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【 Hackergirl (ハッカーガール) 】 [ LEGO Ninjago x Legend of Zelda x Super Mario x Reader ]

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The rest of the night was a haze. Paramedics had all lined up outside in order to take blood tests and determine who'd been affected by the spiked drink. Thankfully, Corky had relayed the wrong message, and it was a bottle that nobody had ordered in the group. You remember Garmadon finding you crying on the couch, but that's about it. You're back in your room on the Destiny's Bounty. The first rays of a new day's sunlight stream in through your window. Corky's busy flying around and making sure that everyone's okay. There's moaning and groaning outside your room from everyone who had more than their fair share of drinks.
"Last night was shit," Bowser mutters to Nya. "Glad we didn't get into that stuff. Where's Pauline?"
"She's getting everyone coffee," she responds. "Helps with the hangovers." She pauses for a moment. "We're in so much trouble for letting Lloyd and [Y/N] slip in."
"Where is Lloyd?"
"I don't know, Bowser. I was about to ask you the same thing."
Their footsteps get quieter as they walk away from your door.
You can't help but think about how awful last night was. First, the two murders. And then that Oni. And then the whole nightclub fiasco. You've never wanted to go home more than ever.
You want to cry again.

- - -

"[Y/N]?" Zelda wheedles. "Please come out."
Knock, knock, knock.
"It's quite nice outside!" Peach offers.
"No," you mumble.
Knock, knock, knock.
"We're gonna be in Ignacia at any time now," Nya decides. "Sensei Wu wants to make sure that you're alright."
"I'm fine," you tell her. "I'm just tired." You can hear a couple of footsteps.
"What happened to her last night, Lloyd?" Zelda frowns.
"Something happened on the way up to the city," he sighs. "The train stopped, an Oni possessed Mipha and made her stab the two train operators to death...said Oni tried to strangle [Y/N] to death-" Several gasps from the three cut Lloyd short.
"That sounds awful!" Peach frowns.
"I think the other three would've told Uncle Wu by now," he decides.
"What about inside The Spilt Tea?" Nya queries.
"I overheard the conversation." Peach pauses for a moment to yawn. "Kylee...she ordered herself and Nabooru a rather inappropriately-sized drink...and then Nabooru gave it to [Y/N]...but then Ganondorf stole it off her because he thought it was too dangerous for her..."
"Sounds like a rough night," Nya decides. "Lloyd...why didn't you stay with her?"
"I saw Skylor," he protests. "And the Sage of Light."
"Really?!" Zelda gasps.
"Yeah. I don't quite know her identity yet, but I do know that it's gonna be hard to get her to cooperate. She nearly stabbed my dad when he tried to take off her mask."
"What's going on, you four?" Urbosa asks.
"We're trying to get [Y/N] out of her room," Zelda responds. "She didn't have a great night from what Lloyd and Peach have told me." You hear another knock on your door.
"I'll have a talk with her," she offers. "You go off and make sure to tell Wu everything you know. I don't want the poor girl in any more trouble." The door opens, and Urbosa pokes her head into the room.

"Do you want to talk about it?"
You don't answer.
She heads into the room and closes the door behind her so that she doesn't startle you. She then takes a seat on the end of your bed. You sit upright and try to look away. You're ashamed you even thought of going.
Stupid! you hiss at yourself in your head. Stupid, stupid, stupid!
"I...I'm sorry," you murmur.
"It's not your fault," she assures you. "From what I've been told, you were only looking out for everyone."
"Is he alright?"
You remain quiet.
She seems to understand who you're talking about. "He's sleeping. I can only imagine a drink that stupid would give someone a migraine." You giggle at her words a bit. You're already feeling a bit better with Urbosa around. You look out the window and find yourself staring out at the cliff-like plateaus and hills of Ignacia. "I aunt did something very shameful last night, and she didn't have nearly as much to drink as he did."
"Can you tell him I said thanks?" you ask. Her face falls.
"We aren't exactly on the best terms with each other at the moment, Princess," she sighs. "I can take you to his room if you want." You wordlessly stand up and slide out of your bed.
"I know where his room is," you assure him. "Thank you, Urbosa."
"Any time, Princess."

It doesn't take long before you're standing at his door. You take a peek through a tiny crack in the middle of the door. Ganondorf's no longer asleep (as Urbosa had suggested), but rather awake. He's lying flat on his back and mumbling a few incoherent sentences to himself. You curl your hand into a fist and give the door a gentle knock.
"What?" he blurts out.
"Can I come in?" you ask.
"Can you?" You roll your eyes at his nasty remark before wrapping your fingers around the doorknob and twisting it open. As you push it open, you're met with the same stench from the nightclub. You can see him there, all curled up on his tiny bed with his arms wrapped around his stomach. Beads of sweat dot his forehead, and he's shivering every once in a while.
"You don't look too good," you tell him.
"Don't ever let me drink something that stupid bitch orders again," he mutters. You clasp your hands together and look down at the floor.
"Thank you for last night," you respond. His eyes widen.
"I didn't sleep with you, did I?!" he exclaims.
"No, no..." you assure him. "You killed that Oni that was trying to kill me, remember?" He lets out a sigh of relief.
"Thank Din," he murmurs before pulling his blankets closer to his body. "You had me worried there for a second. Is that all you're here for, sweetheart?"
"I'll ask Nya if there's anything for your headache."
"How'd you know?"
"The others won't shut up about it." And with that, you spin around and head off to find Nya.

You make your way to the bridge, where Nya's piloting the Destiny's Bounty. Pauline's handing out cups of coffee and rather greasy-looking burgers to everyone, while Cole's passing everyone painkillers.
"Oh!" Pauline gasps. "I didn't know you came!"
"She and Lloyd snuck away from Mom and Dad," Nya explains. "And Wu sent Ganondorf to keep an eye on them."
"Well...I ordered enough for everyone," she assures her before handing you a coffee and a burger. "Corky ordered a flat white with sugar, but she's gone off to help Garmadon and Bowser with something. Do you think you could find her?"
"Actually...I don't think Ganondorf is doing too well." The others look up from what they're doing. "Is there anything I can take down to him?"
"Well," Nya decides as she takes a swig from her cup of coffee, "take down a coffee and a burger for him. And some ibuprofen. It should help with the headache." You can feel a light thud on your feet. "We're here. I'm gonna go and take a nap."

- - -

Wu and Misako look rather disappointed at everyone as you all gather around the blacksmithing shop. Ray and Maya are working on a few swords. Bowser Jnr and Saria are sitting underneath a tree as they chat to Ronin, Mipha and Daruk. You know that Ganondorf is still on board, and from Lloyd, Corky and Birdie's absences, you can determine that they're on board as well.
"Show-offs," Bowser mumbles underneath his breath.
"Last night was supposed to be a mission to seek Ninjago's Sage of Light," Wu snaps, "not a party!"
"Y'know what?" Nabooru frowns as she crosses her arms across her chest. "You watch all your friends die and then try to keep a straight face!" Wu sighs and shakes his head.
"You have not gone without being noticed by the public eye," he decides. "Ninjago's impression of you lot is not one that any of you should be proud of. Perhaps you have all forgotten what is at stake here, hmm? Do any of you know what tried to kill Princess [Y/N] last night? Were any of you there to prevent it?"
"Lloyd was, Sensei-" Wu throws a dirty look at Cole.
"You all play a part in training and guiding Princess [Y/N] to her true potential." He points back to the Bounty. "We will be travelling north to Jamanakai, where my monastery lies. It's about time you all learnt some discipline. Now thank Ray and Maya for their hospitality, and board the ship. We leave in ten." Most people mumble their thanks and head straight back for the ship. You walk over to Ray and Maya, who are still working on the swords.
"Thank you for making my shoulder armour," you respond.
"If you need anything else," Ray tells you, "then get Nya to give us a call. We're happy to help out any time."
"I will," you smile.
And with that, you take one final moment to bid farewell to the peaceful village of Ignacia.

- - -

You're heading to the floor your bedroom is on when you spot the bathroom door swinging open. "[Y/N]!" you hear Ganondorf hiss. You watch as his head pokes out from behind the wall. His hair is visibly darker. A lot of it hangs down loosely, weighed down by the water. Small droplets of water run down his face.
"My clothes have gone missing!" You hide a snort. "This isn't a joke!"
"Are there any towels in there?" you ask him.
"Only a hand towel," he mutters as he holds up a regular-sized towel. You can't help but laugh at how silly he's being.
"I finished washing and drying your clothes!" Corky's chirpy voice trills from behind you. You watch as the Bonneter flies in front of you. His clothes are clean and neatly folded on top of her head. "Urbosa said that you were allergic to sunflowers, so I had to skip the fabric softener, but-"
"Allergic to sunflowers," you repeat. "That's...oddly specific." He frowns at the two of you before snatching his clothes and slamming the door shut. "What's gotten him in a mood?" Corky shrugs her shoulders.
"I caught him writing in a journal, and now he's convinced that I'm going to tell everyone." She begins to smirk. "Guess he's right!" The speaker hisses with feedback before Wu's voice graces everyone's ears.
"Everyone, please report to the deck for a briefing."
"We'd better do what the old coot says," Corky decides.

The Sun is beginning to rise as everyone walks out onto the deck. Wu has Mario's red cap in his hands. Bowser Jnr and Saria are busy writing down names on tiny slips of paper and putting them into the cap. "And that's twenty-two names, Sensei!" Junior squeaks with a big smile on his face.
"Well done, Junior," he praises.
"What's this?" Lloyd asks.
"We have decided to split into two groups for today's activities," Wu explains as Misako moves through the crowd and stands next to him. "For the first half of the day, you will either be helping Misako with errands or training with me. And for the second half of the day, you will be swapping over. I'd like for my group to stand to the left, and for Misako's group to stand to the right. Saria, would you mind holding onto the hat?"
"Of course not, Sensei!" she assures him. She holds it in her hands, and Wu draws a name.
"Bowser, it looks like you will be training with me for the first half of the day." Without a word, the Koopa heads next to Wu. Misako reaches into the hat and pulls out a name.
"Daruk?" she calls out. "Who's that?" From the back, the Goron gives her a wave.
"Here!" he shouts. While he walks over to her, Wu takes two names.
"Link and Urbosa." The two walk next to Bowser, who gives Urbosa a big grin.
"H-hey, it's cool we're working together!" he grins. Urbosa smiles to herself and shakes her head. Misako picks out two more names.
"Peach and Bowser Jnr."
"Aw!" the little Koopa wails. "But I wanted to train with Dad!" He slumps over to Daruk. "At least I'm with another cool guy!"
"Ha ha!" he chuckles as he ruffles Junior's hair. "I'll take care of 'ya, little brother!" Wu unfolds two more names.
"Kylee and [Y/N]."
"Cool!" Kylee beams. "At least I'm with someone I know." You can't help but notice Birdie's jealous expression as you go to stand with Urbosa.
Hopefully she's with me, too, you tell yourself. Misako looks up from the two more pieces of paper she has.
"Birdena and Nabooru."
Shit, you add on. Birdie stomps over to where the others are standing. Wu notices it, too.
"Do you have a problem with our activities, Birdena?" he asks.
"I'm supposed to be Princess [Y/N]'s knight," she mutters. He unfolds the two pieces of paper in his hands.
"Lloyd and Corky."
"Cool!" you accidentally blurt out loud. Birdie gives you a glare that's quite uncharacteristic of her. Nabooru looks around before whispering something into her ear. Birdie shakes her head and turns away.
"Don't mind her," Urbosa assures you. "I think she's feeling a bit jealous."
"Hey, where's Ganondorf?" Lloyd asks as he stands next to you and Link.
"Dunno," Kylee responds.
"Getting dressed, I think," Corky explains.
"I see." She and the rest of you watch as Misako takes another two names.
"Pauline and Nya."
"Hey!" Nya beams as she stands with Peach.
"Zelda and Mario," Wu reads. "Misako, take four more names this time."
"Okay," she agrees. She pulls out four names from the hat. "Saria, Ronin, Mipha and..."
"Please be me..." Cole says with his fingers crossed. "Please be me..."
"Cole." Misako smiles as Cole pumps his fists in the air.
"Yeah!" he grins. "I'm with you, angel cake!" He runs over to Nabooru and wraps his arms around her. Lloyd points his finger in his mouth and makes a gagging noise. Urbosa hides a laugh.
"I suppose that leaves Ganondorf and I with you, brother," Garmadon tells Wu.
"Where is Ganondorf?" Wu frowns. The door slams open, and you watch as Ganondorf stumbles out.
"What in the name of Din is in your kitchen?!" he roars. You watch as the head of a brown-feathered chicken pops its head out.
"Oh, it's a Cucco!" Zelda giggles. "Ganondorf, are you scared of them?"
"N-no!" he lies. The chicken clucks, and he shoots it a glare.
"It electrocuted me!" he hisses.
"Ah, yes." Wu nods his head. "This particular breed of Cucco are indigenous to Jamanakai. They're quite the shock for someone who hasn't seen them before."
"Literally!" Cole adds. Everyone begins to laugh, and you can't help but join in.
"His name is Fridge," Nya decides as she scoops the chicken up in her arms. He pecks at her hair. "We called him that because he likes the refrigerator at the monastery-"
"Look!" Zelda exclaims. "Is that the monastery?!"

Everyone heads towards the left edge of the Destiny's Bounty to take a look at the building at the top of a grand-looking mountain. The building itself has a hexagonal shape to it. The back three walls appear to house several rooms, verandas and patios, while the front three walls look like they're there for protection purposes. All of these walls have an off-white colour. In the centre of the building is a large bricked courtyard with a golden dragon statue in the centre. The black rooves look pristine, while the heavy wooden door at the front of the building has black, red and gold paint on it. It's amazing to look at.
"So that's the Monastery of Spinjitzu..." Peach whispers.
"Why are we going to fight in a place of supposed peace?" Ganondorf snaps.
"Not fight," Wu assures him. "Train." He turns to the rest of the group. "Come, my pupils. We have much to do before one o'clock this afternoon."
"Did you have to wake us up at six?" Lloyd mutters as the Bounty hovers over the courtyard.
"It's your own fault for staying up until twelve!" Wu snaps back. "Now, do you remember Airjitzu? Show me!" Lloyd mumbles something under his breath before stepping onto the railing and doing a somersault off. Several people scream as he falls through the air. Just before he hits the ground, though, he's engulfed by a green tinted bubble. You watch as he begins to fly upwards in the air. A tornado is beneath his feet. Everyone's watching on in horror, awe and confusion.
"Can we learn that?" Zelda inquires.
"Not everyone has the ability to perform these sacred martial arts," Wu admits. "I will be seeing which of you can at least use Spinjitzu. It's quite the useful skill."
"Yeah!" Nya adds. "It's super cool!"
"Jay learnt it first," Cole explains.
"Have fun learning!" she tells Wu's group. "It's not easy!"