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Confusion sprang on his face when Xie Lian noticed Mei Nianqing pushing him down on the bed. Fear stirred in his stomach as he laid his hands on Mei Nianqing’s chest, preventing him from coming closer, stopping whatever plan his mentor had in mind.

Xie Lian noticed something strange in those dark eyes, something out of balance - the kindness gone and overtaken by this unsettling air around him.

“G-Guoshi?” Xie Lian asked quietly. “What are you doing?” A hand settled over his cheek, stroking his face and over his neck, a thumb pressing onto the jut of his throat. He didn’t remember Guoshi ever acting out like this but it was wrong.

His mind told him to run. Why wasn’t he moving?

“Your Highness, it’s all right,” Mei Nianqing answered with familiarity. He had no reason to hurt Xie Lian, merely touching Xie Lian’s collar bone, making the prince fidgeting below. But Mei Nianqing slid his hand past the thin robe, pulling from Xie Lian’s shoulder and tugged on the simple band tying the one piece together.

Immediately, Xie Lian curled up on his right side, covering himself from the horrid discovery. “No...” His body trembled but the hand returned, stroking his head like a parent soothing a child from a nightmare.

“There’s no need to be afraid. It’s only me. No one else will know about this.”

Mei Nianqing leaned in, sticking his nose into Xie Lian’s damp hair, inhaling the lavender and expensive oils. Mouth played with the outer lobe of Xie Lian’s left ear, nibbling and dragging a tongue along the shape, while he guided his hand between Xie Lian’s legs, cupping the slightly aroused flesh hiding.

“Ah!” Xie Lian quipped his mouth instantly. No matter how hard he kept his legs closed, it didn’t deter Mei Nianqing from the joy it gave him.

“It feels nice, doesn’t it? It’s been far too long for you.”

“Guoshi—s-stop!” But the strokes grew fervent, unwanted but the impending desire was inescapable. Xie Lian tried to hold back the noises but fingers knew how to bring him into the light, lips traveled over Xie Lian’s face and found a shaky mouth, capturing the essence of Xie Lian’s sweet innocence and mewls.

Xie Lian would never, never ever succumb like this but his body tensed up.

“What an obedient child and already wet for me so soon.” Another hand lifted past the fabric from behind, sliding up his leg and over the curve of Xie Lian’s bottom. “To watch you play with yourself for me. Did you think no one would know?” A dry digit entered.

“Don’t you dare…!” Xie Lian shut his mouth into a thin line, his length handled by just a few tugs.

“You’re hot in here, Xian Le.” ‘Mei Nianqing’ smirked, quickening his movements. He pushed Xie Lian into a state of an unfulfilling release, unable for Xie Lian to turn over as he felt the immense jolt coursing throughout his entire frame. Xie Lian gasped into Mei Nianqing’s mouth, his cries muffled as he spilled in discontent, soaking Mei Nianqing’s hand but the ministrations was steady as a cog in a wheel.

The realization of what was happening made him sick.

“Jun Wu!” Xie Lian yelled out, while finding his leg lifted, making him change positions as his body faced Guoshi. His long eyelashes fluttered in a state of arousal again, the sensation of his cock being teased, fingers outlining the shape and squeezing below where his set of balls were peeking, his breathing uneven and lips a wet sheen from Mei Nianqing’s kiss. “You despicable monster!” His face flushed madly and a yelp when given another pressed.

“What’s wrong?” Mei Nianqing questioned, satisfied with Xie Lian’s erection tenting from its barely covered crotch. “It’s only right to serve your lord this way. Why don’t we make it easier for you.” He removed the only defense he had despite Xie Lian finding the courage to fight back, sneering with hatred with a fury of punches thrown, but Mei Nianqing held him by the throat, adding pressure and threatening if the prince continued with his defiant ways. Xie Lian cracked a wavering ‘No’ but was stripped away, revealing radiant skin from his long overdue bath.

An approval hum, eyes raked over Xie Lian’s body.

“Taking over his mind was easy enough, not even a Guoshi can fight against me.” Mei Nianqing tested a fingernail over Xie Lian’s head, earning a sharp inhale. “If you wish to know, he’s very much awake; he sees what transpires and every single moment of it is enjoyable as the next.”

Xie Lian froze in horror.

“The sight of you like this makes him excited. He would rather have it this way, then allow himself back in control. What he would do… Ah, he was a bit shy as I remembered. Your Guoshi is more than just a mere messenger of God.” The lines dipped into a faint remembrance.

“Guoshi, wake up! Wake up! You have to fight this!”

“Xian Le, he can’t do anything when I have full use of his body. A pointless attempt, but he says to bear with it.” Mei Nianqing smiled. “Now, spread them.”

“No,” Xie Lian snapped. “I won’t. Not for your fucking mind games!”

Then came a slap across his face. Xie Lian whipped his head to side, stunned.

“Look what you made me do.” Mei Nianqing frowned and placed a comforting pat over the tinge of pink. “Obey your lord, or would you prefer I start killing off your friends one by one? Should I bring Feng Xin and Mu Qing to watch? To see their Crown Prince dirtied from this Guoshi.”

“You fucker.” Another slap.

The pain made his head dizzy, but Xie Lian wouldn’t admit defeat. His hair suddenly pulled upward, bringing his face close to Mie Nianqing’s groin. The heavy scent of musk permeated through his senses as Mie Nianqing dragged Xie Lian’s lips against the obvious bulge.

“Would you prefer to suck or spread yourself, my dear Xian Le?”

Time wasn’t on his side. What choice did he have? Xie Lian recovered somewhat and nodded his head in defeat, trying to move his legs apart.


Xie Lian was released, his head thrown back against the bed, leaving a prickly throb. He swallowed the trepidation itching in his throat and hesitantly divided his legs, noticing Mei Nianqing watching with rapt attention, tracing the tight bud waiting to bloom.

“Don’t look.” The words came out weakly.

Mei Nianqing grinned. He brought his full length out and prepared himself for the next part of their session. “You’re beautiful and mine to take. You have nothing to hide from your lord.”

Xie Lian hitched his breath, trembling at the size before him.

No way in hell it could fit!

“Be good,” Mei Nianqing said and leaned in, rubbing his tip of pre-come over the furl of skin, playfully smearing over it, yet Xie Lian couldn’t suppressed a groan, surprising himself as he wanted the cock inside him. He cursed at his weakness, expanding his legs more. With a jerk of his hips, Xie Lian moved and lowered himself to a mere status of a whore.

“Your reward, Xian Le.”

With his obedience, Xie Lian closed his eyes as Mei Nianqing finally entered him, thrusting deep as the thickness stretched and filled him up. He endured the pain and humiliation, keeping his legs in place and gripping the sheets to the point he could no longer think how wicked this was but how good it tasted. He started thinking how handsome Mei Nianqing was, how he wasn’t bad looking at all. All the evil thoughts inside him told him to submit, an easy way to cast all doubts into the abyss, they said. Poisonous words convinced him, the delectable view of Guoshi drowning him with waves of pleasure didn’t stop and made him call out ‘Mei Nianqing’ over and over, not once did Jun Wu’s name uttered from his lips.

Maybe that was what set Jun Wu off, pulling out of Xie Lian suddenly and a small whine escaped him when he was left empty and unable to reach his orgasm. His pink hole quivered for attention, he wanted to touch himself but Mei Nianqing flipped Xie Lian flat on his front, ordering him to lift his hips, and Xie Lian presented himself with his pale buttocks as a fine gift. Mei Nianqing spanked Xie Lian’s buttcheeks, a harsh punishment bestowed on the fine snow-white skin until they flared crimson.

Xie Lian took in the small victory, though wincing from the hits raining down on him but still, he gritted his teeth like a hero and refused to give Jun Wu what he wanted. The palm of Mei Nianqing’s burned his skin and massaged the mounds, groping and dipping into Xie Lian’s crack, sneaking a thumb passed his rim.


Then, a set of fingers forced into his mouth, making him suck and coating them with a decent amount of saliva. His tongue rolled between them, slurping without missing a single one with eagerness, then whimpering indecently when they shoved deeper into his slick entrance.

It felt just right. Xie Lian shut his eyes, paying close attention to the fingers burying inside and up to their knuckles. His hole became wider, three, then four, and soon four became five and Xie Lian’s body struggled to accept a whole fist but his ass swallowed the invitation, his arms shaking and ready to collapse but the rush singed his very core.

“I’m sorry, Your Highness.” The gentle voice of Guoshi arrived in his ear. Guoshi’s palm wrapped around his erection and pumped him with renewed energy. Xie Lian understood that he must face this and overcome any obstacle, something Guoshi must’ve always knew about his fate in life. He will accept and survive, but something snapped, his spot was stroked relentlessly, and he was ready to come.

But his release was stalled again.

Xie Lian swore at the unfairness and felt Mei Nianqing retreat, leaving him open and dripping until he was grabbed to face Mei Nianqing, dropping onto Mei Nianqing’s cock piercing him wholly without a moment of wait. He cried loudly, inhaling and exhaling in deep breaths, adjusting to the unbelievable size.


Whether Jun Wu still had a hold on Mei Nianqing or not, it didn’t matter at this point, Xie Lian decided. He focused on Guoshi’s touch, started to bounce himself on the rigid shaft and consumed by the heat and sweat pouring down his face, little sparks climbed up his spine. The more he continued taking Mei Nianqing’s entirety, everything became a blur and finally let go with the one name he finally admitted.

“Jun Wu.”

“Come, my Xian Le.”

Xie Lian arched his head back into a beautiful sight like a butterfly out of its cocoon, crying out as he clenched onto the cock shooting its seed inside him and his own painting a milky mess all over himself, soaking in the high and leaving him spent, exhausted. His chest heaved and eyes cloudy, it was over. It was truly over.

“Sleep,” he heard Mei Nianqing said.

Xie Lian couldn’t keep himself upright and fell onto Mei Nianqing’s chest, catching the last sensation of arms holding him in apology and embraced the shadows taking over.