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【 Hackergirl (ハッカーガール) 】 [ LEGO Ninjago x Legend of Zelda x Super Mario x Reader ]

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Time: ???
Location: ???
Subject/s: Hackergirl
Motives: ???

She sits before the computer, her aching legs resting in the soft sands. She'd found it in the wreckage of a strange mech she'd never seen before that had crashed near a remote village. According to the program that she'd developed during her spare time, the operating system of this computer is Windows 95. She's never heard of 'Windows' before. The only prominent operating systems run on computers worldwide are Borg Industries OS and GaddOS, the former of which she is running herself.
"Windows..." she murmurs.
"Hey..." groans the girl she'd found inside the wreckage. The Hackergirl watches her struggle to free herself from the tight ropes bound around her arms and legs. Her white blouse is dirty, her pink cardigan has a tear in it and her black leggings are caked with blood, a result of the injuries she'd sustained.
"Where am I...and who the hell are you?" Hackergirl had woken her up to make sure she was alive. She'd seen it on her wrist...the strange bracer with a screen. Yes, she'd accompanied the twins here. The blue haired twin who'd landed in the Sea of Sand...and the pink haired twin who'd landed in Tostarena. And she knows there's others here. About five or six more. It doesn't matter, really. But she thought adding some fictional characters to the mix would throw the Ninjagians off their trail...make them question reality a bit. "Oi. That's mine!"
The Hackergirl stands up.
"You own this?"
"Don't break it. I've got important shit on there."
Hackergirl removes her helmet and begins to step forwards through the sand. She watches as the girl's eyes widen. Yes...the girl seems to recognise her. And very well, for that matter.
She can't have that.
Hackergirl opens her laptop and sits in the sand, typing away at the keyboard like a student who's procrastinated on their assessment and therefore has to finish it all in one night or they'll fail the assessment, therefore the whole course, therefore their whole school report, therefore their whole lives-
"Era? Twilight. Realm? Sunshine. Kingdom? Hyrule. Province? Eldin. Town? Kakariko. Memories? Wiped."
"Hotel? Trivago."
"Shut up, or I'll just kill you instead."
"Righty-o, then."
The Ninjagian finishes what she's typing on the keyboard before glancing back up at the girl from the other Universe. She's too pre-occupied with the wounds in her feet.
She doesn't know what's about to happen.
Hackergirl hits the 'Enter' key, and the girl disappears into a flurry of pixels. So does the scattered, jumbled pieces of her mech. And so does that strange computer.
She fixes her helmet back to her head.
The Overlord's watching her. She can't just have it so she does everything her way.
Giving that girl amnesia was for both of their own goods.
Hopefully, it's temporary.