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Sometimes I Wonder If He Ever Even Listened To One Of Them

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Like a dog, she'll sit and stay


Hey, Nick! I know I'm busy with my training 'buz, but I found your number online. I didn't even know there was a computer here. Guess that proves me wrong for believing Kur'ain was ancient, huh? Well, just want you to know that I'm gonna try contacting you with something other than paper and ink. No hand cramps for this girl anymore! So, like, just call me when you're free or when you're drunk or something, 'kay.  





Unlike a patient, she won't get sick and tired of it


Howdy Nick. You must be super busy with your work huh? Or maybe you broke you're phone? Either way, I guess you know that  It's Valentine's Day! The months have been rolling in so quickly that I didn't even notice it was February again, haha. that you're not married and have a kid or somethin', I've come up with a Super-Duper-Special-Original-Valentine-Rhyme for you. Okay, so it goes like this;

Most roses are red.

Violets are NOT blue.

Are you stepladders?

'Cuz you're not real! 

Fine, fine. Not the best way to get a Valentine, but in a sense It's kinda true. It's been so long since we've spoken and I'm starting to believe I never even met you. It's pretty sad, huh? So just call me back, preferably on such a romantic day. Perfect  to confess you're raw feelings for me huh? I'll be expecting flowers and burger, okay mister? Buh-bye!





Like a bad romance, she'll only get burned


How you doin' Nick? It's been years since I got a call, you know. You almost convinced me you're dead until I called pearly. Guess you're not dead, so I guess you're busier than I thought. So busy you haven't called me In over a zillion years! Not  that I know what a zillion is. But I'm lonely, and It's all your fault! Sure, I got pearly, but I really want to talk to you! We've  been through thin and thick, from burgers to fries. I just want to know if you're okay. You don't have to answer every 200  something voicemails, you know. Just one would be good for me. You also don't need to get weird with me either! I admitted  a lot in those voicemails when I was half awake, so just forget some of the weird things I said 'kay. I just want to hear from  you, because, believe it or not, I miss you. Heck, If you want, I can just visit you! I have my ways, of course. So me  back, okay?.





But unlike a Phoenix, she won't rise from the ashes



Think I got your message.