried...I nearly fell into a pit at the bottom of the Inverted Pyramid in Tostarena!"
"I will catch you..." Ganondorf assures her, "I promise." She takes a deep breath, and she then clenches her eyes shut. Ribbons of golden light begin to spiral around her body. It's becoming engulfed in a bright white glow. It dulls the rest of the room in comparison. The camera on Lloyd's phone adjusts accordingly.
"Hnng..." she groans. The light's growing even stronger. You notice that the Shine Sprite portion of the symbol on the back of your hand is starting to glow just like Corky. You hold it out and tilt your head. "I...can't..."
The light fades away, and she falls out of the air. Ganondorf catches her as promised.
She's been knocked out.
"It's drained her," he mutters. "I suppose it is hard for her to concentrate when people are watching her." He turns into your direction. "Especially through keyholes!"
"What?!" Wu shouts. "Who?!"
The three of you run away.

Chapter Text

Time: ???
Location: ???
Subject/s: 'Hackergirl' and the Overlord
Motives: ???

The Overlord watches on from the safety of the Grasslands. He'd sensed a strong presence of light in Gerudo Town. A familiar light...a disgusting light. A vile light.
His daughter.
He's disappointed that Harumi's decided to drag this out. Whatever she's planning...if it isn't worth it...
Well, he's planned her demise right down to a tee.
"I come with news from Isle Delfino, my lord," the anonymous woman from Ninjago Island declares. She crouches down on one knee and bows her head down. "Your wife's friend is dead. She succumbed to my pressure." He carefully lowers himself off the throne and hobbles his way over to her. The blasted resurrection was incomplete...just like it was in Ninjago's age of technological advancement. He can't walk...not properly, anyway.
"Good girl," he decides as he places a hand on her cheek. "Now...see if you can bring another one of our soldiers in amongst them...and don't forget to use Borg's power to its full potential."
He doesn't know how she found and stole his dominion over the Digiverse.
But he'll have to work around it.
"Care to tell me how this is entertaining?" she remarks.
"I was created to be destroyed time and time again by the Garmadons and their friends," he mutters. He stands up as tall as he can manage. "I shall toy with those from the other universe as a warning to the creators."
"Okay. So you're basically saying 'fuck the canon'?"
"What on Earth does that mean?"
"That destiny isn't fair."
"I suppose so."
"Then say it."
"Fuck...the canon..."
The Hackergirl bursts into an uncontrollable fit of giggles.
"I think I'm enjoying this little fanfiction of ours," she declares. "We should do it again some time."
"You know that there is one issue with that. As long as [Y/N] lives with both light and darkness in her veins...the portal between realms remains open. As soon as we kill her...then the damage will be irreversible. The portal will close forever."
"Aw, shut up and let me have my fun!"

Chapter Text

Time: 4:20 AM, Western Hyrulean Standard Time
Location: Gerudo Town, Gerudo Province
Subject/s: Princess [Y/N] of Isle Delfino
Motives: Good

"Evil never sleeps," Wu shouts at you all, "and neither should you!"
All around you, you can hear groaning, moaning and grumbling as Wu clobbers away at his infamous gong. But you're thankful. You hadn't had the best dreams last night.
"It's too noisy, [Y/N]..." Mara whimpers in your arms. Her voice is tired and muffled.
"I know, Mara..." you whisper. "I know..."
"We depart for the Koopa Kingdom in forty minutes!" Wu announces.
"Sensei?!" Cole shouts from outside. "Why's Corky flying around like she's having an existential crisis?!"
You and Kylee share nervous glances.
"I'm getting up," you mutter at Wu.

Garmadon and Ganondorf are both on the balcony as they take drags from the dying embers of burned-out cigarettes.
"Smoking's a bad habit," you warn the two.
"Ganondorf here told me about Corky's little secret," Garmadon chuckles as he flicks what's left of his cigarette over the balcony. "It doesn't surprise me..."
"What were they talking about?" you ask.
"It's none of your concern."
"Right." Normally, Ganondorf's a man of many words, but it seems he too has been silenced to mere single-worded responses. Perhaps he does not want to let a word slip.
Or multiple words.
"Why aren't you telling me what's going on?" you demand. You cross your arms over your chest.
"You're not ready for the truth yet," Garmadon decides. "Far from it. In fact...I'd be surprised if you were...considering how much you've been through."
"Why don't you ask me something else?" Ganondorf asks you. You roll your eyes.
You'll find out soon enough, whether it's from them, Wu or Corky herself.
"Why are we headed to the Koopa Kingdom?" you ponder.
"Ah..." Garmadon brings a hand up to his chin. "My wife has finally figured out the trials we must partake in to defeat the Overlord, and she and Princess Zelda have stayed up all night planning. She wishes to explain more to you."
"One more thing," you add. You remain silent.
"What is it, girl?" he sneers.
"Why don't you think I can handle the truth?"
You walk off before they have the chance to answer you.

- - -

The Destiny's Bounty is being filled with all sorts of supplies, including but not limited to food, weapons, tools and other necessities. You find Midna standing by the helm of the ship with Mipha close by. Lloyd and Link are throwing up bundles of rope to Cole and Mario. You walk out of the town with Garmadon and Ganondorf beside you. Bowser Jnr, who's sitting in the sand, waves you over.
"Hey!" he squeaks. "Mrs Garmadon said we were going home!" None of you reply. "Why doesn't anyone listen to me around here?! I said we're going home!"
"Little shit," Garmadon mutters to Ganondorf. In response, he smirks.
"Bowser needs to control his son," he responds.
"Don't be nasty," you argue.
They both burst into laughter, leaving you to head over to the Koopa.

You crouch down next to Junior and see what he's doing in the sand. He's smoothing out a flat surface with his hand and drawing pictures into the sand with his claws.
"Hi!" he beams. He throws his arms around you. You're taken aback at first, but you hug him back.
"What was that for?"
"You look sad," he decides. "And whenever my papa's upset, giving him a hug makes him feel better."
You smile. He's so adorable.
"'re so sweet," you beam. He gives you a big smile.
"Thanks, Princess!" You ruffle his hair, and it's his turn to beam.
"Ooh!" Mipha points out towards the Arbiter's Grounds. "What's that?"
"It's a sandstorm," Midna explains to her. "Although I don't know why it's still raging on..." Cole squints out at the sand.
"Huh..." he mumbles.

Misako, Zelda and Wu all stand on the upper deck as you clamber onboard alongside the others. Mara's dancing around the lower deck while she sings a little song about sand seals and how fluffy they are.
"Alright," Wu declares as he stamps his staff on the ground to silence all of the chatter. "We are going to run things a little differently on board the Destiny's Bounty from now on. Misako and Zelda have organised an effective plan to keep you all in shape...both physically and mentally. They have taken into consideration everyone's concerns and requests."
"What concerns and requests?" Lloyd murmurs from your left. "I wasn't asked about any concerns or requests."
"I've got the feeling nobody was, kid," Cole adds on. Misako clears her throat as Bowser helps wheel a whiteboard over behind her.
"So," she says with a smile, "Zelda and I have noticed that everyone's awfully distant. So, with the help of all of you-"
"Yeah, right," Lloyd mumbles to Cole.
"-we have decided to create a friendly team competition."
"Teamwork?" Nabooru glances up from where she's sitting on the back upper deck. She jumps down and lands on her feet like a cat. The look of disgust plastered all over her face is making even Ganondorf raise an eyebrow. "The last thing we need is to be in each other's spaces every waking moment!"
"Yikes..." Bowser winces.
"It's not going to be 24/7, Nabooru," Misako assures her. "And you don't even have to be involved if you don't want to...although if you do participate, you'll help your team win."
"How are the teams even categorised, Mom?" Lloyd ponders. She fixes her glasses onto her nose before turning to Zelda to explain it.
"You see," the Hylian princess tells him, "we drew names out of a hat. And with the assistance of the seamstress in the Dragmire household, we have five different types of bandanas. Zane is going to assign you each a colour." You all turn towards Zane, who's carrying a cardboard box in his hands. He reaches in and hands Cole a black bandana with a white paisley design on it.
"Cool!" he grins. Zane then passes Lloyd a greenish bandana that reminds you of army camoflauge. The Nindroid stops in front of you.
"Hmm..." he decides. "I believe the galaxy bandana is a good choice for you." And so he reaches into the box and pulls out a pink, blue and purple bandana with glowing white dots that resemble stars. You go ahead and tie it around your neck. It's really comfortable. As Zane passes more and more of these bandanas out, you notice that the other two designs are a yellow background with bright blue lightning bolts, and a red and white gingham pattern. You begin to walk over to Ganondorf, who's just been passed the latter design. He's busy trying to tie it around his wrist, with not much luck at all.
"Stupid bloody thing..." he mutters. It falls out of his hands and floats onto the ground. "Shit!" You crouch down and pick it up.
"Let me," you whisper to him. He holds his hand out, and you tie a double knot to secure it snugly around his wrist.
"Thank you, sweetheart," he responds with a genuine smile on his face.
"No problem," you respond, "grump-ass."
Everyone's staring at the two of you for a very long time. No speaking.
Just silence.

Once the last person has their bandana (Bowser Jnr with a lightning bolt one), Zelda and Misako gather everyone's attention.
"Now," Misako declares, "I'd like for you to all find everyone else with your own bandana and shuffle into groups of your own." You watch on as everyone shuffles around aimlessly for a bit. But as soon as people with the same bandanas start to cross each other's paths, more defined groups are being set. Mipha taps you on your arm, holding up another galaxy-looking bandana.
"Looks like we'll be together," she says with a smile. She points over to where all the others with galaxy bandanas are. You can see Urbosa and Pauline standing there with smiles on their faces. 
"Now," Wu tells all of you. "You have thirty seconds to discuss your team names."
"Team names?" If Corky had a mouth, you're sure she'd be grinning like a madman.

"What are we going to call our team?" you murmur to the other three.
"How about...'Starstruck'?" Mipha whhspers.
"I was thinking 'Superstars'," Pauline hushes back.
"You're not thinking fiercely enough!" Urbosa protests. "What about something that drives fear into the enemies' hearts...something like 'The Crimson Tide'..."
"It sounds like some euphemism for periods," Pauline hisses.
"That's because it is," you mutter. All around you, the other groups are deep in conversation. You can hear several giggles from Cole's group.
"And your time is up," Wu declares.

"Kylee," Misako begins, "what has your group decided on?"
"We wanna be called 'Off In Church'," Kylee announces from her circle. Lloyd snorts, Birdie stifles a laugh and even Peach smiles at the name.
"Why the strange name?" Zelda ponders.
Goodness, you think to yourself, you're so innocent...
"Nobody beats 'Off In Church'," Cole grins at her.
Zelda frowns as a good majority of the crew bursts into fits of laughter.
"We're not going to be able to beat that name," Pauline whispers with a grin. "It's hilarious!"
"Mother of Din, I hope we don't," Urbosa mutters back to her.
"'Dixie Normous'!" Lloyd hollers. "That's what our group's gonna be called!"
"Well...if we're going down the trashy route..." Zelda considers. "'More Arse Than Class'." Cue more snickers from everyone else.
"'Near Queen Heaven'," Bowser blurts out. Everyone stares at him for a while.
"Eh?" Zelda tilts her head to the side. "What?"
"What's the opposite of near?" Junior prompts her.
"And what's the opposite of queen?"
"And what's the opposite of heaven?"
Junior cracks a grin.
"You just said far king hell!" he screeches at the top of his lungs. Bowser buries his face into his hands as Mara shrieks with laughter.
"So," Misako decides, "we have Kylee, Cole, Midna, Birdie and Harumi in 'Off In Church', Lloyd, Nabooru, Corky..." She groans the next name. "Myself and Daruk in 'Dixie Normous'. Zelda, Mara, Ganondorf, Mario, Peach and Cappy are in 'More Arse Than Class'-"
"Hell yeah there's more arse than class with Ganondorf!" Cappy shrieks. Harumi stifles her giggles and Corky bursts into laughter. You watch Mara, who's rolling on the floor laughing with Junior.
"Bowser, Bowser Jnr, Link, Wu, Zane and Garmadon are in 'Near Queen Heaven'," Misako continues, "and [Y/N], Pauline, Mipha and Urbosa in...?"
"We haven't thought of a name yet," you admit. "It's too early in the morning to think."
"'Too early in the morning to think'? That's a mouthful-"
"That's what she said!" Kylee and Lloyd both screech. They burst into fits of laughter.
You can see the top of Riju's head poking up from beneath the ladder.
"My flight got cancelled," she murmurs. "If...I'm allowed to...may I join you on your journey?"
"Then who's going to look after the town?" Urbosa demands. Riju takes the crown off her head and peeks down over the edge.
"Buliara, catch!" she squeaks.
She throws it over the side before giving her mother a smile. Urbosa scowls in response, but Ganondorf holds a hand up and whispers something to her.
"Fine," Urbosa mutters. "Are there any more bandanas, Zane?"
"I will assign Riju a galaxy design," the Nindroid declares. He takes out a bandana just like yours from the box and helps to fix it around her wrist. She's silent.
Her eyes drift towards yours for a split second before she catches you glancing and looks away immediately.
"How about you pick a name for our team?" Pauline asks her as she shuffles over to your side.
"'The Stepmothers'," Riju blurts out loud. Urbosa raises an eyebrow at her daughter.
"What's with that name?" Lloyd scoffs.
"We're going to beat you," she decides, turning up her nose, "and you won't like us."
And with that, she crosses her arms and turns away from Urbosa, whose fists are clenched as tight as a drum head.
"Mother Nayru..." Zelda murmurs.
"How dare you say that?!" Urbosa shouts at her daughter. You can see a couple of tears rolling down her cheeks. "She was a better guardian to you than your own father!"
She shakes her head and storms off inside the Destiny's Bounty.
"You'd better take me to Ninjago, or I'll cut off all your heads!" she roars.
Everyone's awfully silent.
"Just call our team the-" You're cut off by Urbosa before you have the chance to finish.
"No," she mutters. "Let the name stick. She will be guilty soon enough..."

There's a lingering sense of uncomfort in the air as everyone glances to and from one another for a while. Nobody dares to speak out of turn.
"What was all that for?" Bowser finally asks.
"Don't you speak," Ganondorf warns him. He scowls.
"Your family's got serious issues, Dragmire," he hisses. "If any of you act like that around my kids when you're in my kingdom...I don't care what prophecies you're part of." He cracks his knuckles before turning to Urbosa. "And if I hear you bitchin' about something again, I'll give you a reason to bitch. Got it?"
"You have my word," she hisses through gritted teeth.
"Now," he scowls, "one of you is going to go into there and bring her back out so that Zelda and Misako can keep talkin', okay?"
Neither of them move.
"I'll talk with her," Nabooru whispers. "[Y/N], do you mind coming with me?"
"Thank you," she adds on with a smile.
You nod your head and follow her into the Destiny's Bounty.

Chapter Text

You follow Nabooru around for what seems like an aimless trek. But you can still hear the sound of uncontrollable sobbing getting louder and louder.
Eventually, you're in the living room, where there's a large pile of blankets on one armchair that moves in sync with the crying and wailing. You're expecting Nabooru to be loud and shouty like the rest of her family. She takes off all the blankets and carefully sets them besides her. She then crouches down next to her and places a hand on top of her shoulder.
"Do you want to talk about it?" she asks.
"No..." Riju mutters as she throws her arms around her knees. "I just want her to realise what she did to me all those years ago. She left me with a witch...a witch who spent every waking moment hurting me..."
"She's not alive anymore," she promises her. She wraps her arms around her. "I promise."
"But if you two came back...then what about her?"
Nabooru is awfully quiet.
"Your mother will realise in time just what she is capable of," she promises her. "If she and Ganondorf are not there for you...then Midna and I will be. And so will Buliara."
You're all silent for a moment.
"What did you need me for?" you ask Nabooru quietly.
"Well...I need your help." She clasps her hands together. "You two will be the second and third people I have told."
"What's the matter?" Riju asks. Nabooru takes in a deep breath. Her eyes close for a moment.
"I don't know how my brother will react. That is what I need your help for, [Y/N]. You always seem to subdue his anger."
"It's what I do," you tell her with a smile. "Anything to help a sister out. What's up?"
"I'm pregnant."
Your jaw drops.
"But you and Cole-"
"It wasn't the first time," she responds. "I...must admit...we did get rather close after that little incident with Morro and Revali."
"So you two...did the do on my island?"
She buries her face into her hands and nods her head.
"Oh, I'm not even married yet!" she groans. "How am I going to hide it?!"
"Don't hide it," you protest. "You should be honest with everyone. Does Cole know?"
"No..." she sighs. "Please...can you tell them? I'll return the favour, I promise!"
"Uh...alright," you agree.

You walk back out onto the deck, where the others are having a full-on rumble over who-knows-what. There's kicking, screaming, punching, slapping and even biting. You cup your hands together, making sure to keep your distance.
"Hey!" you exclaim. "Cole!" Cole, who's currently got Ganondorf in a headlock as Garmadon throws his fists into his stomach, looks up from what he's doing.
"What? I'm busy!"
"Your girlfriend's pregnant!" you exclaim.
Everyone stops.
"Holy shit," Cole murmurs. "No..." Pauline's jaw is dropped right down to the ground, and so is Ganondorf's.
"What the fuck?" his sister mutters. "Dad's going to kill you! You're only nineteen!"
"Am not!"
"Are too!"
"Great...more fighting..." you sigh.
Corky rolls her eyes before clearing her throat. "Will you all lighten the fuck up for five minutes?!"
" sister is expecting a child..." Ganondorf murmurs.
Everyone holds their breaths in anticipation of his temper.
"Couldn't care less," he assures everyone.
But the look on his face is telling you otherwise.

- - -

You knock on the door of Ganondorf's room for a twentieth time. "Come out..." you murmur. "It's out of their control!"
"She told you before me," he mutters. "Clearly, even my family considers you to be of higher importance than me!"
"It's not like that!" you plead with him. You rap your knuckles against the hardwood door yet again. They're starting to feel sore from all the knocking. "Will you please let me in?" The door lock clicks, and you swing open the door before closing it shut behind you. He's sitting with his blankets over his legs.
"What do you want?"
"I want to help you," you assure him. "It's big news...and besides, she asked me to break it to you because she thought that you wouldn't be mad if it was me telling you it." He sighs and sinks into the mattress even more.
"Oh...they don't trust me," he mutters. "None of them trust me not to lose my temper. But I can't...not as of late..." You take a seat on the edge of his bed.
"Why not?"
"Because I need something more...something to ease the pains and the troubles of the times." He reaches up and brushes a lock of hair away from your face.
You know what he's thinking.
"Why don't we find you a hobby?" you ask. He tilts his head to the side. "I'm sure there's something out there that you could pick up to keep your mind off things."
"Like what?" You bring a hand to your chin in thought.
"Hmm...there's a lot of stuff," you admit. You usher him to stand up. "Why don't we go and ask around?"
"If you insist."
But there's still a smile on his face as you help him stand up. You swing open the door, and it smacks into your face almost immediately after.
"Ouch!" you shout. You rub at your nose, and he's laughing by now. You laugh along with him.

Chapter Text

You're approaching the bridge, where Cole, Zane and Nabooru are all hanging out by the wheel. "Pre-flight check concluded," Zane declares. "Aside from being on thirty percent of our reserve fuel and thus requiring a stop-over in order to fuel up the tank, we should have smooth sailing to Bowser's kingdom."
"I didn't understand a word your friend just said," Nabooru snaps at Cole.
"Hey, hey..." he assures her, "it just takes a little getting used to!"
"Hello," you wave at the three. "We need help."
"We?" he frowns. He squints for a moment. "Oh, I didn't see you there, Ganondorf!"
You're all quiet for a while.
"He's literally the tallest person here," you protest. "Anyway...he wanted to find a hobby."
"A hobby?" Cole glances up in thought. He snaps his fingers together and grins. "I've got it! Why don't you try dancing?"
"Dancing?" Ganondorf frowns at him. "Who do you think I am?!" You drive your elbow into his arm, and he winces. "What's...dancing?"
Cole nearly drops the book he's holding.
"You don't know what dancing is?!" he shouts. "Holy time we're in Ninjago, we're teaching you how to do the cha cha slide!"
"It's ironic," Nabooru grins. "Urbosa is one of the best dancers I know." She turns to Cole. "Mother wasn't the greatest at raising us. I was practically the one running things around the Era of Time, even though this dork was our king."
"How about you engage in a more passive hobby such as reading?" Zane suggests.
Ganondorf shakes his head.
"I don't read," he scoffs.
"That's because he can't," Nabooru grins. "Not in any language outside our own, anyway." Everyone else's eyes widen to the size of saucers.
"You'd better keep quiet," he warns her, jabbing a finger in his direction. His nose is scrunched up and his fists are clenched.
"Let's go see what everyone else thinks," you decide, wrapping your arms around his left arm and dragging him outside the bridge before he can have a yell at the others.

Mario and Peach are sitting on the floor of the living room with Cappy and Bowser Jnr. All of them have cards in their hands. They're all grinning like idiots.
"Bowser Jnr..." Mario begins, "do you have any threes?"
"Aw, man!" the little Koopa shouts. He throws down two cards at Mario.
"Mama you have any sixes?"
"Go fish," Peach says before picking up a card from the deck in the middle. Cappy spots the two of you watching.
"Hey!" he waves. "What are you two doing?"
"I'm trying to find Ganondorf here a hobby," you explain with a grin on your face.
"A hobby?" Peach ponders. " the Mushroom Kingdom, baking's a pretty popular hobby. And so's hat-collecting!"
"No..." Ganondorf frowns. "Anything else?"
"We sail in Bonneton," Cappy tells him.
"I hate sailing with a passion."
"How about card games?" Mario suggests. "We're playing Go Fish."
"I don't like to waste my time with petty gambling," he sneers. All four of them look taken aback.
"We'll try someone else," you assure him. He starts to storm out of the room. You quickly mouth a 'Sorry!' to the four, who are staring at him with disgust.
There has to be something out there he enjoys! you sigh in your thoughts.

Bowser, Garmadon and Daruk are all outside on the bridge. They're sitting around a crate. Garmadon's arm-wrestling both of them. He grins upon seeing you and shoves both of their arms down with ease.
"You may be strong..." he smirks, "but there will always be someone stronger than you." He stands up. "What brings you two here?"
"He's looking for a hobby," you explain to him. Garmadon peers over your shoulder at Ganondorf.
"A hobby, eh?" He stares at him for a while. "Is thievery and blackmailing not enough for you, Dragmire?" Bowser stifles a laugh behind him.
"Don't you push it," Ganondorf warns the Koopa. Bowser shuts up right away.
"How about some type of wrestling, brother?" Daruk suggests. He gets up and pounds his fists together. "We Gorons like to sumo-wrestle!"
"You'd wipe the floor with him," you assure Daruk. "Is there any type of wrestling that isn't so...full-on?"
"The Art of the Silent Fist," Garmadon smirks. "Care to attack me, Dragmire?"
"I'd rather not taint my face," he frowns.
"Who on-board this ship even gives a shit?" Bowser scoffs. "You've already got a face only a mother could love."
"You're actually an asshole," you decide. "C'mon." You grab Ganondorf's arm again. "We'll go elsewhere."
As you leave, you find the three already back to arm-wrestling and laughing really loudly.

Kylee, Corky, Birdie and Mara are sitting on the floor of the kitchen as they paint on pieces of paper. They're all laughing at each others' bad art.
"What are you doing?" Ganondorf demands.
They all look up at him with big smiles.
"We're painting," Kylee explains. "Wanna join us?" She waves a paintbrush covered in a mixture of emerald green and prussian blue paint.
"No," he mutters. "I don't wish to get my hands dirty."
"Pussy!" she shouts.
"Meow!" Birdie cackles. Corky starts purring like a cat while Mara pretends to lick the back of her hand. Ganondorf shakes his head and walks off, leaving the four shrieking with laughter.
"What was that all about?" Corky asks. You shrug your shoulders.
What's with you keeping secrets from me? you think back.
You follow him out of the kitchen.

Lloyd's huddled in a room with Harumi. You can't exactly see what they're doing, but you can see a big cloud of smoke hovering over their heads. Their eyes are bloodshot, and they're giggling their butts off. They see the two of you walking in and begin to laugh even harder at you. They try to pound their fists into their knees, but they just look ridiculous.
"What are you doing?" you frown.
"Don't say anything," Lloyd whispers. He holds up a strange-looking cigarette. The embers of whatever's burning in it glow at the end of this cigarette. "You should try it."
"No, thank you," you protest. "I'll be alright."
"Is that what I think it is?" Ganondorf asks with a grin.
"Just try it!" Harumi chuckles. She rips the burning paper from Lloyd's hands, takes a deep drag and then blows the smoke into your faces before handing the joint over to him. You wave it away from your face and turn around.
"Does your mother know, Lloyd?" you demand.
"Do I know what?"
Misako emerges from another room. Zelda's standing next to her.
"He's smoking weed," you announce. Her jaw drops as she spots it in Ganondorf's hand. She storms into the room.
"Lloyd Montgomery Garmadon!" she shrieks. "You can tell your father what you've just done!"
"He doesn't give a shit," he grins. Harumi begins to wheeze with laughter.
"He doesn't give a shit!" she cries.
"Don't you start smoking it," Zelda warns Ganondorf. "Or I'll tell [Y/N]-"
"Tell me what?" you ponder.
He crushes Lloyd and Harumi's leisurely time in his hand.
"Nothing, because I don't have anything to hide," he assures you.
And with that, he storms off.
"What does he want to tell me?" you ask Zelda. She shakes her head.
"Don't worry," she decides.
"It's not about Corky, is it?" you frown.
"What's he hiding about Corky?" Misako asks.
"I don't know..." you sigh. "Lloyd, me and Kylee decided to find out last night...but we couldn't. All I know is that Wu, Garmadon, Ganondorf and Corky are the only ones who know. I tried to ask Garmadon and Ganondorf, but they just told me to get stuffed." You sigh again. "She was glowing...and the Shine Sprite on my hand was, too." You hold it out, and Misako stares at it.
"Hmm..." She turns to Zelda. "Do you think this could have something to do with what we found in that book Bowser brought along with him?"
"Perhaps," she agrees. Zelda beckons you forth. "We have much to tell you about our discoveries."

Chapter Text

You, Misako and Zelda are all standing around the table in the library of the Destiny's Bounty. Midna and Urbosa are both curled up by a fan as they each read books. Urbosa's reading a rather large novel, while Midna's flipping through a picture book. The tapestries are laid out over the table, and holding them down are stacks of books, scrolls and papers. Misako fixes her glasses to her face before turning to you. There's a look of guilt on her face.
"I'm afraid that when the Oni attacked our ship," she admits, "they took some of my more vital research."
"But don't worry, [Y/N]," Zelda assures you. "We have discovered something important." She reaches into her pocket and pulls out the stone that Ganondorf had found in the Arbiter's Grounds. "See this here? It's called a Spiritual Stone."
"What's that?" you ask her.
"Back in the Era of Time," she explains to you, "there were three Spiritual Stones across the land of Hyrule. The Kokiri's Emerald...the Goron's Ruby...and the Zora's Sapphire. When united with a magical instrument that could warp time opened the pathway to the Master Sword, the sacred blade that seals the darkness. appears that there are three more Spiritual Stones out there." Misako unravels a scroll from the collection on the table before pointing to three figures in the centre.
"I'm not sure why he's still in the centre," she murmurs upon seeing a figure vaguely resembling Ganondorf next to you on the scroll. You see that there's six stones surrounding the two of you. "Anyway, during the creation of the Sixteen Realms, the Hyrulean Goddesses left behind three keys that would allow one to enter the Chamber of the Sages, as Zelda has briefly explained to you." She points to the top three, which are green, red and blue. Her hand drifts to the bottom three. "These three, however...they were left behind by the Oni Warlords. Vengeance...Deception...and Hatred."
The last one sends shivers running down your spine.
"Vengeance left behind the Oni's Amethyst in Ninjago's darkest corner. Deception passed down the Koopa's Amber to his descendant. And Hatred...perished in the Arbiter's Grounds...along with the Gerudo's Topaz." Misako glances up at you. "I believe that the locations of these three stones, when triangulated, will guide you to a blade so forsaken that only those who have slain an innocent life can enter."
"So...Ganondorf?" you ask.
Zelda hides a smile.
"Perhaps," she agrees. She brings a hand to her chin and furrows her eyebrows in thought. "Hmm...can you hear that?"
"Hear what?" you ask. You strain your ears, and then you do hear it.
The sound of a piano's keys being played in such a beautiful manner that you can't even imagine who on the Destiny's Bounty would be playing so perfectly.
"Who is that?" Misako asks. She stands up.
"Is it Wu?" Zelda inquires.
"He's a man of many is not one of them..."
"It sounds an awful lot like the music I used to sing to my daughter to get her to sleep," Urbosa announces, not even looking up from her book.
You all begin to run towards the piano to catch a glimpse of whoever's playing.

Misako points at the door where the piano notes are coming from. They're so beautiful and's like an angel is gently poking at each key and leaving a harmonious melody behind. She carefully opens the door and sticks her head around the frame.
"Ganondorf?!" she shouts.
"What? Am I not allowed to enjoy myself in peace?!"
"Mother of Lanayru..." Zelda murmurs. She opens the door so that she can pass through. "I never knew that you could play the piano."
"Do you truly think I am only a man who sheds the blood of the innocent?" he sneers, more at you than her.
You scowl back at him.
"Who composed that song?" Misako queries.
"I did."
"Did you really compose it, Ganondorf?" Zelda raises an eyebrow and crosses her arms over her chest.
"Do you not believe me?!" He points outside. "Leave at once if you are going to do nothing but inhibit the few minutes of leisure time I have on this bloody shithole."
Misako and Zelda are quick to leave.
"Can I watch you play?" you ask him quietly.
He sighs and beckons you over to the seat.

"Let me play you a piece I have learned..." he murmurs to you as you sit down, "called 'Four Minutes and Thirty-Three Seconds."
He sits patiently with his hands in his lap for the next four minutes and thirty-three seconds.
Not a single noise comes out of the piano. You can hear the creaking of the floorboards above your head...the hushed whispers of the crew around the ship...the groans of the wood as the Destiny's Bounty begins to lift off from the ground.
"That was a nice piece," you tell him politely. In an attempt not to burst into laughter at what he probably thinks is a serious piece, you glance down at your hands. "I...I have a question for you." A sigh escapes his lips.
"Enlighten me, Princess."
" you think I'm weak?" you frown.
"Weak?" he asks. He pauses for a while.
In fact, he doesn't answer.
"You do...don't you?"
"That is why I want to train you, [Y/N]." You grimace at his words.
"Training?" you groan. "You can fuck off."
"You've got a filthy mouth, sweetheart..." he murmurs in your ear. "And I love it." He presses his lips against yours. You're taken aback by it at first, but you warm up to the kiss. The two of you just stay there like that for a while.
"Are we interrupting something?" Mipha whispers behind the two of you. You spin around to see the Zora standing there with Riju, who appears to be deeply offended at the sight she's come across, behind her.
You stand up and walk out of the room as fast as you can.

- - -

You hide behind the door as Riju begins to argue with Ganondorf. Mipha quietly sits down next to you, fiddling with her hands and staring out at the wall. The two of you are silent as you listen in to their conversation.
"You know that as our king, you aren't allowed to marry outside of our tribe!" Riju hollers.
"I broke it once...and I'll damn well do it again!" he hisses at her.
"Why should anyone else have to suffer through your lies?" she demands. "Do you even love her? Or are you just looking for another woman to sleep with so that stupid Curse of Demise can be passed on?"
"She is the daughter of the Overlord," he argues. "Her blood is tainted just as much as mine..."
"So you only care to conquer?"
"You and your mother are both starting to tread on my final nerves. What does it matter if I declare my love for her?"
"You're planning on marrying her, Ganondorf! And you're only doing it because you can't marry her mother!"
"How'd you-"
"Jewel told me of what you brought to her to repair," she warns him. "A diamond engagement ring...and you wanted an engraving on it!"
"Not a word of it to [Y/N]...or I'll make you wish your stepmother was here instead of me!"
But you've heard enough.

You're pacing around the room filled with bunk beds that you'd stayed in the night you'd sleptwalked off the Destiny's Bounty and into the Gerudo Desert. You can't stop thinking about what you'd overheard...
"That bastard wants to marry me," you murmur to an ensemble of Kylee, Corky, Midna, Urbosa, Nabooru and Peach.
"Hasn't it a week since you two met?" Kylee asks.
"Ganondorf's a nutcase," Corky declares. "I'm sure of it."
"What are you going to tell him?" Midna inquires.
"Surely you won't accept..." Urbosa sighs. "It's too soon...and I wouldn't wish that wrenched curse upon anyone."
"It's strange," Nabooru admits. "Most marriages involving someone in our family are arranged. And for the man who created that rule to go on and choose to marry someone out of nowhere..."
"He's got to be possessed," Urbosa murmurs.
"Either that or someone 'round here's introduced him to shit that ain't legal." Kylee wraps her arms around her knees. You let out a sigh.
There's a knock on the door.
"Hey!" Cole shouts from the other end. "Wu wants us all on the bridge for some reason!"
"He needs to stop bossing us all around." Corky crosses her arms and stares out the window.
"You guys go on ahead," you tell the others. "I want to talk to Corky."
They wordlessly oblige before walking out.

Corky ignores you as you begin to approach her. She does the little Bonneter thing of bobbing up and down, a concious effort to stay afloat on her behalf. You tap the brim of her hat.
"What?" she sneers.
"I just wanted to ask something," you start.
"If it's what I was doing with Wu and Ganondorf..." She glances in your direction for a second before looking back out the window. "If it's that...then you can buzz off."
"No," you lie.
I'm not going away, you truthfully think.
"Save it..." she mutters. "I can hardly remember who I am...who I was before the accident that turned me into this...this thing." She places a hand on the windowsill, her eyes looking a bit less bright than they usually are. "All I remember was smoke. And fire. And...the face of a woman wearing that crown you have on now."
You can't help but to think of your mother.
You don't know much about that day from a personal viewpoint. But now you know that Birdie, Wu, Ganondorf and Corky were all there in Pianta Village on the day of your mother's death.
It's making you wonder...
Who else?
Who else was there?
"Sometimes...I can hear her voice when everyone's asleep," she whispers. "She's telling me to protect watch over you for her." She turns around to face you. "[Y/N]...I don't think it's without reason. Cappy's told me over and over again that they're just dreams...but when I met you that night in the jail...her voice was louder than it's ever been before. And I...I felt a strange nostalgia I've never felt before. Like I'd known you my entire life."
"Is that why you've stuck with us for so long?" you ask her. She nods her head.
"I might not know who I was before this...mess," she begins, "but I know that I'm Corky now. For ten years now, I've been Cappy and Tiara's personal knight. And I don't see why I shouldn't protect you..." You hold out your hand and give her a pat on the top of her head.
"I'm sure we'll be able to find out what happened," you assure her. "I mean...I don't think we should be doing this hero stuff 24/7."
"I wonder if there's any security footage of what happened," she whispers.
"I don't know," you admit.
"You know, Corky..." someone starts from behind you, "if we obtain the Triforce, we could potentially ask the Light Deities to grant you your memory back."
You turn around to find Zelda standing there.

The three of you are sitting down on the floor and looking out the window, where all the others are staring back at you. You ignore their stares and direct your attention back to Zelda and Corky. The Hylian princess is holding a hand in front of the Bonneter's face.
"I sense a very strong curse within you, Corky," she decides. "Oni magic...Malice." She's awfully quiet.
" you think I'll ever remember?" she asks her. Zelda pauses for a while, as if she's contemplating the words she's about to say.
"I'm sure that if you were to visit enough places...or meet enough people...then you'd be able to piece together the fragments of your past." Zelda closes her eyes and bows her head down. "That's how Link regained his memory after the hundred-year-slumber that we put him in."
"How old is he?" Corky frowns.
"I believe he's a hundred and eighteen...a year older than me."
"Do you Hyruleans just not age or something?" She looks out the window. "I mean...even Riju's at least a hundred...and she looks younger than Harumi!"
"It's certainly hard to believe," she admits. She takes in a deep breath. "Corky...I am going to call upon the aid of the rest of us with the Triforce imprinted upon our hands. Perhaps there is enough power to forge a wish for you."
"You can do that?" she whispers.
"I'll go get them," you decide.

Chapter Text

As you walk outside, you can hear particular topics of conversations going around. Conversations about weddings and marriage. You grimace and wave your hand in the air to get everyone's attention.
"Zelda wants the rest of the Triforce in our room!" you shout. Everyone glances up.
"Why?" Lloyd's look of confusion is mirrored by the others...with the exception of a particular asshole who's got a smug little grin on his face.
"Just hurry up," you mutter. You spin around and storm back inside. As you do, you can hear the others who bear the mark of the Triforce on their hands having a good old theory session as to why Zelda wants their attention.
"I wonder what Zelda wants us for," Peach decides.
"Can't be anything's Zelda!" Bowser retorts.
"I'm sure she has her reasons for calling us over..." Lloyd decides.
"Perhaps she wishes to scold us for drinking the milk straight out of the carton," Garmadon smirks.
"You do what now?!" Misako demands.
"What does Zelda want us for, Princess?" Mario asks you.
"It's about Corky," you respond.
"Again with her constant whinging?" Ganondorf hisses. You spin around and stop dead in your tracks.
"Alright," you tell him in a calm voice. "You, shut up."
"Don't be like that, sweetheart-"
"I'm not in love with you, Ganondorf."
You proceed to walk ahead. Nobody dares to speak again.

All of you are crowded around Corky. Zelda holds her hand out in front of her. The Bonneter looks rather nervous about being the centre of attention.
"Alright..." Zelda murmurs. "All of you, follow my lead." The others hesitantly hold their hand with the Triforce tattoo out. You follow suit. "Goddesses...please hear my plea. Allow this little one to regain the memories and experiences of her past." A soft, golden glow begins to emit from her hand. You watch on as Lloyd's hand starts to spark with emerald green electricity. Mario's hand seems to become engulfed in flames. Garmadon's hand seems to emit black sparks with a violet glow around them.
"I still don't remember anything."
Everyone sighs and lowers their hands back down to their sides.
"I...I thought it would work!" Zelda stares at her own hands.
"It is possible that we have not unlocked our true potentials yet," Misako explains. "I don't even feel like I should be carrying the Triforce of Wisdom..."
"And some of us were stripped of our powers!" Ganondorf shouts.
"I doubt the Deities even trust you!" Zelda screams back. You're all taken aback by her sudden sharp tone. "For the Goddess Din to even think of hosting her power within you is a joke! You will never be a hero, Ganondorf! And the sooner you understand that...the sooner we can defeat the Overlord and get on with our lives!"
And with that, he storms out of the room.
Midna stares at the back of her hand. The same Triforce symbol is beginning to glow on the back of her left hand. In particular, the top triangle is glowing with the strongest light. "Well...I don't think she trusted him either, Princess Zelda."
"'re the one who houses the Triforce of Power?" Zelda frowns. "But the tapestry said that-"
"It's a tapestry," Misako protests. "It might not be entirely correct. She glances outside. You can already see deep grey clouds beginning to form in the air in a vortex-like manner. You have no idea what's going on...or why this is happening. "I have a feeling that the tides are turning...and not in our favour."

Everyone's back inside the Destiny's Bounty as it starts to rain on the deck. You can see one particular figure remaining outside, with his back against the mast and his arms wrapped around his knees. He buries his head into his arms.
"That wasn't very nice, Zelda," Lloyd decides as you all watch him.
"It's the truth, and it needs to be said." She crosses her own arms and turns away from the window.
"This isn't right..." Misako sighs. "I'll speak with him-"
"No." You stare at the others. "I will."
She nods her head, and you walk outside the room.
Eventually, you find yourself outside. The sails deflect a lot of the rain, but still, you can feel little droplets here and there splattering against your skin. You decide to take a seat next to Ganondorf.
"We've gotten off to a bad start," you decide. "Everything was chaotic...and just uncomfortable."
"What does it matter?" he mutters. "She's right. There is no reason that Din should be ashamed of me. I am a failure...I am an embarrassment to her..."
"Don't talk like that..." you tell him. "I don't think you're a failure or an embarrassment."
He glances up at you.
"Why waste your breath defending a cowardly old fool, Princess?"
"Because you're not," you assure him. "'ve said and done terrible things in your past. But there's always room for change. Everyone could use some change around here..." You turn to face him. "And for what it's worth, Ganondorf...if you just asked me out, then maybe I'd give you a chance."
You give him a wink and stand upright before walking back inside.

- - -

The day becomes night rather quickly. The rest of the day was fairly uneventful in your opinion. Wu had forgotten all about the 'team activities' to the delight of many others. Instead, Pauline had decided to bring up spirits with good, old-fashioned karaoke. You can hear a great deal of drunken singing coming from the living room. You're not really in the mood for karaoke, to be honest. You decide to catch some sleep...

- - -

You're standing on the deck of the Destiny's Bounty. The air is warm, and you can see a great deal of dragons floating around their air. All of them look marvellous...with their thousands of beautiful, glowing scales. You look down at your own outfit. You're draped in a kimono that appears to be made of heavy, red and gold fabrics. There's a cherry blossom pattern on it.
"She's mine!" you hear Bowser roar at the top of his lungs. He's standing in front of you, and in his hands is Corky, who's screaming to be let go.
"Please!" she screams. "I just want to go home!"
"You are home..." he sneers.

"I don't think so!" 
You watch as Lloyd lands in front of you. He's wielding a golden katana with a hilt and crossguard made of teal crystals. He ushers you back.
"Give her backBowser..." he warns him as he points the blade forth. You watch as a large dragon with ruby red scales comes to the side of the deck. It nods at you, and you step forward, with a black orb glowing in your hands that's glowing with a golden light.
"I'm not afraid to use it," you warn him.
You're jolted awake by screaming from two people standing over you.

Chapter Text

"[Y/N]!" Mara is shaking your shoulders rather violently. "Wake up!" You groan and sit upright. She and Kylee are standing by your bed. There's a look of undeniable fear in the girl's eyes, while the woman looks excited.
"Why'd you wake me up?" you groan.
"Dragons!" Mara squeaks as she shoves open the blinds. You gaze outside. You're met with skies filled with clouds of smoke in hues of yellow, red, blue, purple and green. In the air are all sorts of dragons. Some have wings, some don't. They're all different sizes. The buildings that surround the place are beautiful, made with white concrete and colourful tiled rooves. They're set on cliffs that overlook a valley in the distance. In the far distance lies a stratovolcano that's trickling with lava in some places. It's like a more medieval version of Ninjago...a grander version at that...
"We're in the Koopa Kingdom," Kylee explains. She points onto the deck, where everyone's standing. Quite a few people are jumping over the side. "Wu knows a lot about dragons. He said that they've all migrated from the First Realm or some shit like that, and that it's the season where they imprint on humans and shit by catching them if they fall. Everyone's giving it a try!"
"Wow...I want to give it a go..." you whisper. You can already imagine the sensation of flying. The wind running through your hair...the clouds tickling your face...
"Wu's grandmother's amongst them," Misako says from behind you all. You spin around.
"Did you just say his grandmother?"
"Yes..." she confirms. She points outside, to where the biggest dragon of them all, a beautiful red dragon with black scales around her ruby eyes. The two horns on her head are a mahogany red. She's flying above all the others, too far away for you to distinguish her more clearly than you can. "That is the Firstbourne...the mother of all dragons. She's a deity in her own right...the Deity of the Elements."
"Wow..." you whisper. "She's beautiful."
"How does a dragon give birth to a human?" Kylee frowns.
"Wu and Garmadon's grandfather was an Oni," she decides. "Their son...the First Spinjitzu the Ninjagian Deity of Creation."
"I don't wanna fly!" Mara huffs. She crosses her arms and sits down on the ground.
"That's quite alright," she assures her. She places a hand on her shoulder. "[Y/N]'s going on a special mission to find something. It's a special stone that's going to help us save the world!"
"Ooh!" she squeaks. "Can come?!"
"Why do I have to go?" you groan. Misako stands back up.
"You, Princess [Y/N]...are the light that will shine in the darkness...and the darkness that will dull the blinding light."
"Contradicts each other, but okay," you mutter. She hands you your scabbard, along with the sword inside it.
"Bowser's going to lead you through the resting place of the Koopa's Amber, I've heard..." You stare outside, where more and more people are diving over the side.
"So...who's going with me?" you ask as you look outside.
"You'll have to ask," she decides. You nod your head, and just as you're about to leave, Mara wraps her arms around one of your legs.
"Bye, Miss [Y/N]!" she beams. "Stay safe out there, and look after the Voe Queen?"
"Voe Queen?" you frown.
"It's the Gerudo children's nickname for Ganondorf," Misako says with a smile on her face. "Now...go off and get that Sacred Stone!"
You nod and walk outside.

You watch as some of the dragons start to zoom around in the air. Bowser's on the back of a rather large grey dragon with spiked scales and a glowing purple crystal in the middle of its head. Bowser Jnr is clinging to his back.
"C'mon!" the Koopa King shouts. "Are you wusses coming or not?!" Lloyd, who's sitting on an emerald green dragon with golden whiskers and a warm sheen to its forest-coloured wings, shouts something rude at him, and the Ninjagian and the Koopa both laugh.
"Stay safe, Link," Zelda tells her knight. He bows his head down, and she places a kiss on the top of his head.
"I will," he promises her. And with that, he jumps over the side. He falls through the air...
Until he lands on the back of a green dragon without wings.
She's a white-scaled dragon with glowing green energy in-between her scales. There's shimmering white fur around her neck. Her eyes are a mint green, with lilac pupils and irises. There's a giant horn protruding from her forehead in a zig-zag pattern, and several more dorsal horns that spike down her back.
"It doesn't surprise me that Farosh has chosen him," comes a voice from behind you. You spin around to see Ganondorf.
"Are you coming?" you ask him. He shakes his head.
"I'm afraid I'll be sitting this one out," he sighs. "I am not in the mood..."
"That's alright," you assure him. "We'll be back before you know it."
"You're going?" he frowns.
"I have to. It's training."
"Training..." He scoffs at that way of putting it. "Well, sweetheart, I'll be right here if you need me."
Corky flies out from behind him and zooms right onto the top of your head, where she rests in your crown.
"Sorry I'm late!" she squeaks. "We should get going..."
"Okay..." you agree. You begin to walk over to the edge and peer over. There aren't many dragons now. "What if none of them catch me?"
"I can act as a parachute," Corky promises. You watch in awe as they all fly. Green ones, purple ones, golden ones...
Your heart stops as you throw yourself over the side.

The wind is sharp against your body as you start to fall down. Your arms and legs flail about in the air. The bottom of the Destiny's Bounty grows smaller and smaller...
You smack against something hard.
You clench your eyes shut as you feel the sensation of being lifted skywards. You cling to the back of the dragon that's caught you...
Red scales. Glimmering red scales.
You give the dragon a gentle pat on the back. Slowly, you begin to sit upright. The dragon that's caught you is much bigger than any of the others...
"Holy!" Lloyd's flying in the air next to you. "[Y/N]...that's the Firstbourne you're flying on!"
"What?" you murmur. The dragon tilts her head back, and you're met with those beautiful, ruby red eyes. They're calm and knowing...
"Who else is coming along?" you ask him.
"I think Mario and Cappy said they are!" he shouts back. "C'mon, let's go!"
"We'd better follow them," you tell the Firstbourne. She nods her head, almost as if in agreement to your statement.
And with that, the Firstbourne flies right up to the side of the Destiny's Bounty.
You spot the others standing on the deck. You give them all a wave.
"Stay safe, Princess!" Harumi shouts out.
"We have faith in you!" Misako adds on.
"May you be victorious in your recovery of the Koopa's Amber!" Zelda finishes. You nod your head before patting the Firstbourne on the back of her neck. She begins to roar, and before you know it, you're zooming past a series of buildings, both modern and traditional. You can see your reflection in the window. You turn back to the ship for a moment. Birdie's waving by the railing. Next to her, Ganondorf does the same.
You wave back.
"We've got a long path ahead of us..." you whisper to Corky and the Firstbourne.
"We're one step closer to defeating the Overlord," Corky assures you.

The Firstbourne lands before the front of a very grand-looking palace. It's made of red and black bricks. Giant kites with the insignia of the Koopas are flying, with all sorts of intricate, fan-like designs. The rooves of the palace appear to be made of gold and black metals, as well as jade tiles. The giant drawstring gate at the entrance to the courtyard appears to be made entirely of gold. And to add to all the gold, there's statues of Bowser everywhere, including a giant sculpture of his face right on the front wall behind the courtyard.
"Crikey, Bowser's even more of a tosser than Ganondorf," Corky whispers to you. "I mean, this many flags with his face on it is just advertising that he probably whacks off every night in the mirror-"
"Shut up," you whisper back. "I don't feel like getting executed." Bowser and Link's dragons remain in the air as they both jump off and land on the ground. Link's holding his sword in one hand and a blue shield with a rather beautiful Hyrulean design in the other.
"Hey, where's that little twerp Lloyd?" Bowser demands. Junior points up in the air.
"Hey!" he exclaims. "It's Princess Zelda!"
"What?" Corky floats up in the air, and then you can see them. The Ninjagian and the Hylian princess fall from the sky, Lloyd's dragon nowhere in sight. The sky is an orangey-red, mirroring their screams for salvation and escape from the idea of free-falling from such a height. Bowser jumps up in the air and catches the two in his hands.
"Gotcha!" he decides. He carefully lowers the two, who appear to be rather shaken, right down to the ground. They're both hunched over. Zelda clutches at her chest and pants.
"I thought I was going to die..." she murmurs.
"Why'd you even fall off?" he demands.
"Garmadon pushed me." Zelda wipes the dirt away from her jet black trousers before standing up straight again. Tears threaten to spill from her eyes.
"Where are Mario and Cappy?" Lloyd asks.
"Right here!" come two bright and chirpy voices from behind Bowser. The Koopa King shrieks with fright and leaps out of the way. Mario and Cappy are both laughing at Bowser.
It's strange how they aren't frightened by him in the slightest.
"Well," Lloyd whispers, "it's time to get going."

The nine of you begin to approach the gate. Two Koopa Troopas, yellow turtle men with green shells, stand by a rather large chain that appears to open the gate. Of course, it's golden.
"Hey!" Bowser shouts at them. "Open the gates!"
"Yes, sire!" they shout back. They both jump into action, taking the chain in their hands and yanking it down. The gate begins to lift up, and you can finally see the courtyard in all its glory. Two enormous peach blossom trees that tower above the rest of the courtyard lie on either side of the red brick path leading up to the double doors beneath the giant gold Bowser head. This palace easily dwarfs Delfino Castle, and the entirety of Gerudo Town for that matter. The air is still warm and lively. It's hotter than home, but it's cooler than the sweltering heat outside of the Arbiter's Grounds. Zelda points over to a series of koi ponds. They're surrounded with ornamental grass, with some of the blades dipping into the water. This same golden green grass grows around the peach trees. The fortified walls surrounding this place are enormous. You feel caged in...but only slightly.
"So..." Bowser starts with a nervous smile. "This is my home. I had renovations done recently."
"Renovations..." Zelda murmurs. She crouches down on the ground and picks up a dragonfly. "Ooh, this looks like a Gerudo Dragonfly! But what it's doing all the way out here in the Koopa Kingdom, I'll never know..."
"One of my kids is nuts about bugs at the moment," he admits. "My parents brought back some from Hyrule on their trip, and now the place is filled with jars of 'em! I'd kill for some bug collector to take 'em off our hands..."
"Where are the others?" Junior ponders.
"It's school-time at the moment, son," he assures him. "They'll be back in an hour. Why don't you go inside and say hello to your grandparents?"
"Ooh!" he beams. He shoves past Link and Mario before making a beeline to the door. He pounds his fists against it.
"Grandma!" he squeaks. "Grandpa!"
Bowser turns to face Mario and Cappy. His eyebrows furrow and he crouches down to their height, pointing at them with a rather nasty look on his face.
"Now," he warns them. "No showing my guests into my room, understand?"
"You have our word," Cappy promises him. You can see Mario's fingers crossed behind his back.
"Grandma!" Junior shouts. "Let us in!"
The doors swing open, and the little Koopa darts inside as fast as he can.
"No running in the halls!" Bowser roars. "Come here, you little shit!" And with that, Junior's father chases after him.
"For someone who kidnaps princesses for a living," Cappy tells Mario, "he sure is nice to his son!"
"Poor Koopalings..." Mario sighs. "Bowser doesn't treat them nearly as well as he treats his son..."
"Wait...the other kids are adopted?" Lloyd ponders. "But Wendy-"
"She's very spoilt because she's the only girl," he assures her. "I'd better show you around."
"Yeah," Cappy chuckles. "This place is practically Mario's second home!" Zelda giggles at them before turning to face you.
"Let's go..." she tells the rest of you.

Chapter Text

As you walk through the hall leading to the throne room of the castle, you're made aware of the paintings on the wall. They all depict different locations and whatnot. There's a painting of Ignacia, another of Gerudo Town...and most hauntingly, one of Corona Mountain.
"Sure does like his hot places..." Lloyd nervously chuckles as he walks closer behind Link at the scowls of several mean-looking guards.
"Well," Zelda decides, "perhaps the location of the Oni's Amethyst will be much cooler." She rolls up the sleeves of her blouse so they're resting around her elbows. You notice quite a few stone pillars with Bowser's face carved into them. "I've never seen a place so egotistical in my entire life!"
"Yeah...Ganondorf ain't shit against Bowser," Corky crosses her hands over like some sort of rapper. Nobody laughs. "Not funny?"
She flies behind you.
"Why isn't Lord Koopa asking us to throw them out?" you hear a red-shelled Koopa Troopa on guard mumbling to another.
"He's gone nuts, I'm tellin' ya'," the other mutters back. You all continue to follow Mario and Cappy.
Corky holds out a familiar-looking stone in front of you.
"Look what I stole from Ganon," she grins. Your eyes widen at the sight of the Gerudo's Topaz.
"Corky! That doesn't belong to you!" You snatch it out of your hands and pocket it before she has time to take it away.
Before you know it, you're all standing in the throne room of Bowser's palace.

The King of the Koopas is sitting on the throne as if he's been there all along. He sighs and rests his head on one of his hands, which is propped up against the armrest. A series of young Koopa boys are running and jumping about in the air, using strange wands with glowing orbs at the end of them to blast each other with spurts of magic.
"Ha!" one with bright green hair and jam-jar glasses roars. "I got you, Morton!"
"I got Roy!" one with a brown star patch on one eye cheers. "I got Roy!" He's smacked in the head with a rod belonging to the littlest one, who's got a rainbow mohawk and an eye that's twitching all over the place. He's chuckling his head off.
One spots Mario and screams.
They all run off down one hall.
Bowser lets out a sigh and runs a hand through his messy mane of red hair. You and Corky give each other nervous glances. "I suppose I should show you where the Koopa's Amber is, right?" he asks.
"If you wouldn't mind-" Zelda's cut off by Bowser's rather snappy tone.
"Well," he hisses, "I was coming here because someone stole it from its case in the treasure room. But your stupid ship had to turn around all by itself and go all the way back to Gerudo Town!"
"Hey," Lloyd frowns. "It wasn't your ship to command in the first place!"
"You're pushing it, twerp-"
"Is there anyone who knows who took it?" Zelda ponders. Bowser sighs again. It's hard for him to be mad at her.
"You'd be best off finding my mom and dad," he explains. "I think my mom's in the library on the third floor, and my dad's brewing up some potion in the basement. The staircase leading up to the library is to the left..." He points at the left hall. "And the staircase down at the basement is to the right." His finger shifts to the latter hall.
"We'll split up," Lloyd decides. "Mario and Cappy, we'll look for Bowser's dad. Link and Zelda, do you mind searching for his mom?"
"We don't mind," she assures him with a smile.
"Uh...I wanted to talk to Corky alone for a sec." Bowser turns to you. "Princess [Y/N]...if you don't mind, could you go with Link and Zelda?"
"Sure," you agree. Corky flies off your head and over to the Koopa. And with that, you find yourself following Link and Zelda down the halls.

The two Hylians are quiet, leaving you to your own thoughts.
It's very strange here.
You have an uneasy unsettled sensation in your stomach. Like you're being watched...and there's nowhere to hide.
Eventually, you make it into the library, where there's several dozen gigantic bookshelves filled to the brim with all sorts of titles. Zelda stares at the place in awe.
"I never knew Bowser loved to read," she whispers.
"Oh," a wizened old voice croons from the ceiling, "I assure you..." You watch as a purple-robed witch sitting on the back of a broomstick begins to float down the air and over in front of you. There's an unmistakable gleam in her old, red eyes. She wears small, oval glasses on the bridge of her snout. She's got yellow scales all over. In her hand is a golden rod with a ruby on the end. "My son hates reading with a passion." She remains sitting on her broomstick, with her witch's hat firmly fixed to her head. Her silver locks shoot out from either side of the space beneath the hat. "Let me guess..." She points at Zelda. "Princess Zelda of Hyrule? And her knight...Master Link?"
"Yes." Zelda nods her head. She steps back to reveal you to the old Koopa witch.
"And you must be the young woman my son is swooning over!" she coos. "Princess [Y/N] of Isle Delfino? Ah...such a beauty you are..." She flies closer and closer to you, almost to the point where her face is practically right up against yours. She then takes your hands in hers and gives them a tight squeeze. "You're almost as beautiful as me!"
"You're Bowser's lieutenant, I presume?" Zelda asks her. She nods her head.
"Yes..." She turns towards her. "I am Kammy Koopa...and it is a great pleasure to meet the three of you! May I ask...what brings you three to my library?"
"We want to know where the Koopa's Amber is," you tell her.
"The Koopa's Amber? And whyever would you want such a dangerous artefact?" You frown at Kammy's words.
"How is it dangerous?" Zelda demands.

Kammy begins to float around the three of you. The way she's bobbing up and down in the air is hypnotic...calming...strange...
"The three Spiritual Stones are the keys to an ancient power too dangerous for the hands of mortals."
"The Gerudo's Topaz...the Koopa's Amber...and the Oni's Amethyst."
"When bestowed upon their pedestals before the gate of their triangulated who has laid waste to a life innocent and clean shall play the Song of Time into the sacred blue instrument...and the gates shall open."
"Gates, you may be asking? Gates to what?"
"The gates to the Sword of the Power Moons."
"The power of the Oni Warlords has been dispelled across the Sixteen Realms time and time again. Slowly...they manifest back into their bodies."
"Vengeance...the one who carries four arms."
"Deception...the one who appears brutish and full of himself."
"And Hatred...the one who conquers all in the name of his patriarch."
"The Sword of the Shine Sprites is the only blade strong enough to safely fuse with the Sword of the Power Moons in order to create a blade much worse...the Sword of Sols. The mother of light and darkness itself. The universe."
"The Sword of Sols has great power. Forbidden power."
"When one with the blood of both divinity and chaos wields the Sword of Sols...the blade's power will transfuse and be housed within his or her blood...augumenting his or her own abilities far beyond that of anyone else in the Sixteen Realms."
"But be warned."
"The Sword of Sols will house its matter whether the one who holds it is good or evil."
"And in order to defeat the must strike him with the pure light of the Sword of the Shine Sprites."
"And that there are some monsters you can only slay with the Sword of the Power Moons."
"Do you know what silence is? Or do you long to fight so badly that you fail to see the risks?"
"Wake up."

You scream as you sit upright.
"What the fuck?!" you shout. You clutch at your chest. You don't know what's just happened.
But you feel...empty.
Kammy chuckles and turns to Zelda and Link, who are frowning at her.
"I hid the Koopa's Amber within an ancient temple in the kingdom's north in order to protect my dear old son from coming across it," she assures you all. "If you find it...then you may keep it." Link helps you stand up, and you can't help but glare at Kammy.
"I'm sure there's more to it," Zelda assures you. "Come. We should ask Bowser if he knows of any ancient temples in the kingdom's north."
"Can't argue with you there..." you sigh. But still...
You can't help but wonder.
What are you getting yourself into?
You rub at your temples as you walk out of the room.

Zelda and Link run ahead, leaving you to follow them back. You grumble something under your breath and follow them. With every second you spend in this place, you're becoming more and more uncomfortable. Is it Bowser? Is it his family? Is it his home? Is it all three?
You find yourself walking up another set of stairs. Did I come up these stairs before?  you ask yourself. I'm going upstairs to find him, right?
"...I will deliver your daughter to Isle Delfino myself, my lord..." comes the murmur of someone you recognise. You pause right in your tracks.
"Kammy was able to deter Princess Zelda and Master Link away from attempting to gather the three Stones. But I'm afraid she still wishes to take the Sword of the Power Moons..."
"That isn't good enough!" the raspy voice of the Overlord roars at Hackergirl. "Go and fetch the Oni's Amethyst and destroy it..."
"But the prophecy-"
"I have relied on prophecies and fate for far too long. It's about time that I took control myself."
"The prophecy denotes that if [Y/N] cannot destroy you...then you will be overthrown."
"Overthrown by who?"
"...Ganondorf Dragmire. Or even worse, Lloyd Garmadon."
"Time is growing thin...and my power is dwindling. Do you have no respect for my wishes?!"
"There are many people you could enlist, my lord. Many people...from many ages. Do you not wish to inhibit their progress?"
"I wish for them to all perish like the fools they are!" he roars.
"Then allow me to use your power to summon them all. Allow me to ambush them in the Temple of Darkness. And allow throw a spanner in the works for them."
"If you fail me...then I will kill everyone in your family."
" lord."
And with that, the voices disappear.
"What on Earth...?" you murmur.
You come face to face with Lloyd.

You let out a yelp of shock. He holds up his hands defensively. "Hey...what's the matter?"
"I heard her talking to him..." you mutter. Your hands tremble as you try to think of what's just happened. He places his hands on your shoulders in an attempt to calm you down.
"Hackergirl...and the Overlord..." you whisper. You shake your head.
You can't bear to think of it any more.
"Hey..." he assures you. "Don't worry about it. We'll stop them. I promise."
"What if we don't?" you whisper. "What if I can't defeat him?"
"We will defeat him," he promises. "And if we don't...then we'll try harder."
"Did you find out where the Koopa's Amber is?" you ask him.
"Yeah...Bowser's dad said he locked it away in an old temple at the south of the kingdom to stop his wife from getting ahold of it."
"That's funny...because Kammy said she hid it in a temple in the north of the kingdom to stop Bowser from getting ahold of it."
Lloyd frowns.
"Okay...something's not right..." he decides. "And I'm going to get to the bottom of it. We need to talk to Bowser."

Chapter Text

Time: 12:24 PM, Koopa Kingdom Standard Time
Location: The Destiny's Bounty, currently in the Koopa Kingdom
Subject/s: Princess Harumi of the Ninjago Empire
Motives: Bad

Harumi sits in silence and listens to Ganondorf playing on the piano. Each note played sounds as if its had hours upon hours of care and thought put into it. He's got to be the most skilled player that she's ever heard in her life.
It's a shame that talent is going to go to waste, she thinks bitterly. If I had it my way, he'd be living to play a song for me every day.
He finishes on an A flat minor chord. Harumi politely stands and applauds him. He gives her a smile.
Ugh, she groans internally, still offering him a smile back. Guys who fall for it are the worst.
"May I ask you something, Princess?" he asks her. She tilts her head to the side.
"You can ask me anything, Ganondorf." Harumi takes a seat next to him.
" you think that [Y/N] hates me?" She bows her head down in a feigned shame. She couldn't even care less...but the more she grows on these idiots, the more it'll hurt when she finally betrays them all.
And the more she'll be satisfied.
"You don't deserve to have to settle for someone as rude and bland as [Y/N]..." She looks back up into his eyes. Although she absolutely hates his personality and rude demeanour, there's something about those eyes that's completely mesmerising to her. Perhaps when the Overlord rebuilds the Sixteen Realms...he'll let her preserve Ganondorf in a glass that she can look at his eyes...forever...and ever...
"She's troubled," he mumbles. She takes a seat next to him and places a hand on his arm.
"She's got everything she could ever want. A kingdom...crowds of loyal army following her around everywhere she goes..." Harumi looks up into his eyes with the utmost look of sympathy. "And you don't even get one word of thanks from your people for everything you've done for them."
He's silent for a while.
She leans up and gives him a peck on the cheek.
"'re too young."
"I know I look young...but I'm an adult." She leans into his arm and gazes into his eyes in a loving way, a loving way that's a mere façade. "I won't tell anyone if you don't want me to...and I'll respect your boundaries if you don't want me. I...I promise." He's staring back at her. She can see the rise and fall of his chest getting heavier and heavier with every second he watches her.
She wraps her arms around him before smashing her lips against his. For a moment, he tenses at her kiss, but he relaxes into it. Harumi can't help but to smile.
I've got you wrapped around my little finger...she decides in her thoughts. And the best thing? Not only [Y/N] will be crushed...but your daughters will be, too.

- - -

Time: 12:25 PM, Koopa Kingdom Standard Time
Location: Bowser's Palace, the Koopa Kingdom
Subject/s: Princess [Y/N] [L/N] of Isle Delfino
Motives: Good

You can't help but wonder if Lloyd's thinking about something not so nice. There's a look of complete and utter contempt upon his face. His dark blonde eyebrows are furrowed...the corners of his mouth are downturned. His fists are clenched.
"What's wrong?" you ask him.
"[Y/N]..." he murmurs back. "I just can't shake the feeling that Kamek and Kammy are up to something."
"We'll figure it out," you assure him. You arrive at a set of doors. "Huh...were these always here, Lloyd?"
"Was what always here?" he asks. You point up at the doors. "I don't remember any doors by the throne room..."
"I hope we aren't lost..." you sigh. You decide to push them open. You're met with a rather large room. A massive bed is pushed up against one end of the wall. Enough empty ice-cream containers to fill the Delfino Sea are strewn all over the floor. There's also a television mounted to the opposite wall. Based on the lavish and expensive-looking furniture, you can only presume that this red-orange, gold and green bedroom belongs to Bowser. "What's with all the trash in here?"
"Maybe the guy loves his ice-cream," he decides.
"Ahem," someone coughs behind you in a rather angry tone.
You both turn around to find Bowser standing there with his arms crossed over his chest.

Bowser drags you back down towards the throne room, grumbling something under his breath about you and Lloyd being nosy.
"But we still don't know where the Koopa's Amber is!" Lloyd pleads. "Your mom said one place, and your dad's told me another!"
"That's because they don't trust you," he decides. He lets go of the two of you and sits back down on his throne. "Now...don't go back in there...or I'll throw you in the dungeons."
"We'll pass," he assures him. "Look...if that's where you're hiding the Koopa's Amber, then just get it-"
"It's not!" he shouts. "We don't know where it is, okay?!" You can see the smoke billowing out from his nostrils. He clenches his fists together and curses under his breath.
"There's no need to swear at us," he warns him. "Now, where are the others?"
"I dunno! Probably snoopin' around elsewhere!"
"Bowser...please!" You take his hands in yours. "We need to find it...or bad things are going to happen. And not just in Isle Delfino...bad things will happen everywhere!" He shakes his head.
"Let me think, for Morton's sake!" he roars. He hangs his head down and lets out a sigh. "I'm sorry...I keep losing my temper. I just...Wendy's gone, and I don't want any of my other kids being next."
"We'll find her..." Lloyd promises. "We promise."
"What if she's dead?" he frowns.
"If she's dead," he decides, "then she'll be in the Twilight Realm. I'm sure Midna will be happy to let her out."
Bowser sighs again.
"I dunno..." He scratches at his head. "Ever since she found out that I was pretending Princess Peach was Junior's mother, she's been really mad at me."
"Why would Midna be mad?" Lloyd asks. "She isn't even-" He stops and his eyes widen. His jaw is pretty much dropped right down to the floor. "Oh, Yin...she is...isn't she?"
"Yup." Bowser's got his arms crossed again. He's tapping his foot against the ground in a rather impatient manner. "That's why Ganondorf and Urbosa hate me..."
"Hang old is he?"
"He's only six."
"And how old are you?"
Lloyd tilts his head to the side. "Dude...Midna's older than your entire kingdom."
"She hooked me in with the whole deal to let me slip out of the Twilight Realm whenever I want if she'd be able to have my kid..." He shakes his head. "She just dumped the poor little guy at my doorstep because he looked just like me. I dunno what she was expecting from a Koopa, but at least I get to leave Midna's little hellhole whenever Mario caves my head in for snatching Peach from her castle." Lloyd hides a snicker. "What?!"
"I'm's just...hellhole maybe wasn't the best word to describe it." Lloyd turns away and takes in a deep breath to try and stop himself from laughing any harder.
"Does Junior know?" you ask in a quiet tone. Bowser sighs and shakes his head.
"No...he doesn't." Lloyd pauses for a second.
"Hey...does that make Junior and Riju cousins?" Bowser furrows his eyebrows and points outside.
"Find the stupid stone and get out of my sight," he scowls.
"But we need to find it-" You're cut off by a torrent of red-hot flames bellowing from his mouth. He slams his fist against the armrest repeatedly.
"Let's go and regroup," Lloyd offers to you.

You and Lloyd walk out to the courtyard, where Junior is excitedly showing Zelda the koi. "Ooh!" he chirps. "There's another one!" He splashes the water a bit. All of the koi scatter away from his hand.
"Be gentle..." Zelda tells him. Junior looks rather embarrassed that he's been told off.
"Sorry, Princess..." he whispers.
"Any luck with the location of the Koopa's Amber?" Lloyd crouches down next to Zelda. She shifts a few of her yellow locks back behind her ear.
"I'm afraid that we have all been told differing things," she admits. "I wonder if any of Bowser's children would know..."
"Maybe." Lloyd stands back up before turning to Junior and offering him a grin. "Hey, buddy. Have you seen what we're looking for?"
"Nup." Junior starts to wave his hand over the water again. His beady little eyes are fixated on a particular koi with orange, black and white scales. "Haven't."
"Are you sure?" Zelda asks. "We need it so we can save your sister."
"Don't like her," he assures her. He takes a seat in the ornamental grass and looks up at her. "She's a bully. And Dad spoils her rotten!"
"Hmm..." Zelda gazes up to one of the few balconies, where three of Bowser's seven sons are holding a fourth over the ledge. "Hey! You boys stop that at once!"
"Put me down!" the little Koopa with the rainbow mohawk screams. "Please!"
"Nuh-uh!" a rather big Koopa wearing a ridiculous pair of pink shades jeers. "You stole money from my room, Lemmy!"
"Dad!" he squeals. "Dad! Roy's trying to kill me!"
"Uh-oh..." Lloyd murmurs. 'Roy' continues to dangle the poor boy over the edge.
It's a very big fall.
"I'm sorry!" he screams.
"Why isn't your father doing anything about it?" Zelda demands of Junior.
"I dunno." He shrugs his shoulders and looks back at the pond of koi fish.
Roy lets go of his brother.
Lemmy shrieks as he falls through the air. Almost with the swiftness of Birdie during an all-you-can-eat buffet, Lloyd springs into action, his arms outstretched as he throws himself where Lemmy's bound to land. Roy, the Koopa with the star on his face, and the Koopa with the green hair and glasses, all cackle at the poor boy.
Lloyd only just manages to catch little Lemmy.
The young boy is wailing now as he clutches onto Lloyd. "Hey, hey..." he whispers to him. "It's okay..."
" saved me!" he whispers.
"It's no problem," Lloyd assures him. He lowers the boy onto the ground and ruffles his hair. "You stay safe now..."
"I will!" He wraps his arms around Lloyd's leg before darting off inside.
The older boys all glare down at Lloyd.
"Hey...look!" Zelda gasps as she points at the gates.

The others are beginning to walk through the gates of Bowser's palace. Urbosa, who's at the front with Misako, stares at the place in awe.
"I've never seen such a beautiful kingdom in my life..." she murmurs.
"Any luck finding the whereabouts of the Koopa's Amber?" Misako inquires.
"Unfortunately..." Zelda sighs, "we've been given multiple locations, both of which may be false..." She stands up and begins to walk over to the others. "I'll your backs around the other Koopalings. They're violent and rowdy."
"Is that so, Princess?!" Mipha gulps and steps closer to Daruk.
"Well, I've had enough," Lloyd decides. "Bowser's acting ridiculous! He doesn't want to help us at all! He's done nothing but sit on his fat ass and feel sorry for himself!"
"Typical Koopa..." Ganondorf murmurs under his breath. "Perhaps I should give him a reason to feel sorry for himself!"
"Why don't we at least try to look in the places that have been suggested?" Wu asks the rest of you. He's holding a teal cup of tea in his hand that he sips from occasionally.
"I wouldn't trust Bowser to be truthful at all," Pauline admits. "I mean...whenever he signs a peace treaty with any other kingdom, he still lets his troops run around and wreck everything!" She sighs and crosses her arms. "I'm so close to losing my position as New Donk City's mayor..."
"Don't worry, sis," Cole assures her with a pat on the back. "Once we have the Koopa's Amber, we're outta here."
"We should go and look inside for this stupid thing," she mutters. "Does everyone have their phones on them?"
"Uh...phones?" Daruk frowns.
"Stay with me," Urbosa tells him.
"Everyone," Lloyd orders, "stay in groups of two or three. I don't think Bowser's going to exactly give us the Koopa's Amber without a fight." You're about to find Ganondorf in amongst the crowd, but he's dragged inside by Harumi in a rather hasty manner.
"Huh?" you frown.
"Hey, Princess," Pauline says to you. "I could use a companion..." Realising that pretty much everyone else is already inside and Junior's staying put where he is, you decide to go with her.

Chapter Text

Bowser's gone from his throne for some reason when you walk back in. Cole and Zane are busy checking his throne for any sign of the Koopa's Amber, even going as far as to move it around and lift up its cushions. Nabooru and Riju lift away a painting to check for any hidden safes. The majority of the others are headed for the library, while Lloyd and Zelda head down to the basement.
"It could be anywhere," Pauline decides. "I'm trying to think of where it could be..."
"Have you been here before?" you ask her. She nods her head.
"Back when I ran away from my dad in 2007," she tells you, "Bowser let me stay here for a few months in return for as much info on Mario as I could remember. And let me tell you...this place is huge. We could be looking here for days...if not weeks!"
"And what if it isn't in the palace?"
"Then we start sweeping the surrounding buildings." She gazes around for a while. "Hmm...I wonder if he's buried it somewhere." You can feel a warmth in your pocket. You reach in and take out the Gerudo's Topaz. It's pulsing with a faint light.
"Maybe it's resonating with the Koopa's Amber," you suggest.
"You're right," she agrees. You hold it around to see if the signal's stronger in different locations. You notice that when you hold it at the ground, there's a slightly stronger pulse.
"Looks like it could be in the basement," you tell her.
"Let's go," she murmurs.

Pauline walks with a certain haste in her movements. It's like she's on edge...awaiting some sort of danger. You can't help but wonder where Corky's gone.
Is she okay?
"Hmm..." you think as you begin to walk down the stairs. There's pictures of all sorts of places on the wall, pictures with Bowser posing with his children. There's even one of a Koopa woman who vaguely resembles Bowser. Her head appears to be very swollen. "Who's that?"
"His sister," she whispers. "She loved to read so much...her head went-" She flicks out her fingers as if to mimic an explosion.
"What?" you frown. "How?" Pauline shrugs her shoulders.
"Not sure," she admits. "Is the signal getting stronger?" You stare at the topaz in your hand. It's still very faint.
"I don't know."
The two of you continue to walk down the hall. You can see another Koopaling walking down the hall with a grumpy look on his face. His light blue hair is rather dishevelled and his eyes have bags under them.
"Larry?" Pauline asks. "What's the matter?" He looks up at her, stares at her for a moment and then shrugs his shoulders. Now that you've got a closer look at him, you can see that he's got several cuts and bruises on his arms and legs.
"You're looking for the Koopa's Amber?" he asks quietly.
"Yes," she tells him. "Do you know where it might be?" He glances around, as if to make sure nobody's listening, and then he beckons the two of you over to a door.
"Don't tell Dad, Grandma or Grandpa that I'm telling you," he mutters. He opens the door and beckons you both into the room.

Larry's room appears to be simple, with a bed covered in a carelessly bundled pile of azure sheets, a set of wooden drawers with quite a few clothes hanging out, a desk with a desktop computer and a monitor that has also has a plate with a half-eaten, mouldy sandwich, and a closet that's spilling with all sorts of sports equipment. He's quick to shut the door. He turns to face you and Pauline.
"Dad called us a couple of days ago," he tells you. "He told Grandma and Grandpa to hide the Koopa's Amber somewhere in the old temple beneath our palace. They made us kids do it instead." Pauline sits next to him on the bed and places an arm around his shoulder.
"Do you know anything about this old temple?" she inquires.
"It's pretty big...and there's a lot of monsters around." He wraps his arms around his knees. "Oh, and our oldest brother went down there with the Koopa's Amber. Ludwig. Me and Morton followed him...but he locked himself in the lowest floor...and he won't let anyone come in. We've tried to get him out to go to school, but he keeps laughing at us...and acting kinda...kooky."
"Hmm..." you murmur. "Do you know how to get in there?" Larry glances up at you with a look of fear in his eyes.
"There's an old well in the town square," he explains. "Grandpa said that it was going to get demolished in the morning so that you heroes couldn't get matter whether Ludwig was in there or not. He's put guards all around there so nobody gets in." You're about to sigh. "But...they all go to the tavern at around eleven o'clock at night to laugh at this one guy's awful clarinet playing. That's how we get in and out."
"Hmm." Pauline turns to face you. "I don't think I'd be fit to go down there...I'm about as athletic as a couch potato. But I think you and Mario should definitely check it out."
"When is it getting demolished?" you ask Larry.
"Around five tomorrow morning," he explains. "Dad's not happy that it's so early..." He looks up at you with plea in his eyes. Tears are beginning to roll down his cheeks. "Please save my brother...please."
"We will," you promise. "We just need to know what to bring there so that we don't get hurt."

Larry sits at his desk and writes on a scrap piece of paper all that he knows. He talks as he writes. "Ludwig and Wendy drew a map of it when they fell down there a few years ago," he explains. "And ever since, when Dad asks us to go and kidnap Peach but we don't want to, we hide down there until he gives up looking for us. But he found out that we were using it as our hideout, and he got really angry. But Grandma and Grandpa said it'd be a good place to hide Peach the next time he kidnapped her...but he said that it was too dirty for a princess. So...we've just been using it as our hangout place." Larry pauses for a moment, looks at you and then scribbles something else down.
"Are there any tools they could use to navigate the place easier?" Pauline inquires.
"We found these weird arm thingies down there," he explains. He heads over to his drawer and pulls out a leather bracer in a cerulean hue. There's a strange star pattern embossed on the inside. "Iggy and Ludwig did some research on these. You'd be best asking Iggy about it."
"Can we borrow it?" you ask him.
"Borrow it?" he frowns. "You can have it! I nearly fell down a chasm trying to use it!" He shoves it in your direction.
"Are there any more?" Pauline ponders.
"All eight of us Koopalings have one," he explains. "One's down with Ludwig...and there was a ninth, but Roy burnt it by accident."
"Hmm..." Pauline turns to face you. "So Larry here's scared of the temple. I wonder if the other children are."
"You can ask Iggy and Lemmy about it," he whispers, "but Junior, Roy and Morton are bullies. They won't let any of you have theirs."
"And is there anything else we should know of?"
"There's some weird holes in the ground. They're kinda shaped like really big spinning tops...with a cog shape on the top."
"Okay..." You nod your head. Larry looks around, almost as if he's being listened in on by someone other than you or Pauline.
"And one last thing," he gulps. "There's a room filled with Boos. We run past them with torches. Light's the only thing they're scared of...and only if it's in short bursts!"
"Okay." Pauline stands up and looks outside. "Hmm...I'll ask Mario if he's up for it."
"Lloyd will be, too," you agree. "And maybe Link."
"Oh!" Larry crawls underneath his bed. "And one last thing." He drags out a box and opens the lid off. He takes out a black, battery-operated torch and hands it over to you. "This is my torch. It doesn't have much battery...but there should be little rooms scattered throughout with chests, and inside those chests are some batteries."
"That's clever of you," Pauline smiles.
"It was Ludwig's idea," he assures her. "You'll have from eleven tonight to five tomorrow morning."
"That gives you all six hours," she tells you. "Don't worry about these bracers. I'll find the others. You go and find out who wants to go inside."

Everyone else, defeated, is sitting out in the courtyard under one of the trees. Harumi is handing out toasted sandwiches with melted marshmallows and a thick lather of chocolate spread in them. Everyone's quiet as they eat them. You finish fixing the bracer to your arm and hide it beneath your sleeve before turning to the others.
"Hey," you tell Lloyd. "One of his sons told me where it was."
"Where?" Cole and Zelda look up from their sandwiches. More and more people around them copy their actions. There's already a wave of excitement through the air.
"It's beneath the castle," you explain. "There's an old dungeon that the Koopalings play in...and that's where they hid the Koopa's Amber."
"Can we go and get it already?" Ganondorf demands.
"The entrance is under heavy guard," a voice says behind you. You spin around to find Larry there with a shoulder bag. It's red, blue and beige, and has the insignia of the Sheikah on it. "The guards all leave at eleven to go to the tavern and laugh at the people playing at the karaoke nights." He holds out the bag to you. "Princess [Y/N], everything else you need is in here. You can keep the bag. Please save my brother! He's the only one who sticks up for me and Lemmy!" You crouch down and place a hand on his shoulder.
"We will, Larry," you assure him. "I promise." His eyes begin to well with tears that he tries his hardest to wipe away. He nods his head and turns back inside to run away. Most of the others stare at him as if he's gone nuts.
"Oh dear..." Peach murmurs. "Maybe I could have a word with the boys."
"Yes," Mario smiles. "They'll listen to you." She stands up and giggles, wiping the crumbs off her pristine pink skirt before heading off inside after Larry.
There's an undeniable look of anger on Midna's face.

You sit down as Harumi hands you a sandwich with a smile on her face. You opt to sit in-between Link and Lloyd, who both appear to be quiet.
"So...are you two up for an adventure?" you ask them both. They grin and nod their heads. "And what about you, Mario?"
"Cappy and I will be happy to," he assures you before taking a bite out of his sandwich. The marshmallow and chocolate spread ooze out from between the two pieces of bread.
"Okay..." you decide. "Anyone else?" Most of the others are silent. "Come on...their brother's trapped in there. And Bowser's planning on demolishing the entrance tomorrow morning!"
"Ooh," Cole grins. "Timed challenge!" All of the Ninjagians begin to laugh.
"Thanks for volunteering, Cole," you smile.
"What?!" His eyes widen.
"I think that it would be good for you to accompany them, Cole," Wu decides as he pours tea from a teal tea pot into a matching teacup. He takes a sip from it.
"But it's not even my mission!" he exclaims. Nabooru stands up and crouches down next to Cole.
"Would you do it...for me?"
Cole gives her a smile.
"Of course I would."
"Then go," she whispers to him. She plants a kiss on his cheek, and he sits there with a cheesy grin as Lloyd and Zane burst into fits of laughter.
"Dude...she's got you wrapped around her little finger!" Lloyd wipes the tears from his eyes.
"I think one more person should come with us," you decide. "Anyone up for it?" Everyone glances around nervously for a while. "Zane?"
"I am afraid I will have to stay at the surface with the Destiny's Bounty," he informs you.
"I've had enough dungeons for a lifetime."
The Twili glances around for a moment.
"I think Ganondorf wants to," she assures you. "Isn't that right?"
"It's not my concern to keep on babysitting her through these stupid dungeons," Ganondorf mutters under his breath.
"Yes, it is your concern!" Misako shouts at him. Everyone shifts uncomfortably in their sheets.
"You play a major role in whether or not [Y/N] succeeds in her mission to defeat the Overlord," Wu tells him in a calm tone. "If you are to come to peace with [M/N]'s death...then perhaps it would do you good to aid her daughter."
Ganondorf glares at you before standing up and storming off.
"Fine!" he yells at the top of his lungs. "I shall do as you all command! For I am nothing to any of you!"
"Geez..." Kylee murmurs as she slaps the two pieces of her sandwich together. "He's got serious issues." Peach is walking out of the palace at the same time that Ganondorf is storming inside.
He shoves her to the side and proceeds to move ahead.
"Hey!" Peach shouts at him. "Watch it!"
"Oh, boy..." Mario whispers. "I've never seen her that mad before..."

Peach clutches at her shoulder as she walks over to the rest of you. Pauline's walking behind her with a look of concern on her face.
"Most of the Koopalings have handed over their special bracers," the New Donk mayor explains.
"Okay..." you decide. "How many does that leave us with?"
"Six," she responds.
"And do people who can fly need them?"
", Mario, Lloyd, Link, Cole and Ganondorf." You look up. "That's six."
"Cole?" Pauline raises an eyebrow. "It's pretty dangerous down there..."
"I know..." he assures her in a raised tone. "I didn't ask to go!"
"I can go if you don't want to," Kylee decides with a beam on her face. "Who knows? One of my friends might be down there!"
"Do you know how big the Sixteen Realms are?" he asks her. "It's like looking for a needle in a field of haystacks!" She nods her head.
"Then I'd better get searching!"
"Knock yourself out, sport," he murmurs.
"Do you think anyone else should come with us?" you ask Misako.
"I'm not sure," she decides. "If only six of you can safely navigate the dungeon...then only six of you should go."
"Okay." Kylee stands up and brushes her pants. "Y'know...I think I need some new threads if I'm gonna spend tonight on an adventure." She holds out her robotic arm. "Lola! Do the thing! Do the thing!"
"Affirmative," a pleasant, feminine voice confirms from her arm. "Please advise all surrounding personnel to stand at least six metres away." She decides to step away from you all and holds her hands up in the air. "Commence the outfit sequence?"
"Yeah!" she beams.
A column of lightning rains down upon her, sending the rest of you falling backwards.
"Mother of Dinraal!" Nabooru exclaims. The smoke begins to disappear around Kylee, and she does a little spin in her new outfit. She's dressed in a sapphire bodycon dress with a large, asymmetrical overskirt in a darker shade of blue. She's also wearing white boots with golden heels that reach up about halfway to the top of her thigh. She's got a golden belt attached to the overskirt with a 'K' in the centre and a rather large, golden shoulder guard that sits over her head. Finally, to finish off her rather over-the-top look, she's wearing lightning bolt stud earrings and a clip with three amethysts in it. There's a white gold spear in her hands that she twirls around in her hand a couple of times. She raises it into the air, where another bolt of lightning strikes it.
Everyone stares at her as if she's gone nuts.
Kylee sheaths her spear behind her back and sits back down next to Birdie. "What?" she asks.
"I never thought it'd be just like the video game," Lloyd whispers.
"Jay's gonna freak out when he meets you," Cole adds on with equally wide eyes to his teammate.
"I really like this outfit..." Kylee smiles. "It makes me feel...what's the word?" She gazes up at the clouds. "Powerful."

Chapter Text

By the time dinner rolls around, everyone's sitting in a rather grand dining hall.
That is...everyone except for Harumi.
Harumi, allegedly, is wretching her guts up in the bathroom after eating something off from the kitchen in the afternoon. Garmadon, who's near the head of the table, sculls down a bottle of straight vodka like it's nothing. There's a devilish look in his eyes as he tosses it at the blood red walls of the room. Bowser's younger children all burst into laughter at his antics. Their father, however, has an awful glare in his eyes.
"So," Misako begins politely on the other end of the table to Zelda. "Do you have any plans for the evening?"
"I was planning on conducting a study into the potential whereabouts of the Oni's Amethyst," she responds.
"May I join you?"
"Of course!"

Bowser Jnr is tugging at the hem of Midna's skirt. The Twili is trying her best to ignore him and focus on the food in front of her. "Hey, Midna!" he yelps. "Wanna play some soccer with me after dinner?"
"Maybe you could show us how to play," Urbosa tells him with a smile.
"Yes," Midna murmurs, although she's not entirely willing to.
"I'm sure it'll be fun," Lloyd assures her. On another part of the table, Cole and Nabooru are playing rock paper scissors. Elsewhere, Zane is alternating his appearance between his human-like form and his metal variant, much to the amusement of Lemmy.

You snap back into reality at the voice of Ganondorf. "What?" you ask him as you set down your cup of soda.
"What's on your mind?"
Well, you begin to think. We're heading down into a freaking underground dungeon in about an hour and half of you are drinking like sailors!
He nods his head and continues to stare at the rather fancy-looking shot that Bowser's whipped up for him.
"Why isn't he just drinking it?" Birdie whispers.
"Dude..." Kylee whispers to Birdie and Corky. "Coffee liquer, Irish cream and whipped cream? I'd recognise that mix anywhere." She sets down her glass of whiskey before whispering something into Birdie's ear. She snickers with laughter. "Y'know, I'm really starting to question whether that man's straight or not."
"Who, Ganondorf or Bowser?"
"I ship it."
"We stan, sis."
"Hey." Bowser grabs the arm of a butler in a black tuxedo and pulls him towards the head of the table. "Dessert's takin' it's sweet-ass time, don't ya' think?"
"I'll see to it that it comes right away, sire!" And with that, the poor Koopa darts off towards the hall.

You decide to join Kylee, Birdie and Corky's conversation. They're pointing and giggling to quite a few people.
"What are you doing?" you whisper to them.
"We're playing a game," Birdie says with a sly grin. She turns to face Kylee. "Explain it to her!"
"Basically..." Kylee starts, "we're guessing everyone's hobbies.'s the of us picks a person in our head, and the others guess their hobby with their eyes closed! The crazy thing is...they don't know who they're guessing." You nod your head.
"Can I have a go at picking a person?" you request. They all nod their heads before proceeding to close their eyes. tell yourself as you shoot a quick glance at Ganondorf. I don't even need to think his name.
"Go," you tell the three. Now he's staring back at you. Those can't even. You just can't. They seem to know what you're thinking.
"Taping knives to crabs' nippers and putting them in a ring to fight to the death," Kylee suggests.
"Running an Instagram page where they rate videos of peoples' swearing parrots," Corky guesses.
"Sitting in their car and filming apology videos while they cry and eat a 10-piece feed from VFC," Birdie snickers. You snort at the very idea.
"I don't think that Ganondorf would do any of that," you respond.
"Do any of what?" he demands from his seat across from you.
"Never mind," the three girls chirp in innocent tones. Bowser stretches his arms from the head of the table.
"I've got some old shit down in the basement that I barely use," he decides, kicking his feet up over the table. "Any of you mind helping me move it to the dumpsters outside?"
"Sire!" The butler from before comes rushing in, panting as he runs over to the King of the Koopas. "The cooks have all quit!"
Bowser's eyes widen at the very thought.
"They what?!"
"I don't mind baking some cakes," Peach tells him politely. Bowser sighs with relief at her words. Mario and Link both nod to Lloyd, who in turn winks at you and Kylee.
"Didn't you say you were going to shout me a drink at that karaoke bar, Ganondorf?" you ask out loud.
"You've got a drink right there, dude!" Bowser shouts at Ganondorf while pointing at the drink in front of him. You all watch with varied expressions of contempt, shock, surprise, amusement and awe as Ganondorf proceeds to lean over the shot glass, pick it up with his mouth, lean back and drink the whole thing in one shot. He slams the shot glass onto the table before pushing the entire table back, standing up and storming out the door. He stops underneath the doorframe and tilts his head so it's facing the frame. A sideways glance is shot in Bowser's direction.
"I admire your persistence to embarrass me, Koopa," he retorts. "But a free drink is a free drink."

Chapter Text

Time: 10:58 PM, Koopa Kingdom Standard Time
Location: Kuribō Village Town Square
Subject/s: Princess [Y/N] of Isle Delfino
Motives: Good

You and Lloyd peek over the cobblestone wall surrounding the Fire Flower garden at the elementary school. There the old well is, a stone structure lying in the centre of the town square filled with gravel and tufts of grass here and there. Most of the buildings surrounding the area are dark, although there's a few larger ones about that are bright and lively with music, laughter and a general good atmosphere. It's strange that the citizens of the Koopa Kingdom are lively and cheerful, despite their king being selfish and using all of the building materials to add onto his already spacious castle when they're clearly needed here.
"Do you see it?" Mario asks.
"Yep," Lloyd responds as he beckons Mario to look up with the one pair of binoculars. "Do you see the guards?" Mario stands up on his tippie-toes in order to see over the fence.
"Hammer Brothers..." the plumber murmurs. "Five of them."
"Hammer Brothers?" Link questions.
"They're nasty...they're the stronger fighters of the Koopa Troop." Mario crouches back down and hands the binoculars over to him. "They can jump really high, and they have good aim."
"Yeah...don't get caught," you add on.
"Funny," Kylee responds. "Their aim's shit in New Super Mario Bros."
"You're filled with wisdom, aren't you?" Ganondorf sneers.
"Hey...I'm just trying to make light of the situation!"
Lloyd points over to a rather slouchy-looking man dressed in brown ninja robes walking over to one of the buildings with a clarinet in hand. "Looks like the kid was right. That's Dareth!"
"Dareth?" Mario asks.
"He runs a karaoke bar in Ninjago," he explains. "And he's awful at the clarinet."
"Okay." You usher Lloyd and Link to crouch down along with the rest of you. "Larry said that we'd have a two minute frame to climb down to the bottom of the well, and that only two people can climb down at once." Cappy floats out of Mario's hat.
"How about we capture a guard so it doesn't look suspicious?" he suggests.
"It's too risky," Ganondorf decides. "I propose we do as Bowser's sons have suggested."
"You stay hidden," Lloyd advises Cappy. "You Bonneters glow, you know?" Cappy flies back into Mario's cap and stays there. "You too, Corky."
"Sure thing," the Bonneter murmurs to herself within the safety of your circlet. You aren't sure why, but she's been awfully quiet ever since the talk she'd had with Bowser.
"Hey," you assure her. "I'm sure that this is going to be fun."
"You find this fun?" Ganondorf demands.
"'s not sitting inside my castle all day," you protest.
"C'mon...can we please not fight now?" Lloyd sighs. "Save it for your rap battles or something, geez..."
Kylee and Mario have to hide their laughter from giving you all away.
You watch through the cracks of the wall as the guards stationed around the well all follow Lloyd's friend into the tavern.
"Let's go," you whisper.

The eight of you, Cappy and Corky included, all rush over to the well. You peer down. You can see that there's rungs attached to the wall. Lloyd picks up a piece of gravel and drops it down the well. He counts under his breath and stops upon hearing a splash three seconds later.
"Okay...the well's about twenty-nine and a half metres deep," he declares.
"How do you know that?" Ganondorf demands.
"It's called gravity, my dude," Kylee responds. "Who's going to climb down first?"
"I will," Link offers. He begins to climb down the rungs as fast as he can.
"Shout when you reach halfway," Lloyd orders. Link nods and continues to climb down. The rest of you wait around the edge.
"Okay...who's going next?" you ask.
"Me," he tells you.
"I'm halfway!" Link shouts. Lloyd jumps up over the ledge of the well before starting to climb down.
"I'll shout when I'm halfway down," he tells the rest of you. "Make sure you follow my lead!" The rest of you stare into the ladder, and watch as Lloyd's head becomes smaller and less visible with every second he climbs down.
"Do you want to go next, Kylee?" Mario asks. She nods her head before pressing tiny buttons at the back of her boots. The heels slide inside the boots, leaving her with level soles. She sits on the ledge for a while, waiting for Lloyd's signal.
"Go!" Lloyd shouts.
Kylee starts to climb down, and you turn to Mario and Ganondorf. "So..." you start. "Who's going next?"
"I shall go next," Ganondorf decides before Mario has the chance to speak up. You watch Kylee climbing down the ladder. You can hear a splash and several cackles from both Lloyd and Link.
"Go," Mario tells him. He obliges and climbs into the well, pressing his hands into the sides of the well and sliding down that way. You stare at Ganondorf in absolute horror as he gazes up at you and grins into the abyss of the well.
"Show-off!" you shout down at him. You turn to face Mario and let out a sigh. "You go next."
"But what if the guards come?"
"I'll be okay." And with that, Mario starts to climb down the ladder. You watch for a while as he continues to make his descent.
And then you feel a hand rest on your shoulder.
You let out a yelp as you spin around and come face to face with three Hammer Brothers.

"What 'cha doing here, miss?" one sneers at you.
Lie! you hear Corky's voice holler in your head.
"I was just making a wish!" you lie to them.
"It ain't that kind of well," the second jeers. The three all laugh at you. You laugh along with them, not quite sure what else to do. Their beaks seem to snap as they cackle at you.
"I heard it was being demolished tomorrow morning," you decide as you turn back to it. "It's a looks like a lot of fun." The three turn to each other and nod their heads.
"Well, Lord Koopa's kids play in there," one decides. "They think they're sneaky and shit."
"They're not!"
They roar with laughter.
"We see them climbing down every day!"
More laughter.
"And our king doesn't even have a clue!"
So. Much. Laughter.
"Hey...could I explore it?" you ask them.
"What would you give us in exchange?" one ponders. You take a moment to reach into your pocket and pull out a few gold coins.
"Go and treat yourselves," you tell them. They grin and walk off, leaving you all by yourself.
"What a bunch of idiots," Corky mumbles under her breath.
"You can go now, Princess!" Mario faintly assures you.
You start to climb down the ladder.

Upon reaching the bottom, you find the others all standing by a tunnel dug into the wall. It looks as if the bricks were initially there to hide the tunnel, but then they were torn down by the Koopalings. The ceiling of the tunnel is too low to walk through, so you all have to opt to crawl through it instead. You start crawling through it first. The ground is wet and slippery. You're struggling to keep your balance.
"Be careful," you tell the others. Corky flies out of your hat.
"I'll go a bit ahead and tell you what's there," she offers. Before you can say anything, she zooms off ahead of all of you.
"I'll stay at the back!" Cappy says behind you.
"Okay," Mario agrees. "I'll stay with you. Who's going next?"
"I will," Link decides. And with that, you all proceed to crawl your way through the tunnel.
"Does anyone have a watch?" Lloyd asks.
"It's 11:03," Kylee explains. "We have five hours and fifty-seven minutes to find this Koopa's Amber and get our butts outta here."
"Let's get a move on," Ganondorf says in a rather demanding fashion. "We don't have all night here, Princess!"
"I'm going as fast as I can!" you argue. Still, you decide to move slower in response to his complaints.
You've got a lot of time, don't you?
"Hey!" Corky hollers. "It looks like we're in some sort of cave!" You finally crawl out and find yourself standing in a relatively dark cavern with two paths leading to different places. Link stands next to you, and Mario crawls out after.
"The Hazy Maze Cave?" he frowns. "So this is where it is!"
"The Hazy Maze Cave?" Lloyd repeats in disbelief.
"When I rescued Princess Peach long ago," he explains as he brushes some dirt off the knees of his overalls, "I searched here for her." He points to the wall in-between the paths. You can see a large map up there. There's an awful lot of scribbling and graffiti over it.
"Was the map always like that?" you ponder. Mario shakes his head before tearing it down from the wall and holding it up near Cappy, who's glowing with a fluorescent light.
"It looks like the Koopalings have written all over it."

"Looks like we found where the Koopa's Amber is," Kylee decides with a grin as she points at the rather obvious markings all over the page

"Looks like we found where the Koopa's Amber is," Kylee decides with a grin as she points at the rather obvious markings all over the page.
"That's the Black Hole..." Mario decides. "'s supposed to be a bottomless pit!"
"Hmm..." Ganondorf points at the crosses on the right section of the map. "Perhaps those little brats are hiding it over here."
"That's the Hazy Maze," he protests. "The gas is toxic'd die if you went in there without a gas mask!"
"I don't think they'd lie about their brother being in danger," you add on. "I say we check out the Black Hole." Lloyd shakes his head.
"I still think we should check it out," he decides. "I mean...these are Bowser's kids we're talking about." He spins around to face Link and Kylee. "What do you two think?"
"I think I'm going to check out this maze," Kylee declares.
"I'll go with Mario and Princess [Y/N]," Link tells the Green Ninja.
"Then it's settled," Lloyd decides. "Can I take a photo of it, Mario?"
"Sure." Mario's reluctant to give him what he wants...and you have a feeling why.
You're getting a bad feeling about that maze...

Chapter Text

Time: 11:16 PM, Koopa Kingdom Standard Time
Location: The Koopa Palace, Koopa Kingdom
Subject/s: Princess Harumi of the Ninjago Empire
Motives: Bad

"Hey, Rumi," the Ninjagian princess hears Bowser casually saying behind her. While she's facing away from him, she rolls her eyes. Of all the people she's forced herself to 'befriend' in the name of the Overlord's plans, Bowser has got to be the clingiest. She composes herself, puts on her sweetest smile and turns around to face the Koopa. He's holding out a plate with a piece of black forest torte on it. "Peach made some cake for everyone...but I don't know where Ganon's off to. Think Garmadon said he took Lloyd, Link and Mario into town for a drink or some shit like that."
"Ganondorf's missing?" she inquires. In the deepest corners of her mind, there's one lone thought that's running through her mind.
That whore's got his attention again, she thinks in disdain. It'll never work at this rate.
"I'm sure they're having fun," Bowser assures her as he sets the plate on the balcony in front of her. Harumi stares at it. He leans over the balcony and gazes up at the sky. "Wish I'd get invited to something like that for once..."
"He...didn't invite you?"
"Yeah..." He looks over the balcony and sighs. "It's because of my son."
"Which one?"
"Junior. He's my only biological son."
"Oh. I see."
"I'm not sure if I told you, but Midna?" Bowser doesn't look at her. He instead blinks at the jet black sky, his gaze shifting between the dozens of constellations. "We...had a thing. Mario would kill me...I'd charm Midna...she'd let me out of the Underwhere and I'd be back on Earth. And then the cycle would repeat."
"What happened?" she asks. She doesn't know what Bowser Jnr has to do with any of this. She doesn't even know why she didn't just stay on the Destiny's Bounty tonight. It's thinking, and it's making her tired.
"One time after I left...I didn't come back for a good nine months." Bowser turns to face the Ninjagian princess. "And when I eventually did...she wasn't alone. She had a son...a child with my blood. She...told me to take him back. That it was too dangerous for the two of us to be in there." He shakes his head. "I left at first...but I found him back at my doorstep anyway. Her parents...both found out. I'm lucky that my mom and dad took it the right way."
"Her father didn't?"
"Love never works out for me. It's always something with the family. Peach's father thinks I'm a nutcase. And Ganondorf doesn't think I'm worthy." Harumi stares at him, and he decides to make a change of conversation, much to her delight. "I don't know where Ganondorf, those hero boys, Princess [Y/N] or the freakshow all are, but their pieces of cake are burning a hole in my fridge."
An idea begins to manifest within her mind.
Perhaps...she could have Bowser fall for her.
It'd cause so much harm...
Harumi knows that there's quite a few women on this stupid adventure of [Y/N]'s that have feelings for him. Women who...if they found out...would be rather upset.
It's a long shot...but it'd cause a lot more repercussions than her current ambitions.
"Maybe we could eat 'em together," she says with a smile. The Koopa's taken aback for a moment. He can't believe it...she can tell.
"You'd do that?"
"Hey. I'm an orphan. My parents can't tell you to back off." With a hearty laugh, he places an arm over her shoulder, and the two begin to head inside.
"Y'know...I think I like you."

The two are sitting by the island of the industrial kitchen as they each finish off their fourth plate of cake. Harumi can't help but to belch from all the food. She notices Bowser staring at her and gives him an awkward laugh that's...genuine. He gives her an attempt at a smile that looks more like bared fangs, and it takes all of Harumi's willpower not to draw the weapon she was given by the Overlord's little plaything for 'self-defense'.
"You okay there?" he asks her.
"I...hope you don't mind me ruining your night," she murmurs.
"Hey...don't beat yourself up over getting sick!" He gives her a pat on the shoulder. "You humans aren't immortal, you know."
"Yeah..." She smiles and pushes her fifth plate towards Bowser. "I know..." She brushes a lock of white hair behind her ear. "I mean...I tried to warn Mario that what he was planning on doing with [Y/N], Lloyd, Link, Kylee and Ganondorf was dangerous, but-"
"'s drinking at a bar dangerous?"
"Oh, they didn't tell you? They found out where the Koopa's Amber was. And they're going to get it behind your back. I of your sons said it was trapped with your eldest son underneath some well that you're having demolished tomorrow morning?"
"Shit!" he shouts. She watches in shock as he stands up and begins to run outside. Harumi watches him with her true emotions surrounding him, disgust, reflected in the mirrors of her eyes.
I can't do this, she murmurs to herself inside her mind. I need to focus

- - -

Time: 11:17 PM, Koopa Kingdom Standard Time
Location: The Courtyard, The Koopa Palace
Subject/s: Lady Urbosa of Gerudo Town and Princess Midna of the Twilight Realm
Motives: Good

The two women are sitting underneath the peach blossom trees. Standing by a sandpit, Bowser's son is refusing to go to sleep. On the contrary, he's smacking his hands together, screaming and shouting rather bad words at the top of his lungs.
"Mother of Din," Urbosa murmurs. "You should have kept him..."
"You know our father would disapprove," Midna protests.
"And when have you ever let Ganondorf scare you from making a decision?"
The Twili remains quiet for a while.
"Hey!" the little Koopa squeaks as he clenches his fists and begins to shake them. "Go and get me some more cake!"
"Not with those manners!" Urbosa roars back at him. Junior becomes rather bashful in his demeanour. He skulks off towards the door before slamming it behind him.

Midna decides to focus on the sound of the water trickling in the koi ponds...the rustling of the leaves above her head...the gentle breeze coming in through the holes of the enormous gate...
"I don't mean to cause any harm..." her sister admits. Midna opens an eye and diverts her attention to her little sister. Yes, it's true that Urbosa looks and acts the oldest...but Midna's much stronger. Her mind is starting to drift at the thought of a fight between the two...brains versus brawn...who would win? "But...I must tell you of my innermost thoughts."
"Innermost thoughts?" Midna returns to reality. She looks into her sister's bright green eyes. They're nervous, she can tell. Her mother had trained her to keep a steady eye upon the eyes of others...for they can reveal a great deal of information.
"I...I think I'm sick."
Sick? Midna thinks to herself. She doesn't look sick!
"How so?" she asks her anyway.
"I...whenever I see face heats up like the Sun." Urbosa plucks a blade of grass from its roots and begins to twirl it in her fingers. "I...I get nervous. And I lose my track of thought. Sometimes I feel light-headed...and whenever he...talks to me...I...I get weak at the knees."
"Who is it?" she says with a sly smirk slapped across her face. Urbosa shakes her head.
"If I said, I have a feeling you'd be quite mad-"
Thud. Thud. Thud.
"Can you hear that?" Midna frowns.
"Argh!" Junior shouts. "Dad's coming!" The Twili and the Gerudo watch in awe as the Koopa retracts his head and limbs into the safety of his green and red shell. "Run!"
The shell begins to spin and slide off behind the peach tree.
Midna jolts as the door's slammed open. There she sees him, Bowser. Thundering down the path and towards the gate without as much as a glance their way. There's a frenzied look in his eyes that suggests that his son is the least of his concerns right now. She's about to ask him what the matter is, but her sister stops her.
"We should put Bowser Jnr to bed for him," Urbosa decides.
"Yes. We should."

Chapter Text

Time: 11:18 PM, Koopa Kingdom Standard Time
Location: Hazy Maze Cave, The Koopa Kingdom
Subject/s: Princess [Y/N] [L/N] of Isle Delfino
Motives: Good

"If anything happens to them," Corky promises Cappy, "then I'll come and get ya'."
"Same goes for me," he agrees. The two shake hands. Kylee stretches her arms out in front of her.
"We'd better get going," she tells the female Bonneter with a smile. You, Cappy, Link and Mario watch on as the two, Ganondorf and Lloyd head down the right path.
"What are we waiting for?" Cappy asks Mario.
"Something...doesn't feel right," the plumber admits. He takes his cap off and pauses for a while. It's like he's in a state of trance...
"Can you hear that?"
"Hear what?" you ask. "I can't hear a thing!"
"What do you mean 'exactly'?" Link softly asks him.
"Ludwig can play any instrument. He can make music out of anything."
"Well," Cappy quizzes him, "how long's it been since he was trapped down here?"
"Larry told me it'd been three days," he decides. "Rosalina knows what's happened to him..."
"Hopefully we don't run into another freaking Stallord," you shudder.
"Or even another Death Sword," Link agrees with an equal expression of worry upon his face.
"Those four have got to be the most fearless bunch I've ever seen in my life," Cappy murmurs at the other four, who are only just turning around the corner. Lloyd and Kylee are both laughing at something; presumably a joke that either Corky or Ganondorf has just told.
"'s hard to believe that man can shapeshift," Link whispers.
"He can what?" Mario tilts his head to the side. Link pulls out his tablet, the Sheikah Slate, and turns on the screen via a button on the side. He presses a photograph icon before scrolling through a few photos. A couple of them are with Riju, a Sheikah girl, a white-feathered Rito, a young Goron and the largest Zora man you've seen in your life. There's a few of Lloyd and Mario dancing around a big bonfire on Gelato Beach as Zelda and Peach clap their hands. He continues to scroll up, and eventually stops at one particular picture. It takes place in a rather dark-looking arena with glowing walls all around. Although this giant room is enough to marvel at on its own, the giant scorpion man made of a mixture of ancient robotic parts, a thick, purplish goop and red hair is enough to make your jaw drop. His glowing amber eyes are trained upon the other subject of the picture, Link. There's also a glowing gemstone embedded into his forehead, reminiscent of the crown that you've seen Ganondorf and Urbosa wearing. It's got to be the strangest thing you've ever seen in your entire life!
And to put the cherry on top of the cake, Link's got a cheesy grin on his face, and is posed in a rather cocky manner as this beast poises his weapons to strike him from behind:

 It's got to be the strangest thing you've ever seen in your entire life!And to put the cherry on top of the cake, Link's got a cheesy grin on his face, and is posed in a rather cocky manner as this beast poises his weapons to strike him from behind:

"What is that thing?!" Cappy demands with rather wide eyes.
"It's called Calamity Ganon," Link explains. "I...killed it a year ago." He gazes down at the ground. "I...I thought he was gone for good..."
"But Ganondorf reincarnated?" he guesses. Link nods his head, continuing to stare at the picture.
"Zelda and I have been uneasy about him ever since...he appeared out of that portal."
"How did you all resurrect everyone who was dead anyway?" you ponder.
"We all met at a place called Evershade Valley," Mario tells you. "Professor Gadd, he's my brother's college lecturer, he helped us bring them out of the Underwhere. And Cole had a special weapon called the Yin Blade..."
"...that had the power to give life to those who were formerly deceased," Cappy continues with an equal expression of concern. "It was only supposed to be the Sages and Champions of Hyrule, as well as Morro, that we resurrected."
"We did free Bowser because we felt kinda sorry for him," he adds on.
"Just as the portal was closing...Ganondorf escaped and ran himself into the Yin Blade before tossing it into the portal." Cappy flies in front of your face. "Almost none of us knew who he was at first. But...Wu...he did know. He wouldn't tell us anything. He just told us to not fight amongst ourselves."
"I...I don't want to fight him again..." Link whispers. "I...I can't. He's...killed so many people...and he nearly killed...her." He turns off the screen and reattaches it to his leather belt. He reaches for his sword, almost as if he's instinctively ready to fight something. But his hand only hovers over the hilt. "He...he nearly killed Zelda."
A lone tear runs down from his left eye.
Link falls to his knees and buries his face into his hands. He's hunched over. Mario looks rather awkward, like he doesn't know what to do. You crouch down beside Link and put an arm over his shoulder.
"Hey..." you whisper. "I'm here..."
"I don't want him to kill all of you, either..." he murmurs as another tear rolls down his right cheek. Cappy frowns for a bit as he raises his hand to his forehead.
"Corky's...panicking," he tells Mario. "We should go and see what's wrong with her."
"Princess," Mario starts as he fixes his cap to his head. "Do you and Link mind heading over to the door at the end of the left path?" You're hesitant to agree.
"We'll be right back for you," Cappy promises.
"Okay," you begrudgingly agree.
"Give us five minutes," Mario decides.

You begin to walk down the left path with your sword in hand. You don't feel right here. With every step you take, you imagine some vile beast coming out to attack you. Just seeing that're terrified you're going to come across something like that here.
"Link?" you ask. "What was it like...fighting him?" The knight is silent for a moment. "I'm sorry if it's a bad question-"
"He didn't show any remorse," he murmurs. "If it wasn't for the Sheikah Slate and my own powers...I think I would've died during that fight." He stops walking and remains standing in one spot.
"What's wrong?"
"Be careful," he decides. "I wouldn't trust Ganondorf as far as I could throw him."
You're taken aback by the words.
You don't know why you are. He's right.
"I will..." you respond.
And for the rest of the walk up to the gunmetal door, you're both silent. There's something about the way that Link's back to his stoic, silent self that's strange...yet peaceful.

Link takes a seat against the cavern wall by the door. He wraps his arms around his knees and stays quiet. His lips are naturally curled downward. You decide to take a seat next to him. The air isn't cold to the point that it freezes you to death, but it's still nipping at your skin. You're grateful you're dressed in the warm gi and trousers. Link's wearing a tunic made out of rather thin fabric.
There's something about how he's gone off into a trance that intrigues you.
He turns to face you. He doesn't say a word, but you know what he's thinking. Why are you staring at me? his eyes seem to ask you. There's other things to look at around here. So, you decide to break the ice with a casual question.
"What's your favourite colour, Link?"
"Green. You?"
"My favourite colour's [F/C]." Link smiles and turns away.
His face falls.
"Before I left to come here...Zelda and I got into a fight."
"About what?"
"She...she didn't want me to go."
"She didn't?"
"She doesn't think that you're worth the trouble to fuss over." You frown.
"But...I'm the one everyone thinks is going to save this world..." you respond.
"Ever since Lloyd found us and asked us to go to Isle Delfino with him...she's done nothing but complain about you." You frown. Zelda seems so sweet.
Maybe he's trying to get a reaction out of you.
"Are you sure, Link?" He nods his head. "What kind of complaints is she making?"
"That you're rude...and you're messy...and that you're always getting into fights with people." You shake your head.
"I'm not I?"
"Of course not."

Mario and Ganondorf walk back down the path. In their arms are Kylee and Lloyd. Their bodies are completely limp. Cappy and Corky hover over them. With concern.
"Are they alright?" you ask as you sit up straight. They carefully set the two down in front of you.
"They're dead," Mario responds. Your heart almost stops.
Mario warned them...
He reaches into his pocket and pulls out two green mushrooms. You recognise it almost immediately, although it does take you some time. "A 1-up?" you murmur. "But those things are rare..."
"Not in the Mushroom Kingdom," he assures you. Ganondorf peers over Mario's shoulder with a sneer on his face.
"What does it do?" he demands.
"If you eat one," you explain to him as politely as you can, "then you'll be resurrected if you die afterwards." Mario crouches down and feeds one to Lloyd.
"Any moment now..." he whispers. Lloyd's body starts to radiate with the green energy his powers are fuelled by. The rest of you stare at him in complete and utter shock.
Lloyd jolts upright, his eyes wide with fear.
"Argh!" he yells. "Where am I?!"
You breathe a sigh of relief. Mario proceeds to feed a mushroom to Kylee.
"But you...suffocated!" This time, it's Ganondorf's turn to back away from Lloyd. He holds his hands out, almost as if to try and keep him back.
"I...died?!" As both Lloyd and Ganondorf proceed to have an existential crisis about what they've just respectively experienced and witnessed, sparks of electricity fire from Kylee's body. She groans and sits upright.
"Was I drinking again?" she murmurs, rubbing the back of her head.
"Don't be stupid, wench," Ganondorf sneers at her. An idea begins to form within your mind.
An idea that might not be received well by the majority of the others, but an idea you like nevertheless.

"How many more 1-ups do you have?" you innocently ask Mario.
"Enough for all of us to survive once." You immediately glance down at your bag and open the flap so you can see what's inside. You dig around. There's a few Fire Flowers here, a couple of Mini Mushrooms there...
You see another 1-up.
"Ganondorf," you start as you yank it out of the bag. You hold it out. "Eat this."
"Why?" he demands.
"Just eat it," you order him. Hesitantly, he shoves it in his mouth and chews it before swallowing. He scrunches up his face at the taste of it.
"Sweetheart...were you looking out for me?" he asks you with a coy smile. You draw out your sword, which wipes that stupid smile right off his face.
"This won't hurt one bit," you assure him. You're about to plunge it forwards, but Mario and Lloyd hold you back.
"Hey!" Lloyd shouts. "We're not here to kill each other!"
"C'mon!" you argue. "Let me at him!" That stupid grin is back on Ganondorf's face as you struggle to escape from the grasps of the plumber and the knight. He crouches right down to your height and smirks while clutching your chin. He pulls your face right up to his. You attempt to tug both your hands away from the other two.
"Oh...don't be such a tease. You love me."
With one hand free, you slap him as hard as you can across the face.
The palm of your hand tingles. He's still grinning like the idiot he is as he raises his own hand to his cheek.
"You hit well," he decides. "I'm sure that will be most useful in the final fight against your father, sweetheart-"
Lloyd pushes himself in-between you and Ganondorf.
"Don't call her that!" he shouts with clenched fists. "You know it stirs her up!"
"Who are you to command me around, you stupid boy?" Ganondorf jeers at him.
"You've got real nerve to be talking to her like that!" And with that, he kicks open the door. The rest of you stare at him with complete and utter concern.
You've seen Lloyd angry, but not this angry.
"Let's go already!" the Green Ninja yells at the rest of you.
You all wordlessly oblige with his request.

Chapter Text

You walk out into a dimly-lit cavern. There's a depression in the centre that's leading to a giant metal disc in the ground. The edge is in six solid pieces, with keyholes in the centre of each. The centre appears to be made of a very thick and rigid mesh. Kylee slides down the slope and stops down at the disc. She peers down through the mesh.
"'s filled with water." She's about to stand back up when Corky zooms over to her side. The Bonneter points at one of the keyholes.
"There's some sort of engraving beneath it. What does it say?"
"Can't read it. But Lola might be able to." She points the middle finger of her arm at the keyhole. "Hey, Lola! What does this say?"
"Is Lola the nickname for her arm?" Mario whispers to Lloyd.
"Dunno," he murmurs back.
"The following text reads, 'The six keys are in place of the six stars'. In the 1995 Nintendo 64 game Super Mario 64, there are six stars in the sixth level, Hazy Maze Cave. This is where the six keys may be. Six keys in place of the six stars in the sixth level."
"Woah, that's Satan's number!" Kylee chuckles.
"Who on earth is that?" Ganondorf demands.
"Let's just say you're this Universe's equivalent," she decides with a grin on her face.
"But...isn't your Universe's equivalent your dad?" Lloyd frowns.
Kylee taps one of her horns and winks at him.

"Mario," Cappy begins. "Do you know where the six stars were?" Mario gazes up in thought.
"There's one in the underground cavern..." he decides. "And there's another in the elevator room."
"What about the third and fourth?"
"Back in the underground cavern, there was one behind a gate that could only be opened when someone heavy enough stepped on its switch. And the fourth was at the top of that hill over there." He points ahead to the top, where there's a pathway leading up a slope.
"I'll get it!" Kylee squeaks. She darts over to the path and does her strange lightning-bolt maneuver to make her way to the top in a jiffy. She crouches down, picks up a pink key and holds it up. "Is this it?!"
"Looks like it!" Mario then lowers his voice upon returning his attention back to you. "The fifth and sixth ones...they were dangerous to get to."
"How so?"
"...One's at the end of the Hazy Maze. And the other was in its emergency exit...up there." Mario points right up to a ledge above your heads.
"Okay," you decide. "Where should we go first?"
"We?" Ganondorf demands. "He seems perfectly capable of doing it himself."
"We're in this together," you tell him without a glance his way. "No-one gets left behind from now on."
"We should go to the elevator room first," Mario decides. "We can get to the underground cavern from there."
"Then show us the way," you smile.

You all begin to follow Mario down a path to the right. Corky and Kylee are excitedly talking to each other about something completely unrelated to this mission.
"You two better stop it," Ganondorf warns them. Corky nods her head at Kylee, and she takes the Bonneter in her hands. With a rather sloppy toss, Corky lands on Ganondorf's head. Kylee bursts into a flurry of pixels that float into his crown.
His eyes are bright yellow again.
"Hmm..." he tells the rest of you in a spot-on New Donker accent as he glances at his behind. "Nice ass." Lloyd hides a snicker.
"Kylee..." he starts. "Do you have a game called Fortnite in your world?" Ganondorf's eyes widen to the size of saucers.
"Please don't tell me it exists in real life here! I don't wanna have some idiot T-posing over my dead corpse!"
"Do the T-pose," he orders him.
"Do it."
"No!" Lloyd pulls out his phone and waves it in front of Ganondorf's face.
"Do it for the meme," he decides.
"Ooh!" he starts in a rather cheery tone that's not at all like him. "I have an idea! Start filming me." Lloyd nods his head and starts to film from his camera. Ganondorf proceeds to give the camera a shy smile. He glances around with sparkling eyes. "Oh my gosh..." he whispers as he holds his hands to his cheeks. His face is turning bright red. "Am I blushing?"
"Oh my Yin!" Lloyd wheezes as Mario and Cappy cackle with laughter. "I dare you to make out with that doorknob over there!" He points back at the door, and with a completely obligating nod, Ganondorf struts over towards the door. He crouches down on the ground and arches his back in such a way that Link's starting to laugh, too.
"Say 'this one's for my daddy'!" Lloyd can barely breathe. You have to take the phone off Lloyd so that you can keep filming.
"This one's for my daddy!" he repeats in a rather fluctant tone. The rest of you wheeze with laughter as he proceeds to spend the next twenty seconds smooching the doorknob of the door all of you'd just come through. He then turns back to the camera, does a catwalk towards you and blows a kiss. "Hit me up, Garmadon."
By now, the rest of you are on the floor.
Kylee and Corky fly out from his head and land next to you. Both of them cackle.
The poor man doesn't even know what he's just done.
Mario, who's still got a wide grin on his face, points at a red platform. "That-a way..." he murmurs.

- - -

You find yourself standing in one corner of a relatively large cavern. There's all sorts of stuff lying around. Piles of rubbish teeter and tower over all of you. A skateboard that's been snapped in half lies by a staircase leading up to a ledge that's about as tall as three Gerudos stacked up on top of each other. There's also another platform adjacent to this ledge, this time with fake turf stuck to it. A hollow crystal ball on a stone pedestal is fixed to the centre. You can see a light blue sparkle inside. Mario points up at it with wide eyes.
"There it is!" he exclaims. He bends his knees, and with a single jump, he lands on the ledge. He grins and waves at the rest of you.
"They don't call you Jumpman for nothing, eh?" Lloyd grins.
"It's in our family!" he beams back. With another effortless leap over to the pedestal, he picks up the crystal ball and turns back towards the rest of you. "Duck!" The rest of you dive in alternating directions as Mario hurls the ball down at the floor. It shatters. Cappy floats down and grabs the key without a word.
" stop?"
"The underground cavern," Mario tells him.

You take another elevator down to a lower floor. There's a lake with a Dorrie swimming peacefully around an island in the middle. The eight of you proceed down the dirt path leading to the lake. Cappy seems to notice something first.
"There's a white key up there," he decides upon pointing ahead.
"We'll need someone who's strong to hold down a switch elsewhere," Mario decides as he points over to the shore to the left of the lake. You can see a gate there, and behind it, a brown key. "Who's strong enough?" Link steps forwards. Ganondorf shoves him to the side.
"Stand aside, you runt!" he hisses. He's about to storm ahead, when Lloyd decides to open his mouth.
"Says the man who's shorter than his daughters."
Quite a few people burst into laughter at Link's remark.
"Is your aim just to be an asshole today?" Corky asks Ganondorf. "Because you're sure as hell succeedin'!"
"He's just jealous the rest of you get laid," Kylee adds on. "Who's going to get what keys?"
"I'll get the one on the island," Link offers.
"I'll get the one behind the gate," Lloyd adds on. "You mind standing on the switch, Ganondorf?"
"Perhaps you should," Ganondorf sneers at him.
"Uh...don't weigh a hundred and ten," he protests. "You said it yourself. You're the only one..." Ganondorf gives Lloyd a venomous glare that makes everyone else stop and cling onto Lloyd's choice of wording. "Strong enough to hold down the switch." Lloyd nods his head at the speed of a snail. "'re really strong..."
"Stupid boy," he snaps, pushing past him and stomping towards the water. He throws his cape to the bank of the lake before tearing off his shirt and tossing it in the same direction. With his bare, tattooed back on display for the rest of you to see, he proceeds to stride down the submerged path like the show-off he is. You slowly inch your way towards the clothing he's thrown off before picking it up and tossing it in after him. The others have to clench their stomachs to stop themselves from laughing. Lloyd's red in the face, Mario's buried his face in his hands, Kylee has to run back up the path and from the way Cappy and Corky are both wheezing, it sounds like a kettle's gone off.
"Your clothes threw themselves into the lake," you call out after Ganondorf with a sweet smile. He spins around, a scowl spread across his face. The others can't hold it in anymore. All of them howl with laughter. Lloyd, who's toppled over with laughter, pounds the ground with his fist. Tears roll down Kylee's cheeks.
"You're pushing it," he hisses at you. "Now come and help me get this bloody key!"
"Coming..." Lloyd says with a weak smile.
"I'll go and get that other key up there," Link tells Mario.
"You've got to swim up to the Dorrie and climb onto her head," he explains to him. "She'll swim in whatever direction you're facing while you're up there."

It takes some time for them to come back, but eventually, Lloyd and Link come back with two more keys than they had beforehand. Mario and Kylee, who are both sitting down on the bank of the lake, stand up.
"Can you use Spinjitzu across the lakes?" Kylee asks the Green Ninja.
"Think so," he responds.
"Can't do it through those tunnels," she murmurs to him in a low voice that you can barely hear. He hides a smile.
"What's Ganondorf doing out there?" Mario frowns. "We're finished in here." You stare out at the lake, where he's standing near the left bank with his hands hovering over the water. The beautiful blue and white Dorrie is chirping a lot more than they usually do. You've seen plenty of Dorries around Isle Delfino...and none of them chirped as much as this one is now.
"The poor thing's in distress," you declare. "Why else would it be chirping like that?"
"Probably because it realised it was swimming in the same body of water as that jerk-off," Lloyd whispers with a grin on his face.
"We've got to go," Corky assures you. "There's two keys left...right?"
"How are we going to get through this Hazy Maze?" you frown.
"Hmm..." Mario murmurs to himself. He looks back up at the rest of you. "Well...Ganondorf is tall enough that the gas isn't at his height. If he carries me through, then I'll show him where each key is."
"More waiting?" you frown. "I don't want to wait!"
"[Y/N]," Lloyd warns you, "it's kethanol gas. That stuff killed Morro forty years ago!"
"What does Morro have to do with all of this?"
"It was lucky that Kylee and I woke up!" You're about to argue, but Ganondorf stops in front of you, crouches down to your height and places a hand on your shoulder.
"Princess [Y/N]," he decides, "Are you worried for my safety?" There's a wide smirk on his face. You scowl at him as he follows Mario back towards the door at the top of the path.
"Dunno why you'd wanna go in there," Kylee admits. "That place stinks worse than a sewer!"
And so, that's how you wind up by the Black Hole with Corky and Lloyd as everyone else follows Mario and Ganondorf.

- - -

You lie on your back and stare up at the ceiling. Bare echoes of laughter, shouting and giggles fill the air around you. Fun, they're all having. Fun without you.
"The only thing toxic around here," you announce without a care in the world, "is their attitude."
Corky stifles a laugh.
"We're only trying to protect you," Lloyd frowns at you.
"Who said I wanted any of your protection?" you sneer.
"You would've been dead long ago if we didn't protect you the way we do."
"Whatever makes you happy, Lloyd." You wrap your arms around your knees and stare down at the gate-like structure. "Whatever makes you happy..." You think it's over, but a sigh escapes his lips. It's loud enough for you to hear it, but subtle enough for you to hear the hidden cuss word beneath it.
"You don't get it, do you? You're not ready to do this sort of work."
"Says the man who got knocked out by a freaking fossil back in the Arbiter's Grounds."
"We aren't in the Arbiter's Grounds, are we?!"
"Hey," Corky snaps at the two of you. "Why don't you two do something useful for once?" Lloyd huffs and turns away from you.
"Yeah. Real mature, Lloyd-"
"Useful, [Y/N]!"
You shut your eyes and curl up by the wall. It's getting much colder in here...perhaps the last embers of warmth are leaving this place...

- - -

You sit cross-legged on your balcony as you stare out at the stars. There's all kinds. Big ones. Small ones. Red, blue and purple. Ones that shine...ones that sparkle.
Mama would have loved them...
"Princess [Y/N]..." comes a strange voice from behind you. "Are you alright?" You spin around. There's a really tall man standing there. He's dressed in deep blue armour and wears a dark red cape with gold patterns on it. There's a strange look in his golden eyes.
"Who are you?" you whisper to him. "And what happened to my mama?" The man takes a seat on the wooden floor and crosses his legs. He has to use one arm to support his weight.
"Your mama has gone to the mountain," he answers you. You continue to stare at him.
"Why do you have girl hair?"
A grin creeps across his face.
"How old are you?"
"I'm seven." You hold up seven fingers so he can see them.
"Well, Princess." He holds out his hand. "My name is Ganondorf."
"Ganondorf..?" You tilt your head to the side and take slow, careful steps over to him. You politely shake his hand. "Your name's almost as funny as your hair, mister!"
"I've been told," he decides in a low voice. You stay quiet.
You're really tired.
"Is Mama going to wake me up in the morning?" you whisper to him. He nods his head.
He's lying.
"What's your nickname?"
"You ask a lot of questions, [Y/N]."
"Do Sindaco and Cavaliere know you're here, 'You ask a lot of questions, [Y/N]'?"
Again, he smiles.
You watch as he stands up. "You'd better go to sleep," he tells you. "Your mama will want to wake you in the morning...and I don't think she'll like having to wake up a grumpy little monkey." You giggle.
"I don't wanna sleep!" You turn around and point outside so that he can see what you're doing. "I'm looking at the stars! Sindaco said Mama's in the stars now..." Your head rotates back towards him.
But he's gone. Vanished. Disappeared without a trace.

- - -

"Have a nice nap, Princess?" someone mutters over your head. You groan and turn to the side.
"Piss off," you mumble. The someone in particular grabs your wrist and yanks you up in the air. You can't help but to scream.
"Holy shit!" you yell. Your eyes are wide open now. Standing there is Ganondorf. "I had a dream about you."
"That's nice, sweetheart." He lets go of you, and you fall flat on your bottom. "We're not going to wait for you." You peer over the side at the Black Hole. The others are all crouched over it and are turning the locks with the keys, one by one. Every so often, somebody will swap places with another.
"Ooh!" Kylee shouts. "This one unlocked!"
"Stay there," Lloyd tells her. "Link, you swap with me."
"Mine still won't unlock," Cappy sighs.
"Why don't you swap with Mario?" Corky suggests.
You stand back up and rub your backside. "That hurt, asshole," you mumble under your breath.
"Why don't you keep your mouth shut, sweetheart?"
"If you call me that one more time, I'm gonna-"
"Got it!" Lloyd shouts. Cappy and Mario swap over, and much to their surprise, their new locks unlock. It leaves Corky and Link, who quickly change their spots. Link shoves the key into the lock and turns it. Corky's about to fly towards the final lock...but then the walls begin to shake. There's a low rumble in the air that sends you falling back to the ground. Corky yelps and throws her hands in the air.
"What the fuck was that?!"
The key slips out of Corky's hand and sails through the air.
"No!" Lloyd's eyes are wide and his eyebrows are upturned.
Link dives for the key with outstretched hands...but it falls straight through the holes of the mesh.
"Well...there goes an hour of our time," you mutter.
"I'm so sorry..." Corky whispers as she buries her face into her hands. "I didn't mean to drop it!"
"Can't you even hold a bloody key right?!" Ganondorf stomps down towards her, and she lets out another yelp. "Now we're going to have to find another way in, you stupid bitch-"
"And what do you twerps think you're doing in here?!"
The growly voice is enough to send shivers running down your spine.

Chapter Text

You all turn around to see the King of the Koopas standing by the door leading back to the well. He's carrying an iron hammer with a strange design over his shoulder. The weapon looks as if it could kill someone in just half a hit.
"So," he scowls at all of you. "Is anyone gonna answer me?!"
"Do you want a good answer or the truth?" Lloyd asks him.
"The truth, dipshit!" Bowser swings the hammer so that it's pointing at the Green Ninja. "And if it's not good enough, you're first!" Lloyd holds up his hands and begins to back away. Bowser starts to follow him with a scowl on his face.
"We're trying to rescue your son! You know...the one who got sealed in here with the Koopa's Amber?!"
"Sealed in here?" Bowser frowns. He sighs and lifts his hammer back over his shoulder. "So she was right..."
"Who was right?" Cappy asks him. He's met with a concerned stare.
"Rumi," he answers. "Rumi told me where you were all going." This time, Lloyd's the one to be angry. He stares at the ground in contempt.
"Of course she did..."
"Hey, she was just lookin' out for ya'!"
"I'm not falling for that one again," he retorts. "Harumi might be all sweet and innocent to the rest of you, but she's a traitor to Ninjago and its people!"
"That doesn't matter," Bowser decides. "We have five hours to get Ludwig and get outta here. I don't know why the hell that stupid thing's in here, but I'll be having a word to my parents about it when I get home!" And with that, he steps over to the gate with his hammer in his hands. "Stand back, pipsqueaks!" Link, Mario, Cappy, Corky and Kylee all do as he says, as does Lloyd. Bowser raises the hammer over his head and smacks it down on the metal.
The gate shatters into pieces and falls into the abyss of the Black Hole.
"Dunno why you didn't think of smashing it," he tells the rest of you in a nonchalant tone.
"Uh...not all of us are strong enough to make metal shatter like freaking glass," Kylee retorts.
"Didn't say you were!"
"You didn't say we weren't!"
Mario points at the glowing light that's appeared over the hole.
"It's a Pull Star!" he shouts.

All of you begin to crowd around the Pull Star. Mario's almost jumping with excitement at it. The rest of you stare at it with curiosity. It's a shiny shade of azure blue, with a translucent force field around it. Mario stares down at the bracer on his arm.
"I remember when Rosalina gave me one of these a few years ago..." he smiles.
"Did you just say Rosalina?" Lloyd demands. "Isn't she like the Yin of the Mushroom Kingdom or something?"
"Yes." Mario pauses for a moment before he grins at Lloyd. "Watch me!"
And with that, Mario leaps right down into the hole.
"Holy shit!" Corky shouts as Mario plummets down. "Are you insane?!"
Before Mario disappears, you see a glowing, blue string of light materialise from the bottom of the Pull Star.
You all peer over to stare at the plumber. He isn't falling any more.
He's hovering in the air.
The other end of the string is attached to the bracer around his wrist.
"How do you do that?!" Lloyd shouts.
"You've got to grab the Pull Star!" he yells back. "And then you can hold on or fly back up!" Lloyd nods his head and then jumps.
And another string attaches.
"Come on!" Mario yells. "We need more people!"
And so Link jumps over into the Black Hole.
You notice that the Pull Star is beginning to turn green.
"More!" Lloyd hollers.
"Yeet!" Kylee roars as she hurls her body over the edge. Two more strings materialise. The glow is brighter and a yellow hue now.
"Are you four idiots?" Bowser demands. "It's a bottomless pit!"
Ganondorf's the next to jump over the edge.
"They're hopeless, mate," Corky retorts as she flies into your circlet. "Tell the demolishers to do it tomorrow instead." Bowser lets out a sigh and steps back.
"Okay," he mumbles. "Sheesh."
He grabs you by the wrist and leaps down into the hole.
Your stomach hits the roof of your mouth as you sail in the air. You're too petrified to scream.
You can't even breathe.
Your arm jerks, and you stop moving.
There's a glowing blue string wrapped around your wrist.
And the Pull Star above you is now bright red.
All of the strings snap and twang like guitar strings, leaving you all carelessly to fall through the air.

Thanks to Bowser, you don't smack onto the cold, hard ground. In fact, apart from an ache in your shoulder and a heart attack from falling so far down, you're pretty much fine.
The others? Not so much?
Lloyd picks himself up from the ground and grabs his elbow. There's blood running down his lip, which he's busted open landing against a rock. Mario struggles to pull Kylee out from the white rapids spewing from a large, iron pipe with bars all across it, while Link helps Ganondorf stand up. The former's sporting a black eye and a bleeding left nostril, while the latter's got a nasty bruise on his leg. Corky and Cappy are both flying in the air in a somewhat hazed state, bumping into each other and the walls.
"Thanks, jack-ass," Kylee mutters to Bowser. She takes her sopping blue locks in her hands and wrings them out.
"We need to stop fighting..." Cappy whispers, bumping into Mario's shoulder and crashing into another wall. Corky shakes her head like a dog ridding its body of water before turning to the rest of you.
"Are we still in the Hazy Maze Cave?" she asks the rest of you. Bowser shakes his head and stands up before pointing at the strange layout of this place. It appears to take on the form of an abandoned sewer...except the water isn't filthy, or frank for that matter.
"I think this was an old underground water park back when my parents were kids." He stares down at the river and scratches his head. "My grandpa shut the place down because some kids died on some river rapids ride thing..." Link squints down the river before raising his hand and pointing at it.
"There's more Pull Stars," he declares.
"Looks like we'll have to use 'em to get across," Lloyd tells him. "Good find, buddy."
"Let's go one at a time," Mario advises with a cheesy grin. The three laugh, along with Cappy, Corky and Kylee.
"Immature," Ganondorf mutters under his breath. Bowser hums in agreement. The Gerudo immediately snaps his head in the Koopa's direction. "You are just as immature as them...if not even more-"
you decide in a high voice. "Who's going to carry Bowser across?"
But all the others are already swinging across like monkeys.
"Uh..." Bowser squeezes his other arm and gives you a nervous grin. "I can walk you through if you'd like."
"But you said-"
"Have you seen the size of me?" he chuckles. "This river couldn't sweep me away if it tried." He scoops you up in one hand and begins to walk towards the water.
But I want to use the Pull Star circlet! you think bitterly.

Chapter Text

Time: ???
Location: ???
Subject/s: Hackergirl
Motives: ???

She sits before the computer, her aching legs resting in the soft sands. She'd found it in the wreckage of a strange mech she'd never seen before that had crashed near a remote village. According to the program that she'd developed during her spare time, the operating system of this computer is Windows 95. She's never heard of 'Windows' before. The only prominent operating systems run on computers worldwide are Borg Industries OS and GaddOS, the former of which she is running herself.
"Windows..." she murmurs.
"Hey..." groans the girl she'd found inside the wreckage. The Hackergirl watches her struggle to free herself from the tight ropes bound around her arms and legs. Her white blouse is dirty, her pink cardigan has a tear in it and her black leggings are caked with blood, a result of the injuries she'd sustained.
"Where am I...and who the hell are you?" Hackergirl had woken her up to make sure she was alive. She'd seen it on her wrist...the strange bracer with a screen. Yes, she'd accompanied the twins here. The blue haired twin who'd landed in the Sea of Sand...and the pink haired twin who'd landed in Tostarena. And she knows there's others here. About five or six more. It doesn't matter, really. But she thought adding some fictional characters to the mix would throw the Ninjagians off their trail...make them question reality a bit. "Oi. That's mine!"
The Hackergirl stands up.
"You own this?"
"Don't break it. I've got important shit on there."
Hackergirl removes her helmet and begins to step forwards through the sand. She watches as the girl's eyes widen. Yes...the girl seems to recognise her. And very well, for that matter.
She can't have that.
Hackergirl opens her laptop and sits in the sand, typing away at the keyboard like a student who's procrastinated on their assessment and therefore has to finish it all in one night or they'll fail the assessment, therefore the whole course, therefore their whole school report, therefore their whole lives-
"Era? Twilight. Realm? Sunshine. Kingdom? Hyrule. Province? Eldin. Town? Kakariko. Memories? Wiped."
"Hotel? Trivago."
"Shut up, or I'll just kill you instead."
"Righty-o, then."
The Ninjagian finishes what she's typing on the keyboard before glancing back up at the girl from the other Universe. She's too pre-occupied with the wounds in her feet.
She doesn't know what's about to happen.
Hackergirl hits the 'Enter' key, and the girl disappears into a flurry of pixels. So does the scattered, jumbled pieces of her mech. And so does that strange computer.
She fixes her helmet back to her head.
The Overlord's watching her. She can't just have it so she does everything her way.
Giving that girl amnesia was for both of their own goods.
Hopefully, it's temporary.

Chapter Text

Time: ???
Location: Beneath the Hazy Maze Cave, The Koopa Kingdom
Subject/s: Princess [Y/N] of Isle Delfino
Motives: Good

The air is getting colder still in your lungs. You have no idea what's ahead...or if Bowser's even okay. The water that splashes against your legs pierces through your trousers and nips at your skin like ice-cold needles being plunged into your veins. If it wasn't for Cappy and Corky flying through the air, you doubt you'd even be able to see a thing in here.
Still, the danger doesn't phase Link, Lloyd or Mario.
They're having fun. You can tell by the way they laugh and cheer and encourage each other to keep going. Kylee's just a tad scared, but she's still having fun. Not as much, but still a lot. Ganondorf isn't scared at all, but you can tell he isn't enjoying what he's doing. It's like he's being forced into navigating this dungeon.
There's a terrible gleam in his eyes.
"So..." you start to tell Bowser in an attempt to lighten the mood. "Did you have any friends growing up?"
"Well...does my little sister count?"
"Any friends outside of family?"
" Sorry, Princess."
"That's okay." Again, Bowser remains quiet. He's concentrated on what he's doing. His eyebrows, slightly lowered over his eyes in attention. He's watching what's happening ahead. "What's your favourite food?"
"I really like beesting cakes," he admits. "Nobody makes 'em like Peach." Ganondorf frowns at him.
"I'm sorry...beesting cakes?"
"Y' honey and cream?"
"Where does the beesting fit in?"
it's just called that because bees make honey...and they also sting?" Bowser shakes his head. "I dunno. I'll ask Peach if she could make one for whoever's birthday's coming up next."
"That would be mine."
"You celebrate your birthday?"
"Don't tempt me to come over there and smack your face."
You're getting fed up of the constant bickering everyone's partaking in. If it isn't one person, then it's always another. It doesn't matter what the topic is, or who's taking part in it, a fight is a fight and these people just won't stop-
"Hey!" you snap. "Stop fighting, alright?!"
They don't speak another word to one another, instead resorting to petty glares and mumbling under their breaths.
You've never wanted to go home more than ever.
Sindaco may be strict, but he's not argumentative. Stubborn would be the word you're looking for with him. can't believe he did such a thing.
The facts regarding the current state of Isle Delfino are broken at best. All you know is that Sindaco's in charge now...and you can't come back.
Is he working for the Overlord?
You wish that you'd be told truth for once around here. The whole truth, instead of sugarcoating and lies.
Bowser sets you down on a ledge. Everyone else is standing there, looking equally thrilled at what they've just done. Weak grins, eyes filled with amazement...they've just broken the laws of gravity.
You couldn't even bend it.

By the time Bowser clambers out of the water, you find yourselves looking around. It looks like the cavern you're now in is huge. It's much warmer now...but how? It was much colder up in the Hazy Maze Cave.
How far did you fall?
"Know anything else about this place?" Lloyd asks Bowser. He shakes his head.
"Can't say I do."
"How far down are we?" you ask. Kylee lifts up her mechanical arm and consults the screen.
"Says we're two hundred metres below sea level." Lloyd raises an eyebrow.
"Two hundred below? That's pretty deep considering the lowest elevation of his kingdom is a hundred metres above..."
"That volcano don't look too small now..." Corky murmurs beneath her breath.
"Hey," Cappy hisses. "Can you guys hear that?" You strain to hear whatever Cappy's hearing.
"Hmm..." Bowser glances up at the ceiling. "Looks like it's coming from overhead."
"Don't tell me it's five o'clock..." Kylee groans. She buries her face in her hands and lets out a scream.
"No, no..." Lloyd assures her with a pat on the back. "It's only two."
"Two?!" Mario's jaw drops right down. "How long were we out for?!" Everyone sounds nervous.
"Hey," you decide. "We'll get out of here. Even if it means we have to dig our way free."
"Yeah..." Kylee scoffs as she crosses her arms over her chest. "I'm sure demolishing the entrance wouldn't collapse the entire cave-"
"Watch out!"
Before you have time to react, Link throws himself in front of you, shielding you from a vivid flash of purple light.

Link is now lying on the ground, curled up into a ball. He isn't moving one bit. He looks an awful lot paler than before.
"What was that?!" Bowser shouts.
"An Oni," Lloyd murmurs. He draws out his blade and points it before the faun-like creature standing in the arena-like cavern. "Leave us at once." The Oni, its vicious violet eyes gleaming with discontent. It opens its mouth in order to sneer something to Mario, who's staring at it in complete and utter fear.
"The Overlord extends his deepest condolences to you, plumber boy."
"Wh-wh-what?" Mario's teeth chatter as he shoves his hands against the Oni in order to push him away.
"Your brother is gone."
With a swift raise of his hammer, Bowser storms towards the vile demon.
"Tell me where Green 'Stache is or you'll be getting it!" he roars.
" no longer the one you call Luigi-"
"Oh, shut the fuck up!" And with that, Bowser launches himself into the air, the hammer raised over his head. You're quick to look away, but it doesn't matter. The sickening crunch is enough to make you scream in fear.
"Hey..." Lloyd whispers to you as he pats your back. "It's okay. It won't hurt us anymore."
"But-but-but!" You can barely make coherent sentences. You don't want to see it.
"It's not even here anymore," Bowser mutters. "It just went 'ka-poof'."
"That doesn't mean she isn't frightened," Corky snaps at him. She flies out of your circlet and lifts up your chin. Her tone is quieter...softer when she addresses you. "[Y/N] you need to take a break for a while?" Corky is becoming a blur as you hang your head down in shame.
"I'm sorry," you whisper. "I...can't do this anymore."
"Stay with Link," Ganondorf orders you. "We'll find the Koopa boy and get out of here." And with that, he leads the group ahead. Bowser looks rather guilty and Mario's speechless. Lloyd and Cappy are whispering to each other. Kylee crouches down in front of you and puts a hand on your shoulder.
"'s okay. If you need to talk about it, I can stay here."
"Kylee...I don't think I can live another day like this. I'm too...weak." Kylee opens her mouth to say something, but she's cut off by Ganondorf.
"Come on, wench. Don't make us wait."
"It's okay," Corky assures her while throwing a glare in Ganondorf's direction. "I'll look out for [Y/N]."

You pick up stones from by your side and toss them into the river. The roar of the rapids drown out any chances for you to hear the individual splashes of each rock. Again, it's warm. Corky floats over Link's body and places a hand on his shoulder before gently shaking him awake.
"Hey..." she whispers to him. "Are you 'right there?"
Link, whose eyes are wide with fear, jolts upright and clutches his chest. He's panting, almost as if he's been running away from something.
"It's okay," you whisper to him. "You're alright." He redirects his attention your way. He's awfully quiet...
"I saw my little sister," he whispers.
"Her name was Aryll." Link glances away and looks down at the ground in disappointment. "I didn't protect her...I couldn't save her..."
And with that, he just slumps into your arms.
You're quiet as you hold him close. Every broken breath he takes is accompanied by choked sobs. Link hadn't usually come across as a very emotional person during the couple of weeks you've known these people...but for [arguably] the most stoic and cool-headed man in the entire group to show such despair...such anguish...
It's unbelievable.
"Do you want to talk about it, Link?" you whisper to the knight. He half-heartedly shakes his head and continues to lie there in silence.
"There's a long road ahead of us," Corky sighs. She stares over to the tunnel that the others had walked through while placing a hand on your shoulder. "So much we'll have to work on..." She turns to face you, and you do the same. "You know...they didn't choose ya' for nothin'."
"Then why did they choose me?" you murmur. "What makes me more special than any of you to defeat him?" Corky returns her stare towards the tunnel.
"It's not what you know. It's what you've come from."
She freezes, almost as if she's seen a ghost.
"What?" you ask her.
She doesn't move.
"Corky?" Link looks up, his eyes red and puffy from crying.
"What's the matter?"
Corky raises a trembling hand towards the tunnel.
And floating in the air there, with a devious grin on its face and its tongue lolled out of its mouth, is a Boo.

The three of you stare at the Boo from afar. Its beady eyes dart from side to side.
It definitely hasn't seen you or Link yet.
Corky gulps and hides behind the two of you. "Yikes!" she hisses. "Boos!"
"Let's hope it's the only one," you murmur as you pick up another rock. It's a relatively large'll be hard to miss the Boo. You draw your arm back and lob the rock at it.
It smacks the wall next to him.
The Boo shrieks and begins to float towards the rock to investigate. Link's quick to grab your hand and bolt along with you towards the tunnel. Every step the two of you take is silent. It has to be...
...or else the Boo will find you.
Eventually, the two of you are far enough inside the caves that it's safe to make noise when you step again. Corky rests inside your circlet; you can feel it shaking slightly on your head. You find yourself glancing back every so often...waiting for the Boo to be face-to-face with you all of a sudden.
All the more reason for you to want to go home.
"Maybe they've found him," you whisper to Link.
"Stay close," he murmurs back, drawing his sword and proceeding down the path with caution.
Somewhere in the near distance, Lloyd screams. Most likely in surprise.
"We can't go any slower," Corky whispers. The two of you nod your heads and pick up your pace as fast as you go. At this point, you don't care how loud you're running.
Lloyd might be in danger, and that's all that matters.

Eventually, you find Bowser, Mario, Ganondorf and Kylee all standing around what you initially think is a dead end. But when you see the hollow, plastic tube built into the wall, you find that they're staring at the top of a slide.
"Lloyd just fell down," Bowser tells you. Kylee snorts and Ganondorf shakes his head at Bowser's statement.
"Yeah...he just fell down," the former repeats in a taunting manner.
"We sent Cappy down first to take a look and see if it was safe," Mario tells you. "But he hasn't come back yet."
"And this big chode decided to push Lloyd down the slide," Kylee adds on.
"Hmm..." Corky stares down at the slide. "Looks kinda old."
"No shit," Bowser jeers at her with bared teeth. "Why don't you go down there and save your little boyfriend?"
"Cappy? Pfft-"
"Hey!" you hear the faint voice of Lloyd echoing. "You guys have to check this out!"
"What's down there?"
"Come and see!"
Bowser takes a seat against the wall. "I'll stay 'ere," he decides. "I'm too big to fit through. You guys shout if you need help."
"Stay here with him, Kylee," Corky advises. "I don't think that anyone should be left alone here."
"'Kay," Kylee responds. She takes a seat next to Bowser and waves to the rest of you.
"Let's go!" Mario shouts with glee as he dives headfirst into the slide. Ganondorf smirks upon turning to face Link, who's peering into the hole.
"Ladies first," he tells him.
"Age before beauty," Link assures back.
"No pain, no gain."
"What pain?"
Ganondorf shoves him into the slide, and you hear a rather anguished 'Hyah' as Link plummets down like a bobsled at the Olympics.
"Press 'F' to pay respects," Kylee whispers.
"Can you go first?" you ask Ganondorf.
"I think I'd break my spine if I cushioned your fall."
"Fair enough, Princess." And with that, the Gerudo jumps in after poor Link. Corky flies back into your circlet. You're about to jump down, but Bowser grabs your arm.
"What?" you ask him.
"Thank you. Thank you for going this far to save my son."
You nod your head and jump down into the slide.