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Tiny Time

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Ever hero has secrets and the heroes of hyrule are no exception. Every adventures brings pain in some form or another, it’s something that is bound to happen. Adventures bring a sense of freedom and wonder of what you can find; however sometimes it’s better if you never found anything.

All the Links had their fair share of adventures and trauma that came with said adventures. Some were better off then other, Wind life was pretty much able to go back to normal while Twilight lost someone he loved. It became an unspoken rule not to push the other Links into talking about something they didn’t want. Everyone has secrets after all.

However that never stopped people from telling small things about their adventures and putting two and two together. Legend mention his uncle from early in his life but never brought him up again when talking about his adventures; everyone assumed the older family member had passed so no one brought it up. Sky hated the word demon and demise; no one knew why but they just didn’t bother to bring it up again. Four didn’t like talking about shadow links, everyone assume it must had been from one of his battles. Everyone had learned small thing about the other heroes, what to avoid and how their life is effected by their adventures.

Then their is Time.

Time was the nickname given to the oldest Link, both physically and mentally way older then all the others. He had many adventures however for some reason he never spoke of them. Time like to mess with the little group of heroes, always telling them outlandish stories. However the problem came from the group not knowing if Time was telling the truth or not when it came to his adventures; I mean he claimed to fought the moon. It didn’t stopped Time from being part of the group, he was a valuable member of them team. However one problem came from it.

The knew nothing about his past.

With how he spoke they never knew if what he said was fake or not. Some had idea of his adventures because he knew who ganon was unlike sky. Wind was convinced that he was the hero of myth that was told throughout the island and why he had to wear that horrible inch green tunic when he turn 12. Twilight was convinced he was the lost hero shade that helped him in the wood; the armor and his voice only confirming his suspicions. Legend was convinced he was the hero who lost to ganon. Mentally he argue with himself over that, as he knew the hero was only a child and died but their was just something off about Time. Legend never like thinking about the idea that their strong and fearless leader would lose his life to the hands of that beast ganon. Of course none of them went and talk to Time or the other about their theories; they knew they wouldn’t get a straight answer. The only thing they know for sure about Time was that he is married to Malon and that’s it.

It’s still pretty good. The group got along (mostly) without having to know every detail of their past and Time was still their amazing leader. Nothing was wrong.

No one was suffering.


They had been in Wild’s hyrule some some time now, which was odd honestly, while switches would happen at random they seemed to follow an idea of the heroes could only spend so many day in one hyrule. However that wasn’t the case for this right now as they had been in Wild’a hyrule for about two week; however none of them really complain happy for the stability for once in their chaotic lives. Then Wild and Hyrule offer something.

“We found a cave. Want to go exploring?” Wild offer the group.

The group went along with the idea. While it normal for Wild and Hyrule to do the dungeon crawls having everyone came seemed like a way to break up the boring feeling that was brought on from being in one hyrule for so long. So they grabbed their supplies as they all headed off into the direction.

Wild begins telling the group about the cave he had found. He doesn’t remember it being their at all, even after he got his memories back. Nearly his house to the west had always been baron, nothing interesting was ever that way. He just happens to stumble apond it with Hyrule and while they were itching to explore something was off about the cave. It wasn’t there before but figured something or someone must had made it appear.

So the group of Links finally found the cave and were about to head inside. However Hyrule pulled Time aside in a panic.

“Their is something off with that cave…I can feel it” Hyrule said in a panic before silence fell over the two. Mentally Hyrule was screaming, his magic was an off limits topic, what will Time said? Will he doubt him?

“What’s wrong with the cave? Is it dark magic?” Time asked and Hyrule breath a sign of relief. Time voice held a concerned tone to it.

“No it’s not dark magic. It not li-“ Hyrule’s words disappeared in his throat. He’s never told anyone beside Legend that he sense the magic around them; he’s never told anyone about Time. A dark and powerful magic clung to the leader, definitely weaker then what they faced but that fact was still that it was still there. “It’s not like Ganon’s or any shadow Links. It’s not dark, but off” he said.

The silence was deafening as Hyrule watch Time process the information. Finally Time let out a sigh.

“I have a feeling if we don’t go into the cave Wild will explore it alone and with what you said I don’t want him going alone” Time explained while Hyrule nodded in agreement. If they even mention dark magic to Wild he would definitely want to explore then. “Keep you defense up and stay by me”.

Hyrule didn’t think that would work seeing as he would likely be focus on the power that sticks to Time but didn’t bother to say anything. He didn’t need to give the group a reason to be worried.

So they silently went into the cave. Soon their lanterns weren’t of use and the cave was filled with a ery blue glow. As they wonder further they began to see writing on the walls.

“Does anyone know what this language is?” Wild asked to the group. Many shakes their heads saying ‘no’.

Time kept quiet, he could hear a tiny voice in the back of his head whispering that he knew the language. But how could he? He’s never been to Wild’s hyrule before, he shouldn’t know any language that was written here.

Finally they enter a big room, torches with blue flames lined the ways illuminated the room in that ery blue glow. The same symbols repeated in the same language. The was a statue in the middle of the room, it looks to be of a male spirit of some sort. It easily took up a lot of area. Why was it so familiar to Time.

‘…..spirit of families’

Who said that? Time looked around to see all the Link investigating something different. All except for Hyrule who has clung onto his sleeve the whole time they were in the cave. A strange sound filled the air, and the Links began looking around.

“Alright who touched what?” Legend asked slightly annoyed as the sound got louder and louder. No one had an answer as the voice got louder and louder; realizing it was coming from the statue the Links moved away from it.

Time and Hyrule were in the back, close to the exit, when finally the statue you screamed. No one could understand it, well everyone except for Time.

‘Your chose to keep your suffer in silence! So I cursed you to the point of thy weakest!’ The voice screamed out. It shot out what look like blue lightning and Time did what came naturally.

Time shoved Hyrule aside making sure the blue wouldn’t hit the clinging hero. The lighting sent the older hero flying back.

Time/Pops!!” Several voices called out at once.

Thankfully Wild has been observant, noticing the blue gem on top of the statue and shooting it. When it shattered the blue glow was lost and the room faded into darkness. Thankfully the other lit up the area with torches before turning to their fallen leader.



“Are you ok?!”

Several voice screamed at Time at once. Time brought himself back up to a sitting position.

“I’m fine” Time said shooing the others away as he stood up.

“You’re not fine. You just got zapped by a statue” Twilight said going over to grab the older hero.

“I don’t feel any different” Time states before his eyes land on Hyrule “Hyrule, magic wise did it do anything to me”

Hyrule was quiet for a second, his eyes seemed to narrow as if he was looking for something.

“No, I don’t see anything strange” Hyrule said but Time could tell their was uneasiness in his voice; as if he wasn’t 100% sure himself.

“Well let’s get out of this cave” Legend said.

“I for once 100% agree” Warrior pipped up.

With that being said the Link maybe their way out of the cave and started to head back. Wild made the comment of looking for answers as what the writing was and other stuff. However all agreed that they shouldn’t go back into the cave alone.

Time however wasn’t paying attention, the only thing that really had Time focus was how sleepy he was. He hasn’t felt this sleepy sense he was finally able to help save Termina; the day of repeating time and such finally hitting him. Time let out a yawn.

“Wow Pops, to much excitement for your old bones?” Warrior said earning himself a smack from Twilight.

“I’m tired” was all Time said his mind still in a daze.

As they finally enter Wild’s house they group went back to relaxing, but Time was so tired.

Wild offered up his room as if was further away allowing the older hero to get so sleep that was so desperately needed.

Time went upstairs with his bags and shut the door, taking off his amor and finally hitting the bed to fall into a dreamless sleep.

The other stayed downstairs. Wild has started a meal of Fried Wild green, Time favorite and a slight apology for dragging him into this mess. Sky has taken to caving something while Wind and Four watched. Legend and Hyrule talked together in another language and Twilight and Warrior were expecting their gear for the next battle. Most had gotten lost into what they were doing before realizing it was 12, lunch time.

“Hey twil can you go wake up Pops?” Wild asked as Twilight got up from his seated and headed into the direction of the room.

“Gah I hate that Pops eats like a rabbit. Like I understand it but why do we have to eat like one?” Warriors comments.

“Because Time got zapped so of course I’m going to make his favorite food” Wild argued back.

Warrior looked like he was about to say something when they heard a crash from upstairs before Twilight made his way down the stairs in a panic.

“He’s gone!”


30 minutes earlier….


A pair of blue eyes open to the world with confusion.