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Toronto's Pearson International Airport is always crowded. Namjoon drains his entire cup of Tim Hortons cup of coffee as he edges forward in line to board his direct flight to Beijing.

This is his seventh year teaching abroad. At this point, Namjoon is considered a veteran teacher among his coworkers at Oxford International School in Dalian but by domestic standards in Canada, most certainly not.

He's grateful his dongsaeng, Heeyeon, drove him all the way down from Richmond Hill. She's already sent him a bunch of stickers on KaTalk along with safe travels at the end. Namjoon sends her back a quickly typed thanks for dropping me off!!! message before he drops his phone back into his pant pocket, heart pounding in his chest.

A few people up front, there's Min Yoongi.

Yoongi's been working in China a couple years longer than Namjoon. He's the Department Head for Math which basically has him pocketing an extra 5200 yuan per month. Namjoon knows from having seen Yoongi staying past nine in the late evenings however, that with the extra money comes absolutely no social life.

Yoongi's wearing a pair of ill-fitting shades that envelop most of his small face. He's got headphones on that swallow up his ears. It's only August and still very warm in Toronto but Yoongi is wearing a beanie, black hoodie and black slacks. Namjoon chuckles. That's pretty much on brand for Yoongi. Anything that's not monochrome would be a huge shock.

Namjoon decides to abandon his carry on trolley in favour of reaching out to Yoongi, tugging lightly on his hoodie.

"Hyung! Yoongi hyung!"

Yoongi starts, but when he sees that it's Namjoon, his face breaks out into a small smile. "Namjoon-ah. Where are you seated? Did you book your own flight?"

Namjoon makes a face. "Oh please, you're still asking after all these years. You know the company rebooked my ticket as usual."

Yoongi grins at that. "Yeah, same here. I can't be bothered to search for a cheap flight on my own. Where are you gonna be sitting?"

Upon checking their boarding passes, they're seated next to each other yet again. Yoongi groans.

"What joy, I'll be stuck next to your snoring ass for a whole thirteen hours," he says dryly. "Again."

Namjoon purses his lips into a pout. "Hyung, you should be privileged to be sitting next to the one and only Kim Namjoon," he jokes lightly.

"Yeah, yeah," Yoongi says, in an attempt to be dismissive but he's smiling his full toothy smile. "Namjoon-ah, you don't have a carry on with you?"

"Oh crap, I forgot!"


The flight is full. Namjoon and Yoongi are in the center, Namjoon taking the aisle seat so he can stretch his legs. He gets unbelievably cramped in economy with his long legs but they're just a bunch of teachers working the international education circuit and their company only ever pays for economy round trip airfare.

"Yah, how was your summer?"

Yoongi's taken off his ugly shades and sticks them in the inflight magazines pouch. His eyes are maybe, arguably, Namjoon's favourite facial feature of Yoongi's. They're pretty, and feline. They can be cold when he's displeased but they're always full of warmth and vitality whenever Yoongi has his gaze trained on Namjoon.

"It was okay," Namjoon says, crossing one of his legs atop the other. "The usual, you know how it is. I spent time with Heeyeon! We went on a short trip to Reykjavik together. It was her first time in Iceland so she was really excited."

Yoongi makes a soft aahing noise. "That's right, that's right," he says. "You've been to Iceland only four times."

Namjoon flushes. "I know it's really expensive but I love it there. The air is so clean and fresh. And I had an amazing time at my usual hot springs resort with Heeyeon this time."

Laughing, Yoongi swats lightly at Namjoon's arm, and Namjoon flushes, realizing Yoongi was just teasing him. "I know how much you love hot springs, Namjoon. That's good you had a restful vacation."

The seatbelts sign flashes on and they move to buckle themselves in. "How about you, hyung?" Namjoon asks, in as non-probing of a tone as he can manage. Yoongi hates people prying in his personal matters and life. When he's stressed out in China and people are overly concerned, his mouth will press into a thin line and he doesn't deign to address them even.

Yoongi shrugs, taciturn as usual. "Yeah, it was good," he says, and it seems like that's that, when suddenly he speaks up again. "I have an important decision to make by the end of this year's contract."

Namjoon raises an eyebrow. Typically, teachers working at international schools sign two year contracts at the beginning. After that period is over, they get called in to the principal's office to discuss the possibility of signing one year contracts.

His heart sinks at the thought that Yoongi might be looking to end his chapter in China permanently.

But Namjoon doesn't press for further details. If these six years have taught him anything, they include getting to understand Yoongi's complicated body language. He doesn't react well to anyone's curiosity and no matter how much they get along, Namjoon isn't the exception to that norm.

"Yeah," Yoongi continues, giving Namjoon a meaningful look. Then he turns away to focus on plugging his earphones into the jack provided in his armrest and scours the options for electronic inflight entertainment, unaware of the storm brewing in Namjoon's mind.


The lights switch off and almost immediately, Yoongi takes out an eye patch. He's asleep within seconds, and Namjoon watches the blue light reflecting from Yoongi's screen over his cheeks.

Namjoon sighs. He turns off Yoongi's screen for him and then turns his screen off as well.

Six years have gone by of Namjoon working in China with Yoongi and somehow he hasn't managed to muster the courage to tell Yoongi he's been hopelessly in love with him the whole time.


They're both well rested by the time they land in Beijing. They have to be though because they're far from done traveling. Next up is a high speed train ride to Dalian that will take them four and a half hours, and then they have to take the local Dalian train to where the Oxford campus is located in Jinshitan, a sleepy little Chinese town where nothing ever happens.

Yoongi grabs the window seat, and stares out at the rapidly moving scenery as the train picks up speed. Namjoon remembers being awed the first time he heard that the high speed train picks up the same velocity an aircraft has during landing before coming to a stop.

"Year seven for you," Yoongi says, contemplative. "Year nine for me."

"Yeah," Namjoon says heavily. "Time flies."

Yoongi fixes him with a gummy smile. "It sure does."

At some point during the train ride, Yoongi's head slumps against Namjoon's shoulder.

Namjoon stiffens. All these years, during this very commute, Yoongi's never leaned up on Namjoon like this. Well, there was this one time last year during Namjoon's thirtieth birthday, when Yoongi had drunk a lot of soju and surprisingly cuddled up like a content cat to Namjoon.

They never addressed it the next morning and it never happened again.

Namjoon's heart aches in his chest at the thought that this might be their last time taking the high speed train from Beijing to Dalian together.


They're exhausted by the time they finally reach Jinshitan. But the air is cleaner here, with the familiar tang of salt and kelp.

They grab a quick dinner at Ma Junnan's restaurant where she serves them steaming cups of jasmine tea, kung pao chicken, bowls of rice and beans with numbing spice.

"Doing anything different this year?" Namjoon asks Yoongi.

Yoongi shrugs. "Yeah, I did some professional development shit this summer. Some stuff on guidance counseling. Actually, it was pretty interesting and informative. I learned a lot."

Namjoon tries not to smile, absolutely endeared. Their coworkers often complain about the professional development courses they have to constantly be doing to upgrade their credentials. Oxford gives them a stipend for professional development and it'd be foolish to let it go to waste.

Yoongi is the only person who never complains and actually enjoys professional development. Namjoon knows because Yoongi always has a lot of tips to dole out from his courses during their department meetings. Yoongi might be a certified workaholic but he genuinely enjoys his work.

It's always made Namjoon feel a bit insecure in comparison.

"What about you, Namjoon?"

"I have an idea for my twelves," Namjoon says, rubbing the back of his neck. Yoongi's eyes follow the gesture. It's something Namjoon does when he's feeling self conscious. "I was thinking of spiraling the course content."

"I vaguely know what that is," Yoongi says steadily, his gaze intent on Namjoon. "Explain it again to me?"

"Basically, I teach all the units all at once," Namjoon explains, his face heating up. Ugh, if Yoongi doesn't approve of this, Namjoon is basically … well, he's not screwed but he did work on his new lessons this whole summer apart from the Reykjavik trip. "I've already prepared the lessons."

Yoongi considers that for a few seconds. He eventually settles for an impressed look. "That's fine. I'm not gonna stop you. Just know the kids will hate you. They will rant and rail for you to do things the usual way. They just want their grades to be good enough for university."

"Yeah," Namjoon says, grimacing at the very thought. Still, he's got to experiment. He'll die of boredom if he teaches the same way he's been teaching for the past six years. "I considered that but it won't be a problem. The course actually lends itself very well to spiraling."

"You made lessons from scratch this summer?" Yoongi asks, slightly incredulous.

Namjoon feels a hot flush working up from his neck all the way to his cheeks. "Yeah," he mumbles, feeling stupid.

"That's amazing," Yoongi says, and it's his tone that makes Namjoon look up sharply. He sounds fervent, admiring and … sweet. He's smiling, big and gummy. "You always work so hard for your kids. That's what I …. that's cool."

Namjoon quells the urge to scream and do a happy jig then and there.


They have about a week before school starts. Namjoon and Yoongi often let the company prebook their flights because they do it early and it gives them time to shake off the jetlag. They can also putter around in the school, setting up their classrooms and ensuring they're clean. Handouts also have to be made and supplies have to be wrangled from the amused school secretary, Jessie, who often giggles at their Mandarin. They've learned the northern dialect after all these years but apparently according to her, their Mandarin makes it obvious that they're fluent Korean speakers.

Yoongi blasts old school hip hop on his Bluetooth speaker in his classroom as he mops and cleans his classroom to his satisfaction.

Namjoon bops to it, mouthing the verses under his breath, seated on a desk, legs swinging as he unwraps a chocopie. Jessie told them about a new Korean import store that just opened up in Jinshitan and one afternoon, Namjoon and Yoongi went on their bikes, cycling to the store.

Yoongi likes the really old stuff like Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five. Cold Crush Brothers. Mantronix. Whodini. Namjoon does too. Quite a few years ago, they'd discovered their shared music taste over ten bottles of soju. That had been a fun night, both of them trashed as hell but still drunkenly rapping along to Swing High Swing Low as they walked back to their shared Airbnb in Beijing.

That was back when Yoongi actually went out and socialized with the rest of the staff. In the past three years, Yoongi's been pulling back however.

Yoongi sticks his head in Namjoon's classroom. "Namjoon-ah. You wanna go out for dinner later?"

Namjoon starts. Yoongi's been unusually social with him this time around. It's strange but not unwelcome.

"Sure, hyung. Let me empty this mop bucket."


The school year begins. Namjoon gets busy and so does Yoongi. As Yoongi predicted, his grade twelves absolutely hate the spiraling idea but Namjoon stays stubborn. He just has to stick to his guns. Kids are going to hate everything, and he's learned that very well over his years in education. He spends hours upon hours of overtime in the office, hunched over his desktop as he edits his lessons, grades and guiltily procrastinates on Netflix, absolutely deciding to ignore his backbreaking workload in favour of marathoning the X-Files. He's never watched the show. He might as well start now.

Yoongi snorts as he passes by Namjoon's cubicle, with a huge stack of stapled tests for his own grade twelve class. He sits right behind Namjoon.

He picks up a huge mug of coffee and sips from it. Namjoon pulls out an earbud, pauses his show and swivels around to smile lazily at Yoongi, his dimples in display.

Yoongi stares at him for a split second, then looks down at his own paperwork.

"What's up, hyung?"

It's past nine at night. This is a common sight, just the two of them in the Math staffroom, working or procrastinating till ten pm at the very least. They both speak Korean comfortably too, since they're the only two Koreans in this department. Namjoon tries to stick to calling Yoongi by his name when they talk to each other in English and he absolutely hates it. When he started working here, he'd been absolutely excited at the sight of Yoongi in their department and accidentally lapsed into Korean whenever he got excited. Yoongi was cautious at first, responding back in English to Namjoon all the time. Now though, he's abandoned all his fucks to give because sometimes, Yoongi's the one who will casually address Namjoon in Korean around their other coworkers.

It's better. Infinitely better. Yoongi is much softer in Korean. He's gentle and caring, and Namjoon clings to it like he is absolutely starved for affection.

Which, yes. He is but that's besides the point.

"Namjoon-ah. I was thinking about something. Do you want to travel with me this time during the Lunar New Year holidays?"

Namjoon stares.

Yoongi has decided to be a complete surprise this entire year.


The tips of Yoongi's mouth upturn into an amused yet embarassed smile.

"I know. I don't usually offer."

"Yeah. Are you really okay with that? You haven't wanted to travel with anyone during the long holiday since … forever."

"That's the thing," Yoongi says quietly. "I was thinking of visiting my cousin, Taehyung, in Geochang this time. He lives on a strawberry farm. And then traveling around Korea. What do you say? I know it's Korea and you might want to see a new country instead as always so I understand if you say no-"

"Hyung," Namjoon cuts him off. "I'd love to. I never visit Korea much. We should do it. Let's do it!"

Yoongi rests his chin on his fist, grinning probably at Namjoon's excitement. "Alright," he says. "We'll do all of that hiking I know you'll want to do, I promise. As long as the weather isn't too shitty."

It's okay even if we don't do any nature hikes because it'll be time spent with you, Namjoon bites back on saying.


For this spiraling idea, Namjoon had to get administration to approve the order of eight white boards during the previous academic year in May. They didn't just give it to him. On the contrary, Namjoon had to submit his new unit plans and explain very carefully why this new idea was a good idea.

All four corners of Namjoon's classroom are covered by white boards except for the windows. The kids have to put up solutions of their homework on the white boards and then move around, critiquing the solutions with feedback on alternative solutions or on the problem-solving format used.

It seems like Yoongi's very intrigued by this idea because he loves visiting Namjoon's classroom during his own break now. Sometimes, Namjoon looks up and realizes, pleased and abashed, that Yoongi's just standing in the doorway, watching the noisy activity in Namjoon's classroom with sharp, focused eyes.

"Uh yeah," Namjoon says, flailing his arms at Yoongi the first time it happens. "So this is how my idea actually plays out. I get them to put up their homework all at once. And that really helps me because then I can see who's not getting it! Then we cover the characteristics of every single function all at once because I think it makes for a more holistic picture-"

"It's interesting," Yoongi says, not looking at Namjoon, but his eyes are sparkling in amusement.

Ignoring Namjoon entirely, Yoongi saunters into the classroom, inserting himself into the classroom dynamic. Namjoon stares, feeling very much like he's getting inspected. Yoongi's classes are not noisy, this much Namjoon knows. He prefers a quiet atmosphere. But Yoongi seems to enjoy the noisiness. He points at something two of Namjoon's students are working out and laughs at their nonplussed expressions, taking on a tutor role immediately.

It becomes something of a habit. Yoongi begins popping in at least twice or thrice a week.

"Mr. Min really likes your class," one of his students, a regular gossip named Wang Li Bai, says, with a big grin. "All the other teachers think your class is weird but Mr. Min keeps talking about how he wants to do a few things the way you're doing. And he only ever visits your classes."

Namjoon scolds his student for being such a gossip but inwardly, he's pleased.

So Yoongi only ever visits his class. Huh.


Things get downright exhausting in December just before the two month long holiday break begins in January. Prior to that, Namjoon went to Guilin to clear out his head by himself. He spent most of his time lying on a hotel bed and feeling way too drained to even do his usual nature hiking. It was a complete waste of money.

He was never going to be able to confess to Yoongi.

It's hard. Namjoon isn't brave the way other people can be about love. He's been silently admiring, silently crushing on Yoongi all these years. Yoongi who is strong, sweet, short, capable, passionate, focused and warm. So warm.

Namjoon stares at his grading. Stacks of it in fact, lying on his coffee table. He's going to hyperventilate. He is hyperventilating. It's way too much. He's never going to be able to finish all of it. This spiraling idea has totally backfired on him. It ended up becoming so much grading.

Namjoon is crashing and burning. Namjoon is not going to be able to finish all of this. Namjoon is going to look like a complete failure in front of administration pretty soon. Namjoon--

The doorbell sounds.

Yoongi stares at the sight of Namjoon's tear streaked face, a box of Yunnan tea in his hands.

"Oh," he says softly. "Namjoonie. What's the matter?"

"Hyung," Namjoon chokes out. "Hyung. Help. I need help."

For the first time in all their years of knowing each other, Namjoon's finally doing this. It seems that Yoongi doesn't mind though.

"Of course, Namjoon," Yoongi says, gentle and soft. "What is it? Grading?"

Namjoon nods miserably. "Yeah. I just. I have so much to grade and now I'm overwhelmed."

Yoongi shoulders past him into the living room of Namjoon's apartment, taking in the stacks of Namjoon's grading with an appraising eye. "Not as bad as I expected," he says dismissively. "We should be able to get this done within six hours between us."

True to his words, Yoongi helps Namjoon come up with a strategy to grade fast. They decide to grade only a few of the questions, and not all of the tests in their entirety.

Namjoon looks up at one point to find Yoongi hard at work on his grading, his expression intense and focused as he speed-grades Namjoon's wretched tests and feels warmth bloom in his chest.

Yoongi didn't say, I told you so. Instead he agreed to help Namjoon right away without judging him or making him feel awful for choosing to spiral his course content this semester.

No wonder Namjoon is in love with him and can't figure out how not to be.


Taehyung, Yoongi's cousin, is so extraordinarily handsome that it's hard not to wonder how he's not an idol. He's running the farm with his best friend, an older, pretty man called Seokjin, and they both seem very much taken up with each other.

"Good friends," Yoongi snorts when Namjoon remarks on how they seem to be very good friends, after having seen Seokjin cling to Taehyung the whole time during a BBQ dinner. "Taehyung's head over heels in love with Seokjin."

Namjoon blushes at that. He's come out to Yoongi long ago, hell their entire office as gay but it's been awhile. "Really?" He asks, trying his best to sound casual about it. Yoongi's never discussed his sexuality ever.

"Yeah, they're childhood sweethearts," Yoongi says, with a heavy sigh. "Lucky assholes."

They're seated on a couple of chairs outside the farm house, where they can see the massive greenhouse where the strawberry runner plants are housed. Namjoon spent time with Yoongi, Taehyung and Seokjin there this morning, on his knees as Taehyung ran a quick workshop for Namjoon and Yoongi. He learned how to cut the strawberry runners off, and bind them with the mother plant. It was good, earthy, interesting work.

"They're a happy gay couple with a farm," Namjoon says, with a wistful sigh. "About every single gay person's dream, huh."

Yoongi laughs. "I'm not exactly a farmer type the way Taehyung is but who knows. I might mentally get there someday."

"Oh," Namjoon says blankly. "Are you-"

"Gay?" Yoongi asks. He grins. "I'm as gay as they come."

"Sorry," Namjoon says, averting his gaze. "It's just that you never talk about personal stuff much."

"I don't," Yoongi says bluntly. "Mostly because it's awkward when you have to socialize with your coworkers so much especially after work. But we live abroad so it's not like we have much of a choice with it. I just hate the way people gossip about shit that's not their business. And my being gay is nobody's business."

"That's a valid point," is all Namjoon can think to say in response. It's a lot that he's getting from Yoongi this year all of a sudden and honestly, he has no idea how he feels about it.

So why me, Namjoom wonders. What's so special about me then, Yoongi?


They head up to Seoul for four days. It's then that maybe Namjoon feels Yoongi is truly different.

Yoongi wants to go clubbing in Itaewon. He's never been to the gay clubs there and he wants to experience the debauchery for himself. Namjoon acquiesces, almost wishing he didn't when Yoongi emerges out of their Airbnb washroom in a tight pair of black leather pants, a shimmery see through gold shirt and a light smoky eye.

"How do I look? Yoongi asks.

Namjoon swallows. "Good," he says, as lightly as he can manage.

He takes his own time getting ready, emerging in a fitted blue dress shirt and black slacks himself.

"How do I look, hyung?"

Yoongi looks up. His lips part. His cheeks look flushed. Oh. He's begun drinking already if the half empty bottle of grapefruit soju is any indication.

"You're so handsome," Yoongi says. "I. Yeah."

Namjoon burns bright and hot with Yoongi's praise.


They pick up nobody. Quite a few men approach them both but Namjoon says no and Yoongi says no. Instead, they sit close to each other, throw back a lot of soju shots and dance aimlessly, gracelessly on the dance floor.

It's so much fun.

They wake up late the next morning and decide to bus it to Namsan in hopes that the frigid air will clear the remaining mental hungover fuzz.

Yoongi stares out at the entirety of Seoul and sighs. Namjoon takes picture after picture.

He gets one of Yoongi looking through a telescope too.


"What do you plan to do after this year? Are you going to return for an eighth year?"

Namjoon falters. He was about to pick up a piece of chicken from their shared jjimdak dish. They're eating at a jjimdak restaurant in Myeongdong.

"Will you return for a tenth year yourself?" Namjoon counters.

Yoongi chuckles. "You're answering a question with another question."

"I don't know. It's still undecided."

Yoongi fixes him with an inscrutable look. "I might not return for another year."

"Okay," Namjoon breathes out. He kind of expected this. The thought of not having Yoongi living next door to him on campus staff dorms despite them never inviting each other over is still upsetting. Or returning to Jinshitan with Yoongi. Or seeing Yoongi during staff department meetings.

"Yeah? It's okay?"

Namjoon looks up sharply at that. Something strange is playing out on Yoongi's face. "Hyung, it's your life. You're not obligated to stay beyond a year, you know that."

Yoongi takes a deep breath. "I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'd really miss you if I left."

Namjoon stares.

"And the fact that you've been at Jinshitan all this time has become a huge factor in me deciding to renew my contract over the past four years."

Namjoon's throat feels super tight with emotion. "Hyung," he says, soft and fragile. "What do you mean?"

There's a pink flush decorating Yoongi's cheeks. Cute, Namjoon thinks not for the first time. Yoongi is so absolutely adorable at times, it's damning.

"What I'm trying to say," Yoongi says, resolutely staring at the jjimdak. "Namjoon-ah … you've become a very important person to me after all these years. I can't bear to be apart from you for too long. This previous summer, I kept thinking about what you must be getting up to. I do a shit job of showing you that I care about you but this summer, I was so close to messaging you on KaTalk and driving over to Richmond Hill just to spend some time with you. I can't stop thinking about you when you're not around. You," Yoongi looks up to take in Namjoon's frozen face, and he smiles, gentle and rueful. "I have feelings for you. But I'm thirty-two and I'd like to move on to a new chapter in my life. So that's me."

Namjoon closes his eyes. A tear tracks down his cheek. Yoongi holds his hand as several more tears track down Namjoon's cheek.

"Namjoon-ah. Don't cry. Why are you crying? Hyung hates seeing you cry. Did I hurt you?"

Shaking his head, Namjoon opens his eyes to smile at Yoongi who looks worried, nervous and insecure.

"Hyung, these are happy tears. I'm so happy. I never thought you'd feel the same way."

He hears Yoongi's sharp intake of breath. "You mean-?

"I've been in love with you since my first year," Namjoon says, smiling tremulously and Yoongi latches on to Namjoon's hand lying on the table between them.

"Oh," Yoongi says, almost in wonder. His thumb is caressing the sensitive inside of Namjoon's wrist.

"Yeah," Namjoon says, chuckling at the sight of Yoongi holding his hand between his own. "Oh."


Yoongi crowds Namjoon up against a wall, hands firm and grounding on Namjoon's waist somewhere in Itaewon and kisses him solidly on the mouth.

Namjoon gasps, soft and needy, in Yoongi's mouth. Yoongi is hard and unrelenting, exploring his mouth with a passion Namjoon's never felt in his whole life. His knees buckle and Yoongi lets out a throaty laugh, steadying Namjoon. Yoongi only comes up to Namjoon's shoulders but he makes Namjoon feel small and safe.

"Been a long time?" Yoongi teases, his tone impish.

"Never," Namjoon corrects him. "I've never been kissed. Or. Yeah. I've never done anything at all."

Yoongi goes very still against Namjoon. "You-you mean-?"

"You're my first?" Namjoon laughs, seeing Yoongi's aroused expression. "Yeah. I'm thirty-one and that was my first kiss. Are you gonna take care of me, hyung?"

Yoongi swears under his breath. Then he yanks Namjoon down for another kiss, searing hot and wet. Yoongi kisses and licks, bites and suckles, and Namjoon is caught up in Yoongi's passion, pliant and molten, laid out bare.

"I'll take such good care of you," Yoongi whispers against Namjoon's mouth, his touch almost possessive now. "I'll show you how amazing it feels. You set the pace, okay? Hyung won't push you for too much too fast. Hyung just wants to be with you."

Namjoon nods, letting himself go. All these years, Namjoon's desperately craved to know what it might be like to let another man, preferably an older man just take care of him. Slowly, that man became a tangible fantasy, Yoongi.

Yoongi holds Namjoon in his arms and it's absolutely everything Namjoon ever dreamed of.


Yoongi is happy.

He doesn't show it very openly. You have to be a Yoongi expert to know. And Namjoon likes to think all these years of learning to read Yoongi's body language has made him something of an expert.

Yoongi's love language is in his actions. He invites himself to Namjoon's apartment with a huge container of japchae which they both devour straight out of the container itself. He leaves packets of green tea on Namjoon's desk. He sends Namjoon good luck messages about his grading.

One night, Yoongi's in Namjoon's bed. Namjoon's spooning Yoongi, smiling as he buries his face in Yoongi's hair.

"Have you thought about what you're going to do next year?" Yoongi asks Namjoon softly.

"Yeah," Namjoon replies, nosing at the patch of skin behind Yoongi's ear that he's discovered is sensitive.

Yoongi turns around to face Namjoon. "Yeah? What have you decided?"

"I'm leaving," Namjoon says. "I'm ready to move on. It's been a good run in China. I explored the country, I grew as a professional. I found you."

Yoongi glows at that, his eyes sparkling. Namjoon moves to drop a kiss on Yoongi's forehead. It's so easy to make Yoongi happy. He's going to spend a long time making sure Yoongi is happy.

"Wanna apply for schools abroad together?"

"Yeah. Hell yeah."


They decide to travel together during the summer. Both of them ended up at an American international school in Seoul. Yoongi books their flights for a trip to Jeju, where they spend most of their time making out and have soft, sleepy sex in their hotel bed.

The first time Yoongi slides into Namjoon on citrus-scented sheets in their Jeju hotel bed, Namjoon cries from the sheer intensity of emotions and pleasure. True to his word, Yoongi makes it amazing and tender for Namjoon, even calling Namjoon baby at one point which has him absolutely losing it, thighs shaking as he releases all over his stomach and between their bodies.

He's lying on Yoongi's chest now, cleaned up and sated.

"I wish I'd told you years ago," Yoongi says suddenly, regretful.

Namjoon squeezes him tighter. "Don't think like that," he says, pressing his lips to Yoongi's skin. "We were still together all these years. I think it should count. Don't you think so?"

Yoongi presses a kiss in Namjoon's hair. "It should," he says, a bit gruff and Namjoon grins, knowing that means Yoongi is emotional.

He holds Yoongi and closes his eyes. He's going to spend a long time making sure Yoongi is happy.