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Gaygent's No-Set-Prompt-List-tober 2019

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“Stubborn one, aren’t you?” Jason asked in amusement, glancing at the unmasked birdie sitting in his kitchen chair. “Just ask nicely, and I’ll give you the antidote.”

Dick glared at him the best he could. He bit his cheek to keep from begging for Jason to help him. 

Jason pulled on a pair of red oven mitts and pulled out his freshly baked bread from his oven. The fragrant aroma of the delicious baked bread filled the small kitchen, and Dick gasped when the smell hit his nose. He shivered in his seat, his entire body wishing to arch for more. 

The bread had been heavily dosed with the aphrodisiac - he could smell the sweet scent that was Jason’s signature poison.

But he had to stay strong. Dick could not give into his enemy. Not today, not ever. Dick knew that Jason’s aphrodisiac was non-lethal, unlike his mother’s. But it felt just as strong. 

Dick’s entire body felt hyper sensitive, and even the plants keeping him bound were starting to feel really good, even when they were not touching his exposed skin. 

Still, he had to remain strong. 

Jason set the bread down on the table right next to Dick. “Would you like a slice, Wing?” Jason asked. “It’s lavender bread. My own special recipe.”

Dick moaned through his gritted teeth. The heat that had been previously slowly spreading through his body was now a full raging fire - starved and grasping for sustenance. It was very uncomfortable now, and Dick felt that he might go crazy if he did not get some relief soon. 

His pride was starting to sound a lot less important. 

“C’mon, Dickie,” Jason said, leaning in, his breath tickling Dick’s ear. “Say it. Tell me what you want.”

Dick could feel his cheek bleeding. His hips moved against his will, trying to thrust up into anything at all, but he had been pinned tightly to his chair. Finally, he let go of his tortured cheek. “Please,” he croaked. “Ja-Jason, please.”

Jason gave a pleased hum. “Please what, Dickiebird?”

“Give me- I need the- the antidote, please!” Dick gasped, his face burning at the thought of his lewd voice begging his enemy for relief.

Jason clicked his tongue against the roof of his mouth. He moved around the table and crouched down in front of Dick. “I’ll give you a choice,” he said as he gently traced a fingertip up Dick’s thigh, drinking in the way the other man tensed and jumped in his seat. “I could give you the antidote…” Jason procured a little yellow pill between his fingers. “Or, I could give you something better.”

Jason’s hands reached the most sensitive parts of Dick’s inner thighs now, and even through the Nightwing uniform, every touch felt like electric sparks. Then, Jason was gently rubbing his fingers over the hard bulge that was Dick’s cock. 

Dick cried out loudly. His hips bucked up into Jason’s hands, and to his surprise, the plants holding his hips down gave, and the touch became firmer. It felt so good to have Jason’s rough palm cupping his cock that was so needy and desperate. 

Suddenly, Jason took his hand away. Dick almost sobbed at the loss of his touch. 

“What’s your choice, Dickie?” Jason asked, grinning widely. 

Dick knew he should choose the pill. It would take a few hours, but the effects would go away, and Dick could sleep away his exhaustion. But as his lust-filled gaze met the evergreen mischief in Jason’s eyes, Dick knew what he wanted. What he wanted down to his very core. 

Still, he forced himself to croak, “An-Antidote. Just- Just give me…” Dick licked his lips, his eyes drifting down to Jason's hand.

Jason kept his eyes locked on Dick’s face, only raising an eyebrow when Dick trailed off. 

Dick swallowed hard. “Please touch me,” Dick ended up whispering in shame.

Jason beamed. “Of course, Dickiebird,” he murmured, pocketing the pill and putting both hands firmly on Dick’s thighs. 

The hot and heavy pressure of Jason’s hands made Dick groaned weakly. Jason’s hands felt so big and strong, and Dick knew instinctively that Jason would take care of him. 

The burning warmth traveled up Dick’s legs and was soon caressing his hard cock again, but suddenly, it was not enough. Dick needed more. 

“Zipper,” he gasped. “In the back, please. Jay, get- get this off!”

Jason was delighted to. A tiny little vine found the near invisible zipper of Dick’s suit and slowly started dragging it down. Jason watched with rapture as Dick’s body slowly became visible to him. He wasted no time latching onto the dusky nipples. 

Dick was so responsive to having his nipples teased. Jason hummed quietly as he suckled, licked, and scraped his teeth over Dick’s nipples.

“So good for me, aren’t you?” Jason asked, blowing a puff of air onto Dick’s wet nipples. Dick shivered and whimpered. “Aren’t you?” Jason asked again, flicking one of Dick’s nipples. 

Dick gasped. “Yes! Ah, I’m so- so good for you, Jay!”

“Absolutely perfect,” Jason grinned. “I can’t wait to ravish you.”