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El programa criador

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 Cybertron could fall lower? He certainly did.

 The population of Cybertronians had diminished, the constant revolutions towards the Senate extinguished the lives of millions and left the proud race in a crisis of extinction, since no Cybertronian wanted to live in a world where everyone was disposable, but that problem was already solved. The revolutions and protests diminished until echoing in a vacuum, thanks to an extreme measure of the Senate, because they had decreed that all Cybertronian who does not fulfill his role in society, would be forced to work in the Energon mines or serve another mech / femme in body and spark. The AllSpark had already lost its light so many years ago with Vector Sigma, so the Carriers were used as breeding stock, put in public to offer their valve to anyone who wanted to contribute to the restoration of Cybertron. Incredibly, there were not many complaints from the Carriers, since they had placed a special program that made them ... addicted to producing Sparklings. Almost no one complained, for they received a pleasure like no other, forgetting how humiliating it was.

 Although sometimes the Carriers of striking aspects, they were given a "privilege", to be used as a Prize. The "lucky" who managed to be qualified for this category, were more likely not to be the one for public use, and only serve a mech so distinguished that it deserves a Prize, and with good luck, a benevolent mech; But if they tried to escape, they were punished with the most humiliating, to be used in the most public places in the facilities of any place, for free use to anyone who wants to use it and to help the Cybertronian race.

 Sometimes, if life smiled at you and you were a Carrier at the same time, but nevertheless an excellent being and very good at something, you had the advantage of being treated as something more than a breeding ground for sparklings and you could follow your dreams. Of course, without failing your main task of helping rebuild Cybertron.






 # 1 Orion

 Orion's life was not easy, even removing the fact that he was a Carrier, since he spent most of his childhood locked away from the world thanks to his Sire: Alpha Trion, who hid it from the world so as not to be used as a "Bag of fluids", but in the end it was discovered the day his Sire died, perhaps that is the reason why he has not been so influenced and dominated by the breeder program, because he not only thought about everyone's peak mechs, he was still looking for happiness, and the happiness of who owns it. Shortly after implementing the breeder program, he was sent to the Prize category; and today, today was the "big" day, the day where an owner would get to be the personal Bag of fluids of a single person.

 "Let's welcome our new Breeders, who will be the reward of the prominent gladiators this year." 

 There were five Prize, two femmes and three mechs, among them, Orion. In the room, all the optics were fixed on them, giving them looks of amazement and lust, Orion felt a pinch of fear and nerves, but thanks to the programming, he also felt emotion and joy, since he would have an owner and soon both would be happy together. So when they were ordered to approach their new owners, Orion shyly walked to a huge silver mech.

 "I am Orion Pax" Orion said, watching the huge mech sitting in front of him. "You are Megatronus, right?

 "Yes ..." The silver mech replied strangely, who gave him a cold look a few seconds before turning and watching another mech interested.

 Orion was surprised by this fact, and turned to see what caught the attention of its owner. It was the other Prize, the mech of big thighs and white color, what was his name ...? Galar! Orion felt a small stabbing when he watched his owner look at Galar with desire, and he was completely ignored. Perhaps Megatronus was right, next to that mech, Orion was a small thing, since it was a thin, simple looking mech, and even he himself was not attractive. 

 Smiling to console himself, he thought that perhaps his owner was only curious and would soon get bored of watching the other mech ... Right?

 After a while, everyone started enjoying their Prizes.

 Orion did what he could to get the attention of his owner, but he did not get it, because even licking the beak with emotion, Megatronus ignored him and with a neutral face he kept watching Galar, who was being hit against the table by a green mech . Orion felt the excitement of Megatronus in his mouth, but perhaps it is due to Galar, since his moans were heard throughout the room. Soon, Orion felt the great hand of the mech in his head and shoved it sharply to his beak, just so he could swallow all the spilled fluid inside him. Orion felt happy for a few moments, before he realized that his owner moved away from him, and left him alone in the room, where the other owners lulled at his Prizes.

 His sadness increased