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The Cutie At DisneyWorld

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"Levi! Hurry up! Hanji is here!" Mikasa calls.


Levi groans as he puts on his sunglasses. He grabs his cellphone and his wallet before speed-walking downstairs. He couldn't believe he had to go to DisneyWorld with his bratty cousin, spend a fuckton of money, and get sunburned. Un-fucking-believable!


He heads out the door, closing and locking it behind himself. Then, Levi approaches Hanji's silver Chevrolet Camaro. He hops in the backseat with his younger cousin. Hanji pulls out of his driveway and they head towards DisneyWorld.


"Someone looks grumpy." Hanji comments, glancing at the raven through her rearview mirror.


"When doesn't he look grumpy?" Erwin points out.


"Do you guys really think that I want to be going to DisneyWorld right now?" Levi scoffs, "I have better things that I could be doing with my time."


"Like cleaning, sleeping, and repeating?" Hanji asks in a sarcastic tone.


"Exactly." The raven responds.


"He is so lame." Mikasa said, rolling her eyes.


"Oh well, no one forced you to stay with me for the summer." Levi shrugs.


"I have pity for the poor soul that falls in love with him." Erwin sighs.


"That is a very unlikely outcome." Hanji told him, "And the sourpuss probably likes it that way too."


"I do." Levi said blatantly.


Eventually, the group ends up at Magic Kingdom. They park and they take a ride to the entrance. Levi pulls out his wallet, taking out two 60 dollar bills. Erwin and Hanji pay first, then Levi pays for Mikasa and himself.


They enter the park. Mikasa stares in awe at the castle. She grabs Levi's wrist and she points at it. "Levi! Levi! Let's go take a picture by the castle!" She exclaims with excitement.


Before he can get the chance to decline, Hanji and Erwin push him towards the castle. Levi sighs as he stands in front of the castle. He looks down at his cousin. "How do you want to take this?" 


"Can I sit on your shoulders?" Mikasa asks.


"No-" Mikasa gives him puppy eyes, "Fine."


Levi kneels and Mikasa sits down on his shoulders. He grips her legs as he stands up. Hanji whips out her camera. "Say cheese!"


"Cheese!" Mikasa exclaims with a goofy smile painted on her face.


Levi slightly smiles. The flash goes off, indicating that the picture was taken.  Levi grabs her and gently places her back down on the ground.


"I'm ready to ride something." Hanji said.


"Me too." Erwin and Mikasa agree.


"Demons." Levi comments, "All of you are demons."


"How about we ride Splash Mountain first?" Hanji suggests.


Levi was about to complain about getting in trouble with Mikasa's mom about allowing her to get on a ride with heights, but fuck it. He wants the brat to get scared. "Alright." He said.


"The ride isn't scary, is it?" Mikasa asks.


"I mean there are two drops, but I'm pretty sure you can handle it." Levi told her.


Mikasa nods with confidence. The group walks around the park until they reach the line for Splash Mountain. Levi whips out his phone and Mikasa reaches out and tries to grab it. The raven scowls down at her as he holds it up high. "I can't have anything to myself, can I? Damn brat." He mutters the last part.


His cousin glares up at him with tears forming in her eyes. Levi shrugs and moves forward in the line. Erwin shakes his head and he offers Mikasa his phone. She lights up and she takes it. They move forward in the line as well.


As they continue to move forward, someone catches Levi's eye. His eyes slowly move up the tan, thick legs, that are coming out of khaki shorts. He notices that the guy is wearing a red uniform shirt, meaning he is one of workers here. Now, Levi is looking at his facial features. Those thick eyebrows, plump pink lips, and don't even get Levi started about those eyes. Are they blue or green or a good mixture of both even? A Mickey Mouse headband rests on top of the guy's long, chocolate, locks.


He's the definition of perfection.


"Leviiiii," Hanji sings, "Are you gonna move up or what?"


Levi snaps out of his trance and he moves forward. Has he been staring at the guy for that long? Yikes, he really needs to pull it together.


The Disney worker with Caribbean sea colored eyes makes a 'come in' motion. Levi feels his heart rate speed up as he walks past him. He takes a deep breath in and out, trying to calm himself down.


Levi decides to sit in the front, really trying to give Mikasa the scare of her life. Erwin and Hanji sit behind them. The Disney worker from before approaches the two cousins. 


"Aren't you a little evil for taking her on this ride, and sitting in the front nonetheless?" He questions, staring at Levi with joking eyes.


"She can handle it, ain't that right, Mika?" 


Mikasa nods. "I'm strong!" She exclaims, flexing her puny muscles.


"Yes you are." The guy grins, ruffling Mikasa's hair.


Gorgeous and good with kids? Can he just marry Levi already?


Levi looks at his name tag and he figures out the dude's name is Eren. Eren pulls the safety bar down before walking off to do the same for Hanji and Erwin. The raven's head turns to stare at Eren's butt jiggle as he walks.


"Stop being a perv and turn around, Levi." Hanji told him.


"Shut the fuck up, four eyes!" Levi growls before turning around.


Eren returns to his station. The guy controlling the ride clicks the start button. Eren waves at Mikasa and Levi as they start to drift off into the cave.


"That guy was cute." Mikasa comments, "I'm gonna marry him some day."


Levi glares down at the brat as if she poses a threat to his future. "Don't make me hurt you." He threatens.


"What? Does Levi have a crush on him as well?" 


"No." The raven lies, "It's just that you are too young to be focusing on marriage."


"Uh huh," Mikasa gives him this stare that says 'I know you are lying'. "Eren is still mine."


Levi growls. Suddenly, the coaster begins to turn downwards. Mikasa and Levi stop their argument to look down. The younger cousin begins to freak out while the older cousin smirks at her frantic state. The drop happens, causing Mikasa to scream and Levi to let out a genuine laugh.


When night time comes and the Ackermans go home, they are a little bummed out. DisneyWorld was great for the both of them. Of course Mikasa had fun, but it's kinda crazy when you put Levi and fun in the same sentence. Levi actually enjoyed the rides and the food, but he is disappointed that he didn't see Eren after Splash Mountain.


He wanted to ask Eren for his number. It sucks that he planned out this whole future with the guy just to not see him ever again.


"Take a shower and get ready for bed." Levi orders to Mikasa.


He dries off his hair as he sits down on the couch. Suddenly, his phone lights up. Levi grabs his phone and he stares at the notification, which came from Hanji.


Levi opens his phone and he taps on the notification.



I found Eren's instagram.


The raven doesn't even question how she found it as he sends her an immediate reply.



Send it asap.





Levi thanks her before searching up his information on instagram. He finds his page and he requests to follow. The raven puts his phone down and he heads upstairs to put the wet towel in the hamper. When he returns, his phone lights up once again.


He grabs it and sees that Eren accepted his request. On top of that, the cutie requested to follow Levi too. Once again, his heart speeds up. He opens his phone and he accepts Eren's request.


"Should I text him? No, don't wanna come off desperate-nevermind, he just sent me a text."


Levi opens the text.



Hey Mr. "I like to give kids heart attacks", how's it going?


The raven chuckles at the message before responding.



That brat was getting on my nerves all morning, for one. Two, my night just got better.


Eren instantly replies.



Oh really? 



Yea. I didn't think I'd see a certain green eyed cutie again.



Well, there's a lot of green eyed cuties in the world.



And none of them can compare to you.



What are you trying to say?



Well, I'd like to take you on a date one of these days before my little cousin tries to steal you away -_-



Lol you don't have to worry about her stealing me away, I'm gay. I feel bad for crushing her dreams though.



Welp, that just made my night.



Ofc it did. Anyways, I like the idea of going on a date with you.


Levi smiles. He feels like he is in a dream because this is way too good to be true.



I'll text you the details tomorrow. Rn, I'm gonna go to bed. Gn



Gn you big meanie


Levi plugs his phone up before heading to bed. He resists the urge to skip with joy because that is so out of character for him. He enters his room, closing the door behind himself. Levi gets in bed and he closes his eyes. Eventually, he falls asleep and he has one of the best rests he's had in years.