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every time we kiss i swear i could fly

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If you ask Wei Wuxian about it, he will tell you that he first starts dating Lan Wangji the day of the fundraiser, after Lan Wangji had very grandly and very romantically kissed every single thought out of Wei Wuxian’s head, rendering his knees weak and his heart beating an inhumanly pace.

If you ask Lan Wangji the same question, Lan Wangji will say, a little too softly and a little too sadly, “Wei Ying and I are not dating.”

It starts, as all of Wei Wuxian’s bad life choices do, with Jiang Cheng telling him that he’s an idiot.

“Look,” Wei Wuxian says reasonably, “it’s our fundraiser, right? We can’t keep getting shijie to make us cupcakes to help us out every year! She’s already swamped with her own thesis as it is!”

“Still,” Jiang Cheng grits out. “I’m not participating in a kissing booth.”

“Okay, then name one other money-making talent that you have,” Wei Wuxian challenges, starring Jiang Cheng down.

Jiang Cheng thinks on Wei Wuxian’s words for a beat.



Fine,” Jiang Cheng groans. “But if I catch something, I’m going to murder you.”

Wei Wuxian beams at him. “Trust me, it’s going to be great.”

Wei Wuxian was right.

The kissing booth was a great idea for two reasons.

Firstly, Wei Wuxian and Jiang Cheng have both made more money than they first had in mind so far. It’s easy money, too. A peck on the cheek for most blushing patrons, a quick press of lips to lips for others who are more daring, Wei Wuxian’s even kissed a nice old grandma’s knuckles in a very knightly manner!

She had been very entertained by Wei Wuxian, and had left a tip in addition to the five dollars she paid for the kiss.

Secondly, Wei Wuxian gets to see Jiang Cheng get flustered over having to kiss people!

“Loosen up,” Wei Wuxian tells him, when there’s a lull in the business. “If you go any redder, you might explode.”

“Shut up,” Jiang Cheng snarls at him.

“Is there someone you wish would come for a kiss, A-Cheng?” Wei Wuxian teases. “Xichen-ge, perhaps?”

“I’m going to murder you,” Jiang Cheng declares calmly, and then, quick as a flash, turns to try to get his hands around Wei Wuxian’s neck. “I’m going to snap your neck!”

Wei Wuxian laughs, dodging Jiang Cheng’s homicidal attempts. “Xichen-ge!” he yells, even though Lan Xichen is nowhere in sight. “Xichen-ge! Help me!”

Jiang Cheng freezes and drops back into his seat, a perfect picture of innocence and good behaviour.

Wei Wuxian snorts, and is about to make fun of Jiang Cheng about it, when a voice sounds up behind them.

Xiongzhang will not be here for another twenty minutes.”

Wei Wuxian perks up. “Lan Zhan!” he says, turning to face Lan Wangji, beaming brightly. “Lan er-gege!”

Lan Wangji nods at him. “Wei Ying.”

Jiang Cheng looks at the both of them, and then declares, “I’m going to take a goddamn break.”

“I’ll text you if Xichen-ge comes by asking for a kiss,” Wei Wuxian calls out to Jiang Cheng’s retreating back. “Don’t worry, I won’t steal your kiss!”

“Go to hell, Wei Wuxian!” Jiang Cheng cries, and then disappears into the crowd.

Wei Wuxian turns his attention back onto Lan Wangji. “Gege,” Wei Wuxian whines forlornly, “business has been very slow for this pitiful one. Will er-gege spare five dollars for a kiss from me?”

Lan Wangji’s gaze darts to the almost full glass jar that Wei Wuxian has been shoving his keepings in all morning. “Doubtful.”

“Business is very slow now,” Wei Wuxian corrects. “C’mon, Lan er-gege, I know you can spare five dollars for charity.”

He doesn’t expect Lan Wangji to agree —afterall, teasing Lan Wangji is already a reward in itself— but Lan Wangji reaches into his back pocket, and pulls out his wallet, fishing a five dollar bill out, and placing it into Wei Wuxian’s jar.

Wei Wuxian blinks at Lan Wangji, startled. “Lan Zhan…?”

“For charity.” Lan Wangji’s expression doesn’t change.


Oh, alright then.

“Are you sure?” he asks.

Lan Wangji nods. “Mn.

Well then. If Lan Wangji is sure, then Wei Wuxian just won’t look a gift horse in the mouth?

He tips his head up, smiles at Lan Wangji. “Er-gege, I’m going to kiss you now, okay?” he murmurs, and tries his best not to think about why his heart is racing, and why his palms are suddenly clammy with sweat.

Lan Wangji is the one who closes the distance between them, pressing his lips to Wei Wuxian’s.

For a second, Wei Wuxian forgets how to breathe. He also thinks he forgets how to exist as a person, because in the moment where their lips touch, Wei Wuxian swears his entire world narrows down to that single point of contact.

“Oh,” he murmurs against Lan Wangji’s lips, while having a whole epiphany.

He likes Lan Wangji. He’s always teased Lan Wangji so that he could get Lan Wangji to pay attention to him. He keeps joking around Lan Wangji because he wants to coax a smile out of Lan Wangji. He wants to kiss Lan Wangji and hold his hand and make him smile all the time.

Holy shit, he really likes Lan Wangji!

Wei Wuxian chases after Lan Wangji’s lips when Lan Wangji pulls away, snaking his arms around Lan Wangji’s neck to keep him close, and then slots their lips together properly. He experimentally licks at the seams of Lan Wangji’s closed lips, and then oh, they’re kissing properly now, and Wei Wuxian swears he could fly.

They’re both breathing hard when they eventually part, and Wei Wuxian knows that there are bound to be people gawking at them, but he ignores the onlookers in favour of beaming at Lan Wangji. “Well, er-gege? Was that well-worth your five dollars or what?”

“Mn,” Lan Wangji says, and then pulls out a fifty dollar note, depositing it into Wei Wuxian’s jar. “Again?”

Wei Wuxian is still grinning when Lan Wangji kisses him again.

He is on Lan Wangji’s lap, still in the middle of an awesome makeout session, when Jiang Cheng returns from his break.

Jiang Cheng lets out a horrified gurgle. “Wei Wuxian, do you want to die?” he yells.

Wei Wuxian pulls away from Lan Wangji for long enough to tell Jiang Cheng, “I am technically still working.”

“Mn,” Lan Wangji agrees. “I paid.”

It looks like the vein on Jiang Cheng’s head might pop — Wei Wuxian intends to speed it up for him.

He looks very pointedly at Jiang Cheng as he says to Lan Wangji, “Er-gege, won’t you kiss me again?”

Lan Wangji happily complies.

Wei Wuxian giggles into the kiss when he hears Jiang Cheng storm off again.

Kissing Lan Wangji is the absolute best.

Wei Wuxian is convinced that God put him on this miserable earth for the sole purpose of kissing Lan Wangji. Wei Wuxian carries out his assigned duty frequently, eagerly and very, very vigorously.

“Lan Zhan,” Wei Wuxian sighs happily into the crook of Lan Wangji’s neck. This might be the second most important thing he was made to do with his life — to press himself close to Lan Wangji and to soak in his warmth and bathe in Lan Wangji’s scent. “Lan Zhan. My good Lan er-gege.”

He likes Lan Wangji so much!

“Wei Ying,” Lan Wangji murmurs back quietly, tightening his hold on Wei Wuxian.

Wei Wuxian snuggles in closer. Lan Wangji is so strong! And so warm! Wei Wuxian has never felt safer or more comfortable in his entire life.

He is never going to let Lan Wangji go, ever.

“Wei Wuxian, can I borrow fifty dollars?” Jiang Cheng calls out to him when he’s in the shower. “The delivery guy is here but I can’t find my wallet!”

“I don’t have fifty dollars!” Wei Wuxian yells back. It’s mostly true — he’s bad with cash, and more likely to misplace them more than he is to have any use for them. “I might have five dollars if you search properly?”

“I found four fifty dollar notes in your backpack,” Jiang Cheng tells him. “I’m gonna take one first! I’ll return it later!”

Wei Wuxian blinks. Why does he have so much money in his backpack? When was the last time he even needed cash?

He ponders over it as he finishes dressing up. He’s still confused when he comes out of his room to see Jiang Cheng stuffing his face with takeout.

“Wei Wuxian,” Jiang Cheng says with his mouth full. “Did you rob a bank? I fished seven hundred dollars out from your backpack.”


Jiang Cheng throws a stray piece of coriander at him. “And you were going around last night telling me you were so poor you didn’t have enough money for food! Do you want to die?”

“Okay, I was exaggerating last night,” Wei Wuxian concedes, “but I also don’t have a spare seven hundred dollars lying around? What the fuck?”

Jiang Cheng gives him a funny look. “It was in your backpack. Clean, crisp notes. Tucked into your notes like you were using them as goddamn bookmarks.”

Wei Wuxian doesn’t study well with company — he gets distracted by the chatter, and loses his focus.

The only exception to this rule is Lan Wangji because, well, he’s Lan Wangji. Sure, Wei Wuxian still gets distracted by Lan Wangji, and sure, more often than not, their study session devolves into Wei Wuxian straddling Lan Wangji’s lap to better study his mouth, but Lan Wangji is still the exception to all the rules as long as Wei Wuxian gets to spend more time with him.

Considering this, the only person who has access to Wei Wuxian’s notes are himself and Lan Wangji.


Wei Wuxian means to ask Lan Wangji about the money when he goes over to Lan Wangji’s place to study the next day, but he gets distracted by uh, all the studying they get done.

Studying goes the way it always does — Wei Wuxian starts by tripping Lan Wangji onto his bed and getting his fill of motivational kisses before they even begin studying, a very flushed Lan Wangji eventually pulls away and insists that they should get some studying done, Wei Wuxian manages to get through maybe an hour of studying before he’s turning sad eyes to Lan Wangji and asking to be kissed, Lan Wangji acquiesces because Lan Wangji is the best, and they end up back in bed, trading kisses until Wei Wuxian eventually falls into a very comfortable slumber.

Lan Wangji is not in bed when Wei Wuxian wakes up from his nap.

Buying dinner, a text from Lan Wangji reads.

Wei Wuxian smiles, and drops back to bed.

Ah, Lan Wangji really is the best boyfriend.

Wei Wuxian will just have to keep up, and make sure that he’s being as amazing to Lan Wangji as Lan Wangji is being to him.

He doesn’t mean to, but he genuinely just...forgets about the thing with the money, because there is always something more important to focus on when he’s with Lan Wangji.

For example, the way Lan Wangji looks when he smiles.

And the way his voice sounds when he’s singing softly to Wei Wuxian.

And the way his eyes shine when Wei Wuxian kisses him.

And the way his skillful fingers play the guqin.

And the way the same skillful fingers play Wei Wuxian.

He sighs dreamily, and turns over to Lan Wangji. They’re studying in one of the private rooms at the university today, and while it’s not the same as being in Lan Wangji’s room, it’s more or less secluded enough that they won’t be caught if they decide to mess around a little. “Er-gege...”

Lan Wangji glances at him from the corner of his eyes. He pointedly flips a page. “Concentrate, Wei Ying.”

“I am concentrating,” Wei Wuxian tells him. “I am concentrating on you.” He sees the way the tip of Lan Wangji’s ear redden, and leans forward so he can press a quick kiss to it. “Lan er-gege, isn’t it time for a break?”

Lan Wangji shifts away from Wei Wuxian’s wandering hands. “Concentrate,” he says again.

Wei Wuxian pouts at him, and then reaches out to tug at his shirtsleeves pitifully. “Gege.”

Lan Wangji sighs, and then turns to press a quick kiss to Wei Wuxian’s cheek. He pushes his still untouched cup of coffee towards Wei Wuxian. “Later,” he murmurs. “After lunch.”

Wei Wuxian whines, “Why not now?”

Lan Wangji’s ears redden again. “Later,” he says.

Wei Wuxian’s eyes narrow in suspicion. “Lan Zhan, what are you not telling me?”

Lan Wangji studiously ignores him, but it doesn’t last for very long, not with Wei Wuxian inching closer, clearly not going to let it go until he hears the truth. “I don’t have cash on me today.”

Wei Wuxian blinks at him. “What?”

“The ATM on campus isn’t working today,” Lan Wangji tells him. “I’ll buy you lunch later, though? I have my card on me.”

What,” Wei Wuxian says, even as the whole issue with the surprise money he’s been finding in his backpack comes back to him. The pieces click together in his mind, and oh, holy fuck, Lan Wangji couldn’t have- Surely Lan Wangji wouldn’t have. “Lan Zhan, have you been paying me to kiss you?”

Lan Wangji stares at him, and then very nonchalantly says, “Mn.”

Wei Wuxian has never been so infuriated by Lan Wangji, but also at the same time-

“Lan Zhan, do you even like me?” he asks.

Lan Wangji blinks at him, startled. “What? I-”

Wei Wuxian’s face falls.

“I do,” Lan Wangji says quickly, reaching out to hold Wei Wuxian’s hand. “Wei Ying, I do.”

“Lan Zhan, I thought we were dating the entire time!” Wei Wuxian tells him. “Did you not think we were?”

Lan Wangji’s eyes widen minutely. The shock is clear in his eyes. “I didn’t know,” Lan Wangji says. “I didn’t would like me back.”

“Of course I like you back!” Wei Wuxian cries. “I like you so much! I like you so much I could die!”

“Oh,” Lan Wangji says softly.

Wei Wuxian cups Lan Wangji’s face in his hand. “Lan Zhan, if you want to kiss me, just kiss me. You don’t need to pay me to kiss me, what the fuck? I like it so much when you kiss me that if anyone is supposed to be paying anyone, it should be me! I should be giving you all my money!”

“You don’t have money,” Lan Wangji says, frowning.

“That’s-” Wei Wuxian lets out an exasperated sigh. “That’s not the point, Lan Wangji.” He kisses Lan Wangji soundly on one cheek, and then the other. “You don’t have to pay me to kiss you, ever. Because we’re boyfriends now.” He stares at Lan Wangji for a beat, and then frowns. “We are boyfriends now, right?”

Lan Wangji breaks into a soft, beautiful smile. “Mn,” he says, and then kisses Wei Wuxian.

They don’t get any studying done the entire day.