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【 Hackergirl (ハッカーガール) 】 [ LEGO Ninjago x Legend of Zelda x Super Mario x Reader ]

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The others are standing by the wall, where a rail starts, by the time you all get out. You can see a glimmer of red hair poking out from the around the corner of the wall. You hand your Spinner to Zane, who carries it in both hands.
"Wait here, you guys," you order the others. They nod and remain standing while you carefully step towards the corner of the wall. You lower your voice and lighten it a bit. "Ganondorf? Are you there?"
"Hmph." His scoff is rather loud. You peek around the corner and spot him sitting on the ground with his arms crossed over his chest. He's staring at the rail on the opposite wall. You take a seat next to him, out of sight of the others. "What do you want?"
"I want to know if you're alright," you whisper back. "That was awful...wasn't it?"
"That was...only the first execution of that sort," he murmurs. He glances around to make sure nobody else he can see is listening (a grand total of zero people) and continues. "I heard of seventy women who died that way. And a hundred men. All to satisfy that beast's hunger." You take his hand in yours and give it a squeeze.
"I'm so sorry that happened," you apologise to him.
"Those were just the people that died that way," he mutters. "I can't tell you how many of my people many women died amongst all of us prisoners."
"How?" you whisper. He shakes his head.
"The women had it much worse than the men. The Hylians would lie to them and promise them that they would be allowed to live in exchange for their childbearing abilities. But they did die. All of them. And if they didn't die giving birth...they were executed. Because they were thought to be weak and...useless." Your hand feels like it's being crushed. He's squeezing it to the point it feels cold.
"Hey..." you assure him. "It isn't your fault."
"It is my fault, [Y/N]," he hisses. "Why do you think the Gerudo were targeted?" You don't answer. "Because was leading them!" His face falls as he realises that he's raised his voice yet again. You stare at his hand for a while before leaning over to his cheek and pressing your lips against it. It only happens for a split second, but when you stand up, you notice that he's staring ahead into the distance.
"You're cold," you decide as you unclip his cape from around your neck. You stand in front of him and clip it around his neck. You then throw your arms around his head and pull his face into your shoulder. He doesn't even try to move.
"Don't you go sharing my sob story to Garmadon now," he warns you.
"I won't tell that old bastard a thing," you assure him. "Now...why don't we go and find Midna...and get the hell out of here?" He nods his head, and you help him stand up.

The two of you begin to walk back towards the others, where you're met with a few snickers and giggles. "Seriously, guys! You're all the biggest arseholes I've ever met in my life!"
"It's not that, I promise!" Harumi wheezes. "Lloyd had a booger hanging out of his nose!"
"Harumi!" the Green Ninja snaps. "Don't tell her that!"
"It's fine," Ganondorf murmurs. He grabs your arm and pulls you close to him before leaning into your ear. "I think after this, I'm going home and having a bloody drink."
"So..." Kylee begins. "Care to explain the rails to us?" Ganondorf lets go of you and picks up his spinner.
"Good question," he decides. "It's been a long time since I've seen one in person..." He steps onto the spinner and clips it around his boots so that it stays in place. "I do believe you have to build up momentum. Somebody push me into that rail." Lloyd stares at him before stepping over to him and pushing him forwards. Ganondorf crouches down and jumps. The spinner locks into place onto the rail, and he begins to ride along. Kylee's eyes widen.
"Holy crap, wanna go!"
"Same here!"
"Me too!"
Lloyd straps himself into his spinner. "Rumi!" he orders. "Push me and I'll carry you across!" The princess nods her head and follows through with his request. He holds onto her tightly as he goes along the rail. Mario and Cappy follow them. Kylee and Link aren't too far behind. Zane approaches you with your own spinner.
"Would you like for me to utilise this device?" he inquires. "Or will you be carrying Corky across?"
"It doesn't fuss me," you assure him.
"I...don't know how to use this," Urbosa admits as she holds out her spinner.
"I shall teach you," he promises her with a smile. And with that, he hands you your spinner.
"Okay..." Corky decides. You put the spinner on the ground and strap your feet in. She remains out of your crown. You glance at the rail. "Here goes nothing."
She shoves you at the rail, and you find yourself gliding across the ground before your spinner locks on. Your body begins to spin around.
"Wahoo!" Corky shouts.
"This is fun!" you exclaim. As you continue to glide ahead, you can just see Link ahead of you, with Kylee in his arms.
"Holy shit!" she screams. "Why doesn't this thing have any seatbelts?! A-hahaha!!!" You duck as the doorframe approaches...
...and then you find yourself out in a room that's so big that it makes the room the skeleton was in...tiny.

You can see the others on rails everywhere. Ganondorf is nowhere to be seen, but Lloyd and Harumi, who'd both followed him, are still in sight for a few seconds above your heads. Mario's making particular movements that Link copies. Cappy's screaming at the top of his lungs. You notice that Link's spinner jumps from one rail to another.
"How do you do that?!" you shout.
"You've gotta swing your body weight in that direction!" Kylee exclaims. You bump your hips to the left, and you find your spinner jumping in the air. It lands on the next rail, and you then notice why they'd both jumped.
That rail led into a bottomless pit.
"We'd better follow what they do..." Corky advises you. You nod your head and watch ahead to see what Mario's doing.
"That was so much fun!" Harumi cheers from a very far distance.
"And dangerous!" Lloyd adds on. "Mario! Watch out for those spikes ahead!" You watch as Mario makes a series of timed jumps.
"Spikes?" Corky frowns. "Those guards weren't mucking around..."
Link jumps onto the right rail, and then the left, and then the right again before making one final jump onto the left rail. He lands in a small circle area of solid ground. Mario's already leaving this area and making his way up a spiralling rail. You copy Link's movements. Right. Left. Right. Left.
You land in the area and latch onto the wall with your hands.
"Did you want a go?" you ask Kylee as you puff.
"Sure!" she beams. "I can carry you if you want!"
"I'll go with Link then," Corky agrees. She flies out of your circlet and over to Link. She places a hand on his shoulder and beams at you. Link then approaches the wall on his spinner and locks onto the rail.
"Wow..." Kylee murmurs as she watches the others fly ahead. "This is crazy."
"Do you have anything like this at home?" you ask her. She shakes her head.
"This sort of thing would be shut down by the government's department of health and safety before that happened," she replies. You unstrap your feet from the spinner and get off it. She steps on, and you help her strap in. You push her forwards and then watch as she begins to approach the wall.
You realise your mistake.
You sprint towards her, and she holds her hand out. "[Y/N]!" she cries. Your hands smack together, and she lifts you up as quickly as she can. The two of you stand on the spinner, with Kylee clinging to you like you're about to fall off at any moment. You watch ahead for Link's movements.
You can see a drop coming up.
"I can't watch!" you squeal. You bury your face into her shoulder, and then your stomach lurches forwards.
The clicking noise signals that Kylee has landed in the right place.
"This is so much fun!" she shrieks. "I'll take one of these to go!" But still, you can't watch. So you listen instead. And before you know it, Kylee's poking your shoulder. "Hey," she whispers in your ear. "We made it!" You open your eyes and look up to see the others all grinning and beaming at each other.
"Dude," Lloyd tells Mario, "did you see those spikes? They looked huge!"
"I know!" he agrees. "Cappy thought we were going to die..."
"I'm fairly certain they moved back in the day," Ganondorf assures them.
The three gulp.
Before you know it, Zane and Urbosa land next to you. And with that, all of you begin to head towards the next set of rails ahead. You're all still buzzing with excitement.
That is, all of you except for Ganondorf.

It takes a while to reach the door, but finally, all of you stand in front of it. Harumi gulps at the closed door.
"It's behind there," she tells Lloyd.
"What's behind there?"
"The Stallord, I suppose?" Ganondorf asks her. She shrugs her shoulders.
"I dunno what it's called," she admits. "But it tried to burn me!" She goes to reach for the door, but he stops her.
"You," he tells Zane. "What did you see there?"
" unaware," he admits. "I did not see anything in there." Ganondorf glances around at the rest of you.
"Alright," he orders. "Pair up again. I have a feeling the girl's right..."
"You want to argue with a Nindroid?" Lloyd asks with a raised eyebrow.
"I don't care for your mechanical friend's opinion," he hisses before kicking down the floor.
"You mean fact," he mumbles under his breath as he and Harumi follow him through. Mario and Cappy follow without a word.
"Wanna regroup?" Kylee suggests.
"We are happy to work together," Zane assures her. He and Urbosa walk past her.
"I think I'll go with [Y/N] if that's okay," Corky tells Kylee. She nods her head and hands you the spinner before going to swap places with the Bonneter. Kylee and Link proceed to tag along behind Zane and Urbosa. You're about to walk ahead, but Corky holds a hand in front of you.
"I have a feeling that Harumi's right," she sighs. "There's something that to me."
"I'm sure it's nothing," you assure her.
"Just don't go cutting any ropes now." Corky ushers you forwards and into the room ahead.
All the others are frozen in fear at the strange purple and orange light hovering above the gigantic skeleton half-buried in the pit of sand.
And Corky hides behind your back as soon as she sees it.

The light pulses with what you presume to be the ghostly version of a heartbeat as it begins to float towards you. The orange appears to make its core, while the purple encases it like a cloud of smoke. This light begins to float towards you.
"[Y/N]..." it hisses in a raspy and hoarse tone that makes Ganondorf's voice sound as smooth as butter. "My...child..."
You draw your sword out and point it at the light.
"Who are you?" you demand to it.
"I am...the one that you seek..." it answers.
"Funny," you retort, "because you don't look like Midna to me-"
"I go by many names..." 
it tells you. You watch as the orb begins to float around your head. "The Dark Lord...the God of Destruction...but there's one you know me by, child..."
"The Overlord..." Lloyd manages to whisper.
"Look at you...all frozen in fear," he snarls at all of you.
"I can still move, dumbass," you scoff. Corky leans into your ear.
"Do you really want to be arguing with the Ninjagian deity of destruction?!" she panics.
The orb of light seems to watch her, although it lacks eyes or any other facial features.
"You stay away from Princess [Y/N]," Ganondorf warns him as he stands in front of the two of you.
"So you still live, Ganondorf." The Overlord wheezes. While he's busy proceeding to monologue, all of the others begin to sneak away with their spinners to the door on the other side of the room. "It has been eleven years since I saw you last. And what were you doing?"
"Carrying your dead wife from Sindaco's house," he sneers.
"She deserved it for what she did..." he retorts. "It's a shame that you didn't burn along with her...but such is the life of an immortal..." Kylee quietly opens the door, and Mario, Zane and Link begin to crawl through it.
"[M/N] was a better parent than you'll ever be," Ganondorf warns him. "Where were you when your daughter was raised by two idiots incapable of showing her what real power was?!"
"You know I had my own business in fool!" The Overlord appears to grow in size.
Cappy, Harumi and Urbosa creep past the door. Kylee quickly slides around it and then closes it behind her.
"If you've done anything with Midna," you tell the poltergeist, "then undo it and let us be on our way. We don't want any trouble."
"Trouble, eh?" he decides. "Do you truly wish for trouble?!"
"I defeated you once," Lloyd announces. "I'll defeat you again."
"You only possess a ninth of the Golden Power you once had..." he jeers at him. "Good luck, young Lloyd...good luck trying to weasel your way out of this one!" And with that, the Overlord disappears into a puff of smoke.
"What was that all about?" you frown.
"That's the first time you've met him...wasn't it?" Lloyd asks. You nod your head.
"He's even more of a douche than your dad," you declare.
"You aren't wrong there," he agrees.
You hear the sand in front of you shifting.
"Aw...fuck," Corky mutters under her breath.
You watch on as the skeleton begins to sit upright in the sands.
"Are you kidding me?!" Lloyd demands. "Again?!"
"Ah...the Stallord," Ganondorf mutters. "I remember you." Corky tries to drag you back through the other door as its eyes flash a bright and vivid shade of red.
"That's nice," Corky puffs. "I think it's time we found ourselves another hobby!"
"No," Lloyd argues. He pulls his hood down over his face. "We fight!"