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Toro’s Nightmare

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Toro didn’t have the nightmare often. No, most of the time his dreams were pleasant. Sometimes they’d be weird. Suzuki’s head replaced with Ricky’s, Pierre with a short torso, etc.
Sometimes they’d just be nice. A day out with Kuro, vague memories of his parents and the sushi shop owner who raised him, or even just a normal day in his life.
But this nightmare... this recurring force of pain in his life. It only came when he was at his most stressed, and he would always dread it. He could go to bed thinking as many happy thoughts as he wanted, but if the day was too hard on him, he knew it would come anyway.
And it did...

In the dream, he couldn’t remember what he said. It was always hard to make out. But Kuro was upset with him. At least he thinks Kuro is upset with him. Regardless, Kuro is very angry. Furious even.
Kuro would yell. He’d get close and he could feel Kuro’s breath on him as he shouted.
Toro never handled his own anger well, but he especially couldn’t deal with someone so close being mad at him. No matter how hard he would try to fight back his tears, they’d always come flooding out down his cheeks. He could always feel them flowing in the nightmare, and his vision would always be partially clouded by them.
His voice was always shaky too. He couldn’t make out anything that was said but he could feel his voice cracking, stuttering, trying and failing miserably to speak. Kuro would never want to have any of it. He wouldn’t listen at all.
Toro would try to grab Kuro’s arm, desperately attempting to get Kuro to stay. But Kuro would always pull his arm out of Toro’s grasp and shout at him more. Toro would shrink back, trying to cover his reddening face.

Then Kuro would turn around, and head for the door. He’d stop just as he began to open it, and finally Toro could make out a single word. But he’d wished he couldn’t.


And then Kuro would walk out. Toro would chase after him, but by the time he got to the door, Kuro was nowhere to be seen. He’d frantically run around, calling out Kuro’s name, trying fruitlessly to find him.
Sometimes he’d wake up then, but sometimes he’d search for a long time.
He’d never find anything. He broke down, falling to his knees. Wailing and begging for Kuro to come back.


Toro was awakened by the feeling of being shaken about. Kuro was trying to wake him up.
“Toro?! Toro, wake up!”
Toro gasped and sat up. He looked around the room, panicked and hyperventilating. He glanced Kuro’s way and immediately wrapped his arms around him, bawling into his chest.
“Hey, Hey... Toro? What’s wrong? You were crying in your sleep again.”
Kuro held Toro’s head, petting him to try and calm him down.
“Don’t LEAVE ME! Kuro, DON’T LEAVE ME!” Toro begged, tears still streaming down his face and tightening his grip around Kuro’s body.
“Toro...” Kuro held Toro tighter as well. “Kitten, no... you had that nightmare again, didn’t you?”
Toro didn’t respond. He only sniffled, trying not to cry any more and keeping his face buried in Kuro’s chest.
“Hey, come on. Look at me.”
Kuro pushed Toro gently to get him to loosen his grip. Toro let go, but didn’t want to look up. Kuro placed his paw under Toro’s chin, and lifted his face up to his. Kuro leaned closer and kissed Toro, silencing his sobbing. They sat quietly there for a moment, Kuro rubbing Toro’s back to soothe him further. Kuro moved his paws to Toro’s cheeks and pulled away from the kiss. He looked Toro in his eyes and spoke softly.
“Toro, I would never leave you.”
Toro sniffed and wiped a tear from his eye. “I-I’m sorry...”
“Don’t be sorry. I’m here now. You don’t have to be scared.”

Toro felt stupid. This happened every time he had the nightmare.
“It’s so stupid.” He started. “I must stress you out so much like this...”
“It’s not stupid.” Kuro comforted, pulling Toro back into a hug. “Not at all. I’m not gonna be mad at you because you have a bad dream every once in a while. I don’t care about that. I’m here, ok?”
“Kuro... you’d really never leave? Even when I get like this?”
“You’re a sweetheart and you do so much for me and everyone else. You make me feel like I really matter, even on my worst days. I’d be crazy to leave someone like you!”
“Ohh Kuro... I love you...”
“I love you, too. Come here.”

Kuro lied down with Toro, pulling Toro on top of him to rest. “Just go back to sleep. It’s over now, and I’m not going anywhere.”
Toro rested his head on him, rubbing his face in Kuro’s fur, snuggling as close as he could.
“Promise?” Toro asked him.

“I promise.”