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Simply the Best

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Keener Technologies, a corporation that had innovated everything from planes to mobile phones, pianos to refrigerators, prosthesis to alarm clocks, and even electric toothbrushes. KT had soared above its major competitors for years, crushing Apple, Android, Yamaha, and Microsoft to the ground. That was until Stark Industries had switched from weapons to tech. All of a sudden, the household name of Adam Keener was no longer relevant when Iron Man himself was making computers. 

Adam Keener wasn’t a good man. Sure, he was a visionary, a gift to science and the concept of technology itself, but he didn’t do it from the deep down goodness of his heart.

Adam started his company from the garage of his Rose Hill hovel of a home. He patented and sold his ideas for much less than they were worth until someone realized their value. He was a man who sought for as much power as he could acquire striving for the choke-hold of monopoly over every industry he could take over. And, for a while, he did.

Adam Keener hid behind the facade of a good man. He didn’t live lavishly, donating his earnings into charities and funding for his next project. He smiled for the cameras, charmed the paparazzi, and flaunted his perfect relationship with his girl-next-door wife, Cassandra Atkinson. To the public eye, he was the perfect man.

Harley knew better.

Harley Keener, the secret bastard child of Adam Keener. Before Cassandra was Macy Keener, a forced marriage after a high school mistake baby. Harley knew his mother would never say that, but that was what he was. A mistake.

One mistake turned into two when Macy and Adam got drunk on New Years Eve and made Abby. This delayed Adam’s abandonment.

Obviously, the marriage didn’t last. Adam began to take off, and two children and a high school dropout wife didn’t look the best for the face of a new company. So, he divorced her, moved to the big apple, and never spoke to them ever again.

The man at least had the decency to send child support, but there were no birthday presents, no family Christmases, no throwing the pigskins in the backyard. All he knew was that his dad went to get scratch off lottery tickets and never came back.

Everything changed when Macy passed. She never did change the paperwork, so before he could even process his grief, thirteen year old Harley Keener and his sister were shipped to New York to start new lives with the man that left them.

To say the least, Harley was shocked by the realization that the Keener last name wasn’t just a coincidence. Meeting Adam Keener was bittersweet, a man that was once an inspiration in the aspiring engineer’s life was now also the man that he had despised for years. 

Adam told them that they needed the fake last name so that they could live average lives in New York. That they wouldn’t be bombarded by the media and their normality wouldn’t be crushed under the pressure of being Adam Keener’s children. Harley knew it was really because he didn’t want the scandal to be revealed, but he never addressed it.

Being the son of the face of Keener Tech wasn’t glamorous. It wasn’t robots and AIs and mansions. It was a penthouse on the secret fifty-first floor on the KT Headquarters building that could only be reached by biometric scanners secretly placed in the elevator. It was taking the subway to Midtown High because having a personal driver would bring too much attention to the teen. It was a personal gold debit card for whatever he pleased that he could never find the balls to overuse. 

Being the son of Adam Keener also meant that he was a part of his wild conspiracies. So, that’s how Harley ended up reconnecting his connection with Tony Stark and landing a personal internship with the man in attempts to act as a double agent to steal SI’s newest ideas. 

However, Harley favored Tony Stark much more than Adam Keener, and Tony Stark liked him too. So, that’s how he ended up being his new protege. And being Tony’s protege? Well, let’s just say it has gotten a little complicated.