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Two Sides, Same Coin

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“WHAT?!” Present Mic all but screamed after reading the documents in his hands.

“This is crazy," Eraserhead said through gritted teeth as he turned to the principal sitting at the end of the meeting table. “I won’t allow it.”

“I agree.” Cementoss joined in as he flipped through the papers. “Many Pro Heroes and Villains have entered Yokohama only to never be heard of again.”

“And might I add, that place ruled by criminals.” Midnight stressed. It was clear she was against the idea as well.

“I understand your concerns.” Principal Nezu said calmly. "But I believe this will be a very valuable opportunity for the students. Justice and crime are two sides of a coin. Our students value justice over anything. As their principal, I am very proud of that. However, we cannot continue to teach them that the world only consists of black and white. Often times there will be a gray zone and they will be the ones to decide whether that gray is good or bad."

The white mouse jumped off his seat, strolling over to the window with his paws behind his back as he watched students doing tracks around the field.

"The appearance of the Hero Killer caused people's hearts to sway. Some of those hearts also belonged to the students. While they understood what the Hero Killer did was wrong, they were able to relate to his reasoning, which is incredibly dangerous. That's why I want them to experience Yokohama."

Principal Nezu turned back to the teachers. With a jump, he hopped onto Aizawa’s chair, then onto the long table. He turned to the projection screen projecting the image of Yokohama.

By the beautiful ocean, a giant dome could be seen, completely encasing over the land and separating the inside world from the outside. The dome reflected the bright blue sky like a mirror. It was impossible to see anything inside.

“Villain activities within Yokohama have been at zero since the history of Quirks began.” The principal looked around the teachers. None of them were surprised by this information. It was only natural. Even if none of them has been taught of Yokohama in school, they eventually learn this truth in their field of work.

After all, an entire city run by criminals…no Heroes could overlook something that big. 

“I want them to witness the crime syndicate in Yokohama and let them decide. Are they justice, or are they evil? If they can hold strong to their beliefs, then nothing will be able to sway them in the future.”

“So this is a test?” Aizawa narrowed his eyes, obviously not keen on the idea. However, he can understand where the principal is coming from. 

If not for the Hero Killer and his ideals, the League of Villains wouldn't be able to gain attention from around the world. People's hearts were swaying and criticism began to fall upon the Heroes. The League of Villains knew that. That was why they kidnapped Bakugo. They believed that with Bakugo’s personality he can become a powerful ally to the Villains. And by turning Bakugo into a villain, U.A will be under heavy attack by the public and society's view on Heroes will drop even further. 

They were only fortunate that Bakugo has a strong sense of justice; otherwise, the League of Villain's plan would have worked. They cannot afford to raise future Heroes that may one day become villains.

“…All Might-san, you’ve been quiet from the beginning.” Ectoplasm said, looking across the table where All Might sat. All the other teachers turned to the former No.1 Hero, wanting to hear his input on this ludicrous idea.

All Might was frowning as he stared at the documents in his hand.

After a long time, he heaved out a small sigh.

“I have been to Yokohama.” He finally spoke, earning surprised looks from all the other teachers. “It fourteen years ago when I learned the truth behind Yokohama. I snuck into that city, aiming to bring down this organization. But what I saw wasn’t anything like I had expected.”

All Might folded his hand on the table, clenching his hands tightly together.

"Instead of being terrorized, the citizens there lived in peace without the fear of Villains. No, to be more precise, the concept of Villains does not exist in their minds. I thought I had gone unnoticed, but it turned out the second I stepped foot within that city, they already had eyes on me. The Port Mafia—that's what the crime syndicate is called—they are formidable opponents. I fought them head-on, but in the end, I was captured."

That caused some of the teachers to suck in a sharp breath. The No.1 hero—especially during his prime—was captured?

“You couldn’t win? Even against Quirkless people?” Present Mic gapped, unable to believe his ears.

It was no secret in the governments and Hero community that not only does Yokohama not have Villains, but the entire population within the city were also Quirkless. It was as if the city itself was absent when Quirks started appearing all over the world. The humans within that city retained the same body structure as their ancestors, having not undergone any form of evolution.

That was why the people of Yokohama were also referred to as Old Humans.

"It is Ability," Nezu answered for All Might. "This knowledge isn't known to many because words were to spread out, it will cause unease. Before the appearance of Quirks, the ability to change into animals, breathe underwater, control fire, telepathy…humans at the time labeled these as supernatural powers—something that exists only in imagination. Nevertheless, there is always a source of where imaginations come from, and that is Ability. Long before the appearance of Quirks, there were already humans possessing extraordinary powers. These people are called Ability users, and Yokohama is home to these people."

The teachers looked among themselves. Clearly, none of them knew of this.

“Principal Nezu.” Midnight said seriously. “What is the difference between Quirks and Ability?”

"Quirks are the evolutional stages of living beings." The white mouse replied. "Through time and generations, these powers grew to become part of us. Likewise, our bodies were born to support our Quirks. However, Abilities are different. These powers were not created through genes. Even I don't know what makes or causes a human to attain these powers. Abilities are simply weapons wield by their users. It's like being born with your arms as a knife compared to holding onto a knife. The former being Quirk and the latter being Ability.”

“Is there a difference between the two?” No.13 inquired.

“Using the knife as example,” Nezu pressed a button and the screen behind him changed, showing a drawing of a human male with his right forearm being a knife. “This would be Quirk. The size of the knife must depend on the structure of the rest of the body in order for the male to maintain balance. The bicep of his knife arm is much more muscular than his regular arm. In his overall body proportion, his right side is a bit wider than the left. This is to support the heavier weight of the metal. And this…”

The image switched again and everyone’s eyes widened at the drawing on the projector. The drawing was the same male drawing. Instead of his arm being a knife, it was a normal human arm. His body structure was perfectly even out compared to the first picture. What shocked them was the knife he was holding. In fact, that can’t be called a knife anymore. The size of the blade was at least four times bigger than the man’s body.

“This is Ability,” Nezu explained. “As you can see, Ability isn’t limited by the user’s physique, as that power is not part of them genetically. That’s why Abilities have far greater potentials compared to Quirks. But that power can also become deadly to the users themselves, as they too can be harmed by their own Abilities if not careful.”

“So if we take President Mic for example,” Snipe gestured to the blond who perked up at being named. “If his Quirk becomes an Ability, does that mean he can be harmed by his own voice?”

“Precisely!” The principal nodded.

Silence filled the meeting rooms as the teachers processed this information. From the principal’s explanation, these Abilities are powerful but come with a heavy cost. The stronger the Ability, the more dangerous for the users. If so, then compared to Quirks that are far more stable, Ability wouldn’t pose too much of a threat.

“However, you mustn’t underestimate them because of that. If anything, that is what makes Ability users even more dangerous.”

“How so?” Present Mic questioned.

"Because they do not fully rely on their Abilities in battle," Nezu replied seriously. "To be precise, it is because their Abilities are double-edged swords that they learn not to completely rely on it. Ability users are all masters in their own crafts. Because their bodies are not born to support their power, they must develop and train themselves to control their powers and what role they play in battle. While Yokohama has zero Villain activity, it does not mean that their world is safe. Contrary, their world is much more dangerous than ours. Just from experiences alone, Ability users that are the same age as our students have already by far surpassed them."

“When I went into Yokohama, I have seen many strange Abilities.” All Might took back hold of the conversation. “Some are similar to the Quirks we have, but there are also some I didn’t even know could exist. One of those Ability users that left quite an impression on me was a young lady. She was very young…around twelve or thirteen. She could summon a creature wielding a sword. She herself was quite skilled in swordsmanship."

“That sounds like it’s similar to Tokoyami’s Quirk.” Present Mic pointed out.

“Yes, but although Dark Shadow have a mind of its own, its actions are still required to be controlled by young Tokoyami. That didn’t seem like the case with the Ability user I fought. Rather than calling them one, they acted more like two separate individuals. The young lady did not seem like she needed to command how that creature should attack. It was as if that creature can act on its own and decide how it should proceed with its attacks. That young lady also did not rely on that creature to aid her in battle. It was like fighting two separate opponents.”

“Was she the reason you were captured?” Midnight asked, extremely curious just how the No.1 Hero got himself caught.

All Might's hands clenched together tightly as he remembered his counter with the Port Mafia. "They have weapons that suppress Quirks." He said after a while. "They infuse it within their weapons, once you get hit or breath in the gas, you won't be able to use your quirks anymore."

“WHAT?!” That scream came from President Mic who momentarily forgot to control his voice.

After the rest of the teachers got over with the ringing in their ears, they immediately started a heated discussion.

“How’s that possible?”

“I’ve never heard of something like that!”

“How do you go against something like that?”

The teachers immediately began to discuss this new piece of information.

"If this information gets leaked, I can't begin to imagine the chaos it will cause," Cementoss said.

"Worst, if these weapons fall into the hands of Villains, it will be the end of Heroes." Snipe added.

“Indeed.” Nezu nodded. “If not for the appearance of Quirks, mankind could have evolved further than where we are now. That stands true for Yokohama. While the society crumbled after the appearance of Quirks, Yokohama continued to develop. They are fully prepared for any outside attacks, hence why no countries or governments were able to control them.”

“Principal Nezu.” Midnight called as the white mouse turned to her. “May I ask how you are able to know all of this?”

“Simple! The same reason why I can plan this field trip!" Nezu beamed. "I had an old friend that got some connection with the boss of Port Mafia. They agreed to allow us into the city, under the condition that we do agree to their terms!"

“I’m against this!” Vlad, who had been quiet for most of the meeting finally spoke up as he slapped the papers against the table. "And to begin with, this field trip only involves Class 1-A! What of Class 1-B?!”

That’s your problem? That was most of the teachers’ thought as they stared at the Blood Hero.

"It is not my intention to play favorites.” Nezu sighed. “Unfortunately, that is one of the conditions from the Port Mafia. Only Class 1-A and two teachers are allowed to enter Yokohama."

“Then all the more reason I can’t let my students go!” Aizawa was even more adamant than before now that he knew his class was specifically targeted.

“The Port Mafia isn’t like the Villains we are used to.” All Might clarified, hoping to calm his colleague. “If we follow their rules, they won’t harm the students.”

“We don’t know that for sure though.” Aizawa gritted out, obviously not convinced. “You said it yourself; they have weapons that can suppress Quirks. We are going into the enemy’s base without any protection or powers to fight back.”

“When I became a Hero, my greatest dream was to put an end to Villains.” All Might said as blue eyes locked onto Aizawa. "I worked all my life to achieve that, but Villains continue to exist and run free from the eyes of the law. It's ironic and shameful how it is those against the laws that were able to achieve it. I must admit, after my visit to Yokohama, my heart was swayed."

"Leave our city, watchdog. There is nothing for you to protect here."

The words of that day echoed in his head even today.

"Port Mafia can maintain their peace because they love their city. It's their territory, so they protect everything within from outside threats. They are not above using underhanded tactics or even murder those that oppose them. Even now I do not know how to judge them. However, I do know one thing. After I've witness Yokohama, I firmed my goal into becoming the Symbol of Peace. I do not approve of Port Mafia, but what I saw in that city—the faces of people smiling without any fear of being attacked by villains—that was my ideal. That is the world I wanted to bring into ours."

The teachers were silent as they stared at All Might. Despite All Might having lost his power, they all felt pressure falling over them just from listening to his speech. The teachers looked among themselves and saw the hesitation in each other's eyes.

Aizawa held All Might’s gaze for a long time before he heaved out a sigh of annoyance. Tired and dry eyes turned to the principal. “This friend of yours, can he vouch for the students’ safety?”

"Yes," Nezu assured him.



The students screamed, some of them even jumping up from their seats as they stared at their homeroom teacher, All Might and the principal.


That Yokohama?!”


“I thought no one can go in there?!”

“Quiet down!” Aizawa ordered with his signature glare as the students all shut their mouths.

“As I was saying…” Principal Nezu continued from where he perched on Eraserhead’s shoulder. "In two weeks, we will be having a week's field trip to Yokohama!"

“Sensei!” Hagakure waved her arm (or uniform sleeve) frantically for attention.

“Yes?” Principal Nezu said.

“Why are we going to Yokohama?”

“Good question, but first, let’s start with what you know about Yokohama!” Nezu pointed a paw at the green-haired student. “Midoriya-kun!”

“Yes!” Midoriya shot out of his seat, standing as straight as a pole upon being called. "After the appearance of Quirks, Yokohama announced independence from Japan. Due to the chaos and panic brought by Quirks, the Japanese government wasn't able to send out enough people to control Yokohama. After they became independent, they used one year to create a barrier around the entire city to isolate them from the rest of the world."

“Correct!” Nezu clapped. Black beady eyes scan over the classroom. “Does anyone know any more things about Yokohama that they would like to add?”

That brought silence among the students because there were no more. What Midoriya gave was the textbook answer. In their history, that was as much as they can get out of Yokohama. Even now, there was never any news about that mysterious, isolated city.

“What we are about to tell you will be strictly confidential," Aizawa said as he held out a stack of paper. “These are agreement forms stating that you will not tell anyone of what you are going to hear. This can affect your future as Heroes. You have the right to choose not to sign, there are no consequences. Those who don't want to sign are required to leave the room. Naturally, that also means you will forfeit the trip to Yokohama."

No one left the room.

Despite not understanding anything, all the students signed the agreement form. Once Aizawa gathered the forms and checked through the signatures, he closed the light, locking the door in the process as Principal Nezu turned on the screen projector. On the wall, the image of a giant dome by the ocean was shown. 

“This is the city of Yokohama.” Nezu introduced. "As Midoriya-kun had said, this city is encased in a barrier. It has been ever since the appearance of Quirks. No one knows what is within the city of Yokohama—that is what the public is made to believe."

Nezu closed the projector as Aizawa opened back the light.

“Sensei, are you saying…” Yaoyorozu gasped in disbelieve, catching on to what that last part meant.

“Indeed.” Nezu nodded. “This is knowledge only Heroes and government officials know about. In truth, Yokohama is a city where Quirks does not exist. Which means their society is made up of Quirkless human beings.”

There was a moment of stunned silence before the class reacted. Aizawa already had his hands over his ears as deafening screams of disbelieve shook the entire classroom.

“H-how’s that possible?!” Midoriya gasped, unable to believe there was an entire city of ordinary people.

"Yokohama isolated themselves after the appearance of Quirks," Aizawa explained. “No one knows what happened within the city that made it Quirkless. Scientists speculated that they were able to make a cure that prevented and even reverted the evolution of Quirks. No one knows how Quirks came to be. Some scientists speculated that it may be that air we breathe contains containing some sort of virus that altered our bodies, which may be why Yokohama created that barrier.”

“Right now, in Yokohama, human lives the life of how it was before the appearances of Quirks. With their bodies having never undergone through any form of evolutions, they are called Old Humans. And within that city of Old Humans, there are no Heroes or Villains.”

The students stared at their teachers, finding a bit hard to take in. After all, they’ve lived their life in a world where Villains always posed a threat to society. Every single day there would be Villain attacks being reported somewhere nearby. That was why they wanted to become Heroes.

To suddenly hear of a place without any Villains was just mind-blowing.

"Instead, they have something much more dangerous," Nezu said seriously. "Throughout history, the governments have sent many agents to investigate Yokohama, including Heroes. Villains that heard rumours of how there were no Heroes within Yokohama also ventured there. In all of our histories, a total of forty-eight agents went into that city. Only two agents stepped out of that city to bring out the information.”

The students paled at that frightening drop of number.

"Of twenty-five Heroes that snuck in, only a handful made it back out," Nezu said solemnly. “And all the Villains that entered that city were never to be heard of again.”

“W-why?” Mineta spluttered, shivering in his seat. “Is that place haunted?”

“It is because Yokohama, since even before the appearance of Quirk, has left the government’s control. That city is currently being governed by the world’s largest criminal syndicate known as the Port Mafia.”

The students were all completely stupefied by the news, not sure how to react. So all along, there was an entire city of criminals in Japan and they knew nothing of it?! Why didn’t the government do anything? Why didn’t the Heroes do anything?

The students were quick to voice out their worries.

"Everyone, I understand your concerns," Nezu said, trying to calm the students down. “As for why the pro Heroes and governments hadn’t done anything…it wasn’t because they haven’t. It’s that they can’t. As I have explained before, Quirks does not exist within Yokohama. But they have something more dangerous than Quirk.”

From there, the principal gave a thorough education on Abilities to the children. The more they hear, the paler their faces became. All childhood fantasies they used to have on the mysterious city shattered and replaced by the dark reality.

By the end of the principal's explanation, the entire class was drowned in deathly silence. The students were all lost in their thoughts as Nezu jumped onto the floor.

“The trip will not be mandatory. Your teacher will provide you with a form later for you and your parents to sign should you wish to attend.”

"Principal," Yaoyorozu raised her hand. "You still haven't answered, why are we going to Yokohama?"

After all, why venture into the enemies' territory?

"You all grew up in a world where Villains are the norm." Principal Nezu said patiently. “Villain activity occurs on a daily bases. The Villains you grew up knowing are not Port Mafia. I want you to see for yourself, the different evils and justices there are in this world, and find the correct path. Think about what kind of world you want to create. That will be all from me!”

With that, the tiny mouse left the classroom, leaving the rest to the two teachers.

“B-but sensei, the principal just said it!” Mineta said frantically. “Only so little people can get out! What if we—”

“I do not know the situation behind those agents’ and Heroes’ deaths.” All Might finally replied. He didn’t sugarcoat or hide the fact that those people were inevitably dead. The Port Mafia wouldn’t keep outsiders within their city. If they are unable to leave, then there was only one fate waiting for them. “I’ve been into Yokohama in the past. We are only able to organize this trip because Principal Nezu knows someone with high status within Yokohama. The Port Mafia boss himself has agreed to allow you inside, as long as you agree to their terms.”

The students looked at him as if he had gone mad. Making a deal with Villains? That is absurd! But then again, this was All Might. Despite how nothing of that made any sense, no one was able to doubt All Might's word.

If All Might said it’s alright, then it’ll be alright.

The discussion ended just like that. All Might left and Aizawa resumed class as usual. But none of the students were able to focus. They were all thinking about that city. They will venture into the Villains’ lairs after all, how could any of them focus on their lessons?

The day felt longer than usual. After class ended, Midoriya was about to leave when Aizawa called him over, telling him that All Might wanted to see him.

He hurried down the hallway, arriving at the staff’s meeting room where All Might was waiting for him. The skeletal blond sat on the couch, in the middle of sipping a cup of tea when his successor entered.

“Young Midoriya.” He greeted as Midoriya gently closed the door behind him.

“All Might.” Midoriya greeted back as he took a seat opposite of All Might.

“The discussion this morning must be shocking.”

“Hm? Well…yeah.” Midoriya admitted, clenching his hands together.

“Young Midoriya. I won't force you, but I do hope you will attend this field trip."

“Why?” Midoriya couldn’t understand All Might or any of the teachers’ reasoning. They are going right into the enemy’s headquarter, not to battle, but to observe? And the only safety guarantees are ground rules laid by said enemies! It was all crazy!

“I know this is hard to accept, young Midoriya." All Might could relate to the boy's inner conflict. He had been there as well. Or rather, to a certain degree, he still found everything hard to accept. If there was one thing he learned in Yokohama, it was that their society consisted of only black and white. But Yokohama is different. Yokohama was a gray zone. The line between justice and crime doesn't exist within that city. That was why it was so important for these students to see and come to a decision with their own eyes.

“All Might, you said you’ve been to Yokohama. What’s it like?”

“…I’m afraid you’ll have to find out for yourself.” All Might replied. “If I tell you, then my opinions may affect yours. I want you to see that place with your own eyes and decide how you feel.”

“How I feel?” Midoriya’s brows furrowed as he tried to understand the meaning behind his Hero’s word.

“You’ll see.” That was the only thing All Might could say as he patted the young lad’s shoulder.

After Midoriya left, All Might lay back against the couch and slowly closed his eyes. Memories of that time were still fresh in his mind. The details were so unbelievable clear despite how many years had passed.

He wondered how that boy was doing now…

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“What is this…?” Yagi Toshinori mumbled as he stared at the people that filled the street.

Feeling something collided against his side, he looked down to see a man dressed in a gray business suit holding a leather bag in one hand and a cell phone in the other. The man stumbled and was about to fall back so blond put a hand on his shoulder to help him steady.

“Are you alright?” He asked.

The businessman looked up at the foreigner in shock, obviously having never met anyone as big and muscular as him before. Giving the huge man an apology, he hurried away while resuming his conversation on the phone.

A group of girls in school uniforms passed by, chatting about a new pastry store that just opened down the street.

A family of three crossed the street, the child was sitting on the father's shoulder while the mother pushed along a toy wagon. The two adults were laughing along with whatever the child was chattering.

This was not what he had expected when he infiltrated the infamous criminal city.

Toshinori gazed up at the five black buildings that towered over the rest, stretching towards the sky like iron pillars.

At the very least, he wasn't expecting the city to be so well-kept and modernize. He had imagined a city where civilians lived in constant terror of the criminals that ruled over them. He had imagined bad guys running around freely in an extremely run-down town, attacking people just for entertainment.

Never had he expected everything to be so…normal.

This was just like an ordinary, everyday city he had been to. 

No—Toshinori paused as he looked around. There was something different about this place than the outside world. Something was lacking, but what?

After going into a deep thought…realization finally slapped him in the face.

"I'm standing out!" He gasped, somehow managing to keep his outburst to a strained whisper as he stared at the people around him. In a city of Old Humans who were all frail and small looking, he was sticking out like a sore thumb! On top of that, since he had expected to jump into battle the moment he infiltrated the city, he was in his muscle form, making him bulkier than normal! 

Toshinori slumped shoulders as if that would make him look smaller as he headed for the nearest clothing store. Perhaps he could at least find something to cover himself and make him stand out less. 

Alas, Toshinori soon discovered the harsh reality as he dragged his feet out the department store. Apparently, Yokohama's currency was very different than the rest of Japan.

Of course it would be! Why wouldn’t it?!

Shiiiit! He cried out in English, earning funny looks from the people around him. However, Toshinori could hardly care about other people’s gazes right now as he tried to figure out what to do.

There’s no way he could go into a bank, that would give him away...

“If you’re looking for a bank, it’s over there.” A voice spoke up.

Toshinori looked around but didn't see anyone.

“Down here.” The voice called again.

Toshinori lowered his gaze until he saw a young boy with raven black hair, sucking on a lollipop as he "looked" up at him. Actually, the blond wasn't certain if the boy was looking at him or not, as he couldn't tell if those eyes were even open.

“Hello there, young man!” He greeted with his trademark smile. He crouched down, trying to get as low as he can so the child wouldn't be intimidated by his size. The boy was very young…twelve perhaps?

The kid rolled the lollipop around his tongue as he regarded the No.1 Hero.

“…You’re not good at this undercover thing are you, mister?”

“What?!” Toshinori spluttered, jumping back in shock. “W-what makes you think that, lad?”

“Well, for one, you’re a foreigner.” The boy stated flatly, pointing out the obvious. “We don’t have a lot of you guys around here.”

“N-nonsense! I just—”

“I won’t tell anyone.” The boy said, cutting off the adult’s frantic explanation. He pulled his lollipop out of his mouth with a pop and used it to point at a building across the street. “You can exchange your money at that bank.”

Toshinori instantly calmed as he stared at the child. “What do you mean, boy?”

“How do you think we get money when we leave Yokohama? Of course the bank offers currency exchange.”

“You can leave the city?!” Toshinori couldn't help but exclaim.

“Yeah.” The boy responded as if it was the most obvious thing. "Did you think we were shut in here and can't get out?”

“Wait!” Toshinori held out a hand, needing some time to sort out this new piece of information. The people here can leave? Why has he never heard of it?

“Can you tell me more about Yokohama, boy?”

“Sure.” The boy chirped, stuffing the lollipop back into his mouth as his lips stretched apart in a Cheshire cat smile.

Half an hour later, Toshinori sat on a wooden bench in a park. The boy was beside him, licking on a three scoop ice cream cone with three large bags of snacks beside him.

“Thanks, mister!" The boy sang cheerfully as he swung his legs back and forth. Toshinori looked down at his flattened wallet, then to the kid.

When did children become so frightening? 

"Hey, mister! Open this for me!" The boy called, waving a can of juice to get his attention.

“Of course.” Toshinori smiled at the boy's enthusiasm. At least he now has useable cash.

He popped open the can and handed it back to the boy. The boy grinned as he reached out to take the juice. The moment Toshinori let go, the can slipped from the child's small hand and fell onto the man’s lap.

"Ah!" The boy cried, snatching the can before it could bounce off and hit the ground. Since he caught it upside down, the juice was still pouring onto a certain hero's pant.


"Oh no…" The boy frowned, shaking the now empty can and looking at it sadly.

“Do you want me to buy you a new one?” Toshinori offered, pulling out a pink flower-print handkerchief to dap the wet spot on his pants.

“Nope!” The boy replied as he tossed the empty juice can into the trash bin beside them. "So, what do ya wanna know?” He sang, his mood suddenly doing a hundred and eighty. The mourning for his juice went by so fast that Toshinori almost couldn’t react.

“Do you know anything about Ability users?” The blond asked hesitantly. He wasn't sure if such a young child would know anything, but any information was helpful at this point.

“Nothing much.” The boy hummed. "It's pretty much just like your Quirks, though some of them need conditions to activate.”

"You seemed to know a lot of Quirks." Toshinori noticed. "Have you been outside Yokohama before?"

"Nope, it's broadcasted all the time on TV."

TV?!” Just like that, his vision of Yokohama was shattered once more. "You have TV?! No! You have outside channels?!"

"Of course, we aren't cavemen. We get channels from all over the world." The boy seemed amused by the adult’s reaction. “Like that America’s Tunneling Hero from three days ago. It was obvious a Villain would get to him sooner or later. He put too much trust on his sensor Quirk.”

Toshinori stiffened as he listened to this boy talking so casually about a fallen Hero. He finally realized what was wrong with this city compare to the outside.

The people here were living without knowing the fear of Villains. Even this boy, he watched a live broadcast of a Villain beating a Hero and treated it like some action movie. They could not understand the terror and unease people felt when a Villain defeated a Hero and ran free. 

To them, the dangers of the outside world don’t affect them.

And that was where Yoshinori finally realized another major difference between this city and the rest of the world.

It was too quiet.

Distracted by the sight of the city, Toshinori had failed to notice something so obvious.  He entered Yokohama for half a day now, yet he hadn't heard a single cry for help.

It was something he never even thought was possible. Even after he was ranked as the No.1 Hero, crime still existed everywhere. He could go to the convenience store and come back with three freshly caught Villains.

Yet here in Yokohama, there wasn't the slightest bit of disturbance anywhere.

And more importantly…

“Wait! If you got channels, then that means…!!”

“Yep.” The boy snickered as he dug around his bags of treats. "Your identity is as clear as day, No.1 Hero, All Might."

For the next ten minutes, the people of Yokohama were able to witness an amazing sight in a local park.

A gigantic blond man was all curled up on a wooden bench. He had his knees pulled against his chest with his face buried within his hand. Beside him sat a tiny boy who was completely covered by the giant's shadow. He was munching on a freshly baked Taiyaki without a care in the world.

"Mommy, what's that?" A little girl asked, pointing at the curled up giant.

“Oh my,” The mother had a hand on her cheek, tilting her head as she looked at the quivering man her daughter was pointing at. “That is a Hikikomori, sweetie.”

"What's that?" The girl blinked in curiosity.

“Hikikomori are adults who are afraid of being outside.”

"Why?" The girl looked even more confused now. "Is there something scary here?"

"Of course not!" The mother said as she took her daughter’s hand. “That’s why you mustn’t grow up to become one of them.”

“Is it bad to be them?”

“Of course, darling.” The mother smiles brightly and spoke the cruel words with a sugary voice. "If you become someone so useless and unnecessary to society, mommy and daddy will be really sad.”

"I won't make mommy and daddy sad! I won’t be a Hi…Hikikomori!”

“Good girl!”

The mother and daughter left the park hand in hand. If that woman had the Ability or Quirk to make her words take physical shape, they would no doubt be arrows stabbing into the so-called Hikikomori.

The raven-haired boy turned to the useless and unnecessary No.1 Hero currently being worshipped around the globe. The man had stopped shaking from embarrassment and became painfully still. Slowly and robotically, he uncurled himself. His right foot touched the ground first, followed by his left.

They sat there in silence for a long moment until the man coughed into his hand as if that would help with the awkwardness.

“S-so young man, you said that some Ability needs, uh, condition?” The Hero asked, going back into their previous topic.

“Correct!” The boy beamed as if he had been waiting for the man to ask him that. Thank goodness the kid didn't mention anything of what just happened, or Toshinori might really die from embarrassment.

“Like my Ability for example!”

Ocean blue eyes widened as the American watched the boy took out a pair of glasses.

Did he hear right?

Did the boy said he was one of those Ability users?

“When I put on these glasses, I can activate my Ability, Ultra-Deduction!”

“Ultra-Deduction?” Toshinori parroted.

“Yep! My Ability will let me see the truth behind every mystery! One glance at a person and I'll know everything about them there is to know!”

Toshinori swallowed as he watched the boy puts on his glasses.

“Ability: Ultra-Deduction!”


The man waited and waited, but nothing seemed different.

“Hmm, so that’s how it is~” The boy smirked as he adjusted his glasses. And then, those eyelids peeled open, revealing bright emerald eyes sharply staring into the older man's blue ones.

Toshinori’s breath hitched the moment he saw those eyes. 

Those were not the eyes children should have. There was no childish innocence or curiosity anywhere within those emerald orbs. The moment Toshinori stared into those eyes, he felt as if all his secrets were exposed to this boy. As if the boy could just see through him with a simple glance like he claimed he could.

“Say Mister…which generation are you of inheriting that power?”

“…!” Toshinori shot out of his seat in shock. His heart hammered heavily within his ribcage as he stared at the boy in disbelieve.

“Your powers are way too strong. If it was an Ability, it wouldn’t be surprising, but yours is a Quirk, and Quirk’s powers are limited by the body of the user." The boy explained, waving his finger around in the air. "From the abnormal strength of your power, there can only be one conclusion."

Then, his finger pointed to the man.

"Your power is the type that grows every time it gets transfer to the next host. In other words, it can stack up the power of its host. Which means you must be the seventh," green eyes narrowed, "no, eighth generation."

A large droplet of sweat rolled down Toshinori’s head.

What is this kid?

Was that really all just from his Ability?

If that was his Ability, then just how strong was this boy's power? If the world was to know the existence of this kind of power, Toshinori was certain both Villains and Governments will do anything to get a hold of this boy, even if it means breaking into this city and confronting the Port Mafia.

“Since you bought me snacks, I’ll give you a warning, mister!” The boy said before his face became serious. “You should go back.”

Toshinori stared at the child, still unable to recover from the shock.

"This place isn't suitable for people like you." Green eyes darted downward, then back up to meet the American's. He mouthed out the last part, They know you’re here.

With that, the boy took off his glasses, carefully tucking it into his pocket before grabbing the remainder of his snacks.

“Bye, bye, mister! See you later!”

With that, he scurried away, leaving a completely frozen man standing alone in the park.

Toshinori stood there for a long time. Then, as if nothing had happened, the blond giant strolled out of the park.

He searched around the area before finding a hotel and booked a night there.

The hotel wasn't a particularly big one. It was only seven stories tall and the staff arranged him a room on the top floor. Coincidentally, that room was also on the side with the perfect view of Port Mafia's headquarters.

The first thing Toshinori did after going into his room was to shut himself in the bathroom. He looked around, checking for any surveillances. When the room was all clear, Toshinori looked down at his pants. 

He slowly reached into one of the pockets on the side of his leg. The fabric there was still damp from the juice. He felt around until his finger brushed by a cubic object. Carefully, he pulled that thing out and brought it up to his eyes.

It was a tiny black box-like device. It didn't look anything like the kind the Hero was familiar with, but there's no doubt that this was a tracking device. 

“Since when?” Toshinori gritted his teeth, unable to believe that he was this careless. When did they start watching him? How long had they been watching him?

Toshinori thought back to when that child dropped his juice. That wasn't an accident. That boy knew there was a listening device on him. He knew and pretended to spill his juice to jam it so that whoever was on the other side wouldn't overhear them.

How could this be?

The only thing Toshinori could think of right now was the boy. Was he safe? If these criminals realized the boy had helped him, will he be targeted?

Toshinori crushed the device in his hand, grinding it into dust. He walked out of the bathroom, gazing out the window and to those five black buildings looming over him.  

“Calm down…” Toshinori told himself repeatedly.

That child was safe. He was far more intelligent than even most adults. Even so, his safety will only be temporary. The enemy’s eyes may be on him right now, but…

If he lets it drag on, then we might change target—is what he’ll think.

The enemy might grow impatient and turn their eyes to the boy. To ensure that boy's safety, there was only one thing Toshinori can do…

So his only option will be to confront us.

He will find the Port Mafia before they find the boy.

Will he charge into the Headquarter?


Toshinori thought of charging into the Port Mafia base, but that will be too risky. First, he has no idea if there are any innocent people in there. Second, if he pushed the Port Mafia to the corner, there was no telling what they will do. At any given time, this entire city could become hostage used against him.

He has too little information, but he couldn’t afford to wait until he’s prepared like he originally planned. If he doesn't act, the Port Mafia might go after that boy and he won't let that happen.

The blond turned and looked around the table before finding a map within the stack of advertisements and coupons.

He will use the map.




On the highest floor of the Port Mafia headquarters, a young boy wrapped in bandages stood by the window, staring at the hotel below them.

A man quietly stood behind him, dutifully waiting for orders with his hands folded behind his back. His raven hair mixed with gray ones were swept back over his head. He wore a monocle over his right eye, secured by a gold chain.

He observed the child he had been assigned to. While he was unable to understand his boss's decision, he didn't question his orders. He treated this child like any other commanding officers, disregarding the fact that the boy was just eight years old.

In Yokohama, age is irrelevant as long as the individual has the talent.

“Tell the tails to let the target notice them.” The boy ordered. “Don’t make it too obvious.”

“Yes.” The man reached into his pocket, pulling out a black flip phone and began typing the new order to his subordinates.

“Say, Hirotsu-san…” The boy looked over his shoulder as those dull eyes stared at the tall man behind him. “Do you know what the biggest difference between Heroes and Villains is?"

“I do not," Hirotsu replied.

If the people of the outside world were to be asked that question, they could probably write up a whole book to define the differences between Heroes and Villains.

The best example they will use would be to talk about how evil and justice were like two sides of a coin. These are two sides that can never meet face to face. If one looks up, the other must look down. However, to the Port Mafia, they may be two sides of a coin, but in the end they were still the same coin.

“Villains devise plans and Heroes break their plans. A good Villain need to have a good brain, but Hero doesn’t need that. What they need is the power to overcome obstacles. As long as they are strong, they can overcome anything.” The child muttered, sounding extremely bored with that kind of concept.

“There are three fundamentals for Heroes and Villains. For Heroes, it’s to rescue, protect and defeat. For Villains, it's to destroy, kill and take. Evil does evil for the sake of evil; justice does justice for the sake of justice. It's a very simplistic world outside."

Hirotsu didn't say anything. He stood there quietly when a buzzing sound followed by strong vibrations came from his pocket. He pulled out his phone again and looked down at the caller ID. With the phone centered in his palm, he bowed and presented it to the child.

The boy didn’t even look at the phone as he took it and put it against his ear.

“Mori-san.” He greeted the person on the other side without a beat.

“Dazai-kun.” Came the voice on the other end. “How are the preparations for our guest?”

“All according to plan.” Was the short and simple answer.

“Excellent. I will be expecting him in my office at eight o’clock tomorrow.”  

With that, the person on the other side hung up. The child handed the phone back to Hirotsu and gazed up at the crimson sky that was painted by the setting sun. 

“Hirotsu-san, I believe we have two new additions that came in last month. Bring them with you.”

Hirotsu furrowed his brows, needing a couple of seconds before he remembered which two the boy was referring to.

“They have just begun their training period and are still new to the organization. We have far more experienced members with suitable Abilities that can—”

“No need.” Dazai coldly cut the older man off. He turned away from the window, giving one last look to the hotel before taking his leave.

“Those two are more than enough.”


Chapter Text

When midnight fell over the city, a huge blond man wearing blue, yellow and red spandex could be seen walking down the quiet street.

Toshinori—no, he was All Might now. The No.1 Hero looked at the windows that were lit up around him.

He had never experienced such a quiet night in a populated place before. While this was what he has been fighting for all this time, actually experiencing was something else. Hearing some noises, All Might brought his eyes back down to see an elderly couple walking by. The old lady was using a walker while the old man was using a cane. All Might stepped aside, turning his body so that his large frame wouldn't block their path.

The two elders thanked him with warm smiles on their faces. All Might smiled back. He watched two go, feeling a bit uneasy. He felt a sense of responsibility to escort them home. After all, night time was never dangerous, especially with Villains lurking in the shadows.

All Might had to remind himself that this wasn't the outside world. Just one look and he could tell these two elder couples must come out for a nighttime stroll a lot. There wasn't a single fear or wariness on their faces.

All Might looked around the buildings that were filled with people resting in their homes.

He needed to get away from the residential area.

All Might sucked in a deep breath.

It was time.

Gathering power into his legs, he darted swiftly into a nearby alley.

He ran through the maze of the city, having memorized every single road as he headed for his destination. He made sure to keep his pace slow, just so his pursuers can catch up.

He eventually came out into a wide street filled with factories on both sides.

He ran until he found the place he was looking for.

With a huge leap, he soared into the air and landed at the center of a construction zone. The entire place had been sealed off to prevent people from coming near.  

All Might took a deep breath before he shouted, “I know you’re there!”

His voice echoed into the quiet night.

His enemies didn’t keep him waiting.

A loud buzzing sound vibrating the air as helicopters flew out from behind buildings. They covered the night sky; each helicopter was armed with a machine gun with a shooter already in position. Strong headlight shot down from the helicopters, lighting the entire construction ground as men in black suits appeared. They swiftly surrounded the premise, armed with assault rifles with the muzzles aimed at their target.

All Might watched as the men in black suits parted before him, revealing a man in his forties dressed in long black coat and brown scarf.

“Greetings.” The man greeted, walking forward with his hands behind his back. “My name is Hirotsu Ryuurou, Commander of Port Mafia’s assassination team—the Black Lizard.”

All Might didn’t move. He just continued to stare at the man, watching for any move he might make. With his lack of knowledge in Abilities, the Hero had to be extra careful to all of his surroundings.

“It is not every day we get an honorable guest like yourself visiting our humble city. My apologies for being unable to present you with better a welcoming party.”

“I think you got together a grand party already.” All Might replied.

The man raised his hand. With a snap of his fingers, two silhouettes emerged from behind him.

All Might’s smile nearly broke at the sight of two children—a girl and a boy. The red-haired girl looked to be another twelve years old while the brown-haired boy appeared older, but a child nonetheless.

“Allow me to introduce, they are Kouyou and Kajii, our Port Mafia’s latest addition. They will be your opponents for tonight.”

“YOU—! Toshinori gritted out, eyes burning with rage but the two children had already sprung into action.

“Ability: Golden Demon!" The girl called out, drawing a katana as a crimson woman appeared behind her, wielding a similar blade.

“YAHOOO!!” The boy cheered as he threw out a bunch of lemons—no, those weren’t lemons!

Gathering power into his legs, Toshinori leaped into the sky. The Hero held back most of his strength so that he wouldn’t get too close to those helicopters circling the sky. The moment those lemons scattered over the ground where he once stood, they exploded.

Dirt was blasted all over the air as dark smoke created by the explosions covered the construction site.

All Might landed back onto his feet and looked around the smoke obscuring his vision. His clenched his fists in anger. To think the Port Mafia will go as far as using such young children against him in a fight!

He looked around cautiously. He knew these children were just a distraction. The Port Mafia had counted on the fact that he wouldn’t be able to hurt them. While these children drew his attention away, the real enemy must be hiding somewhere, waiting for the best opportunity to strike.

Sensing something coming at him from behind, All Might jumped to the side as a katana thrust by him, missing him by half a meter. The little lady clutching onto the katana didn’t falter. Instead, she flipped her blade around and instantly changed the course of her attack. When All Might dodged that as well, she jumped back and vanished into the smokescreen.

All Might frowned, unable to keep his smile just from what he saw. Had he not dodged, the girl’s blade would have pierced his heart the first time, and split open his throat the second time. Every move the girl made was to take his life. There was absolutely no hesitation in her movement.

And what’s more, the moment All Might met the girl’s gaze, he saw intense bloodlust spilling from those ruby red eyes…

As much as All Might didn’t want to think about it, this girl was used to battle. Or rather, she was used to killing. His right hand curled into a tight fist.

“Texas Smash!”

He punched the air, the power of his fist created a strong gust of wind and blasted the smoke away.

“Hya!” The red-haired girl screamed as she was blown back, but thankfully the creature she made caught her protectively within its arms.

All Might had purposely lowered his power. He didn't want to risk harming the girl, and if he used any more strength he was also wary of those helicopters over his head. He hadn’t thought they would bring out helicopters…this was bad.

The No.1 Hero wasn't worried about the guns on the helicopters. What made him worried were just them being there. From the map and what he saw on his way here, this place is filled with power plants and warehouses for dangerous chemicals. If he accidentally knocked one of these helicopters down from the sky and hit one of these warehouses, it might cause explosions. He couldn't risk that, not when he has no idea if there were any civilians around. That was the whole purpose of leading these people here, so innocent people wouldn't get involved.

“Golden Demon, eliminate him!”

All Might swiftly leaped back and dodged the creature that had appeared over his head and slashed its sword at him. He didn’t know what will happen to the girl if he destroyed this creature.

Will she suffer the same damage as her creature?

Will she receive any backlash if this creature was to disappear?

With those thoughts in mind, All Might once more has to control his strength. His first lightly collided into the creature’s gut, sending it hurling backward. Blue eyes instantly shifted to the girl who didn’t seem to feel anything as she rushed towards him with her sword.

Not connected then, that makes things easier.

On the sideline of the battle, Hiroshi observed the way the Pro Hero so carefully fought with Kouyou.

“Truly frightening…” He mumbled with a hint of awe in his voice.

Everything was going according to how the boy said it would. Right from the start, the Hero was fighting while holding back his strengths. He didn’t even realize the changes his body was already going through. Perhaps even now, he was still waiting for his real opponents to show up.

The No.1 Hero on the Hero Billboard Chart…such a pity.

Hirotsu pulled out a golden pocket watch, taking a glimpse of the time and raised a hand.

The men surrounding the perimeter raised their guns and took aim at their target. 

All Might who had kept a close eye to these men naturally didn’t miss this. His eyes widened as he watched the man, Ryuurou Hirotsu, brought his hand down. Sounds of gunfire shook the ground as bullets pierced through the air, coming right at the Hero and the young girl.

All Might quickly grabbed the girl, dislodging her katana and ducked behind a stack of steel beams. It was at that moment that searing hot pain blossomed from his abdomen. He looked down to see a dagger halfway buried into his flesh. On the end of the dagger's hilt was a pair of small hands, shaking as they tried to push the blade through the hard muscles.

“Stop, you don’t have to do this.” All Might tried to calm the girl down with one hand holding the blade of the dagger, preventing the girl from pushing any deeper. He smiled, trying to show the child how he meant no harm.

However, when the girl saw his smile, she only smirked. She let go of the hilt and jumped back.

“NO!” All Might shouted. Ignoring the blade half stuck inside him, he darted forward, reaching for the girl who was falling towards the rain of bullets.

“Golden Demon!” The crimson creature appeared, materializing behind the girl as it unsheathed its sword and swung it down towards him.

All Might held up an arm over his head. He tightened his muscles as searing hot pain shot up his arm. He bit down and endured it, sacrificing his arm to block the blade so that his other arm could reach out for the girl.

But despite all that, the girl was falling further and further away from her. No matter how hard All Might tried, he couldn’t reach her.


All Might’s mind almost went blank as he stared at his quivering hand that was so far from the girl.

Something was wrong.

He should be able to move faster.

He should be able to reach her.

So why?

Why was that girl still so far away?

Why wasn’t he reaching her already?”

AAAAH!” All Might roared, as if by doing so he'll miraculously gain the energy he needed to propel himself forward and reach the girl.

The girl looked back at him, that condescending smirk still on her face. There wasn't the slightest bit of fear on her face at the concept of death. With a flip in the air, she landed gracefully out in the opening.

The air instantly became silent.

It was as if the thundering sound of bullets a split second ago was nothing but a dream.

All Might was dumbfounded by the sudden change. He didn’t even realize when the girl’s summon creature had disappeared, leaving only a deep cut in his arm. The girl turned around, throwing him one last smirk before she darted away.

“HEY OLD MAN!!” A voice echoed from the sky as a dark shadow cast over the man.

All Might looked up in surprise. Through the bright light shining down from the helicopters, he saw a figure dropping towards him at a dangerous pace.

It was that boy!

“Which one do you believe?!” The child shouted with a gleeful look on his face. “When you die, do you see God, or does God not exist at all?!"

And then, All Might watched in horror as lemon-like grenades poured down from the helicopters.


“Bastards!” All Might cursed the Port Mafia from the bottom of his heart. He gathered strength into his legs and leaped into the air.

He had wanted to snatch the boy and fly away from this construction zone, away from these helicopters, away from Port Mafia…but reality was he didn’t. He had used all of his strength, but he only just barely reached the boy. He wrapped his arms around the boy, watching in surprise as the muscles in his arms began to thin down.

His Quirk has deactivated!

The sound of explosions pierced his eardrums as heat scorched his body. He held the boy tightly in his arms, using his body to shield him even as he hit the ground with grenades raining over him. Pain blossomed from all over his body. All Might couldn’t even think, all he knew was the scorching pain, yet despite all that he held the boy under him, desperately trying to keep him safe.

He didn’t know how long the explosions lasted for.

It could be seconds.

It could be minutes.

It could be hours.

By the time it ended, All Might was laying on the ground. His hero costume was pretty much destroyed with the blackened flesh underneath still sizzling. He coughed out a mouthful of blood, weakly opening an eye to see the boy he had protected crawling out from beneath him and tossing his battered hand away.

“Kehahahaha, just kidding~” The boy, completely unharmed even down to his cloth, laughed at the Hero’s stupidity. "My Ability, Lemon Bomb, is to not take any damages from any lemon-shaped bombs! Lemons! They are wonderful, don’t you think?! KUAHAHAHA!!

All Might’s lips tremble, but he couldn’t speak. His vocal core must have been destroyed…or perhaps it was his lungs…he couldn’t tell anymore.

"I made those bombs myself!" The boy boasted, not caring if the charred man on the ground could hear him or not. "I even added that special gas that you Quirk users loved so much!”


“…but to think that would lower the explosiveness…I must—…refine…da…”

All Might could no longer hear the rest of the boy’s words. The only thing he could hear was the sound of his own heartbeat steadily getting slower and slower. His visions were slowly being consumed by black spots, like insects chewing away a film. The immense heat that was burning his body away began turning into bitter coldness. Every passing second, All Might could feel his life leaking from his body and pooling beneath him.

Was this how he will end? No, he can’t.

He hasn't defeated All for One yet.

He hasn't found a successor for One for All either.

He can’t let it end like this.

Damn it.

Damn it all…




Toshinori never expected to open his eyes again. He hadn't even expected that he could still be alive with that kind of injuries. Yet here he was, alive and well, without a single scratch on his body.

The pain and suffering felt like a dream. Nothing of this feels real at all. If anything, the whole trip to Yokohama felt like a dream, if not for the fact that he currently seated on a chair in the center of a dark room. The only light source in the room was the strange cubical energy surrounding his hands and feet.

Toshinori tried to move, but he couldn’t budge an inch. His hands were tightly secured against the armrest and his feet to the floor. Whatever these yellowish lights are, Toshinori found himself powerless against it. Someone was standing behind him, but all Toshinori could see of that person were the gloved hands hovering beside him, emitting the same light as these shackles holding him down.

This must be an Ability user.

Toshinori couldn’t tell if his Quirk was still working properly, but these things binding him were strong. He has a sinking feeling that even with One for All, he still won’t be able to break through these confinements.

“Exactly eight o’clock.” A voice spoke from across the room.

Toshinori looked up to see a man sitting behind a wooden desk. He was mostly hidden within the shadows, Toshinori knew this must be the Port Mafia’s Boss. This man was giving off a dangerous aura so similar to All for One that it made his stomach lurch.

“I have been waiting for you, eighth holder of One for All.”

Toshinori’s eyes widened with a sharp intake of breath.


“Randou-kun, leave us. I would like to have a talk with him.”

“Yes, boss.” A voice spoke from behind him, confirming that the man before him was indeed the boss.

The light around his hands and feet vanished as those gloved hands disappeared out of Toshinori’s sight. Despite being freed, Toshinori sat still. He knew he couldn’t move recklessly. Not without confirming whether or not his Quirk was working properly again.

Just from the power of that Ability user holding him down, he knew he was outmatched. The Mafia Boss himself must also be an Ability user as well. He had to act carefully if he wants to leave this place in one piece.

It was only when the sound of the door closing could be heard that Toshinori gave the Mafia Don his full attention.

"I can see you have questions to ask." The man hummed, folding his white-gloved hands over his desk.

“How do you know about One for All?” Toshinori demanded while testing out his body’s function. Everything felt normal.

“You One for All successors seemed to make it your business to come into our city every generation.” The man sighed as if it was something extremely troubling for him. “If we do not allow you into our city, you will start wrecking our barrier, that’s why I decided to invite you in.”

“Invite…?” Toshinori tried to think back to how he had entered the city. It was that crack in the barrier underwater that he…

“That crack in the barrier was made by you!” It wasn’t a question, because the moment Toshinori spoke out loud, he knew he was right.

From the very beginning, it was a trap!

When looking for a way into the city, Toshinori did tons of researches. He looked through the barrier’s history, ran a marathon around the city, dive underwater and even tried digging underground nonstop for three days, just to see where the barrier would end.

In the end, he came to the same conclusion that all those that had researched the barrier came to.

The barrier protecting Yokohama is spherical. Which means—there was no opening.

With that fact confirmed, Toshinori decided to go with Plan B, which is to break the barrier down with pure force! However, he had to do it in a place where the people in the city wouldn’t be alarmed, and the best place for that would be in the water.

He bought a full set of diving gears and a year's worth of oxygen tanks. He swam around the barrier. Due to not being able to see what's on the other side, he had to be cautious. There was no telling when the enemy may spot him.

It took him a full week of living with the fishes until he found a small, barely noticeable crack in the barrier. Knowing this was the breakthrough he needed, he quickly began to work. He started pounding on the barrier carefully with his fist. He didn’t dare to do it too hard, fearing it might alarm the Port Mafia or worst—create a tsunami. 

After two days of nonstop pounding, Toshinori finally made a hole big enough for his body to squeeze through.

Never did he suspect that crack would be a trap. It was too small and too unnoticeable that he brushed off the possibility. But if he thought of it from another angle, that was what made that crack the perfect bait for intruders. Usually, baits should be something more noticeable. Otherwise, how else would the enemies notice? But these people did the opposite.

They made it nearly impossible to find so that only those looking for a way in would find eventually come across it.

“The last One for All successor that came into our city was twenty-seven years ago. I believe she was the seventh. I’m sure you are familiar with her.” Even from the shadows, Toshinori could see the grin on the Mafia boss’s face.

His teacher had come to Yokohama?

Why hadn’t he ever heard of it?

“Tell me, what is it that you seek within our city?” The Port Mafia boss asked as he slowly stood up. “Did you come to stop crimes? Did you come to save innocent civilians? Or perhaps you have come to take down the Port Mafia and free Yokohama to the outside world?”

Toshinori didn’t speak. He just continued to glare at the man.

"All you Heroes are like that. You come into our home, intrude on us with your beliefs without bothering to understand the circumstances of this city. The Port Mafia is what's been maintaining order within Yokohama. What do you think will happen to this city if we are gone?"

“Maintaining order?” Toshinori narrowed his eyes. “Forcing children to fight is also a way to maintain order?”

The Boss of the Mafia chuckled as if finding his anger amusing.

“You heroes never fail to amuse me.” He hummed. “Despite all the Villain activities going on in your world, you’re still so naïve and ignorant. Your belief in your so-called justice is so strong that you only see things in black and white. As result, you became incapable of seeing colours.”

“How many people did those children killed?”

“Hm?” The Mafia boss turned to him as if he didn't hear his question properly. 

“How many did you make them kill?”

“Well now…do you remember how many ants you stepped on when going outside?” The Mafia boss questioned back. It was then that Toshinori saw those dull red eyes, staring at him coldly without a fraction of emotion.

Anger rushed through his veins as the No.1 Hero flew out of his seat. His Quirk activated, his body buffed up and his fist pulled back. In an instant, he was in front of the man, about to smash his fist into the other's head when suddenly, One for All deactivated.

Toshinori halted in his track.

The deactivation of his Quirk was one reason, but the second was the feeling of a cold sharp tip resting at the center of his throat. His breath hitched. He couldn't even swallow, as the pointed object was positioned just below his Adam's apple. The American didn't know what weapon was nipping his throat, but the Mafia Boss before him was emitting a pressuring aura as he gazed at the Hero with a light smile on his face.

“Sit back down.” It wasn’t a request, but a command. “Showing violence in front of a child wouldn’t be very heroic now would it?”


Toshinori slowly backed away and lowered his fist. The Mafia boss retracted his hand, and it was then that Toshinori finally saw the weapon the man had used.

It was a surgery knife.

Never in his entire Hero career has he ever seen or heard of anyone using these as weapons. Even with his trained eyesight, he couldn’t see when the Mafia Boss had pulled out his weapon. The only thing that even alerted him of danger was that flicker of silver before the blade kissed his skin.

Toshinori stepped back, only to feel something tugging against his right leg. Cautiously, while keeping his senses on the enemy, Toshinori spared a glance and was shock by what he saw.

A small and frail little kid was gripping onto his leg with those tiny quivering hands. Toshinori couldn’t see the child’s face as from his angle he could only see that mass of messy raven locks. However, from the way the boy was trembling and how he was covered in bandages, Toshinori instantly stood in front of the child, shielding him from the eyes of the Port Mafia Boss.

He didn’t know why a boy like this was here, but he has no doubt this was another one of this man’s trick.

The Mafia boss broke into laughter at the sight.

Toshinori’s hands rolling into fists as he tried to activate his Quirk again, but still nothing. What exactly was going on?

“I am finding the fact that the outside world still hasn’t been taken over by Villain very peculiar.” The Mafia Boss chuckled.

“How many children have you Port Mafia been keeping?” Toshinori asked. He has no interest in talking in circles with this man. All he wanted to know was if there were more children like this boy and those two kids he faced in the Port Mafia.

“Oh? I would have thought you’d be more interested to know the reason of your Quirk’s deactivation.” The Port Mafia said back.

Toshinori didn’t say anything. Yes, he was concerned about that, but he doubted the Mafia boss would tell—

“You were injected with Quirk suppressants, as well as inhaling a large quantity of Quirk suppressant gas.”

“What?” Toshinori’s eyes widened in shock.


“Did you think Yokohama wouldn’t develop any weapons against outsiders?”

All Might thought back to that red-haired girl. He remembered the way she smirked at him after stabbing him in the abdomen. His hand unconsciously moved to where he was stabbed.

That’s right…it was right after that his Quirk started weakening.

That was why the girl smiled like that. All along, her only job was to stab him with her blade. But Toshinori had grabbed the blade. He didn’t feel anything smeared on the metallic surface, so that could only mean…

It was inside the dagger. That was why the girl kept pushing the dagger! She wasn't trying to push it deeper into his body; she was injecting the Quirk suppressant into him!

As for the gas…

Toshinori remembered the boy with grenades in the shape of lemons. He vaguely remembered the boy saying something about putting the gas into those grenades before passing out.

So those grenades he threw right at the beginning already decided everything...

And to think that Toshinori only figured all this out now.

“Tell me, Hero.” The Port Mafia boss said as the wall behind him began to move.

Toshinori stepped back, reaching down to gently push the petite boy back as he watched pieces of wall slide up one by one.

The morning pale light flooded into the room, chasing the shadows away as Toshinori stared at the huge panels of windows behind the Mafia Boss. The sudden exposure to such strong light made Toshinori squint his eyes, but never once did he turn his attention away from the dangerous criminal before him.

With his back facing the light, the Port Mafia boss was completely covered in shadows as he regarded the Hero with those red eyes.

"Do you see children as liabilities? Do you see them as weak and fragile beings that need your protection?"

“What are you trying to say?” Toshinori gritted his teeth.

“What do you think will happen to this city once we are gone?” The Mafia Don then asked, turning to the window with his hands behind his back. He wasn’t even the slightest bit concerned whether or not the Hero would use this opening to attack him.

Toshinori blinked a couple of times to get accustomed to the light. When his eyes finally adjusted, the first thing he saw was the blue sky and the city of Yokohama. The blond took in the peaceful and undisturbed city.

There was no explosion, no smoke rising out from the distance…nothing.

“The answer is simple.” The Port Mafia glanced back at the blond, crimson eyes meeting the Hero’s ocean blue ones. It was at this very moment that Toshinori has finally gotten a clear view of the enemy. 

The man was quite young, looking to be in his early thirties with chin length-black hair slicked back over his head with two bangs hanging on the side. He wore a set of black suit with a black trench coat and maroon scarf hanging around his neck.

He was looking at the Hero with a mixture of bemusement and mockery. It was the gaze of someone looking down upon another that is below them.

"When Port Mafia falls, every organization lurking in the shadows of this city will fight to obtain absolute control. Battles will occur and lives, including innocent ones, will be lost. Orders will no longer exist. The idiotic bunch may even open Yokohama's barrier, wanting to use their Abilities to conquer the world. What do you think will happen to your world if that happens?”

Toshinori wanted to say something back, but he couldn’t.

What organization was this man talking about?

What order exactly did he mean keeping Yokohama in place?

“Yes, you cannot answer, because you never thought about consequences.” The Mafia boss ridiculed. “In the outside world, defeating Villain means justice. There are never consequences for Heroes to defeat Villains, as your Villains do not play a role in your society.”

The Mafia boss looked sharply at the No.1 Hero.

"Since you cannot answer I will answer for you. The moment the barrier of Yokohama falls, your world will come to an end. If you think this barrier exists to protect us from the outside, then you are sorrowfully mistaken. This barrier exists for the protection of you outsiders.”

Toshinori shook slightly as the blood in his veins turned cold as a scary realization dawned him.

“There are countless Ability users within Yokohama that can end the outside world as simple as a snap of their fingers. The only reason they hadn’t is due to Yokohama’s barrier and the fact that all these individuals have zero interest in your world. But that is only if your world doesn’t interfere with ours.”

Toshinori felt cold.

Never did he ever felt like what he does might be considered bad.

He stared at the peaceful city displayed before his eyes. He remembered the carefree looks on people’s faces and those elderly couples taking a midnight stroll. If he brings down the Port Mafia, what would happen to those smiles?

But were these Ability users really that powerful?

He wanted to think of it as a bluff until he remembered that boy on the street. The power of his Ability was not a combat one, but that level of intelligence alone could change the balance of good and evil depending on where he stood.

Then there was also that Ability user that was holding him down just minutes ago. What exactly was that man's power?

Finally…there were his injuries. He had been blasted by explosions. He remembered the pain, remembered the way his body had looked. He wasn't even supposed to be alive, yet he was standing there with his body completely unscathed. Was this also the work of an Ability user? If so, then he has never in his life heard of such strong healing power.

No, this can't even be considered healing anymore. Even among Quirks, a power like this only exists in fantasy.

The thought of Ability users like these being exposed to the outside sent a chill down his back. It may be fine if they were to become Heroes, but if they were to join the Villains…

For the first time, Toshinori was lost. A criminal was standing right here in front of him, yet he wasn’t able to bring him down. He couldn’t. He might be able to before knowing these facts, but now…he didn’t dare to think what might happen if he does.

“This is Yokohama.” The Port Mafia boss said, once more reminding the Hero that this was not the world he lived in. “Do not presume our world is the same as yours. Naturally, that goes for those you see as children. You seem to think that the reason you lost was due to us using them as shields, but the truth is that the ones that defeated and capture you were none other than three children. Isn’t that right, Dazai-kun?”

Toshinori felt the tiny hands that had been gripping his leg disappeared. He looked down, watching with rounded eyes as the young boy walked around him and headed towards the Port Mafia boss.

He wanted to reach out and stop the boy. Despite everything the Port Mafia boss had said, Toshinori still held strong to his belief in protecting those weaker than him. He wanted to hold this child and tell him that it’s alright anymore. That he didn’t need to obey this man…that he was here.

However, when the boy looked up and their gaze met, Toshinori froze.

Dull burnt umber eyes gazed back at his without a speck of life reflected in them.

In all of his years of careers, Toshinori has seen different kinds of eyes.

Those brimming with anger, desperation, sadness, pain, terror, lost…but these eyes showed nothing of that. If Toshinori had to come up a word for it, it would be 'hollow'.

“This boy is a prodigy.” The Port Mafia boss decided to enlighten the Pro Hero. “However, because nothing can surpass his expectations, he became extremely bored with everything around him, including life. That’s why he came to Port Mafia, so that he can seek out challenges—something that can surpass his mind. When you came into Yokohama, I decided to let this boy handle your case. All I told him was to bring you here at eight o’clock sharp, and he did just that. I’ve never instructed him on how to proceed with your capture. Do you understand what that means, Hero?”

Toshinori felt himself tremble as he stared at the boy.

"Everything you did and everyone you came into contact with, including the two children that you fought—they were all planned by Dazai-kun here.”

“Everything? Then…?” Toshinori couldn’t continue as he remembered that cheerful smile the boy wore as he ate his treat.

Was he also part of Port Mafia?

Was that also a part of their setup?

He wanted to ask, but he couldn't. He was scared of finding out the truth. He was even more scared if he was wrong, because that will expose the boy.

Never would Toshinori ever expect himself to doubt the heart of a child. However, he could no longer see any of these children as mere kids. Any last shard of hope he had been gripping onto shattered the moment he looked into this boy—Dazai’s eyes.

At the very least…he can’t see this boy in front of him as a mere child.

This boy…

“Leave our city, watchdog.” The Port Mafia boss said with a cruel smile on his face. “There is nothing for you to protect here.”

He does not want to be saved.

Chapter Text

The day of the trip to Yokohama arrived faster than the students had anticipated.

Sunday at 4:45 am, Midoriya Izuku stepped out of his dorm. He was fifteen minutes early, but he found that pretty much everyone was already gathered at the school gate. Pulling along his luggage, he hurriedly joined his classmates.

“Deku-kun!” Uraraka was the first to greet him. “Good morning.”

“Ah, goodmor—NING?!” Midoriya squeaked out that last part when he saw the heavy bags beneath her eyes. “W-what happened?!”

“Seems she didn’t sleep last night, gero.” Tsuyu who was standing beside Uraraka explained.

“N-no, I think I slept for maybe three hours…” Uraraka weakly laughed as she scratched the back of her head. “I guess I’m too excited!”


Midoriya could only muster a weak smile. He knew that was a lie. Rather than excitement, they were all feeling nervous, anxious and unease. He hadn’t gotten much sleep either…not since learning about Yokohama.

Today was finally the day where they will enter the city of criminals…how could they not worry?

“That’s no good, Uraraka-kun!” The class president reprimanded as he came over to them. “Not sleeping is bad for your body! Not to mention it will cloud your judgment and slow your reflexes when in battle!”

“Good morning Iida—KUN?!” Midoriya’s voice cracked once again when he saw the taller boy. His eyes met with those bloodshot and dry eyes that reminded him of Aizawa’s. They were staring unblinkingly into the distance with blackened bags underneath.

"I heard he's been standing at the gate since 9:00..." Sero whispered helpfully.

“Eh?!” Midoriya gapped but gasp, but when he turned to Sero, he found that the other got dark circles under his eyes as well.

No, it wasn’t just them. Now that he observed his classmates closely, they were all talking quietly, lacking their usual rowdiness and energy. Nearly all of them got dark bags under their eyes except for Todoroki, Tsuyu, Shouji, and Tokoyami—though honestly, Midoriya couldn't tell on the last one due to the feathers.

"Kacchan isn’t here yet?” Midoriya asked, immediately noticing his childhood friend's lack of presence. Kirishima wasn’t here either.

“We’re here!” A voice shouted as Midoriya turned to see the familiar and energetic redhead running over with an angry Bakugou—as usual.

"Man, I can't believe I overslept!" Kirishima laughed as they stopped before the group. “Good thing Bakugou came to get me or I’ll get scolded by Aizawa-sensei!”


“So!” Kisirhima turned to the rest of the class, oblivious to his ragging companion beside him. “Did something happened last night? You guys don’t look so good!”


Fortunately, principal Nezu arrived at that moment with All Might and their homeroom teacher. If any of the teachers noticed the class' sleep-deprived states, they didn’t say a word about it.

“Ahem~” The principal cleared his throat as he stood before the students with his paws folded behind his back. “Good morning everyone! I hoped you all had a great rest!”

Midoriya couldn’t help but sweat-dropped like most of his classmates. Was the principal trying to crack a joke, or was he poking fun at their lack of sleep?

"First, I must thank you all for choosing to participate in this trip. It takes great courage to decide to attend this field trip, and I am happy to see that not a single student has backed out. I understand that a lot of you are feeling unease, but I am sure that will change once you've entered Yokohama."

The students stared at the white mouse quietly. Despite his words, none of them were reassured. How could they? They are entering a criminal city—an isolated criminal city.

“Inside Yokohama, there is one rule you must always remember to follow,” Nezu told them seriously, the smile he wore just seconds ago vanishing from that furry face. "That rule is that no Quirk shall be used inside the city, no matter the circumstances. Please do bear that in mind."

All at once, gasps could be heard as the students stared at their teachers in disbelieve.

No quirks?!

That’s pretty much asking them to walk into a lion cage naked without any weapons to defend themselves!

“Sensei!” Yaoyorozu quickly raised her hand to object.

“Yes,” Nezu nodded to her, giving her permission to speak.

“What if it was for self-protection? Can we use Quirk then?”

“…No, you may not.” Nezu answered.

The students couldn’t even gasp anymore. They all stared at the principal as if he had lost his mind. Perhaps he had, that would explain this ridiculous rule.

“We can’t use Quirk even if we’re attacked?!” Kaminari shouted, not bothering to raise his hand anymore.

“That’s right!” Ashido joined in.   

“Absolutely no Quirk is to be used,” Nezu repeated. “As long as you do not use your Quirks, there will be no danger to you. Please keep that in mind.”

The students wanted to say more, but Nezu raised his paw, silencing all of their protests.

“The Port Mafia has sent their guides to greet you at the Tokyo harbour. Once there, they will take you into Yokohama. The ride will be two hours long. If you need to use the bathroom, now is the time, as there won’t be any stops in-between!”

Midoriya could barely hear his words, as his mind was stuck on the fact that none of them were allowed to use their Quirks.

But why?

Why aren’t they allowed to use their Quirks?

Midoriya wasn’t blind, and neither are his classmates. They all saw the principal’s expression when he had told them that they couldn’t use their Quirks. The principal was firmly set on that rule, even if they argue, he won’t change his mind.

“In Yokohama, you will be under the care of an agency called the Armed Detective Agency. During your stay, you will all be following them and observing how they work.”

“A detective firm?!” Kirishima blurted out, obviously not expecting that. In fact, none of them had expected to hear that they will be staying at such a …lawful sounding place.

So maybe…it won’t be as dangerous as they thought?

“Well, that will be all from me!” Nezu said as with a wave of his paw. “I wish you all a safe and fun trip!”

With that, the principal left, leaving behind Aizawa and All Might to take care of the rest.

“I will now take attendance," Aizawa said, holding up the clipboard with the class attendance sheet. “When I call your name, come up and hand your bags to the driver,” he gestured to the bus driver stepping out of the tour bus. "After that, you can get on the bus and find a seat."

With that, Aizawa started going through the names.

One by one, the students went up, giving their luggage to the driver and grabbing a seat on the bus.

Midoriya ended up sitting right next to a super uptight Iida. Across from them on the same row were Uraraka and Tsuyu.

Bakugou was with Kirishima at the very back. Bakugou looked as if he couldn’t care less about the whole thing while Kirishima was checking his backpack to see if he got everything.

Koda shivering in his seat while Todoroki next to him had already fallen back to sleep. Apparently, it was too early for him.

Mineta and Kaminari sat by each other, looked as if the world was ending as they complained about the ridiculous request from the principal.

Ashido and Hagakure sitting in front of them were doing the same.

Shouji and Tokoyami were quiet, but their faces showed how nervous they actually were. Sero and Ojiro were very much the same.

Jirou and Yaoyorozu quietly talking over what had happened.

Aoyama was shaking so back he looked like he was going to faint. He was spluttering and crying while Satou who was unfortunate enough to sit beside him tried to calm him down.

When the bus finally moved, all their conversations stopped, leaving nothing but silence in the vehicle.

The ride felt like an eternity, especially with how two-third of the class were heavily lacking in sleep. The shaking of the bus was like sweet temptation trying to lull them in, but the tension in their brains forced them to stay awake and alert.

Aizawa and All Might sitting at the very front pretended not to notice the class’s unusual silence. After all, there was nothing they could say or do that can ease the children’s mind. So after the first half-hour of quietness, someone finally couldn't stand it anymore and decided to talk about something.

That someone is Kaminari.

“That detective place that principal Nezu said…what do you guys think about it?”

“Isn’t it weird? Why is there a detective firm in a criminal city?” Sero pointed out.

“It couldn’t be a trap by those criminals, could it?!” Mineta shook in horror.

“Of course it won’t!” Iida fired back, offended that Mineta would even accuse of something so outrageous. “This field trip is organized by principal Nezu himself! I'm certain that this detective agency is a very righteous, crime-fighting organization within Yokohama!"

“Maybe it’s like The Last Heroes!” Ashido said excitedly—or at least, as excited as she could with those deep purple circles under her black eyes. "In the city of ruins, only one group of Heroes stand to fight against the invaders!"

“I love that movie!” Hagakure piped in.

“I wanted that movie three times!” Uraraka joined in.

Soon, the tension around them eased as they somehow began chatting about the most recent movies. Perhaps it was due to the tension finally easing. Exhaustion finally overwhelmed a lot of the students as they fell asleep in their seats.

The ones that were still awake kept quiet at the sight, allowing their classmates some well-deserved rest.

With Iida also nodding off beside him, Midoriya stared out the window as the bus entered the highway. The smile was lost on his face as he thought of their destination—Yokohama. No matter how much he wrecked his brain, he couldn’t understand the purpose behind this entire trip.

What exactly was it that All Might wanted him to see?

What did principal Nezu expect them to see?

What is in that city governed by bad guys?

Why aren’t they allowed to use Quirks?

With these thoughts plaguing his mind, Midoriya slowly dozed off...

An explosion in the distance. Black fumes rose towards the sky as huge vines were seen breaking through the ground and destroying the buildings around it. People’s cries could be heard as they escape from the vicinity, screaming for Heroes to come save the day.

The tour bus drove by as if it didn’t notice the chaos and danger. An eerie silence filled the interior of the bus. No one on the bus spoke up or reacted in any way. They sat in their seats, eyes tightly sealed and breathings even.

Soft greenish light particles gently drifted down, touching the tip of Midoriya’s nose before vanishing out of existence. Green aurora light created by countless small characters spread through the bus. The light flickered and the air that was clear just seconds ago was now covered by a thin layer of fog.

The two teachers sitting at the very front were fast asleep much like their students.

None of them were able to see how the driver's form completely changed during that flicker of light.

The forty years old man had turned into a youth with soft brownish-orange hair sticking out from beneath the black driver cap. The cap was pulled low over his eyes, covering the upper half of his face in shadow while the lower half of his face was concealed by a gas mask.

The bus drove into an underground tunnel as the green light shrouded its form.

It never came back to the surface.

Just like that, the bus of twenty students and two teachers from U.A. High School vanished from Musutafu without a trace.


When Aizawa woke to the darkness with weird grogginess in the back of his head, he instantly knew something was wrong.

In all his years as a Pro Hero working to capture villains, he had trained his body to act the instant something didn't feel right. Without his head fully clearing, he already up on his feet, hands fisting his Capturing Weapon as he forced his eyes to snap open and analyze the situation.

They were still on the bus, but Aizawa couldn’t see anything but darkness beyond the window. There was only the sound of engine, shaking of the bus and dim flickers of lights passing by that indicated that the vehicle was still moving. Although the windows were all tightly shut, he could still hear a faint echo from the outside.

So they were in an underground tunnel.

The children were all here, and so was All Might. They were all still asleep. The scent in the air was clean. He didn’t smell anything weird or out of place. The raven-haired teacher gritted his teeth, unable to believe how careless he had been. He had completely let off his guard just because the bus was organized by the school.

His eyes finally narrowed towards the extra passenger on the bus.

Sitting at the front row seat right next to the two teachers was a blond-haired man with glasses. Judging from his body proportion, Aizawa concluded that he must be around 190 centimeters. He wore a black long-sleeved dress shirt with a beige vest and matching pants.

In his hand was a green notebook with the kanji characters ‘Ideal’ written on it. Before Aizawa was fully conscious, he had heard the sound of something scratching against paper. This man must have been writing something just before the underground Hero had jumped onto his feet.

“Who are you?” Aizawa demanded, his eyes flicking towards the bus driver, then back to the unknown man.

He wasn’t stupid enough to forget about the middle-aged man who must be the blond’s companion. He had no idea what they did. He hadn’t smelled anything wrong or noticed anything different before passing out.

Could it be a type of Quirk? And more importantly, who was this man? Aizawa had memorized all the names and appearances of major Villains and none of them matched this man before him. 

Or perhaps he wasn't a Villain. If so, then there was only one thing Aizawa could think of...

The Port Mafia.

“Calm down, we merely put them to sleep.” The blond-haired man said as he gazed down to his wristwatch. "They should be waking up any time now.”

As if on cue, soft hums and groans traveled from behind the teacher.

The students were waking up one after the other.

All Might was the first to wake up. He blinked a couple of times before his instincts kicked in as well. Despite no longer having his power, he was still able to quickly access the situation as he too stood up to face the stranger occupying the other seat.



“Are we there yet?”

“Ngh! That was a good nap!”

“Hey! Weird hairdo! GET UP!”

“Where are we?”

“Oh, we’re here?”

“Wha? Is it time to get off?”

In an instant, the entire bus was rowdy with life again.


“Quiet!” One command from the Erasure Hero silenced them all. It was then that they noticed the tension swirling around their teachers and a man whom they’ve never seen before.

“Who’s that?” Ashido whispered to Hagakure who responded with a shrugging motion.

“A friend…?” Uraraka mumbled, but the moment she saw the cautious on the two teachers, she immediately knew that was wrong.

“Enemy!” Bakugou, Todoroki, and Midoriya said at the exact same time as Aizawa stepped forward.

“Port Mafia?” He questions, ready to activate his Quirk at any given time.

The moment he said those two words, the students immediately fell silent as their muscles tightened, looking as if they will jump into action the moment their teachers permit them.

The blond man closed the notebook in his hand and stood up, facing the teachers as well as giving the students a clear view of him.

“Do I look like someone from the Port Mafia?” He rebuked, seeming offended to be mistaken as them. “My name is Kunikida Doppo. I’ve been tasked by our President to bring you to our agency.”

“You’re from the Armed Detective Agency?” Toshinori asked, looking at the man before turning his gaze to the bus driver who hadn’t spoken a single word. These were the people that will be taking care of them in Yokohama?

“Correct.” Kunikida replied, adjusting his glasses. “I apologize for the way we brought you in, but we cannot allow you to know the entrance to Yokohama.”

“Yokohama?!” Ashido shouted.

“Then, you mean right now we’re…!” Yaoyorozu gasped as she along with few other students looked out the window, but all they saw was pitch blackness.

That darkness didn’t last long though.

The next moment, the bus emerged into the bright blinding light that forced all of them to shut their eyes.

“Welcome to Yokohama.” Kunikida’s voice spoke from somewhere in the distance as the beautiful landscape of the city matched with the bright blue sky that was revealed to them. 

The students were dumbfounded as the bus drove down the curved slope and headed for the city below.

“We’re on a mountain?!” Kaminari shouted when he realized where they were.

“Wait, how did we already get to Yokohama?” Kirishima shouted, unable to wrap his head around how a nap had landed them within the mysterious city.

The first thing Midoriya noticed was how high up the sun was in the sky. Even before he fell asleep, the sun was just barely peeking out from the horizon. He wasn’t the only one who noticed. The two experienced Heroes also didn’t miss such obvious indication of how long they’ve been out for.

Aizawa slowly let go of his Capture Weapon. It wasn’t like he trusted this man, but if this really was Yokohama, then they were already in the enemy territory. Fighting at a place like this will only bring danger to all of them, especially when he has zero knowledge of Abilities.

What also made him wary was whether or not these people were Ability users. Nezu didn’t tell them how to spot Ability users, but just from the blond-haired man’s postures, Aizawa could tell this man knew how to fight. His partner (the bus driver) must be experienced in battle as well.

Seeing Aizawa no longer showing any signs of attacking, the man—Kunikida, sat back down. He pulled out a pen, flipped his notebook open and started jolting things down onto the page.

Toshinori placed a hand onto Aizawa’s shoulder, hinting for him not to do anything. Aizawa huffed. He didn't like the feeling of being in someone else's palm, but there was nothing he could do about it. He sat back down, cautiously eyeing the man claiming to be from the detective agency, then to the driver.

The ride down the mountain took half an hour. When they entered the city, the students were all blown away. Even Aizawa was taken back as he gazed out the window from the corner of his eyes.

Toshinori had seen this view already, but even so, he couldn't help but stare. 

“This…this is…it isn’t…” Iida stuttered over his words a couple of times, unable to come up with the correct one to describe what he was seeing.

“Definitely not what I imagined, right Bakugou?” A huge smile stretched apart on Kirishima’s face as he turned to his companion.

AH?! I TOTALLY EXPECTED THIS!” Bakugou hollered defensively.

“Woah!” Kaminari gapped at the scenery in awe. “Everything is so retro!”

"Hmm~ They have refined taste!" Aoyama nodded approvingly, though he was still a bit pale from the initial fright of the blond stranger.

“I’ve only seen these kinds of buildings in history books!” Hagakura squealed to Ashido.

“These kinds of structures were very common hundreds of years ago around the era when Quirk began to appeared," Yaoyorozu explained to her classmates.

“Everyone, I think you should take a look at the people," Ojiro suddenly spoke out with a complicated look on his face. At that, the students stopped flaunting over the buildings and finally took noticed of the people on the street.

They were all blown away by the fact that they were all…well, similar. As in, they all got only four limbs, similar skin colour as well as body sizes…

There was no one with any extra limps...

No one with pink skin…

No one with engines in their legs, earphone jacks for ears or tape in their arms…

No one with any animal characteristic...

No one who is invisible…

…Or balls for head.

And this wasn’t just one or two people. It was a whole bunch of them.

These were the people of Yokohama.

“Old Humans…” Midoriya whispered, eyes shining as he remembered what their teachers had told them about the civilians here.

These were all Quirkless human beings.

No, to be precise, they were humans that retained the same genes as their ancestors.

“So these are Old Humans.” Shouji stared at all these people they passed by. Since the tour bus windows were tinted, none of the people outside were aware that they were being gawked by a bunch of high schoolers.  

“I feel so out of place now,” Sero said jokingly.  

“But isn’t this a city ruled by criminals?” Jiro pointed out the very important fact they were all conveniently forgetting.

When the class heard of a city ruled by criminals, the first thing that came to their mind was chaos and ruins. After all, that’s what Villains do, right?

"It looked just like any other places to me," Kirishima said, looking around as he tried to spot any Vill—no, criminals.

“Are you an idiot?” Bakugou grumbled, eyes narrowing as he looked over the city.

Todoroki’s mismatched eyes were also sweeping over the people outside. Though he didn’t say anything, there was a serious look on his face as his brows slowly furrowed.

“Hey…don’t you guys feel something different?” Uraraka suddenly asked, gaining the class’s attention.

“What do you mean?” Yaoyorozu questioned.

“Umm…I don’t know.” Uraraka thought hard, but she couldn't tell them what exactly was wrong. "Just something felt…off? Or maybe something's missing?"

“…I feel the same.” Tsuyu agreed.

“Excusez-moi?” Aoyama looked around.

“What are you guys talking about?” Ashido turned to Hagakure who was seemingly shaking her head and hands, indicating how she didn’t know either.

"I don't feel anything," Kaminari mumbled before turning to Mineta. “Hey, Mineta—”

“Just a bit more…just a bit more…!” Mineta’s face was smeared against the window, hot breaths coming out in puffs with his eyeballs nearing budging out as he gawked at a girl walking down the street. She was wearing a very short skirt that fluttered every time a car passed by…

“Just a bit more…!!”

So caught up in trying to see up the girl’s skirt, the petite pervert didn’t realize how his classmates (mostly the girls) were looking at him as if he was a pile of trash left in some forgotten alley to rot away.

At the very front of the bus, Kunikida’s eyebrow twitched as he jotted something onto his notebook.

Midoriya’s eyes swept through the city and the people. Yes, he had felt it too. The moment he looked outside, Midoriya already noticed something weird about everything, but he couldn’t put a finger on what exactly wasn’t right. He wasn’t given much time to dwell on that fact, as another half an hour later, they’ve arrived at their destination.

The students and teachers stood at the corner of a crossway with their luggage. They gazed up at the red building in front of them. It was a nice building, but it was very simple and ordinary…not exactly what any of them had in mind when they heard the word agency. After all, every Hero agency, no matter how small, got their unique styles to their buildings. This, on the other hand, was just a plain office building.

“This is where we, the Armed Detective Agency, operate!” Kunikida declared, earning nothing but looks and silence from the group. The blond didn't seem to mind the lack of reaction as he continued. “The Armed Detective Agency focuses on solving crimes that are considered too violent or difficult for the police to handle. Often, these crimes are of a supernatural origin, therefore almost all of our members are Ability users.”

“Please wait!”

“What is it?” Kunikida asked, looking over to Iida who was the one that interrupted.

“You said the police just now!” Iida had a disbelieving look on his face, much like the rest of his classmates.

“Yeah, I did.”

“You have police here?”

“Of course, why wouldn’t we?” Kunikida deadpanned as if it was an extremely dumb question.

“Isn’t Yokohama run by criminals?” Midoriya pointed out.

“What does that have to do with having police?” Kunikida didn’t say that in any mocking way. It seemed like he was genuinely confused by Midoriya’s questions. It was as if he didn’t think anything was wrong with having police in a city ruled by criminals.

The entire Class1-A just stared at their guide in awkward silence. None of them knew how to proceed with their questions. This man obviously didn't get their point and they certainly don't get his.

“Oops, that was close!” Kunikida gazed down at his silver wristwatch. “Now come along, we have no more seconds to waste! Get inside before you make a scene.”

Scene? What scene? The students looked around, but they couldn't understand what the man was talking about. Despite speaking the same language, they're starting to wonder if their Japanese was different than Yokohama's Japanese. Otherwise, why was it so hard to communicate?

"Let’s go," Aizawa said in his usual indifferent tone as he and All Might followed the man. The students looked among each other before they grabbed their luggage and trailed after their teachers.

They stepped into the building which they will be staying at for the remainder of their trip here at Yokohama.

Chapter Text

Disappointment didn’t even begin to describe the students’ feelings when they stood within the Armed Detective Agency office.

It wasn’t like they got a problem with the office. It was a lovely office with emerald floor tiles and overall it gave off a nice, relaxed feeling.

It’s just that they had expected a bit…more. As in something that didn’t look like any other regular offices.

“Ah, Kunikida-san!” A boy perked up at the sight of all the people that came in. He jumped out of his seat by a desk and quickly came over to Kunikida.

The boy was young, maybe just two or three years younger than the U.A Students—which meant he must be in middle school. The boy has sun-kissed hair and was dressed in blue overalls with a straw hat tied around his neck and sandals on his feet. His clothing made him looked like a farmer that just came from the countryside. But is there a countryside place in Yokohama?

And more importantly…

The boy was cute!

The soft features on his face that still got some baby fat, those freckles and that pure smile instantly won over all the girls in the group.

“This is Miyazawa Kenji.” Kunikida introduced the boy to their guests. "He is one of our staff at the agency.”


“Hello~!” The boy sang energetically with such sweet smile that it practically melted all the students’ hearts—even the guys! Well, most of the guys. They didn’t know if they were seeing things, but they could have sworn there were pink bubbles floating around the boy beaming at them.

“Nice to meet you all!”

“Nice to meet you!” The class chorused—the tension and disappointment from before were all cured by that gentle smile. The boy was just so adorable that they didn’t even bother thinking over exactly what Kunikida’s introduction actually meant.  

“What the heck are you morons doing?” Bakugou muttered to the sideline. With him were Todoroki and Tokoyami.

Crouched on the ground not too far away was Mineta who was biting his thumb and muttering a string of inaudible words. However, if listened closely, one could make out that most of his words were among the lines of “pretty boys should all die”.

“Kunikida-san, I got a call from Ranpo-san so I’ll be going!” Kenji informed the older blond. Kunikida nodded as he wrote something down onto his notebook.  

"Bye-bye!” The boy waved to the U.A guests, skipping around them as he bounced away like a ball of happy energy.

“Bye-bye~” The students waved back union as they watched the delightful boy go. Really, he was such a precious boy!

“Hm…” Kunikida stared at his notebook, then around the empty office. “Yosano-sensei!” He suddenly called, gaining the students’ attention. “Yosano-sensei!”

They waited for a while, but there was no response.

“Um, could this person have left the office?” Toshinori supplied helpfully when it looked like Kunikida was about to call again.

“No, she’s here," Kunikida said, holding up his notebook proudly. “I have everyone’s schedule written down, there’s no mistake.”

“Okay…?” Toshinori stepped back as he watched the blond opened his mouth, ready to call out again when the sound of the door slamming open echoed from the other side of the room.

“Stopped yelling, Kunikida. I heard you." The tired voice of a woman came, followed by a long yawn.

Everyone turned to see a slender, black-haired woman stepping out of a room. Her red heels clattered against the emerald tiles as she strolled towards them, her black dress swaying to her movement.

“This is Yosano Akiko-sensei.” Kunikida gestured to the woman. Mineta instantly got hearts in his eyes while the other students greeted the older woman politely. "She is our agency's physician. If you have any injuries, you can come to her and she will have you treated.”

“So you’re the ones from U.A High School?” Yosano hummed, hands on her hips as she regarded the crowd.

“Aizawa Shouta.” Aizawa greeted as he held out his hand politely. “Thank you very much for having us.”

“Oh? The one on the news?”

Aizawa was a bit stunned by her response. News? What news?

The Underground Hero didn’t have to think too hard before an answer came to his head. As an underground Hero, he tends to avoid media, so there couldn’t be much news about him. His expression darkened as he remembered that interview he had to do when Bakugou was taken by the League of Villains.

She couldn’t have meant that one, could she?

He heard from Toshinori that these people got access to the outside media…so it was true? It wasn’t that he doubted the former No.1 Hero. If anything he knew that his information was right, but it was just hard to believe until he could confirm it himself.

“If you have any injuries, come see me at any time." The woman said, taking his hand in a firm shake.

“Yes. I appreciate it.” Aizawa thanked, then stepped aside to let Toshinori go next.

“I am Yagi Toshinori, thank you for having us.” Toshinori offered his hand to the woman. Yosano took his hand in a firm grip—but she didn’t shake it. She just held the skeletal man’s hand, showing no sign of releasing as she stared into the ex-Hero's almost hollowed-out eye sockets.

A soft smile lifted her lips, one that was much different than the confident smile she wore when she made her appearance.

“Good to see you doing well.”

Toshinori froze as he regarded the young lady before him.

“…Have we met somewhere before?” Toshinori’s face was filled with uncertainty as he stared at the woman. He didn’t recall ever meeting someone like her, but the way the woman had spoken sounded like they should know each other.

“No.” Yosano let go of his hand and moved towards the students, not giving Toshinori the chance to question anymore. “So you are the Heroes-in-training?”

“Yes! We are!” Iida replied for the class, as it was his duty as the representative.

Yosano looked over each one of them, her gazes lingering longer on some more than the others. Specifically on those with more unique features.

“You there.” Yosano nodded to a certain invisible girl.

“Eh? Me?” Hagakure pointed at herself. Or at least, she appeared to be pointing at herself. Without any gloves, it was hard to tell.

“Is your blood and organs also invisible?”


“I’m asking if your body from inside out is invisible, or is it only the outer layer of your body that has camouflaging capability that makes you invisible.”

“Uh…I’m invisible inside out?” Hagakure answered unsurely. She has no idea why the lady would ask her such a weird question.  

Yosano eyed the invisible girl with mild interest sparkling in her eyes.

“Will her invisibility be an issue?” Kunikida asked as he too eyed the floating clothing that’s a person.

Hagakure was practically sweating under the two adults’ intense gazes. Although no one could tell, her eyes were darting around, seeking her classmates for help.

“No,” After what felt like forever, Yosano finally drew her gaze back. “It won’t be a problem. If anything happens I will just have to get a bit more physical.

The lady smirked as a weird glint flashed across her eyes. She then looked over to Tokoyami who stiffened under her sharp eyes.

“Well, like Kunikida said, come to me if any of you are injured. I will give you kids a special treatment~”

Special treatment?!” Mineta was instantly panting out hot breathes at the explosive news.

“Seriously, that’s enough.” Kirishima who was standing behind Mineta frowned in disapproval.

“Since I’m not needed, I’ll be going out shopping," Yosano announced as she looked over to her co-worker.

“We’re low on Ranpo-san’s snacks and tea. If you could get some that would be much appreciated.” The blond man swiftly informed her, as if he knew she would say that.

The woman waved her hand as an indication that she will before walking straight through the students who immediately parted ways for her. Flashing the children a smile, she disappeared behind the door.

The kids stood there, listening until the sharp clattering of her scarlet heels faded into the distance. It was then that they all finally let out breaths of relief.

“Haa…she's finally gone," Hagakure muttered, sounding completely exhausted. 

“Right? I’m sweating just from her looking at me!” Asido whispered.

“Gero, it feels a bit unpleasant...” Asui felt like she should know what that weird look in that woman’s eyes was when she stared at them…but she can’t think of anything.

“What do you mean?” Uraraka blinked in confusion, unable to understand what her classmates were talking about.

“I didn’t feel anything?” Sato looked around, confused as well.

“What was it like?” Midoriya was immediately interviewing Ojirou, trying to get an understanding of what exactly did they experienced.

“She looked at your particularly long, didn’t she?” Shouji looked down at Tokoyami.

Tokoyami didn’t say anything. He just stood there with his arms crossed and brows furrowed, seeming to be thinking over that as well.

“It must be a pain to be so popular!” Sero joked as he nudged his bird-headed classmate with an elbow.

While some were confused and some were concerned…there were two individuals with a completely different reaction than the rest of the class.

“Think she’ll treat me if I get a little cut?” Kaminari wondered hopefully.

Mineta, on the other hand, was already fumbling with a piece of paper, about to slide the sharp edge over his finger when Iida snatched it out of his hand.


The sound of throat-clearing quickly reminded the students where they are. They quieted down, glancing at their homeroom teacher to find the man glaring at them warningly. Remembering how Kunikida was still standing there, they realized how rude they must be just now and hastily gave the blond man their full attention. 

Fortunately, Kunikida didn’t seem to notice their little chatters as he was checking something on his phone.

“It seems like the President is running a little late from his meeting.” Kunikida informed them, closing his phone and slipping it back into his pocket. “For the time being, you can look around the office and make yourselves comfortable. If you have any questions, now's the time to ask."

Jirou wasted no time raising her hand.

“Yes?” Kunikida nodded for her to speak.

“You mentioned before that there’s police here…does that mean you have your own government within Yokohama?”

Of all things Kunikida had expected them to ask, he did not expect them to still be hungover such trivial matter. 

“Of course,” was the simple answer he gave the girl.

“Then why the heck are these criminals running everything?!” Bakugou snapped.

“Because they’re criminals, you can’t expect them to maintain proper laws.”

…HAH?!” The boy exploded. Obviously, this was not the answer he was looking for. "THAT MAKES NO SENSE!!" 

Kunikida arched a brow at the boy’s rudeness, but it was thanks to this that he finally took a closer look at the other children’s faces. He finally understood their problems now. In their eyes, these kids can only see the good and the bad. They are blind to everything in-between.

No, rather than saying they were blind, perhaps it was due to the environment they grew up in…

“Listen carefully as I will only repeat this once.” Kunikida began. “In Yokohama, there are two main forces that oversee the city. The Port Mafia, and the Government. In your world, those with Quirks are the norm, but in our world, ordinary people are the majorities. The Government governs over those ordinary people while the Port Mafia oversees Ability users. Of course, over time the Government also developed their own Special Ability department to oversee that as well.”

“Gero? But if there is government, why is Yokohama controlled by Port Mafia?” Asui asked in confusion.

“Because Port Mafia is stronger than the government, simple as that.” Kunikida replied. “They were the ones who secured Yokohama and created the barrier that exists to this day, so they gained initial control of this city. But!" The man adjusted his glasses. "Those are just matters of histories! One day they’ll lose their standings!”

“So…why is the government still around again?” Kirishima asked, not feeling as though the man had answered their questions. “If Port Mafia got control over everything, why are they keeping the government?!”

“Were you not listening to what I just said?” Kunikida was beginning to wonder if these kids got memory issues. “They’re criminals, they don’t run laws.”

“Then why didn’t they destroy the government?” Iida pressed on, and that’s when a small vein budged out from beneath the thin layer of skin on Kunikida’s forehead.

“That is what I kept telling you!” Kunikida gritted his teeth with a vein-popping onto his head. “They are Mafias, why would they bother with governing law and ordinary people?!”

“AND THAT’S WHY WE KEEP ASKING YOU!” Bakugou roared, finally having enough of going around in circles and not getting any answers. “WHY THE FUCK DO YOU STILL GOT GOVERNMENT HERE WHEN YOU’RE CONTROLED BY VILLAINS?!”

“THAT’S WHY I SAID—” Kunikida shot back at the kid.

“This is getting nowhere," Tokoyami grumbled as he stared at the screaming match between the grown adult and kid.

“There’s clearly a miscommunication somewhere…” Ojiro laughed weakly as he stated the obvious. As for where that miscommunication is…that's what they wanted to know.

“That’s enough!” Aizawa who had been watching by the sideline with Toshinori finally cut in. His intense glare made the students all withered under his gaze.

Kunikida quickly gathered himself and cleared his throat. He couldn't believe how he had just lost his temper to a brat who—in his opinion—was too old to be acting like one.

These kids were already sixteen! Seriously, how were they even taught in the outside world?!

“I am very sorry about that.” Toshinori hurriedly stepped up to apologize.

“No, I’m at fault too for raising my voice.” Kunikida sighed as he rubbed the bridge of his nose. “Anyways,” the blond looked back to the kids, “during your stay at our agency, you will accompany some of us to learn how we operate. Since you are Heroes in training, I sure it will provide valuable experiences that you can use in your field of work. Other than that, you’re free to go around Yokohama. There are a few sightseeing locations in Yokohama you can go take a look at.”

“We’re free to go around? Just like that?” Uraraka was bewildered by the fact.

“Of course not.” Kunikida rebuked. The blond adjusted his glasses as his eyes narrowed over the students.

“As you know, Yokohama does not have Quirks. The citizens here retained the same genes as our ancestors before the rise of Quirks. When you go out, be sure to make yourself as normal as possible! Fortunately, it is autumn so no one would find it weird if you wear a bit more clothes.”

Normal he says…he makes us sound like we’re not normal…” Ashido muttered.

“Like you for example!” Kunikida pointed a finger at the mumbling pinkie, causing her to jump in surprise. "When you leave the office, put on a pair of sunglasses and a hat to hide those horns and eyes! Your skin as well! If you can’t cover them up then put on foundations!”


Kunihiga then turned to Tokoyami. “You there! Wear a hat and scarf to hide your beak!”


“And you!” Kunikida turned to Hagakure who staggered back.

“Me again?!”

“When you leave the office, cover yourself up from head to toe! Put on foundations on any part of your body that might be exposed! You’ll need sunglasses, face mask, and wig!"

And then, the blond began pointing out all the students that didn’t fit into his human criteria.

“Don’t hunch your shoulders! Straighten up! Don’t stick out your tongue either!” That was to Asui.

“We don’t have engines for legs, keep them covered at all times!” That was to Iida.

“Hide those extra limps!” To Shouji.

“Wear a hat!” Koda.

“Get either earmuffs or headphones to cover up your ears!” Jizo.

“Conceal your arms!” Sero.

“Wear a coat to hide your tail!” Ojiro.

“And you!” Finally, Kunikida turned to Mineta.

“Me too?!” Mineta shouted.

“Cover your head!” Kunikida demanded, jabbing his index finger down at the tiny boy. “We don’t have balls growing out of our heads!”

Mineta was petrified by the remark. A woman saying that may be appealing…but hearing that from a man turned into great insult…

Kunikida adjust his glasses as he regarded the students. Half of them looked as if their souls had gotten sucked out of their bodies. Midoriya briefly wondered if this could be considered discrimination.

"B-but…I didn't bring that much stuff.” Hagakure could finally voice out her opinion now that Kunikida stopped. Never did she think she would one day have to cover herself from head to toes like some wanted Villain.

“Same here.” Ojiro agreed. He never wore any long coat or got any clothing big enough to let him tuck in his tail. Why would he need that in the first place?

“Oh, with my Quirk I can—” Yaoyorozu was about to offer a solution when Kunikida held out a hand to stop her.

“I already have everything prepared.” The man told them. “There are boxes of clothing at the dorm you’ll be staying at. Be sure to pick out suitable ones before going outside.”

Then, the man looked over to Yaoyorozu.

“I’m sure that you are already informed, but it looks like I will need to remind you all that you are not allowed to use any of your Quirks inside Yokohama. That is the rule Port Mafia has set for you during your time here. As long as you’re within this city, you are under Port Mafia's watch. Do keep that in mind.”

“But—” Yaoyorozu was about to question why when the door behind the kids suddenly opened.

“Apologies for our lateness.” A female’s voice came as everyone turned to see a woman walking through the door. She has long brown hair and red glasses, dressed in office lady uniform. She stepped aside, revealing a shadow of a person standing behind her. 

“The President has arrived.”

A tall man with silver hair and dressed in traditional Japanese clothing walked through the door. The sight of the man instantly made everyone in the room tensed up. There was a pressuring aura rolling off this man and the scowl on his face only made him that much more intimidating.

“I am Fukuzawa Yukichi.” The man’s voice was deep and stern, just like his appearance. From these short, simple words, the kids could already feel authority coming off the man. “The President of Armed Detective Agency.”

Like what they’ve done with the other agents, Toshinori and Aizawa stepped up to greet the President.

“I am Yagi Toshinori, it is a pleasure to meet you.” Toshinori extended a hand towards the man. “We are really thankful for you taking us in during our stay here.”

“I am simply returning a favour to the Port Mafia boss by letting you stay with us. You have no need to thank me.” The man said stoically, making no move to accept his guest’s outstretched hand. He glanced at the students—his sharp eyes made the kids felt like they were being stared at by a predator.

“For the rest of the week, you will follow my subordinates and learn of how we operate within Yokohama. As future Heroes, I believe this will be a valuable experience for all of you. While you observe, you must listen to my subordinates and follow their instructions at all times. Those who cannot follow the rules will be sent out of the agency immediately, is that clear?”

“Y-YES!" The students all shouted in unison, unable to help but feel a bit excited as they learned that they will be having the opportunity to follow these people to work. This was just like an internship!

“My secretary will brief you in on the rest and show you to the dormitory where you’ll be staying.” With his speech done, Fukuzawa walked away, leaving behind his secretary to do the rest.

“I am Haruno Kirako.” The secretary lady said, drawing everyone's attention to her. "First, let’s go to the dorm and get you all settle down!”

And that was how the Heroes and Heroes-in-training got back onto the bus and drove about fifteen minutes down the street. Much like the Armed Detective Agency, the dorm they will be staying was very…ordinary—and a little bit run down as well.

They gathered at the open space in front of the building where the secretary pulled out the keys to the dorms.

“Unfortunately, we don’t have enough rooms for everyone. There are only ten available rooms, so I’m afraid you’ll have to find a roommate to share. Two of the rooms will need to be a three-person room.” Haruno turned to the two teachers. "I will let the teachers decide on the students’ rooming.”

“…You guys decide on your own.” Aizawa quickly brushed off that responsibility. He didn't care how the kids decided to pair themselves up and neither does Toshinori.

The students looked at one another. It didn’t take them too long to sort themselves out.

For girls, it was:

Asui and Uraraka.

Yaoyorozu and Jirou.

Hagakure and Ashido.

For guys:

Kirishima and Bakugou.

Midoriya and Todoroki.

Tokoyami and Shouji.

Sato and Koda.

Iida, Sero and Aoyama

Kaminari, Mineta and Ojiro.

Naturally, the two teachers also had to share one room. It was in their room that they found the boxes of clothing Kunikida had mentioned.

As they move into their new living place and began to unpack their belongings, a problem soon erupted as horrified screams resonated into the air.

“My phone’s gone!”

“My camera! I’m sure I put it in here!”

“I swear mine was in my pocket!”

“I had mine in my luggage!”

“My watch! Was it dropped on the bus?!”

“Has anyone seen my phone?! It got a pink case!”

“This is…!” Toshinori stared his empty pockets before turning to Aizawa who was glaring at his bag.

It wasn’t just phones and cameras. All of their electronics were gone, including digital watches some students had brought with them...


“Your electronics?” Kunikida looked at the group that has gathered back in the field after somewhat getting over with the initial panics. “They were confiscated by the Port Mafia the moment you entered Yokohama.”

“WHAT?!” Ashido was the first to react to the bomb dropped over their heads. “I just bought that phone! I got a lot of things in there!”

“Same here!” Uraraka joined in, almost breaking into tears at the news. “My parents bought that for me on my birthday!”

“You can’t just take them away without asking!” Kaminari complained.

“Don’t worry!” The secretary hurriedly reassured the kids who looked as if the world had just ended. “I’m sure you’ll get them back once you leave. They didn’t want to risk you taking pictures of Yokohama and bringing it outside.”

“I wish we were informed of that before bringing us in.” Aizawa was seething. Although he could understand the logic, he didn’t approve of the method. Who knew what those criminals might do to their personal devices! This was clearly a violation of their privacy!

“Then you can take it up to the Port Mafia.” Kunikida huffed as if it wasn’t his problem.

Aizawa’s eyes narrowed.

For a second, Toshinori feared the raven-haired man might start an argument with Kunikida, but fortunately, Aizawa held himself back. Toshinori knew how Aizawa felt. He didn’t like this either. If they were told of this beforehand, then they wouldn’t even bring any phones or electronics, to begin with.

As Heroes, their personal information was very sensitive. In this modern age, all these private information can be found in their smartphones. Their contact list, their browser history, their apps...there was no telling what the Mafias might be doing to their devices while holding onto them.

“Please don’t worry.” The young secretary continued to work hard to resolve the tension. “I’m sure all of your devices are safe! The Port Mafia has no reason to tamper any of your belongings. Now that everyone’s here, how about I go through the arrangements for everyone during your stay here?”

While none of them were happy, there was nothing they could do about it. So they just listened as the girl began to go over a list of things for them.

“There is a cafe called Uzumaki on the first floor of the agency’s building. All of your meals will be provided by them. Their opening hours are 8:00 am to 9:00 pm every day. When you go, just tell them that you’re from U.A and they will understand.

As you can see, there are no baths or showers in the dorm, but there is a bathhouse just across the street. We have spoken with the bathhouse owners and they are aware you are students from the outside. Between 6:00 pm to 11:30 pm, the bathhouse will close and only open to you guys. So for those with special body structures, there will be no need to worry about exposing your identities. When you go to the bathhouse, just show them this tag and they will let you in."

And then, each student and teacher received a small wooden tag with the bath house’s mark on it.

“Lastly, if you need of Yokohama’s money, you can exchange them with anyone in the agency or any banks in general.”

“Currency?” Midoriya’s eyes widened in surprise.

“Yokohama’s currency different than ours?” The moment Sero asked that question, he already knew how stupid he must have sounded. Yokohama has been isolated for centuries. It would be weird if their money were the same as the rest of Japan’s!

“Yes. The exchange rate between Yokohama’s currency and Japan’s are 1:1.” The secretary replied. She pulled out Yokohama’s paper bills and coins, presenting it to the kids. Since Yokohama’s currency was also yen, it wasn't all that different than Japan's except appearance.

“Um, Haruno-san?” The green-haired boy hesitantly called out the woman’s name, unsure if he had got it right.

“Yes?” The secretary smiled at him. Okay, he got it right.

“Isn’t Yokohama is closed off? Why does the bank offer currency exchange?” Midoriya asked.

“Yokohama is only closed off from the outside.” The secretary explained. “The citizens living within Yokohama can leave and come anytime they want as long as their passport gets approved. Many large companies and even Port Mafias themselves have foreign business dealings with the outside world under the guise of a company in the outside world. That’s why our banks have currency exchange.”

The students were all stunned by the news. Never would they have thought that the people of Yokohama can leave the city. They had assumed it was a completely sealed off city where no one can come in or out.

But…that didn’t make any sense!

With a criminal organization controlling this place, why would they allow people to come and go as they pleased?

The secretary, oblivious to the confusion on their faces, reached into her bag and pulled out a phone. It was one of those extremely old flip phones that they don’t see anywhere else in the world nowadays. There wasn’t even a camera on that plain old device!

“These are rental phones for you during your stay. These will only work within Yokohama, so you won’t be able to make any calls to the outside world. It only has texting and calling systems. I have taped your phone’s number and the agency’s address at the back. My phone number has been set as your very first contact. If you have any questions or if anything happens, call me immediately.” The secretary instructed them seriously. “Even if you are lost, call me and I will immediately find help for you. Now then, please line up and I will hand out your phone. Unfortunately, we have limited phones, so I will give out one phone per dorm.”

Very quickly, the students lined up and soon received the phone which will be their only communication device during their stay in Yokohama.

“I didn’t think I’ll ever see one let alone use it," Jirou said as she examined the simplistic device with mild interest.

“I feel like we just went back to the Stone Age.” Sero heaved out a heavy sigh. Who in the world still use these things?! But then again, judging by how old this entire city seemed, they probably should have seen it coming.

“Here are your phones, Aizawa-san, Toshinori-san.” The secretary handed over two phones to the teachers. “Both of your phones’ contact lists got the complete contact numbers of all our employees, including the President’s. Please call anytime you need assistance."

“Thank you.” Toshinori examined the phone in his hand. Aizawa was doing very much the same.

The students may not know, but the two adults fully understood that Yokohama's technologies were way ahead of theirs. So why in the world do these things still exist here? Was there some sort of trick?

“Now then,” Kunikida who had been silent the entire time spoke. He glanced down at his watch. It was 3:00 pm already. This took more time than he liked, but fortunately, he had predicted this when making his schedule.

“I need to talk to the teachers back in the agency. There is nothing planned for today so you kids can go take a look around the city. Just remember to meet up in the office at 9:00 am sharp tomorrow. And remember,” he pointed towards some specific students, “cover yourself properly before you leave!”

The kids sweatdropped at the reminder of how some of them don't exactly fit the normal criteria. But they soon threw that behind them and started talking about where to begin their exploration of this mysterious city.

“Wait.” Aizawa quickly cut in as the class's chatter died down. The students all looked to their teacher with pleading looks on their faces. Aizawa ignored the stares directed at him and focused on Kunikida. “Is it safe for them to be wandering outside?”

“There is no need to worry. Arrangements have already been made.” Kunikida replied. Aizawa and Toshinori immediately understood what arrangement the man meant. “So long as these kids don’t use their Quirks, nothing will happen.”

Aizawa stared at the blond for a long time.

The raven-haired man weighted the danger…only to quickly toss that out of his head.

Who was he kidding? They were in the danger zone the moment they all took this field trip and thrown right under the eyes of the world’s largest criminal organization. There was no way he could keep the children lock up for an entire week. They will have to go out and see Yokohama at some point whether he like it or not.

On top of that, Nezu had given him a long talk of not restricting the students before setting off...

“I won’t stop you kids from going outside,” Aizawa turned to the kids with an intimidating look on his face. That instantly made all of them shut up and give their homeroom teacher their undivided attention. “But you must all go together, or not at all. And I don’t care what your reasons are, no one is allowed to leave the group. If one person needs to use the bathroom, three others have to follow, understand?”

“YES!" They cheered.

“Aizawa-san, Toshinori-san, this way please.” The secretary called.

Giving the kids one last look, Aizawa and Toshinori followed the two agency members back to the bus. Toshinori spared a glance back as they left. He looked over the excitement on those children’s faces as they ran for their rooms to get ready.


Arriving back at the Armed Detective Agency, the two teachers were showed to a meeting room.

“Please, have a seat.” Kunikida said as the secretary set down a pile of documents in front of the blond before leaving to let them talk in privacy. “Most of our jobs come from client requests and cases that may pop up from the police. As the President had said, your students will accompany us to observe our work. But before that, I need to get an understanding of them so that should anything happen, we can act accordingly.”

“And what do you expect to happen?” Aizawa questioned suspiciously. Something just wasn’t sitting right with him. His instinct was telling him there was more going on in this city than what it seemed on the surface.

“It is just precaution.” Kunikida replied, but the raven-haired man wasn’t convinced. “I have your students’ reports, but I would like to hear your input as their teachers.”

Aizawa and Toshinori looked over the papers in front of them. They were all detailed documents with the students’ photos attached to each one. There were descriptions of their strengths, weaknesses, Quirks, and personalities. 

“Where did you get these?” Toshinori’s brows furrowed as he looked through them, feeling uneasy that this agency got such sensitive information of their students.

“Relax, these were given to us by your principal.” Kunikida replied. “I need to make sure that these kids of yours won’t cause us any additional trouble. Especially these two.”

Kunikida gestured to two specific files with Bakugou’s and Mineta’s pictures stapled on top.

Aizawa was already feeling a headache coming. He wasn’t surprised by the man's concern about Bakugou. A lot of people were. Mineta, on the other hand, was one he didn’t expect yet probably should have.

“From what I gathered, this boy is very dangerous.” Kunikida said as he tapped his finger over Bakugou’s picture. “Just from our short interactions, I don’t need to read these reports to know that he has short temper and acts impulsively. As for the other one…”

His finger hovered over Mineta. There was a long pause before the blond man continued.

“…I frankly don’t understand the meaning behind his existence.”

The two teachers were unable to say anything back to that.

“If this Bakugou was a citizen of Yokohama, he would be put under heavy surveillance just for his personality alone never mind his powers.”

“I understand your concern.” Aizawa couldn’t remember how many times he had to repeat this line. “I can assure you that Bakugou has a high sense of justice—”

“That is not the issue.” Kunikida cut the Hero off. “Before you came, I looked over that interview you had after he,” he tapped at Bakugou, “was kidnapped by your world’s Villains.”

So they did saw that interview…

“Even those Villains believed he is better suited with them than as a Hero. Why do you think that is? This is not about whether or not they have a sense of justice; this is a matter of self-control. This is Yokohama, not your world. Your values of justices mean little here. This boy’s behaviour may not present an issue in your world, but here nothing will go his way. His rashness will only put the other kids at risk.”

“We understand. We’ll keep an eye on him to make sure he stays out of trouble.” Toshinori promised.

“I do hope so.” The way Kunikida looked at them clearly stated that he didn’t believe a word. “From what I can see, he doesn’t seem to be the type to listen to teachers either.”

“You don’t need to worry about that.” Aizawa gritted. Although he was a bit irritated by this interrogation—or that’s what it felt like—he nonetheless dipped his head politely.

“And give that other boy a stern talking about basic respect towards women.” Kunikida sighed, as if tired by just talking about this kind of subject. “I don’t want to get a call to go bail him out of jail for sexual harassment. Yokohama is very strict on that.”

“We’ll do that.” Toshinori sighed as well.

Mineta’s behavior was troubling indeed.



The group of students stared at the empty spot that Mineta was just at.

What happened?

What just happened?

One moment, Mineta was there and the next, he disappeared…

“Hey, bitch! What did you do?!” Bakugou demanded, glaring daggers at the girl standing right next to where Mineta was a split second ago.

Ah?!” The girl snarled, turquoise eyes fearlessly meeting the explosive boy’s. She patted her dress as if there was some sort of germ on there and flicked one of her thick, auburn braids over her shoulder. “That disgusting pervert was looking up my dress and you got the nerve to question me?!”




Chapter Text

None of the U.A students knew exactly how it had happened.

After the teachers left, they all went back into their rooms to get ready.

Midoriya, Uraraka, Todoroki, Bakugou, Kirishima, Kaminari, Yaoyorozu, Asui, Sato, and Aoyama were the fastest ones to finish, as their appearances fit the normal criteria. As for Shouji, all he needed to do was to retract his extra limbs. Iida, Mineta, and Jirou took a bit more time, but their unique characteristics were simple enough to cover.

The rest had to look through the boxes of clothes Kunikida left them, seeing what they could use to mask themselves. The ones who had it worst were undoubtedly Ashido and Hagakure, for the two girls needed to smear foundations on their faces. They didn't know what to feel when they found that the blond-haired man had even prepared make-up in the box of clothes…

After they finished dressing up, the group headed off to begin their first exploration of Yokohama.

However, the moment they stepped out into the busy street, all of them froze. The first thing their eyes laid on wasn’t the people or the shops around them. It was five, sleek buildings dyed in black towering over the city.

“Woah! What’s that?” Kirishima said in awe as he stared at the building that looked completely out of place in contrast to the retro feel this city was giving off.

“Where did those popped out from?!” Sero gapped.

“We must have been driving away from those buildings, that’s why we didn't see it," Yaoyorozu explained, remembering back to the path they were talking. They had been going straight after all, so those buildings had been behind them the entire time?

“Ah!” Uraraka clapped her hands as a thought came to her. “Could those be the government buildings?”

“Gero, it’s possible!” Asui nodded, agreeing with her friend.

“Truly magnificent, they are overseeing the city itself! Look at how each of those buildings faced each part of the city!” Iida praised with stars in his eyes.

“Government buildings?” Midoriya looked over those towers. There was an odd feeling in his heart as he looked at those dark silhouettes. A call of his name snapped him out of thought as he looked down to see his classmates walking off.

Being surrounded by Old Humans was another very interesting experience. It was completely different from just observing from the bus. Just standing there within a crowd of people all having the same characteristic was very…strange.

It was a weird feeling none of them could describe, and it would be a lie to say that they felt comfortable. 

When the girls saw some beautiful kimonos being put on the display window, they wanted to go in and check it out, only to remember how none of them had Yokohama currency. So they continued on their journey, deciding to leave shopping for another day after they got the money.

That was when they came across a library.

The library wouldn't require any money and there won't be any clerks trying to introduce their products to them.  Thinking that perhaps they could find more information on Yokohama—especially Ability—everyone agreed to go in there.

And then it happened…


None of them could react in time. They didn’t know how it even happened.

“Hey, bitch! What did you do?!” Bakugou was the first to jump out as he screamed at the girl.

“Wait, Kacchan!” Midoriya quickly stopped his childhood friend by jumping between him and the girl. That girl…she definitely did something, but what?

What exactly happened that could make a person disappear within a blink of an eye without alarming any of them? Midoriya could only think of one—no, there was only this one possibility, but to think they’ll meet one so soon?

Ah?! That disgusting pervert was looking up my dress and you got the nerve to question me?!” The girl said through gritted teeth.

“You’re an Ability user.” Todoroki calmly spoke out the thought that was going through everyone’s head.

“So what if I am?” The girl’s eyes narrowed as she slowly looked through each of them.

“We’re very sorry!” Midoriya hurriedly apologized with a bow. After all, they can’t make a scene, especially after Kunikida specifically told them not to use their Quirks. Without Quirks, how could they stand up to the girl whose power was still unknown to them? And for all they know, she could be an ordinary civilian!

“Hey, Deku! What are you doing apologizing to that bitch?!” Bakugou roared behind him.

Iida also thought of the same thing as Midoriya and stepped up as well. “Mineta-kun didn’t mean it! He was just—”

Didn’t mean it?!” That was apparently the wrong thing to say.

The girl whipped around and pointed at the old ladder leaning against the bookshelf. “I was standing on that ladder trying to reach that book and he was standing right under me looking up and drooling!”

“Stupid Mineta!” Hagakure crushed her scream into a hush whine like many others. Though as much as they all wanted to shout at Mineta right now, they have to get him back first.

“Uh…I could get that book for you?” Sero tried helpfully.

“Who asked you?!” The girl exploded as Sero instantly raised his hands and backed away. Jesus, this girl’s temper was as bad as Bakugou!

“Then what can we do to have you give him back to us?” Jirou hastily cut in before the situation could worsen.

“You want him back so much?” The girl smirked as the air around her suddenly changed. The anger she was displaying on her face was gone in a blink of an eye, replaced by abnormal calmness. The sudden change in her was unnerving and had all the students unconsciously raised their guards against this one girl who couldn’t be that much older than them.

“How about you tell me who the hell are you and what do you want from me?” The girl spoke in an icy tone.

“W-what do you mean?” Yaoyorozu swallowed as her heart pounded. It can’t be that they’ve been found out already?

“Do you think I’m stupid? You’ve been following me for the past half an hour and into this book shop.”

“Hah?!” Ashido exclaimed, nearly exposing her face as she clumsily grabbed her scarf and pulled it up. Unfortunately, her gesture only made the girl’s eyes narrow.

“Why would we follow you?!” Kaminari shouted. “We don’t even know you!”

“Hold up! This is all a misunderstanding!” Kirishima tried to convince her.

“We just came in here because we wanted to look at some books!” Uraraka added. “We weren’t following you! Really!”

“Yeah, we’re not anyone suspicious!” Hagakure frantically said.

“No matter how I look at it you’re the most suspicious one.” The girl deadpanned as she glared at Hagakure who was currently the very definition of suspicious. “You’re Ability users, aren’t you?”


Of all things the girl might accuse them of, they were not expecting this.

“Why would you think we’re Ability users?” Yaoyorozu carefully questioned. She needed to approach this carefully. The girl's temper was short and currently, none of them has any idea what happened to Mineta. Without knowing anything, they can’t protect themselves if the girl suddenly uses her power on them.

“Don’t try to avoid my question. I’m going to ask you one last time.” The girl’s face twisted into the perfect balance of annoyance and anger. “Who. Are. You?

It was at this moment that the gravity of the situation finally hit them.

This girl was an Ability user—an Old Human with powers that they know nothing about. What’s more, the murder bleeding from her eyes was real. Having all experienced Villains first hand, all of them could tell that this girl wasn’t just a normal civilian. She was someone who could kill them without blinking an eye.

It was at this moment that they truly began fearing for Mineta’s safety.

“Yeah, we’re Ability users, what’s it to you?” Bakugou’s sudden declaration made his classmates looked to him in surprise.

Midoriya almost stumbled when Bakugou shoved him to the side. With his hands tucked in his pocket, his childhood friend began walking up to the girl.

“Bakugou-kun?!” Iida looked at the explosive boy as if he had lost it.

“Wait, Iida-kun!” Midoriya gasped, carefully standing behind Iida’s larger frame and gave a small tug on his shirt to stop him.

Iida paused in his step, but sensing that Midoriya didn’t want to draw the girl’s attention, he didn’t look back.

At the same time, Todoroki also discreetly positioned himself before his other classmates, using his body as a barrier to stop them from doing anything. The entire time, his eyes were on Bakugou who was getting closer and closer to the girl.

“You look so weak I wouldn’t even peg you for an Ability user!” Bakugou taunted as a vein on the girl’s head throbbed. “I don’t see why those bastards wanted us to bring you in!”

All of the students stared at Bakugou with a mixture of confusion and disbelieve. But even so, none of them stepped up to do anything, because they knew Bakugou must have something in mind—especially when he began talking nonsense.

“That’s right!” Kirishima joined in. Although he has no idea what’s going on, he was going to support Bakugou. “Let’s just hurry and just bring her in!”

“What did you say?” The girl glowered at Bakugou who now stopped right in front of her.

Midoriya swallowed. That’s right, this was the best chance they got right now.

From what he had analyzed, to be able to make Mineta disappear without even so much as moving could only mean that this girl’s power was something similar to teleportation. The girl must have moved Mineta to somewhere and confined him.

In other words, if they could also get the girl to use her Ability on them, then they will find Mineta.

“What a moron.” The girl snorted, the anger on her face lessened as she gave Bakugou a condescending look. This sudden change took them all off by surprise. "Whichever organization you're from, they must be desperate. I didn’t think armatures like you would exist in Yokohama.”

“What did you say?” Bagkuou gritted his teeth as he glared down the girl who didn’t even flinch.

“You want to taunt me into using my Ability and let you reunite with your friend, right?”

“Eh?! Was that right?!” Hagakure gasped as she looked at Bakugou. If they were capable of seeing her face, it must be one of pure shock right now.

…And then, their surroundings suddenly changed.

There was no warning at all. To Midoriya, it only felt like he had blinked and all of the sudden, the scene before him became foreign. He blinked a couple of times, staring at the magenta sky over his head before to the checkered floor he stood upon. It took a full five seconds before his brain reacted as chill crawled down his spine.

“…Eh?” Sero blinked as he did a double-take at the sudden change in their environment. 

“What the heck?!” Kirishima frantically looked around.

“What is this?” Uraraka whispered as she stared at the gigantic blocks, presents, ribbons, and balloons decorating the place. There was even a table and tea set. It was as if they arrived in a gigantic dollhouse or something.

“Hey bitch, where did you bring us?!” Bakugou snapped at the girl who was sitting on top of a stack of blocks, looking down upon them like tiny ants.

“This is my Kingdom.” The girl replied as she stood up with her hands laced behind her back. “Welcome to Anne’s chamber.”

“Could this be…Ability?!” Midoriya’s eyes dilated as he took in this space. Was this is an Ability? If so, then does that mean this girl’s power was to manifest an entire dimension and pull people in? Can something like that even exist?

“An Ability? But that’s…!” Yaoyorozu looked around in disbelieve.

“Impossible! There’s no way—” Iida couldn’t believe it as well.

"No, it's possible," Todoroki said as he carefully observed his surroundings, refusing to let go even the smallest bit of details. After all, Abilities aren’t Quirks. These are powers they’ve never heard of, it was only natural the effect would be something out of their knowledge as well.

Bakugou was putting on a confident smirk, but the droplet of sweat rolling down the side of his face betrayed what he was actually feeling.  

How could one person have the power to tear apart space and create a new one? Just who in the world was this girl?

“G-guys! Look at this!” Hearing Ashido’s shout, everyone turned to see Ashido standing by a white door. The door was designed elegantly, like those ancient western doors the kids remembered seeing in oversea movies. Despite its beauty, it was an odd place for a door to be, considering how there was nothing but the sky behind it.

“Come over here! Quick!”

“What is it?” Hagakure ran over, looking out the window on the door only to yelp in surprise.

One after another the students gathered by the doorway. When they peered out the window, they saw the library they were in just seconds ago. But that wasn’t what shocked them. The library has huge window panels, and through the glass, they were able to see the street and people beyond.

Everything—the car, the people, the birds in the sky—they were all frozen.

“Time…stopped?” Midoriya whispered in disbelieve.

“What is going on?! First, we're in a weird place that’s not even real and now the time stopped?!” Kaminari furiously scratched his head, unable to wrap his head around any of this nonsense.

“Hey! I thought this was the sky but it’s just a wall!” Sero’s scream had everyone looking over to see that their classmate got a hand against the eerie sky. To them, it looked like the boy was just hovering his palm in midair, but when they stretched out their hands, they were soon met with an obstacle. It was as if there was an invisible wall there, preventing them from going further.

Midoriya gasped as he looked around the rails surrounding this place, noticing how it was forming a square. This wasn’t a floating platform like he had originally thought.

This was a room, with the sky being the wallpaper!

They were trapped in a room.

Uraraka reached out, about to grab the door handle when the Ability user’s voice came from behind them.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you.”

They all turned to see the girl standing up from on top of those blocks.

“That door will take you back to the real world.”

Real-world—Midoriya committed those keywords into memory. He needed to hurry and figure out just what this girl’s power was.

“But once you go through that door, you will lose all memories of what happened in this space, including your little friend there.” She smirked, left hand resting on her hip while the other jabbing a thumb over her shoulder to another door on the other side of the room.

That door was like the polar opposite of the white door. It was the same western-themed door, except it was black. Also, the wall around the door looked like normal walls made out of ordinary bricks instead of the reddish-pink sky.


They all rushed for the other door. When nearing the girl, they were all wary, but the redhead just watched them as they passed by. Once they arrived safely without meeting any obstacles, they peered through the window and saw their lost classmate Mineta.

“Gero! Mineta-chan!”

“It is Mineta!”


“What’s up with that creepy room?!”

Shouts resonated through the space as everyone called out to Mineta who was separated from them by a metallic door. The room behind the door got no walls, no ceiling, it didn’t even have floors! It was just pitched darkness with wooden hands stretching out of the abyss, gripping onto Mineta and suspending him in midair.

The boy’s eyes were wide with his eyeballs completely rolled to the back of his head. White foams were slowly flowing down from his open mouth, disappearing into the shadows beneath. Mineta was out cold, and by the looks, he had fainted from some sort of shock.

“I can’t open! It’s locked!” Iida gritted as he pulled the door’s handle with all his might.

“Move!” Bagkuou snapped impatiently. Tiny sparks dancing on his palm were the only warning before a strong, but carefully controlled explosion blasted against the door.

“Hey, Bakugou!” Kirishima gasped.

“Bakugou-kun!” Iida shouted. “Have you forgotten—”

“Shut up and use your brains, moron! Right now we’re trapped in that woman’s fucking power, you know what it means, don’t you?” Bakugou smirked widely despite his fingers twitching at the irritation of how the girl had insulted him before doing exactly what they wanted.

The woman had brought them in here to taunt them, but she just dug her own grave.

This space isolated from the rest of the world meant no one else but them are in this space and knows what happened here.

In other words, they can activate their Quirks without the fear of being found out!

Fortunately, the smarter students caught on fairly fast, though the dumber ones still looked rather clueless.

“Try as much as you like, but it won’t work!” A snide remark reminded them that the girl was still there, enjoying their futile attempt to save their friend. “The only way to open that door is with the key.”

The students looked down and indeed saw a keyhole on the door.

"Give us the key," Bakugou demanded, his tone leaving no room for argument.

The girl didn’t look pleased by Bakugou’s attitude, but she snapped her finger as a golden key appeared, hovering in front of her.

“Here you go.” The girl waved her hand at the key. She smirked when no one made a move to take it. “What’s wrong? You wanted the key, didn’t you?”

Something was up. They all knew the girl wouldn’t give them the key so easily. Why would she pull them into this place otherwise?

“I’ll do it.” Iida stepped forward.

“Dude, this is obviously a trap!” Kirishima warned.

"Don't worry, if anything happens I can run," Iida muttered just low enough so the girl wouldn’t overhear as he began to approach her.

One step….two steps…three steps…

Twenty-seventh step.

Iida stood in front of the key and the girl. He watched the redhead carefully as he slowly reached out his hand before he felt Goosebumps crawling over his skin.

What was this feeling?

It was as if he was being watched, but it wasn’t the girl. He had kept his eyes on her the entire time! He didn’t see her do anything, so what—


Urgent cries of his name snapped him out as the engine in his legs roared. With breakneck speed, he darted to the right, aiming to get away from the girl.


“Too slow.”

Iida only saw shadow covering his eyes before what felt like walls slammed into him from both sides, completely immobilizing him.

“IIDA-KUN!” Midoriya, as well as many others, rushed forward towards Iida the instant they saw that…that thing materialized out of nowhere.


The black door that wouldn’t open no matter how hard they tried now slammed open on its own.

“KYAAAA!” Koda’s high pitched scream was what made them risk glancing away from Iida, looking behind just in time to see Koda—engulfed by wooden hands—got dragged back into the darkness.


“Gero!” Asui croaked as she—who was second last in the group and closest to the doorway—got caught by those hands as well.

“Tsuyu-chan!” Uraraka shouted as she jumped back and grabbed her friend’s ankle just as Asui was being pulled back. Like snakes swarming into prey, wooden hands snaked around her boy, gripping onto her limbs to immobilize her with another hand grabbing her by the throat, causing her to choke.

“Uraraka-chan! Tsuyu-chan!” Midoriya shouted, digging his heel into the floor as he sharply changed direction—only to be met face to face with Iida.

The green-haired boy's face twisted between horror and shock as he stared at the class president who was being tightly squeezed between a pair of giant wooden hands. And right there, hovering in front of him was an ugly doll with hair similar to the Ability user girl.

“Midoriya!” Seeing how their target had disappeared, Todoroki spun around to find Midoriya coming face to face with that weird floating doll. However, his attention was soon grabbed by the screams coming from the far back.

Stomping his left foot down, a pillar of ice shot across the room and towards the endless hands coming out from behind the door. To his shock, his ice barely held those hands stilled for three seconds before it shattered, leaving behind no damages to those wooden hands as they reeled in Asui and Uraraka.

At the same time, Midoriya had leaped up, first thrusting towards the doll’s face as he screamed, “Let him go!”

The loud sound of impact practically shook the room.

But…that was all. Just the sound that indicated the amount of strength he had used.

Midoriya stared in horror at that doll whose face didn’t even have the slightest bit of scratch.


Even if he held back in fear of Iida getting caught up, he still used quite a bit of his strength. So how?

“Get away! Don’t worry about me, Midoriya!" Iida managed to choke out before smaller wooden hands grabbed onto him. The doll let go and instantly Iida was pulled towards the door. Being pulled along were Ashido, who was screaming as she kept releasing acid over the hands, but her acid only rolled off them like harmless water.

“I got you!” Sero shot out his tape, wrapping it around Iida’s ankle as Sato grabbed Sero’s tape and pulled with everything he got.

From another, Kirishima and Kaminari were grabbing onto Ashido’s hands as they tried to pull her free.

Tokoyami was using his dark shadow, desperately fending off the hands while protecting Hagakure who was hastily peeling off the layers of clothing on her body.

Shouji had grabbed onto Jirou, running from the hands with Jirou constantly trying to counter the hands with high-frequency sound, but that too was useless.

Forgetting that he had a trench coat on, Ojiro tried to flick out his tail only to be restricted by the large coat. This moment of delay led to his swift capture along with Aoyama who was screaming at the creepy hands grabbing him.

“Think, there must be some way!” Yaoyorozu told herself repeatedly.

With her Quirk, she could easily conjure a metal cuff over where the area where the hand grabbed her. By enlarging the cuff, she could easily slip out of those hands’ grasps, but if this continues she will reach her limitation very soon. She has to think of something before that happens. There must be a way for them to escape this place!

“Everyone!” Midoriya gasped, deciding to ignore the doll for now as he ran to save them. That was the biggest mistake. Midoriya had been way too confident with his speed. With Full Cowl enhancing all of his body’s physic, he hadn’t considered the fact that the doll would still be faster than him, given how when the doll went after Iida it was still at a speed he could follow with his bare eyes.

Midoriya was halfway across the room when the doll just appeared in front of him as if it had teleported. The green-haired youth tried to dodge, but he was too slow. He could only manage to free his right arms just before the doll’s hand came down on him, holding him within its iron grip.

“SMASH!” He roared, this time putting his all as his fist slam down into the hand gripping onto him. The sound of impact was deafening as the force of his punch created a blast of wind throughout the room.

The result was the same as before. Midoriya couldn’t believe his eyes as he looked down at the perfectly undamaged wooden hand. How was this possible?!

“BASTARD!” Bakugou roared, evading the hands trying to snatch him from midair and with a blast of explosions, he shot down like a rocket. He was aware of Midoriya’s predicament. Pretty much everyone was after the boy made a ruckus like that. But Bakugou’s priority at the moment was the save the others first, as they were the ones in danger of being locked away. 

It was fortunate that whatever that disgusting doll was, it was preoccupied with Midoriya. He held out his hands, about to blast those wooden creeps into charcoals when a strong force slammed into him from behind.



Midoriya’s and Todoroki’s shout sounded distant as Bakugou’s eyes spun from the impact. His head felt faint, there was even a weird ringing in his ears as the air was forcefully knocked out of his lungs. When Bakugou looked up, he came face to face with that disturbing doll. Its large hands were holding him so tightly that he couldn’t even budge an inch.

“The fuck?!” Bakugou painfully twisted his neck, managing to get a glimpse behind him to see that Midoriya was still being held by the same doll.

“Two dolls?!” Midoriya was equally as shocked as he stared at an identical doll gripping onto Bakugou.

“Damn it!” Bakugou growled as explosions began to go off from beneath the doll’s hands. At first, Bakugou had assumed with these explosions, even if the doll refused to let go he would still be able to blast its fingers off. It was wood, after all, and wood’s weak against fire. However, as time passed and explosions were repeatedly fired, the doll’s hand was perfectly fine without any hint of damages.

That was when realization dawned on Bakugou.

That this monster was immune to his attacks! No, no just his…perhaps this thing is immune to all of their attacks. But how the fuck was that possible? It didn’t make any sense!

On the ground, Todoroki was captured as well. He had been skidding across the rooms, sending blasts after blasts of ice at the hands coming at him to stop them momentarily. He had already found out how fire does nothing to these wooden hands. As he ran, he also used his ice in an attempt to slow down all the other hands, to buy his classmates some time.

In the end, he too was captured. He froze his left his foot firmly against the floor, stopping the pull of his hands as he let his continuously flow at the hands, doing whatever he could to stop them.

On the sideline watching the ruthless battle, the red-haired girl who was seemingly forgotten by the entire class watched the battle unfold. Instead of looking pleased or happy that she was winning, the girl had a really deep frown on her face. Her brows were furrowed as green eyes scanned over these kids.

A boy had…tapes for arms…

Fire and ice…



Enhanced physic…

Aside from the elemental and explosion that are somewhat mediocre, what kind of useless Abilities were the rest of those?! Actually, were those even Abilities? She has never seen anything so pathetic in all of her life, and that was a lot considering how useless her own Ability was.


Sensing something approaching her, the red-haired girl speedily jumped to the side, just as she felt something flew right past her, creating light wind brushing against her cheeks. And then…that invisible attack came with a weird sound effect…


The girl took half a second to get over her surprise before instantly reacting. With a spin, she thrust her leg out and felt her foot sinking into something that weirdly felt like the flesh of a human.

“Geeeh!” The thing was only able to grunt out this much before wooden hands wrapped around it and immobilized it.

The red-haired girl stared at the wooden hands gripping onto her invisible attacker. The wheels were slowly turning in her head as she noticed a pile of clothes discarded in the corner of the room.

The girl’s turquoise eyes widened as something she neglected to consider hit her.



“Seriously,” The red-haired girl—whose names was Lucy—slammed down a mug of matcha latte in front of Midoriya. “If you just told me right off the beginning I wouldn’t have to go through all that trouble!”

“S-sorry…” Midoriya muttered meekly. He wrapped his hands around the warm mug and took a shy sip.

Lucy crossed her arm, letting out a huff as she looked over the quiet group of kids filling the small pastry shop. All the tables in the shop had to be pushed together just to fit all of them in. There was a dejected atmosphere around them—so much that Lucy didn’t feel like lecturing them anymore.

“Well…I suppose I’m at fault as well, so let’s just called it even.” She sighed before her eyes sharpened and glared daggers towards a particular boy with balls as head huddled in the corner. “Be grateful I didn’t lock that thing with Anne for the rest of the week!”

Ever since getting out, Mineta hadn’t spoken at all. He just curled up in the corner, hugging his knees close to his chest with his eyes practically budging out as he mumbled a string of incoherent words. No one dared to ask the boy just what in the world happened during their short time of separation, so they all just let him be.

"We're very sorry about his behaviour!” Iida—the ever so responsible class president—immediately shot out of the chair and bowed a perfect ninety-degree to the girl. "We’ll be sure to give him a stern talking after!”

“We’re sorry!” Yaoyorozu—the vice-president, followed as well.

With the two representatives setting an example, the rest of the students hurriedly followed—all but Bakugou who was fuming as he stabbed at his pancakes.

“L-Lucy-san!” Midoriya spoke up hesitantly. “About what happened back there…about our Quirks…”

“Ah?” Lucy looked over to the timid boy—who hadn’t looked so timid before when facing Anne. It wasn’t hard for her to understand what he’s asking.

“Don’t worry,” She said flatly. “I don’t make it a habit to blabber. What goes on here isn’t any of my business.”

“Thank you so much!” Uraraka let out a breath of relieve.

“Thank you, gero!”

“Yes! Thank you!”

“Thank you, Lucy-san!”

“Enough with the thanks.” Lucy snapped impatiently. The girl didn’t seem like she was used to having so many people thanking her. She walked behind the counter and began piling different kinds of cookies onto a plate.

“So uh…Lucy-san, is this café yours?” Uraraka asked as she looked around the cute décor of the store.

"No, I just work part-time here," Lucy stated flatly.

"Then is it okay for us to be here?" Hagakure wondered worriedly. After all, the moment Lucy brought them in, she had locked the door and closed all the blinds, making it impossible for anyone to see what’s going on inside the shop.

“The shop was closed for the day anyways.” Lucy set the plate in the middle of the table, earning a round of thanks. “And you’re all paying, so why would I have a problem with it?”

The redhead then went back to the counter, returning with a cup of steaming tea and a large Daifuku, cleanly cut in half to reveal the red bean and the deliciously ripe strawberry inside. She set it in front of Todoroki, taking the boy by surprise.

“I didn’t order this.” He told her.

“It’s on the house.” Lucy gave Todoroki a look before she grabbed a rag and began wiping the counter.

“What?!” Kaminari’s jaw dropped at the unfair treatment. “Is it the face?! Is that it?!”

“Yo! The pretty boy got charms!" Sero teased, though the person being teased had no idea what that meant.

To the corner of the room, Mineta’s mumbling got a tad louder, though no one but Jirou notice as she gave him a weird look.

Bakugou grumbled from the end of the table as he shoved another piece of pancake into his mouth.

The other students may not have seen it, but Todoroki did.

Although the girl’s eyes were seemingly meeting his, the half-fire half-ice Quirk holder felt her gaze lingering on his burnt scar. He almost touched his scar out of reflex but caught himself in time as his hand paused halfway. Changing the direction of his hand, he reached out, gently picking up the wooden fork and stabbing it into the soft Daifuku.

“Thank you.” Although he wasn’t sure what the girl's action meant, she gave him free food, so he must thank her. Lucy just kept on cleaning, showing no acknowledgment that she had heard him.

"Lucy-san," Yaoyorozu called. When Lucy just continued with her work without even lifting her head, the raven-haired girl realized that she was listening and waiting for her to continue. “Your Ability is really amazing. I’m wondering if all Ability users are as strong as yourself?”

“My Ability’s amazing?” That made Lucy paused. With her back turned to them, none of them could see what expression she was making.

“Yeah, it was super awesome!” Kirishima shouted in excitement. “I’ve never seen anything like it!”

“To make a whole new dimension like that is unreal!” Kirishima added.

“And you can even stop time!” Hagakure added.

“Your dolls were really strong as well! None of us could even damage it and there were two of them! Does that mean you got more of them?!" Midoriya greedily asked, wanting as much information as he could get with stars in his eyes.

The redhead straightened, dropping the rag before she turned around to face them. All of their praises died on their tongue when they saw the deathly stoic look on the girl’s face.

"There's nothing amazing about my Ability." She finally said, turquoise eyes tainted by a mixture of anger, sadness, and jealousy. “I envy you kids. I bet your Quirks are considered top-notched in your world.”

“How can that be?!” Iida looked offended that Lucy was selling herself out so short. "I've never even imagined a power like yours could exist in this world! With a power like that amazing, you could—!”

“Abilities aren’t the same as Quirks!” Lucy cut him off angrily.

Silence filled the room as everyone stared, shocked by her outburst.

“For you to be able to say something like that must mean I’m the first Ability user you’ve come across, huh?”

The students nodded mutely, not daring to speak, fearing it might anger the girl even more. Lucy almost wanted to laugh at how carefully they were behaving. She stared at those naïve and clean gazes—something that doesn’t exist in her world.

This was why she hated those outsiders.

“How did you guys even get to Yokohama?” She finally asked the question that’s been bothering her the entire time. At first, she thought these kids might have secretly snuck into Yokohama, but now that she thought about it, with their weak powers and low brain cells, they wouldn’t even be able to get in let alone survive a second within Yokohama.

"We're here on a field trip," Jirou answered.

“Field trip?” Lucy blinked. That was not what she had expected. 

“We’re from U.A High School. Er…it’s a school for Heroes.” Ojiro explained.

“I know what U.A High School is.” Lucy retorted. She looked around the kids before her eyes landed on a certain explosive boy. “…I thought you looked familiar! Weren’t you that brat that got kidnapped by those Villains?”

“AH?!” Bakugou hollered, the fork in his hand bending from the force he was applying.

The rest of the class tensed up, ready to jump on Bakugou the moment the boy loses control and jumps out to scream in the girl's face. After all, this topic was a sore spot for Bakugou, and for people to constantly bring it up to his face like this…they wouldn't be surprised if Bakugou literally explodes in rage.

To their surprise and relief, Bakugou just gritted his teeth and kept his bottom glued to the chair. His body was body shaking in rage but he just continued to stab his pancakes with his mutilated fork.

“W-we’ll pay for that!” Midoriya hurriedly said to Lucy whose brow had twitched when the boy had ruined the fork.

“Wait, how did you know about that?” Iida gasped once he reacted to what the girl had said. “With Bakugou and…”

“TV of course.” Lucy arched a brow as she pointed to the flat-screen television hung on the wall.

TV?!” The group shouted.

“So? You’re telling me the Port Mafia let you in because of a field trip?” Lucy asked, having no interest in explaining to these kids how television works.

“Uh…yes.” Uraraka nodded, still trying to get over the fact that there are televisions in Yokohama possibly broadcasting news from the outside world.

Lucy almost wanted to retort and tell them how it’s impossible, but when she saw those honest gazes staring at her, she felt every single hair in her body standing up unpleasantly.

“You’re kidding me.” She muttered.

These kids were serious.

These Quirk holders—Heroes-in-training—came to the city of Ability users—a city filled with criminals—with zero knowledge of what they’re in for?! Are they stupid?! 

“Is something wrong?” Midoriya looked at the girl in concern, feeling that something wasn’t right.

“Is something wrong? Are you idiots?!” Lucy looked at them in disbelief. “You should consider yourselves lucky you’re still alive!”

“W-what do you mean?” Hagakure asked.

“Since you outsiders just arrived, you wouldn’t know, but the underground is a mess right now!”

“By underground do you mean the Port Mafia?” Tokoyami asked.

“Did you really think the only criminal organization in this place is Port Mafia?” Lucy huffed. “Seriously, you guys don’t’ know anything and you still dared to come in here?”

The students couldn’t say anything back to that. They knew coming in here was dangerous, but after everything they saw, they sort of just brushed the danger aside despite knowing that this place was controlled by the Port Mafia.

“There are two worlds in Yokohama.” She stretched out a hand, gesturing to the blinds protecting them from the views of the outside.

“Ordinary people,” She then brought her outstretched hand and gestured to herself. “And Ability users. Ordinary people know the existence of Ability users, but that's it. Unless it’s those who have ties with the underworld, Ability users never interfere with them.”

"What do you mean they don't interfere?" Iida frowned, not understanding what she meant. After all, they lived in the same city, how could they not interact with one another? “Wouldn’t there be Ability users using their powers for evil?”

“There’s no good or evil in battles with Ability users.” Lucy scoffed. “Don’t put us on the same level as those Villains of yours.”

“But evil is evil and good is good.” Asui pointed out. “There’s always a difference, gero.”

“Oh?” Lucy looked down on them like looking at some five years old. “Then what’s evil?”

“Like robbing a bank!” Ashido shouted, eager to bring up the first example. After all, bank robberies were extremely common in their world. It was one of the most frequent crimes. "If you have so many Quirkless—I mean, ordinary people, wouldn’t it be easy to rob a bank?”

“And?” Lucy didn’t look impressed as she put her hands on her hips. “Why would anyone rob a bank?”

"Uh…because they want money," Kirishima replied as if it’s the most obvious thing.


“Get rich of course.” The lightning boy gave the girl a weird look. Why she was asking such obvious things?

“Ability users have no interest in such materialistic things as only getting rich," Lucy replied. “If they do want money, they get it through their own powers, not something as petty as robbing a bank. Do you really think robbing a bank would give you that much money? There’s no Ability user anywhere in the world that would do something so stupid. You brats live in an easy world. You’re all pampered the moment you’re born, that’s why you have Villains going after something so pointless.”

Midoriya’s eyes widened at Lucy’s use of words.

Ability user anywhere in the world—he was certain that was what she had said.

“Lucy-san.” Midoriya didn’t know why it never occurred to him before. Her name and looks were obviously not Japanese. Yokohama has been sealed for centuries—even if there were foreigners at that time, it was unthinkable that there would still be any left after so many years. “Where did you come from?”

That grabbed the rest of the class's attention as they looked at Lucy with a mixture of confusion and shock.

"America," Lucy replied easily, not even going to hide the fact that she was not from Yokohama.

“Wait, you’re American?!” Kirishima gasped.

“There are Old Humans and Ability users in America?!” Uraraka shouted in surprise.

“…Who knows?” Lucy wondered as well. “As far as I know, we’re the last ones in America.”

“Did something happen?” Yaoyorozu was hesitant to ask, fearing she might have asked something improper.

“No, our populations declined, that’s all.” Lucy sighed. “There are still some organizations surviving in other countries with strong Ability users holding the organizations together, but sooner or later they’ll be wiped out through time. Not all of us were able to preserve an entire city like Yokohama, it’s only natural we’ll slowly die out.”

“If population is a problem…why not just live in the open?” Yaoyorozu asked. “I’m sure the governments of any country will be glad to have you!”

"…Are you serious?" Lucy's eyes were dilated as she stared intensely at the ponytailed girl. "Do you even know what you people will do to us when we reveal ourselves in the outside world?!”

Lucy didn’t give Yaoyorozu the chance to respond. She just continued on.

“I’ll tell you what! We’ll be captured, experimented on and those with Ability will be used by your governments as tools!”

“We wouldn’t do that!” Iida immediately argued.

Lucy laughed. “Are you stupid or are you just ignorant of how the world works? You’re all what, sixteen? Are you seriously telling me that you don’t think your government will try to capture an alien species if they suddenly appeared within their arm’s reach?

“Alien?” Ashido looked at Lucy weirdly. “What alien?”

“It’s a metaphor.” Lucy deadpanned. “I’m saying that to your people, we might as well be aliens—although it’s you people who are the aliens.”

“What are you talking about?” Kirishima asked, unable to follow her words at all.

“You kids kept calling us Old Humans. Did you seriously think after so many years, we're still the same species?"

"Lucy-san…could it be that you know how Quirk came to be?" At Uraraka’s question, everyone looked at Lucy with surprise in their eyes. After all, this was humanity's biggest mystery of all time. Through years, there were only speculations, but no scientists have ever confirmed the truth behind the appearance of Quirks.

"It's not some secret," Lucy replied.

“Then can you tell us?!” Uraraka pleaded.

“Yes, we want to know too!” Yaoyorzu nodded frantically. 

It was a virus brought into earth by a meteor," Lucy explained. “A meteor entered the earth’s atmosphere, but it dissolved into pieces from the force so the people at the times didn’t think much about it. In truth, that meteor was carrying a weird type of virus from outer space. When the meteor dissolved, the virus quickly spread throughout the earth’s atmosphere and became the air people breathed. I’m sure you can imagine what happened after breathing in these viruses for five continuous years. In those five years’ time, the virus spread through the body and that was what sparked the first change in humans and caused them to develop mutations.”

The students listened with their jaws hitting the floor. Outer world virus?! That was where Quirk came from?

"Wait, so we've been breathing in these viruses our entire life?!" Kaminari shouted in horror.

"They don't exist anymore," Lucy told him. "The viruses disappeared eighty-six after its appearance—presumably absorbed by your ancestors. The outside air right now isn't much different than in for some pollution issues.”

“So…what happened?” Uraraka couldn’t help but wanted to know. What exactly had happened in the past that separated people like Lucy from the rest of the world?

“You can’t count on the governments to do much," Lucy said mockingly. It was clear she harboured no love for the governments. “The only ones that acted were different Organizations scattered around the world in the underground. Whatever those viruses were, they got no effect on Ability users. Being the only ones still able to maintain order and with Ability users that have immunity, each organization separated themselves from the rest of the world. Some created a literal underground world while others sealed themselves within a barrier like Yokohama.”

“But wouldn’t you still breathe in the air, gero? You said it took five years before the mutation fully started, correct?” Asui asked.

“They developed a vaccine," Lucy replied. "I don't know which country's organization developed it first, but one of them created a vaccine to counter the virus within a year after Quirk began to appear. In early stages, while the virus still hasn't taken root, it was still possible to kill it and revert humans back to normal. For a price, that organization sold the formula to other organizations. That’s why we’re still able to keep our genes clean from the invasion of viruses.”

“Wait, but if those people had the cure, why didn’t they give it to the government?” Iida furrowed his brows in disapproval. “Wouldn’t that save the world from falling apart?”

Hah?” Lucy looked at the glassed boy as if he was stupid. “Why would they do that?”

“What do you mean why?” Iida whispered. “For the sake of the world, of course!”

Lucy almost laughed at that dumb remark. No, actually, she did laugh. It was a sarcastic laugh as she looked at Iida as if looking at a moron.

For the sake of the world.” She parroted. “Here’s something to keep in mind while you’re here. Whether it is Ability users of the past or now, we don’t care about the world.”

She leaned close to Iida, towering over him and making him shrink back as maniac rolled off her body.

“Before the appearance of Quirks, Ability users were dangerous and deemed by the public as threats. I just said the underground. Do you think organizations with Ability users were lawful ones? If I was in your world I’d be branded as criminal as well.”

“Did you do something bad, Lucy-san?” Hagakure swallowed hard as she looked at Lucy.

“When we came to Yokohama, we also tried to burn this entire city to the ground," Lucy said so casually that no one would think there was anything wrong with her sentences until the words registered into their brains.


“To be precise, the one who wanted to burn down Yokohama was my old boss.” Lucy clarified. “Well, lots of things happened. Right now I’m just another resident in Yokohama.”

“Y-you tried to murder an entire city?!” Aoyama was hysterical. No one could blame him though, as they were all reeling from shock.

“W-wait! If you’re some sort of terrorist…shouldn’t you be arrested?” Kaminari gapped.

Lucy arched a brow at how the boy called her a terrorist. That was a new one. “I got their citizenship.”

“That’s not what I meant—they gave you citizenship after you tried to burn their city?!”

“That was in the past. Besides, it wasn’t like the plan succeeded. The Port Mafia shut us down before we can get there. So anyways, do you understand now?” Lucy dismissed the panicking kids, not interested in talking about the past.

“After so many years, the virus has merged with your DNA, creating completely new ones different from real humans. It’s only our appearance that looked similar, but we’re already two separate species. We had been since hundreds of years ago after the virus took root. Do you ever wonder why Abilities doesn’t exist in the outside world? Like Quirk that never manifest on Ability users, Ability will never manifest on Quirk holder. It doesn’t matter if they are Quirkless, because Ability only occurs in humans."

The kids fell silent after hearing the end of the story.

 Sure, they were shocked at the origin of Quirks, but they were listening with the mindset of hearing just an old story—a truth that no one in the outside world has discovered yet. The thought of being aliens never occurred to any of them or affected them in any way.

Perhaps it just hadn't fully sunk in yet, as the story sounded too surreal and distant for them to link it to themselves.

“Can we ask…uh…how did the Port Mafia…?” Yaoyorozu began hesitantly. The moment the girl mentioned the Port Mafia, that had become the center of their attention. After all, this was a valuable chance for them to know the enemy.   

“There’s nothing to talk about.” Lucy picked up her rag and began cleaning again. “We were completely crushed, that’s all. As far as I know, only me and three other people survived—the rest were all killed. Though the other girl that was close to my old boss believed he was still alive and went off looking for him.”

To say the kids were more shocked by how she so casually talked about her comrades’ deaths than knowing the origin of Quirk was an understatement. How could she act as if she was just talking about the weather? She didn’t even show the slightest bit of remorse, anger or sadness over their deaths.

“Do you hate the Port Mafia?” Uraraka whispered softly.

“No.” Lucy still had that not-my-problem tone. “It was our loss. That’s how things work in the world. There’s no point in resenting over anything. The loser dies and the winner lives.”

Her attitude and tone sent a chill down all the kids’ backs. How could she say this? What exactly did she go through to make her say something like that as if it was completely natural?

“Besides,” Lucy continued, “it wasn’t like we ever had a chance of winning. From the beginning to end, everything was in the palm of that person’s hand.”

That person?” Tokoyami spoke for the first in a long time.

"The boss of Port Mafia," Lucy replied.

“Did you meet them? The boss of Port Mafia?” Midoriya wore a serious expression as he stared at Lucy. The shyness he had when he first sat down in the shop was all gone by now.

“Never mind the boss, we never even saw any of his executives.” Lucy snorted as if mocking herself from that time. “Not a single one of them appeared when we invaded Yokohama. He only sent out his successors and their underlings to deal with us. From the very beginning, we were used by the Port Mafia boss to train his successors.”


The kids looked around one another.

“That’s why I said you guys got here at a bad time.” Lucy turned to them with a solemn look in those turquoise eyes. “The Port Mafia boss announced that he will choose the next boss of Port Mafia by the end of this week. There are two successors. The last to stand will become the next to lead Port Mafia. After that announcement, everyone in Port Mafia started choosing sides. The underground is also a mess right now with various organizations plotting to use this chance to overthrow the Port Mafia. A war is coming.”

Chapter Text


The table shook from the force as Aizawa stood there, ignoring the stinging pain in his palm as he glared at the blond man sitting across from them.

“We’re leaving. Right now.” He practically growled out, his tone leaving no room for argument.

Toshinori also couldn’t believe what he had just heard. A war? Yokohama wasn’t that big, and considering the density of the population, how many innocent deaths will be involved?

“Please calm down.” Kunikida sighed, already knowing this was how the two teachers will react when he tells them Yokohama’s current situation. He couldn’t blame them. It would be abnormal if they had reacted any differently. “Regardless of how it sounded, I don’t believe your students will be put at risk.”

“How do you know that for sure?” Toshinori’s expression was grim as he regarded the man.

“At the very least, I know that the Port Mafia won’t back away from any promises. Not their boss. He guaranteed yours and your students’ safety under the condition that your Quirks are not to be used. I can’t imagine that he’s unaware of the mess that he had caused.” Kunikida explained. “That and even if you want to leave, I doubt they will let you.”

“What do you mean?” Aizawa narrowed his eyes.

"I don't know for what reason the Port Mafia would let you and your students into our city at such time, but he is a scheming man. It's unthinkable that he would do something like this without a motive. So until the end of your stay, I doubt they will listen to your request to leave."

"You know the Port Mafia boss quiet well," Aizawa noted with some irritation.

“The Armed Detective Agency currently has a peace treaty with the Port Mafia. I have met him on two separate occasions. I can at least tell you that much.”

Toshinori thought back to the Port Mafia boss he had met so long ago. The man was indeed scheming, yet despite everything, Toshinori’s instinct still told him that the man wouldn’t lie on an agreement.

“If he’s a scheming man like you said, then doesn’t that mean there’s a reason for him to invite us here? Or to be precise, our students?” Aizawa argued, though he was much calmer than he initially was when the news was dropped over their heads.

“I’m sure there is.” Kunikida leaned back in his seat, drumming his fingers along the table edge. “But what will you do knowing that? This is Yokohama, you are in the Port Mafia’s territory. You are free to go to their headquarters, but you’ll be stopped before you can even get close, let alone meeting the boss himself.”

Aizawa gritted his teeth, unable to say anything to that. Even without Kunikida telling him, he knew the chances of them being able to meet the infamous Mafia boss was pretty much nonexistent.

The raven-haired man sat back down. He felt his head starting to throb just thinking of the rest of the week. For the first time in his life, Aizawa wanted to grab an electric razor and run it down a certain principal’s back. Perhaps he can consider doing some shopping later on…

“If a war breaks out…what will happen to this city?” Toshinori asked softly as he thought back to all the people he saw on the buses and the people he met fourteen years ago. What will happen to all of them?

“…Yokohama will be bathed in blood.” Kunikida replied with a heavy look. “As a general rule, the underground organizations wouldn’t attack civilians, as there is nothing to gain in doing so. The only thing they’ll achieve from that is getting the Port Mafia and government after them. However…the war this time is not only centered on Port Mafia’s successors, but also the possibility of bringing Port Mafia down. I doubt any of those organizations will care about the civilians’ safety. The government alone cannot protect Yokohama.”

“You said this time, has there been a war in Yokohama before?” Aizawa asked, sharply catching onto the man’s choice of words.

“Yes,” Kunikida didn’t bother hiding this fact from the two teachers. After all, they deserve to know what they will be dragged into. “Six years ago, in fact. We called it the Dragon's Head Conflict.”

“What happened?” Toshinori asked, feeling his heart skip a beat as he thought back to all those faces that flashed by his eyes as if it was only yesterday. Those children—all of them—were they alright? What of that businessman that bumped into him? What of that mother and daughter from the park? What of those elderly couples he met on his way to confront the Port Mafia?

“An Ability user died, leaving behind an enormous amount of fortune. Many criminal organizations with strong Ability users began a battle to claim it. The incident turned Yokohama into a bloody battlefield that lasted for eighty-eight days.” Kunikida clicked his teeth, obviously not keen on remembering the scenes of that time. “And now the Port Mafia started the Selection War. Those bastards!”

“Is that what you call it? Selection War?” Aizawa’s brows furrowed at the name they had given it.

"It's what the underground is calling it these days." Kunikida sighed as he rubbed the bridge of his nose.

“Those successors—who are they?” Toshinori inquired. He thought back to that young boy in bandages he met in the Port Mafia boss’s office that day…

Could it be him?

“As part of the agreement the Agency has with the Port Mafia, I am not allowed to disclose any information regarding the Port Mafia, including their members. Though there is one thing I can show you. Perhaps after seeing this, you’ll change your perspective on some things.”

With that, the blond pulled out his cellphone.

Aizawa and Toshinori thought the man was going to show them something on his phone…until his hand swiped over his screen. The two jumped up, eyes sharp and alert as the entire room began to change.

“Relax.” Kunikida’s calm voice echoed as darkness enveloped them. “I’m just turning on the television.”


Screams and yelps resonated through the air as they were engulfed by darkness.

There were stumbling noises and sounds of chair legs scratching against the finely polished floor. There were gasps and yelps as the students bump into one another, trying to figure out why they suddenly became blind.

And then, the darkness gradually faded away, slowly letting their eyes adjust as they stood within a sea of white.

Lucy pulled her hand away from the wall, leaving behind a faint blue handprint that vanished as quickly as it had appeared. She walked over, hands on her hip as she gazed down at them as if they were idiots.

Which…they probably look the part at the moment, considering how most of them had fallen flat on their butt during the moment of confusion.

“What was that?!” Ashido gapped from where she sat, having stumbled over her chair in the darkness.

“Is this your power, Lucy-san?” Uraraka looked around the pure white space, unable to tell if there were any celling or walls around this place.

"No, we're still in the shop," Lucy replied. "I just opened up the TV, that's all."

“…TV?” Midoriya blinked. What does a TV have to do with turning an entire room black and white?

“Well, I suppose I can’t blame you. I was surprised at first too.” Lucy hummed. “Although our technologies back in America were also advance, it was always for weapons. We’ve never invested in luxury things like these.”

With a wave of her hand, a screen appeared in front of her.

“Is that a hologram?!” Kaminari gapped, jaw nearly hitting the floor.

“I told you, this is just a TV.” Lucy held up both of her hands. A keyboard materialized in front of her and she began typing. “Usually they’re only installed in homes, but a lot of shops also use them to decorate their interior. The entire room is built with some sort of micro…” She trailed off, seeming to have difficulties in coming with an explanation. “…Just think of this entire room as a projection—or virtual reality—whatever you want to think.”

“Then what about that other TV? The one from before?” Kirishima asked, stepping forward only to yelp as he fell against something, making loud clattering noises. To the other students, the blond looked extremely dumb standing there with his waist bent at a perfect ninety-degree. His arms were spread out wide and his face was smeared against an invisible object supporting his upper body. 

“The table’s still there! If you break any you’re paying for them!” Lucy snapped.

The blond mumbled a weak apology.

“Your TVs are called Framed TV here. You can’t expect people to watch the outside channels with this kind of TV, can you?” Lucy retorted as if that was a no-brainer.

The white room changed once more and in a blink of an eye, class 1-A found themselves in the middle of a road. They couldn’t see the sky at all, as everything was covered in green mist. The entire street looked abandoned, with cars smashed into one another as if there had been a huge traffic accident no too long ago. Even one of the lamp posts was knocked over.

There wasn’t a single soul around. Not on the street, and certainly not in those crashed vehicles. There wasn’t even the slightest bit of sound. The only indication that time was even moving in this place was the eerie green fog shifting around them.

“What is this place?” Aoyama whimpered, face as green as the mist as he nervously looked around. He let out a rather loud sneeze, shivering as he rubbed his arms up and down for warmth. "And is it just me or is it cold?"

“Gero, it feels moist too.” Asui stared down at her hands. She could feel her pores opening up just to absorb the extra moisture in the air.

“Ah…that's just the AC and sprinklers," Lucy replied. “The room will create effects to replicate everything happening within the footage to make it seem more realistic.”

“It’s real enough as it is…” Sato muttered.

“Tokoyami-kun, will you be alright?” Shouji asked attentively as Tokoyami gave a shaky nod. The boy was still reeling from the sudden, unexpected exposure to pure darkness. Thankfully it had only lasted a short moment. At least right now, there were still light sources around, so he was fine.

“Hey, look at—ouch!” Kaminari fell over again, presumably tripping over someone’s fallen chair.

“I told you to watch it!” Lucy shouted.

“Sorry!” Kaminari rubbed his sore knees as he pointed at the cars. “There’s no one inside, but look at that.”

Everyone looked towards the nearest car. The seatbelt in both the driver and passenger seats were buckled. There was a spilled cup of coffee in the driver seat and a phone in the passenger seat.

It was as if the people in that vehicle suddenly vanished into thin air in the middle of driving down the road.

“Where is this place?” Tokoyami looked around before he spotted something across the street. It was hard to see through the darkness and mist, but his eyes were sharper than the rest of his classmates and immediately recognized the building.


“Everyone, you might want to see this!” Shouji called, having followed Tokoyami’s gaze and saw it as well. The rest of the class glanced over to where Shouji was pointing. It took some time, but eventually, they recognized what that building was.

“Isn’t that the library we were just at?” Midoriya gasped in shock.

“Yes. What you’re seeing right now is the Yokohama from one month ago.” Lucy replied calmly. "You guys wanted to know more about the Port Mafia right? I'm showing it to you right now. A month ago, all Ability users inside Yokohama were attacked.”

“Attacked?!” Kirishima gasped.

“Was it a Villain?!” Hagakure asked with worries.

“We don’t have Villains.” Lucy rolled her eyes. What’s with these kids and their automatic responses to Villains? “One night, I woke up and the entire city was covered in green fog. It was too quiet, so I went out and look around. Everywhere I go, the street was empty just like this one. I walked around but I couldn’t find anyone.”

The group swallowed hard as if they were listening to some horror stories. 

“Then, one moment I was in the street, the next I was in Anne's chamber."

“What do you mean by that?” Iida’s eyebrows furrowed. From how the older girl had explained, it sounded as if her Ability activated without her consent.

“This weird fog made all ordinary people disappeared, leaving behind only Ability users," Lucy explained. "This fog was created by an Ability user with the power to separate us from our Abilities, giving our Abilities physical form. Everyone trapped in this fog was forced to fight against our own Ability. Basically, we're made to fight as normal humans against something not human. If we can't win, we'll be killed.”

A shiver ran down the student's spines as they took in the news. They have never heard of anything like it…nor did they dare to think about it. After all, how does a normal person fight against something like that? It was better for those who have supportive Quirks, but the destructive ones? They’ll die!

To Midoriya, this news also brought back memories of before his encounter with All Might. He remembered those bitter times, the despair he felt every single time someone reminded him of how he could never become a Hero because he didn’t have Quirk. Because a normal human being could never fight against someone with a Quirk…it just wasn’t possible.

“How did you do it?” Midoriya asked, his voice hush yet it successfully reached the girl.

"I didn't," Lucy replied, grinding her teeth in frustration at the memory. “I was only fortunate that my Ability is weak and wasn’t made for killing. The only way for my Ability to kill me was to strangle me to death. All I did was close my hands around my neck and held it out.” She said as she put her hands around her neck to show them what she did at the time.

That was when the students paid attention to the white bandages wrapped around her hands. They noticed her bandaged fingers before, but none of them thought much of it. At the time they were too busy fighting the older girl, then afterward they were too entranced by the stories the girl would tell them.

Now, with her hands lifted to her neck, the bandages perfectly mapped out the exact area of invisible hands trying to snap her neck off.

"Y-you're hands…!" Yaoyorzu brought her hands to her mouth, staring at the redhead’s fingers in horror.

“Oh, my bones were crushed from that time.” Lucy shrugged. Shrugged.

None of them know what to say, or how to react. They couldn’t even begin to imagine how Lucy must have felt, trapped inside her own dimension, completely alone and hopeless—yet she somehow endured it through.

And now, she was retelling them like it wasn’t a big deal.

“I told you before how ordinary people live a different life than us, right? Any houses and streets that were destroyed during this battle, the government covered it up with lies. Gas explosion, chemical hazard…whatever that sounds believable. After that, they will quickly reconstruct the destroyed part of the city and compensate the people for their losses. Those ordinary people never knew what had happened that night.”

“That’s…” Midoriya wasn’t sure how he felt about it. When Lucy had told them this at first, he just found it amazing how two worlds can co-exist together without interfering with one another. But now, it just sounded…unfair. Don't ordinary people have the right to know? What if they died because they were dragged into it? Would the government cover that up with lies as well?  

And Ability users…to live in a world like this yet the people that walked by them had no idea to the danger they were exposed sounded lonely.

“What happened next?” Uraraka asked softly.

“Well, the Port Mafia defeated this guy that created the mist and the people that survived got their Abilities back.”

“Port Mafia?!” Kirishima gasped.

“I’ve only heard about this from other Ability users afterward," Lucy explained. "I don't know the details, but there's a rumour going around saying that the ones that killed him were the Port Mafia boss's successors." 

“Do you have pictures of them we can look at?” Midoriya asked hopefully.

“No, it’s impossible to find any video or pictures of them. That’s why I’m showing you this. It’s the closest thing I have.”

“This video?” Jirou looked around this place.

“This was taken with a tracking-cam—the camera that recorded all this.” Lucy waved a hand at their surroundings. “There were a lot of videos regarding this incident in the underground site, but this one went viral the moment it was posted.”

Lucy clapped her hands, and the world began to move.

They could hear the loud panting sound of a male against their ears, but no matter where they looked, they couldn’t find the source of the voice. They soon realized that this panting sound must be from the person recording this.

A loud, deafening roar shook the land, causing ringing in their ears as alarms went off in their heads. All of their hairs stood on its roots as the kids looked around, heart beating as they tried to find the source of that inhumane roar.

Everything felt so real that none of the remembered how this was all fake.

A blast of wind shot up from their feet and all of a sudden, they were flying towards the sky.

“KYAAAA!” Aoyama screamed, having fallen on his butt as he clenched onto the nearest leg he could find, which was Sato’s.

“Shut up, it’s just a video!” Bakugou shouted.

“AAAAAH!” Mineta joined in the screaming, having come back to his senses just as they were blasted into the sky. “W-what’s going on?! Why the heck are we in the sky?!”

“It must be this person’s Ability!” Midoriya shouted through the howling wind, being one of the rare ones to keep steady despite how everything around him was trying to indicate that they were airborne.

“Well, yeah, but…!” Kaminari wasn’t able to finish as another roar pounded against their eardrums. For a second they thought their hearts were going to stop.

It felt like forever before they emerged from the thick clouds of mist and into the night sky opened up before them.

The whistling of wind softened as their surroundings eased to a slow stop. Instead of relief, the kids' faces became drained of blood as they stared at what was in front of them.

In the distant, emerging from the thick green mist was a crimson creature.

That gigantic jaw parted, revealing sharp rows of teeth as that familiar roar along with pressure they’ve never felt before sent them collapsing onto their knees, unable to keep standing in the face of a foe that was impossible to beat…


Toshinori’s lips trembled so hard that he had to grit his teeth and put a hand over his mouth to compose himself.

Aizawa was doing no better. His hands were rolled into tight, quivering fists as he stared at the thing below them.

The giant dragon slowly lifting its head out of the sea of green fog and let out an ear-shattering roar.

“The government called this the Dragon Breath Incident.” Kunikida explained. “That dragon was the result of the combination of all Abilities the Ability user—Tatsuhiko Shibusawa—has collected.”

Toshinori felt a bead of sweat rolled down his face. It was just a recording, but even if it wasn’t real, he could feel the pressure rolling off the dragon. He couldn’t imagine what it would be like if he stood in front of the real thing.

Even in his prime, Toshinori knew he would not be able to defeat this. Not a monster this size. No, he can’t even call it a monster.

This was a catastrophe.

And what’s more…this was just a month ago? How was Yokohama still standing? He hadn't seen anything that indicated a huge battle like this had taken place in such a short amount of time.

The world around them suddenly changed.

Instead of being in the sky looking down at the dragon, they were suddenly standing in the interior of a plane. The hatch was open, revealing the full moon and the thick green mist blanketing the city.

Standing before all that was a lone figure dressed in nothing but black.

He was a very slender man. His back was turned to them so they couldn’t see his face, but from those black suits and fedora—as well as the posture of his stance—he seemed very young. He stood before the open hatchet, hands tucked in his pockets as the wild wind blew around him.

On the man’s left wrist, there was an object flickering silvery light into their eyes every time the wind blew it into the right angle. When both teachers looked closely, they realized that the thing around the man’s wrist was a handcuff.

It looked new—the silver of the handcuff was polished so fine that it shone brighter than everything else on this aircraft. The handcuff had no chain, nor did it have another cuff that was supposed to come in pair with it.

It was an...unusual sight. Just as Toshinori and Aizawa began to wonder if this was a convict that just broke out of jail, a voice spoke against their ears.

“Are you really going?” It was a woman’s voice.

When they didn’t see another person, Toshinori and Aizawa guessed that either this camera—however it worked—recorded the scene around her or she was later edited out of this video.

Looking through the hatch, the two U.A teachers could see the crimson body snaking out of the mist as another mighty roar echoed across the sky.

“It’s no use!” The girl raised her voice firmly. “It’s an Ability against a human. That thing is a monster beyond human comprehension. If you get too confident and fight it…you’ll die.”

Both men could hear the urgency in the woman’s voice despite how well she tried to control it. Unknowingly, both of them were holding their breaths as they stared at the shadow of the man standing before the moon.

The man, without ever turning to look behind him, said this; “That’s not a reason to chicken out and go home.”

His voice was calm and smooth as if the subject they were discussing wasn't his potential death. If anything, he sounded more like a tired employee complaining about work.

“Do you know when it’s alright to chicken out and go home?”

There was no immediate response, but with how realistic their surroundings were, Toshinori and Aizawa were able to feel the tension. It felt as if they were really there when the recording took place. Although they couldn’t see the woman, they could hear the soft sound of her breaths carried to their ears by the wind and feel her struggles to come up with the right answer.

“…I do not,” She finally said.

The man didn’t show any reaction to that, as if he already knew this was her answer.

“There is no such time.” He replied calmly.

With that, the man dashed forward and jumped out of the plane without an ounce of hesitation.

Toshinori jumped forward, ignoring the clattering sound chair getting pushed away as he stared, eyes gleaming in awe as the camera changed once more, going back to the outside as they watched the man disappeared into the green mist, only to re-emerge with pieces of broken concretes.

Debris hovered all over the air, creating a platform that the man used as he dashed towards the dragon.

“What is that power?” Aizawa muttered, never once taking his eyes away from the scene. His eyes were very much mirroring Toshinori’s. At this moment, they were both feeling the same thing towards this unknown man.

It was the most common gaze a Hero would usually show another Hero—respect.

“...It’s gravity manipulation.” Kunikida replied after some thought. It was as if he was trying to judge whether or not such a small piece of information would go against the treaty with the Port Mafia.

Neither Toshinori or Aizawa missed how carefully he was threading this matter. The two teachers turned back to the battle between a man and a dragon.

They watched as both sides fired their attacks. Despite being so different in sizes, the reddish orb the man threw out apparently has the same power and force as the dragon. When both attacks collided, they mingled and merged, turning into a blue explosion that turned everything into white before their views suddenly changed.

Now, they were looking at the battle from an even further distance. Toshinori and Aizawa knew that the previous camera got destroyed by that blast. From a much further distant, they could see the explosion better…except it wasn’t an explosion like they thought it would be. There was no smoke and fire from the explosion. There was just the blinding orb of light, denigrating everything it touched as it expanded.

And then, as if out of energy, the blast began to shrink smaller and smaller until it vanished out of existence.

“What—!” Before Toshinori could finish whatever he had intended to say, a loud sound brought their attention downward as a…a skyscraper emerged out of the heavy mist.

The two stared, dumbfounded by the sight.



The sound of concrete smacking against the head of the dragon made all the students jolted.


When the building smacked the dragon again, all of their jaws had met the ground.

When that building was being shoved down the creature’s throat, words could not describe anything of what they were feeling anymore.

It was amazing—no, more than just amazing!

Since they were so far away, they couldn’t see too clearly, but that black silhouette in the distance fighting with the dragon was definitely a person!

They all sat on the floor, staring into space despite how the room had long returned to normal after the video ended.

Lucy stood in front of the stupefied kids, waiting for them to snap out on their own.

She waited for one minute…then two…then…

“HEY!” She barked after five full minutes.

The kids nearly jumped out of their skins as they looked around, having no idea when the room had gone back to normal.

“Lucy-san, that was…?” Midoriya trailed off, not sure how to describe it.

“That person you saw fighting that dragon is one of the Port Mafia.” Lucy had expected some response to that, but when she got none, she looked down to see all of these kids looking to be in some sort of deep thought.

“So…that person was one of the successors?" Iida asked calmly, much to Lucy's surprise. She had expected bigger responses, but then again, it was no surprise these kids would think that way.

"No." Her response was short and simple. She waved her hand, bringing up another holographic screen as her bandaged swiftly glided over the keyboards. “I don’t know too much about the Port Mafia, but there is a saying around here. Those who oppose the Port Mafia will be crushed by vicious gravity.”

“Gravity?” Uraraka’s eyes widened in shock. Just as the brunette opened her mouth to ask, Lucy spun the holographic screen around, revealing a long list filled with the items they had ordered since arriving in the café—minus the Daifuku and cup of tea of course.

She held up her right hand as a credit card machine appeared out of nowhere and fell into her waiting palm.

“Card or cash?”


The fight was completely one-sided.

From the beginning, there was no competition at all. Although they had no idea what happened after the dragon exploded—the man had won.

“Kunikida-san, who was he?” Toshinori had to know. He could feel his heart racing in amazement as well as respect for the man. When the other blond gave him a pointed look, the ex-Hero remembered what Kunikida had said about the Agency’s treaty of keeping silent.

Perhaps he looked a bit too dejected, for that Kunikida’s eyes softened and said, “I’m sure you can guess what position a person of his caliber would be.”

It was a hint.

With zero knowledge of Abilities or the Port Mafia, Toshinori and Aizawa couldn’t fathom what position this man would be within the world’s largest criminal organization. If Kunikida had told them that he was just a low ranked grunt within the organization, they would find it extremely hard to believe, but may still take his word for it.

By saying what he had said, Kunikida was hinting them that this man was very high up in rank. High up, but not yet the boss. That can only mean that he was someone in an important position close to the boss.

“The Port Mafia guards their secrets close. The only reason I am able to show you that video was because similar videos of this battle have been circulating the internet. The Port Mafia made no move to take it down, so it’s the only safe material I can use without violating our treaty.”

Kunikida leaned forward with his hands laced together on the table. He stared at the two teachers in front of him seriously.

“In a battle against that man, how do you think you will fare?”


Against a battle with that?

Toshinori didn’t involve himself in this conversation. After all, he can no longer fight, despite how much he wished to test out his strength with that man, to see just how far apart they were.

Aizawa’s thought process was different than his companion’s. After all, if he could erase that Ability then there may be a chance…

“I know about your Quirk, Aizawa-san.” Kunikida cut in, as if knowing what the other male was thinking. “You are thirty-one this year. The legal age for Heroes to begin their career is eighteen. Let’s say you’ve begun at that time, you will have thirteen years of experience in combat.”

Aizawa stared at the man, wondering where he was getting at.

“In Yokohama’s underground, there are no children—especially Ability users.”

Toshinori’s eyes widened as he instantly understood where Kunikida was getting with this. After all, he had experienced that harsh truth first hand.

“The moment they are born, they are thrown into the world and have to fend for themselves. It’s a battle of survival for them. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say an actual thirteen years old would have the same amount of experience as you. Only idiots would fully rely on their Abilities, and the Port Mafia got no such idiots. Even if you are capable of erasing their powers, I can tell you that you will die.”

Aizawa’s eyes narrowed. If he was capable?

“You may have years of experience fighting against Villains, but unlike Villains, the criminals in Yokohama are trained professionals. Combat, stealth, assassination—these are the basic skills required for even the lowest rank within the Port Mafia. Above that, all of them have remarkable marksmanship—and you’ll find that firearms are extremely common here in Yokohama. As far as I understand, you are not bulletproof nor do you possess the speed to dodge them.”

As much as Aizawa didn’t want to admit, Kunikida was right. Against trained professional, his self-taught style was indeed lacking in many aspects—mainly because his fighting style was created for capturing his targets, not kill.

“Kunikida-san.” Aizawa looked up at the man. “You said if my Quirk works…”

Toshinori looked up in surprise, having not caught that small detail, unlike the raven. Both teachers stared at Kunikida who opened up his notebook and took out his pen.

“Use your Quirk on me, Aizawa-san.”

Aizawa looked at Kunikida, then slowly to the notebook in his hand. He closed his eyes briefly to moisten his painfully dried eyeballs before snapping them open as his hair fluttered into the air. Crimson light gleamed within his eyes as Kunikida who began to write something into his booklet. When he tore out a page, blue rings of light wrapped around the piece of paper and in a blinding light, a small teddy bear appeared in the man’s hand.

The blond set the toy onto the table and gently closed his notebook.

“This is my Ability: Doppo Poet.” He explained. “I can materialize anything I write within my notebook. However, the object itself cannot be larger than the page. Do you understand now, Aizawa-san? Your Quirk does not affect Ability users."

Toshinori stared at the bear in disbelieve. He was watching from the sideline and knew for certain that Aizawa had activated his Quirk. So how?

“Could it be?!” Toshinori snapped up as the answer suddenly came into his mind.

“So that’s it,” Aizawa remembered back to the quick lesson Nezu had given them on the differences between Ability and Quirk.

“…Abilities are different. These powers were not created through gene.”

“My Quirk stops the genes that make up another Quirk, but Abilities are not part of the genes.”

“Yes.” Kunikida nodded, confirming his theory. “Quirks that affect other Quirks cannot work on Abilities. Likewise, Abilities that affect other Abilities will not work on Quirks.”

“Kunikida-san,” Toshinori cut in, “what are Quirk and Ability?”

“…To this day and age, we still haven’t found the answer behind the existence of Abilities. However, I can tell you how Quirk came to be.” Kunikida leaned back. He looked like he was ready to tell a very long story when a ringing sound filled the room.

“Excuse me,” He stood up and pulled out a phone from his pocket. He didn’t leave like the two teachers thought he would and just picked up the call right in front of them.

“What is it?” That was the first thing he said, no greetings or anything. Whoever was on the other side, they must be close.

Toshinori and Aizawa couldn’t hear anything, but whatever the person on the other end was saying, it can’t be good considering how Kunikida’s face was getting redder and redder until veins stuck out from his forehead.


The lens of his glasses cracked.


At the same time, the door suddenly opened, revealing the secretary who jumped from the outburst she had walked into.

“Kunikida-san.” She called hesitantly, holding out a white envelope with a scarlet wax seal on it. “I found this letter stuck on the door. It’s addressed to you.”


“Thank you so much, Lucy-san!”

The group stood outside of the café, bowing respectfully towards the red-haired girl standing by the doorway.

“Yeah, yeah, try to stay out of trouble.” The girl huffed, arms crossed over her chest as she stared down at them. Now that they were outside, they had to put back on their disguise. Lucy briefly wondered if these kids were even aware of how ridiculous they looked.

Then, green eyes narrowed into a  malicious glare directed at a certain three-foot tall boy cowering behind Kaminari.

"If I catch you again, you are staying with Anne for the rest of your life, you hear me?!"

“Y-yes!” Mineta squeaked as he trembled even harder. As if he’ll ever gawk up this girl again!

“Thank you, Lucy-san!” Midoriya thanked her once more. Despite everything that had happened, the girl turned out to be very generous with them.

"Stop by before you leave," Lucy grumbled. “I’ll prepare some souvenirs you can take with you outside.”

“Really?” Yaoyorozu gasped with stars in her eyes.

“Gero!” Asui croaked happily.

"That's awesome! Thank you!" Hagakure cheered.

“Thank you so much!” Iida shouted off the top of his lungs, earning him funning looks from passing people.

“Now get out of here,” Lucy made a shooing motion with her hand as she turned to walk back into the café. “I still have a mess to clean up.”

With that, the door closed, leaving the kids with smiles on their faces.

“She was scary at first, but now she’s so nice!” Ashido squealed as they began heading down the street.

“Let’s just be thankful that she’s not mad anymore.” Ojiro sighed in relieve.

“All thanks to Mineta-chan.” Asui gave Mineta a sideways glance. Now that the petite boy was out of shock, Iida took it upon himself to give the boy a proper lecture.

“But Abilities sure are strong…to make a whole new dimension like that and even stopping time...what exactly is it?” Jirou pondered.

“Lucy-san’s power is amazing, but more than that, the video we saw…” Yaoyorozu said as silence fell over the students. Even Iida paused in the middle of his rant to think of that as well.

Yes, they hadn’t forgotten about that video. They don’t think they’ll ever forget something like that for as long as they live. To think such large scale battle had happened so close to them…and yet the entire world remained oblivious.

It didn’t matter if it was the man or dragon. Both sides were displaying powers beyond their wildest imaginations. On top of that there was also that strange Ability to make all normal people disappear from the entire city—separating the powers from the Ability users and making it go against the owner…it was unimaginable.

At that moment, during the battle between the human and dragon, one question crossed all of their minds.

Can they beat that?

They didn’t even need to think twice to answer.

No, they can’t.

“Lucy-san mentioned gravity…that power was gravity, wasn’t it?” Uraraka mumbled as she replayed the images within her head.

“Hey! Maybe that means Uraraka can one day pick up a skyscraper!” Kaminari joked, only to be kicked in the shin by Jirou.

“Sorry…” The boy groaned.

Uraraka smiled weakly as her gaze dropped to the ground. She knew—they all knew—that she will never be able to do that. She doesn’t have nor will she ever have that kind of power.

“If that person is in Port Mafia, what position would they be?” Midoriya couldn’t help but wonder.

“Of course it’s gotta be the Mafia boss! Look at that power!” Ashido announced her conclusion without even needing a second to think over it. Everyone easily agreed on that, because it was the only explanation behind all that power.

“Hey Bakugou, lighten up," Kirishima said as he fell to pace with Bakugou who was strolling at the rear of the group. The only response he got was a sharp glare before Bakugou was looking elsewhere again, deep in thought.

Todoroki glanced back curiously before the guys began teasing him over that free Daifuku and tea again.

They ventured down the street like a group of excited kids on a field trip—which would be what people see if half of them didn’t look like they were on the run from law enforcement. 

After minutes of aimless walking, they eventually got tired. Those who were forced to wear more clothing than normal were sweating yet unable to take anything off. The sun was already setting when they came across the gate to a park. They had no idea where they were, but seeing how there wasn't anyone around, they decided to go into the park for a short break.

There were no pavements or signs inside the park, just a small dirt pathway leading them inside.

Having not met another soul as they walked into the forest, Hagakure and Ashido pulled down their scarfs and let out exaggerated gasps for air. The two girls were at the center of the group, so that the moment any of them detected another person coming, they would have time to put their disguises back on.

Since it was only early in autumn, the leaves were still green. However, as they entered deeper and deeper into the forest, they began to notice red Japanese maples mixing within with the green foliage. The crimson leaves were a sharp contrast against the lush green, making them extremely eye-catching.

None of them paid attention at first. But the further they walked, more and more red maples began to appear.  

Before they knew it, the greens were all dyed in red.

The narrow dirt path was gone. In its place were fallen red leaves covering the ground like a grand carpet.

“Wow…” Midoriya couldn't help but stare in awe at the sight.

“It’s so pretty!” Uraraka reached up to brush her finger over a red maple leaf hanging over her head.

“Gero! Over there!” Asui pointed at something growing next to a maple tree.

It was a blood-red flower with vibrant green stalk. 

“This is a spider lily!” Yaoyorozu hurriedly crouched down beside it. She carefully ran her finger over the delicate petal, a bright smile blossoming over her face as she admired its beauty.

“It’s so pretty!” Ashido swooned, joining the ponytailed girl in admiring the flower.

“There’s one over there too!” Hagakure waved frantically, pointing her gloved finger at another one just a bit further from them.

“Let’s keep on going, maybe there’s more!” Kaminari suggested.

The group immediately agreed.

It was just like Kaminari said.

The deeper they went into the park, more spider lilies began to appear. However, none of them had expected just how much there actually were.

The group came to a dead end.

They stood in the sea of flowers and gaze out to the open sea as the salty breeze caressed their faces. The sound of waves created a soothing melody in the air. The burning red sun was slowly sinking into the ocean, turning the water into a sea of fire. All around them were clustered fields of spider lilies with the crimson Japanese maple in the background.

It was as if their entire world had been dyed in red, as it was all they could see.

It was a gorgeous, breathtaking sight like nothing they’ve seen before.

At the same time, it also felt very ominous.

“Guys…wanna get out of here?” Uraraka suggested nervously, rubbing her arms that were filled with goosebumps. She wasn’t the only one; the others were having the same feeling. Despite how beautiful the scenery was, the lack of other colours made them strangely uncomfortable.

“Gero?” Asui froze when another breeze combed through her ink-black hair. She turned, looking back to the ocean where the sun was slowly disappearing into the line where the sky and water met. “Come to think of it…wasn’t there supposed to be a barrier around Yokohama?”

Her sudden question caused every single one of the students to freeze.

It took them half a minute to finally react.

Having woken up to be told that they were in Yokohama drew all of their attention to the city itself. None of them even remembered there was supposed to be a barrier over their head, since to them it was natural to see a sky, so none of them had given it any thought about it until now.

“You’re right! Where’s the barrier?!” Kirishima shouted as he gazed up at the sky.

“I don’t see it at all!”

“Are you morons?” Bakugou snorted. “It’s the same fucking thing as a one-way mirror!”

“But what about this wind?! Where’s the wind coming from?!” Hagakure spluttered.

“You’re fucking annoying!” Bakugou snapped, meaning that he didn’t have an answer either.


“Hey guys, did you hear something?” Ashido asked, looking around at the weird sound just now.

“Probably just the wind.” Kaminari dismissed.

“But…there’s no wind right now?” Midoriya pointed it out. Everyone stopped what they’re doing and realized that yes…the breeze had stopped.

“Could it be?!” Ashido’s sudden gasp has everyone turning to her.

“What is it?” Sato asked with worries lacing his voice.

“It was recorded in a book back at the library!” Ashido gasped, eyes darting around nervously with her hand gripping the scarf that was covering the bottom half of her face. “Fifty-year ago in Yokohama…there was this man who has the power—the Ability to reconstruct anything he eats. Every night when the moon disappears behind the cloud, he would sneak into his target’s room and devours them.”

“Wait! What do you mean by devour?” Uraraka gagged, going green in the face. “Y-you don’t mean—!”

“The police were after him for years…until they found him within a forest of red maples and spider lilies.” Ashido continued on, looking down at the spider lilies surrounding them. 

“The murder was extremely ugly, and because of his power, his parents abandoned him. No one even wanted to go near him because of how he looked, so growing up, he never had any friends. Every day, he would play with himself in the forest until one day…and idea came to him—an idea to make friends. 

During the day, he would go out into the street, searching for a potential friend he could make. Once he found them, he would stalk them, trying to find out everything about them. Their personality, their hobby, their family…he wanted to know everything. And once he does, he’ll eat them—flesh and bones. He even swallowed their by one.”

“Hiiie!” The girls jumped back with shivers crawling down their spines.

“After that, he would go back to the forest where he lives and puke them back out. Since he ate them, the body parts were all in pieces and had become mushy, so he used his power to reconstruct them into how he imagined them to be. As time slowly passed by, he ate more and more people. The forest where it had always been only him were filled with people, all posed into different shapes like mannequins to suit his desire. 

Fearing that his friends would be found and taken away from him, he would turn them into trees and flowers during the day. However, that would mean that even he can’t tell which plant was his friend, and good friends would never mistake their own friends, right? So, he turned them into bright red maples and spider lilies, so that they’ll be easy to spot in the green forest. It was only when moonlight shines over the land that the spell he put on the plants would break, turning them back into what they really looked like.

When the police were closing in on him, he knew it was only a matter of time that they find this place. He didn’t want his friends to be taken away from him…so, as the sun slowly sets, he hung himself on the biggest maple tree that he made with hundreds of crushed human heads. When he died, his power stopped functioning. Even as moonlight swept over the land, the blood-red plants stayed as they were, unable to turn back into flesh and bones. When the police finally came, they left only with the murderer’s body, not knowing the truth behind the trees and flowers around them. 

From then on, whenever night came, the people who lived near the forest would hear crying sounds…pleading for someone to…”

Ashido trailed off, turning to the nearest person. Her blackened eyes dilated as she ripped her scarf down. Due to the heavy foundation, she caked over her face, her skin ended up looking purplish with dripping red fluid smeared all over her mouth. 

“SAVE ME!!!!!!!!!”

IYAAAAAAAA!!!!” Aoyama screamed off the top of his lungs, eyes nearly rolling into the back of his head.

The golden-haired boy wasn't the only one. Due to the heavy tension in the air, the moment he screamed, most of the girls and some guys ended up screaming as well, from both shock and horror.

Ashido was bent over, hugging onto her stomach as she laughed her head off. 

“The looks on your faces were priceless!” She cackled as she wiped the red fluid off her mouth.

“What is that?” Iida coughed into his hand, acting as though he wasn’t the least scared despite how he had jumped at that last part.

“Strawberry jam of course!” Ashido showed them an open pack of strawberry jam that they recognized from Lucy’s store. The redhead had put a basket of these on the table when she brought out their cookies.

“So that was just all made up!” Uraraka sighed in relief, only to freeze up when that sound came again.


“Guys…” Jirou suddenly spoke up. “I think something’s here.”

“Not you too. It’s scary the first time but now that everyone knows it won’t—”

“No, I’m serious! Something is here!” Jirou snapped, cutting Kaminari off as she looked over the lines of red maples until her eyes landed on a specific one. “There!”


It was as if knowing it had been spotted, the tree shook even more violently, creaking more creaking sound.  

Everyone followed where her finger was pointing.

“What is that?” Sero squinted in an attempt to see through the thick leaves and find whatever it was that’s making the tree shake so much.

“A-a squirrel…maybe?” Mineta guessed.

“A squirrel won’t shake a tree that much though.” Ojiro pointed out.

“Then a cat?” Kaminari piped in on the guesses.


The protesting cries of the maple’s branch scratched against their eardrums as something came twirling out within a shower of crimson leaves.

It was literally twirling—leaving a blur of black and white against the red background. The thing was spinning so fast that none of them could make out what exactly was that.

Then, a white thing—a rope perhaps—that was unwrapping from the spinning top suddenly came to an abrupt stop. The rope stretched thin, pulling on the heavyweight below and the poor branch above, creating more creaking sound from the pitiful maple tree.

When the maple’s branch bounced back up, the force propelled the figure below upward.

Now that the thing had stopped twirling, they were able to make out arms and legs…and a mop of dark brown hair.

The spinning top had been a human.

They couldn't see his face, but the man was dressed like a typical businessman with black pants, shiny leather black shoes, a white dress shirt, and a tie.

They watched as the man hovered within the air for a few seconds of hang time before he dropped back down, pulled by gravity as the branch above him shook, letting down another shower of leaves. His long legs whipped down, breaking the beautiful flowers beneath him and causing a flurry of pedals to scatter into the air—mixing with the falling leaves.

The man made a strained choking noise as he was held up by the white rope around his neck. The kids couldn't see his feet in those red flowers, but the man was definitely not touching the ground with the way he was swinging back and forth.

His lips were slightly parted, letting out faint wheezes with blood as red as the spider lilies dribbling out of his mouth and down his chin. He stared—eyes budging from the sockets—at the group of teenagers whose eyes were budging out just as much.


Chapter Text

“…Is he alive?”

The group gathered around the man lying within the spider lilies. None of them has any idea what in the world had happened. When the man dropped down from the tree and hung there, they were all too stunned by the sight to even think let alone move.

Then, after swaying around for a bit, the branch probably couldn’t handle the excess weight anymore and snapped, sending the man crashing into the bed of flowers with the branch falling over his head, creating a sickening crack.

It was this that snapped the kids out of their shock and instantly moved in to help.

Sato and Kirishima removed the branch from the man while the rest of them frantically loosened the white rope which turned out to be bandages wrapped on the man’s neck.

The man was surprisingly handsome. The phrase tall, dark and handsome fit this man's appearance perfectly. However, his appearance wasn't what caught all of their attentions. What caught their attention was the bandages wrapped around his exposed arms and neck…as well as the single, silvery handcuff locked around his right wrist.

“Hey…he couldn’t be a criminal, could he?” Hagakure spoke out everyone's thoughts. 

“There’s no way…right?” Sato mumbled unsurely. After all, who else but a criminal would go around with a handcuff?

“It could be cosplay though.” Sero pointed out.

Midoriya had a hand to his mouth, brows furrowed in deep concentration as he stared at the handcuff, then to the bandages possibly covering the man’s entire body. His green eyes flew wide as he looked over to the broken branch, then back to the man.

Those injuries…

The way he had dropped from the branch…

The way his bandages held him up…

And most importantly, that handcuff.

Suddenly, everything linked together in his brain as he imagined a vivid image of what had happened.

“Midoriya-chan, did you think of something?” Asui asked, a finger to her lips as she tilted her head curiously.

“It’s possible…that he’s trying to commit suicide.” Midoriya said seriously.

“S-suicide?!” Yaoyorozu gasped with her hands to her mouth.

“No shit, did you just think of that now?” Bakugou sneered.

“Why do you think that?” Kirishima asked. “His bandages could have just gotten tangled up.”

“But why would he be here?”

He put together a story of a criminal on the run, having no choice but to commit suicide in this isolated place…

"We should contact the police," Iida said as he pulled out his flip phone.

It was at that moment when the man sat up.

It was as if time had stopped for Class 1-A. They stared in shock at the man that had just so casually sat up, blinking those chocolate brown eyes as he stared back at the kids.

Just as the man parted his lips, the green-haired teen was already in his face, shouting, “Killing yourself is bad!”

“…Eh?” The brown-haired man stared at the boy blankly. Unfortunately, no one paid any attention to his expression, as the rest of the kids crowded around the man.

“Yeah, killing yourself is bad, dude!”

“You can talk to us, sir!”

“Tell us what’s wrong! I’m sure we can figure it out together!”

“You shouldn’t treat your life so lightly!”

The man blinked once…twice…and then, he laughed.

“I’m afraid there might be some misunderstand here.” The man chuckled as he pointed up at the branches stretched over their heads. “I was having lunch up there when I slipped, got my bandage caught in the branch and fell off.”

“I-is that so?” Midoriya was completely flushed in red from the embarrassment of misunderstanding the situation. He was so certain the man had been trying to kill himself…

“Fucking nerd.” Bakugou—who had been watching them as if they were idiots from the sideline—sneered. He turned to the man, eyes narrowed in suspicion and snapped in a rude tone, “Why the fuck were you having lunch in a tree with those scrawny limbs?”

It was the blond’s way of questioning why the man had climbed a tree when he clearly doesn’t have the physical ability to do so. Bakugou was suspecting the truth behind the man’s words, along with the man himself.

The man smiled and looked at Bakugou from the corner of his eyes. The brunet pulled one of his knees up, resting his elbow on top while his chin in the palm of his hand. His action made everyone shift their eyes to the handcuff dangling on his wrist. The cuff was bathed in the light of the setting sun, reflecting the crimson hue in a strange, eerie glint.

“Well, I was enjoying a good meal made by my ever-loving wife! But then I couldn’t help but overheard that little lady’s story. It gave me such a fright that I lost my balance and fell off!”

Eeeeh?!” Ashido gapped, pointing to herself. “It’s my fault?!”

“Dude, you almost committed murder.” Kaminari teased the flustered girl.

Bakugou narrowed his eyes, obviously not pleased to have his question bypassed just like that. He opened his mouth, about to snap at the man when Kirishima interrupted him, causing the vein on his head to throb even harder.

“But you spat out blood!”

The man blinked, obviously confused. He wiped a hand over his lips and looked down at the red stain on his fingertips.

“Aaaah~ this is the tomato juice I was drinking!”

Tomato juice?!

The kids stared at the red stain. It really did look like blood…

“It’s disgusting, you should try it.” The man said merrily, causing more than half of them to stare at the man, wondering if they’ve heard wrong.

If it’s disgusting, why should they try it?

“Why the hell would we want to try that?!” Bakugou roared.

“It’s good for hair growth.” The man replied, looking back up at Bakugou. “Your temper reminds me of my wife—and you don’t look like you’ll grow tall either. If you keep this up you’ll start going bald after entering your twenties. Best to rack up vitamins while you still—”

It was at that moment when it happened.

All they saw was a blur of red flashing by their sight before their eardrums were assaulted by the loud, explosive sound. It was like the cracking sound of thunder—like something moving at a super high speed—tearing through the air.

And then…


A gust of wind was suddenly blasted into their faces, forcing the kids to shut their eyes as crimson petals and leaves danced wildly in the air.

When the sudden wind died down, they opened their eyes and the first thing they saw was the strange man—face planted an inch within the dirt with his butt sticking out of the flowers. Right next to mop of messy brown hair was something cylinder slowly rolling away.

Asui—being the closest person—bent down and picked it up.

“Gero?” She turned the object around in her hand blinked before holding it up so that her classmates could see.

“A…can?” Midoriya frowned in confusion.

It wasn’t just any can. On the tall can, there was the image of a juicy red tomato printed on it. At the bottom corner of the can was a dent.

They all stared at the can, then to the man still kissing the dirt.

“What was that just now?” Yaoyorozu asked uncertainly.

They all looked around to each other, but none of them had any answers.

It had all happened way too fast, and none of them had their eyes open enough to see anything. From what they felt and heard, the only explanation was this can—but that itself already made no sense! If this can was traveling at that kind of speed, it wouldn't just leave a dent. Shouldn’t the entire thing would be flattened from the force?

A couple of the students were looking up the tree, but they didn’t see anything out of the ordinary. 

“Ah…that’s where it went.” A large, slender hand reached out, taking the can from Asui.

“Are…are you alright?” Iida asked as they stared at the man who was rubbing the back of his head as he slowly got up.

“Yep.” The man replied as if he didn’t find the situation the slightest bit weird. His long, nimble fingers spun the can around as he looked back up at the kids with a Cheshire cat smile. “So, what brings you kids here?”

“Oh, we’re just looking around and—” Uraraka responded, but was cut off by the man holding up a hand to her.

“No,” the brunet corrected, “I meant, what brings you to Yokohama?”

A deathly silence filled the place. The U.A students stared at the man with wide eyes for three full seconds before panic seeped in.

“H-how did you know?!” Hagakure was close to tears. Three hours and they've already been exposed twice! She couldn’t begin to imagine what would happen if Aizawa was to find out!

“Well, for one thing, that young lady’s scarf is still down.” The man pointed at Ashido whose scarf indeed was down. Due to her wiping the strawberry jam off her lips, she had also wiped off some foundations, revealing the pink skin underneath.

Ashido hurriedly pulled up her scarf, but it was already meaningless by this point.

“And this place is closed to the public. Although there’s no sign, everyone in Yokohama knows they can’t enter this place.” The man added, causing the kids to stiffened.

“S-sorry, we didn’t mean to trespass. Can you not tell anyone about this?” Yaoyorozu pleaded.

“We’re not suspicious people! We’re just here on a tour!” Uraraka quickly added.

“Sure.” The man shrugged. “As long as you keep the fact that you’ve met me here a secret as well.”

“Why’s that?” Kirishima asked in confusion.

“As I've said, this place is closed to the public. It’ll be bad if I’m found here.”

“So you’re trespassing as well!” Bakugou accused.

“Never said I wasn’t.” The man hummed lightheartedly. "My workplace is nearby and this place got a good view. Though I am saddened to hear how such a romantic place has been turned into a horror story."

Romantic?” Jiro looked around the red maples and flowers.

“May I ask what is this place?” Yaoyorozu was unable to contain her curiosity. After all, no matter what age, women will always be weak to the word romantic.

“Yes! Can you please tell us?” Hagakure pleaded.

“There’s no name yet, but this place was built four years ago.” The man began as he stood up, brushing the petals and leaves off his suits as he does so. He walked through the group of kids—all of them parting ways for him—and stood at the shore, bathed in the fiery light.

“The owner remodeled this place to propose to the person he loves. He planted the lilies and maples and proposed exactly at this time—when the sea and the sky are dyed in the colour of blood. He said…”

“Will you walk down this bloody path with me to and through the gate of hell?”

The kids all felt that strange chill from before returning, silently creeping up their spines and wrapped around their necks, making the air suddenly harder to breathe.

“And then…?” Uraraka asked hesitantly.

By now, all the girls' curiosity of the so-called romance died away, realizing that this was very different than what they've imagined.

The man slowly turned. With the crimson light shining behind him, he was covered in shadows.

The chill the kids were feeling suddenly turned into full out fear as their heart rates spiked. However, none of them could move. They just stared at the man, whose eyes were the only thing they were able to see. Those eyes were gleaming, reflecting the red around them—looking very much like the eyes of a devil.

“Of course…” The man stepped forward and all at once the kids held their breaths.

“His lover accepted his proposal and they got happily married!” The man suddenly burst out cheerfully, jumping right into their faces as the shadows peeled off him, revealing a gigantic smile on his lips.

“…HUH?” The students stared blankly at the man.

At the back of the group, Mineta tilted backward. His eyes were rolled into the back of his head as he tumbled into the flowers. Unfortunately, no one had noticed him, as all of them were too busy staring at the man.

“I-is that…a joke?” Aoyama stammered with a hand clenching his chest. He nearly had a heart attack!

“Of course not.” The man held up his right arm and showed them the handcuff on his wrist. "As proof of their love, they handcuffed each other, so that they will always be tied. Even in death, their sins will continue to bind them together.”

A moment of silence passed by as the kids stared at the man’s handcuff.

“Wait...that’s what that handcuff is?!” Iida gapped in realization before letting out a long breath of relief. Thank goodness the man wasn’t some criminal on the run.

“Did you think it was anything else?” The man tilted his head in a curious gesture.

“Ah, no, it’s just in Japan—I mean back at our home, we don't use uh, handcuffs,"  Ojiro explained awkwardly. In fact, it wasn’t just Japan…there’s probably nowhere else in the world that would propose with handcuffs…

“Though I think it’s romantic!” Hagakure swooned, earning surprised and weird looks from her classmates.

“After that, a myth began in Yokohama.” The man hummed. “They say that if you proposed when the sky and the sky are at the reddest, your love will receive blessings from Port Mafia.”

“Port Mafia?” Tokoyami gasped.

“What does Port Mafia got anything to do with this?” Sato asked.

Hmm? Did I not tell you?” The man blinked innocently. “The one who made this place and proposed is the current boss of the Port Mafia.”


The last bit of sunlight has vanished into the sea. The sky was gradually turning purple as the crimson that once bathed this land began to fade into the coming darkness.

“Now then, I believe it’s time for you kids to get going.” The brunet waved his hand. “If you’re gone for too long, your guardian will be worried.”

As if on cue, the ringing sound of phone echoed into the air.

At first, none of the kids reacted, as it’s wasn’t a ringtone any of them were familiar with. But then they remembered the temporary phones they were given and immediately started frantically pulling them out.

In the end, it turned out the ringing was from Midoriya’s phone.

“Hello?” Midoriya put the phone on speaker as everyone gathered around him. The man just stood there, hands tucked in his pockets as he watched them quietly.

“WHERE DID YOU GUYS GO?!” A panicky voice none of them had ever heard of before shouted through the speaker. “Give me your location! I’m coming right now!”

“E-eh?! Uh…” Midoriya panicked as he looked around, finding nothing that could possibly indicate their current location. Then, Midoriya’s eyes got drawn to the tall stranger. He was smiling at him and mouthing a string of words.

Midoriya wasn’t supposed to understand. He knew nothing about lip-reading, but he understood the man perfectly. His lips moved in such clear and simplistic ways that Midoriya could almost hear him whispering the words into his ears. He shivered at the weird feeling but quickly relayed the address he has gotten. 

With a sharp click, the person on the other side hung up.

“...What do you guys think that’s about?” Kirishima asked as he looked around his companions. 

“They couldn’t have found out…could they?” Mineta—who was woken up by the phone call—shivered at the thought of the teachers finding out what happened early today.

“Either way, we should get going," Shouji suggested. The rest of the students nodded before remembering the strange man who was still standing there, watching them with a light smile on his lips.

“Although it wasn’t my intention, I did cause you some trouble. I apologize for that. I do hope you’ll enjoy our city during your stay.” And then, the man held his long index finger to his thin lips. “Remember not to tell anyone you’ve met me here, or I’ll be in huge trouble.”

“O-of course!” Yaoyorozu bowed. “Thank you for keeping our secret as well!”

“Just make sure to wrap yourselves up properly next time. You never know who might be watching.”

“Yes! Thank you so much!” Ashido along with the rest of the class thanked the man. They hurriedly left, afraid that if they waste any more time whoever was on the phone would call back to yell at them again.

Chocolate brown eyes trailed after the kids, watching them until they vanished into the shadows of the forest.

As the night began to set in, scarlet lanterns that were hidden within the maple trees began to light up one by one, illuminating the man’s surroundings and once more bathing the field in crimson light.

The leaves of the Japanese maples turned transparent from the light, revealing the silhouette of a person sitting high up on the branch.

Da-za-iiii!” A low and husky voice growled from behind the curtain of red, stretching out the name of the brunet who gazed up the tree with a sly smile.

“Yes, Chuu-yaaa~?” The man sang back, stretching out the other’s name just as long.

“The fuck’s with that shitty story?!” The figure snapped, shadows moving behind the leaves yet despite his movements, the branch he perched on didn’t shake by the slightest bit.

“My dear, how could you say that about our love proposals?!” Dazai gasped with one hand to his heart while his handcuffed hand stretched towards the figure.

The tree shook this time. Within a whirlwind of leaves, a man dressed in all black dropped down, landing gracefully within the flowers as his wavy pumpkin orange locks fluttered in the air.

Love proposal?” The man snorted. “Since when did bringing me to this damn place without any explanation, handcuffed me, ordering me never to take it off and to cross the Styx River with your shitty ass became a love proposal?!”

“Oh?” Amusement swirled within Dazai’s brown eyes as he stared at his companion. “But according to my memory, Chuuya agreed to it, didn’t you? You said you’ll spend the rest of your life with me~!”

“Like hell I did! I said I’ll—!” Chuuya cut himself off, pink hue slowly dusting over his cheeks as he finally realized just what the other man was trying to gull him into saying.

"Yes?" Dazai was meaning dangerously close to Chuuya. “What was it you’ve said again, Chuu-yaaa?”

Scarlet burst across the shorter man’s face, but it wasn’t red from embarrassment. He was red from anger as the veins beneath his forehead throbbed.

Dazai chuckled as he gracefully leaped back—just in time to avoid a slender leg coming at him in a roundhouse kick. Then he raised a hand, catching the tomato can that came hurling at him once more, except this time it lacked the speed and power it had before.

And then—Dazai was swept off his legs.

He fell into the flowers, his back hitting painfully against the hard ground and was pinned down by the weight of another person. He smirked, not even the slightest bit surprised as he stared at the petite man sitting on top of him, looking down at him with a dead serious look.

“…You promised you wouldn’t do it again.”

Hm?” Dazai tilted his head. Burnt umber eyes stared into those bright blue eyes that seemed to glow in the night sky. There was a mixture of bitterness and anger swirling within them like a storm—well, mostly anger.

That.” Chuuya spat. “Your idiotic suicides!”

“But Chuuya!” Dazai countered innocently. “You’re the one who kicked me off the tree!”

“I wouldn’t have kicked you in the first place if you just behave like an adult!” Chuuya roared. He grabbed Dazai by the collar and with just a single hand, he jerked the brunet up so that they were face to face. “You made me kick you! Right after you tied your bandage onto a fucking branch in my blind spot!”

“Which means it wasn’t suicide!” Dazai chirped merrily.

The sounds of veins snapping could be heard from the shorter man.

Thinking quickly, Dazai did the only thing that could save him from the incoming pain. He leaned forward, closing the last bit of gap between them as his lips captured a pair of softer ones. While his lover was frozen in the state of shock, Dazai wrapped his arms around the redhead’s small and lithe frame. With a flip, he rolled them around, their lips never detaching as Chuuya sprawled beneath him.

The kiss lasted for a full minute before Dazai had to reluctantly pull away.

“Besides,” The brunet licked his lips, marveling the way the redhead’s lips glistened in the warm lighting. “I know Chuuya would save me. Didn’t you break that branch for me?”

“I rather not be put under suspicion of murdering you on top of all these shits you’ve started.” Chuuya huffed, turning his head away and refusing to keep looking at that irritating smug face.

“So?” He spoke with full sarcasm, “What the fuck was that about?”

“Of course it was to teach those kids a lesson.” Dazai huffed. “I spent months planning this romantic theme for my proposal and to hear them using it as a horror story saddens me greatly!”

“Like hell anyone would find this creepy place romantic!” Chuuya rolled his eyes, clearly not believing a word that comes out of the other’s mouth.

“Oh? Then perhaps I could change your mind…” Dazai was already reaching for those delectable lips when…


Ugh!” Dazai crumbled into the spider lilies. His body was curled up like a shrimp in boiling water with arms clutching over his stomach where he had been mercilessly punched.

Chuuya was instantly on his feet, petals fluttering off him in his haste as he bowed to the tall woman slowly walking out from the crimson maple trees as if she was on an evening stroll. She carried a crimson parasol over her head to protect her from the fluttering leaves of the forest. 

“Ane-san!” Chuuya greeted respectfully.

“My, my~ I do hope I am not interrupting.” The woman said, bringing her pink kimono sleeve up to her lips. She was seemingly hiding her smirk, but her sleeve was just low enough for the two men to see the corner of her curved lips.

“As an executive, it is part of my duty to make sure our boss’s image does not get tarnished in the hearts of our men, so I decided to come first and make sure you’re…” Her ruby red eyes looked over the brunet up and down. “Presentable.”

"As diligent as always, Kouyou ane-san," Dazai said through gritted teeth while maintaining a smile matching the woman's. “Chuuya.”

Chuuya reached into his pocket, pulling out a roll of bandage as he began unwrapping the messy old bandages from Dazai’s neck and replacing them with new ones. The woman watched the two’s interactions, the mocking smile on her lips turning genuine as she turned her attention elsewhere.

Specifically—the ruined flower field.

Due to Dazai’s idiocy and the appearances of twenty kids walking around, a lot of the spider lilies were crushed 

“Such a pity for these flowers to wilt like this.” The woman lamented. “They would make a very nice bouquet.”

“Take as much as you like, ane-san.” Dazai waved his hand dismissively.

“Well…since the boss so generously offered, who am I to reject?” Kouyou reached down and pick up a beautiful spider lily that had its stem bent. “I’m sure Boss wouldn’t mind me taking a detour for tomorrow’s mission, would you?”

“Of course not.” Dazai stood up once Chuuya fixed his bandage in place.

Chuuya held a hand towards the maple tree he had been hiding within when the kids were present. From within the crimson leaves, a black coat and a long maroon scarf came flying out, shrouded by crimson light as they flew into the man’s outstretched hand.

Dazai didn’t move as he allowed Chuuya to put the black jacket over his shoulders and the long scarf around his neck. Just as the shorter man was about to put away the bandages, a slender hand touched his, stopping his movement.

“Ane-san, what are your thoughts on those kids?” Dazai asked as he took the bandages from Chuuya.

The elegant woman smiled, not the slightest bit ashamed in knowing she had been caught peeking. After all, it was also part of her duty to watch over her young boss.

“Not worth mentioning.” Kouyou’s words were harsh, yet her voice was still light and airy as if she was discussing the weather.

The sound of footsteps came from all directions around them. One by one, men and women emerged from the shadows. Most of them were all dressed in black suits with sunglasses hiding their faces. They all knelt and dipped their heads low, bowing respectfully to the brown-haired man standing at the center.

Kouyou grinned as a dangerous glint flickered across her sharp eyes. “Even to the very end, those children have no idea that their lives had been spared.”

That’s right, the moment those Heroes-in-training got close to Dazai, a noose had been wrapped around each of their necks. All they needed was a signal and those children’s life would have ended as quickly as a snap of a finger.

“Chuuya?” Dazai turned his gaze to Chuuya who had assumed his business attitude—standing dutifully by his side with his hands folded behind his back.

“I’m with Ane-san," Chuuya responded. “If those were my subordinates, I would have given each of them three shots.”

The kids had high awareness, but that was the extent of it. None of them were able to figure out the truth behind everything.

Despite what Dazai said, Chuuya knew why the brunet had hung himself.

As those kids stood within the flowers, their senses were alerting them of danger. They were able to sense the danger they were in, but they were too unfamiliar with the sense of death hanging over their heads, so they weren’t able to pinpoint exactly what their body was alerting their brains of.

This was all due to their lack of experience and the peaceful lives they’ve undoubtedly led.

Dazai’s dramatic entrance shattered that. He drew all of their attention onto himself, making them dismiss the uneasy feeling they’ve had ever since arriving. Even if they felt anything off after that, those suspicions would all be directed at Dazai, not their surroundings.

And that was all built upon Dazai giving them a chance.

When that pale-haired boy questioned Dazai on his lie, Dazai used the most obvious way possible to change the topic. There was a handful within the group that noticed, but none of them pointed that out—not even the boy that questioned it.

“It goes to show the levels of Heroes and Villains these days.” Dazai hummed.

Chuuya snorted quietly. There were so many things he wanted to retort about his Boss, but he couldn’t do that with all these people present. Kouyou was right. As executives, they had to at the very least protect the image of their boss—though Chuuya liked to argue that their boss's image was tarnished years ago.

“Chuuya.” Upon being called again, Chuuya looked up and was shocked by what he was seeing. “Help me out here. It’s a bit hard to do this without a mirror.”

“…I thought you should be used to it by now.” Chuuya muttered, eyes unable to leave the man’s face as he drank in that nostalgic sight. He slowly reached his hands up, the situation still feeling surreal to him as he helped fixed the bandages in place.

Even Kouyou’s eyes rounded as she stared at Dazai.

“If the former boss was to see you now…he would be very pleased.” She whispered gently in a nostalgic tone.

Right there, standing at the very center, was a brown-haired man dressed in nothing but black with bandages wrapped around his left eye—concealing half of his face. This was no longer the Dazai they’ve familiarized themselves with for the past couple of years. 

This was the old Dazai—the Dazai before the battle with Mimic.

This was the Demon Prodigy of Port Mafia—the other half of Double Black.

Chuuya stepped back after he finished tying the knot. The face that was now in front of him perfectly overlapped with the one in his childhood memories.

Dazai gave the orange-haired man a light smile before his expression completely changed. Warmth seeped away from those soft brown eyes, taking a darker, colder glint that will make anyone who looked into them shiver in fright.

Now then.

At the change of his tone, the two executives got down to their knees. Chuuya took off his hat, placing it against his chest while Kouyou had retracted her parasol and laid it by her side.

Their free time was over.

Now, it was time for them to get to work.

“Tachihara, what are the statuses of our guests?” Dazai looked towards a young man with spikey auburn hair and a bandage over the bridge of his nose.

The man was one of the few within the group to not wear the standard black suits, but a green jacket with fur around the collar and a white v-neck shirt with black borders underneath.

“They have settled within Block 03, just as you predicted, Boss.” The young man responded. “The Black Lizard is on standby for your orders.”

“Send out three men to tail each member. If they show signs of trying to shake you off, let them. In two days, they will be contacting us—right when Hirotsu-san returns from his vacation, I believe?”

“Yes, Boss.” Tachihara nodded.

Dazai didn’t look at Tachihara anymore. He gazed up at the full moon shining brightly within the night sky. A gentle breeze flew by, causing the crimson leaves to rustle as the lanterns within swayed lightly.

This short moment of peacefulness was shattered by the next words that came out of Dazai’s mouth.

“Ane-san, release Q.”

All mafia members that had been within Port Mafia long enough or had at least heard the rumours stiffened in alarm. Even Kouyou—given her years of experience—twitched ever so slightly at hearing the name.

The only one completely unaffected was Chuuya. The man continued to kneel by his boss’s side, head dipped low as with his bangs falling over his face, hiding his expression from the rest of the world.

“Will that be wise?” Kouyou questioned, lifting her head just enough for her eyes to meet with Dazai’s. “That child is still being punished for escaping the confinement during the Guild’s attack.”

"That's not a problem," Dazai smirked. “A proper caretaker has already been arranged.”

“Then as you command, boss.” Kouyou lowered her head once more, easily accepting her boss’s decision.

Dazai turned, coat whirling around him like a dark cape as he walked off with Chuuya and Kouyou close behind him. 

“Let’s go, we have a long night ahead of us.”



It had taken a while for Class 1-A to leave the forest.

In the beginning, the darkness made it hard to navigate, especially when none of them familiar with their surroundings. However, halfway through, lights suddenly appeared within the trees, chasing away the darkness and allowing them to see properly. When they looked through the leaves, they found that those were red lanterns hung on the branches. The red coating on the lanterns was the same colour as the maple leaves. That was why none of them had noticed during the day.

The lanterns lid up their paths little by little. Drawn by the gorgeous lights, their feet had unintentionally slowed as they admired the scenery.

By the time they’ve made it out into the street, the sky was completely dark. They waited there, watching cars passing by until they heard a voice in the distance.

“You guys!”

They all turned to see a boy running over to them. He looked only a couple years older than them with butterscotch coloured hair, a v-neck shirt and a red sweater tied around his waist.

“I was looking everywhere for you guys!” The boy nearly shouted in panic, then looked towards the entrance to the forest as if it would turn into a monster at any moment and devour him. “Please don’t tell me you went in there!”

“W-we uh…” Uraraka stuttered, not sure how to explain.

“Who are you?” Iida asked, but the other person wasn’t listening at all as he pulled out his phone to check the time.

“It’s already seven! Coming on, we need to head back to the Agency or we’ll never hear the end of it!”

Hearing the word Agency, Class 1-A finally realized that this person must have been the caller—meaning he was also someone from the Armed Detective Agency. Although none of them had any idea what had happened, they followed the boy around the city, arriving back in the Agency in half an hour.

“YOU MORONS!” Kunikida all but exploded in their faces the moment they made it back into the office.

If that wasn’t bad enough, Aizawa was standing right next to the blond, glaring at them with those gleaming red eyes with his hair fluttering in the air.

“After I specifically told you not to use your Quirks, you used it and even attacked an Ability user!”

“Hiie! H-how did he know?!” Mineta cried, jumping into Kaminari’s arms as the two boys quivered.

“Not even going to make excuses huh?” Aizawa said darkly. “You kids got guts.”

“W-wait, please hear us out, sensei!” Kirishima shouted, but Kunikida cut them off as he opened up his notebook.

“Minoru Mineta, peeked under a girl’s skirt at 2:43pm. The lady, Lucy Maud Montgomery then trapped him within her Ability. Not only did you guys not properly talked to her to defuse the situation or call one of us, Bakugou Katsuki even taunted her to activate her Ability despite not having any clear understanding of her powers. Then within her dimension, just because you didn’t think you were being watched, you all activated your Quirks against one lady.”

“H-how?!” Ashido spluttered.

“Allow me to introduce.” Kunihida snapped his notebook shut as the young man from before walked over to the blond. “This is Junichirou Tanizaki. He has been tasked with watching over you during your time outside.”

“Hello.” The boy, Junichirou Tanizaki, greeted meekly.

“Watching over us?” Midoriya was digging into his memories, trying to recall anything but nothing came to his mind.   

“Since when?” Iida gasped, also having no idea how none of them noticed.

“Since the beginning.” Kunikida replied.

“Then…don’t tell me you were in Lucy’s dimension as well?” Kirishima gasped.

“I was.” Tanizaki nodded.

“Impossible! We didn’t see you at all!” Bakugou shouted.

“Tanizaki.” Kunikida looked over to Tanizaki who nodded.

Then, right in front of their eyes, Tanizaki changed. Within a mass of green pixels, the young man disappeared. In his place was a large built man in his forties dressed in standard bus driver uniforms.

Toshinori and Aizawa immediately recognized this man. It took a while for the kids, but one by one they began to recalled who that was.

“Aren’t you…the bus driver?!” Ashido gapped in shock.

“That’s right! You were…wait…what’s going on?” Kirishima furiously scratched his head.

“An illusion?” Midoriya blinked when something drifted by his eyes. He thought it was a large piece of dust, but when he looked around, he realized that it was suddenly snowing.

No, this wasn’t snow. These were light particles coming down from the green aurora that came out of nowhere and shrouded them.

“What is this?” Uraraka stretched out her hand and watched her fingers going through the green light. She couldn’t feel anything. There was no warmth or coldness coming from the light. It was as if it wasn’t even real.

“This is my Ability, Light Snow.” The bus driver replied. In another mass of green pixels, Tanizaki transformed back to himself. “I used my Ability to hide within you guys before you got transported into the other dimension.”

“Tanizaki’s Ability allows him to create illusions." Kunikida explained, vein still throbbing in his head. “That was how he’s been tailing you without any of you noticing. If Lucy Maud Montgomery had more battle experiences, she may have noticed she took one extra person in, but she didn’t. Since Tanizaki can slip in without anyone noticing, it won’t be surprising if someone from the Port Mafia had done the same.”

“T-then—” Aoyama became extremely pale.

“Were we found out?” Todoroki asked, voice calm and steady compared to most of his classmates.

That was apparently the wrong thing to ask, as Kunikida looked even more irritated—if that was even possible. The blond-haired man pulled out a letter from his pocket. It was a very wrinkled letter—as if someone had crushed it repeatedly within his palm.

They watched as Kunikida pulled out the letter from within the white envelope, eyebrow twitching as he began to read the content to them.

“Dear Armed Detective Agency,

It has come to my attention that the students of U.A High School have violated our agreement with regards to the usage of Quirks. On behave of their principal, and the fact that their actions did not impact Yokohama specifically, I will overlook it.

I suppose I am partly to blame in thinking that the elites within the Armed Detective Agency would be able to properly monitor them. I do hope you’ll be more adequate in the future.


Port Mafia.”

The sounds of knuckles crackling were the only warning they got as the next couple minutes, Kunikida went berserk. It was like the last thread of his sanity had snapped. He fisted two ends of the letter, tearing it in half before he proceeded to shred them into tiny pieces within his hands before rolling them into a ball and slamming it into the trash can so hard that the papers just ended up flying back out.

“All of you go to the meeting room, NOW!” He ordered as some of the tiny pieces of paper landed within his hair.

None of them dared to speak. They quietly shuffled towards the room with Tanizaki kindly leading the way. After they went in, Tanizaki closed the door and came back over to where the two U.A teachers and Kunikida waited.

 “Tanizaki. It’s not like you to lose some kids.” Kunikida said. Despite shoulder so much calmer, his hands were still busy tearing apart the envelope that had come with the letter. “What happened?”

Aizawa and All Might were curious as well.

They may not understand the boy’s skills, but just from his Ability, they could tell first hand just how good this illusion was. If a normal person can stalk a group of twenty kids walking down the street, it made no sense that a professional would fail at something so simple.

The uncertain look on Tanizaki’s face turned serious as he retold the event from his perspective.

“I was following them after they parted with that former Guild member. Just when I was crossing the street, a car ran through the red light and came right at me. By the time I dodged and look back, the kids were gone.”

Kunikida clicked his teeth as irritation returned at full speed.

“Is it the Port Mafia?” Despite asking, Toshinori was already one hundred percent certain of his guess. After all, this kind of diversion was too deliberate. They weren't even trying to hide it! On top of that, there was also the timing of the letter…no matter how he thought about it, it could only be the Port Mafia.

“Where did you find them?” Kunikida then questioned his co-worker.

“…They were standing in front of the gate to that forest.” Tanizaki mumbled, clapping his hands over his ears just in time to block out his superior’s scream.


“What is wrong with this forest?” Aizawa frowned. Just by the two’s reactions, it can’t be anything good.

“There is a small forest around here owned by the current Port Mafia boss.” Kunikida replied seriously as he pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose. “No one but the Port Mafias ever goes in there.”

“You don’t mean…” Aizawa and Toshinori felt their hearts skipped a beat.

“Looks like we’ll need some serious talk with the kids.” Toshinori sighed as he ran a hand through his hair.

The Port Mafia…what exactly are they planning?

Chapter Text

“Good morning, everyone!”

“…mornin’…All Might…” The drained echoes of mornings were anything but good.

The kids gathered at the open field early in the morning as they were instructed. Their eyes were bloodshot with dark bags below their sunken eyeballs…it looked like a perfect imitation of both Toshinori and Aizawa.

Toshinori coughed into his hand. No matter how pitiful they looked, he can’t back down. He must play the strict teacher role to let them know what they’ve done wrong.

It hadn’t taken much for the grownups to learn what happened after Tanizaki lost sight of the kids. The students told them about venturing into the forest of red maples and spider lilies…as long as the lone man they’ve met there.

They asked about that man’s description, but there wasn’t much the kids could give other than the fact that this man had dark brown hair, black suits, and presumably bandages all over his body.

When Toshinori heard of this description, the first thing that came to his mind was this wasn’t normal. There was always more to go with than just these three simple descriptions.

Every person’s perspectives were different. Depending on their gender and interests, they would notice different things. For all twenty kids with various personalities and interests to notice the same three things and only those three things weren't normal at all. And to make it even weirder, it wasn't as if the man didn't leave any impressions on them. If anything, the man left a lot of impressions on them…yet for some odd reason none of them could think of any other ways to describe the man they've met.

Toshinori wasn’t the only one that found this unusual, Aizawa thought of the same thing.

Kunikida was the only one who reacted differently. The moment he heard that the man had bandages all over, blood drained from his face. It was a small detail that only Toshinori and Aizawa noticed, as the kids had their heads hung low from being yelled at. He acted like nothing was wrong and shouted at the students for using their Quirks and trespassing into private property.

It was only after he finished yelling at the students that he pulled the U.A teachers aside and revealed to them just who the man their students met was.

The person their students had described was without a doubt the Port Mafia boss.

When the two teachers learned of this, their hearts had nearly stopped beating. Having dealt with criminals all their lives, they have also handled a fair share of organized crime. Even if organized crime was very rare in their world, it still exists. In every single one of those crimes, the boss was always protected. There was never a moment where the boss would be by himself.

On top of that, the boss of the Port Mafia purposely met up with their students…why?

None of them had an answer.

Kunikida just kept silent after informing them of the man’s identity, leaving the rest for the two teachers to short out.

After some discussion, Toshinori and Aizawa decided to hide this fact from the kids. Until they can figure out just what the Port Mafia was up to, it was for the best not to alert the kids. It wasn’t that the two teachers didn’t trust their students, but this was the only way to keep them safe.

Toshinori felt a chill crawling down his spin just imagining what could have happened if the kids were to know what the Port Mafia boss looked like. If they refrained from using their Quirks, their safety would be guaranteed, but what if they didn’t?

What if seeing the Port Mafia boss made them become alert and showed aggression towards him?

What if their survival instincts kicked in and used their Quirks without thinking?

What if they accidentally made the Port Mafia boss lost a strand of his hair without meaning to?

All those what-ifs could only lead to one result, and it was one they must avoid at all cause.

Being oblivious has less chance of putting themselves in danger than becoming self-conscious. After Kunikida’s long talk, Toshinori doubted the kids will make such a mistake again, but there was still one thing bothering him. He couldn't help but think over the kids' description of the Port Mafia boss. 

When he met the Port Mafia boss fourteen years ago, he didn’t see any bandages on the man. From how Kunikida only reacted after hearing the word bandages, that must be the Port Mafia boss’s most iconic description.

Did the Port Mafia boss become gravely wounded?

“Ahem!” Toshinori cleared his throat to gain the attention of the zombies that were his students. “I hope you’ve all used the night to reflect on your actions.”

The moment those words left his mouth, Toshinori knew he had said the wrong thing. After they left the Armed Detective Agency and returned to the dorms, Aizawa had called all the kids to their rooms for additional talk. Due to Toshinori’s health, he had to stop midway and rest up for the night, leaving the kids alone with Aizawa.

Knowing his co-worker, he wouldn’t be surprised if these kids didn’t get a wink of sleep.


Or eat.

Toshinori stared at the rumbles and growls coming from those flattened stomachs. He couldn’t help but feel a little guilty.

“Anyways!” He shouted over the noise. “Today is your first day observing the Armed Detective Agency in their work! I expect all of you to put your all into it!” He pumped his fist into the air. “Everyone! PLUS ULTRA!!”


Weak fists slowly followed his lead.

“Now let’s go and get some food!” Toshinori spun on his heel as he headed towards the street.


At the mention of food, the kids finally snapped out of their dreamy state. They rushed after Toshinori as they walked towards the Armed Detective Agency. It was currently 7:30 am and the actual meeting time was at 9:00 am. They got plenty of time to eat before meeting at the Agency for the student’s official first day.

Due to the lack of sleep, Aizawa was skipping today's activity—not that they as teachers got much to do anyway. Since the observation was for the students, they would just get in the way by tagging along. The underground Hero was currently in the teachers’ dorm, zipped up in his yellow sleeping bag and fast asleep inside the closet.

As they strolled down the street, Toshinori couldn’t help but stare at the black towers in the distance. He could still remember when he first saw those buildings. In fact, they don’t look any different than fourteen years ago…

Everything still felt surreal to him…as if he still couldn’t believe he was back in here after all these years.

The Port Mafia…

What exactly are they planning?

“…!” Toshinori gasped as he felt his shoulder colliding against someone else’s. He staggered, his left foot tripping over his right as his balance tipped. Just when he thought he was going to hit the ground, Midoriya quickly ran up and supported him by the arm.

“Thank you, young Midoriya.” Toshinori thanked, coughing a bit into his hand as he heard sounds of something—a lot of something—hitting the ground.

AAAAAAH!” The loud scream had everyone turning in surprise as they all stared at a man with chestnut brown hair kneeling in the center of a dozen scattered lemons. His white lab-coat was fanned over the ground, palms flat on the rough pavement and head dipped low as he mourned over his fallen fruits.

“My precious specimens!” He cried.

At that, the students quickly got down, each of them picking up a lemon with Toshinori doing the same.

“I’m sorry, I should have watched where I was going.” Toshinori apologized as he held out the lemon in his hand. “Are you alright?”

“Do I look alright?!” The man whirled around to face Toshinori angrily, revealing his face that was half-covered by orange goggles.

“Oya?” The sadness and anger in the man’s voice disappeared, replaced by amusement as he was instantly on his feet and leaning so close to Toshinori that he had to take a step back.

“Can I help you?” Toshinori blinked in confusion.

“Have we met somewhere before?” The man asked.

Toshinori opened his mouth to deny, but his voice was caught in his throat. He stared at the man who was looking all over him with a hand stroking his chin and humming sounds coming from his throat.

Feeling the weight of the object in his hand, Toshinori looked down at the lemon. Suddenly, the memories of that night when he fought the Port Mafia burst into his mind. He remembered that maniacal laughter as the young boy few from the sky—surrounded by lemon-like bombs.

“You’re…!” Toshinori gasped, eyes widening in disbelief as he stared at the fully grown man before him.

“Aha!” The man shouted, pulling back with a snap of his fingers. “You’re from that time!”

"It's…you," Toshinori whispered, unable to help but look over the man. He has really grown. “The boy with lemons.”

“Ah yes~ I was young and naïve at that time. Such an embarrassment to think that I couldn’t mix the gas well enough with the explosives.” The man sighed loudly. “However, I have improved much from then on! If you ever want to become a subject for my ingenious researches, feel free to find me any time!”

With that, the man spun around, lab coat fluttering around him as he walked through the students—hands in his pockets and humming a cheerful tune as he leaves.

“Sir, your lemons!” Yaoyorozu called after him when she remembered the lemons they were all holding.

“Keep it!” The man called, not even looking back as he waved his hand. “Think of it as a reunion gift!”

The kids all stared dumbly at the weird man before looking over to Toshinori.

“All Might, do you know him?” Kirishima asked

“…Something like that.” Toshinori said vaguely. After all, he and Aizawa had just agreed to keep the Port Mafia a secret to the kids. It was best not to let them know too much.

“Give me those lemons.” He instructed the kids, pulling out a plastic bag from his pocket.

“All Might you’re prepared!” Sero gapped.

“You never know when you need to find a garbage can but can’t find one!” Toshinori replied with a dry laugh.

As he collected the lemons from the kids, he made sure to look them over—feeling the weight and texture in his hand—making sure they are actual lemons before putting them into the bag. He gained a lot of weird looks from the students in doing so, but none of the kids questioned his odd behavior.

The rest of the way to the Armed Detective Agency was, fortunately, incident-free. While the kids chattered along the way, Toshinori was deep in his own world.

He wasn’t going to believe that encounter just now was a coincident.

Was that young man with lemon the one watching over them?

No, if he was he wouldn’t come into contact with them. On top of that, his personality didn’t seem suited for that kind of job.

“All Might, are you alright?” Midoriya suddenly asked, jolting Toshinori out of his thought. He blinked and stared at the red building before them.

He didn’t even realize when they’ve arrived.

Toshinori looked around before spotting a red sign that says Uzumaki. That must be the café.  

“You kids go eat first.” Toshinori ushered them towards the red door next to the sign. “I have to take care of something so I will head up there first.”

Without waiting for the kids’ response, Toshinori hurried into the building and took the elevator to the floor where the Armed Detective Agency office was located. He needed to speak with them with regards to his encounter with the Port Mafia—as well as inspecting the bag of lemons.

Contrary to Toshinori’s conflicted thoughts, the students’ were much more simplistic.

They were starving.

It was only normal, as the only thing they ate yesterday were the snacks at Lucy’s store.

Iida pushed open the door as the bell above his head rang.

“Welcome!” A petite lady in waitress uniform came up to greet them. “Ah, could you be the students from the Agency?”

“Yes, we are," Iida replied.

“Please come in!” The waitress stepped to the side. “Take any seat you want.”

“Thank you so much.” The class president thanked, followed by the rest of the class as they walked into the café.

This café was very different than the one Lucy worked at where everything was pink with laces. This café has a more stoic design with booths and a bar counter where a lone brown-haired man sat with a cup of steaming coffee in his—wait.

Oh?” The man looked up, revealing a very familiar face the kids had just seen yesterday. The corner of his lips curled up in a smile as he gazed mischievously at the students. "What a coincidence."


“The person you met is Kajii Motojirou," Tanizaki said, turning his monitor screen around for Toshinori to see the images of the man he just met on the street. “He’s famous even amongst the Port Mafia. Joined the Port Mafia at age fourteen and since then has been active as a notorious bomber.”

“A bomber?” Toshinori can’t say he’s surprised. “Is it alright to tell me this much?”

“That’s not a problem.” Kunikida said from across the room, where he was examining the bag of lemons. “Kajii Motojirou is widely known within the underground, his information isn’t any secret, unlike their other higher-ups.” The man huffed as he said this. It was obvious from the looks of disdain that Kunikida opinion of Kajii was low.

“In any case, these are just ordinary lemons.” Kunikida tied the bag of lemon up before throwing it into a bigger garbage bag and tied another knot over it. After that was done, he peeled off his plastic gloves and threw them into the trashcan. “Though to be safe, it’s best we get rid of them.”

“Thank you.” Toshinori sighed as he ran his fingers through his hair, trying to find an answer to all of this.

Was this some sort of message? A warning? What exactly does this mean?

“Don’t bother thinking," Kunikida said when he saw the look on Toshinori’s face. “Those types of genius’ minds work on another level. Trying to figure how their brain works are equivalent to trying to understand a fish's thought process."

“Is the Port Mafia boss that smart?” Toshinori couldn’t help but ask. Sure it takes a lot for someone to manage an entire criminal organization and control an entire city, but Toshinori got the sinking feeling that his and Kunikida’s definition of smart might be different.

Toshinori couldn't help but remember that green-eyed boy he met so long ago. The intelligence he demonstrated was beyond genius and smart, yet that was purely due to his Ability…

No, there was another one!

Toshinori’s eyes widened as he felt Goosebumps crawling over his skin at the memory of that other child in bandages. The one that had orchestrated the entire battle that night—or at least, that’s what the Port Mafia boss claimed.


Toshinori felt his heart hammering within his chest as he recalled the hair colour of that boy. It was black…or perhaps dark brown? He can’t remember exactly what that boy’s hair colour was, as there were other things he had to focus at the time.

Could it be…?

No, it couldn’t be…

“You’ll understand if you meet him—though for your sake you better hope you never do.” Kunikida spoke through gritted teeth with a vein throbbing on his forehead. He seemed to hate the Port Mafia boss a lot. Then, seeming to remember something, the irritation on his face vanished. “Though if you meet Ranpo-san, you’ll get a grasp of what I’m talking about.”

“Ranpo?” Toshinori furrowed his brows at the familiar name. After some thinking, he finally remembered where he heard it from. That freckled boy—Kenji, he mentioned this name yesterday. Kunikida had also mentioned this name as well…something about snacks.

“Ranpo-san is the detective of our Agency.” Kunikida explained as he pulled out his notebook. “Our agency’s main income relies on him. He is also the one your students will be observing today. We’ve received a call from the police an hour ago about a murder case they need him to assist them in.”

“The children are going to witness a murder scene?” Toshinori gasped.

“Yes, is there a problem?” Kunikida arched a brow.

“Ah…no, it’s nothing.” Toshinori reprimanded himself for that split second of reluctance for allowing the kids to go. If this was back at the outside world, something like that would never be allowed. Not only were they not police officials, but they were also all underage. There are similar training in U.A, but those were all simulations. They would never allow the kids to join in on a real police investigation let alone getting near real bodies.

Even if the higher-ups agreed to allow children at a crime scene, they will still need permission from the parents—and those permissions aren’t something they will easily get. After all, no parents would want their own children to witness blood and dead bodies. Even if their children had chosen the path to a Hero where they would undoubtedly witness deaths—the parents will never see it that way.

“I see…” Toshinori mumbled to himself as the words of Kunikida and the Port Mafia boss resurfaced.

“This is Yokohama. Do not presume our world is the same as yours. Naturally, that goes for those you see as children.”

“In Yokohama’s underground, there are no children—especially Ability users.”

He gazed out the window and towards the black buildings in the distance. Although he has been made aware of this over and over again…their worlds were truly different. For better or for worse, he couldn’t say.

“When will they begin?” Toshinori asked.

“Well…Ranpo-san was supposed to be here already, but it seems he’s running a bit late.” Tanizaki scratched the back of his head as he looked down at his smartphone, then to his co-worker. “Should I go get him, Kunikida-san?”

Kunikida looked down at his wristwatch. “No, it’ll be much quicker to have the kids go to him and then head to the crime scene together.”

“Do you want me to get the students here?” Toshinori offered.

“No, there’s no time.” Kunikida replied as he grabbed the bag of lemons. “I’ll have them depart immediately after they finished their meals—and dispose of this while I’m at it.”

With that, Kunikida headed out the door, leaving Toshinori standing there alone with Tanizaki.

Tanizaki looked around for a bit, seeming to be just as awkward with the silence as Toshinori.

“Um…would you like some tea?”

“…Yes, thank you.”


"That's the intersection," Iida said as Class 1-A arrived at the crossway. The class president glanced down at the hand-drawn map in his hand, then back up, seeming to be trying to find the right direction.

“I can’t believe! A real-life murder mystery!” Kaminari gushed.

“I’m kind of nervous…” Yaoyorozu spoke softly, yet there was still some excitement in her eyes.

“I wonder what sort of crime scene is it.” Asui hummed, a finger tapping her lower lip as she thought over the possibility.

“It would be cool if it's a locked-room mystery!” Sero chimed in.

“A locked-room mystery?” Todoroki perked up, seeming interested.

“Oh! That would be awesome, wouldn’t it, Bakugou?” Kirishima said, nudging Bakugou. For once, Bakugou just snorted instead of making any nasty remarks, showing that he was interested as well.

“I wonder what Ranpo-san is like!” Uraraka said. “We didn’t meet him in the office before.”

“Would have been nice if it’s a busty woman~” Mineta sighed in disappointment.

Midoriya smiled at his hyped classmates.

It would be a lie to say he wasn’t excited as well. After all, they were going to witness a real-life detective solving a case! It was unfortunate that they weren’t told much before being thrown into the street by Kunikida with only a hand-drawn map as their lead. 

They didn’t even know what the person looked like, but Kunikida only waved them off, saying that they’ll know the moment they see him.

This made all of them curious…but more than that, Midoriya couldn’t help but remember that strange man…

"Oh? What a coincidence."

“You’re…the one from yesterday!” Ashido gasped, pointing at the lanky man sitting on the bar stool with his legs crossed.

“And you are the kids from yesterday.” The man hummed as he tapped his finger against the edge of his ceramic cup. “Judging from the bags under your eyes, I assume your guardians were quite worried about you.”

At the memory of the hell they went through last night, everyone fell quiet as if their newly acquired energy was drained from their bodies.

“Oh, do you know each other?” The waitress asked, glancing between the two sides.

“Just a fateful encounter.” The man chuckled, taking the last sip of his coffee before setting the cup onto the counter. “Thank you, belladonna, this coffee is amazing. Please pass my words onto the owner for me when he gets back.”

“Of course! I’m glad you like it! Do come back anytime!” The waitress smiled brightly as she took the empty cup and headed into the back of the café.

The man got up, taking his black jacket from the seat next to him as he headed for the door. The kids immediately parted way to let him through, but just when he was almost out the doorway, he stopped and looked back at them.

“That’s right, while you’re in Yokohama, you should enjoy some privileges you won’t be able to enjoy outside!”

“What do you mean?” Shouji who was standing right next to him asked.

“Do you kids know that in Yokohama, fifteen is the legal age for drinking and driving?” The man said with a wink before he disappeared through the doorway.

“Hey, what’s wrong Midoriya? You’ve been quiet for a while now!” Kirishima called out to him. “Are you ok?”

“Eh? Oh, I’m fine!” Midoriya quickly waved his hands when he noticed that everyone was staring at him. “I was just thinking back to that man at the café…”

“Oh, that guy?” Kirishima furrowed his brows. “Was there something wrong about him?”

“Are you stupid?!” Bakugou snapped. “No matter how you look at it, there’s something wrong with that bastard.”

“Eh? What do you mean?” Kirishima blinked dumbly, causing the veins on Bakugou’s forehead to throb.

“Did you notice something, Midoriya?” Todoroki asked, coming over to join their little circle.

“No…not really.” Midoriya frowned.

After that man left, Midoriya had asked the waitress about him and learned that the only reason the man showed up at the café was to return the café owner’s wallet. According to her, the café owner lost his wallet two days ago. That man had found the wallet, so he came to return it. As thanks, the Café owner treated him to a free meal.

This made Midoriya felt ridiculous for being paranoid. However, now that Midoriya looked at Bakugou and Todoroki, he realized that he wasn’t the only one feeling that something was off.

“There is indeed something wrong with that guy, but I can’t tell for certain.” A new voice spoke up. Midoriya turned to see that it was Tokoyami.

Suddenly, the squealing sound of girls broke through the tense atmosphere.

“What’s wrong?” Kirishima asked, looking over with Midoriya, Bakugou, Todoroki, and Tokoyami.

“Check that out!” Kaminari beamed. Next to the blond, there was one drooling Mineta.

Midoriya glanced across the street and saw a beautiful woman with scarlet hair rolled up in a bun and held by up a pair of golden hair sticks. She walked in small, graceful steps as her kimono swayed elegantly to her movement. In her right arm, she carried a large bouquet of beautifully bloomed crimson spider lilies. In her left hand, she held a red oil-paper umbrella, shielding her from the beaming sunlight.

“So pretty…” Midoriya couldn’t help but admire the woman with the rest of his classmates. There was just something about her and the way she moved that just attracted everyone’s eyes, making them unable to look away.

“She’s really beautiful…do you think she’s a model?!” Ashido squealed.

“It’s possible, given her height.” Yaoyorozu nodded excitedly with stars in her eyes.

“Hey! Maybe we can get kimono as souvenirs!” Hagakure suggested.

“Eeeh? But it’s probably really expensive.” Uraraka sighed dejectedly as she watched that woman walked around a building corner and out of their sights.

"Hey, four-eyes! Are we going or what?" Bakugou shouted impatiently at Iida who quickly looked back down at the map, not even noticing the rude way Bakugou had addressed him.

“It should be around here somewhere.” Iida looked around the intersection with squinted eyes. Then with a gasp, he pointed towards a certain direction. “Over there!”

Everyone looked to where Iida was pointing at. Across the intersection from them, there was a small store squashed between two gigantic buildings with a sign that said Ariake Harbour.

It was the same Ariake Harbour Kunikida had written on the map. They crossed the intersection. When they walked into the small store, they were greeted by a friendly staff.

“Welcome to Ariake Harbour!”

“Hello!” Iida bowed to the man, feeling extremely awkward as none of them were here to buy things. “Sorry, we're not here to…buy anything."

“Oh, then you must be looking for him?” The staff said brightly. There wasn’t the slightest bit of annoyance, much to all of their relief.

Him?” Iida looked across the shop and sitting at the far back corner was a raven-haired man, wearing clothing that practically screamed—I’m a detective! “Yes! We’re looking for him!”

“Wow, we really do recognize him the moment we see him.” Jirou gapped in disbelieve.

“Are you…Ranpo-san?” Midoriya asked as the man looked up at them. His eyes were narrow and curved upward that reminded the green-haired teen of a fox.

“Ah, you’re here.” The man smiled, stabbing his fork into the last piece of mini-cake on his plate and shoved it into his mouth. “Well then, time to go! I’m sure Minoura-san is getting impatient. Pay for my bill, will ya? I forgot to bring my wallet!”

“E-eh?!” Iida gapped as the raven-haired man strolled past him, patting him on the shoulder as he did do. “Wait-I—eh?!

The rest of the kids stared, just as dumbfounded as their class president. The man just walked through the petrified statues of the kids, hands tucked in his pockets as he walked out of the store.

In the end, all of them pulled out their money, quickly paying off whatever bill the man had eaten before they rushed out of the store to see the man standing there, seeming to be waiting for them. When he saw them, he smiled and began to walk off.

“Um, Ranpo-san? Where are we going?” Yaoyorozu asked as they caught up to the man.

“To the crime scene, of course!” Ranpo replied as if it was the most obvious thing. “Didn’t Kunikida tell you guys about the murder case?”

“He did—” The vice-president paused when Ranpo suddenly made a sharp turn. They stared as Ranpo walked right through the automatic doors of the large building right next to Ariake Harbour.


“Come on now, let’s not keep the police waiting!” Ranpo called, poking his head out from between the automatic doors before ducking back in.

“Wait, so…what?” Kirishima said dumbly as they walked through the doors and came into this glamorous lobby with a fountain right in the middle.

“What is this place?” Uraraka gapped as she looked around. Everything in here was practically sparkling.

“Looks like a hotel," Asui answered as she took in her surroundings.

Midoriya stared at the ladies working behind the counters, then to the man pulling along a cart of luggage dressed in hotel uniforms. It was a hotel.

“My apologies,” A woman in black suits suddenly stopped them, “I will need to see your IDs?”

At that, all the Class 1-A students froze up. They turned to each other, not sure what they were supposed to do as they don’t have any of that. Their reactions only made the woman narrow her eyes at the students that had their faces hidden behind scarfs and masks. Her eyes then darted to the securities standing not far away. As if receiving some sort of signal, they began to move forward when a young man in police uniform came stumbling over.

“Ranpo-san!” He gasped. “You’re finally here! We’ve been waiting for an hour and half now! The chief is waiting for you!”

“Ah~ Kobayashi-kun!” Ranpo greeted the policeman cheerfully, not feeling the slightest bit of urgency, unlike the policeman. 

“This gentleman is here to help with our investigation.” The police quickly explained to the woman.

“…Are you here for the investigation as well?" The lady questioned, eyeing the students over again.

"Yes, they are." Ranpo cut in before the policeman could even register what the woman was talking about.

With a curt nod and a bow, the woman walked away, leaving the police with Ranpo and twenty kids.

“Erm…Ranpo-san, who are they?” Kobayashi asked, looking at the kids with just as much wariness as the lady had.

“Does it matter? As long as I, the great detective, is at the scene, the case will be solved in a snap of my finger!” Ranpo boasted. “Now lead the way, Kobayashi-kun!”

The young policeman looked like he had a lot of things to say, but it swallowed his words and decided to go with it. He led them into the elevator where he pressed for the top floor. Since there were twenty additional kids, one elevator wouldn’t fit them all so they had to split apart and take the other elevator.

None of them knew what to expect when they arrived at their designated floor. Whatever they’ve expected, it certainly wasn’t a huge rooftop pool—or had they expected to come out to someone shouting.

“How long are you going to keep us here?!” A petite woman in a red dress screamed at a police officer not far from the elevators.

“That’s right.” A man beside the woman joined in. He wore a simple white dress shirt with dark gray pants and glasses. “We’ve been waiting for more than an hour now!”

“I need to get back to my shift!” A man in the hotel staff uniform said nervously.

Kobayashi heaved out a deep sigh at the sight before directing them away from the group bickering in the distance. Ranpo didn’t question anything and neither did the kids. Under the heavy gazes of the police around them, the students followed Ranpo and Kobayashi into the…woman’s change room?!

“Girl’s change room!”

“Stop Mineta-kun!” Iida hissed, immediately popping up by Mineta’s side. The class president was ready to restrain the class pervert at any given notice. With all these police around, they can’t let Mineta run wild!

Any thoughts going through their heads became turned blank when they finally came across the scene.

There, in the shower stall still dripping with water vapor was the body of a dead woman. Her mouth was agape as she laid there on the cold, wet floor. Her wavy ink-black hair fanned around her body with half of her hair inside the drain next to her head—meaning that when she was discovered, the water was still running.

There was a very prominent bloodstain on the faucet with the white tiles around the body covered in light pink hue. The closer to the woman's body, the deeper the pink become, turning into a bloody red right under her head. Her limps were sprawled out, her body so pale that her skin looked grayish under the LED light. The woman was completely naked except for a blue plastic sheet covering her torso and pelvis, giving her one last bit of modesty.

Gasps erupted from the students as they took in this horrifying sight. Blood drained from their faces as all excitements they previously had was thrown out of their heads—replaced by the cruel realization of what they were really here to observe.

This wasn’t about a detective solving mystery cases.

It was about finding the answer behind the death of a person.

This was a murder scene.

“You guys.” Ranpo’s voice snapped the kids out as they turned to the raven-haired man who had taken his hat off and placed it over his chest. His back was to them as he faced the lady, but even without seeing his face, they could all feel pressure rolling off his body. “You’re being rude to the lady.”

None of them knew what face they had, but they quickly found out when they saw the faces of their classmates mirroring their own.

It was fear.

It was their first time seeing a real dead body and they were scared.


Hearing the sharp slapping sound of flesh, everyone turned to Uraraka who had smacked her own cheeks so hard it left bright red handprints on her face. When she opened her eyes, the fear was gone, replaced by determination.

She wasn’t the only one.

The students in different methods picked themselves back up as their eyes that were just filled with shock and fright vanished out of existence.

Midoriya’s hands rolled into fists at his side as he stared at the bathroom stall, then to the woman's body, trying to gather as much information as he can.

“What the hell is this?!”

“Ah~! Minoura-san!” Ranpo greeted cheerfully as a grumpy looking man stomped over to them, looking extremely displeased.

“Since when were kids allowed at a crime scene?” The man snapped, turning to Kobayashi who shrank under his superior’s heated glare.

“Now, now, Minoura-san.” Ranpo chided as if he was talking to a child. “It’s these children’s dreams to become law enforcers when they grow up! As a policeman, shouldn’t it be your responsibility to be a good role model for them?”

“You brought unrelated personnel into a crime scene!”

“Alright, everyone gather around!”


“What’s the situation?” Ranpo fixed his hat back over his head.

“Wouldn’t you know if you use your Ability?” The police chief replied. There was no bite in his words—just stating a simple fact.

That caught all the kids' attention as they stared at Ranpo.

“It would be meaningless if I just solve the mystery without letting them learn anything," Ranpo said, gesturing at the kids.

Midoriya swore the police chief was going to pop a vein, but he pinched the bridge of his nose to stop himself from exploding. It was a very familiar gesture that Midoriya remembered Kunikida doing. From their interactions, Midoriya guessed that this was a usual thing between the two adults.

“Kobayashi! Fill them in!”

“Y-yes!” Kobayashi stuttered as he quickly pulled out his notebook.

“The victim is Suzuki Yui, twenty-six years old—”

“Suzuki Yui?!” Ashido burst out in shock, causing everyone to look at her—everyone but Ranpo.

“…Sorry.” She covered her mouth when she realized she went out of line just now. She looked to the police chief, Minoura, nervously.

“You know her, kid?” Minoura questioned, eyeing the girl who was completely covered in clothing from head to toe.

“She’s the Heroine of The Last Hero," Jirou replied for her classmate, taking the police’s attention off Ashido and to her.

They were too shocked by the sight of the dead body to notice before…but the woman's face was definitely the face of the actress they knew of. She was pretty famous throughout Japan, which brought another question to all of their minds.

A question none of them dared to ask out loud.

Why was an actress of Japan in Yokohama?

Was she also granted special permission by the Port Mafia?

However, they got their answers very soon when Kobayashi continued on as he read off his notes.

“Suzuki Yui works as an actress in the outer world and has gained a lot of fames in the past three years. Her identity created for her in the outside world is a Quirkless immigrant from Germany.”


None of them could believe what they were hearing.

The actress Suzuki Yui was a citizen of Yokohama?!

“She returned to Yokohama and booked into this hotel three days ago for her one week vacation. This morning at 7:34 am, she was found dead in the shower room by the cleaning lady.”

“Bring the suspects over here.” Minoru waved, and three people were soon brought in.

They were the people they had seen shouting at the police when they first stepped out of the elevator.

“Sato Miyako-san, twenty-six years old.” Kobayashi started with the only woman within the three. “She and Suzuki-san were old classmates. She works as an accountant and came with Suzuki-san to for her vacation.”

“I keep telling you, I didn’t kill her! Why would I kill my own friend?!” The woman—Sato shouted at Kobayashi, seeming hysterical and shaken.

“The next is Hayashi Eiichi-san, twenty-nine years old. He is a staff working the night shift last night and has entered the rooftop.”

"I wasn't even supposed to be on this shift!" Hayashi quickly defended himself. "My co-worker called in sick and the boss told me to take over for her! All I did was clean the floors, check to see if anyone was still around before I lock the doors!”

“Omura Daiki-san, thirty-one years old.” Kobayashi looked over to the last person. "He is a plastic surgeon that has performed plastic surgery for Suzuki-san in the past. They've become good friends since then and like Sato-san, he came to join Suzuki-san in her vacation.”

“I’m telling you guys, I don’t know anything! I didn’t even see her last night!” The plastic surgeon snapped angrily.

“Only these three have been seen on the surveillance camera accessing the swimming pool over the night. The first is Sato-san, who came to the rooftop pool with Suzuki-san at 10:34 pm and left alone at 11:43 pm”

“We were going for a midnight swim.” Sato frowned. “Yui didn’t like having people playing around when she swims. She’s a competitive swimmer and the two of us often race together. I got tired so I went back to my room first to sleep.”

“After that, Omura-san entered at 12:00 am, leaving at 12:30 am.”

"I went to look for Suzuki-san," Omura grumbled. “She wanted to get her nose done and we’ve been discussing over what procedure she wants to take. I went to look for her, but there was no one around. I thought she might be in the change room, so I waited a bit but when I didn’t see her I left!” 

“At 1:30 am, Hayashi-san came to the rooftop with a cart of equipment, leaving at 3:25 am.”

“Those were just brooms and mops! I’ve never even stepped into the changing rooms since those were done by the cleaning people in the mornings!” Hayashi frantically explained.

“From the security footage of the cart he was pushing, it possible for him to have hidden weapons within the cart.”

“I’m telling you there’s nothing!” Hayashi looked like he was going to tear up upon hearing how he was the most suspicious.”

“And according to the testimonies all three of them gave today, Sato-san was the last to see Suzuki-san.”

“Wait a minute!” Sato instantly cut in. “Sure I was the last to see her, but I didn’t do it! I’m five foot one and Yui is five foot five! How do you suppose I kill her?!”

“A-and no matter how you look at it, isn’t it an accident?” Hayashi piped in, looking over to the body on the floor before he hastily looked away, looking as if he was going to throw up at any moment.

“That’s right, I don’t get why you’re saying this is murder!” Omura shouted angrily. “What are you police doing?! I can’t believe we’re paying taxes for incompetent people like you!”

“We don’t need you to tell us how we should operate," Minoura said sternly. “Suzuki Yui’s death is no accident. We have more than enough proof to believe that she has been killed by someone.”

"Well, I'm telling you it’s not me!” Sato shouted before glaring to the two other guys. “If you want to suspect, then suspect these two! They’re both dating Yui, after all!”

“Eh?!” Kobayashi gapped. It was obvious the police hadn't gotten that information before.

However, the ones that were most surprised people were Class 1-A. At the very least, those that knew of Suzuki Yui.

“Wasn’t Suzuki dating Harada?” Kirishima gapped as he recalled the magazines he saw.  

"There was even talk about marriage, wasn’t there?” Hagakure added.

“Harada? Who’s that?” Minoura felt a headache coming as more new information was given. Information which no one bothered on sharing before.

“Harada Azuma.” A policeman reported, walking up to his chief with a holographic screen floating out of the watch on his wrist. He showed Minoura the picture of a brown-haired man with golden eyes and snake scales covering half of his neck. He was an extremely handsome man—taking away the snake qualities. “He’s an actor of the outside world with mutant Quirk. He acted as the male lead within the movie The Last Hero where Suzuki Yui acted in there as the female lead. They presumably began dating after that. There is rumour in the outside world that they are planning on getting married.”

“Marry?!” Minoura furrowed his brows in disbelieve. “Was she out of her mind?”

Midoriya blinked as he took in the shock on Minoura’s face. Was there something wrong with marriage?

“I’m not dating Suzuki-san!” Hayashi shouted. “We just know each other because she comes to this hotel annually for vacation! We’re just friends!”

“Then why did you withhold such important information from us?” Minoura narrowed his eyes at the worker. “You acted as if you didn’t know her when we questioned you.”

“I-I was just scared!” Hayashi cried. “I didn’t want you guys to think I killed her!”

"Nothing is going on between me and Suzuki-san!" Omura joined in. “My relationship with her is strictly work and friend!”

At that, Sato snorted, gaining everyone’s attention. “Oh please.” She rolled her eyes. “Anyone with brains can tell you’re smitten with her. I know you went to her hotel room the other night and didn’t come out until morning. Wonder what’s so important that you need to discuss with her all night.”

“You say that but aren’t you the most suspicious?” Omura countered. “I heard your company in the outside world went bankrupted and you racked up quite a lot of debts and has been asking Suzuki-san to help you out but got rejected!”

“You think I would kill her over something so petty?!” Sato shrieked.

“You seem petty enough to believe other people would kill for such petty reason!”

“How dare you! I would never kill Yui over something like that!”

“I wouldn’t either!” Omura roared back.

“Please everyone calm down!” Kobayashi jumped between the two, only to be on the receiving end of their rage.

The kids just stared at the scene, dumbfounded.

“Well?” Minoura turned towards Ranpo. “Can you solve this mystery for us already?”

“Hmm…” Ranpo hummed before a sly smile lifted his lips.

Then, he suddenly turned around, his left hand on his hip and his right hand pointing right at the U.A students. His eyes opened up, revealing a pair of emerald green eyes that seemed to suck out the souls of anyone that dared to stare into them.

“You guys, solve this mystery in thirty minutes!”


The police and kids—as well as the suspects—all stared at Ranpo in disbelieve.

For a whole minute, the change room was drowned in utter silence.