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A Future Closed

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When Sans stirred to life, he found himself in a precarious situation. His wrists and ankles were chained to Gaster's bed, a weird rubber ball shoved between his sharp teeth. The only reason he knew this was Gaster's room is the fact that Gaster was, well, there.

Gaster wasn't one to take Sans anywhere, so...

Sans blinked sluggishly, trying to figure out why he shouldn't focus so much on Gaster taking him places and more on the fact that he was chained down to the bed, his regular chain still tied below the additional one.

Gaster was to the side, fiddling with a vial and a syringe, and he made a muffled, confused noise. Gaster turned, holding the syringe up with purple liquid inside. “Good, you're awake. It would have been easier if you had slept on, but I can't say I don't like to have my own fun sometimes.”

Sans was still so very confused. He made another noise, rattling the cuffs on his wrists. Why was he tied down? What was in the syringe? What fun?

Gaster approached, holding his hand out above Sans' chest, forcing his soul out. It never felt good, painful even, but Sans was used to Gaster just taking whatever he wanted from him. With a swift jab, the syringe went in, leaving Sans to make a squeal noise. It wasn't so painful, awkward feeling. Until Gaster emptied the syringe into said soul.

The purple dyed the pulsing red upside down heart from the middle out. Sans squirmed, gasping painfully as all of a sudden, his bones were burning, something pressing against his thighs and his pelvis and his chest feeling heavy as he panted.

Gaster let go of the soul, allowing it to disappear as Sans arched his head back, tossing it back and forth in confusion.

“Good, the effects are taking place. This should make things easier, for me at least.” He stepped back, putting away the syringe before stepping to the end of the bed, pulling the belt from his pants. Sans realized with a jerk that his sweater was missing, he was nude. He hadn't been naked in front of Gaster since the lab...right? He couldn't recall with all the sensations going on.

His toes curled into the blankets as he tried to push his heels in, gasping and coughing as he tried to free himself. Gaster's hand came down, clutching Sans' knee harshly. “Stay still, you fool. Not that squirming will get you anywhere.”

He yanked Sans down a bit, the cuffs straining against Sans' wrists with a creak and Sans screamed behind the ball. Gaster kneeled onto the bed with one leg, his pants seeming to slide down without Sans noticing. Sans panted, the dizzy feeling abating just a bit as he tried to raise his head up.

There was something weird over his body, squishy and bright red. He knew what the top was, he had summoned his body only once or twice. According to the books Gaster had left lying around, he had 'breasts', he didn't know what to do with them so he didn't summon his body as much.

Now it was snapped into view, along with his lower half. Gaster had something as well, something he held with his hand, a dark purple long...thing. Sans jumped when Gaster pressed it against his entrance, trying to push away from it in fear that Gaster was finally going to kill him this way, somehow, and screaming again as it pushed in, spreading him over the purple thing with almost ease. Gaster grunted, grabbing Sans' hips and snapping them together, Sans' head shaking back and forth with the sudden stretch.

“Oh quit being a baby, it doesn't hurt.” He didn't seem as serious though, he seemed to laugh at Sans' pain as he started thrusting into Sans.

Sans whined louder, he could feel something squishing between them. It felt gross, he felt aches in his hips like when he was growing, and he really hated it when Gaster leaned over him, releasing one side of his hip to grip a breast tightly in his hand.

Sans' legs kicked out without purchase, the blankets were slick and he couldn't get any traction. Gaster chuckled, squeezing the breast in his hand tightly. “Now I'm glad you woke up, I would have missed all these great reactions. Do you even know what's going on? Hm?”

Sans' eyes teared up, the tears trailing over his cheeks as he shook his head hard. He just wanted the sharp thrusting to stop and for Gaster to stop touching him so harshly. It hurt, much more than nearly anything else he had done.

Gaster grinned slowly, pressing in deep and rolling his hips slowly. “Poor little stupid skeleton. Don't worry, once everything goes to plan, you won't have to worry about anything. I don't even think you'd have a thought about it. You never do anyway.”

Sans sniffled and cried, hiding his face into his elbow to not look at Gaster as the bed creaked beneath him. With a few more thrusts, Gaster seemed to pant sharply, then he pressed in deep, stretching Sans harder and Sans gasped, hard to get his breath as something filled him up and Gaster drew himself free with a sigh.

“Perfect. But not triumphant. Perhaps, with time...” he muttered, and Sans ignored him, feeling ripped open and achy, his breast a bundle of handshaped bruises by now. He squeaked when Gaster pulled his hips up, pushing a pillow beneath him, then cried as he seemed to put something inside him, preventing the gross stuff from coming out.

Gaster redressed, one magic hand lifting up the clipboard to make notes. “Project will have to continue, unable to feasibly figure out whether or not it would be instant. Leaving subject to absorb everything in, and if no results by tomorrow, will retry the process.”

He smirked as he took a few steps around the bed, placing his hand on Sans' trembling head. “Let us hope, for your sake, it takes the first time. I'll be around with food, and if you deny it, I'll merely force you, understand?”

Sans' tear stained face was dragged up away from his arm to make him look at Gaster, and Sans quickly nodded. He hoped he didn't have to go through that again. It hurt, so much. Gaster merely smile, stroking his fingers down Sans' face and Sans winced, hiding his face again. Gaster chuckled, and off he went, leaving Sans chained to the bed and a tray of his items on the side.

Had Sans been in any frame of mind, he would have been intrigued by the bed. The sheets were silky, and the pillow was soft, and honestly he could have fallen asleep forever in here. But as it were, he was more focused on the pulsing ache between his legs, the gross feeling deep in his belly, and the pain on his breast. His cries slowed, and his trembling stilled after a time. He rubbed his face into the sheets, trying to clean it off. His jaw started to hurt with how the ball was situated, and he wasn't sure why Gaster put it in. It just hurt. Maybe he liked it...? Sans felt sick.

The door opening made him jump, gasping at the sharp feeling between his legs as Gaster pushed a tray in, shutting the door behind him. He approached the bed, sitting on the edge. He had a bowl of oatmeal and toast for Sans. Gaster reached behind Sans' head, looking at him. “I know you should know by now, but scream, and I'll merely put it back on and you shall have no dinner. Understand?”

Sans made an agreeing noise, quickly nodding. His jaw hurt too bad to argue. Gaster undid the buckle and pulled the ball free, making Sans' jaw snap a bit as he wiggled it, sniffling. “W-Why...”

“Don't ask stupid questions,” Gaster scolded, bringing the bowl over. “Now, open up.”

Sans nearly didn't, but he remembered the last time Gaster had forced him to eat. He'd used one of his magic hands to hold his mouth open, so wide he felt like it would never shut back, and he shivered. Not again. He slowly opened his mouth, sniffling a bit, his tongue peeking out now that his magic was activated.

Gaster started to feed him, albeit he kept looking at Sans' mouth with more intrigue. “Hm. It's not part of the project, but, it's my own personal one,” he mumbled to himself. Sans sniffled, not attempting to ask this time as he chewed on the toast.

He shifted, wincing a bit. “C-Can you take the thing out...?”

Gaster shook his head. “No, without it, you'll waste precious...magic. For this project, you'll need it all. No more questions.” He had Sans drink a glass of water, before picking up a different, odd looking thing. Sans blinked, then shivered when Gaster demanded he open his mouth again.

“B-But I'll be quiet, I promise, please!”

Gaster shook his head. “Have you learned nothing these past years? When I tell you to do something, do it.”

Sans braced his jaw tightly. He did not want to do it. Gaster raised a brow bone. “Alright then.”

Suddenly two magic hands gripped Sans' jaw, one yanking his jaw fiercely, the other bracing against the top of his teeth, keeping his mouth open as Gaster slid the weird steel ring into his mouth despite Sans' screaming and kicking, trying to push it out before Gaster buckled it a bit too tightly.

“Perfect. Now, you should be ...punished for disobeying, don't you think?”

Sans' head fell back once the magic hands let his face go, and he whined, his tongue was nearly outside the ring with how far it opened his jaw. Punished? Was it no food again? Sleep on the floor?

He wished it was that simple.

Gaster instead straddled his chest and Sans yipped, squirming at the sudden press on his chest. Gaster hummed. “That shall be next time. For now,” he unzipped his pants, the purple thing slipping out once more. Sans' breathing picked up, he still hurt and the thing was still in him, he wasn't sure how Gaster was going to do that again. But instead, Gaster leaned forward, bracing one hand on the wall as he pushed the purple thing close to Sans' mouth. Sans shouted, shaking his head and trying to pull back, but a magic hand at the back of his head shoved him forward, making him choke on the purple thing.

Gaster moaned. “Mmm, such a good mouth when it's not jabbering idiotic ramblings. I definitely should have done this earlier,” he mumbled, his hips slowly thrusting into the ring and into Sans' mouth. Sans choked with each thrust, his body shuddering. He couldn't really lose his breath, being a skeleton meant he couldn't be choked to death, but each harsh thrust cut off the small breaths he took all the same.

His tongue wiggled fiercely, trying to push the purple thing out as he kicked his feet again, but it just seemed to egg Gaster on as the magic hand leaned back then pushed forward again, making Sans' head bob with Gaster's thrusts. “Such a good mouth, oh yes. I wonder what you'll do when I'm done, will you spit it out? Cry more?”

Sans whined louder, coughing around the thick purple thing as it pressed in deep and Gaster groaned. The gross stuff burst into his mouth and he arched up, kicking again fiercely. He couldn't die by choking, but the loss of breath was a scary one. The stuff slid down his throat as the magic hand held him tight against Gaster's hips, muffling his noises. Some of it slid down his jaw as he coughed, and slowly the hand dragged him off of Gaster as Gaster sighed, pulling it away and tucking it back into his pants.

Gaster hummed, tapping Sans' cheek fiercely as Sans seemed to shake harder in fear. “You suck a good cock, Sans. Your first time too. I bet you loved it.” He grinned maliciously as Sans seemed to pant sharply. His face was bright red, the red tongue that peeked out was covered in the purple magic, which was smeared over his jaw.

Gaster chuckled, reaching down to slap a hand on one breast and making Sans quake once more. “Tomorrow, we'll continue. You better rest up.” With that he got off the bed, redressing himself to appear unflustered, pushing the two trays out the door with his magic hands.

Sans tried to cough it up, but it wouldn't get out of his mouth. He swallowed, tears burning the edges of his sockets as he cried again. Gaster didn't come back for the rest of the night, and Sans idly wondered where he had slept, unless this was one of the locked doors he never tested. Sans fell asleep with an ache between his legs, and pain all over.

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The next day came way too fast. Sans felt lethargic and tired, his mind barely running as the door opened, Gaster bringing in the syringe and purple stuff again. Sans stirred, trying to mumble at Gaster as he swept his hand over Sans' chest, bringing out his soul and injecting him without a word.

Sans squirmed, shutting his eyes tightly as Gaster whistled a tune, putting away the syringe and sweeping Sans' soul back into his body. He walked to the end of the bed again, tutting as he reached between Sans' legs, gripping the base of the thing inside him. “Nothing yet. Not to worry, we won't stop until we get results.” He jerked the thing out and Sans gave a slightly muffled scream, arching up. The thick magic seeped out a bit, but Gaster swept it up, jamming his fingers into Sans.

Sans shook so hard the chains clattered as Gaster pulled out his...cock? Again. “Oh hush. This is for the good of...well, me.” He shrugged, kneeling up onto the bed again as he thrust his fingers into Sans. Sans bounced his hips trying to squirm away from the fingers and the cock, but he wasn't successful, again. Gaster spread his fingers, bracing Sans' hips with two magic hands as he thrust his cock back into Sans, ignoring his cry. Gaster hummed, crooking one finger in beside his cock as he started thrusting slowly. “More will sufficiently help, then we can try other...experiments as we wait.”

Sans cried out as he was stretched wider with the finger, bucking up and trying to push it out as Gaster thrust in deep, rolling his hips. “Oh stop that, you should know by now it doesn't help to fight back.” His other hand came up, pressing over Sans' belly with a frown. “Hm. Hopefully not too much longer, although, this is quite fun.”

Sans hid his face again, gasping and crying with each thrust into his body. The elevation from the pillow made it so he was pressed against Gaster even more than last time, spearing him open with each thrust of his cock. Something squelched between them, making Sans shudder in disgust. Gaster made a noise, sliding his thumb up to press sharply against something on Sans that made him kick. “I wonder if it is possible for you to orgasm even with such pain. Another possible experiment.” Sans shivered as the thumb slipped away, but Gaster thrust in sharply, making his hips buck up.

Finally he pressed in, filling Sans again completely, nearly making the small flat of his belly bulge up a bit. He slid free, a magic hand slipping the thing back into Sans and Sans making a keening wail at the feeling of it again, shaking his head.

Gaster had a hand write something on the clipboard, and he nodded. “I'll be back with food again, then we'll proceed with more experimentation.” The hands wheeled out the tray once more, leaving Sans feeling torn open once more, shaking with pain and some unknown feeling as well as he tried to press his thighs together to alleviate the ache.

His head dropped back with a 'fwump' on the pillow as he wheezed. He felt sick now, and his teeth ached on the weird ring in his mouth.

Slowly he calmed down, shutting his eyes tightly as he tried to imagine his 'friends' again. How they would free him, take him away, keep him safe and never do anything like that to him again. Eventually he drifted off to sleep, as best he could in this situation, breathing evenly, his fingers twitching in his sleep.

The door opening stirred him awake, panicking at the sight of Gaster again. He had a small sandwich and a glass of milk, the magic hands unbuckling the gag and pulling it free as Gaster sat next to him this time. “Here, eat.” He broke off bits of the sandwich, and Sans was too afraid to reject it, taking small bites and trying to avoid Gaster's fingers. Once or twice, the fingers would glide over his teeth, or press a little too deep into his mouth and he would gag and pull back, shaking harder.

Sans drank the milk quickly, shivering on the bed as Gaster put the glass to the side, standing up again. “A-A-Are we...d-done for the day?”

Gaster smirked at him, unbuckling his pants again. “With my main project, yes. With the experiments, no.” Sans flinched as best he could as Gaster straddled his belly this time, careful not to sit totally on it. His cock was out again, this time pulsing and pressed between his breasts. Sans shook harder. “Wh-What-”

“Oh you'll see.” Gaster brought up both hands, squishing the soft breasts tightly to make a channel and Sans gasped and cried out as Gaster started thrusting between them. It didn't hurt like everything else did, but each thrust pressed the cock against his cheek or teeth when it came through, smearing the purple magic over his cheek or accidentally getting it on his tongue when he tried to cry out. “S-Stop, please! Don't! Ah!”

Gaster chuckled, a bit out of breath as he started thrusting harder between the breasts, kneading them sharply. One hand pinched a nipple sharply between his fingers, making Sans arch up in pain. The other squeezed at the base of the breast, making it balloon up as he overlapped it over his cock. “That's it...just take it. You're quite soft despite being the way you are.”

Sans whined, shaking his head fast, before a hand gripped the back of his head, pushing it forward in an awkward pose. Gaster thrust faster, panting. “Open your mouth.”

Sans grit his teeth, glaring up at Gaster. Gaster snorted. “Do it, or I promise you the next time will be so much worse.”

Sans nearly faltered at that, but there was nothing that could hurt as bad as he was now, so he didn't, turning his head as best he could. Gaster sighed. “Stubborn fool.” Two hands yanked Sans' mouth open, keeping it open as Gaster thrust between his breasts. As he stuttered to a pause, the magic came out, shooting into Sans' mouth as he gasped and coughed, flicking his tongue and trying to move his head, and Gaster slowly dragged it down his breasts, smearing the magic over them.

Gaster chuckled as he put his cock away. “I think I'll leave you like that. You shouldn't have crossed me, Sans.” He sighed, shaking his head as if Sans was merely an errant school child. Sans glared at him through the tears as the two hands slammed his mouth shut, making him swallow, before bringing up the ball again and forcing it into his mouth despite his yells.

Gaster hummed as he headed to a small dresser drawer, digging into it. “I did say I would make it worse, did I not?” He pulled out three binder clasps and Sans looked confused. How would that make things worse?

Gaster approached, one hand gripping a breast as he pulled the nipple tightly, making Sans arch up to get some relief. The clip snapped on, making Sans scream behind the gag. The other breast got the same treatment, and then Gaster headed to the end of the bed, kneeling between Sans' legs this time.

Sans gasped and coughed as tears spilled over his skull, unable to think through the sharp pain on his chest.

Then something snapped onto the thing between his legs, and he screamed, arching up as he tried to toss it off. Gaster laughed, standing up as he thumped the thing inside him. “There, that should learn you a lesson. Let us hope tomorrow brings us some results.”

And then he left Sans, this time turning off the light. Sans could barely get his breath through the sharp pain points. It felt like the time he touched a nail, except worse. It didn't help that it was dark now, and he could barely tell when hours passed. He couldn't sleep, couldn't even relax, his body quaking and shivering as it tried to get away from the pain.

He was sure the night had passed, but it did nothing to alleviate the pain. He tried to remain still to prevent the clamps from jostling, but every breath or hiccup made them move on his chest, causing him to squirm, making the one between his legs pinch harder.

Gaster opened the door, flicking on the lights again. He ignored Sans' muffled pleas as he summoned the soul again, injecting it with the warmth inducing liquid, putting both items away. He chuckled as he headed to the end of the bed once more, unzipping his pants and yanking the thing inside him out. “You're very tight when you're in pain, so I'll leave you like this until we're done this time. Perhaps we'll even succeed.”

Sans tossed his head back with a scream as Gaster thrust in, hips knocking into the clip attached to him. He hummed, worming a hand down to tug at it, making Sans' hips buck up into the thrusts, hips shaking in pain as he squeezed around the hard cock. Gaster hissed, thrusting faster into Sans. “See? Very good, squeeze tighter now.”

He tugged it again, and Sans squirmed, trying to kick as Gaster thrust harder, pushing him into the bed as he gasped and whined. Finally Gaster thrust in deep, pushing the clip in an odd way and Gaster groaned, filling Sans once more. He pulled out, eyes bright as he cupped a hand over Sans' now bright stomach. “Finally,” he breathed out, then unclipped the one between Sans' legs, then the two on his breasts. Sans sagged in the chains, trying to get his breath back, feeling bruised and pained.

Gaster got dressed, putting away the syringe as he hummed, grinning in a slightly scary way. “Well, now that that's been accomplished, you should feel proud of yourself.” He stroked over Sans' head, Sans flinching away. “You're finally useful. However, I think I'll leave you like this for a moment.” His eye lights skated over Sans' shivering form, before letting two magic hands untie the buckle on the ball, releasing it from Sans' mouth. “Don't worry, I'll let you out of the room in a week. That should be enough time,” he muttered as he got up, heading to the door.

Sans whined, “W-Wait,” but it was too late, Gaster had shut the door. Sans groaned, his head hitting the pillow as he stared up at the ceiling with wet eyes. He felt really, really tired now, and pained, but at least he didn't have anything inside him. Rather, it felt like he had some odd...feeling, low in his pelvis. He didn't look, for now. He was sure it was something Gaster had cooked up to...shock him or something.

For now, he shut his eyes, his wrists and ankles burning in the chains, letting sleep take him far away from here.

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The first day of the week, Sans assumed Gaster would leave him alone.

That thought was dashed fiercely against the wall.

Instead, Gaster brought in a machine. It had many dials and little tubes and something attached to wires. Sans shook, the chains rattling. “W-What's that?”

Gaster shot him a glare as he started setting it up. “I often pondered taking away your voice...” He muttered, before grinning sharply. “But I like the noises you make. I may invest in making this house soundproof just so you can scream for me.”

Sans sunk into the bed, eyes wide and shuddering harder. His voice...? All he had was that to stave off the boredom of living here. Chattering to himself or making funny voices. He tried not to tear up at the thought as Gaster whistled.

“I lose a lot of sensation using my magic, so be honored that I'm touching you at all.”

He came over, holding three weird tubes connected to the machine. Sans started to ask what it was fore before Gaster gripped his breast tightly. Sans squeaked, arching up and trying to squirm out of his hand.

For a moment, Gaster watched him with dark eyes, grinning as Sans begged him to let go, squeezing a little harder. His claw dug into the edge of Sans' nipple for a bit and Sans shrieked. Gaster laughed, easing his grip. “Shut up, brat.” He squeezed the nipple between his fingers, rolling it between them as Sans gasped and whined.

“Does this feel good? Do you even know what feeling good means?” He snorted. “...actually this gives me an idea. For later.” Sans whined, tears in his eyes and Gaster chuckled. He slid the tube up over the nipple and it sucked it in, making Sans gasp.

“There. Trust me, it will be fun. For me.”

Sans whined, shaking as Gaster reached over, gripping his other breast. Gaster leaned down, biting into his breast and Sans screamed, kicking his feet as Gaster sucked a bruise into the ecto flesh, drawing back slowly so it popped out with little marks on the bite mark. Sans cried, tears running over his skull as he gasped at the sudden pain, before Gaster rolled the nipple on that one as well, sucking it up into the tube.

Sans shook hard. “W-Why, what's...what are you d-doing, please stop...”

Gaster shook his head, leaning back towards Sans' waist. “Oh, no. You're finally useful to me, and much more fun.” He reached between Sans' legs, stroking a finger between his folds and Sans gasped. “Do you know what this is?”

“N-No, please, it hurt last time...”

“This is your pussy,” Gaster ignored him, pressing the knuckle of his finger against Sans' sore entrance. Slowly he dragged it up, nudging against something that made Sans jerk in his chains. “And this is your clit. We're going to have fun with it.”

He slid the tube between Sans' legs, and Sans tried to wiggle his hips away, crying out. “Stop, no, I don't want it!”

Gaster rolled his eyes, delivering a harsh slap over Sans' cunt, making Sans scream again. “Oh shut up, I don't care.”

The pussy turned dark red from the slap and Gaster smirked. He set the tube closer to Sans' clit, despite Sans' attempts to wiggle away, forcing it into the tube. “There, all hooked up and ready to go, aren't you?”

Sans whined louder. “Please please, don't, d-didn't you get what you wanted?” He gasped out.

Gaster snorted, getting up to drag the machine to the edge of the bed as he kneeled between Sans' spread legs, tugging his zipper down once more. “I did, but that doesn't mean I can't have my own fun with you. I've waited long enough for this.”

He stroked his cock slowly, making Sans' panicked breaths pick up before he pressed himself into Sans' entrance. Gaster scoffed at Sans' whining, picking up a control. “Oh hush, I only put in the tip. Now...”

With a flick of the switch, the machine came to life. Sparks traveled through the tubes, shocking Sans sharply and Sans shrieked, louder and louder with each shock until his voice cracked, his body thrashing in pain. Gaster moaned, thrusting into him as he squeezed around him tightly like a vise.

“Yes, that's it, love this.” He started thrusting into Sans hard and fast, gripping his hips to watch Sans' expressions as the electricity traveled through him.

Gaster knew about skeleton pregnancies. The infant could literally survive anything, so long as the mother lived. So, he just wouldn't kill Sans. That was all.

Sans' eyes rolled around in his sockets, choking and gasping at each shock. His muscles spasmed around Gaster who moaned, thrusting in and bumping the little tube. Sans wailed at the sudden tug and Gaster grinned, gripping one of the wires.

“Oh? You liked that? You'll love this then.” He slowly tugged on the wire attached to Sans' clit. The machine wouldn't allow it to unstick until it was shut off, so it basically pulled Sans' clit. Sans made a gurgling noise, coughing as he tried to kick and escape from all the sensations.

And then he passed out. Well, that's no fun.

Gaster shut off the machine with a scoff. Sans was weak, that was for sure. But he was still twitching thanks to the aftershocks, so Gaster thrust into the pressing walls, releasing himself deep inside, grinning darkly at the thought of Sans waking up with his cum seeping out, every point of his body aching.

Gaster set his hand over the small pulsing soul. “I'll teach you everything, dear one. Daddy has a lot of plans. So much plans.”

With that, he roughly pulled out, a hand coming over to push a plug back into Sans as Gaster got dressed. The King was working them quite hard lately, but was pleased with Gaster's findings about the Core. He had put in a week's vacation, and had received it. Sans was not going to be moving for quite a time.


Sans stirred awake, his chest burning and his...pussy throbbing and feeling that horrible thing plugging him up. He winced, shifting and feeling sick feeling the gross magic inside him again. Gaster was horrible, awful, evil. He thought that all he wanted was the weird little soul!

Sans felt dried tears on his face, and he plopped his head back, staring at the ceiling. Nothing he did would count, would it? Everything hurt, all the time. Gaster had him, owned him, and could do what he wanted since no one knew Sans even existed.

What a depressing thought.

For now, he shoved it away, counting bumps on the ceiling, shivering or hiccuping at sudden sharp sparks of pain when they traveled up to him. It would take a while for him to heal...and he knew Gaster would gleefully take advantage.

Chapter Text

By the time Sans had dozed off and stirred back awake, it seemed another day had passed. Or, so he assumed. Gaster had come back, after all, and he didn't see a reason Gaster would take off just to mess with him.

Gaster had some sort of odd machine on the tray this time, with little hoops next to it as he stepped in, shutting the door as he headed to the side of the bed again. “I've hired on some monsters to help make my home soundproof. They won't make it until next week but I've arranged their payment.”

Sans didn't know why Gaster was telling him this, but he quickly nodded, shivering. “O-Okay.”

Gaster picked up the machine, stringing on the hoop before gripping Sans' breast, squeezing around the nipple until it perked up and Sans whined. “S-Stoop, it's sore!”

Gaster ignored him, taking some kind of wipe and rubbing it around the nipple. “There, no infection now.” He pinched the nipple between his claws, pulling it up slowly as Sans arched his back, trying to ease the pain with a gasp.

Gaster lined up the machine and Sans gasped, “N-No, wait, what are-AH!!!” he screamed as it punched through his nipple, leaving a sparkling hoop inside. Gaster let him go, letting him flop back onto the bed as he cried.

Gaster tutted, leaning over Sans to do the same to the other breast. “Quit whining, it's barely a pinch.” Click, and another ring and another scream from Sans who squirmed, the hoops shining in the light. Gaster watched with dark eyes, smirking before he flicked one hoop making Sans squeal. “Perfect. I have so many uses for this. But now, the question is...” His gaze slid down Sans' body, gazing between his legs. “If I should pierce you down there.”

Sans gasped, squeezing his thighs together. “N-No, please! W-What if..” he gulped, his mind racing to prevent even more pain. “W-What if the um, the baby tears it, when its born?”

Gaster hummed, squeezing one breast and kneading it as he thought, making Sans whined and cry out. “You're right. After then. Unless you make me angry, then it shall be for punishment.”

Sans quickly nodded, sagging in his chains as Gaster put the machine to the side, immediately going to the end of the bed as he unzipped his pants. Sans shook as Gaster kneeled on the bed, stroking himself. “P-Please, don't...” A hand slid down between Sans' thighs, pulling the plug free and having another hand take it away.

“Shhh...” he muttered, sliding into Sans easily. To Sans it was painful all over again, and he cried, arching up and trying to get away again. Gaster chuckled. “The good thing about ecto,” he grunted, settling inside Sans deeply, “No matter the stretch, it just goes back to normal. Good for me, at least.”

Sans whined, shaking his head back and forth before Gaster leaned over him, gripping his chin to make him look at him. “Beg for it.”

Sans sniffled, blinking. “W-What?”

“Beg me to fuck your pussy, Sans. Just like that. If you don't do well enough, I'll punish you. If you do, I'll fill you up and leave you alone for the rest of the day.” He thrust his hips, making Sans yip and squirm. “Now, do it.”

Sans shook in his chains, sniffling. “P-Please...fuck...m-my-”

“Stop stuttering so much, or I'll think you don't mean it.” All the same, his hips gave a small thrust, and Sans gasped, squirming again as he whined.

“Come on, try again. One last chance.”

Sans whined, panting sharply as he tried to calm down. “P-Please fuck my pu...pussy?” He shook in his chains, hoping it was enough to appease Gaster.

Gaster seemed to think, tilting his head, one hand slipping down from Sans' chin to squeeze a breast. “Alright~”

And with that, he pounded Sans into the bed. Sans whined and gasped, trying not to thrash as much but it still hurt. He winced as Gaster squeezed and kneaded his breast, the piercing pulsing painfully with each sharp jab into him.

Gaster thrust in deep, growling as he came again, filling Sans up. He pulled free, holding his hand out for the plug and slipping it into Sans once more. Sans gave a tired groan, his toes flexing. “P-Please leave it out?”

“No, you'll make a horrid mess and I'd rather not clean you up. Not yet anyway.” He squeezed Sans' thigh, patting it sharply before rising up and redressing, leaving Sans a shaky mess. “I'll be by to feed you, try and...sleep or something, I don't care.”

With that, he headed out. Sans panted, plopping his head back on the pillow and shutting his eyes tightly. He couldn't relax, the hoops stung with each breath. He wanted them out, but he knew Gaster would make it somehow painful if he asked him to take them away.

As promised, Gaster came back later that day with food. He didn't respond to Sans' mumbled questions, merely feeding him bits of the food once more, stacking the plates away and heading out. Sans wasn't sure if he preferred that to the cruel acts from before...actually, yeah, he did. He'd rather Gaster not talk to him than...any of that from before.

Time passed, and all he could do was sleep. Sleep on and on.


“W-What's that?” Sans asked, shaking.

Gaster had brought in a different device, larger, with chains attached to it. The hands floated up to the ceiling, attaching something together as Gaster hummed, checking on the infant again. “Something fun. For me. And a task for you.”

“T-Task?” Sans mumbled, jumping as Gaster stroked his thigh, trying to squeeze his legs together again.

Gaster slipped his hand up, flicking a ring with a scowl. “Stop that. Now, I'm going to undo the chains, but you are not to move, understand?”

Sans winced, quickly nodding. Maybe this meant Gaster would let him go soon...?

Gaster started with the chains on his legs, undoing the chains attached to his ankles first. He shuddered but stayed put as Gaster merely undid the chains attached to the bed, leaving them on his wrists. Two hands came down, grabbing the chains and pulling Sans to sit up, his legs scrabbling for purchase and the hands wound the chains in the odd wheel looking things. He ended up kneeling, his legs trembling. He could try and stand, but it felt really heavy, like at any moment he'd fall to the ground...or bed, in this case.

Gaster slipped his pants off, climbing onto the bed and swatting Sans' behind. Sans squeaked, jerking forward, his arms being pulled backward as he tried to squirm away. “W-What-”

“Stop that. Now stay still.” Gaster laid down on the bed, legs on either side of Sans' shivering body. Sans gulped, flinching as Gaster's hands gripped his waist tightly, kicking his feet as a hand slipped between his legs, pulling the plug free. Gaster yanked him onto his lap, the cock slipping between his thighs, pressing against his pussy. He whined, shivering and trying to squirm. “P-Please, no, you s-said it was a task!”

“It is a task.” Gaster chuckled, enjoying Sans' squirming and fighting. He gripped Sans' hip tightly, before gripping his cock and forcing it into Sans' entrance, making him shriek and buck, trying to get away, but gravity made him slip all the way down.

Sans whined, slumping, the chains keeping him up by his wrists as he was speared on Gaster's cock. Gaster swatted his behind roughly, making it darken and Sans bucked, gasping. “Now, here's your task: if you can get off me before I cum inside you, then I'll let you out of the chains early. If not, well, you'll have an extra day.”

Sans whined, shivering. “D-Do I have to?”

Gaster scoffed. “Don't whine, this is an easy task.” He stretched his legs out, leveling himself on the bed and releasing Sans' hips, crossing his arms behind his head. The pillow gave him an angle to watch the scene. “Get going now, or I'll make it worse.”

Sans whined, panting as he tried to get his feet under him. The odd angle and the slick blankets meant he couldn't get a good grip, and any time he went to push up, he immediately fell back, making Gaster thrust into him and he would yell.

Essentially, he was riding Gaster, his muscles squeezing tight around Gaster's cock in an effort to push him out. He cried, he couldn't get up at all. He tried to calm down, using the chains on his wrists to slowly pull himself up. Gaster watched on in amusement as Sans swayed, legs shaking, before his energy gave up and he slid right back down, gasping sharply as he flexed his hips, squeezing around Gaster tightly.

Gaster groaned, squeezing Sans' hip tightly as he nearly came. “Come on now, you can't give up after just one time, hm?”

Sans wheezed, panting softly. “I-I...okay...I-I'll try...” He gulped, the chains worked last time, so he slowly pulled himself up again, trying not to lose his balance this time.

Unfortunately, his grip slipped on the chain and with a cry he was slammed back down into Gaster's lap. Gaster cursed as he came, filling Sans again as he held him down by his hips, panting. “Hmm, that was quite fun, I'll do that again.” He slapped Sans' thigh, making Sans jump with a whine. “P-Please no...”

Gaster tutted, dragging Sans up and off him, letting Sans dangle from the chains. “Sorry, you should have been stronger. This is really all your fault, you know.”

Sans sniffled, shaking as the hands swarmed him, dragging him back down to the bed as he struggled, shouting as the plug was shoved back into him. He panted sharply, looking exhausted, and a little beat down. Gaster redressed, stroking the side of Sans' head.

“Hm. Go to sleep.” With that he headed back out, leaving Sans to try and not be bothered by Gaster's words once more.

Chapter Text

Gaster did as he promised: one more day, tied down, every part of him stinging and aching, his thighs quivering in pain and exhaustion.

But waiting for Gaster to come and do...more...was all for naught. He never came, even to feed Sans. It wasn't so bad, but the hunger started to gnaw at him as the day passed. He was thirsty, and kept smacking his mouth to try and get the dry feeling out.

Was this the punishment? Being alone? He wasn't alone, though...he had the funny little soul in his belly.

But...he was alone, at the same time.

Was it weird to hope that Gaster would come through the door, let him free, or at least talk indirectly at him? Probably. Most likely.

He started to panic as he grew tired. Was it night? Day? Afternoon? The light was kept on, so he didn't feel he could sleep, and the thing inside his pussy was still there and still stretching him, keeping everything inside.

He felt dirty and wanted a bath and to lay on his mattress or the couch and have his sweater...

He teared up, sniffling. Where was anyone? Why was Gaster doing this?

“G-Gasteeer! Doctor??” He called out, his throat dry as he coughed. “Please...p-please let me out!”

No answer. He didn't really expect one, actually.

But the fact that his own voice echoed back at him made him shake. He was going to go insane, being left alone, in the bright light.

What if Gaster had died? No one knew Sans existed, no one would free him, he'd dust here, starving to death if the thirst didn't kill him first. Sans started to panic, thrashing in his chains and crying harder. He didn't want to die! He wanted to be free, and go walk through the house, and read!!

After he calmed down, which long, he was so very tired. He panted, tear tracks on his face, burn marks on his wrists and ankles from where he had made the chains rub against his bones. Maybe, maybe if he slept...maybe then it would just be a bad dream? Or Gaster would come back?

He could only hope, as exhaustion creeped into him, knocking him out fast.


The door opening made him stir, and he sniffled as Gaster made an appearance. “I-I'm sorry, p-please don't...” he wanted to say 'do that again', but he couldn't get the words out, shaking harder as Gaster scoffed.

“A day alone and you already miss me? I'm honored. It's time for you to be examined, and now you can get to doing your usual chores.”

Sans flinched when Gaster finally released him, his back popping as he finally sat up with a groan, clutching his arms to himself. He slid a hand down, poking at his belly before Gaster snatched his wrist up, looking at him murderously.

“You will leave it alone. This is now your purpose, understand? You'll bring about a new army. Now, get up and out of bed, and I'll give you a check up.”

He let go but Sans still shook. His wrist hurt even worse now that Gaster had squeezed it. He nodded. “Y-Yessir.” He used to fight back, hard and fast, when Gaster would drag him to whatever horrible experiment he wanted to try, but he'd been punished quite thoroughly into following orders. Still, a little bit of anger flickered to life, every so often, and he'd mouth off.

Gaster would tolerate it, to a point, and Sans knew how to push to that point. Not today, though. This past week had thoroughly shocked him into obeying for now. The chain on his ankle remained, and Gaster whipped around, heading out the door.

A hand slid down Sans' belly making him jump with a squeak, but it merely gripped the base of the thing inside him and yanked it free.

Sans shivered, making a face at the mess over his thighs that had dried in a gross scratchy way. He hoped he could have a bath soon.

He knew which way the 'medical' room was, and he hurried after Gaster, shivering in the cool air now that he was no longer distracted with...everything. He missed his sweater.

Once he was inside the room, Gaster motioned at the gurney not looking at him as he looked at his clipboard. Sans slowly climbed up onto it, squeezing his thighs together with a blush. He didn't want Gaster to have that look on his face, again. It took a moment before he shifted his arm to try and cover his breasts as well.

Gaster snorted, shaking his head as he held a pen light in his hand. “You're ridiculous, Sans. You would think after this week you would have gotten rid of that ridiculous shyness. Now, uncover.”

Sans blushed harder, especially as he was talked down to. He shivered. “I-I'm...cold.”

“If you take longer, then you'll be even colder. Uncover, now.”

Sans flinched, slowly drawing his arms from bracing in front of him, the arms shaking as he braced them on his sides with a gulp. Gaster leaned forward, dragging one arm up and poking the pen light at the bruise on his wrist. “Not broken.” He muttered, stretching Sans' arm up above his head. Sans flinched at the ache. “Keep it up. This one too.” Gaster lifted Sans' other hand up above his head and Sans shook, feeling more exposed than he had been.

Gaster set the pen light down, pressing a finger into Sans' armpits, watching him flinch. Then he slid the fingers down, cupping both breasts in his hands. Sans shook and twisted his head away with a whine as Gaster squeezed one tightly. “Hm, adequate size. The bruising didn't ruin the muscle,” he muttered, plucking at the nipples as Sans squirmed, gasping.

“If nothing occurs, will have to dose the experiment with the appropriate medications,” he mumbled, the magic hand scribbling away on the clipboard. He slid both hands down, clutching at Sans' thighs and forcing them open as Sans squeaked, his thighs shaking as he tried to shut them again.

Gaster glared at him. “Stop it or I'll tie you back down.” Sans quickly nodded, panting from fear as Gaster placed a hand over his belly, above his hips. The funny little soul inside pulsed and Gaster smirked. “Perfect response, soul is strong, will keep tabs on the structure as it forms.”

More scribbling and Gaster hummed, tapping a finger on Sans' knee. “No no, this will not work. Bad angle. Lay on the gurney, now.” He let go of Sans and Sans scrambled to obey, laying back on the crinkling paper. At least he wasn't looking at him?

Gaster sighed, turning around and leaning down to tug on something under the gurney, bringing up two metal poles. Sans looked at it in confusion and Gaster gripped one painful ankle, pulling it up into the cuff and buckling it. Sans gasped, squirming as he tried to avoid Gaster's hand on his other ankle. “Y-You said-!”

“I am examining you, and if you do not stop I will tie your hands down as well.” Sans shuddered at the dark look, hesitating for a moment with his leg curled up close to him, but he didn't have a choice as Gaster snatched the chain, forcing him to spread out with his feet buckled into the cuffs. He blushed brightly, whining as he hid his face in his hands. Maybe it would just be something embarrassing but not painful. He had to hope.

He peeked around his fingers, watching Gaster hold his hand out to a magic hand, bringing some funny steel thing. Gaster took it, looking at Sans with an irritated look. “You've been very awful today so this will definitely hurt. Perhaps next time, you'll listen.”

Sans panted harder, jumping as he felt the steel against his entrance. “N-No, don't, stop it!” He wiggled his hips trying to kick out, only to cry out as the thin silver pressed into him hard and fast. Gaster rolled his eyes. “Shut up, it's only the tip. I hope you grow up by the time this is all over. As amusing as you are, I'll gain a headache with all your whining.”

Sans gripped the crinkly paper with a hand as the steel slowly invaded his body. He tried to squeeze it out, his thighs shivering in pain as he gasped and groaned, tossing his head back. Finally it seemed to stop and he sobbed. “I-Is that it? Take it out, please, please...”

Gaster merely shot him another look, rolling his eyes. Instead he started to speak for the hand with the clipboard, “Despite the fact that the skeleton stomach is see through, I have decided to do an in-depth exam, despite the experiment's objections.” It scribbled away as Gaster started turning something, his knuckles grazing the side of San's entrance with each turn.

At first nothing happened but then Sans could feel himself open up farther than ever and he cried out, screaming in pain as he tried to buck away from it. Two magic hands pinned him down, two more gripping his wrists against the gurney.

Gaster hummed as the thing finally gave a click as it opened all the way. “Inside muscle has not torn, so no chance of infection nor danger to the infant.” He took up something that Sans didn't see, but he could feel something prod him inside, something foreign and he wailed, screaming and tossing his head back as it probed at something too deep inside. “Taking samples as, while rare, it is best safe than sorry to ensure everything is going according to plan.”

Something tinked-possibly him putting the item in a vial-and then Sans could feel the sharp fingers stroking him on the inside. He whined higher. “N-No, stop stop stop, it hurts!”

“Everything seems clear, no tears to feel that I may have missed with the light. Examination concluded, results are positive.” He withdrew his fingers, albeit very very slowly. Sans trembled under the magic hands, his skull awash with tears as he felt the clicks again as it slowly closed. Gaster yanked it out and he shrieked, arching his back in pain as Gaster dropped the speculum into a tower of water.

Sans hiccuped and shuddered in pain as Gaster smirked down at him, sliding his hand over the back of Sans' head. “One must go through a lot of trials to ensure the safety of others. Remember this. I'll give you a day before I expect you to get back to cooking and cleaning.”

Sans hiccuped harder, curling in on himself once the hands let him go and Gaster unbuckled the straps on his legs. He turned around, and Sans would have expected him to be ignored if not for the hands coming back, two of them dragging his hands back up, the other two gripping his ankles, almost carrying him through the air.

Gaster went out the door, going down the stairs as the hands floated Sans to his bedroom, almost tenderly laying him on the mattress as Sans shivered, yanking himself away from them the moment he was let go.

The silky sheets of the last bed were nice...but nothing beat his own mattress. It didn't have the memories the other one did.

He hurt everywhere now, and he wasn't sure how he was going to be better in a day. But he would, because he didn't want Gaster to assume he needed a reason to lie around. He gulped, peeking down at himself, slowly lowering his hand to his belly. The little soul inside seemed to brighten even more than when Gaster had touched it.

Sans took this to mean he was the favorite, and he carried this warm thought into his sleep, even though he hadn't really taken it all in. In the morning he would, and he would be shocked, and a little scared, and a little protective of the tiny baby, but for now, he merely basked in the thought that someone liked him better than Gaster.


Before Gaster left the next day, he called Sans from where he had scurried to the couch to hide. He couldn't find his sweater, but he assumed Gaster had went to wash it, maybe...?

Sans slowly walked over to him by the door, shivering as the chain tugged his ankle, warning him as he stopped. “Y-Yessir?”

Gaster hummed, looking over his form for a bit, making Sans wince and his fingers twiddle against each other. He couldn't bear to tug the rings out, they hurt too much, but he wanted them out.

“I'll get you a new outfit while I'm out. The sweater will be in the way from now on.”

Sans slumped. He loved that sweater. It also hid his body from Gaster, or at least, it did most of the time. “O-Okay...”

“Two of them, actually. You should feel honored.” Sans just nodded. He didn't know what to hope for, except that it was warm.

Gaster looked at him, eyes trailing down Sans' body, making him shiver harder, the gaze landing on the small baby before he smirked, looking back up to Sans' face. “I think I'll give you a little task for the day.”

Sans nodded. A task was easy. He hoped.

Gaster took a step closer, unzipping his pants and letting his purple cock out. Sans shrunk away from it nervously, shaking harder. “W-What-”

“Stroke me until I cum, and then I want you to keep it on, all day. When I get back, you may have a bath then.”

Sans gulped, looking away, then back. “C-Cum...that's the purple um, magic?”

Gaster rolled his eyes, leaning down to grab Sans' hand, yanking it to his cock. “Yes, get on with it, I need to get to work.”

Sans whined, and nearly pulled his hand away, but this wasn' bad as the other task he had had to do. He slowly moved his hand back and forth, looking away from the cock with his eyes shut tight. Gaster didn't make a sound, instead he would nudge Sans' hand to go faster, but otherwise Sans would have assumed he was ignoring him. Again.

Sans jumped as the purple magic came out, dribbling onto his head and dripping down to his breasts, smearing over the rings and down his cheeks and if he hadn't had shut his eyes, he was pretty sure they would have gotten in there too.

Gaster grunted, pushing his cock forward and smearing over Red's mouth with a dark chuckle, before pulling away. Sans slowly opened his eyes, wincing at his sticky hand, and his sticky...everything.

Gaster nodded, smirking as he brought out some odd square think, making it click. “Hm. Very good. Remember the rules. Goodbye.” With that, he was out, leaving Sans confused with what to do, and feeling gross.

Chapter Text

Sans didn't know how he could handle this. Normally he would wash the dishes, then do his normal walk. But everything was sticky on him, and his hand was filthy.

He slowly did the dishes, careful not to get any water on him, terrified of what Gaster would do if he found out.

His chain dragged behind him as he started his walk. His hand kept popping up in his head, since every movement he had to pull his fingers apart as they stuck together.

His breasts hurt, the piercings wouldn't be taken out, he knew it. Everything hurt, honestly. He slowly put his clean hand on his belly, blushing at the soft warm feeling from the baby. Oh. That was nice. Maybe...maybe he could continue, for the baby. Gaster would need him to be somewhat alive, at the very least, right?

It wouldn't be that bad, right?

He couldn't sit down on the couch or else his skull would smear the mess on it, and he couldn't cover up due to the same mess. He whined, slowly dragging himself to sit on the floor, cross legged, legs bouncing at the new way he had to sit. He sighed, leaning back, pressing his hand to the floor to ease his back, then leaned forward for the same reason.

Back and forth...back and forth...

He eventually got up, dragging himself to the kitchen. He was starving, but he refused to touch his food with his dirty hand. He took an apple, holding it in his clean hand and eating it fully, licking his teeth at the great taste.

“You'll like apples, I bet,” he murmured to the baby, rocking on the floor to ease his back. He hated sitting on the floor, the couch would be better. “Or maybe you'll like crackers? Oh, I can make pizza if Gaster gets the ingredients. It's not very good, he says, but I hope you'll like it.”

He liked to imagine the tiny baby agreeing with him, and it made him happy, at least for a little while.

Finally, finally, Gaster appeared at the door, holding a bag that he put down in the doorway, taking off his labcoat. Sans perked up, standing up shakily. “C-Can I have a bath now? Please?”

Gaster gave a rough sigh, rubbing a hand over his face. “You're quite needy whenever I get home. But yes, fine. I have to have you fitted in some outfits after, anyway. Come.”

He headed down the hall, Sans racing after him almost eagerly. Finally, he could get all this stuff off him! clothes! He felt nervous about that, though, and he wasn't sure why.

Gaster turned on the bath with a magic hand, crooking a finger at Sans to come closer. Sans crept closer, shaking a bit as Gaster grabbed his wrist, looking him over, then smiled. “Well, you are useful for once. Good job.”

Sans could have melted at the warmth he felt from that, but the fear was too strong. He just nodded, gulping. “Th-Thank you...”

Gaster let his wrist go, shooing him to the bath. “Get cleaned off, then I shall make sure you are clean.”

...what? Gaster never...sat in here and just watched him. Maybe he was making sure he didn't fall and hurt the baby? He quickly nodded, slowly getting into the bath, the chain clattering behind him. He was amazed it didn't rust-according to one book, most steel things rusted in water?-but he couldn't think of that right now.

Sans took the rough washcloth, scrubbing hard at his hand and face and chest. Gaster had a soap that smelled 'clinical' is what he said. Sans didn't much like it, it was...very...smelly, but it was all he had. He sighed as the stickiness finally abated, relaxing in the slightly purplish water. He looked over at Gaster, gulping. “I-I'm done.”

Gaster scoffed. “Stand up, let me make sure.”

Sans slowly got up, shaking as the water dripped around him. Gaster reached out, touching his head, then squeezing his cheek and making Sans whine. He slipped a hand down, squeezing a breast tightly, making Sans stomp his feet at the sudden pain.

Gaster chuckled. “Very nice.” His hand slipped down, aiming for between Sans' legs and Sans caught his hand. “No!”

Gaster frowned, his eyes darkening as he looked up into Sans' face. “No?”

Sans shook hard at the look, breathing faster, but he didn't want to be touched. “I-I'm clean, I swear, I promise!”

Gaster sighed, shaking his head. “And here I thought you were being good.” Suddenly two hands caught Sans' wrists, yanking them up above his head with a screech. Gaster caught his legs, pulling them up and over the edge of the bath, the hands making Sans lean back a bit, his pelvis pressed up into the air.

“No, no, put me down, I'm clean!”

Gaster grabbed the washcloth, tutting as he wiped at Sans' thighs, then thrusting his hand between them. “I don't think so. I think you're hiding how dirty you are.” Two hand slowly pried Sans' thighs apart despite his cries, revealing his pussy to Gaster.

It was obvious that he was a bit dirty from Gaster's earlier 'experimentations'. Gaster tutted. “So very dirty. Naughty, naughty.”

Sans whined, shaking his head uselessly as Gaster slid the rough rag over it, rubbing hard and making Sans cringe. “Ow ow ow, stop it!”

Gaster hummed, flicking Sans' clit and making him jump, before tightening the rag over a finger. “It's too late, you didn't clean yourself, now I have to do all this work. You'll have to make it up to me.”

He slowly but surely squirmed the slightly wet, rough rag into Sans, making him scream. He thrust a bit, the rag stuck inside and making Sans gasp and rock his hips, trying to force it out. Gaster pressed in three fingers, making the rag open a bit as he roughly rubbed around inside. Sans cried harder, shaking his head faster as he tried to get over the pain.

Gaster chuckled, roughly rubbing a thumb over Sans' clit. “There. I think you're quite clean now.” He roughly yanked his fingers free, making Sans buck up with a gag as Gaster slid the rag free, dropping it back into the water.

Gaster stood up, turning around as the hands dragged a rough towel around Sans, drying him quickly as Sans wheezed and sobbed, hurting inside now very badly.

Gaster whistled as he walked, the hands dragging Sans by his wrists and ankles, and he was trying to hide himself again, struggling against the hands.

Gaster opened the his room.

It was the same room Sans had been in the first time, when he was impregnated, and he shrieked, trying to kick out. “No no no, y-you already di-did that, please!”

Gaster scoffed, making the hands drop Sans onto the bed as he held up the bag. “Quit your whining. I have clothes for you to try on. If you don't stop sniffling, I'll leave you naked.”

Sans curled up, his knees pressed up into his chest as he cried. With that angle, Gaster could see the raw cunt, red and puffy. Gaster knew he wasn't bleeding, but it would hurt, for a while.

Gaster smirked. Good.

“Stand up, now.”

Sans hiccuped, slowly rolling over and standing up on the soft bed, his thighs shaking as he continued to cry, rubbing at his eyesockets. Gaster rolled his eyes, sighing. “Enough of that. Now, be ready to try on some clothes.”

He shifted his hand into the bag, pulling out...Sans sniffed. “Th-That's a string...”

“Very astute of you to notice. Spread out, like in an X.”

Sans shivered, slowly spreading his thighs with a wince, gasping as he pulled his arms up a bit. Gaster approached him, enjoying Sans shaking harder. He took the 'string' and laced one part of it through a piercing, pulling it down and over Sans' pussy, then up the back and through the other piercing.

He took a step back. Sans was literally just wearing a string, barely covering a thing, but it was somehow hot all the same. Sans sniffled. “I-It's not...very warm...”

“I don't care. That's a good look for you. Alright, something new.” He unclipped the string from the ring in the middle, roughly pulling it off of Sans and making him squeal at the slight burn, squirming on the bed with a whine.

Gaster pulled out a very sheer dress, it was white and had little bell sleeves. He had Sans hold very still as he pulled it onto him, pulling Sans' breasts into the top a little roughly, making him whine and squirm. He took a step back, admiring the view.

The flow of the dress stretched over his still flat belly, but soon it would balloon up, being curtained by the silk material. Sans' breasts weren't hidden at all, the piercings shining behind the silk. Sans blushed, touching his stomach lightly. “...I-I like you?”

He looked like an untouched angel.

Gaster wanted to mess him up.

Still, he would keep it for amusement, plus if Sans wore it around, well, he had easy access, at least. Gaster chuckled. “Finally some manners out of you. Last outfit, then I'll let you wear that around the house since you seem so attached.”

Sans blushed brightly, nodding as he slowly pulled it off of him. It was a bit tight on the chest, but otherwise it was really nice! He liked it!

Gaster brought out an odd suit this time. “This is a very special suit. You need to hold absolutely still or it will hurt.”

Sans shook, nodding quickly. It looked like it had a zipper in the back, so Gaster slowly pulled Sans' arm through the sleeve into a weird fingerless cup thing? He could wiggle his fingers, but the big thing wouldn't move at all. Gaster did the same for his other arm, then threaded Sans' breasts through the two holes in the front. He whined, gasping at the touch. The holes squeezed them a bit, but it wasn't too unbearable.

Gaster slipped his feet into the legs, the bottom part appearing like a weird boot? Gaster made him lean forward, sliding the zipper up. There was no way Sans could get out without someone's help. He could also feel there was nothing protecting his...pussy, between his legs. He shifted, but the leather wouldn't let him squeeze his thighs shut.

He was, literally, at Gaster's non-existing mercy, much more so than usual.

Gaster smirked, rubbing a thumb over Sans' breast slowly. “The good thing on this suit is, the stomach part extends so you can wear it any time during your pregnancy. It also comes with a hood, but I'll show you that much later.”

Sans shivered and whined. “C-Can I wear the d-dress now...?”

Gaster snorted. “Ungrateful. Fine.” He unzipped the leather, getting Sans out of it and Sans sighed. He felt...ten times bigger in it, weirdly. He quickly tugged on the dress, cupping his hand over his belly nervously.

Gaster still had a dark look to his eyes as he looked at Sans, grinning weirdly. “Well there we are, these will be your new clothes until I see fit to change it. I will be the one to decide what you wear. Now, shoo, off to your chores.”

If Sans had his way, he'd only wear his sweater. Or this dress. But he complied, scrambling off the bed, his pussy still aching as he walked, wincing with each step so he could curl up on the couch.

Gaster smirked, putting away the other items. Sans didn't know it, but he'd soon be in a very awful position...

Chapter Text

Gaster left him alone, that night at least. Sans was terrified as Gaster ate breakfast, threw out a ‘bye’ and off he went to work. Sans sighed, smoothing a hand over his dress. He...liked it, it was nice and cozy.

He did his usual chores, then his walking, then talked to the baby who was but a small little soul, then napped...then...ate...then did it all over again. Same old, same old. He didn’t mind it, it was better than Gaster making him do anything.


Gaster came home, taking off his coat and putting his suitcase to the side as he stepped into the kitchen to get the dinner Sans had made. He looked over at Sans as he sat, taking a bite of the rice Sans had made. Sans didn’t look at him.

“My weekend starts tomorrow. I’m sure you’re happy about this.”

Sans jolted, looking up quickly then back at his food. When he was younger, he was thrilled when Gaster chose to stay home during the weekend, chatting his ear off and thoroughly annoying him. Gaster at least tolerated him then.

He gulped, nodding slowly. “W-What are we...d-doing…?”

“Oh don’t you worry, I have plans. Eat, tomorrow you’ll be up early.”

Sans bobbed his head, hand shaking as he continued to eat. They went to bed, Gaster ignoring him thankfully, and Sans curled up on his mattress, dreading the next day.




Gaster stood in his door, waiting for Sans to come to him. There were no doors except for Gaster’s room, no privacy for the little skeleton at all. Sans slowly walked up to him, gulping. “H-Hi…”

Gaster raised an eyebrow, tutting before turning and walking. “Follow me.”

Sans rubbed his arm nervously, following after him slowly. Gaster stopped near a door into what was a ‘guest’ room. Gaster never told him what a guest was, and he never had anyone over, so Sans wasn’t sure why he had it.

It seemed to just be a room that existed, with a very old style bed with lacy pillows and lacy bedding. Very...princess like, according to one book he read.

Gaster motioned to the bed. “Get up there and put your hands behind your back, one arm over the other.”

Sans nodded quickly, shakily climbing up to the middle of the bed, slowly bringing his arms behind him, one fist resting in the elbow of his other hand, and vice versa.

Sans jumped at the feeling of Gaster’s hands, something sticky and tight wrapping over and over them. He gulped, shaking. “W-What’s that…?”

“Tape, now shut up and sit still.”

Sans sniffled, his head dipping down. The tape was wound from wrist to elbow, so tight he couldn’t move them at all. Gaster put the tape to the side, then took Sans’ shoulder and forced him to lay on the mound of lacy pink pillows.

Gaster shifted, kneeling in front of Sans and Sans whimpered, shaking. “P-Please no…”

“Oh don’t be a baby, this won’t even hurt. You’ll like it, until you don’t.”

Sans jerked, gasping as Gaster flipped up his skirt end, two magic hands forcing his legs apart and holding his ankles against the bed. Gaster smirked, leaning in, two hands on Sans’ hips and he blew over Sans’ pussy. Sans squeaked, and it twitched, trying to move away.

Gaster chuckled, leaning in closer, then nipping Sans’ clit. Sans shrieked, it didn’t really hurt exactly, but he didn’t like it!

Gaster ignored him, nipping over the folds, making small indentations as he traveled over it, one hand letting go of Sans’ hip to grip his clit between two fingers tightly, twirling it slowly between his fingers. Sans gasped and cried, babbling as he pleaded Gaster to stop.

Gaster licked over one fold slowly, then pressed his tongue against Sans’ entrance. Sans choked, his body arching as best it could, then plopping back down like a puppet with his strings cut. Gaster grinned widely, the wetness of Sans’ pussy unmistakable.

“Did that feel good? Your first orgasm~ how sweet. Let’s see how many I can wring out of you.”

A hand to the side mockingly took a tally, teasing Sans as it wagged the pen.

Gaster leaned back down, licking over the fluid slowly, making Sans squeal and cry out, his hips dancing as he couldn’t push his thighs together. Gaster’s fingers pinched and pulled his clit, tongue pushing against his entrance insistently.

Sans cried out as the wet muscle finally entered him, gasping like each breath was a gut punch. He coughed and gasped as Gaster wiggled his tongue, pressing against the walls eagerly.

It didn’t take long for more wetness to drop around his mouth, Sans nearly riding his tongue as he squealed.

Gaster didn’t let up, and Sans screamed harder. “S-Sensitiiiive! Stop! Stop! Too much!”

Gaster didn’t care, obviously, so he continued, a wet squelching noise with each suck or lick. He pushed Sans’ hips back down with his other hand, then just used some magic hands to keep Sans down, using his other hand to finger Sans while he ate him out.

Gaster alternated between licking into him and sucking his clit, fingers continuously thrusting into him, making a gross squishing noise each time. He managed to get three in, licking around them into Sans as he felt a dim orgasm around them, finally leaning up to look at Sans.

He had tear tracks down his skull, his breathe merely a wheeze. His eye lights were hazy with pleasure or with pain, Gaster wasn’t sure. He was drooling, too, and Gaster was pretty sure he was checked out pretty hard. He looked over at the tally. Very good, ten of them, more than he thought. He grinned down at Sans, pulling his fingers free and Sans’ body shuddered, but his expression didn’t change.

“Ten of them, good boy~ you came a lot, however, making a nasty mess of the sheets for our guests. Tut tut. Here, lick my hand clean.” His other hand finally let go of Sans’ clit, dragging his phone out to take pictures of the pleasured mess of a skeleton, sinking his three fingers between Sans’ teeth.

Any other time, and Sans would be pleading, or mumbling, or something. Instead he flicked his tongue against the fingers, blinking a bit, sucking softly as he panted, finally easing off the tension that his body was kept up on.

Gaster chuckled, slipping his now clean fingers as he patted Sans’ cheek. “Good boy. Perhaps I should do this more often, you’re much more pliant like this.”

Sans murmured something but didn’t seem to have the energy to even move as Gaster took a few more images, one up close of his pussy, and he put away his phone, grabbing a soft cloth and rubbing it between the folds.

Sans sucked in a breath, but he didn’t even twitch, staring at the ceiling.

Gaster looked at his watch. “Hm, about two hours. Very good time waster. I hope I haven’t broken you, that would be less fun.” He slipped the cloth up, pushing it between Sans’ teeth, rubbing it inside his mouth and tongue, before yanking it back out and tossing it to the side. Sans spluttered, coughing a bit, his eye lights slowly taking better form.

Gaster left him for a bit, letting the hands keep him pinned down, even though they didn’t have to. He wasn’t moving any time soon. Gaster came back with a cup of water, shifting his arm under Sans’ head and moving him to sit up, pressing the glass to his mouth.

“Drink up now, don’t need you getting dehydrated before the day is out.”

Sans slowly drank it, coming around with each gulp, shaking in Gaster’s arms. Ah, that’s what he was looking for. He took the glass away when it was empty, and Sans coughed, flinching when the skirt slid down a bit, skating near his sensitive entrance.

“I-It burns, please, I-I rest…”

“I’ll allow a nap, if only to get the rest of my things together.” He pushed Sans back down into the fluffy pillows, Sans staring up with wide scared eyes. He smirked, leaning down and pressing a mocking kiss to his head. “Sleep.”

With that, he left, leaving Sans shaking on the bed, trying to relax and sleep away the pain.


It didn’t exactly work, but he did nap, jerking awake when Gaster re-entered the room, rolling in something he couldn’t see, placing a different briefcase on the dresser. He opened it, taking out something long and slim before turning to Sans. “Good, you’re in position. Now…”

He climbed back on the bed, lifting Sans’ dress again and Sans queaked, bucking his hips or trying to, to get away from Gaster’s questing hand. It didn’t work, Gaster plunged in two fingers making him yip, choking as he thrust them hard. Gaster pulled them free, pushing in the long thing white thing, and Sans squirmed, gasping and panting. “Owowowow, stooop, take it out!”

Gaster scoffed. “If this little thing hurts, you’ll never make it to the main event. Now shush.” He pressed it in deep, pulling it out nearly then thrust it back in. He ignored Sans’ shrieks and movements, pulling it out to hand to another hand, grabbing a slightly bigger one out of the hands. He pressed it into Sans, having to wiggle it a bit against some resistance.

Sans squealed, arching up as he shook around the thick dildo. Gaster chuckled. “My oh my, didn’t think you had another in you. At least this makes you slick.” He thrust it in, turning it back and forth, drawing it out and thrusting it back in.

A few more thrusts and cries from Sans, Gaster switched it out again, for one about twice the size of the last one. Sans choked as he felt the bulbous head against his entrance, shaking his head quickly. “Nonono, it won’t fit, it’ll hurt, please!”

Gaster slapped his thigh. “Hush up, I’ll make it fit.” He thrust in a few fingers, then curled them, tugging on Sans’ entrance making him scream louder, cracking his voice, Gaster pushed in the dildo easily this time, although Sans seemed to slump on the bed, crying and hiccuping without being able to move. This one made a small bump just below his pelvis, bulging a bit with each thrust. Gaster smirked. Very appealing.

After slowly opening Sans up entirely, he pulled it free of Sans, handing it off. Sans was wide open, and wet. However, it wouldn’t last long. Sleep or healing food would make the body ‘as new’, healing any injuries it deemed.

Gaster got up, reaching under Sans as the hands let him go, picking him up bridal style but allowing the ankle with a chain dangle, widening his thighs. Sans whimpered, kicking his leg up and trying to close his legs. “D-Don’t, put me down, please…”

“No no, dear, that’s not in the plan.”

Gaster brought him over to a weird wooden thing. It looked a bit like the horse he saw in a book once, except this one was a rough looking one, with rounded edges at the bottom to rock, and a massive dildo in the middle. Sans struggled as he figured out that Gaster was going to set him on it, sobbing. “Noooo, it’ll hurt so bad! It’ll break my hips, please!”

“Oh don’t be so dramatic. I’m a skeleton too, I know exactly how far to push you, don’t worry.”

That just made Sans worry more.

Gaster shifted him in his arms, gripping his thighs and forcing them open, rubbing his widened entrance over the head of the dildo slowly. Sans hiccuped, panting sharply. It was as big as his fist, not as big as Gaster’s, but definitely thick near the bottom.

He gasped as slowly Gaster rocked him down, squealing as Gaster forced him up and down slightly, playing with his clit before slipping him further down. Finally he bottomed out, the base forcing his legs out far, his clit rubbing into the sharp edge of the horse. He whined shaking and squirming on it as it rocked, pressing it deeper into him.

Gaster took out his phone, taking a picture and then recording the event. Sans still had the sheer dress on, and it made a nearly cute sight, except for the fact it hid nothing. Each time Sans tried to rock up to get off of it, his feet scrabbling on the oddly inclined edges, he would press himself against the sharp edge.

To get relief, he’d rock back again, spearing himself farther and farther open.

It didn’t take long for Sans to tense around it, teeth clenched tightly as he jerked in place, then slumped, crying, his strength draining.

Gaster tutted. “You lasted five minutes. Pitiful. Oh well. I’ll enjoy this, at least.”

He took a step closer, hand clamping down on Sans’ head. Sans looked up at him tiredly, eye lights trembling, tears streaming down again. Gaster unzipped his pants, stroking himself as he came over Sans’ face, making him flinch again.


He turned the phone off, putting it away to put his little toy away until the next day.

Chapter Text

Sans is two weeks pregnant.

Sans whimpered on the fluffy bed where Gaster had ‘let’ him sleep. Gaster had talked about something he didn’t quite understand, but what ended with Gaster allowing Sans to keep this room now. The soft bed was nice on his aching bones, but it did nothing for his mental status.

His pussy throbbed in pain, he was pretty sure Gaster had cut him down there with that cruel object, but according to Gaster, he was ‘fine’ and already healed up. Yeah, right.

All he had was the small glowing soul, which he adored with all his soul. He had to.

It was all he had left.

Sans flinched, hearing Gaster’s footsteps outside. He was awake and it was time for something ‘new’ again. He hated new.

Gaster opened the door, not pulling in anything this time, merely shutting the door behind him as he adjusted the light with a knob on the wall. It activated a light just over Sans’ bed, but it blinded him to the darkness around it.

Gaster came over, settling onto the bed with a sick grin. “What’s the matter? Hm?” He reached out and Sans flinched, choking on a gasp. “Y-You know exactly what!”

“Hm. Maybe I do. I think I can cheer you up.”

Sans frowned, hugging the blanket tightly but it was for naught as Gaster pulled it away from him, revealing the slightly filthy dress he still wore. There was a smudge of purple on his shoulder that didn’t disappear. Sans crossed his arms, looking away from Gaster who yanked him into his lap.

Sans flinched, prepared for some new painful touch, but Gaster merely rubbed his back. “Poor poor stupid little skeleton. You’re in such a mood. Don’t worry, I know that you’re just pregnant and hormonal, so I forgive you. Would you like me to make you happy again?”

Sans didn’t answer him. That was a trick question. He’d do something awful again, Sans was sure of it. He jerked as he felt Gaster’s fingers dig in on his ribs, letting out a sharp laugh. “N-No, ticklish!”

Gaster chuckled. “Exactly.”

Before Sans could even think about what that meant, two magic hands started digging into his sides, tickling up and one darting to his neck. Sans burst out into laughter, squirming and swatting at Gaster, laughing hard. Gaster just smirked, as Sans’ squirming caused him to straddle Gaster.

Two hands pulled up Sans’ arms, and before he could complain, the hands were back, this time tickling under his arms. He squealed, squirming and laughing with a giant grin on his face, tearing up a little as he laughed harder. When he tried to pull his arms, they let him pull a little, but wouldn’t allow him to pull his arms away.

Gaster whistled to himself as he tugged down the zipper of his pants, his cock slipping out easily and sliding against Sans’ pussy, now healed of course. It was the bonus of having an ectobody, well, except for Sans, of course.

Sans shrieked when Gaster held his hips and forced him down onto his cock, two hands holding his legs to the bed. It soon turned into breathless laughter which caused him to squeeze around Gaster’s cock sharply. Gaster let his hips go and they canted up, rocking and squirming away from the hands as best he could.

“N-No-stop-ahahaha-ple-please-I can’t b-breathe ahahaha!”

He had tears trailing down his face as he laughed harder, squeezing tight around Gaster who started to thrust up into him slowly. “It’s fine by me, I’m having a great time.”

Sans whined, panting before breaking out into raucous laughter again, now trying to push up with his feet, making him ride Gaster hard. It was very slick, each time Sans bucked down, it made an interesting squishing noise.

Gaster hummed, slipping a hand between them and catching Sans’ clit between his fingers.

Sans squealed, shaking his head fast. “No no no noahahahahah, noooo!” He arched up, half of Gaster’s cock in him as he came around him, forcing Gaster to cum as well, filling Sans up again.

Gaster grunted, flicking Sans’ clit and making him buck as he gasped, panting sharply as the hands slowly left his body. He still laughed breathlessly, hiccuping between giggles as Gaster pulled out of him, snorting. “I’ll have to remember this.”

He took out the strange screen again, taking another picture, Sans breathless and blushing bright, cum seeping out of him onto the dress as he tried to calm down. He put it away, zipping his pants back up and standing up, leaving Sans in the middle of the bed. He opened the door, pulling in a wheeled tray and leaving it. “There’s your food. I’ll be back.”


And he was gone, leaving Sans to pick up the pieces of his mind, again.


When Gaster returned, Sans had shakily finished off his food, having returned to the bed to try and sleep away the funny buzzing feeling in his bones. The middle of the bed was stained, and Gaster told himself to clean it for the...ideas he had.

For now, he entered and set a, to Sans, weird grey square up on a tri stand, before he approached Sans. Sans couldn’t even scramble away, but he tensed up and squirmed when Gaster hefted him up. “Shush now. This is an exercise in obedience.”

He sat Sans down on the edge of the bed, forcing him out of the dress and leaving him nude with the rings glistening on his nipples, shivering in the cold. Gaster smirked. “I need to clean this anyway. Now, if you follow orders, you won’t be hurt. If not, well, that’s on you.”

Sans slowly nodded, shaking harder as Gaster stepped behind the weird thing. “Now, say ‘I like this’.” The weird thing had a red light that appeared.

Sans looked confused then slowly stuttered, “I-I like this.”

The light went off. “Good. Now spread your thighs.”

Sans whined, shrieking when Gaster smacked him with a black thing with a rock??? At the end. It left a welt on his thigh and he sobbed, leaning over. Gaster tutted. “Come on, do it now.”

Sans sniffled, tears in his eye sockets as he slowly spread his legs open. The one that got hit was darker red than the other, and his pussy was still slightly wet from earlier. The little soul floated in his belly, and he felt the need to hug himself and protect it.

Gaster smirked. “Now, touch yourself.”

Sans blinked, hesitating before lifting his hand up and touching his knee with a confused look. He shrieked as Gaster struck him in his cunt, it stung and had him squeezing his thighs together tightly as he cried.

Gaster tutted, putting the thing to the side as he approached, kneeling down and forcing Sans’ legs open again. “N-No, please!”

Gaster took his arm and forced his hand between his legs, pressing his fingers against his folds. “Like this, you fool. Stars above, you’re an idiot.”

Sans’ face burned as Gaster returned to the thing, and the red light came on for a second before cutting off. “Now, spread your fingers a bit and cup a breast.”

Sans slowly did so, hissing at the sting as he exposed his entrance, his other hand shaking as he gripped one of his breasts.

The red light came, and went.

“Very good boy. Now, I want you to say ‘I like to be fucked’.”

...what did that mean? For some reason Sans felt his face prickling with heat, and he gulped as the light came on. “I-I like to b-be...fucked…” he hiccuped on the end of the word, fingers twitching at the sting he still felt.

The light went off and Gaster chuckled. “Excellent. Now get on your knees on the bed, and lean all the way down, like you’re...looking under the couch for something.”

Sans knew this was a trick. It sounded just like a trick. But he couldn’t argue this time, or he’d be hit again. He shakily turned around, feeling Gaster’s gaze on his back as he climbed up, kneeling over and exposing himself again, his head laying down on the bed as he tried to relax.

He couldn’t see it but the light came on again, and two magic hands gripped his wrists and ankles down on the bed to hold him down.

He knew it! He tried to struggle, but all he managed to do was wiggle his hips.

He squeaked as he felt the weird leather thing press against his pussy, slipping against the wet lips and he clawed at the bed, trying to buck his hips away from it.

“Look at how easily he opens up. Bet he could take this. In fact...let’s find out.”

Sans squealed and cried as the thing pressed against his entrance, slipping in and scraping his walls. Gaster twisted it and Sans twitched, feeling wetness slide down his thighs.

Gaster pulled it out and it made a slick ‘pop’, Sans shuddering and gagging.

“Good. Let’s see if you can get off to a bit of pain.”

Sans jerked at feeling it slide against him again, pressing up against his clit. He whined, shaking his head sharply. “No no, p-please, ah-!”

It snapped sharply against him, and he felt the undercurrent of some electric feeling, his pussy twitching. Gaster did it again, then resumed rubbing against him.

Sans pleaded with him to stop with a shaky voice, which pitched up as he jerked his hips, feeling something tense inside him.

One more slap against him and he shuddered hard, gasping, and Gaster slid the thing through his folds with a slick noise. “Excellent. I won’t do this often, I like it when he’s scared, but this was good.”

With that the hands let him go, and Sans panted on the bed, Gaster folding up the thing and giving the black thing to a hand. Sans tried to curl up, but Gaster grabbed his hips. He squeaked, feeling Gaster’s cock slip through his thighs. “N-No, stop, please, don’t, ah! Hurts!”

He squealed, and Gaster grunted, thrusting between his thighs, pushing his cock against San’s clit. It didn’t take much for him to cum, painting Sans’ belly with the sick purple magic, slowly drawing it out and making sure to smear it everywhere.

Sans whined, sniffling as he tried to curl up. Gaster rolled his eyes as he got up, adjusting himself as a few hands brought in a tub of hot water. “Take a bath quickly, and I’ll clean the sheets. You’re absolutely filthy.”

Sans did as he was told…

But he could feel the fire of anger deep in his belly. He had to hide it though, he knew it. He was no good right now...but soon...he’d catch Gaster off guard. Somehow.

He just had to hope.

Chapter Text

Sans is four weeks pregnant.


Gaster seemed to...leave him alone for a while. He did make him have check ups for the baby, but didn’t seem to touch him, at least. Every time he peeked up, Gaster would be staring at him with an odd expression...he didn’t like it. It made something curl around his spine and make him sick.

Then one day, Gaster came home, and had Sans follow him to the bedroom.

Sans slowly followed after him, not at all eager to see what this would bring him now.

Gaster dug into his night stand as he talked. “An old friend of mine-you wouldn’t know him but he knows of you-has recently come back around out of the shadows. He has a few...interesting things he’d like to test, and fortunately, skeletons-aha.” He grabbed up the string, turning to Sans. “Skeletons don’t pass along drugs to their infants like other flesh monsters. Since his business is...well, not very legal, he needed someone to test these before he sold them.”

Sans nodded slowly. “”

“Strip, now.”

Sans jerked, slowly pulling his nice dress off, laying it on the bed nervously. Gaster stepped forward, twisting the ribbon onto him, tugging it a bit to make it skin tight. Sans whimpered, crossing his arms over his chest. “I-I don’t like it.”

“I don’t care. Now, you go and get on the couch. He should be on his way.”

Sans shuffled out into the hall, wincing as with each step, the string/ribbon would dig in to him, or slide over his nipples through the rings.

He hated it.

He bundled up on the couch morosely, jumping as he heard a knock and hid under his blanket. Gaster opened the door, greeting this ‘friend’.

“Ah, Grillby, it’s been a while, hasn’t it?”

A very smooth voice answered back, “Sure as hell has, Doc. You got the uh, test subject? Not ta say pleasantries aren’t nice, but I’ve got a gig to get back to.”

It took a moment but Sans’ blanket was yanked off and he winced, curling up a bit.

The ‘friend’ Purple fire. With glasses like Gaster sometimes wore. He had on a jacket and boots and a tank top with jeans. He whistled lowly, the white eyes tracing over Sans’ shivering form as he crossed his arms. “Damn. Worth the G, definitely.”

He passed Gaster some coins, settling on the other end of the couch. Gaster hummed, slipping the coins in his pocket. “Tell me of any reactions, this is good for my experiments as well. I’ll leave you to it.”

“Yeah yeah yeah,” Grillby waved him on, and Gaster left the room, leaving Sans and Grillby on the couch.

Grillby grinned, and it was...scary. His arm was on the back of the couch. “Hey now, I’m not that spooky, am I? C’mere, please?”

Sans gulped, slowly nodding as he crawled over, yipping when Grillby twirled him around, having Sans balance on his lap. He whistled, stroking his fingers over the side of San’s breast. Sans whimpered. “P-Please…”

“You’re right, let’s get to the main event.” He pulled out of his pocket...candy???

“Here, it’s candy, you like candy, right?”

Sans slowly nodded. Gaster never gave him candy, unless he was given it at the lab and tossed it to Sans without a thought. Grillby opened it with one hand and Sans gulped. “Th-Thank you...I like candy.”

Grillby grinned wide. “Glad ta hear it! Open wide~”

He presented the round red striped orb and Sans opened his mouth slowly. Grillby pressed it into his mouth, hot fingers tracing Sans’ sharp teeth and tongue for a second before pulling free. “Eat up. Should work in seconds.”

Sans had no idea what he was talking about. He cracked the candy between his teeth, a gooey center filling his mouth and he sucked it down, crunching the candy the rest of the way.

And then…


He felt reaaaallly floaty...he would have floated away if not for Grillby’s arm around him.

His face felt hot, and he panted softly, his head rolling onto Grillby’s shoulder. Grillby hummed, grabbing his chin and tilting his head around. “Hey, anybody home in there? Yoohoo.”

Sans blinked slowly at him, his mouth opening to speak but then forgot what he was going to say...and forgot to close his mouth.

Grillby whistled. “Sweeet. This is even better than I could expect. Let’s see...first time, I’ll just use the mouth.”

He shifted Sans down onto the ground, and Sans went willingly, his head feeling like it was stuffed with the softest blanket. His head thumped onto Grillby’s thigh, staring dazedly into space as Grillby tugged down his zipper.

A red hot cock appeared, and it looked like it was literally lava moving around. Grillby tapped his cheek, but Sans just blinked. “Eh, fair enough.”

He grabbed Sans’ skull, lifting him up a little and pressing his cock against the slightly open mouth. Sans blinked again, his tongue flicking against the head and Grillby growled. “Fuck yeah.”

He let go of Sans’ head, and Sans just stayed in place, his eye sockets fluttering. He squealed when Grillby grabbed the string on his shoulders, yanking the rings sharply and pressing the string up into his cunt.

His mouth opened immediately, his head falling down onto Grillby’s cock all the way.

“Stars yeah, that’s it. Oh, there there, don’t worry,” he cooed as Sans’ hands came up, weakly patting at Grillby’s thighs trying to get him to let him up. “You just, ah, let me do what I’m doing, here.”

He gripped Sans’ head with one hand, keeping the string taught with his other as he lifted him up, then slipped him back down. Sans wailed around the cock, he couldn’t breathe but he couldn’t move and he couldn’t get Grillby to let him go!

His wail came out as a soft cry, barely able to get his voice to work as Grillby pumped into his mouth harshly. Grillby shifted his foot between Sans’ thighs, shoe working against his pussy and he whined, slapping at Grillby’s thighs harder to get him to stop.

Grillby groaned, thrusting Sans’ head down all the way, keeping him there and letting Sans choke for a moment before he came, forcing Sans to swallow the hot cum down. He slowly pulled Sans’ head up, letting go of the string, smirking at the sight.

Sans’ teeth had bright reddish magic on it, his eye lights still hazy, and he could clearly see tears in them. He hummed, taking the string in hand and tugging it sharply, snapping it so it snapped against Sans’ shoulder. Sans hissed at the feeling, but he couldn’t do anything but sway in place, wheezing softly.

He leaned back, adjusting his foot and Sans sucked in a breath, trying to sway back away from him. Grillby tutted. “Now now...I wanna see~”

The string was soaked and nearly jammed into Sans by the way Grillby was pushing it. He pulled his foot free, snickering. “Hot. Might have to try that next time. Time’s up, unfortunately, plus I don’t wanna mix drugs on ya.”

Instead, he dragged on the string, forcing Sans to stand up, although he stumbled a bit, not able to keep his balance. “Yeah, this is a fucking good one.”

He chuckled, dragging Sans up onto his lap, laying him out like he was going to let him sleep. Sans whined louder when he felt Grillby’s fingers slip between his legs, pressing onto the string again, pushing against his entrance. “Lemme see how long it takes you to pass out. Try not to last too long, I do need this for a reason.”

Sans gasped and panted, his arms weakly coming up to push at Grillby again as he felt the string enter him with a burning finger. Grillby tutted, thrusting the tip of his finger slowly.

Sans’ eye lights flickered, his eye sockets drooping, and against his will, he fell asleep as Grillby fingered him roughly.

Chapter Text

Sans is four weeks pregnant.


When Sans stirred back awake, he felt...really loose, like he couldn’t really get everything to move. He blinked, sighing as he shifted, hearing someone talk in the kitchen as he tried to pull himself up.

His mouth hurt and his throat stung, so he coughed, trying to get it to stop. He looked down slowly, his breasts hurt but he wasn’t sure why. The string on him was a bit loose, and when he moved, he felt really weird in his entrance.

There was orange ‘cum’ spattered on his thighs.

But not inside him?? He felt relieved at that, somehow this was better than the alternative. He still couldn’t get his shaky legs to get himself up, so he laid his head back down, willing the dizziness to pass.

Footsteps, and then Gaster and Grillby appeared, Grillby looking smug while Gaster looked irritated. Sans shuddered, sinking against the couch a bit.

Grillby chuckled. “Well? Come on, darlin’, how ya feeling?”

Sans blinked, gulping. “M-My throat feel uh, real...shaky.”

“What do you remember?” Gaster crossed his arms.

Sans’ eye sockets furrowed a moment. “Um. Eating the candy...then...nothing?” It was an odd spot in his memory, like he could kind of remember it, but when he reached for it, it slithered away.

Grillby smirked. “Excellent. Well, I need to get going.” He clapped Gaster on the shoulder. “Think about it, my friend. It would definitely spark some interesting ideas.” With that and a jaunty salute, he headed out the door. “I’ll be back next week!”

Sans watched him leave, shivering a bit as he looked over at Gaster nervously. “C-Can...I have a bath?”

Gaster hummed, tapping a finger against his elbow for a moment. “Yes, give me the string first.” He held his hand out. Sans shakily undid the ribbon, hissing at a sudden pain when it passed over his entrance, handing it over as he stood up. Gaster looked him over, raising an eye ridge. “Get in, get clean, then stand up and wait for me.”

He wasn’t going to do that thing from last time...was he? Sans hoped not. It hurt, a LOT!

Sans scurried away, slipping into the bath and turning on the water. He curled up in the slight warmth, panting.

The warm water soothed his aches, washing the orange magic from his thighs. He slipped a hand down, cupping over his belly gently. “H-Hi...are you okay?” he whispered.

The little soul tilted and brightened a bit. Sans smiled with tears in his eyes. “I’m happy…”

He waited as long as he could, sitting in the bath, before he slowly stood up, not sure if he was supposed to let the water run out, shivering in the chill of the room.

Gaster appeared not soon after, crossing the room easily. “Turn around, hands on the wall.”

Sans shook, slowly turning around and putting his hands on the wall, jumping when Gaster gripped his hips, forcing him to lean over as he pulled him back a little. “Magic is very easy to mold and to force, especially now,” he mumbled, hands gripping Sans’ behind and spreading him open.

Sans jumped feeling Gaster’s fingers just over his pussy, then it went behind it to an empty stretch of skin. He was confused until Gaster pressed against it, harder and harder and Sans whined, shaking. Eventually the magic gave in, creating a path to a very tight hole, leading into his stomach but not where the baby was.

Gaster chuckled, drawing his thumb back easily. “Perfect. This,” he stroked his knuckles against Sans’ cunt and making him squeak, “is mine. Don’t worry, I’ll ensure no one can get in. However, everything else is fair game. Unless I change my mind.”

With that he let Sans go, standing up, tossing the dress on the sink. “Get dressed, go to your bed. After, you may eat.”

Sans quickly nodded, shivering in the tub. He didn’t know what Gaster was up to, but this had to be bad...for him.

Sans let the water out, slowly getting out and shaking off the water, pulling on his dress. The new...entrance felt really, really weird, but not horribly so. It was just there.

He headed to his ‘room’, climbing up into the soft bed. It was all washed and neat now, and he sat on it nervously, twiddling his fingers as he waited for Gaster.

It didn’t take long until Gaster entered, holding a tube in his hand as two hands grabbed Sans’ hands, forcing him to lay back on the bed. He squeaked, tearing up as he cried. “N-No, please, I-I’m tired…”

“Oh shush.” Gaster got onto the bed, tugging up Sans’ dress. “I’ll of course feel you first, then I don’t care what they do.”

Sans didn’t know who ‘they’ were, but he struggled until hands gripped his ankles, tugging his legs back a bit and making his hips tilt up into the air.

Gaster hummed, smearing some sticky stuff over his fingers before placing one over the new entrance, slipping it in deep and Sans squeaked, bucking up with a whine. Gaster chuckled, his other hand thumbing at Sans’ clit. “Don’t worry, I have no intentions of having you bear anything but more skeletons. I can’t guarantee you anything else.”

Sans didn’t know what he was going on about, squirming as he tried to get away from the fingers, pleading for him to stop even as Gaster pressed more fingers into the new entrance.

He slid his fingers out, replacing them with his cock that he speared Sans open with. Sans shrieked, it was a whole new pain than from whenever Gaster thrust into him.

Gaster grunted, rocking his hips as Sans whined and arched his head back, gasping. “Damn, that’s tight. Very good idea. Now, keep moving,” he chuckled, squeezing Sans’ clit and making him shriek as he rocked up, his hands digging into the blanket as he cried and screamed, “Stop, stop, get out, p-please!”

Gaster grinned darkly, thrusting in harder as he leaned over Sans, watching his face, coldly. With a snap of his hips, he filled Sans up fully and Sans shuddered. He could feel it this time, and it was dark red on the inside of him, glowing almost.

Gaster pulled out slowly, chuckling as the other entrance seemed to close up, keeping all the cum inside. “Wonderful~ Absolutely wonderful. I’ll have to think up a way to keep his wandering fingers out of you, however. At least for now.”

Sans sobbed, hiding into the pillow when he was finally let go. He felt sick and weirdly full. Gaster got off the bed, snorting. “Crybaby. I need to go and do a few things in town, I’ll leave you to it then.”

He disappeared again, leaving Sans to a new world of pain.

Chapter Text

Sans is five weeks pregnant.


Sans had ticked three marks on his calendar. His little baby-his, not Gaster’s, not ever, no matter what he said-had a tiny tiny body! So tiny he could barely see him. He loved him, deeply.

He was the only one who would love Sans back, anyway.

When Gaster got up one of the days, he ordered Sans into the living room, holding up the weird leather suit. “Strip.”

Sans nodded, shaking a little as he slowly took off his dress, folding it up onto the couch. Gaster had to help him in, of course, since the suit made it so that he couldn’t get out without help. Gaster held up a hood. It had zippers in three places. “This is going to make things dark. Try not to freak out.”

Sans whined, trying to tilt away from it but Gaster managed to roll it down onto his skull, adjusting it a little. It was skin-hah-tight, pressing on his skull tightly. He panted behind the zipper near his teeth, all he could hear was his own breath.

He muttered, “p-please,” but he could barely hear that!

He squealed as he was picked up, then laid on the couch, he assumed.

For a moment, nothing happened. He laid there panting faster, shaking, feeling the air hit his bare breasts and pussy. He wanted to hide them, but the gloved hands were heavy and he could do nothing more than barely lift it an inch before it fell back onto the couch.

Something skated over his nipple and he squeaked, pressing back against the couch sharply. Then nothing.

Then all of a sudden his world was tumbling. He screamed under the hood, not understanding what was going on, barely able to struggle as he felt himself lowered onto someone’s lap, their cock slipping against his pussy. He screamed louder, shaking his head back and forth and trying to push on their shoulders.

Two burning hands gripped his breasts hard and he shuddered, confused on what was happening and trying to fight what he couldn’t see.

The cock under him thrust up into him and he sobbed, being split open again.

One burning hand slowly pulled on his breast, letting it go to bounce and he shook his body back and forth, squeezing around the cock inside him.

Then he was pushed forward, choking as he felt the sudden shift inside him, and a burning cock pressed into his new entrance.

He wailed, trying to scramble away, his hands were unable to find purchase, and he couldn’t see anything that was going on!!

He whined and panted, the two hands returning to his breasts, another hand tugging at the ring on one of them.

Slowly he was bounced between them, his small struggles accidentally helping them along.

He groaned, his head thumping down onto someone’s shoulder, rocking his head as he could barely get his scattered thoughts together. Every drag and thrust felt ten times worse, as he was unable to see and understand.

Suddenly the one in his new entrance thrust in deep, and he screamed as something nearly boiling entered him. He pleaded for them to stop, his voice sounding loud in the hood as he bucked his hips, trying to get away, but it only prompted the one in his pussy to thrust up into him sharply.

The one in his new entrance slipped free, and he sobbed, slumping on whoever’s lap he was on, until all of a sudden he was being tilted back, the cock stretching him a bit and he squealed, kicking his legs that were held down. He felt like he was falling and no one was helping him!

Then he was held upside down, the one inside him still thrusting away, and the zipper over his mouth slowly unzipped.

With a cry, his mouth opened at a sharp pinch to his clit, and the hot cock slipped into his mouth.

He cried, whining as his jaw was forced wider, batting at whoever it was-Grillby?? Most likely-and his hands were gathered up, leaving him dangling in the air and not knowing where he was any longer.

Was he in space? In his bed? Being held up by those awful magic hands again? Over a fire?

He didn’t know, and he shook harder and cried, gagging each time Grillby thrust into his mouth, forcing him to take it over and over.

It didn’t take long before he was being forced to swallow the burning magic, his body lighting up bright under the suit.

The cock in his pussy slammed in, and he arched up at the sensation, trying to wiggle his hips away as he was filled up.

The cock slipped out of his mouth, but before he could speak-or spit it out-the zipper was back over him again. He cried, swallowing sharply, his throat painful now.

Slowly the cock pulled out of him, two fingers rubbing against his wet folds. He squirmed, shaking his head back and forth as two burning hands felt him up again, massaging his chest roughly, pulling on the rings hard.

It wasn’t much longer until he was laid down again. He couldn’t curl up, he was left straightened out in this awful leather outfit, leaking from both entrances, sobbing harshly.


“Well damn, Doc, didn’t really expect you to do it.”

Grillby had manhandled the muffled crying skeleton over his lap, two fingers deep in his new entrance, each thrust making him squirm and kick.

Gaster scoffed, having cleaned himself up and was busy writing something on a clipboard. “You doubt me so often, perhaps I’ll rethink our arrangement.”

Grillby snorted, curling his fingers and pushing them in deeper, the two mittened hands thumping on the couch in agony. “Yeah right. You’re a sadistic bastard, you wouldn’t pass this up. Besides, I hear the labs ain’t doing so well lately.”

Gaster shot him a glare, and Grillby slowly pulled his fingers free, letting the skeleton slump on his lap. “Word travels, Doc.”

“Hmph. The King is due to come and see us anyway, we’ll get our funding and the gossip mongers can shut their traps.”

“Man I’d love to see someone shut Onionsan up.”

He slapped sharply over Sans’ pussy, making him squeal under the hood, then tossed him onto the couch, standing up as he dusted off his hands. “Alright, well, this was hot and all, but I gotta bounce. New ‘shipments’ coming in and all.”

Gaster nodded, waving his hand at the door. “Off you go then, I’ll see you at the end of the week for your drug testing or whatever you please to call it.”

Grillby gave him a salute, walking jauntily to the door, pausing at it as he smirked at Gaster. “You know, I know some folks who’d loooove this little ‘arrangement’. You’d get a little gold and perhaps some ah, funding or new toys, they get a little fun.”

Gaster glared at him for a moment, then sharply nodded, looking back at his clipboard. “It’s something to think about. Now leave, you’re letting out all the warm air.”

With another salute, he left the two in their home, Sans having cried himself to sleep while Gaster wrote down a few ‘test subjects’ Grillby had offered up for the labs.


Gaster had to work at home that day, and Sans really, really hated it. After, Gaster had gotten him out of the suit, but he bound Sans into a kneeling position with his arms behind him, pressing the mouth opening gag on him and slamming his cock down his throat.

Sans whined, tears welling up as he shifted again, the head on his hand keeping him around the cock, panting or having to gulp. Gaster had slipped two plugs into him, and he felt heavy and burning from the inside out.

Gaster called him a baby, that he could live through a little ‘burning’ for an hour.

But it wasn’t an hour, it had been...longer! Sans thought.

His thighs shook from pain, panting heavily, his eye lights hazy. He’d swallowed down Gaster’s cum several times, Gaster barely acknowledging him as he finished up a few forms.

...being ignored...hurt, for some reason. He hated this, really but...he...wanted Gaster to at least see him.

He immediately squashed that thought. Nothing good came of Gaster seeing him.

He panted, gulping again as he felt his throat dry, crying out and squirming as he felt more of it slide down his throat. He was sure his belly was bulging out. He hated it, he hated it so much!

His feet kicked lightly at the carpet, letting out huffs of breath.

Finally Gaster peered down at him with a frown, then he gripped Sans’ head and pushed him back, letting him fall as he returned to his papers, many hands unbuckling Sans out of his position, two of them slipping between his legs to pull them out sharply, wrangling a ragged cry from him.

“Go take a bath, you’re filthy.”

Gaster went back to his papers, ignoring the panting skeleton on the floor. Eventually he would get up and trudge to the bathroom, but right now his bones felt like rubber. He was glad Gaster ignored him, now. He didn’t think he could even get up.

But he would.


And he would take a bath to get rid of the filthy feeling on him.

(His baby is so , so small. So small. He loves his baby. He stutters out to Gaster, the next day, that he would like to keep track of the baby growing, please. Gaster got him a ‘Baby Book’ to write in, as he praised Sans for ‘bonding with the new soldier’. He would allow this sentimentality, if only to prevent Sans from going insane and harming the future generation.

Sans kept the book hid between the mattresses of the fluffy bed. And he would write and write in his baby book, whenever he could.)

Chapter Text

Sans is five weeks pregnant.

Sans stood trembling in front of Grillby, dressed in the string again. Grillby seemed highly amused, especially at the sight of the plug deep in Sans’ pussy. It had Gaster’s magic on it, meaning neither of them could pull it free. “Hm. Possessive bastard, isn’t he? Anyway, c’mere, I got more candy for ya.”

Sans slowly approached Grillby, he couldn’t run away after all, jumping when Grillby pulled him onto his lap with a grin, offering up a…piece of gum? Sans hesitantly let Grillby slip it into his mouth, grimacing at the hot fingers. “There. Now chew.”

Sans slowly chewed the gum. His mouth started to get hot, and he made a face, but Grillby gripped his chin with a smirk. “No no, keep going. Swallow it when you’re done~”

Sans shuddered, slowly chewing it, trying to finish it so the burning would stop. When he swallowed it, the heat traveled, and he didn’t notice his hips rocking as he panted. His pussy squeezed around the plug tightly and he whined. “A-Ah, hot…p-please~”

“Oh? Please what, little skeleton?”

Sans whined, squirming on Grillby’s lap. There was an itch way deep inside, and he couldn’t figure out how to stop it. “P-Please, please, it’s hot, help me…”

Grillby chuckled, leaning back against the couch’s back, settling Sans to sit up and straddle his lap. Sans whined, leaving a mess on Grillby’s pants as he rocked hard, panting fiercely. “S-So hot, please please please…”

Grillby tutted. “I can help you, little skeleton~ You know what you want, don’t you?”

Sans’ head felt muddled, and he wasn’t sure what Grillby was saying but he nodded, his tongue peeking out as he nearly drooled, moaning. Grillby tugged his zipper down a bit, releasing his hot cock. “Here, get on~”

Sans dazedly looked at it, his other entrance clenching around nothing. He wasn’t sure how it would help the burning, but Grillby was being nice at least? And helping? He scrambled up, pressing his other entrance against the cock, whining. “C-Can’t…”

Grillby tutted, gripping his hips. “Shhh, here we go~” He pressed Sans down sharply, thrusting up into the tight canal. Sans squealed, arching up as he moaned. Grillby was sooo hot, but he reached deep inside, pressing the other hotness away somehow. He groaned, rocking his hips quickly as if riding Grillby. “Moremoremore please, please move!”

Grillby laughed, rocking Sans up and thrusting into him again, making him squeal. “Damn that’s hot. Like ya better when you whine but I like this a little too. Here, you work it out, I’m tired.” He let go of Sans’ hips, crossing his arms behind his head for a show.

And what a show it was. Sans rolled his hips down, eye lights hazy and shaky. His red tongue was out, drooling as he was assaulted with near pain and pleasure he never knew. One hand slipped down to squeeze his own clit, bouncing on Grillby’s cock faster.

Sans’ thighs shook as he squeezed around Grillby’s cock tightly, his hips rolling but he whined, leaning forward and still bouncing. “Pleeeease, fill me up…more, more more!”

Grillby snickered. “Good shit then. Keep going, I’ll give ya watcha want~”

Sans panted, bouncing harder and squeezing around Grillby’s cock, rocking his hips down and grinding against Grillby’s hips eagerly. It didn’t take much until Grillby grabbed his hips, thrusting sharply into him before filling him up.

Sans arched up, and it looked like the heat sapped out of him, gasping as he collapsed on Grillby, looking dazed and tired. Grillby tutted, tugging the string a little to see it slip against Sans’ clit. Sans shivered,but it didn’t appear he had anything left in him. “Shame. Thought it’d make you mindless for a few hours, at the latest. I’ll have to try harder next time.”

Grillby slowly slipped out of Sans, and Sans whined, curling up a little before wincing at the pain in his hips. Grillby chuckled. “Don’t you worry, I’ll have something nice for ya next week~”

Sans flinched as Grillby cupped his cheek, then yanked him into a kiss, making Sans bap at him with his hands, trying to push him away, gasping when Grillby finally moved away. His face was purple now, matching his insides as he panted.

Grillby pushed him to lay on the couch, clapping his hands on his thighs as he got up. “Whelp! See ya around.” Sans just curled up, shaking as he tried to calm down.



Sans has two babies now. The tiny soul had shivered and split slowly into two. It nearly scared him, but he watched in awe as the small skeletons spun in place around each other. Two babies!

He wrote it down into his baby book. They were the absolute most beautiful babies he had ever seen, and he told them so.

Gaster of course noticed immediately when he got home. He hummed. “Hm. Two? I suppose that’s not so bad. Two leaders would be easy to keep everyone in line,” he muttered, as Sans slowly ate his cereal. Gaster nodded. “Very well, I’ll let you keep them.”

Sans flinched, squeezing his spoon for a moment. “W-What about, um…a-a room for them…?”

Gaster snorted. “You mean a nursery? No, they’ll stay in your room unless you’re busy. Once they’re old enough, well, they can decide what to do.”

Sans just nodded, going back to eating his cereal. Late at night, he slowly drew a crib he had seen in a book, putting little stars on it with a smiley face. ‘You would have a beautiful nursery’ he wrote. ‘And a happy life,’ he added at the end.

He drew a very small box room, adding the crib, and drawing two small babies inside. It warmed him up, even if it would never happen. If Sans didn’t fight for it, he wouldn’t even treat them like normal children.

No, he knew what Gaster wanted to do. He wanted them to train from the time they walked. But Sans had an ace up his sleeve…


His babies would be attached to him. If he kicked up a fuss, they would feed off of it and aggravate Gaster. He had to remember it though, and not be afraid. He had to do this, for his babies.

At night, he dreamed of two small infants, and being outside in the grass, relaxed and happy and not hurt.

He woke up with tears on his pillow.

Chapter Text

Sans is seven weeks pregnant.


Sans may not be as smart as Gaster, but he is very, very cunning.

When Gaster inspects the babies, Sans softly murmurs about baby clothes. Gaster scoffs, and tells him that it would be an annoyance, like Sans’ own clothing, but Sans whines that it’ll be boring not being able to change them into ‘cute things’, that he’ll get bored of them.

He wouldn’t, of course, but Gaster knows if Sans ‘gets bored’, he’ll leave the babies alone, which would end up stopping his grand plan in its tracks if they perish.

Gaster gets him a small set of onesies, informing Sans that they’ll get more as they grow, armor mostly to help them train. Sans doesn’t care, he squirrels away into his new room with the plush bed, and unpacks them, cooing over the little clothes. One has a funny animal on it, another says ‘Mommy’s Boy’.

He doesn’t think Gaster even looked through them, or he would have taken that one away. There’s two of them, which just amuses Sans to no end.

Gaster does install a cradle into his room. He knows babies roll around easily and they could fall off without Sans’ knowledge, so to increase their safety, he installs it.

Sans asks him how he’s supposed to train them when he doesn’t know anything, dressed in his soft dress as he chews on oatmeal that had been sprinkled with salt. Gaster scoffs. “You won’t, I have a very high ranking Royal Guard friend who is willing to take them on as apprentices.”

“But…not until they’re bigger.”

Gaster raises an eye ridge. “Yes,” he says slowly, “when they’re bigger.”

Sans kicks his legs idly under the table, taking another bite. “So how’re they gonna know anything if they’re stuck here all day? I don’t have any other books.”

Gaster seemed to have thought it over, as he had installed two small desks in the corner of the living room, and trades out all the books for history books and ones that say ‘First Grade Math’ and so on.

Gaster thinks he’s setting up his proteges for success. Sans knows he’s merely getting his way in order to keep his babies safe. Gaster has no idea how easy he is to sway. Sadly, Sans still fears him, enough that he doesn’t use this sway over him to prevent the ‘badness’ from happening.

Grillby comes by and sometimes Sans remembers what happens. Sometimes Grillby gives him something that has him waking up hours later, aching all over, undressed once more.

He’s…not sure what’s worse, honestly.

Grillby takes more photos of him, and videos, and Sans has no idea why since he sees him all the time. For now, he ignores it, content to walk around the house, dragging his chain, and talking to his babies about all that they’ll learn when they grow up and how Sans will always love them.

Sometimes, Sans dreams about his babies. Mostly they’re little, sometimes they’re older and he’s holding another baby in his arms. Sometimes they’re overlooking a patch of something green and soft with a bright light shining on them.

All he wants is to be happy with his babies.

He gets to take longer baths now, sinking into the warmth and letting himself relax as best he can, looking over his body idly. It’s been changing so fast, he doesn’t know how to feel about it.


First, he keeps having to swallow. He’s drooling in his sleep even!

Gaster certainly doesn’t mind it, it seems. He either forces Sans back on his knees, or holds him down to tilt his head backwards, thrusting his cock into his mouth eagerly. Sans’ face is left absolutely messy and sticky, and he coughs each time they’re done. Gaster takes a picture then, as well.

Then, the rings in his nipples hurt, severely. He nearly cried as he gently cupped a breast. They were bigger too, stretching the lace of his dress. After a day or so he got used to the piercings again, but Grillby found out about the tenderness on accident. Sans was stuffed inside the stiff suit again, hot hands gripping his breasts and squeezing tightly, yanking at his nipples.

Sans screamed under the hood, barely able to squirm away from the hands as they assaulted his breasts over and over. Something really warm slid between them, and Grillby squeezed his breasts around it, thrusting between them.

Sans cried at the pain, it hurt worse than anything right now! Grillby didn’t stop until he let out the warm-painfully hot-magic over his ecto. Sans shook hard, gasping in pain as Grillby plopped him onto the couch on his back, his hands flexing in the sleeves as he tried to get up and push away.

It seemed Grillby had other plans this time, dragging Sans halfway onto his lap and thrusting a hot finger into his other entrance, and he squealed, arching up and trying to get away. His hands could barely pat at his arm holding him down, gasping as the hot finger moved inside him. The plug Gaster had stuck in him was pushed on with Grillby’s thumb, making him whine and wiggle.

Then another finger, and another, and they stretched out again, making him choke and try to kick. He could only sit there and take it, shuddering inside the suit.

A fourth finger squeezed inside him and he whined louder as Grillby chuckled, thumb pressed against the base of the plug. “You look so good stretched out like this. Let’s get you really ruined~”

Sans shrieked as he felt a thumb tuck up against his entrance, pushing in slowly. He begged and cried, panting out ‘no no no’ over and over. The hand slowly slid inside him, popping inside after it spread over Grillby’s knuckles, squeezing around his wrist tightly as Sans collapsed in his suit, shuddering, tears on his skull inside the mask.

He cried as he felt the hand move, fingers spreading and pushing into him, pulling out, then pushing back in. It hurt, a lot, and he was very very sore, and he wished Grillby would just stop!

He didn’t, not for a little bit. After a moment he slowly pulled his hand free, tugging at the edge of the entrance with a finger as Sans whined louder. “Man you sure can stretch. That’s hot. We’ll test that some more for sure.”

He got up, pushing Sans off his lap after a sharp slap against the bruised entrance. Sans couldn’t even curl up as he moaned in pain, barely able to stay conscious after panicking.

When he woke up later, he was tucked into the bed with nothing on, and everything hurting again. He couldn’t move without twin pains coming up from down there, and he hissed, curling up his legs tightly. The babies were fine, he cupped a hand over his belly softly as he nuzzled into his pillow. Nothing he could do now until he stopped aching so bad.

The bath stung him later on, but man did it feel really, really good. He cleaned up, relaxing inside the warm water before it cooled too much and he had to climb back out, going back to lay down in bed for a while longer.


Gaster has him face down on the bed this time, both arms pinned above his head as he cries out. Gaster has that weird thing again with the red light aimed at his entrances this time. His legs are dangling over the bed’s edge, pinned down to the ground. Two magic hands worked on him, one had three fingers into his other entrance, the other had two in his pussy.

He shrieked as it added a third, shaking his head wildly. “Stooop! It hurts!”

“Shush now, you’re opening up so well,” Gaster mumbled. Both hands slid a fourth finger in, spreading wide and making him shriek louder, bucking his hips and trying to shake them off. It didn’t help, they dived their fingers in deeply, opening him up to the camera lens.

It felt just like the metal thing Gaster had put in him the very first ‘examination’, but ten times worse. Sans sunk on the bed, panting as he could only cry softly. He was so stretched out between the hands, ecto quivering tightly in pain as it tried to close back up.

Another hand rubbed a finger at his clit, which made him twitch, but nothing else as he whined louder. Whatever Gaster was aiming for, he got it, and the hands pulled out of Sans, leaving him to relax on the bed and gasp, gulping down the air greedily.

He barely whined when Gaster thrust into his pussy, although he was very sore and Gaster loved to thrust into him very hard, a thumb pressed against his other entrance. Sans’ eyes peeked open-when had they closed?-and he panted, staring up at Gaster who smirked back, thrusting in deep as he came at the sight of the tear-stained skeleton.


Sans wondered, sometimes, what it was Gaster kept doing with the light box. But he didn’t care as Gaster had left him alone today, and he spent the day reading a small book to his babies, blocking out all the horrors happening to him.

Chapter Text

Sans is nine weeks pregnant.

Sans is constantly tired this week. He sleeps more in the fluffy bed than he does walking around the house. He mistakes Gaster’s stare for concern, but he should’ve known it was just to make sure the small babies were okay. Which, fine by him, he loved his babies. All the same, it hurt his feelings for a little while, before he brushed it to the side, as usual. He didn’t have anything else to really do, but even rousing himself to eat was a chore.

The babies were making their bodies a little bigger, so it made sense that he was really really tired. He loved them and he’d rub his belly with a happy coo, tucking the blanket around them to keep them all warm.

It’s a change in things when Gaster brings in a wooden box on wheels, kind of squat, waist high. Sans is curled up on the couch, sleepily looking over as Gaster’s locking down the wheels to prevent it from moving. “…what’s that?”

“The workers are coming by to soundproof the house and to fix a few things as well,” Gaster responded, opening the top of the box, the lid flipping over and hanging over the side. “However, I will be gone for a week as we are in preparations to show the King our findings. Come here.”

Sans slowly unwrapped himself, a nervous feeling making his soul thrum quickly. He didn’t have anything on today, he’d been getting really hot lately, then cold, then hot. It was the weirdest thing. He took a few steps over, looking at the box curiously. “What now…?”

Gaster snorted, having two magic hands pick Sans up from under his arms, Sans so used to it he didn’t even fight now. “Well, it’s only fair to pay them in kind for their endeavors. This will be yours for a week.”

Sans blinked in confusion, squirming a bit as more hands started to lay him down in the box. He didn’t want to lay on his stomach, but there was a soft padding that curled around it, keeping it cushioned. “N-No! I don’t wanna!” He squeaked, flinching when that stupid gag was pushed into his mouth to keep it open. A few twists and turns, and Sans shook in fear, his legs were bent like that frog in one of his books, his hips pressed up against a hole in the back. A plug and a piece of tape were covering his pussy, leaving his other entrance wide open. His hands were buckled on a hole on each side, his fingers forced into a curl around it. His head was buckled up against the hole in front of him, wide open mouth open against it. He panted, his entire body shuddering nervously. Gaster chuckled. “There.”

With that, the lid shut over Sans, leaving him in partial darkness. The chain attached to him was secured in a way that it exited the box, making it appear as if it was chained to the home. Well, Sans was, at least.

This was scary. The only bits of light were from the holes, and he couldn’t move an inch from how he was tied down. The babies weren’t exactly happy despite being in a soft little pad, and they squirmed a bit before settling.

Time passed slowly. Sans nearly fell asleep honestly in the dark and warmth, stirring as the door opened. He hoped it was Gaster to let him out from whatever this was supposed to be, but it was a bunch of weird voices he’d never heard before. He shook harder, gasping in fear. Meeting Grillby was…bad…and he wasn’t sure how to feel about meeting more people.

He didn’t have much time to think about it, a finger shoving itself into his entrance he squealed, bucking his hips sharply and trying to get it out. It was really big and it hurt! The voices laughed and talked but he couldn’t hear them through the box. A cock slid into his mouth with ease and he cried, choking on it as it started to thrust in sharply. Another one slipped through the one near his hand, and he couldn’t move his fingers away so he didn’t have to touch it.

He gagged as he felt the finger leave him, only to be replaced by a thick cock that speared him open without pause, thrusting in hard and fast. He couldn’t even squirm away, twitching around it as if trying to squeeze it out, but it just egged the monster on to go faster, making him whine around the cock in his mouth.

He was filled up with the sticky magic again, coughing as the other one filled his mouth. The one on his hand smeared the magic over his fingers, dripping down his arm onto his shoulder, before they all left, only to be replaced instantly.

This was how his days went. He slept the night away, covered in the sticky magic, his mouth dirty and his stomach aching with how full he was.

It happened again the next day, despite his whines and cries, they laughed and made jokes as they messed him up further. There was banging through the day when they left him alone, and something with a loud noise, and then more banging. He zoned in and out, sometimes jerking awake to someone using him again, dozing off into the night if he could. He felt numb and aching, and weirdly, starving. When someone used his mouth the hunger abated, giving him a nauseated feeling, but then it came back fiercely.

They weren’t exactly cruel to him, thankfully. They didn’t hurt him like Grillby did, or force their fingers into him too much, or anything…else…still. What a pitiful thought to have.

His mouth was filthy but he couldn’t even bring up the energy to try and wiggle his head to smear it away. Sometimes one of them would say something and he’d jump, a rough and wet cloth rubbing over his entrance without a care to him, making him squeak and squirm, and then it was right back to thrusting into him, filling him up again.

Eventually Gaster came back, and the other monsters left. Or so Sans assumed, as the noises had stopped, and there was only rustling around after the door had shut. The lid to the box opened and Sans flinched at the bright light, squeezing his eyes shut as the hands untied, pulling him out of the box and settling him on the ground. His arms ached from being still that whole time, and his jaw cracked as he shut it tightly. Everything hurt, and twinged, and he didn’t even think he could move from sitting upright on the floor.

Gaster called from the kitchen, “Go and get washed off, you’re filthy.” The sound of cooking in a pan echoed through the room.

Sans swayed when he got up, limping to the bath once more. He cleaned and scrubbed and ducked into the water to sit for a while, hugging his belly softly.

He dragged himself to bed, despite the fact that Gaster often demanded he eat in the kitchen ‘or not at all, if you want to be trouble’. He curled up on the bed, wrapped up in a fluffy towel, dropping off into the first relaxed sleep he’d had in a week.


Sans has learned that the square thing with a red light is called a ‘video camera’. He finds this out when Gaster ties his arms up to be hung above him, straddling a weird saddle looking item with an odd square in the middle. His feet are tied to it, so he can’t move away, and Gaster had put him in a sheer red gown this time, with black ruffles. He’d like it but…well.


Sans shakes, the light is on and he’s not sure what’s going on. Gaster hummed a soft tune, holding a box with buttons on it. “You should be happy, Sans. Someone wants to see what you look like when you’re pleasured.”

Sans just looked more confused, panting softly as he tugged on his arms. “H-Huh?”

Gaster tutted. “I did warn you all he’s not the brightest bulb. Now…”

He pressed a button, and Sans yipped, tugging up to try and pull his body off of it. It felt like that time Gaster licked on him, and when he looked down, it was a weird squirming tongue looking thing that buried itself between his legs. “N-No, stop! Mmm!” He squealed, his chains clattering as he shook his head wildly. Something sucked onto his clit and he shrieked, rocking his hips as he tried in vain to free himself.

Gaster hit another button, and the tongues slid away, leaving Sans to get a breath before some kind of rubber wheel pressed against him, then started to spin wildly. He shrieked, tears in his eyes as he pleaded, “S-Stop stop stop, too much, it hurts!”

Gaster ignored him, of course, and the thing he straddled started to vibrate sharply. His voice stuttered and he gasped, his hips still bucking against the rubber wheel. It pressed up into him harder, and he threw his head back with a choked gasp, thighs squeezing the machine tightly before he slumped his head between his arms, whimpering. “S-Stop…no more…ah…” He gasped.

Gaster finally turned it off, and a hand gripped Sans’ chin, forcing his face up to the camera. He had tear tracks and hazy eye lights, and a bright blush on his face.

Then the light went out, leaving Sans a gasping mess atop a machine with a puddle of sticky magic between his thighs.