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Tainted Treasure

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Hizashi struggled against the padded manacles that hung him from the ceiling by his wrists and knees, screaming into the gag that kept his mouth open whenever he twisted wrong- Shouta had not been gentle that first night, and Hizashi’s lower half hurt. He could feel dried lines of come still on his thighs- they itched. Hizashi wanted to go back to the room he had been given to wash up, knowing going home was out of his reach, probably forever. Instead he was… here. Chained up over an arcane symbol he could barely see, in some cold corner of Shouta’s lab.

Speaking of that damned elf, it seemed like it had been too long since he had poked his head in to check on Hizashi, for which the man was silently grateful- maybe he could finally relax and-

“Have you calmed down some, my treasure?” Shouta purred, stepping into the room from somewhere behind Hizashi. Delicate fingers traced the line of runes around his neck that sealed his powers, a warm chest pressing against his back as the fingers traveled to tweak his nipples.

“It doesn’t look like it… I was hoping to have you join me in bed tonight, but I think that’ll have to wait… on the other hand, there’s a spell I’ve been DYING to try on you…” Shouta was rambling, and completely ignoring Hizashi’s growls as those nimble fingers scratched along his stomach.

“I used to use it on myself, treasure, on nights when you looked particularly enticing as you slept. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.” Shouta was gone, and Hizashi felt dread creeping into his limbs. Where was Shouta, what was he doing? What was going to happen to Hizashi?

Silently Shouta stepped in front of him, eyes glittering with the same demented love he’d had on his face last night. Faster than Hizashi’s human eyes could follow, Shouta slashed open his hand, crimson blood pooling in his palm. Maintaining eye contact with Hizashi, he poured it onto the symbol. The dread increased- magic that required a blood sacrifice was never a good thing.

Unconcerned, Shouta sat down in the one piece of furniture in the room- an ornate chair that faced Hizashi. Hizashi, for his part, squirmed more. What was going to happen?

The answer came soon, as something thick and slimy wrapped around his waist. A glistening red tentacle was wrapped around him, the tip squirming and undulating as it slithered up his chest, it’s suckers making little popping noises as they unlatched. Shouta groaned as it attached itself firmly to one nipple, the sucker fitting perfectly around it.

Hizashi whined as a second tentacle latched onto his other nipple. His nipples were still sensitive from whatever Shouta had given him last night, and he couldn’t help arching into the sensations, his cheeks burning red in shame. More tentacles slithered their way across his body, firmly holding him in position. How did they know all his sensitive spots?

He groaned as a particularly slimy tentacle slid behind his ear, gently stroking the sensitive flesh there and making his stomach clench. He didn’t want to get aroused by the… things massaging his body, but he couldn’t stop the moan as suckers massaged the insides of his elbows.

“Oh treasure, you’re even more sensitive than I am…” Shouta sounded delighted, and Hizashi could only moan as yet another tentacle, dripping with slime, began gently caressing his throat. He couldn’t deny how good it felt, and the goo tingled in trails all over his body… he wanted more, wanted to feel it on his rapidly hardening dick.

Wait, no I don’t!... Shit.’ Hizashi began struggling again when he realized the slime had to be an aphrodisiac, but the tentacles simply tightened their grip. One that was far blunter at the end slithered up his chest to rest against his bottom lip, a sweet-smelling goo dripping from the tip.

Hizashi could do nothing as it slid into his mouth. The goo was just as sweet as it smelled, with a slight tang of bitterness and sour. It… it reminded him of mangoes, and he found his body greedily slurping it up, despite what he actually thought on the matter. Shouta groaned from his chair, rocking his hips forward.

“So good, treasure… your mouth feels even better than it did before.” He encouraged. If Hizashi has had full control of his body and his mouth wasn’t forced open by a gag, he would have come to a hard stop. As it was, the only hard thing about him was his dick, which stood proud and untouched among the mass of tentacles.

A feather light touch at his entrance made him jump, a thin tentacle slowly massaging the ring of muscle. By now there were so many tentacles wrapped around him that Hizashi couldn’t wiggle away even if he tried, so all he could do was whimper as it slowly slid in. Apparently he was still loose from last night, so the tentacle had little trouble going in deeper, slowly getting bigger until he could feel his hole stretch to accommodate the tentacle. Then it began to insistently prob his prostate, making his hips jump and jerk as he tried to get more of that tantalizing pleasure.

Hizashi groaned around the tentacle in his mouth, hips rolling as he felt a rapidly approaching orgasm. He let himself sink into the almost overwhelming sensations, willing to do anything if it meant reaching that peak. Moments before he reached it, a tentacle tightened around the base of his dick and balls, leaving Hizashi whining as the pleasure stayed on that painful edge.

“Oh no, treasure. You don’t get to come yet. This isn’t a reward, this is a punishment.” Shouta’s grin was ice cold as he stared at Hizashi. “I’m going to keep you on edge the entire night while these tentacles use you as their personal toy. That should teach you a lesson.”

The tentacles in Hizashi’s mouth and ass began thrusting, pounding into his pliant body, each thrust against his prostate keeping him on edge. It didn’t take much of that rough treatment for tears to pool in his eyes, though they were ignored. Shouta’s eyes were half open and hazy, unfocused, and the tentacles seemed to have no other objective than pleasure.

What felt like hours later, the two tentacles finally stilled, and Hizashi let himself relax. Which was a mistake, because a few moments later, with a shiver, ounce after ounce of hot, thick come was spat into his waiting body. Hizashi swallowed as much as he could, the rest of the musky sweetness spilling down his chest. It felt odd to have so much come sitting in his bowels, but the tentacles refused to move, letting nothing but a few drips drop out. A few seconds after that and the rest of the tentacles seemed to respond, soaking him in the sticky-sweet come from before.

Hizashi had a nasty feeling he wasn’t done, and that was confirmed when a swarm of tiny tentacles, each no wider than his pinky finger, began to prod at his already stuffed entrance. Slowly, almost hesitantly, the tentacle currently inside began to slide out. Immediately the tiny tentacles began to slide in, acting almost like a plug to keep all the come inside him. It didn’t take long before the first tentacle was gone. For almost a minute the small ones sat, unmoving. Then one thrust forward quickly, jabbing directly into Hizashi’s prostate.

Then a second one did the same. Followed by a third, a fourth, and so on. Soon there was a constant stream of jabs against his already oversensitive prostate, allowing no time for his body to adjust. After a few moments the tentacle in his mouth slid out, leaving him free to moan and grunt into the air as best he could. Each second seemed to last an hour as he was fucked, tears pouring down his face again. It was too much, but Shouta was immune to the distorted begging Hizashi tried to moan out, if he even heard Hizashi at all.

Hizashi had no idea how long the tiny tentacles tortured him for, only noticing they were slowing down when the pressure in his abdomen increased as, presumably, each tiny tentacle shot its load inside him. Another wave of come drenched him, strings of come connecting him to the ground.

He didn’t have a chance to relax for long, because soon the tiny tentacles were replaced by two tentacles. When one pulled out the other thrust in, rocking his body rhythmically, but at a mind numbing pace. His poor dick was painfully hard, still teetering on the edge of coming. It was made worse by the exhaustion clouding his mind. Hizashi knew his poor body was being pushed past its limits, forced to accept more and more come and abuse- so the urge to pass out wasn’t a surprise.

He desperately wanted to ignore it, to stay awake- who knew what Shouta would do to him while he was unconscious, but the struggle to stay awake was a losing battle. Despite his best efforts, it wasn’t long until Hizashi passed out.

Hizashi woke up to a slap across his face, jumping in shock, then immediately screaming. Every sensation was an odd mix of pain and arousal. His legs and arms were cramped from being in the same position he had fallen asleep in, and his neck hurt to move. His stomach was bloated presumably with come, and the whiteish, sticky fluid was all over his body in half-dried streaks. Thick, elastic ropes of the stuff connected him to the ground… it was disgusting. To make things worse, there was a massive tentacle still stuffed up his ass, and his poor cock was still hard, his entire body craving release.

But all of that was nothing compared to the demented grin on Shouta’s face as he took in Hizashi’s state.

“Oh treasure, you look so perfect like this…” Shouta ran one hand up Hizashi’s thigh, ignoring both the layer of half-dried come and the way the muscle trembled. The elf was practically drooling, his eyes glittering in undisguised lust. Hizashi didn’t even have the energy to try and twist away from the “loving” touches. “That seems to have calmed you down… now I know what to do if you ever act out too much.” He purred, gently massaging Hizashi’s neck. Hizashi couldn’t keep from relaxing into it; the gentle attention felt… nice.

“Let’s get rid of these tentacles, you’ve had enough…” With a wave of his hand, suddenly the tentacles surrounding Hizashi were gone. His ass felt… empty. But he didn’t have much time to think about it, because seconds later, cone began POURING out of his ass. It felt weird, but Hizashi couldn’t stop it. Shouta just watched it, a small smile on his lips, though his hands gently rubbed Hizashi’s stomach, pressing down lightly to encourage more viscous fluid to pour out.

After several minutes that felt like long, humiliating hours, the waterfall slowed to a trickle and then a drip, leaving Hizashi feeling mercifully empty… but still hard as a rock.

“Treasure, I think you’ve been very good… you haven’t screamed or shouted at me once. You deserve a reward.” Shouta said as he casually walked around Hizashi until he was situated between his legs. Maintaining eye contact, Shputa gently grasped Hizashi’s hips to keep him still, then placed his mouth on the tip of Hizashi’s weeping cock before swallowing him in one go.

Hizashi came with a hoarse scream, spilling down Shouta’s throat. Tears dripped out of the corners of his eyes at the relief, too focused on the pleasure than to think about who was doing the pleasuring. Shouta didn’t look away as he neatly swallowed it all before pulling back, licking his lips.

“Oh treasure, you are delicious… but you look exhausted… I guess you didn’t sleep well while being used. Not to worry, I’ll take good care of you, and we can nap all day.” Shouta’s voice dropped from a sultry purr to a sing-song tone as he unchained Hizashi, cooing gently as Hizashi whimpered in pain.

Hizashi had a hard time focusing on the next few minutes. It was a haze of aching limbs and soft assurances from Shouta; wordless nonsense that shouldn’t have been as comforting as they were.

Then he was sliding into liquid warmth, Shouta’s arms wrapped around him as sweet perfumed clouds filled the air. It took Hizashi a second to understand that he was in a bathtub, and the clouds were in fact piles of scented bubbles. The warm water surrounding him felt heavenly against his tacky skin, Shouta’s gentle hands slowly washing away the grime from last night.

Hizashi couldn’t help but lean into the touches with an appreciative moan. He knew he shouldn’t encourage the man, but those fingers were like magic, softly massaging away his aches and pains. And, for once, Shouta wasn’t speaking, letting Hizashi pretend that the two of them were normal lovers, just like he used to imagine on particularly lonely nights.

When Shouta began to gently wash his hair, Hizashi almost lost it, it felt so nice and calming. In fact, the bath was the most relaxed he’d been since Shouta had kidnapped him. He felt… human. Yes, Shouta was the one cleaning him, but all of the man’s touches were respectful and perfunctory. His hands didn’t linger, didn’t tease or poke.

“All right Hizashi, lets go to bed.” Shouta wrapped Hizashi in a warm, fluffy towel that Hizashi had no desire to escape. He was feeling sleepy and content, even as his mind tried to scream about the danger he was in. It was too much work. Much easier to rest his head against Shouta’s shoulder as the elf carried him along. Easier to stay limp as he was placed onto a soft bed. Certainly easier to snuggle closer as arms wrapped around him. Hizashi would deal with all that when he woke up. It was so much easier to ignore it and drift off to sleep.