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The Crime of a Stolen Heart

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It’s cold, wet and he’s just barely keeping Daisy covered with his jacket. The rain is beating down his neck, and his snapback is doing a piss poor job to keep his head dry, but it doesn’t matter. What matters is running. He runs and doesn’t stop. Not even when people on the street give him looks of shock like he’s lost his mind, or perhaps he doesn’t belong.

Eggsy knows he doesn’t belong around these parts, but he has nowhere else to go. He has one destination in mind, one place his mum told him to go if he ever needed help. Eggsy needs help. Daisy needs shelter, and food. More than the shitty jars of baby food he managed to snatch and shove into the pack hanging from his back. Only one nappy, a change of clothes and two of her favorite stuffies. None of this would do. He needs to do better, and he hopes he can find it here.

There are shouts behind him, voices gaining on his person. Eggsy pushes himself faster, his sodden trainers hit the walk with a loud thud, causing the puddles of rain to splash up his jeans, soaking him up to his knees.

He can see the sign lighting in the distance, and he’s not far now. Eggsy stops to wait for a car to pass the street, before rushing forward and it set him back a bit as the shouts are getting louder, closer. Eggsy manages to shove past a few men standing around the door. A door that declares this posh looking place Kingsman. An exclusive gentlemen's club, but he clutches the medal around his neck, and pushes the door open.

All of the noise stops, as each man looks at him. They are all in expensive suits, bespoke he recognizes easily. A man in a navy blue suit, white and blue striped tie with glasses steps around a chair he was sitting in. He’s tall, at least taller than Eggsy and he’s gauging him with the most scrutinizing set of blue eyes he has seen.

“Can we help you, young man? You seem lost,” he says. His voice is polite, but there is something condescending underneath it.

You don’t belong here, is what Eggsy hears. He’s right, though, Eggsy doesn’t, but that doesn’t stop him from saying, “I need help.” It’s more of a plea, he begs with his eyes for some remorse. Eggsy ain’t trying to be a charity case, but his baby sister is still somehow asleep, but shivering beneath the shelter he provided her from the cold.

Another man chimed in, he’s bulkier than this one, has the same glasses and suit. Eggsy slowly notices they all have a similar cut suit, color, and glasses.

“There is a shelter just on the other side of town. Perhaps that is where you were headed?” The bigger one suggests with the same tone and implication carries in his words.

Eggsy presses forward, as he can hear what could only be Poodle and Rotty asking if the men, outside the doors, had seen Eggsy and a young girl. This is the moment Daisy decides to make her presence known, and he’s lucky she’s kept quiet this long.

She whines and reaches up for his face. “Shh,” he hushes her and holds her a bit tighter to his chest.

“You need to hide me bruv,” Eggsy insists. He’s not given much explanation, but he has no time for that and can hear Rotty get louder with whomever it outside this pub.

“I don’t need to do anything,” the tall one replies, leaves him to stand there alone and walks behind a bar. “You need to leave,” he says simply and is dialing on a phone.

Eggsy is sure it’s the filth. “No,” he begs, and rips the chain off of his neck and slams the medal onto the countertop. “Oxfords not brogues. Oxfords not brogues,” he repeats, desperately, what his mum had instructed him to.

The man who had held the phone drops it, and has now got Eggsy around the collar, pulling him damn near up and over the bar.

“Where did you hear that?” he snarls, and there is danger in his eyes. Eggsy starts to wonder if this was a good idea, maybe he was better off letting Dean and his goons reach him.

Daisy is crying now, she must be lodged against Eggsy’s body and counter. “Let go, bruv. You are hurting her.” Eggsy tries to pry his hands away, but that’s not why he’s released.

A girl comes up behind this man, dressed almost identical to the rest, and whispering about minding the code. A promise that must be kept. This man is guarded, but nods his head and allows Eggsy to stand on his own two feet.

It all happens quickly. Eggsy doesn’t have time to react as he’s being guided by the girl, to the back of the pub. They go through a sitting area with billiard tables, a small library, and chairs for comfort, and through a door to quaint sleeping quarters.

“Stay here. Shut up and keep her quiet,” she hisses, before closing the door and addressing what Eggsy assumes to be Rotty and Poodle in the building.

He sits on the bed, and unwraps Daisy to inspect her leg. It is a little red, but won’t bruise and she is sniffling. He feels bad. Eggsy took her from all she knew in her short 2 years of life, and now they are in a place where no child belongs; he had no choice.

Not after what he had seen, and all they knew came crashing down around them. This would be better, he hopes it will be better.

“I’m sorry, flower,” he tells her, as Eggsy makes sure her nappy is still good. She’s one more mess away from this one being useless, and fuck why didn’t he change her before they left? Oh, right, because he was trying to get them out.

“We’ll get you changed, okay?” he asks her, and she nods her head causing the two pigtails, he haphazardly managed to create, on her head to bounce. Her blonde curls are soaked, and he works to dry them off with a dry corner of his polo.

He doesn’t notice he’s shaking, until he brings his hands up to smooth her bangs away from her forehead. It’s part of how fucking cold he is, he realizes, and because he’s just fucked off and left his mum.

Not that she was there anymore, and that hurt more than he could put into words. Eggsy buries his face into Daisy’s neck and quietly sobs for a quick moment. In the matter of an hour, he’s lost his mum, taken his baby sister and probably put her, and himself, in more danger than they were in before.

Eggsy isn’t sure how much time passes, but there is a knock on the door - at least they are polite - and the same girl, as before, pops her head in, before coming all the way in and closing the door behind her. Daisy has fallen asleep, and he prays she’ll stay that way for the remainder of the night. It’s late, just after ten he figures, and well past her bedtime. He wasn’t even able to sing her to sleep, like he usually did.

“What is your name?” she asks, almost demands, and takes the chair in the room and sits carefully. She crosses a leg over the other, and waits. “Where did you get that medal?” she presses, when Eggsy doesn’t say anything right away.

“My mum,” he informs her. “She got it when I was a kid, from some bloke who was sorry about my Dad’s passing. I’ve had it since I was a kid. She told me to say oxfords not brogues.” He doesn’t know why he’s just spilling everything, and maybe it’s in hopes she’ll believe him and not kill him.

Something about this woman’s appearance screams danger. She’s smaller than Eggsy, and probably his age or a little younger, but she radiates power.

“Hm,” she hums thoughtfully, her eyes falling onto Daisy. “Children are not welcome here,” she says, after a moment.

Eggsy tightens his arms around her. “I ain’t bringing her back where we came from, bruv. Children aren’t exactly welcome there, no matter what that bastard says, yeah?” Somehow Daisy stays asleep through this.

Her brown eyes are piercing into Eggsy’s soul, analyzing him, just as the other bloke had and she purses full lips.

“The boss isn’t going to be pleased,” she murmurs, under her breath, and sighs heavily as she stands. “We are dealing with your...issue, but he will want to know more.”

They stare at one another, for what seems like hours, before she comes forward a bit like she’s studying an animal, before she turns to leave.

“Hey,” he says, as she makes her way to the door. “Are we safe tonight?”

She stops and glances over her shoulder at Eggsy - her eyes soften fractionally. “You are safe tonight,” she promises, and leaves him alone.

He situates better so that his back is propped against pillows and headboard. Eggsy kicks his shoes off, it’s probably not polite to wear them on furniture, especially when they are a sodden mess. Not that anything about Eggsy’s person, or clothing, isn’t dripping wet at this point, but he’s not laying anywhere naked.

Daisy snuggles closer against his chest, and Eggsy manages to wrap them in the duvet he was laying on. It’s warm, dry and will do for tonight. And if Eggsy is being completely honest, the bed and linens are the most comfortable he has ever been in. He just briefly acknowledges he hadn’t given the woman his name, nor does he know anyone else's. That should bother him, but he feels a sense of security here, and can’t figure out why. Eggsy is fast to fall asleep, but never all the way under, always alert enough that if they need to run again, he can pop up within a seconds notice.

Eggsy has no idea who this boss is, who the Kingsman truly stand for, but he prays to a God, he doesn’t know he wholly believes in, that this was the right choice. They are safe for the night, he can worry about tomorrow when the day breaks.