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Sonic and the Seven Shadows

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Summary -

When Eggman's untested weapon accidentally separates Shadow into seven different copies of himself, Sonic has to struggle to put the Ultimate Lifeform back together. How much trouble can seven different Shadows - with their own unique personality - cause in one day? Too much, apparently. Sonadow. Fluff.

Notes -

Inspired from the episode of Sonic Boom "Multi-Tails," and the Sonic X comic issue twenty five.


Sonic and the Seven Shadows

Written by Shadow

Beta'd by Capi

Prologue - Separated

An explosion takes out the side of the large base, debris and smoke filtering out after it. The sounds of scraping metal, banging, and an insane human screaming obscenities could be heard coming from inside, followed by the angry bickering of two mobian hedgehogs.

"You're not supposed to be here!"

Sonic landed in a crouch, glaring over at the accuser, who landed only a few feet from him. "I've been planning on coming here for weeks!" he grunts as he jumps out of the way of a robotic fist, landing a few feet back.

"Maybe you should have been faster!" Shadow, who was now running up a robotic leg, yelled out. "This is under G.U.N. jurisdiction. Leave now!"

Sonic shoots himself through the arm coming at him again, landing on the shoulder of the metallic beast. "Oh, shut up! Like any of that crap means anything to me. Towers would kiss my ass to have me in G.U.N.!"

Eggman, from inside the large robot, can only sigh and rub his eyes under his glasses. It was bad enough having both destructive hedgehogs in his base, but it was worse when they were too preoccupied arguing with each other to take the fight seriously. It didn't help his ego at all. They should be focused on the robot about to crush their heads in.

"Like that matters," Shadow landed on the other shoulder. "You have no reason to be here. You're only getting in the way."

"I'm getting in the way?!" Sonic exclaims, putting a hand on his chest. "Like you could take this thing by yourself?!"

"Would you two pin needles shut your traps!" Eggman screams. "I've had it with all this nonsense! Orbot, activate the DisinerEgg Ray!"

Orbot pops his head out of his hiding spot on the control console, eyes angled up in worry. "...but sir, you said it wasn't finished-"

"I don't care! Fire it, now!"

The red spherical robot makes a gulping sound, before turning in place and pressing a few buttons on the control console. A large, circular door in the ceiling opens up, revealing a just as large laser canon with bright red lights all over it. It powers up, aiming at the two hedgehogs that were zipping around the robot, still bickering.

"You're just worried about losing the Chaos Emeralds to me!" Sonic was yelling as he tore through a few smaller robots firing guns at him.

"Like I could lose anything to you," Shadow growls back, Chaos Spears shooting from his fingers into the robot's leg, completely taking it off. The robot screeches as it collapses, pieces of metal shooting out every which way. He watches a particularly huge piece fly towards an unsuspecting blue hedgehog.

"Shit," he curses under his breath, before dashing forward and tackling Sonic to the ground. The blue hero is about to yell at him, until he sees the slab of metal fly over their heads and land above them.


Shadow immediately gets off of him, hints of red in his tan cheeks, dusting himself off. "Like I said, you shouldn't be here."

Sonic sits up, blinking a few times as he registers what just happened. A slow smile curves his lips as he jumps to his feet. "You saved me~" he says in an almost seductive voice.

Shadow turns and glares at him. "I'll also kill you if you don't leave."

Sonic rolls his eyes, convinced now that Shadow just didn't want him there for his safety. "Surrre~!"

The Ultimate Lifeform turns to snap at him, but doesn't get a chance to before the DisinerEgg fires at him.

"Hey, watch-!" Sonic calls, but it's too late.

An explosion of Chaos Energy and whatever it was that the ray was made out of takes out most of the base, smoke filling the room and blocking everyone's vision. Sonic turns, waving away at the smoke, coughing out as he tried to get his bearings. He could hear the rest of Eggman's robot falling apart, as well as the doctor screaming about his ray exploding, and something about arrogant hedgehogs. He turns and continues to wave at the smoke, hoarsely calling out for Shadow.

It was too cloudy and loud in here, Sonic thinks bitterly. He turns and eyes the giant hole in the ceiling were the DisinerEgg had been, and decides to clear the room out. He takes off running around the perimeter of the room (what was left of it at least), the draft from his speed picking up the cloud of smoke and causing it to rise out through the ceiling.

When things are clear enough he stops, turning to look again for Shadow.

What he sees only makes him stare in pure shock.

Where Shadow had been, was now seven black hedgehogs, all with different colored stripes, sitting collapsed in a circle on the ground.

"What even…?" Sonic started, snapping his mouth shut before he could get the rest out. It seemed as if Eggman's ray malfunctioned, and instead of -considering the name- disintegrating the striped hog, only separated him into...many different Shadows.

Each Shadow was rubbing his eyes, all recovering from the shock of the separation. Each one was still black, but had a different color scheme to his stripes, inhibitors, and shoes. There was a red one, a white one, a yellow, a green, a cyan, a blue, and a purple. Sonic can only stare, flabbergasted, wondering how messed up the Shadows minds were at the moment.

"What?!" Eggman yells, climbing out of the broken pod, holding on to Orbot's unconscious (shut down?) body. "This wasn't supposed to happen!"

At his yell, the Shadows look up, each with their irises their matching color, and they all stare at each other, wide eyed.

Silence follows, the tension in the room tighter than a thread. Sonic hesitantly takes a step forward, and that's when all hell breaks loose.

All seven Shadows bolted to their feet, panicked and frenzied. Six of them start running out of the base like crazed animals, while the red one gets angry, Chaos Energy charging up around him.

"Oh jeeze," Sonic deadpans, before running and grabbing Eggman, yanking him out of the base. He runs out, ignoring the doctor's frantic yells, getting them as far from the base as he can.

It's only seconds later that an explosion of red completely demolishes the base and everything within its radius.

Sonic stops at the top of a hill, overlooking the aftermath of the destruction, dropping Eggman on the ground next to him.

Both nemesis stare blankly, before Sonic turns and grabs the man by his collar.

"What the heck did you do?!"

Eggman holds up his hands, frightened by the hedgehog's suddenly aggressive behavior. "I-I don't know! It wasn't supposed to whatever that was!"

Sonic groans, dropping the large human and turning away, his foot tapping irritably as he crosses his arms, brows furrowed and ears pinned back. "This is just great! Now we gotta go and get them all back before they do something stupid!"

"What makes you think I'm going to help?!" Eggman yells, pointing an accusatory finger. Sonic turns, his emerald eyes glowing menacingly.

"You're going to help, because you're the one that caused it," Sonic sneered. "Besides, it's your problem too. You have enough problems with just one Shadow, what are you going to do against seven?"

Eggman freezes, pondering that. The blue rodent had a point. His mind drifts back to when the Shadow Android Army malfunctioned and destroyed not only themselves, but his entire Egg Fleet as well. He shudders inwardly. Pushing himself to his feet and dusting himself off, the mad doctor lets out a stubborn huff. "Fine! I'll help you find all the Shadows, but when this is over, I'm going to-!"

"Blah, blah, blah, I don't care," Sonic drawls, holding up a hand. "I'll find you when we have all the Shadows."

He doesn't give the angrily sputtering human a chance to respond before running off.

A black hedgehog with cyan colored stripes stops in his tracks, his light blue eyes scanning around him quickly.

"Where am I? What happened?" he questions himself out loud, his words coming out quick and overlapping each other. He's standing at the edge of a cliff, where the forest ended and a sea of blue began. He frowns, teetering from side to side, looking up at the sky.

"Ooh, clouds!" he suddenly exclaims, forgetting his current predicament and holding up his hands excitedly. A flock of birds fly by, and a grin grows over his muzzle. "Ooh, birds! I wonder where they're flying! I wish I could fly! Oh, wait I can fly!" he exclaims, his white and cyan skates lighting up, shooting him up into the air with a call of 'wheeee!'

He hovers in the air, looking around at the clouds, wondering where the birds went. His light eyes fall on something other than a bird, however, and he's immediately excited again.

"Ooh! A floating island! I wonder why it's floating! I wonder how it's floating! How can islands even float?!" he thinks out loud, before powering up his skates again and flying towards the levitating continent.