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【 Hackergirl (ハッカーガール) 】 [ LEGO Ninjago x Legend of Zelda x Super Mario x Reader ]

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Time: 11:30 AM, Eastern Ninjago Standard Time
Location: The Ninjago Museum of History, New Ninjago City
Subject/s: Princess [Y/N] [L/N]
Motives: Good

You've returned to the group as fast as you can. Birdie hasn't followed you. You wish that she could be here by your side...
"[Y/N]!" Ganondorf shouts. "Get your head out of the clouds!"
You snap back into reality to be met with a thousand stares. You realise that you're holding the Sword of the Shine Sprites against his neck.
How did I get here? you ask yourself. You don't even remember climbing up and holding the sword against his neck. You jump down from his back, mumble an apology to him and try to find somewhere to put the sword.
You wish you had a sheath for it or something.
"Now, you mustn't touch anything in the next room," Misako warns the others. "We've been working hard to preserve some of these artefacts for years, and a single touch from the bare skin of a hand may render some of these unfixable." She carefully opens the door and ushers the rest of you inside.

You find that you're in a room with red walls. The ceiling is high and there are multiple vents running around the room. There's a series of artefacts lined up on marble benches, ranging from pots to paintings. There's a few people dressed in white lab coats and neat dress pants sitting up on stools, carefully piecing together old maps, ancient scrolls and whatnot. Link eyes the pots rather greedily, and Zelda slaps his outstretched hand. He winces; she glares at him.
"Professor Garmadon!" one of the people exclaims. "When's our test on preservation?" Misako presses her thin-rimmed glasses to the bridge of her nose.
"It's next week," she responds. "I'd have it this week, but none of you are close to finishing."
"Cool," another student mumbles. Misako walks to the other end of the room, where a door with at least fifteen locks, lies. She takes a series of keys from her pocket and proceeds to unlock them in a particular order. As she does so, Cole leans in towards you.
"We promise she isn't mean," he whispers in your ear. "She's just strict about her work."
"Yeah," Lloyd adds. "She's the nicest person on the planet outside the museum."
The final lock is removed and the door swings open.

There's only one item in this dark room. A cool light shines upon it while a series of wooden poles and frames hold it up for display. It's a tapestry, and upon it are many figures. It appears to be yellowish in colour, with several dyes creating the figures.
"Huh," Urbosa decides, "it looks like the one Impa had up in her house."
"Yes," Zelda agrees. "Perhaps the Sheikah made it."
"I have reason to believe it was the Gerudo who made it," Misako protests. "Their script is all over this ancient work." She carefully points to the text around the figures. Nabooru leans in to read it.
"Something, something, Ganondorf drowns cats in his sleep, blah, blah."
Quite a few awkward and shocked laughs fill the cold and empty space.
"You foolish vehvi..." you hear Urbosa mutter under her breath. She pushes past her and studies the text before her. " says something about the children of dark and light blood."
"Kinda like a hybrid?" Kylee inquires.
"Perhaps," Misako decides. She points to the ensemble of figures in the centre. Nine are across the three pieces of the Triforce, and three are in the centre. "This, as you can see, are the nine who will be tasked with sending the fight between the chosen heroes and the Dark Lord into a realm secluded from the other fifteen." She points to the left hand corner of the Triforce, where three figures in white stand, holding up their hands to the centre. A golden light seems to be flowing from their palms. "In the left hand corner are the Keepers of Knowledge: Princess Zelda of Hyrule Castle Town, Princess Peach of Toad Town, and Master Wu of Jamanakai Village. Each possess the wisdom of a thousand centuries, and the minds of a true scholar." Peach tilts her head.
"But I'm not-"
"In the right hand corner," Misako continues, "are the Jurors of Courage." She points to the bottom right triangle, where four figures, dressed in a series of outfits, stand. There's a ninja in green who is holding a gold and teal katana in his hands, a knight who wields a silver blade with a royal blue hilt, and two brothers in overalls who are jumping in the air with hammers in their hands. "Master Link of Hateno Village, Master Mario and Master Luigi of New Donk City, and Master Lloyd of Jamanakai Village. They are the ones who will step up and face the evils of this realm and those beyond in the name of the greater good." Mario shakes his head.
"But Luigi's-"
"And finally," she concludes, pointing to the top triangle, where Bowser and Garmadon stand, accompanied by a strange orange-haired woman with pale blue skin and a black cloak. The woman and Garmadon appear to be holding their hands down as lightning and a substance orange and black in colour rains down upon the centre. Bowser, of course, is breathing out his famous fire from his mouth. "The Forgers of Strength. Lord Garmadon of the Underworld, King Bowser of Koopa City, and Princess Midna of the Twilight Realm."
"Why am I not there?" Ganondorf sneers. "Why is that pathetic Twili there?" Misako's eyes widen, but Lloyd holds out a hand between the two of them.
"Don't worry, Mom," he assures her. "Kai's not here so Ganondorf has taken over as the resident jack-ass." Even Urbosa has to hide a giggle as everyone laughs. Ganondorf gives Lloyd a dirty look as if to suggest that he's treading over the line.
"What of the central area, Misako?" Wu asks in a calm tone. "Who are the figures there?" You stare at the centre. There's two figures and an ink blot with gold and purple eyes. You have a feeling you know who the other figure is already. You swear you can see a fourth figure...or maybe it's a trick of the eyes.
"This depicts the battle between the Ancient Kingdoms of the Deities," she explains. "It appears that Rosalina, Hylia and Yin have agreed on their champions. Princess [Y/N] of Isle Delfino. Lord Dragmire of the Gerudo Province. And finally...the Overlord, the God of Destruction."
"What do you make of all this, Mrs Garmadon?" Zelda whispers.
"For that..." she decides, "I will have to tell you a story. A story of the blinding light, and the unforgiving darkness."

- - -

"Long before time had a name, the Sixteen Realms were born from the destruction of a single old realm called the Universe. There was one realm in particular where the majority of life scattered to...the Sunshine Realm. The dying Universe had created a series of people who would recreate order and justice in this new realm, and so the Earth was born to a group of divine entities called the Light Deities, who had escaped from the First Realm. In the north-east, the goddesses Farore, Lanayru and Dinraal created the land that would come to be Hyrule. Their child, Hylia, would be the one to found the kingdom. In the north-west, the First Spinjitzu Master, Yin, created the island continent of Ninjago. It was eventually split in two following a great battle against him and a malevolent entity. In the south-east, the Mushroom Kingdom was created by the goddess Rosalina. It was once a single, unified land, however, a great series of battles split the kingdom up into fourteen separate kingdoms, while a fifteenth would depart from the world and a sixteenth would depart from the realm altogether. And finally, in the south-west, Isle Delfino would be forged from the remnants of the final Light Deity who had sacrificed herself in order to give her denizens the power to produce the other kingdoms. So they chose to create the protectors here in the place of Earth's origin: Corona Mountain. It was decreed that the final power of the Universe would be split into two pieces. One on Isle Delfino, and one on the opposite point on the Hyrule somewhere."

"Soon, the Light Deities were met with an opposition: the Oni. The Oni were shapeshifting demons with the power to create corruption, destruction and fraudulence wherever they stood. They were led by four Dark Deities...three Oni Warlords and their king. The king went by many names, but was most commonly known by the name the Ninjagians had given him...the Overlord. The Oni he had chosen to be the Oni Warlords were traditionally called Vengeance, Deception and Hatred, although when they later split to conquer each of the kingdoms, Hatred adopted the name of Demise. These three warlords were to conquer each kingdom while the Overlord took Isle Delfino for himself. And so, darkness swept across the world. For a long time, Isle Delfino had laid forgotten...until the Light Deities had found Hatred travelling to the island in order to tell the Overlord of his defeat against Hylia. It was then that they were able to transform the four Dark Deities into masks. However, it was too late. The Oni Warlords had passed on their power to three unsuspecting tribes. The Oni...the Koopas...and the Gerudo. Rosalina, Yin and Hylia decided to use the last of their own power to ensure that there would be heroes who could defeat the reincarnations of these Dark Deities...should they ever arise to cause discord and chaos once more."

"While Hylia, Yin, Rosalina, Vengeance, Deception and Hatred's children went on to become immortalized in legend, the same could not be said for the fourth Light Deity and the Overlord. This Light Deity no longer existed. As for the Overlord, nobody knew of his whereabouts. Some believed he was trapped on Ninjago's sister island where Yin had imprisoned him. Others believed he had perished. The former was true, and he remained dormant for some time. However, one day, a human woman carrying the blood of the fourth Light Deity sailed to the Island of Darkness. She was the Princess of Isle Delfino, the descendant of the fourth Light Deity. It was her who sought to grant the Overlord's efforts empathy. And so the two became friends. Often, on days where the Princess felt bored in her own kingdom, she would visit him. Eventually, they fell in love and married. The new Queen offered to bring him back to Isle Delfino with her. Unfortunately, the curse that Yin had placed on the Overlord prevented him from ever leaving the island. So instead, he decided to give her a child. That child would grow up to become the new Princess of Isle Delfino...Princess [Y/N]. But soon, the Queen would depart this world and the Overlord would grow mad beyond disbelief...creating a new wave of destruction and death to sweep the land. Rosalina was able to shield Isle Delfino and the Mushroom Kingdom using her magic, and Yin's descendant was there to personally fight the Overlord himself, but Hylia's descendant was unfortunately ill-prepared to face the Overlord's wrath. As a final stand against the ill wishes that the Overlord had cast upon the Earth, his wife, [M/N], decided to reincarnate into a spirit of her that would be able to guide the Light Deities' heroes into victory."

- - -

"How long have you been studying that tapestry, Mom?" Lloyd frowns.
"Yeah, you know an awful lot about something you said you found a couple of months ago," Cole adds. Misako stares at the three figures in the centre.
"I've only scratched the surface of the meanings behind this old thing," she admits. "There are stories surrounding the Sages and the Champions, as well as other groups who are allegedly supposed to lead armies to the fight. It is said that the Overlord has his own ensemble of villains who will oppose you during the many battles you will surely undertake."
"Do you think we can take it with us?" Zelda asks. "I'd love to be able to study it." Misako shakes her head.
"I'm afraid that it's impossible to take it without raising alarm. There are a multitude of sensors around that will alert the police if it was to leave, and-"
"Uh...why's it been replaced with a white bedsheet?!" Lloyd exclaims as he points at it. Everyone gathers around it to find that it's indeed gone.
And so is Ganondorf.
"They don't call him the King of Thieves for nothing," Nabooru declares as she jerks a thumb towards the other room, where Ganondorf, carrying the tapestry in one arm, shoves past all of Misako's students and makes a beeline for the door.
Not one alarm is sounded.

Misako walks over to her students, who look confused as to why they've just been knocked over by a man who's at least three times their size. "Don't mind him," she assures them. "He's with me. Now, I'm going to have to arrange a substitute for the rest of your final semester. Are you eight alright with Professor Powers?"
"What?!" one exclaims.
"Why?!" another yells.
"I may be the Professor of Archaeology at the Ninjago City University..." she begins, "but I'm also obligated to assist the Ninja when they need it." The first scratches his head.
"Ninja? Where's Kai, Jay and Zane?" All of the Ninjagians look terribly irked by that question.
"They're not here at the moment," Lloyd murmurs.
"We've got to look for them," Nya adds on.
"Let's go!" Misako instructs as she ushers everyone out to the door leading back to the rest of the museum. "Wu, can you explain to me where they've all gone, and why Bowser and Garmadon have been pestering me to look at the news all day?" As everyone leaves, you hear a few murmurs amongst the students. One of them stops Kylee.
"Hey, that cosplay's from the second Immortal Humans game, right? Y'know, in the space level where you have to-"
"Uh...yeah," she lies. "I sure do love my cosplay."
She's quick to run out before he can take his phone out and take a photo of her.

By the time everyone's out of the museum, Misako's glancing around nervously, almost as if she's the one who'd just committed the crime. Lloyd runs over to the Destiny's Bounty and begins to climb the ladder.
"Do you think we should start finding out where everyone is?" he asks.
"We must train [Y/N] to fight," Wu declares. "Our efforts will be futile if she is not at least competent in the way of the sword."
"I called Mom and Dad last night," Nya tells them. "They agreed to make some stuff for us."
"That's good of Maya and Ray to do that," Misako agrees. You begin to climb up the ladder. You don't know what to make of anything at the moment. You have a plethora of questions you'd prefer to be answered in the next few minutes. Why is Birdie always running away? Who's the Overlord? And why does everyone seem to want to do something different?
This all has to be a dream, you assure yourself. I'm going to wake up and it's going to be my birthday.
"I'm surprised nobody's wished you a happy birthday yet," Urbosa decides as she pulls you up onto the deck.
"Wait, it's your birthday?!" Lloyd gasps. "Holy crap, why didn't you say so?!"
"Her advisors told us," Nabooru snaps at him. "Many times."
"Hey," he offers you. "We'll go and get you something. Is there anything that you need?"
"Well, my phone got crushed last night..."
"I can finish transferring Cole's data to his new phone and I'll give you that one. How does that sound?"
You smile.
"Thank you, Lloyd."