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Sketching the Rain

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The pitter-patter of rain hitting the ground outside was strangely relaxing. Josuke sighed, wrapping his arms tighter around his boyfriend. Somehow, he'd managed to convince Rohan to take a day off from work in order to spend time together and rest. They'd both been lounging around the house all day, not really doing much.

"Hey, Josuke?" Rohan asked, glancing up at him. His hair was messy, and his face was bare, without any of his usual makeup, which meant the tiny freckles on his face were visible. Josuke loved seeing him like this, especially because he knew not many other people got to experience the usually high maintenance mangaka like this. "Let's go outside, to the balcony, I want to sketch the rain."

Josuke hummed, burying his face in Rohan's neck. "I thought you were taking a break from work today," he said softly, pressing a kiss to Rohan's smooth skin.

"It's not work related, I just… feel like it."

He glanced back at Rohan and smiled, squeezing the man in his arms before letting him go. "Go wait out there then, I'll bring you your sketchbook and pens. The small one, right?"

Rohan nodded, standing up and pressing his lips against Josuke's in a chaste kiss. "Thank you. Can you bring a blanket too?"

"Of course. I'll be right out, babe," Josuke said, walking up the stairs to Rohan's workroom. He carefully surveyed the area before picking up the small sketchbook and a few different pens from the desk, the ones that he knew Rohan used when he wasn't working, when he just wanted to draw for his own enjoyment.

Josuke stopped by the bedroom, picking up a big fluffy blanket before heading downstairs again and getting out through the backdoor.

There, on the soft leather couch next to the wall, Rohan sat, with his knees pulled close to his chest and his eyes locked onto the rain falling a few meters ahead. Josuke's insides warmed up at the sight. Rohan looked so… small, so vulnerable, but also very at ease. It made Josuke happy to see him like this, healthy and content.

He walked closer, wordlessly handing the materials to his boyfriend before wrapping the blanket over his shoulders.

"D'ya wanna cuddle?" Josuke asked, sitting next to him. Rohan nodded, climbing up on Josuke's lap and wrapping the blanket around them both. "Comfortable?"

"Yes, thank you."

Josuke hummed again, wrapping his around Rohan again, staring ahead at the falling rain.

The way the raindrops clung to the plants in Rohan's garden and the grass below it was captivating. He glanced down at the paper that Rohan was drawing in, not at all surprised at the fact that he managed to capture what was in front of them perfectly in a ridiculously short amount of time. It all looked pretty, really pretty.

But the prettiest sight of them all would forever be Rohan. Josuke smiled to himself, kissing the top of Rohan's head. "Love you."

"I know. Me too."