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【 Hackergirl (ハッカーガール) 】 [ LEGO Ninjago x Legend of Zelda x Super Mario x Reader ]

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Time: 7:30 PM, Eastern Hyrulean Standard Time
Location: Impa's House, Kakariko Village
Subject/s: Lady Misako Garmadon of the Underworld
Motives: Good

Misako can't help but to toss and turn in the bed. She can still see today's events playing over and over in her head. [Y/N] sleepwalking outside and over the balcony.
Lloyd falling over the side in order to try and catch her.
And so many others following suit...
She'd hit her head and had been knocked out before she could go and warn the others that they'd fallen over.
After that had happened, she'd been met with an ambush on her ship. There must've been at least a hundred Oni swarming across the place. Breaking things. Shattering possessions. Stealing anything that was of any use.
After that? Then came the fighting.
Bowser was angry. And so were many others. They were furious. And so several people had been kicked off the ship. First, it was Wu, Mipha and Pauline, who'd tried to calm everyone down. And then it was Daruk and Cole after they'd tried to protest. Misako watched on as Bowser had taken over the ship and threw more and more people off at various stops around Hyrule. Eventually, it had been her, Zelda, Peach and Bowser Jnr that remained. They'd all made the unanimous decision to grab what they could salvage and leave Bowser to his own devices. 
Four people. Out of countless numbers of people. Four.
All the others were gone.

Misako remembers when she'd arrived at the village of the Sheikah. She'd been met with a great many stares, but not to the degree that Bowser Jnr had. She could see the child's discomfort as he hid behind his friend's pink skirt. Zelda had spoken with Impa's granddaughter, and she had arranged for the four to stay in her grandmother's house for the night. She can't remember how many times she'd thanked Paya for her hospitality and kindness. She'd managed to get the tapestry and some other research from the ship, but countless other documents had been lost to the Oni.
Just like all those others that had been abducted-
"Misako..." Peach whispers as she opens the door to Zelda's old handmaid's room. Misako sits upright at her voice.
"Princess Peach?" she frowns. "Why are you up so late?"
"It's only 7:31," she responds. "And Zelda's made dinner."
"Oh," she murmurs. She slides out of her bed and stretches her arms. She still feels on edge. Waiting for one of those cruel, mindless demons to jump out at her.
She despises her husband, but she needs his presence more than ever.

She walks downstairs, where Paya's pulled out a table for everyone to sit around. Junior's busy digging into a bowl of stew while Zelda and the Sheikah girl patiently wait for Peach and Misako. The Ninjagian takes a seat on the chair in-between Junior and Zelda.
"Thank you, girls," she sighs. "I appreciate this a lot."
"It's nothing," Zelda assures her. She gives her a pat on the back, and Misako smiles. "We may have lost the Destiny's Bounty, but we shan't lose our spirits!"
"Hear, hear!" Peach adds with a smile. The five all proceed to eat their bowls of stew. Paya passes around a few cups of tea to the others. "So...where should we start?"
"With what, Mama?" Junior asks. Peach grimaces at the name. Bowser's son had the wrong idea in his head, that she was his mother. But she wasn't. She was only seventeen. She hadn't even thought about it in her life.
"With finding the others," she suggests.
A wide smile forms on Zelda's face.

"I've pinpointed where everyone's fallen off the ship," Zelda explains to the others. "Paya, may I have a map of Hyrule?"
"Okay," the Sheikah agrees, to which she stands up and leaves the table in order to head upstairs.
"Misako, you saw them fall off in the Gerudo Desert," she continues. "Correct?"
"I did," she agrees. "I remember that we were flying over sandstone columns." Her eyes widen.
"Ah! So they landed in the Arbiter's Grounds!"
"They made it?" Peach asks.
"I have reason to believe so. Although, I am unsure how they will be faring without water or food..."
"Or if they're alive!" Junior shouts. Misako sighs. The child's far too innocent.
Too loud.
"I just hope that Lloyd can get along with Ganondorf," Misako tells Zelda.
"I'm sure that they're getting along just finely," she assures her with a smile. "Ganondorf does seem like he's getting on a lot better nowadays..."
"Yeah, Mrs G!" Junior beams. "I wouldn't worry about it!" Misako smiles and ruffles the child's hair.
"You're right, Bowser Jnr," she agrees. "I shouldn't. I'm sure that Lloyd's doing his best to lead everyone to find Zane."