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【 Hackergirl (ハッカーガール) 】 [ LEGO Ninjago x Legend of Zelda x Super Mario x Reader ]

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You arrive at the edge of a pond. Colourful koi with a variety of shimmering scales in orange, black and silver swim. The pond is lined with dark grey pebbles and soft blades of pond grass. Wu takes a seat on the bank of the pond. He ushers you to do the same, and so you sit down. He crosses his legs, places his staff on the ground and turns to face you.
"For a long time, the Sixteen Realms have been a place of peace," he explains. "My father always believed in balance. Unfortunately, balance does not always equate to an absence of evil in a man's heart. For every pure soul in this world, an equal and opposite soul of corruption lies in another place."
"I see," you respond in a polite voice. He closes his eyes.
"Your powers cancel one another out due to their opposite and balanced nature." You listen to every word he says with the utmost attention. "It will take many months of training, many battles fought and dedication like no other to unlock your true potential and unearth these powers. It will also take the help of others in order to guide you on your journey. No hero should ever have to walk alone to achieve peace in the world."
"How does that piece of work fit in to all of this?" you frown.
"Although they historically have a reputation of thievery and dishonesty," he divulges, "the Gerudo are a tribe whose roots can be traced back to the sky, just like the Piantas can be traced back to the mountains and the Oni can be traced back to the vacuums of outer space. When combined with the Oni blood that runs through his veins, Ganondorf is what I would call balanced...although his mind certainly isn't."
"I doubt he wants to help us," you mutter.

With Wu now silent, you're left to sit and stare at the pond. The koi lazily swimming about are peaceful to look at. Their scales shimmer under the dying Sun. You could watch them all day if you wanted to.
"May we join you, Sensei?" a high-pitched voice asks from behind you.
"Yes, Nya and Cole."
You have no idea how Wu even knew the latter was there. But as you turn your head, he's standing there.
"The past few days have been filled with tragedy and loss," Wu continues. "I commend you for coming here to clear your head."
"I'm worried about Lloyd," Cole admits. Nya sits down on your right. "I mean...he's lost his best friend. And we all know how he is when someone close to him goes missing."
"Then come and meditate with me," he instructs. Cole obliges and takes a seat to Wu's left. "Close your eyes, my students, and feel the gentle breeze of the Ignacian wind on the back of your neck." You decide to follow through with his request, and you shut your eyes. You can't really feel a breeze on the back of your neck. "Feel the warmth of the ground beneath you, and the cool of the pond before you."
My butt is frozen, you assure him in thought, thank you very much!
"Feel the life force of the land fill your lungs...and let your built-up energy release in an exhale." You take a deep breath in before slowly breathing out.
It is quite calming, you have to admit. After this, Wu is silent once more. You decide to take in another breath of the crisp, cool air. In...out. In...out.

- - -

You find yourself sitting in a new world. The pond is no longer here. The grass is greener and more lush. The buttercups look much happier. Large columns of stone float proud in the air. You can see three figures standing in a triangle formation. You notice that their arms are outstretched towards three golden triangles that float around in the air.
"Welcome, child of [M/N]."
They continue their otherworldly chant as these triangles float around in the air.
"Who are you?" you ask.
"We are the Deities of Light," the man explains to you. "And you are the Sun."
"The Sun?" you frown.
"Yes," one of the two women confirms. "You are the chosen hero of the Sixteen Realms. You are the one the Realms have chosen that will blind the Overlord with the light that runs through your veins."
"And with the power within, you shall also be the one that will crush him into the Ethereal Divide." The other voice takes you aback. You watch as they all turn around. All of them are splitting images of Peach, Zelda and Wu...except for some subtle differences. The one resembling Peach has pale blonde hair, with a large side fringe covering one eye. She's dressed in a turquoise, cloak-like dress with a star on the bodice. Her left hand grips tightly around a tiny wand-like instrument with another star attached to the end. The Zelda lookalike has calmer eyes and her hair is shorter, although it still reaches halfway down her back. A blindfold covers her eyes. She's dressed in pure white. In her right hand, she carries a golden lute. As for the man who has a striking resemblance to Wu, the only way you can't really confirm is by the fact that his face is glowing so brightly that you can't make out any of its features. He carries a bamboo staff made of gold in both of his hands.
"The Light Deities..." you murmur. "You must be Rosalina...and Hylia...and Yin!"
"You would be correct," the man confirms.

The three do not lose their concentration over the ritual they appear to be undertaking. Yin speaks, however.
"It will take a while before your control is strong enough to physically enter this place of peace and rest." He glances over to you for a moment before continuing his part of the spell. "You must conquer the perils that lie ahead and reawaken the Sages, as well as escorting the Champions to their Divine Beasts." Hylia turns over to you and begins to speak for a moment.
"You must not face these trials alone, [Y/N]. You must allow yourself to forgive the man who has caused setback and torment."
"As he is the one who has the power to re-contain the three Oni Warlords within those who possess great power," Yin adds.
"And you shall contain us within the souls of those who are wise beyond their years," Rosalina pipes in.
"We shall cast a protective spell over those of you the Sixteen Realms have chosen," Hylia informs you. "This spell will cast over even the farthest reaches. No matter where you lie in the Sixteen Realms, as long as you are not in close proximity of the Overlord's black magic, you shall all be safe. However, it may not last forever. Nothing lasts forever."
"You must remind those around you of who they are," Yin tells you. "Remind my sons...and my grandson...that Ninjago's future depends on them. Now. Let us use the Triforce for its intended purpose!"
The three disappear into lights. These lights circle around the golden triangles. You watch as each light slams into a triangle. The three triangles align to form a much larger triangle. Within the centre, a fourth piece begins to form. It cracks into two. The other pieces split into three.
The world goes black.

- - -

By the time you open your eyes again, the other three are gone. You clutch at your chest.
It's just a dream, [Y/N], you tell yourself. Just a dream.
You notice that the Shine Sprite symbol on your hand is glowing brightly. You hold it up and frown. "What?" you murmur. "But I-" You stand up and notice that everyone's camped out the front of the house as they eat some takeaway and chat.
Maybe you're hungry, you decide.
You head over to the front of the Eastern-style house. Groups of four are crowded around crates. Almost everyone is silent while they dig into their food. Cole, out of all people, certainly appears to be enjoying his meal. The back of your hand is still pulsing with light like a beacon. You shove it into the pocket of your trouser and take a seat at the crate where Lloyd, Garmadon and Wu are all sitting.
"Is it okay if I join?" you inquire. Wu begins to speak.
"Misako's coming-"
"Let the girl sit here," Garmadon glowers at him. You take the seat opposite Wu, who's now glaring at you.
Great, you mutter in thought. First Ganondorf, and now Sensei Wu? Mother of Rosalina!
"Thank you, Garmadon." You give the Oni a smile. "I think I had a dream. A vision, if you will."
"Ooh!" Lloyd leans in closer. "Sounds interesting. What was it about?"
"I saw the Light Deities," you explain. "And the Triforce. They were talking to me about what I have to do...y'know, to save the Sixteen Realms. And he said that Ninjago's future relies on you three."
"Who, [Y/N]?" Wu asks, still rather annoyed.
"Yin," you answer. Garmadon raises his silver eyebrows.
"Our father!" he exclaims. "Did he say anything else?"
"Well...most of it was mumbo jumbo about how have to work together with that asshole to stop the Overlord from whatever it is he wants to do. And that we should start by rescuing the other Sages and Champions."
"Have you any idea where they are?" Wu inquires.
"They didn't say," you admit. "I...woke up."
"Hey," Lloyd assures you. "We'll find 'em all."
"It doesn't help that Birdie's run away," you mumble. "If only there was something that could help us find them!"
"Six o'clock." Garmadon takes a rather fierce bite out of his chicken drumstick and points behind you. You turn your head around.

The Hylian princess takes a seat next to you with her plate. "Hello, [Y/N]," she smiles. "I overheard your conversation, and I couldn't help but think...we have something that can track them down!"
"Really?" you ask.
"Well...not exactly, I'm afraid. But we can search for Sage Medallions."
"That doesn't find the Sages," Garmadon frowns.
"I have a feeling that they are not on their own," she assures him. "Before I left Hyrule, I decided to scan all of the Hyrulean Sage Medallions with a special device of mine. It's called the Sheikah Slate." She holds out a stone-looking tablet with a glowing case. It forms an eye shape...the same symbol you've seen on Impa's clothing. "The thing is, not all of the Sage Medallions are do I put this realm or time."
"You mean we'll have to travel to the past and the future?" Lloyd frowns.
"That would require the Time Blades," Wu decides. "My team can procure them, Zelda. Is there anything else we need?"
"Something that can bring us across the realms," she explains. "There is one way we can travel to the place where your Kai is, but it requires one to commit suicide-"
"Nobody will be killing themselves to enter my realm," Garmadon snaps. He turns to a rather high hill in the distance. "Do you not know Ninjago's stories about dragons?"
"Hate to burst your bubble," Lloyd adds, "but they can cross between realms."
"And where would we find a dragon around here?" Zelda demands, crossing her arms. Lloyd narrows his eyes at her before turning towards Garmadon.
"Dad...are you up for another banishment to the Underworld?"
"I'm disappointed in you, son-"
"Are there any in today's current time and realm that we're missing?" you ask her.
"Yes. One."

Zelda holds out her Sheikah Slate. You find a topographical map of what you can only presume is Ninjago. The two islands, that take on the shape of dragons, resemble the yin and yang symbol. You can only presume the one you aren't on to be the Island of Darkness. You notice that at the eastern coast lies a series of icons. "In fact, Ninjago's Sage of Light is in the centre of New Ninjago City, along with your friend."
"Two Sages of Light at a nightclub?" Lloyd frowns. "Why would they be hanging around that new club that Skylor and Turner are running?"
"A nightclub, you say?" you ask. You've only ever seen them in movies starring Pauline, but you doubt that Birdie wouldn't want to party in that way. "Birdie definitely would."
"I've been dying to meet him...or her," he admits. "Our Sage of Light, I mean." He turns around to where Cole is arm-wrestling with Bowser, who you hadn't really seen around.
"How'd he get here?" you frown.
"I dunno," he whispers, "but it's starting to creep me out. He always knows where we are!"
"I'll give Skylor a call," Garmadon offers. "Lloyd, go and find some people who want to go with you."
"With me?" he scoffs. "Who said was going?" Garmadon screws up his face and puts on a mocking imitation of Lloyd's high-pitched voice.
"I'm dying to meet him or her!" he mimics. Lloyd grumbles something underneath his breath before turning to Zelda.
"You know a lot about this," he mutters.
"I'll be happy to help you," she assures him.
"I can go too-"
"No, [Y/N]," Wu argues. "In Ninjago, the legal age to enter a nightclub or a bar is twenty-one. You are too young."
"But Zelda looks like she's seventeen!" you protest.
"A hundred and seventeen, thank you very much." Lloyd hides a snicker at Zelda's remark.
You cross your arms over your chest. "Who's going to stay here with me, then?"
"We'll draw straws," Lloyd decides. "Shortest straw has to babysit Princess [Y/N], Saria and Bowser Jnr!"
"I'm not a child!" you snap. "And besides, my friend's the same age!"
"Ninjagian law decrees you are," Garmadon smirks. "And the law doesn't apply to people who aren't visually human."
"Visually human..." you scoff.
"Hey!" his son hollers at everyone else. "We're headed to find the Ninjagian Sage of Light at that new nightclub in the city! Loser has to stay behind and look after Miss Chosen One here. Get your straws, guys!"
"I will stay behind," Misako offers from behind you all. "And so will you. You're underage, Lloyd Garmadon."
"Mom!" Lloyd groans. Misako pinches his ear and pulls his head up to her. "Ow!"
"Cole and Nya deserve a night off," she mutters into his ear. "And besides, you need to train her, seeing as your father and uncle are incapable of doing so!" You can already see the others running towards the Destiny's Bounty.
"I shall stay behind," Wu agrees, remaining in his seat. "Zelda, you have the Sheikah Slate. You should guide them."
"I'll make sure they don't drink," she promises. He hands her a brooch that looks like a hawk. She pins it to her blouse in a discreet place.
"I can see them...even when they don't think I can." And with that, Zelda turns and strides over to the Destiny's Bounty. There's chattering and laughter and all sorts of jokes being shared on-board.
"We'd better clean this mess up before Ray and Maya faint from the thought of extra work," Misako admits. You watch in disdain as the Destiny's Bounty begins to fly up in the air.
"They'd better not drink and fly," Wu murmurs.
"Why don't you go and see how Ray and Maya are going along with your armour and scabbard?" she suggests. "We'll make sure that Bowser Jnr and Saria are in bed."
"Is it just us here?" you inquire. Lloyd shakes his head.
"Dunno why Ganondorf didn't go," he decides. You frown.
"I wonder."