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【 Hackergirl (ハッカーガール) 】 [ LEGO Ninjago x Legend of Zelda x Super Mario x Reader ]

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You and Urbosa chatter like old friends as she pushes along a cart filled with all sorts of different clothes that the two of you have decided to buy. You'd chosen to buy a two-for-one deal on ripped jeans from the denim store, as well as a comfy pair of shorts and a couple of skirts. From the graphic tee store, you'd opted for a few T-shirts with fun patterns and punny slogans. You'd also decided to purchase a few warm hoodies, a leather jacket, a few pairs of pyjamas for the different types of weathers you knew you'd be encountering, some funky-looking socks, a few pairs of underwear and a couple of bras, as well as a nice dress in case you were met with an occasion where you needed to be nicely dressed, but not too dressed up. For shoes, you'd bought a pair of sneakers, some warm ugg boots for any nights you'd be experiencing winter, some sandals and some ballet flats, as well as an impulse buy for the really cool shoes that converted into skate shoes when you pressed a button on the side. All in all, it had set you back about six hundred dollars.
"So," Urbosa starts. "What else are you thinking of buying?"
"I'm not sure," you admit. "I do need a few phone cases. Lloyd said that he was giving me Cole's old phone."
"I see," she decides. You notice a Borg Store located a few shops down from where you are. "Is that the place you need to go?"
"Yup!" you grin. "They should have phone cases there." You can feel the weight of your broken phone in your pocket. "Maybe they'd be able to repair my old one instead. It does have important stuff on it..."

You walk inside and look around. A few people are browsing different phones. You spot Mario, Lloyd and Link huddled around a headphone display. Link's eyes are wide as he listens to music.
"And you can't hear the music?!" he yells at the other two.
"Yeah!" Lloyd shouts back. Mario waves at the two of you.
"Hello!" he beams. There's something about Mario that brings a smile to your face. He's always happy and cheery. And he has to be the shortest man you know. In your eyes, he's literally Ganondorf's polar opposite.
"Hi!" You return Mario's wave with one of your own. "I was going to see if they could repair my phone." He nods his head before turning back to his friends. You make your way to the counter, where a small, thin woman is standing. She looks rather strange, you have to admit. Her skin is a light shade of grey, with a series of darker tattoos around the edge of her face. Her head is completely shaven, save for a long and thick ponytail of black hair that reaches all the way from the top of her head to all the way down her back. Her ears are slightly pointed in a very similar way to Urbosa's, and are pierced with silver hoops. Her violet eyes watch you closely. There's a golden pendant around her neck, and Urbosa makes a note about it.
"Huh...that symbol is my tribe's emblem..." she murmurs as she takes a closer look at it. "Where'd you get it from?"
"I'm here to sell phones," she sneers, "not waste time talking about jewellery!" Lloyd looks up from a pair of headphones he's inspecting.
"Violet?" he asks. "Is!"
"Who do 'ya think, Lloyd?!" she snaps.
"[Y/N]," he starts. "This is...Violet. She was one of my dad's generals." She rolls her eyes before turning to you.
"What do you want? BorgPhone X? BorgBook Air?"
"Actually," you begin as you take out your totalled phone from your pocket and set it on the counter. "I was wondering if you'd mind repairing this." Her eyes widen at the screen.
"Did a car run over it?" she frowns. "What the fuck did this?!"
"My father stepped on it," Urbosa admits. She looks around before leaning in towards you.
"Tell you what," she declares. "That phone's outdated. I'll take the data from this old thing and transfer it to any phone you choose. Free of charge."
"Free of charge?" you repeat. "It's okay, I can pay for it-"
"No," she decides. "I'm on this stupid community service thing that was mandated by the court. I'd rather be back in Kryptarium Prison than deal with another customer asking me what the difference between the colours on the BorgPhone 5C is."
"I have a 5C," Lloyd grins. "You can't find phone cases for it anywhere!"
"I'll get an X," you decide. Violet smirks.
"May as well go all out, eh?" she decides. "Do you want a new phone too, Miss?"
"I...uh..." Urbosa looks around. "Sure."
"I'll get you all phones!" she cackles before turning around the screen in front of her so it's facing the three of you. "Get your friends over there, m'kay?"
"Hey!" Lloyd shouts. "Mario!"
"Get Link and come here! Violet's giving us free phones!"

The five of you crowd around the screen. There's a whole bunch of different phones displayed on the screen, all with different colours. You have to admit, all of them look pretty cool.
"What colour do you all want?"
"I'll have a red phone, please," Mario responds.
"Hmm...that pink one looks nice," Urbosa decides.
"Green!" Lloyd can barely stop jumping.
"I like the blue one," Link whispers.
"How about a gold for you?" Violet asks you.
"Sure," you respond. She takes your phone in her hands.
"I'll have them all out here in five," she offers. She walks through the back door. Mario turns to Lloyd.
"Is this legal?" he asks him.
"I know the CEO of Borg Industries," he assures the plumber. "I'll shoot him the money once I get the phone."
"Are these phones as glorious as you Ninjagians make them out to be?" Urbosa inquires.
"I'd be lying if I said Ninjago could live without their phones." Lloyd turns to the hallway of the mall, where people are roaming around. Lots of people are chatting on their phones, scrolling through apps and whatnot. "It's amazing what you can do with them. You can talk to anyone in the world with the press of a button. And you can browse Chirp for cat memes. Cat memes..." He sighs and gives the rest of you a smile.
The door whacks open again, and Violet comes out with five bags with the Borg Industries logo, a rather techno-looking 'C' in blue, printed on them. She hands each bag to you.
"I've thrown in everything I can think of," she smirks. "I say stick 'em to the big bad corporations! We need more money towards the things that matter in Ninjago."
"Thank you for your generosity," Urbosa smiles back. "I'm sure these will be put to good use." Violet frantically looks around again before leaning in and grabbing the collar of your gi. There's fear in her eyes.
"He's watching me, Princess," she whispers. "He knows that I've betrayed him."
"How'd you know I was a-"
"Who's watching you?" Lloyd asks her with a frown. She lets go of you and then runs into the back counter, slamming the door shut behind her and running off.
"What was that all about?" Mario shrugs his shoulders at Urbosa's question.
"I'm gonna buy some snacks," he decides.
"Sounds like a plan," Lloyd agrees. "You coming, Link?" The Hylian is watching the door in disbelief.
"Link?" Urbosa whispers to him. He nods his head and follows the other two wordlessly out of the store.
"Let's go," you tell her.

After heading out of the phone store, you find a stationary shop filled with all sorts of new notebooks, pens, pencils, markers and novelty items. You're considering walking past it, but you ultimately decide against it once you find Urbosa staring inside in awe.
"May I?" she inquires. You nod your head, and she walks into the store. She brushes her hand over a few eccentric covers and stops at one with a dolphin on the cover. It's almost as if she's never seen a dolphin in her entire life! She picks it up and almost immediately heads over to the counter.
"Do you need a pen?" you inquire. She nods her head before picking up a rather fancy-looking pen that has rhinestones embedded into it.
"I think this will do," she assures you. She then proceeds towards the counter. You decide to pick up a few things of your own, including a few notebooks, a sketchbook, some pencils, a handful of pens, two packs of coloured pencils, a sharpener and a pencil case. "Why do you need two packets of those?"
"I was going to give them to Bowser Jnr and Saria," you explain.
"I see," she agrees. "That's quite the thoughtful idea!"
"Yeah," you smile. "They're children...and I don't think they should have to deal with a bunch of adults fighting and arguing all the time."
"I'll tell you...I hate when people fight," she murmurs. "It's an awful feeling to be sitting in the same room as someone who's fighting tooth and bone to try and prove some petty point."
"I wish people didn't really fight either," you sigh.

Your next stop is a supermarket. As you walk in, you're met with a display of fruits and vegetables, as well as breads and other bakery goods. You take another trolley and point to the aisles.
"There should be soap and shampoo and stuff over there," you explain. She nods her head, and the two of you begin to walk over to the tenth aisle, where all of the toiletries are. You take a bottle of shampoo and its respective bottle of conditioner before putting it at the bottom of your trolley. You grab some soap, a toothbrush, some toothpaste and a hairbrush before putting them all in. You also opt for a pack of hair ties. Urbosa copies you with the things she puts into the trolley. Kylee and Corky wave at you from near the hair dye section. "Should we go say hello?"
"I don't see why not," she agrees. And with that, the two of you head over to where they're standing.
"Hey!" Kylee beams. "Having fun?"
"Yeah," you smile. "We got new phones on the house."
"Holy shit," she mutters.
"Does this match your hair?" Corky holds up a vivid blue hair dye in Kylee's direction.
"Why do you need to dye it the same colour?" Urbosa asks her.
"I've gotta touch up my roots," Kylee explains. She runs her hands through her hair and parts the hair in a way so that you can see a natural dark brown colour underneath. "I've also gotta get some bleach so the colour comes out nicely. And enough conditioner to grease up a factory! This shit ain't nice on your hair..."
"What else have you got?" you ask her.
"Zelda's taking the rest of our stuff back to the ship," she explains. "I'm just getting a few little bits and pieces." You lean into Kylee's ear.
"Do you think they have...stuff for periods?" you whisper to her. She shrugs her shoulders.
"You won't believe this," she whispers back, "but none of the Hyruleans have even heard of...ahem...certain products for that time of the month." Your eyes widen.
"We need to buy them some," you declare. "I can't believe they don't know!"
"Well..." she admits, "to be fair, where I'm from, they're from a medieval-themed game. I doubt they had that sort of stuff back in the day."

After the trolley is packed with enough pads to last a lifetime, you and Kylee walk to the checkout with red faces. Urbosa and Corky are behind you, the former who's confused as to why you're quick to usher the packets onto the conveyor belt.
"Why are you embarrassed about them?" she asks.
"It's for something we call Shark Week back home," Kylee responds. She raises an eyebrow as Garmadon and Bowser appear within your line of sight. They're outside the supermarket. Bowser spots you and nudges Garmadon's arm. The two of them stare at you with stupid smirks on their faces.
"We ain't ever gonna live this down..." Kylee mutters as she buries her face into her hands. She turns to the cashier. "I'll give you ten bucks as a tip if you can speed things up, okay?"
"Y-yes, ma'am," he stutters. You shake your head at Garmadon as he stops Lloyd, Link and Mario, who are now standing there as well. You can see what Lloyd's shouting.
"Dude!" he yells. "Are those snacks or something?"
"Oh my lord..." Kylee mutters as you throw your open palm at your face. "I think I'm going to have to teach them all what periods are." She pays for everything in the trolley before you have the chance to pull out your purse. "Fuckin' boys..."
"Oh!" Urbosa exclaims in an awfully loud voice. "So that's what they're for!"
Everyone in the store turns towards you.
You want to curl up in a ball and die.

After what seems like the longest walk in history, you all finally make it outside of the mall. The others are waiting on the deck of the Destiny's Bounty. Well, most of them are. You can't see Ganondorf.
Good, you tell yourself. I don't need any more chaos.
"How'd you all go?" Misako inquires. Her eyes widen at Kylee's purchase. She recomposes herself and nods her head. "Alright. I'm going to send down a large basket so we can get all of that on-board. One trolley's worth at a time!" You watch as she presses a button near the deck. A large, metal basket that's the size of one trolley, and which is attached to metal chains, is lowered onto the ground. It hits the ground with a clink noise, and Kylee immediately starts unpacking the trolley of toiletries into the basket. The sun is beginning to set over the horizon.
"It's only five," Corky decides. "Winter, am I right?" She nervously laughs. Once the basket is full and the trolley is empty, Misako presses the button again. The basket is lifted up into the air. Kylee proceeds to climb up the ladder.
"We all finished our shopping early," you tell her.
"Yeah," she agrees. "Where do you think we're going next?"
"I don't know," you admit. Lloyd points over to the distant desert, where a lump of sand is shifting.
"What's that?" he frowns. Urbosa squints at it.
As a rather ugly-looking creature bursts out from the sands and roars, her eyes widen.
"Molduga!" Zelda shrieks from the deck.
"We'd better kill it before it brings harm to this marketplace," Urbosa decides. She reaches for her sheathed scimitar and her rather intricate shield. She begins to charge into the desert.
"What on Earth is that thing?!" you frown. The shark-like creature dives into the sand and begins to swim towards her.
"I dunno," Bowser admits, "but it's getting close-"
You watch in horror as Urbosa is flung through the air by its wide jaw.
"Argh!" she screams.
"Urbosa!" Bowser shouts. He begins to bolt as fast as he can towards the vile creature. Its teeth are like daggers. You shudder at it.
"Pack faster!" Misako exclaims as the basket is lowered back onto the ground.