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Hot IPad Time Machine

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            They had a test in third period, on some book that no kid wanted to read but the school system required, and no one was looking forward to it. The bell rang and the boys, Kenny, Stan, and Kyle, left the class looking forward to recess but dreading what came after. Outside they found Cartman who held his tablet close and rushed up to them, “guys, I found a way we won’t have to take the test anymore.” Kenny mumbled for him to continue, “it’s a spell to open up a portal to the future… if we’re in the future we won’t have to take the quiz. I’m a genius!”
           Kyle rolled his eyes, “not everything you find on the internet is true fatass, what if it doesn’t work? Then we’ll still have to take the quiz.”
           Cartman rolled his eyes, “shut up Kah-el, this spell has to work because I paid ten bucks for it. So now everyone get in a circle so we can read this.”
           Kenny did as told and started by standing next to Cartman while Stan stood on his opposite, “come on Kyle, so what if it doesn’t work there’s no harm in at least trying.”
           Kyle sighed, Stan was right, if they did or didn’t do this stupid circle, they would probably be taking the test, so he stood beside Stan and tried to ignore how stupid they looked. For a minute everything stayed the same and Kyle was about to shout I told you so, but Eric’s tablet soon started glowing purple and that was the last thing they got to see.