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Baby bat protection squad

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An unnofficial and tacite rules of the batfamily who is the rules number one the most important is that if someone hurt one of them in any way possible this will be the hell to pay . Especially there youngest because even if no one (minus dick ) will ever say that even in there death grave damian is the baby of the family and they can be a little overprotective. This is what they we're very worried when one day damian became quiet he doesn't want to go to patrol anymore and his behavior will change . To too quiet at too angry he avoid being touched like he was affraid. they will coox him and ask what wrong even Tim and jason when one day damian will cry for the first time and ask if he was a terrorist they will be angry no one can make there baby bat cry and have it easy When they discovered that a band of rich brat bullied damian , Who don't react because he was affraid of his family reaction . sexually assaulted him with sick excuse who are that damian was a terrorist . Because he was muslim and that if an filthy immigrant like him don't want to go back in his scum like country he have to take it all . And open all damian's wound and his family statues and make all his life a living hell and so much more to bless him . That they treat him like that because Damian have stand up for his friends who was bullied by this band and they decided that son of Bruce Wayne or not an non American , terrorist , illegitime bastard child have to earn how to treat his supperrior. And that the teachers pretended to be blind . Fury was a light-hearted Word . no one should be tsurprised that Tim and Barbara hacked all these brats who dared to hurt damian and blackmailed them . They make more of course but this is a story for an other time. That red hood pick them a visit and that the police officier grayson and an extremely scary nightwing meet them for a "friendly talk" . That bat girl and black bat kick them ass . That Bruce Wayne bought all their parents entreprise and black listed them . And so much more damian have one hell of an giant family and kick-ass friends who don't treat gently that someone have dared to hurt him and make him cry . And these brat can of cannot meet an pissed off talia al ghul. Gotham academy have unexplectly lost many teacher thanks to an scandalous article in news paper wrote by Clark kent and many testimonies.