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【 Hackergirl (ハッカーガール) 】 [ LEGO Ninjago x Legend of Zelda x Super Mario x Reader ]

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The next morning, you find that nobody's inside the Destiny's Bounty. Rather, they're on its deck. As you step out of your room and over to the stairwell, you walk up to the fourth level of the ship, which leads to the outside. You slide open the door and spot everyone sitting on the deck. The ship appears to be sailing across a gently rippling ocean at the moment. The Sun is just starting to rise, sending a beautiful golden glow across the cobalt blue waters. Small clouds dot the skies, as well as a few seagulls. The heavenly smell of crepes fills the air. At the moment, everyone is gathered around a frosted glass and metal table. Several have plates in front of them.
"Nobody ever told us Link was a good cook!" Cole exclaims. "I say he should be the ship's cook!"
"Yeah!" Bowser Jnr cheers in agreement. You scan the seats.
"Hey...where's Ganondorf?"
"Think he's having a smoke around the back," the green-clad ninja explains.
"He'll do anything to get away from other people," Urbosa decides. "He's not one to enjoy the company of foreigners."
"What is he, some sort of racist?"
"Oh, Lloyd..." Nya mutters. "Put a sock in it." And with that, you take a seat.
"How'd you sleep last night, Princess [Y/N]?" he inquires.
"On a bed," you joke. A chorus of laughter rises around you. With a smile, you add, "alright, I guess." You can't help but look around the deck for Ganondorf. You aren't sure why you even care about him. After all, he killed your best friend.
Or did he?
The Hylian knight brushes his shoulder length, ashy-blonde hair back before setting out a plate in front of you. Two crepes, filled with strawberries, honey and whipped cream, rest on the teal plate. "Here you go, Princess," he murmurs. You can barely hear his voice.
"What's your name?" He's hesitant to respond.
"Link," Saria and Nabooru say at the same time. The two begin to giggle as his eyes trail towards the floor.
"Thank you, Link." You give him a smile, and he heads back into the kitchen.
"I think he's just tired," Zelda admits. "He had nightmares last night. He couldn't get to sleep."
"Speaking of sleep," Cole adds on, "Kylee has to be one of the heaviest sleepers on the planet! Geez, I tried waking her up for Sensei Wu, and she just rolled over and told me to eff off!"
"I wonder where she's from," Urbosa decides. "She's not a Gerudo or a Hylian."
"I've never seen her in my life," Lloyd adds on. "And she's in some sort of astronaut garb, so you think she would have been on the news at some point!"
"What if she's an alien from another planet?!" Bowser Jnr exclaims at the top of his lungs. Zelda and Peach drop their forks in shock.
Unbeknownst to the Koopa child, the blue-haired woman is standing behind him with a wide grin on her face.

"Look...I dunno how I got here." She takes the seat in-between you and Lloyd. "But I just want to go home to my family."
"Hmm..." Wu murmurs. "You mentioned that we all were fictional characters last night. How so?"
"Well." Kylee takes in a deep breath. "You guys have TV shows and video games and books and stuff like that, right?"
"Yeah?" Cole prompts.
"Well...I had a talk with my A.I. last night, and she knows where you're all from media-wise...that is, everyone except [Y/N]." You tilt your head.
"How so?" you ask.
"Isle Delfino is the setting of a game called Super Mario Sunshine." Kylee rubs at her wrist for a bit. "That game was the debut of Bowser Jnr and Toadsworth as characters. It came out the year my sister and I were born. But there was no Delfino Castle. There was no Princess [Y/N]. In fact, the only humans ever saw in that game were Mario and Peach!"
"What about us?" Lloyd queries.
"You're apparently from a show called Ninjago. But...I've never seen you look like real people. Only little Roblox-ass looking toys."
"We have Roblox here!" Nya beams.
"And Minecraft, too!" Cole adds on.
"Well...the thing is, Kylee..." Lloyd takes out a handheld game console and turns it on.
"Hey, that looks like a Switch!" Kylee grins.
"It is," he explains. He loads the list of games and points at the first one. "This is Jay's favourite video game."
"The Immortal Humans..." Kylee murmurs as she brushes a hand against the screen. "All my You saying I'm a video game character in your world?"
"Technically, you were a book character first," Nya tells her. "You're a long way from home, aren't you?"
"I don't remember how I got here," she admits, "but I do know that my team's still out there." She reaches into her pocket and takes out a photo. There's a bunch of girls with their arms around each other. There's eight in total. "Lola and I wound up in some Ninjagian desert, but I have no idea where the others are...or if they're still alive."
"We'll help you find them," Lloyd promises her. "No matter what it takes." A large shadow looms over the two.
"You've taken my seat, girl," Ganondorf hisses at her.
"Hang on," she smirks. She gets up and picks up the chair in her arms before starting to walk away with it.
"What are you doing?!" he yells.
"Now I've taken your seat," she beams with a wide, toothy smile. Bowser Jnr and Saria are laughing so hard that they fall out of their seats.
"Kylee, if I may have a word," Wu decides in a calm tone. She nods and drops the seat before darting off after him.
"Hey!" Junior cries. "Let's play truth or dare!"

- - -

With the exception of Wu, Kylee and Ganondorf (who is sitting all by himself at the table as he eats his breakfast), everyone is now sitting in a circle on the deck. "Who wants to go first?" Cole asks. Junior raises his hand.
"Ooh!" he beams. "Pick me!"
"Okay!" he decides, giving his hair a ruffle. "You're up, squirt!" Junior looks around for a bit, narrowing his eyes at a couple of people.
"Hey, Ganondorf!" he yells. "Truth or dare?!"
"I'm not interested," he retorts.
"Oh, come on!" Nabooru snaps. "He's just a kid!"
He ignores her.
Junior pouts and pokes his tongue out at him. Saria begins to giggle again.
"Uh...Mr Lloyd! Truth or dare?"
"Hmm..." the Green Ninja considers as he runs a hand through his blonde hair. "I'll go with a truth."
"What do you think of Miss Urbosa's hair colour?"
"I like it. It's cute on her."
Urbosa beams.
"Aw, thank you," she responds.
"Alright," Lloyd decides. "Cole. Truth or dare?"
"Gimme a dare," he tells him.
"I dare you to take a swim," he smirks. Cole shrugs his shoulders, stands up and begins to run over to the side of the boat. He leaps off the side, and moments later, you can hear a loud splash. Nabooru rushes over to the side and peers over.
"You mad man!"
Nya holds out her hands and clenches her fists. Almost immediately after, Cole comes flying in the air and ends up knocking Nabooru over.
"Oof!" they both wheeze.
"Okay..." Cole mutters as he stands up and helps Nabooru up too. "Truth or dare?"
"Hmm...I pick truth," she decides.
"If you were a cake," he proposes, "then what sort of cake would you be?"
"A fruitcake?"
"Is that because you're sweet?"
"Aw, you're sweeter!"
"No, you're sweeter!"
"Weren't they having a rumble yesterday?" Lloyd whispers to Zelda.
"It's strange..." she admits. "Nabooru isn't usually this...convivial around men."
"Well," Urbosa assures the two, "I for one am glad that she's happy for once in her life."
"I'm so telling my dad that Cole has a girlfriend," Pauline grins as she takes a phone from her pocket. She snaps a photo of the two, who are currently in the middle of a kiss.
"They went from 0 to 100 in less than 24 hours," Lloyd murmurs. You stare at the two. Lloyd's right; it is quite strange.
"Princess...I want a word," a low voice murmurs from behind you. You spin around to find Ganondorf standing there.
"Go on-"
"In privacy." You look down at the ground.
"I was going to-"
"Hey," Lloyd warns him. "You leave Princess [Y/N] the hell alone."
"What did you just say, boy?" Ganondorf sneers back.
"Oh, Din..." Urbosa murmurs.
"Fine!" you yell. "We can talk, Ganondorf! But you'd better make it quick!"
And with that, you storm off inside.

You sit on your bed in your room, your arms crossed over your chest as you throw a glare in Ganondorf's direction. He returns it, not speaking at all. "Go on!" you usher. "Just tell me!"
"Why are you distracting yourself?" he demands. "The Overlord is still going to come and destroy this world!"
"Why do you care?" you frown. "I thought you were supposed to be the 'King of Evil' or some shit like that."
"Because I don't want to be!" he argues. He grits his teeth and clenches his fists. "I want to have control over Hyrule and be done with these silly games!"
"And I want to go home," you snap back. "But we're headed on a ship nearly halfway across the world, y'know!" He begins to scowl at you. "Stop it."
"Those wrenched Light Deities stripped away my powers and have me babysitting some child who they let run around this bloody world with the powers of a god!"
"What powers?" you snap. "I can't even throw lightning like you!" He grabs your wrists and pulls your hands out so that you can see them.
"Do you see it?!" he yells. He points at the backs of your hands. You're about to scoff in disdain, but then you see it. Tattoos that are a few shades darker than your skin tone on them. There's a Shine Sprite on your dominant hand, and a Power Moon on your non-dominant. You look back up at him.
"I've never seen these in my life," you murmur.
"You have been chosen by the Light Deities to fight the Overlord on account of who you are." He lifts up your dominant hand. "Your mother was one of them. And the Dark Deities are being led by your father. [Y/N] you know why we were chosen?"
"Because I am the reincarnation of Demise...and you are the child of light and dark."
"Well..." you mutter. "Nice chat. I'm gonna head off now."
"[Y/N]!" he yells. "Don't leave!"
"Go and find someone else to spew your garbage to," you retort as you storm out of the room and slam the door shut behind him. It doesn't shut all the way, and you realise that you've accidentally slammed the door on his head.

- - -

The two of you are in the bathroom. He's sitting on a stool as you run a white hand towel beneath the water and dab at the cuts on the side of his head. He winces with every press. "Be gentle," he hisses.
"Go and jump in a lake," you retort. He no longer winces, instead, opting for a glare on his face. You continue to wipe away the cuts. "I'm sorry I did that, Ganondorf."
"Did what?"
"Slammed your head in the door," you mutter. As you continue to tend to the cuts, he begins to hum something quietly. You have to admit, it's quite the nice tune.
A knock on the door cuts you off.
"I need to pee!" Junior exclaims from the other side.
"We'll be out in a second!" you shout back. The child gasps and runs off; it's only a few moments later when you realise your mistake. "Shit...I didn't mean to say 'we'. Now everyone's going to think we were-"
"Well," he smirks, "I wouldn't mind a little favour from you in exchange for your insolent attitude towards me." You roll your eyes and toss the cloth at him.
"I think I heard Wu calling me," you lie as you stand up and open the door. You're quick to walk out, and as you close the door behind you, you can spot the faintest sign of a red tinge across his cheeks.
I'll figure you out, you think.

You head back to your room and close the door. You don't know what to make of him.
Was that man really in love with my mother? you ask yourself.
You stare at the bed. You don't like how many blankets are on there. Back home, you'd never used this many. You can't even imagine why anyone would have so many blankets in their room. You take the blankets off your bed, tossing them into piles based on whether they're convenient or for aesthetic purposes. The piles eventually grow to be waist-high. You know that the tiny cabin only has one single thin sheet that has the nerve to be called a blanket by Wu and Nya. You take one of the fluffy ones and begin to head back out of your room. You make the quick travel downstairs and open the door. The room looks so bare and just...sad.
I'm gonna make it nicer for him, 
you decide. Not even assholes deserve to be in rooms that small.
You throw the blanket onto the bed and quickly head back to your room. As you arrive back on the second floor, you can hear the sound of the shower running. Must be Cole or something, you assure yourself.
You know who it is, [Y/N], a voice in your head protests.
It belongs to Corky.
"Hey!" you shout. "Get out of my head!" The Bonneter laughs and floats out of your crown. She hovers in front of your face. "How much have you heard of our conversations?"
"All of it," she beams. You frown. "Aw, don't be so sad! You two are cute together!"
"Corky!" you groan. "I'm not interested in Ganondorf that way!" She begins to rock from side to side, holding her tiny arms out as she sings out loud.
"[Y/N] and Ganondorf, sitting in a tree-"
"If you finish that sentence, then Din help you once I'm through with you."
Standing behind Corky is Urbosa with her hands on her hips.
"Do you know who's in the bathroom?" you ask as Corky disappears back into your circlet.
"I think it's my father," she responds. She gives you a pat on the shoulder. "Don't let anyone tease you for wanting to show compassion and empathy to others, [Y/N]. It's a good trait to have."
"I won't," you promise. She smiles.
"I'd better be heading off to find Zelda. We've nearly arrived at this New Ninjago City that the Ninjagians are so keen on getting back to."
"" Corky grins.
"Oh, Corky..." you murmur.
"Attention all passengers," Cole's voice declares in a rather cocky tone through the speakers around the ship. "We will be descending into New Ninjago City in approximately ten minutes. I'd like to take this opportunity to tell everyone that-"
You hear the speaker wail as a thud hits the microphone.
"Cole!" Lloyd shouts in the distance. "We don't need another Ronin on board!"
And with that, the speakers turn off.
Urbosa begins to giggle. "I wonder who he was talking about," she decides.
"If I see your aunty kiss him one more time, I'm gonna chuck up in my bloody mouth." Corky continues to mumble something under her breath.