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Meet you, but not quite?

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Nothing felt off. It felt just like any other day.

"Akira, you should get up soon, Sojiro might get worried if he doesn't see you in that attic of yours."

Akira chuckles, "Just 5 more minutes pleaseee?" Akira did a little pout, "I like it here more than my attic, so just please 5 minutes, daddy?

Iwai soon had a slight blush on his face, "Damn brat," Iwai of course liked that nickname but he doesn't want a boner in the morning. Iwai fluffs his hair, "fine fine, but only 5 minutes." Iwai pulled Akira closer to his chest, Akira just smiles. They were silent but they enjoyed this small time of silence. Iwai, although the shop wasn't always busy when it is, it's almost unbearable loud in the small shop. Akira, he;s always traveling everywhere, and being a student, gossip and just overly loud students' are an everyday thing. Akira finally got up and reached for his glasses on the nightstand, proceeding to look for his pants. Iwai also had to get up, he needed to set up the shop.

"Hey kid," Iwai tosses Akira one of his black turtle neck sweaters, "Don't want people knowing the amount of hickeys and bite marks on you." Iwai walked over wrapping his arms around Akira from behind, "I also don't want a certain brat to get cold and complain about being sick." Iwai went on to shower Akira with kisses. Iwai thought it was fun seeing his brat get all flustered when he did do small romantic gestures. Iwai let's go to finally let Akira put his sweater on.

Akira stuck his tongue out to Iwai before winking and leaving to the door like a slick cat. Iwai sighs, he still never fully understood how he got a kid like Akira fell in love with someone like him. Maybe it was subconscious but he doesn't when he fell in love with the kid too.
Akira loved wearing Iwai's sweaters'. Not only did they smell like him, they were comfortable and made him feel like Iwai was there when he obviously wasn't. Iwai's sweater made him feel oddly safe. When Akira made to to LeBlanc he was immediately greeted by Morgana.

"There you are Akira! I was wondering when you were going to show up, you really know how to make me worried! I bet you didn't even sleep early while you were there."

Akira smiled at his bossy companion, "Right right, sorry Morgana, I'll make it up to you with sushi, how about that? Morgana quickly took the offer before then proceeding to tell Akira to get ready and open shop and starting thinking about how many days we have left until finding out if Shido had a change of heart.

When Sojiro walked in, everything was fine, Akira greeted his guardian with a smile as he proceeded to get ready for the slow morning. The slow morning ended. It was noon so Akira was about to go on a break to meet up with his friends to form a plan after Shido's confession. That until...Akira felt a pain in his head! He fell to the ground grasping onto his head groaning in pain. Morgana and Sojiro immediately ran to Akira. Akira felt woozy like something was pulling him someplace else.

Sojiro questioned, "H-Hey, Akira! Can you hear me? Oh god what happened to you?!" Akira didn't answer not even after a moment.

Akira had suddenly disappeared.


Chihaya suddenly senses that was off. Something was missing from her deck of arcanas' The Trickster. Chihaya couldn't understand what this Trickster meant, why was it familiar and who was the Trickster?...Dear lord. Chihaya couldn't believe what she thought, Akira has completely disappeared from their universe completely.

This was odd, Chihaya felt like something was off. Something was off but what? Chihaya reached for her cards. Two cards fell.

"That's odd," Chihaya thought, "There are two Trickster. Could this be a mistake or did another Trickster appear in the universe? A better question, was it even possible to have two Tricksters?

Akira shot up, looking around everything was the same at LeBlanc but at the same time it wasn't. He looked around. He saw Ryuji, Ann, Yusuke, Makoto, Futaba, Haru....and himself?

"AH!" They both scream. "How the hell are you?!?!"

Everyone looked at each other in extreme shock.

Ryuji spoke up first, "The hell man! We deserve an explanation first! You're the one who just magically appeared on the effin' floor for effs sakes!!!

For the first time Akira thought Ryuji made a pretty good point. Akira sat up taking a quick glace everywhere.

"Um well, my name is Akira Kurusu. Can someone please explain to me how I! Got here." Akira replied.

The person who looked like Akira when up to Akira.

"That's odd, my name is Ren Amamiya, we look and sound the same but we have different names.
Akira and Ren looked at each other intensely, trying to figure out the situation immediately like usual.

"You showed on the floor." Ren still looking at Akira.

"Really now? Odd. Nothing is any different from where I'm from so how are you here, or more importantly, how was I the one to come here?" Akira answered back.

Ren and Akira were basically circling around each other. They kept doing this until Makoto split them up.

"Alright you two. You'll both go dizzy doing that any longer," Makoto looked at both of them, "alright why don't I ask both of you simply questions. We have to find at least one difference between you two. Akira might be from an alternate universe so we just have to find that difference."

"That sounds reasonable." Akira and Ren both said.

"Ok, let's start," Makoto replied, "Where do you live?"

"In the attic of LeBlanc."

"Whose heart are you waiting to see change?"

"The bastard Shido"

So on and so on. That went on for awhile before on question sparked one major change.

Makoto sighed, "Ok so, who's the person you are in a relationship with?"

"Ryuji!" Ren grinned.

Munehisa!" Akira smiled.

The whole group blushed and looked at Akira. Akira wasn't looking at the group, he looked at Ren.

"You're dating your best friend?" Akira questioned.

"You're dating an old man?" Ren replied back.

"Gross." They both threw at each other.

They both looked at each others outfits. Ren was wearing Ryuji's shirt, Akira was wearing Iwai's sweater.

"Oh," they both said, "that should have been obvious."