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Trollhunters Watching their Show

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“I’ll find him, even if it means going into the Darklands myself.”
“Remember to bow,” Jim joked, turning to the audience.

Claire grabbed his hand as they faced them to the curtain call, “You mean we are going to find him, together.” Jim gaped at her. “Remember to smile!” she teased, turning back to face… “Jim…”

“Wha- Oh.” A faintly glowing, flowing, translucent figure floated over the audience.

“Is that…”

“I’m not really sure.” The crowed grew silent as people noticed the figure moving slowly towards the stage.

“You’re not sure?!”

“I mainly deal with trolls,” Jim grabbed daylight’s hilt, “No one mentioned ghosts!”

‘wait!’ the figure raised an arm and lunged, and the world went screamed to a halt.


Colours blurred past Jim’s eyes and static grated past his ears and the ground rose up heartily to meet him halfway.

He looked up at the figure, still floating in the middle of the room. An indistinct sound came from it, as it seemed to look right past him.

Moaning from behind him pulled Jim’s attention to the others in the room; much of the audience that had been in front of him in rows now lay behind him, sprawled out in piles over the carpet. Carpet… looking back around Jim saw beyond the figure they were in a small room very different to the one they had just been in. A small room with a couch and a…large flat screen.

“Jimbo.. Brrf- kak- what just happened~?” Toby moaned.

“Umm. I think we’ve been teleported.”

“Oh. OK”

“What? Jim?” His mum’s voice floated from a back corner, “mmhe, what’s going on?”

‘uuuumm’ came from the figure… ghost?

“Gra? What in the blazes?! Mhh!” Oh, so Coach was here too.



“AH! It’s talking!” Toby shouted, “What does it want?”

‘I didn't mean to…fu-’

“Who are you?”

“What are you?” Claire added.

‘I’m? It doesn’t matter. I brought you here to show you something, that’s what’s important’

“Show us what?”

‘I wanted to show you your’ future.’

“The future?!” exclaimed Jim, Toby and Claire.

‘Yes. Or, a future. But not yours… I hope?’

“Wait,” Toby asked “so are you showing us our future, or…?”

“Wait,” Ophelia Nunez burst out, “you believe it?!”

“Weirder things have happened,” Toby responded.

“Look mama, she’s like a ghost, or something!” Claire remarked.

“A ghost of futures past?!” Eli exclaimed.

‘I want… I want you to show a possible future, your future as it stands, or did two minutes ago, so that you might be able to… change it? So that maybe you can continue just… living, for a little longer.’

“Living?” Barbara asked.

‘Does this mean..?’
“You can help me keep my normal life?”

“Your normal life? Jim, what’s going on?!”


‘I hope so. I’m no omniscient wizard, so I thought I should just show you things and let you decide, so I brought you here. I didn’t mean to bring the rest of Arcadia too, sorry.’

“That’s… OK,” Jim said, “But, wow… thanks!”

‘that’s okay, thank me if it helps.’

“The future, a ghost kidnapped us to show us the future?” Steve demanded, “What the heck?”

‘I’m sorry, just let me go find some more chairs and stuff… I, ah, wasn’t planning on, um, yeah, you go ahead and start watching.’ The figure flickered in and out a bit, before floating over to the couch, ‘Jim, take a seat, the remote’s there; just press the middle button ‘till it starts playing,’ The figure then vanished entirely.

“Well,” Jim hesitated, “I’ll do that.” And he promptly did so, fumbling and staring at the still blank screen; away from the eye’s of the surrounding people.

“Hey, Jimbo?” Toby hissed, taking a seat himself, “Are we really going to do this, with all these people here?”

“Yeah,” Said Claire, “Isn't this ‘super secret for your’ own good’ stuff?”

“Yeah,” Jim started, “but guys, this is a major opportunity, and if the ghost thought we needed to see it so bad, I don’t want to turn her down and then find out what’s coming is going to make Bular look like child’s play, do you?”

Claire and Toby shared a look.

“Yeah, you’re right.” they chorused.

“Right, let’s do this”