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Izuku's fluffy harem

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For Ochaco, it started before their life at U.A. even began, during the entrance exam. She'd seen the greenette trip and almost fall on his face and hurried over to help him. After that, she hadn't expected to see him again. He was cute but she hadn't thought much more of him, as she had to focus on passing the exam and she might not have ever seen him again if he didn't pass.

So you could color the brunette shocked (and terrified) when the gigantic zero pointer had been barreling down on her tiny form, only for the same nervous stuttering teen to leap forward without hesitation, destroying the robot and his body in the process just to save her. From then on, whenever she remembered that moment and found herself staring into those gorgeous emerald orbs that were her eyes, her heart hammered in her chest loud enough to be comparable to the explosions of that costly destruction. (She heard a rumor All Might himself was paying off quietly still. Maybe using military grade robots wasn't a good idea, budget wise.)

He was so kind, and sweet. It was impossible not to like him…impossible not to love him…

God dammit was she hopeless. With that thought she shook her head and made her way into the boy’s room, only to find the rest of the girls there with him, looking contemplative while the boy just looked amused yet sad. Without missing a beat, the pink skinned up beat Mina spoke up, sounded amused and concerned simultaneously.

“Finally, miss main love interest is saying her confession.”


Tsuyu didn't take much notice of Midoriya at first. The farthest her interest went on the first day they met was that they happened to have the same color hair, amusing her.

The next day, they had combat training and she got to see first hand the boys determination and drive for hero work, and was moved by his passion against Bakugou's rage. Still, she'd only meant to befriend the boy and get to know him better after. She'd not fallen for him.

That changed during the USJ, though she wouldn't realize for a while afterwards In the midst of the chaos and fear, she'd been a prime target for one of the villains at one point.

While it ultimately been Aizawa that had saved her, the following moments she couldn't get out of her head, ever.

Water burst out the pool as the usually timid teen rose into the air, a look of anger and fear mixing with a look of determination as a super powered fist shot forth.


So often, she had nightmares about that event. They all did, but her own always involved that terrible moment she came to brush with death.

She'd never been affected by it even in the worst of the nightmares though. As if some supernatural protector that could sense her fear, the dream Izuku would always rush forth to stop Shigaraki, even when Aizawa failed.

Without even realizing it, the real Izuku had done it as well, waking her up at the worst moment of the dream. It was an arrangement between them that had just sort of silently started at some point after they moved into the dorms.

Both Izuku and Tsuyu often stayed up later than some of the others, and when one of them fell asleep, the other would hang out near them. If one fell pray to nightmares, the other would wake them up and help them calm down.

The first time it happened to her, she had watched her dream Midoriya die at the hands of Nomu, before waking up to the real one looking after her. It was embarrassing to recall how she clung to him like a frightened child, yet it had become their little tradition in a way.

When of them awoke, frightened from a nightmare, they would just silently embrace one another until they felt better.

It wasn't just in dreams either, everyday, the boys passion seemed to continue to grow, and it became more and more mesmerizing to see his pure, unadulterated want to help others and what he'd do for the people around him. (Even if it hurt to watch someone so loving get hurt, over and over.)

She realized her feelings when they moved into dorm, and she had just seen the boy silently looking after Kouda's pet while the boy was away. A heart as soft as that little bunnies fur.

She never stood a chance. The only reason she hadn't said anything as soon as she realized was because she knew Uraraka had a crush of her own, one running a lot longer.

Following the provisional exam though, the girl had said something about storing her crush away, so the frog girl had took the chance to start preparing her confession. She just hadn't expected to give along side four others.

Mina wasn't one to shy away from admitting her physical attractions, even if it made her seem a bit of a perv to others but could you blame her?! She was surrounded by a whole bunch of hotties! Oh and Mineta, he was also there.

One of the few people she hadn't expected to catch her self staring at as much as she did was Izuku Midoriya. At first glance he was pretty unassuming and average, aside from the hair. (Hair she loved frankly, as a curl buddy.)

His physique was appealing from most angles and had an almost….magical quality to it, to make appeal to the viewer more. She had noticed during her “heavily bisexual energy-infused moments" (trademarked!) He could appear almost feminine. It definitely wasn't just her as resident lesbian Jirou eyed him more than normal as well.

He still appealed in her more straight moments as well, having seen the boy lose his shirt. The muscles he managed to hide were insane, and the curves on them were just awesome. She knew them to be firm yet also weirdly squishy, having took a chance once to feel him up while he was unaware. (Yes she was a terrible person. No she had no regrets.)

His pecks were almost breast like, adding to the air of femininity he could give off. Of course his best feature was definitely his butt. From the first time her eyes lingered on its broadcasted image in their first combat training to this very day she'd accept any excuse to stare at that perfect booty.

And this was coming from her! She knew she was called the booty queen behind her back, not that she disagreed. Her butt was her best feature and she would freely admit Midoriya’s was better.

Still, that was all physical attraction. On a more emotional level she probably started to feel something awaken during the sports festival, watching the greenette trade blows with resident ice queen (well, technically king) Shoto Todoroki.

No one could have known the full extent of the emotions in that fight at the time, but even from high up off the ground, away from the context the sheer determination of Midoriya radiated as if it would melt the boy's ice by it's lonesome.

The true story behind the passion that seemed to cause him to become illuminated in her thoughts and vision only served to further reinforce her admiration for the teen.

There was nothing more noble (or hot) in the world than someone who wanted nothing more than to help those around them. Izuku embodied that completely. As time went on, she'd only come to see that more and more.


The moment that had, unintentionally, caused her to fall for the boy was nothing special from an outside perspective. It was practically amusingly tame compared to the romantic comedy she had planned out in her head with some mysterious third year stranger exchange student from Scotland who she'd have to win from her old girlfriend from Slovenia. It wasn't a very good rom com but It was a rom com, they were never that great.

What had actually happened had been an unexpected moment were everyone of her friends had canceled on her at the last moment. Bakugou had never really intended to show up, and had dragged Kirishima away for an impromptu study session. Jirou had to stay home to look after her suddenly sick mother and Sero and Denki had ended up on some misadventure involving a generator and a potential court hearing.

They had been meaning to go to the theme park that was in town for the week, on the final day. It had been planned two whole months in advance and the girl had been looking forward to it almost as much as she looked forward getting into U.A.

As she had sullenly turned around to go home and totally not cry into her pillow like a little baby, she had come face to face with the angel that was Izuku.

“H-hey Ashido- hey are you, alright? You look upset.” He'd asked concerned, taking a moment to study her. She'd not met his eye, not wanting to face the embarrassment of how she was feeling over a stupid day out.

“Huh? Oh y-yeah. I'm…i'm fine. Just a day out didn't go quite right…” She explained quickly, hating the fact her voice actually sounded as if she was going cry.

“…You were going to the theme park?” He questioned knowingly, likely having heard them talking about it. “Are you the only one who turned up?”


“Do you only have your ticker or did you have the others?”

“h-huh? Just mine. Why?” She questioned and the boy frowned before rummaging through his pockets and taking out his phone. “Midori? What are you-"

“Hang on just a moment.” He said, calling someone and talking to them. She felt like she recognized the voice but couldn't place it. Izuku also managed to stand just far enough away she couldn't eavesdrop, annoyingly. He came back a moment later, smiling nervously. “Guess i'm buying a ticket.”

She felt her eyes bug out her skull at that.

“W-what?! Dude do you know how expensive they are?! Momo thought they were a rip-off! Momo!” The girl exclaimed, and could only stare stunned as the boy silently walked forward, bought one and walked back without batting an eye. “H-how?!”

“All Might's gonna kill me but…It was either that or not help and leave you upset.” The greenette explained while scratching the back of his head. “Not helping would have been bad enough but it would be a crime to not cheer you up.”

He didn't seem to quite realize what he said straight away until a moment later when a blush started to form on his face. Similarly tears began to prick in her eyes but they were much happier than the ones that had threatened to fall before.

She rushed forward before the boy could react and wrapped her arms around him tight. “Thank you, thank you thankyouthankyouthankyou!”

After a moment's hesitation, he wrapped his arms around her as well. They spent the rest of the day together, going on rides and hanging out. She hadn't gone on as many rollercoasters as she wanted to, despite Izuku offering to go with. It was clear by his face though he was on the verge of cardiac arrest from one of the tamer ones and just being nice. She decided not to torture her rescuer considering what he'd done.

And make no mistake, while no villains or fairy tale dragons were involved, to the pink skinned girl it counted, especially when she found out later that the last day ticket was more expensive than the 5000 yen she thought it cost, and turned out to be 50,000 yen.

To the rest of 1-A, it was a mystery why All Might was suddenly very short tempered with Izuku the next day. The blonde couldn't seem to make his annoyance last though.

Every since he ‘rescued’ her, she couldn't help but recall that strong warm embrace. That he threw himself under the bus with the man he most respected just to cheer her up.

A week later, she had lost herself in a silly rom com fantasy once again but it wasn't some foreign stranger who swept her off her feet. She'd turned to see the visage her mind had created and found Midoriya carrying her.

And she was happy to see him. Too bad Ochaco had dibs. Well not really but everyone knew she had a massive crush herself. When word spread she wasn't going to say anything to him supposedly, Mina knew what she had to do.

Purchase lacey lingerie. Then of course go confess and hope she didn't waste money…..maybe it should be the other way around.

For Momo, it had been a slow burn, a niggling feeling that only ever grew without her understanding since just after she met the hero-in-training. At a stretch one could say it started with combat training. Unlike Mina though, the raven haired girls while still impressed by the passion, had been more impressed with the greenette’s analytical strategies.

While he still made plenty of mistakes the girl had picked up on, the overall result was certainly better than that of some genuine pro's she was aware of. Not to mention that the greenette was working essentially on the fly, due to being immediately thrust into the fight.

From then on, his mental prowess and skill only continued to make itself apparent and grow. His placement in the Obstacle course during the sports festival was definitely impressive but the girl had found herself drawn to watching him and his strategies he used to win without employing his quirk.

And while it was embarrassing to admit, she did find her eye drawn to his physique a few times in the process. Still she brushed it aside as admiration for her classmate.

That's what she kept presuming it to be, that's what it must have been. Yet as it grew more and more, and she found harder to merely hold a conversation with the boy she once admittedly had expected to be just an average student, she knew it was something else.

It was during their final exams, by a sheer coincidence she figured it out. She loved a good novel, as much as the next girl and used one to pass the time while they observed each other's fights. A romantic comedy recommend by Ashido.

In it, the love interest was a sweet, loveable dork with a big heart and bigger brain, and the protagonist had only just realized her crush on her. She hadn't paid much attention to the book, due to the match being the terrifying match up of Bakugou, Midoriya and All Might.

The second she heard the announcement she had been convinced some member of staff wanted Midoriya dead. Yet despite her reservations she had found herself silently cheering the boy on and a massive grin split across her face when it was announced he won, using every last bit of his wit and determination to pass.

And that warm feeling she never understood returned once more, a fuzzy happiness that only he could elicit. This time though, her eyes wandered over a word in the book. “Crush"

And a single word, one of realization, a tiny insignificant sound holding back so much weight escaped her.


Fast forward a few weeks and the events of Kamino had reaffirmed to her one thing, as he had been willing to go against everyone to help someone who seemingly hated him, just to do the right thing. He had reaffirmed he was a true hero, and that she was now hopelessly head over heels for him like she never expected to be.

With the opportunity that came to act, following the provisional exam, Momo had been the first to enter, seeing the boy finishing up his homework.

“Y-you wanted to talk, Yaoyorozu?”


For Hagakure, she didn't realize at the final exams, rather the feelings only just began at the exam. It was just interest at the first, the boy who managed to beat All Might.

She had certainly taken note of Midoriya plenty of times, much like Mina she couldn't resist good eye candy and she could get away with staring much easier. Yet beyond that she'd always been focused catching up in class that she always forget to properly talk with the boy, so she never really got to know him beyond a second hand experience for quite a while. They always came so close to interacting with one another, yet just missing.

The day before the exams though, she learned of event that made her realize she had to talk to him. He'd walked in with a black eye and gone about the day, ignoring the staring. When she'd inquired with Iida later, he'd happily informed her of it’s origin, that had unexpectedly been tied to her.

A common misconception people outside 1-A had about the greenette was that he was a wimp. That couldn't be further from the truth, in fact, if Bakugou was to be believed, the greenette had never backed down from a fight, especially in defense of another, in his life.

And sure enough, that had been the case this time as well. Apparently some older pervs had been making comments about the invisible girl and what she ‘could get away with' that Midoriya had overheard. Being the sweetheart he was, he politely told them to stop and gotten a fist to the face for his troubles, when he had threatened to report them.

The ensuing ‘fight’ was more of a massacre of the general ED student who started it. Midoriya's natural instincts from training automatically kicked in and he immediately had the boy on the floor.

Aizawa found them and had decided to Midoriya didn't need to be punished for defending himself.

The next day, she had wanted to find him and thank him, though originally she was going to ask he just dropped it in future. ‘You can't win every fight it might start.’

She didn't want him to get hurt on a nobody like her, but then she heard that announcement, that Midoriya had won. And she remembered all the second hand stories about him, even the insane rumor he fought stain wasn't that insane in her mind anymore.

It wasn't until the next day that she finally managed to talk to him, as their class dispersed from their final written exam.

“Hm? Is something the matter Hagakure?” He'd asked, his head cocked to the side not unlike a puppy. It had been hard for the invisible girl not to squeal at that. ‘Cute!’

“I heard about what you did the other day. The fight…and why it started.” She explained, rubbing her hand over her other arm. The boy blushed lightly as he scratched the back of his head.

“O-oh. Well…I had to do s-something.” He muttered quietly and Hagakure grinned to herself, her original stance all but forgotten.

“Turn your head to the side Midori.” She instructed and though confused, the boy obeyed.

“Like this?” He asked, turning his gaze to the wall but keeping his body facing her.

“Perfect.” She said, before placing her hands on his shoulders and standing on her tiptoes, leaning forward and placing her lips on his cheek.

“Mwah!” She kissed him quickly before starting to walk away as the boys blush brightened up until his entire face looked like it was part of Kirishima's hair. She giggled as she began to skip away. “Thanks for being my hero!”


The invisible girl had expected it to end there, but every time she saw him after that she'd find her gaze wandering to him and to that cheek. She started to see for herself what everyone meant about him, finally experiencing what they had told her about properly.

The few times he did catch her staring, he seemed to unconsciously feel his cheek, the one she'd kissed. It was just a random, unexpected thought one day during class that made her realize why she seemed to be struggling more and more to tear her gaze away.

‘I wonder if his lips would of felt better to kiss……’



Contrary to popular belief, Jirou was not a lesbian. Except she was.

To be specific, she was bisexual with such a specific type of guy she liked that she expected to never meet them, and never bothered to correct anyone about her being a lesbian. For all intents and purposes, she was.

It wasn't like her perfect type was going to walk in the door in the first day of school. Except Midoriya decided to exist.

She'd totally not been jealously observing Mina and Momo when Izuku Midoriya decided to take his perfect ass into class with the rest of his perfect body. Asshole. Loveable, adorable, easy to tease, sexy asshole.

Ok so maybe on a physical level she'd been crushing on the greenette for a while. Still she didn't think it was worth pursuing. She was sure he'd only agree out of being intimidated anyways and she doubted they'd even so much as have a similar taste in music.

Following the kidnapping of Bakugou and the subsequent rescue though, she couldn't help but revisit the line of thought. The greenette had risked his entire station at U.A. and, despite his claims to the contrary, undoubtedly would of faced down the villains he could of run into for someone who would hate him for the entire effort.

Ok so maybe he wouldn't unfairly intimidated by her goth aesthetic and attitude. Still, they wouldn't have any similar musical tastes or the like….except he did.

She'd found it out by accident just after the provisional exam. There had been a normal case going on but Izuku had been told to stay at the dorms. They'd heard about it being something to do with All Might but nothing beyond that.

She'd been part of the first team for that day's exercise and had ended up taking a fully hardened Kirishima to the face at one point when Bakugou blew up the ground beneath the boy. Had it just been the normal boy she doubted there be much fuss bit with his hardened form and the metal floor she'd collided against, Aizawa had sent her to Recovery girl to be safe.

She'd gotten a concussion but it was fortunately a quick fix for the nurse. Still, following that she was told to just go back to the dorms to rest. While she was curious about the training, she wasn't the type to ignore a medical professionals advice (unlike some people.)

She closed the door behind her at the dorm and, for no reason other than curiosity and boredom, she went to Midoriya’s room instead of her own. She'd only really meant to tell him she was here and maybe interrogate his lack of participation but was surprised by her heightened picking up…music?

And more than that, a surprisingly moving voice carried out the room, perfectly in time to the tune she knew she recognized.

“I caught a chill, and it's still frozen on my skin.
I think about why, i'm alone, by myself no one else here to explain how far do I go?
No one knows. If the end is so much better, why don't we just live forever?

Don't tell me i'm the last one in line….don't tell me i'm to late this ti-i-ime!"

It was Midoriya's voice, singing one of the girls favorite songs, to her surprise. Especially seeing that it was in a complete other language. The most surprising part though was that the teen was actually a good singer, managing a deeper voice than would usually emanate from him to great effect.

“I don't wanna live, to waste another day
Underneath the shadow of mistakes I made.
Cause I feel like i'm breaking inside.
I don't wanna fall! And say I lost it all
Cause baby there's a part of me that hit the wall
Leaving pieces of me behind….
And I feel like i'm breaking inside…”

It fit him in a way it shouldn't of, clicked perfectly aside from her expectations, it was just…right. It was good, good music and a good singer…and before she could realize what she was doing, she began to sing the next lyrics.

“Out here, nothings clear, except the moment I decided
To move on and I ignited. Disappear, into the fear
You know there ain't no coming back while you're still carrying the past!
You can't erase, separate…cigarette…in my hand…hope you all…understand.
I won't be the last one in line, I finally figured out what's mi-hi-ine!”

The music paused, the purple haired girl slapped a hand over her mouth and suddenly silence consumed the room. Then, there was a shuffling and the door flung opened revealing a casually clothed Izuku. “J-Jirou?”

“H-hey dude" She said nervously, not sure how to explain herself. So instead, she blurted the first thing that came to her head. “You like shinedown?”

“Eh…hehe.” He laughed a little, gesturing for her to come in and she followed. It was like a shrine to All Might himself inside with all the nerdy figures, but what caught her attention that was new since she was last there were the posters of a few other pro's and most amazingly, a poster for each album ever released up in a row. “They're actually my favorite band. Just, I hadn't unpacked these when we were doing the room competition. So you like them as well?”

“My parents met through one of their songs actually.” The hearing heroine revealed, and the teen boy’s eyes widened in surprise. “So their kinda responsible for me existing. And it doesn't hurt they're my favorite band too.”

“Really? That's so cool!” The hero fanboy enthused and the girl laughed a little. Then the greenette suddenly blushed and scratched the back of his head. “I guess you heard my terrible singing then…”

“Terrible?! Dude, a few singing lessons and i'd be willing to put you on par with Brent himself. Which frankly just getting that deep is an achievement in of itself with your voice.” The rocker girl quickly shut down his self criticism. “Besides, you heard me. So at least you got that…”

“Oh no way! You're an amazing singer Jirou! Seriously!” the girl went to shrug it off but as pretty much the number one fan of All Might, it was hard for her to ignore his next praise. “I mean it when I say you could be the All Might of singers here!”

“I don't know bout that but...thanks, Midoriya.” The girl said with a genuine smile. It then grew into a grin. “Want to sing a proper duet?”

“H-huh? Are you sure? I mean I wouldn't want to pull down your-woah!” instead of listening to his self doubts, Jirou took a hold of his arm and dragged him away to her room.

“Come on, we need proper acoustics for this.”

And that was how the two had ended up bonding over a shared love of a band, and whenever they got a chance they'd take sometime to just sing together in the girls sound proofed room.

They ended liking a lot of similar music it would turn out, Midoriya just didn't quite look the type who'd like it, due to liking such a wide variety of music.

Eventually though, the girl had to concede Midoriya had destroyed all her reasons for not asking him out. So that was how she found herself contemplating if there was any reason not to in the elevator as she made her way to ask him to sing again, when she found Yaoyorozu inside.

“Yes, there's something I need to confess Midoriya.”

‘Confess? What, wait does she like him too?! Should I say anything? No i'm just being crazy-'

“I can't deny I started taking more notice of you recently.”

And with zero grace or aplomb, just worry and zero thought, she barged into the room. Both the people who had already been having their conversation looked up at her in surprise.

“Jirou?” the two spoke simultaneously, confused, before continued. “What are you doing here?”

“I…..uh…well…” She mumbled something almost incoherently and bit the inside of her cheek in annoyance that her faux bravado decided to fail her now of all times.

“Sorry? I didn't quite catch that.” Midoriya said, and despite his statements being innocent, in a way it felt accidentally mocking.

“I…have something I really need to tell you.” She said and felt her worry flare when Yaoyorozu's eyes lit up with concern.


“Wait, does that mean we all have something to tell Midori?” A new voice asked and Jirou turned to see Hagakure, Mina and Tsu having made their way here. It was Mina who had asked the question and the greenette nodded dumbly.

“Apparently. You all have something important to say?” He said, sounding concerned. Then his eyes seemed to widen. “It's not Uraraka is it? She's been avoiding me all week, is she ok?”

“She's fine, Midoriya.” Yaoyorozu quickly quelled the greenette’s worry and sighed. “Well, I feel I can wait for mine. Perhaps you should go first, Ashido?”

“O-oh…well actually Hagakure I was thinking could-"

“No no, i'm sure Asui can go first.” The invisible girl shook her arms animatedly, gesturing to the frog girl, who simply shook her head.

“Jirou was talking before any of us. She should go. Ribbit.”

“But…but…” ‘SHIT!’

Midoriya stood up from his chair and suddenly pulled out his phone, checking something. Then he sighed and put it away, and Jirou could see briefly he'd been looking at recent headlines. ‘Right, we're probably freaking the worry wart out.’

“I-I could run a random generator on the pc quickly to decidewho t-talks?” He offered. the girls all looked between each other. Then they turned back and…

They had all intended to agree, a simple chorus of yes. Yet at that moment, some supernatural forcd seemingly decided to mess with the girls, and there was a sudden explosion of confessions.

“Dude, I like like you!”
“Midoriya, I think i've fallen for you.”
“I kinda have a massive crush on you!”
“Midori, I like you!”
“I have a crush on you. Ribbit”

Silence followed the room immediately following. Despite their simultaneous timing, the words they all spoke seemed so unbelievably clear. They all shared looks between another then back at Midoriya who's face had flared into a deep crimson blush and stood stock still.

“I….a-am I d-dreaming?” He questioned quietly and pinched himself, before turning back to the girls, staring at him with guilt in their eyes. “O-oh. This some o-odd prank o-or something?”

“I….why do you think that?” Yaoyorozu asked, concern in her voice. Jirou just thought he was surprised, but his answer showed what she knew.

“I m-mean because no one w-would ever think twice about s-some quirkless freak like me.” It was quiet. Incredibly quiet yet it was still seemingly able to pierce the room like a gunshot. It was also an instinctual response as Midoriya suddenly slapped his hand over his mouth and looked away.

“Someone is getting their ass kicked.” Mina muttered angrily and Jirou silently agreed, while turning to face him.

“This isn't a joke on my part.”
“Mine either!”
“I'm being wholly honest when I say I have developed feelings for you.”
“We're all serious.”

The boy took a breathe and turned to face them, with a confused, sad smile. Yet there was a bit of genuine happiness hidden in it.

“You know, i'm willing to bet a certain someone is spying right now.” He said, side-stepping the issue temporarily and looking at the wall that would be connected to Mineta's room.

Sure enough, a sudden bang came from the other side and the greenette chuckled. The girls joined in briefly, at the unexpected revenge on the pervert in a way, but it died quickly and once again, they were back where they started, when Uraraka burst into the room.

“huh. Well finally miss main love interest is her to say her confession as well.” Mina said with a silly grin, trying to hide the concern in her eyes.


“There's no point hiding it, Uraraka. Ribbit. We all just confessed and you're the most obvious person about it.” Asui said, looking straight her and the girl grinned nervously as she blushed, before she realized what exactly the frog girl just said.

“You all…confessed. What?”

“So…I guess we should leave?” Hagakure piped up, sounding lost despite her suggestion. “Midoriya probably needs to think about this anyways…”

The girls nodded amongst each other, aside from Uraraka who was just confused, when Midoriya spoke the magic words. Worde that, if they'd come from any other boy (except probably Kouda), they would be delivered a harsh slap in response.

Words that only Midoriya could away with uttering due to the utter sincerity behind his motives, and his lack of understanding of what normal relationships were probably like.

“W-why not date everyone?” They were spoken with such a naïve innocence one could almost mistake him for a child. His reasoning only served to hammer that point home. “I couldn't stand hurting any of you, and I want to reciprocate all of you anyways. If I can love everyone, wouldn't that be for the best? I mean I know polyamorous relationships are rare but it's not like there's anything wrong with them!”

“I…” Momo began but trailed off.
“Well that's…” Mina tried to find something else to say yet failed as well.
“I mean….” Hagakure found herself struggling to figure out what to say as well.
Uraraka had practically shut down in confusion, and didn't make a sound.

The only people who immediately had an answer, were Jirou and Tsuyu. The frog girl spoke first, as blunt as ever.

“I'd be totally fine with that. Ribbit.”

Jirou nodded her head in agreement, adding her own two cents to the idea.

“I've not got a problem with that I guess. It makes one of my concerns not as bad honestly seeing as there was someone else I think I’m crushing on.” She blurted out, and cursed her loose tongue when she remembered said person was here.

“I…I believe I could accept such a situation.” Yaoyorozu said as a smile broke across her face and she faced the remaining three girls. “What about you girls?”

“Well, if you're all alright with it, then I am. There's nothing better than something that makes everyone happy!” Mina said with a genuine smile, and Hagakure echoed her sentiment in her own reasoning.

The last person remaining was Uraraka, who everyone was staring at.

“Wait what are we doing?” The brunette asked, seemingly having totally lost the conversation. Asui spoke up before the rest of them.

“Say yes and you can date Midoriya with the rest of us.”

And, without missing a beat, Uraraka immediately answered.


“Someone's enthusiastic.” Mina teased, taking a seat beside Izuku. The rest of the girls also crowded around them, and Hagakure made a simple suggestion.

“Group hug?”

A moment later, they were all on the floor from the momentum of crash into one another. Fortunately no one hurt anything and they began to laugh amongst one another.

As they stood up and brushed themselves off, Asui decided to address the elephant in the room.

“So, we should probably talk about how this is going to work? Because there's probably a few details we need to straighten out. Ribbit.” She pointed out and they nodded amongst themselves. “Like, while its obviously up to Midoriya when, who gets the first kiss? I actually say Ochaco.”

“Aww thanks Tsu!”

“Wait, does type of kiss matter?” Hagakure questioned and after a moment, the other girls nodded, causing her to laugh nervously. “Guess…we don't need to talk about pecks on the cheek then…”

“You…already kissed him?” Mina questioned as her eyes narrowed. The invisible girl laughed nervously and the rest of the girl shared feral looks before setting their gazes on the greenette.


And once again he was tackled to the ground, this time being lovingly attacked by his new girlfriends. While he kept track of who got what number kiss, he didn't plan to tell them now.

Love was a harsh game! Also even he was capable of petty revenge.

“Wait hang on I just realized something uber important!” Hagakure spoke up, the only girl still standing. “Jirou! Clearly apart from Midori, I thought you only liked other girls. Who's your other crush?!”

“I…” The rocker girls eyes went wide, and her face lit up red, and with speed rivalling Iida's she jumped and retreated.

“Aww, don't run away!” Uraraka pouted but the purple haired teen had practically disappeared at that point. “I wanna know who it is….”

“Mina, you should probably go after her.” Izuku said knowingly and said teen stared at him confused. He smirked teasingly at the group. “She stares at Mina four times more than the rest of you, struggles with her words more when talking to her and when Mina is mentioned in conversation her blinking goes from twice at four second intervals to three times in five second intervals.”

The girls looked at him with shocked blank expressions and he maintained his serious gaze back….for all of three seconds before he started to laugh.

“Just kidding. I might analyze a lot but even I can't pick up that much detail from passive observation. I just caught her singing about a ‘beautiful pink skinned girl' the other day.”

“Wait she was singing about…” Mina trailed off as she pointed to herself and their new boyfriend nodded. Quickly the acjd user jumped up and made her way out the door. “JIROU WAIT! WHERE ARE YOU?!”

The remaining group laughed among themselves as they agreed to let Izuku come up with a list of suggestions to make their new relationship work, despite its odd nature.

In the room beside them, Mineta's jealousy reached a level so high, a man with a quirk to turn Jealousy into raw strength in Mustafu suddenly found himself with a nice pair of abs.

In the other room attached to Midoriya's, Aoyoma was missing but Dark Shadow had snuck away from its napping owner into the room and watched the whole affair, with but a single thought in it's ethereal mind.