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Bullet Refute - New World

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Greetings, from the Headmaster of HPA (Hopes Peak Academy), Jin Kirigiri.

We'd like to inform you that your application to HPA has been accepted. The first semester begins on huh?, and here, you will be able to begin honing your talent as the Ultimate what's.

We look forward to you attending Hopes Peak, my name....




...Huh? My name?

Oh... Right, uh... Chihiro Fujisaki.

I suppose I should introduce myself at this point. Uh, I don't really have any traits... Other than the fact I present myself as a girl to the public. Oh, and I guess I'm really good at programming. Right.

...OK, I have my thoughts cleared out. Now what...?

It's dark... Really dark.

Wake me up.

Wake me.


"..ocked ou..." ...! Voices...

Oh, I guess I'm- " her b..." I can barely make them out... It's like my consciousness is fading in and out of existence.

"...ey, can you wa..." I think... I'm starting to regain pure consciousness.

"..., can you wake u..." It's... A girls voice...

"...ooks like she's..." And, a boys voice...

"...ake up..." The girl's voice, starting to sound a little tired.

"...Huh...?" I muttered out, opening my eyes. I see two people, a boy, and a girl. The boy seemed to have long, messy white hair and wearing a green jacket, while the girl had a pinkish-tint to her hair, with a blue jacket.

"Oh, she's awake... I think." The girl said, looking a little relieved. "Ah, at last... I suppose it was good to believe in hope!" The boy said.

"Uh... W-Who are you two...?" I said, trying to get up off the ground, still feeling tired... Was I drugged?

"Ah, how rude of me not to introduce myself! My name is Nagito Komaeda! It is a pleasure to meet you." The boy, Nagito, said.

"...Chiaki Nanami." The girl, Chiaki, said.

...She seems awfully quiet. She's... Kind of like me? "Um... I'm Chihiro Fujisaki. It's nice to meet you two." I said, introducing myself to the two.

"It's a pleasure! Now then... How should we proceed?" Nagito asked.

"...Well, all's I remember is getting an invitation to Hopes Peak Academy, saying they accepted my application, and that the first semester would start in, uh... Um..." I said, but... The contents of the invitation became but a blur for me.

"...You too?" Chiaki asked. "Wait, does that mean..." I began to piece together what Chiaki was.

"Yeah, I was also accepted to Hope's Peak. As for my talent... I'm not really sure." Chiaki said.

"...Wait... Talent?" I asked. That's when Nagito spoke up.

"Ah, how strange. I too was invited. But when I try to remember 'talent', I get nothing but a blur." Nagito said. I glanced around the room, the three of us clearly confused.

It was silent for a moment or two, but then Chiaki decided to speak up. "Well, the classes usually make up more than 3 students, right? I doubt they'd kidnap three students of Hopes Peak, presumably from the same class before they begin. There's likely more of us around here."

I understood what she was saying right away, but Nagito spoke up. "Ah, good thinking, Ms. Nanami! Then let us be off on our way!" Nagito said, getting ready to move.

"...Where are we, anyway?" I asked. "Not sure. But it seems like... A classroom? There's moss covering the walls it seems, and the windows are bolted..." Chiaki said, observing the area.

"Well, I've found the door at any rate. Ladies first, you two!" Nagito said, trying to speak like a gentleman. I could only feel a pinch of guilt from that statement, but moved forward.

[ Now Moving... Floor 2, Hallway ]

We exited the classroom, which seemed to be referred to as "2-B". "Classroom 2-B... We must be on the second floor, in that case." Nagito said, quickly deducing where we are just by a sign.

"Hmm... But if that's the classroom sign, that means this is a High School. But it also looks abandoned..." Chiaki said, paying attention to that fact.

"I wouldn't say abandoned. There's not as much rubble as you'd think, but there is certainly a lot of moss covering the walls..." I'd say, observing our surroundings.

"Perhaps. But nonetheless, we won't get anywhere by standing around. There seems to be a statue up ahead, and what looks like stairs." Nagito said, pointing towards the stone statue just up ahead.

"...It looks like a statue of a dragon, I think." Chiaki said, looking right at it. "U-Um, are we sure the statue is relevant...? Let's just head down the stairs..." I said.

"But of course! It's only natural to think that way, Ms. Fujisaki." Nagito said, and once again, I felt a little guilt.

And so, we all began walking down the stairs. That would be when we saw what this place had to truly offer.

[ Now Moving... Floor 1 / Ground Floor, Hallways ]

When we walked down the stairs, the first thing I noticed was a big man, with brown hair that seemed to be over the place. He wore a brown shirt that managed to fit him, along with some glasses.

I was startled, instantly. "Oh! Have friends come to see Gonta?" The man asked. "U-Uh, um..." I began to mutter.

"Why, of course! I think we should get introductions out of the way. I'm Nagito Komaeda." Nagito said, seeming completely unfazed.

"O-Oh, of course. Um... Gonta's name is Gonta Gokuhara." The man named Gonta said. "Gonta aspire to become true gentleman!"

After Gonta finished his introduction, Nagito spoke up once more. "Ah, perhaps your talent is 'Ultimate Gentleman'?" Nagito suggested.

"Nagito really think so...?" Gonta said, thinking. "Why, of course! I'd never lie about something like that!" Nagito said.

Gonta then spoke again. "Well, that could be possibility! Thank you Nagito!" Gonta said, looking happy. He was... Like an innocent child.

"Well, come on, you two! Introduce yourselves!" Nagito said to us, trying to get us to introduce ourselves.

I was currently fiddling with the top of my shirt, trying to think of what to say. I was still a little intimidated. "...Hm? Oh, right. I'm Chiaki Nanami." Chiaki said.

That was my turn to introduce myself. "U-Um... I'm... Ch-Chihiro Fujisaki..." I said, stuttering. I thought, 'one wrong move and I'm done for'.

"Um... Why Ms. Fujisaki stutter? Is something wrong?" Gonta asked. "N-No! I mean y- I mean no... U-Um..." I tried to speak out, but I simply couldn't get my words across.

"Don't worry, she's fine... I think." Chiaki said, coming to my defense. "Yes, there is no need to worry. She'll be fine with us." Nagito said, with a cheerful look in his face.

"Well, if Nagito think so... OK! Gonta believes you." Gonta said, trusting Nagito and Chiaki. ...He's innocent, and gullible.

We said our goodbyes, but really just 'see you later' for Nagito as we went down the hall.

We walked down the hallway, and it was covered in moss like upstairs. We were just silent as we looked for other people, other than us three and Gonta over there. That's when we saw a woman who seemed to be wearing a Maid's outfit.

"Ah, hello there! A pleasure to meet your acquaintance!" Nagito said, rushing up to the woman. "Ah, I apologize for not noticing you sooner... Other than Gonta over there, and a few other students, I wasn't aware there were more people here." The girl said.

"...It's nice to meet you. I'm Chiaki Nanami." Chiaki introduced herself. "A-And I'm Chihiro Fujisaki." I said, still shivering from before.

"Ah, how rude of me for not introducing myself yet! I'm Nagito Komaeda!" Nagito said, introducing himself.

"I see. I am Kirumi Tojo. It is good to meet you three." Kirumi said, bowing in a formal manner.

"U-Uh, no need to be so formal..." I said, stuttering. It's amazing how someone can look so beautiful and so formal at the same time.

"Nonsense. While I do not remember my talent, I've grown a habit towards being formal to others." Kirumi said.

Nagito seemed to be lost in though. "U-Uh, Nagito? What are you thinking about?" I asked, noticing his silent behavior.

"Ah, how perceptive! As expected from another potential Ultimate! Well, I was thinking what Kirumi here could be, and judging by that outfit and her expressions... Perhaps a maid?" Nagito said.

"A maid is someone who follows the orders of their master, and does their duties regardless of the circumstances... I suppose that would fit me quite well, yes." Kirumi said, with a smile.

"...Wow, I never thought you could easily deduce things from so few details." Chiaki said, as a compliment of sorts to Nagito...?

Nagito then waved his hands up, almost as if he was going to defend himself. "You flatter me. I'm likely no where near your skill..."

"Uh, anyways... Kirumi, you said there were other students here?" I asked. "Indeed. Some of them went outside, and some of them went down the hallway." Kirumi said.

"Outside...? Does that mean we have an idea where we are?" Chiaki asked. "...Please, take a look for yourself." Kirumi said.

I was confused by Kirumi's cryptic speech, but I decided to go outside the door anyways. What I saw...

[ Now Moving... Outside, Upper Level ]