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Pushed into the Darkness

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I wake up and have to run to the bathroom as fast as I can. After my stomach is empty, I dry heave for a little bit longer before the nausea passes. I feel exhausted, my skin feels clammy, and I’m paler than usual, I must be sick. I grab my stuff to brush my teeth, then I jump into the warm shower to get some of the sweat off my skin. After soaking in the water for close to a half an hour, I begin feeling a lot better. Maybe it was something that I ate? I’m up a little bit earlier than usual, but I go ahead and dress and then head down for breakfast. When I enter the great hall, I find that there is hardly anyone else here. I sit down and then begin eating everything in sight. I’m glad no one’s around to see me eating like Ron, but I feel like I haven’t eaten in a month.

Once I’m done eating, I pull out my book and begin reading while I wait for everyone else to come to breakfast. I get lost in my book and the next time I look up I see the great hall is pretty much filled up. Ginny is sitting beside me and Harry and Ron are across the table from me. Ron and Harry are talking about having dates by the time they get back to the common room that evening when my stomach starts rolling again. I quickly tell them goodbye and take off towards the nearest bathroom, hoping that I’ll make it to it in time. I reach a stall just in time to lose most of the breakfast I had just consumed. By the time I’m done, my entire body feels shaky and I start thinking I may have to go see Madam Pomfrey.

I reach into my bag to grab my toothbrush and toothpaste I had put in there this morning just in case, when I see my feminine products. I sit there dumbfounded for several minutes trying to think of when I had my period last. It’s not possible. That’s not even a possibility. Is it? It shouldn’t be possible, but the more I think about it the more I begin to panic. Think Hermione. Think. There’s a spell that can be done to tell whether someone is pregnant or not. I don’t know it but I’m sure I can find it in a book. I brush my teeth at the sink and quickly make my way to the library deciding to ditch class this morning.

If I get caught out of class, I have the excuse of not feeling well, which is one hundred percent true. Quickly going through the stack of books, I grab several different ones then make my way to my normal table in the back. I quickly scan the front index of each book looking for spells about pregnancy. The second to last book has a section containing pregnancy spells so I quickly flip to the page and begin reading through. After about fifteen minutes, I find the spell I need to deny or confirm being pregnant. I grab my quill and parchment and quickly jot down the spell and wave movements. I put the parchment in my front pocket, quill in my bag, and then put all the books back in the proper places.

The Gryffindor common room has never felt so far away before, and I feel my anxiety continue to grow. I run up the stairs to my room and throw my bag on the bed then plop down beside it. Taking several deep breaths, I begin to calm down slightly. I pull out the parchment and practice the wand movement several times, then memorize the incantation. Once I feel confident I’m ready to perform the spell, I take several deep breaths and then cast it pointing at my belly. The tip of my wand lights up pink and my heart stops. How is this possible? I didn’t even know this was possible. I begin to cry and I can’t stop myself. Broken sobs run through me as I completely break down. I’m only fifteen.

After crying for what felt like hours, I pull myself together and try to think everything out logically. The first thing to do is tell the other parent about the baby currently growing in my belly. I’ll also need to tell my parents, which I don’t see going smoothly. What about school? I need to make a list. Lists make everything more manageable. First, tell the other parent. Second, tell my parents. Third, prepare a back-up option. The back-up option needs to include finding a new place to live just in case. Fourth, school. I can’t bring my child to classes with me. Perhaps I can stay home and just study there and take my OWLS and NEWTS. Okay, this is a great place to start, I’ll figure out everything else after I figure out my plans for these four.

My estimate is that I’m about seven weeks pregnant. It had to happen at the end of October, and it’s almost the end of December now. I have about seven months to prepare for all possible outcomes. The first thing I want to focus on is finding out how much money I have in my Gringott’s account and then buying my own place. I’m so glad I invested a large amount of my money, and came out quite a bit ahead. The issue is finding a way to get there since I’m stuck at school. Luckily today is the last day of classes before winter break, though almost everyone is staying at school because of the Yule Ball. I could go into Hogsmeade and take the floo to Gringott’s. I should wait to go but I can’t help feeling like I need to figure out as much as I can right now.

Before I talk myself out of it, I grab my bag and begin walking down the stairs, and make my way to Hogsmeade. The walk takes less time than normal since I’m stuck in my head, and before I know it, I’m walking into the three broomsticks. I pay the barmaid to use the floo, and step out into the bank. I go to the first goblin I see and clear my throat to get his attention. “I’d like to know the amount I currently have in my vault, and all the investment’s I currently have as well please.” I say quietly. “Name.” The goblin speaks without even looking up at me. So rude. “Hermione Granger.” I reply shortly. He looks up at me and says, “One moment.” He steps down behind his desk and walks away.

About an hour later, the goblin comes back with everything written down for me. I quickly look it over and find I have more than enough for what I need. “I’d like to invest in a few more stocks while I’m here, and I’d also like to take my parents name off of my account.” The goblin stares at me for a moment, and then hands me another parchment, “Here’s some different stocks, but we can’t take your parents name off since you’re not yet of age.” I immediately deflate. Then, I come up with a great idea and ask him if it’s possible. “Can I have it where no one can access or withdraw from my vault without my permission? Even my parents?” The goblin gives me a smirk, “We can make it a requirement for you to be present with your wand before anyone can access your vault. You can also put a magic blood ward around your vault so only you may enter.” This idea throws me off since it’s my parents, they could still go in, couldn’t they? He must see the confusion on my face because he adds more on, “Since your parents are muggles, the blood wards wouldn’t recognize them even though they’re blood related because they have no magic.” I nod my head at his explanation.

I spend some time setting up some more investments, then change my account to what we talked about, and then I go down with the goblin and put up the blood wards. The goblins did all the work, I only needed to add some blood. After hours, I’m done and take the floo back to the three broomsticks. I feel exhausted but I’m glad I got so much done, it makes me feel a million times better. Before I make my way back to Hogwarts, I go to the bookstore to look for real estate magazines and end up grabbing a few books as well. I stuff everything in my bag, including a baby book that I just had to buy, and walk back towards the school. All day I’ve just been reacting, not thinking everything through, and I can tell I’m in a lot of trouble as I reach the gate. There stands Professor McGonagall looking completely mad. “Where have you been Ms. Granger?!” My stomach drops and I just manage to give her a weak smile before I weakly say, “Gringott’s.”