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Gleam and Glow (Bring Back What Once Was Mine)

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This is the story of how Tony Stark died. 

But don’t worry, this is actually quite a fun story, but in all honesty, I don’t know how much of it is even mine to tell. This is the tale of a boy named, Peter, and it starts the way all good fairy tales should start. It starts with a hint of magic.   

Now, once upon a time, a single drop of magic fell from the heavens. And from this small piece of magic grew a fern. It was small, yet lively, and bloomed bright green; it’s leaves dotted with brown freckles, and its tendrils curled mischievously. 

This plant was found by a man named, Quentin Beck. Quentin was a weak man, both mentally and physically, so to make himself more powerful and imposing, he harnessed the magical properties the fern possessed and hid it for himself.   

The plant could give him the power to create magical facades that would seem to manipulate realities. The plant could also improve his health, as he became stronger almost overnight. By the rest of society, he was seen as a threat. Someone not to be messed with. Some people were even frightened by the man. 

Quentin loved the power, and eventually, felt as though he couldn’t live without it. All he had to do to get the power was to sing a special song. All right, you get the idea. He sings to the plant, it gives him magic and makes him jacked. Creepy, right? 

Well, eventually, a kingdom named York grew. The kingdom was ruled by a beloved king and queen, and you see, the queen got sick. Really sick. She was about to have a baby, but she was running out of time. And this is when people usually start to look for a miracle; or in this case, a magic freckled fern. 

Quentin heard of this search and grew frightened, but he was too late to protect his treasure, and the people of York got to it first. 

The magic of the plant healed the queen, and she delivered a bouncing baby boy. The prince was born with abnormally long, beautiful brown hair. He was instantly loved by anyone who laid eyes on him. I’ll confirm your suspicions. That’s Peter. 

To celebrate his birth, the king and queen launched a flying lantern into the sky. For that one day, everything was perfect, but then that day ended. 

Quentin knew that the prince possessed the powers of the fern and snuck into the castle. When he sang to Peter, his hair glowed with magnificent silver light. Quentin was ecstatic, for his magic was still alive! 

But to his horror, when he tried to cut the baby’s hair, he discovered that the locks would die and curl up. So, in an act of quick thinking, Quentin tucked the prince into his cloak and fled the grounds, hellbent on keeping his powers to himself. 

The kingdom searched and searched, desperate to find their child, but with no luck, they could not locate Quentin or Peter. But, deep in the forest, in a magnificent, hidden tower, Quentin raised the prince as his own. 

When he brushed Peter’s hair and sang his song, the hair would shine its silver glow and would replenish Quentin’s powers. He had found his fern once again, and this time, he was determined to keep it alive. 

He would spin lies and stories of how the outside world was dangerous and deadly and would scare Peter into never wanting to leave the tower. But the walls of that tower couldn’t keep everything a secret. 

As they did the day he was born, the king and queen would release hundreds of lanterns into the sky on the night of Peter’s birthday. Even after the king and queen had tragically passed, the king’s brother and his wife took up the throne, and they continued the tradition. 

They were embedded with the hope that one day, their long lost prince would see the lights, and would finally find his way home.