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【 Hackergirl (ハッカーガール) 】 [ LEGO Ninjago x Legend of Zelda x Super Mario x Reader ]

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By the time dinner rolls around, everyone's sitting in a rather grand dining hall.
That is...everyone except for Harumi.
Harumi, allegedly, is wretching her guts up in the bathroom after eating something off from the kitchen in the afternoon. Garmadon, who's near the head of the table, sculls down a bottle of straight vodka like it's nothing. There's a devilish look in his eyes as he tosses it at the blood red walls of the room. Bowser's younger children all burst into laughter at his antics. Their father, however, has an awful glare in his eyes.
"So," Misako begins politely on the other end of the table to Zelda. "Do you have any plans for the evening?"
"I was planning on conducting a study into the potential whereabouts of the Oni's Amethyst," she responds.
"May I join you?"
"Of course!"

Bowser Jnr is tugging at the hem of Midna's skirt. The Twili is trying her best to ignore him and focus on the food in front of her. "Hey, Midna!" he yelps. "Wanna play some soccer with me after dinner?"
"Maybe you could show us how to play," Urbosa tells him with a smile.
"Yes," Midna murmurs, although she's not entirely willing to.
"I'm sure it'll be fun," Lloyd assures her. On another part of the table, Cole and Nabooru are playing rock paper scissors. Elsewhere, Zane is alternating his appearance between his human-like form and his metal variant, much to the amusement of Lemmy.

You snap back into reality at the voice of Ganondorf. "What?" you ask him as you set down your cup of soda.
"What's on your mind?"
Well, you begin to think. We're heading down into a freaking underground dungeon in about an hour and half of you are drinking like sailors!
He nods his head and continues to stare at the rather fancy-looking shot that Bowser's whipped up for him.
"Why isn't he just drinking it?" Birdie whispers.
"Dude..." Kylee whispers to Birdie and Corky. "Coffee liquer, Irish cream and whipped cream? I'd recognise that mix anywhere." She sets down her glass of whiskey before whispering something into Birdie's ear. She snickers with laughter. "Y'know, I'm really starting to question whether that man's straight or not."
"Who, Ganondorf or Bowser?"
"I ship it."
"We stan, sis."
"Hey." Bowser grabs the arm of a butler in a black tuxedo and pulls him towards the head of the table. "Dessert's takin' it's sweet-ass time, don't ya' think?"
"I'll see to it that it comes right away, sire!" And with that, the poor Koopa darts off towards the hall.

You decide to join Kylee, Birdie and Corky's conversation. They're pointing and giggling to quite a few people.
"What are you doing?" you whisper to them.
"We're playing a game," Birdie says with a sly grin. She turns to face Kylee. "Explain it to her!"
"Basically..." Kylee starts, "we're guessing everyone's hobbies.'s the of us picks a person in our head, and the others guess their hobby with their eyes closed! The crazy thing is...they don't know who they're guessing." You nod your head.
"Can I have a go at picking a person?" you request. They all nod their heads before proceeding to close their eyes. tell yourself as you shoot a quick glance at Ganondorf. I don't even need to think his name.
"Go," you tell the three. Now he's staring back at you. Those can't even. You just can't. They seem to know what you're thinking.
"Taping knives to crabs' nippers and putting them in a ring to fight to the death," Kylee suggests.
"Running an Instagram page where they rate videos of peoples' swearing parrots," Corky guesses.
"Sitting in their car and filming apology videos while they cry and eat a 10-piece feed from VFC," Birdie snickers. You snort at the very idea.
"I don't think that Ganondorf would do any of that," you respond.
"Do any of what?" he demands from his seat across from you.
"Never mind," the three girls chirp in innocent tones. Bowser stretches his arms from the head of the table.
"I've got some old shit down in the basement that I barely use," he decides, kicking his feet up over the table. "Any of you mind helping me move it to the dumpsters outside?"
"Sire!" The butler from before comes rushing in, panting as he runs over to the King of the Koopas. "The cooks have all quit!"
Bowser's eyes widen at the very thought.
"They what?!"
"I don't mind baking some cakes," Peach tells him politely. Bowser sighs with relief at her words. Mario and Link both nod to Lloyd, who in turn winks at you and Kylee.
"Didn't you say you were going to shout me a drink at that karaoke bar, Ganondorf?" you ask out loud.
"You've got a drink right there, dude!" Bowser shouts at Ganondorf while pointing at the drink in front of him. You all watch with varied expressions of contempt, shock, surprise, amusement and awe as Ganondorf proceeds to lean over the shot glass, pick it up with his mouth, lean back and drink the whole thing in one shot. He slams the shot glass onto the table before pushing the entire table back, standing up and storming out the door. He stops underneath the doorframe and tilts his head so it's facing the frame. A sideways glance is shot in Bowser's direction.
"I admire your persistence to embarrass me, Koopa," he retorts. "But a free drink is a free drink."