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Verity Queen and Princess Justice

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Princess Justice, Verity Queen, I am Scarlet Moth. Since the innocent aren't to be be believed anymore, I'm giving both you the power to expose the truth.

Marinette barely manages to swim under the immense anger and frustration clouding her consciousness, instinctively taking out her earrings. She drops them to the floor, hoping Tikki will be able to find someone else to save the day this time, before the transformation takes over.

"Yes, Scarlet Moth."

Princess Justice and Verity Queen share a look, the mother-daughter dou turning to search for Lila, who's somehow already disappeared from the room. They take off for the door, the other four heading out just afterwards, going to do as Scarlet Moth commands, while the rest of the students take off, or hide, a few getting caught up in the commotion and turning into lovestruck, singing, and/or pink minions.


Alya trusts her best friend inexplicably. She may not have been on the whole Lila is a liar train, and still isn't fully there, but she believes that someone framed her friend, so she watches Marinette, making sure to catch where her akuma is, so she can be more help when Ladybug eventually calls for her.

And she catches Marinette take off those earrings that she wears, literally everywhere, the act setting off a red flag in Alya's mind. Alya watches them drop, then dives under a bench, keeping her an eye on the earrings, while hiding from the other akuma.

When the room is finally clear, she slides out and grabs the earrings, squeaking when a red creature appears and dives into her hair.

"Hello, Alya. We need to find a private place to talk. I can tell people are still in here." The creature seems to whisper into her ear, Alya pushing away her shock for a moment and taking off out of the room.

She sneaks past a couple minionized people, eventually heading into the principal's office and locking the door behind them.

She looks around for a minute, before nodding her head, "You can come out now."

The red creature flies out of her hair, floating in front of her, "Hi, Alya! I'm Tikki. It's nice to actually meet you, but it'd be better if the circumstances were different."

"You're a kwami. You're a ladybug themed kwami, and these are Marinette's earrings. I watched her drop them." Alya sucks in a rough breath, holding the earrings tightly in her hand, as her eyes gets big, "Oh. Oh, we messed up. I messed up. Marinette doesn't trust Lila, because she knows that she lied first hand."

"We don't have time for this, Alya. I need you to put on the earrings. You know how the miraculous, and Ladybug's powers work. We need to go purify the akuma." Tikki flies in front of Alya anxiously, nudging her hand.

"Right, right!" Alya quickly puts in the earrings and looks at Tikki, "Tikki, transform me!"

After the sparkles settle down, Alya stretches out her arms, not able to take even a second to check out the new costume, before hearing the akuma alarm outside. She takes off out of the office, looking around for the akumas. None of them seem to still be in the school, so she yoyos herself up to the roof, checking the yoyo for the news, before taking off for the Eiffel Tower.


Chat Noir is already perched on the building, watching everything below him with concern. The cat ears on his head twitch, and he turns to greet her, "Hello, my la- Wait, you're not my lady!"

"I am not." Alya scrunches her nose, heading over to him and looking at the commotion, "There was a bit of an, incident, I guess we'll call it. Ladybug couldn't make it, so I'm here in her stead. Call me Lady Rouge."

Chat Noir frowns a little at that, rising to a standing position, "Oh, so you get to know who she is, but I don't?"

"Like I said, something happened. We need to focus on these akumas. It looks like Scarlet Moth again. Let's just work on purifying them individually, and hope that no more crop up." Lady Rouge winces and watches the akuma below, Verity Queen leading the other four, while Princess Justice instructs them all, amassing quite the army. Lila is tied up and being pulled along by a few of the minions.

"Fine. They've been gathering an army of minions since they started, and Princess is leading them all. I tried to go after her myself, but that turned out terribly. If Ni- a civilian hadn't jumped in front of me, she would've gotten my identity out of me, so we need to be careful around her, and I can't tell what Verity Queen's powers are yet." Chat Noir crosses his arms, his ears a little low and his tail flicking.

Lady Rouge nods, observing the crowd, "Do you know how to get the other superheroes?"

"No. Only Ladybug knows how to contact Master. Usually she calls her lucky charm, and then takes off to go get one of you." Chat Noir fiddles with his baton, his eyes slowly tracing the growing crowd with anxiety, "We can't do this without Ladybug."

"We've got this Chat Noir. We've just got to take down Princess Justice first. Her akuma is in her purse, and Verity Queen's is in her wedding ring." Lady Rouge perches on the rooftop, ready to swing down.

"How do you know that?"

"I can't say. Let's get going, kitty cat." She takes off for the ground, Chat Noir huffing and following after her.




Viperion watches the group with a deep frown, keeping hidden, so as to observe everything going on. Carapace looks like he's struggling, having shown up just after the new ladybug and Chat Noir. Pegasus jumps in to the crowd after a heart beat. He hums and starts his second chance, diving into the fighting to assist.

"Viperion! Good to see you. Lady Rouge says we need to take down Princess first, since she seems to be the brains of the operation. The akuma is in her purse, and none of us know what to do past that." Chat Noir's tail flicks behind him anxiously, fighting off a lovestruck minion.

Viperion nods, looking out for the pink ribbon themed girl, "Where is she?"

"We don't know. She slipped away from the main fight a few minutes ago, along with Verity Queen... No!" Chat Noir dives for Carapace, not managing to save him from a blast of perfume, both boys getting enveloped.

Viperion frowns at that, resetting his second chance. He opens his eyes, watching the fighting again, thinking of ways to avoid that outcome.

"Hello, Viperion." Verity Queen seems to appear from behind him, her silver eyes tracing his movements, "You seem like a good boy, but I'm afraid I can't let you help."

Viperion takes a step back, his eyes getting big, "You weren't there last time."

"I was not no." Verity Queen taps her staff against the ground, a glimmering silver coming from it, "I'm sorry that I must incapacitate you. You've done nothing wrong, and it seems as if you will do nothing wrong."

The silver seems to crawl up Viperion's body, the boy desperately moving to use his second chance again, though it doesn't work. The silver gets to his eyes and he stops struggling, going dull and looking at Verity Queen complacently.

"There we are, my dear boy. Follow me, you'll be of great assistance." Verity Queen starts walking, tapping her staff, "Princess Justice, I've got Viperion. Pegasus will be at your location in three, two, one."

"Got him, Maman. Thank you."


There we go you two! Take their miraculouses, and bring them to me!


"Patience, Scarlet Moth. This is just the first part of my plan. You do want Ladybug and Chat Noir's miraculouses, right?" Princess Justice's pink eyes are alight, watching the crowd with Pegasus and Roi Singe slumped over in her ribbons.

You better succeed, Princess Justice.

"Oh, Scarlet Moth. I won't let you down." The butterfly outline disappears from her face and Princess Justice straightens on the top of the building, a smirk on her face, "They won't know what hit them."