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down for the count (a vampkook production)

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"jimin," jungkook drunkenly whines, burying his face into jimin’s shoulder. "the cat bit me," he accuses, pointing one long finger directly at the orange house cat sitting atop the kitchen counter. "i just wanted to pet it," he pouts. 


his bottom lip sticks out childishly as he stares down at his bloody knuckles and jimin is suddenly overwhelmed by the urge to kiss jungkook; so he does (but not before first veering into him and tipping them both off balance).


it catches jungkook off guard and the kiss lands a little off center, but it makes the crease between jungkook’s eyebrows disappear almost entirely, replaced with an obnoxious waggle as a goofy grin mars his face.


"i’m sure he didn't mean it," jimin slurs, just as he reaches out to pet the cat. the cat swipes at them again, menacingly. "isn't that right, pretty baby," he coos.


jimin teeters unsteadily on his feet again as he attempts to scratch behind the cat’s ear before turning to face jungkook once again. right, his boyfriend got bit. focus, jimin!


jimin tugs jungkook's hand closer to him to inspect the bite, eyes narrowing as he tries to focus past the fog in his brain. it's actually a pretty deep wound for an ordinary house cat and blood has already managed to dirty the sleeve of jungkook’s favorite shirt (he can hear already hear jungkook’s complaints). he doesn’t have any neosporin on him and the sink is three feet too far so jimin comes to the only logical conclusion he can with the limited resources at his disposal; stick it in his mouth. 


jungkook blinks back at him owlishly while jimin basically vores his fucking hand in the middle of jung hoseok’s kitchenette (“jesus christ” “god can't save you now jungkookie”), sucking him down till he reaches the second knuckle. they’re making deliberate eye contact the whole time when, apparently, jimin goes too far and it triggers his gag reflex and when jungkook finally pulls his hand out it comes away slimy. disgosting.


jungkook’s knuckle is still bleeding and he’s 90% sure that it’s probably now also infected. jimin must have come to the same conclusion because he heaves a heavy sigh before dragging them both to the kitchen sink; time for plan b. 


there’s a million different multi-colored cups sitting at the bottom of the sink and jimin briefly considers cleaning them out to bring back to the apartment. his thoughts are interrupted by a nudge to his shoulder and a drunken jungkook hooking his chin over it, placing them within kissing distance and -- oh, jungkookies so pretty. he tells him as much and presses a kiss to his nose (more bitey then intended) and jungkook has to push him away before he accidentally chomps down.


jimin flips the tap, curling his hand around jungkook’s wrist to bring it under the cold water and it inadvertently drenches their lower sleeves in the process. he’s vaguely certain jungkook’s a lot less drunker than he is (despite the fact that he did nothing but stare as jimin essentially boa-constricted his hand and then nose), but the other makes no motion to move, content with just watching jimin through half-lidded eyes.


jimin realizes what jungkook’s motive is half a second later when he catches him staring down his shirt, low cut top displaying a glimmer of his muscular pecs (or, as mathew would call it, man tiddies™️). 


and this, for some god awful reason, is vaguely reminiscent of the first time they met, when they were both a lot younger and jungkook had a crush on jimin the size of saturn and the memory of it makes fondness and love fizz at the edges of jungkook’s brain.


"i love you," jungkook slurs out, stopping jimin mid-rant that had something to do with "first aid 101" and... "furries? "


to his credit, jimin doesn't even bat an eye at jungkook’s confession, despite this being the first time they've ever said the “l” word to each other. he simply tilts his head to the right until they can share a sweet kiss, before whispering the same words back against jungkook’s lips. it's too quiet to be heard over the music, but jungkook can still taste the words on his tongue.




it’s 6:45 a.m. the next morning when jungkook jolts himself out of slumber to the feeling of his lower calf and exposed shoulder prickling in discomfort. it feels almost like a tiny laser is zapping away at his skin (or, in jungkook’s sleep deprived brain, a wonderful massage from his boyfriend ). a dopey grin slips onto his face as he opens his legs wider for better access. 


"jiminie hyung," he mumbles, holding tighter to jimin’s bicep who can apparently be in two places at once. wait, two jimin's? that's kind of hot. "mmm, morning sex? kinky," he slurs, even as his eyelids begin to droop.


the prickling feeling travels higher up the more jungkook shifts, until most of his lower body is exposed to the early morning sunlight that peeks their way through their shitty blinds. the feeling doesn't really turn him on, but he lets out a moan for dramatic effect anyways because at least jimin's trying and he doesn't want jimin to feel upset. and as much as he wants to stay awake for this, his mind gets foggy without his consent and the snoring in his ears fades into the background of his mind, limbs already heavy with sleep.


he dozes off for a little bit, forehead slipping on jimin’s shoulder blade until his head is tucked into the side of jimin’s neck. he can’t help but inhale deeply, his hyung just smells so good , the scent of peaches and clean sweat flooding his senses.


"hyung," jungkook breathes, voice trailing off at the end like it does only when he's talking in his sleep. "can't find... sakura. need... sasuke... save."


his brows furrow at a particularly scary moment in his dream, and his teeth accidentally clamp down against the soft skin. warm blood floods jungkook's mouth, invading his senses, and he shimmies to get closer.


"ow, jungkookie, what the fuck," jimin groans, twisting his body away from jungkook's prone figure. it takes a little bit of work to extricate himself from jungkook's hold, what with jungkook wrapped around him like an octopus, before he's finally sitting upright and staring down at jungkook's still prone figure.


all the shifting wakes him up, if only just barely. "mghsfj-," he mumbles, voice thick with sleep as his tired brain attempts to focus in on jimin's blurry figure. he's holding a hand to his neck.


"you fucking bit me!" jimin laughs, still slightly shocked. "what are you, a fucking wombat?"


jungkook shakes his head sleepily before dropping his head onto the pillows again. he feels slightly more lightheaded right now and it has less to do with the pounding headache and more to do with the sweet taste that still coats the inside of his mouth. maybe i have a blood kink , he thinks lazily as he makes himself comfortable once again. jimin's gonna love hearing about that one.


he doses off for the next thirty something minutes while jimin takes a shower, caught in between that weird limbo where he's still dreaming but also still vaguely aware of everything going on around him. he does yelp awake though when jimin aims a custom made hinata body pillow directly at his head, though he whines like a strangled cat and still refuses to move.


"get up babe, we're meeting hoseok for mimosas in twenty. there’s brunch there too but we're going mostly for the mimosas, so if you make us late again so help me god --"


jimin's voice is cut off by the sound of muffled snores and his eye twitches in annoyance. motivated by the thought of a promised vengeance, jimin propels himself into motion. he takes one good step forward before he's leaping directly onto jungkook's still form. he only feels a little bad when jungkook’s snores are abruptly cut off by the sound of choking noises. he feels less bad when he manages to smother jungkook with hinata's smug face.


it takes jimin approximately eleven minutes and 32 seconds to get jungkook dressed and ready to go in something other than sweaty gym shorts. the younger boy watches quietly by the door as jimin flits around the apartment anxiously, trying desperately to find their house keys that jungkook has secretly stowed away in his pocket. it takes another four minutes after that for jimin to register the guilty expression on jungkook's face (which, quite frankly, is four minutes too long. jimin’s off his game).


in the end, it seems as if all of their hard work was for nothing because as soon as they take two steps out of their apartment complex, jungkook is slapping a hand to his arm and hissing loudly through his front teeth. the pain is reminiscent of this morning -- albeit more intense -- now that the sun is in direct contact with his skin and, what the fuck, why does it burn so bad? it feels like the sun has a personal vendetta against him, wholly unsatisfied until he’s melted into a cute little jungkook puddle (juddle) at jimin’s feet. but still, jungkook holds steadfast and attempts to school his features into something akin to a neutral expression. jimin thinks he looks kind of constipated.


"jungkook?" jimin calls out unsurely, from where he's standing on the sidewalk. he’s rocking back and forth on his tiptoes, car keys dangling from one hand. "you doing okay there?"


"mhm." jungkook nods his head stiffly, despite not releasing the vice like grip he still has on his forearm.


"okay, cool." jimin responds, casually walking back to his boyfriend. "so you wouldn't mind me flicking your arm, right?"


jungkook attempts to smile, but it looks more like a grimace. "no of course n-- oh my god , jimin what the hell ?"


jimin holds up both of his hands in a gesture of peace, a worried frown knitting his brows together. he'd barely even touched jungkook and it's already caused a line of red angry bumps to stretch across his bicep. jesus christ.


"okay, uh, well, that’s a thing," jimin worries, arms flitting widely around jungkook's arm. "lets you get in the shade?" he offers, voice unintentionally rising higher in pitch and it comes out sounding more like a question . 


that's all jungkook needs to hear (pride be damned) before he's running to take cover under the awning. the hot and prickly feeling goes away almost immediately, his skin returning to its natural golden hue, and, if possible, this makes jungkook look the most horrified he has so far.


it's silent for several long seconds as jungkook repeatedly sticks his arm out in direct sunlight, hisses as he lets his skin sizzle, before tugging it back to safety once again. he does this for so long jimin’s tempted to believe that his boyfriend is broken.


"i’m allergic to the sun," jungkook eventually mumbles to himself, and then, a little louder, "babe, do you realize how terrible this is?" and jimin would laugh if the panic in jungkook’s voice didn’t sound so real. "how am i ever going to be able to flex my super hot muscles at all of your admirers if i’m allergic to the sun? hot girl semester is officially cancelled. sorry, i don’t make the rules."


jimin rolls his eyes before he lightly shoves jungkook's shoulder. "and here i was worrying about my idiot boyfriend," jungkook makes an indignant noise. "as much as i love you babe, you are not ruin our brunch plans." jimin does a complete 180, body crouching low as he sticks his arms straight out behind him. "climb on." 



jimin groans like jungkook’s being purposefully daft, fluttering his hands out behind him with increasingly more force until jungkook tentatively climbs on. “cover your head and arms we’re gonna make a run for it.”


the things jimin would do for bottomless mimosas, honestly.



they arrive 15 minutes late, fashionably late as intended, not that hoseok notices, too enraptured in a conversation with this hot beefy man with far too little fabric clinging to his (delicious) pec. and jimin’s generally a champion of people wearing what they want, but this is false modesty and it’s deceitful and duplicitous and jimin likes him already.


jimin clears his throat, gaining the attention of his audience. hoseok leaps up immediately to come greet them, walking over to jungkook first so he can fuss over his apparent sun allergy (jimin had texted him in the car to ask for an inside table). big tiddie man stands up after, ambling over to jimin to do the same.


“hi, my name is kim namjoon. it's a pleasure to meet you!” he bows deeply, and jimin does the same.


“no, no the pleasure is all mine," jimin purrs, laying on the grease thick. "my name is park jimin and this is my boyfriend jungkook,” jimin gestures in jungkook’s general direction where hoseok apparently has his boyfriend in a headlock. the smile on namjoon’s face dims faintly, but jimin simply ignores them. children, honestly , show the hot man some respect.


“how do you know hoseok?” jimin questions, regaining namjoon’s attention.


“oh, um! we work together,” namjoon answers, grin brightening and dimples deepening. “at the group home! hoseok asked me if i wanted to grab brunch with him before work,” he clarifies, before a hesitant look crosses his face. “i hope that’s okay?”

“of course! you’re welcome to join us anytime,” he flirts, winking at namjoon. "i'm sure hoseok would be more than happy to bring you along." 



he feels jungkook glare holes into the side of his face, before the younger is wrapping himself around him like a koala, cheek pressing into cheek.


he knows jimin doesn't mean anything by it, and he loves knowing people desire his boyfriend, but he's been feeling clingy and touch-starved lately and if that means monopolizing all of jimin's attention then so be it.


hyung ,” he whines, subtly tugging him away from namjoon. “my skin still hurts. need you to kiss it better.”


jimin turns to his boyfriend with a soft smile, the action causing their faces to smush together more until they're very nearly kissing at this point. “where does it hurt, bun?”


jungkook pouts his lips out, pointing directly at them for emphasis. “here.”


“here?” jimin teases, pecking jungkook on the lips cutely. jungkook’s eyes go all googly-eyed as he tries to stare at jimin's lips and jimin just laughs as he moves to press his mouth against jungkook’s ear. “you’re so cute when you get all jealous, baby. but you're the only one i love, okay?"



jimin presses another kiss to the shell of jungkook's ear, causing jungkook's face to erupt in a startling flush. the words are an echo of last night and it makes jungkook’s heart nearly beat out of his chest. fuck, he’s so disgustingly in love with jimin.


when they finally pull away, namjoon is doing his best to look anywhere but at them and it makes jungkook’s heart do a funny dance. take that, namjoon.




“your friends are nice,” namjoon comments casually, following hoseok into the employee locker room. 


“yeah, theyre great!” hoseok affirms, a hint of fondness tinging his voice. “disgustingly in love though.”


namjoon lets out a hearty laugh, the force of it shaking his shoulders. “oh, definitely.” he reaches out to open his locker, depositing his bag and packaged lunch. “like, right in front of my salad?"


that earns him a laugh from hoseok, and namjoon's heart nearly beats out of his chest at the way it lights up hoseok's entire face.


they talk amicably between themselves as namjooon changes into his designated work clothes that all the volunteers have to wear. it’s not until his locker shuts with a final click that he realizes that hoseok still hasn’t moved from his position in front of the locker.


"i - uh, have to get ready for my job,” hoseok tries to explain without really explaining, when namjoon just stares at him blankly, “as a therapy dog.” he has an awkward sort of look on his face as his fingers dance on the hem of his shirt.


for how smart namjoon is, it takes him an embarrassingly long time to register what those words entail. but within seconds of understanding he's blushing, cheeks turning rosy, as he scrambles by his place in front of the lockers in an attempt to leave the room as quickly as possible.


“no uh--!” hoseok calls after him, stopping namjoon in his tracks. “you can uh… watch if you want? i know you’ve probably been curious, with that uh super smart brain you have.”


namjoon’s hand twitches around the door handle and an unexpected ripple of arousal travels up from his stomach and down through his fingertips. he’s never watched someone morph before (let alone someone he’s been lusting after in a less-than-professional way) as it’s considered something intimate, something shared only between packmates and their lovers, and he can’t help but to feel as if he’s being let in on some huge secret.


namjoon spins around on his heel, hands already going up to deny his request; he’d hate to make hoseok feel as if he’s obligated or -- or indebted to him or something. while yes, he is insanely curious and his thirst for knowledge impossible to sate; he’s already got the general premise of it (his 3 am porn searches say hi) and he’s okay with never being able to see it in person because it’s not for him.


“no -- no, it’s okay!” namjoon calls from across the locker room. “i don’t wanna intrude! i can just wait outside.”


namjoon makes to exit again before hoseok sends him a blinding smile, looking like the literal fucking sun (and that just isn’t fair , he wants to whine), and lifts his shirt up in one smooth motion. his toned stomach is suddenly revealed, a light happy trail leading up to lightly defined abs and, oh god. he thinks he’s going to pass out.


“nonsense!” hoseok says, winking at him flirtatiously. “i trust you.”


namjoon gives an aborted sort of nod, his eyes moving frantically from side to side, trying very hard not to look there as he hooks three fingers into the collar of his shirt in a desperate attempt to get some very much needed cool air on his flushed skin. his eyes accidentally flit back to hoseok’s form and jesus fucking christ  -- now he’s standing in nothing more than tiny (tiny) black cotton boxers (revealing so much leg itd make a 16th century women blush) and printed llama socks and namjoon very desperately needs to get the fuck out of here before he does something embarrassing like admit to the big fat crush he has on hoseok.


hoseok very neatly tucks all of his clothing back into his locker, shutting the metal door behind him and sliding the lock into place. when he turns back to namjoon again, the other boy is staring up at the ceiling. 


“hey,” hoseok calls and namjoon’s chin twitches in acknowledgment. “i’m about to morph right now, if that’s something you’re still interested in…,” hoseok trails off and, to his credit, when namjoon finally makes direct eye contact with him, he looks a little sheepish. “sorry, i probably should have told you i usually shift practically naked.”


“i-it’s okay,” namjoon tries to croak, voice cracking mid-sentence and he mentally curses himself for it. he clears his throat before soldiering on, “you can shift now, i’m ready.”


hoseok sends him another blinding smile, two thumbs lifting up in encouragement, before he finally begins the process of shifting. 


namjoon’s mouth drops open unintentionally as hoseok’s form grows bigger, nearly doubling in size as he drops to all fours. sandy brown hair tinged orange begins sprouting out from his back and chest, face growing out into an elongated muzzle. long and pointy ears spring out from his head, while a long furry tail swishes behind him. the transformation happens in under a minute.


it’s terrifying and arousing all at once and namjoon is suddenly immensely thankful that he’s leaning against the door because his head goes all light headed and his knees turn weak. one part of his brain is lost as it struggles to comprehend the impossibility of it all (the incredible size, the sharp claws, hoseok’s kind eyes) and the other part of him just really wants to reach out and touch him.


hoseok seems to know what namjoon needs without him ever opening his mouth and he takes a couple steps forward, gently pushing his head into namjoon’s trembling hand. he doesn’t even realize when he begins carding his hands through hoseok’s fur, more of a natural reaction than anything, eyes locked onto the wolf’s kind gaze.


namjoon’s seen hoseok before in his wolf form, but he thinks the idea of him actually changing has been so disconnected and frayed in his mind that now he has trouble processing it. hoseok tilts his snout up, licking into the palm of his hand and namjoon curls his fingers to scratch underneath his chin. the action causes hoseok’s tail to beat happily against the tiled floor and namjoon lets out a semi-exasperated laugh, even though his heart is hammering in his chest.


“okay -- uh, wow. you’re a wolf,” namjoon states, eyes rolling to the ceiling. “this is -- everything is fine. it’s okay, i asked for this. i’ve seen this.”


hoseok laps soothingly at his cheek, the rough slide of his tongue dragging sharply against namjoon’s skin. his face scrunches up in disgust as he laughs, shoulders curving in as the tightness in his chest slowly recedes. this is hoseok. this has always been hoseok. he’s okay.


those words ring sharply through namjoon’s head like a bell, repeating over and over again until he finally starts to believe them.


namjoon’s heart tightens in his chest as he watches hoseok out of the corner of his eye, hands pausing on the drawing he's cutting out. there are six kids clinging tightly to random parts of the wolves body, chubby hands holding clumpfulls of thick, rusty brown fur. 


one kid in particular waddles over, wrapping his arms around hoseok’s snout as he plops a wet kiss on his nose. the action causes hoseok to let out an involuntary sneeze, head snapping sharply forwards, and the action makes the kid erupt in a happy giggle. 


hoseok sniffs again, before leaning down to lap at the boy’s face playfully in return.


it's absolutely adorable, especially when the wolf rolls over to lie on his back in the next, head turned in namjoon's direction, and namjoon feels himself fall a little harder.

jimin wakes up to the sharp sound of his alarm blaring in his ears, jungkook's body curled snugly around him, one hand pressed comfortingly against jimin's stomach as he loudly snores away in his ears. jimin blinks blearily into the darkness of his room once more, wondering why his alarm was going off when it was still pitch black inside their room and -- oh , right. he remembers now. 


they dedicated half of the night to diying blackout curtains by taping some of jungkook’s old sweatshirts to the windows and praying that they stuck). which... jimin muses, surprisingly works. jungkook's snoring only stops for half a second before he's nuzzling further into his embrace, sticking two cold hands down the back of jimin's shirt. 


the alarm sounds off again and jimin attempts to worm his way out of jungkook's death grip, trying not to wake him, in order to reach for his phone. it takes a couple of tries (and some knocked over water bottles) before he finally manages to shut off the alarm.


he scrolls through his phone for several long minutes, catching up on social media, before finally deciding to nudge jungkook awake.


the other boy only clings to him harder and jimin groans when his hands stay resolutely in place.


"jungkook," jimin sighs out, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes.




"you have to get up babe. you gotta get to your boxing class at the gym."


jungkook shakes his head like a petulant child. "five more minutes."


"babe," jimin prods, poking jungkook in the side of his cheek. "babe," he says again. "babe," jungkook opens his mouth to catch jimin's finger and jimin takes it in stride, essentially deepthroating him.


jungkook gags around jimin’s finger, now mostly awake. "jungkook, that is so gross ," jimin moans, wiping his finger slime off on the side of jungkook’s face. "now get up , before you make us both late."


they both do end up being late for their respective schedules anyways, with jimin only having enough time to slather sunscreen across jungkook’s nose and cheeks before tugging a baseball cap over his long locks -- and then they're both out the door with a hurried kiss.


jungkook makes it to the classroom in record time, black shirt sticking to his chest and sweat beading on his brow.


"sorry, sorry!" jungkook calls out raggedly to the group of people loitering outside of the practice room. he takes turns simultaneously bowing multiple times to his class and trying to jam the key into the stupid lock, somehow managing to hit his head on the door knob in the process.


he barely even winces before he's finally pulling the door open with a huff, smiling apologetically at everyone as they make their way in.


"hey, buddy!" someone whistles from the middle of the hoard of people, waving a hand in jungkook’s direction. jungkook’s eyes slide over the crowd until he lands on a boy around his height, long dark hair covering his forehead and sharp eyes. it takes a second to place the face before he recognizes the guy from his fashion and design course two semesters ago. he sidesteps a girl, nearly making her drop her water bottle, before joining jungkook by the door. "haven't seen you in a while, how’ve you been?"


jungkook grins back at him widely, reaching out to give him a one-armed hug and a slap on the back. taehyung was the only reason he even got away with getting a b+ in the course, and they’ve remained friends ever since.


“hey!” jungkook responds, just as enthusiastically. “i’m good! 10 a.m.’s suck, i cried in my physics class, and i must have royally pissed someone off in my past life because now i’m allergic to the sun,” he jokes.


taehyung’s eyebrows raise up high, face going slack in that way it does when he’s surprised at something. “you’re kidding?”


“wish i was,” jungkook says mournfully. “at least then i could wear something lighter,” he delicately plucks his sweaty shirt from his skin with a wrinkled nose. “anyways, class is starting soon so we better head inside.”


jungkook walks inside, making his way to the front of the class. he drops his backpack down by the mirror before turning back around and clapping his hands together to get everyone’s attention. "hello everyone, my name is jeon jungkook and welcome to 45 minute boxing and conditioning workout! if this is not the class you signed up for, you are welcome to exit through the door just please be mindful of your fellow peers. and if this is the class you signed up for then thank you for paying for my rent this month and welcome to the swole factory!"


a couple people crack a smile at jungkook’s joke and it eases the tension in his shoulders. he pulls out his phone from his back pocket, navigating to spotify so he can find one of his workout playlists, and presses play. yes or yes starts playing from the speakers and jungkook pockets his phone.


“okay, so we’re going to start off with some arm circles,” he calls out, sticking his arms out at a 90 degree angle. “so, hands reaching out to the side, we’re going forward for about fifteen seconds. make sure you’re preparing those shoulders, feet are shoulder width apart, and your core is engaged.” 


he makes little circles with his arms, eyes watching the class to make sure everyone’s following along. when he sees that everyone is, he changes position. “and from here, we’re gonna flip our palms up and go in reverse for another fifteen seconds.”


“you guys are doing great so far! now after that, we’re going to drop to the floor for my personal favorite -- spider-man mountain climber.” he bends forward so that his body is nearly parallel to the ground, stretching his right leg out in front of him. “so that means we’re gonna have our right foot by our right hand, and our left leg behind us, bent at the knee.”


he waits until most of the class has gotten into position before starting again. “we’re gonna do three mountain climbers so 1, 2, 3,” jungkook starts slowly, switching the position of his legs on every count. “and then we’re gonna rotate up towards the ceiling -- hand goes back, 1,2,3,” jungkook reaches up toward the ceiling, letting his hand go back as he stretches. “other side,” he calls out.


jungkook loses himself in the motions, body moving on autopilot as he directs the class through the workout. after the stress of this week, it’s nice to finally be able to let his mind shut off, letting his body do all of the work. he’s tried to research this whole sunlight thing on the internet but the only searches he’s been getting is vampire shit and it’s so frustrating that at this point, jungkook’s honestly just tempted to just walk to the university health center and beg for a proper diagnosis. but he won’t. probably. asking for things and confrontation are two things that make him nervous and besides — jimin bought him packs of sunscreen and thin layering shirts and it’s going to get cold in about a month and jungkook can live with that. yeah, he can live with that.


jungkook suddenly lifts himself up from the floor, smooth as water, banishing all sun-related thoughts from his mind. “okay, now we’re going to move into what we call the curvail bounce,” jungkook calls out, clapping his hands together with a newfound energy.


he takes them through the motions, pushing from front foot to back foot, and because this is a boxing workout, makes sure to keep his hands up high. normally he would drag out the warmups, but they’re behind schedule today (no doubt because of him), and soon enough he’s rounding up the boxing gloves and telling everyone to form a group of two to three people and stand behind a bag. 


he’s surveyed the class beforehand, so he already knows that there’s going to be one or two stragglers, and jungkook doesn't have to wait long before a girl with honey blond hair he vaguely recognizes from the gsa, makes her way over to him.


“hey, what should we do if we don’t have a partner?” 


jungkook sticks two thumbs up in his direction, “looks like you’re stuck with me,” jungkook jokes.


the woman smiles brightly at that, eyes crinkling up pleasantly. “sounds like my lucky day. my name’s hani, by the way.” 


“jungkook,” he repeats, shaking her hand. “nice to meet you.”


jungkook then turns to the rest of the class, swinging his arms out to get rid of any extra tension in his shoulders. “okay, so for this first move we’re going to plant our feet, keeping the left foot forward and the right foot back. you’re going to pick up your right heel and make sure your stance is staggered.” 


jungkook moves out of that position to stand with his feet together. “staggered meaning, you don’t want your feet in alignment.” he watches as several people adjust their stances before getting back into position. “you want your hips out as if you’re sitting in a chair, right hand up almost touching your face, your upper arm straight against the body -- this is our shield. left hand is up front.”


jungkook sways his torso from side to side and punches the air a few times to demonstrate the mobility available in this position. “alright, so the first punch we’re going to learn today is called the jab. it’s our left hand,” jungkook punches out with his hand, making sure to rotate his fist and shoulders, before bringing it back to position. “it’s going to go straight out and then back.” 


“take notice of how my body rotates when i punch out,” jungkook slowly explains, rotating his body in slow motion so that everyone gets a chance to see it. “good,” jungkook exhales, dropping his hands to his side. “now when i say go i want you guys to take turns practicing how to jab on the punching bag. not too hard, just take it slow. go at your own pace.”


everyone shifts around, including his own partner hani. he watches as she steps behind their punching bag and gets into position. 


“everyone ready?” when he sees several people nod their heads, he claps his hands together loudly. “okay, now go.”


the room is suddenly consumed by the sound of fists hitting vinyl; a repetitive thump, thump, thumping that fills jungkook with a sense of exhilaration. no one understands why he loves working out as much as he does, the feeling of that intense rush he gets from perfecting a move or that familiar ache he gets in his muscles from a good work out. he could honestly spend all day at the gym.


it’s less than three minutes later when hani starts losing momentum, the familiar signs of exhaustion crossing her features.


"need -- a break," she gasps out, mitts sliding along slippery vinyl rather than making impact. 


"come on, you can do it!” jungkook tries to encourage, waving around imaginary pom poms in the air. “two more minutes left, just push through!”


hani shakes her head no, breath coming out in ragged gasps now. “my arms hurt so bad, for the love of god just please kill me,” she groans, before collapsing onto her knees and rolling dramatically onto her back. she pokes her tongue out of her mouth, playing dead. “death would be easier than this.”


jungkook tries to stretch out a hand in her direction to help her up but she just shakes her head no, too out of breath to form words so she just waves him off tiredly. she’ll get back into it in the next round, when it doesn’t feel like she just punctured a lung.


jungkook laughs with a shake of his head before deciding that now's a good a time as any to switch positions. “switch!” jungkook yells out, he himself walking around to the other side of the bag. he might as well take this opportunity to throw some of his own punches.


he gets into position, both arms up to protect his face before practicing a combo that he’s going to teach to the rest of the class later. he steps forward, cross, jab, cross. he does this one more time before stepping back and repeating the same motions while bouncing. he spots hani watching him curiously from the other side of the bag, now sitting up on her knees. he smiles at her briefly before getting back into it.


only this time, something feels off . he feels it as soon as he pulls his arm back for a swing, unable to control the pace or momentum and something like fear spikes inside jungkook’s brain when his fist makes impact. the force of his punch sends the bag barrelling straight into hani’s face, and, if not for jungkook’s quick reflexes, would have crushed her.


he’s not quick enough however to prevent it from hitting its mark, and jungkook watches in horror as the force of it sends her teetering back, her head hitting the wooden floor with a sickening smack. jungkook is frozen, unable to move as he watches a steady trickle of blood begin to flow out of her nose before quickly turning into a stream.


"fuck," she whimpers, hand immediately shooting up to stem the flow with the back of her hand. she stares straight ahead of her, eyes unfocused. 


jungkook's bottom lip trembles, mind spinning a mile a minute as the entire classroom erupts in panic.


he can hear her steady pulse in his ears, erratic and strong, pumping blood saturated with adrenaline through her body. his eyes dilate, vision turning tunnel, as if focusing in on his prey. and all of a sudden he feels fucking starving as his mouth salivates at the absolutely heavenly aroma that comes off of hani in steady waves.


it makes his entire being tremble in hunger and he feels -- scared. volatile. dangerous .


and then there's someone in front of him, blocking his view of hani, and by extent, the carnage, trying to shake him into action.


"jungkook," taehyung urges, trying to get his attention. "jungkook," he calls again.


when jungkook still doesn't respond, taehyung pulls his unmoving form away from the classroom (and away from that heady scent that made his head oh so dizzy) and tries to talk him down.


"kook," taehyung's voice is inside of his head, bouncing off of the walls of his brain. he sounds so far, far, away but he's right here in front of him. "i think you’re having a panic attack. it’s okay, just follow the sound of my voice. breathe,” taehyung breaths in, looking straight into jungkook's eyes." 


jungkook struggles to follow along. it feels like there's something heavy sitting on his chest, crushing his airways, refusing to let him breathe. it’s like he’s a fish out of water, floundering for something just out of reach, like everything is too small, too tight, like the walls are closing in--


taehyung places one of jungkook’s hands to his own chest, the other to jungkook’s heart. “jungkook, hey. just follow the sound of my heartbeat, can you do that for me? do you feel how steady it is? can you try and match that?” 


jungkook attempts to form a semblance of a nod as taehyung’s heartbeat roars loudly in his ears, blocking out all sound. it's steady, pumping blood through taehyung's entire circulatory system (jungkook knows his biology, thank you very much), and for some reason that thought stirs something in him. images of hani on the floor spread out on the floor, everyone's looks of fear, blood.


the hand on taehyung's chest curls into a fist and he squeezes his eyes shut as he tries to will the images away. instead, he thinks about jimin. he thinks about the trip they took to disneyland for their anniversary. how happy jimin had looked. when jungkook first realized he loved jimin.


and then he takes one, long gasping breath and suddenly the air comes rushing back in all at once. he feels lightheaded and panicked and like his body forgot how to breathe, no longer on autopilot, and that stresses him out even more but taehyung's there. he keeps talking to him, guiding him through it until the panicked feeling all but leaves his body, and now he just feels immensely tired .


"jungkook, are you with me? hey... look at me."


jungkook nods his head slightly, still disoriented, and taehyung lets out a sigh of relief. "oh, thank god, come sit down on the bench. do you want me to call jimin? i'm not sure where he is but im sure he'll come down here if you really need him too."


jungkook immediately shakes his head no. no, jimins at that campus job, he cant pull him out of work for something like this. he fucked up and he definitely needs a hug, but he'll see jimin later and the best thing he can do for himself right now is to relax.


"okay...," taehyung finishes unsurely. "take a few more moments to yourself and i'll go get you some water and something to eat from the vending machine. wait here, i'll be right back."


jungkook nods, barely processing the words that came out of taehyungs mouth. he feels a headache coming on and he still feels so immensely guilty that  it threatens to eat him alive. god, he feels like he's going to throw up. the image of hani spread out on the ground, blood smeared across her nose and upper lip makes bile rise in his throat. how could he do that to someone?


before he knows it, taehyung is waving a protein bar in front of his face and lovingly stuffing a water bottle into his lax hand. it shakes in his hand as he tries to drink and somehow manages to spill down the back of it, but it feels good going down and it somewhat sates the thirst he still feels.


hani joins him outside a little later, sitting besides him. it’s awkward between them, neither knowing what to say (and honestly what do you say to someone you nearly killed? he's pretty sure the store doesnt sell "sorry i broke your nose and also maybe probably have a blood kink" cards). 


finally, she nudges his legs with her knees to get his attention. at this, he only manages to smile weakly in her direction and the sight of the bruising on her nose and two wadded up paper tissues in her nostrils makes another rush of guilt explode in his stomach.


despite everything that happened, she still manages to smile at him kindly. "i think you owe me at least two meals for this one," hani jokes, pointing to her nose. "one for each broken nostril."


jungkook suddenly seems to remember his manners, pressing his forehead to his knees for several long seconds in a deep bow. he's so embarrassed, honestly who raised him? (his mind unhelpfully supplies images of jimin and hoseok and midnight cherry cola runs and yeah. okay). he doesn't arise until hani gently pats the back of his head to tell him that its okay.


"noona i am so, so unbelievable sorry, i don't know what came over me. this has never happened to me before and i dont know why i didnt react i guess i just--."


hani waves him off again with a laugh. "please, you're going to make me embarrassed!" and, to her credit, her cheeks are already turning pink at all of the attention. "it's as much my fault as it is yours and besides, it's basically free plastic surgery!” she says with a wink and jungkook cracks a smile at the joke.



after the gym, jimin sits with jungkook and hani at the cafe because he majored in small talk with a concentration in charm, so this is what he’s good at and he also really needs jimin to love and baby him right now (shut up). they both sit opposite hani with jimin on his left side, body turned slightly inward so that their knees knock together. it’s a small gesture of support meant to ground him, and jungkook silently thanks every god out there that jimin is always exactly what jungkook needs. 




he looks the picture of perfect composure as he talks quietly to her, shoulders soft and round and voice airy, one hand wrapped around an iced coffee and the other kneading at jungkooks thigh. he can’t help but to feel as if jimin’s blaming himself for what happened to him today and he wishes there was something he could do to ease his mind in return, but all that comes to mind is sucking jimin’s ear into his mouth and for some reason, he doesn’t think that jimin would appreciate that very much.


jungkook lets jimin do most of the talking, only concentrating enough on the conversation to smile at hani politely or let out a strained laugh wherever appropriate or the few moments when the attention is directed at him, but otherwise he stays silent, staring off into space. 


that terrible intense-nausea-hunger feeling seems to have only intensified since the gym. he feels hot, like there’s a fever burning it’s way under his skin, and when his stomach swoops low he has to bite back the urge to vomit.


god, he thinks he’s going to be sick.


“you should come to his big competition, then!” jimin announces, loud enough to penetrate through the fog in his brain. “see him in action when he’s not -- you know -- breaking noses,” jimin jokes, crossing his legs and leaning back in that cocky way he knows makes him impossible to say no to. “you can bring your girlfriend too.”


jungkook smiles tightly, but he’s long ago stopped trying to understand what this conversation’s even about. he looks out the window as he hooks two fingers into the collar of his shirt, pulling the damp fabric away from his feverish skin. he tries to let the fresh air pacify the uncomfortable itch that feels like it’s everywhere and yet nowhere all at once. 


"right jungkook?" jimin seems to suddenly register his glazed over eyes, worried frown knitting his eyebrows together. he presses tiny hands to jungkook's forehead and cheeks, searching for any sign of a fever.


"oh baby, you're burning up,” hushes jimin. “are you okay? do you feel alright? do you want to go home?"


jungkook hesitates slightly, mouth parted open, before finally shaking his head no because he'd rather die than be an inconvenience, but he lets his eyes flutter shut anyways as he leans into jimin's cool touch. "im okay hyung, just feel a little hot."


it comes out softer than jungkook had originally intended and he can tell by the look in jimin's eye that he remains unconvinced.


jimin chews at the inside of his cheek as he thinks, not wanting to be rude but also understanding that his jungkook really needs to go home. he doesn’t get the opportunity to say much more before hani cuts in with a gentle smile.


“oh, look at the time!” she announces, twisting her arm to stare at her watch (which, upon closer inspection, doesn’t look like a watch at all). “i completely forgot i had to cook dinner for daehyun! i’m really sorry about this, but can we reschedule?” the question is directed at jungkook and the other sends her a startled look at being addressed.


“right, well,” she stands up, lifting her bag from the seat. “feel better jungkook! and make sure you listen to jimin!” hani stumbles as she tries to bow to both boys before practically sprinting out of the cafe. she exits the cafe with a flurry of nervous energy and from the window they can see her twist around in circles by the door, as if debating something. finally, she sticks her head through the door again, the sound of the bells ringing in the cafe.“oh, i forgot! nice to meet you jimin!” she attempts to simultaneously bow and wave to each of them again, not even allowing either boy the time to react, before she's rushing out again.


jungkook and jimin are left to wonder what the fuck just happened.



at home, jimin makes jungkook lie on their couch so he can keep a watchful eye on him while he attempts to make samgyetang. it doesn't go as planned when the chicken starts burning thirty minutes later and jungkook had puppy dog eyed jimin into ordering ribs (jimin's convinced jungkook hypnotized him). he presses a wet compress to his forehead, changing it every half hour. 


his fever breaks before they both go to sleep and jungkook’s convinced it’s because of the meat (practically raw and falling off the bone), but webmd says otherwise. jungkook calls it (and jimin) an unbeliever. 



"my teeth hurt ," jungkook whines out loudly, the end of his words becoming muffled as he bites into the peach once again. "feels like they're growing in or somethin'."


"growing in? babe, you're like twenty years old. it's probably just cavities because despite being a twenty year old, you still have the diet of a middle schooler."


jungkook whines again, only this time even louder, as he stomps his feet childishly against the floor. “ hyung .”


“aish,” jimin mumbles. “go get ready for dinner, we’re leaving in half an hour. and stop eating before you ruin your appetite.”


if possible, the frown on jungkook’s face deepens even further, and jimin’s face softens ever so slightly. jungkook knows all of jimin’s weak spots and even now, he has a hard time controlling himself as he comes up behind jungkook to wrap him up in a hug. the other ignores this, instead turning around in jimin’s arms to bury his face into the crook of his shoulder. 


“i’m sorry baby,” jimin coos soothingly. “if it hurts this much maybe we should go see a dentist? we can try and find out if it’ll be covered under our student health insurance.”


jungkook stiffens up in his arms, before a shudder runs down his spine. he remembers the last time jimin pressured him into seeing the dentist and the women nearly choked him to death with her water syringe. he shudders again. never again.


jungkook shakes his head resolutely against jimin’s neck and the older boy sighs in defeat.


“hmm,” he hums, tapping his fingers along jungkook's waist as he thinks of an alternative. “why don’t we ask seokjin? he’s a dentistry major, right?” he purses his lips as he struggles to remember what hani told him. “should also be starting his residency too, so maybe he can help? or at least let you know if you have to go see a dentist.”


jungkook dissociates, entirely too focused on staring at the delicious looking curve of jimin’s neck. god, he really wants to bite him. 


when jimin stops talking, jungkook nods his head up and down, unwittingly agreeing on visiting seokjin who, after that very angry phone call he received a week and a half ago, probably still hates his guts and there’s a very real possibility that he’ll slam the door in his face. 


he licks a stripe up jimin’s throat, stopping at the place where neck meets jaw to suck a bruising mark into the skin. jimin’s words filter through to the back of his mind and all of a sudden his teeth begin to ache , the twisting pain something akin to getting his braces tightened, and his teeth lightly graze against the side of jimin's neck. at first they only just barely brush against jimin’s skin, but then his teeth sink in a little deeper, mouth closing around his neck--


jungkook ,” jimin hisses, wacking the younger boy on the back of the neck like a naughty pup. “you have got to stop doing that. people at work are starting to ask if i have some kind of infectious disease.”


jungkook pulls away with a severe pout, a whine already ready on the tip of his tongue. god, his teeth just hurt so much and nibbling on something always helps. and its not his fault that jimin just smells (and tastes ) so fucking good. he just cant help himself.


jimin fixes jungkook with a stern look, pointing in the direction of their bedroom. “go get dressed before i styrofoam wrap your stupidly sharp teeth."


jungkook just laughs.



it's nearly a month later when jungkook finally works up the courage to talk to seokjin. it would've been longer, but his mouth has taken on a swollen, purplish hue and jimin had to literally drag him here because his gums have swelled up so much he could hardly speak.


"you do realize that i'm not yet a licensed dentist, right?," seokin deadpans, staring at him from the doorway. he looks tired; pale features and red rimmed eyes no doubt from the all nighters and jungkook feels instantly guilty. he has yet to let jungkook inside and the bags under his eyes make him look even more menacing. "i haven't even started my residency program yet."


jungkook nods his head sheepishly, mentally kicking himself for being so stupid. he shouldn't have listened to jimin, he doesn't need to speak. he has hands and that 5 dollar white board they hung from the cabinets and it’ll probably go away on its own anyways.


"ah... you're right, seokjin-ssi. i'm sorry for bothering you, i'll just go home," he lisps.


seokin purses his lips together because he wants to be mad, but this kid is making it so very difficult for him. he just looks so small and pathetic and he knows if he turns him away now he'll hate himself for the next millennia or so. god, curse his bleeding (ha) heart.


seokin heaves a heavy sigh as he rubs at his temples in frustration, before he straightens his back and once again faces jungkook. "okay, fine i'll take a look. but if you touch anything i'll curse you to eternal damnation."


jungkook brightens at seokjin's admission, but it quickly dims as he watches the older man march inside, leaving jungkook to awkwardly stand out on his front porch, idle fingers playing with the hem of his sleeve.


it only takes a moment before seokjin registers the lack of footsteps behind him, walking back to the open door to fix jungkook with a ruthless stare. “is there a reason you’re not coming inside?” seokjin quips.


“um…,” jungkook mumbles, all of a sudden feeling very, very small. “you didn’t invite me inside and i didn’t want to be rude.”


seokjin arches an eyebrow at that. “jungkook, i swear to everything that is unholy, come inside before i change my mind and slam this door right in your face.”


now that gets jungkook moving and he quickly rushes to follow seokjin inside before he takes back his earlier act of kindness. 


jungkook’s jaw drops when he gets an eyeful of jin’s decor. there's a sleek black marble kitchen counter in the middle of the living room, opening up into a fully furnished kitchen that faces two black leather couches and a dining room. the back wall is lined with floor to ceiling windows that overlook the city of seoul, paired with two sets of maroon curtains. it looks ridiculously expensive and jungkook is tempted to ask who seokjin’s hook up is so he can get himself a set up like this. he says as much to him.


"thanks," seokin comments casually, walking straight into the kitchen to pull out a pitcher of something dark red and two clay mugs. they look to be handmade, out of place with the rest of the decor, with a small “yunki” written on the side of one that seokjin slides across the table. "took a couple thousand years."


seokin gestures for jungkook to sit at the kitchen table, entirely too amused at how stiff and uncomfortable the younger boy looks. jungkook tentatively pulls back the chair, noticeably wincing when it makes a long, loud screech against the wooden floor before tentatively sitting on its edge. 


"so, what are your symptoms?" seokin questions, sitting opposite the younger boy. he motions for jungkook to drink the juice and the other eyes it warily, like it might be poisoned. seokin smirks into his mug. good, the kid's afraid.


"uhhh," jungkook mumbles, chewing on the inside of his cheek and looking off to the right as he thinks. "i think im allergic to the sun, my teeth look a little longer, which, jimin says is really hot so im not really complaining, but it is kind of annoying because jimin doesn't let me give him head," seokjin frowns at this and jungkook winces. "and i uhhh cough when i pee?" jungkook ticks off. "my gums are also kinda swollen but i think that's about it."


seokin scrunches up his nose in obvious distaste. "you know jungkook, there are some things we should keep to ourselves."


"sorry," jungkook mumbles, and his cheeks burn six shades darker.


seokin ignores his apology, instead choosing to walk around the table to stand at jungkook's side. "open," seokjin demands, like one might say to a dog, and jungkook's mouth drops open instinctually. "good boy," praises seokin and jungkook can’t help but preen under the attention.


there's faint bruising around jungkook's lips, turning the skin a light purple, as well as two raw looking indents on his lower lip. there's also bruising around the tops of jungkook's gums, particularly around his canines, looking sharper and longer than what usually would be considered normal. there's also blood residue around the swollen teeth, as if they've been continuously retracting and protracting.


seokjin looks away from the sight to squint questioningly at jungkook, and the pungent smell of fear spikes off of him in waves. jungkook looks worried, eyebrows knitted together as his head remains titled back, looking almost cute , and he can see now why hani took such a liking to him.


seokjin backs up, releasing the tight hold he has around jungkook’s jaw, as he prepares himself to speak. he’s then interrupted by a tuft of orange fur jumping onto the kitchen counter.


jungkook squeaks in fear, chair scraping against the hardwood floor in an attempt to put as much distance as he could between himself and the cat. his arms are raised in a defensive pose. 


his cat hisses angrily at jungkook, spine arched and fur sticking up at odd ends to make himself appear bigger, and when jungkook hisses back (eyes taking on a red tint) something in seokjin's mind slides and clicks into place.


jungkooks apparent revulsion towards the cat suddenly makes all of his other symptoms make sense and he wants to kick himself for not thinking of it earlier. allergic to the sun? check . teeth growing in? check. scared of his vampire cat? ding ding ding!


jungkook’s a fucking fledgling and he doesn’t even know it, praise satan this is hilarious. and what a perfect opportunity to fuck with jungkook handed to him on a silver platter.


seokjin scoops up bartholomew into his arms, planting a kiss across its grumpy face.


“i know what you have,” jin sighs out, like talking to jungkook is draining, gaining his attention. “oh where do i start? you don’t eat enough garlic, you watched too much anime growing up, you spend too much time in the shower -- and don’t think i dont know what you’re doing in there --.”


“it’s not that, i just have a very extensive hair routine!!” jungkook interrupts, voice rising in pitch. his eyes are wide, panicked.


“oh i hear all about it from jimin,” seokjin finishes, fixing him with a pointed glare. it’s mitigated slightly by the fluffy monster in his hands. wait, wasn’t that cat at hoseok hyungs party? does hoseok hyung know seokjin hyung? does the cat know hoseok hyung?


“tentacles, jungkook? really ? now leave me alone, i have better things to do like bang my head against the wall and hypnotize admissions directors at seoul national university.”



"you know," jimin comments casually, "i wasn't joking when i said your teeth make you look like an eboy."


jungkook glares at him from the kitchen table where he sits with a swollen tongue, so big and ugly his jaw hangs slack in order to accommodate its growth. he took seokins advice and decided to eat an entire clove of garlic in one sitting, which, turns out, he's fucking allergic to, and now he can't even close his mouth.


"except for the -- you know," jimin gestures vaguely in the direction of his mouth problem. "you'd probably get pretty famous too."


jimin stops midchew and he gets this faraway look in his eyes and jungkook narrows his eyes, instantly suspicious. 


“waat eer your inking it ot hapening,” jungkook almost yells, fixing jimin with a stern look. 


“huh? you’re gonna have to speak up, babe.”


jungkook huffs through his nose before launching a half-eaten garlic clove in jimin’s direction which the other easily dodges and it only serves to make jungkook more angry. and then, with more emotion: “ot n e oy!”


jimin clicks his tongue in exasperation like jungkook’s being purposely evasive with his words and he just knows that jimin is taking the piss right now.


“well since you asked so nicely, i guess i can turn you into an eboy.” he sounds resigned, like what jungkooks “asking” of him is such an inconvenience, but jungkook can see the hint of a smile tugging at his lips.  


he returns less than a minute later, clutching an overflowing bag of makeup in one hand and silver jewelry in the other and before jimin even begins he already knows he’s lost.


jungkook sucks on a blueberry ice lollipop while jimin works (having the double effect of giving jungkook something to suck on and reducing the swelling of his tongue), scrunching his nose up in distaste whenever jimin’s makeup brush gets too close to his nostrils. 


by the time jimin’s satisfied with his work, jungkook’s tongue is half the size of what it once was.


"hot diddly damn," jimin whistles out, stepping back to admire his work. "i am so good. i chose the wrong fucking major, i knew i was an art kid at heart."


jimin swivels jungkook’s head to get a better view, and he briefly considers putting pause on this whole thing just so he can jump jungkook’s bones right then and there. jungkook’s hair has begun to dry in soft waves around his face from the product jimin managed to work through it, lips cotton candy pink, nose tinged pink, and twin black hearts beneath his eyes. he honestly wasn’t really expecting much, much less for jungkook to actually look good but he feels his heart stutter rapidly in his chest and he busies himself with cleaning up.


jungkook rolls his eyes playfully. "oh honey, with features like these, i can make anything look good.”



the corners of jimin’s lips twist up in amusement, his eyes sparkling with something akin to mischief as he cocks a hand on his hip. he bends forward at the waist until their foreheads are nearly touching. “even a clown suit?”


“even a clown suit,” jungkook bites back without an ounce of hesitation in his voice. 


“gandalf cosplay?”


“i’d be the sexiest motherfucking gandalf you’ve ever seen,” jungkook teases. he tugs jimin closer to him by a hand on his hip and jimin takes the hint, throwing one leg across jungkook’s thighs until he’s straddling him. jungkook tugs jimin closer to him by the grip he now has on his ass until their fronts are just barely brushing. 


jimin tucks a strand of hair behind jungkook’s ear. and, from this vantage point, jungkook’s teeth look more elongated, poking delicately into jungkook’s lower lip. it’s fucking hot, only adding to his e-boy image, and it makes his entire body flush hot.


"you're teeth are kind of turning me on," jimin hums, leaning forward until their foreheads are pressed together, one hand curled delicately around his chin as he leans in close to lick at the seam of jungkook's lips. jungkook opens his mouth instinctually. "kind of wanna lick 'em."


jungkook’s fingers twitch against jimin’s waist and he gives an almost imperceptible nod, almost too afraid to move too much in case he accidentally bites jimin's tongue clean off.


"good boy," jimin murmurs, as he licks across the front of jungkooks sharp canines, slow and hot, tongue curling around each individual tooth. it's thrilling, feels very much like he's playing with fire, especially when he does a slow grind in jungkook’s lap and the other lets out a guttural moan into his mouth.


jimin's eyes are devious as he stares jungkook head on, knows exactly the effect he has on the younger man, and that’s why he presses up a little too hard with the flat of his tongue, slowly dragging it up and out of jungkook’s mouth until it draws little beads of blood that pool on his tongue.


jungkook twitches against him at the scent of blood, grasping blindly at anything within reach as he watches jimin lick his mouth, moaning exaggeratedly at the taste of it. the sight makes jungkook go absolutely feral, his blood pressure spiking perceptibly and jungkook can’t control himself anymore as he leans forward, body extended, to harshly suck jimin’s tongue back into his own mouth. 


it’s good, it’s so fucking good , and arousal tugs at his stomach so strongly he thinks he’s going to go insane. jimin pulls back to gasp for air, rosy lips parted wide, and jungkook takes advantage of the new position to leave open-mouthed kisses along the column of jimin’s throat. sometimes his teeth accidentally catch, leaving matching twin scratches against the side of his delicate skin, and jimin’s skin burns with a sense of urgency, a hidden desire sitting on the tip of his tongue, waiting for, for something he doesn’t have the words to place just yet--


jungkook reaches out a hand behind jimin to clear the kitchen table, and jimin vaguely hears something clatter to the floor. before it can even fully process in his brain, jungkook is slamming him against the table, the momentum of the push combined with the suddenness of it all, causing jungkook’s teeth to dig half a centimeter into jimin’s neck. the pain spreads up jimin’s spine like wildfire, making his eyes roll to the back of his head and his hips twitching weakly against jungkook’s leg.


“jungkook, jungkook, oh my god -- oh my fucking god, do that again.”


his entire body is lit with want and jungkook is entirely stiff on top of him, terrified and unmoving like a deer caught in headlights, even as his eyes look sharp, feral, borderline animalistic . it stirs something deep inside jimin, some weird unknown attraction to the strange, and he begs jungkook with his eyes to just fucking continue .


he feels jungkook’s breath shudder against his neck and it’s silent for several long seconds, jimin so on edge, like a string pulled taut, before jungkook sinks his teeth the rest of the way into jimin’s flesh and jimin’s fingers go slack around jungkooks neck, eyes rolling into the back of his head.


he feels dizzy, like the world has been turned on its axis, spinning around him while he alone remains still in the middle of the kitchen table. he’s almost 90% sure jungkook is drinking his blood, if the sucking sounds on his neck are anything to go by, and he’s not really sure how he feels about that. all he knows is that he feels strangely lightheaded and floaty, like everything is just a touch too surreal, and every deep suck jungkook gives to his neck causes his cock to twitch pathetically in his pants. 


he’s not sure how much time goes by while jimin just lays there, clinging to the last dredges of reality, but when jungkook finally pulls off there’s bright red blood ( his blood, his mind supplies) clinging to his lips and then jungkook’s digging into jimin’s pants to pull out his cock. it really doesn’t take much for him to come, especially with the lightheadedness he already feels, but then he’s coming with a silent cry and jimin’s entire world goes blank.



when he wakes up, it’s to a stressed out looking jungkook hovering above him. he’s cleaned himself up, no longer wearing any makeup or… blood, and his long hair is pulled back into a short ponytail. in summary, he looks as stunning as always and jimin… well, jimin feels like crap. he feels like he’s been repeatedly run over by a truck and he just wants to hide his face in his boyfriend’s freakishly strong arms and never emerge.


“kook,” jimin tries to say, but his voice is shot and it comes out sounding more like a haggard whisper. jungkook perks up almost instantly. jimin clears his throat. “baby,” he tries again, this time his voice being able to form some semblance of speech. “cuddles.”


jungkook immediately understands, the furrow between his brows having almost entirely disappeared and he tackles jimin into a hug like a very gentle and very overexcited dog, stretching his neck out so that jimin can bury his face in it. 


jimin shifts around in jungkook’s arms until he’s comfortable before finally letting out a satisfied sigh against jungkook’s chest. he suddenly feels so immensely tired despite just waking up, sleep dragging the corners of his eyes down, but he knows they’re due for a conversation for… whatever that was before. if not for him, then at least for jungkook’s peace of mind.


“so.” jimin starts, chewing the inside of his cheek as he thinks. jungkook’s arms tighten minutely around jimin’s middle. his mouth opens and closes twice as if he wants to say something in response before finally choosing to settle on a low hum.


they both say nothing again for several long moments, jimin tapping his fingers awkwardly against jungkooks back, before deciding fuck it, they’re already past the point of no return, so he might as well spit it out now while he still has jungkook’s undivided attention.


apparently jungkook has come to a similar conclusion because they both start talking at the same time.


“we should do that again--,” starts jimin.


“i understand if you want to break--,” finishes jungkook.


they both stop at the same time and jimin lets out an airy laugh, knocking his forehead against jungkook’s chin in the process.


“you go first,” jimin breaths out, leaning back and out of jungkook’s grip so he can more easily stare at his face. his worried expression is gone, replaced with something akin to tentative relief. 


“i was just gonna apologize for biting you because we never really talked about it and i, uh… realize that i probably violated your consent or something but, um,” here, he pauses, laughing somewhat shakily. “i understand if you want to break up because what i did was really, uh, weird , and borderline impossible but i um. don’t think i can stop because i honestly can’t stop thinking about what we did and i don’t want to make you feel as if you have to stay with me and deal with this really weird part of me, because you don’t and i--.”


jimin interrupts jungkook to kiss him sweetly on the lips, stopping him in the middle of his nervous rambling. 


“first of all, i am not breaking up with you," jimin says against his lips. his eyes dart up so jungkook and him are making eye contact. "i love you and when i think of my life forty, fifty years from now, it’s to us doing couples kegels together while we watch shitty daytime television in a house by the water.” 


jungkook laughs shakily in response even as his eyes begin watering and jimin shimmies a hand out from between their chests to swipe a thumb under jungkook’s eyes.


“and yes, you’re right, what happened today? yesterday? i can’t even tell anymore, was really weird and there are things happening to you that we can’t really explain, but i want you to know that i liked it -- like really, really liked it, like i swear to god i think i fucking astral projected or something -- and i really want to do it again.”


 “with you,” jimin tacks on as an afterthought, like it wasn’t obvious already.


jungkook looks ready to say something else, but jimin’s suddenly reminded of his pounding headache and the fact that he feels ready to nod off any second now, so he flicks jungkook’s nose. jungkook jolts back, scrunching his nose up on instinct, looking every bit a startled bunny.


“also… blood sucking, really ? jeez, i thought you were just joking about that whole blood kink thing.”


jungkook’s eyes curve into pretty crescents as he laughs, his front teeth jutting out adorably. he playfully pinches jimin’s butt, causing the him to let out a squeal as he jerks in his arms. 


“you are the last person who gets to kink shame me. don’t think i’ve forgotten about how you purposely cut your tongue on my teeth , you absolute fucking hypocrite.”



he looks like he’s been strangled, is the first thing jimin thinks as he stares at himself in the mirror. they stayed in bed all of yesterday so he hasn’t had the time or really, the desire , to survey the damage jungkook’s done to his neck but… wow , jungkook’s really done a number on him.


the collar of his white shirt is stretched out around his neck, exposing more of his collarbones than it normally would, and, as a result, the giant purple blotches that stretch from just under jimin's ear to a little bit below his right shoulder, and in the center of it all, are two tiny red dots. if jimin didn't know any better, he’d think they were left there by a vampire, but jimin does know better and he’s going to kick that chromosome looking motherfucker in the ass.


it’s so fucking big too, leaving absolutely nothing to the imagination, and he can't take his eyes off of it the entire time he's in there. he's so focused on it, in fact, that he doesn't even realize when jungkook's up and about until strong arms are working their way around his middle.


"christ--," jimin yelps, jabbing the toothbrush painfully into his cheek. he winces as he slowly tugs it free, annoyed gaze sliding to his left so he can make eye contact with jungkook's reflection.


jungkook looks like he usually does, cute button nose scrunched up, eyebrows pulled down, and floppy brown hair hanging in front of his face, hiding his sleepy expression. he hates how cute he’s acting right now, as if the little shit didn’t mutilate his neck just yesterday.


"you know," jimin attempts to speak, before thinking better of it when he accidentally swallows a shit ton of toothpaste foam. he leans over the sink to spit it out, "don’t think you’re going to get away with the monster-sized bruise you left on my fucking neck.”


one of jungkook's eyes opens to stare at jimins reflection curiously. "do you know how many layers of makeup it’s going to take to cover this?”


jungkook at least has the sense to look slightly sheepish as he kisses jimin's forehead in a silent apology, mumbling a quite “sorry hyung.” the gesture is ruined, however, when he steals jimin's toothbrush in the next second to plop it into his own mouth, dancing his way out of the bathroom.



jimin's in the middle of unpacking all of the food he bought from the grocery store (he's started this new health kick recently which is completely unrelated to... certain developments in their sex life) when jungkook walks into the kitchen.


“what’s up with you,” jungkook asks, eyes narrowed into slits. one peak into the fridge and can tell that jimin’s replaced all the food in the fridge with leafy greens and fresh produce (aka attempted murder) and he is not having it. “first the smoothies, then you ask me to be your workout buddy, and now you’re trying to starve me?” 


“this is like reverse hansel and gretel!” he accuses, jabbing a finger into jimin’s chest. “you’re trying to hansel and gretel me out of my food!”


jimin rolls his eyes at jungkook’s antics as he continues unpacking the rest of the food. “i am not 'hansel and greteling' you out of your food or whatever the hell that means. i just thought that we should start worrying about our health a little more. we’re not getting any younger, you know.” it sounds like a lie even to his own ears and he has to suppress the grin that pulls at his lips.


jungkook’s jaw drops. “jimin!” he cries, waving his arms around as he desperately tries to make the other understand. “the world’s going to end in twelve years anyways! and you’re trying to rob me of life’s simple pleasures? you absolute monster , just wait until hoseok hyung hears about this.”


jimin finishes up with the fridge before leaning down to collect all of the plastic bags to store under the sink for later use. the other watches silently (he’d like to think it’s more of a cool, alluring glower) while jimin walks up to him and plants a sweet kiss on his lips. “okay, you’re right. i’m sorry i threw out all of your food without asking.” he tucks a lock of jungkook’s hair behind his ear. it feels like it grows longer every day. “how about we make a deal, hm? i’ll buy you two packs of junk food every other week. how does that sound?”


“four,” jungkook negotiates.




“three and a half.”




“two and a pack of pocky.”




jungkook and jimin shake hands, solidifying their negotiation. “you drive a hard bargain, my good sir.”


jimin giggles, leaning up on his tiptoes to kiss jungkook on the nose while the other wraps his arms around jimin’s waist. he’s been smelling better these days (not like he smelled bad before), but stronger, more intense and it drives jungkook wild. his sex drive has been off the charts lately and it feels like he’s back to feeling like a horny teen. god, he thought he’s gotten over that phase. 


jimin pats jungkook’s chest as he pulls away. “always. now go change into a pair of gym clothes, i want to work out with you.”


jungkook walks away feeling like he’s been duped. 



the video jungkook’s picked out has “intense full body workout!” written on it in all caps and, just below it, “don’t try this at home,” and jimin thinks jungkook’s lost his goddamn mind.


“ready?” jungkook questions, one hand on the remote. he’s wearing a black muscle tee, long hair pulled back into a short ponytail and all of jimin’s previous complaints leave his mind. if it were up to him, jungkook would never leave their bed.


jimin nods his head and jungkook presses play on the video.


jimin’s doing a better job at keeping up with the routine than he’d originally thought, considering this workout is geared towards fucking werewolves (“is this what you do? watch strong beefy werewolves workout in your spare time?” “it’s not like that hyung, it’s for my job!” “liar”) and he feels his confidence boost slightly at this knowledge.


his confidence is not the only thing being boosted though (if the bulge in jungkook’s grey sweatpants are anything to go by) and one glance at jungkook’s flared nostrils and tense muscles has jimin playfully swatting at jungkook’s peck.


“you doing okay there, buddy? is super hot werewolf man turning you on?”  


jungkook shakes his head no and his head swims dangerously in response. he swears he can hear jimin’s steady heartbeat thudding loudly in his chest, the sound of blood rushing through his arteries nearly deafening to his own ears. it’s so loud that he can’t even focus on the words coming out of the trainers mouth and he stutters in his movements as he struggles to follow along.


“im okay,” he eventually grits out, when the lapse in speech between them has grown on for long enough. the words probably come out harsher than intended, but jimin doesn’t seem to mind.


“right,” jimin laughs out, sounding entirely unconvinced. “tell that to your hard on.”


hyung ,” jungkook whines, embarrassed. he doesn’t know what’s come over him all of a sudden, just knows that he’s craving something, stomach aching despite the fact that it hasn’t been more than an hour since he’s last eaten (maybe his iron levels are low?).


jungkookie, ” jimin whines back, stopping in his tracks to face jungkook.


jungkook turns his head to face jimin and he nearly groans at the sight. god jimin is so fucking hot, especially with sweat dripping down the side of his face, smudging the charcoal eyeliner around his eyes. they look sharper, more dangerous, and the sight turns him into a desperate puddle at jimin’s feet.


“want to take a 5 minute break?” jimin questions, those dangerously beautiful hands still reaching out to rub soothingly at his shoulder. fuck, he really wants to take them into his mouth. or do any number of equally sinful things with them.


jungkook nods his head, not yet trusting his voice (especially when he still hears the sound of blood rushing in his ears, the scent wafting off jimin so enticing), and jimin leads them both over to the couch. they sit a couple feet apart and jungkook feels like he’s a literal fucking furnace, unable to calm down the waves of arousal he still feels.


it’s getting increasingly difficult with jimin’s hand on his thigh as the other scrolls absently through his phone. jimin squeezes every once in a while to let him know that he’s there (and while he really appreciates the gesture, don't get him wrong, it doesn't really help his situation).


several minutes later jungkook thinks he’s finally gotten his arousal under control and he's ready to work out again, when jimin (ever daring in his pursuits) straddles jungkooks thighs. jimin's totally fucking cheating, especially when he wraps his arms around jungkook's neck, and the scent right now smells so strong, so concentrated, he thinks he’s going to fucking pass out.


“jungkook, jesus christ just fucking bite me already," jimin whines. "i know you want to.”


jungkook attempts to shake his head no -- the marks on jimin's neck from their previous attempts have just barely healed and they haven’t gone through the proper hygienic procedures, but despite knowing all this, he can’t help himself from pressing his nose against jimin’s collarbone and just inhaling deeply.  


“fuck -- i -- you just smell so good ,” jungkook breaths out, tongue peaking out to lick at the skin. despite looking like he just took a shower, jimin smells clean, fresh, good . “i feel like i’m going crazy.”


he doesn’t understand why all of his senses suddenly seem so heightened, vision red as thoughts of fucking jimin -- jimin fucking him -- spin around in his mind like an avalanche.


jimin pulls a face. “i smell like a boys locker room.”


“a sexy boys locker room,” jungkook amends, tongue dragging along the sharp of jimin’s throat, pulling his ear into his mouth.


“just because you tack on "sexy" to something doesn't make it a compliment, loser.”


jungkook pulls away with a sharp gasp, mouth open as he pants loudly in the quiet of the room. “oh my god babe, please, will you just shut up for a second. you’re totally killing my vibe,” jungkook comments, pointing at his dick.


jimin’s jaw shuts closed with a comical click, body still as he gives jungkook’s hands free roam over his body, like an animal on the prowl. one hand pushes up under jimin’s shirt to lay flat against his stomach and jungkook hungrily attacks the newly exposed skin with his mouth, lips closed around his peck. 


jimin tightens his grip on jungkook’s shoulder but still makes no effort to move, just letting jungkook use his body as he wills. it’s nice not having to do all the work for a change.


“okay, now you’re just making it weird,” jungkook loudly announces, pulling away. there's spit clinging to his lower chin and jimin has to stop himself from wiping it off.


“how am i making it weird!”


“when i told you to stop talking, i didn’t mean you have to stop moving too . it’s like kissing a dead fish.”


“well how am i supposed to know what you meant! you’re the one acting like a horny teenager, trying to fucking eat me!”


“okay, you killed it,” jungkook deadpans, slapping jimin’s ass lightly. “it’s dead. get off.”


“no, no! i’ll be good i promise,” jimin whines, clinging onto jungkook’s shoulders tighter in case the other tries to throw him off. “just do the blood sucking thing.”


jungkook groans, gently knocking his forehead against jimins. he feels significantly more clear headed now, less savage teen more moderately horny frat boy, and the previous heat of his arousal has dulled to a low simmer. the reprieve doesn't last for much longer because jimin manages to reignite arousal (more like pour gasoline into an open fire) when he begins to slowly grind his hips in jungkook’s lap.


“gukk,” jimin coos. “baby.” he tips jungkook’s head up until they’re making direct eye contact, the tension so thick in the air jungkook doesn’t even realize when he begins to hold his breath.


jimin slaps a hand against his neck, stimulating the blood flow there. “bite me.”


jungkook wants to laugh because jimin is just so goddamn irritating it makes his head spin,  but he flips them over onto the couch instead. if they’re going to do this, they’re going to do this right .


“okay fine, but we’re doing it in a place that’s not your neck. i'm sick of people giving us weird looks when we’re out together in public.”


“completely agree. what do you have in mind?”


jungkook doesn’t even bother to deign jimin with a reply, instead working on opening up the button on jimin’s trousers, skilled fingers curling under the waistband and oh -- okay. jimin gets the hint quickly enough and lifts his hips up in an attempt to help. they get stuck on the thick of jimin’s thighs and the younger boy lets out a snicker in response. 


it takes a couple more seconds of some awkward manoeuvring before jungkook finally manages to slide the pants down his legs, jimin “accidentally” kneeing jungkook in the nose.


“ouch,” jungkook groans, scrunching up his forehead while slithering down the length of jimin’s body. he nips at jimin’s exposed knee cap just because he can.


he finally manages to find a comfy enough spot, settling down between jimin’s spread thighs. it makes his legs dangle from the edge of the couch and jimin’s crotch dig uncomfortable into his chin but he suffers through it for him.


“good?” jimin calls out, once jungkook finally settles down. he wiggles in place a little more for good measure, before molding his mouth to his thigh like a leach and jimin takes that as a yes.


“ready, hyung?” jungkook questions, the words coming out slightly muffled. jimin nods his head, body tense and hand stilling in jungkook’s hair, as the younger boy bites down, sinking his teeth into the soft plushy skin of jimin’s thigh.


fuck ,” jimin gasps out, eyes fluttering shut. his eyebrows are bunched together in a pained expression and jungkook winds their fingers together, saying through touch what he can’t say through words.


they’ve only done this one other time (the first being a complete accident), so neither of them are completely sure how to go about this. there’s already a steady stream of blood seeping into his mouth from the wound he made but, unlike last time, jimin doesn’t seem to be enjoying it as much and he doesn’t know what to do. maybe it’s a bad area? does jungkook need to look for bigger arteries? did he go too deep?


jungkook begins to pull away, his teeth slowly dragging free from jimin’s skin, but he stops when the other lets out a sharp moan in pain (good? bad? it’s always so hard to tell with him, the fucking masochist). 


jungkook squeezes jimin’s hand until he gets his attention, jimin’s eyes rolling down to stare at him. he looks dazed, skin flushed and hot, lips parted enticingly. in short, he looks like he’s fucking high and he’s not yet sure what to make of that.


jungkook tries to gesture with his eyes from the wound to jimin, eyes popping out cartoonishly as he struggles to get his point across.


it seems to work because jimin nods, letting a low hum escape his lips. he brushes his hand through jungkook’s hair again, before his hand grows harsh, tightening it as he pushes jungkook’s head forward.


“i love you so much, you know?” jimin murmurs, voice airy. and then, a little stronger. “my a- ah , good blood whore.”


jungkook's eyes go slightly watery and his teeth sink deeper into jimin’s flesh, the flow stronger now, sweeter. it tastes different than the first time, making jungkook’s head swim with need and he sucks harder at the wound. and jungkook already knows it won't be enough, it’ll never be enough.


jimin starts letting out involuntary little moans nows, gradually growing in pitch. it isn't until jimin jerks against his mouth does jungkook realize why that is; nearly coming in his pants at the sight. jimin has his cock in hand, tip flushed a brilliant red, fist wrapped around the base of it tightly as he slowly jerks himself off. jimin’s hand sometimes bumps into the corner of his lips, and jungkook desperately tries to catch it in his mouth.


it’s hot, it’s so fucking hot, and he wants nothing more than to wrap his mouth around it and beg jimin to fuck his face so hard he cries, but he can't, so he takes what he can. he watches as jimin's thighs tense around his head, jerking his cock faster and jungkook years. his own cock is still desperately hard in his pants and he struggles to get some semblance of friction on it from the couch.


his prayers seem to be somewhat answered (there is a god and she’s horny) when jimin thumbs at jungkook’s lower lip, tracing along the edges of his teeth in an effort to urge him to let go.


the resulting carnage makes jimin’s stomach swoop low, watching in morbid fascination (and arousal) as blood slowly trickles out from two indents along his thigh, making a mess of jungkook’s face and jimin’s hand. jungkook’s eyes look heady, sharp, teeth glinted dangerously in the limelight and that -- combined with the dull throb in his leg -- causes him to come directly on jungkook’s face.




that was.... intense to say the least, and jungkook’s heart flutters wildly in his chest. if possible, he seems to be more in love with him than ever before and the vulnerability of it all scares him; knowing he can tell jimin just about anything and his love for jungkook will never change.


jimin grins down at him (jungkook's eyes going all big and sappy, he swears there’s an entire fucking solar system in jungkook’s eyes) and he holds his fingers out in an upside down L shape, clapping his thumb and forefingers together until jungkook gets the hint and plops his face into his hands. it takes jungkook a second to register the motion, and jimin can pinpoint the exact second that sleepy fogginess is replaced with semi-coherent understanding before he stretches his chin out minutely to drop his face into jimin’s hand. cheeks secured.


jungkook stares up at him with a pouty expression, jimin’s fingers squishing his cheeks together, and jimin can’t help himself from squeezing them together a few times. the dopey smile drops off jungkook’s face in less than a second and he’s whipping his head backwards so strongly it gives him whiplash, rubbing at his right cheek with an expression of utmost betrayal.


“you just shocked me.”


“what? no i didnt.”


“yes, you did! are you wearing one of those stupid shocking rings?” jungkook suddenly gets up on his knees, all traces of his post-orgasm glow gone (inadvertently pushing his crotch into jimin’s face and jimin has half a mind to flick it), gently grabbing jimin’s hand by the wrist so that he can inspect the rings closer.


the rings look completely normal and jungkook narrows his eyes in suspicion. “is this some sort of trick? how’d you do that?” he accuses.


“what, like this?” jimin touches the back of jungkook’s hand with the metal rings again and the other boy jolts once more, a low hiss escaping his mouth. the feeling is akin to someone pressing a lukewarm crockpot against his skin.



“oh, you are so going to pay for that.”



“oh, yeah? try me.” jimin presses, wiggling his other arm out from between his body and the couch to press it against jungkook’s smooth tummy.



jungkook’s jaw drops open, left hand shooting out to pin jimin’s second arm down as well. “that’s cheating!”



jungkook is strong. stronger than usual and makes it jimin let out a noise of surprise. jungkook leans forward on his knees and it makes jimin let out a breath of laughter at the serious look on jungkook's face. jimin he wiggles his fingers in the air tauntingly as he tries to zap the back of jungkook’s hand. "no, it's called being crafty."


jungkook groans. "do that again and ill sit on you." 


"is that supposed to be a threat?" jimin jokes, raising an eyebrow. as much as he loves flirting, no one gets him as riled up as jungkook does. and perhaps, that's because jimin's in love with him. "because i am always down for that."




"oh, you know it babe."



jimin puckers his lips, trying to entice jungkook into kissing him. jungkook is as easy as always and jimin uses the newfound distraction to shock jungkook with his rings again.


"you suck," jungkook whines, biting on jimin's lower lip in annoyance



jimin cackles loudly. "guess that means you just gotta make do on your threat."


and jungkook does.





seokjin watches the video that was sent him to from the snucryptidspotter instagram over again, and he's equal parts proud and absolutely humiliated as the video of jungkook and jimin goes viral. it's a little bit blurry, obviously taken a distance aways, but it's clear as day to anyone that knows them. jungkook has his face buried in jimin’s neck, one hand holding tightly onto jimin’s bag strap. it's clear that jimin's letting someone drink his blood or, well, he’s supposed too, but jungkook's invisible because he's a motherfucking lilly-livered,birdsplittered vampire."


he wants to bang his head against the table because this is humiliating (for them not for him, seokjin doesn't get embarrassed) because it's making the rounds of social media and even fangstagram and those of his friends that can use technology are texting him "is this at your school??" with varied amount of question marks. and he decides that jungkook needs to know the truth.




hani's scary friend seokjin


we need to talk.



after luring jungkook to his house and making seokjin agree (for now) not to kill him, he delivers the rules.


“yer a vampire, jungkook,” seokjin mocks, knocking on jungkook’s forehead. “and bartholomew's the one who turned you. he’s basically your vampire dad now, so show him some goddamn respect.” 


“your cats a… vampire?” jungkook questions, giant metaphorical question marks bouncing around above his head. “why do you even have a vampire cat hyung, that violates like, so many ethical codes!”


“... you just found out that you’re a vampire and the thing thats bothering you the most is… a vampire cat?”


“no! i mean, yes! listen, jimin is the biggest monsterfucker out there. i once told him i was the antichrist and he literally tried to sext me from a public bathroom. he also let me suck his blood on multiple -- multiple -- occasions so at this point, that’s the least of my worries, but that --,” jungkook points menacingly at the cat lounging around in seokjin’s arms, eyeing him lazily. “is not my father. seriously, does it look like i have red hair?”

seokjin sniffs. “well, red hair is a recessive gene jungkook. unfortunately, we can’t all be so lucky.”


hyung !”


“no don’t you hyung me,” seokjin snips, swatting at jungkook’s hands when they try to reach out for him. “that remains me, did  you actually jimin’s blood and did jimin actually let you ?”


jungkook shrugs his shoulders. “yeah? it just kinda happened and it was so hot so we did it again. also of course he let me, consent is important hyung.”


at this point he’s entirely positive that jungkook and jimin share two collective brain cells and he feels his head spin as he tries to process this information. he thought he’d be the one delivering the life shattering news that would ruin jungkook’s perfect illusion of mortality, not the other way around. he really needs to sit down.


"jungkook sucking blood directly from humans is archaic, addictive even," and oh, that would probably explain jimin. "and that's why people buy from blood from blood banks or -- or, become vegan, i dont know. you know fruit and coconut juice will give you the same effect, right?"

and oh. that's well, that's worse. jungkook pouts. "you're the one who didn't even tell me i was a vampire, so much for responsibility, huh? and was i supposed to guess that from my teeth and the blood drinking that im somehow a vampire?" seokjin wants to yell out a resounding yes but he refrains. "there are plenty of other weird ass things that happen and people don't try to blame it on the supernatural!" 


the two argue back and forth for so long that seokjin has to sit down, sprawling across his couch dramatically. vampire's don't fall ill to mortal illnesses but yet, seokjin somehow thinks that jungkook's given him a hernia. 



yoongi taps his foot on the ground, annoyed. this happens at least once a century and it’s all because his husband can never keep his big mouth shut. this might’ve scared him when he was 200 going on 300, but now he’s praying for eternal damnation. the end is nigh and all that.


usually there’s an army. this time, it’s one grad student with a stake. he’s honestly kind of cute; maybe he can attempt to sweet talk the boy into his bed.


“where’s seokjin?” stake-wielding-boy asks.


yoongi frowns, eyes rolling to the back of his head. of course seokjin gets all the pretty ones, entirely unfair if you ask him. where does he pick them up?


yoongi swings back on his feet, trying to look up the winding metal stairs to get a glimpse of his husband. “there’s a pretty boy here to see you!” yoongi calls.


they hear several bangs from upstairs and shrill pitched scream. jimin’s also 90% sure a bat flies out the window. “he’ll be right down,” yoongi smiles, opening the door wider. “would you like a drink?”


when seokjin finally makes his way downstairs, it’s to the sight of yoongi drinking tea with jimin. there’s a sharpened stake sitting between them on the living room table and he’s instantly suspicious. 


“were you trying to get into my studio again?” yoongi questions, a smirk at his lips.


seokjin looks miffed by the question, rolling his eyes as he pulls the black robe tighter around his body. “just because one of your compositions just happened to find it's way on beethoven’s desk, bringing him international recognition and fame, doesn't make you famous by proxy.


yoongi sips his tea. “that you know of.”


seokjin purses his lips, before turning away to look at jimin. “and what do you want? you know, i’m a very busy man.”


jimin uncrosses his legs, pointing his teacup delicately in the direction of the stake. a warning. satan, seokjin can’t stand these two. “i want you to call jungkook and unshame him for blood drinking. i don't care what you do, or how you do it, but make it sound like he needs my blood to survive or im killing you and kidnapping yoongi and forming a throuple with me and jungkook."


yoongi laughs into his teacup so hard he has to set it down on the table, shoulders shaking with mirth. yoongi’s gotten colder in his old vampire age and he forgot how good it felt to laugh so hard. satan, jimin is really something else.


seokjin rubs at the growing headache in his forehead, tilting his back to stare at -- whatever scary supernatural vampire things pray too -- and prays for the strength to deal with these two. “i wish i never met you,” he sighs out, irritation clear in his throat.. “and you--,” he quips, pointing in yoongi’s direction, “i hope you know that you're making very tentative alliances with someone who let their boyfriend suck his blood without ever knowing he was a vampire."


yoongi's eyebrows raise in amusement, impressed. “so, let me get this straight; you let jungkook drink from you, without ever even once thinking ‘hey, my boyfriend might be a vampire’? this was just… another aspect of your weird ass sex life?”


jimin hums as if in thought. “uh yeah, that sounds about right.”

"that's the single greatest story i've heard in years, and i was alive when heungbu and nolbu was written."

jimin laughs along to yoongi's words, nearly collapsing into yoongi's lap as he does a full body laugh. man, they're going to get along just fine.

"fine. pass me your phone."

"no! you have to do it on yours. he's not going to believe me if i call on my cell phone." seokjin gives him a look before pulling his light pink flip phone to dial jungkook. why does everything have to be so freaking difficult?


hi, you've reached vampkook. i can't get to the phone right now, but please leave a message after the beep and you'll hear a response within 1-2 business days. thanks!


 jungkook doesn't pick up the first time, phone going to voicemail, and seokjin briefly considers killing jimin where he stands before re-dialing. jungkook picks up on the second ring.




you're the only vampire in the world that needs blood to survive -- specifically, jimin's blood -- because bartholomew is a rare breed of werecat and you need to drink soon or you'll die. probably. hopefully."


and when he makes eye contact with jimin, the other is staring at him pleasantly. amused. satan, he fucking hates mortals.