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Switcharoo' Shenanigans

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“Release!” Uraraka huffed, colliding onto her feet in a lumbering manner. Her ankle felt slightly sore, but she continued her sprint through the woods. She heard an echo from a lengthy distance, and following it was none other than Bakugou, blasting his way. “Keep up, Round Face!” He yelled, a maniacal smile on his face.

“Sor-ry that we can’t all blast through a forest, which is a safety hazard!”

Bakugou peered at her and growled. They were chasing a villain who seem to go by the name “Swapped.” Generic. It wasn’t long until they saw a purple beam about a kilometer away.

They arrived, and Swapped turned to the two heroes. “UA students?” He sniggered.

“To hell with you,” Bakugou tousled.

“Nuh-ah-uh,” Swapped tsked, waving a finger. Bakugou looked cross. He was.

“You big bastard, you gonna fight or what?” Bakugou asked, flashing his psychotic smile, flames pumping out his hands. Uraraka narrowed her eyes and raised her arms, levitating some sticks and stones from the ground.

“UA students are the scum of the Earth,” Swapped snarled.

“The hell did you say?!” Bakugou and Uraraka yelled, Bakugou’s voice much louder and more empowering than the others. Bakugou lunged forward.

 But before the teens could do anything, they collapsed.


Uraraka peered her eyes open, and her brain felt as if it was spinning. She was in a dark room- damn, how long was she out? She groaned in exhaustion to hear her cheery, high voice was deep and raspy. She shot up, and felt a strain making its way through her body. When her vision cleared up, she ran her fingers through her slicked hair, before feeling spikes. She panicked. She then began feeling herself, and felt her blood run cold when her chest was hardened, and hadn’t jostled when she made an abrupt move. Her chest felt lighter, but at the same time, heavier. She squinted her eyes to perceive the dim room. It wasn’t the lighthearted, cheery room she got accustomed to. The room was disheveled.

This isn’t her room.

She grew frantic as she looked around until her eyes landed on a digital clock.

Thursday, 5:49 A.M.


Most of her classmates wake up anytime around 6-6:15. She viewed into the cracked mirror.


The only thing staring back at her was no other than Katsuki f-ing Bakugou.

She was in Bakugou’s body.

She was about to cry until an unwelcome knock boomed at the door. She cracked the door open, and standing there was her. Well, not her her, but Uraraka.

“You bastard,” the figurine said. “What the hell did you do?!”

Aaaand it’s Bakugou in her body.

“Me?!” Uraraka whisper-shouted. “I should be asking YOU! Why am I in your body?!”

Bakugou winced a groan of exasperation while crossing his- her? Hands around his- her? Chest.

If it was another viewer, they wouldn’t think twice, but knowing that it’s Bakugou wrapping his hands around her supposed-to-be chest bothered Uraraka deeply. Her discomfort was apparent when Bakugou shot her a pissed- yet puzzled- look, until the concept of his actions sunk in. He felt his face getting heated as he unfolded his arms almost instantly, letting them rest as his thighs, rethought that action, and let them float at his sides.

“Because your ass did something and screwed us over, and now I’ve got a splitting headache, thanks to you, Angel Face.”

Uraraka couldn’t help but scoff. “What did I do, exist? I didn’t go out there and swap our bodies, and I would never want to. It’s bad enough being a girl, aspiring to be a pro heroine, and having to fit into Japan-standards, but now I’m swapped with a boy when I don’t want to be!”

“Can it,” Bakugou growled. He must have been way too tired, as he doesn’t even come off as half as menacing as he used to be. He glanced over Uraraka’s shoulder to check the time.

5:52 A.M.

Uraraka also looked back for a second, then turned back to Bakugou. “We can place blame later,” She snapped. “Classes start at 7:30, and people start getting ready at about 6:20.” Bakugou snorted, but it definitely had a sadistic undertone. “Did the swap eff up your brain? Like hell am I going to class like this,” Bakugou glowered. Uraraka grunted, and she could feel the nitroglycerin building up on her, adding to her unease. She found Bakugou’s uniform quite easily.

“You know what, we’re going to my room,” Uraraka declared. “Unless you can change up back in about an hour or so, we’re stuck like this, and you aren’t going to get me damned by making me look like a fool.” Damn, talk about harsh.

Something about her brash tone eased Bakugou, and at the same time pissed him off. It seems swapping bodies did do something to their personalities. He would retaliate, but he couldn’t deny that she was right in some way, and they we’re going to have to do this. Bakugou bemoaned and nodded, and Uraraka picked up his uniform. The door was opened and Uraraka examined the hall, making sure it was dark and quiet enough for them to go unnoticed. She then led the way back to her room.


The pair arrived in Uraraka’s dorm, and she spread out Bakugou’s uniform on one side of her bed, and then went to her closet. She picked out her uniform and placed it on the side of the bed closer to Bakugou. Bakugou eyes flickered between the uniform and the girl in his body before grudgingly sighing, leaning to swoop it up.
“Wait!” Uraraka exclaimed. As Bakugou looked back up at the girl, she began flushing red. Bakugou thought the blushy look was so damn stupid on him.

“I need you to uh… Take these,” said Uraraka in a small voice. Much smaller than how it was barely 10 minutes ago.
Bakugou looked at her hand to see her holding out a bra. Something about it made him flinch in a cowardly motion.

“A-A bra,” Bakugou whispered, nodding. “You wear these every day?” He didn’t think and asked the dumbest question on the face of the Earth, and then he flushed red.

“Y-Yeah, just remember to um… wear this. If you need help or- whatever- I can- um- help you, and- just- get changed,” the girl stammered. Bakugou nodded in the most appalling way and took the bra from the girl-turned-into-boy’s hand. He knew he’s doing this for both of their sakes, but he couldn’t help but feel slightly dirty.

Uraraka stood still while Bakugou lightly pressed on his stomach, then trailing his fingers around the hem of his shirt. When he noticed her stare, his Baku-rage senses kicked in slightly. “Are you just gonna stare at me or what? Do you even mind?”

“You’re acting like I don’t know every inch of that body,” Uraraka replied, but her tone was more smug and sultry than usual, and she clapped her hands around her mouth when she heard herself.

“Context, goddammit!” Bakugou barked. He began lifting the shirt over his head until he stopped right below the breast. “I, uh, can’t tell. Do you have a bra on? I mean- does this body have a bra on?” he asked, averting his stare.

“Um… no?”

Uraraka felt extremely humiliated revealing she doesn’t sleep with a bra, but she hated how sweaty she got mid-night and it reflected in her bra smell, making her have to wash and buy new ones so often.

"I get sweaty!" Uraraka whined. Discomfort spread on Bakugou's face. He was going to reveal the girls bare chest, and Uraraka could tell he felt unease having to strip down in a girl's body.

“I’m no Yaomomo,” Uraraka started, feeling the intensity of the situation get even worse as she made the association, “But I’m no Jirou either.”

“Do girls compare breast sizes?” Bakugou asked, making the girl flush almost auburn.

“No-Yes? It’s just for fun, I mean, whenever us 1-A girls have a sleepover we have these crazy antics, like once- oh, why am I even telling you this?” Uraraka groaned.

“Let’s keep breast talk to a minimum,” Bakugou declared, making the teenage female nod. With the intense squeezing shut of his eyes, he took the shirt off, feeling the weight of his chest drag him down.

“Damn, this is heavy,” Bakugou grunted. “You live with this?”

“I’ve gotten so used to the weight, I barely even feel the pain. In fact, I thought it was normal until I woke up this morning in your body,” Uraraka replied.

Bakugou groped around the bed, searching for the girl’s bra blindly, until it was handed to him.

“Wear it like a backwards jacket,” Uraraka advised. Bakugou nodded and followed her instructions. Bakugou is being extremely chill and not like himself at all. He’s probably drowning in embarrassment and is too humiliated to whine and go feral, Uraraka thought. She then clasped the back hooks to its perfect size. “You just need to put on new underwear, and perfume and deodorant because we’d probably die if we had to shower now. Oh, and don’t forget to brush your teeth!”

Bakugou finished dressing up at 6:17 A.M. He felt so uncomfortable, but too tired to rage. Breakfast starts at 6:45, so Uraraka hurriedly changed clothes. Of course, not without feeling flustered.

At about 6:40, Uraraka was done. “About time,” Bakugou snarled. Sure, they were in uniform now, but they looked sleep-deprived, depressed, disheveled, and worst of all, their face wouldn’t stop pulsing red. They didn’t even care for their hair.


Without thinking, Bakugou hurled the door open and stepped out in unison with Uraraka, stopping dead in their tracks when they saw Ashido, Kaminari, and Jirou standing not far down the hall, who were also staring back.







It didn’t take intellectuals to know what was running through the trio’s mind.

“Uraraka and…Bakugou?” Mina asked, feeling her face even pinker than usual. “We just came up here to get Uraraka. We couldn’t find Bakugou in his room but…”

“Goddammit,” Uraraka yelled in her brain, which only came out as a nervous mumble audibly. Bakugou was speechless, she was speechless, and the other three were speechless.

“It’s not what you… um… think!” Bakugou yelled, stammering.

“Really?” Jirou asked. “You two just came out of the same room, same bedroom,”

“Not to mention that you two are a blushing mess,” Kaminari added.

“Eff off,” Uraraka grumbled, making Bakugou almost widen his eyes. “Get your heads out of the gutter!”

“Why were you in Ochaco’s room, Bakugou?” Kaminari asked.

Uraraka growled and lifted her arm that’s currently drowning in nitroglycerin, and sparks began shooting, making her flinch.

“Yoooo, imagine everyone else finding this out!” Mina gasped.

“Don’t you dare, Mi- you Horn Hoe,” Uraraka growled again, feeling extremely guilty for insulting her friend.

“Horn Hoe. I like that name!” said Mina. “Seriously, what’s up with the defensive act? If nothing happened, you wouldn’t be so scared to just tell the truth!”

Bakugou and Uraraka looked at each other fretfully, until Uraraka realized she had to make the move.

“I came to wake up… Round Face, until she asked me to help her with… (Homework?)”

“My bra clasp,” Bakugou spat out, unknowingly.

“Oh. Well, that’s nice of you Bakugou,” Kaminari teased, catching Uraraka off guard. Bakugou growled slightly, but it was kind of weird. Being in Uraraka’s body made Bakugou’s softer side show slightly, just enough to decently pull of the role of Uraraka, and being in Bakugou’s body made Uraraka’s feisty side, that she hates using, show more, being able to decently pull off Bakugou.

“Anyways, out the way, Acid Cheeks and Charger Bank,” Uraraka mumbled, shoving the two beside her and making her way to the elevator. Bakugou hesitantly followed along, and eagerly shut the door.


As the door hissed, followed with a click of the doors and a ding, Uraraka and Bakugou exhaled in such a mighty way, almost using all the oxygen in their bodies to do so.

“That was almost a disaster,” Uraraka sighed, feeling slight heat throughout her entire body.

“Yeah, as if I’d get with you, Round Face,” Bakugou muttered, almost inaudible with a sigh. Uraraka, however, did hear it.

“Really, Bakugou? I just saved us back there!”

“You couldn’t save us yesterday from being swapped?”

“From what I recall, you were the one screwing around with the villain!”

“Anyways, why does it matter? Do you want to get with me or what?”

“No! Your ego must have inflated too much, swollen like an elephant!”

“What did you just say, you bastard?!”

Before she knew it, Uraraka was thrown against the wall, and Bakugou used his right arm to pin her against it. Talk about kabe-don. Despite the height and physique difference, Uraraka still thought Bakugou in her body looked pretty intimidating.

“Repeat it,” Bakugou demanded.

There’s not much he could do in the elevator, anyways.

“I said, your ego must have inflated too much. Did I stutter?” Uraraka snarled, narrowing her eyes at Bakugou. Uraraka’s sudden brash and feisty side tended to catch Bakugou off-guard. He couldn’t tell she was acting like this because she’s angry about the switch, trying to act in character of Bakugou, or she really can be this sharp if she wanted too, but could she be intimidating at times.

“Ugh, I hate being mean,” Uraraka whined. “I never liked how rude I can be out of composure, so I try to be nice, and I’m much more comfortable being nice. But this- this is just too much for me.”

Bakugou removed his arm from the wall, freeing the girl. “We should probably inform Mr. Aizawa or Recovery Girl and whatever. They probably have a way to switch us back. I hate having to act all merry-go-round as well.”

“This is the calmest I’ve seen you, Bakugou,” Uraraka teased.

“Yeah, well you go through a bunch of mortification and you just don’t have time to be yelling back and forth. Plus, the nitroglycerin is also a cause, so that’s probably what makes you that irritable.”

Uraraka looked at her hand, then back at Bakugou.

“Trust me, I’ve been angrier and more irritated than today,” she teased again, making herself laugh a little. When she saw the puzzled look on Bakugou’s- or her- face, her grin faded and she just whispered “Don’t ask, unless you want another talk.”

Bakugou nodded and the door finally opened to the cafeteria. “So, you wanna find the teacher or eat?”

“We can eat later,” Uraraka stated. “I do not want to spend more time than needed in this body.”

Bakugou nodded once more, and the two inconspicuously drifted towards their classroom, making sure nobody saw them.