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Cat And Mouse

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A/N: Hello my dear readers and welcome back to another Winchester story. This is not a very long one, but it was something that came to mind when I was writing another story and hope you enjoy it. Thank you for all the support with each story I have posted. I do like to know your thoughts, comments would be great. NC

Disclaimer: I do not own SPN and this is my own creation. Any mistakes are my own.


Chapter 1


"S'mmy, you good?" Dean groaned as he rolled to his side to try and get up. "Sam?"

"Yeah," Sam coughed from across the room as he moved brushing debris from his body.

"You hurt?" Dean asked getting slowly to his feet letting pieces of plaster and glass fall from his body.

"No, just scraps and bruises."

"That was one nasty spirit. Good thing you figured out it was attached to that pocket watch or we could've been toast."

"I know, you ready to get out of here?"

"You know it bro, there's a cold brew with my name on it waiting for me," Dean replied as they made their way out of the wrecked house and to the Impala. He got in on the driver's side and started her up, waiting for his brother to fold his long frame into the passenger side and get settled.

"Are we staying at the motel tonight or heading out?" Sam asked as Dean pulled away from the house.

"Might as well stay and get some rest and then we can head for Bobby's for a few days."

"Sounds good, he's got a couple of books I want to look at while we're there."

"When do you not raid his wealth of books dude? You're like the biggest geek around."

"Bite me," Sam snarled at his brother.

"I would but you might like it," Dean shot back.



Sam snorted at him and looked out the side window at the scenery passing by. They had a twenty minute drive back to the motel and silence filled the interior of the Impala until Dean switched on the radio and found a rock station he liked. He drummed his fingers on the steering wheel to the beat of the music as he drove through the traffic that picked up when they got closer to the town. He pulled into the parking lot and around to the back, stopping in front of their room.

"Dibs on shower first," Dean said. He got out of the car and used their key to open the door to their room.

"Fine, why don't I go grab us some dinner while you shower and we won't have to go back out?" Sam offered.

"Works for me, I'll take the usual."

"I know," Sam said picking up the room key to leave.

"And don't forget pie," Dean called to him. "Bring me some pie."

"How could I forget after last time. You ragged me for a week." Sam closed the door behind him and headed down the street to the diner. They ate breakfast there and the food was good and it was close to their motel. Sam hunched deeper into his jacket as a cool breeze blew across the parking lot.

The temperature was dropping the closer darkness came. He glanced up at the sky watching the clouds gather and thought it smelled like rain. That wouldn't bother him; he liked the rain since it seemed to clean and freshen the air. It was the thunderstorms that he didn't care for. Sam had hated the rolling thunder and streaks of lightening since he was a kid. It made him think the sky was falling when he was young, but now he just didn't like the sudden blast of light or the shaking sound of thunder. It set him on edge until the storm would pass.

The diner was filling up fast, but Sam hoped the takeout wouldn't take too long. Once he placed his order, he took a seat at the front to wait on the food. He people watched as they came and went until he heard his name and went to pick up the bag of food and drink carton. He thanked the waitress and headed out thinking the smell of food was making his stomach growl.

Darkness had fallen and the place was cast into shadows by the street lights and lights of businesses around him. He was almost to the motel when his spidery senses went off making him scan the area wary of everything around him. Sam didn't see anything that was out of place but kept a watchful eye as he neared the parking lot of the motel.

It happened so fast all Sam could do was drop the bag of food and reach for his gun, but he stumbled and crumbled to the pavement as the fast acting sedative in the tranq dart raced through his body. He pulled the dart from his neck as he lost his battle with consciousness. A non-descript van suddenly pulled up beside him and tossed him inside and drove away without anyone the wiser. Sam was cuffed, gagged and blindfolded within seconds as the van sped away from the area. His cell was tossed out the window and he was disarmed before things settled in the van.

“Told you he’d be easy pickings,” a rough voice drawled out to his partner.

“We should get a pretty penny for this one, he’s a big one,” the driver replied.


“Hey Sammy you didn’t forget my....” Dean asked coming from the bathroom towel drying his hair. He looked around and didn’t see Sam anywhere and figured it was taking longer to get their food. He went back into the bathroom to finish up hoping his brother would be back with the food soon, he was hungry.

Fifteen minutes passed and still Sam had not returned. Dean picked up his cell and dialed him only to have it go directly to voicemail. He knew something was wrong when Sam didn’t pick up and grabbed his jacket before heading for the door.

Dean had only got partway across the parking lot when he saw a bag of food discarded and the carton of drinks spilled and stomped on. He reached down and opened the bag and knew this was their food. Dean looked quickly around trying to determine what could have happened to his brother.

He called his cell again but only got voicemail again and quickly brought up the tracking program to see if he could locate it. He started walking toward the road in front of the motel and followed it a short ways to find Sam’s cell tossed into the grass filled ditch along the road. Fear filled Dean’s mind as he tried to make sense of what he found and what could have happened to his brother. He headed back to the motel and looked around finally spotting security cameras at the office and headed that way.

The bells above the door jingled as he pushed it open and went to the desk to tap hard on the bell sitting there. It was a few minutes before the man who checked him in came to the front desk.

“Can I help you sir?” he asked straightening his shirt and tie.

“I need to see your video from the security cameras for the last hour,” Dean stated.

“What is this about?”

“My brother went to the diner for takeout and now he’s disappeared. I found his cell tossed on the side of the road below the motel and I want to see if the cameras caught anything,” Dean explained.

“Umm I don’t know....”

“Look, we’re FBI off duty, but I can go get my badge and have this place swarming with cops who’ll be checking every room and rousting everyone here or you can cooperate,” Dean told him, a tone of danger in his voice.

“Fine, fine, if you’ll step back here you can watch it,” the guy said deciding it was easier to do as he asked than have all the commotion.

Dean followed him to a small alcove where recording devices were stacked on shelves and a screen sat to the side. He waited as the man keyed up the video and let it run. Dean watched carefully and hit fast forward until he saw the Impala pull up to the office and slowed it. The screen showed him getting out to get a room and moving the car around to the back. It wasn’t too long before Sam came walking by heading for the diner.

Dean leaned in closer as he checked the time and watched for anything out of place. He saw a van pull into the parking lot and park somewhere past the camera’s view. He sped it up again until he saw Sam coming back with the food and pass by the office. Dean noted the time on the screen knowing if he had been taken it would be happening now. Sam went out of view and in the upper corner a minute later a vehicle sped away. He couldn’t get a clear view but knew it was larger than a car.

“I need a copy of this from the time we arrived until here,” Dean told him.

“Fine, give me a minute.” The guy grabbed a CD and loaded it into the computer before typing a couple of commands to copy the footage. “Here you go. Anything else?”

“No, I’m checking out,” Dean said hurrying from the office toward his room. He pulled his cell from his jacket and dialed a number waiting for it to be picked up. “Sammy’s been taken by someone. I’m on my way to your place....I don’t know...Be there soon.” He went back into the room and threw their things into their bags. He gave the place one quick glance before heading to the Impala and leaving. His mind was racing with thoughts of his little brother and why someone would kidnap him. Dean knew they needed to act fast before something happened to him and hoped their surrogate father, Bobby Singer, would be able to help.