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She's My Secret Weapon

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It took Batman a long time to tell the Justice League about Batgirl.

It wasn't only that she was his best friend's daughter.

It wasn't only that she was his teammate.

It wasn't only to shield her from the formidable and deadly enemies of the League.

No, Batman had his own motivations, he was concerned that she'd be surrounded by all those available men in the League, and he wanted to keep her safe from those uncomfortable advances, after all, she was still only a young girl, right?


Barbara hurried back home to Gotham when she found out  that her father had been shot and hospitalized.

She went undeviatingly to the hospital and was informed by his doctor that Batman had saved his life, getting to the hospital in time to be revived.

The doctor escorted her down the corridor of the ICU to her father's room, explaining the delicate surgery to extricate the bullet and repair his injuries, he had lost a substantial amount of blood and was now recovering at a healthy rate.

Jim was still asleep following surgery to remove the shell which had lodged between his lung and his shoulder. Monitors were tracking his vital functions, he had a artificial lung assisting him to breathe as he healed. Intravenous lines of antibiotics and blood transfusions were taped to his wrists.

His face looked like he'd been beaten, but she'd seen him come out of a worse beating and fully recover.

She held his hand for a long while talking to him as though he could hear her, but there was nothing more she could do for him at the moment, at least not as his daughter. 

She was indebted once more to Gotham's dark savior.

A familiar officer and friend of the family, Ofc. William Matthews, was posted at his door. She was determined to find out what he knew about the case and pumped him for information. 

"Hey there Billy, do you have any information about dad's shooting, are there any suspects?" 

Billy gave her a quick hug, poor little Barbara!

"All I know is if Batman hadn't sped him here, your father might not have survived. We didn't capture the suspect, he darted off too fast to snag after he saw your dad's badge. We couldn't catch him, but we put out a BOLO on him."

"Thanks, Billy, I appreciate it." She patted his arm, "You're a good cop and you've always been a good friend to us."

Billy remembered fondly how young Barbara used to follow everyone in the precinct and watch fascinated as they worked. He gave her another friendly hug and said he would pray for Jim's speedy recovery.

Barbara thanked him again and headed home.

She was glad she'd recently updated  her uniform, her body had changed over the last few years, and she needed a new look, her old costume no longer suited her figure or her demands. 

No longer wearing a child-like tunic and leggings, she created a new costume to look akin to Batman's, complete with a full length cape and a snug fit. The suit was updated with black replacing the former dusty purple, and she designed a more efficient utility belt with upgraded tools and devices than she'd previously equipped.

She quickly freshened up and changed into her new costume, grappling out of her bedroom window to meet Batman at the crime scene.


Batman monitored the police band and heard a brief message about Batgirl's return to Gotham and how hot and sexy she now looks, though not in those exact words, and it offended him at the rude phrases he heard uttered.

One man said she was 'now looking like a tasty piece of ass!' They said she was hot, and mentioned beastly things they'd like to do to her.

Those goddamned cops can be so vile, those swine! Don't they realize she's just a teenager?

His hunch was that she would find him in mere minutes. She was always an astute tracker.

As she arrived and alighted quietly next to him on the roof, he realized that some of what they said was true, she'd blossomed into a woman, no longer the sleight young girl who left the city only a few years ago.

But he's not thinking about personal feelings right now, there's a mission at hand, and a skilled partner would make an immense difference, and Batgirl was naturally very talented as a tracker.

He was still bagging up clues at the crime scene.

Barbara gave him a quick appreciative glance. She'd missed him, but that reunion could wait.

"Batman, what've you found so far, I want to find whoever did this and bring them to justice," she raised the question.

He appreciated the fact that she got right down to business.

"The man that was here is inexperienced, leaving multiple clues behind including fingerprints, shoe prints, fibers, and more." 

He then quietly asked, "How's the commissioner, and are you prepared to join me in this investigation without seeking revenge?"

"He's still out of it but slowly improving, thanks, and I'm ready," she answered calmly, putting feelings of her father aside for now.

He continued, "Understand this, you're not to knock out the suspect; we need to interview him, if you can't control yourself, then stand down from this mission. I was about to follow a trail of blood the suspect left behind. Remember, we don't kill, Batgirl," he said gruffly.

"I know we don't, and I'm ready to do what you need me to do, I just want to terrify the shit out of him, whoever he is, is that all right?" she answered firmly, hands on hips.

He nodded, he recognized her desire was not for retaliation. He couldn't afford for his partner to go out of control.