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Did The Nurse Send You?

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The sound of fingers against the keyboard filled up the silence of the hospital room. Pete felt like he’d started this paragraph ten times already, and if Ae didn’t wake up soon, he was never going to finish.


“I hope you’re pleased with yourself,” He sighed at the prone form in the bed beside him, “You’re meant to tell people when something hurts that bad, not wait until you collapse.”


Ae said nothing, eyes shut and his mouth hanging open ever so slightly. It was strange to see him looking so vulnerable. It wasn’t like Peter had never seen him sleeping before, there had been plenty of opportunity for that, but he never looked like this before.


Now, it was like looking at a completely different person.


Then again, in comparison to how Ae looked when the ambulance first came, this was preferable.


The colour had returned to Ae’s face after the operation, and he’d spent the last four hours drooling into his pillow. Peter would know, he hadn’t left his boyfriend’s side since he was brought out of the operating theatre.


He wasn’t going to let Ae wake up alone.


Ae would do the same for him.


As if he knew Pete was thinking about him, a low groan sounded from the bed as Ae stirred, eyes cracking open as they struggled to focus on the ceiling up above. He muttered something unintelligible, wrapping his mouth around the sounds before spitting them out like grape seeds. His head lolled from side to side, before his eyes eventually found Pete, who immediately stopped typing.


“Hey.” Pete whispered, “How are you feeling?”


He didn’t expect a response.


Ae’s face was still mostly slack, with the tiny shadow of a frown in between his brows…. And he was still staring at Pete.


“Are… you okay?” Pete asked nervously, “Ae? Are you okay? Do you need me to call a- “


“- Did the doctors send you?”


Pete frowned, “They- they let me stay if that’s what you mean. How are you feeling?”


“Strange.” Ae said with a wince, shaking his head really slowly, “My head… what happened?”


“You don’t remember?”


Ae shook his head just as slowly as before.


“You had appendicitis, so they had to rush you to the hospital to perform emergency surgery.”


When there was nothing but silence, Pete nervously turned his attention back to the laptop, believing that Ae would be falling back asleep soon.


“You’re beautiful.”


Pete flushed, eyes darting up to Ae’s face, which had a bleary smile plastered across it, a look of amazement in his eyes as he stared at Pete. “T-Thank you.” He finally managed to whisper back.


“You are the most beautiful person I have ever seen.” Ae’s voice was a little clearer now, still slurred slightly with sleep and drugs, but definitely clearer.


“I-I-I- “ Pete nervously cleared his throat, “You don’t mean that.”


“I do!” Ae insisted, the stern tone undermined slightly by the yawn he let out, “I have never seen someone as beautiful as you. Your hair… your eyes… those cheeks!”


“I think I need to get the Doctor.” Pete placed his laptop on the table and got to his feet, feeling like he was self-combust with how hard he was blushing.


“Wait!” Ae’s hand reached out, just missing Pete’s shirt, “Don’t leave me alone.”


Staring down at the pleading look in his boyfriends’ eyes, Pete felt a twinge of guilt.


He should go and get a Doctor to let them know that Ae was awake.


But the sheer desperation in Ae’s voice kept his feet firmly on the ground… he couldn’t leave him alone, not when he was like this.


Once Ae saw that Pete was staying, he relaxed back into the pillow and smiled weakly, “Who are you?” He then asked, as Pete gaped at him in shock, “My nurse?”


Pete felt like his heart had dropped to his stomach, practically collapsing into a nearby chair. “I-I’m Pete.” He whispered, “Y-Your boyfriend.”


The words had an instantaneous effect on Ae, his eyes widening in disbelief and mouth falling open. “You’re my boyfriend?!”


Pete couldn’t help but smile happily at this… it was all quite flattering really. “Yes Ae, you’re my boyfriend.” He pulled his phone out of his pocket, pulling up his most recent photos of them both, and showing them to Ae, who’s entire face seemed to light up.


“I hit the jackpot!” He beamed, words still slurred, “How did it happen?”


“I accidentally walked into you when you were on your bike. You helped me with a little… problem and we just got closer from there.” Pete held back the important details. Mentioning Trump would probably not end well, no matter what state Ae was in.


“I’m so lucky.” Ae sighed happily, a dozy smile on his face as he scanned Pete from head to toe, “Turn around for me?”


“Ae!” Pete flushed bright red, covering his face with his hands.


If possible, Ae’s expression turned slyer, “Have we had sex yet?”


Not trusting himself to speak, Pete just nodded.




Another shy nod.


“Something to look forward to.” Ae smirked, his eyes starting to slide shut, “Will you… will you still be here when I wake up?”


“Yes.” Pete leaned forwards to entwin their hands, pressing a kiss to Ae’s knuckles “I promise.”


Ae let his hand fall back onto the bed with a sigh, turning to face the ceiling and beaming like an idiot, “Love you…” he muttered, eyes drifting close, muttering something else, before he was asleep again.


Sitting back and sighing in relief, Pete studied Ae’s peaceful face. He never doubted Ae’s love for him, and with the amount of times Ae had dragged him away from their friends for some ‘alone time’, nobody else probably doubted it either. Ae had said ‘I love you’ so many times, in both actions and words, and yet, this time seemed purer.


Gathering up his laptop, he headed out of the room to try and get some fresh air, only to bump into Pond right outside the door.


“Ai’Pond… you heard all of that?”


A beaming grin and a nod.


“… You’re not going to let him forget this, are you.”