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Poker Face

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If someone were to step in the common room right now, they would probably throw one look at the scene in front of them and just nope the fuck out as they promptly walk away.

“Full house,” Logan states, laying his cards on the table. Deceit raises an eyebrow, throws a glance at the logical side’s current attire -just his tie and a pair of boxers, the only survivors from their last few rounds of strip poker- and smirks, revealing his hand.

“Five of a kind.”

Logan looks at the cards, raises his gaze to Deceit’s satisfied expression and just gets up and leaves the room, abandoning everyone else to their stunned bewilderment.

What the fuck,” Virgil finally whispers after a few seconds of heavy silence, making Patton gasp at his language and sending Remus into a cackling fit.

“No, seriously-” the anxious side keeps going, eyes wide as he gestures frantically to the table- “I’m- what????”

“Why did we even agree to play poker against freaking Deceit??” Roman moans from his place on the couch, “like, why did we think it was a good idea again?”

“He legit made Logic leave the room,” Virgil says, burying his hands in his hair, “I don’t know if I should feel scared or impressed.”

“Why not both?” Deceit replies rather smugly.

“That still wasn’t very nice though,” Patton points out, giving the deceitful side one of his stern looks, “you should apologize later.”

Deceit grin only widens at that, his snake eye glinting mischievously as he lets out an amused chuckle.

“Oh darling, I’m not here to make friends,” he drawls, shuffling the deck again, “I’m here to win.”