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You Can be A Hero Mob!!

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Many years ago, Humanity was being Taken over by spirits, Causing harm to most people and scaring them off. Most spirits would often stay in dark Abandoned places where they died Or where they Have an Emotional connection to it, Basically refusing to leave their home where they created memories.

There are times when spirits would stay together in groups in order to survive, but most of the time they are Alone. They can also be found in dangerous areas as well. Depending on where spirits go to Band together, there may not always be a group of Spirits coming to haunt humanity Together.

A dangerous part of spirits is that they can Fuse together to become Stronger and more powerful, thus including bigger size as well.

They can also have their very own Special attacks when it come to combat. Their attacks are similar to Psychic powers And they Have learned how to get along with their Power and Perfected it.

In other words, spirits were the most powerful Supernatural beings in earth and Have made a big impact towards history.


But that all changed when groups of people who wanted to stop those evil spirits from causing harm and fright towards their Home. 

Their goals were to make the spirits cause and do no more harm, Defeating them one by one at any costs. The warriors who would help defeat all the spirits would often be seen as Esper users. 

Esper users were people who were born with a Power that gives them the power to move objects with their mind Known as telekinesis. It was pretty common for children to be born with telekinetic powers, so not every child would be born with it.







Kageyama Shigeo was Child, who seemed to live an ordinary life. Nothing special or anything, but he didn't mind at all. He liked how he lived his life, he didn't mind at all if people would think he was boring. 

He was just glad he enjoyed life to the fullest and it's moments it gave him. It all changed once his parents realized he was born with a telekinetic power. They were shocked at first, but we're still calm that he was okay and didn't get hurt or hurted anyone.

Mob wouldn't hurt anyone right..?


Sadly he did once..



"Ritsu!" Mob shouted while he watches his brother get beat up by his brother. He didn't know what or how he could react to this, he wanted to do something but he didn't want to risk himself get beat up by the bullied that teased both Mob and Ritsu.

While ritsu was trying his hardest to fight back with the teens that were hurting him, he shouts back at mob. "Brother please just go! Run Away!" He shouts.

Mob refused to listen to his brothers advice and he tried to think of another plan to chase the bullies away. it seemed hard to think Due to him being scared Seeing ritsu get hurt. 

Mob couldn't afford to let his brother get hurt and get badly injured just because they accidentally made their bullies mad. The images of ritsu getting hurt severely would not stop Popping up in his head.

Mob finally had an idea, but it was a risky one. He stared at his hands for three minutes, Remembering the promise he gave to his mother before him and ritsu were going to school in Seventh grade.

"Mob dear, will you promise me and your father that you will not use your power to hurt anyone?" She said looking at him with a face that looked with worry. He said yes with a small smile. "Yes, I promise you mommy." He said. This made her smile and it ended with the door closing when he left with his brother.

Mob took a deep breath and sighed, he didn't want to be a promise breaker, but it was for the sake of saving Ritsu. He heard them speak in cruel words. He could've sworn he heard a cuss words while they continued to push him around. 

Mob felt different and he felt himself turn warm, he stared at them in a menacing way that not mob could describe it.

It was anger, but a different kind of anger, he was starting to get mad and mad each time he heard them speak. It made him feel disgusted seeing how they acted.






As mob's mind calmed down, he saw the bodies of the teenagers on the ground laying down there. Almost looking like dead bodies. Some were breathing, with whimpers while some passed out. Mob was shaking in fear and made a noise filled with fear as well, he himself was surrounded by fear. Ritsu saw the bodies and blood from teenagers and was absolutely frightened by this. "Big brother..?" he said. "Why..Why is there blood everywere..?" Ritsu was covering his face. Too afraid to even look at the bodies of the Teens. Mob's hands and clothes were covered in blood, making him look like he murdered someone. "T-There's blood all over you brother..?" he said scared and trembling with tears being seen in his eyes. "Ritsu..i'm sorry.." Mob said scared as well. "Ritsu..Please..Please don't be scared..I'm sorry..i'm sorry..!" He shouted while tears poured from his eyes.


Who would've known a Child like mob would be born with a power that was Strong and dangerous. Mob didn't want this or he did he want to hurt others, but It is What it is..



"How could I ever make friends if all I do is Hurt the people in my life with my powers..?"