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Switcharoo' Shenanigans

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Uraraka and Bakugou finally stood in front of the Class 1A Door. Uraraka looked at Bakugou, who stared intensely, before creaking the door open. Mr. Aizawa was reading over papers until his attention focused on the two teenagers. The two looked flustered and quite shambolic. But who was he to dwell into their more- personal lives?

“Ms. Uraraka, Mr. Bakugou, come on in.”

The teenagers stepped inside and Uraraka shut the door.

“Good morning, Aizawa-sensei,” she said, directing her gaze at him.

“Good morning, Baku-“

He paused.

“Bakugou?” he asked.

“Right here,” Bakugou said, looking downwards.

Aizawa’s eyes narrowed as he intensely stared at the both of them.

“Bakugou..?” He repeated.

“I said I’m right here!” Bakugou yelled, ruffling Uraraka’s skirt. His- her? Loud voice bounced off the walls of the classroom.

“Uraraka?” Aizawa asked.

“Aizawa-sensei,” she said back.

“…Right. I need an explanation,” Aizawa declared, dropping the papers and rubbing his temples.

“Aizawa-sensei. Remember the villain attack yesterday, which rendered the both of us unconscious?” she was responded to with a hesitant nod. “The villain kinda- swapped us.”

“I see…” Aizawa nodded and faced the kids fully.

“When I find that sick bastard, I’m gonna shove it down his throat,” Bakugou growled.

“This isn’t something Recovery Girl can fix, before you ask. She can only fix damage inflicted on you physically,” said Aizawa.

“My pride is going through a detour, isn’t that enough?” Bakugou asked, replied to with a shake of the teacher’s head.

“So we’re stuck like this?” Uraraka frantically asked.

“I wouldn’t say stuck,” Aizawa answered. “Recovery Girl can’t switch you back instantly, but she has the ability to shorten the effect of a quirk. Within a week or two, give or take, you could possibly be back to normal.”

“I’m sorry, did you say a week?” Uraraka stuttered.

“No. I said a week or two, give or take,” Aizawa replied.

“…A week or two, give or take?” She asked again, in a small voice.

“Well, possibly.”

“Possibly?!” Uraraka and Bakugou shrieked in unison, before whining, with became incoherent.

“Now, now, settle down.”

“How? I’m stuck in a boy’s body for ‘a week or two, give or take’ before I can possibly be switched back?” Uraraka exclaimed, face turning rosy from lack of breath.

“I’m sure you two can handle yourselves in the opposite gender’s body,” Aizawa said, until maybe- maybe- a look of doubt pulsed on his emotionless face.

“Well, yeah, but…” Uraraka almost shrunk in height as her voice trailed off.

“Time is wasting. Let’s just go see the old hag,” Bakugou huffed.

Aizawa led the two to Recovery Girl’s office, and all Uraraka could think was ‘how much she’d kill to be swapped in another girl’s body, or to not be swapped at all.’



Bakugou and Uraraka drank this thing that could speed up their time in their current state before returning back to class. It was about 7:20, which is when students should be in class, where they could communicate amongst themselves before class starts. As they entered, they noticed that Aizawa was no longer in the classroom, perhaps in the teacher’s lounge.

They also noticed the intense stares.

“What the- what’re you all staring at?” Uraraka asked.

“Wow, Bakugou. I thought you weren’t focused on girls,” said Sero, before he tsked.

“Uraraka-chan, is it true Bakugou was in your room?” Asui asked.

“Bakugou! How is Uraraka like in bed?” Mineta asked, before Asui used her lengthy tongue to slap him.

“Uraraka and Bakugou. Who would’ve guessed?” Kirishima asked.

“Uraraka, I thought you’d be a bit more modest, but I’m supportive!” said Yaomomo.

“What a queer pair!” Aoyama exclaimed.

“I think it’s cute!” Hagkure said.

Bakugou’s blood rose at each comment until he spotted Mina and Kaminari laughing their asses off.

“Uraraka-chan and Kacchan..?” Midoriya muttered.

Uraraka felt pretty much paralyzed at everyone’s comments until she saw Bakugou looking ready to pounce.

She had to say something.

“Acid Cheeks and Charger Bank, what did you do?!” Uraraka exclaimed. Mina and Denki laughed and wheezed so much, they practically cried.

“Those two practically shot the door down yelling how you and Uraraka were a thing, since you two came out of her room together, as if you’d engaged in physical training, to put it lightly,” said Jirou, cracking up at the end. “I, however, said nothing.”

At least it’s easy to count on Jirou to keep her mouth shut.

“What the hell…” Bakugou whispered.

“None of that’s true! I was helping Round Face to dress up!” Uraraka stammered.

“Oh, we’ve heard. How was it like, working around her bra?” Mineta asked haughtily, and Uraraka and Bakugou cringed, turning red.

“You bastards! Get your heads out of the gutter, dirty freaks!” Bakugou yelled, making the class direct their attention on the two.

“Bakugou, calm down now,” Uraraka whispered in his ear, straining a nervous smile.

“Wow. I guess intercourse makes you pick up on your partner’s dialect!” Kaminari yelled between wheezes, making Mina slap the table in laughter, almost toppling over.

“I-Intercourse?! W-who said anything about- HEY, WHAT DID YOU DO! I TOLD YOU TO KEEP YOUR MOUTHS SHUT!” Uraraka yelled.

“And miss out on this golden moment? Hah!” Mina wheezed, practically choking.

“Bakugou, how’d you do it? Can you hook me up with Uraraka next?” Mineta asked, making almost all of Class 1A begin laughing.

“Uraraka-chan,” Asui asked Bakugou, “I never knew you were interested in Bakugou. I thought you were interested in…”
Uraraka could have died of having all the oxygen in her sucked out in an instant.

“AHHHFROG FACE! CAN IT, WON’T YA?!” She roared, to drown Asui out, making Bakugou skeptical.

“Settle down, class!” Iida yelled. “And intercourse talk is highly inappropriate in a classroom setting!”

“Okay, okay!” Mina puffed.

Uraraka slumped and almost went to sit in her normal seat, until she thought twice and sat in Bakugou’s, right behind Midoriya.

And near her, Mineta.

Mineta wouldn’t stop showering her in questions, and she wouldn’t stop hearing murmurs of her name. But she paid most attention to Midoriya muttering to himself.

The murmurs terminated when Aizawa arrived to class, congregating a big “good morning!” from the students.

Aizawa started teaching in his monotone voice, and Bakugou had never felt so heated at the face. He was ready to sucker-punch anyone.

All they could tell is that this was going to be a long week or two, give or take.